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December, 1996

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Week of 12/2/96 - 12/6/96

Sally arrives at Macy and Thorne's apartment, under the belief that her daughter is sick. She is about to leave Macy alone when Thorne comes into the room. Macy says her mother brought chicken soup "for my cold." Sally sees through them and realizes Macy is not sick - she says that she, too, has had those days when she enjoyed a stay in bed all day, but this was not the day for that. There are meetings to attend, their timing is all off for a romantic day in bed. Macy informs her the timing is just right and Thorne admits they are trying to make a baby. But, he doesn't want Sally (who is ready to run and share the news with Stephanie) to spread the word. Sally is tickled pink--or is it blue?

At Forrester Creations, Claudia is on coffee break. She is talking with her friend, Lucy, who has just become a citizen of the United States. Her friend assures Claudia that she can become a citizen also. Claudia hopes she is right; she would love to become an American Citizen.

Ridge ends his conversation with Brooke on the telephone; Bridget has remained in his office. He is admiring the picture she has just drawn, of a Christmas tree with presents under it. The gifts are for the family, she tells Ridge. "You and me, and Mommy and Rick." Brooke's sister, Katie, walks into the office looking for Bridget. Ridge says Brooke just called; this reminds Bridget that he forgot to ask about the Christmas cards. Ridge explains that Brooke wanted to hold off on sending the cards until after she got back from Italy. Bridget wants to know why, but it is time to leave for school. She gives Ridge a big hug and leaves.

In Stephanie's office, she is with her future daughter-in-law, Taylor. Taylor is worried that Brooke may be gaining ground with Ridge. She demands that Stephanie tell her if it is so. Stephanie hesitates and doesn't give a straight answer. She says it is only natural that Ridge is affected by all this. "You're not saying that he is giving in, are you?" Taylor asks. Ridge is not going back to Brooke, Stephanie finally assures Taylor. "He's upset, and he has every right to be. Brooke is threatening his father's company." Stephanie explains. Stephanie doesn't think Brooke would even care if she ran the company right into the ground. She is thinking about all the years they worked to build the company, the sacrifices they made . . . Taylor feels guilty that she is so happy while everyone else is suffering. Stephanie tells her not to go there. "If you accept any responsibility for what Brooke is putting everyone through, then you are just playing right into her hands," Stephanie tells her. Stephanie advises her to pay attention to Ridge, to assure him there is light at the end of the tunnel. Taylor leaves to go to Ridge's office.

In her hotel in Milan, Brooke thinks about Ridge. "Ridge," she says. "Don't give up on us now. Not after all we have been through." She begins to daydream about dancing with Ridge. Ridge kisses her, then she relives the last encounter they had in his office. She goes back to the daydream and Ridge is stroking her face and kisses her again. Then they are dancing again. The scene shifts to Ridge's office where it appears he is having the same daydream. He begins to look over some papers as Taylor enters.

In the Forrester sewing room, Claudia is busy sewing as she begins a daydream of her own. She walks into Thorne's office looking sad. "You didn't make it," says Thorne. "But you can take the test over again. The next time, you will pass." "I will not take it again," she sighs. "I will NOT try again, because . . . I . . .PASSED!" They embrace as she cries out: I am an American Citizen! She tells Thorne how grateful she is to him; he gave her her first chance. She could never have done this without his help. Thorne gives her a kiss. She comes back to reality as the supervisor tells her that break time is over. After he leaves, she stops sewing and touches her lips where Thorne has kissed her.

Taylor enters Ridge's office saying she has great news. She has gotten the minister she wanted, she has seen the florist, and they have appointment with three caterers this week. Ridge's attention drifts. She brings him back by telling him that she knows about the meeting; she knows he is upset. "Not half as much as Dad," he responds. She commiserates with him; he says he didn't expect Brooke to go this far--he really didn't. Taylor offers to postpone the wedding, but Ridge will have none of that. He suggests they not talk about Brooke at all; it is too depressing. It's her strong-arm tactics, he says. "So, it's damn the torpedoes?" she asks. "Full speed ahead," he answers. Taylor tells her she has most of her vows written. She reads them to Ridge. "Whatever we have to face in life, we face together," reads Taylor. "I will be your strength, your comfort, your lover and your very best friend. Because the love we feel for each other is a gift from God. I promise you now that with his help I will protect and cherish that gift with everything that is within me. My heart, my soul, my mind and my body." This is as far as she has gotten, she adds. With tears in his eyes, Ridge says that she is so much more than he deserves. They embrace.

Maggie drops by to see James. They share a glass of champagne and go over the guest list for their wedding tomorrow. Unfortunately, Taylor (who has other commitments), Brooke (who is in Milan), and Lauren (who is visiting her son, Scotty) all wont be there to help them celebrate. But, Maggie points out, that doesn't mean anything for their plans; they are still going ahead with this wedding. James agrees - and he then sits down, apparently deep in thought. Maggie guesses that he has Sheila on his mind. She tells him, "James, that woman loved you and she lost." James is worried about Sheila and leaves to go and talk to her in person.

At her home, Sheila is holding a photo of James to her bosom and says," Maggie you ruined my life." She decides that she cant just stand by to watch Maggie steal her man from her. Her thoughts are interrupted as once again, Mike Guthrie takes a chance with the law to check up on his beloved Sheila. Mike says it isn't too late and they can still take care of Maggie. Sheila is really upset and says, "I believed her." Yes, she did, Mike points out - and she was betrayed for it. "I don't want to hear it Mike," Sheila reminds him. "We have been down that road before, It is just that when I think of Maggie and James together....." Mike wants Sheila to leave with him and start a life together in a small town somewhere. Sheila is unsure, and Mike reminds her she has to make a choice - either go off with him, or do something about James. Mike then leaves, but another person drops by unannounced; it is James.

Sheila is extreremely hopeful to see him; she wants to know if he has reconsidered and if Maggie and him have worked it out so she can continue to be his patient. James states," Maggie and I are definitely getting married tomorrow. I wanted to tell you in person." Sheila is crushed by the news.

At Forrester, Ridge shows Eric the resume and history of a new designer, Enrique Alvarez, who Ridge hopes will replace Grant in his design position eventually. Eric is impressed with the resume - and even more impressed with Enrique when he meets him in person. He and Ridge are both pleased with Enrique's dedication to his work, and his willingness to work wherever they feel he is needed. Ridge asks if he has ever heard of Grant - and then informs the newcomer that, if things at Forrester change, Enrique may be taking on some of Grant's responsibilities. Eric asks him if he is a legal citizen and of course Enrique is. Then Michael comes in and takes the new designer on a tour of Forrester. Eric asks before leaving, "So you are replacing Grant? Are you softening your position with Brooke?" Ridge says he doesn't want to talk about it. " If you ever want to talk about it I will be here " says his father.

Meanwhile, Claudia is summoned by Thorne to his office; he wants to know if she has gotten her green card yet. He also compliments her on the dress that his brother Ridge has seen, and likes very much. Claudia tells Thorne that if the INS were to deport her and her family the consequences would be great. She informs him that her father was a high ranking official in the government and then the riots broke out. They managed to escape, but don't know if her father is dead or alive. Thorne is surprised at the tale, and wonders - under those circumstances, couldn't she and her family have applied for political asylum? She tells Thorne the review process to become a citizen takes time and meanwhile she isn't allowed to work in the US. If her family is sent back home by the INS they would all be killed when they got off the plane. She leaves, but Thorne quickly has an unexpected visit - INS agents come into his office. Thorne wants to know what's going on, and the chief agent informs him this is a raid. They have reason to believe there are illegals working there, and as a result, all of the exits have been sealed. Realizing how the building has been sealed, Claudia feels trapped.

It's a joyous time at the Forrester mansion, as Maggie is singing her way down the stairs and is caught in the act by Eric. She is giddy with excitement over her wedding tomorrow. Eric tells her that he has a surprise and takes out a beautiful wedding gown. He tells his ex- sister in law that he doesn't think he has ever put together a wedding dress quite so quickly before. Maggie at first is breathless and says, "You made this for me?!? It is so beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. this is more than I have ever dreamed about." However, Maggie tells Eric that Sheila is the one person who could spoil her wedding day and she is going to make sure it doesn't happen.

At her house, Sheila is sitting by a fire and James drops by again to talk about this afternoon. He apologizes for being so abrupt and wants to know how she is doing. James informs Sheila ," I am not doing this to hurt you or to punish you. We both have our own lives to live with decisions to make." Sheila wants to know if he ever felt anything for her and she says, "Are you telling me that you never felt like something was happening? You opened up to me the night Maggie disappeared. You could have gone to Brooke or Taylor, but you came to me." James tells her there were certain circumstances that encouraged him to seek her out that night. He hopes that in the future they can still be friends. Before he leaves again, he states, "I am very glad that we have had this talk. Please take care of yourself. goodbye."

Sheila is really upset and she says aloud, "He is giving me a bone. I want the whole steak and he is giving me a bone. Isn't that pathetic? How do I stop that wedding? What do I do?

Of course there is another person who drops by unannounced and guess who it is now.... Maggie, of course. Maggie walks in and says, "I am here for the last time. tomorrow is my wedding day. I am here to tell you to stay away. If you come within ten feet of that church, I will break every bone in your body."

At Forrester, Ridge is busy sketching when Grant barges in and hopes that all the INS is doing is just a routine search. But it turns out that the INS is doing a full scale raid. Grant gets nervous, "INS is raiding us, then do something!" Ridge is enjoying seeing Grant quake in his shoes, "If I were you, Grant, I'd hire a lawyer. You are probably going to need one now that you are the head of this company." Ridge is clearly in a good mood over this - in fact, he even tells Grant so as he muses, "No prior record, you shouldn't do too much time in jail. No more than 60-70 days. Don't call one of our attorneys though, they wont have anything to do with you." Grant calls his secretary to get him a lawyer through the phone book, but Ridge interferes. "I really do wish they would put you away. We don't hire illegal aliens, never have." Grant tells Ridge to finish up the designs and leaves.

Meanwhile in Thorne's office he is trying to dance out of the INS raid. "We have a policy here. We do not allow illegal immigrants. I have a lot to worry about. I am short handed right now and need them working." Thorne hands over a list of everyone working in the sewing room.

Claudia goes running back to the sewing room and is frantic because of the INS. The supervisor, Henry, tells her to go back to work, and that everyone here is legal. "Everyone except for me!" says Claudia. She ends up hiding in a rack of dresses. Thorne tries to get the rack of dresses back into his office, but is stopped by the INS. Claudia manages to run into Thorne's office without being seen and soon enough the search is finished and the INS found Forrester clean. Claudia tells Thorne, " How can I Thank you for this?!?" .... There is one way - and that's to get a green card, so this doesn't happen again!

The day of the wedding arrives, and Sheila looks awful. She tells Mike (who has arrived yet again) that today isn't a really good day for her. She ends up running into the bathroom to throw up. She is all upset and stressed out over James' wedding to Maggie. She tells Mike, "James is meant to be with me." Mike tells Sheila that she should take some action now, because there isn't going to be any lightning bolt from the sky to stop this wedding. Sheila feels so sick and tells Mike she has never felt like this in her entire life. Mike takes her to a doctor.

At the Forrester Mansion, Jessica shows up for her mother's wedding and it is all hugs around for the Forresters. Maggie asks her daughter to be her maid of honor. Of course Jessie accepts and it is off to the chapel they go.

