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June, 1996

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Week of 6/3/96

Up at the cabin in Big Bear, Brooke informs Ridge that Stephanie is on her way to return the children to Los Angeles. Ridge questions why Stephanie has to come up to the cabin - can’t they just bring the kids back themselves. Brooke agrees, but feels that the best thing is to do things Stephanie’s way. However, she adds that she is meeting with a lawyer tomorrow to start action on getting custody of her children back. With Stephanie coming, Brooke points out that there is no need for Ridge to remain. He is unsure, but after she reminds him Stephanie would never do anything in front of the children, he returns to L.A. Brooke then explains to the children that they are going back to Los Angeles, but that they won’t be able to live together for a while. Eventually, she assures them, they will all live together as a family once again. But until then, she explains, mommy has to get better. She promises to visit the children every day.

Stephanie, in the meantime, is driving up to the cabin. She calls Lt. Conran on her cell phone, and reminds him of her instructions on how she wants things handled. Conran tells her that he is on his way with an officer from the Sheriff’s Department, and that everything will continue as planned. Stephanie then calls Eric, informing him that she’s on her way to the cabin to pick up the kids. Eric is surprised Stephanie left without saying anything, and asks if the kids are OK. Stephanie says they are, and that she will bring them back tonight. Eric wishes he were there, but since Stephanie is 2/3 of the way up to the cabin, there is no point. Eric reminds his ex-wife to keep a cool head, as Stephanie continues on her way.

Back in L.A., Maggie reveals to James that she had to pull Stephanie and Sheila apart in the living room earlier as it appeared that Stephanie was trying to strangle Sheila. James is concerned, seeing how Stephanie would react so violently. Maggie then tells him that Stephanie has gone to collect the children - and that Stephanie has called the police. James is glad Brooke has been found and the children are safe, but he worries that the police presence at the cabin could get out of hand. Maggie says Stephanie would never allow that to happen, but James is unsure.

Meanwhile, Ridge returns to L.A. and goes to see Eric. Eric is still coming down on Brooke, even though he is glad the kids are safe. Ridge then reminds Eric of how well he knows Brooke, and that she would never harm the kids. After all, if Brooke really wanted to run away, why go somewhere as obvious as Big Bear? Eric reluctantly agrees. Ridge then tells his father that he is going to do everything he can to make sure that Brooke has full custody of her children, and to make sure nothing like their recent problems happens again.

Stephanie arrives at the cabin, and meets Lt. Conran and Officer Santo outside. Steph announces her intention to go in first and get the children, but Conran is uncertain. Seeing how determined she is, Conran wishes her luck. Stephanie then enters the cabin, and is surprised to see Ridge is not there. Not wanting to waste any time, she collects the children and leaves with them, heading for Los Angeles. After Stephanie leaves the cabin, Conran comes to the door. Brooke invites him and the officer in, and Conran announces to Brooke that she is being arrested for kidnapping. A horrified Brooke realizes that Stephanie must be behind this, as she is handcuffed by the officer.

Stephanie returns to the mansion with the kids, where Eric and Maggie are waiting for them. The kids reassure Eric that Brooke is feeling fine and tell Eric about all the fun they had, but Eric reminds them that their mother needs to see a doctor anyway. Bridget spots Stephanie rubbing her head. Once again, Stephanie tries to hide her pain, assuring everyone she’s fine. When Eric asks how everything went, she says it went fine, failing to tell him about the arrest of Brooke.

At the cabin, Conran reads a shocked Brooke her rights as he handcuffs her and places her under arrest. When they arrive at the Los Angeles police station, she is booked on charges of kidnapping, fingerprinted and sent to the lockup. She asks if she can make a phone call - Conran informs her that she can make her one phone call in the morning, after she has been questioned.

Lauren comes to see Ridge - she heard he was around, and she hasn’t seen him since they parted company in Barbados. He assures her that he and Brooke are back together again and adds that things couldn't be better. In fact, he has some special plans that Lauren could help him with. A jeweler enters Ridge’s office; Ridge has called him so he can pick out an engagement ring. Lauren looks on as the jeweler shows Ridge some fine selections - but the one that impresses him (and Lauren) the most is a 17.4 Carat gem that has Lauren’s eyes popping out of her head. Ridge chooses that one, and heads for Brooke’s home - but when he gets there, he finds Brooke is still not there and wonders where she is.

Meanwhile, back at the Forrester mansion, Eric comes in to the kitchen to talk some more with Stephanie. Eric is extremely concerned when he finds that Stephanie has passed out on the kitchen counter.

At Spectra fashions, an excited Sally is almost beyond words when Clarke shows off two of his new designs for Spectra. He claims that she brings out his artistic creativity - in fact, he probably has enough in him for several collections. Clarke insists that he's doing the best he can to earn the respect and love of his son. He kisses Sally, who then leaves. Back in his office, Clarke finds a down-in-the-dumps Darla who confides how lonely she feels, wondering aloud why no man wants her. Maybe the problem is the men she’s seeing, Clarke suggests. They just want her for her looks in her body, but what she needs is someone who really appreciates her for what she is inside. Where can she find a guy like that, Darla wonders. Maybe right here, Clarke says as he leans towards Darla. Darla is unsure, because of Clarke’s past, but Clarke assures her he’s a changed man. You better mean that, Darla warns, as the two of them kiss.

