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August, 1996

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Week of 8/5/96 - 8/9/96

At Brooke's house, Rick and Bridget are still clearly glad to be home. Brooke assures them that they're here to stay; this is their home, and it always will be, she reminds them. She then sends them off to bed; as Rick again says how good it is to be back, Brooke comments that it's good to have them back. Grant can't help but notice the smile on her face - it's like none he's ever seen before.

At the Beach House, Michael is surprised to have a visit from Dylan, all decked out in his tuxedo. When he tells her that he's just come back from the Cafe Russe, with Jessica, Michael asks what's the occasion. They don't need one, Dylan explains, and Michael says that Dylan and Jess are an inspiration - to anyone who's in love. This prompts Dylan to ask where Michael's roommate is, and how things are going on that front. They're far from being Dylan and Jessica, Michael tells him. "In fact," she guesses, "I think that if Grant had his way, he'd be dating Brooke now." But she's sure she'll have her chance, and Dylan tells her to grab it when that chance comes. "There's nothing like it, is there?" Michael asks. No there isn't, Dylan replies - in fact, he might even be ready for marriage, and he doesn't care if everyone knows it. Michael is pleased for her friend - he and Jessica are perfect for each other. "It almost seems too perfect, doesn't it?" Dylan notes. That's the way it's supposed to be, Michael reminds him, as she wishes him the best before he takes his leave.

Maggie and Lauren share a cup of tea, as Maggie vents her frustrations about dealing with Sheila. Lauren gives Maggie some advice - never underestimate Sheila Carter. "What would you do," Maggie asks Lauren. Lauren isn't sure, and Maggie decides to turn the subject to happier things - Jessica. Jessie has been a real comfort, Maggie tells Lauren - and thinking about how happy Jessica is with Dylan is even enough to make her forget her own problems with Sheila. Lauren commends Maggie on the job she did raising Jessica, and Maggie thanks her - but sometimes, she feels like she and Jessica are so different. Nonsense, Lauren says - they 're both sweet people who have a great guy. Yes, Maggie agrees, Jessica is certainly living a charmed life.

In the alley behind the Cafe Russe, Jessica continues to fearfully moan, "No" and "Stop" to the masked man who has cornered her. "Shut up, or I'll kill you", the masked man forcefully tells her. He brings himself down on her. When next we see them, the rapist gets up and, as he pulls his pants up, we see a tattoo on the rear of his body, around the waist area. He then leaves - once he's gone, a scared and tearful Jessica manages to collect her things, get in the car, and drive off.

Brooke is upset when she still can't reach Ridge on the phone - he hasn't picked up the earlier message, the clerk tells her. Grant tries to assure her Ridge will call, and says she can't blame him for the trip. No, she doesn't blame him, Brooke says, but it is a reminder of one thing - that she's the only one who the kids can depend on right now. They live with her, not with Ridge or Eric - and when Bridget has questions, Brooke is going to have to be the one to assure her. What about Eric, Grant asks, making note of the fact that he heard Bridget call him her father. That was the first time Bridget did that, Brooke notes - just like she only recently found out that Eric is her father.

At the mansion, Maggie tells Lauren that she guesses there's still hope, judging from Jessica's predicament - now if only she could do something about Sheila. Lauren reminds Sheila that she's been dealing with Sheila for 5 years, and she always manages to get away with cornered. That's the problem, Maggie says - she feels cornered herself *BY* Sheila. Just then, they see Jessica's car pull up, and Lauren takes her leave. Soon, they'll figure out what to do about Sheila, Lauren promises - but in the meantime, just enjoy some time with your daughter. Meanwhile, Jessica fumbles with her key and manages to let herself in, even though she's trembling. She makes her way to her room and goes for the shower, crying out "Filthy! Get it off of me!" as she tries to wash away her dirty feeling.

Brooke reminds Grant that Bridget's paternity is still a secret. Don't worry, he tells her - he's a friend, not a tabloid reporter. Doesn't he find it bizarre, she asks. Not compared to some of the other things he's seen, Grant responds - but he does find it odd that a great lady like Brooke never looked outside the Forrester family. Brooke reminds him that she's in love with Ridge and that they've been through a lot, but he's not as sure. She then decides to call Ridge again, and then thinks twice about it. He'll call when he gets the message, anyway - and right now, it's time to celebrate her kids being back. This should be a happy time, she says, as she goes to get a bottle of champagne.

Maggie comes into Jessica's room and wants to hear all about the night with Dylan. She then sees the bruised, frightened young girl, as asks what happened. Jessica tearfully confesses that she was raped.

Over at Spectra, Clarke is working over his drawing board when C.J. comes in. The boy tells his father how proud he is of the way Clarke is going to save Spectra. He notices Clarke is wearing the shirt he made for him, and then announces he's going to have another creation for his dad. He is going to make Clarke a sweater out of old socks, and it'll be just like the collection Clarke is making - wild and crazy. Clarke's going to show them all, C.J. boasts - Rick Forrester's dad may be number one, but Clarke is going to be a superstar in the fashion world. Clarke then tells C.J. to remember one thing - no matter what happens, C.J. is always 10 times better than Clarke. What could happen, CJ asks - Clarke's had all his bad breaks and is going to go the top this time. The boy leaves to meet Sally as Kim enters the room. Clarke tells her he feels like the biggest rat in the L.A. sewer system after hearing C.J.'s praise. Kim reminds him of the prize at the end of the rainbow - but is it worth it, Clarke wonders.

Dylan returns home and Jasmine sees how happy he is. He tells her about the incredible night they had - it was better than anything he expected. He then asks Jasmine what she did for the evening, and she says she was home; but she did have a visitor - Sly. Dylan isn't happy about that, but he tries to restrain himself for Jasmine's sake. Jasmine tells Dylan she's over Sly anyway, and besides, that isn't the issue. Sly just came to vent about what Jessica did to him. Dylan's glad about that - it means that everything is in the open now, and they can get on with their lives - without Sly.

Admitting how happy she is to have the children back, Brooke pours the champagne for her and Grant. Admitting that Stephanie did something right, Brooke says that Eric will now be able to spend more time with the kids. Now Bridget has 2 important men in her life, Grant notes, and Brooke then proposes a toast to family - and very good friends. She then asks Grant if he wants is turtle back - it helped her, but doesn't need it now; and besides, it's Grant's good luck charm. The turtle has enough power for both of them, Grant reminds her, so she should keep it. It's a reminder of how powerful something simple can be. Brooke says she thought faith was the most important thing, not power. No, Grant says - faith just makes it easier and keeps you from worrying. It's like the sun rising every day. You might worry about it coming up every day, but even if you don't think about it, it's going to. So having faith in it keeps you from worrying. Brooke isn't sure she can buy into Grant's belief about mankind's power and potential - she didn't feel very powerful dealing with Stephanie over the years. But in the end, Grant reminds her, they were able to put aside their differences for Bridget. Brooke may not see it, but he thinks the fact that years of bitterness and fighting can be put aside so easily when needed is pretty powerful.

Continuing after her admission that she was raped, Jessica tells Maggie that it happened near the restaurant. Maggie insists that they have to call the police and get Jessica to a hospital, but Jess refuses. Trying to bring Jessica out, Maggie continues to ask about what happened; was Dylan there? No, Jessica says - he left after taking her to her car, and then she went back to get something. Then she came back to the car and was alone when the man attacked - "oh please, mamma, don't let him come back!!" Jessica pleads, as Maggie takes her sobbing daughter in her arms.

Kim tries to make Clarke feel better by reminding him of all the money he will be making. All he has to do is act like he really believed in his designs and then watch them flop - it happens to designers all the time. That doesn't make him feel better about it, he says. Kim says she knows one thing that will make him feel better and begins removing her dress. Letting it drop to the floor, she stands before him in her lingerie and begins massaging him. Clarke asks why she's doing this for someone who has no conscience, like him. It may be the animal in her, Kim responds - but then she adds it's not. And Clarke does have a conscience. Consciences are all products of indoctrination, she says, and all Clarke has to do is realize what he's doing will only be different for C.J. and Sally, not necessarily bad. Suddenly, the phone rings and Clarke answers it - Saul has passed away.

Maggie insists that Jessica call the police, since rape is a serious crime. Jessica says no - she doesn't want to be touched, not by doctors, police, or anyone. She just wants to forget it ever happened. Maggie says they can't - they have to deal with this. Telling her daughter everything is going to be all right, Maggie says they'll just go to the hospital, and she'll stay right by her side. Jessica continues to cry, asking for her mother to hold her.

Brooke asks if Grant came from a large family, and he says no - but they were close. It shows, Brooke says - and she comments how sometimes, she'd want to get away from everything with the kids and teach them to live freely, like Grant does, and not to worry about the things in society. Grant thinks she's prepared them quite nicely, and that she might be surprised what Bridget's generation can accomplish when given a chance. "Just let them go?" Brooke asks. Let them go - and everything, Grant says, if you can. Brooke says she can, and she wants to - and the two of them kissed. Surprised by the passion, Grant leaves.

Maggie and Jessica arrive at the hospital emergency room, where a nurse tells them to sit down and wait to be processed. No, Maggie insists - they need to see a doctor now.

James is trying to reach someone on the phone, when Sheila comes in - he asks why she's out of bed, and Sheila says she needed some juice for her medication. James gets it for her and apologizes for not checking up on her. Sheila tells him it's no problem - she doesn't expect him to just put his life on hold for her. But he does seem preoccupied, she notes. James admits he has been trying to reach Maggie. When no one answered, he became concerned, because she was expecting his call.

Maggie is with Jessica when the E.R. doctor begins examining her. She gives Jessica a release form to sign, so they can hold the evidence they might find. This panics Jessie - she doesn't want the police involved. The doctor says the form is just a precaution - she knows Jessica may not be ready to talk to the police yet, but she might change her mind. The form allows them to keep the evidence in that eventuality. She then goes on to ask about Jessica's medical history (Maggie tells her Jessica is diabetic) and asks questions about the rape. She asks if Jessica has showered - Jessica replies yes, which concerns the doctor because evidence might have been lost. She then proceeds to detailed questions about the rape itself - degree of penetration, condoms, the number of attackers - forcing Jessica to relive the ordeal. When asked about physical force, Jessica tells the doctor - the man threatened to kill her!