At James' apartment, his father, Damon wants to know why his son is in such a rush to get married and why it is happening so quickly. He asks, "Whatever happened to that sweet lass, Sheila Carter?" James tells his dad that she is no longer a patient of his. "I can only think of two reasons a doctor would stop seeing a patient; either she dies or they are personally involved," states Damon. James insists that he is not involved with Sheila. " But she is with you and I have no doubt about that. Perhaps while I am here though you could give me Sheila's number? You wouldn't mind if I paid her a visit?" asks Damon. Of course, James tells his dad no, and he's sure that his father will like Maggie, once he gets a chance to know her. Then they get ready to arrive at the chapel.

Sheila arrives at the doctor's office without an appointment and has to wait for the doctor to fit her in. She wants to be at the church, but doesn't even know where they are getting married. She comes to the realization that she needs a miracle to stop the wedding. "Without James in my life, we all know what that means. Within 48 hours he not only drops me like a lead pipe, but the woman he married doesn't even like me."

Sheila goes in for a checkup. A cop comes to the main desk and asks the nurse if she has seen the guy in the pix, which of course is Mike. Meanwhile, Sheila comes out and tells Mike she is fine, "Come on," she tells him, "lets get out of here. I am fine. I am excellent." Mike is surprised at the sudden change and wonders what happened. She explains, "I will tell you in the car. You are not going to believe this," and they are off.

The Forresters all arrive at the chapel. Maggie leaves to get dressed and the conversation turns to Sheila, of course. Stephanie says," If I were Maggie, I would be worried too. " Damon meets up with all of the Forresters and they learn about James' nickname (Jimmy). Dylan is anxious to see Jessie. "This can't happen soon enough for me," says Stephanie about the upcoming nuptials.

Jessie walks down the aisle wearing a beautiful dark purple bridal dress with flowers in her hair. Then Maggie starts to walk down the aisle as James is smiling at her.

At Spectra, Sally and Clarke are discussing Sheila Carter. Sally is worried that she is going to do some wild stunt during the wedding. Clarke says that Sheila sounds useful in the downfall and destruction of everything Forrester. "There is a woman we could do business with," Clarke suggests. Sally doesn't even want to think about that. "Oh come on, Sally, she can't be that Bad!" exclaims Clarke. Sally responds, "This is the sort of person you stay very far away from. I keep picturing Thorne and Macy in that chapel and something terrible is going to happen." Clarke tells her she has nothing to worry about, and even calls the church to calm her fears. He finds out that the service is already in progress, but Sally still can not relax.

Sheila runs into her house, looking for an article printed in the newspaper about the wedding. She needs to find out where the chapel is, and of course that isn't mentioned. Mike says, "They don't want you there. You are losing it. You really are. You are becoming unglued." Mike ends up calling Forrester Creations and disguising his voice. ** HE ** manages to get the address from Megan as he pretends to be a florist who needs the information to comply with an order from Eric. However, he makes the mistake of calling Megan by name as he hangs up and thanks her. Mike and Sheila book out the door. Mike wants to know what Sheila knows that she can stop the wedding. Sheila says, "Life ends for Maggie Forrester now and it begins for Sheila Carter."

Michael and Megan are working in Michael's office when Enrique comes in with some files and notes. Both women find him quite attractive. After Megan received the phone call she has a feeling that she made a really big mistake; the "florist" called her by name, and she thinks it might be Mike Guthrie. She doesn't know what to do. Michael suggests calling the police, a sentiment Enrique agrees with if this Mike character has ever been violent in the past.

At the chapel, Jessica walks down the aisle and Maggie makes her grand entrance. James is smiling from ear to ear. The ceremony begins, the couple completes their vows, and they exchange rings. The minister gets to the part where he has to pronounce them man and wife; just then, Sheila bursts into the chapel and exclaims," WAIT! James you can't marry her." James is furious with Sheila, and tells her she has no right to be there. She informs him, "I have every right to be here. I am pregnant. I am pregnant with your child."

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Week of 12/9/96 - 12/13/96

At the chapel, the wedding is almost finished; the minister is just pronouncing Maggie and James husband and wife. Sheila bursts into the chapel and announces that she is pregnant and James is the father. Maggie screams at Sheila: How dare you come here with your lies? You are just trying to spoil my wedding! James understands that Sheila is upset about him discontinuing her therapy; but this isn't the way to deal with it. He asks her to go home. Sheila tries to convince James that she is telling the truth; she really is pregnant.

Over at Forrester, Michael is wowed by Enrique's track record in the fashion industry. He was always in the right market at the right time. She wonders if he has ESP. He tells her that instinct does play a bit part but he gives most of the credit to research. Michael has a feeling she is going to learn a lot from him.

In the outer office, Megan is trying to call the florist. She wants to check on the florist order. Was the call legitimate or was it Mike? Grant convinces her that the call was probably legitimate. She is relieved, and mentions Enrique. Grant is taken totally by surprise. Who is this Enrique? Megan says he is the new marketing exec, didn't he know about him? Grant pretends he just forgot. Where is this guy, he wants to know. As she is leaving for a meeting, Megan mentions that Enrique is in with Michael.

At the church, the Forresters aren't buying Sheila's story. Maggie continues to rant at Sheila in a loud voice. She calls her a psychopath and accuses her of making up this sick story just to spoil her wedding day. But it won't work, she screams, because as soon as she and James are married, she is calling Sheila's parole officer and having her thrown back in the looney bin where she belongs. This is the best wedding present Sheila could have given her and she sarcastically thanks Sheila for it. Now she wants Sheila gone; can't anyone get rid of this woman? Thorne and Ridge grab Sheila's arms and begin dragging her out of the chapel. Eric calls the police. Sheila is desperate to convince James that she is telling the truth. She reminds him of the night he came to her place after drinking too much. The light comes on for James and he tells them to let her go. He walks up to Sheila as if in a trance. "You know I'm telling the truth, don't you?" she whispers. No, he cannot see how this is possible. Sheila has just come from the doctor; she has just found out herself. When James begins to question her, she whispers that she doesn't want to talk about it in front of all these people, can't they go somewhere private? James tells everyone that he needs to talk to Sheila alone. "No," cries Maggie. "I'm coming with you."

Michael and Enrique continue to discuss his career history. Enrique lets it slip that there will be a higher level position open soon--Grant's position. Michael is not sure of that. She tries to explain the situation to Enrique. She is on both sides--the Forresters' and Grant's. Enrique tells her she has to take a stand--there is no neutrality in a war. Sooner or later she has to take sides. Michael knows she has been able to handle the situation so far and feels she can continue to do so. She leaves for a meeting, but Enrique can stay and use her office since he doesn't have an office as yet.

The Forresters are concerned about the delay, as they wonder why James stopped them from throwing Sheila out - could it be that Sheila was telling the truth? No, of course it isn't true! James would never do such a thing--especially with a patient and more especially with Sheila! Dylan tries to reassure Jessica. Stephanie and Macy want Jess to be prepared for the worse. Sometimes bad things happen. There may not be a wedding. Jessica will not give up hope.

Maggie is still screaming at Sheila. Neither Sheila nor James can get a word in. Sheila feels that she is justified at being at the wedding. James IS the father of the baby she is carrying and he deserves to know. If he decides to marry Maggie anyway, then so be it. She will leave and not bother him again. Maggie doesn't doubt that she is pregnant, but by who? It isn't James. Is it by Mike? Or did she drag the first guy she saw off the street to make it with?

Grant comes in to Michael's office, and is surprised to find she's not there - instead, he finds Enrique hard at work at Michael's desk. Who are you, Grant demands to know. Enrique looks at the photo of Michael's boyfriend then back at Grant. He introduces himself and says he has just been hired. "You must be Michael's boyfriend," Enrique says, pointing at the picture on the desk. Grant admits that he is but doesn't tell Enrique who he is. Grant says he has heard a rumor that a certain head is going to roll soon. Enrique says it isn't a rumor; this person will be gone by the end of the year. He suggests that Grant warn Michael to stay away from this guy before she gets hurt. He would hate to see her promising career go down the drain. You never know who you can trust, Grant agrees. As he leaves, he tells Enrique to let Michael know he was there. Enrique realizes he never caught the guy's name, and Grant answers: Chambers, Grant Chambers.

At the chapel, Maggie wants Sheila to explain. Sheila tells her about the night she was kidnapped. James had gotten the message on Maggie's answering machine and drank too much. Then he had gone to Sheila's house. They slept together, she said. "You said nothing happened," James protests, "why did you do that?" Sheila explains that she was afraid he would no longer treat her--she couldn't chance losing him. She lied about that and would have kept on lying, but now there is someone else involved--her baby. "How do I know you aren't lying now?" he asks. What would she have to gain by lying now? Sooner or later he would find out and end up hating her. All she wants is his respect and she would not do anything to lose that. Maggie is crushed; she wants to know if all this is true. But James doesn't know. He doesn't remember what happened that night. He was upset and drinking; in the morning, he woke up in Sheila's bed. Maggie is devastated. She runs from the room with James right behind her. Sheila is all alone. She walks over to a table with a flower arrangement. She pulls out a white rose and as she brings it up to her face, she is smiling.

In Eric's office at Forrester, Eric is showing Ridge his latest design and knows that Grant will turn it down if he submits it to him, because it doesn't fit into the new CEO's theme. Ridge states, " I cant stand him destroying everything you made. You wouldn't even have to think about this if I had gotten back together with Brooke. Is that what you would like me to do?"

Eric tells his oldest son that Grant hasn't destroyed everything that he has made; he cant take away his family. But Ridge still agonizes over his decision - especially since he has broken the promise he made to Bridget that, even though he is no longer her father, nothing will change in their lives. Eric reminds his son, "Choosing a life partner is your decision. You cant be influenced by me; only how you are feeling. Don't base this decision on what you think is best for someone else. Do you still love Brooke?"

Ridge decides to open up a bit to his dad and says, "Do I love Brooke? Sometimes I feel so in tune with her- we are like one person." But love isn't the issue, really, Ridge guesses. The thing that attracted him about Brooke was her excitement; but he wonders, "Now do I want to spend the rest of my life living on the edge? Taylor is safe and reliable, she isn't boring." He realizes that his decision to propose to Taylor wasn't one of jealous rage, but a desire for that calmness. "She and I were very happy before," he reminds his father. Eric reminds his son that when Taylor returned he picked Brooke over her back then. Why was that, he asks. Ridge says he thought he couldn't live without Brooke. That, Eric points out, is the question - can Ridge live without Brooke now?

At her home, Claudia is fixing her makeup; she quickly hides the mirror from her mother when she walks in. Once again they start talking about Thorne Forrester. Claudia reveals, "Mommy if I didn't have this job, how could I not be grateful?" Her mother responds that her daughter needs to be reminded that she has thanked him already. Thorne knows nothing about their culture or their people. "Honey it is easy to confuse gratitude with other feelings. I am worried. Hard work is all that you owe him." Claudia ends up telling her mother that she didn't want to worry her, but there was the INS raid at the Forrester building. Alicia is even more scared than ever - but Claudia tells her that since Thorne saved her from the raid, she has more of a recent than ever to be grateful to him.

In his office at Forrester, Thorne (now played by actor Winsor Harmon) and Macy are talking about what happened at Maggie's wedding. Thorne says that Maggie wont talk to anyone in the family, not even Jessica, since the wedding was called off. The conversation turns to Sheila and her baby. Macy thinks it isn't fair that Sheila can have a baby with how messed u p she is and becomes discouraged at their attempts to conceive a child. Thorne says," Try to relax, look it may take us a while to get where we are going, but in the meanwhile you can enjoy the ride." Macy tries to look up - but admits she has to get back to work. There's lots to be done; she still needs to hire sewers for the cutting room at Spectra. Of course, Thorne reminds Macy about the girl who was there illegally and didn't have a green card (Claudia) - maybe if Macy had hired her, she wouldn't be in such a bind. Macy is adamant about this - if someone were to hire her, they would be breaking the law. The conversation ends up in a debate over illegal aliens, with Macy feeling illegal aliens hurt the economy and Thorne trying to defend their actions.

