Bold and the Beautiful - The Week In Review

February, 1996

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Week of 2/5/96

Stephanie confronts Sheila and tells her that she is watching her like a hawk and trying to collect enough evidence to send Sheila back to prison. Sheila knows about the paternity test and Stephanie wonders if it is because she planted the letter. Sheila insists she had nothing to do with the letter. Bridget visits Eric at Forrester and Taylor worries that Eric may be setting himself up for heartache convincing himself that Bridget is his daughter. Stephanie goes to Brooke's office and begins rummaging through her desk looking for evidence that Brooke paid Dr. Peters $1 million. James comes in and cannot believe what he is seeing. James thinks Stephanie is carrying it too far as Brooke enters and realizes what Stephanie is up to. James leaves as Brooke tells Stephanie she has had enough of her and wants her to leave the building. Stephanie and Brooke have it out, with Stephanie reciting a list of terrible things that Brooke has done. Stephanie knows that Brooke will lose Ridge if the tests prove Eric is Bridget's father. Taylor promises Ridge she will be there for Eric when the results come back and they show that Ridge is the father. Brooke sees Ridge embrace Taylor as they finish their discussion. Ridge leaves and Brooke enters, ready to blast Taylor. Brooke accuses Taylor of hoping the paternity tests prove Eric to be Bridget's father and even accuses her of writing the letter. Taylor tells Brooke that she is really starting to lose it. Ridge talks to Stephanie and asks her to make more of an effort to accept Brooke if for no other reason than out of respect for him. Stephanie knows how much Ridge loves Brooke and hopes the paternity tests don't disappoint him. Maggie gets Dylan to admit he still has feelings for Jessica. Maggie suspects that Jessica still has feelings for him and hopes that they can work things out. Sly pressures Jessica into going to a beach party. Dylan admits to Michael that he still has feelings for Jessica. Dylan confronts Sly and tells him that he is going after Jessica and may the best man win. Jessica goes to see Dylan but runs into Michael wearing a negligee, giving every indication that she and Dylan are very much in love. Jessica tells Sly that she will be at the beach party. Maggie apologizes to Sheila for running out on her at the Insomnia. They arrange to meet again. Maggie feels sympathy for Sheila's lack of friends and gives her a private number at the Forrester's. Sheila likes what is taking shape. Maggie and James arrange a dinner together. Maggie is going to cook for James at his place. Maggie does not understand James' attraction to her, thinking he must feel superior. James says that is not true -- he invites her to go on a trip with him. Maggie is flattered, but will not leave town because of Jessica.

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Week of 2/12/96

Everyone is anxiously awaiting the results of Bridget's paternity test. Lauren goes to Taylor and tells her she is certain the letter was authentic. She is surprised when Taylor does not agree, considering what she has to gain. Taylor does not see it that way. She advises Lauren to stay away from Ridge if the test results prove Eric to be the father. Taylor fantasizes later that Ridge comes to her after the reading of the paternity test results show Eric to be Bridget's father. Ridge and Brooke try to console each other through the turmoil. Stephanie tells Eric that if the test show Eric is the father, they should get a lawyer and take Brooke's children away from her. James goes to see Taylor and advises her not to set herself up for hurt. Dr. Benson calls -- the test results are in. Brooke is incredibly tense at Dr. Benson's office. Stephanie reminds her of her promise to welcome her into the family should the test prove that Ridge is definitely the father. Ridge regrets ever agreeing to the test. Dr. Benson tells them that there can be no doubt that the tests are accurate. Eric is Bridget's father. The first test was tainted. Brooke is in a state of disbelief and tells Ridge that the test results are a lie. Stephanie tries to comfort Ridge, but he is beyond comforting. He needs answers and leaves. Left alone, Eric and Stephanie are awash with fear. Eric cannot believe Brooke actually bribed Dr. Peters but can find no other explanation. Brooke goes in and out of shock and panic. She refuses to believe that Ridge is not Bridget's father. Ridge arrives and tells Beth he wants to be alone with Brooke. Ridge demands to know how this happened. Brooke tells Ridge she has no explanation other than the test results must be wrong. Ridge reminds her it was done three times -- no way the results were wrong. Brooke suggests they do the test again in another hospital. Ridge tells her the test was accurate and they have to live with it. He's in the worst pain he has ever felt and cannot discuss their future together. Brooke is devastated. Sly invites Jessica to a beach party to get her drunk. He plans to make love to her on the beach and try to get her pregnant to force her to marry him. His plans fall through when Jessica refuses to play along and he gets drunk and passes out attempting to seduce her. Meanwhile, Dylan confides in Maggie the he still has feelings for Jessica and wants to rekindle their romance. Michael tells Dylan that Jessica came to see him but that she led Jessica to believe that she and Dylan were involved in a heavy romance. Dylan leaves, determined to find Jessica. When he does not find her at home, Dylan and Maggie wonder where she could be. Sheila hears from Mike that the paternity test results are in. He suspects Sheila of planting the letter and Sheila suspects Mike of doing it. Either way, she knows Brooke will need a friend and intends to be there for her.

