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November, 1996

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Week of 11/4/96 - 11/8/96

At the Cafe Russe, James is waiting at a table for his dinner date with Maggie. Eric comes over to keep him company and have a drink while he waits. Eric tells James that the recent proposals at Forrester were all impulsive and then turns the conversation over to James' relationship with Eric's ex-sister in law. James tells Eric, "Maggie is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. I am not going to lose her. Maggie is a treasure Eric. She is loving and she is passionate. I don't know what I'd have done without her. I wonder what is keeping her....... "

In the Forrester kitchen, Maggie is in shock when Mike forces her to leave an answering machine message for James telling him that she is going away for a while. Then Mike forces her into handwriting a note for Stephanie telling her that she has to get away. When the phone rings, Maggie tries to grab it and cry for help- but Mike knocks her out with a gun blow to the head.

At the Private Dining Room, Taylor assures Ridge that it is okay if he is not really ready to marry her as she hands him back the engagement ring. She tells him that she won't hold it against him or love him any less. Ridge places the ring back on her finger. Taylor and Ridge kiss and then they dance to their song, "I Only Have Eyes for You." Taylor is crying and she says," Ridge I need to know. Have you really thought about this? Is this marriage what you really want? I need to know what you are feeling." Ridge asks where these feelings are coming - Taylor sounds insecure, he thinks. "This isn't insecurity," she explains. "Just for the record, I think Brooke is all wrong for you. You still want Brooke for yourself. I want this marriage more than anything in the whole world, but I am not going through with it unless I am positive YOU are going through with it for the right reasons. I am not convinced you are."

James calls his answering machine and hears the message from Maggie that she is leaving for good (he has no idea that she was forced into it). He is very upset and has a few drinks - perhaps a few too many.

Mike takes Maggie to his place on the Venice beach pier. He calls Sheila and once again pledges his love to her, but knows that she does not feel the same for him. He says that is okay, all he really wants is for Sheila to be happy and to go for the Doc. He tells Sheila not to worry about Maggie and now is her chance to go for it.

Eric had the maitre d' of the Cafe Russe call a cab for Dr. Warwick, because he had one too many drinks. While sitting in the back seat of the cab, James is totally wasted when he receives a call on his cellular phone. He is so wasted he think it's the cabbie's phone, until the cabbie tells him he doesn't have one. A befuddled James realizes it his cell phone and answers. It is Sheila; she wants to know if James has spoken to Maggie and she needs to see him right away.......

At his place by the pier, Mike is getting dressed to go to work and Maggie finally wakes up. She tries to stand and make a dash for the door. Mike stops her and says, "As far as James Warwick is concerned, you just dropped off the end of the earth." Maggie tries to find out if Mike works for Sheila, after he gives it away when he calls her a hay seed, and asks where he has brought her. Maggie also says that whatever Sheila is paying him the Forresters will double it if he lets her go. Mike responds that she can't buy her way out of this. then he says he has a feeling that James isn't thinking about her right now anyway.

Sally is in her office, having her hair done by Gladys for a night at home. She tells her hairdresser that she is looking forward to this night, a nice quiet evening home with the family- which includes Clarke since he has moved back in. Gladys bets it's going to be a big night, but Sally insists that she doesn't have those feelings for Clarke anymore.

With James safely on his way home, Eric sits at table; he is dining alone, until Clarke comes up and suggests he join Eric. Clarke tries to get him to forget the past since they are now both successful designers. Eric says," You were willing to sacrifice your son for money, Clarke, and you think we are all in the same league? I don't even think we are the same species." Clarke tries to remind Eric that he also saved C.J., and that Sally knows that, but Eric does not want to hear it. "Clarke, spare me the excuses. Sally is loyal to her family." Clarke reminds Eric that they were also family once, when Clarke was married to Kristen, even though that relationship ended badly twice. "Leave Kristen out of this. You stay away from my daughter and everyone in my family. You will burn yourself out of this town, you always do. Now, you go find your own table!" Eric insists.

James arrives at Sheila's place (dropped off by the cab) and wants a drink. Sheila realizes that he is drunk and can't believe it. James proposes a toast, "to Maggie, and wherever the hell she might be tonight." Sheila finds it impossible that Maggie has left James. James wallows in self pity, "This is my fault. I put her in second place and for what? My work! Look at me, my life is a shamble. every time I get a chance at happiness, I push it away. Well look at me, James is pouring out his soul to a lunatic." Sheila winces at that comment, and James realizes what he has said. "Oh god, I am so terribly sorry. I didn't mean to say that. It is not how I feel, I didn't mean it. You are the only bright spot in my life. You are walking human proof of the power of the human spirit." Sheila tells her doctor that in her eyes he is the miracle worker.

James continues, "Maggie is gone. She left me a message on my answering machine. I don't know where she is." Sheila is sure there must be some kind of explanation, and James praises her for defending Maggie. "Oh Sheila, the great defender- that is what my father said about you. Yes, he said that. He liked you a lot. My father is a very good judge of character. You know you have the face of an angel. Your face is so innocent and peaceful." James and Sheila embrace, and kiss each other.

At Forrester, Eric fills Stephanie and Thorne in about Maggie's sudden departure and how it affected James. Eric tries to call James on the phone, but there is no answer. They are all waiting around for Brooke to begin a board meeting - and Steph is naturally antsy. Thorne states, "Mom, you should be thrilled- Brooke is marrying a man whose last name is not Forrester!" Stephanie tells her son about Brooke's game of chicken.

James wakes up in Sheila's bed equipped with red satin sheets. He is frantic and asks, "What happened? Did I drink scotch? So I spent the night here in your bed? Don't tell me that we........." Sheila fills in the blanks saying, "made love?" James continues," We didn't have sex did we?" Sheila assures him they didn't. "Thanks heavens." He then realizes, "I have no clothes on.... Why don't I have any clothes on?" Sheila tells him he took them off to take a shower. "I took a shower? I don't remember any of this! I am so sorry. I am sure I wasn't the best company." Sheila explains that it all started when they talked, but James still has questions. "We talked for hours about what? And you are sure that we didn't....?" Sheila informs him it was just a harmless kiss, and James reacts, "A KISS ISN'T HARMLESS!" Sheila tells him that last night will be their secret and promises that they didn't have sex.

At the Beach House, Michael and Grant are having a heart to heart talk about their current situation, or lack of one. Grant continues, "Michael you have to find a way to believe me; the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you, You know what? I had no idea that Brooke was going to propose to me. You have every right to be angry with me. I care for you so much." Michael finds this hard to believe, which prompts Grant to say, "All right, now you are starting to blow this thing way out of proportion!" Michael says that she isn't angry, she is hurt. Her boyfriend made a fool out of her because he accepted a marriage proposal from another woman in front of all the people she knows. Grant continues to plead his case; "I am sorry - I do care. I want you to listen to me. Just because Brooke proposed to me doesn't mean there is going to be a wedding. Just hang in there." He promises to make this up to her, and that this thing with Brooke is only temporary. "Trust me. Be patient," he tells her. Then he realizes he has to leave. "Can we talk about this later? I have a meeting I have to go to." he asks.

Brooke is in the middle of a calm meeting with a very quiet Ridge. She asks him again about his impending marriage to Taylor. Ridge states, "Like I said before- your engagement is laughable. It is not going to work, Brooke, using a stooge like Grant to get to me. Actually it is kind of an insult. Well for your information, my fiancee and I were at the private dining room last night and we talked about this proposal of yours. Taylor even offered to give me back my engagement ring." Brooke asks if he took it back.

Ridge informs her that he didn't, and explains, "I am actually going to marry Taylor. You underestimate me, Logan. That is one thing I have never done with you. Believe it or not- I am actually content with my life." Brooke's life, however, is another story. "You are going to marry a man you don't even love? This thing is so lame, so transparent, you really take the cake Logan," Ridge tells her. Brooke leaves for her meeting after saying Ridge can laugh all he wants, but this decision effects the rest of their lives

Mike swings by Sheila's place to see his favorite lady. Sheila tells him things couldn't be more perfect. She continues to tell Mike that she doesn't kiss and tell - but she knows that now James is coming around to her with out any manipulation on her part. Mike says, " I am glad I could help. You deserve to be happy."

