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October, 1996

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Week of 10/7/96 - 10/11/96

The Forrester Spring Fashion show arrives: an announcement is made that the show will be starting soon. Maggie tells James that she is so excited. James asks Taylor if she is sure that she wants to go through with this. Taylor responds, "I am sure I ** don't ** want to go through with this. But I need to see Ridge proposing to Brooke in front of all these people on that runway. If that doesn't put an end to my insane fantasy nothing will."

Grant walks backstage and asks Eric to be put to work. Eric tells Grant that it means a lot to him that he has come to the showing. Grant goes to help the models with one of the groupings and Ridge is watching him with hostility.

Jessica and Dylan are getting ready to leave the Forrester mansion for the showing. Dylan keeps assuring Jessica that she should tell him what has been going on. " I know the longer we wait to talk, the worse it gets for us. All right, after the show tonight we will talk." Jessica declares. They leave for the showing - which is supposed to start in ten minutes.

Brooke is backstage and she happens to bump into Grant. He acts happy and supportive for Brooke, and they hug. They don't realize that their embrace is being watched by Stephanie and Ridge. Stephanie walks over to her son and pleads, "Ridge don't do this. We don't need the publicity - if that is what you are worried about." Ridge tells his mother that he has made up his mind and he doesn't want to hear anything about it. Ridge leaves and then Eric gives the models the "Lets go and get them" speech, during which he thanks his special friend Stephanie, his soul mate. Ridge and Harmony go over the plan again. Jessica and Dylan arrive and the showing is about to start. Taylor decides to watch the show standing by the door in case she wants to make a quick exit. She thought she could handle it, but then again maybe not.

Stephanie starts the show with a welcome, promising "A RETURN TO ELEGANCE" (the show's theme). The first grouping goes down the runway. The dresses are all with pants or shorts that peep out through a long flowing jacket. While the dresses are being shown ,Ridge approaches Taylor hanging out in the doorway. "You see yourself in one of those? Nah, you are more a blue jean and t-shirt type of girl," he jokes. Taylor wonders if he thinks he knows her so well to say something like that. "Yeah, I think I do know you that well. It is good to have you here Doc. You have fun today." Ridge says.

Brooke is talking with Eric backstage, and says, "I imagine that Ridge told you about the plan? It rings a wedding bell. It has been a long time coming. Well, knowing your son, I am sure that the dress will be perfectly sized." Eric offers Brooke his congratulations and they hug. The second grouping goes down the runway and they are all red velour bathing suits. The cover-ups are long and flowing with long slits up the legs. Taylor watches the show and she looks quite upset. The third grouping of dresses are all satin party dresses with beaded necklines and or waists.

Brooke then proceeds to her office, to have her hair and makeup done professionally; Lauren is there keeping her company. "Hurry, hurry, that phone is going to ring any second." Brooke says.

The fourth grouping hits the runway - it is all black and white dresses with a roaring 20's style hat. Ridge is backstage and he tells Harmony that it is a go. He wants Harmony to bring her back here without a word to her about what is going on. Then Stephanie walks over to get in her last word. "Nothing left for me to say. It is your life. I can't live it for you. But I don't understand how you can act like nothing happened between Brooke and Grant. It just seems as if you aren't seeing straight. This is not the time to propose marriage." pleads Stephanie to her son. Ridge tells his mom that it is the perfect time and to give him a hug.

Next, the satin cocktail dresses hit the runway while Stephanie is watching from the side of the bar. She is joined by Grant and he confides in her that these dresses are his favorite grouping. He tells Stephanie that the proposal is going to happen; to let it go. Meanwhile, backstage, Ridge is searching for Harmony and tells the model to go and get "her." Thorne runs into his brother and asks what the hell is going on and why isn't Harmony ready to go on in the wedding dress.

Jessica comes over to her friend Michael to chat. Michael gives her the dirt on Jessie's cousin's proposal to Brooke.

Taylor is watching from the doorway of the showroom and is soon joined by her friend James. "It is crazy for me to be here isn't it? But still you can understand why I needed to be here. And as ill as it makes me feel inside to know that Ridge is going to walk in here and propose to Brooke, I know that is something I have to witness." states Taylor.

The black and white grouping of dresses hit the runway next while Brooke and Lauren are watching in Brooke's office. They are going over Brooke's makeup. Megan comes to get Brooke and says she is needed downstairs. "Here we go. It is happening. knock them dead baby! Now go" says Lauren.

Ridge spots Grant backstage dressing one of the models and pictures him with his hands all over Brooke when they embraced at Big Bear.

Taylor comes over to where James and Maggie are sitting and says she is leaving. She runs into Stephanie on her way out who tells her that she is so very sorry.

The next grouping of dresses are all a rhapsody blue off the shoulder gowns with long scarves as accessories. Ridge tells his mother, "that this collection is their best ever." Steph still is sour because of Ridge's plan. "Come on mother, it isn't that bad," he reminds her. Stephanie walks away and Ridge is smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

Brooke is now in the showroom and she is looking great standing at the back of the room in a red dress. She spots Ridge and smiles. Megan takes Brooke over to meet Elsa Klensch from CNN- but Brooke is anxious to break away and get backstage to put on the showstopper.

Eric and Ridge come out next on the stage to introduce the showstopper and they describe the dress for a woman at the center of every mans heart; his bride.

Brooke finally gets backstage frantic and yelling that she needs to get into the dress. Thorne shows Brooke on the monitor that the showstopper is already on the runway. The showstopper is slowly making its way down the aisle......and when the veil is lifted.......who could it be???? Yes, it is Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!

( The aisle shots were taken from a distance and she was holding a huge bouquet of flowers so you wouldn't know she was pregnant in real life)

Everyone in the showroom is stunned. Ridge holds out his hand to Taylor and she walks back down the runway. He kisses her hand and gets down on one knee. " Marry me, Taylor. Please, please say you will. Just answer my question." asks Ridge. Taylor is beaming and shocked at the same time. She whispers, "Is this what you really want? Yes, Oh ridge. you know I'll marry you." Ridge places the ring on her finger and they kiss.

Brooke is standing at the back of the room crying. " Taylor?....... No, No this can't be happening...... this isn't happening." AFTER THE SHOWING, there is a press conference outside the showroom. All of the Forresters are there and so is Grant, while a crying Brooke is watching from a doorway. The media wants to know if it was a real proposal and the happy couple pose for photos. Ridge says it was real - and in response to any questions about a proposal to Brooke, he says that was only a rumor. Stephanie has to go on record to the media that she is glad to have the good doctor back in the family.

Brooke is totally distorted and goes back to her office to have a good cry when her buddy Grant comes in. "Oh God! No, it can't be real. Oh, Grant, what is happening? I don't understand, everything was so perfect; we were making plans for the future. It was supposed to be me up there on that runway- ME, NOT TAYLOR!!!" Grant holds Brooke and tries to comfort her.

Ridge heads for his own office, and is getting out of his tux and having a drink when his mother walks in for a victory chat. She tells her son," you never have to give me another Christmas present as long as I live. I think it is safe to say you made my year. I know how happy you are going to be. Finally; you will be able to have the life and the family that you deserve. Honey, I couldn't be more pleased." Taylor comes in and after Stephanie offers her congrats- she leaves the happy couple alone.

Taylor says, "Ridge it was just so sudden." She remarks that, "She isn't the only one on cloud nine," meaning Stephanie. Taylor is obviously still overwhelmed by the whole thing. "I still can't believe that this is happening. I mean, I thought I would be on the red eye back to Paris and here I am celebrating my engagement. You really are amazing. I thought I knew you so well and never in a million years would I dream you would do something like this." She explains exactly how it happened that she wound up in the dress in the first place; "Ridge, I was on my way out the door when the stage manager told me I was needed backstage. I was sure that it was a mistake, and they told me Eric wanted me to put the showstopper on and model it. You are lucky I didn't fall on my face! Ridge, you know I wouldn't say no. Obviously my feelings haven't changed. What convinced you to go through with it?" Ridge asks her if there's any questions that she might have on her mind, to tell him now. "Nothing," she replies, "I don't have any questions for you. I know you love me I know I can make you happy. That is all I really need to know. We can just concentrate on building out brilliant future." She then needs to know something. "What would you have done if the stage manager couldn't have found me?" she asks. Ridge tells her he would have chased her into the parking lot, if necessary, even if it meant ruining the surprise - he wasn't about to let her run away. "I did try, but I couldn't forget the past," Taylor says. They embrace.