Maggie and James share an evening of champagne by the Forrester pool to celebrate the kids’ return, the fact that things are going so well with Jessica, and most of all, their growing relationship. As they dance near the pool, Eric watches them from the terrace above and is interrupted by Taylor. She came to see how the kids are doing - Eric tells her the kids are asleep. Taylor asks how Eric himself is, and he says he’s holding up. The two of them watch James and Maggie, staring at the stars and dancing. Maggie tells James she used to feel like a star - it looks so free, but it’s trapped in one place in space all the time. Now, however, it’s the same stars, but a different life. As Taylor and Eric look on, Eric admits that he's a bit jealous of what Maggie and James seem to have. Eric apologizes for his melancholy, but Taylor reveals that she's also lonely. Ridge was her soulmate, and now that he has chosen to be with Brooke, she doesn’t even know if there is such a thing anymore. Eric says he used to think the same way, until something changed that, alluding to his brief relationship with Taylor. Taylor admits to thinking about it sometimes, but it couldn’t work - Eric is Stephanie’s ex and Ridge’s father. Still, Eric insists, Taylor deserves to be happy.

Just then, Lauren arrives to see the kids - she figured they would be there for the big event. Eric asks what Lauren is referring to, and she tells him about the engagement ring Ridge just picked out for Brooke. Seeing the look on Taylor’s face, Lauren realizes the blunder she has made. She leaves, as Eric remains with Taylor. She starts to wonder - what if the plane hadn’t gone down, or if Brooke hadn’t disappeared, requiring Ridge to rescue her. Eric says he’s played the same game, wondering what would have happened if he always knew Bridget was his. But you can’t rewrite the past, he tells a tearful Taylor. He tells her she has to move on, as she continues to cry.

As Sheila reads about the effects of mercury poisoning on a person, Grant comes by for a visit. Chatting over coffee, she asks how things are going at Forrester for him. Grant mentions that he’s finally met Ridge, who seems like an OK guy - although he has a lot of problems right now. Sheila inquires if that is because of Brooke. Grant is astonished to hear Sheila mention Brooke - he thought she didn’t know any of the Forresters personally. Sheila then informs him that she is Brooke’s best friend. Grant is even more surprised - and then asks Sheila what she thinks of Stephanie. Of course, Stephanie is not Sheila’s favorite person, because of what she’s doing to Brooke. Grant then has to go to work, but Sheila convinces him to stay with a kiss.

Taylor pays James a surprise visit, as he’s looking over some items that might give him insight into Stephanie’s condition. He can’t understand why she doesn’t see a doctor for as many tests as possible, given her recent behavior. Taylor agrees, stating that she’s tried to get Stephanie to listen to that same advice, to no avail. James suggests that Taylor try and do something, but Taylor tells him that wouldn’t work - she’s leaving town for awhile to try and get her life back in order. James asks if she needs closure in her life, and Taylor says that’s exactly what she hopes to find. She reveals that she needs to get away from Ridge and not just for a long weekend. She’s going to get out of L.A., with no particular destination in mind. She’ll just get into her car and drive, headed anywhere but west. James is upset to hear that she will leave tonight - but he points out that before she leaves, she has to face Ridge one last time.

Ridge awakens in his living room and realizes that Brooke never came home. He calls Eric, to see if he knows where Brooke is, but Eric hasn’t heard from her. Maybe she stayed at the cabin, Ridge guesses.

Bridget tries to wake up Stephanie but her “grandmother” won't move at first. From Stephanie’s viewpoint, she can see and hear Bridget - but it seems more like a dream than reality. Stephanie finally awakens, but she is groggy. She sends Bridget to find Maggie and get dressed, and Bridget makes Stephanie promise not to fall asleep again. However, the little girl is frightened and runs to get Eric's help. Eric interrupts a call to Trish about some appointments and accompanies Bridget. When Eric arrives, he finds Stephanie having convulsions. Sending Bridget to stay with Maggie and Rick, Eric quickly calls the hospital and Dr. Benson, to tell them Stephanie needs to be brought to the hospital immediately.

Ridge calls the cabin to see where she is but no one answers. Taylor arrives and sees something is wrong. Ridge shares his concerns with her. Could she have gone for a walk, Taylor asks. Ridge is unsure - but Taylor interrupts to tell him the reason she is there. She announces that she is going away just to get over her feelings for him.

In jail Brooke is tormented by her cell mates who sense that she doesn't belong there. Come and get me, Brooke dares them - I’ve already been to hell and back, so there’s nothing you can do to me. Hearing the shouting, Lieutenant Conran arrives. He releases Brooke from her cell and tells her she can have her phone call now. She calls Ridge at the office but Trish says he isn’t in. Brooke is about to try another number when Conran emphasizes that she isn’t going to be allowed to call all over the world - shouldn’t she be calling her lawyer? Conran allows just one more call, so Brooke calls Sheila. Sheila breaks from her kiss with Grant to answer, and is shocked to learn that Brooke is in jail. Leaving an astonished Grant standing there, Sheila rushes off to the jail.

Ridge is shocked to hear that Taylor intends to leave town in order to get over him. He asks her to stay. She asks him why he wants her to remain - because he needs her? Ridge replies that yes, he needs her - as does Brooke and the kids, with everything that’s going on. Taylor concedes that Brooke will need help after what she has been through - but considering that he is about to give Brooke an engagement ring, she’s the wrong person to offer that help. Taylor insists that she must get away if she’s ever going to move on with her life and get over him. He and Brooke will benefit from her absence, and she’ll be able to start getting on with her life. Will she return, Ridge asks. She replies that she will return, when she’s ready.

Sheila rushes to jail to see Brooke. With the barrier separating them, Sheila asks the weary Brooke how this could happen. Brooke angrily tells the story of how she was arrested for kidnapping - and how she believes that Stephanie had to be responsible. But right now, what she needs is Ridge, and she couldn’t find him at the office. Sheila offers to find Ridge for Brooke but vows to make Stephanie pay for what she has done. In fact, she’s already paying. Brooke is unsure what exactly that means as Sheila goes to find Ridge.

Dr. Benson examines a disoriented Stephanie after Eric brings her to the hospital. She explains that she suffered some kind of seizure that prevented her from getting up and talking. She also admits that she's been hallucinating. When she angrily reacts to his question of whether she took any "recreational" drugs in the past, Dr. Benson suggests that she see a psychiatrist which sets his patient off on a bitter tirade. Stephanie grabs her clothes and storms out.