When Macy is getting ready to leave her back is against the door and in comes Claudia. Thorne tells Claudia to leave, that this really isn't a good time - and before you know it Macy turns around and recognizes Claudia. "What is going on here?" Macy demands to know.

Eric and Stephanie are in Eric's office discussing their "favorite" topic: Brooke and Ridge. Eric wonders if Stephanie expects some quick and easy answers to the whole mess between those two. Stephanie states, "No, I don't think it is going to be easy. But I think it is all going to be the best for Ridge, Taylor, and Brooke." Eric asks the question of what about the children in this whole engagement mess.

Just then Grant barges in and he wants to know what is going on here. He is the acting CEO of this company and nobody gets hired without his approval. Eric is really annoyed and responds, "Enrique did, and he is here to stay. I don't need to consult with you Grant." Stephanie, annoyed with Grant's arrogance, reminds the "acting CEO" that his days at Forrester are numbered. Grant gets snooty and says he doesn't have time to talk about this because he has a company to run, and Brooke is on a plane as they speak, coming home. He cant wait to greet her with open arms. Eric tells him to get out of his office.

Stephanie tells her ex- husband that she is sorry he had to go through that ordeal. " Brooke doesn't want Grant, she wants Ridge. I don't want to see those children hurt, not for one moment - but I am not going to let Ridge be sacrificed for the sake of this company. Ridge belongs with Taylor; I believe that in my heart," Stephanie tells him. Eric reveals, " You know something, you are incredible." Eric and Stephanie share a tender kiss.

Enrique drops by Ridge's office with some figures for him, and informs him about his encounter with Grant. He says, "You know, you were right about him, Ridge; Grant Chambers is not a man to be trusted. He made it quite clear that he is in charge." But even so, Enrique is happy where he is. "I am beginning to feel quite at home here at Forrester," he tells Ridge.

Of course Ridge wants to know what he thinks of his co-worker Michael. "Michael is quite beautiful, how could I not notice?" Enrique remarks. The question comes up as to whether Enrique has a woman in his life. "I have been too busy at work to have a relationship. There was someone special but that was a long time ago," he explains. "I promise not to let you or your family down. Have a good one." Enrique adds as he exits.

Over at Spectra, Clarke comes in with some sketches and Sally is busy concentrating on becoming a grandmother. Clarke wants to know what is going on at their competition, Forrester. Sally tells him she is too worried about what is going on in their family. She fills him in about Thorne and Macy's plans to become parents. She cant wait, she tells him. " Family is a great thing." says Clarke.

Macy is totally furious when she spots Claudia in her husband's office. " Don't I know you? What is your name?" "Claudia Cortez," she responds. Macy recalls, "You came to Spectra," "For a job," responds Claudia. "But I didn't give you one because you didn't have a green card. Now what are you doing here?" Macy asks. Thorne interrupts his wife and says, "She works for me." Macy is furious - how could Thorne hire her? Thorne tells his wife, "Macy, calm down. She needed a job." Macy wants to know why then she is also bringing him food. Macy gets very upset and exclaims, "Thorne do you realize what you are doing? You are putting the entire company at risk. What if the INS shows up?" Of course, Thorne thinks he can handle that - and in fact has - but Macy remains unconvinced. She asks, "How many times do you think you will be able to handle the INS? Look, I feel for you, Claudia, I really do. There has to be another way to handle your problems. Thorne why didn't you tell me about this?!?!?! You made a very big mistake!" Macy storms out of the office. Claudia apologizes that she made trouble with his wife. Thorne tells her he still wants to help her. It is his problem how, and he tells her to go home and be with her family and take care of them. He will see her tomorrow.

At Spectra, Sally admires a T-shirt she had made up that says ' I Love Grandma' when in walks a furious Macy. " Sorry I missed the production meeting. You are not going to believe what is going on at Forrester, Mother," she apologizes. She then explains her encounter in Thorne's office. "Guess who I found in Thorne's office? Remember that woman who wanted a job but didn't have a green card? All dressed up looking lovely of course. Thorne hired her! He took pity on her. Something feels wrong about this woman, Mother." Macy leaves the office. Sally says to herself that it seems there is a very ambitious senorita who has decided to set her sights on her son in law. "Well, we will see about that," she muses.

In the Sewing Room at Forrester, Claudia is getting ready to leave and shuts off all of the lights. Just then she sees a shadow in the hallway and wants to know who is there and what do they want. "Claudia" says Enrique. "Enrique Alvarez," says Claudia as she is shocked. " After all of these years, I have finally found you." says Enrique.

Brooke is on a plane flying back from the fashion conference. She is wondering if they will all be a happy family again as she glances at a photo of her, Ridge, and the kids.

Meanwhile, at Forrester, Stephanie is in Ridge's office, bringing her son up to date about Grant's reaction to Enrique working at Forrester. Just then Bridget and Rick enter Ridge's office and are all excited about going to the airport to pick up their mom. They leave to play ball out in the hallway. " How can I do it, Mother? How can I tell them I am engaged to another woman? The thought of sitting down with those children and shattering their world... I love those kids, Mother. I feel like I owe them." ponders Ridge. Stephanie tells her son that he must do what is best for him. Ridge gets upset thinking about Chambers as the kids' step- dad.

Clarke manages to get into the Forrester building and stops by to see his new pal, the royal highness- the CEO of Forrester as he puts it. He checks out all of Grant's stuff in his office and says," Nice teepee; you know how to spend the Forrester cash." Grant starts talking about how great everything is and says, "I am talking about overseeing an entire company. It is almost better than sex." Clarke responds," I wouldn't know. It must be great putting the screws to the Forresters." Clarke then remarks how Brooke Logan is one fine lady; she has a body, brains, money, power. "Tie the knot soon, get Brooke to say "I do". You will then run this company for real," Clarke advises his rival.

Claudia tells Enrique to get away from her and she wants to know if he is there to kill her. Enrique questions, " Kill you? You don't understand." " I understand perfectly," Claudia exclaims, "Your family took my life." Enrique says he knows nothing of that. "So you are completely innocent?" yells Claudia. Enrique tells her it seems like forever since they were kids and their families were so close. "And now there is only bloodshed. Because of your family I no longer have a father." says Claudia. It turns out that Enrique's family started the entire revolution, but Enrique was away at school in the United States. Enrique says, " I am not here to talk about the past. I had to see you. I am so sorry Claudia." Claudia goes to leave, but Enrique calls out for her to wait. He explains, "I know your family has suffered. I work at Forrester now. They like my work. They gave me a job." She wonders - is Enrique a citizen? "Yes, I am a citizen; are you? Do you have a green card?" he replies. He then tries to make on offer to her; "Let me help you, let me give you some money." Claudia, however, refuses his help and runs off.

Brooke calls Ridge from the plane and wants to know if he is ready to tell the kids; or can they be a family like they have always dreamed of. Then she calls back a second time and says she can't wait to see the kids. Ridge tells her," Those kids are always going to have a place in my life, Logan- you can count on it." But for Brooke that isn't good enough. She explains, "Ridge, I don't want the kids to know that I asked Grant to marry me. I want our family back. I am really sorry about Grant and what happened at Forrester. I never meant to hurt you,, it was just a cry for help. I need you and the children need you. So lets just stop this madness. It is not too late. The kids never need to know how close we were to losing our dream. Let's save the children." " Logan I will see you at the gate." replies Ridge as he hangs up the phone.

Clarke continues giving out his free advice to Grant. He tells Grant, " You want a sure fire way to get Brooke to the altar, woo her kids." Grant explains he has one major obstacle - Ridge. "Ridge Forrester is in the way? I thought he was marrying Taylor?" Clarke asks. Grant explains further, leading Clarke to ask, "Are you saying the kids have no idea? How do you think they will react? What happens when they find out their mother is marrying you and Ridge is marrying Taylor?" As the conversation between rival designers continues, Rick and Bridget hear the whole thing by the open door. Their ball just happened to land outside of Grant's office - and at the sound of the mother's name, they began eavesdropping. "No, it can't be," Rick disbelievingly says. Bridget can't believe it either and wants to know what is going on. "I don't know Bridget, but I am going to find out," Rick informs his sister. Rick bursts into the office and catches the men by surprise, "Is it true? Are you saying you are marrying our mother?"

Ridge and Brooke enter the office discussing the business. Ridge is giving her an update when suddenly she states that they are discussing everything but what is important--the children. Ridge agrees, except he thinks the business is important also. But he really has to wonder if it is important to her. Because of Grant, she asks. Ridge states that Grant has been trying to run the company like a monopoly board. Brooke insists she had to leave him in charge; she is engaged to him. Ridge will have none of that; everyone knows what's going on here. Ridge turns to leave. "But I'm not going to marry Grant," Brooke announces. As Ridge turns back to her, she declares, "And you're not going to marry Taylor. And it's not because of this business. It's about you and me and the children. You're not going to shatter them again, are you Ridge?"

Meanwhile, in his office, Grant has just shown Clarke out; he turns back to the children. "Now that Mr. Garrison has gone, we can have a little talk." They just want to know if it's true; he's not really going to marry "Mommy," is he. Grant is puzzled. Rick explains that they heard the men talking. Grant wants to know what else they heard. But all they heard was that Ridge was going to marry Taylor. Rick knows that isn't true, because Ridge is in love with their Mom. They don't believe any of it and they start to leave. Taylor enters the office. She is happy to see the children but she is puzzled by the hostile looks on their faces. Grant invites her in; they have a little problem they need to discuss.

James enters Maggie's room - he hopes she doesn't mind, since the door was open. Maggie says that doesn't mean he is invited in. "We're going to work this out," James promises. But Maggie feels she isn't the one he needs to work things out with. James intends to do the right thing by Sheila. Maggie thinks that means he is going to marry Sheila. James protests, but Maggie reminds him he has already slept with her. James defends himself. That was just a mistake, a drunken mistake. He thought he had lost her. She thinks he should have had more faith. She is right, James admits, but he is only a man, not a saint. Did Maggie think she was marrying a saint? They had already signed the papers before the ceremony so they are married. Does Maggie want to be married or have the marriage annulled?

At her home, Sheila is reading a book for expectant mothers. The door bell rings; it is Stephanie. Stephanie doesn't believe Sheila is pregnant, but if she is, who is the father? Sheila can prove that James is the father. "You're gonna have to," Stephanie says. Sheila isn't worried. She is dealing with the Forrester family. Paternity tests are like the flu shot to them.

Brooke and Ridge continue to discuss the children. Ridge wants to spare the children, but not by lying. He feels they have to talk with the children, but Brooke has a better idea. They don't have to tell them anything; if they stop this madness and marry, the kids will never have to know that she and Ridge were engaged to others.

Rick and Bridget are still insisting on being told the truth. Both Grant and Taylor try to evade telling them the truth but they are insistent. When Taylor confirms that Brooke and Grant are engaged, they accuse them of lying. They want to know why they weren't told if this is true. Taylor doesn't know how to answer. The door opens and Brooke and Ridge enter. They are surprised at the silent greeting.

