Bold and the Beautiful - The Week In Review

March, 1996

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Week of 3/4/96

Stephanie assures Eric that he and the children are more than welcome to stay with her and that she is there to help him in any way that she can. Taylor and Stephanie discuss how much Taylor has suffered because of Brooke's grasp on Ridge. Stephanie tells Ridge that Brooke lost the letter from Dr. Peters; Ridge assumes Stephanie means that Brooke misplaced it. Stephanie insists that Brooke destroyed it knowing that it would prove her guilty if it were analyzed. Stephanie urges Ridge to think about Taylor and how much she's brought to his life. Ridge calls Taylor and asks if she can come by his office the next day. Stephanie tells Eric he should go after full custody of the kids because they deserve some stability in their lives and he is their only stable parent. Stephanie offers to let them all move in with her, saying that the house was designed to be filled with kids and nothing would give her more pleasure. Eric agrees to talk to an attorney. Sally is forced to fire Dylan as she faces the dismal future of Spectra. She takes her family out for a "last hurrah" on the plastic before declaring bankruptcy, but Macy picks up the check unbeknownst to Sally. Jasmine tells Dylan about a job he might be interested in -- he goes to the Beverly Hills Hideaway only to discover the job opportunity is a position as a male stripper. Jessica continues her scheme to convince Sly she is pregnant and get her revenge. James continues to pursue Maggie, taking her to dinner at Cafe Russe. Lauren takes notice of what is developing between the two of them. Sheila has a plan to get back at Stephanie for her abuse of Brooke and, on a visit to Maggie, she sneaks into Stephanie's bathroom and finds a prescription in her medicine cabinet.

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Week of 3/11/96

Sheila begins to plot revenge against Stephanie for her treatment of Brooke with the unwitting help of Dr. Carey. Sheila feigns an interest in pharmacology and Brian tells her all about the effects of mercury poisoning. Stephanie has a visit with Eric's lawyer, Jonathan, and tells him they want to pursue custody of the children. Sheila worries when she discovers Brooke has not contacted the kids. She begins typing out a fake prescription label for Stephanie and then wonders if she's going too far. Stephanie pays Sheila a visit and reveals her plans for the custody battle. Sheila realizes she has no choice but to stop her. Taylor tells Ridge he needs to take his mind off his problems over Bridget. Ridge invites Taylor to dinner at the Cafe Russe. Lauren and James are dining together as Ridge and Taylor enter, obviously dressed for a night on the town. Lauren is annoyed and tells James she thinks that Taylor's interest is anything but professional. James disagrees. Taylor and Ridge notice that they are being watched and Ridge decides to give them something to talk about and begins to kiss Taylor's neck as they dance. Macy and Darla search for answers to keep Spectra afloat. Sally goes to Eric and asks if he would be interested in buying Spectra. He politely declines and she understands. Stephanie discovers that Jessica is giving Dylan another chance and tells Dylan that she hopes he learned his lesson last year. Jasmine and Michael confront Dylan with the fact that he has not paid his rent.

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Week of 3/18/96

Eric and Stephanie continue to pursue the possibility of gaining custody of Rick and Bridget. Ridge thinks Stephanie is going too far. Lauren accuses Taylor of being an opportunist and Taylor tells her that she and Ridge were cavorting only to annoy her. She tells Lauren that she is concerned because Brooke has not called the kids and may be cracking under the pressure. Jessica overhears Jonathan tell Eric and Stephanie that they have been awarded temporary custody of the children. She is shocked and goes to see Ridge. After his visit with Jessica, Ridge realizes that he has not been very supportive of Brooke through all of the turmoil and he is now determined to bring her back home where she belongs. He calls Beth in Paris and asks to speak to Brooke. Ridge is shocked when Beth tells him that Brooke left Paris a couple of days ago to return to Los Angeles. Sheila continues her plan for revenge against Stephanie by entering the Forrester home and switching Stephanie's medication for the duped up bottle of mercury pills. She is discovered by Bridget and, by thinking quickly, covers her tracks by telling Bridget that she is a friend of her mommy's and her name is "imaginary." Sheila calls Brooke in Paris and leaves an urgent message telling Brooke of Stephanie's plans to gain custody of the kids. Stephanie awakes after her first dose of the mercury pills feeling groggy. Sally meets with the bank officers and tries to maintain her dignity as the inevitability of Spectra closing becomes clear. Macy makes a last ditch appeal for help from Eric, who kindly tells her that he cannot buy out Sally. When all seems lost and they are leaving the office for the last time, Clarke Garrison walks off the elevator. He flaunts his success in front of them, but says that he still misses Spectra. Sally tells Clarke that he is not welcome. He tells her that he wants to see his son. Dylan finally swallows his pride and takes a job waiting tables at the Beverly Hills Hideaway.

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Week of 3/25/96

Ridge investigates whether or not anyone has seen Brooke in Los Angeles. Lauren and Ridge go to Brooke's house but she has not been there. The kids have not heard from her and Stephanie remains convinced that Brooke has abandoned them. Rick intimates to Eric that he feels like Brooke has done the same thing that Clarke did to CJ. Ridge is determined to find Brooke and rectify the situation. Sly tells Jasmine he is sure that Jessica is pregnant; Jasmine is disgusted by Sly's attitude of being on easy street now. Dylan goes to the Bikini with Jessica to drop the bomb on Sly. Jasmine is shocked that Jessica wants anything to do with Sly but they leave Sly and Jessica alone while Jessica tells Sly that her period is late and that she has a doctors appointment that day to find out if she is pregnant. Sly is triumphant when Jessica returns later to say that she is definitely pregnant. He does not want her to have an abortion; the baby will ensure a lavish lifestyle for them both. Sly goes to the Forresters and lets himself in where he encounters Stephanie. He tells Stephanie that he is concerned about Jessica and her pregnancy. Stephanie blows up at him and kicks him out. Later Jessica explains the whole thing to Stephanie who reluctantly agrees to go along with it. Sally tells Macy she has seen Clarke and told him he cannot see CJ. Macy reminds Sally of how well Spectra did when Clarke was around. Clarke calls from the Bikini to ask Sally for another chance with CJ. Macy invites Clarke over to find out why he is really back in L.A. - she is suspicious of his motives. Clarke tells her he needs a chance to prove that he is a changed man. Macy puts him on the phone with Sally who agrees to let him see CJ. CJ is stunned when Sally tells him about his father. He tells her to cancel the meeting just before Clarke walks through the door. CJ tells Clarke he hates him for everything he has done and Clarke leaves in defeat. Dylan invites Michael to the Beverly Hills Hideaway and she is shocked to learn what his new job is.

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