At Forrester, Brooke begins her meeting and she says there are going to be a lot of changes around the office. Grant is now going to be working with Ridge on the women's line as well as heading up the men's line. Ridge yells, "Grant and I working together?!?! It won't happen. No way in hell."

Brooke knocked down three storage rooms to make a huge, amazing office (bigger than Ridge's of course) for Grant. While looking the office over, Katie comments that things are getting serious. "Well, I told you I wasn't holding back. I only hope it pays off," Brooke states. Katie wonders if the former man in Brooke's life knows about this office; "No, Ridge hasn't see this room yet. He is going to hate me when he does." states Brooke. Just then, Grant comes strolling in his new office. He thanks his fiancee for the new red sports car that she gave him as an engagement gift. Brooke gets a phone call and leaves. Katie and Grant get to have a heart to heart chat. Katie tells Grant she has nothing against him. Grant tells Katie," Personally, I am in this to have a good time." He continues to say that Ridge taught him a nice lesson, that good guys finish last. Katie gives Grant a quick reminder about how fleeting his fun can be, stating, "All of this goes up in smoke as soon as a certain man changes his mind. Tomorrow will eventually come."

The Forrester men are all working together ordering fabric for the next line they are working on already - but when Thorne asks if he should check with Grant about HIS fabric choices, Ridge notes that Grant can get his from Fabric Barn, for all he cares. The Forresters then start to talk about Grant and Brooke, as Eric says that Grant's office is the biggest one on the floor, and that Brooke is spending a lot of unnecessary money. Ridge says, " You shouldn't let her get away with this dad!!! An office that big for Chambers? It is like he is running the company! I am not letting him on the board of directors. I want that to be understood. We have to draw the line somewhere!" Thorne reminds his big brother that if he would say one word, Grant Chambers fades into the night. He wants to know what he is waiting for. Ridge gets defensive and says, "Ease off Thorne. I don't want to talk about it. No one is being hyper-sensitive." Thorne, however, seems to disagree. "So what are you saying. Thorne? That I make decisions about marriage, the rest if MY life, based on what is best for the company???? You are playing right into her hands. I for one am not going to give her that reaction." Ridge insists.

Thorne wants to talk more about how the company is now hostage to a CEO. He says that Forrester Creations shouldn't be in the middle of a personal feud between Ridge and Brooke. Eric is afraid to leave his two sons alone in the office and for the record states that Ridge has to do what is best for him, not the company. Ridge tells Thorne that he has said enough and he doesn't know what he is talking about. Thorne responds, "Personally I think you are playing on it. You are still in love with Brooke! What are you going to do about it Ridge?!?"

In his lavish office, Grant is practicing his French when Taylor stops by with a bottle of champagne for her old college friend. Grant tells her it is amazing how far they have both come since school. They start to talk about Ridge and Grant states, "He burned me Taylor- if he has his say I would never work in this industry again." Grant is also quick to point out to Taylor that, "It wasn't Brooke's fault!" She's concerned about the way he's acting - what about love? "Love is not a word in my vocabulary anymore," Grant informs her. "Position, money, success are far more tangible. I am on the inside now, Taylor, and I am not leaving. Follow your dreams with Ridge, but you had better be careful."

In her office, Brooke is on the phone and then Katie drops by for a meeting of the minds to plot their next move. What can Brooke do to get to Ridge, they wonder. Katie decides to throw her sister the flashiest engagement party anyone has ever seen...........

In James' office, James and Taylor are talking about Maggie's sudden departure. James fills her in about his adventure last evening. Taylor tells her friend and mentor that with personal feelings involved, he can't treat Sheila- he can't help her anymore. Nonetheless, James leaves for his last therapy appointment with his patient.

At home, Sheila is thrilled about last night with James. She decides to write James a letter bearing the secrets of her heart. James shows up for his session and has something to discuss with Sheila. He says, '"Something else is beginning to happen here and I am beginning to think it is inhibiting your progress." Sheila doesn't want to hear this, but James pushes the point across anyway. "You know what I am talking about, you have feelings for me - personal feelings, and they are beginning to get in the way. This situation could slow down your recovery. It is for your own good Sheila.

Sheila says she needs him and reads him her letter: "Dear James, So often when we are together I find it difficult to talk about my feelings for you. I do have feelings and I want to try to describe them. YES, James I love you. You brought me back from the darkness, you guided me through a maze of shame. I shiver at it, even now looking back upon it. But it was the only life I knew and to think that there might be a way out, I never entertained the possibility. Then I met you. You taught me so many lessons, but more than anything- you schooled me in the ways of the mind. And I changed reality from one of beast, to one of beauty. You released me from a life sentence. James I love you deeply and gratefully. I am not ashamed, I am proud to admit it."

Still a prisoner at Mike's place, Maggie is screaming for help and knocks the chair to the floor that she is tied up in. Mike walks in and tells her to save her energy. Maggie wants to know how much Sheila is paying him to do this to her. Mike answers that she should shut up because she isn't paying him anything and she doesn't know anything about Sheila- she isn't like that. Maggie keeps digging for answers and Mike says, "I do my one thing for my own personal reasons. The occasion is two people falling in love. A friend of yours - at least he used to be. Now he belongs to Sheila." Mike continues to talk and reveals that Sheila and James had sex. Maggie continues to dig for clues as to her location and then asks Mike to get her a drink of water. Mike leaves to go and get one.

Maggie unties herself, breaks the window, and escapes. She ends up in the Pacific Amusement Park on the run. Mike gets back with their refreshments and runs out to find Maggie. Maggie hides until they close the park and turn off all of the lights. She runs down the pier, but Mike catches up to her. She runs to the end of the dock and climbs over the rail. Will she jump into the ocean to escape??????

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Week of 11/11/96 - 11/15/96

In his office, Ridge is working when Grant enters and says, "I just need you to sign off on some requisitions," "Let Brooke do it," Ridge replies; he is busy and wants Grant to leave. . "Can't find her," Grant answers, then proceeds to say that he'll do it himself; it is only furniture for his office. This gets Ridges attention: "Let me see that!" he demands. "Ten thousand dollars for Navajo rugs!" Ridge exclaims!!! Grant asks if Ridge has something against Native Americans. "You'll never get this by Dad," Ridge says. He doesn't have to, Grant gloats, since Eric isn't the major stockholder here, his fiancee is. Grant looks at the work Ridge is doing and compliments him. But Grant says it only needs a few alterations and HE can take care of it for Ridge. Ridge tells him to design a few dresses if he wants to, but to stay away from his work. "You Foresters are so arrogant," Grant smirks, "you actually believe Brooke could never love another man." Then he proceeds to describe how they have been getting so close for the past few months.

At Sheila's house, James has just read Sheila's letter. "You make a strong case," James says to Sheila after reading her letter. Sheila says she is not trying to make a case, this is how she feels. "That letter came from my heart," Sheila states. Sheila describes the profound changes James help to bring about. "You did the impossible, and I'm not supposed to love you for that?" she questions. As James hesitates to respond, she asks: or is it something else. "I have been talking about me and my feelings, and maybe that's not the issue. Maybe it's you; maybe it's your feelings about me. Is that what's bothering you James?" she asks. James looks thoughtful..

At the mansion, Stephanie quizzes Connie, the maid, about Maggie's whereabouts. Stephanie is thoughtful , as the maid enters and declares that she must show Stephanie something. "Come, you have to see this." She leads Stephanie to "Miss Maggie's" room. The maid shows Stephanie that all Maggie's clothes are still in the closet and all her things still in the drawers. "Nothing is missing, from her bathroom," the maid states. Stephanie is amazed that Maggie didn't take anything with her. "Where is she, where the hell did she go?" Stephanie wonders.

