Bold and the Beautiful - The Week In Review

July, 1996

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Week of 7/1/96

In a meeting with Eric, Brooke tries to convince him that she's ready and able to take custody of the children after her meeting with James. Eric is not completely convinced; one session with James doesn't mean Brooke is ready to be a full time mother again. Eric then changes the subject; production is behind, and he needs to take Ridge off the men's line. Brooke protests - she's always worked with Ridge on the line, and it's his vision. She's sure he can handle both. Eric disagrees, and tells her they have a perfect replacement for Ridge on the men's line - Grant Chambers.

Grant stops by to see Sheila after the debacle at the beach house with Michael. He's sorry that there was a misunderstanding, but that's what it was - Sheila was seeing more in their friendship than was really there. Sheila denies his charges and reacts violently, and Grant is caught off guard by the sudden outburst. Sheila needs serious help, he points out - like a shrink. As he leaves, Sheila agrees with that sentiment - and the shrink she has in mind is James Warwick.

Brooke's still not happy with Eric's decision when Grant arrives. He tries to convince Brooke they can put together a successful line, but Brooke remains skeptical. She's so in tune with Ridge, she says. That's fine, Grant says - but can't you at least give me a chance. Brooke reluctantly agrees to try, as they get down to work.

Maggie stops by James' office - she's brought him some food, and they discuss Stephanie's condition. James tries to quiz Maggie on anything that Stephanie might have come in contact with or eaten that no one else in the house did. Maggie suggests Steph's gardening, but then realizes she hasn't done that since she became ill. Maggie goes to leave, and they finally share a kiss. Just then, Sheila arrives to witness the kiss. She and Maggie exchange angry glances. After Maggie leaves, Sheila talks with James and tells him she's lost and lonely, and that she is jealous of what he and Maggie have. James would loves to discuss it more, but he has to deal with Stephanie. Sheila comments about how he cares about Stephanie's problems, and James responds that he cares about all his patients. Sheila takes this out of context and thinks about him caring for one particular patient - herself.

Eric and Ridge visit Stephanie at the psychiatric hospital and find Maggie there. They're glad to see that Stephanie's condition is slowly improving. Stephanie surprises them by telling them that Brooke was there to see her the other day, urging her to fight back for the sake of the children. They all seems amazed to learn this. Stephanie then asks Eric if he can bring the children to see her. Eric seems to approve - but after they leave, Maggie expresses some concerns. Should the children be seeing Stephanie in her condition, she wonders. Eric agrees that she may have a point.

Sally again pays James a visit to discuss Stephanie's progress. She's glad that Stephanie is improving, but she's not out of the woods yet. Sally comes up with a suggestion - could Sheila have had something to do with Stephanie's illness? However, James doesn't believe Sheila would do such a thing, and so he returns to his search for the cause of Stephanie's illness.

Brooke comes to see Sheila at her home - she again thanks Sheila for all her support through her recent ordeal. Sheila tells Brooke that she thinks there's a new man in her life. Brooke advises her to take things slowly, so that this relationship doesn't experience the same problems of others in Sheila's past.

Sheila then stops by to see James. He's engrossed in his textbooks, still desperately searching for the cause of Stephanie's illness. Sheila senses his frustration. When he leaves the office for a moment, she decides to end "her man's" frustration and help him - she turns the book to the page on mercury poisoning. James can't help but notice it when he comes back - and he suddenly realizes that the symptoms of mercury poisoning match Stephanie's exactly.

Thanks to Sheila, James suspects that Stephanie may be suffering from mercury poisoning. He calls Dr. Mark Benson (Stephanie's physician) with his suspicion and instructs Benson to test for the heavy metal in Stephanie's system.

Maggie and Eric return to see Stephanie and Stephanie asks where the children are. They're not here, Maggie replies - she didn't think it was a good idea for them to see Stephanie in this condition. Stephanie goes ballistic - she wants to see the children, and she wants them now! Maggie had no right to make that decision, Stephanie contends. Eric tries to explain to Stephanie - it was his decision, and Maggie was only thinking about the children's best interests. He tries to remind her of all Maggie has done for them, especially with Stephanie in the hospital. Just then, James enters with the news - he thinks he's found what's wrong with Stephanie. He explains about the mercury, and that he asked Dr. Benson to run the tests. Soon after, Dr. Benson comes in - James' suspicions were correct. They found mercury in Stephanie's blood, and now that they know what it is, her condition is "completely reversible". Stephanie is delighted by the good news.

Lauren comes to see Jessica - who is upset that Lauren knew about Dylan's dancing career. Why couldn't Lauren be honest, Jessica asks? Deciding to be completely honest, Lauren tells Jessica that she offered Dylan his tuition money in return for sex. Jessica is not pleased - not only did Lauren deceive her, but she also tried to steal her boyfriend? Lauren explains that she was simply testing his morals - the ones Jessica kept praising. And Jessica was right, Lauren states - Dylan does have integrity, and Jessica would be foolish to let that go. This prompts Jessica to go see Dylan and admit that she is impressed that he "passed" Lauren's test. She offers to help keep him honest and asks him to dance one more time, for her. Dylan thinks she means a private dance, but Jessica says no - she wants him to dance at the Hideaway for her.

Realizing that James must have figured out Stephanie's problem from her little clue, Sheila realizes that she must remove the tainted pills from Stephanie's room. Once she does that, she'll be home free - although someone else won't be. She heads to the mansion to switch the pills and is about to go in through the glass doors. Before she can, she spots Lauren inside. Sheila anxiously waits, and is pleased to see Lauren get up to leave. However, Lauren locks both the porch doors and the front door - Sheila can't get in.

Having been locked out of the house by Lauren, Sheila panics - she calls Maggie. Sheila wants to put their differences behind them and be friends again. Maggie wants no past of it, and tells Sheila to stop calling or coming over. Maggie then tells Sheila that they've found the cause of Stephanie's problems - mercury poisoning - and that the police are on the way. Sheila desperately wonders how she can get the pills out of the house before the police arrive, and quickly leaves.

At the hospital, Stephanie, Eric, James, and Dr. Lowney discuss Stephanie's condition - fortunately, James' suspicions were correct. Lt. Conran and another officer named Travis enter - Now that the blood tests have proven James' theory that it was mercury poisoning, they are trying to find out exactly how Stephanie was poisoned. They go through medicines, household items like pesticides and chemicals, and food as possible sources, since the tests show the mercury was ingested into her system. Eric explains that Stephanie doesn't eat much at all, and Steph adds that the only thing she was taking was a calcium supplement. They then ask who would have access to the house, and Eric and Stephanie give a list. Rick, Bridget, Maggie and Jessica live there, along with Lauren in the guest house - and Ridge and Thorne are always visiting. With all the questions, James wonders if they suspect foul play. Indeed they do, Travis replies. Stephanie is shocked to learn someone wants to kill her.

Over at Brooke's house, Ridge looks on as Rick and Bridget show off their chess skills. They beat Mommy again, and rather than go through the torture of another game, Brooke sends the kids off with Katie to check some cookies in the oven. Brooke wishes the kids could stay - but of course, they can't, at least not now. Ridge tries to reassure her, mentioning his own wishes that **HE** could stay. Brooke is tempted - but it's not right yet. Ridge, however, isn't willing to give up yet - and he leans over to give her a passionate kiss. Breaking off their embrace, Ridge comments he's glad the "old" Brooke is back. Brooke says she never left - she's just been preoccupied. Ridge suggests getting rid of some preoccupation, and they discuss Bridget - perhaps the time has finally come to tell her that Eric is her father. That might pave the way for them being together the way they used to - but so much depends on Bridget's reaction. Ridge tells her not to worry - it's not biology that counts so much with Bridget, but love and caring, and there's plenty of that here. He suggests that they tell Eric what they've discussed, but Brooke asks Ridge to wait; she wants him to make love to her.

At the hospital, Conran tries to determine if Stephanie has any enemies - a disgruntled employee, maybe - that might want her dead. Neither Eric nor Stephanie can think of anyone. Conran asks if he can search the house, and Eric says he'll call Maggie to let her know the officer is coming. Conran assures Stephanie they will find who did this to her.

Having been turned down by Maggie on the phone, Sheila, tries the porch doors at the mansion. She walks into the living room through the glass doors - which have been left wide open. With a pill bottle taken out of her purse, she makes her way in - but accidentally kicks some lying on the floor. Sheila hides on the porch when Maggie calls out to investigate. The phone rings. Maggie answers and finds it's Eric, telling her the police are coming to search the house. While Maggie is talking to Eric, she looks away, allowing Sheila to slip out of her hiding place and into a spot in the house.

Back in Stephanie's hospital room, she and Eric discuss Maggie's suggestion that they not bring the children to the hospital to visit. Stephanie still believes Maggie was out of line, even though Eric stresses that it was his decision. Eric asks if she wants to continue arguing and Stephanie replies no - she wants to go home.

The police arrive at the mansion, and Maggie goes to the door to greet them - this allows Sheila to slip out and get upstairs unnoticed, while Maggie is by the door.

Over at Brooke's she and Ridge are making love when the phone rings. Ridge answers, and it's Eric. He tells Ridge that Stephanie is being released to be treated as an outpatient, and that big things are happening. Eric instructs Ridge to come to the house at once, and Ridge replies he will. Hanging up the phone, he tells Brooke that something big is happening at the mansion.

By Stephanie's medicine chest, Sheila is searching through the items Stephanie has there. Hearing voices outside, she picks up a pair of scissors, and hides in the shower. Conran and his toxicologist, Travis, start looking through the bottles, while Sheila waits in the shower. She tenses as they begin their search.

Brooke is preparing for a meeting with Grant, but she inquires with Katie about the kids. Katie assures her they're fine, eating cookies, but Brooke can't help but be concerned about her children. The doorbell rings, and Katie answers it - she's stunned at the sight of the handsome Grant Chambers. Katie excuses herself while Brooke shows Grant her notes on his sketches for the men's line. Grant looks them over and says he can have the changes done by tomorrow. Good, says Brooke - he's passed the first test. Now for the second test - she wants to know all about him.

At the hospital, Dr. Lowney gives Stephanie instructions, as he prepares to release her. He gives her a chelating agent, designed to extract the mercury from her tissues, and get the toxin out of her system. He then tells her everything is ready for her to leave. As she and Eric prepare to depart, she thanks Eric again. Eric reminds her James figured out about the mercury, but Stephanie says that Eric's support was even more crucial in her recovery. He asks if that means he's responsible for her now, and Stephanie asks if he could handle that. Eric jokes that the day ANYONE can control Stephanie, it will be the lead story on the nightly news.

Ridge arrives at the mansion, as Maggie and James tell him that the police are upstairs searching. As they wonder who could do this to Stephanie, Maggie says this is the last thing the family needs. As she gets taken aside to give an officer access to the pool cabana, Ridge mentions to James that Maggie seems stressed. James believes that is because of the tension between Maggie and Stephanie regarding the children, which he'll explain later. Ridge comments that Maggie is right about one thing - the family does not need this right now.

Sheila nervously continues to hide in the shower in Stephanie's bathroom, scissors still tightly clutched in her hand, while Lt. Conran and Travis search the bathroom medicine cabinet. They examine several bottles, noticing that many of them are older prescriptions. They find one current bottle - Stephanie's calcium pills. Recalling that Stephanie mentioned that the only things she was currently taking was the calcium, they suspect that might be the source of the mercury. Travis goes to get his equipment to test the pills for mercury.