Sally and Macy anxiously wait for Saul at the condo, while C.J. works on the sweater made of socks for Clarke. It's not like Saul to be late, Sally and Macy realize. When Macy comments on the unusual design of the sweater, C.J. proudly compares it to his dad's avante garde creations. Macy and C.J. argue about Clarke's talent, but they're broken up by Sally, who sends C.J. to bed. Once the boy is gone, Sally speaks frankly with Macy. Spectra either stands together, or they'll fail, Sally explains. So she needs to know - where does Macy stand on supporting Clarke's collection.

Seeing how upset James is, Sheila says it's all her fault. If she weren't there, he would be with Maggie right now and there would be no problems. James reminds her of the doctors instructions that she have someone to care for her, but Sheila says she'll manage. She points out that there's only one reason she's staying there - and that's because of Maggie. She adds that she'd be more than happy to go home, but she can only do that if James can guarantee her safety from Maggie. She claims she really wants to give him back his privacy - how can he have an intimate relationship with Maggie, she wonders, with her around? James says that his relationship with Maggie hasn't gone that far yet - and besides, Maggie has a problem with Sheila, and having Sheila living there will allow him to control the problem. He appreciates the gesture, but he wants Sheila to stay.

Sally insists that Macy get behind Clarke if she's going to be on the team - she has to have faith in her head designer if they're going to make it. Macy says that Sally has to have faith, but she doesn't - she just doesn't trust him, and neither does Saul. Just then, the phone rings - it's Darla, who can barely speak as she tells Sally that Saul has died. Sally is stunned. Shortly after, Clarke comes by the office - Sally tells him she wants to be alone, but Clarke's not going anywhere. Sally still can't believe Saul is dead - they were just working together earlier, and she doesn't now what she's going to do without him. Clarke doesn't know the answer to that, but he does know Sally needs to let go, as he takes the crying diva in his arms.

Jessica panics as the doctor locks the evidence in the freezer - the thought of calling in the police still bothers her. The doctor tries to impress upon Jessica the severity of rape, and how many rapes go unreported - the only way it can stop is by reporting the crime, she explains. Jessica remains undeterred - she says she won't even talk to a counselor when the doctor recommends it. She just wants to go home, and Maggie agrees to take her. Before they go, the doctor tells them there's still one more thing they have to talk about - possible pregnancy, or sexually transmitted diseases. Jessica looks on with a scared expression.

Stephanie comes into Eric's office to see him working on some designs. He explains that he's had them in his head for some time, but with his time spent getting the kids to summer camp, he never got a chance to work on them. Stephanie adds that Bridget called - and that she's going to see Ridge upon his return. Eric's glad to hear that Bridget is excited about that, and Stephanie mentions how sorry she was that Ridge couldn't be there when Bridget came home. Brooke seemed to manage, Eric states - and Grant was there, too. "Quite a helpful fellow," Stephanie comments about Grant, and Eric says he has a feeling Grant and Brooke will become close friends.

Grant is working with Bruce, the model, on a men's line design while discussing some fabrics with Megan. As he instructs Megan to have Thorne get a lot of a fabric, Brooke comes in to talk to Grant. He, however, tells him he doesn't have the time.

As Macy holds Saul's tape measure, she, Darla and C.J. face the reality that they will never see Saul again. C.J. asks where Sally is, and Darla says she's downstairs. In a room with a photograph of Saul, Sally remembers her friend. Louis Armstrong singing "What a Wonderful World" plays, as she flashes back over her time with the man. Working together, designing her wedding gown, his recent "Welcome Back" party, or just being there to support her, we relive the warm feelings between Sally and her dear friend. Clarke then comes in, as Sally again cries in his arms over the loss of Saul.

Eric tells Steph that there will probably be another wedding soon, but Stephanie isn't so sure. Can't Steph accept things, after all Brooke and Ridge have been through, Eric asks. Stephanie says that's the problem - Brooke has cared so much for Ridge that she's become obsessed, and in that obsession, she may have passed up on another man who was right for her. Eric disagrees when the phone rings. It's Thorne. We hear Eric tell him not to worry, and that he doesn't have to come in today. As he hangs up, Steph asks what's wrong. Eric tells her that Thorne just told him that Saul Feinberg has passed away.

Even though Grant seems to be caught up in his work with Bruce and Megan, Brooke insists on talking to him. Grant has Bruce and Megan take a break and agrees to talk. She thanks him for last night, and being there for her - she really needed that. That's what friends are for, he replies, as he starts working on a design. Don't make a big thing out of this, Brooke tells him - and she doesn't mean the men's line. She's talking about the kiss. Grant doesn't think they should get into it, because Ridge is his friend, but Brooke disagrees. The kiss did happen, even though it shouldn't have, she explains - but that doesn't mean everything has to change, because it was a mistake and didn't mean anything. Grant disagrees; he thinks the kiss means they are developing feelings for each other. Neither of them wanted that, but it happened, and now they have to deal with it. Deal with it how, Brooke wonders. Grant suggests quitting the men's line, but Brooke won't hear of it. He's making too much of this when all he should do is put it behind him, she states. Just then, Megan comes in and interrupts - she tells Brooke that Ridge has called from the airport and is on his way.

At the memorial for Saul, Thorne pays his respects to Sally as he sees his parents arrive. Eric and Stephanie offer their condolences - Eric says that everyone knew Saul as a Master Tailor, but to Sally, he was much more. Sally thanks them for coming, and as they take their seats, the service begins. First, Macy remembers the man who was almost a father to her - he taught her to drive, he was there when she said her first word ("schmata") - she's known him all her life. She thinks about a father/daughter sock hop when she was in school that she didn't want to go to, because her father had already left them. But Saul took her, and she had a wonderful time - because he was a wonderful man. Next, Darla gets up and says how she feels funny talking about Saul, because there are so many things she wishes she had said to him. She never did, though - but she will now, because she knows he's listening: "I love you. Thank you. Goodbye." C.J.'s turn is next, as he talks about how Saul was his best friend, when it came to guy stuff. But what meant the most to him was how much Saul meant to Sally. He's grateful that his mom had someone to turn to, and he hopes Saul is happy now. Finally, Sally gets up - she's unsure, but a glance from Clarke reassures her. She starts off by saying how, if he were in the room right now, Saul would tell them to get back to work. He always kept them moving - and that's what kept Spectra running for 30 years when people said it wouldn't last 30 days. Saul was always loyal, especially to his family - and that family was Spectra Fashions. They should all feel privileged to have known him, she adds - and she's going to miss him. "Keep your eye on us, will you?" she asks, as if Saul could hear her. "I know you will." May Saul (and Michael Fox, who the episode was dedicated to) rest in peace.

Grant and Brooke are working, and they realize that they're finally done with their work on the men's line. Their both pleased - especially Grant, who had some reservations that they might not make it. But he's glad he was wrong, which pleases Brooke, because she doesn't want to lose him as a friend. Grant says that he wants to be her friend - hers and Ridge's. This makes Brooke wonder where Ridge is - he was supposed to be on his way, and he's supposed to see Bridget at a pool party the kids are having over at Stephanie's. A phone call comes in from Ridge - he's still in Paris, because some ad executives needed to see him at the last minute. Brooke isn't happy - how could Ridge do this to Bridget? This is sure to hurt the trust they want to build with her, she adds. Ridge agrees that he's disappointed, but it couldn't be helped. Brooke tries to discuss it further, but Ridge has to go, since his flight is boarding.

Over in his office, Eric tells Lauren about the pool party. Lauren asks if Brooke is okay with it, and Eric says she is. Lauren then asks how Ridge and Bridget are getting along, and Eric says she hasn't seen Ridge since he's been away - but she will tonight. Noting that Ridge is coming home, Lauren comments that Brooke won't be alone for the night. Then Eric gets a call from Brooke, telling him that Ridge was delayed. Eric tells Lauren, and they both agree that Bridget will be disappointed - and that Brooke is probably furious with Ridge right now.

Ridge takes his seat on the plane and puts his bag down on the seat next to him. He starts reading a newspaper, but he's interrupted when he hears a woman say "Excuse me, I think this is my seat." Looking up from his paper, he's surprised to see that it's Taylor!

In her office, Brooke is still furious with Ridge. Grant tries to calm her down. Brooke says she has a right to be upset, and Grant agrees - but what good is getting angry going to do. Grant thinks Brooke needs to get out and unwind, and he knows just the place. Brooke is hesitant, as Grant tells her to come with him.

Surprised to see his former wife, Ridge asks what she's doing there. She says that she's been doing consulting work over in Paris, and that she's headed back to Los Angeles to visit her father for a few days. Taylor thinks she should find another seat, but Ridge tells her no. She sits down and tells Ridge she's doing fine. He mentions that Stephanie got a letter from Taylor, and Taylor says she was so sorry to hear about what happened to Steph. Ridge wonders how she knew, and she tells him she's stayed in touch with James from time to time. Ridge asks if James told her anything else about what was going on. "With you?" Taylor asks. "Yeah," Ridge answers, and Taylor honestly admits - she didn't ask.

Grant brings Brooke to a country western bar, the Canyon Country Club. Brooke feels like she's not dressed appropriately. Grant tells her she's fine as he brings her over to the owner of the club, a woman named Tamara. Tamara welcomes Brooke, saying she hardly ever gets to meet any of Grant's friends. She takes the pair over to a table and has a waitress get them some drinks on the house - Grant orders two longneck beers. Asking how he knows Tamara, Grant explains he met her there back when he was in the Design Academy - she was just starting out as a singer. Now, she has a couple of gold records and owns the place - and the club is one of his favorite hangouts. Brooke is surprised - she always pictured Grant in someplace like Beverly Hills. No, Grant tells her, he wasn't grow up in the rich are like Brooke did. Now it's Brooke's turn to surprise him, as she tells him she grew up in the Valley - that's one of the reasons she and Stephanie have had problems over the years. Grant says he never would have guessed, and Brooke comments how sad it is. Once, she would have given anything for someone to think she was one of the elite - that's how desperate she was to get away from her simple life. Grant asks if she's uncomfortable and wants to leave, but Brooke wants to stay.

