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May, 1996

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Week of 5/6/96

Ridge enters the chattel house calling Brooke's name. Brooke has no recollection of him as he explains that he has come to take her home. Ridge looks to young Abigail for some answers, and Abigail tells him that Brooke has been living there and thinks that the dolls are her children. As Ridge tries to explain to Abigail that he is a very close friend who has come to take Brooke home, his concern convinces her to trust this man. However, Brooke becomes more agitated as they talk. Fearing that Ridge is going to take her “children”, she grabs the dolls and flees. Ridge follows as Brooke runs into the flower cave to hide. Brooke continues to hide, but Ridge says he is not leaving without her. Sitting in front of the cave, he begins talking to her, explaining how intends to wait as long as it takes. Brooke then comes forward with her dolls, and Ridge reminds her that he has no intention of taking her beautiful babies. Identifying the “children” as Rick and Bridget seems to stir some memory in Brooke; Ridge than goes on to remind her that Bridget was named for both of them, and that he was with her when Bridget was born. Realization begins to dawn on Brooke. Ridge says he is sorry that he let things fall apart for them and how much their love means to him. He made a mistake, he claims - one he intends to correct now and in the future. At last, Brooke rushes into his arms in recognition, as they share a passionate kiss.

Brooke sees a doctor and Ridge tries to explain to her what has happened. Brooke wants to see the kids right away, fearing that they think she has abandoned them. However, Ridge finds that they will be unable to return to Los Angeles until the following day. She is frantic at first, but she calms down, thanking him for not giving up on her. Ridge tells her that he is never going to lose her again. Ridge invites Brooke to dinner, but Brooke points out she has nothing to wear. Ridge quickly rectifies that situation and presents her with a fabulous gown to wear. They manage to share a romantic evening, but Brooke still wants to contact the children. When Brooke tries to reach the kids later, there is no answer.

Grant tells Taylor he thinks that Ridge is wrong to come to her with problems about Brooke. He thinks that she should relax after all that she has gone through and they should share a steambath. As he waits for her in the steambath, Michael enters. Grant points out how upset he is with the fact that Taylor is so obsessed with Ridge; isn’t Grant showing the same kind of obsession with Taylor, Michael asks. She suggests that, by chasing after one woman, he is missing out on another one right under his nose. Believing that perhaps Michael is correct, Grant kisses her.

James and Taylor worry that Eric and Stephanie will go through the custody hearing and a fragile Brooke will return and find her children taken from her. James suggests that perhaps they should go to the courthouse; believing that she has the best chance of getting through to Stephanie, Taylor feels she should go alone. She rushes to the courtroom to stop the hearing. However, even Taylor cannot stop Stephanie, as Stephanie becomes extremely agitated and orders Taylor to get out. “Don’t stop me, Taylor”, Stephanie angrily states.

Sheila stops by to see Maggie and finds out that the hearing is going on. Maggie tells her that Brooke may have been found. Sheila rushes to the courtroom. She slips in and sits down just as the judge is questioning Stephanie. Stephanie becomes very agitated and begins giving curt answers and starts bad-mouthing Brooke. Eric tries to calm his ex-wife, realizing how bad her violent outbursts look. The judge is ready to adjourn to reach a decision when Sheila steps forward. Despite Stephanie's protestations, the judge allows Sheila to address the court and speak on Brooke's behalf. Stephanie goes off on Sheila and loses control. The judge tells her that she has done a poor job convincing the court that she is capable of being a stable guardian and adjourns. Jonathan fears that Stephanie's behavior seriously damaged their chances in the case. Eric takes the kids to the cafeteria and Sheila confronts Stephanie alone, outside the courtroom, asking her how it feels being on the losing end for a change. Stephanie lunges at Sheila and has her up against the wall in a chokehold when Jonathan enters and pulls Stephanie off. Sheila's plan is working. Eric and the kids return and the bailiff announces that the judge is ready to rule.