Eric and Stephanie's arrival at the mansion finds them greeted by Ridge, James and Maggie. Stephanie is glad to see her son and James, but is cold towards Maggie. In the kitchen, James tries to reassure Maggie, who is afraid Stephanie is still upset with her for not allowing a visit from the children. She knows what Stephanie is like when she's mad about something. Meanwhile, Stephanie suggests to Ridge and Eric that it may be time for Maggie to move out into her own apartment.

Grant and Brooke discuss his past - how he left his job as head designer for Calvin to come to the West Coast and work for Forrester. He did know it was temporary, Brooke asks him. Yes, he did, Grant replies - but isn't everything temporary. Brooke says a mother's love for her children isn't, and Grant asks her how she manages to make that work with everything else in her life. Like any challenge, Brooke replies, you have to make it work - and she suggests that Grant might be able to make it work, too, if he finds the right woman. Just then, they're interrupted by a call from Ridge, who tells Brooke about the mercury poisoning. Brooke is surprised by the news, and Grant asks if she wants to stop working. However, she says no, and they go back to their review of his sketches.

Maggie brings coffee from the kitchen, and Stephanie is again cold towards her. Maggie asks why, and Stephanie reminds her that someone got into the house to poison her - and with the way Maggie leaves the gate and doors open, anyone could get in. Maggie reminds Stephanie she does that because they always have deliveries all the time. Stephanie doesn't want to hear any excuses. Eric, Ridge and James try to break up the argument when Lt. Conran comes down. They've found something, he says - and he suspects that the person who poisoned Stephanie is right there in the house. As the Forresters are stunned by the news, Sheila hides upstairs, listening intently.

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Week of 7/8/96

Over at Spectra, Sally tells Macy that they've found the source of Stephanie's problem. Now that the mercury poisoning has been found, Stephanie is out of the hospital and is on the road to recovery. Sally knew it all along - there was no way Stephanie could be out of her mind, without some physical cause. Macy is sure Thorne will be thrilled to hear the news, but is also a little surprised that Sally was so concerned about Stephanie. Sally replies that she and Stephanie are both a couple of strong characters - besides, it's no stranger than her working with Clarke again. Even though Macy is still wary of Clarke, Sally's pleased with what he's done, especially his bonding with CJ.

Clarke sits in his office, considering the offer from Jack Fuller and Unicorn Fashions to ruin Spectra. He sketches the number 10 million on his sketch pad, wondering what $10 million would do for him. His daydream is interrupted by the phone; it's Fuller, who wants Clarke's decision. Clarke's upset about betraying his family, but Fuller reminds him he got along fine without them in the past. Clarke requests more time to consider such an important offer, and Fuller agrees; but the head of Unicorn wants to know when. Just as Darla walks in Clarke tells him he'll have his answer today.

As Sheila waits upstairs, Lieutenant Conran announces to the Forrester family that someone in the mansion tried to kill Stephanie with mercury poisoning. As he invites them upstairs to the bathroom to show them the evidence, Sheila ducks back into hiding. Conran takes them into the bathroom and shows them the mercury - since the mercury was ingested, according to Dr. Lowney, they suspected it might be in the pills. Eric, Ridge and Stephanie are shocked at the devious, sick nature of such a suggestion - but then Conran surprises them - the tests showed there was no mercury in the pills. Sheila smiles as she hears this.

Darla asks who was on the phone, and Clarke replies it was a car salesman. Darla's curious what car he wants, but Clarke changes the subject to her reason for coming by. She just wanted to say how happy she is these days - everything is so right. When Clarke mentions Saul's displeasure with seeing him back, Darla says he'll come around - it's like one big family, and she wouldn't change anything. She asks to see what he was sketching, and Clarke tries to hide it, telling her it's for the Spring Line. Sally and C.J. come in, and CJ has a surprise for his father; he made a shirt for his dad, with only a little help. Clarke is touched by the gift - this could be the beginning of a fashion dynasty like the Forresters, he laughs. CJ says they'll be even better than the Forresters. Once Sally ushers everyone out to get back to work, Clarke calls Fuller, and tells him he can't ruin Sally's company and hurt his own son. Jack says this isn't about family - Clarke must want more, so he ups the offer to $15 million. The thought of that much money surprises Clarke, and he accepts Fuller's offer.

Conran and his toxicologist, Travis, take the Forresters and James into Maggie's room. Confirming that this is Maggie's room - and that Maggie is the Forrester maid and cook - he opens her armoire and takes out a gold trimmed box. Maggie indicates that the box contains letters from her ex-husband, legal papers, and personal items. Conran then opens the box and removes an envelope containing powdered mercury. Maggie is shocked by the discovery, as James protests that she must have been set up. The police almost forcibly remove Maggie to take her down for questioning, as she pleads with Stephanie to believe she didn't do it. Meanwhile, back in her home, Sheila laughs - that little hayseed is in a heap of trouble!

After sharing a passionate kiss in her office, Ridge sports the new design sketches and questions Brooke about what it's like to work with Grant. She replies that she's happy with Grant, and his talent, but she misses working so closely working with Ridge. Well, Ridge comments, if they can't work together at the office, they can work together at home - on their life together.

Shortly after, Grant comes to Ridge's office - Ridge asked to see him. He asks if there are any problems working with Brooke, and Grant says no. It takes time to build a working relationship, and he's sure he and Brooke will get there. That's good, Ridge replies, because Brooke knows her stuff. Grant then turns the subject to Ridge - is he all right, with all the stuff going on with Stephanie, and Maggie. Ridge isn't sure what to believe. Grant then asks Ridge one last question - why is a woman like Brooke living alone. Ridge replies that won't be the case for long.

Clarke begins to sketch designs for his ugly new line of clothes as part of his deal with Jack Fuller but he can't help thinking about what he's doing to Sally and CJ. Sally then comes in and asks to see what he's drawing, Clarke replies that it's nothing. Sally says she's not paying for "nothing", and Clarke tells her that he has a new rule -she must wait until it's finished, so it'll be a surprise.

On his way to see Brooke, Grant runs into Bruce, the swimsuit model - he's ready anytime Brooke and Grant need him. Grant tells Bruce that's off, so Bruce goes to take care of some errands while Grant heads to see Brooke.

Sally's not happy with Clarke's new rules, but she has every faith in his ability. She's sure that with him at the helm they'll go to the top, and she asks him if he's ever heard of Unicorn Fashions. Clarke sheepishly says "that small operation", as Sally tells him that Unicorn came in when Spectra was having problems and took their whole market - foreign and domestic. It would be easy if all they had to do was go up against the Forresters, Sally says, but getting back at Unicorn has to be their first priority. And she knows they can do it; with Clarke's designs they're going to make headlines. After Sally leaves, Clarke agrees - "You're right about one thing, Sally. These designs will make headlines. It's going to be the worst collection you've ever seen".

Grant arrives to see Brooke, reminding her they had a meeting about the swimsuit. When she tries to summon Bruce, she's told he's out of the building - so Grant offers to model one of the new men's swimsuits for her. Brooke reluctantly agrees. After Grant changes, Brooke admires the suit and Grant's body - but she is a bit uncomfortable. Grant tries to put her at ease - and it looks like he may have succeeded when Brooke tests the water resistance of the suit. She sprays water on the suit, which has Grant realizing how cold it is - but the water didn't seep through. Pleased with the suit's water proofing (and Grant's being cooled down), Brooke tells him to change.

Maggie stops by to see Ridge and tries to convince him that she had nothing to do with Stephanie's poisoning; she claims that the mercury found in her armoire was not hers. Ridge is still unsure, especially in light of the strain between his mother and Maggie recently - he doesn't say he's guilty, but he can't say she's innocent, either. Maggie asks if Ridge really believes she could do that to Stephanie. Thinking about Maggie's relationship with Jessica, Ridge replies that he doesn't think Maggie did it. However, the one she has to convince is Stephanie - and that's who Maggie should go see. Sally stops by to see Stephanie, and makes the Forrester matriarch some tea. Steph wonders why Sally is doing this, and Sally says they hasn't had a good brawl in a while. Sally then mentions not seeing Maggie around, and Stephanie says she doesn't care - she then tells Sally about the evidence found against Maggie. Stephanie notes how crazy everything is - her worst enemy is making her tea, and her sister- in-law tries to poison her. Sally tells her not to go down that route - it couldn't be Maggie. Just wait until you're better, Sally says, and we'll figure it out. Stephanie thanks Sally for being a gem and helping her, and Sally reminds her that the Lord said to Love Thy Enemy. With that, Sally leaves.

Sheila is determined to keep him from Maggie. She remembers the kiss between Eric and Maggie, and intends to twist a tiny little kiss into a Romeo & Juliet type romance. She then decides it's time for another therapy session with James - and she proceeds to fantasize about a session with James in which he professes his undying love to her. If only it could really be that way, Sheila thinks as her thoughts return to reality.

Meanwhile, Maggie visits with James over the accusations against her; she still can't understand why Stephanie would believe her capable of such a thing. James suggests that she go away for a while to Santa Barbara with him, but Maggie insists things have to be straightened out before she goes anywhere. She has to talk to Stephanie, she tells him. James isn't sure if that's a good idea, but Maggie is determined.

Shortly after, Sheila arrives for her regularly scheduled session with James. James has forgotten all about it, and Sheila suggests that's because of everything going in with Maggie. James is surprised she's heard about it. Sheila tells him that not only has she heard, but she also knows that Maggie isn't the one who did it. After all, why would Maggie have poisoned Stephanie, a woman she considers as her role model? There's no motive. Not to mention the fact that Maggie adores and worships Eric. Sheila says she can't think of a reason for Maggie to do it - but of course, the police would probably come up with some kind of romance between Eric and Maggie that drove Maggie to eliminate Stephanie. Who would believe that, Sheila asks. James then suggests they get down to their session, but it's clear Sheila's comments have registered in his mind. Maggie arrives at the Forrester mansion - she is going to use her key at first, but she then decides to knock. Eric greets her, and he suggests that she shouldn't be there. Maggie asks him to tell her straight out that he believes her innocence, but he can't. he's confused, he tells her - and he remembers the kiss between them. Maggie insists that was nothing - Eric has to know she would never hurt a member of the family. Her words sink in, and Eric is convinced of her innocence. But he's still reluctant to have her talk to Stephanie. Stephanie overhears, and agrees to speak to Maggie. Maggie asks her if she truly believes that she could be capable of murder, and her words make Stephanie realize that Maggie could do no such thing. They hug, as Maggie vows to find out who is responsible for the dastardly deed.

Ridge and Brooke discuss that it's coming time for them to tell Bridget the truth about who her father is. Brooke is concerned, but Ridge is optimistic that she'll be able to adjust - and that some day, Bridget will probably even be president. They kiss, and Ridge offers to take Brooke home - but she has a meeting. As if on cue, Grant arrives at her door for their meeting, prompting Ridge to make his exit.

Thinking about James, and what she's done to Maggie, Sheila is in a good mood. So good, in fact, that she wants to go shopping. She phones a girl named Tiffany at a fancy boutique, who remembers "Mrs. Forrester." Sheila instructs Tiffany to have some dazzling, wicked, seductive and alluring fashions ready for her.