At the pier, Maggie is running but she comes to a dead end with Mike close behind. She climbs over the railing and looks down at the waves rolling below. "Maggie, no, don't do it," Mike shouts. Maggie tries to jump but she can't bring herself to do it. "There's no way out," Mike cautions. Maggie's shoulders slump as she gives in. She climbs back over the railing just as two men accost Mike. Maggie runs. Mike gets away from them and takes off after Maggie.

James asks Shiela, "How can I help you in this environment of . . . ." "Of love?" Sheila wonders. When Sheila wonders if this isn't the perfect environment for therapy, James counters with it being the perfect environment for manipulation. Sheila says she doesn't feel manipulated and wonders if James does. She asks what is it coming to when to help someone you must be aloof. She reminds him that they have produced a miracle and it was because they had a basis of love. "You can't abandon me, not now, not after coming this far." James says there are other doctors, but Sheila doesn't want another doctor. It is out of the question. James replies that she is being very stubborn. Sheila counters that no, she is fighting for her life--the life that James gave back to her. Sheila wonders if this is all about last night. Nothing happened, she assures James. His response is that he can't remember what did or didn't happen, but he did wake up naked AND he remembers kissing her. "You kissed me," Sheila explains, "you initiated it. You are punishing me for something I didn't do, something you did when you were drunk, when you were hurt."

Mike is still chasing Maggie. She goes through a door; it is dark. The lights suddenly come on and the carousal and it's music begins. She looks up and there is Mike. She stumbles onto the carousal as he follows her. As she moves around the carousal, hiding among the horses, Mike gets closer and closer. Mike jumps aboard the carousal then enters the central housing. From there he can see Maggie hiding behind one of the seats.

Sheila tells James that she needs him; that her treatment is foremost in her life. "All right," James says, "I'll continue to treat you." The phone rings. It is Stephanie. She tells James that Maggie left all her things behind and she doesn't think Maggie left voluntarily. When James wonders what could have happened, Stephanie wonders if he would like to ask a certain patient that question. James hangs up and looks wonderingly at Sheila. "What?" she asks. James tells Sheila that Stephanie thinks Maggie might have been abducted. "You don't know anything about that, do you Sheila?" he asks. Sheila denies knowing anything about it but there is a look on Sheila's face as if the light just came on. James leaves.

Ridge and Grant continue their verbal battle. Ridge states that the more he is around Grant and Brooke, the more he realizes he made the right decision. Grant laughs at Ridge and wishes him and Taylor luck. "You make a great lookin' couple," he laughs. Ridge tells Grant that he is just a pawn, a pawn and a willing stooge. He tells Grant the even though he has "some" talent, he's never going to use it here at Forrester. He predicts that "Logan" will inevitably break their engagement and on that day, he will personally escort Grant out the door of Forrester. Just then, there is a knock on the door and Brooke enters. "Glad to see you are talking again," she says sweetly. She hands Ridge an envelope and it is an invitation to her engagement party.

Mike pushes Maggie back into his room and puts her back in the chair. "Shouldn't have done that, Lady, you make a big mistake." Mike shouts at her. He handcuffs her to the chair. Maggie wonders if he wants her to apologize for trying to run away from her kidnapper. They argue about who James loves. Mike says he only wishes . . . and hangs his head.

Ridge would rather go to a funeral than attend Brooke's engagement party. He wants to know how long she is going to run this out. "Ridge, I'm getting married," Brooke states. Her sister is throwing her an engagement party and Ridge can come if he wishes or not. She leaves but at the door she turns and tells Ridge that if he does come, he can bring Taylor. She exits, smiling sweetly but outside, the smile fades. Back inside the room, Ridge tells Grant that it is time for him to go. Grant returns to the conversation they were having before Brooke came in--about being a pawn. "The way I see it, I'm the King, Brooke is the Queen . . " "Get out!" Ridge interrupts. ". . .Checkmate. The way I see it, a year from now, you'll be working for me." Grant smirks as he leaves.

SHEILA DIALS THE PHONE - just when she is about to hang up, Mike answers after he gags Maggie. Sheila wants to know if Mike has Maggie. He hesitates then says no, he didn't do anything to Maggie. "Good" Sheila says and hangs up. "I haven't done anything to her," he mumbles, as he hangs up. "Not yet," he adds.

At the Canyon Country Club, Sally and CJ are chatting when Tamara comes over and asks Sally if she Macy Forrester's mother. She wanted to ask if Sally could help her to get Macy and Thorne to sing at a children's benefit concert with country singer Bryan White. Then Darla and Clarke show up for dinner also. Sally assures Tamara that she will talk to her daughter on her behalf and Tamara leaves. Sally tells the gang that she hopes Macy will do the benefit concert because she hasn't sung in public in quite a while. Meanwhile, Clarke has a fantasy about Tamara coming on to him at the bar.

While the other members of the Spectra team dine, Macy conducts job interviews. Thorne drops by with a Chinese food dinner delivery and Macy kisses him as a tip. Thorne tells his wife that he has talked to his big brother, Ridge, and it did not do any good. " If Brooke and Grant get married, that guy could end up running Forrester Creations. All because of Ridge's damn pride!" exclaims Thorne. Macy states that maybe Brooke and Ridge will work out their problems on their own- just like they did.

Macy has three people stop by for an interview for seamstress jobs. While Macy continues with the interviews, Thorne is chowing down his lo mein. One girl named Claudia Cortez claims to have a green care, but she doesn't have it with her at the moment, she left it home. Macy tells her that by law, she can not hire her with it. Claudia then tries to ask Thorne for his help. Macy gets defensive and states that her husband doesn't even work here and he can't help her. Claudia leaves the office.

Thorne thinks that Macy was a little rough on Claudia. He felt sorry for her and got a feeling she hasn't eaten in a while from the way she was watching him eat his dinner. Claudia hears their conversation from outside the office door.

At Forrester, Ridge is attempting to work and Brooke drops by with the excellent figures on Grant's men's line. ridge starts to rant, "Forget it, Logan. There is no way I am going to work with that guy." Brooke threatens that if he doesn't work with Grant on the women's line, then she will put her ex-love in charge of the men's line, instead. And, she reminds him, all he has to do is say so if he wants to change things. Ridge is furious and says," You know what your problem is, you don't know when to quit. You think I should drop Taylor and choose you? You think I would marry you- just to get Grant out of the company?!?!?" No, Brooke says - but he would marry her because he wants to be with her. Ridge rants, "I don't know why we are even talking about this, because you are not going to go through with it. You are not going to marry the guy and I can prove it." Ridge believes that Brooke will not go through with her engagement because she hasn't told the kids yet. Brooke responds that she hasn't told the kids yet, because she is hoping that Ridge will come to his senses and there won't be anything to tell...... Ridge states," This is a sick game you are playing and it has gone far enough!"

Brooke tells Ridge that she isn't going to sit around the rest of her life and wait for him, not this time. She will never love anybody the way she loves him, but Grant is a good man. "You have to put your pride and anger behind you and just say the word.........................." says Brooke. But Ridge isn't giving any words, so Brooke tells him she'll see him at the altar.

In her office, Stephanie is telling James that she has hired a private investigator to check out what has happened with Maggie. She fills him in on the fact that she didn't take anything from her room; nor has she talked to Jessica, and she hasn't used a charge card or an ATM machine since she has left the Forrester mansion. Stephanie tells James that he was wrong about Sheila and she is using him.

In his place at the pier, Mike is on the telephone with Sheila and they are chatting about her love life as he reinforces the window closed- so there are no more daring escapes by Maggie his houseguest. Maggie is now handcuffed to the chair and her mouth is gagged.

Meanwhile, at Spectra, Sally fills Thorne and Macy in on Tamara Walker's offer for them to sing with country music singer Bryan White at the children's benefit. Macy says," I am not ready to take to the stage because it has been such a long time. Besides it has been a while since I have sung professionally." Thorne says he has to get back to work and leaves the decision up to his lovely wife.

Sheila is taking a nap when Stephanie shows up at her home, uninvited of course. Stephanie accuses Sheila of kidnapping Maggie because she was the last person to see her. Stephanie also says that she pulled off a kidnapping of James once before. Sheila insists that she has no idea of what happened to Maggie- she left a message for James on his answering machine.