James and Maggie decide to go to the court to do the right thing by talking to the judge and convincing him not to award custody to Eric and Stephanie. The judge returns with his decision. He is seriously concerned with Stephanie’s outbursts and behavior; however, since Brooke is unable to care for the children at the moment, he acknowledges the children need a home environment. Since he does not want to put the kids into foster care, he awards custody to Eric, with the stipulation that the court reserves the right to reverse the decision if anything happens to jeopardize the stability of the children. When James and Maggie get to the courthouse, the only one left is Sheila, who breaks down crying when she tells them what happened. Brooke is still anxious to reach the kids, but Ridge amorously tries to keep her mind off of it for the night. Meanwhile, back in Los Angeles, Eric and Stephanie return to her home with the kids. Without Brooke present, the kids say it doesn’t really feel like home, but Eric assures them that will change. As they go to settle in, Stephanie goes off to the side. Staring at a picture of Brooke, she is satisfied that she has finally severed the last of the tie between Brooke and her family. She’s finally won, Stephanie gloats to herself.

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Week of 5/13/96

Clarke arrives to spend the day with CJ at the Dodger game when Sally takes him aside. Sally tells him she knows that Giovanni never offered him a job. Clarke doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he lied, saying it was the only way he could get Sally to listen to him and he wanted to spend time with his son. Sally is convinced enough to allow CJ to decide whether or not Clarke will be allowed to stay. CJ, who has been listening in, walks through the door and demands that his father hit the road. A stunned Clarke explains the conversation with Michael that CJ overheard and tries to repair the damage it caused, telling CJ that it was how he felt in the past, not now. After hearing Clarke tell him of the part of the conversation he missed, CJ gives Clarke another chance.

Still concerned with Clarke’s lies and how they might affect CJ, Sally visits Stephanie. As they are both suffering from headaches, the pair commiserates over aspirin. While they are talking, Sally asks Stephanie if the rumors she’s heard about the custody of Brooke’s children are true. Sally believes that Steph is going to be in the middle of an all-out war when Brooke returns and finds her children gone. Disagreeing, Stephanie asks Sally to leave.

After Sally leaves, Stephanie receives a call from Ridge - he and Brooke are on a plane on their way back to Los Angeles. Steph tries to convince Ridge to take Brooke home, or to a hospital; Ridge insists that they are coming straight to Stephanie’s to see the children. A panicked Stephanie convinces Eric that Brooke should not see the children until they are sure she’s mentally stable. Stephanie convinces Eric to take the kids away for a while, while Stephanie has Taylor evaluate Brooke’s stability. Eric takes the children to the cabin at Big Bear.

Ridge and Brooke arrive back in Los Angeles and head straight for the Forresters so that Brooke can see her kids. Brooke asks Stephanie to see the kids, but Stephanie says she can’t. She informs Brooke about the custody battle and that she and Eric now have custody of Brooke's children. A furious Brooke tells Stephanie she will not get away with it. When Stephanie refuses to tell Brooke where the children are, Brooke storms out. Ridge, however, remains behind, furious with his mother for what she has done. Stephanie continues on her tirade about how they did the thing that was best for the children, while Ridge disagrees. Ranting about how Brooke is no longer the mother of Rick and Bridget, Stephanie suffers another dizzy spell. Ridge appears concerned about his mother’s health - however, he isn’t changing his mind about the custody decision and goes to find Brooke.

Sheila visits Brooke and tells her that she watched the whole thing happen as Eric and Stephanie took custody of the kids. She tells Brooke that she tried to stop it, but she could not. Brooke thanks Sheila for her support, since she never expected Sheila to stand up against Stephanie in open court. After Sheila has gone, Ridge enters. Attempting to comfort Brooke, he promises that they will get her family back.

Taylor finds out from Trish (Eric’s secretary) that Eric is at the Big Bear cabin with the kids and goes there to plead with him to bring the kids back to Los Angeles so Brooke can see them. At first, Eric refuses, insisting that Brooke may be too unstable for him to trust her. Then Stephanie calls to tell him that Brooke has returned, and that he should continue to stay at the cabin with the kids. Rick and Bridget hear the phone and come in. When Bridget hopefully asks if it was Brooke, Eric realizes he has to bring the children back. Taylor tells him he is doing the right thing.

At the Bikini Bar, Sly tells Jasmine that he will continue to see her, even after he is married to Jessica and living on easy street. Jasmine is unsure, but she still kisses Sly. Unbeknownst to them both, Jessica has entered the bar and sees them. Jessica approaches Sly, not letting on that she saw the kiss. She tells him it’s time for their next parenting class with James. James and Jessica continue their plan with Sly and take it one step further by introducing a "baby simulator" for Sly to take care of -- a doll that behaves exactly the way a newborn will. The baby will cry until Sly figures out what is wrong and stops it.