James enters the Cafe Rousse and spots Eric at a table. Eric invites him to join him, thanking him again for finding the solution to Stephanie's problems. They talk about the idea of Maggie being a suspect in the poisoning; Eric speaks about Maggie in glowing terms. James has a look on his face, as if he's been reminded of Sheila's hint that there might be something going on between Eric and Maggie. James asks Eric if he ever "crossed the line" with Maggie. Eric squirms at the question and when James asks if he has ever kissed Maggie, Eric is forced to admit that he did kiss her. Eric tries to tell James that it was a single, isolated incident, but James isn't listening as he angrily storms out.

Grant and Brooke go over his designs, and she asks when he can have the changes ready. He says by morning - after all, unlike Brooke, he doesn't have anything to occupy his nights. She, however, has Ridge - and after commenting how well they've been together, he asks if there was ever a time since they met she hasn't loved him. She answers not when she was in her right mind - she's thought of them like Romeo and Juliet. Only circumstances kept them apart, and that's about to change. Grant is happy for them, but also envious - but Brooke assures him there's someone out there for him. Within a few months, she predicts, Grant will have someone. Grant leaves, again mentioning what a catch Brooke is and how lucky Ridge is to have her.

Intent on finding the person who set her up, Maggie tells Stephanie that she will find out who it is. Who could have had access to the house, she wonders, to be able to get close enough to poison Stephanie. Suddenly, Maggie remembers that Sheila could be . When Stephanie asks how she knows about Sheila, Maggie informs her of how she met Sheila, and how they became friends before she knew who Sheila was. Sheila often came to visit her at the house - and could have used those opportunities to set her up. Maggie wants to call the police and have them search Sheila's house for proof - but Stephanie explains that without any evidence, the police won't get involved. If the police won't help, then Maggie will have to get the proof herself. Stephanie tries to stop her, but Maggie runs off.

Maggie arrives at Sheila's house, and breaks in through a window. She begins searching, talking about how she is going to take Sheila down. As she is rummaging through Sheila's things, the door opens. Sheila stands there, packages in hand, and the two women leer at each other. James visits Lauren and talks with her about what he's learned about Eric and Maggie's fondness for one another. He tells her about Eric's admission that he kissed Maggie - was it only one kiss, Lauren asks. James said it was - but he thought he and Maggie were in love. Lauren reminds him that Eric and Maggie were living in the same house in some very tense times, and that probably just led to a kiss. It's not like they made love, she points out. She convinces James that love can make blithering idiots out of any of us, and that he should loosen up and get past it - Maggie is a woman, not a case study.

Ridge is in his office trying to get a hold of James when Bridget comes in. Brooke is busy working, she tells her "Daddy", and she wanted to see him, so she came by. She asks if they could spend the day together, going bike riding, playing in the park, flying her kite. Ridge says he's been busy, but they should spend some time together - how about this weekend. Bridget suggests that they do it today, and Ridge agrees to take time off work to be with her.

Stephanie reveals to Eric that she and Maggie had a talk and she now knows that Maggie had nothing to do with her poisoning. She then tells Eric all about Maggie's suspicions of Sheila. once Stephanie explains, Eric asks where Maggie is, and he becomes distressed to learn that she went to Sheila's. Lieutenant Conran arrives shortly after, and Stephanie explains why she thinks Sheila poisoned her and tried to frame Maggie. Conran isn't convinced - if it was Sheila, how did she get the mercury into Stephanie's system. Eric insists the answers can be found by searching Sheila's house, but Conran isn't so sure. Perhaps Maggie is using Sheila, he suggests. He wants to talk to Maggie first, and is alarmed to learn she is at Sheila's. While Conran is willing to admit that Sheila is capable of poisoning Stephanie, there's no proof that would warrant searching her home. Stephanie and Eric are frustrated - how can they get the proof if they can't search? Conran says he'll talk to Sheila, to see if he can find anything, but until he does, the best thing for Maggie is to stay away from Sheila Carter.

James arrives at Ridge's office, having learned from his secretary that Ridge has been trying to find him. Ridge tells them he and Brooke want to tell Bridget the truth about her paternity. When James says that Eric, Brooke and Ridge would all have to meet with him first for him to advise them, Ridge asks if they could do it tonight. Even though he's nervous that his relationship with Bridget will change after it's over, it has to be done if he and Brooke want to marry. James tells Ridge to think about it as a beginning, not an ending. He also agrees to meet with them later, after he attends to something else.

At Sheila's, Maggie accuses her of poisoning Stephanie but Sheila blasts her for breaking in and warns her that she is going to jail for breaking and entering. Sheila counters by saying that Maggie is the only one who broke in anywhere. Maggie dares her to call the police, and Sheila queries if she found anything. Maggie says not yet, and wonders how Sheila could betray her this way. Sheila suggests its the other way around, and that Maggie used Sheila. Maggie can't believe Sheila can say that, and tells her she'll show Sheila who she's dealing with. "Maggie, sweetheart, you don't want to tangle with me," Sheila claims. "No one's been able to do that. You think I'm gonna fall at the hands of some yokel like you?" Picking up a fire poker, she orders Maggie to get out. Maggie refuses, boasting that she will not leave until she finds proof of what Sheila has done. As Maggie lunges for the desk again, Sheila tosses the fireplace poker down. Sheila asks what James would think of Maggie breaking in. When Maggie says to leave James out of it, Sheila taunts Maggie, telling her that she and James were once intimate. Maggie refuses to believe it, but Sheila starts mentioning things (like a mole on James' rib cage) that only a lover would know. Maggie calls Sheila a liar, and grabs her - they struggle, and Sheila tells Maggie that she's a peasant and a hick that wouldn't last 10 minutes in prison - which is where she's going for trying to murder Stephanie. I'll show you who's a murderer, says Maggie, as she shoves Sheila across the room and runs out. Maggie is gone as Sheila falls upon the fireplace poker she earlier discarded. At first, she cries in pain, then her bloody body goes unconscious.

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Week of 7/15/96

At James' office, Eric, Brooke and Ridge meet with the psychiatrist to discuss telling Bridget who her father really is. The first thing James does is remind them of the risks, and the three state that they're aware of them, but they feel Bridget is ready. Asking how they intend to handle it, Ridge says they'll sit her down, remind her that they all love her, and tell her. They intend to be honest with all her questions, but make sure she knows that nothing has changed. Eric disagrees with that statement, saying that he intends to be a father to Bridget in every way, which is a change. Ridge then clarifies himself - he didn't mean that he is going to take his father's place, but that his own relationship with Bridget will still be the same. James says they could use that approach - but it would be a mistake. While Bridget may be able to handle the news, she may also be disbelieving and scared, and the last thing they should do is tell Bridget how to feel. They have to give her a lot of latitude and figure out how she feels.

A frantic Maggie returns home to the Forrester mansion. Stephanie is glad to see her, but is stunned to learn that Maggie not only broke into Sheila's house, but also that she was caught by Sheila while searching. Maggie then tells Stephanie about her fight with Maggie, and how she pushed Sheila off her and ran out during their struggle. Stephanie realizes this is not good news.

Sally, Macy and Darla have all been summoned by Clarke - they wonder what it is that he's called them for. As they wonder, Clarke stands outside, asking himself how he can betray Sally, CJ, and Spectra. $15 million is a lot of reason for him to do so, he thinks, as he enters. He informs them that he's going to give them a sneak peek at what's in store for Spectra. But before doing so, he warns them that they are on the cutting edge of fashion, calling them a weapon in the war against conformity. His spring line is the future of fashion, he announces. Sally tells him to cut out the hype and prove it, and as Clarke turns on the music, he ushers in a group of models that stun Sally, Macy and Darla.

Brooke and Ridge return to work - she's not sure why she came back, because she's nervous about blowing her child's world apart by turning it upside down. Ridge tries to reassure her, to make her see it as a challenge. Besides, Eric is the father, not some stranger - and despite the way it seemed in James' office, Eric and Ridge are both on Bridget's side. He again assures her that everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, Sheila is bleeding badly after having fallen onto the fireplace poker. Despite the pain, she manages to pull the poker out of her side. She then crawls over to where the phone is, and pulls the phone off the table. James is in his office, trying to reach Maggie. Getting her answering machine, he tells her (in what he says is the latest of several messages) that he's going home, and that she should call him there. As he's ready to leave, the phone rings. It's Sheila - "James, help ... Help me. Help me, please." James asks what's wrong, and Sheila replies, "Blood, there's so much blood." James asks her to explain, and she weakly replies, "Maggie... She tried to kill me." As the phone goes silent, James cries out to Sheila, asking if she is still there.

As Sally, Macy and Darla stare in disbelief, Clarke smiles proudly as the models show off his latest designs. Clarke explain the designs - the first appears to be a swimsuit, but with arm coverings. As Clarke informs them, they've had suits to enhance all kinds of out of shape body parts - this one is to handle flabby arms. The second one appears to be a full length dress, but when the model turns around, the hemline changes - that way, it will never go out of style, Clarke insists. The third one is a dress the shows off the bust in front - and also has a false bustline in back - the same coming and going, Clarke proudly tells them. Macy and Darla state that the designs are hideous - Clarke's stuff was always so pretty, Darla insists. Today's woman wants excitement, Clarke claims, not prettiness. Macy thinks he's lost his mind. Sally then surprisingly reminds Darla and Macy that she has always had confidence in Clarke's talent and thinks that if he thinks these designs will sell, then she believes him. She, and Spectra, are behind him 100 per cent.

Jessica is getting ready for Dylan's farewell performance - Maggie asks if she's sure she wants to go through with it, and Jessie explains that she must see Dylan dance just to get past it all. She's just sorry she has to leave Maggie alone, with all the stuff going on with Stephanie's poisoning. Maggie tells her she won't be alone, since she's going to call James. Jessica states that Maggie is lucky to have someone like him, and leaves. Maggie then dials James' number, but when there is no answer, wonders where he is.

James arrives at Sheila's house and finds her weak from the loss of blood. Sheila claims that Maggie pushed her into the fireplace poker. She then asks where the paramedics are, and James said he didn't call them yet - he didn't believe Sheila was serious. He calls the paramedics and they quickly arrive. Telling them he is her doctor, James accompanies them to the hospital.

Accompanied by Jasmine and Michael, Dylan arrives at the Hideaway for his last dance. Vince is glad to see him - once they announced he was coming back, the place was packed. Gladys, the hairdresser, spots Dylan, and asks for his autograph - she wants "Thanks for all the steamy nights", but Dylan gives her "Best Wishes". He reminds Vince that this is a farewell performance for Jessica. Vince is surprised she asked for it, and even Dylan is unsure what she wants to prove. When Jessica comes in, Dylan tells Jasmine he's nervous, but Jasmine reminds him he has a choice - his pride, or Jessica. Still, Dylan is unsure - he tells Jessica he can't do it. Jessica reminds him that she didn't ask to be put in this spot - and since every woman in that room has seen him dance, she'll only feel right if she sees it, too. Dylan agrees and, in a rock star get up, gets on stage and reluctantly begins to dance. A bright smile from Jessica eases his mind and he begins to dance like he has in the past; however, when it's over and the women start tossing bills at him, he says that the only performances he will do from now on are private - for the woman he loves. Gladys tells Jessica how lucky she is, as Jessica smiles at Dylan.