At Forrester, Thorne is going over some orientation materials with his new workers at the design house. Claudia Cortez shows up looking for work (that is the girl that Macy would not hire yesterday because she didn't have a green card). Claudia now gives Thorne a fake green card, but when he calls her bluff she pleads with him for a job. Thorne feels sorry for her and doesn't want to see this girl working in a sweat shop. so he agrees to hire her.

At Mike's place, Maggie is begging for Mike to just let her go. There is a knock at the door and Sheila shows up without phoning first. Mike puts Maggie in the closet and turns on the radio so Sheila won't hear her.

Taylor visits Stephanie, as Taylor tells her soon to be mother in law that she is always there for her and she knows exactly what to say to make her feel better. Stephanie replies, "You are going to get married and that is all I want you to remember."

The phone rings and it is Thorne filling in his mother on the country singing he will be doing that evening at the Canyon Country Club benefit. After Stephanie hangs up she leaves so that Ridge and Taylor can be alone. Taylor and Ridge kiss. Then Ridge starts to complain about his day and whine about Grant and his noisy cappuccino machine right next door to his office. Taylor invites Ridge out for some "physical exercise" at the country bar/restaurant that evening. Ridge doesn't want to go, but of course he gets talked into it.

At the Canyon Country Club, Macy is having a case of the nerves as she thinks about the big crowd that is going to listen to her singing. "The last time I sung in front of an audience was in Holland. What if my pitch isn't there? What if my range is bad?" she worries. Tamara Walker stops by their table and tells them that it is going to be a great night. Bryan White, the country singer, shows up and Tamara introduces him to Macy and Thorne. Macy decides to give a show the people will never forget.

James stops by Brooke's office and asks if Brooke has heard from Maggie. Then Brooke warns her ex- fiancee James, that when Sheila fights back, she gets even. James leaves to see Stephanie. Brooke's next visitor is Grant bearing a single red rose. Brooke states for the record, "Don't get your hopes up too high. I am determined to get Ridge back. It is a long road to the altar. Ridge is cracking, he is caving in slowly because he is getting jealous. " Brooke decides that she needs to find a perfect setting where Ridge can see her and Grant together and put him over the edge. Grant fills her in on the benefit concert at the Canyon Country Club that evening that all of the Forresters were invited to (except for Brooke, of course). Brooke decides to crash the benefit that evening to make Ridge crack.........

Sheila drops by Mike's place uninvited, and Mike has to hide Maggie in the closet. Maggie makes some noises, but Mike just raises the volume on the radio so she can't be heard. Sheila says she is sooooo in love with James, and with Maggie out of the picture it is just a matter of time before he loves her also.

Just then Sheila hears another noise coming from the closet and wants to know what the hell is going on. "Answer me Mike! Did you kidnap Maggie?!?!?" Sheila goes and opens up the closet and, seeing the captive Maggie, looks stunned. "OH MY GOD!------------- WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH HER?"

At the club, Tamara comes over with yet another sparkling mineral water for Macy. Macy has a case of the nerves still and insists that the water is good for her throat.

At Spectra, Sally has invited her hairdresser Gladys to join the Spectra troops at the benefit concert to hear her daughter sing. Darla makes Clarke sweat in a tight fitting blue cowboy number on the elevator ride down to catch the limo.

In his office, Ridge is decked out in black when his cowgirl, Taylor arrives. You can hear the cappuccino machine roaring from his new next door neighbor, Grant. Ridge states for the record," I have to get out of here. I have to get away from that guy. He and Brooke are driving me bonkers. Come on, let's go."

Next door, Grant pours a cup of cappuccino for him and his lovely fiancee, Brooke. They are getting together to discuss their new idea of how to make Ridge jealous. Brooke says, "Make no mistake- Ridge does still love me. And when he sees me walk into that place tonight with you, he is going to realize what he has given up. He is going to want me back. You and I are going to MAKE him want me back!"

Brooke is already insulted that as CEO of Forrester Creations she wasn't invited to the benefit tonight. Grant suggests that they reserve a table of their own next to the Forrester clan. Brooke leaves to get dressed. Grant receives a phone call from Michael confirming their plans for this evening, but he blows off their date for tonight.

In the hallway at Forrester, Eric and Stephanie are walking out the door and chatting. Eric is upset that Clarke is going to be at the benefit tonight and that he doesn't trust him, especially where his daughter Kristen is involved.

At the club, Macy confides in Thorne that she is glad they are singing in front of strangers tonight, so that if they mess up, no one will be there to witness it. Just then the entire Forrester clan comes waltzing in.

Tamara asks for Brooke at the Forrester table, but is told by Eric they are keeping tonight a family affair. Then the next visitor at the Forrester table is Clarke Garrison. Of course he mentions Kristen again to get under Eric's skin. He asks for Kristen's phone number, since the one he has is no good, but says he'll find some way to get it, even without Eric's help.

Everyone is dancing and then Brooke makes her grand entrance....She looks like a cowgirl wearing a red dress.......

At Mike's Sheila is totally shocked that Maggie is tied up in the closet. she says, "Oh my God......How could you?!?!?" She's horrified to learn that Mike believes he did this to help her. "You did this for me??????" she asks. She demands, "You untie her. You get her out of there now!!!!!! Maggie I am sooooo sorry......" Mike reminds Sheila that he can't let her go. Maggie was going to blow the whistle on her, by telling James how Sheila almost strangled her. He figured that Sheila deserves a break so she could be happy.

Sheila angrily asks, "What about Maggie?" Mike says not to worry - he'll handle Maggie. Sheila is outraged. "You will take care of it? You are going to kill her. God, I feel horrible about this." Mike can't believe that Sheila is honestly thinking of freeing Maggie. "Yeah, that is what I have to do," she tells him, "let her go. Mike, there is no good that can come from any of this. I don't think she would go to the police. I didn't have anything to do with this." Maggie pleads for her life and tells Sheila that this is the "ultimate test" she can prove everybody that they were wrong about her.........

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Week of 11/18/96 - 11/22/96

At the Canyon Country Club, The Forresters are enjoying themselves at the charity event. Tamara announces to the audience that Brian White and Thorne and Macy are "in the house." There is a big round of applause. Everybody at the Spectra table is having a grand time, especially Gladys. It seems, in fact, like everybody is - the possible exception is probably Brooke and Grant at their corner booth. Darla is all excited to finally meet Brian White, but Sally can't say enough about her daughter and Thorne. But Macy is worried about singing in front of a live audience again. She tells Sally that she didn't get enough practice because of doing the job interviews at Spectra. "How did that go?" asks Sally. Macy says it went fine, accept there was one she couldn't hire because she didn't have a green card. Thorne looks away as Macy says: "My soft-hearted husband felt sorry for her, and I did too, but I wasn't about to jeopardize Spectra just to give her a job."

Claudia rushes home, happy with the good news that she got a job. Her mother is happy but her brother, Lucien reacts cooly. Claudia tells them she has been hired by a wonderful man named Thorne Forrester.

At the club, Ridge is restless. "It's our big night out, getting away from the office and the tensions and they have to follow us here," he complains. Brooke and Grant smile sweetly and wave at everyone at the Forrester table as they turn to look in their direction. Ridge orders a bottle of the BEST champagne.

At her table with Grant, Brooke is still grumbling about the Forresters representing her company and never inviting her to the party. "I should be sitting at that table." Grant tells her to relax, the night is young. He makes the prediction that before the night is out, they will both be sitting at that table.

At Claudia's, Lucien wants at know why this "Thorne Forrester" gave her a job. He says that Forresters are the lucky one to have her working for them and making the minimum. "They are paying me more," Claudia declares. "They are treating me fair." Lucien states that in this country, they don't know what fair is. He reminds Claudia that their mother needs her medicine, but Claudia thinks she will be getting health benefits.

At the club, Ridge and Taylor are dancing but Ridge can't keep from watching Brooke and Grant. "Ridge, don't let them spoil our evening," Taylor pleads. Distract me, Ridge invites. Taylor snuggles up to him, kissing his neck, but even that doesn't command Ridge's attention from Brooke and Grant's corner. "Sweet," Grant sneers. Brooke and Grant decide to dance.