Dylan searches for extra to help pay the design school tuition. Michael suggests asking the Forresters, but Dylan is too proud. Dylan tries to get a job with Grant as a design assistant. While Grant is impressed with Dylan’s initiative, he tells the young man he has no need for an assistant. He then goes to the Hideaway and talks to Jasmine. Jasmine suggests talking to Jessica, but Dylan refuses. He asks his boss, Vince, for a loan, but Vince turns him down. Disappointed, Dylan is approached by a woman named Brenda, who offers to pay him for private party dancing. Vince warns Dylan that Brenda is trouble - but Dylan is so desperate for money that he is intrigued by her offer. At the apartment, Jasmine tells Michael she is concerned about the woman and thinks that she is trouble. Michael tells Jasmine that she is overreacting.

Not realizing Taylor is off at Big Bear, Grant has planned a romantic dinner for them. Michael walks in on him and thinks the dinner was for her. Realizing Taylor isn’t coming, Grant decides to accept Michael as a reasonable substitute, as they get into a passionate embrace.

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Week of 5/20/96

Frustrated by the news that his mother actually convinced Eric to file for custody of Brooke’s children, he meets with Taylor at her house. Taylor tells him that she’s fully aware of everything Stephanie has done - in fact, she even went up to Big Bear and convinced him to bring the children back to Los Angeles to see their mother. Ridge is delighted to hear that news.

Brooke goes to the Forrester mansion to see Stephanie, hoping to get through to her that she intends to have her children back. Rick and Bridget belong with their mother, she says - and no matter what Stephanie says, Brooke is still their mother. That’s true Stephanie concedes - Brooke is still their mother, and the children do care for her. However, while Brooke was away the courts awarded custody to Eric, and the children are his responsibility now. Brooke accuses Stephanie of going after custody to try to get to her. Stephanie denies that - this isn’t about revenge, it’s about what is best for the kids. And right now, being with Eric and her is what’s best, so why doesn’t Brooke just go home. A dejected Brooke leaves.

Over at Forrester, Grant is fitting an outfit on Samantha, the model, while she gives him some of the latest dish on Brooke and Ridge. She asks where Ridge’s return leaves him, and Grant is unsure, considering that his job with Forrester is only a temporary one. Samantha is sure the Forresters wouldn’t let a talent like Grant go. Speculating on the whole Brooke/Ridge thing brings Taylor’s name up - which of course catches Grant’s attention. Just then, Michael comes in with a report to show Grant - but once he sends Samantha on her way, we see that Michael has more than just reports on her mind. After a passionate kiss, he thanks her for everything she’s given him. He thinks he’s managed to put his thoughts of Taylor aside and move forward with Michael. They continue going at it, when Samantha returns to try on another outfit. Michael and Grant quickly recompose themselves - and as Michael leaves, Grant asks he to consider his “proposal”. She says that she thinks it’ll go - with a little work. But Grant doesn’t have much time for Samantha - as he has someone else to see.

Back at Taylor’s, Ridge is grateful for everything she’s done - and it becomes clear from the conversation that Taylor did it because she still has feelings for Ridge. Ridge then tells Taylor that he is staying with Brooke because he cannot let her go. Is it obligation, Taylor asks? If it is, Ridge shouldn’t go any further with it - but Ridge assures her it isn’t obligation. Taylor breaks down as she finally faces the fact that she can't have Ridge. She orders him to leave, upset with the fact that she put her life on hold for him. She can’t understand how he could go back to Brooke after all that’s happened. As Ridge leaves, he passes Grant coming in - and the two exchange an icy stare. Grant walks in to find Taylor in tears.

Ridge goes to Brooke at her home and tells her that the kids are on the way back from Big Bear with Eric. Brooke wants the kids with her - heck, she’s practically out the door and on her way to see them when Ridge interrupts. Rash action isn’t going to solve anything, he explains - they have to do this the right way if Brooke is going to get her kids back. Brooke reluctantly agrees with Ridge, and says she’ll do whatever is necessary to get the kids back. Meanwhile, Eric returns with the kids to Stephanie’s house, and Steph is surprised to see them. It’s time the kids saw their mother, Eric contends. Of course it is, Stephanie agrees - but they also mustn’t forget that Brooke was unstable in Barbados. Eric considers Stephanie’s words, but gets her to agree to have Brooke over to see the children. Stephanie calls and invites Brooke to come and see them and Brooke agrees - but don’t do anything stupid, Stephanie warns.