Brooke is a total basket case. She says to Grant," Okay, I have got to take it slow. I have to stay calm right?" Grant suggests that maybe Ridge found out about them, and that might be the cause of what's happened? "US?" she exclaims. "Nothing happened between you and me, we just kissed. You mean Stephanie got to him? No, he would have talked to me about it first. There has got to be some other kind of explanation. I just can't think. It is a practical joke, a publicity stunt.. Taylor forced him into this." Grant tries to get Brooke calmed down, and to think things over. "No," she says, "because Ridge loves me. We were meant to be together. We fought so hard. Today was supposed to be the beginning. I was so excited. And then when I saw Taylor walking down the aisle in my wedding dress. The dress Ridge designed for me, Grant. I have waited all my life for Ridge to say those words to me. How could he do this to me?" Grant offers to find out, but Brooke declines. "No, I have to find out myself. If I sit here I am going to go absolutely crazy. I need to find out what this is all about. I will talk to Ridge myself."

In Eric's office, Eric and Stephanie are sharing a bottle of champagne and talking about Ridge and Brooke. Eric is concerned - he just hopes Ridge knows what he is doing, since everything happened so fast. And what about Brooke, he wonders. Stephanie continues to tell him that Ridge knows what he is doing - and as for Brooke, the blame for this rests squarely on her shoulders - or lips, as the case may be. Brooke got exactly what she deserves. Taylor then comes in and they welcome her back to the family.

Ridge is still in is office, changing shirts, when Brooke walks in. She says, "Aren't you going to say anything? Tell me what happened out there. I kept waiting to hear that it was a stunt or something." Ridge tells her it was real, with a cool demeanor to his voice. "You don't love Taylor; not the way you love me. why are you talking to me like this, you are so cold?" Brooke asks. Ridge tells Brooke that he has always been defending her, "through hiding Caroline's letter, marrying my father, taking over the company, finding out Taylor was still alive and not telling me. Do you remember a few weeks ago when we spent all afternoon and evening together in bed? We talked forever and made plans about our future. It was the most perfect night in my life. How completely devoted I was you to. It makes me sick." Brooke sobs, "no," unable to believe she's hearing these words from Ridge.

Shortly after, at the mansion, Thorne and his mother are having a chat. He tells her that he is blown away by what happened. He didn't even know that Taylor and Ridge were seeing each other. Stephanie tells him the reason shy, but Thorne still can't believe it. " All because of a couple of kisses? I am sorry, Mother, I can't imagine. Brooke has always been in love with Ridge." Thorne states.

Ridge follows up on his declaration that he felt sick thinking about how he was Brooke's champion; "That is what I said," he informs a disbelieving Brooke. Why, Brooke wants to know - why are things so different? "You can't guess? No, Brooke, I am not different - you are." But he corrects himself afterwards; "No, you haven't changed, have you? you are the same woman you have always been. Only you are different than I thought you were." Brooke pleads that they can work it out. "And if I don't want to work it out? Sometimes what you have thought was love Brooke, really wasn't love at all. I never even knew you, not the real you." Brooke still can't comprehend what has happened. "You have no idea of why I would be this disappointed in you?" Ridge asks. "That is really sad. You can't even separate the truth from the lies anymore." It must have been a mistake, Brooke thinks. "Oh my God," Ridge exclaims, " you say that so easily, so convincingly. I can see why I was so fooled. Your damn right Brooke, it was a mistake, it was your mistake. You want to talk about humiliation! I'll tell you - it is falling in love with a woman and wanting to marry her. And then believing that she tells you she loves you; and then finding out she is with your best friend. Don't give me that innocent look Brooke. I know about your affair with Grant. You're going to deny it now ?

Jessica and Dylan return from the showing. They arrive at the mansion and are ready to have their little talk. Jessica begins, "I have been thinking. No Dylan you have to be told. This is really hard. I just don't want to hurt you. I love you and that hasn't changed. I just don't know , I am afraid how you are going to react to this. I don't want you to be upset with me because I really can't handle that." Having gotten that out of the way, she begins to explain to him what happened. "Remember the night that we went to the Cafe Russe? That is the night that it happened, Dylan. So I went back inside to get the letter and when I went back to the car- somebody stopped me. He was wearing a ski mask, I tried to run away. He raped me. I couldn't tell you because I was so ashamed and scared. I was scared of everything. I felt like he as everywhere."

Dylan replies, "I really wished you had told me sooner." Jessica thinks her fears are going to be realized, that this makes a difference. "No, it is all right," Dylan assures her. "Jessica you are never going to lose me. I just want to help you." She informs him that Taylor knows - and so does Jasmine. "Jasmine? How did she react?" he asks. Jessica is still frightened. "Jessica, listen to me I am going to help you through this. Of course Jessica I will always love you," Dylan reminds her.

At the apartment she shares with Dylan, Jasmine is making dinner for her and Sly. She remembers the conversation where Jessica told her about the birthmark on her attacker. " It is crazy. I am not even going to think about it." Jazz says to herself. Sly arrives for dinner and they kiss. Sly tries to pump Jazz for information about what Jessica told her that night at the Bikini Bar. Jasmine goes to get dressed for dinner and when she comes back in, Sly has his shirt off and his mind is not on dinner. They kiss and Jasmine gets the chills when she spots the mark on Sly's back in the mirror.

Still in Ridge's office, Brooke tries pleading her case; "Yes, I will deny it. It was never an affair. It is true Ridge, ask Grant." But Ridge doesn't want to listen to any of this. "Ridge, this is crazy. I don't have intimate feelings towards Grant - none. I never betrayed you. Who told you this Stephanie, Taylor?" Ridge informs her that he saw for himself. "What did you see? When? Ridge just tell me." Once she realizes what has happened, she tries to explain her actions. "It was nothing. You see Grant has these feelings for me. It doesn't matter, he was just saying goodbye. Ridge, you don't understand. No....It wasn't like that at all - we were never intimate. I never betrayed you. I was confused. Ridge don't do this. I am sorry, okay. Ridge don't leave me." Ridge leaves after he sticks it to her that his fiancee is waiting for him. Brooke collapses by the door hysterically crying.

At Sheila's house, Sheila and James are discussing Ridge's proposal to Taylor and what it is doing to Brooke. Sheila says, " I care about Brooke. She is the best friend I have ever had." James reminds her that, in the past when she felt that way about Brooke, Sheila felt the need to intervene. "That is exactly what I would have done in the past - get involved," Sheila explains. "I am not like that anymore. There is such pain and rejection and then you lash out in order to survive. I have spent my whole life that way hurting others." She then quotes a passage from the Bible that she thinks is fitting, and adds "The Lord lives in each and everyone of us. I want to make amends for all of the pain I have caused others."

Following her conversation with Ridge, Brooke shows up at Lauren's doorstep because she didn't know where else to turn. Lauren asks Brooke if she has talked to Ridge. Brooke replies, "He walked out on me, Lauren. He said he didn't give a damn about me."

Jessica is all by herself, in her room, writing in her diary. She thinks she took a really big step by telling Dylan about the rape and her next big step is to find her rapist.

Having spotted the horseshoe birthmark on Sly's back in the mirror, Jasmine says to herself, "Oh my God! Oh my God, he did it. He really did it. Sly raped Jessica." Sly is only interested in getting undressed, but Jazz tells him that she doesn't feel well. He notices that she's staring at his birthmark, and pulls her closer so she can get a real good look at it, but she continues to tell him to stop it and that she doesn't feel well. She wants him to leave because she feels like she has to throw up. Sly leaves and then hears Jasmine crying in shock outside the apartment door.

Brooke tells Lauren about what happened and that it is crazy that someone would think she would cheat on Ridge - it is insane. They were meant to be together. Lauren tells Brooke she may have the answer in Grant Chambers. Grant has to go to Ridge and tell him it was a total misunderstanding - and Brooke has to go to Grant and tell him he is the only person who can convince Ridge there was no affair, Lauren guesses.

After Brooke leaves, James shows up at Lauren's door and asks for a favor. It's about Sheila, he explains, which gets Lauren all riled up. And she gets even more upset when she sees Sheila is there with James! Sheila tells Lauren she needs to talk to her.............

Jasmine shows up at the mansion to talk to Jessica - her voice is frantic. She says," Jessica, the night you were raped- you said the rapist had a birthmark. Jessica I was just with Sly. I am sorry, I am so sorry that I doubted you before, Jessica. It was him. I saw the birthmark." Jessica calls the police, but Lt. Blake isn't there at the moment. Jessica tells the officer who answered the phone to tell Blake that she will be right down, and then leaves for the police station. She explains to Jasmine that she wants to be there to see it when they put Sly behind bars!!!!!

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Week of 10/14/96 - 10/18/96

At Lauren's house, James asks Lauren to give Sheila a few minutes of her time. Sheila says, "I want to set everything straight with you; not just you - but everyone I have hurt. That is my goal- my commitment." Lauren lets them both inside so she can have her say also.