Seeing how Ridge is stunned that she never asked about him, Taylor reminds him she left L.A. to get over him. She couldn't very well do that if she was always calling James for updates, she explains. But since fate has put them together, she lets him tell her about what's happened. He explains about the situation with Bridget, including how Bridget rejected Brooke when she found out Eric was her father. Taylor guesses that Brooke took it hard, and Ridge confirms it. Also, he himself feels guilty about not being there for Bridget - and for Brooke - but it couldn't be helped, because of the business deal in Paris. But fortunately, he says, Brooke is not alone. Taylor guesses he's talking about Brooke's sister, but she's surprised when Ridge explains that he's referring to Grant. Once Ridge explains how Brooke and Grant work together, Taylor isn't surprised - Grant is a compassionate man. Yes, he is, Ridge agrees - which is why he asked Grant to keep an eye on Brooke while he was away.

Back at the club, Grant and Brooke get their beers, which they both decide to drink straight from the bottle. They toast to good friends, as Tamara takes the stage to sing a song. As she dedicates the song to Grant and his date, the crowd urges he and Brooke to take to the dance floor. Brooke and Grant begin dancing as Tamara sings a song entitled "You're Not Alone" - perhaps a fitting tune, given what's happened between Brooke and Grant. As Tamara sings, Brooke and Grant dance closely, gazing at each other.

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Week of 8/12/96 - 8/16/96

On the flight back to Los Angeles, Taylor and Ridge continue to get reacquainted. Taylor tells him she's surprised to hear that Brooke and Grant have become so friendly. Ridge then explains how Brooke was originally reluctant to work with anyone but him on the men's line, but she eventually came around. Now, she and Grant have been working side by side, and everything is copacetic. Grant might be good for Brooke, Taylor muses. Seeing the wondering look on his ex-wife's face, Ridge asks what's on her mind. She's thinking about him and Brooke, she replies, and how much they've been through. Ridge agrees, saying how it's amazing when you feel so close to someone that you're a part of them. Taylor agrees with that statement, in general - as long as you don't stop growing in the relationship. And that's what she thinks Brooke's problem is - Brooke has spent her entire adult life wrapped up in the world of the Forresters, particularly Ridge.

At the Canyon Country Club, Grant and Brooke finish their dance and return to their table. Tamara comes over to see how they're doing, and Grant suggests splitting another beer. That's fine with Brooke - they don't want to get out of control, she points out. Tamara agrees - if they do they might wind up riding the bull. Brooke asks what that means, and Tamara points out Hector, the mechanical bull. She wouldn't want to see a pretty thing like Brooke up there, Tamara comments. Brooke takes that as a challenge - and despite Grant's pleas that she's crazy and she'll get hurt, Brooke mounts the bull and instructs the operator to turn it up to the highest speed. Grant and Tamara are pleasantly surprised to see Brooke handle the bull, as the other patrons of the club cheer her on.

At Dylan and Jasmine's apartment, Dylan sees Jasmine preparing some food. Looks good, Dylan comments, as Jasmine tells him to keep his hands off. The food is for dinner, she explains - for Sly. As she says it, Dylan answers the door and finds Sly there. Dylan reluctantly greets Sly, "It's been a while." Yes it has, Sly agrees - he freaked out at first, but then he realized he has to face his responsibility to the baby. The baby that doesn't exist, Dylan reminds him - he asks Sly how that makes him feel. Did he want revenge? Sly admits that he did at first, and he was initially upset with Jessica for the deception. However, he now knows what a valuable lesson Jessica taught him, and he owes her everything for that. He has his life back, thanks to her. Sly then asks if dinner is ready. Jasmine says it is, which Dylan takes as his cue to leave. Jasmine seems surprised that Sly and Dylan didn't get into a fight, and Sly reminds her that this is the new Sly Donovan; to show her just how new, he pulls her closer and kisses her.

As Jessica continues to cry in her room, Maggie comes in to see her. Maggie is upset that she hasn't slept, and sees that Jessica has showered again. "I just feel so dirty," Jessica explains. Maggie reminds her that the doctor instructed her to take her post-coital contraceptives ("morning after pills"), and gives Jessica some water to wash them down. Maggie tries, without success, to get Jessica to get some air, or some rest - but Jessica can't, because she's too scared. Maggie then suggests that she try talking with someone - perhaps a counselor at the Rape Crisis Center the doctor mentioned, or even James. No, Jessica says; she doesn't want to talk to anyone. All she wants is to curl up and die. She and Dylan were so happy, she sobs, and now everything is ruined. Maggie tries to reassure her that Dylan will still love her, but Jessica is convinced that her life is over now.

On the plane, Ridge is upset at Taylor's implication that Brooke is obsessed with him. He thinks that may be overstating it a little. Taylor thinks they should drop it. Ridge agrees, and then suggests that Taylor get together with him and Brooke while she's in L.A. I don't think so, Taylor says - you have your life, now, and I have mine.

Grant and Brooke arrive back at her place, as she thanks him for all the fun she had. Grant admits he had fun, too - and he then notices Ridge's car isn't back, so he must not be home yet. Brooke guesses so, and then says good night, but Grant asks if he can come in for a drink. Brooke invites him in.

Back at the mansion, Maggie says she'll get Jessica something to eat, but Jessie pleads with her mother not to go. Maggie agrees not to go when she hears a knock at the door - it's Dylan. Jessica insists she's not ready to face him, so Maggie greets him. She clumsily says that Jessica is in the bath; however, when Dylan asks to wait, she tells him that it wouldn't be a good time for that. A confused Dylan leaves as Maggie goes back in to her daughter. Nothing will change, Maggie assures her daughter, but Jessica insists that everything will change.

Jasmine backs off from Sly's kiss - she wants to take this slow, she explains. While she goes to freshen up, she asks Sly to take out the garbage. He agrees, and takes the garbage bag from the can. Once Jazz is in the bathroom, he takes out his athletic bag and removes a black ski mask, which he stuffs into the garbage bag. As he does so, he has an intense look on his face.

After arriving in Los Angeles, Ridge heads to the Forrester mansion so he can see the kids. Stephanie is there to greet him, and asks how his flight was. Did he sleep? No, Ridge replies, he spent most of his time talking. He starts upstairs, as Stephanie cautions him that the children are sleeping. She also asks who he was talking to, and he says he'll explain once he goes to look in on Rick and Bridget - he promises not to wait them. Steph lets up, but still wants to know who he was talking to. "Oh, just Taylor," Ridge replies, stunning his mother.

In her room, Jessica lies in bed. As she rolls around frantically, she's startled to see hands wearing black leather gloves reaching out from everywhere in the room. She tries to run, but no matter which way she turns, the hands are there. Making her way for the door, she finds the man in the black ski mask behind it. She tries to run back into the room, but the man corners her on the bed. Jessica screams out, as she did the night of the rape. "Get off me!", she cries out, as Maggie rushes into the room, waking Jessica from the horrible nightmare.

Coming back downstairs, Ridge assures his mother he didn't wake the children. He tells her about Paris, but she only wants to hear about Taylor. Ridge explains how she is headed to Los Angeles to see her father and is staying with him.. Stephanie is concerned that he wouldn't have enough room, and suggests that she stay in one of their guest rooms at the mansion, instead. She's still in love you, isn't she, Steph adds. Ridge easily guesses that Stephanie wants him and Taylor together, and asks why his mother would think that Taylor is still in love with him. Stephanie explains that she knows what is in his heart. If that's the case, Ridge reminds her, then she knows his heart belongs to Brooke - which is where he is going right now.

Maggie tries to calm Jessica down from her nightmare, but Jessie is frantic. Jessica asks why Maggie turned off the lights. Maggie says she was sleeping, but Jessica insists she wants the lights on - **ALWAYS**! She then starts checking lights, and locks on windows, and Maggie comments how obsessive she's being. She's safe here, Maggie reminds her. Jessica states that she thought she was safe at the restaurant, too. Maggie again tries to convince Jessica to go to the Rape Crisis Center, but Jessica refuses. She goes to take another shower, but Maggie reminds her this is the third one today. Why not come downstairs for a bite to eat, Maggie asks. Since the kids are asleep, it'll just be the two of them. Jessica agrees.

Over at Brooke's, Grant waits downstairs as Brooke comes downstairs, dressed in her robe, after a quick dip in the pool. Grant is still surprised at her riding the bull - can she rope a steer, too, he asks. Oh, sure, Brooke jokes - but can you? Of course, Grant replies, but Brooke can't picture him on a horse. In fact, she bets she can ride a horse better than him. Grant explains how he knows how to ride - he grew up on a farm in Alabama, where his father raised tobacco, wheat, and mostly horses. He lost his accent when he came up north to go to school, he states, which leads Brooke to wonder how an Alabama boy wound up at Northwestern. That was his mother's doing, he explains - she used to take them to Europe, and Rio, and Indian reservations, where he was exposed to all kinds of different lifestyles. And now you're here, Brooke comments - does he think there's a reason for that. There's a reason for everything, Grant explains - they're all here to learn from each other, and there are no mundane moments. There are just quiet ones and noisy ones. As Brooke wishes for a quiet one, Ridge comes into the room.

In the kitchen, Maggie is preparing something for Jessica to eat when Stephanie comes in. Steph asks what Jessica has been up to, and Maggie says they hung out in the house. Then she must have seen the party, Steph guesses, but Maggie explains that Jessica hasn't been feeling well today. Stephanie then turns the subject to the big date with Dylan the night before, and Maggie again steps in and says Dylan took Jessica to the Cafe Russe. Stephanie remembers many fond memories of the Cafe, and then realizes that Jessica hasn't been by the pool much all summer. Maybe she should throw a big barbecue bash by the pool, Stephanie suggests, but Jessica doesn't think so. Pool parties just aren't her thing, Jessica states. Stephanie wonders "since when?" She just doesn't want a party, Jessica states, as she returns to her room, leaving a confused Stephanie wondering what she said to offend her niece.

Ridge thanks Grant for keeping an eye on Brooke for him. "He didn't keep an eye on me," Brooke insists, as she lets Ridge know she isn't going to let him off the hook for choosing business over Bridget. Ridge tries to explain that he regrets that he had to do it, but it was necessary. He promises to make it up to Bridget. Brooke then asks how Paris was, and Ridge tells her how excited they are about the new line. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on him, and he thinks he's more charged up about working than ever. But there was one other thing that was on his mind, Ridge explains - the fact that he missed Brooke. He knows Bridget was counting on him, and he hopes that Brooke and the kids know they can count on him. Brooke is glad Ridge is back, and they kiss, as Grant sits on the side, watching with a sadness in his eyes.

