Bold and the Beautiful - The Week In Review

April, 1996

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Week of 4/1/96

Ridge gathers the Logan and Forrester families to organize a plan to find Brooke. He boards a plane for Paris to get to the bottom of what has happened to her and is surprised when Lauren joins him on the plane, determined to go with him and aid in the search. Taylor is shocked when she talks to Ridge from the plane and discovers that the conniving Lauren is accompanying him to Paris. Stephanie's mercury poisoning continues to progress as she becomes increasingly emotional and, at one point, passes out. Sheila visits Maggie who tells her how erratic Stephanie's behavior has become lately. Sheila insists it is because Stephanie's conscience is getting to her regarding her pursuit of custody of Brooke's children. Dylan makes good money at the Beverly Hills Hideaway despite Michael's negative attitude towards his working conditions. He tells Michael he does not care what she thinks and that his bills have to be paid. He needs to get into the American Design School.

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Week of 4/8/96

Ridge and Lauren arrive in Paris. Beth knows Brooke wanted to get back to Ridge and the kids; she wouldn't have gone anywhere else except home. We see a shot of Brooke all alone on a remote beach. Pat, the private detective, calls Ridge saying Brooke never made the flight to LA, she bought a ticket to Miami. Beth remembers an old friend of Brooke's in Miami, Christian, and gives Ridge his address. Ridge and Lauren head for Miami. Christian is on his way out when they arrive. Ridge sees a blond woman on the lanai at the condo and thinks it is Brooke, but it is Christian's girlfriend, Daphne. Ridge is still determined to find Brooke. Stephanie blows up at Maggie, accusing her of misplacing an expensive Ming vase -- the vase that Sheila stole from the house to gaslight Stephanie. Eric walks in as Stephanie is blasting Maggie and Stephanie realizes she was out of control and apologizes. Sheila runs into Michael and introduces herself as someone who used to work at Forrester and she tells Michael that they are a great family, except for Stephanie who is mentally unbalanced. Maggie tells Taylor about Stephanie and the vase and Taylor is growing concerned. Stephanie goes to see Dr. Benson and has tests run. Sheila sneaks into the Forrester house and returns the vase. Michael starts work at Forrester and contacts Clarke. They agree to have dinner. Sally tells CJ that Clarke is returning to Spectra to help save the company. She says that Clarke wants to stay in town and make up for all of the bad things that he has done to CJ. She puts the decision in CJ's hands. Clarke tells CJ how important this relationship is to him and he promises he will not let him down. Sally and Macy pray that Clarke is not playing them for a fool again. Clarke flirts with the hotel manager to avoid paying his hefty bill. Michael arrives for her dinner date with Clarke and is surprised when she sees him dressed in a smoking jacket. Macy makes an appointment to meet with the prestigious designer, Giovanni, for whom Clarke supposedly worked. Jessica tells Sly she has enrolled them in a parenting class. Jessica briefs Taylor on what is going on with Sly. At the parenting class, Sly tells Taylor he does not plan on working when the baby is born, thinking he will be secure at the Forrester mansion. Taylor explains that there is more to keeping a baby safe and that Sly has a lot to learn. She schedules another appointment for them. Dylan tries to get more waitering shifts at the club and Vince tells him that dancing is the way to make more money. Grant Chambers shows up for work at Forrester. Michael is very taken with him. Eric invites Grant and Taylor to dinner, but Taylor declines. Grant later visits Taylor in her office and she kisses him passionately.

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Week of 4/15/96

Stephanie begins to grow more concerned with her illness and she goes to see Dr. Benson to find out what might be wrong with her. Stephanie finds the missing vase in her jewelry cabinet. Eric asks how it got there and Stephanie is concerned with the thought that she put it there and cannot remember. Ridge calls from Miami and Stephanie tells him she doesn't think Brooke wants to be found and suggests that he come back home. Lauren tries to get romantic with Ridge in Miami by arranging a dinner for two. She tells him that she has the hots for him and hopes that he doesn't feel uncomfortable about her telling him. He says he doesn't. Pat McAlister calls and tells Ridge that Brooke bought a ticket to Barbados. Ridge tells Lauren to pack because they are going to Barbados. While Lauren and Ridge are on the plane, an unseen woman is snatching food from restaurants in Barbados -- we wonder if it is Brooke. Lauren and Ridge arrive in Barbados and end up in the honeymoon suite of the hotel. Ridge asks the hotel manager, Charles, if Brooke is registered there. Charles investigates and calls all the other luxury hotels on the island. Ridge and Lauren start in town to try to find Brooke. Taylor and Grant break from a passionate kiss and begin talking about their old college days together. He wonders why she turned down Eric's invitation to dinner. Taylor feels awkward going to the Forresters with Grant because of Ridge. Grant tells her that she has too much going for her to spend her life waiting for a guy who may never be there for her. He tells her that he will pick her up for dinner and leaves. James visits Taylor and they discuss the possibility that Brooke is experiencing reactive psychosis. She tells him of her dinner date and that she is no longer certain she has a chance with Ridge. When she and Grant arrive at the Forrester's for dinner, Taylor tells him that she does not want the Forresters to know that they know each other. At the Forresters dinner, Stephanie tells Grant how happy they are to have him on board. Taylor is surprised to hear that Ridge is in Miami until Stephanie explains. The Forresters are surprised to hear that both Taylor and Grant attended Northwestern University. Taylor insists that they never met on campus. Dylan leaves dinner early to go to work, still evasive about what he is doing. Taylor visits Stephanie the next day and tells her to check into a hospital to get a battery of tests run to find out what is wrong with her. Jonathan arrives and tells Stephanie how closely her life will be scrutinized because of the custody decision. Sheila meets Grant who is her new next door neighbor. She seduces him when she finds out that he is working at Forrester. Grant tells Sheila he cannot be late for the first day of work and Sheila changes into a sexy nightgown. Grant promises a raincheck when he leaves. Clarke has no luck seducing Michael, who throws a glass of champagne in his face and leaves his hotel. He has lunch with CJ and Sally and tells CJ that he passed up a position with a prominent designer, Antonio Giovanni, so he could stay at Spectra and be near CJ.