Sheila is rushed to the hospital - James wants to be with her, but the doctors and nurses won't allow it. James looks on through a window, and then calls Maggie from a pay phone. Maggie is glad to hear from him, but James wants to know - was she at Sheila's house, and did Maggie push Sheila down. When Maggie wonders how he knew, James asks how she could do this? Maggie is puzzled at James' accusatory tone.

Grant comes into Ridge's office, as Ridge is working on a design for Brooke's wedding gown - Grant says the dress is a stunner, and congratulates Ridge on what he guesses will be a wedding in the near future. Ridge thanks him, as Grant picks up a sketch of a dress Ridge has designed for Bridget as the flower girl. Grant says everything is coming together, and Ridge agrees - except for a few personal matters, he's going to be a happy man. Ridge tells Grant what he's missing by not having kids - Brooke, Rick and Bridget being with him is what it's all about, Ridge tells his fellow designer.

Brooke arrives at the Forrester mansion to meet Ridge - but since she's early, she stops in to see Stephanie. Stephanie thanks Brooke for coming to the hospital and her show of support, especially saying how much the children mean to her. Brooke feels she has to remind Stephanie that they're **HER** children, and Stephanie reminds her that Eric still has custody. Brooke asks if that's why Stephanie had her thrown in jail, and Steph replies that she wasn't herself. Changing the subject, Stephanie asks when they intend to tell Bridget the truth. Brooke reveals that's why she's there; tonight, she, Ridge and Eric are going to tell Bridget that Eric is her real father. They've spoken with James, and once it's over, she and Ridge intend to marry. Stephanie isn't sure it that's a wise idea, as Brooke asks who would know better than her mother what is best for Bridget.

On the phone with James, Maggie can't understand why he is so upset. He tells her he is at the hospital with Sheila, and Maggie asks if Sheila's sick. James says she's fighting for her life, and he again asks her if she attacked Sheila. Maggie confesses that she did struggle with her and pushed her but just to get her off her so she could leave. James then says that Maggie's fight is what happened to Sheila. Maggie then says she's coming right over to the hospital. James tries to discourage her, but Maggie hangs up and heads for the hospital.

While Stephanie tries to get across to Brooke that she only wants what is best for Bridget, Maggie comes downstairs and tells Steph she has to go out. Brooke is surprised to see Maggie, the prime suspect in the poisoning, there, and Stephanie surprises Brooke with the news that she thinks Sheila was responsible for her poisoning. Sheila should be locked up, Stephanie says - and if there is any justice, she will be.

At the hospital, Doctor Tim Madigan informs Sheila and James that she will be fine in a few days. The poker just grazed her lung, short of a puncture, but all sign are that Sheila will be all right - but she has to stay immobile for a while. Sheila then explains to James that Maggie pushed her onto the fireplace poker; she still can't believe how violent Maggie was, and the way she just walked out. Sheila apologizes to James for bringing him into it - he saved her life. James spots Maggie outside, and excuses himself to take care of something.

Brooke asks Stephanie if she has any proof that Sheila is the one who poisoned her - Brooke finds it hard to believe since Sheila is the only one who stood by her after the paternity tests. Steph says that Sheila only wanted to help Brooke to stay near the family, as Ridge arrives. Brooke tells Ridge that Stephanie disagrees with their plans to marry so soon after telling Bridget, and Ridge reminds his mother that they won't so anything until their sure Bridget is ready. When Ridge and Bridget finally arrive, she runs up to Ridge and greets him. Ridge reads her a story as Eric looks on; meanwhile, Brooke asks Stephanie if she can leave, since she thinks it would be best if it's just her, Ridge and Eric. Stephanie complies, although Eric seems surprised, as they sit Bridget down and tell her they have something important to tell her.

Maggie arrives and watches James and Sheila through the window. When James enters the hallway, Maggie admits that she became angry because Sheila was telling her lies about having slept with James. They were lies, she asks, weren't they? Maggie is shocked when James doesn't deny having sex with her - he says he'll explain it all later. Dr. Madigan asks for some of James' time, and James goes with him. Seeing Sheila smiling through the window, Maggie realizes how devious her former friend really is.

At the beach house, Michael is crunching some numbers - she asks Grant, do the Forresters, especially Brooke, realize they can make more money if they took the company public? Grant says that Brooke has more on her mind than her net worth - they're all in some big family pow-wow right now. Michael can't help but notice that Grant is concerned about Brooke, and she confronts him about it. She thinks her roommate has a thing for Brooke. Grant denies it - he's concerned as a friend, and he has wondered from watching the way she's always worried if Ridge is able to ease that burden. But his feelings for Brooke are nothing more than his feelings for Michael - as a friend. Grant thinks Michael is jealous, but she says she's not after him that way - she's happy as his roommate, in a great house, so she's not going to jeopardize that. So if Grant wants Brooke.... Grant says that's not it - but he does think Brooke can be happier.

With Ridge and Eric nearby, Brooke tenderly explains to Bridget that Ridge is not her father. They remind her how, when she was born, she had lots of aunts and uncles, and how everybody loved her. And they knew who her mother is, and they thought they knew who her father was - but they were wrong. Eric then mentions the blood tests that they took, and that the tests have shown that he is her real father. The little girl is confused by Brooke's news and tears begin to well-up in her eyes. Bridget pleads with Ridge to tell everyone that he is her daddy - but he can't. Saddened and confused, Bridget admits that she is frightened and wants to go to bed. Brooke offers to take her up, but Bridget says she can do it by herself. Looking to Ridge one more time, she says "you're not my real daddy?" Ridge tells her it doesn't matter, as Bridget goes up and says good night.

At the Bikini Bar, Jessica confides to Dylan that she's ready to tell Sly the truth about her pregnancy scheme because her plan is not working. Sly missed another session with James, and is just showing he doesn't care, so she's ready to give up trying to make him care. Dylan urges her to give it more time but Jessica is convinced - she's going to tell him the truth and watch him squirm when he sees his meal ticket go up in smoke. When Sly finally arrives, Jessica tears into him - he missed their appointment, he hasn't worked on their budget, and the simulator is in his locker. But before she can tell him the truth, Sly interrupts and announces that he is not ready to be a father and have to deal with all the responsibilities that are involved with having a child. He then urges Dylan to help Jessica give the baby up for adoption and announces that he's going to leave town - it's the best thing for Jessica, for Sly, for the baby - and even for Dylan, since it's obvious Dylan loves Jessica. He wishes them look and leaves, and Jessica can't believe he has walked out on her.

Sheila is surprised when her old friend Mike Guthrie stops by the hospital for a visit. Mike heard that she was in the hospital and came to see her, even though the last time they were together, Sheila told him to get out of town. She admits that she's laid up because of Eric's hick sister-in-law Maggie and she fears that the woman might go after her again. Mike can't believe how scared Sheila is - it's so unlike her. He offers to teach Maggie a lesson, but Sheila says no - she wants to do things differently, because she cares about someone. Mike is shocked when she tells him it's James Warwick - the same James they once imprisoned - and even more stunned when Sheila reveals James has a thing for Maggie right now. Moreover, right now, Sheila couldn't handle a teddy bear right now, much less Maggie. Seeing Sheila is afraid Maggie might do something physically to Sheila makes him say Maggie sounds like Sheila's type - and Sheila tells him they almost were friends. The only thing was, the same thing happened that happens every time she gets close to someone. Sheila laments, "I know that I did some really horrible things, and I certainly don't expect any breaks because of that. But I had a really rotten life myself. You know, there's a reason why I am this way." Mike suggests Sheila get better, and recover at his place in Idaho with his friends, but Sheila says no. Her place is here, and she has to deal with James and Maggie. Mike leaves, reminding Sheila she has his number.

Ridge tries to convince that Bridget will come around and accept Eric as her father. Brooke is worried - Bridget hasn't come out since she locked herself in her room. Maybe they shouldn't have told her. Ridge says that they had to tell her sooner or later - and if they waited too long, Bridget would have even more questions. They did the right thing by telling her, and being there to support her - and at the Forrester house, she'll get plenty of support.

James finally reveals to Maggie his past with Sheila. As she realizes that Sheila forced herself on him, Maggie's anger towards the deranged woman grows. James thinks that Sheila might reconsider pressing charges against Maggie if she receives an apology. But he doesn't think Maggie is the right person to offer the apology - perhaps he should be the one to do it. Maggie is touched by the gesture, but won't allow James to grovel before Sheila for her. James says it may be the only way, and Maggie says she'll go home, to give her and James a chance to think.

Brooke decides to stay over at the house, in case Bridget needs her - she doesn't want the child to be alone. Ridge reminds her Bridget won't be alone - her father is there, and so is her step-father. She has two fathers, and almost two mothers, so everything will work out in the end. Brooke looks at the stars, remembering how fascinated Bridget always was by them. Will she ever see them the same way, she wonders. Ridge thinks she'll see them differently, but the sense of wonder will still be there. Bridget's growing up, maybe faster than they expect - but that happens with all children. Ridge is confident Bridget is going to be all right.

Despite what she said to James, Maggie shows up in Sheila's hospital room. There, she apologizes but Sheila isn't buying it. Maggie is dangerous, Sheila contends - and the fact that she's lying in a hospital bed is proof of that. Maybe she should call the police - with all the things Maggie has done (poisoning Stephanie, breaking in, attacking Sheila), Maggie would go away for a long time. Maggie fumes, knowing how Sheila is using her. Sheila says she'll reconsider calling the police, if Maggie takes Jessica and leaves Los Angeles. Maggie is not about to stand for this and steps towards her, shouting that Sheila is a contemptible person, and a devil. As she steps over, Maggie gets caught up in the tubes and accidentally knocks over the I.V. At just that moment, James arrives. Sheila plays up her fear for all it's worth and begs James to help her. James screams at Maggie, asking her what she's done and ordering her to find a doctor, as he tries to assure Sheila she'll be fine.

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Week of 7/22/96-7/26/96

After being summoned by James, Dr. Madigan checks Sheila out in the wake of her IV coming loose during the encounter with Maggie. The doctor tries to get across to Sheila that she should calm down, as she's hyperventilating, and Sheila replies that's because she's frightened from what Maggie did. She doesn't want Maggie anywhere near her. As the doctor assures her Maggie is gone, she asks if he's going to reconnect her IV; no, he says; since he thinks she is ready to go home. However, she'll need someone to watch over her, but Sheila says she has no one. Just then, Lieutenant Conran arrives to handle the investigation into the stabbing of Sheila with the fireplace poker.

Over at the mansion, Maggie tells Stephanie about what happened at the hospital - she can't believe how she shoots herself in the foot every time she's near Sheila. Stephanie asks why Maggie even went, and Maggie says she wanted to apologize - not because she did anything wrong, but because she has the power to send Maggie to jail. Maggie says the fact that Sheila holds all the cards has to stop - she can't just walk away for a crime as serious as trying to kill Stephanie, can she? Stephanie says she just might, since there is no evidence against her. She then wonders - why has Sheila decided to ruin her life and to force her to leave town? Perhaps it's because Maggie has somehow become a threat to her, Stephanie suggests. Infuriated and frustrated, Maggie wants to go back to Sheila's place to try and find proof of her innocence. Stephanie urges Maggie to stay away from Sheila - it's going to be hard, but let the police handle it. Maggie is not happy with that, especially after what Sheila tried to do to Stephanie. Stephanie then apologizes to Maggie for being upset with her - she knows now Maggie was only thinking of what was best for everyone. Maggie accepts, noting that Sheila's no match for a couple of smart chicks like her and Stephanie.