James comes in to check on Sheila to make sure she has everything she needs, since he is going on a mountain hike with Maggie. Sheila is surprised that James finally got a hold of her, since she's been so unavailable lately. It was tough, James admits, but he finally got her for a brief moment and she agreed to the hike. Just then, Maggie arrives, and James asks if she's all set. Regretfully, Maggie tells him that she has to cancel, since she has some things to take care of. A disappointed James asks why, but Maggie says she can't tell him anything more without breaking a promise to someone. What could there be that they can't talk about, James wonders. There's only one thing he can think of - another man. In the other room, Sheila listens intently.

At the Bikini, Michael and Dylan are being served by Jasmine. Michael mentions that she thought Jasmine was quitting - the reason she reconsidered wouldn't have anything to do with Sly being back, she asks? Jasmine admits that Sly had something to do with it. Michael asks what kind of promise Sly made to get her back - a good time, maybe? Jasmine says that's not fair, and she knows exactly what kind of man Sly is. Dylan asks if Jasmine is willing to settle for that kind of man and Jasmine says she isn't - but Sly has changed. Michael can't believe it, so Jasmine tells her to ask Jessica if she doesn't believe it.

Jessica is home, again sleeping in bed. She begins dreaming again, this time of several masked men approaching and attacking her. In her dream, she flees the advances of two of the men by locking herself in the bathroom, only to find another one in the shower. Her cries are interrupted as she is woken by a knock at the door. She hopes it's her mother, but she quickly finds out it's Sly.

Michael can't believe Jasmine would suggest asking Jessica - Jessica hates Sly. Things have changed, Jasmine notes, as she turns to Dylan. Dylan reluctantly admits that Jessica was the first person Sly saw upon his return to town - and that, based on appearances, Sly has cleaned up his act. However, when Jasmine suggests that he bring Jessica down to hang out, Dylan says that, even with Sly's changes, he's not comfortable hanging around Sly. Jasmine asks what Sly ever did to him, and Michael again points out what a user and a creep he was in the past. She's willing to admit that Sly has changed if she sees proof, but until then, she's not buying. Jasmine can't believe this - what does Sly have to do to convince them, walk on water? She wishes her friends would just drop the subject of Sly.

Jessica wonders what Sly is doing there, and he explains that no one was home downstairs and he let himself in. The realization that she is home alone makes Jessica justifiably jumpy. She asks Sly to leave - he shouldn't be in there. Why not, Sly asks - he's been to her room before, and they are friends. What's the problem. He also notes that she doesn't seem like herself right now, and she says she's just not feeling very well. He offers to help and walks toward her, but Jessica jumps back, asking him not to touch her. He backs off, not wanting to pressure her; but he does repeat that he only wants to help her, after all she did for him. She's a heck of a teacher, he states, and he owes her a lot for what she did for him. "I don't think of myself that way, anymore," Jessica tells him. "I've changed, Sly - changed FOREVER."

Maggie is shocked that James would think there is another man; she insists that he is the only man for her. It's just that she promised someone something, and is going through something as a result. Can't James see that, she asks. He says he can, and he doesn't want her to break a confidence, but he is worries about her. What does she want - for him to leave her alone, or stop calling. Maggie says she just needs him to understand - this is something she can't talk about. Hearing this, James guesses it has something to do with Sheila, but Maggie says no. As if on cue, Sheila comes in for something to drink and asks if they're leaving on the hike. Maggie angrily says they're not going, and Sheila tells her she doesn't have to be nasty about it. She even offers to leave them alone. Maggie angrily tells Sheila to stop playing dumb - she knows what a manipulator Sheila is, and bets that she was listening the whole time. Sheila says she's wrong, and then Maggie insists she's leaving. No, Sheila offers - I'll leave. However, James insists she stay and asks Maggie to leave. As Maggie departs, Sheila smiles wickedly.

Sly doesn't understand what Jessica means that everything has changed - she asks him to please leave, but he insists on staying. She's not herself, he asserts, and he only wants to help her. He offers her his hand and asks her to allow him to hold her, but Jessica backs away and tells him he has to leave. Sly agrees to leave, and tells her to give his regards to her boyfriend - hopefully, he can help her. Jessica cries, "Oh, my God. Why did this happen to me? Why did this happen to me?" Outside the door, Sly is listening to her cries and smiles.

Working together at Forrester, Grant praises Ridge on some new ideas he has come up with since coming back from Paris. Ridge comments how inspired he was by Paris, and Grant agrees; Ridge looks like such a changed man that Grant thinks maybe he should try it himself. "Maybe you should," Ridge says, pointing out there is no place like Paris. But, he adds, he's glad things didn't fall apart at home while he was away. Guessing he's referring to Brooke and the kids, Grant reminds him how smoothly everything was the night Brooke took the kids home - Bridget even called Eric "Daddy." Ridge then tells Grant who he met on the plane - and Grant is surprised to learn it was Taylor. Ridge is equally surprised to know that Grant and Taylor haven't stayed in touch. Taylor and he were close, Grant points out, but they just weren't met to be. Still, Ridge guesses, there must be someone else in his life - and Ridge thinks he knows who.

Brooke is on the phone with an associate when Michael comes in. Brooke commends Michael on a recent report, and Michael is amazed that with everything in her life, Brooke even had time to finish it. Brooke then questions Michael about her living situation with Grant. "Okay, I guess," Michael replies, although she doesn't see him very often, especially at night.

Sally and Macy discuss marketing plans. Everything looks all set, Sally points out - if the collection flops, it won't be for lack of publicity. Macy says Sally sounds worried, and Sally says she is. She knows she has to, but it's hard to have confidence in Clarke. Macy surprisingly comes to Clarke's defense, after watching him with C.J. Still, Sally adds, she can't shake the feeling since Saul died. But Saul would also be the first to congratulate Clarke when it's over, and they have to believe the collection will come over as a hit. Macy suggests they're just being paranoid, and Sally tells her about Stephanie's suspicions of Clarke. Macy points out that Steph hasn't seen Clarke, but she has - and it's clear Clarke cares about C.J. Sally agrees - Clarke has as much to lose as any of them, unless he deliberately wants to ruin Spectra, which is ridiculous. C.J. comes in, looking for his father (who was going to teach him to do an appliqué), but he leaves when he sees Clarke isn't there. There you have it, Sally points out - proof of Clarke's relationship with C.J.

Meanwhile, Clarke works on yet another ugly design with Kim, and she senses he's having second thoughts. It's not too late to back out, she tells him - as long as he's willing to kiss the $15 million goodbye. In fact, she says, if the money means nothing to him, that's just what he should do. No, Clarke says - he does want the money, but he's feeling guilty about the cost. Kim reminds him he can have a whole new life with the money - but it will mean burning all his bridges behind him to do it. He can always build new bridges, though - this is the chance of a lifetime. Clarke admits she's right - he can't back out, so he might as well admit he can't change and get C.J. to accept it as well. Does this mean he's committing, Kim asks. Yes, Clarke answers - committing to an irresistible future. Kim says she'll show him something else irresistible - she undresses, and starts doing the same for him when C.J. knocks at the door.

Brooke agrees that Grant has been busy, and Michael points out that she would know. Brooke then explains why she had to bring Grant over to the men's line, and how she's given him his big chance. And, she adds, he's come through. So much that she never even sees him anymore, Michael comments, and Brooke jokes that Michael has lost him to the job. Michael isn't amused.

Grant claims not to know who Ridge is talking about. Ridge guesses the woman is someone young, beautiful, exotic - someone Grant works closely with. Grant seems uncomfortable, but then Ridge adds that she also lives with him - he's talking about Michael. He then suggests that he, Brooke, Grant and Michael go out together - he'll even agree to forget the "No Employee Dating" rule and pretend he doesn't know she works for Forrester. Grant is reluctant, but when Ridge presses him, agrees to meet at 8.

Brooke asks how close Michael is to Grant, and Michael replies that they're good friends. Brooke is surprised, and asks if Michael wants more - but then Grant comes in, which prompts Michael to leave.

As C.J. enters, Kim and Clarke compose themselves. Clarke says it's just a fitting, and C.J. says he loves that part of the business. Kim takes that as her cue to leave, reminding Clarke to think about what they talked about, as C.J. calls his dad a superstar. Don't think of me that way, Clarke admonishes him - this thing can bomb, since there's no such thing as a sure thing. C.J. thinks Clarke's talent is, but Clarke doesn't let up. Work hard, and you can do anything, Clarke tells his son, but be realistic and don't pin his hopes on his old man. If I fail, he says, remember what I said, not what I did. "I love you, no matter what happens," Clarke tells him. C.J. still refuses to think poorly of his dad as he hugs him and says "Dad, I love you too."

Grant tells Brooke that Ridge wants them all to go out tonight, but he wants no part of it. Brooke doesn't understand why not. "Do I have to spell it out?" Grant asks. Watching Brooke and Ridge has brought out envy and pain and jealousy, and that's not good. Maybe he should just leave town, before it's too late. Brooke suggests that he can't - he's just stressed. No, Grant tells her, this is about you and me. Before he can discuss it further, Ridge comes in. He guesses that Grant came to tell her about the foursome - and just wait until Grant sees Brooke in a gown. He'll then see why Brooke is his inspiration, he says. He embraces Brooke, but Brooke can't help noticing the sad look on Grant.

Ridge and Brooke meet with attorney Pam Geller, who advises Ridge not to move back in until Brooke has custody of the kids - it could be risky. Ridge is upset - he can't believe Pam is hung up on appearances. Brooke tells him she's not happy, either, but the children need stability. It'll only be for a while, she reminds her, and Ridge agrees that it might be necessary.

Lauren comes to see Grant while he's working on a design. She's impressed with his work, she tells him, and since Eric is so busy lately, she's like to know if he'd consider working on the Fenmore/Forrester line after he's done with the men's line. Grant says he'd have to check with Brooke first, but he thinks he's like that. Lauren suggests they go out to dinner to talk about it, but Grant tells her he has plans. She could get him out of it by pretending to be his secretary, Lauren suggests with a southern accent, but Grant says that won't work - Ridge and Brooke know he has no secretary. Lauren wonders why he doesn't want to go - is it because he, too, finds Brooke to be stubborn and demanding? Grant says no - the problem isn't that he DOESN'T get along with Brooke, it's that he DOES. Lauren suggests he back off - a relationship with Brooke can't happen, because of Ridge. Grant, however, thinks there's something there - and not just from his side, either.