Dylan finds Taylor by the Forrester pool recollecting the past events of the exciting day. He tells her that knows about the rape. "Taylor, I am dying inside for what Jessica has gone through. I feel rage and anger and just wanting to kill whoever did this to her," says Dylan. Taylor helps Dylan with his feelings. She reminds him that the rapist could be someone who Jessica knows, but assures him that eventually, the rapist will get caught. Dylan is still unsure, thinking that Jessica is never going to be the same. They start to talk about the night it happened. Dylan realizes that the night of the rape was also the same day that Jessica told Sly she was not pregnant. Taylor tells him that a changed man such as Sly was supposed to be would not become bitter. But has he really changed - perhaps he's a Jekyll/Hyde personality, Taylor suggests. They decide to call Jessica in her room to talk about it but she is not there.

Jessica and Jasmine are racing through the streets of L.A. to get to the police station to have Sly arrested. They are talking about how they are going to get him and that they have to get him off the street. Just then Jasmine feels a hand on her shoulder and then on her neck. Sly was in the back seat of the car all along!!!! Sly says," Easy girls, I wouldn't want to have hurt my pretty little friend here." Jessica wants to know what Sly wants. He replies, "I think the question is what do you want to give me, love? Any more of that sweet stuff we shared in the alley the other night? I don't think so unless you want your friend to die! Ever see a person strangled, Jessica? It is not a pretty sight. We are going to a little party ladies and you are the guests of honor. So drive, my little baby, and don't try anything."

Meanwhile, back at Lauren's, Lauren gives Sheila three minutes to talk. "I've said and done some awful things. I was cruel and heartless. I don't expect your forgiveness, but for the first time in my life I am aware of all the damage I've done. I have prayed to God for forgiveness. I don't have the answers. I was wrong and I will never ever hurt you again." Its Lauren's turn to have her say, after making sure James has nothing to add. He doesn't, so Lauren answers, "Are you done? Good. Sheila I am not impressed. You deserve your fate. Sheila, you deserve to burn. You think that it is enough for me that you acknowledged it after all these years? How about punishment? You just want a clean slate to start a whole new bunch of lies. Now get out!"

Sheila is all upset when she and James arrive back at her home - maybe Lauren was right, she thinks. She should be punished - but who should be the one to deliver that punishment. Stephanie? Lauren? God? James doesn't want to hear any of that, and reassures her. "Lauren was angry. Yes, you have a debt to pay; all you can do at this point is start your life over. You have the will and the strength. You can not stop now. You have come so far. Have faith. I will guide you. I will not let you fail." James and Sheila embrace.

Sly took the girls to the empty Bikini Bar and tells them to get out of the car and go inside through the back entrance. He ties them to chairs. He is really upset because Jessica mocked him and humiliated him in front of all his friends." What I did to you is going to seem like a honeymoon. Ready for the final show ladies?" Sly tells Jessica - she is going to burn for what she did to him!

At the hospital, Clarke is being operated on while CJ is being questioned by the police. CJ defends his dad and pleads his case to his mother, Macy, and Darla. The doctor tells everyone that Clarke is fighting for his life and it is a 50-50 chance he will make it through the night. The doctor then agrees to let them see Clarke. Sally goes to take CJ in, but says she would understand if Macy and Darla want to wait. No, Macy says, they want to see Clarke.

At the Forrester Mansion, Dylan and Taylor question Maggie about Jessica's whereabouts. They tell her it might have been Sly and how they came to that conclusion. Dylan calls the police and finds out that Jessica already called their earlier in the evening, but she never actually got there.

Back at the Bikini, Jasmine tries to talk Sly out of everything and to let them go. "Actually I want you both dead. I get free of all the humiliation and the laughter of all my friends. You know I dream about that every night. I wake up to the sound of laughter. Oh yeah, you made a total idiot out of me." states Sly. Jessica tells Sly that if he lets them go and gets help he can start his entire life over and he would have learned a great lesson. "So all I have to do is untie you and go see a shrink? You two must really think I am some kind of yo-yo. Untie you and just let you walk out of here? Maybe I should just point a gun to my head... maybe I should take a knife and point it to my chest." says Sly.

At the hospital, The doctor lets Sally, C.J., Macy and Darla in to see Clarke in ICU. CJ says, "Daddy, if you cant talk to me, do yeah dad yeah, it is me." As tears well up in CJ's eyes, Clarke moves his hand to touch CJ's.

Sly continues his power trip at the Bikini Bar; he's impressed with Jessica's attempt, but he's not letting her go. "No, No. nice try though, really. I would trust the devil before I would trust you two. Speaking of the devil have you ever met the guy? Well, you are about to." He really starts rubbing it in, especially with Jessica. "Oh, how I love to hear you beg. what about you Jess, want to do a little begging? Of course not, because you are a Forrester. Know what it is like to hurt Jess? Me, I know what it like to fight and kick and scratch for anything that I have ever had. Pretty disgusting isn't it? I think you would call it trailer park white trash. I showed you didn't I? I taught you a little lesson about power. I did that." He then explains how it's all going to be over for them - using the Bikini's electrical system (which has been causing all kinds of shorts and accidents) to cover his deeds. "You know tonight is time to finish the job," he informs his captives. "Fire, as in hot flames. Oh that damn electrical problem. Tonight I think we are having a serious accident. Get the picture, girls; you are going up in flames" Sly lights a match............

Maggie tries calling her ex-husband, trying to find out if he has talked to their daughter, when Stephanie comes in. Maggie finally tells Stephanie about the rape. Stephanie replies, "Why didn't you tell me sooner? Poor baby. How do you think she is going to handle it? If she has your love and help and Taylor's too." Then Maggie tells Steph they think they know who did it. "What? Who? Sly? Where is Jessie?" Stephanie anxiously asks.

C.J. is by his father's bedside and says, "Yeah dad, it is me." Clarke wants to talk to his son, but C.J. insists, "You saved my life, dad; and let me do the talking. Listen dad, we are gonna have you outta here in no time, okay?" Clarke really wants to explain, but C.J. doesn't let him. "No, dad just tell me when we get home." Home, Clarke wonders? "Right, our home. You wanted to move in with us remember? Just as soon as these doctors fix you all up, okay? We have a lot of stuff to do. We have been to a lot of baseball games, but we haven't been to any Laker games- they have a really good team this season." Clarke again tries to get a word in, but C.J. keeps going. "No, you listen. You know that play I have been practicing for? It opens next week. You have to be there. I want you in the audience. I really need you. I owe you . Please get better. Okay?"

Dylan is racing along the Santa Monica freeway to get to the Bikini Bar to find his girlfriend. Meanwhile, inside the Bikini, Jasmine and Jessica are trying to break loose. Sly responds, "I tied you with a cloth strip. It is foolproof. It is going to look like an accident and you two are just going to get caught in the blaze." Sly continues to pour gasoline on everything including his victims while they are screaming and crying.

Sly is enjoying his power trip and says, "Okay are we having fun yet? Well it is either me or you princess, and it aint gonna be me." Jessica insists Dylan will find them, but Sly cockily replies, "Get with the program, this is how I get away scott free. I am clean sugar. Well good luck in finding me Dylan! I am history once this place goes up." He then adds a little comment to rub things in; "Look at it this way - in a few years we will all be dead. Hopefully mine won't be as painful as yours. Well gotta run. Any last requests?" Sly lights a match and holds it over them, as Jessie and Jasmine continue to struggle. "You guys quit struggling, you are gonna make it worse. You know I have a better idea, lets start the fire over here, so you can feel the heat coming; like that night you felt my heat, Jess. Only this time it is going to be a whole lot less pleasant. Goodbye, ladies."

The fire starts as Dylan pulls up in front of the bar. He spots Jessie's car and uses the cell phone to call Stephanie and tell her to get help. While he is on the phone there is an explosion.

Sly is watching the bar burn as he has a few drinks and states, "All right, burn, baby, burn. The end is near, ladies. Getting warm in there?" He notices, "No more coughing - did you guys die already or what?"

Amidst all of the smoke, Dylan comes in and unties Jazz and Jess. They all try to get out. Dylan and Sly get into a fight while the bar is going up in flames. Dylan picks up a chair and throws it at Sly. He falls onto a blazing table and is set on fire. Sly dies a horrible death when a beam from the ceiling falls on him as he is burning. Dylan, Jazz, and Jess all run outside and then there is another explosion." Oh my God" cries Jasmine...........they are all okay - except for Sly.

Only a day has passed since the Forrester Spring Showing, and over at Forrester, Stephanie is bringing Eric up to date on what has happened to Jessica, Dylan, and Jasmine. She says they owe a huge debt to Dylan for saving the girls' lives. Then Stephanie and Eric discuss their son's huge media event at the showing. Eric says, "I am not sure there should be a wedding so soon. Until a few days ago he was very much in love with Brooke." Stephanie thinks he's being negative. "I am not being negative," Eric explains, "It was a drastic move. I think it was made in a heat of passion. Ridge may be rushing into something he isn't ready for."