Sheila hurries to Ridge's place. Seeing his father’s ex-wife, Ridge tries to put her off. “I don’t have time for this, Sheila,” he tells her. But Sheila insists that he’ll make the time and walks into the living room. She then tells him that Brooke is in jail - arrested for kidnapping her own kids. Ridge shakes his head in disbelief - he can’t imagine that his mother would do that to Brooke. He then rushes out of the house, leaving Sheila standing there. Shortly after, Ridge rushes to the jail to try to spring his jailed fiancee. Like Sheila before, he’s forced to speak to her through one of those glass barriers. The sight of Brooke imprisoned stuns Ridge, as he says “oh, Logan!”

Taylor cleans her office, putting a few last things into a box. As she goes through her things, she finds an invitation to her wedding, which sparks her memories of the past. From the time Ridge followed her to that tropical paradise, to his proposal (with the ring in the box in the sand), through their entire relationship, we see highlights of Taylor and Ridge’s life together. The memories end, as she puts the invitation away. “I’ll be back, Ridge,” she announces, as she exits her office. She turns off the light, leaving nothing but boxes, and memories, behind.

[Note: - several sources have mentioned a scene right before this, where Taylor bids Grant goodbye. I don’t know about all parts of the country, but this did not air in NY. Why TPTB omitted it is a mystery.]

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Week of 6/10/96

Ridge is almost in tears as he sees Brooke in jail, separated by a glass partition. She explains how and why she was arrested and that she believes that Stephanie was behind it. Ridge can’t believe his mother would go to such lengths. Brooke desperately pleads for Ridge to do something - she needs to be out of jail. The children are going to think she’s abandoned them again, she insists, so she asks him to bring the children to her. Ridge tells her that he doesn’t think that’s the right thing to do - but what is the right thing is to find whoever is in charge and get Brooke out of there. Brooke pleads with him not to leave - if he does, they’ll just take her back to her cell again. As reassurance, Ridge surprises her by taking out the engagement ring that he bought for her. Brooke is stunned by the gem - but she’s taken back to her cell before things can go any further.

With James present, Jessica spills the beans to Lauren about her plans for Sly, admitting that she hopes to teach him a lesson that he will never forget. Lauren admires Jessica’s optimism and idealism, but she doubts that Jessica can change Sly. Of course, she can change him, Jessica insists - what good are we if we’re unable to do change who we are. Integrity and taking responsibility is important, she adds - noting that in that department, she has nothing to worry about with Dylan. Lauren then gives Jessica a bit of advice from her own experience; be wary of everyone she meets including the people closest to you - including Dylan. As Jessica prepares to leave, James commends her for what she’s tried to do with Sly. Once she’s gone, James asks Lauren why she had such harsh words for Jessica, but Lauren just gives him a bemused look.

Dylan is busy crunching the numbers for his tuition payments - he’s still $10,000 short of what he needs for the design academy. Unsure of how he is going to make it, an answer comes in the form of Lauren. She reminds him that she has the answers to all his monetary woes, if he just goes along with her offer. Dylan is unwilling to prostitute himself, and tells Lauren so in no uncertain terms. Lauren, however, is not ready to give up.

Sly is at the Bikini Bar, trying to deal with diapering the baby simulator. Jasmine approaches the bar with some orders, and is amused by Sly’s inability to deal with the doll. Sly wonders how he is supposed to deal with the "baby" and the bar at the same time, but Jasmine says he should have thought of that before he got Jessica pregnant. The "baby" begins to cry, and Sly desperately tires to get it to stop. Unable to find an off switch, he is about to take it apart as Jessica comes in.

Meanwhile, Rick and Bridget wait in Eric's office for a visit with their mother. Eric is worried when Brooke fails to show and admits to the kids that he doesn't know where she is. Eric asks Maggie to take care of the kids while he tries to find out what's going on. After Maggie leaves, Eric is surprised to see Sheila arrive. Sheila tells him that Brooke is in jail, thanks to Stephanie. Eric doesn't believe her. He orders her to leave - get out of my office, and out of my family's life, he demands. Just then James arrives, asking Eric if he's heard that Brooke has been arrested for kidnapping.

Macy fills in her mother about Stephanie's decision to have Brooke arrested. Sally can't believe it - it was one thing when Brooke was missing and no one knew where she was, but if she was coming back with the kids, why have her arrested? Darla interrupts with party favors, balloons and other assorted items for a party. Clarke and CJ arrive, and Clarke is curious what all the big fuss is for. He's informed that they're having a welcome back party for Saul. Knowing how Saul felt about Clarke, Sally wonders if Clarke should be there, but it's too late as Saul comes through the door. Saul is thrilled to see the lengths his friends went to for him, but it becomes shock when he finds Clarke present. Sally tries to convince him that Clarke has saved the company from bankruptcy but Saul warns that Clarke can never be trusted. After Clarke leaves, Saul cautions Sally, reminding her of everything Clarke did to her - and that he'll do again, given the chance. Unknown to them, Clarke is outside, and overhears it all.

Still with Dylan, Lauren suggestively hints that the only way he is going to pay his tuition is to agree to service her sexual needs. Dylan is still confused; why would a beautiful woman like her have to pay for sex? Lauren states that she likes to be in control and this assures it. She then takes out a check on her personal account for the $10,000. It's unsigned, but Dylan can change all that. Dylan is still unsure, but Lauren tells him to be at her place tomorrow night.

Jasmine alerts Sly to Jessica's arrival while he's smacking the crying simulator's head on the counter. He quickly cradles it and Jessica's amused. She then tells him she has been doing some baby shopping, and needs $200 to pay for his share. Sly asks why she can't get the money from the Forresters, and Jessica insists that she will not take any money from them. As she starts listing all of the things that they must pay for to have this baby, Jasmine sits there with a calculator. Michael arrives to see an astonished look on Sly's face as the costs mount. Sly runs out, apparently shocked, as Jessica tells Michael her plan is working.