At the Spectra table, Clarke says he has been mingling. Sally tells him to lay off the Forresters, as Stephanie has already complained about his treatment of Eric, Sally says. Clarke declares that Eric has been downright rude to him. Gladys wishes he would be rude to her. "He is one STUD MUFFIN." Clarke says that Eric is envious because he, Clarke, represents the future of the fashion industry and Eric represents the past.

Brooke and Grant cuddle on the dance floor. Clarke follows Darla to the bar and tries to make a pass at her. He thinks of her as an angel, he whispers. "And you want me to be your fallen angel?" Darla counters.

Taylor waits for Brooke outside the ladies' room. Brooke tells Taylor she is pathetic. "You're pathetic," Taylor says. "You're trying to make Ridge jealous, but it won't work." Brooke informs Taylor that she has every right to be here. She is the majority owner of the company that paid for the table Taylor is sitting at. Taylor reminds Brooke that she is playing with these people and with their company--with their life blood. "Don't you see why they don't want to have anything to do with you?" she asks. "When does it stop, Brooke?" "It stops when Ridge comes back to me," responds Brooke. Brooke asks if Ridge is enjoying himself. When Taylor doesn't answer, she informs Taylor that Ridge isn't having a good time because he can't bear to see her with another man. "He's never going to marry you." Brooke promises.

Meanwhile, Thorne warns his family not to expect too much tonight, but Eric isn't buying it. "You and Macy will be fine," he tells Thorne. Ridge is still distracted. Grant saunters up to the table with a cheerful greeting. Grant tells Ridge how to drink Tequila by licking the lime and salt off the pretty lady's neck. The Forresters look disgusted as Grant wanders off, blowing smoke rings from his cigar.

At Claudia's home, she tells Lucien she is going to see Thorne. "You are going to see this man at his business?" Lucien asks as Claudia heads for the door. She informs him that Thorne is at a charity affair, but she has to go and thank him. "This man, Thorne, is giving us a chance for a new life here."

At the club, Claudia carries a single red rose. She stands back and watches as Thorne and Macy head for the stage.

Ridge is still staring at Brooke and Grant when Taylor returns to the table. She kisses him, but he excuses himself and goes to Brooke's table. Brooke and Grant are busy drinking Tequila. Ridge accuses them of making a spectacle of themselves. Brooke and grant both, in their own way, tell him to "get lost."

Macy and Thorne begin to sing. Claudia gazes up at Thorne with stars in her eyes. At the end of the song, while the couple receive a standing ovation, Claudia tosses the rose at Thorne's feet.

Macy and Thorne (holding the red rose in hand) head back to the Spectra table. Sally makes a toast in their honor. Macy asks Thorne where he got the rose from and he responds, "I don't know. I looked down and it was at my feet." Meanwhile Claudia is watching him from afar and says to herself, "Thank you, Mr. Thorne Forrester. Thank you for giving my family a new life."

Ridge and Taylor are busy cutting up the dance floor. Taylor notices Clarke is now having a drink with Brooke and Grant. Ridge is stunned and says, " I don't believe this!"

Meanwhile, at the Beach House, Dylan wants to know why Grant blew off dinner with Michael as she sits around the house annoyed. Dylan says that in his opinion Michael is in way too deep and Grant is stringing her along. Michael still believes that Ridge won't let Brooke marry Grant.

Back at the club, Claudia bumps into Sally by the bar, where Sally mistakes her for a waitress. Claudia is enraged at the mistake, and begins tearing into Sally, blasting her by saying that she would never work for a company like Spectra. Elsewhere in the room, Bryan White is busy signing autographs while Gladys flirts with him.

Taylor decides it is time to leave. but Ridge puts his foot down and says, "I am not going to let those two chase us out of here. Look at her, laughing, carrying on over there with those two jerks. I don't know Doc, I think I was wrong about her and Grant. Maybe there really is something there." Just then Eric stops by the Forrester table and puts his two cents in about how disgusting and embarrassing Grant and Brooke are. Ridge states for the record, "More and more that woman is not who she appears to be. I wonder if I ever really knew her."

At the CEO table, just as the happy trio head off to the bar, Stephanie requests to speak with Brooke. She asks," Do you really think he is falling for this game you are playing? Let me tell you something, he isn't bothered that you are involved with Grant. Ridge is bothered that you have made a public spectacle of yourself."

Tamara comes to the stage and introduces Bryan White. The country singer starts into his latest hit, leaving the crowd raving. After the performance Brooke is depressed by what Stephanie said and tells Grant, "What am I doing here? Look at them Grant, the family I want so desperately to be a part of. Do you know how long I have admired them? Ever since high school....I have held them in such high esteem. Now they sit over there and the girl that always wanted to know them and have them accept her- that girl sits right over here. How it ever came to this I will never know. To be hated by the people that you have respected for so is too painful to even think about it. " Just then Ridge and Taylor have a long passionate kiss....Brooke stands up and there are tears in her eyes that roll down her checks......Ridge sees her and looks surprised......Brooke runs out of the room...

The following day, Taylor drops by James' office, because she was just informed by Stephanie about Maggie's sudden departure. Taylor doesn't know if Stephanie's theory about Sheila having something to do with this is true; but she can't think of anyone else wanting to harm Maggie. Taylor adds that just a few weeks ago Maggie was trying to have Sheila's parole revoked. So it could be possible that Sheila could be consistently pretending to be in recovery.

James carries on about how honest Sheila has been and that she was totally into her therapy session. Taylor says that his entire professional life is wrapped up in this one case and maybe he is believing her because of that.

At Spectra, Clarke is busy at work and Macy tells her mother that it was a good idea for her to get on a stage and sing again. Macy still has some more interviews this afternoon to fill the seamstress job. She fills in her co-workers about the girl that did not have a green card. Macy also tells Clarke that they were in trouble with the law a few years back when her mother hired an illegal immigrant because Sally had to be the champion of the underdog. Macy finally says that she didn't want to turn the girl away, but she didn't want to break the law by hiring her either. She believes that Thorne is right and it is "a no win situation"

Stephanie stops by Thorne's office, to offer her congratulations to her son. Stephanie says that last night reminded her of her son's wedding and soon there will be another wedding in the family. Thorne gets defensive and says he doesn't want to discuss it because, "we don't see eye to eye on this, Mother, and I don't think we ever will. Ridge isn't thinking mother, he is reacting. I think ultimately he will go back to Brooke because he always does. Ridge loves Brooke." Of course Stephanie tells her younger son to stand by Ridge's decision and leaves in a huff.

At Mike's place by the pier, Mike drops an egg breakfast sandwich from a fast food chain on Maggie's lap and uncuffs one of her hands. Mike tells her that he hasn't talked to Sheila, but he knows her and Sheila is out making plans for her grand finale. He states for the record, "Sheila wouldn't go to the police and rat on me." Sheila walks in and Mike says, "So are we gonna ice her, or what? So what's it gonna be?"

Sheila responds that she has been driving around all night thinking about this. "You put me in an impossible situation here. You jeopardized my relationship with James! If Maggie turns up missing or murdered, who do you think James is going to blame?!?!? ME! He is going to hate me." Maggie promises that if they let her go she will stick up for Sheila. Sheila continues, "Maggie, my therapy means more to me than anything in this world and if you take it away from me..." Maggie says that all she can do is give Sheila her word and that she never lies. Sheila is upset and goes to the door; she says, "just wait here" and leaves.

Sheila goes out to a phone booth and calls James; she tells him something is wrong, but she is going to make it right. She then tells him she already called the police, that Maggie has been kidnapped, and to get down there right away.

Ridge is in his office, busy at work; but he can't concentrate due to the recurring image of Brooke crying the other night at the Canyon Country Club. Taylor drops by looking radiant and she is all excited because their wedding is only about a month away now that they have finally set the date. Taylor offers to set the date back so Ridge can think about his decision and they can have more time to plan, but Ridge declines the offer.

