Bold and the Beautiful - The Week In Review

January, 1996

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Week of 1/2/96

After much persuading from Sheila, Mike steals a wedding invitation from Megan's desk. Sheila is convinced that Brooke wants her at the wedding and tells Mike that Brooke would never allow Stephanie to have her thrown back in prison for attending. Megan calls Brooke and tells her that Mike may have leaked information to Sheila about the location of the wedding. A desperate Brooke heads to see Sheila and put a stop to their association. Brooke confronts Sheila about her plans to attend the wedding; Sheila denies knowing the wedding's location until Brooke spots the invitation in Sheila's house. Sheila confesses that Mike brought it to her. Brooke tells Sheila that they are not dear friends and to stay out of her life. Sheila is devastated. Mike comes to comfort her and swears to get revenge on Brooke for her treatment of Sheila. Brooke tells Megan that Mike's job is history. Taylor and Ridge speculate Stephanie's involvement with the stuck elevator. Taylor tells Ridge that she loves him enough to hope that he is happy with Brooke since that is what he wants. The elevator begins working again. Ridge tells Brooke about being stuck in the elevator with Taylor and that he suspects his mother might have had something to do with it. Brooke is furious. Stephanie visits Taylor who tells her that the elevator incident was not funny because of the claustrophobia. Stephanie feels badly but Taylor does admit that being trapped in the elevator with Ridge gave her a chance to reach out to him. Stephanie mentions the rose in Brooke's office again and Taylor says she thinks it may be from Sheila. Stephanie is enraged with the prospect of Brooke having contact with Sheila and Taylor tries to placate her. Stephanie speculates that Ridge does not know about this and that it will probably break up their wedding. Ridge pays a visit in her office and Taylor tells Ridge that Stephanie is very upset with Brooke because Brooke saw Sheila. Ridge is shocked. Taylor assumed that Ridge knew. Ridge is furious. Stephanie blasts Brooke for seeing Sheila. Brooke retaliates and tries to kick Stephanie out of her office. Ridge comes in and tells Brooke that she deserves every ounce of his mother's wrath. Brooke is shocked. Jessica speculates excitedly about marrying Sly. Maggie talks to her and, not knowing that she is already engaged to him, tells her that Sly is a nice enough guy but not someone Jessica should be serious about. Michael warns Jasmine to stay away from Sly but Jasmine has other ideas. Jasmine is shocked when Sly tells her that he is engaged to Jessica. She lets him know she is on to him and knows he thinks he can get ahead by marrying Jessica but he is always going to like bad girls like her.

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Week of 1/8/96

Stephanie tells Lauren and James that Brooke saw Sheila and that she thinks this may break up Ridge and Brooke. Brooke tries to explain to Ridge why she saw Sheila but Ridge tells Brooke that he is not sure if he can trust her anymore; irreparable damage has been done to the relationship. Brooke begs him to put it behind them, but Ridge does not know if he can. James goes to see Sheila. She tells him that Mike was very upset by Brooke's treatment of her. She thinks he is out to seek revenge and that James should go over to Forrester and make sure that Brooke is okay. Mike goes to see Brooke. Ridge goes to the steam room to compose himself and Lauren is there. She asks him to make love to her and they kiss. Ridge breaks from the kiss and tells Lauren that this cannot happen because of his engagement. Lauren tells him that he will not be happy with Brooke. Ridge tells Lauren he may have overreacted; that he loves Brooke and wants it to work. He leaves Lauren in the steam room looking after him wistfully. Mike threatens Brooke telling her to invite Sheila to the wedding. She goes to call security, he pulls the phone cord from the wall. Megan arrives with security and Mike's gun goes off in the scuffle. Ridge hears the gunshot in the hallway and runs to Brooke's office as James arrives. Ridge holds Brooke, relieves that she is okay. Brooke apologizes to Ridge who tells her he just wants the two of them to be completely honest with one another and they will have a wonderful life together. Mike threatens Sally, demanding payment for the theft of Forrester designs. Sally tells Mike she does not have it and she is not afraid of him. Mike tells Sally what happened to Brooke and to watch her back. Thorne gets an audition with Tommy Tune for "Grease." Eric and Maggie discuss plans for the wedding reception at Eric's. Jessica and Sly are at Eric's for a swim and jacuzzi. Maggie tells Eric she is concerned about Sly and Jessica. Brooke tells Beth that Sheila is out on parole and is out to ruin her life. Lauren and Stephanie discuss Lauren's steam room incident with Taylor and Taylor tells Lauren she went too far. Stephanie is determined to stop the marriage. Mike tells Sheila she has to get even with Brooke. Beth goes to Eric's house and they discuss Brooke and Ridge. Maggie runs into Sheila at the Insomnia. Mike arrives. Rick goes to Catalina with Ridge and then Rick agrees to be best man at the wedding. Ridge finds an old letter addressed to Brooke which stuns and shocks him.