Eric talks with James and Jonathan (his attorney) about Brooke and her arrest for kidnapping. James pleads with Eric - he has to know that Brooke does not belong in jail. By leaving her there, it could cost her her sanity. Jonathan disagrees - non-custodial parents can do rash things to get their children, telling James of another case he had where the custodial parent didn't see her kid for 6 years. Jail will insure that the same thing doesn't happen to Eric. Besides, it's the judge's decision as to what will happen, not Eric's. Eric can plead for leniency, James points out - and he tells Eric if he does not do just that, he will likely regret it. Eric only wants what is best for the children. James suggests that he be allowed to examine Brooke to determine her emotional and mental state. That way, he can better determine if Brooke is a danger, as Jonathan suggests, and report back to Eric. Jonathan has no objections, and Eric agrees to James' idea.

Brooke continues to be at odds with her cellmates. One of the women challenges Brooke, but Brooke is more than willing to fight back. They are broken up by a guard, who tells Brooke she has a visitor. She hopes its the kids, but quickly learns that it's an attorney, Pamela Geller. Brooke tries to get across to Pamela that she has to get out, and get her children back. Pamela advises Brooke that she will have to remain behind bars for the time being until a hearing can be held to determine what her bail will be. In addition, there is the possibility that, due to the seriousness of the charges, Brooke may not be allowed out at all until the trial. Brooke is horrified at this prospect - she needs to get out, she again stresses. Pamela asks what kind of terms Brooke is on with Eric, as a favorable relationship can help Brooke's case. Brooke is willing, if that's what it takes to get out. She'll have to find a way to get Eric to listen.

Brooke is returned to her cell, but soon has another visitor. Leaving her cellmates wondering how she rates all these visitors, she meets with James. James tells her why he's come, and Brooke can't believe that he wants to assess her mental condition. When James tries to show things from Eric's perspective, Brooke urges him to do whatever is necessary to make Eric see she's not unstable.

Ridge confronts a dazed Stephanie in her bedroom. How can she have Brooke arrested, he asks - especially when she specifically promised she wouldn't do so. As Ridge continues to question her, Stephanie hallucinates and imagines that Brooke is behind him, laughing at her. Ridge thinks Stephanie's mentioning Brooke's name is related to his conversation with her, unaware that his mother is seeing a taunting, laughing Brooke. Ridge tears into her about how she has destroyed the family. The hallucinations continue after Ridge storms out. Stephanie then calls Maggie for help in getting her to a hospital - a not to see Dr. Benson, but to a mental hospital.

With Taylor gone, Grant has agreed to house sit and moves into her beach house with Michael's assistance. Taylor called from somewhere on the road with the offer, Grant explains, and since the deal on his other house fell through, this is perfect timing. This leads Michael to ask about Taylor, and Grant admits that he's prepared to move on with his life and get past his feelings for Taylor. Michael reveals she has a bottle of champagne, to celebrate his new home - but she may not have much time, since Stephanie in the hospital. In fact, Grant might be needed to pitch in, as well. Sure enough, Michael leaves to tend to some Forrester business - and just after she leaves, Sheila arrives.

At the hospital, Stephanie meets with a psychiatrist, Dr. Lowney. She tells the doctor about all the things that have been happening to her - the dizziness, the inability to hold a train of thought, and most of all the hallucinations. She is extremely frightened that she may be losing her mind. There must be something they can do for her, to find the cause, Stephanie insists. Her doctor claims that they will find the cause, whether it is physical or mental. When Stephanie mentions that her son Ridge will take her home, Lowney points out that Thorne brought her. He suggests that they get down to solving her problem, and Stephanie goes to say goodbye to Thorne.

At Spectra, Macy shocks Sally with the news about Stephanie being taken to the hospital by Thorne. Sally wonders what could be wrong with her rival who is normally sharp as a tack. Stephanie just can't be insane, Sally insists - there must be something more.

Brooke tries to convince James that she is not deranged or unstable. She continues to try and convince him that she will not run off with the children - and pleads with him to get through to Eric. He'll do what he can, James promises.

Sheila lays into him for moving away from her without telling her. Grant can't understand her reaction, and is a little frightened by how upset she is. He's interrupted by a call from Michael - he's needed at Forrester, to handle a meeting in Stephanie's absence. Grant excuses himself, telling Sheila exactly why he has to leave. The mention of Stephanie in a mental hospital delights Sheila, who smiles at the joy of finally making Stephanie pay for what she has done to her friend Brooke. As they fade to a scene of a frightened Stephanie, sitting in a chair in the hospital, a cackling Sheila can be heard in the background.

At the Forrester home, Ridge tries to convince Bridget and Rick that Brooke is fine, and that they will see her very soon. He then leaves for the hearing - but before going to the courthouse, he stops by to see his father. Eric is meeting with Jonathan, who admits that he hopes Brooke is not granted bail. Ridge enters, and tells Jonathan to take a hike. Jonathan refuses to leave, and Eric proceeds to lecture his son for his gall. He's the victim here, not Brooke, Eric points out. Ridge again points out to his father that Brooke does not belong in jail, and asks Eric to speak on her behalf. Eric and Jonathan then depart for the courthouse.

Meanwhile, Brooke meets with her attorney Pamela again, hoping for some positive news. Pamela explains that her chances of being granted bail are 50/50 at best. Brooke probably won't do any prison time, because it's a first offense, but if the judge denies bail, it could be months until a trial. Brooke insists that she be able to talk to Eric before the hearing, to convince him to speak on her behalf, but Pamela says that won't be possible. The guard then interrupts to escort Brooke to the courthouse for her hearing.