Over at their apartment, Michael tells Jasmine all about her dreams of being with Grant - and how she hopes to make them a reality. Jasmine is unsure - after all, doesn’t Grant have feelings for Taylor? But Michael is determined that Taylor is out of the picture and that Grant will be hers. Meanwhile, Grant is still at Taylor’s. She tells him all about her conversation with Ridge. Taylor feels like a fool about her feelings for Ridge, and Grant tries to comfort her, assuring her that she can do much better.

Jessica stops by to see James, thanking him for all his help with her plan for Sly. She’s sure the baby simulator will work well in teaching Sly a lesson about parenthood. Proving her point, at the Bikini Bar, Sly is having a difficult time - the baby simulator keeps crying, just like a real baby. He can’t figure out how to make it stop. The wailing is disrupting patrons, and Jasmine and the other waitresses are getting upset that dealing with the “baby” is keeping Sly from doing his job. Tony suggests turning the thing off to shut it up - and as Sly tries to open the simulator up with a screwdriver, Jessica arrives. She’s furious to see how he’s treating their “child” - he had better shape up if he wants to prove himself as a parent to her.

Dylan accepts a proposition to dance at a private engagement party after a visit from the Design Academy representatives makes him nervous about paying his tuition. He’s not happy about it, but Brenda’s assurances that his first gig will earn him a minimum $500 changes his mind. He arrives at the mansion home of a woman named Tiffany, who is getting engaged. Tiffany hopes Dylan will do what’s expected of him - $500 worth of fun - and Dylan guarantees he will deliver as she ushers him in.

Taylor visits James and expresses concern that Brooke might do something crazy because of the kids. However, James isn’t quite so sure Brooke would go to such lengths, since she would never do anything to hurt her children. Meanwhile, Brooke prepares to visit her children for the first time in months. Ridge tries to offer support, reminding her of the delicacy of the situation. At the same time, Eric informs a surprised Rick and Bridget that their mother is coming to see them. The kids have dozens of questions, but Eric puts off answering them and suggests they wait until their mother arrives. He does explain that Brooke's been ill and has yet to go to a doctor to see what is wrong with her. As they talk, Brooke knocks at the door. The children anxiously rush to their mother’s side, clearly happy to see her.

Dylan nervously makes his exit into the living room at Tiffany’s party, unsure how he got into this. Things seems to be really wild for him, with the cries of the screaming women. But things get even worse when he sees Lauren Fenmore enter the room. It seems Lauren’s an invited guest, arriving late. He begs her not to tell the Forresters - all he wants is to earn an extra buck. Lauren isn’t so sure, as she sees him pocket an extra $400 for kissing the party’s hostess.

Dylan returns home and showers after the party - as if he’s trying to cleanse himself for what he’s done. He’s surprised to see that Jessica has let herself in and is there. She makes a comment about Dylan taking of his robe and showing what he’s got - which hits too close for comfort for Dylan. Jessica can’t understand what’s with him, but they agree to watch a movie. Lauren calls while he's watching the movie with Jessica and tells him to come over. When he says no, she threatens to tell the Forresters about his dancing. Dylan reluctantly tells Jessica he has to go - she’s mad as he tries to assure her this is all for their future.

Thorne returns from New York and Macy is glad that the family is united again. However, there is one thing that is really bothering him - this whole thing with Brooke. It’s hard enough for him to believe that the whole paternity issue, and Ridge’s search for Brooke, happened while he was singing up a storm on Broadway. But what makes things worse is Stephanie’s decision to have Eric seek custody - knowing the bad blood between Stephanie and Brooke, that’s definitely bad news.

At the Forrester mansion, dinner proceeds with the kids asking question over question to their mother. She tries her best to explain how she was sick, and how that brought her to Barbados. She didn’t want to leave the kids, she says - she was just lost. But then Ridge found her and brought her home - and Ridge looks to Eric and Stephanie as he adds that he was never going to give up on Brooke. The whole family went through an ordeal, Eric points out, but now they are together again. As Brooke catches up with her kids, Ridge watches the smiles on their faces. He again glances at his parents, trying to judge their reaction. After dinner, Brooke asks Stephanie privately to allow her to take the kids home. Stephanie tells Brooke that she understands but is not convinced that Brooke is capable of taking the children out of the house. Brooke is devastated.