Taylor is in Ridge's office, explaining to him what happened to his cousin Jessie, including how she helped Jessica deal with rape. The subject changes, as Ridge tells Taylor he talked to Brooke - and it wasn't pretty. He continues to tell her that he will get over it and he can't believe how blind he was to all of it. He should have known because Brooke was practically flaunting it. The two of them were making out at his house right under his nose and at Big Bear. "Now Brooke is shocked because I know and I am furious. What the hell does she expect? He laments, "If I hadn't gone out to Big Bear and seen it for myself....," and then, commenting on how Grant was supposed to be his friend, he adds, "I'd hate to see how Grant treats his enemies." Ridge feels like he's dumping his problems on Taylor and apologizes. He says, "The last person I want to take this out on is you. Thank you." Ridge kisses Taylor and then she leaves.

In her office, Brooke is replaying the talk with Ridge in her mind. She is crying when Grant comes in to know if she is okay. Brooke replies, "You were right." Grant guesses that means Ridge heard about them. "Worse....he saw us. He came out to Big Bear to talk about the men's line. He knows about the pool kiss too." She laments, "Grant what does it matter? He thinks we are having a full blown affair. I can't believe I am going to lose him over this." She explains to Grant how bad things are, and he tries to make her think things will work out. "How?" she asks. "He thinks I am a horrible person. I can't even explain anything to him. He is more than angry- he hates me. I have never seen him like this, so cruel. He feels that the time we have spent together was a total waste." Grant suggests that Ridge has gone over from all this. "Gone over the edge? He is going to marry Taylor!" Brooke tells him. "What am I going to do, Grant? what am I going to tell my children?" Fortunately, she explains, the kids don't know what's going on, since Katie has kept them away from TV and the newspapers. "I promised them that we would be a family; how can I tell them that isn't going to happen now?" Brooke asks. Grant suggests that maybe he should talk to Ridge, instead. Brooke doesn't think that would work - but there is someone she can talk to, she realizes.

Brooke soon arrives in Stephanie's office, and tells Stephanie that nothing happened between Grant and her. "My children are suffering, my life is ruined, and Ridge is marrying a woman he doesn't even love. I need your help," Brooke pleads. Stephanie is amused by this - Brooke needs HER help? "Yes," Brooke replies. "Oh, please don't joke, this is terrible." Steph doesn't think there's anything she can do, but Brooke disagrees. "He would listen to you. For his own sake, talk to him. He will get over this Stephanie. we are meant to be together." Brooke pleads with Steph to help her. "I need your help to speed it along. Stephanie, I came to you when you were very sick and I put aside our differences. The point is Ridge's trust is very important to me and I would do anything for the person who helps us get it back," pleads Brooke. The wheels are turning in Stephanie head as she replies, " ANYTHING?"

Grant shows up in Ridge's office for a heart to heart chat with his buddy. He tells Ridge he is making a huge mistake. He was in love with Brooke and it was just on his side. Brooke could never love anyone else but Ridge - so Ridge has got it all wrong, he states. "If you don't wise up pal you are going to loose the best thing you ever had." says Grant. Then Ridge hits Grant as he falls onto the couch.....

Visiting her friend, James, Taylor is waiting for him, and she starts to daydream about the night before out by the Forresters' pool. Ridge and her were talking about the missing time in their past together and how they have found each other again. Ridge told her that he wants to pick up exactly where they left off. Taylor is jolted back into reality when James walks in his office.

He wants to know what is going on and questions his friend's engagement to her ex-husband. James also wants to know why Taylor didn't ask Ridge how he really feels. James tells Taylor that he can understand why she isn't questioning the proposal. He asks her if she really believes in her fiance's feelings and how Ridge is really upset and vulnerable now. James believes that they got engaged for all the wrong reasons.

Brooke is still begging for help from Stephanie. Stephanie replies," You would give anything to get him back? By that I presume you mean the 51% controlling stock in Forrester." The stock is worth millions, Steph points out -is Brooke willing give it all up? "He means that much to you?" Steph asks. "Well, I must say I am impressed. You want me to go to Ridge and plead your case? And how would you suggest I do that?" Brooke insists that Stephanie can do it if anyone can. "I see...." Steph says, "and convince him that he is just hurting himself and Taylor? I don't know that would do any good. You know he is really angry at you." Brooke insists that Ridge hasn't been listening to her. "And if he did, he would forgive you; Would you be 51% grateful?" Steph wonders. "Lets make a deal.... my son for your shares in Forrester." Stephanie then sarcastically outlines how she sees things going, if that were to happen. "When will you sign those shares over? After he forgave you, or he proposed to you again? All about after you were married? Would that be fair? You know what? I think after the minister marries you, we should have 2 attorneys there; that way we could just take care of things all at once." Brooke realizes Stephanie is toying with her. "What did you think?" Steph asks her. "You came in here to use me. You will use what ever is necessary to get what you want. I don't think you understand; it isn't going to work this time. Ridge has finally seen you for what you are; a user. You thought I would trade my son's happiness for money because you have no concept of what love is- real love. That has always been the problem from the beginning. You always wanted Ridge from the beginning, but you never really knew what love is. When have you ever put his wants first? The last ten years have been nothing but nonstop pain for him. You just don't get it do you- he is not going to take you back. I don't have to do anything about it, you did it all yourself." She then reminds Brooke that Taylor and Ridge had real love - that is, until Brooke came into it. "You are a disgrace to the name Forrester! you are like a parasite. Please go ahead and leave. You don't belong here, you never have," Stephanie tells Brooke.

With Grant still on the couch, Ridge says," Get up. come on get up." Grant refuses to be Ridge's punching bag any longer. "Oh that is real noble. what a hero!" Ridge sarcastically notes. "Get the hell out of here! I am not interested in your excuses," Ridge orders. "The biggest mistake of my life, Grant, was trusting you." Grant tries to plead Brooke's case to Ridge, but Ridge is still skeptical. "She was just an innocent bystander is that it? I am not listening to anymore of this crap Grant. She put you up to this, didn't she? What do you get if I take her back.... a kiss, maybe more?" Grant tries to convince Ridge not to make a mistake. "Don't tell me what to do," Ridge insists. "She is right, you are wasting your time," he informs Grant. Grant continues to try to get Ridge to listen, asking him what he was planning. "Are you finished?" Ridge asks. Grant points out that it is finished - that's the point. "Why, because you realized Brooke wasn't in love with you?" Ridge asks. "But you were a hard sell, huh? No, Grant you were a lot of things but you were not an idiot. You must of had some reason to think she cared, what was it? What did she do? The way she looked at you? Touched you? Tell you she had feelings for you?" Grant insists that it wasn't that way. "Just shut up Grant. This was no harmless flirtation. Get the hell out of this building. You don't work here anymore! You used your position to stab me in the back. You make me sick. You pack your things and get the hell out of here!" Grant leaves angrily.

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Week of 10/21/96 - 10/25/96

Brooke has a visitor to her office - Taylor! Taylor says, " Hello Brooke, I think it is time we talked." She sees the gown on display in the room - Taylor adds, "It really is a beautiful dress." Taylor then asks Brooke how she is doing - it must be difficult, she guesses. "Well I guess it is time then for us to get everything out in the open - whatever Ridge's reason was for turning his back on you." Brooke tries to get Taylor to realize that it wasn't what Ridge thought it was. "One kiss," Taylor muses; she then asks, "Were you? But the two of you had become very close..." referring to Brooke's claim that the kiss that Ridge saw as just a goodbye to Grant. "Well, maybe that is the way you see it. But what about Grant? So the kisses didn't actually mean anything? And you just happened to be alone together in a cabin up at Big Bear? You just wanted to comfort him? So then maybe this kiss was more like a handshake. And then Ridge appeared at the window," Taylor skeptically suggests.

Maggie is having lunch with James, as she tells him she's ready to reveal her secret, which was Jessica's rape. James replies that he is sorry and he is glad that Taylor was able to help. Maggie continues to confess in James that it was her daughter who made her promise not to tell anyone. James is totally understanding and tells Maggie that they have a lot of lost time to make up and then they start to kiss.

At her home, Sheila is busy writing in her journal and Mike is busy downing a pizza. She is writing the journal as a testament of her recovery, hoping that James could use it. Mike tells Sheila that she is in love with the good doctor, but it is not going to happen for them. He explains, "You and Doctor Feelgood are not in the cards. I am serious and I am worried about you. The whole thing could blow up right in your face. What you see in him is beyond me. Okay, so he is smart- does that make him better than the rest of us?" Sheila continues to believe that James can help her; "If only you can get him in your bed," Mike skeptically points out. He then asks, "What if he fixes you and makes you sane? Everybody has scars Sheila. He won't even be seen in public with you, what makes you think he will fall in love with you?"