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Week of 01/15/96

Ridge is shocked when he discovers a letter written by Dr. Peters, who performed Bridget's paternity test. He confronts Brooke with it and she is shocked and claims to have never seen it before. Ridge does not believe her. Stephanie and James discuss the wedding and the fact that Stephanie will do anything to stop it. She knows all Brooke has to do is slip up once. Beth Logan visits Stephanie bringing a gift as a peace offering. Stephanie is unwilling to bury the hatchet because she will never accept Brooke as part of the family. Brooke, convinced that someone is trying to destroy her, takes the letter and leaves. James visits with Taylor and she tells him the most significant moment in her life was the reading of the results of Bridget's paternity test. Brooke arrives at Stephanie's and confronts her with the letter. Stephanie tells her that she does not know what the letter is. Brooke does not believe her. Stephanie blames Brooke for the letter, kicks her out of the house and tells her that she is going to do anything to have the kids taken away because Brooke is not fit enough to be their mother. Brooke leaves in a fury. Ridge says that it is absurd. Ridge and Brooke go to see Dr. Peters only to discover that she has been killed in an apparent mugging the night before. They ask to see a copy of her signature. It matched the one on the letter. Ridge wants to ignore the letter but can't yet. In a moment of tenderness, Brooke watches as Ridge tells Bridget the story of how she was born and named after both of her parents. Clearly he has claimed Bridget as his own. Brooke is overwhelmed with emotion. Tommy Tune offers Thorne the role in "Grease." Macy tells Thorne she cannot go -- she has to stay and help Sally at Spectra. Thorne turns down the role but Macy goes after Tommy Tune, telling him that Thorne will accept the part -- she will not let him pass it up. Lauren drops in on Sheila and tells her that she does not believe she has changed and that she is going to be watching her like a hawk. Jessica and Sly have breakfast with Dylan and Michael while Jasmine sunbathes on the deck of the apartment. Dylan and Michael are both openly suspicious of Sly's interest in Jessica, sensing sexual tension between Jasmine and Sly. They imply that Sly is after Jessica for the Forrester money. Jasmine and Sly have an intimate meeting in the apartment bathroom. When Sly returns, Jessica and Sly depart, but not before Jessica declares her intent to marry Sly.

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Week of 1/22/96

Stephanie remains convinced that Brooke is guilty of paying off Dr. Peters to guarantee the paternity test results. Ridge believes Bridget is his daughter and that this is nothing but a sick hoax. Ridge tells Stephanie about the matching signatures and Stephanie thinks that it proves that Brooke bribed Dr. Peters. It occurs to Ridge that Sheila might be behind all of this to get back at Brooke for rejecting her friendship. Sheila tells Ridge she had nothing to do with it. Ridge talks to Taylor about the letter and Taylor does not think Brooke could do something like this although she cannot be certain. Beth asks Brooke if there is any truth to the letter. Brooke is upset and says she feels like Ridge is the only one that believes in her. Brooke tells Ridge she will call off the wedding if he has any suspicions of her at all. Ridge tells Brooke he knows that she is not responsible. Stephanie calls a family meeting and at it, she tells Eric about the letter. Eric cannot believe that there is a chance that Bridget is his child. Stephanie thinks that they should postpone the wedding until the paternity tests can be repeated. Brooke cannot believe that Eric believes all of this garbage. Eric explains that an issue has been raised and he thinks it should be put to rest the only way it can be -- by performing another paternity test. Brooke is furious at Stephanie for opening this can of worms. Stephanie promises to embrace Brooke as a member of the family if the test prove Ridge to be the father. Eric feels they are doing the right thing and they agree to meet the next day for the tests. Brian drops by Sheila's and tells her she could have gone back to prison for contacting Brooke. Sly continues to play games with Jasmine while romancing Jessica. Jessica tells her mother that she is engaged to Sly and Maggie states that she is much too young to be engaged. Jessica calls off the engagement and Sly becomes enraged. He quickly recovers and convinces Jessica that he will wait until she is ready because she is the only one for him. Macy stands up for Sally when the cops come to question her about the stolen Forrester designs. Macy begins to show some of her mother's energy and determination to build Spectra back up as Sally remains despondent. Macy begins to formulate a plan involving an alliance with Lauren Fenmore.

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Week of 1/29/96

Ridge and Brooke postpone the wedding; Eric arranges for the paternity tests. Ridge tells Taylor about the postponement and she wonders why they are retaking the paternity tests. Ridge explains that they want the issue put to rest. Everyone goes to get tested. Brooke verbally attacks Stephanie for putting everyone through this. Stephanie thought Brooke would appreciate a chance to prove her innocence. Ridge and Eric discuss the ramifications of the test. After the tests, Brooke is depressed at having to postpone the wedding. Eric and Taylor discuss how the test results could impact everyone's lives. Ridge comes home and finds Brooke in tears. He suggests they need some time alone and they go up to the cabin. Brooke readily agrees. Ridge and Brooke have a wonderfully romantic time at Big Bear and wish they never had to return and could start their lives over again. Macy calls Lauren and asks her to come by Spectra after Sally tells her that she cannot keep the company afloat any longer. Lauren agrees to come by. Macy gives Lauren a tour of Spectra and introduces her to Dylan. Lauren is intrigued. Macy tells Lauren she has a proposal for her. She offers Lauren a chance to design her own collection -- with her name on it -- for Spectra. Lauren agrees to think it over. Lauren goes back to Forrester and talks to Eric who tells her that it would not be possible to have her name on clothing created for Forrester, that only the Forrester name goes on their clothes. Macy sends a gift basket to the guest house for Lauren with Dylan as the delivery boy. Dylan brings Lauren back to Spectra to see Macy. Lauren admits Eric would not give her her own label, but that her loyalties are still with him and therefore she must refuse the offer. Macy remains undaunted. Mike Gunthrie finds out about the paternity tests and passes the news on to Sheila. They recall the day Sheila tried switching the labels on the blood vials. Sheila runs into Maggie again at the Insomnia and they strike up another conversation. Sheila finds out that Maggie is a Forrester and is stunned. Maggie invites Sheila to the mansion and Sheila tells Maggie who she is. Maggie is equally stunned and leaves the coffee house. Sly brings Jessica to a special evening at the ranch where he tries to convince her to sleep with him. Jessica tells Sly that she is not ready to make love to him. She thanks him for understanding and lets it slip out that she will be ovulating in a couple of days. Sly intends to sleep with her in order to get her pregnant so she will have to marry him.

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