Sheila defends her position. She is happy to be pregnant; she was pregnant once before but lost the baby. This is a precious gift. It is someone she can love unconditionally; someone she can give the things she was never given: confidence, self-worth. She will raise it to be someone important. Stephanie doesn't believe her. "You need to find the real father," she says as she leaves. Shortly after, Sheila is once again interrupted by the doorbell. It is James and Maggie. They inform Sheila that they are married and they intend to stay married. Sheila is disappointed, but reminds them that there is someone else involved. James says they are going to do the responsible thing; they're going to bring the baby into the world and raise it to become a responsible human being. Sheila is happy; she thought he was going to suggest something else. James wants the child raised in a loving home with two parents who love him/her. He wants Maggie and himself to raise the child. Maggie informs Sheila that she and James want to adopt the baby and if Sheila truly wants the best for the child, she will go along with it.

In Grant's office, Brooke wants to know what is going on. No one answers until Bridget says that Taylor just told them a lie. Brooke attacks Taylor, but Grant defends her. "You have to tell them," Ridge says to Brooke. They try to explain to the kids, but Rick and Bridget keep protesting that it can't be true. They finally accept the truth. Rick grabs his sister and says: "Come on, we're outta here." When they leave, Brooke blasts Taylor. It is all her fault. She wanted the kids to know. She did this on purpose. Taylor is not even allowed to defend herself as Brooke runs out of the office. Everyone stares after her dumbstruck.

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Week of 12/16/96 - 12/20/96

Sheila considers James and Maggie's offer to raise the child she is carrying - but she is extremely hesitant, because she believes James has come up with his offer for Maggie's sake, and not hers. James stresses that is not true, and that he is concerned, because of Sheila's mental state, about her ability to raise a child. Sheila is resistant - she is not going to let her baby be taken away. James then reminds her he can - and will - take legal action against her for custody. He knows better than anyone what Sheila's mental state is like, and if he has to use that information to protect his child, then so be it.

Brooke and her kids arrive home, after their discovery that Brooke is engaged to Grant. Brooke wants to talk, but the kids say there is nothing to talk about; either it is true, or it isn't. Katie comes down the stairs and takes her sister aside. How could Taylor do this, she asks Brooke. Brooke points out that it was actually Grant, and not Taylor, that told the kids - although Taylor was in the office doing a poor job of damage control. She thinks she has the situation under control, though, and tells her younger sister to watch and listen to what she says.

As Katie looks on, Brooke sits the kids down on the couch. She explains to the children that some engagements do not become marriages; they can also happen when someone wants to get married, but isn't sure. That is what happened here, she explains; she believed she wanted to marry Grant when they became engaged. But she doesn't want to now, Rick points out - she only wants Ridge, because that's who she really loves. Both Rick and Bridget agree that their mother belongs with Ridge. As Brooke looks on, stunned at how the kids seem to understand where her feelings lie, they ask to go up to their room and play with the computer. After seeing the kids leave, Katie tells Brooke she may be letting them in for a fall by setting her hopes too high; but Brooke disagrees.

Stephanie and Ridge discuss how the kids found out about Brooke and Grant - they had to find out sooner or later, Stephanie reminds him. It's not that they were told, Ridge indicates, but the way they were told, that was the problem - but what's done is done. Now they have to deal with it. Stephanie still can't help thinking that they should have been told before, so she asks Ridge why he hadn't told them sooner. After all, the wedding is coming up, and he couldn't hide it forever - unless, perhaps, he never intended for there to be a wedding?

Taylor receives a visit from her father, Jack, who wants to celebrate her engagement. Taylor, however, is more concerned about her father's health, and whether or not he has been taking care of himself. Jack hesitantly admits he hasn't been to the doctor lately, which disturbs Taylor. She chastises him, but he turns the subject around to what's important - his girl is getting married again, and he wants to bask in the joy of that. Taylor informs him Ridge may not be in a mood to celebrate, because of what's going on with the kids. Jack doesn't understand that, and thinks they should take the bottle of champagne he brought, find Ridge, and celebrate.

Taylor and Jack join Ridge and Stephanie in Steph's office. Both Steph and Ridge are stunned to see Taylor's father and ask how he is. Taylor mentions how he could be taking care of himself better, and Stephanie is surprised to hear mention of Jack's health, because of his past problems; however, he insists he is all right. Nothing is more important to him than his daughter's happiness, and this wedding is the best medicine in the world for him. He then takes out the champagne, but Ridge says he has somewhere else to be. Stephanie is appalled at her son's brush off of his once and future father-in-law, and insists Ridge stay.

Over at Sheila's, she explains to Maggie and James why this child mean so much to her - she explains that she suffered a miscarriage a few years ago. The pain of that time is still with her, and she thinks this child is the answer to her prayers; it's a lifeline that will give her hope. James and Maggie remind Sheila a child should not be a lifeline - it should be raised out of love, not out of comfort. Sheila supposes Maggie could do that, and Maggie reminds Sheila she has experience as a mother. That's right, Sheila angrily counters - you did such a great job pawning off Jessica on Eric and Stephanie. Sheila tells them never to doubt her concern for her child, but James reminds her that, if she doesn't cooperate, he will pursue custody, and will likely win. He asks her, if she is so concerned, to do the right thing. James and Maggie leave, while Sheila thinks about what they have said.

As Jack proposes a toast to him and Ridge, Brooke calls. Ridge answers the phone, and tells her he can't talk now. He'll come by later, he tells her as he hangs up. The foursome toast to Taylor and Ridge's happiness, but it's clear Ridge's mind is elsewhere. Stephanie takes her son aside and reminds Ridge that Taylor is his future, not Brooke - and that it's the children's father's job to worry about them, not his. But Ridge's mind is not on what his mother is saying - and as Ridge thinks about Brooke, Brooke, standing on her balcony at home, is sure she and Ridge will be together.

At Spectra, Sally tells Clarke that she has noticed how chummy he has become lately with Grant, who just happens to be the new CEO at Forrester. Clarke responds, "I travel in the right circles." and then explains that when Brooke gets back into L.A. from the conference, Grant is no longer in command at Forrester Creations. He then tells her how the kids had no idea, which Sally has a very hard time believing. Clarke thinks it is a farce and, commenting further on Grant and Brooke's relationship, says, "It is just my theory, but Brooke Logan has her eye on Ridge; she always has and she always will."

Sally makes a comment that it is too bad Ridge isn't more like a rock - like Thorne, her son in law. Just then Macy walks in and interrupts saying, "Thorne is not steady like a rock these days, Mother." Macy is upset that she hasn't gotten pregnant yet, and Sally thinks she is getting herself too stressed out over the whole situation with Thorne hiring Claudia. Clarke looks interested, so Macy fills him in about the saga. Clarke says, "So Forrester hired an illegal alien; Interesting." Macy informs him that this little tidbit is not to leave this room. Clarke replies," You think I would tell anyone?" with a 'who me?' look on his face "Boy, she must have been a pathetic sight," he guesses about Claudia, and Macy shoots him a dirty look. "Oh, so that is why you are worried; because she is pretty?" Clarke remarks. Sally gives her ex-husband a look that tells him he said the wrong thing. " I am gonna be in my office if you need any advice," he offers.

Macy still can't get over this thing with Claudia, but Sally says she is overreacting. Macy disagrees, and decides to prove it; when Darla comes in, she asks Darla if she remembers anything about recent job applicants. Darla says she remembers one who wasn't much older than C.J. - and yes, there was another one who was very elegant and intelligent. Pretty, too - except she didn't have a green card. Seeing how Claudia made such an impression on Darla, Macy leaves, as Darla looks to Sally to find out what she did wrong.

In Michael's office at Forrester, Enrique and Michael are showing Thorne a financial program that they wrote and worked on all night for the South American project. Thorne cant get over that they wrote their own program and is really impressed. He thinks his dad will be impressed too as he leaves to go and show it to him. Enrique and Michael hug to congratulate each other. Enrique wants to take Michael out for a drink to celebrate their hard work; but Michael turns him down because she has dinner plans with Grant. Enrique wants Michael to be late for dinner or to stand up Grant. Michael responds, "Enrique, you don't know Grant. He doesn't control me. Look any other night I would have a drink with you but tonight." That's better than Grant deserves, Enrique states. Michael retorts, "Okay, let me tell you that Grant is warm, friendly, charming. I have a date and I can't just not show up." Enrique pulls a "woe is me - I will have to work after this rejection," act which he doesn't let up on, even when Michael suggests she set him up with one of the models.

Enrique asks her what the big deal with Grant is - surely she can be a little late with his dinner. Michael says Grant is "understanding", which pleases Enrique - then Grant will **understand** why Michael is late, he claims. He then asks Michael if, with Brooke, Grant has ever stood her up. When she admits he has, Enrique says this should be paying Grant back - and maybe Michael will find out just how Grant feels about her now that she's giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Claudia is getting ready to leave her home for work, and she tells her mother and brother that she saw Enrique Alvarez at work yesterday. Her mother says that when their families were all the best of friends, a marriage was arranged for her and Enrique. Her brother Lucien urges Claudia to quit her job because Enrique was most likely sent to hurt or kill her. Claudia claims, " Enrique spoke of forgiveness. We were alone. I don't know what he wants with me, but I do not think he wants to kill me." She ignores her brother's warning and leaves for Forrester anyway.

At Forrester, Thorne is with Claudia, his favorite worker, and mentions that he has a huge headache. Of course, Claudia offers to give him a massage to help her boss. "In my country we have many different ways to take away pain and this is one of them." reveals Claudia as she rubs Thorne's temples. As this little episode is occurring, both of them are unaware that Macy just happened to see the massage in action.

Macy comes over to see Claudia and closes the door while she demands some answers. She says, "What is the matter Claudia? You look a little nervous. Yes; you should be." Claudia tries to continue with her work, but Macy interrupts, "Oh, now you have work to do. Well it didn't seem to stop you when you took time out to put the moves on my husband! That is right Claudia; I saw it. And now you and I are going to have a little chat.........."

Grant arrives home to the house on the beach he shares with Michael, flowers in hand and late for his dinner with Michael. He finds it funny that she isn't home yet, but just assumes that Michael got hung up at the market. Just then Brooke stops by to talk to him about what happened with the children. Grant is all apologetic for his part in their finding out, and Brooke tells her fiance that she didn't want them to go through all of this. She believes that Ridge would have done anything to protect those children from any of this, including keeping this from them. "It is a little too late for that, they already know." responds Grant.

Brooke continues to tell Grant that the kids are actually being very brave and she is not going to give up. Then she wants to know what happened at Forrester while she was in Europe, and Grant tells her he made sure everything - and he means everything - went by him first. "You laid it on that thick? You didn't! I am sure that Eric is very upset right now," Brooke remarks. Grant wonders if that bothers her, and she explains, "I don't really like to put them through that; except for Stephanie maybe. How did the family react?" Grant said they reacted with a rebellion - by hiring someone new. "Who did they hire?" Brooke asks, and Grant tells her about his "replacement," Enrique. "Well, that is wonderful!" Brooke exclaims, as Grant can't figure out her reaction. She explains - if Ridge is so sure Grant is on his way out that he is hiring a replacement, then he must be thinking about her not marrying Grant - and her marrying Ridge.

At the restaurant, Mannequins, Michael and Enrique are out having their celebration drink, but Michael keeps looking at her watch because she was supposed to meet Grant for dinner. " So let him wonder; it will do him good." states Enrique. Michael then fills in her new pal about her relationship with Grant and how in a few weeks the whole engagement thing with Brooke with be history. Enrique starts to lecture," How can you excuse his behavior? You don't love him. In your whole life you must have had other boyfriends." Michael informs him that she never gave herself to anyone like she did Grant, and Enrique thinks he understands; she is trying to rationalize her mistake. He tells her, "Michael your mistake is not that terrible. There is only one way to love a woman- you respect her, you appreciate her, you honor her with your words and your actions. You sacrifice for her happiness to make yourself worthy of being loved in return." Anything else is not love, Enrique says. He gives her some advice; "Hold on for someone who will see you for the treasure that you are - it will be worth the wait." Michael gets misty and then leaves abruptly without staying for dinner or drinks.