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Week of 5/27/96

Brooke pleads with Stephanie to allow her to take the kids home. Stephanie is a mother, she pleads - can’t she realize how wrong it is to keep a mother from her children. Stephanie, however, remains adamant in her position - she isn’t letting the children go home with Brooke. Brooke needs help because of her breakdown, and as of yet, she hasn’t seen a doctor. That’s what Brooke should be most concerned with, while the kids stay with her and Eric. Inside, Eric and Ridge begin to wonder where Brooke and Stephanie are - and Rick and Bridget start asking as well. Finding them outside, Ridge intervenes in the conversation. Stephanie reminds Brooke the law is on Eric’s side - which Ridge admits is unfortunately true. Brooke tearfully admits defeat but asks for a few minutes alone with the kids. Stephanie says no, but Ridge reminds his mother that Brooke is no threat to the kids. Stephanie reluctantly agrees, cueing Eric to do the same.

While Brooke is by the pool talking to the kids. Ridge tries to convince Eric and Stephanie to let Brooke take the kids home. He’s willing to take personal responsibility, if that’s what will convince his parents. Meanwhile, Brooke tries to explain to the kids that she can’t take them home tonight. They’re upset, especially Rick - since they’re afraid that Brooke might not ever be able to take them home. Bridget cries, as Brooke is clearly torn. Inside the house, Ridge has gotten through to his parents - but when they go tell Brooke and the kids, they discover that Brooke has taken off with the kids.

Dylan arrives to see Lauren, who tells him she does not want to lie to the Forresters. Dylan informs her he’s not happy about the situation, either, but he needs another $10,000 for his tuition to the American Design Academy. If that’s the case, Lauren suggests, she has a proposition for him. She tells Dylan he can earn his tuition money by working closely for her for a month. He thinks of it as a personal assistant - but Lauren doesn’t have the assistant part in mind. Dylan surmises that she wants him to act as her own personal sex toy - and that thought abhors him. But with her threat to tell all about his secret career, he agrees to think it over.

Ridge frantically tries to track down Brooke and the children. He contacts Katie Logan on his car phone (and tells her he has informed her brother, Storm, of the situation), hoping she’s heard something. Katie hasn’t heard from her sister. All of Ridge’s leads have failed to pan out, and he calls Pat, the Private Investigator who helped him find Brooke when she went to Barbados. Unfortunately, all Pat can do is keeps his ears open.

James visits Sheila (who is on her way to the hospital to do volunteer work), to see if she’s seen Brooke. Sheila hasn’t - but she is delighted that Brooke has finally taken matters into her own hands and is back with her children where she belongs. James tries to make her see how imperative it is that Brooke be found, before the results are devastating. As he leaves, he spies a pair of boxer shorts, which Sheila tells him belong to her neighbor - he left them when he borrowed her shower. James is unsure that Sheila is ready for romance. Are you asking as my ex-lover, or as my therapist, Sheila asks - and are you jealous?

Michael is surprised to find Clarke coming to see her. He turns on the charm - but Michael isn’t falling for it. She explains that she’s found someone else. Clarke says he understands - he’s not one to stand in the way of true love - but he hopes Grant’s comments about Clarke had nothing to do with it. Michael ducks the question. Meanwhile, Grant starts packing his things in anticipation of Ridge returning to work. Taylor arrives to thank him for helping her deal with the situation with Ridge. She was wrong to put her life on hold for Ridge. However, she doesn’t want to lead Grant on, and tells him she’s not ready for a relationship with anybody. Grant admits that he's found someone else that he's interested in dating - unless Taylor really wants to make a go of things. Taylor needs time, but Grant doesn’t like that answer - that would be asking him to do for her the same thing she did for Ridge, and put her life on hold. Grant accounts her reluctance to the fact that she still responds to Ridge - whenever Ridge comes to her with a crisis, Taylor is always quick to come to his aid. Taylor says that’s nonsense. Then Ridge enters and asks for her help in finding Brooke. Embarrassed, Taylor agrees to help. Grant can’t believe this - this is exactly what he was trying to get Taylor to see she was doing - and he calls Ridge on the carpet for doing so. Ridge is not happy with Grant’s tone, or his accusations.