Brooke finds it hard to concentrate on work because of the troubles with Bridget, who is still locked in her room. Grant enters, and sees how upset she is. He recommends that she take a break - a coffee break, to be exact. The pair are soon seated at the Insomnia Cafe, where Grant tries to get Brooke to open up. She's reluctant to talk, but Grant tells her she needs someone to talk to - a friend, not a relative or an ex-lover - and that he believes the best way to get at problems like this is to keep it simple. She feels like a failure as a mother, she says, and Grant can't believe that. He reminds her of a day when Rick interrupted a meeting between them, and Rick was rushing off to a friend's. Brooke asked all the right questions in about a minute - ones that it would have taken Grant considerably longer to even conceive. And Rick didn't question her, because he knew she cared; given time, Bridget will see things in a similar light. He urges Brooke to trust in herself, and everything will be all right.

Sheila tries to convince Conran that she is frightened of Maggie coming after her again. She tells Conran how they became friends, and how she visited Maggie at the mansion when all the other Forresters weren't around (they hate her, and it would have been difficult for Maggie, she explains). But then, Maggie started accusing her of trying to poison Stephanie, she claims - she might have even planted evidence, She offers to allow Lt. Conran access to the house to search, but the officer says that won't be necessary. She then offers to tell him about Maggie, and her part in putting Sheila in the hospital, when James interrupts. He tries to impress upon her not to put Maggie in jail -after all, didn't Maggie have a reason for coming to see Sheila. Sheila admits the reason - that Maggie thinks Sheila tried to poison Stephanie - but Sheila says she couldn't have done that, since she's trying to change. And how can she change if she's constantly defending herself from Maggie? James begs her not to send Maggie to jail - and if Sheila agrees to that, he'll protect her. How can he do that, Sheila asks, if they're on opposite sides of town?

Shortly after, Dr. Madigan comes in - he saw the Lieutenant leave, and wants to resume their discussion about Sheila's release. He's willing to send her home, but not alone. James then says that he's agreed to take Maggie into his home, so the doctor can begin processing her release. James assures him he'll keep Sheila free of stress - especially Maggie - as Sheila thanks him.

At the Forrester mansion, Bridget emerges from her room and comes downstairs with a request; can Stephanie read to her? Steph agrees, and Bridget tells Stephanie that she loves her.

Ridge stops by Grant's place for an early surf - the two designers appear to be becoming more friendly, and their love of surfing seems to be one more thing they have in common. Going inside for coffee, Ridge checks his voice mail - Grant accuses him of being a workaholic, but Ridge is actually hoping for a message from Brooke. This prompts Grant to ask if things are OK, and if there's anything he can do to help. Ridge reminds him how he already did, and thanks him for taking Brooke out for coffee to ease her mind. Grant was glad to help - he's impressed with his boss and hopes Ridge realizes how terrific Brooke is.

Arriving at Forrester, Brooke is surprised to find a dozen yellow roses in her office. She thinks they're from Ridge, but sees she's wrong when she opens the note attached and reads, "Hang in there. Grant." Brooke's not sure what to think when Eric enters. She wonders if he has news about Bridget.

At the house, Bridget sits with Stephanie, trying to understand all the things she's been told. She can't figure it out - why did her mommy and daddy lie to her about her entire life? Stephanie tries to remind her that her mother didn't know the truth herself - but what she did know was that she loved her little girl, and that's all that's important. Nothing else really matters. Bridget says it does matter - she's not his little girl anymore. Stephanie says that's true, but that doesn't mean that Ridge doesn't love her anymore. They all love her as much as ever. Bridget sadly remarks that it's not the same.

As Grant and Ridge continue to chat, he notes that he never realized how beautiful the place was when Taylor lived there; he thinks it would make quite a bachelor pad. However, when he spots a yellow bikini top draped over Grant's balcony, Ridge suddenly realizes that Grant may have already figured that out. He quizzes Grant for information about his new "friend" that obviously owns the suit. At first, Grant is evasive - shouldn't Ridge be checking his voice mail again, he jokingly asks. But Ridge wants more details, and Grant admits that he does have a female roommate who he's sharing the place with. However, Ridge has to leave, so he doesn't find out the identity of Grant's roommate.

In Brooke's office, Eric tells Brooke that he's spoken to Stephanie, and that Bridget hasn't come down for breakfast yet. Brooke's worried, and is upset at the thought of their daughter, locked up alone in her room. Eric is equally concerned, but reminds her that James told them they shouldn't rush things for her. Brooke agrees, but thinks they have to talk about it, and Eric says that he has been thinking about that and has come to a decision. He thinks Bridget should go home with Brooke for the night. He'll miss having her around, but her thinks it's best - even though he's worried that his relationship with Bridget might change. Brooke assures him that won't happen, and thanks him for the gesture.

Stephanie tells Bridget she has a surprise for her - she and Eric think that it would be a good idea for her to go home, to her mother's house. Bridget isn't happy - she's afraid Stephanie is sending her away. No, Stephanie replies - she thought Bridget wanted to go home, since that's all she's been saying for weeks. No, Bridget says, she doesn't want to go - is Stephanie going to make her go? No, Stephanie says, Bridget doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to. Bridget then calls Brooke and asks her to bring Ridge and Eric over for a talk.

Michael returns home to the beach house and again questions Grant's interest in Brooke. Michael is sure he's interested in his boss, and Grant decides to prove her wrong by giving her a kiss. However, while he's kissing Michael, Grant is imagining that it's Brooke that he's kissing.

Ridge, Brooke and Eric arrive at the mansion. Brooke tells her daughter that she's glad to see her, and tells her that Bridget can come home with her. However, Bridget says that she's still angry and hurt by what she was told and asks if she must go home with Brooke. Brooke is stunned, but she says Bridget doesn't have to go if she doesn't want to. Bridget responds that she in fact doesn't want to go - she wants to stay with Stephanie. The child then leaves, as Brooke wonders what caused Bridget to make this decision. Stephanie tries to explain how hard she tried to talk Bridget into going, to no avail. Rejected, Brooke tearfully embraces Ridge.

The scene is James' apartment, as he and Maggie share a romantic evening together - the music, the candles, and the conversation set the mood, as James tells Maggie means to him. He's hasn't been the same since she came into his life, and he professes his love to her. He takes out a ring - "Maggie Forrester, will you marry me?" As Maggie joyfully replies "Yes,", she hears another voice - that of Lauren, bringing her back to reality.

Over at Unicorn Fashions, Clarke meets with Jack Fuller; he figured that Jack would want to see what he's paying for, and takes out the horrible designs that he has created for Spectra's new line. Jack is more than pleased - he complements Clarke on the good work that he's done, that is destined to put Spectra down the tubes once and for all - as long as Clarke can get them past Sally. When Clarke tells him they've already been approved, Jack comments that it's amazing what the right incentive will do. He then wonders of Clarke's visit is really about money, and reminds Garrison that the deal was for payment on delivery - no money changes hands until the designs hit the runway. They may not make the runway if Clarke doesn't see some cash first, Clarke suggests. Fuller is upset at the insult to his integrity, but when Clarke reminds him what he's putting on the line (his name, his family, his reputation), Jack concedes to give him a down payment.

Over at Spectra, Macy looks over Clarke's designs - she still doesn't see how he expects women to go for fur-lined swimsuits, or raincoats with cutouts. Sally admits to Macy that she's having trouble coming up with a marketing plan for the designs, but she adds that they're merely offbeat. Other designers in the world, like Giovanni and Gaulthier, are going for rad, chic collections, and reminds Macy that things like that happen in fashion all the time. Macy admits that's true, but she doesn't think Clarke's designs are offbeat - bizarre is a better word, she suggests.

Meanwhile, James brings Sheila to his home from the hospital and sets her up in his bedroom. Dr. Madigan explains the medication that his patient needs and Sheila asks if the medication could be left with her. After all, she remarks, the woman who did this to her is accused of poisoning someone, so she'd feel better if the medicine was in her sight. James tries to remind her that Maggie would never do such a thing, but Sheila comments that James is fond of Maggie, leaving Madigan to remind James to keep Maggie away from Sheila to prevent stress. James says he'll handle that, leaving James and Sheila alone.

Back at the mansion, Maggie admits to Lauren that she was daydreaming - about James, Lauren correctly guesses. Maggie never dreamed that she could have someone like James in her life - she even said no when he first asked her out, because of how different they are. She then tells Lauren how she tried to apologize to Sheila for breaking into her place and pushing her, but that Sheila threatened her and ordered her to go back to Iowa. James, however, suggested that she just lay low and stay away from Sheila. Lauren remarks that it's James to the rescue, which must be a good feeling. Maggie says no - it's not a good feeling, it scares her to death, because of how dangerous Sheila is - she just wishes she knew why Sheila was doing this. Lauren suggests that she might want to get Stephanie, but Maggie doesn't think so. When Lauren tells her Sheila never does anything without a reason. Maggie informs her of Stephanie's suspicion that Maggie is a threat to Sheila, but that doesn't seem right either - what could she have that Sheila wants. Lauren doesn't know - but whatever it is, she knows Sheila won't stop until she gets it.

Clarke arrives at Spectra, and Macy complains about the designs. She isn't convinced that something so risky as Clarke's avant garde collection should be used when Spectra's existence is at stake. Clarke replies that the designs may not be mainstream, but they'll make millions - and he has plenty more where they came from. Macy then attempts to open his briefcase for a look at more designs, but Clarke stops her. The designs in there aren't finished yet, he explains, and that means they're off limits for now. Macy is apprehensive, but Sally tries to put her at ease, reminding her that no one knows more than Clarke what is at stake. Macy backs off for her mother's sake, and as she leaves, Sally asks if Clarke really knows what's at stake. "Better than anyone," he replies - a line that he repeats, once he's alone in his locked office, as he looks at the stacks of bills in his case.

At James' place, Sheila thanks him again, even though she knows he's only doing this so she wouldn't blow the whistle on Maggie. He then goes to change her bandages and takes off her blouse, with her breasts completely visible to him. "Do they bother you?" Sheila asks. No, James replies - after all, he is a doctor. As he excuses himself, Sheila gleefully grins.

Ridge and Brooke are in a tender embrace at her place, as they lament over the fact that they haven't been able to spend much time together lately. Ridge has a suggestion that could change all that - he suggests that they head for the airport and fly to Las Vegas tonight - to get married.

Over at the Forrester home, Grant is greeted by Stephanie - he had some sketches to show Eric, but he figured he would pay a visit to Stephanie, since they haven't seen each other since the dinner they threw when he first joined Forrester. Stephanie apologizes - she's meant to have him over, but things have been hectic. Grant says he realizes that - after all, Stephanie has Bridget living there. He asks how that came about, and she tells him that it was Bridget's decision. Still, Grant wonders, that must be affecting Brooke.

Mike arrives to see Sheila - he saw James drive off and figured it was safe for him to come in. Probably off to see Maggie, Sheila comments, and Mike congratulates her on how she's handling that - in fact, now she's in his bed. Sheila tells Mike to stop making it sound like a tawdry affair - James brought focus into her life, and she's not about to give that up, for anything.