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Week of 4/22/96

On the island of Barbados, Ridge and Lauren continued their search for the missing Brooke. Ridge began to grow discouraged when there was no sign of Brooke anywhere - she wasn't registered at any of the hotels, and her luggage had gone unclaimed. A sighting of a blonde woman got his hopes up - but it turned out that it wasn't Brooke. Depressed, Ridge and Lauren decided to go home.

In the meantime, Brooke has been stealing to survive in Barbados. She steals a doll from a young girl named Abigail, a doll that seemilngly reminds Brooke of her own daughter, Bridget. When Ridge and Lauren go out to celebrate their last night on the island, Ridge has a few too many drinks. Wandering on the beach, he laments about his failed search for the missing Brooke before passing out. As he awakens, he catches a glimpse of a woman taking his necklace - it's BROOKE! Ridge's determination is renewed, and he decides to continue the search while Lauren returns to Los Angeles.

Abigail finds Brooke on the beach, and asks why Brooke stole her doll. Brooke takes the young girl to the house she has been staying in - a house whose owners were away. Brooke brings Abigail in and introduces the young girl to her "family"; Brooke believes the dolls are her children. Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Taylor and James try to figure out what has happened to Brooke, believing it to be a brief reactive psychosis.

When Grant admits to Stephanie that he and Taylor did in fact know each other in the past, the Queen of Forrester blasts the handsome designer; she tells him to stay away from Taylor because of her feelings for Ridge. Grant is surprised at the reaction - and so is Stephanie, who apologizes. Proceeding to Michael's office, Grant discovers her new beau Clarke is there, and punched him in the face. It seems that Clarke once dated Grant's sister, and Grant paid him back for the way he treated her. Grant then warns Michael to stay away from Clarke, but of course, Clarke disagrees. Meanwhile, Macy and Darla can't decide if they should tell Sally about Clarke's lie - he never had any business dealings with the famous Antonio Giovanni.

With Jasmine and Michael sitting front row center, Dylan made his dancing debut at the Hideaway. The ladies in the audience were thrilled - including hairdresser Gladys. When Gladys comes over to do Sally's hair, she recognizes a photo of Dylan among Sally's papers. It looks like Dylan's old boss is about to find out about her former employee's new career as an exotic dancer.

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Week of 4/29/96

At the Barbados Chattel House belonging to Abigail's friend, Brooke is taking care of two dolls and calling them her "children." Abigail tells Brooke that she cannot stay there because the police (including Abigail's father, Errol) are looking for her, but Brooke will not leave her "babies". At the same time, Ridge sees a campfire on the beach from the helicopter he has chartered, and wants to investigate. Brooke hears the helicopter, fears the police, and runs out of the Chattel House with the dolls. Ridge then spots her; having seen the blond woman running on the beach, Ridge tells the pilot to set down. A frightened Brooke flees into a forest.

Errol encounters Abigail sitting by the beach fire. Finding a fork from the restaurant where food was recently stolen (by Brooke), Errol asks if she has seen the blond thief. Abigail says the woman ran away because Errol was looking for her. At the same time, Ridge chases Brooke through the forest, but is unable to catch her. She returns to the Chattel House to tuck in her "children," while Ridge returns to the hotel, vowing to find her. Ridge contacts Taylor back in Loa Angeles to tell her what has happened, and Taylor explains the reactive psychosis theory (which she and James have been researching) to him. Taylor stresses that it is imperative for Ridge to exercise caution because of the severity of the disorder Brooke is suffering from.

Returning to the Chattel House, Abigail tells Brooke she cannot stay because her friend that lives there is returning. Finding Ridge's necklace, she tells Brooke that she cannot keep stealing. Since Brooke is afraid that she will be caught and that her "babies" will be taken, Abigail takes Brooke to her favorite cave and tells her that she will be safe there. Brooke realizes that she forgot her babies in the Chattel House, but Abigail tells her she can't go back. Ridge figures out which house Brooke is hiding in and goes there. He finds his necklace and his suspicions are confirmed.