Stephanie welcomes Taylor back to Los Angeles, as Taylor tells her how horrified she was to hear about Stephanie's poisoning. Steph tells her they believe Sheila did it, but since Maggie was the only one to see Sheila in the house, they can't prove it. She then changes the subject, commenting that the move to Europe was obviously a good one for Taylor. Still, she missed her. Would Taylor consider coming back, Steph asks? Perhaps, Taylor replies - but not because of Ridge. Since he's with Brooke, he can't be a part of her life. Stephanie agrees, which surprises Taylor. Steph explains that she's resigned herself to the fact that Ridge thinks he loves Brooke - but she sees where it's going and won't last. It's doomed to fail, she says - Ridge just hasn't realized that Brooke's feelings for him are only an infatuation. Does that mean Brooke can't love him, Taylor asks. "Caroline loved him, and you love him," Stephanie explains, but Brooke doesn't. It's such a shame to see them wasting time, not realizing that, she laments. Taylor asks Stephanie to stop - she can't wait around for Ridge forever. Stephanie says she knows that - but Taylor should at least be ready to be Ridge's friend, because he is going to need one.

Agreeing with Brooke's advice, Ridge realizes that waiting isn't going to change how they feel about each other. Brooke agrees, and looks down at the turtle, which Ridge notices. She explains how a friend gave it to her to slow her down, which Ridge thinks is good advice. It taught her how to handle things differently, she notes. She's been running all her life in all directions, trying to find happiness; maybe if she looked where she was running, she would have found it. She's going to try looking at things that way now, she says, with the turtle's help. Ridge is happy with the change - one he notices, even though Brooke denies there is one. She's calmer and more serene, which makes her that much more attractive to him. "Does that mean I should take up yoga, and meditation, to turn you on?" Brooke asks. No need, Ridge says - she drives him crazy without them. As they kiss, he thinks she should hold onto her turtle friend. She then reminds Ridge he should get ready to go out. "Don't worry about me," he tells her, "you're the slow poke."

Lauren asks Grant if he's sure about Brooke's feelings for him. He tells her about the kiss, and how he knows it meant something to Brooke. He feels guilty, because he and Ridge are becoming such close friends - but it's not like Ridge and Brooke are married. Lauren advises him to forget it while he can, especially if he wants to stay friends with Ridge. Grant agrees, and picks up the phone to call Brooke. He tells her that it's best that he leave. Brooke again tells him he can't, but Grant says he has to, before things get out of control. Brooke refuses to accept it, and tells him that he will join them tonight. As Grant puts down the phone, he tells Lauren she won't let him leave. "This is serious," Lauren states, "very serious!"

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Week of 8/19/96 - 8/23/96

At home, Brooke is getting ready to go out with Ridge, Grant and Michael - she's wearing a buckskin outfit that makes her look like Pocohantas. Katie arrives to baby sit for the kids, and is surprised to see her sister standing there in that outfit - "aren't you going to the country club?" Yes, Brooke replies - the **CANYON** Country Club. Katie is even more surprised, since she didn't think that kind of place was Brooke's cup of tea. Brooke says that she used to go to those places with Donna, and Katie comments that was a long time ago. Brooke notes that sometimes, you need a place that's down to earth - someplace close to home. "Who are you, and what have you done with my sister?" Katie asks. "And, isn't home the place you were trying to get away from?" Brooke says that maybe she's grown up a little since then, as she puts on a coat, thinking it might be cold. She wonders where Ridge is, and he comes in, all decked out in a tux. Katie wonders if Brooke is going to tell Ridge he's overdressed - but Brooke just closes her coat so Ridge can't see the buckskin outfit and saunters off.

At the beach house, Grant explains to Michael how Brooke wouldn't accept his resignation. Why wouldn't she accept, Michael wonders - unless Brooke has the hots for Grant, like he does for her? Grant says that it's not that way - he doesn't have the hots for Brooke. But right now, he just wants to forget about that, go out, and have some fun. Michael says that's great - just the two of them. Grant then sheepishly admits that they'll have company - Ridge and Brooke! Michael can't believe this - why would Grant put himself through the torture of having to watch two people when it obviously causes him pain. She wants no part of it - she hates country music, and she has no interest in watching Grant and Brooke make goo goo eyes at each other. That won't happen, Grant assures her - he won't let it, because of his friendship with Ridge. "And besides, Lucy," he asks in a Ricky Ricardo accent, "how do you feel about your old boyfriend, Dylan?" Michael is forced to give in, as she and Grant go off for a night of fun, with Grant instructing her how to say "Yee-Hah!"

In his office, James is surprised to have a visit from Taylor - who tells him that, after she wraps up the consulting job in Paris, she will be coming home again, to stay. James is pleased. Right now, she tells him, she's just in town to see her father - in fact, would James like to join them for dinner? James has to decline the invitation. Taylor asks why, and he tells her has a houseguest - Sheila! Taylor can't believe James would take her in, even after he explains that he is doing it to protect Maggie. She's skeptical that Sheila can change, especially after what she did to Stephanie. James reminds Taylor that it hasn't been proven that Sheila poisoned Stephanie, and Taylor asks if he really believes that - he answers, "No." Taylor tells him to be careful; she almost lost Steph to Sheila's antics, and she doesn't want to lose him too. James says he will, and asks how Stephanie is. She's accepting of Brooke and Ridge, Taylor says. That's difficult, James points out - as Taylor knows better than anyone. On that note, Taylor leaves to meet her father, saying she'll check in with James later.

At James' place, Sheila is talking on the phone with Mike when a knock at the door interrupts - it's Damon Warwick, James' father. Sheila lets him in, as Damon assumes she's the special lady in Jamie's life. James will be so delighted, Sheila explains - when he gets home from work, that is. Damon asks why she's there if James isn't - to make his dinner? No, Sheila explains - "I've been staying here," she says, pointing out her injury. Damon feels sorry for her. Sheila says how James has helped her, and Damon says "That's my Jamie," going into tales of his son's childhood. Sheila is fascinated by the stories - but Damon can't help notice how fond she is of his son, and how she seems to be in pain. "Everything heals," he says. "No one knows that better than Jamie and me," he adds. Sheila wants to hear more about Scotland, and Damon says they'll have to visit on her honeymoon with James. "You think I'm Maggie?" Sheila asks. Damon is sorry to realize this isn't the woman his son loves when James comes in - Damon tells him what a delightful visit with Sheila he's been having.

Ridge and Brooke arrive at the Canyon Country Club - as Ridge realizes how overdressed he is. Ridge tells her he'll get even as they join Michael and Grant at the table. A waitress takes a drink order - three beers, and a martini, shaken not stirred, for 007. The waitress is puzzled - so Ridge tells her to bring a pitcher of beer. He takes off his jacket, trying to look less like a penguin, and starts asking Michael about her relationship with Grant. She says they're just roommates, but Ridge thinks there is more to it. As Grant and Brooke both try to intervene, wondering why Ridge is pushing the issue, Tamara comes over and welcomes Brooke and Grant back - are the two of them going to dance up a storm again? Ridge is suddenly surprised - "You've been here before???" Brooke looks guilty - and Ridge wants to know why!

Brooke admits that she and Grant came to the club when Ridge was in Paris. Ridge can't believe that they would go behind his back that way - how could they go out to a club and have fun while he was away, and not tell him. He has only one thing to say to Grant, he announces! Grant braces for impact, as Ridge gets the words out - "Thank you, Chambers!" Michael, Grant, and Brooke (especially the last two) are relieved to hear that Ridge wasn't mad - especially since the way he was talking made them think otherwise. But Ridge admits things were hectic before he left, and that Brooke needed a diversion. He's glad that Grant could provide one. Tamara says there's plenty of that at the club, as Brooke can attest to after her little meeting with Hector. Ridge asks who Hector is, and Tamara points out the mechanical bull that Brooke rode, in impressive fashion she might add. Ridge thinks he'll have to stop taking Brooke to the Cafe Russe and start frequenting the rodeo instead, after hearing that. Tamara takes her leave to start another song, as Brooke wants to get out and dance. Ridge refuses, wearing the tuxedo, and asks that Grant take her out for a whirl, instead.

Maggie comes in to see Stephanie - as Steph asks where Jessica's been lately, Maggie covers and says she's making extra effort to get ready for classes in the fall. But there is something else she needs to talk about, Maggie explains; she tells Stephanie how Sheila is living with James. She knows they're not sleeping together, she adds, and that James is doing it to protect her, but it still bothers her. Stephanie says the only way to change that might be to get a confession out of Sheila. Maggie asks how to do that, and Stephanie says there has to be a way. There has to!

Over at James' place, he's pleased to see his father. "Are you tired?" he asks Damon. Damon says he's not, but he could use a little something in his stomach. Sheila offers to get something, since she was about to make something for herself - but James tells her to sit down, since she's not supposed to even be on her feet. "Let the lass do it," Damon suggests to his son. Thanking Damon for his confidence, Sheila goes to the kitchen to prepare a surprise - and shortly after, the three of them are sharing some Shepherd's Pie. Damon raves about her cooking, and James admits he never knew Sheila knew anything about Scottish cooking. "There's a lot you don't know about me," Sheila says, as Damon says Sheila would love Scotland. He adds that he hopes his visit didn't ruin James' plans, which makes Sheila ask where Maggie is. James says she had to cancel, and Damon thinks that perhaps, she doesn't appreciate his son. He might be better off with Sheila, Damon thinks. Sheila says that's not necessary for him to say that, and Damon says "Someone has to defend you." Someone already is, she points out - James. He's a brilliant, wonderful man who has turned her life around and changed her. She put his life in his hands, and she's a purer, better person now. One that only believes in honesty, and compassion - "No more lies or secrets," she says. She then excuses herself, saying it was nice to meet Damon.