In Stephanie's office, Thorne and his mom are chatting. Of course, Claudia's name and her "impressive" work come up when Stephanie mentions how smoothly production is going in the sewing room. Thorne tells his mother about her and how "fascinating" she is. Stephanie thinks she sounds like an interesting person and hopes that his wife is understanding about his calling another woman "fascinating". Thorne indicates Macy has a problem with Claudia, so Stephanie reminds him to concentrate on his marriage.

In the sewing room, Claudia tells Macy that she cant talk now because she has work to do. Macy blasts Claudia and says," Like what? Like pawing my husband; like baking him little goodies? That is all I have ever seen you do around here. You know what kills me? You have no right to even work here. You are doing a very good job ON my husband. All the stories about your sick mother and running for your life. I think you would do just about anything to work here." Claudia says that isn't true, and Macy retorts, "Well you told me you had a green card and that was a lie wasn't it?!?" Claudia is silent, and Macy says, "I thought so."

Claudia tries to respond and says," Why does it bother you so much that I work here? It is not even your company." Macy explains, "No it is not my company, but it is my country - and you are breaking the law by being here. You want a choice, okay. You either go back to wherever you came from, or I am going to have your butt deported. You can either leave by choice or I can call the INS."

Claudia begs her and tells Macy that she is fortunate. People like Macy have everything, while Claudia's people are the ones who do all of the hard work. She accuses Macy of not caring about the poor, who are doing so much. Macy really gets annoyed and says," My ancestors came here legally. I have compassion for the poor. Thorne has been kind and yet you want more." She lets on that she knows about Claudia's massage of Thorne; when Claudia explains, Macy says, "He had a headache? Give me a break! What is it that you really want? Do you want an American husband so you can become a citizen? How dare you make moves on MY husband. I want you gone now." Macy storms out of the Sewing Room.

At the beach house, Grant is still trying to get Brooke to give up on Ridge and give him another chance. He enjoyed being in charge, and thinks Brooke and he would be good together. It isn't going to happen, Brooke explains - and she's worried that Grant is burning his bridges with Michael, which could leave him all alone once Brooke is back with Ridge. She doesn't want to see that, and gives him a hug as they are standing by the fireplace. Just then, Enrique shows up escorting Michael, and they see the hug from the porch window. Enrique bursts and angrily says, "You bring another woman into your home?!? Michael gave you everything and you are throwing it all away." Brooke wants to know what's going on, and Grant tells her about her "new employee". Enrique takes a proud stance, not caring that Brooke runs the company he works for, and Grant asks him who the heck he thinks he is, butting into his business with Michael. "I am her friend which is more than you can say. You disgust me Chambers." Grant turns to Michael for proof that he is not using Michael, but Michael remains silent. Enrique leaves to wait for Michael outside. Grant decides to talk to Michael, but she tells him that she wants out; they are finished.

At Forrester, in Lauren's office, Maggie is filling in Stephanie and Lauren about the whole situation with Sheila carrying James' child, as Lauren listens in disbelief. "I don't think that James is the kind of man who would abandon his own child." Maggie explains. But there is no way that she can allow Sheila to come into their lives, Lauren insists. Maggie replies, "There is one way, if Sheila gives up the baby for adoption." Stephanie and Lauren both think it will never work - Sheila is not going to give up James that easily. And even if it's possible, it's a lot of work. As if on cue, James comes in, and explains that he and Maggie are willing to whatever is necessary to reach their goal. Maggie informs them, "We will fight her in court if we have to. We could really use your support in this." Both women agree to stand by the newlyweds in their decision.

A disguised Mike (he's still on the lam from the cops) comes to see Sheila, who tells him about James' and Maggie's offer. Mike can't believe the entire situation either and says," James wants to take your baby? What? I hope you told him to buzz off. Sheila, you don't have to take this. Tell Dr. Feelgood that you will go to the medical board and take away his license." Sheila says she can't do that, and Mike asks, "Why not? Sheila, no judge is going to take a baby away from its mother. You're not a lunatic; well at least not anymore." Sheila confesses, "All this time that he says he believes in me and my progress he didn't mean any of it. To take away my child - and he has to know what that would do to me. It proves that he never cared, because all of my life I have wanted a child. Maggie may have James, but she is never going to get her hands on my baby." Mike suggests to Sheila that this offer may be what she needs - James probably isn't admitting how he feels about Sheila deep down, in his opinion. By moving in with him, Sheila can play to those subconscious desires and win him over. Sheila decides he's right - and calls Maggie and James.

In Lauren's office, James takes Sheila's call to him on his cell phone - she wants him and Maggie to come over, as she has some questions. James and Maggie take their leave, as Lauren and Stephanie continue to worry about the position Maggie has been put in. "You and I should know better than anyone what Sheila can do to take a man," Lauren remarks. Stephanie agrees, and goes back to work. Alone in her office, Lauren sits down at her desk and finds a card - "Welcome Back - You were missed." Lauren thinks it's sweet, and wonders who sent it.

James and Maggie arrive at Sheila's, and Sheila tells them she agrees that perhaps them raising her child is the best thing. But she has concerns about the moving in part - she must have misunderstood, since that would obviously be awkward for all of them. James and Maggie tell her they were serious - and they are probably better equipped to handle her pregnancy than any nurse is, because they have a stake in this for their child. Sheila seems hesitant at first, but agrees; she decides to move in with James and Maggie for the duration of her pregnancy. After James and Maggie leave to prepare, Mike comes out of hiding, and tells Sheila how brilliant she was - she had them eating out of the palm of her hand. Sheila is pleased as well - she tells Mike that Maggie may have James now, but a lot can happen in 8 months.

Brooke and Ridge are in his office, getting ready to see the kids tonight. Of course Brooke wants Ridge, "to tell the children we are still getting married. You don't realize what a mistake this is Ridge. It is not too late to change your mind." But the kids know, Ridge points out. "We didn't tell them; they found out." Ridge reminds her that they were on their way to tell them when they came from the airport, and Brooke insists, "You wouldn't have been able to do it. You love those children too much and you would not have told them about your engagement to Taylor. They know about it but they don't believe it." Ridge wants to know what she told the kids. Brooke plays dumb, and asks him, if he won't say he will marry Brooke, to at least **NOT** say he's going to marry Taylor. Ridge is reluctant; "You are making this harder for them," he says, and answers Brooke's charges about his motives by saying, "this is not about my pride, Logan." However, he agrees to wait and see how the evening goes before making a decision.

They leave, and when they arrive home, their living room was changed into "Rick's." Bridget quickly nudges her brother, and he adds, "....and Bridget's" - a restaurant for a night of matchmaking by the kids. Ridge thinks Brooke put the kids up to it, but she says she did not, as a smiling Rick and Bridget look pleased with themselves from upstairs.

Eric, Thorne, Macy and Lauren have gathered for dinner at Stephanie's - almost the whole family, minus Ridge and Taylor. They toast each other with egg nog. Lauren tells Eric about the note she found waiting for her. She thinks she has a secret admirer. Macy and Thorne announce that they are trying for a baby - which pleases Stephanie, although she would be doubly pleased if Taylor and Ridge would do the same thing. Stephanie explains that Ridge and Taylor are not with them tonight because Taylor had some shopping to do, and because Ridge is with the children - and Brooke! This leads them to discuss the wedding which is only two weeks away. Thorne thinks they should wait; things are moving too fast. He accuses his mother of trying to rush Ridge into a wedding that shouldn't happen. Thorne and Stephanie exchange harsh words.

Taylor has stopped by to see Grant in his office. He wonders where Ridge is. Taylor explains that he is having dinner with the children and Brooke. Grant can't understand why Taylor would allow that. Taylor isn't worried; Ridge will always have an interest in the children. Grant considers it unhealthy for Ridge to pretend to be their father. Taylor doesn't agree. She thinks it is good for the children to have a male role model in their life. Grant wants that to be him. Then make it a priority, Taylor advises.

At Brooke's house, the children begin serving a candlelight dinner to Ridge and Brooke. They are enjoying peanut butter and caviar on toast. Before the next course, the children give them a few minutes alone. Brooke tells Ridge that she didn't put them up to this. They share a glass of wine. Ridge knows that the children are fighters; they would do anything to get the two of them back together. "This is only a lover's spat," Brooke says. She wants them to stop this thing because people are getting hurt. She is ready to swallow a little pride if he is. The children bring in the main course: grilled cheese sandwiches and scrambled eggs. Ridge and Brooke invite the kids to sit down and join them, which the children reluctantly do.

At the mansion, Thorne is still angry. Eric tries to stop him from spoiling the dinner, but Thorne has to have his say. If Ridge marries Taylor, Thorne explains, then Brooke will definitely marry Grant; then, Grant really will be running their company. He doesn't think he is overreacting. He pleads with his parents, telling them that if Grant takes charge there will be nothing left for them or their kids or grandchildren. Stephanie asks Thorne if Ridge should marry Brooke just so Thorne can keep his portion of the company. Stephanie gets up in disgust. The dinner breaks up, but not before Thorne offers a short apology for upsetting the party as he leaves. Eric promises to spend Christmas Day with Stephanie.

Grant reminds Taylor that it is the holidays--the very same holidays when Ridge helped bring Bridget into the world. He wouldn't be human if he didn't think about that. And, he warns her, Brooke will use that to her advantage. Taylor, however, isn't worried.

Eric knocks at the door of the Forrester Guest House. Lauren is pleased to see him. He is only stopping by; he wants to ask more about the note. "It seems I have a secret admirer," she says. "How did that make you feel?" Eric asks. Lauren says it made her feel "pretty darned good." Eric leaves; Lauren believes that it was Eric who left the note--or was it?

Ridge tells Rick and Bridget that he enjoyed their meal. The kids announce that they are going to bed. As they leave, they turn down the lights and turn on the music. Ridge invites Brooke to dance before he goes home. They share a slow, romantic dance. Brooke says she knows Ridge is getting married in a couple of weeks; so is she. "Let's hope we get married to the right people," she says.

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Week of 12/23/96 - 12/27/96

Ridge and Taylor are in his office talking. Ridge gives her a rundown of the dinner the children served the previous night. Ridge is anxious about the meeting Brooke has called - but Taylor is more concerned about Brooke, herself, especially after hearing about the wonderful night with the kids. Wishing Ridge luck at his meeting, Taylor goes to see about Eric, who isn't feeling well. He is under a lot of stress these days, because of the way Brooke put Grant in charge. Taylor wonders if Brooke is concerned with anyone but herself these days.

Grant is in Brooke's office, and tells Brooke that he has delivered all the memos notifying everyone of the meeting. Grant states that they are all shaking in their boots. Grant wonders why she doesn't wait until after the holidays to break the news, but Brooks reminds him that after the holidays there will be a wedding unless she can do something to stop it. Today. She tells Grant about the evening with the kids, and how they didn't talk about Taylor and the wedding. There's no need to talk to the kids, she says; they know about it and they aren't upset.

Taylor thinks that Eric should begin a program of exercises. Anything that will get him thinking more positive. That won't change anything as long as Grant Chambers is in charge of his company, Eric reminds her.