Jessica is with her friends at the Bikini for a baby shower to celebrate her pregnancy. Only Michael and Maggie are aware that the shower is not for real, and Maggie is a little disturbed by having to deceive everyone. Jessica says she'll return the gifts afterwards, but it's necessary. When Sly stops by, he says his hellos but then explains that he's got a basketball game tonight and must leave. Jessica insists that he stay with her - after all, she and the baby are more important than drinking and b-ball with the boys. Sly starts to complain but reluctantly stays. Maggie spots him, looking like he would rather be elsewhere, and goes up to him. Sly tells her how this has interrupted his plans for the day. What about Jessica's plans, Maggie asks - for her life? Having a baby is a responsibility, and Sly better be ready for it, she lectures him. Grow up, little boy, is her final comment. Seeing the party ready to break up, Sly says goodbye, it's been fun - but he's not leaving Jessica behind to clean up, Jessica points out.

At the courthouse, Sheila tries to ask Eric to do the right thing by Brooke. Eric and Jonathan ignore her pleas. Ridge and Sheila take seats in the courtroom gallery waiting for the proceeding to begin. Jonathan, speaking for the victim (there's no D.A. present), asks the judge (the same one from the custody hearing), not to grant bail. Pamela tries to convince the judge that Brooke is not a threat. The judge then asks Eric if he believes Brooke might run off with the children again, and Eric says it's possible. No, Brooke cries out - she won't do it. She pleads with Eric not to allow this to happen - what about the children!

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Week of 6/17/96

Maggie stops by Dylan's place and he confesses that while his tuition money is due tomorrow, he doesn't have enough cash to pay for school. Maggie admires the way Dylan is doing all this to make his dream come true, and Dylan is pleased everyone is so behind him - especially Jessica. She's the one who he's doing all this for. They discuss the thing with Jessica and Sly, as Maggie wonders why she is doing it. Dylan supposes that it's because Sly is the big man around the beach, that everyone looks up to - and if he can be changed, it will get others to notice. Maggie's still unsure, but Dylan points out that if anyone can do it, Jessica can. Dylan then receives a call from Lauren, who asks if he's agreed to her offer to earn $10,000 in her bed. Dylan reluctantly states that he will be there.

After the baby shower, Sly lays into Jessica for ruining his day by forcing him to attend the party. Jessica is furious - she may have ruined his plans to go out drinking and playing, but he ruined her life by getting her pregnant. She can't believe his attitude - that's it, she is through with him. He then lays the blame for the pregnancy on Jessica, since she should have been using birth control. This only gets her madder - she can't marry someone like this. Seeing how Jessica has had it with him cause Sly to realize what he's done - he tries to salvage the situation by apologizing. The apology has little effect - Jessica has no interest in marrying Sly right now because of his lack of maturity and responsibility. He needs to grow up, if he wants to be her husband, she proclaims, as she storms out.

Jessica heads to Dylan's place. Dylan explains that he has to go out but assures her that he loves her madly. Jessica is upset, but she still reminds him he's always in her thoughts. She's so proud of the way he's fought for his dream. She thinks of the day in the future when this will al pay off for them. As she wishes him luck, Dylan leaves for his meeting with destiny.

Back in court, the judge reminds Pamela to keep Brooke from making any more outbursts. He then returns to questioning Eric, and Jonathan again makes his point that he believes Brooke should be denied bond. Based on what he's seen, the judge is ready to rule. He's interrupted - first by Ridge, who tries to convince the judge that he knows Brooke better than anyone and knows that she would never do anything to hurt Rick and Bridget. He's willing to take personal responsibility. if necessary. Brooke then asks to speak on her own behalf, and she admits that while she did have an emotional and mental breakdown, she is better now and ready to be a mother again. She then makes a request of the judge - if she is not granted bail, she wants to stay in jail, instead of a mental hospital. She can explain jail to her children about jail, but she does not want them to think her mother is crazy. This prompts Sheila to speak out, asking the judge to act on Brooke's behalf. She's been in a prison hospital, and she knows that isn't where Brooke belongs. With all these outbursts, the judge rules - he is denying bail, and keeping Brooke in Jail. Eric then speaks out. Listening to everything has made him realize that, even though what Brooke did was wrong, she would not harm her children. He speaks of the children's' reactions, and how imprisoning Brooke would be harmful to them as well. He asks that the charges be dropped. The judge hears Eric's words and does so, prompting a series of embraces between Eric, Ridge and Brooke. It's time to go home, Eric announces, and put this family back together.

Waiting for a chance to talk with Vince at the Hideaway, Dylan is approached by Brenda who hints that she can arrange some excitement for him on his night off. Dylan tells her to get a life and then announces to Vince. Vince and Brenda are both astonished - they thought Dylan needed the money for his design school. That problem is taking care of, Dylan tells them.

Jessica is at home, writing in her diary. She rights about what's happening with Sly, thinking that she is finally making progress. Moreover, she starts writing about Dylan - about how in love with him she is, and how proud. She's interrupted by a knock at the door - it's Lauren. Jessica talks about Dylan, in extremely glowing terms, as usual. However, Lauren says she can't stay long, because she has a big date tonight. But when Jessica asks who the lucky man is, Lauren keeps his identity a secret and lectures her about how men can hurt their friends.

Michael pays Grant a visit at his new place, entertaining him with a tea ceremony. He asks if she does things like this often, and she says she's done Oriental tea ceremonies before. This however, is a variation - one that includes a kiss. Noting the mess in the apartment, Michael wonders if Grant as ever considered hiring a maid. Not really, he says, since they're so impersonal. Her place is always so spotless, Michael claims - just ask her roommates. That brings an idea up; what if Michael would become his roommate, cooking and cleaning for him in lieu of paying rent? Grant likes the idea and agrees to give it some thought.