Over at the club, Brooke acts nervous as she dances with grant. Grant tries to get her to relax. Meanwhile, Michael and Ridge play darts. Her heart isn't in the game, though, as Ridge notices. She asks him if it bothers him, seeing Grant and Brooke out on the dance floor, but he says no. He and Brooke have a history together, and have been through so much, and Grant is a good friend - so he's not bothered by it. Tamara finishes her song, and Michael and Ridge join Grant and Brooke to congratulate her. Tamara has only a brief moment to thank them and tell them to come back before being summoned by her public. It was a fun night, they all admit - even Ridge. Well, Grant is the one to thank, Brooke points out.

At James' place, he gets a call from Stephanie - he tries to get out of it, saying his father is there, but Steph tells him she knows that Sheila is there, too. James tries to explain his actions, but Stephanie says that he may be hurting Maggie in the process. She implores him - get a confession from Sheila, since that's the only thing that can help keep Maggie out of jail. James thinks about it and puts the phone down, as his father asks where the coffee is. James says he's making it, as Damon informs him that he thinks his son is passing a good thing by. "Maggie's the woman I love," James reminds him, but Damon isn't buying it. He decides to go back to the hotel, and skip the coffee.

James goes to see Sheila, who is in her room. He tells her Damon has left, and Sheila says what a nice man he was. Yes he is, James agrees - but he has something else to talk about. Sheila said that there would no longer be any lies or secrets earlier - so he has to know one thing. "Did you poison Stephanie Forrester?"

Sheila tells James she will answer his questions - but first, he has to agree to something. James asks what she wants, and she says that anything he tells her has to be treated like a therapy session, with the confidentiality that goes along with it. James points out that the relationship between a doctor and a patient is sacred - it's not to be used as protection or a shield. Sheila isn't surprised to hear that - she'd probably say the same thing, if it were her being told something like this. Like what? James asks. A deep secret, Sheila explains - the kind we all have. The kind that you never tell anyone. James asks if she has such a secret, and she says yes. But she can't talk about it right now - she's tired. James implores her to tell him, but she says it's not that easy - it's too complicated to just spit out like that. James then realizes there's only one thing he can do to get Sheila to open up, and agrees to treat this as therapy.

At the mansion, Stephanie tells Eric that Sheila is staying with James - he can't believe it. Steph explains James' reasoning, but Eric is still astonished, since they almost lost Stephanie. "Were you ready to write my eulogy?" Steph asks. Eric is just glad she's OK, and that she's looking much better.

Down below, by the pool, Ridge, Grant, Brooke and Michael are still enjoying their wonderful evening. Michael especially can't believe it - they started out in a Country Western club, and now they are in a Beverly Hills mansion. It's so amazing. Brooke cautions Michael not to be so amazed - Beverly Hills isn't all it's cracked up to be. Michael asks why she thinks that - Brooke explains that she still remembers her house on Waterton Avenue, in the valley, and she often wonders if she is better off now than she was when she lived there. She probably could have been happy there, she notes - even though she didn't think so then. What she knows now that she didn't then is that it's all about money. "It buys you material possessions, and it complicates things," Brooke explains. Back when she was younger, she used to enjoy the mountains, and running through the fields - but now, even though she can afford houses in the mountains and acres of fields, she has no time to enjoy them. "Why not just give it up then?" Michael asks. She might, Brooke responds - if she had the right person with her to give it up with.

On the balcony above the pool, Stephanie tells Eric that Bridget asked when they can start doing "Daddy Things" together. This pleases Eric - he's glad he has time with Bridget now. Stephanie advises him he might not want to give up custody of the kids. Eric says he may have an answer - some friends have joint custody of their child, so why can't he and Brooke do the same? Steph thinks Brooke would agree - she's firmly ensconced in the family now, anyway, and that irks her. Eric sees that she's bothered by the fact that Ridge and Brooke are together, as they look down on the couples by the pool. Eric makes her promise to keep an open mind about how Ridge feels about Brooke, and Steph says she will try. Meanwhile, Michael asks for a tour of the house, and Ridge agrees to give her one - leaving Grant and Brooke alone by the pool.

Sheila tells James her story. "Days were really strange," she begins. "No talking, no warmth. My parents never touched each other. But during the days there was no screaming or physical violence." she explains that her father would start drinking, taking it out on her mother, who would be cooking. The thought of that used to makes Sheila throw up. "Mom became consumed with meeting his demands," Sheila continues. "Then night would become an exercise in survival." With her dad getting drunk night after night, he would see Sheila as the cause of their problems, and take it out on her - he would chase her around the house, pulling her hair, and she would tire him out by knocking down furniture. Her mom wouldn't do anything; she was just happy it was Sheila who was being abused, instead of her. And Sheila herself only got away by keeping her father at arm's length - like she learned to do with all people. She found out how to keep her distance using her father's drunken state. "Or with mercury poisoning," James suggests. Sheila agrees, and explains how she thought Steph was going to put her back in that prison hospital. "I had to stop her the same way I had to stop my dad before he killed me," Sheila admits.

Over by the pool, Grant asks Brooke if she could really give it all up. She could with the right man, she replies - with the right man, she could probably even get by living in a cave. Grant is impressed by the change in her, and Brooke takes out the turtle. That's the cause, she explains. Grant agrees - and thinks Ridge agrees, as well. He thinks Ridge will be thrilled with the "new" Brooke. Brooke admires how supportive he is being - doesn't Grant ever think about himself? Sure he does, he answers - but in this case, he has no alternative, other than wrecking the lives of 2 people he cares about. That would do no good, he explains. Brooke hugs him, saying how remarkable he is - a hug that turns to a kiss. Unbeknownst to them, Stephanie is on the balcony, watching the kiss!

Brooke is busy wheeling and dealing in her office, on the phone. Katie walks in and says the kids are off to their summer program. Katie tells Brooke that she has really changed and is acting like a kid. Brooke confides in her little sister that she kissed Grant last night and she doesn't know what happened. Katie tells her sister that she is going to mess up everything so badly. "Grant is just a friend to Ridge and to me." says Brooke, "we have a lot of chemistry and enjoy each others company. In fact , I don't think Ridge would be surprised if I told him what happened." Katie replies to her that if you are so sure- why don't you tell Ridge what happened!

Ridge and Grant are talking in Grant's office about their double date last night. Ridge said he had a blast. Michael says that Ridge and Brooke are wild together. Ridge says there is something erotic about being in a tux and saying goodnight to a woman in a Pocohantas outfit. They talk about role playing and how Brooke was totally into the night from the way she was dressed. Ridge tells them that Brooke has changed since Grant came along and she is more creative and has more energy, and it has rubbed off onto him too! Ridge leaves for the cutting room. Michael gives Grant a look.

At the mansion, Stephanie is looking through old photos of Ridge in his pre- Brooke era. Lauren walks in and they have a chat about Ridge and Brooke. Lauren tells Stephanie that Brooke really does love her son. Stephanie confides in Lauren that she saw Grant and Brooke engaged in a romantic and passionate kiss - and Stephanie wants to run and tell Ridge. Lauren tells Stephanie not to do that because Brooke would deny it and fire Grant. She advises Steph to just let this lie; Ridge will find out about it without her telling him. Stephanie thinks Lauren is right; she thinks that this time things will work out and Ridge and Brooke will wander into different directions. Then the phone rings.... Ridge is calling to talk to Lauren . He says he has something Major planned for Brooke.

Ridge walks in to Brooke's office and they engage in a passionate kiss. Ridge asks Brooke what the problem she wanted to see him about was. Brooke replies, "You just took care of it darling- well almost. A lot more than you can give me in this very busy office. I don't want to wait until tonight. Lets go home and make love." They discuss their afternoon meeting plans and decide to wait until tonight because Ridge has an important meeting that just cant wait. Tonight it will all be worth the wait, says Ridge. "I do love you Ridge," says Brooke - and as she gives him another kiss, Ridge adds, "Don't you dare let that fire go out until tonight."

Michael visits Grant in his office - she knows that something is bothering her roomie, and she wants Grant to talk to her. Grant tells Michael that he kissed Brooke. Michael can't believe it. Grant tells his roomie that it just came out of the blue. We were just sitting around the pool talking and the next thing I knew our lips were touching. It happened when you and Ridge were taking a tour of the house, and we were not getting it on. I wish I had never told you. Michael replies that she is glad he told her cause it makes things crystal clear. " You have no clue, no idea where I am coming from?" she asks. "I cant believe that you are this blind. You are way too smart. OK- you are so hung up on Brooke Logan- that you cant even see what is in front of your face. Me, Grant - ME! The way I feel about you. No, we cant discuss this. Maybe you should have realized Grant. It is not like I hid it from you. Don't apologize. It is the last thing I need to hear. When you get home tonight all of my stuff will be gone. I am moving out!"

There is a knock at the door to Brooke's office. Brooke thinks that it is Ridge and he has come back for more. SURPRISE...No it is Taylor!!!! "You didn't think I would come to LA and not stop by to see you, did you Brooke?" says Taylor. "I've been here for a couple of days visiting my father among other people. I've taken on a consulting job in Paris. It is only a temp. position. So how have things been on this side of the world? You haven't been too busy to get married have you? I thought I would have heard some news about it by now. The children are doing great. I heard the kids are living with you now, from Ridge. We ran into each other when he was in Paris.

Brooke doesn't believe Taylor. Taylor tells her she can believe whatever she wants and says goodbye, it was nice talking to you. "DON'T YOU DARE WALK OUT THAT DOOR. I WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING THAT WENT ON IN PARIS. EVERYTHING, AND DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING OUT!!!!", yells Brooke.

Michael is crying in her office, as Ridge comes in for some marketing numbers. Seeing her tears, he wants to know if she is OK, and Michael tells him she doesn't want to talk about it. Ridge wants to know if Grant is seeing someone else. Grant walks in and asks to borrow Michael for a minute so he can talk to her alone.

Brooke tells Taylor she wants to hear everything that went on between her and Ridge in Paris. " You walk in here and lay this on me. what did you do, track him down and find out what hotel he was staying at? Taylor, I just want to know what happened between you and Ridge. What did you two do together? Did you go out and have cocktails or what?" asks Brooke. Taylor tells her yes; that they did have a few drinks and then they spent eleven or twelve hours together.

Ridge comes to Lauren's office and asks her to listen to what he has to say;. he wants her reaction and personally, he thinks it is one hell of an idea. It is an idea that he thinks they will talking about for years. They are planning the next showing and there will be a model wearing a bridal gown at the end. He is going to have the model have an accident , and then Brooke will have to fill in for her. After Brooke walks down the runway, he will propose to her. It will be a total surprise!!!!