Thorne enters his mother's office carrying a "white flag," after his comments about Ridge at dinner the other night. Stephanie admits that she is still upset. She thinks he is wrong to keep broadcasting his opinion to everyone. Thorne is sure Ridge is making a mistake. He thinks Stephanie is not objective because she doesn't like Brooke. Stephanie thinks that if Thorne can be objective, he should take a long close look at everything Brooke has done to the family, to the company, and to Eric. He should resent the things she has done.

Brooke tells Grant that she has felt the connection between her and Ridge since she has returned from Europe and she is sure that Ridge has felt it also. Grant thinks that Ridge did a pretty stupid thing if he proposed to Taylor in front of the world unless he intended to go through with it. If she is going to get Ridge back, she should show the entire clan what life is going to be like if Ridge marries Taylor. "Leave me in charge for the next couple of days and they will get the message." Brooke wonders if the plan will work: forcing Ridge to face the consequences of marrying Taylor. If it doesn't work, we'll still get married, won't we? Grant asks. Brooke wonders why he would want to marry someone like her. Grant says it isn't the money, the power, or title. It is because he loves her and wants to marry her.

Taylor tries to reassure Eric. We don't know the future, she tells him. Worrying isn't going to change a thing. Eric is sure there is something he can do. He sees the company that he has poured all his life into slipping away. Brooke has been back for days and hasn't told anyone what she has in mind. He is sure that Grant Chambers will be running their operation. I'll survive, he states.

Thorne still insists to his mother that Ridge is doing the wrong thing. He doesn't blame Brooke; he blames Ridge for all the trouble. Stephanie is appalled that Thorne would take Brooke's side over his own brother. Ridge then walks in and announces that it is meeting time. He feels the tension in the room and asks if everything is all right.

Soon, they all arrive at Brooke's office. Grant welcomes everyone to the meeting. They wonder why the meeting has been called, but Grant claims he doesn't know. Brooke enters and acknowledges the great job Grant did while she was away. She feels he did a great job, and with all of them working together, they will all prosper. Ridges asks if that means that she is leaving Grant in charge. Brooke says she has a wedding to plan. Eric reminds her that she can leave him in charge. Grant feels that having Eric around would provide good "on- the-job-training" for him. A disgusted Eric fires questions at Brooke: Why are you doing this? Is it just to win a man? Does the company mean nothing to you? Brooke reminds them of all the successes they had in the past as a team, working together toward a common goal. But that is all over; now it is time to go on. Thorne wonders why she wants to hurt the ones she loves the most. After thinking about Thorne's words, she admits that she has treated them all badly. She then puts Eric back in charge. She assures Grant that he will have his designer job back. She apologizes and hopes that they will forgive her.

Thorne and Stephanie join Eric in his office, after the meeting. Stephanie is speechless, since she can't believe what just happened. Eric thanks Thorne for getting through to Brooke, for turning things around. Thorne says the ball is in their court now and they have to find a way to really turn things around. "The next move is ours," he states. Brooke took the first move and now it is the Forresters' turn to reciprocate. They have to get Ridge to stop playing all these love games and realize that his future is with Brooke. "We just watched an incredibly strong woman admit she has been wrong; she put her pride aside. Now it is time for Ridge to do the same thing. If he doesn't, we are right back to square one." This thing with Taylor is a farce and he knows it, he declares. Taylor walks in and asks how everything went, and Stephanie suggests Thorne tell her. No, why don't you tell her, Thorne states as he walks out.

Brooke enters Ridge's office. Ridge wonders what to say to her. "That you love me and you want to marry me," Brooke says. Ridge wonders if that is the motivation in all this. Brooke admits that she went about things the wrong way. I'm still capable of learning, she says. And what she has learned is that hurting the people you love never results in anything good. She does love the family and she does love Forrester Creations. Ridge admires her integrity, and says she's now at the top - but it's lonely at the top. She is lonely, Brooke admits; it is because that one person she loves is not there. She thinks Ridge should learn the lesson she has learned: don't hurt the people you love; you'll never be happy if you do.

It's business as usual in the Forrester Sewing Room, until Thorne has Henry (the supervisor) shut down the sewing room; he then gives an inspirational speech to the workers about how great things are at Forrester due to their highly skilled craft workers and distributes bonus checks to the sewers. But that's not all Forrester springs for; they bring in a catered holiday party equipped with walking mistletoe held by a Santa's helper.

Michael and Enrique stop by and Thorne fills them in that Grant isn't running the company anymore. Michael still hasn't talked to him since the night she left the beach house and told him it was over - and Enrique hopes it will stay that way, since Grant is on his way, and he's afraid Grant will probably use his "demotion" to talk Michael into giving him another chance.

Macy and Thorne kiss under the mistletoe and are spotted by Claudia and Sally. Sally starts a chat with Miss Cortez, but then takes her into her son in law's office to continue it in private. She lectures," I already know who you are and what you are. What do I want with you; I will give you a hint. I am Macy Forrester's mother. Does that ring a bell to you?" Claudia can't believe she has to listen to this, and tells Sally she has it all wrong. Sally retorts, "Stop it - save the innocent act, it is lost on me. I think you have been putting in too much overtime putting the make on my son in law. I think you are after my daughter's husband, and that is gonna stop now! I think you are nothing but a not too subtle little gold digger!"

Claudia yells back, "How dare you judge me when you don't even know me!" But of course Sally isn't done yet," You have been caught not once, but twice, red handed on the make for my daughter's husband. I am about to lose my patience with you." Claudia says she doesn't have to take this, and informs Sally that if Macy feels insecure about Claudia, then that is just Macy's problem. Claudia storms off.

James and Maggie stop by Sheila's house with gifts and groceries for Xmas. Sheila is annoyed, and is not happy to see them, of course. She says, "You want to visit with me? I don't think so. Why are you really here, or do I even have to ask?" Maggie asks what the problem is, and Sheila replies, "The problem is that it is Xmas Eve. You couldn't care less about me; it is about a baby growing inside of me." Maggie tries to empathize, but Sheila isn't buying it. "No Maggie, I really don't think you can understand how difficult this is. I am nothing more than a human incubator. And what happens after the baby is born? What is to become of me? visitation; what do the documents you want me to sign have to say about that?" James and Maggie say that they have discussed it, and the papers that they had drawn up call for Sheila to not see the child again after its birth. "You are saying there will be no visitation. That I am just to hand over my child and never see it again?" That's right, James tells her - but he tries to stress that until then, they will do everything that needs to be done for Sheila. "Do you have the adoption papers with you?" Sheila asks. As James hands them to her, she says, "I am doing this for you, James, and only you." Sheila signed the papers.

Grant arrives at the party and comes over to chat with Michael; he wants to know why she is doing this, breaking things off with him. He asks Michael for a second chance - but his please are interrupted by Enrique. The three of them take their conversation outside into the hallway. Michael tells Grant that there is no way she is going to come home. Enrique and Michael walk back in the party and get stuck under the mistletoe and Grant watches them kiss - and more importantly, Michael sees Grant watching, and makes sure her former lover gets a good look.

The next couple that gets caught under the mistletoe is Thorne and Claudia, who were standing together while Thorne gave her a bonus. Thorne gives into the pressure of the crowd and kisses Claudia. Sally and Darla spot them and Sally is really mad now! She tells Darla," I'm gonna do a little moving of my own. I promise you that by the end of the year that girl will not be employed by Forrester or any other company. And you can take that to the bank!"

It's Christmas Day, and Brooke is in her office, looking at a family picture with Ridge in a frame from her desk and says to herself, "Our family, Ridge; everything we ever wanted and we will get it. I know we will." Grant comes in and wants to talk to Brooke about the meeting the other day and why Eric is now back in charge of the company. Brooke replies that it is Xmas and she isn't going to talk about that now. She is depressed because she is all alone at the top. The kids are with their father for the holiday - but that is only for now. "This time next year, I will be at that house having the best Xmas of my life; at least that is what I hope will happen," Brooke predicts.

Grant can't believe that she let her kids be with their father today. But he knows how to save the day, make this a very special Christmas and create a memory to last a life time; he suggests that they fly to Vegas tonight and get married. Brooke replies, "Grant, I am sorry. I have one more week. Grant that is all that is left." While she appreciates the offer, she isn't giving up hope on Ridge just yet. Grant hates to see her so depressed, but she tells him, "I am happy. I am; that is the beauty about this particular holiday. Merry Christmas Grant." They toast the holiday with a glass of champagne.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric, Bridget, and Rick are playing with the trains around the tree. Ridge, Taylor, and Stephanie are sipping eggnog while talking about what a great father Eric is. Eric comes over and, when Stephanie says she invited Sally again this year, tells them that he hopes Sally doesn't bring Clarke with her today. Of course, Clarke does show up for dinner, arriving with Macy, Sally and C.J. Thorne is still missing when Macy arrives (she knew he was running an errand, but expected him by now), and she wants to know where he is and what is keeping her husband.

The women retreat into the kitchen to make Christmas dinner themselves, since Maggie is with James today. (You had to see it to believe it!)

Back in the living room, Eric walks away from watching Clarke with C.J. and Rick, and joins his son. He tells Ridge, "I have to tell you I was very impressed with Brooke. It just goes to show you how much this family means to Brooke. I wonder what she is doing today. Part of me feels like she should be here with us and the kids." Eric sees a reaction from Ridge to his comment, and notes that Ridge still cares about Brooke. "I always will," Ridge tells his father.

At the Cortez home, Claudia's mother is upset because she doesn't know if her children's father is dead or alive, and it is the first Christmas without him. Thorne drops by unannounced because Claudia forgot to take home her bonus check. He was thinking that she could use it during the holidays. He leaves, but soon comes back, because his car battery is dead and he has to use the phone. He calls Macy and tells her what happened. Thorne tell his wife to go ahead and have the family start with out him. He then tells the Cortez family he would be honored to share Xmas dinner with them while waiting for a cab.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, everyone is now gathered around the dinner table. Eric announces it is another Xmas for all of them around this wonderful table and how they have a lot to look forward to.

Macy talks on behalf of her family; "Christmas is a time of forgiveness and a time to set aside all of our differences and remember to live together in unity. And that is what this is all about the miracle of Christmas. In my heart I believe Thorne is with us, if only in spirit."

Then it is Stephanie's turn for a toast, at Eric's request; "Thank you, Macy, for your kind words. Christmas always reminds me that we ought to share our bounty with others. The miracle of Christmas is the gifts we give each other; love, joy, and hope. May God bless each and everyone of us."

(** at the end of the episode everyone who works on the show is gathered on the set and John McCook (Eric) says, : From the B&B family to your family Happy Holidays!*** )

The next day, at Forrester, Brooke and Ridge are working on the next showing. Brooke suggests a certain artist (one that Grant suggested originally), but Ridge doesn't approve. So Brooke cancels a meeting she had made with the artist out of good faith. Ridge is impressed that she would do that. She confides to Ridge, "I just wish I had realized my mistakes sooner. My resigning Grant was just me trying to do the right thing. I hope you will follow my lead. I put my pride and anger aside and I realized that I went too far. I really think you should do the same thing. Just think about what you are doing; you are going to lose me and all of the dreams that we had over one silly kiss." Ridge is unsure if pride is really an issue, and Brooke replies, "It doesn't matter what the issue is. It is not worth throwing us away. What we still could have. Tell me you still want it and we could start all over."

Before Ridge can answer, they are interrupted by Taylor, who heard the whole speech from the doorway. Brooke leaves and Taylor is pissed off at Brooke, who she believes needs to take responsibility for her actions. She's tired of Brooke pretending to be some innocent thing. Taylor explains that she, herself, has changed, and so has Ridge - but Brooke hasn't, and that scares Taylor, because of the potential damage Brooke can cause. Taylor remembers their first marriage, and confesses to Ridge that she believes they never conceived a child due to all of the stress she was under from his relationship with Brooke. Ridge disagrees, however, and tells his fiancee he thinks Brooke has changed. Taylor then decides that she has to run and take care of something.