Mike leaves and Sheila returns to writing in her journal. Then there is a knock at the door, and it is James. He has come to tell Sheila that she has to go out more in the real world and they are starting by him buying her a cup of coffee.

Taylor and Brooke continue to go at it about Ridge. Taylor states," A good bye kiss, how convenient! True or not, it doesn't make any difference." But that's all it was, Brooke has insisted. "No, Brooke," Taylor explains, "it is a lot more than that. Look at Ridge, look at everything you have put him through the past few years. It is classic- you have toyed with him, you have flirted, you have teased and now it has caught up with you. It has backfired. Well, I know that Ridge doesn't trust you anymore." Brooke says it was a mistake, and Taylor comes back with, "Yeah, it was a stupid mistake, and now you have lost Ridge for it." Brooke thinks Ridge has just overreacted to what he saw. "Overreacted? That is an interesting definition," Taylor states. She adds, "Well I am the one who wore the gown and will be wearing it. Because Ridge has turned his back on you Brooke." She reminds Brooke, "We had a marriage based on trust and honesty." Brooke notes that the marriage ended in the end. "That is because he had thought I died. He had lost me forever. And you made sure to help him through that crisis day and night." Brooke tells Taylor that Ridge's proposal to her was a knee jerk reaction and he still loves her. Brooke also suggests that Taylor shouldn't rush into marriage and take a look at Ridge's true feelings. "So it can buy you more time, Brooke?" Taylor asks disbelievingly, as she leaves.....

Ridge is working in his office when Thorne comes in. Thorne tells him that the press wants answers; was the marriage proposal real or a publicity stunt? He says that a lot of people think Ridge was actually serious out there on the runway at the showing. Who says it wasn't, Ridge asks. Thorne asks for his brother to talk to him, since he believes that Ridge proposed for shock value to get to Brooke. Ridge rudely tells him the proposal was all real. Then they both decide to go back to work.

In her office, Brooke asks her little sister, Katie, what she thinks about the whole situation. Katie knows that Brooke doesn't want to hear it, but she tells her to let go - Ridge isn't bluffing about marrying Taylor. Brooke replies, "I have been committed to Ridge for a long long time. I am not going to stop now. I love him and he knows it. He is not going to marry Taylor - he just won't do it." Katie leaves.

Sheila and James go to the Insomnia Cafe for their public cup of coffee. Sheila feels paranoid and James tells her it is part of the healing process. Sheila gets upset when James asks the waitress to leave the check, because she feels that he doesn't want to spend any time with her. Sheila feels that everyone in the room is out to get her and they are looking at her. James, however, does his best to dispel this idea - he tells Sheila that she is a person worth getting to know, if she just tries to meet them and show her something other than the side the Forresters see. She decides to approach a person to say hello and make some progress. As she approaches a person on the other side of the restaurant, she is arrested for violation of her parole by two police officers. Now everyone really ** is ** looking at her!!!!

Katie shows up in Ridge's office, to talk with Ridge on her sisters' behalf. She bets she's the last person he wants to see, but Ridge tells her that honor belongs to her sister. She says," You really are upset with her." Ridge is surprised - is Katie saying she wouldn't be upset in his shoes? "No, I'd be upset too," she replies, "I don't think I would have gone to the extent that you have- I'd like to think that I wouldn't anyway. Ridge what you did at the showing had everything to do with Brooke and her relationship with Grant. You are engaged to a woman who isn't your first choice." Ridge tells her to listen good - she doesn't know what she's talking about. He can't even understand why Katie is doing this. "Because she is my sister. I've watched you and Brooke together for years. I've seen the connection between you and the love- I've felt that. How could you be so glib about this? You are throwing away your future." No, Ridge says - he's pursuing his future, not throwing it away. "No, no you are not. You are punishing Brooke. She is in pain. Okay look, you have accomplished your purpose, you have hurt her as much as she hurt you. Now it is time to stop. Please don't do this. Don't torture Brooke. You know she might be impulsive and she might show bad judgment, but she doesn't deserve to have her life destroyed for that. Don't break her heart. You are going to hate yourself it you do." Ridge says he learned a lesson from seeing Brooke and Grant - she wants more space, and he just didn't see it. "No, Ridge," Katie insists, "she doesn't want more room, she doesn't want to move around." She bluntly tells him, "You are obviously hurting, you wouldn't be if none of this had happened. Can't you at least talk to her?" And act like he can speak to Brooke, Ridge asks? "Yeah, that is what you are doing all right, you are acting., Katie says as she leaves.

Later, Brooke comes into Ridge's office and says she needs to say something; Ridge is silent as he listens. " I am so confused. I just don't understand it. a couple of days ago I was waiting for a marriage proposal, at least that is where I thought you were coming from. How could you think that after everything we have been through I would want to find happiness with someone else? It has always been my dream. It was a very difficult time for me. You went off to Paris and I had to help my little girl. Thank god for my friends and my family. I was vulnerable , how could I not be under those circumstances ? You are a part of me and nobody could ever take that away from me. Please I am begging you I need you to forgive me. I love you . I love you so much. " She starts to cry, as she says "Please don't let it end this way." Ridge has a concerned look, as he considers what Brooke has said.

At the Beach House, Michael can't believe that Ridge hit Grant, all on account of his friendship with Brooke. She offers to speak with Ridge on Grant's behalf - he's just blowing off steam, she thinks. No, Grant tells Michael; Ridge is out of control - he is angry and he is taking it out on himself. However, Grant still wants his job back and has to come up with a plan. He leaves to go and see someone he believes can help him.

Brooke explains that she wants to ask for Ridge's forgiveness and she gets very emotional. Ridge responds," I don't know what to say to you, Brooke. Understand, yes - I do understand. You got involved with Grant because I went away and you needed emotional support." Brooke pleads with him that isn't true, but Ridge doesn't think it matters. He continues, "Look, I don't really want to argue about that guy. Besides this isn't about Grant, it is about me- my life, my future. How long I want to go on treading water and going nowhere. You can only do that for so long Brooke. Wouldn't you say ten years is long enough?" Brooke doesn't look like she feels the same as Ridge, but he continues anyway. "How long have I known you Brooke? How many years have we had this relationship? We have grown apart." Brooke insists it isn't the problem Ridge thinks it is. He replies, "It is enough of a problem to send you running into another guys' arms." Brooke responds that she is upset because he is throwing it all away, they worked so hard to be together. She adds that they should call the press and undo the damage about the proposal to Taylor.

Ridge continues, "What damage? Brooke you are making an assumption and it isn't warranted. Look, I am sorry." He still intends to marry Taylor, but Brooke wants to give it some time. "No," Ridge says, "we won't discuss this tomorrow. I am not asking you to take any blame or to punish you. I wish you would take me seriously. Brooke; I am not saying there aren't a lot of feelings between us- that is never going to change." She continues to plead with him. "Logan you are right, I am tired. Tired of jumping through hoops or over hurdles- of one more challenge. My work is challenge enough for me." Brooke says she doesn't need challenges, either. "Then why are you hanging on like this? I am sorry Brooke. I have to get back to work."

Brooke vows," I am going to make you see. I am not going to loose you." She leaves.

Sally comes, without a disguise for once, to see Stephanie at Forrester. She has come to say that the showing was great for Forrester. She also stands up for Clarke and says that he did do the right thing in the end. Sally believes that he might be a good father and a good designer, but she knows the score where Clarke stands as a husband. Stephanie advises Sally not to get ahead of herself on this.

CJ wakes up from a nap and freaks out because his dad isn't in his bed in the hospital room. It turns out that Clarke was awake and he went out for tests. CJ is all excited that his dad is getting better. Sally and Darla come in and they can't believe how great Clarke looks. Sally tells Clarke that she is delighted he recovered so quickly and how wonderful it was that he rescued their son. CJ wants his dad to come home to rest and puts Sally on the spot for an answer.

At Forrester, Grant has tracked down Eric and pleads his case to be a part of the Forrester men's showing, "I don't deserve to be fired. I have done too much for this company. Ridge is upset and that is totally understandable, but that is personal. you are having a showing. Let me be part of it, let me have my place at the end of the runway." Eric doesn't want any part of this. He is upset because Grant is putting him up against his sons' decision. Grant leaves the decision in Eric's hands, asking one more time for his place as he leaves. "If you and Brooke feel that I don't deserve a place at the end of that runway, fine, I won't be here. But I should. I put my all in this company, and I've done a damn good job. And you're going to profit from that. You know where to reach me, Eric." he says.