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Week of 2/19/96

Brooke tells Beth the wedding is off. Brooke swears she had nothing to do with the letter or the results of the paternity test. Ridge and Eric are both distraught. Eric feels he has been robbed of his daughter's life while Ridge is unable to accept that Bridget is not his daughter. Eric goes to see Brooke and confronts her with the way he is feeling and his suspicions about her involvement. Eric wants to know how Brooke was so certain all this time that Bridget was not his daughter. Brooke says it was wishful thinking. Eric does not know if he will ever forgive her. James tells Taylor about the results of the paternity test. Ridge arrives at Taylor's house to ask to her help. Sally pays a visit to Stephanie, expressing concern for Brooke and telling her about Mike's threats against Brooke. Sally wants to know what is going on but Stephanie will not confide in her, saying that she could never trust her. Eric tells Brooke that she had better stay the hell out of his life. Brooke is devastated. Sheila arrives to offer Brooke support. Taylor tells Ridge that he can still be a part of Bridget's life, but Ridge knows it will never be the same. Ridge goes back to his office looking like hell. Eric visits and tells Ridge he wants him to continue to play a part in Bridget's life. He begs Ridge not to pull away from them. Sheila tells Brooke that Eric and Ridge do not care about her anymore; they only care about Bridget. She thinks that Brooke should move away, then offers to let Brooke and the kids stay with her. Brooke refuses. Lauren visits Ridge to express how sorry she is for him; Bridget calls and tells Ridge she misses him. Ridge goes home where Brooke offers to help him through all this. He recoils from her touch. He tells her about Bridget's phone call and says that he has to do what is right. Bridget enters and asks if they are still getting married. Sheila plays Mike the tape of him "confessing" to planting the letter in Brooke's house and murdering Dr. Peters, telling him to get out of town. James and Lauren still think Sheila may somehow be responsible for the paternity test results. Lauren sees Taylor who warns her to be appropriate where Ridge is concerned. Lauren goes to see Sheila and warns her that Brooke will hate her forever if she finds out Sheila was responsible for the pain she is suffering. Jessica, much to the surprise of Dylan and Michael, thinks up a plan to make Sly pay for trying to get her pregnant at the beach party.

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Week of 2/26/96

Eric and Stephanie arrive at Brooke's house to invite Bridget, Rick and Ridge on an outing, leaving Brooke feeling very left out and alone. Ridge is not confident that he and Brooke will be able to work through what has happened. Brooke tells Beth she feels that she has lost Ridge for good this time. Beth wants Brooke to return to Paris with her for a while and work through this. Ridge tells Stephanie he wants to be strong for Brooke but does not know if he can. Stephanie tells him to cut his losses with Brooke; she just wants to see him happy again and Brooke has brought him nothing but pain. Sheila calls Brooke and invites her over. Stephanie interrupts the phone call as she stops by Brooke's house to advise her to get out of town. Brooke wants to stay to prove her innocence. Stephanie agrees to have the letter analyzed for authenticity. Brooke explains that she cannot find the letter. Beth enters as Stephanie is accusing Brooke of deliberately misplacing the letter. She tells Brooke that this is the last straw and to get out of town. Beth tells Stephanie that she has no right to attack Brooke and that they are booked to leave tonight for Paris but that Brooke will be back in a few days. Brooke wants to say good-bye to her children and Stephanie agrees to arrange it. Sheila calls and Brooke tells her that she is going to Paris. Eric brings the kids to Brooke's to say good-bye and to pick up their suitcases. Sheila goes to the Forresters' house and confronts Stephanie. Sheila defends Brooke as a good mother; she tells Stephanie to go to Brooke and tell her not to leave town. Stephanie reminds Sheila that she could be thrown back in jail for violating parole and Sheila leaves. Ridge is surprised that Brooke is leaving town at this crucial time. Brooke tells Ridge she does not want to leave he and the kids and wishes he would give her a reason to stay, but he cannot. Brooke leaves for Paris, full of doubts and fears for the future of her family. Stephanie tells Maggie to get the guest rooms ready, hoping Eric and the kids will stay with her. Ridge is devastated watching Eric with Bridget, despite Eric's statement that he wants Ridge to be an active part of Bridget's life. He arrives at Taylor's house looking like hell. He tells her that he feels out of control with his anger and hurt. She promises to help him. Taylor asks James to help her prevent Lauren from seducing Ridge. James wonders how objective Taylor can really be in this situation. Taylor honestly believes she can be objective.

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