Michael runs into Taylor outside Ridge's office. She says she wanted to find out about Brooke, but when she sees Taylor listening outside the office door, wants to know what’s going on. Taylor tells her Grant and Ridge are fighting over her - and the fact that Grant is involved upsets Michael. Inside, Grant accuses Ridge of using her, trying to explain that Taylor is being damaged by always being available to Ridge when he isn't available to her. She’s in love with Ridge, which is why she’s always so quick to help him - but it’s wrong for Ridge to take advantage of that and burden Taylor with problems about Brooke. Ridge suddenly asks if that is really the way he’s been treating Taylor - he can’t believe he never saw it. Ridge ends up thanking Grant for opening his eyes about Taylor. Taylor comes in, and is surprised to see there was no bloodshed. Taylor is ready to offer Ridge her help - but he thanks her for all she’s done, saying that this is something he has to do himself.

Jessica stops by Lauren's office to chat. Everything is going so right for Jessie - with school, and especially for Dylan. Jessica says she totally trusts Dylan, and that she’s truly in love. Lauren later calls Dylan, orders him to her office, and reiterates her offer. However, he turns her down - he is not about to prostitute himself.

At the Forrester household, James has arrived to discuss the situation with Brooke. Ridge and Thorne come in, exchanging ideas about where to look for Brooke. Stephanie can’t be held back much longer, Thorne tells his brother. As they join Eric, Stephanie and James in the living room, Stephanie is ready to involve the police - but Ridge insists that they give him a little more time to find her. Ridge manages to convince them to hold off for a while. Ridge, Thorne, James and Eric leave. Stephanie calls Lt. Conran at the police department as soon as they leave. The officer quickly arrives, upset with Stephanie that he wasn’t called sooner. A warrant should be issued for Brooke’s arrest immediately. Meanwhile, we learn that Brooke has taken the kids to the Big Bear cabin. She explains to them that she needs time to recover before they can be together again. But they will be together, she promises. She prepares to take the kids fishing, and when she comes to the door, she is surprised to find Ridge there. Ridge tries to impress upon her that it was wrong to take the kids, but Brooke states that it was the only way she could explain to the kids without Stephanie interfering. Ridge relents and agrees to go fishing with them.

Sheila eavesdrops on Sally and Macy having lunch and talking about Brooke and the kids. Sheila suggests to Sally that Stephanie is going insane. Sally can’t believe this. First of all, who is Sheila, with her dirty deeds, to badmouth anyone? In addition, Sally admires all that Stephanie has done in her life, and would support her because of that. Macy agrees. Sheila can understand how Macy, who is married to Thorne, would want to stay out of it, but doesn’t understand Sally’s reaction. Stephanie has always spit on Sally, she says. Sally admits that’s true - but she refuses to believe Stephanie is insane, and pledges her support to Stephanie in any way possible.

Sheila goes to see Stephanie and says she is worried about Brooke. Stephanie asks her to leave, and begins to have another one of her dizzy spells. Sheila asks Stephanie what is wrong with her, stating that she is in no shape to take care of the kids. Stephanie shouts for Sheila to get out, and reaches over to grab Sheila by the throat. Sheila fights to remove Stephanie’s hands from her, and manages to get her off - but when she hears Maggie coming, she puts Steph’s hands back. Maggie orders Sheila to leave as Sheila yells about Steph attacking her. Maggie then tries to get Stephanie to bed, but Steph orders her to leave her alone.

Brooke, Ridge and the kids return from fishing, happily ready to cook their fish for dinner. Ridge suggests calling Eric and Stephanie and tell them where they are. Brooke calls Stephanie and tells them they are at the cabin, and that they will drive down to L.A. in the morning. Stephanie tells Brooke to stay where she is; she’ll come to get the children herself. Brooke is puzzled as to why, but agrees. Stephanie then informs Lt. Conran that Brooke is in Big Bear with the kids and she is going to get them. Conran has a warrant for Brooke's arrest and will follow Stephanie up there.

Grant plans a dinner for he and Taylor at the private dining room. As they drink and dance, she thanks him for standing up for her with Ridge. They reminisce about old times in Chicago, and seem to be quite happy together as they bask in the romantic mood and share in a kiss.

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