Thorne and Macy are over at Spectra, fighting over the Christmas they didn't spend together. Thorne asks, "Macy what did you want me to do? I couldn't drive my car and I couldn't get a cab." Macy asks why he felt the urge to go there in person to begin with, and Thorne explains, "They needed the money." Macy laughs at that one - Claudia probably left the check intentionally, she guesses; and besides, the banks aren't open on Xmas, so it could have waited one more day. Thorne asks, "What do you think, Macy, that I didn't want to spend Christmas with you? That family has been through so much; you could learn something from them." Macy tells her hubby that they aren't through, but he storms out of there anyway.

Macy cries to her mom about the "amazing, saint Claudia" She continues to whine that Claudia is using Thorne and playing on his sympathies, and that Claudia pretends to be some sweet innocent thing. Sally then fills in her daughter about the innocent kiss under the mistletoe at the Forrester sewing room party the other day, and her warning to Claudia before the kiss. "You see, it just proves it, Mother! She is after my husband! I will not allow her to do this!" yells an irritated Macy.

Claudia comes to see Thorne in his office, and drops off some fabric. She tells Thorne that he has been so good to her, but all she has done is cause him problems. Now she is coming between him and his wife. She is really sorry and wants to know if there is anything she can do to help. Thorne tells her not to worry about Macy. He slips out that she has been under a lot of stress lately because they have been trying to have a child. He then gives Claudia an Xmas present of seeds from flowers that come from her country. He asks if he can stop by her house with the rest of the gift - some pots and soil - that are too heavy for her to carry home on the bus.

Sally tells her daughter that there is only one way to handle this and calls a friend named Tim Barlow, who is an immigration agent. Macy is unsure, and Sally tells her that she also doesn't like the idea of ratting on anyone but it has to be done. Shortly after, the immigration agent stops by and Macy wants to make sure that the Forrester name is cleared on the charges. Tim isn't making any deals - he says the only way that could be assured is if Macy couldn't testify against the person, and the only person who has that privilege is her husband. Then the light goes on - Forrester! Tim then asks Macy to go ahead, and she spills the beans; "There is an illegal immigrant working in the Forrester sewing room. Her name is Claudia Cortez and I want her out of there."'

Brooke is about to leave her office (to see Ridge, of course), and gets stopped by Taylor. Taylor thinks Brooke's attitude is pathetic, and informs her rival, "You need to be taught some self respect and stop throwing yourself at a man who is not interested in you." Brooke replies, "Oh, I see. You accept a ring that was meant for me- wear a dress that was designed for me, by a man who is in love with me and I should show some self respect?!?!?!! Really Taylor, if anyone should let go of Ridge for the sake of her pride it should be you. The facts speak for themselves." Taylor thinks Brooke is desperate, and Brooke counters, "No, I am just trying to get Ridge to open his eyes to the mistakes he is making. I am just trying to get him to see that he still loves me, and it is working." Taylor tells Brooke to accept things and move on, and Brooke replies with an observation and a promise; "I don't believe that Ridge is going to marry you, but if he does he and I are over!" Brooke points out that, in the event that Ridge does marry Taylor, she will marry Grant - she's not going to wait around for Ridge a second time!

Ridge comes to see his brother about business; but they start to talk about his relationship with Taylor again when Ridge hears Thorne leaving a message for Taylor that he wants to speak with her. Ridge doesn't want his baby brother feeding Taylor's insecurities about their engagement. Thorne says he has to talk to her because people are getting hurt. Ridge asks Thorne to drop it, and then informs his brother that he wants to do a series of dresses using the lace that Claudia made for the other dress - including handbags. He wants to know if Claudia is up for the work and the overtime. After Ridge leaves, Thorne says to himself, "Well what do you know, Claudia - things are finally starting to go your way."

In her office, Brooke gets a practical joke played on her from the kids and Grant - the kids leave a note that they are off somewhere, and then the threesome pops out to surprise Brooke. The kids go off to do it to their father and Grant stays behind to chat. He wonders if she saw Ridge and Taylor's wedding announcement yet - which means it looks like they will go through with the wedding. Brooke confides to Grant that yes, Ridge is being more stubborn than she had expected, but believe her - when it comes down to the wire he will want her back.

Grant comes up with this great scheme to get married the day before Ridge and Taylor. Brooke says that she expects to get Ridge back - and besides, she doesn't have time to plan a wedding. Grant has that all taken care of - he wants to get married on a romantic cruise ship. He tells Brooke that it is good to do it ahead of Ridge because this way, if he does marry Taylor, she won't have to see it on the news or read about it in the newspapers. He continues to plead his case; this whole thing started as a hoax, but it isn't anymore. He explains, "Somewhere along the line my commitment to you became love. That is why I want to give you this. (He pulls out a beautiful engagement ring with a huge rock!) It is perfect. Sometimes, Brooke, things work out much better than you can hope for."

In the sewing room, Enrique has come to tell Claudia that his father gave strict orders to take her father alive. No one knows what happened to her father. Claudia tells Enrique she doesn't believe him, and orders him to get away from her. He leaves.

Then the INS agents arrive, looking for Claudia so she can be deported. Henry the supervisor tries to stall, and to get Thorne, but the agents don't let him. Thorne then arrives to tell Claudia Ridge's news, and he is shocked to see the INS agents there. The agents tell him they want to find Claudia Cortez - and they will find her, or they'll take Thorne instead. Claudia gives herself in when the agent goes to handcuff Thorne. "Look - take me instead. I broke the law just as much as she did." states Thorne. The INS agent responds," Look it doesn't work that way Mr. Forrester. Be nice to your wife tonight when you get home; you owe her one." Thorne wonders what the agent means.

Over at Spectra, Macy is telling her mother that she just can't believe that it had to come to this. Sally tries to be understanding and says, "I promise you that soon Miss Claudia Cortez will be nothing but a distant memory. Macy darling, if it will make you feel better, why don't you pick up the phone and call Thorne. You have to keep telling yourself that you have done the right thing for your marriage and for Forrester Creations. Eventually Thorne will see that." Just then, Macy gets a call from Thorne, who tells her to get down to Forrester now.

Thorne is furious with his wife when she arrives. " How could you do this - and don't even try to deny it! What the hell were you thinking, Macy?" Macy tries to explain she did it for Thorne's sake, because of the way he has changed lately. "You didn't do this for me," he exclaims. "You did this because you felt threatened - so you had her deported. She can get killed Macy. You are amazing. You are so wrapped up in your own stupid selfish insecurities!" an angry Thorne states. Macy tells Thorne that Claudia's story is all a pack of lies, but he doesn't see it that way. He hopes Macy can live with Claudia's death on her conscience, because he can't.

Meanwhile, in the Immigration Office, Claudia is locked up and told she will be prepared for deportation. "I'm going to die," she cries, as the unsympathetic agent walks away.

After Grant leaves her office, Brooke has a visit from Ridge. She shows him the engagement ring and the brochure from the ship she is going to get married on, and tells him she and Grant have set the date for the day before Ridge and Taylor's nuptials . Ridge is upset and says," I really wish you wouldn't do this." To which Brooke replies," Wishing is not enough Ridge." She leaves to go and pick up the kids. Ridge picks up the cruise ship brochure and reads the title: 'YOUR DESTINY AWAITS YOU' .

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Week of 12/30/96 - 1/3/97

At Forrester, Thorne has a visit from his sister-in-law to be, Taylor (since he left her a message last week that he wanted to talk to her). However, even though Thorne had a reason to talk to her when he left the message, he's got other things on his mind - he's worried about Claudia, and what is going to happen thanks to the actions Macy took. Taylor sees how bothered Thorne is, but tries to make him see it from Macy's side - that of a married woman who sees her husband spending a lot of time worrying about an attractive woman. However, she points out that it shouldn't really bother Macy in the long run, unless... "Are you involved with Claudia?" Taylor asks.

James carries Maggie over the threshold of their new home, and she is on cloud nine - everything about the house seems so wonderful and exciting, as she runs from room to room to admire it all. It's the perfect place to begin their lives together, Maggie tells James, and she's looking forward to enjoying every minute of it. They start kissing, but are interrupted by some movers bringing stuff in - Maggie instructs them where to put the stuff, which includes things she has bought for the baby. James seems surprised at how much Maggie gets into it, and they embrace again - but then Maggie notices James as a faraway look in his eyes - it's Sheila, isn't it, she asks.

Meanwhile, at her home, Sheila is all smiles as she packs her things - moving in with James is going to work out just the way she planned it, she says to herself. She's going to be living in the same home with him - and in time, he'll come to realize what kind of a life he'll have with Sheila. Her thoughts are interrupted by someone at the door - it's Sheila's favorite person in the whole wide world (besides Stephanie and Maggie, that is), and her former neighbor from Genoa City, Lauren. Sheila graciously invites Lauren in, and says she's offer her something - but she's packing, you see.

That brings Lauren to the reason she's here - she heard about the pregnancy, and about James' and Maggie's plans for the baby, and she just wants to make sure things are on the up and up - after all, this whole thing came very suddenly. She asks if Sheila agreed to a paternity test, and Sheila confirms she did; in fact, she's willing to invite Lauren, Stephanie, and all the Forresters for a front row seat, because she has nothing to hide - this is James' child. Lauren still isn't convinced everything is kosher here and issues Sheila a warning - don't even think about causing any trouble in James' and Maggie's marriage, because Lauren will be watching her.

Thorne tells Taylor that he is not involved with Claudia romantically - but he does admire her family. Having seen them up close, he compares them to the Forresters - a family that sticks together with all the hardship thrown at them. And in the case of the Cortez family, the hardships are rougher than anything the Forresters ever had - they're not only fighting to build a life in a new land, they're also fighting for survival. Thorne admires that drive - and that's why he would do anything in his power to help them out. Taylor is impressed by her former (and future?) brother-in-law's determination, and thinks it's admirable that he would go out of his way to help her. Now that they've talked about Claudia, though, it's back to the reason he asked Taylor over - Ridge, of course.

Lauren stops in to see Eric; she is pleased to see him giving orders over the phone to various departments, since it's a sign that the reins at Forrester are firmly in his grasp again. Eric informs her it is good to be in charge again, especially with everything Grant did - and he hopes things stay that way. In the meantime, Lauren vents about her visit with Sheila to her old friend - she's worried that this thing is going to blow up in Maggie's face, and Sheila is going to win again. Eric tries to be positive about things, but Lauren is really stressed out. Seeing her tension, Eric tells her he has something that can help.

James and Maggie continue moving all of their belongings into their new home. Maggie just worked on a cross stitch picture that said ' home sweet home' Then she reveals to James," I want to fix up the most beautiful country home. We will have our children here and we will have wonderful holidays. Oh........Can you believe that this is happening to us? Lets go look at the kitchen, come on." Thrilled with his wife's exuberance, James follows her through the house.

While they are checking out the kitchen, Sheila shows up wearing an overcoat at the front door. She tells them that this is a nice place, and Maggie leaves them alone for a moment while she shows the movers to the master bedroom. Sheila tells James," You didn't really pick this place out did you? This isn't the Christmas special that the Waltons are putting on, you know. You can be yourself." James seems surprised - Sheila doesn't think this is him? She replies, "No, you are James Bond acting like you are in Little House on the Prairie. You know it is sort of comical. Pretty soon we will all be darning socks and knitting booties for the baby. Who know maybe Maggie will invite the neighbors over and we can have a quilting bee!" James jokingly says that would be wonderful, and tells her to make herself at home and take off her coat. When Sheila takes off her coat she is wearing a sexy little red dress. She tells James," My gingham skirt and flannel shirt were in the wash." Seeing the look on his face, she adds, "Oh, come on, you know how it is with a pregnant woman. She has to wear things like this while she still has her figure."