In his office, an upset James reveals to Taylor that Sheila was arrested today for violating her parole. Neither one of them can believe it - it's totally absurd, James insists. Taylor is stunned as well, and asks if there's anything that can be done about it. James says there is going to be a hearing - and he intends to be there. This could set Sheila's progress with him back tremendously, James laments. "She has violated her parole," Taylor reminds James. "Technically, yes," James agrees - since she has gone near Lauren and the Forresters, which she wasn't supposed to do. Taylor asks if Maggie could have been the one, but James doesn't think so - he thought he had gotten Maggie to accept his work with Sheila. Who could it be that would do this, James asks. They guess about Lauren, and Taylor says James needs to tell Lauren about his progress with Sheila - maybe she'll call off the hearing. James agrees, and decides he better get over to the hearing - as he leaves, he asks Taylor to call Maggie for him and tell her something has come up.

Maggie arrives to the Hearing for Shiela, to find Lauren there - she came as soon as she got Lauren's message and wants to know what's going on. Lauren tells her she reported Sheila for violating parole, hoping that will bring out Sheila's poisoning Stephanie, as well. Lauren also tells Maggie about Sheila coming to her home and asking for forgiveness; "She's so presumptuous, and self-righteous, and now she's found she's found religion, using that to justify every evil and disgusting thing she has ever done," Lauren says. Maggie asks if Lauren has spoken to James, and Lauren says no. That's why she summoned Maggie - she knows this may be a strain on her relationship with James, but Lauren needs Maggie's help in getting Sheila tossed back into the prison hospital where she belongs - she can't do it alone.

At the hospital, C.J. begs Sally to allow Clarke to move in with them so that he can recuperate - after all, Sally promised that Clarke could move in with them, and his dad needs them. Sally hesitates; that was all before the fashion show and a lot has happened. Also, the doctors could do a better job than them of taking care of Clarke, she points out. C.J. disagrees. Clarke needs his family, C.J. angrily says - or is it that Sally doesn't want Clarke? Clarke asks C.J. to stop talking like that to his mother, but C.J. threatens to move out if Clarke doesn't move in. Clarke orders his son to approach him, and Darla brings him closer to the bed. Clarke orders C.J. to apologize to his mother.

Outside the hearing room, Lauren tells Maggie that, since Sheila befriended Maggie, a Forrester, she violated her parole from the very beginning. That makes Maggie the best person to put Sheila away. Maggie agrees, but she is worried that James won't like the idea. Maggie feels bad about it, since James is so optimistic about rehabilitating Sheila, but she admits that she gets nervous about James being around Sheila so much. And she did try and kill him once, she remembers. Sheila asks what Maggie wants to do. "It's not what I want to do, it's what I have to do. Count me in, Lauren," Maggie says, "Let's put her back where she belongs - this time for good."

Clarke tells C.J. he's waiting for his son to apologize - his behavior was inexcusable. C.J. apologizes - he just doesn't want to lose his dad again. Clarke says C.J. won't lose him - he'll just have to stay in the hotel. Darla reminds him that he needs to stay with someone, or the doctors won't release him. The nurse comes with Clarke's release papers, and asks if Clarke is going to be staying with Sally. C.J. says yes, looking to his mother for approval.

Sheila is brought into the hearing room, as Maggie and Lauren look her way. Dr. Frederickson, who is presiding for the board, begins, as James makes a last minute entrance. He informs the doctor that he's there to speak on Sheila's behalf - and is surprised to see Maggie.

Sally, Darla, C.J. and Clarke arrive at Sally's house. C.J. is telling his dad about all the great things they have, like cable, and football games on TV. Clarke says he hopes to come over to watch, but C.J. says there is no need, since Clarke is going to live there. As Sally says that hasn't been decided, Darla takes C.J. to play some cards upstairs. Sally lays it on the line with Clarke - she's in an impossible position. "I'm going to look like the Grinch who stole Christmas, if I don't invite you in here to live with us," she shouts. Clarke says he only wants to live there if Sally wants him to. Sally says she's grateful for Clarke saving C.J., but it was Clarke's almost selling them out that caused C.J. to be in danger in the first place. Her eyes are wide open now, about Clarke. "I will never be able to see you as anything but a ruthless and dangerous man," she says. However, C.J. needs his father, so she will allow Clarke to move in - but she warns him she will not tolerate any hijinks from him.

James is asked to sit, and the hearing begins. Asked about her attorney, Sheila waives her right to a counsel, but James speaks up. As his patient, he explains, he knows Sheila, and she hasn't had time to process everything. It's clear she can't defend herself. Sheila insists she does know what's going on, and doesn't want her lawyer, and Dr. Frederickson says that is Sheila's right. She reads the charge against Sheila - violating parole on several occasions, as pointed out by Lauren's statement that Sheila has approached the Forresters. Sheila admits that it's true - and James tries to take the blame, since he suggested Sheila approach the Forresters. That doesn't change the fact that it is a violation, Dr., Frederickson states - and another board member, Dr. Jones, instructs James to stop sounding like Sheila's attorney. James begs the board to see that Sheila is on her way to recovery, and it would be a crime to send her back when she is doing so well. When Dr. Frederickson asks who she approached, Lauren says it was several Forresters - but one in particular. "Me," Maggie says as she stands up.

Maggie explains how she and Sheila became friends, and even says that Sheila didn't know who she was it first. But later, she knew - and Sheila would show up at the house at the strangest times. Lauren says that is the way Sheila operates, and reveals to the board her feeling that Sheila poisoned Stephanie. "She is the devil incarnate," Lauren says, as Sheila tries to insist she has changed. Questioned by the board if she thinks Sheila wanted something other than friendship, Maggie says, "I know she was. She poisoned Stephanie and she set me up to take the fall." She then asks if Sheila is such a god fearing Christian now, why doesn't she confess, right now, that she poisoned Stephanie. "Where's your religion, now?" she screams, but she's cut off by Dr. Frederickson. The doctor then asks Sheila's parole officer, Sarah Craven, if there were any other violations she knows of, and the parole officer says that Sheila has been exemplary other than this one incident. The board goes to convene, and James asks how Maggie could do this to Sheila. She tries to pursue James when he storms off, but Lauren stops him.

Sheila then approaches Maggie, and says God has forgiven her for her own sins - maybe he'll do the same for Maggie, as well. "You're a parasite, a blood sucking leech," Maggie fumes. But Sheila isn't really forgiven, she insists - she's just using religion like she uses people. Sheila smiles, and Maggie lunges for her, asking her to wipe the smirk off her face. A bailiff breaks them up as the two women stare each other down.

Maggie catches up to James to explain that she is doing this with Lauren (speaking against Sheila) to protect her family. James responds that she doesn't have faith in his treatment for Sheila and that they should just let the parole board handle it. He goes in the courtroom and then Lauren shows up. Lauren tells Maggie that she thought of a plan for Sheila if they don't revoke her parole as two reporters show up.

While the court is still in recess, Sheila tells James that she has been praying, and if she is sentenced to jail she will never get well. " You don't understand; the moment I get a glimpse of what it might be- it is taken away from me. Do you think this is a part of my punishment? James I am so afraid . Would you please help me?" Sheila asks. James assures her he will. "Thank-you," says Sheila.

At Forrester, Eric tells Brooke and Ridge that they have to talk and work together. He then gets to the subject of Grant, and Brooke is surprised to hear that Ridge fired Grant. Ridge states," I am telling you I am not going to work with that scum. It is either him or me. So, what are you going to do Brooke?"

Eric says he is willing to let Grant go because his son can not work with him anymore, however he wants Grant to be allowed to take a place at the runway during the men's showing. "Fine, Grant can be there -I'll stay home." states Ridge. Eric plays monarch and tells his son for press reasons he will be at the show and he will say positive things about the men's' line. After the showing, Forrester and Grant will go their own way. Eric leaves after he gets a phone call.

Brooke asks Ridge if he had thought about what she had said earlier, about them. " I've had other things on my mind. Brooke there is no us," states Ridge as he leaves.

Ridge returns to his office, where he thinks back on a conversation with his mother after he found out about Brooke. His mom told him not to waste one more minute of his life on Brooke because she doesn't deserve him. Just then Taylor comes in and they kiss. Ridge tells Taylor about the entire Grant situation and that he fired him. Ridge and Taylor make a date to meet at the private dining room after the men's' line showing.

Brooke has gone to her own office, where she talks with her sister, Katie. "There is nothing I can do," she explains. "Ridge won't even work with Grant. He has blown everything way out of proportion. He won't talk to me and he still acts like he doesn't care." But he does care, Katie guesses. Brooke agrees with her sister, saying, "Exactly.... the fact that he is so angry proves to me that he still loves me. But I can not get him to see it. There has to be some way to get to him, there must be.!""

Lauren has called a press conference at the Hearing, to make the public aware about Sheila's parole violation. Maggie tells the press, "Sheila Carter is a spider and too many of us have been caught in her web." Lauren tells the press, "With Sheila Carter on the loose no one is safe." The hearing resumes, and this time, the press have entered the room. The board says that the press has a public right to be there after James tries to get them kicked out. The board decides to not take away Sheila's parole, and James stands up for Sheila and says he takes full responsibility. As they are leaving the courthouse, Sheila looks back at Maggie and gives her a huge smile.