Michael tells Grant there is nothing more to be said. Grant tells her she is wrong and he hasn't been seeing things very clearly. He said he has learned something from all of this- that he has to get back on track, no more being crazy. Michael asks him if it is crazy to be in love. Grant tells her not to use that word because that isn't what it is. " If what your feeling for Brooke isn't love, then I don't know the meaning of the word." states Michael. Grant tells her it is going to stop today and he is control of his feelings for Brooke. Michael tells Grant she doesn't want his sympathy and tells him that what she would like, he is not capable of giving her in a relationship. Grant says to her not today, but maybe in time. "Ridge, Brooke, the kids..., are all very important to me and I am not going to do anything to mess up their lives. Enough about Brooke, I want to talk to you about this crazy idea you have about moving out. Now you cant do that; I need you around." says Grant. Michael tells Grant that when she moved in with him, she didn't promise that she wouldn't develop feelings for him. She says that he cant convince he that he will fall in love with her, and that being roommates isn't enough - for her anymore. Maybe they need to live apart for a while.

Brooke tells Taylor that 11 hours is a whole night. Taylor replies yes, that it is. Brooke asks if they spent the night together. "Yes we spent the night together. Now would you like me to explain the circumstances around it?" replies Taylor. Brooke asks if she slept with Ridge. "Technically- we did that too. Please would you just shut your mouth for 2 minutes and let me explain?" replies Taylor. " No, I am not going to let you explain," Brooke fumes. "I want you to leave before I lose it. You have no morals. You are just a cheap little tramp. What did you do, did you lure him out to your place and get him drunk?" "No, it wasn't anything like that at all," Taylor answers. Upset with the tone Brooke's taking, she then adds, "You know what? It was first class all the way! Ridge and I were floating on air the whole time." "GET OUT TAYLOR," yells Brooke and then she picks something up off her desk and throws it at the door.

Is this a publicity stunt for the new collection? Or is there more to it? asks Lauren. Ridge replies, "Right now it is under wraps. If Brooke finds out it will lose all its values. This is going to be great, wild, creative. Me at my best. The element of surprise. the look on Brooke's face. the media when they find out that Brooke knew nothing about it. I come up with the marketing scheme of the year and you accuse me of trying to trick Brooke into marrying me. I need you to promise not to breathe a word of this to anyone. " Lauren says she wont.

Taylor walks in to Stephanie's office, and they chat about Brooke. Taylor tells Steph that she tried to tell Brooke that they were on the same flight, but just left her hanging there believing the worst. Stephanie confides in Taylor about Brooke and Grant. Taylor becomes angry and Stephanie advises her to lay low and she can have it all back. Taylor leaves and Stephanie says to herself that all these years she has Brooke involved with her family, she wanted to get rid of her. Now, Brooke is doing it all by herself.

Brooke is crying and there is a knock at the office door. In walks Grant and he tells her they need to talk about what happened last night. It is another example of why they have to cool it, etc........ Brooke breaks in and says that she doesn't think Ridge really cares. Then she tells Grant that she cant talk now because she is busy and has to get back to work. Then Brooke cries on Grants shoulder about the news she heard from Taylor and how it really hurts. Then she asks - what is she going to do?

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Week of 8/26/96 - 8/30/96

Grant is coming home to the beach house after a long day with a pizza for dinner. When he walks in there are candles and wine waiting for him on the coffee table. He thinks that Michael has stayed, but is surprised to see that it is Taylor!! Taylor tells him she will leave, but Grant wants her to stay because he was looking for her. Taylor replies, "So you heard I was back in town?" and Grant said, "Yeah, well that is not all I heard." Taylor asks him if he has been keeping tabs on her. She tells Grant that the trip to Paris was exactly what she needed. They talk about Taylor running into Ridge, but Grant still doesn't know it was only on the plane ride back to LA. Grant tells Taylor no matter what her feelings are, she shouldn't cross the line. When Taylor tells Grant that she and Ridge did not have sex, Grant is stunned. Realizing Taylor's slight deception, he asks, "Why would you do that to Brooke?"

A depressed Michael has moved back in to her old apartment (that she shared with Dylan) and is hanging out on the couch when Dylan walks in the door. He jokes with her that he should have had her turn in the keys to the apartment when she moved out. Michael tells him about what did not happen between her and Grant. She asks Dylan to cheer her up and wants to know if he proposed to Jessica yet.

In her room at the mansion, Jessica is putting away her laundry and she comes upon the dress she wore the night of the rape. She replays the chase in her mind, and starts to yell and rip up the dress. Maggie walks in and tells Jessica not to do that, "Don't! The dress is evidence and the police will need to see it," Maggie reminds her daughter.

Over at Spectra, Kim is modeling one of Clarke's "beautiful" dresses and is laughing. She tells Clarke that the dress is positively awful, and that he is a genius for being able to deign such garbage. Clarke, however, is still upset about losing his reputation after the showing. Sally walks in and tells Clarke she just got a phone call from C.J.; Rick Forrester talked their son into trying out for a small part in the school play, and he got the lead role in the show, Camelot. Sally tells them she is sorry about all of this parental pride, but up until now, C.J.'s creative work has been forging a note to the principal. Until Clarke came into his life he didn't feel confident to try out for anything in school before. Sally leaves, and Clarke tells Kim that he can't wait to see his son up on the stage. Kim reminds him that the play will be happening after the showing, and he therefore won't be around to see it.

Dylan tells Michael that he didn't pop the question and how he can't even get Jessie to talk to him since the night they went out. He continues to tell her that Maggie is always giving him an excuse about seeing Jessica and it is getting weird. He just can't understand it; the last time they were together everything was great and they were planning their future. Michael thinks that Dylan has been giving Jessie too much room and she really needs to be swept off her feet. Dylan leaves to make some plans.

Maggie is still hoping that her daughter will tell the police about the rape. Jessie doesn't want to tell anyone and thinks that all the police will say is that she is stupid for walking alone at night. Maggie tells her that she is just embarrassed and ashamed; that is why she won't tell Dylan or anyone else what happened to her that night. "Dylan loves you and he can help you through this," Maggie reminds her daughter. Finally Jessica said OK to telling the police about the rape.

Kim can't believe that Clarke is going to give up millions of dollars to save his son's self esteem. She tells Clarke not to mess with Jack at Unicorn Fashions, and that she is worried about him. After Clarke leaves the room, Kim makes a phone call to Unicorn and tells Jack that they have a problem.

Taylor tells Grant that she didn't mean to put Brooke through this, but that Brooke deserved it. She thinks it is great how she learned a lesson about insecurity early on in the relationship. Taylor suggests confessing, but Grant tells her not to go near Brooke - he will handle the situation. Taylor thinks that Grant has feelings for Brooke and realizes he is in love with her.

Jessica and her mom are talking to a detective at the [police station, as Jessie gives details about the rapist. "Oh my god, I just remembered something!" says Jessie. She remembered a birthmark or a scar on the back of the attacker. She tells the detective that she could recognize it if she saw it again. Jessie said she is making this report so it doesn't happen to anyone else. The detective said that they don't have much to go on and that most rapists are serial. When Jessie and her mom are leaving the office- she bumps into an officer and totally freaks. She yells "Get off of me" and then apologizes to her mom for acting so paranoid.

Kim arrives at Jack's office at Unicorn. Jack doesn't like the idea that Kim is in his office, but she calms him by explaining that nobody at Spectra has any idea that she still works for him, so he should relax. Kim then continues to tell Jack that Clarke might back out of the deal. She thinks he really does love his son and wont go through with this plan. She said that so far Clarke's actions are just talk and the designs are really awful. Jack wants Kim to tell him if Clarke double crosses him.

Sly and his friend return to the Bikini Bar from surfing. Sure enough ,Sly has a mark on his back just like the one Jessie saw on her attacker. Later, Sly calls Jasmine into the storeroom and closes the door. She wants to know what he wants, and Sly replies, "YOU." Then Sly starts to kiss Jazz and she tells him to knock it off. Jazz said that she has made some decisions and she feels that she deserves better. Sly was ready to dump her for the Forrester millions. However, Jazz believes it when Sly says he is glad Jessica taught him a lesson. Jasmine then embraces Sly.

C.J. is busy practicing for his big stage debut at home, in Sally's apartment. When C.J. leaves the room to set the breakfast table, Sally tells Clarke that all of the changes in their son are due to him. Then, after breakfast, C.J. does a scene from the play he is in, Camelot. C.J. tells Clarke that he just wants him to be proud of him. Sally then informs Clarke that the play is one week after their Spectra showing.

Now back at the mansion, Maggie walks in with lunch for her daughter and tells her not to be ashamed. She took a big step today and stood up for herself. Then there is a knock at the door and it is Dylan. He enters with some beautiful flowers for his girlfriend and a new haircut. He told Jess to read the card which just said 7:00 p.m. He said that is the time of their date tonight at the private dining room. Jessie tells Dylan she cant go tonight Dylan tells Jess that he is sorry and he should of asked first before he made the plans. It is just that he wanted to do something to show how special Jessica is to him. They embrace and Dylan starts to kiss Jessica. She totally freaks and Dylan wants to know what is wrong.

Downstair in the mansion, Stephanie is on the phone with a detective (she calls him Lieutenant, so it may be Conran) and she is telling him that she's convinced that her sister in law did not poison her, it was Sheila. Maggie walks in while she is on the phone and , after Steph hangs up, tells her that Dylan is upstairs visiting with Jessica. Stephanie wants to know if anything is wrong because she hasn't seen much of them around lately.

Jessica and Dylan are kissing in her room, and she says no. Dylan replies," The lips say no but,......." and he continues to kiss her. Then he asks what is wrong with Jessica. Jessica replies, "Nothing." Dylan tells Jessie that it has been a long time since he has been able to hold her, but Jessica backs away. He tells Jess, "Don't tell me you want me to leave." Dylan kisses Jess again, and she turns away. Dylan thinks that Jessica is worried someone is going to walk in on them in her room- so he locks the door.