Over at Spectra, Saul (in Michael Fox's last appearance) remains upset that Clarke is back. Sally tries to make him see how the company would have been lost of Clarke hadn't come to their rescue, but Saul still isn't buying. Clarke stands outside, listening to the exchange - he then comes in and asks to speak to Saul alone. Clarke tries his best to convince Saul that he has changed. How can he prove it, he asks. Saul tells him he can do so by leaving, but Clarke can't do that; he's finally building a relationship with his son. Saul promises Clarke that he will not allow him to take advantage of Sally and CJ again.

Michael returns home after her visit with Grant and finds Jasmine there, worried about Dylan. She reveals that Dylan was acting strangely earlier before leaving, and can't shake the feeling that whatever Dylan is doing is a big mistake. Meanwhile, Dylan arrives at Lauren's place. A seductively dressed Lauren invites him in.

Over at the house, Brooke visits with her children. It's clear that the kids are happy to see their mother. As Brooke takes the kids to get ready for bed, Ridge thanks Eric for what he's done - but how did he get Stephanie to go along with it. Ridge is shocked with the news about Stephanie's hospitalization at Westhaven, a mental hospital. Brooke then comes back in, and she is equally astonished. Eric tells them about Stephanie's symptoms getting so bad that she had to go in for observation and treatment.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has a visitor in her hospital room; Sheila finds her enemy sitting and staring blankly. She then begins to taunt Stephanie and tries to make her believe that she is going insane. Am I even here, Sheila asks. Sheila begins to rub it in with Stephanie, pointing out how this is what she gets for her treatment of Brooke. Sheila asks, was it worth it? Stephanie reacts and becomes upset at everything Sheila is saying. She begs Sheila to leave, but Sheila refuses - until she hears a booming voice from the doorway. It's Sally, who proceeds to throw Sheila out. Sally then urges Stephanie to fight whatever has a hold of her. Sally even offers to do whatever she can to help her.

A worried Jasmine stops by Jessica's room and asks if she's heard from Dylan. Jessica states that he's at work tonight; it was his day off, but he had to earn the money for his tuition. Jasmine then reveals that Dylan quit his job today. Jessica is shocked and wonders what is going on with her boyfriend. Maybe he found another way to get the money, Jessie supposes. That's what Jasmine is afraid of.

At Lauren's place, Dylan sits down to a dinner Lauren has arranged for them. He doesn't seem to be eating, so Lauren suggests he try it - the food is really quite good. She hands him some champagne and suggests that they share a dance. As they dance, Lauren flirts with him and hints at what will come later. Dylan then shows off some of his moves from the hideaway, removing his shirt. This prompts Lauren to request that he escort her to the bedroom. He asks if she wants another dance, which prompts her to take out a check - the one for the $10,000. Now it's time for Dylan to earn his money.

Brooke bids her children goodbye - she doesn't want to leave them, but she'll see them every day. As Ridge sees them to bed, Eric thanks Brooke for not making the goodbye difficult. Brooke was glad to do so - but she still intends to get her children back. Ridge accompanies Brooke back to her place. She tells him she's sure she will have her kids back. Pleased with her confidence, Ridge beings to speak. He then says "I don't deserve you. I've made big mistakes. But we're still together. We were meant to be, but I had to learn the hard way. I don't just love you, I belong to you. You own my heart and you always will. I absolutely adore you and I want you to be my wife." Ridge drops to her knees. "Brooke Logan will you marry me?" Brooke smiles down at him.

Ridge then announces his intention to spend the rest of his life with Brooke. Brooke confesses that she loves him; however, she tells him that while she wants to be his wife, she doesn't want to marry him until they have resolved all the loose ends that are left over from all the events of the past few months. She has to find out what happened in Barbados, Bridget has to be told about her paternity, and she still has to get her children back. That all takes time, and she wants their wedding to be special - not something squeezed in with everything else. Reluctantly, Ridge accepts her decision. But he makes it clear - ultimately, he will make Brooke his wife. They then kiss.

Sally comforts a distraught Stephanie in her room at the psychiatric hospital. She knows that, whatever it is that's wrong with Stephanie. she's not crazy, and urges Stephanie to fight back. Stephanie is suspicious; she thinks Sally just wants her out of the way so that she can be with Eric. Stephanie tells Sally to leave, practically pushing her out the door. This snaps Stephanie out of it; realizing how she is out of control, she apologizes. She then cries, asking for help from Sally. Sally comforts her, until visiting hours are over. Sally then rushes over to Sheila's place and angrily warns her to stay away from Stephanie or face her wrath. Sheila questions why Sally would defend someone who has despised her the way Stephanie has, and Sally tells her it's about compassion. She issues a final warning - stay away from Stephanie, or I'll.... Sheila asks, or what? Don't tempt me, Sally warns.

Lauren tempts Dylan to come to her bed, showing him the check for $10,000. She uses the check to try and entice him, to convince him to make love to her. Seeing his dream in her hands, Dylan approaches her and takes her on top of her bed where they kiss. However, he stops there and pulls back. He can't do this to Jessica, he proclaims. Lauren taunts him with the check but he grabs it and rips it up, announcing that he is not for sale. He then grabs his clothes and leaves.

At their apartment, Jasmine asks if Dylan managed to raise the $10,000 tuition payment that is due today. Dylan confesses to his roommate that Lauren offered him the money if he would only sleep with her - but he turned her down. He came dangerously close, but he stopped short of crossing the line. Dylan then swears that he will do no more dancing or private parties, even if he can't be a designer. Jasmine offers to get him a job at the Bikini, but the prospect of working with Sly is not appealing. Maybe he'll design garbage cans, Dylan remarks, as he answers the phone. It's Roberta Masters from the Design Academy. Dylan says he knows why she has called - and she may as well give his spot to someone else. Roberta is confused, since she received his tuition payment and wants to welcome him to the prestigious school. Dylan asks who paid it, and when he learns it was Lauren, he goes to see her.