Brooke is still talking to Katie, going over her options. "I have been groveling since the beginning of it and it hasn't done me any good. If I lay low I know what will happen- Stephanie and Taylor will have Ridge in and out of a wedding chapel within a week." Katie mentions the men's line, and Brooke responds, "That is it Katie! The men's' showing. That is when I can get through to Ridge. I can show him how ridiculous he has been. Or would that be too risky? I am talking about the biggest and boldest move a woman can make to get a mans' attention. You will see, that is when I am going to turn everything around......."

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Week of 10/28/96 - 11/1/96

The day of the Forrester Men's Line showing arrives. In Brooke's office, Bridget tells her mom that she wants to stay and watch the showing instead of going to school. Rick just wants the whole thing to be over cause his mom has been so stressed out lately. Brooke assures them everything will be okay and the kids leave to go and see their dad in his office. Katie asks her big sister what her plan is to make Ridge realize he is still in love with her. Brooke responds," It has to work. If this doesn't, I don't know what else will."

Out at the Beach House, Grant is upset that it is he first big showing and his last at Forrester. Michael tells Grant that after this showing, all he is leaving behind him is Brooke. He could even open up Chamber Fashions if he wanted. Grant says, "I was fired. Under no uncertain terms." But what about Brooke - could she rehire him? "Oh, and go against Ridge's decision? I don't think Brooke will rehire me. She has made it very clear to me; she will have nothing to do with me. Hell- she will probably go to her grave wanting Ridge. I don't care, that is not my concern anymore. I have one more day at Forrester and then I am saying adios to all of those losers." He wonders about Michael's suggestion; :Chambers Fashions? Oh, Well, will you slow down. It is the men's line. Now we both know there is less prestige there." Michael doesn't think it matters - there's plenty of prestige from Grant for her. "Now I know why Eric hired you; cause you are great at a sales pitch," he says. Grant and Michael share a passionate kiss before they leave for the office.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is reading aloud an article from a tabloid to Maggie with the title "Spider Woman on the Loose." Maggie tells her it was Lauren's idea to call the press, to sort of put Sheila in a prison without walls. Stephanie says thanks for taking care of the situation and leaves for the showroom. Maggie stays behind to wait for Dylan and Jessie.

Jessica comes in and tells her mom that she isn't going to attend the showing. She is going to leave today for Iowa for a while and then to school in England. She really needs a change with everything that has been going on. she still hasn't told Dylan.

There is tension in the showroom, as Grant and Ridge try to have a conversation. Grant says," I was just wondering why we are in this showroom, why not the bigger one and the main one?" Ridge points out that there weren't enough people for the bigger room. "Oh, it is just like I predicted, what I had expected. What 75-100 people?" Grant fumes. Ridge tells him it's 68 at last count, and Grant replies, "68, isn't that cute! Why don't we save this company some money and do the whole damn showing in your office?!?" Ridge tells Grant he's lucky to be there at all, and Grant responds, "Oh that is me, Mr. Lucky. I get hired to do the women's' designs, and then I get shoved off to do the men's' designs." But he'll do it, because he is faithful, which gets a look from Ridge. Grant asks, "Ridge, are you still sore about the kiss- why don't you get over it? What are you going to do, hit me? I wouldn't do that if I were you pal. You are so smug. Daddy owns the company right?!? You may have won this round but One of these days I am going to be the one with the upper hand." Ridge tells Grant he knows where the door is and leaves.

BACKSTAGE, Thorne tells everyone that there is thirty minutes until showtime. Michael comes back to get Grant to do a soundcheck and then Eric and Stephanie wish Grant good luck. They tell him he is an excellent designer and he will go far.

Brooke watches Ridge as he gives a TV interview. Then she comes over to him and asks if he knows where Grant is. She says, "Are you staying for the showing? It should be interesting, don't you think? Not that it could top the last show with Taylor walking down the runway wearing a gown designed for me and accepting a ring meant for me. What could possibly compete with that right?" Brooke leaves and Taylor wants to know what that was all about. Katie comes in and chats with Thorne before making sure she has a good ringside seat. Brooke goes over to Stephanie and Eric and tells them not to worry about Grant. She is sure he will be more than happy when the show is over.

BACKSTAGE, Michael comes and gives Grant a good luck kiss. Then Brooke grabs Grant backstage also and tells him to just go with it. She promises him that he won't be sorry. " trust me and good luck" With that Brooke looks off stage behind a curtain and sees Ridge with Taylor in the showroom. " Good luck to both of us." she whispers.

Stephanie informs Eric that Ridge is "in quite a mood." Eric responds that it is because of it being Grant's last day and he hates to see it end this way. Stephanie says, "Look, no matter what happens today, how wonderful this show is, nothing could top the last show; Ridge proposing to Taylor. It was the happiest day of my life. Maybe Brooke is clinging to some sort of desperate hope. We are finally rid of her. The family is finally rid of Brooke Logan." Meanwhile, Eric wonders where Maggie could be.

In Steph's office, Maggie is crying because her daughter is leaving. She tells Jessica she understands- but that doesn't mean she won't miss her baby. Dylan comes in and Maggie leaves for the showroom. Jessica tells Dylan she made a decision and is leaving and won't be back. She informs him that she is going to take the scholarship in England and then she isn't sure what she is going to do from there after one semester. Dylan responds that he understands, it makes all the sense for her to get away, but it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. Jessica says," You have brought so much to my life and I need to find my way right now. I'll write all the time. I am always going to be with you, Dylan, in your heart." They kiss and have tears in their eyes.

Things are hectic backstage, with five minutes to showtime. Thorne comes out to welcome the crowd to the first exclusive men's showing from the House of Forrester. The first grouping were all two button suits with satin shirts. Brooke slips into the showroom and grabs a seat next to Katie.

Satin loungewear is the next grouping. Ridge whispers something to Taylor and then leaves her side. Brooke approaches Ridge in the back corner of the showroom. She thought he was going to leave the showing because he has been impulsive lately . "Ridge can't we just straighten this out? Talk to Taylor and just tell her you got caught up in a misconception," Brooke asks. But Ridge isn't going to do any such thing. "Ridge, please I am begging you. Lets just drop this okay. Lets just put this behind us and stop playing all of these games; and just move on with out lives. Ridge?" pleads Brooke one last time.

Ridge doesn't even answer and just walks away from her. Brooke says to herself, "Fine if that is the way you want it. We are going to do this the hard way."

The next grouping hits the runway and they are three very modern suits. Then, Grant comes down the runway to take his designer bow - he and the models exchange high fives as they bask in the applause of the crowd. Brooke whispers to herself that this is so risky, but it is the only way to make Ridge see how foolish he has been. It is time for her to make a move.

Brooke tells Grant that she will handle the press and whatever happens to just go with it. Brooke acts as CEO and says, "I am sure you all heard the rumor that Grant Chambers is leaving Forrester Creations. Well I would like to set the record straight. It has been my privilege to work with Grant these past few months. He is very gifted and extremely talented and Forrester would be foolish to let him go. Therefore, as CEO, I am pleased to announce that Grant Chambers will stay on here as one of the head designers at Forrester Creations." Grant leans in to Brooke and asks if she really means that, and she adds more. "But wait there is more. This man's style and this man's talent goes far beyond the world of fashion. Not only is he a find for a fashion house, but he is a catch for any woman's' heart. Not only do I want you to stay on here as one of the lead designers, but I have even more responsibility I'd like to offer you, that of my husband. Grant Chambers, will you marry me?" Grant is stunned! Marriage???? "That's right," Brooke replies. "All you have to do is say yes." Grant says yes, while all of the mouths of everyone in the room are wide open and astonished at Brooke's announcement. Ridge walks out and Michael starts to cry.................

After the stunning announcement from Brooke, Grant is on the phone with CNN. Brooke comes in and says, " I hope I didn't upstage your collection." Grant pouts about being used. "Grant, I didn't use you," Brooke explains, "I proposed to you; after I rehired you of course. But you didn't say no and lucky you - now you have a fiancee to go along with it." Grant is pissed off and says he doesn't consider Brooke his fiancee. "Well," Brooke says, "that is exactly what I am and you can't back out now. I do want to marry you- that is why I proposed to you. You did say yes in front of a whole lot of witnesses I might add. "

Grant says he would have looked like a fool if he didn't go along with it at the time but now he is going to call it off. "Oh no you're not! Calm down. There are many benefits to being engaged. A promotion, a raise and a whole lot of publicity for a practically unknown designer. What is mine is yours." says Brooke smugly.

Ridge storms into his office, with Taylor following behind him. "I don't believe she did this. I mean where is her pride? Where is her dignity?" Taylor doesn't see what the problem is. "Oh, come on Doc," Ridge comments, "don't you see what is happening here? She is on the rebound , it is classic." Taylor says they have been working together for months and they are in love.