Damon arrives at James' apartment to say goodbye to his son; Sheila answers the door and tells him that James has just left. Damon said he is leaving for home because his mission is accomplished; his son has built a wonderful life here. Sheila tells him he cant leave yet, since he hasn't even met Maggie. Damon replies that he is worried about "Jamie" because he hasn't introduced him to his girlfriend. Damon then continues to tell Sheila that she has been the highlight of his visit. He believes his son would be much happier with a "Lass" like her. Damon also tells Sheila that it is hard for him to imagine that someone like her would need to see his son for professional reasons. Sheila tells him that it is from her childhood past. Damon tells Sheila that she has a lot in common with James and she should ask him about his childhood one day. Then Damon continues to tell Sheila," Remember this- we all have troubles in life, we all need to pick up the pieces, that is what counts."

In his office, James confides in Taylor that it was Sheila who poisoned Stephanie. "Are you certain?" questions Taylor. James continues to tell Taylor that it was Sheila who confessed to the crime. " Really does any of this surprise you? Why would Sheila tell you the truth this time? Maybe she has turned a corner. This is one of the biggest milestones in your career," said Taylor. James wants to turn Sheila in to the police, but Taylor continues to tell him to treat Sheila professionally.

Stephanie asks Maggie - if Jessica and Dylan are close again, how come they have been too busy to see one another? She continues to tell Maggie that she had doubts when they started dating again- but he has impressed her.

Jessica wants Dylan to unlock the door; she isn't worried about someone walking in on them. Dylan unlocks it and tells Jessie how much he loves her and misses being close to her. He reminds her that the last time they kissed was the wonderful evening they went out for dinner - it will be an evening they will never forget. Then Dylan wants to know what Jessica decided about studying abroad in London. "Something is wrong", he guesses. "Why don't you just tell me what it is.? It is about your future we are talking about here. I don't want you to leave L.A. I know it is selfish, I don't want to lose you." They kiss again, but Jessica backs away. "Jessica what is wrong?" says Dylan.

Jessica tells Dylan that she needs to be left alone and she is sorry. It has nothing to do with him, she explains. Dylan leaves and Jessica sits down in from of the mirror and starts to cry. "What is happening to me?" she cries.

Taylor arrives at the Forrester Mansion to chat with her good friend Stephanie. Taylor tells her that she has to go back to Paris, especially to keep her sanity. Stephanie tells Taylor that she cant go. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and this is what they have both been waiting for.

In his office at Forrester Creations, Ridge is busy working on the wedding gown design for Brooke when Lauren walks in with sketches of her own line that she wants Ridge to look at. "What do you think? Is it gonna look good on Brooke?" asks Ridge, showing off the design he has in mind for the woman he hopes is going to be his bride. " This isn't just a publicity stunt is it? I think that a marriage proposal is intimate, so why are you doing this?" asks Lauren. Ridge replies," This is make it or break it time for Logan and me."

Stephanie and Taylor continue discussing their "best friend", Brooke. Stephanie finds it to be amazing that Ridge is ready and willing to marry Brooke in a minute and yet she is lusting after another man. "Taylor, this is what we have been waiting for. All of the pieces are going to fall together in a few weeks." says Stephanie. "I'll always love Ridge, but I have to accept that I will never have him.," admits Taylor. "I don't want a man who is in love with another woman." Taylor candidly adds.

Brooke is home, and she doesn't want to go into work today and face Ridge. Her sister Katie reminds her that she isn't exactly innocent either, with her kissing Grant. Brooke replies that she and Grant only kissed, they didn't spend the night together. " I am tired of living like this and feeling insecure about Ridge." says Brooke. The doorbell rings and in walks Grant. They hug and Brooke says she is glad to see him. " Your day is going to get better. There is something you need to know." says Grant. Brooke doesn't give him a chance to tell her the truth about Ridge and Taylor, since she is too busy telling Grant how she feels. " Nine years I've been waiting, where is it getting me? I look back and what do I have? I am like a little puppy dog looking for handouts. I don't have to be that way anymore. I've learned that love doesn't have to be based on insecurity. It can be based on friendship."

At James apartment, he questions Sheila about her admission that she poisoned Stephanie. "You poisoned Stephanie," he begins. "Didn't it cross your mind that you were killing her, not even once? Are you that cold blooded?" asks James to Sheila. Sheila asks him if he is going to call the police - she knew from the beginning that he would too. James explains that he cant excuse Sheila for what she did; he is not a priest and he cant give her absolution.

"I've never confided in anyone," Sheila admits to James. "I am waking up from that terrible nightmare and I want to do the impossible. It would mean so much to me; please help me get better." she pleads. She continues to tell him that she can't promise she won't do anything like that ever again. She needs his help before she does something worse than she has already done - before she kills herself.

James replies that he has never treated someone like her before. "I'd have to devote all my time to you. The change is going to be painful for you." But he gives in to her wishes. "OK, I will try to help you," he explains. "You are going to have to move out of my apartment - you realize that don't you?" he asks. Sheila leaves to go and pack up her belongings in the bedroom. James starts to talk to himself, " Oh my god, if she could change, what an accomplishment that would be for me - especially for her."

Taylor admits to Stephanie that she and Ridge did communicate well together, especially on an intellectual level. "Why is Ridge still after Brooke, even after he knows that Bridget isn't his daughter?" is one of the questions that they ponder. " Do you really think Brooke is falling in love with Grant?" asks Taylor. Stephanie reminds Taylor that the children aren't involved anymore and that she and Ridge can be together soon.

Brooke continues pouring her heart out to Grant. "Grant, don't you see? Loyalty is needed in a man's love," she explains. She adds, "I don't believe in Ridge- it kills me to say this. I cant trust Ridge anymore. Until I met you, I never knew what it was like to have a relationship based on caring. I love you for that, I do." says Brooke. They kiss.

Grant and Brooke continue hugging. After their embrace, Brooke confesses, " Ridge and Taylor slept together. Every time I think of the two of them together, it is like a knife going through my heart." Grant then explains to Brooke what he was trying to say before: "It didn't happen. "

Taylor drops by Ridge's office, to tell him that she is leaving for a while, but will be moving back to L.A. - not just for another visit, but for good. Ridge is delighted to hear this news. However, before she leaves, Taylor has a question for Ridge. She wants to know if he is getting everything he wants out of life personally, professionally, and romantically.

Over at his apartment, James is trying to talk his dad into staying for a few more days, especially since he still has not met his girlfriend Maggie. Damon tells his son that Maggie hasn't exactly made herself available. Besides, Damon thinks there is someone better suited for his son. "Sheila Carter is a lovely girl, she is loyal and devoted to you," Damon explains. "What else could you want from a woman?" he James. James volunteers to take Damon to the airport, but Damon says there is no need for that. James wonders what he means when Sheila comes in, and says that she has offered to take Damon to the airport. She will move back into her own home tonight (because it doesn't look good that she is living with her doctor now!), she promises James. Damon goes off to the car. leaving Sheila and James with a few moments alone. Before she leaves, she tells James," Thank-you for everything. Therapy either works for me this time or my life is over," she admits, "and I am not ready for my life to be over, James. In fact, I am looking at this as a new beginning."

Grant continues to tell Brooke that it didn't happen in Paris the way she thinks. Yes, Taylor and Ridge did sleep together on the plane - but only in the sense that they were both sleeping, and they were sitting together on the plane. There was never anything at all in Paris itself, as Brooke has been worrying. Brooke comes to a sudden realization. "Oh god, Grant- of course he wouldn't do that to me. I can't believe Taylor would do this to me. What I have been through these past few days, I almost broke up with Ridge. Taylor needs to be taught a lesson!" Then Brooke storms out of her office, despite Grant's please for her to wait.

Why would Taylor ask if he's satisfied, Ridge wonders? Taylor explains that she knows Ridge wants to be married - yet he isn't. She tells Ridge," I want what I have always wanted for you Ridge, and that is for you to be happy. At one time that meant you, Brooke, and the kids; all one big happy family; that hasn't come about yet. I guess what I am doing is checking to see if your life is on track." She then reminds him, "But you still haven't answered my question. Do you want more out of life than what you are getting?" Ridge asks Taylor if **she** is getting what she wants out of life and Taylor replies, "No, I am not."

James walks in to the Forrester kitchem while Maggie is busy working and asks if she is almost through with what she's working on. They hug, and James asks her if she wants to talk about what is bothering her. Her can't understand what is going on between them, and and how they have practically become strangers. Maggie tells James that there is a lot going on, but she can't talk about it now. James wants to know why Maggie wants to go through something alone without any comfort or support. "Hold me," says Maggie, "It is going to get better, I promise. This doesn't have anything to do with you and me." James then tells her about treating Sheila Carter as a patient. Maggie is stunned, especially when James explains how Sheila just wants to make herself and her life better. "She isn't interested in self improvement," Maggie reminds him. "She is interested in you."

Mike just happens to be passing by Sheila's house and drops in; he's surprised that she's not still at James' place. Sheila tells him that she and James share something sacred and that she will be going through intensive therapy. Mike remains skeptical, which prompts Sheila to explain. "I am not the same woman you once knew. Yes, I told him everything, even about Stephanie." says Sheila. Mike thinks Sheila has a death wish cause she told James about everything. Sheila doesn't want to hear any of that kind of talk. "The spider woman became a nice person due to the power of love," she explains to Mike, "and I am in love. I am going to use that love to make changes."

Taylor and Ridge continue to have their little heart to heart conversation. Taylor tells Ridge it has been quite a while since she has been in an intimate relationship with a man. "You are telling me that you are sexually frustrated?" asks Ridge. Taylor replies, "Not frustrated, starved. What about you?" They continue to discuss Ridges marital status or lack of it. However, they're interrupted by a call from Trish, who reminds Ridge of a sales meeting he has. He has to leave - but before he goes, he reminds Taylor that there's an office in the building with her name on it, and how she's welcome back there if she wants.

Taylor prepares to leave the office, when in walks Brooke. Taylor tells Brooke how she came to see Ridge before she left, but that she is coming back. Brooke comments on how she knows Ridge was on the way to a meeting, since she saw him in the hall - and she notes how Ridge is never late for a meeting. Taylor says there's a first time for everything. Taylor mentions how Ridge even offered her her old job back. Oh, no, Brooke insists! Brooke tells Taylor to get on her plane back to Paris and she never wants to see her face in this building again. "You let me believe that you and Ridge had an affair in Paris, and that never happened." says a determined Brooke.

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