Brooke returns to Forrester and on her first day back at work, she calls a meeting, asking James to attend so that she can demonstrate to him that she is no longer beset with mental problems. Everyone is buzzing with the news - Michael and Grant wonder what it means. When Meghan calls her about the meeting, Lauren says she'll only be able to attend briefly - she has another commitment. Lauren remarks to herself that Brooke has now returned.

Ridge and Eric meet in Eric's office, as Ridge tells him Brooke turned down his proposal. Eric is surprised, as Ridge tells his father Brooke wants to get her life in order. Thorne stops in on his way to the meeting, but Ridge and Eric tell him they aren't going - they're going to see Stephanie in the hospital.

At the meeting, Thorne, Michael, Grant and Lauren are in attendance, while James looks on. Brooke gives her staff a pep talk and assures them that she is back at work to stay. Thorne welcomes her back first, since he is the most familiar with her. Since he She introduces herself to Michael and then to Grant, and welcomes them aboard. She then comes to Lauren, who uses that as her cue to leave. Brooke then remarks that she's committed to Forrester 100%, and that she knows they will all be a part of it. Thorne notes his support of being behind her.

Dylan confronts Lauren and blasts her for going behind his back to pay his tuition. He stands by his decision not to sleep with her - how could she pay his tuition and expect him to have sex with her? Excuse me, did we have sex, Lauren asks. No - and she has no intention of doing so, either. She was just testing him to insure that he would not hurt Jessica - and in turning her down, he passed the test.

Ridge and Eric are shocked when they find Stephanie in a terrible condition at the mental hospital. Stephanie shows no perception of what is going on around her, as Eric and Ridge try to communicate with her.

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Week of 6/24/96

Sheila surprises Maggie with a visit to the Forrester kitchen - she's brought some brownies over to share with her friend. Sheila tells her that she has heard about what happened to Stephanie, and asks how she's doing. Maggie says that Stephanie isn't doing well, but fortunately, the kids are doing fine. Sheila points out that they won't be fine until they're with their mother, and begins to say that Stephanie deserves everything she gets for what she did to Brooke. Outraged, Maggie can't believe what Sheila's saying. She kicks Sheila out, throwing the brownies in the trash.

Eric and Ridge are shocked at Stephanie's deterioration. She mumbles about being a burden to them and insists that she's dying. However, even in her condition, Stephanie makes them promise that they will make sure the children are taken care of. They put her to bed and say their goodbyes, not realizing that Sheila is observing their familial concern.

James is doing research to find similar cases to Stephanie's when Sally arrives. Sally tells him about her visit with Stephanie, and she's clearly concerned. Sally urges James to quickly find out what's wrong with her. When Sally suggests that perhaps, Stephanie was poisoned, James decides to pursue that avenue in his research.

Dylan is still amazed at Lauren's decision to pay for his tuition, and the fact that he has passed her test. However, he feels guilty about keeping his "career" from Jessica, and thinks that it's time she knew the truth. Jessica then enters and congratulates Dylan on getting the money to attend the Design Academy. Lauren leaves, leaving Dylan behind with Jessica. He decides to bear his soul, and tells her how he earned his tuition by working as a dancer at the Hideaway. he begs for her forgiveness, for keeping it a secret from her. Jessica, however, is stunned now and blasts Dylan in anger.

At the House of Forrester, relative newcomer Grant works together with old hand Ridge on some fittings. Grant and Ridge exchange jokes and design ideas as the two models look on and smile. The model Ridge is fitting flirts with Ridge, and Grant quickly reminds her that Ridge is taken. He, however, is not. With the subject of Ridge being taken brought up, Grant asks about Brooke. They have some problems, Ridge comments, but they'll get past them. Grant comments on how lucky Ridge is, and Ridge asks if Grant has someone of his own. When Grant mentions he's living in Taylor's beach house, Ridge asks if he's heard from her. No, he hasn't, Grant replies - but he may have someone else to fill the void. Ridge then takes the time to tell Grant he's glad he's on board the Forrester team.

In the Forrester CEO's office, Brooke meets with Michael to get to know her better. Noting that Michael works in their international marketing department, Brooke asks Michael for her opinion on that market. Michael notes that it was one of the biggest growth areas in the company last year, and Brooke asserts that she intends to continue that growth. When Michael mentions that she doesn't think Brooke's projections for the international division are too aggressive, Brooke seems pleased. She then asks Michael for her opinion of Grant, and her response makes it clear that Michael has more than just admiration for his design ability. Mentioning that she intends to become Grant's roommate elicits a bemused expression from Brooke.

Jessica is furious, as Dylan's revelation sinks in. She feels humiliated that she's been telling everybody about Dylan's integrity and morals, and he seems to have abandoned those. To make matters worse, she learns that Jasmine and Michael knew - and when he tells her Lauren knows, she feels even worse. Was there anyone who didn't know besides me, Jessica wonders? She trusted Dylan, because she put in his belief in him - but now she doesn't even know who he is, and can't forgive him. She angrily leaves.

Grant comes home from work and is pleased with what greets him - his laundry is done, and a pleasant aroma is coming from the kitchen. Michael appears, and the realization that she's done all this makes Grant consider that their becoming roommates is going to work out very well.

Sheila again shows up at the mansion to see Maggie. Maggie can't believe that Sheila just waltzes in so cavalierly. Sheila agrees to leave, and Maggie tells her to do just that - and not to come back. Sheila's visit has Maggie so upset that she starts dropping things - and as she bends down to pick them up, Eric arrives. Asking what has her so flustered, Maggie tells him all about he friendship with Sheila - how they met in a coffee house, and how she didn't know who Sheila was when they first met. She thought they were friends, but recent events have made her think otherwise. But it's over now, she insists. Eric tells her not to worry, because Maggie has meant a lot to him, with everything she's been doing in the house - especially with regards to the kids. Maggie agrees, saying how she plans to take the kids to Disneyland this weekend - would Eric like to join them? Unknown to them, Sheila is outside, watching.