Over at Maggie's, she tries to set a romantic mood for her and James - they haven't been able to talk for a while, she says. James asks if it's about Sheila, and Maggie says that's the last thing she wants to talk about. That may not be possible, James replies, since he has something to say about Sheila. Maggie thinks that Sheila called the police, and James says he took care of that. Maggie's upset that James fought that battle for her, and about how Sheila is getting away with everything. James tries to explain that he thinks Sheila is genuinely afraid of Maggie. Maggie says that maybe she should be, after everything she's done. James was afraid she would say something like that, and then breaks the news to Maggie that Sheila is staying with him.

Mike can't believe Sheila is concerned over Maggie, but Sheila cautions him not to underestimate Maggie. She just can't see what James sees in Maggie, while she and James are kindred spirits. James is the only one who can save her from her past, she adds. Mike is surprised how hung up Sheila is on James, as Sheila adds that there is only one thing in the way of her and James being together - Maggie. However, Sheila is determined not to let that get in her way, as she explains to Mike that she and James will be together, no matter what it takes.

Brooke admits that while she loves Ridge, she can't marry him right now because of the problem with Bridget. Ridge can't believe this - getting married will prove their love to Bridget, and give them some stability which could only help heal their wounds. But Brooke won't hear any of it - they have to put Bridget first, she says. Ridge doesn't agree, but says he'll back off the marriage issue, and just move into the house again. When Brooke says that will also confuse Bridget, Ridge is furious. He's trying to being their family together, and she's just trying to tear it apart.

Over at Stephanie's, Grant is concerned after learning that Bridget chose to live there - even though he doesn't know the circumstances, any mother would be upset with that kind of rejection from a daughter. Brooke must be beside herself, with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Stephanie commends Grant for his concern for his boss, and Grant points out that Brooke is also a friend. Stephanie then mentions how highly Ridge speaks of Grant, and Grant says he feels the same way. When Stephanie remarks on the positive reviews of their work on the men's line, Grant says Brooke brings out the best in him - a special chemistry, Stephanie inquires? That leads Stephanie to give Grant some advice - to be there for Brooke as a friend. When Grant asks about Ridge, Stephanie adds one more line of advice - that Grant should take a closer look at things, because they're not always what they seem to be.

Maggie can't believe that James has let Sheila move in. When he tries to explain that Sheila, with her fears about Maggie, could easily put Maggie away, and that having Sheila move in prevented that, Maggie grows frustrated. She asks where Sheila is sleeping, and James mentions that it's in his bed. Maggie pleads with him not to allow this to go on, but James still insists he had no choice. Maggie then tells James that Sheila has another motive for being there, and James asks her what it is. Before she can answer, his beeper goes off, and James has to leave to see to an emergency.

Ridge and Brooke continue to argue - he wants to be with Brooke, and she says she wants that, too - just not right now. Is this my turn to wait for you, Ridge asks, and Brooke says it's not about that; it's about their daughter. *HER* daughter, Ridge reminds him, and Brooke becomes upset that he brought that up. Ridge becomes frustrated, telling Brooke that their lives are now in limbo. Brooke says this is killing her, too, but she has to put Bridget first. She can't talk about this now, she says, since she has Grant coming over, prompting Ridge to angrily storm out. As he leaves, he bumps into Grant who has just arrived. "She's all yours, Grant," Ridge shouts as he leaves. Brooke tries to stop Ridge from leaving on such a bad note.

At James' place, Sheila hears the door. She hopes it James, so he can change her bandages, but she's surprised when she looks in the door and sees an angry Maggie standing there.

Grant apologizes to Brooke for walking in after her fight with Ridge and suggests that they go ahead with their work on the men's line. Brooke thinks that's a good idea, but then sees she can't. She then suggests that she take some time to cool off, and Grant asks her to tell him what happened. She tells him how she wishes that Ridge could understand what she's feeling about Bridget. Grant says she will see him tomorrow, yet Brooke says it's going to be a long night. To help her with her stress, he gives her a gift - a stone turtle, representing her need to slow down. It was given to him by a Native American woman named Rose Starbird - and the thing about it is that isn't so much the turtle itself that slows him down, but the faith of the friend that gave it to him. It's good to have a friend to believe in, he tells Brooke.

Over at James' office, he's giving some medication to a patient named Susan, trying to reassure her, when Ridge comes by. He needs to talk to the psychiatrist, after what happened with Brooke. James invites him to come in. Ridge tells James about how Brooke refused to marry him tonight in Las Vegas and worries that they will never be a couple. James suggests that he may be overreacting - after all, Bridget and Brooke aren't on speaking terms right now. Ridge is still worried, prompting James to ask if Ridge thinks there is anything going on in Brooke's head to make her back off from Ridge, besides for Bridget. Ridge doesn't believe so, and James says that if that's the case, then Ridge shouldn't put pressure on her. Ridge replies that he doesn't want to put pressure on her - he wants to sweep her off her feet and get their life together. That may be the problem, James suggests - Brooke needs something that it may be difficult for Ridge to give her given their involvement: friendship.

Sheila is shocked to find Maggie in James' bedroom and asks how she got in. Maggie informs her that James gave her a key because they are dating, so she has a right to be there - but what right does Sheila have to be there? When Sheila says she's recovering and needs someone, Maggie orders Sheila to get out and go find someone else to take care of her. Maggie doesn't care if it's her mother, a friend, or anyone else, but she demands that Sheila get out of that bed and leave.

Sheila refuses to leave, reminding Maggie that it was James' idea for her to recover there. Maggie is sure Sheila manipulated that, and Sheila reminds her - even if she wants to leave, she can't. The doctor told her she can't move from bed. Maggie asks why Sheila is doing this to her - she and James are trying to build something, and they can't do it with Sheila living with them. The way Sheila is lying in that bed, it's like - suddenly Maggie realizes the truth: Sheila has set her sights on James. Sheila denies it, going into her scared act again, as Maggie shouts she knows full well Sheila isn't scared of her. Sheila reminds Maggie that she attacked her, and Maggie says she didn't - but she will, if Sheila goes after her man. She's onto Sheila, and sees her for the devil she really is. She isn't going to let up on Sheila, and she isn't going to play fair - just like Sheila never played fair with Lauren, or the Forresters. Maggie intends to be like a tiger, protecting her man - and she gives Sheila 48 hours to get out, or she'll drag her out.

Ridge is surprised at James' claim that Brooke needs friendship - hasn't he given that to her? James replies that Ridge is Brooke's friend - but right now, she needs someone who isn't acting like a man in love. She's a troubled parent, and she needs someone who is just going to be there and support her through that, not someone who needs something of her. He asks Ridge where Brooke can find that kind of support, and Ridge admits that she can get it from him. James is glad to hear that, and tells Ridge to go be a friend to Brooke - because that's what she needs. Ridge thanks James and leaves.

Brooke looks at Grant's gift of the turtle - she feels like it's making her better, but hearing Grant's tale of how he came by it, she can't take it. He insists that she accepts - the turtle is just a symbol of how he sees life, and humanity's ability to help each other. There's millions of human beings in the world, that all came from the same source, products of the Big Bang pulling towards a common destiny. And he does believe in a supreme being - he calls it the great spirit - but the spirit is probably frustrated that he has given humanity everything they need, and that they don't see it. They have to have faith in their ability, and when that happens, there will be progress in the world. Brooke isn't sure she can relate, and Grant brings her back to the turtle. It's a symbol of the faith that there are others out there pulling for her - and that all she has to do is let those people in to help her.

James comes home to find a frightened Sheila on the phone, trying to reach Lt. Conran. She's about to leave a message when she learns the officer isn't there - it's urgent, Sheila tells the party on the other end of the phone. James tells her to put the phone down - and Sheila tells the other party she'll call back. She then goes on to tell James how frightened she is of Maggie - she feels like Maggie is out of control, and is going to come for her. She even offers to leave, since she's being a problem between James and Maggie, but James says she's not a problem. But Sheila remains afraid - she's sure Maggie is going to come back, and that Maggie won't stop until she's dead. Reminding Sheila of the doctor's instructions to remain calm, James tries to comfort her, assuring her that he'll make sure Maggie won't be a problem anymore. As she sobs, he continues to tell her to calm down.

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Week of 7/29/96 - 8/2/96

Over at Spectra, Clarke is prepared to show the latest designs in his "Naturally" line of designs to Sally, Macy and Darla. As CJ gets the room ready, Clarke stands at the podium and brings in the three models. The first design is an outfit covered with moss - including the models' hair - a testament to the great exteriors of life, Clarke proudly announces. The next model, Michelle comes in, totally wrapped from head to toe in a cocoon dress - a symbol of a woman in metamorphosis. He then brings on a third model, Mariah, dressed in a fishnet outfit with assorted types of sea shells and star fish - the wonders of the deep. Together, they form a salute to the wild - Spectra's "Naturally" line. Sally applauds, and CJ proudly suggests that his father add to the "Au Naturel" them with a wet t-shirt design. Clarke laughs at his son's suggestion, but Macy and Darla are aghast. Macy thinks the designs are disgusting, and Darla asks "who would buy these?" "People that care," Clarke replies - people that care about protecting and taking care of the world we live in. Macy questions this, wondering how Clarke can make a political statement, when Sally interrupts. They've reached the point of no return, Sally says, and they have to be behind Clarke 100%. "Let's just hope it isn't a mistake," Sally then adds. Sally then answers a phone call and tells Clarke she has a surprise for him - one she acquired from Unicorn Fashions.

Jasmine comes to visit Michael at Forrester - she needs a friendly ear, since she's job hunting. Michael says Jessica told her Jasmine had left the Bikini, and Jasmine tells her it's true. The tips were good, she states, but the place has lost its bloom lately. "Because of Sly?" Michael asks. Jasmine says yes, but it doesn't really matter, since he's gone now. Michael comments that it's a good thing that Jasmine didn't really love Sly - and then bites her tongue realizing Jasmine did love him.

Jessica shows up at Dylan's (just a little too late to catch him in the shower, he jokes), having just picked up her registration material for school. He suggests she work on it there, while he runs over to the Academy to drop off a design. As he shows her the sketch, Jessie is impressed and proud. Dylan is glad she's pleased - he loves school so much, and hopes he'll be able to show how much he's learned to Eric someday. Everything's perfect, he says - school, his life with Jessica. There's one thing that isn't perfect about her, she reminds him - Sly. Jessica still feels guilty about the way her lies drove him to leave town.

Sally proudly brings her new "find" in to meet Clarke - top model Kim Swanson. Clarke and Kim have met briefly in the past, when she was with another designer, as they recall her appearances on countless magazines. Sally notes that most recently, Kim worked for Unicorn - and Darla wonders how she wound up at Unicorn. They made her an offer she couldn't refuse, she states - but money isn't important when you're as miserable as she was at Unicorn. That's over now, Sally says, since her Spectra Guardian Angel has rescued her to be the woman who will showcase Clarke's collection. Clarke seems stunned to hear that, and Kim says she would love to see them. As Clarke takes her to his office, Sally welcomes into their big happy family aboard the Starship Spectra.

Michael and Jasmine continue to discuss Sly. Realizing she never knew hoe hard Jasmine had it for Sly, Michael says she never saw anything redeeming in him - but there must be something, since Jasmine cared for him. That's the problem, Jasmine says - there wasn't a redeeming quality. She tries to duck the subject, as Michael says what a user Sly was. Jasmine feels stupid, falling for a guy like Sly, who will say anything to a girl just to use her. "But he didn't, right?", Michael asks. "Jasmine, you didn't give in to him, did you?" Jasmine leaves, without answering the question.