Ridge responds, "In love??? Give me a break! I don't believe you are buying into this. This is so stupid, it was completely impulsive. My proposal was different, those two barely even know each other. I just don't want to see Brooke mess up her life, but she seems hell bent on doing that." Taylor points out it's Brooke's decision. "It is not a decision, it is a reaction." They then try and figure out why Brooke did it - she must have had some reason. "I don't know," Ridge says, "why do you think she did it? I mean, I just don't get it, if she is not in love with him and she is not on the rebound, why would she propose to the guy? Why would she do it at a press conference for God's sake? I mean it is almost as if she is trying to...." Then the light bulb goes on. "That's it!... of course..... This isn't about Grant, this has nothing to do with Grant, it is about me. Yes, Yes, that has to be it. Doc, she is giving me a taste of my own medicine. Of all the stupid immature things to do." Taylor suggests that maybe Brooke is ready to move on with her life. "No way," Ridge states, "she would move on, not this way. The guy is a jerk. I am telling you she did this just to make me jealous. I know her. I can't believe you don't see this Doc- it is amazing!" And Ridge doesn't intend to let this go on, either. "You want to see her mess up her life? That is exactly what she is doing. It is going to stop here because this is insanity. All I have to do is call her bluff and this whole thing is a dud." Ridge races out of his office to see Brooke and leaves Taylor in the dust.

Michael comes searching for Grant in his office, but finds Stephanie already there waiting. Michael tells Stephanie that she didn't know anything about what just happened; up until twenty minutes ago she thought she had a boyfriend. She is totally shocked and mortified and wants to know what is going on here. Michael says she is hurt and angry, and confused. It makes her sick to think that all this time Grant has been living with her and pondering marriage to Brooke. The women wonder why Brooke sprung it on Grant all of a sudden. Stephanie figures out that this is being done for Ridge's benefit because Brooke is a manipulator. Michael says that you don't win one man by proposing to another unless you are some over-achieving sicko con artist. " Welcome to the world of Brooke Logan," announces Stephanie.

Brooke tells Grant that they are using each other and he will be big in this plan of hers. And Grant has every intention of doing his part. "You see, Brooke darling, I have this way of digging underneath your skin. The way I see it, you won't even know the name Ridge Forrester in six months from now. You can count me in." says Grant. The only thing Grant is upset about now is how Michael is going to feel.

Ridge comes in and Grant plays along by giving his new fiancee a kiss goodbye. Ridge states, " I am on to you, Logan. Nice try, but it didn't work. That guy is a loser. Admit it , it is a game of chicken. Ridge says, despite her childish games, he intends to keep her from making a fool of herself, and admits that she accomplished her goal of getting under his skin. Does he still intend to marry Taylor, then, Brooke asks? "Yes, I do intend to marry Taylor. Logan don't do this to yourself." Brooke tells Ridge that if he stays engaged to Taylor then the proposal is real. The clock is ticking and he has to decide what he is going to do.

Clarke decides he would have gone crazy at home and he comes in to work at his office, escorted by the whole gang at Spectra. He questions Sally on the spot if he is still the head designer. Darla, Macy, and C.J. give Sally and her ex-husband some room to chat. Sally starts ranting that Clarke is using their son to get status at Spectra and it makes her blood boil. Clarke tells Sally that she is overreacting and he is not manipulating her. On their personal living arrangements, Sally informs Clarke that he should ease up a little bit with the skirt chasing of women while they have their current living situation. Clarke says that isn't a problem to Sally, but then realizes that it might. After Darla stops by and tells Clarke that things were dreary and boring while he was in the hospital, Clarke has a fantasy about them together.

Eric hangs up the phone after talking with his brother; he tells Maggie he wished he was able to say goodbye to his niece, Jessica, in person. Eric then changes the subject to Maggie herself, and advises his ex-sister in-law not to let the current situation drive her crazy; James is just Sheila's doctor, and nothing more. Maggie wants to stop Sheila and end the nightmare she has been living day to day. Maggie rants about Sheila being a master manipulator and she is too clever and quick to seize every opportunity. "Sheila is going to come out the winner unless we fight her." Maggie has to do something before it is too late and she leaves.

James has made an agreement with Sheila to go out in public even if it is for ten minutes. They are together in a restaurant, but Sheila only wants to go home, because the entire world knows about her. A woman across the room is eating with her son and she is reading the tabloid and notices the article about Sheila in it. Sheila starts to feel better and then the woman approaches their table, "How could you defend this woman? How could you let this foul, disgusting garbage into your restaurant? Sure you can try to run, but you can't hide! You are trash!" With that, Sheila and James leave the restaurant.

Sheila and James return to her house, and she tells James that she is so tired and she can't handle another challenge. James tells her to hang on and he will check in with her again later. He leaves, and shortly after, Maggie shows up and starts yelling, "You're not going to close the door on me, Sheila. No I am here to close the door on you. What do I want? I want you out of my life and my man's life." Sheila tells her that she had a really bad day and she shouldn't be there. She also says that she needs James to help her get better.

Maggie continues, "The only thing that is going to help you, Sheila, is a hospital. Your day is about to get worse. You should be shaking in your boots because Lauren, Stephanie, and I aren't through with you yet, we haven't even begun. We are going to be watching you. You are the biggest shark in the water lady!!!! One of these days you are gonna slip up and when you do there are going to be a hundred pairs of eyes on you; you owe a lot of people a lot of time and you are going to pay us! I will steer James right out of your life, so you just count your days. Well you can't have him! he is mine and I am going to get him right out of your life! Listen lady it is done!!!!!! "

Sheila is getting defensive and tells her to back off. Maggie yells, "I am not going to back off. You are going to find yourself a new therapist." With that Maggie picks up a phone book and throws it right at Sheila and then tries to walk out the door. Sheila screams NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and attacks Maggie. Sheila throws Maggie to the floor and is choking her.........................................

At Brooke's house, Brooke, Katie and Bridget are reading a book together when Bridget says she misses her daddy... ummmmmm, Ridge. She goes upstairs to do her homework and then Brooke tells her little sister that she still hasn't told the kids yet about her engagement to Grant. She is hoping that they won't find out. Katie confides to her sister, "Well I have to say you are quite the mastermind. So has Ridge started making any noise about ending this engagement?" Brooke tells Katie that when she spoke to Ridge she made it clear to him that if he didn't break up with Taylor, she will go ahead and marry Grant. Brooke states, "Katie it is the only way. Ridge has to know that I am serious, that means I have to BE serious. I really think he is worth the risk. I have to believe Ridge will come to his senses - in fact I have to pray for that."

At the Private Dining Room, Taylor is waiting for Ridge outside on the balcony. Ridge tells her that the rest of his day was exhausting and he did have a talk with Brooke. He informs his fiancee that Brooke is still engaged at the moment.

Sheila is still trying to choke Maggie while screaming NOOOOOO!!!!! at her. Then she realizes what she is doing and backs off Maggie and tells her she is sorry. Maggie gets up and says she is going to tell James that she tried to kill her. Maggie leaves and Sheila is totally depressed. Soon after, Mike shows up with dinner in hand for his pal Sheila. Sheila cries that she is about to lose everything and her life is over. Mike advises Sheila to just deny everything. Sheila tells Mike that lying to James is out of the question and everything is now in Maggie's hands. Mike says that Sheila hasn't lost yet.

Stephanie stops by to see Brooke, and Katie goes upstairs to help Bridget with her homework. Stephanie acts like the cat who just ate a canary and says, "I am sure you thought this was the ultimate power play. It is going to blow up in your face you know. My son is many things, but he is not stupid. You really are a fool and finally Ridge is beginning to see that in you." Stephanie offers to give Brooke a wedding gift of flying her out to Las Vegas tonight and putting together a wedding in one of the chapels out there. Brooke declines saying that she wants a real wedding, not a cheesy affair.

In the Forrester kitchen, Maggie tries to call James on the phone and realizes that she is supposed to meet him for dinner. She goes upstairs to change and thinks it is better to tell him what happened with Sheila in person. As she is leaving a note for Stephanie, a delivery person knocks on the back door. Mike comes in with a gun and tells Maggie to do what he says and she won't get hurt.

Back at the Private Dining Room, Ridge tells Taylor that he doesn't take Brooke's engagement seriously and that they didn't come here tonight to talk about Brooke. Taylor tells Ridge that she has to wonder if his reaction to Brooke's engagement had anything to do at all with business. She tells him that she knows her fiancee too well and she doesn't want to look at this. "All I want to do is close my eyes to it all and take you in my arms for the rest of my life. I want to give you an out. I don't want you to be obligated to me. If you want Brooke I would understand." Taylor is crying as she takes off the ring. She says, "Ridge, please take it back if that is what you really want."

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