Ridge then decides not to attend the fashion conference in Milan, Italy, so that he can help with all of the wedding plans - and he decides to send Grant, after hearing his next door neighbor make yet another noisy cappuccino in his office. Ridge is extremely pleased with himself, as he announces, " I am bad, but brilliant. I finally found a way to get that guy our of my face, at least for a little while. The guy is going to eat up the chance to represent Forrester at an international press event; and you know what they have in Italy?? Cappuccino- lots and lots of cappuccino!!!!"

Taylor thinks that the press will eat up Grant because he is a good designer and now he is engaged to Brooke. Ridge gets defensive again and says, "Brooke is not going to marry Grant. She proposed out of an impulse and now she has convinced herself that she has to go through with it. I just don't want Brooke to be unhappy." Taylor says that she doesn't want Brooke to be unhappy also and leaves to go announce to Stephanie their wedding date.

In his office, Grant is serving yet another cup of cappuccino to his depressed fiancee. Brooke apologizes for running out on him last night. Grant tells her to move on- all that guy Ridge is doing is making her suffer and she can do a lot better than him. " I want you to wake up and smell the cappuccino," laughs Grant. Then, Megan the secretary interrupts with the conference schedule for Grant, along with the memo from Ridge that he will not be attending it this year due to his personal commitments. " I can't believe this!" says Brooke. "Nice try Ridge," she adds, telling Grant that, "sending you to the conference is a power play." Brooke is not going to let Ridge get away with this, however; she tells Grant, "No, I am sorry, I am not going to let Ridge do this. I am going to tell him right now." Grant volunteers to attend the conference because he wanted to be in the spotlight representing Forrester to the press, but Brooke doesn't want to hear of it.

Out by the pier, Mike prepares to off Maggie. "So, any lasts requests?" Mike asks Maggie. Maggie seems surprised that it has come to this, and Mike explains, "What, do you need a singing telegram? Sheila has no choice. Not a chance that she went to the police. This is not about loyalty, Maggie. Look, you are going down for one reason; Sheila wants James and you are in the way. You are toast sweetheart." states Mike smugly.

James meets up with Sheila on the pier. He wants to know what is going on here. Sheila is very upset and she says, "I didn't have anything to do with it James. I swear it." She then explains how it was all Mike Guthrie. "He thought that he was helping me. You gotta believe me! I found out about it last night." James wants to now why she waited to tell him. "I know - I am sorry....but I thought you would blame me. I didn't want to lose you." James tells Sheila that she did the right thing by calling him and they go straight to the apartment.

There is a knock on the door and Sheila asks Mike to let her in. Mike totally freaks when he hears the siren from the police car. He opens the window and escapes. The police bust in and run after him. James runs over to Maggie. Maggie cries," I am fine. I have never been so scared in my life. He was going to kill me!" James tells her she can thank Sheila, which gets Maggie excited. "Thank Sheila?!?!?!?!?!?! SHE IS THE REASON THIS HAPPENED! James, don't you see how dangerous this woman is? You have got to stop treating her. She is the reason I was kidnapped. All because she wants you. You have to choose. Who do you want her or me?"

Brooke knocks on the door to Ridge's office, but Ridge knew it was her before she even walked in. Ridge says smugly, "Got my memo? I think that Grant will do an excellent job." Brooke starts to lecture him about playing games with all of their lives and she starts to leave. Ridge stops her and says, "Brooke wait..... I am sorry. I know that this is not a game. I am not sending Grant to Milan for myself. I saw you crying last night. You don't need this guy, Logan. This engagement... You are doing it all for the wrong reasons. I want you to take some time to think things through. So what do you say? Are you willing to take a little vacation away from your fiancee?" Brooke thinks that it is a good idea for Ridge to also take a little vacation away from Taylor, so they can all think things through. Ridge replies, "There is something you need to know. Taylor and I set a wedding date. Brooke is crying and Ridge embraces her..

Meanwhile, as Taylor shares the good news about the wedding date with her, Stephanie is celebrating with champagne. She is delighted that the wedding date has been set AND FOR NEXT MONTH! She couldn't want for better news.

In her office, Grant and Brooke are discussing the upcoming trip to Milan. He is excited; it is a great opportunity for him. Brooke reminds him that it is just a ploy to separate them. He thinks it is a good idea. It will give her time to get her thoughts straight, to realize that she has no future with Ridge. "And when I come back, you can put all your cards on the table and become Mrs. Grant Chambers."

In Eric's office, Thorne is still voicing his opinion about his brother. "I don't buy it," he states to his father. "Ridge and Taylor. The whole thing is wrong." Eric reminds him that Taylor is a wonderful woman. Thorne is sure that Ridge doesn't love her, not like he loves Brooke. "This whole situation is out of control." Eric states that Ridge and Brooke's relationship has been a roller coaster ride for years. Taylor can provide Ridge with some stability. "At what price?" questions Thorne. "That's not love and that's no way to start a marriage. Not to mention what it's going to do to this company." Eric glances up and Ridge is standing in the doorway.

In his office, James is deep in thought, considering his dilemma. Sheila enters the office. "I told you and Maggie that I needed some time," James reminds her. "I'm sorry, I really am. I never meant for Maggie to be in any danger." Sheila responds. "But you heard her," James answers. "She wants me to give you up as a patient. And after what she has been through, I can't blame her." Sheila is desperate. She begs him not to stop treating her. Neither of them know that Maggie is listening at the door. "I've come so close to recovery and I can't make it without you. You have to convince Maggie of that. You can do it, I know you can." she pleads.

Taylor admits that she can't help but worry sometimes. After all, Brooke did almost get Ridge to the altar. "But YOU were married to him," Steph reminds her." Brooke's shenanigans have just about played out. And no more Mr. Grant Chambers!" She affirms that she is delighted to be sending him off to Milan. Taylor still can't get over the fact that Brooke is using Grant to break her and Ridge apart. "But that is so typical of Brooke," Stephanie reminds her. "I wish they would get married. They deserve each other. It's just the idea that then the two of them would be running the family business. That makes my skin crawl," she shudders. "That would be Ridge's worst nightmare," Taylor states.

"Marry you?" questions Brooke. Grant reminds her that they are engaged. But Brooke points out that he knows why she proposed to him. "To get back at Ridge?" Grant asks. "No," states Brooke. "I don't know," she continues. "Maybe I was wrong; maybe this whole thing was foolish. I did it because I thought that if Ridge saw us together, he would realize what he had lost and he'd want it back." She knows it was risky, but now there is something else she has to do. Something that WILL get through to Ridge. Grant again asks her, doesn't she see what Ridge and his family are trying to do to her. She is a beautiful, creative woman, successful and intelligent, but now she is doubting herself. "I say to hell with the Forresters. When I get back, we're gonna get a hundred foot yacht and get married right there on the bow." "And turn my back on Ridge?" Ms. Logan counters. "Give up the one man I've ever truly loved? I can't do that." Grant asks what she is going to do, just stand back and watch Ridge get married to Taylor? But Brooke knows there has to be another way. "I would do anything for you, " Grant says. "But I really think you've played yourself out here." After thinking for a while, Brooke declares that she has an idea and Ridge won't like it. "This may be my last hope. This may be my final chance to stop this madness." She calls her secretary and instructs her to contact the Forresters; she wants them in her office immediately!

Maggie walks into James' office, and spots Sheila immediately. "I should have known. You just won't quit, will you Sheila? You had to come running after James and beg him not to let you go." she accuses, forgetting that she has done the same thing. She turns to James and tells him that she meant what she said earlier. She reminds him that he has a decision to make, one that will affect them for the rest of their lives. "Keep her as a patient and you'll never see me again. Drop her and let us get on with our lives," she cries. "What's it gonna be, James?"