Maggie comes back in and exclaims in a joke like manner, "Whoa Sheila, where are you heading - up to the Sunset Strip? Well you certainly add a little color to the place." They head into the kitchen to have lunch, as Sheila looks unhappy about the dietary arrangements Maggie has made for her.

Eric gives Lauren a massage because she is tense thinking about Sheila. He tells her that Sheila isn't the problem, and that she needs a "real quality distraction" Lauren thinks it is sort of silly but she thought that maybe Eric sent her the note saying he missed her while she was away. She laments how hopeless her life must be if she had a notion like that. Eric tells his friend that," You are not hopeless. And uh... you are right you do need to get a life. And so do I. And you were missed." they kiss

Thorne asks Taylor how she can marry Ridge when she knows how he feels about Brooke. Taylor tells him that she does not turn a blind eye to Ridge's feelings to Brooke. "Well, he isn't in love with her if that is what you are suggesting. He's not," she suggests. "Yeah, Taylor okay." responds Thorne. Taylor asks, "You know I am getting married at the end of the week - don't you think it is a little late for this conversation? So why are we having it?" Thorne explains that he just doesn't want to see her hurt, the way she was when she came back from her "death" in Morocco. Taylor responds, " It was different then he thought I was dead." Thorne agrees, but that doesn't change the fact that she was hurting then, because of his brother. She's too good to be begging for favors from any man, in his opinion - and that includes his brother "That is really sweet of you to say these things and think of me." says Taylor. "I am sorry, I am way out of line. You are marrying my brother the day after tomorrow. I should be throwing you a party." states Thorne

"You are really worrying over nothing. Thorne, I really appreciate all of your concern. But unless you can prove to me that it is Brooke that Ridge wants, then I am going to marry your brother. I would like it if you could be a part of that day. I would really like it if you could be as happy for me as the family is. I mean, at least cant you give me that?" asks Taylor. Taylor and Thorne hug. She tells him that she never knew she had such a fan in her corner. Thorne promises he will try to be happy for her - but he also asks Taylor to at least be careful.

At Brooke's home, Beth, Brooke's mother, is trying to understand the current fiancee situation. Her daughter is going to marry Grant tomorrow, and not Ridge? Brooke tells her mom about her soulful talk with Grant at Big Bear back in September, and how Ridge saw them through the window. "One innocent kiss, Mother, and it may have destroyed my life." Brooke goes on to explain that it was more than just the kiss. "The problem is that Stephanie got involved. She led Ridge to believe that Grant and I were having a full blown affair. She made a strong case," Brooke informs her mom. Beth has to ask if Brooke was having an affair, and Brooke replies, "No, we were just good friends. Anyway, the whole thing culminated on the day of the fashion show. Definitely the worst day of my life. I was so positive that Ridge was going to propose to me. All day long I was walking on air. I waited for the call for Ridge to put his plan into effect; but he didn't call. I went to the showroom looking for him. And as I stood there watching, the dress came out on the runway. And when the veil was lifted, it was Taylor who was wearing it! I felt so ill; I thought I was going to collapse. Ridge took her hand and proposed to her. I cant describe what that did to me, Mother. I don't know if I will ever get over that. Ridge gave up on me, Mom."

Beth wonders how Ridge could have done this to her daughter; but even more, how Brooke ended up engaged to another man is what she wants to know. "It is a gamble," continues Brooke, "But when Ridge proposed to Taylor I had to do something." Beth questions Ridge's motives in proposing, and Brooke states, "No, I strongly believe he proposed to Taylor out of anger, not love." She then tells her mother about how she proposed to Grant at the Men's Line showing. She tells Beth, "Ridge of course was stunned and caught off guard by my proposal to Grant. He tried to get me to back off, but I wouldn't. So that is where things stand." Beth advises her daughter to reach out one more time. She has to make one more effort. So Brooke takes out some stationary and writes a letter to Ridge. Brooke leaves to deliver the letter.

Grant drops by to see Brooke, but meets his future mother in law instead. Beth is a little standoffish - she explains to Grant that Brooke has been in love with Ridge all of her adult life, and that's why she is unsure about him. Grant informs Beth that Ridge and Brooke's ship has sailed, and that they were already on it. Tomorrow, however, his and Brooke's ship will sail into the future.

Maggie is serving her first dinner in her and James' new place. Unfortunately there is no meat - it is just a fancy salad, with lots of stuff that Maggie points out is healthy for a mother to be. Sheila is not very happy; and she asks, "When did you get to become such an expert on all of this? You know I would eat sulfuric acid before I would eat all of this crap. I am hungry and my baby is hungry. I am growing a meat and potato child here, not a herbivore. So if you please, I would like something red that used to walk this earth on four legs. I will be in my room until it is ready!"

James leaves the dinner table to talk to Sheila. Sheila blames everything on her raging hormones. She tells James to beware of her hormones for the first two trimesters. James laughs, but Sheila says she is dead serious - and she won't be held responsible for what happens when her sexual urges kick in, because of the mating instinct that is natural for all mothers. James then tells her then he will lock his bedroom door, and it is not a problem for him. After he leaves, Sheila sits down in the rocking chair and says to herself, "Here we are, little baby. we are living in your daddy's house. Nothing is ever going to change that."

Ridge has summoned Grant to his office. He tells Grant, "Brooke doesn't love you, Grant. This whole thing is a farce. Tell me, what do you expect to get out of this? A job, a position of power?" Grant says that he thinks he can make out OK with the situation, since it would be natural for him to be in an important position with his wife. Ridge replies, "I think Brooke has made it pretty clear that is not going to happen. She is desperate, Grant. you are marrying a desperate woman. She wouldn't even be doing this if I wasn't marrying Taylor."

Grant goes to leave and tells Ridge he knows what he has to do in order to stop the wedding tomorrow. Ridge tells Grant to wait, and explains that he is willing to make a compromise and sign Grant to a long term position at Forrester. He tells him that he can't marry Brooke under these circumstances. Grant sings the praises of Brooke and tells how beautiful, smart and sexy she is and how lucky he is to have her. He then explains how he would be foolish to walk away from that kind of woman and the opportunities she presents just for a paycheck. "Let me ask you something - would you?" Grant inquires. As Ridge ponders the question, Grant leaves

Later on Brooke leaves the letter for Ridge on his desk and leaves. Ridge finds the note right away and it begins," My dearest darling Ridge.............."

The day of the wedding arrives. Grant walks outside on his porch, basking in the gorgeous weather outside - the perfect day for a wedding, he says to himself as he soaks in every bit of sunshine. His thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of a visitor - Taylor, who was out jogging on the beach. Pleased to see his old friend, he invites her inside. As she catches her breath, Taylor explains that she wanted to wish him luck, and asks him how he's feeling. Grant couldn't be happier, but he admits that he doesn't have the kind of relationship he would like with Brooke - at least, not yet. But that can change - in fact, Grant bets that within a year, he and Brooke will be as close as Ridge and Taylor are.

That brings up the subject of Taylor's wedding to Ridge, which is only a day away - and Grant reluctantly admits to Taylor that he's still not sure he trusts Ridge's intentions towards Taylor. Taylor tells him he's wrong - he just doesn't know the kind of man Ridge is. She, does, however, and is looking forward to her own wedding - in fact, she explains, Stephanie is throwing a rehearsal party for her and Ridge while Grant is going to be at the altar, so she better get going. Grant also thinks he has to get going for his big day, so the two hug and wish the other luck.

Brooke receives a visit from her favorite person in life - Stephanie. She's not there to gloat, however - in fact, she's there to wish Brooke luck. Stephanie says she's happy for Brooke, and that she feels they are both winners with the way the situation worked out. Of course she would feel that way, Brooke comments - after all, her being married to Grant means Brooke is out of Ridge's life, plus Stephanie has the pleasure of having Taylor as a daughter-in-law again, which she has wanted for some time. Stephanie doesn't deny that, but tries to look at it from a more positive side - they both have what makes them happy.

Brooke confesses that there is one thing she has always wanted that she's never been able to get - Stephanie's respect. Stephanie finds that a little ironic, and admits that Brooke probably could have earned that respect, had she not been so relentless in going after Ridge, when it was clear that they were wrong for each other. But now Brooke has someone who can make her happy, and Stephanie urges her to give the marriage a chance. She wishes Brooke luck and leaves.

Ridge reads Brooke's note, which says: "My dearest darling Ridge: I know what you're thinking - oh, no, her last attempt to keep me from making the biggest mistake of my life. Well, no, that's not it at all. I have no fight left, Ridge - I've made my arguments, and you've made yours. The truth is your marrying Taylor probably wouldn't be the biggest mistake of your life, or even the smallest - not if you love her. And after all my ineffective attempts at persuasion, I can only conclude that you must love this woman. Tonight at sunset, Grant and I will leave on a private yacht and will be married at sea. In the remote possibility that it isn't Taylor you want, but me, come to Slip H101 at Marina Del Ray before our yacht departs. The name of the ship is LEGEND. As always, I long for and want you. More than anything, I pray for your happiness. I love you Ridge - I will always love you........ " Ridge thinks aloud that Brooke is making the biggest mistake of his life - thoughts that are overheard by Thorne, who walks in. If that's the way you feel, then do something about it, Thorne urges. Ridge tells Thorne to lay off, but Thorne says he won't - this isn't just about him and Brooke, who Thorne believes Ridge loves, but about the whole family. If Ridge doesn't do something now, the entire family will face tragedy when Brooke marries Grant.

At the mansion, Stephanie tells Eric, who arrives for the party, about her conversation with Brooke. Eric is a little unsure about what this means - he doesn't know what to make of the fact that Brooke is really going to marry Grant. Stephanie points out they have other things to worry about, like their son's wedding that they are here to celebrate. Eric admires Stephanie's efforts and energy in putting the party together - she's really gone all out. Lauren then arrives, dressed in a sexy black number that she is practically falling out of; when Steph steps away to see to some other preparations, Lauren and Eric engage in a little flirting. He leans over and is about to kiss her - but, they stop when they hear Stephanie returning to the room.

At Forrester, Taylor comes to get Ridge for the party. He says he is ready and they prepare to make their exit. However, as Ridge walks away from his desk, he picks up Brooke's note and sticks it in his pocket.

At Brooke's house, Beth tells Brooke it's a mistake marrying Grant, and begs her daughter to reconsider. Grant is a nice man, but she doesn't think Brooke loves him. Brooke then tells her mother about the note she left for Ridge, and that she believes Ridge will act on it. What if he doesn't, Beth asks? If that happens, Brooke tells her mother, then she will accept marriage with Grant - she does not want to be lonely, sitting by watching while Ridge and Taylor build a life together. She has been through that once and refuses to do it again.

Grant than arrives, and Beth tells the "happy" couple that she hopes they know what they're doing. Grant assures her that they do. Beth leaves, and Grant asks Brooke candidly if she is still counting on Ridge doing something to stop them. No, she explains, she isn't counting on it - but she still has a hope that Ridge will arrive. Shortly after, Brooke is alone as she looks at the "family" picture of her, Ridge and the kids. Holding the photo tight, she tearfully says, "Come on, Ridge - you have to come through for us."

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