With Jasmine's help, Michael packs her bags and prepares to move in with Grant. Dylan returns home and tells them he has told Jessica everything. Michael and Jasmine are astonished that he told her, but Dylan says he couldn't continue deceiving her. Ironically, his being honest with her has made things so that she doesn't want to see him again.

Meanwhile, Jessica heads to The Hideaway to see Vince. She's appalled at the kind of business he runs, and asks him to name one positive thing provided by his club. What about entertainment, Vince asks? Jessica doesn't buy this, coming down on him with righteous indignation. Vince says he doesn't have time to listen to this - he has a business to run. Jessica knows the way out, he indicates.

Over at Spectra, Macy and Darla discuss Clarke - can they really trust him, and has he changed. They are both unsure. Just then, Clarke arrives with CJ and both have plans to celebrate Sally's birthday. Macy reminds them that Sally doesn't like to celebrate her birthday, and suggests that they abandon their plans. Clarke and CJ, however, remain undeterred in their plans. Once Clarke leaves, he is approached by a shady character. Clarke asks if he knows him, and the man, whose name is Rocky, says he will soon. He works for a company called Unicorn fashions - and Clarke has an appointment there tomorrow. Clarke is confused by the man's comment.

Back at the mansion, Maggie us unable to convince Eric to accompany her to Disneyland. However, she assures him that she's happy to be there and admits that she's always admired him. This admission leads to them kissing, as Sheila continues to watch from outside.

The next morning, Eric stops by to see Maggie and admits that he's concerned about the kiss they had last night. It was nothing, Maggie claims - she does admire him greatly, as she indicated last night, but it was just a spur of the moment thing. She is involved with James, she reminds Eric, and he shouldn't be concerned about any false intentions with regards to the kiss.

Grant wakes up to the smell of a fresh-cooked breakfast and finds his new roommate, Michael, wearing a bright yellow bikini. Deciding to take advantage of their home by the beach, Michael goes to take a swim. After she leaves, a bikini-clad Sheila arrives. She tries to flirt with her former neighbor, but Grant puts her off. He thinks she might have been reading a little more into their relationship than he intended. Sheila is upset by this - and when Michael returns from her swim, she gets worse. Sheila demands to know what Michael is doing there, and when Grant reveals that Michael is his new roommate, Sheila goes ballistic. Grant suggests she see a psychiatrist, as Sheila storms out, promising that Grant will pay for the way he has hurt her.

Sally arrives at Spectra to find a surprise birthday party waiting for her - and boy, was it a surprise. Sally becomes upset, because she hates to be reminded of her birthday; but after Clarke explains that everyone who loves her wanted to help acknowledge her special day, she relents and thanks them. Clarke then receives a phone call from Rocky, reminding him of his appointment at Unicorn. Clarke arrives at Unicorn Fashions where he meets Jack Fuller, the boss. Clarke figures Fuller wants to hire him as a designer, but he's not interested - he's happy at Spectra, rebuilding their business and getting to know his son. Clarke starts to leave but when he gets to the door, he finds a group of Jack's thugs blocking his way

Ridge massages Brooke in her office and hints of more to come once they are married. Their talk is interrupted by Rick and Bridget, returning from art class. Bridget shows them her art projects, and Brooke comments that she has to commend Eric for coming up with the idea of signing the kids up for class. Rick indicates it wasn't Eric's idea - it was Stephanie's. Brooke's curiosity is piqued, as Rick shows her his drawing of Stephanie comforting Bridget. Questioned by Brooke, Rick reveals how Stephanie helped Bridget when she suffered from terrible nightmares. Hearing of her daughter's distress drives Brooke to remind Bridget that she's sorry she had nightmares, but that Mommy isn't going to go away again. Rick states that they know that, but Brooke is still focused on her son's sketch.

After her encounter with Grant, an upset Sheila bursts into James' office and complains about being dumped by yet another man. When he questions her about what happened, James suggests that she set herself up for failure again. She dives into relationships before getting to know the man - the next time, she should find a man and get to know him well before deciding to get involved with him. Sheila begins to wonder - can James be that man?

At Unicorn Fashions, Jack Fuller's thugs refuse to allow Clarke to leave. Jack explains that Unicorn was thriving as Spectra was going down the tubes. But now that Clarke is back designing for Spectra, Unicorn's sales have dropped. And Jack has always had an approach to business that works. If you see an opportunity, seize it - and if you see a problem, eliminate it. Clarke is a problem - and he's therefore eliminating it. One of Jack's goons reaches into his jacket, and Clarke fears for his life. But it turns out to be not a gun, but a check - for Ten Million Dollars. Jack wants Clarke to take the money and design the worst fashion line ever for Spectra. Clarke says he has to think about it.

Sally pays Stephanie another visit and listens as Stephanie tells her that she is dying. Sally urges her not to give up. Sally speaks to Stephanie's doctor, who is afraid that Stephanie may become a case of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even though she is physically improving, she has no will to live. And since she believes she is going to die, that could very well happen.

Brooke is Stephanie's next visitor and she urges her to get better for the sake of the children who need her. She takes out the picture and reminds Stephanie of how she was there for Bridget. I couldn't be there for them, Brooke states, but you were - and for that, Brooke is forever grateful. The children need her - and when Stephanie asks if she's important to Brooke, Brooke replies that she is. Stephanie is important to her kids, and that makes her important to Brooke. And because they need her, Stephanie has to fight. Stephanie's touched by her pleas, and says that she will not give in. They hug, as Brooke puts her head down on Stephanie's chest.

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