Stephanie and Taylor are embracing in Stephanie's office when Megan enters and tells Mrs. Forrester that Brooke wants to see her. Meanwhile, in Eric's office, Ridge questions his brother about his comments. "Something on your mind, Thorne?" asks Ridge. "Yes, and I think you know what it is," Thorne responds. Ridge informs his father and brother that he and Taylor have set a wedding date. "Does Brooke know about this?" Thorne questions his brother. "I just told her," Ridge answers. When Eric asks how she took it, Ridge responds that he thinks she is going through Hell. "She still loves you," Thorne says. "And you love her, too." Ridge explains that his heart goes out to her--it can't be easy on her. He informs his father and Thorne that he is sending Grant to Milan--not to get him out of his hair, but for Brooke. "She needs some time alone without that jerk messing around with her." "No Ridge," answers Thorne, "What she needs is you." Thorne says he likes Taylor and has nothing against her, but the two of them getting married is crazy. Ridge tells him that he is entitled to his opinion. He will always care for Brooke---end of subject. "Go ahead and crew up your life," Thorne angrily states. "But you are ruining this company, our Father's business." Eric tries to interrupt Thorne's tirade, but Thorne says : no, someone has to make Ridge understand. "You are way out of line, little brother," accuses Ridge. "This is my life we are talking about, so get off the subject." Just then they are summoned to Brooke's office.

Sheila can't understand why Maggie is doing this. Maggie reminds her that because of Sheila and her sick friend, she was almost killed. "I'm sorry," Sheila cries. "But I had nothing to do with that." "Oh, really," Maggie says. "Just like you didn't almost choke me to death?" Maggie turns to James and asks him what it is going to be. She needs an answer. James tries to reason with Maggie. He reminds her of how much he has invested in Sheila. But Maggie is adamant. Either he gets her out of their lives or she is walking out that door. She will leave LA and never come back. James appears beaten down and Sheila knows she has lost.

In Brooke's office, she and Grant await the arrival of the others. "Are you really going to go through with this?" questions Grant. "The last thing I want to do is hurt Ridge," she laments. "But time is running out." "You're my kinda girl--- she doesn't give up." raves Grant, happily. The Forresters arrive. Brooke announces that she has made a decision about the Fashion Conference. Grant will not be going---She will be attending. The Forresters are stunned. "I could use a little break," Brooke says. Both Stephanie and Ridge agree. Eric tells her not to worry, the company will be in very capable hands. "You are right," Brooke agrees. "The company WILL be in very capable hands. I'm putting Grant in charge." This is a real shock to the Forresters. Brooke goes on to say that while she is in Milan, Grant will be running Forrester Creations. "You cannot put this man in charge of our company." declares Stephanie. "Nice to know I have all your support," responds Grant. "I don't believe you are doing this," Ridge says. "I've made my decision," answers Brooke. She states that while she is away, EVERYTHING goes through Grant---every design, every mock-up, EVERYTHING. She dismisses the Forresters and turns her back. Eric leaves in anger. Ridge stares at Brooke unbelievingly. Stephanie takes his arm and they turn and leave. Once they have gone, Grant comforts Brooke.

James is thoughtful. Both women watch him in silence, knowing that what he says next will decide their future. James tells Sheila that she has done so well. Sheila begs him not to do this. She is so afraid. James explains that he can't be there for her any more. Sheila is crying. She can't do this alone, she begs. James promises she won't be alone. You are a changed woman, he tells her. He reminds her that she lives in a different world now. She can make friends and someday she is going to meet a man and fall in love. He says he is so very proud of her, he is touched by her strength and her courage. He promises he will never forget what they have achieved together. He will always remember her as the woman she is today: "The Sheila Carter that I'm honored to know as my friend." Sheila leaves. Maggie rushes to James and takes him in her arms. James does not look happy.

Brooke is alone in her office when Ridge enters. He begs her not to do this. "It's too late," she says. She doesn't need to work through her feelings, she explains, because her feelings haven't changed--not for him." Ridge asks if she has any idea what she is doing to his father by handing the company over to Chambers. "I know why you are doing this," he states sadly. "I've made my decision," Brooke again states. Ridge responds that he won't let her destroy his family like this. "What about our family," counters Brooke. "When I get back, we are going to have to tell the kids---and talk about devastation! Do you really want to put them through this pain?" she pleads. She begs him not to do this. She admires his loyalty to Taylor, but asks if it is worth it to lose the children and the woman he loves. "It's all in your hands. Don't throw us away," she pleads. She kisses him on his lips with tears in her eyes. She caresses his face, then leaves.

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Week of 11/25/96 - 11/29/96

Note: B&B did not air on Thursday, November 28.

Over at Spectra, in Clarke's office, Sally is filling in Clarke about the gossip at Forrester and Eric's misfortune due to his lack of command in the company that he has built. Clarke is thrilled with the news, and then four models come in wearing sexy lingerie to be fitted. Clarke gets very hot and uncomfortable (due to his lack of sex lately!) and kicks out everyone from his office because he has a lot of work to do.

In the living room of the Forrester mansion, is busy at work. Stephanie is surprised but happy to see him. Eric states, "I just didn't want to go into the office. Not with that Grant Chambers in the building. Oh God Stephanie, look at us- after all of these years. Grant Chambers is dangerous because I fired him. Never in my life did I think that I would be working in the company that I built; not in charge." Eric blames himself - surely there must have been something he could have done, including keeping Brooke from taking over Forrester in the first place. Stephanie tells Eric that he is being too hard on himself, and that the trick is to learn from your mistakes. Eric vows to fight for his company for him and his family........

Dylan stops by Michael's office at Forrester, after hearing about Grant's sudden promotion. He's clearly worried about her being involved with this man; he tells her," I am here because you like that guy. He is a hatchet man. He will chop this company apart if he gets the chance and you along with it." Michael wonders what Dylan expects her to do, and he explains, "I just want you to distance yourself from Grant Chambers before he brings you down with him. Chambers doesn't care that you are hurting." Michael doesn't want to hear it and then Dylan leaves to go and have a chat with his "friend", Grant.

In the Forrester sewing room, a woman seamstress named Lucy knocks over a cup of coffee by her sewing machine. The supervisor yells at her, but Claudia steps in to take responsibility. She explains to the supervisor and to Thorne that the other woman was up all night with her sick baby. Thorne steps in and politely tells them next time not to bring coffee near the machines. After, Lucy tells Claudia to be careful; Thorne is a distant star, and she will never know him the way she is dreaming of. Then Thorne takes the supervisor aside and asks if the INS has been around, and as soon as they are, to notify him.

Dylan decides to play the knight in shining armor and confronts Grant in his office. Dylan is welcomed as a friend, but he quickly sets the tone for the conversation. He tells Grant, "First thing, lets get one thing straight- I am not your buddy. I was so wrong about you. Could you believe I actually admired you. I looked up to you as some kind of role model." Dylan explains how he's not happy with the way Grant is treating Michael and the Forresters, and he doesn't intend for it to continue. Grant smugly tells him to go help some little old women cross a street and close the door on his way out, but Dylan isn't finished with him yet.

At the mansion, Maggie fills in Stephanie about her kidnapping. Stephanie can't believe that once again Sheila is going to walk away with just a slap on the wrist. Maggie says, "I am not sure Sheila was involved. They both claim that Mike was acting on his own." Moreover, Maggie informs Steph that she promised James she wouldn't take action against Sheila; they agreed that if Maggie doesn't have Sheila arrested, James will drop her as a patient."

Stephanie believes that Sheila will be camped out at James' doorstep before the end of the week. Maggie thinks that if she becomes Mrs. James Warwick, then she will finally be rid of Sheila. Stephanie lectures, "Maggie you can't marry him now. I am suggesting that you stop and think this out. Sheila is crazy. She will come after you. You know that is the way she is. Maggie you know all I want is for you to be happy. Please think this through and be happy." Maggie goes to get ready for her big evening at the private dining room with James.

Meanwhile, James drops by Sheila's house to give her a list of new doctors. He highly recommends that Taylor become her new therapist since she is familiar with the case. James says that he knows she is felling hurt, but they had to disengage because Sheila was becoming emotionally involved. Sheila guesses that James is going to propose to Maggie, but he tells her that is not the issue; He then tells her goodbye and that there is no hope for him and her. James urges, "Sheila, please contact one of the doctors on the list and move on. You can make it Sheila, you don't need me." James walks out the door.