Dylan tries to convince Jessica that she shouldn't feel guilty about Sly. He's a lowlife who tried to rape her, Dylan reminds her, while **she** tried to help him. Jessica still feels deceptive, but Dylan won't think about ethical fine points with someone like Sly. Besides, he adds, Sly is gone now, and is probably never coming back, so Jessica has no reason to get hung up on it. He then leaves for the Academy.

In the room where the show was held, Macy still maintains her disgust for Clarke's designs. CJ sticks up for his dad, and Sally again supports Clarke. But this could be the end for them, Macy insists - the bank won't give them another chance if they fall on their faces. She'll go along with Sally's wishes she says, but not because she believes in Clarke. She's only doing it for CJ's sake - and for Spectra's.

Alone with Clarke in his office, Kim views his designs and says how hideous they are - something must be going on, and she wants to know what. Clarke plays dumb, and tells Kim not to rock the boat. She's a model, not a designer, he explains, and someone with her beauty never had to claw her way to the top like he did. "I'm on your side, Clarke," Kim insists, as she tries to get him to open up, but he still refuses. She then mentions how at Unicorn, the models were treated like slaves, and how they saw lots of stuff since their dressing rooms were near the executive offices. Jack Fuller was quite a character, she states, as Clarke says he wouldn't know - he never met the man. That's funny, Kim says, since she saw Clarke at Unicorn at least twice while she was there. What's going on, she wants to know.

Over at Dylan's, the doorbell rings. Jessica thinks it's Dylan forgetting something, but she's shocked to see Sly standing there, wearing a coat and tie. "Hi, sweetheart," he says, as she stands there staring.

Sally comes by the Forrester mansion; CJ is over there enjoying some summer fun with Rick, and it's time to pick him up. The boys try and squeeze a few more minutes of fun out, but Stephanie tells them it's time to come in from the pool. As the two young men come in, Stephanie tells Sally she's amazed in the change in CJ. That's because of Clarke, Sally states. He's been a real father to the boy, and he's made a difference for everyone at Spectra, La Spectra explains. Stephanie is surprised - she can't understand how Sally could possibly give Clarke another chance after everything he did to her in the past. He could easily hurt her again - her and CJ, Stephanie insists. Sally tries to explain how she was wary of Clarke as well, when he first showed up, but watching him as really changed her opinion of him. Stephanie is still skeptical - Clarke has always been a bad influence, especially on Sally. If he's really changed, she'll be the first to break out the champagne, but she implores Sally to keep her eyes open. She will, Sally insists, if Stephanie can try to be forgiving - she does know how to do that, doesn't she? I forgave you, Stephanie reminds her, and Sally hopes that isn't a sign of their return to their battles of the past. It isn't, Steph says, but she worries hearing Sally making Clarke sound like a saint. He's no saint, Sally says, but he has changed - and that change has rubbed off on CJ, which means Clarke deserves a chance.

At Spectra, Kim guesses from the fact that she's seen Clarke at Spectra that Jack has gotten to him, and that's the reason for the horrible collection. Clarke denies it, but Kim still believes that the only way someone with Clarke's talent can design such trash is to ruin Spectra's chances at getting back into the world of fashion. How much is he paying, Kim wonders - he can tell her, or she can find out from someone at Unicorn. But she'd rather hear it from him - she's always admired the way he lives on his own terms, the way she does. And he has to need someone to confide in. With everything Clarke is doing, Jack must be offering at least a couple of million. More than that, Clarke states - 8 figures, to be exact. He can't find that kind of financial security at Spectra, he says, and he supposes Kim wants a cut of the money, too. She doesn't want money, Kim says - and she will keep Clarke's secret. "Let's leave it at that, for now," she adds.

Dylan stops in to see Michael - he's just learned that he's being put into the advanced class now, instead of the introductory one. Jessica will be thrilled, Michael guesses - she's glad everything is going so well for them. Everything would be perfect, Dylan insists, except for one thing: a guy named Sly. Michael thought he was out of the picture, but Dylan explains how Jessica is feeling guilty about her lie. Michael then tells Dylan about her conversation with Jasmine, and how Jasmine might have slept with Sly. But it doesn't really matter - Sly's gone, and hopefully he's learned from what Jessica tried to teach him. They wonder how Sly would react if he found out that Jessica had fooled him into thinking that she was pregnant. Dylan isn't sure, but he bets Sly wouldn't be happy. It doesn't really matter, they agree - Sly is gone, which is a case of "Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish," and they can all get on with life without him.

Standing in Jessica's door with a gift in hand, the well dressed Sly has only one question: how is the baby is doing? As she invites him in, Sly tells her about all the thinking he's done. He started driving through small towns like Barstow and Needles, and all he saw were folks with families - while all he had to speak of was his car and his duffel bag - and a lot of guilt. He realizes what he was leaving behind and turned around; and now he's ready to be a father. He got a job interview to sell cars, and he's ready to do right by his child. He doesn't have to do that, she informs him. He guesses that's because Jessica loves Dylan, but that doesn't matter to him - this is his child, and he's going to do the right thing. Jessica tries to find the words to tell Sly and finally admits that there is no baby. Did she miscarry, he asks? No, she tells him, as she explains how she came up with the plan to teach him a lesson and make him a better person - which he is now. Can't he see that, she asks? " Yeah. Yeah, I can see a lot of things now," he replies. "Oh, yes. I can see very clearly," he adds as he storms out, not hearing Jessica's pleas to understand.

Over at Forrester, Eric, Ridge and Grant furiously work on their designs, as Megan the secretary brings in a swatch of fabric - it's for the slip dress, Grant indicates, designed by a girl he used to work with Calvin. Eric is happy with the choice, and tells Megan to have Thorne set up a meeting with the designer, and as Megan turns to leave, Ridge asks about his tickets. She says everything is all set. Tickets, Grant asks? Yes, Ridge replies - he is flying to Paris to handle an important negotiation for Forrester Creations. Charles Durand, their main man, suffered a heart attack, but there are some critical licensing issues that need to be addressed. The timing is rotten, Eric admits, but someone needs to salvage the negotiations. Ridge adds, "If I didn't know Bridget was in such good hands...", and Eric reminds him not to worry about that, since he and Stephanie have things under control. Grant then asks if there's anything he can do, and Ridge says no - he's the most familiar with the folks in Paris, which makes him the best person to go. Besides, Brooke has made it clear she doesn't need him.

Stephanie comes to see Brooke in her office - Brooke was about to call her, to find out about how Bridget was doing. Eric is spending a lot of time with them, Steph explains, and Rick and Bridget are becoming quite close. Then maybe Eric will ask the kids to come home, Brooke suggests. Stephanie says no, because she's asked him not to. The time isn't right for Bridget yet, and they have to let the girl decide what she needs at her own pace. Is that because Stephanie hopes the time for Bridget to come home is a long way off, Brooke asks? No, she doesn't, Stephanie replies. If that's the case, Brooke suggests, Stephanie should help them. She can't, Stephanie reminds Brooke; she only wants what is best for Bridget, and right now, she's still frightened.

James tries to understand what caused Maggie to confront Sheila in his bedroom. Sheila almost called the police, James explains, but he stopped her. Relieved that James talked Sheila out of it, Maggie explains that she had to find out why Sheila is doing all this to her. And after this visit, she finally knows the reason: Sheila wants James for herself!

Eric asks Ridge if there's a problem with Brooke, as Grant listens. Ridge wants to get on with their lives - living together even, if Brooke isn't ready for a true engagement - but Brooke is concerned about Bridget. Ridge, however, feels putting their lives on hold might hurt Bridget, since she might blame herself for the problems. Eric says they'll have to be careful of that. Ridge's point is that he and Brooke are stronger together than apart - if only he could make Brooke see that. Eric asks if he's going to see Brooke before he leaves, and Ridge says he is - in fact, he better get going. But first, he asks a favor of Grant - since he and Brooke are working together a lot, can Grant keep an eye on her. Grant agrees.

Brooke can't comprehend why Stephanie can't help her - how is she just supposed to accept that her daughter is miserable? What's Brooke going to do, Stephanie asks, drag Bridget home kicking and screaming? Brooke says no - and Steph tells her she'll just have to accept things as they are then and give Bridget time. Brooke suspects Stephanie thinks this is all her fault, and Steph says that even though Brooke hasn't done anything to convince her otherwise, she doesn't want to stand in the way of Brooke and her daughter. "Oh, no, not you. You've never done anything to interfere with our relationship ", Brooke sarcastically replies. Steph then tells Brooke she has some advice for her - don't discuss the family's affairs with strangers. Sensing she means Grant, Brooke is upset. First of all, she hasn't told him anything - and even if she had, he's a caring and compassionate man. He wouldn't run off to the tabloids or something with anything he heard from her. Stephanie notes that it sounds like Brooke would trust Grant with her life. "Without a doubt," Brooke answers. "Well, then I certainly will accept your judgment on this matter," Stephanie says as she leaves.

James can't believe that Sheila wants him; but he does believe that Maggie believes it, since Sheila has filled him in on what happened at his apartment. Oh, of course she did, Maggie figures - that's all part of what she's doing. Can't James see it - she told Maggie about sleeping with James, and now this, so what else can Sheila want? Maggie only has one thing Sheila wants - him, and he should get her out of there before she gets him. James doesn't see it that way - first of all, if he throws Sheila out, she'll have Maggie arrested. Also, he sees Sheila as genuinely frightened of Maggie. And besides, even if Sheila did want him, it wouldn't matter - because he's in love with Maggie, not Sheila. He asks Maggie to make a promise to him - that she won't go back while Sheila is there. And he also has one more request of her - he wants the key to his place back. Maggie tearfully reaches into her purse and gives it to him.

Ridge comes into Brooke's office as she's concluding a phone call. He tells her how he wasn't happy with the way they left things, and how he even went to see James about it. James concluded they were both right, Ridge tells her, and she admits Ridge was right about at least one thing - that they need to spend more time together. She asks to have dinner with him that night, but he tells her he can't, because of his trip to Paris. Brooke is furious that he's leaving her like this - what if Bridget needs him? Ridge assures him he'll only be a phone call away, but Brooke isn't satisfied with that: how can he settle something this important on a phone? He must be able to get someone else to go in his place, she insists. Ridge tells her no - he's not happy about the timing either, but this deal is too important and it has to be him. Claiming that Ridge is putting business before Bridget, Brooke pleads with him not to go. Ridge remains firm - he has to go, and he'll let her know where he can be reached when he arrives in Paris.

Stephanie stops by to see Grant and tells him about the things Brooke said about him. Grant finds it hard to believe - why would Brooke air anything like those thoughts out loud to anyone, least of all, to Stephanie.? Maybe I made it all up, Steph suggests - or maybe Brooke just needed to be coaxed, and the natural inclination to defend someone when attacked brought Brooke to his defense. Either way, she's interested - and with Ridge going away, this could be Grant's chance. Grant is not happy with the implication - he doesn't operate that way, and Ridge is his friend. He would be doing Ridge a favor, Steph reminds him. Ridge and Brooke have been on and off for years, which suggests that they are not really meant for each other. Maybe that means they just need a chance, Grant surmises. Stephanie reminds Grant that Brooke turned down Ridge's proposal - this is a golden opportunity for Grant. It's obvious that he likes Brooke, and she likes him. Grant remarks that Brooke likes him because he's trustworthy - and that trust doesn't match up with a man stealing a woman away from her boyfriend while the boyfriend is away. If Ridge and Brooke break up naturally, it's OK with him, but he won't be a part of any act to come between them. Stephanie tells him that people are often together for the wrong reasons - as with Brooke marrying Eric when she loved Ridge - and that this is Grant's chance to do something to prevent that. But of course, it's his decision.