Sheila runs into Stephanie at Dr. Benson's office. She tells Stephanie that Brooke will be back and will want her kids back. Stephanie explodes and says that Brooke is an unfit mother and the courts are going to give she and Eric the kids. When Stephanie returns from the doctor, Jonathan pays a visit saying it's time to move forward with the custody issue. Bridget tells Rick that she does not think Ridge and Brooke will ever be back. Bridget and Rick overhear Stephanie telling Jonathan that she thinks Brooke made a conscious decision to abandon her kids and doubts that she will ever be back. Bridget starts to cry but Eric tells the kids that no one knows where Brooke is and they don't know if she's coming home so they are going to see a judge because the two of them want to take care of them and be a family. Bridget says that she wants her mother and Rick tells her that everything will be okay.

James and Maggie's romance continues,as they have Dylan and Jessica over for breakfast. Dylan continues his elusiveness about his work when Jessica, Maggie and James question him. He tries to change the subject by bringing up Jessica's plan to get even with Sly, and it seems like his tactic is working. Maggie agrees that it could get dangerous for Jessica if she continues to lead Sly on. James is a little more positive, having assisted Jessica with the parenting classes, but he does want to know what Jessica's next move is. She's not ready to tell, but she guarantees it will be a surprise.

Michael goes to Clarke's hotel room to return a wallet he supposedly left by accident in her office. She is not happy with him and asks why he did not tell her he was Spectra's head designer and what his past is with Grant's sister. He admits that Grant is partially right - Clarke did lead Grant's sister, Kelly on. Kelly saw more in the relationship than Clarke did, but he says that doesn't change the fact that he did wrong by her. Grant of course wouldn't see this as the concerned Big Brother, but Clarke is now a changed man. In the meantime, Macy and Darla are about to tell Sally about Clarke's lies when CJ enters with his pals asking where Clarke is. Since he's not there, CJ and his friends go to the hotel - he wants his buddies (including Rick) to see what a cool father he has. Joy turns to tragedy as CJ overhears Clarke talking about him to Michael. Clarke is in the middle of telling Michael how CJ changed his life, but all that CJ hears is Clarke saying that he never wanted a son. CJ is devastated and runs from the hotel. At the same time, Sally finds out about Clarke lying again; however she decides not to let him go because of how it will break CJ's heart and deprive him of a chance to have a real father.

James and Taylor speculate if Brooke will ever be well enough to take care of her kids, even if Ridge were to find her immediately. When James notices that Taylor is actually taking Brooke's side, she makes it apparent that she has finally given up on Ridge. When Grant visits with taylor, he's not so certain of that; as he tells her it's time for her to stop thinking about Ridge and start thinking about what is good for her. Later, Grant pays a visit to Sheila to borrow her shower (he has no hot water), and she flirts shamelessly with him and asks him to dinner. He says he will get back to her.

Stephanie, Eric and the kids prepare to go to the custody hearing. At his hotel, Ridge contacts Stephanie, letting his mother know that he is close to finding Brooke. Stephanie tries to dissuade him from continuing, telling him to forget about Brooke; Ridge however remains adamant that he will find Brooke. Hearing that her "daddy" is on the phone, Bridget asks to speak to Ridge. Ridge sadly reports that he has not found Mommy, but that he hopes to come back to L.A. soon with a surprise for Bridget. Bridget then tells her "daddy" that Eric and Stephanie are taking her somewhere; Ridge wants to know where, but Stephanie cuts her off before she can tell Ridge about court. As they are about Bridget cries because she wants her mommy and daddy. At the same time, Maggie tells Sheila that the custody hearing is going to happen. Sheila freaks, attempting to explain again to Maggie how Stephanie is trying to steal the children from Brooke, and how Steph's recent health problems will interfere with her providing a stable home. Maggie disagrees, but Sheila remains determined to stop Stephanie somehow.

Stephanie tries to get herself under control outside of the courtroom, but her condition seems to be getting worse. Jonathan is concerned, reminding her of how critical it will be for her to show the judge she can be a stable female role model for Rick and Bridget.

Brooke has returned to the Chattel House to again care for her "children". As she sings to the dolls, she sees and hears the voices of Rick and Bridget as Abigail arrives to bring her food. Meanwhile, Ridge is ready to continue his hunt for Brooke. Placing another call to Taylor (who is with James), he explains that he is close to finding Brooke. James is worried about Ridge approaching Brooke in her present condition, as Taylor again reminds him of the possible consequences. She pleads with Ridge to find someone to accompany him, but Ridge refuses. Returning to the Chattel House, Ridge steps through the door and sees Brooke cradling the dolls. Motioning to Abigail to be silent, he approaches her. As he speaks her name, Brooke turns and sees him for the first time.

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