Sheila is totally depressed....She says to herself, "Oh James- I do need you. I need you." then Sheila is sitting on the staircase in the dark feeling sorry for herself. Mike just walks in the house and can't believe that Sheila is sitting there in the dark doing nothing. He wants her to come with him and start a new life together somewhere out of LA. Mike pleads with her," I can make you forget that guy. You are too good for him. He belongs with that farm girl." Sheila tells Mike that she has no reason to go on. There are police sirens heard in the distance and Mike has to leave to continue running from the law.

In Grant's office, Dylan is still lecturing Grant about his behavior, " I mean it. I am not going t let you run all over these people. Without the Forresters you will fall on your face!" Grant takes over the discussion and says, " I used to be like you; things changed, I learned that loyalty at Forrester is a one way street. You, my friend, are witnessing a whole new era; the Grant Chambers era, as I like to call it. You better jump on board and get ready for the ride of your life. If you play your cards right you have a future here."

Just then Ridge bursts into the office, "Grant we need to talk about this memo." Noticing Dylan there, he asks, "Doing a little recruiting, are we Grant?" Grant doesn't think things should be interrupted, but Dylan does; Dylan then leaves the office at Ridge's request. Grant continues to be smug and flaunts his sexual conquests with Brooke in Ridge's face. Ridge gets really angry, "Obviously, Brooke and I were wrong about you." He then issues a warning - "You touch her once without her permission and you are dead man. You won't even know what hit you!!!!" When Grant is left alone he picks up a photo of Brooke and says, "Well, your plan is working Brooke, I sure hope you appreciate it."

At the Private Dining Room, James is all decked out in his native kilt attire and Maggie looks stunning in a black halter dress. James tells her that an occasion like this called for something special. They drink champagne and talk about their future and that they both want to build a family and have children. James says," I wanted it to be traditional. My desire for roots and a family are very important to me." He gets down on one knee. "Bless me by joining your life with mine. Would you be my wife? Will you marry me, Maggie?"

In Ridge's office, Taylor fills in Ridge about James' proposal to his Aunt Maggie. Ridge feels that James and Maggie will be very happy together, if he gets rid of a certain patient. Taylor, however, is not so certain therapy for Sheila should stop. "Doc, please don't tell me he gave her you name. Tell me that you have the smarts not to get involved in that." states Ridge when he hears that James gave a list of doctors to Sheila to continue her therapy with. Taylor replies that she cant ignore Sheila- she happens to be a human being who needs help. She promises to keep a strict professional distance if she gets involved with the case.

At her home, Sheila picks up her bible, but there is a knock at the door. It is Mike again; he just had to come back again to check up on his pal. Sheila tells Mike that James and Maggie are most likely making their wedding plans right now. She says," All I have to do now is figure out what I am going to do about that." Mike seems concerned. "You afraid I might do something Michael? Maggie betrayed me. Maybe I will be rewarded for this. Am I kidding myself that I can change?" she asks him.

Mike tells Sheila that no one can help her now except for him and gets her to go upstairs to pack and run away with him. Then there is a knock at the door, so Mike runs out. Sheila opens the door to fins that it's Taylor, who has dropped by to check in on Sheila. Sheila is defensive and annoyed. Taylor informs Sheila that, "James did ask me to look in on you. I am just letting you know that I am available and here is my card. You can call me anytime." Taylor leaves and as soon as she does Sheila rips the card in half.

James is on one knee asking for Maggie's hand in marriage. "Yes, yes, James, I want to marry you. But what about Sheila???" responds Maggie. James tells her that he wants to begin their lives together and not wait one moment longer. He also arranged for the chapel in two days from now. They kiss and Maggie tells her fiancee that she has always dreamed this night would be like this. Just then James pulls a huge diamond ring out and says, "Shall we make it official?!?!"

Claudia arrives home late with groceries. She tells her mother and brother that she has to go back to work to meet a deadline on a gown. Once again she throws praise to the Forresters for giving her a job, especially Thorne. Her brother reminds her that if she is caught the government will send her back.

Claudia then arrives at work, and sneaks into Ridge's office with the gown she finished. Ridge comes in and is annoyed because she used the wrong lace. It turns out that she had to make the lace herself and Ridge ends up being impressed. Just then a phone call comes in from a friend and Ridge finds out that the INS is going to be coming around to make their check.

Brooke is at the conference in Milan. She has received in a package from Grant with his latest sketches for the line, and looks at them - but the sight of a picture of her, Ridge and the kids makes her realize what she really wants to know is how Grant is handling things at Forrester - particularly with Ridge.

At the same time, all of the Forresters are summoned to Grant's office. As they gather outside, Ridge, Thorne, Eric and Stephanie all wonder what's going on. They figure there is only one way to find out and enter, where they find Michael waiting with Grant. He is annoyed that the Forresters showed up for his meeting ten minutes late, although he sarcastically accepts Thorne's apology that "some of us have things to do that we can't just drop everything". Grant then shows off three satin dresses that he wants to be the theme of the fall line. He tells Eric that he is changing the theme he came up with , "because quite frankly, it doesn't work for me." Ridge is shocked at Grant's arrogance, and Grant informs him, "Now Ridge, if you have a problem with that you can always go back and do the men's line. That way you can have your own little showing."

Eric and Thorne walk out in disgust, but Ridge looks like he has something to say. Stephanie tries to hold her son back, but Ridge spouts back, "Enjoy it while you can, Chambers, 'cause it is not going to last." They, too, leave, followed by Michael. Just then the phone rings; it is Brooke checking in. She wants to know if Grant is getting through to the Forresters. Grant suggests that now that Ridge knows what life is like without Brooke, she should call and give him a taste of what life would be with her.

After he hangs up the phone and lights a cigar, Michael comes in. She is annoyed at his behavior and says," You are making some life long enemies. You will get booted when Brooke goes back with Ridge and then what will you have?" Unless, Michael guesses, maybe Grant would prefer Brooke and Ridge **not** getting back together? Grant is surprised at the comment, and Michael quickly takes it back, saying it was a silly thought. They end up kissing and make up to meet back at the beach house later.

Macy is waiting in Thorne's office when he returns from the meeting with Grant; she informs him that she wants to talk about something important. "Remember that talk we had when you got back from NY?", referring to a conversation about them starting a family. "It isn't that I don't want children," she explains - she just wasn't ready. Thorne says he understands, because the time has to be right, and Macy informs him, "It is the right time. I am ready, Thorne. I want us to have a baby." She jokes, "We will see how happy you are with midnight feedings and changing diapers." Thorne is thrilled at Macy's decision and they both take the rest of the day off from work to start trying to make their family.

Ridge and Stephanie check in with Eric to see if he is all right after their meeting with Grant. "No I am not all right, I am furious. This obnoxious little creep! How does he think he is going to get away with this?" states Eric. Ridge responds that this is not his father's fault and he is going to stop it. No, Eric insists - Ridge can't change his personal life to fit the company - unless he really still loves Brooke? Stephanie says Brooke is not an option, and wants them both to ignore Brooke and not give in to her. Ridge leaves.

Eric tells Stephanie, "Stop pressuring Ridge. He is a grown man and he needs to make his own decisions." Stephanie starts in about how now Ridge knows what Brooke is capable of and while she is ranting about Brooke, accidentally slips out that Brooke cheated on Eric with his own son. When Eric asks what she said, she quickly covers with more negative comments about Brooke.

Meanwhile, Bridget stops by Ridge's office and gives him a hug. Then she shows him a Christmas card with their family photo (the same one Brooke was looking at in Milan) printed on it. She asks why they weren't mailed out yet, and hopes it isn't too late. Bridget then says, "I know you are not my daddy anymore, but at least we are still family right?"

Just then Brooke calls. Bridget gets on the phone first and tells her mother that this year she doesn't need to make out a Christmas wish list because all she wants is for her mother and Ridge to get married. Brooke then tells Ridge, "Ridge I don't want to have to tell her. I know you are still upset and we have a lot of things to work out. We were so close to having everything we have always wanted. Just say the word and tell me that we will try again." Ridge is speechless.

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