Brooke and Grant work together on some sketches, but it's clear to Grant that she is distracted. He asks if she wants to do this another time, but she says she's fine. She reaches over to pick up another sketch as Grant comments that's the one they just finished with. "This is impossible," Brooke blurts out, and Grant tells her she's going about it the wrong way. Instead of tensing up, she should be letting go to focus. "Maybe I have nothing to let go of," Brooke laments - she's appreciative of his help, but she can't be happy until she's sure Bridget is OK.

Stephanie tells Eric about her visit with Brooke at the office - she seemed kind of edgy. Eric wishes they could tell her something about Bridget, but the girl has been so quiet. Maybe that's a good sign, Steph suggests, that Bridget is thinking. Just then, Bridget come in, asking if she could talk to them. Sitting her down, Steph asks what she wants to talk about. "My mommy," Bridget replies.

Maggie's on the phone in the kitchen - she's trying to find out how long before Sheila can live on her home from a nurse. She's shocked to hear it's three weeks, when Jessica comes in. Her daughter is singing and all dressed up, as Maggie wonders why she's in such a good mood.

Over at their palatial pad, Jasmine sees Dylan donning a tux for the evening. He's taking Jessica to the Cafe Rousse. Fancy, fancy, Jasmine comments - is it someone's birthday? Dylan says no, and Jasmine then guesses that he's going to pop the question. No, Dylan replies - they're just going to celebrate life. Everything is going so well for them lately, and with the Sly fiasco over with.... Dylan stops himself, apparently remembering that Jasmine had feelings for Sly. "No, it's okay, we can talk about it," Jasmine tells him. No one has seen Sly since he left, she adds, and he'll probably never be back. Dylan tells Jazz she's better off without him, as she changes the subject to him. She wants him to forget about Sly and have a good time. "Is that what you're going to do?" Dylan asks. Jasmine insists she just needs time to heal as she shoves Dylan out the door, wanting to hear all the gory details when he gets home.

Jessica tells Maggie Dylan is taking her to Cafe Rousse. Maggie comments that James took her there on one of their first dates - she loves the place. Jessie has never been there before, but it's the perfect place for her and Dylan to celebrate what they have - not just now, but for the rest of their lives. And to make things even better, Jessica has big news - she just got offered a scholarship to study in London, England. She hasn't told Dylan yet, because she just found out today - and she's not even sure she's going to accept, because she may want to stay near Dylan. Maggie is so happy for her daughter, and asks when Dylan is picking her up. Jessie says they're going to meet at the restaurant. As Maggie tells her again how wonderful she looks, Jessica takes her leave.

Grant picks up the little turtle he gave Brooke to calm down - he guesses that his little friend didn't help much. No, it didn't, Brooke says - she's in hyperdrive and she's sorry. Here Grant is, designing his first Forrester collection, and he's stuck with a basket case. Grant points out she's a mother, not a basket case, and that she shouldn't beat herself up about it. "Now you sound like Ridge," Brooke says, and Grant takes that as a compliment. It wasn't meant to be one, Brooke adds, telling him about how upset she is that Ridge took off for Paris when Bridget needs him. Grant tries to remind her how important the deal that Ridge is handling is - and Bridget knows how Ridge feels about her, because Grant has never seen a more devoted father. "It's really, really complicated. And Bridget is confused right now, and she needs a lot of reassurance", Brooke informs Grant. Grant believes she'll come around when she's ready. What if she doesn't, Brooke wonders. Bridget used to come to her with everything, and now she doesn't know if she'll ever see that again.

Bridget asks Stephanie and Eric if they think her mommy is mad at her, for hurting her feelings. No, Eric explains - she may be sad, because she wants to take care of Bridget, but she isn't mad. Bridget didn't mean to hurt her mothers feelings, she states. Eric tells her that they all know she didn't want to do that - she was just confused, and Mommy understands that. Stephanie adds that Mommy was confused when they first found out - in fact, they all were. When they found out that Grandpa was really Bridget's daddy, they were all scared - scared that things would change. Bridget asks what else they were feeling. Eric says that they were confused, and also.... "Mad?" Bridget guesses. Yes, Stephanie agrees; they were mad because they couldn't change things back - and because it was nobody's fault. "Not Ridge's, and not mommy's, and most especially, not yours." Everybody loves Bridget, Stephanie adds, and they want her to be happy. "Do you know who loves you more than anything in this whole, big, wide world? Your mommy." That's why Brooke let Bridget stay there, even though she misses her, Eric reminds Bridget. "I miss her, too," Bridget says. Eric asks what she wants to do about it, and Bridget says, "I want to go home."

Dylan anxiously waits at the Cafe Rousse for Jessica - the waiter asks if he wants a drink, but Dylan prefers to wait. He then sees Jessica come into the room, and the two exchange bright smiles. As he asks if Eric designed her dress, Jessica hopes this isn't a sign of what life with a fashion designer will be like, with him commenting on all her clothes. Dylan says he's going to check out her clothes and her - and then comments how wonderful their life is going to be. He asks if she finished her schedule, and she says she was interrupted: by Sly! She tells Dylan who he showed up, and that she told him the truth about her phony pregnancy. Dylan asks how he reacted.

Jasmine is surprised to find Sly at her door - entering the apartment, he says he doesn't want to talk. He only wants a beer, he orders. Bringing him the beer, Jasmine asks if that will help his foul mood. "I have a right to be p*ssed off," Sly shouts. Jessica humiliated him, and he's never going to be able to live it down. He's never going to forgive her for what she did to him. "What about what you tried to do to her, Sly?" Jasmine asks. Who side are you on, Sly asks her. No one's side, Jazz tells him - it's over, so let it go. "Oh, no. This is nowhere near over. Nowhere near," Sly vows.

Grant hands Brooke a tissue - he understands that Brooke feels like she let Bridget down. She'd love to wave some magic wand and make everything all right, but she can't - and that doesn't mean she's a bad mother, but that she's human. "I just want to take her hurt away," Brooke says, and Grant says he knows the feeling. Just then, the phone rings - it's Bridget, who tells her mother she wants to come home. She misses her mother, and is sorry she made her sad. Delighted by the news, Brooke tells Bridget that's all right, and she's glad she called. She then asks about Rick, who Bridget says is packing, and then Brooke tells her daughter she loves her, and that she'll be right over. She then tells Grant about the call and hugs him, as Grant tells her how happy he is for her.

Brooke tries to reach Ridge in Paris to tell him that Bridget has agreed to come home, but she can't get through. He's probably in a meeting, Grant suggests. Brooke says this is a big night for their family, and that she wishes Ridge were here. She's here, Grant reminds her, and that's all that's important. He then offers to go with her to the mansion and help out any way he can (driving, carrying bags) so Brooke can being her little rugrats home, and Brooke accepts.

At the mansion, Maggie tells Eric Brooke is on her way over, and asks how he's feeling. He has mixed emotions, Eric says. He's going to miss the kids, but he believes they need to be with their mother. Maggie asks if they'll come back, and Eric says they'll just have to take that one day at a time. Just then, the kids come in, packed and ready to go.

Still at the Cafe Rousse, Jessica continues telling Dylan about how she told Sly the truth. Dylan says congratulations are in order, her plan worked. Yes it did, Jessica confirms - in fact, she thinks it worked **TOO** well, since Sly was crushed when he heard the news.

Jasmine asks Sly what he means that things aren't over between him and Jessica, and he replies that he likes closure. Right now, there is still unfinished business between him and Jessica, since she played him like a fool. Jazz tries to get him to let go, but Sly says he can't; the thought of Jessica and Dylan makes him sick and he wonders what the happy couple is doing. Jasmine tells him they're celebrating at Cafe Rousse, which doesn't surprise Sly. He then suddenly says he's got to go. Jasmine tells him to take care of himself and, after a parting kiss, Sly responds, "Oh, I will."

Still discussing Sly, Jessica tells Dylan how he seemed like he had changed at first; but then, when he found out there was no baby, he got angry. Dylan asks if he hurt her, and Jessica says no - he just turned around and walked away. Dylan says he'll never understand Sly, and Jessica says Sly is a Jekyll and Hyde "type". They then agree to table any more discussion of Sly, as Jessica tells Dylan she has a surprise. Reaching into her purse, she takes out the letter she just received for the London Educational Program, and tells Dylan about the scholarship offer. Dylan is amazed and proud, and asks if she is going to accept. She says she's not sure yet - she may want to spend as much time with him as possible. Dylan then assures her that he won't stand in the way of her decision, and if she does accept, he'll be there waiting for her when she comes back. Pleased to hear that, Jessica reminds him that she loves him so much and thanks him.

At the mansion, Rick says they're all set - except he did leave a few things there since he's supposed to come back to spend the night tomorrow after a friend's birthday party. Maggie adds that she packed for Bridget, and that there's a few things there for her, too. Eric then tells them that he knows they miss their mom, but he hopes that he, Stephanie and Maggie were able to provide a home for them over these last few months. Rick says they were all great when the doorbell rings - Rick excitedly opens the door and sees his mom, ready to take them home. Grant follows, saying he came to help with the bags. After an emotional greeting, the kids ask about Ridge, and Brooke explains that he's away in Paris on business. But she's sure he's thinking of them. She then makes sure they've thanked Stephanie for having them, which Rick replies they have. Grant then gets ready to take the bags to the car, as the kids tearfully say goodbye to Maggie, then Eric, who both say they'll miss the kids. Eric tells Bridget to take care of herself, and she says she will - she then adds, "Bye, Daddy," which Grant overhears. Eric and Brooke both smile hearing Bridget call her father "daddy."

With dinner concluded, Dylan kisses Jessica goodnight as they wait for their cars. The valet pulls Jessica's car up and she gets in; however, before she can to drive away, she realizes that she left the acceptance letter back in the restaurant. She returns to the restaurant, where the maitre d' has it waiting for her. Is it important, he asks? Not really, Jessica replies as she returns to her car.

Rick and Bridget walk into the house, clearly glad to be home. Brooke sits them down and apologizes for letting them down. As they talk, Grant is standing not too far away. She didn't let them down, Rick says; and Bridget adds that they know Brooke loves them, just like she now knows that Grandpa is really her father. Brooke is glad to hear that, but also reminds them that Ridge still loves them. Everything is going to be all right, she says, since they're one big happy family.

Back at the mansion, Eric is missing the kids already. Maggie reminds him he did the right thing, since they needed to be with their mother. "Spoken like a true mother," Eric says. Well, Maggie tells him, her daughter is having a wonderful time tonight on a big date with Dylan. She's never seen Jessica so happy, she tells Eric, and she knows that things will only get better.

Outside the Cafe Rousse, Jessica is about to get into her car. But before she can get in, she hears a noise and turns to see a masked man staring at her. She tries to run, but the masked man overpowers her and she falls to the floor. The masked man comes near her, and as Jessica struggles to get free, she cries out. "Get away from me. Get away from me! No! Stop it! No! No! No!"

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