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September, 1996

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Week of 9/3/96 - 9/5/96

Note - B&B did not air on 9/2/96 & 9/6/96, due to coverage of the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament - so this is a short week.

Michael wants to give some files to Eric in his office, but he's not there. Since he isn't around she settles for handing them to Ridge. She closes the door and takes advantage of the opportunity to apologize to him for crying on his shoulder the other day. "I know Grant likes me, but I want more than that," says Michael. She asks Ridge if he has any suggestions on how to get Grants attention. " I am the master of this type of thing," replies Ridge and he tells Michael to sit down. Then Ridge asks Michael if she is sure that Grant is involved with another woman because he has never seen him with anyone. Ridge's great love advice is to "pitch soft balls and keep things simple."

Meanwhile, Grant is in his own office at Forrester, He's occupied with trying to pick out a tie to wear when Brooke's sister, Katie, walks into his office; she wants to know what is going on between him and her sister. She tells Grant that she knows about their two kisses, explaining that Brooke confides in her. Katie confronts Grant with his feelings about being in love with her sister.

Brooke and Taylor are still in Ridge's office, continuing their girl to girl chat. Brooke tells Taylor that it was a gross deception about her trip to Paris with Ridge. She said that it hurt her relationship with Ridge and her children.

Ridge explains to Michael about where she stands with Grant, from his viewpoint. "Your stock went up 100% when you moved out of there. You have no idea of how attractive you are. I know that Grant is most likely impressed by you walking out of there. Wait for him to call; I bet there is a message waiting for you on your answering machine when you get home tonight." Ridge tells Michael. Ridge wants to talk to Grant on Michael's behalf, about their problems, but Michael asks him not to.

Katie tells Grant," I am not here to pass judgment on you." However, she does want to point something important out to him that he may not realize - she tells Grant that there is a tall dark problem lying in his way of being with Brooke, and the problem's name is Ridge. "As much as I like Ridge and respect him, he and Brooke are through as a couple. I have something very special planned for Brooke," says Grant. Katie tells Grant that he has to confront Ridge and tell him the truth about him and Brooke. Katie leaves the office and Grant calls Ridge and asks to see him.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Taylor continue to go at it in Ridge's office. "So Ridge and I don't have a chance?" Brooke asks Taylor. She adds, "We have been in love for a long time." Taylor then is ready to have a session and give out her advice to Brooke. She says," Consider the truth in what I am telling you, Brooke. I know how intense your feelings are for that man. You have been together for ten years. The relationship has turned into habit. What kind of relationship is it, what do you really want?" Brooke thinks that Ridge is what she wants, but Taylor thinks otherwise. "No," she continues, "you don't want Ridge. You don't want to share your life with him on a commitment basis. Well, there could be another man in your life. You could be happy with another man if you would have the courage to step forward and stop treading water." And that's exactly what Taylor thinks Brooke and Ridge are doing - but they can't keep it up forever. She points out, "No matter how good you are at it, you get tired, you sink, and end it. "

Brooke calls Taylor a sick and evil person and confronts her about wanting Ridge for herself. Taylor continues to tell Brooke," We could argue about this until we are blue in the face - it is ancient history anyway..." Taylor then goes on to summarize Brooke and Ridge's relationship - or lack thereof: "You have had ten years to marry this man and you still haven't done it. You don't have a hold on him. He isn't the father of your children, you are not wearing his ring. You have had more than enough time to work out a relationship with him. When I come back from Paris in two weeks- I'm giving you fair warning on this - all bets are off if the two of you aren't married!"

Brooke says, "The only thing that is clear to me, Taylor, is that Ridge loves me. And we have wanted to be together for the last ten years, but something or someone has always gotten in the way. Well this time that is not going to happen." The women leave the office.

In Eric's office, Grant and Ridge engage in small talk. Ridge compliments Grant on his designs for the men's line. Ridge tells Grant that he is very excited about the showing in a few weeks. Grant asks to see some of his designs, but Ridge declines and says that he has things under wraps. He cant show them to Grant, especially because he is close to Brooke. And that, Grant points out, is what he wants to talk to Ridge about - Brooke.

Brooke has a visitor in her office - Katie. Katie says she needs to talk to her big sister. Brooke tells her about Taylor's psycho babble and how Taylor accused her of being involved with someone else. Katie, however, isn't so sure it's psycho babble - she reminds Brooke that her relationship with Grant is a lot more than a few more innocent kisses, not just physically, but emotionally. She tells her sister that they have become extremely close. She continues to tell Brooke that she has changed since she has been around Grant and that she is more like herself again, before she met Ridge.

"You have something to tell me about Brooke? " Ridge asks Grant. He continues to tell Grant that he has noticed that Brooke is more relaxed and spontaneous lately. "She kind of reminds me of what she was like when I first met her," says Ridge. Grant tells him that he is talking about Brooke's reserve lately and her distance from their relationship.

Ridge says, "I think I know what you are getting at here. Don't worry about it, 'cause it is not a problem." Grant tries to convince Ridge that he doesn't know what he wanted to talk about, but Ridge insists he does - it must be about his relationship with Brooke. He guesses that Grant thinks there are problems, but Ridge says he's not going to let that worry him. He explains, "She almost got away from me once and I am sure as hell not gonna let that happen again. Don't worry about it, Grant, no one knows better than me what I've got here. She is smart, sexy, fun loving, and passionate." Grant replies, "You don't have to tell me that." Ridge, not realizing what that comment means, then says that the whole world will know what Brooke means to him very soon - but when Grant asks for details, Ridge says he can't say just yet.

Stephanie comes into Lauren's office - it is her first day back at work since her encounter with Sheila. Lauren has been giving a lot of thought about the men's line and tells Stephanie that she needs her input. Stephanie is glad to help, so Lauren asks Trish to send in the models. Lauren then has three men line up in her Forrester/Fenmore creations. Lauren introduces Stephanie to all of the guys in the lineup- including her lawyer Jonathan. The other two are David Reeves, a renowned architect, and Antoine St. Julien, a restaurateur. Stephanie makes a comment that she's sorry such successful men decided to make a career change to models, wondering what's going on. Lauren then explains that they all wanted to know what Stephanie was doing for dinner tonight - she would have invited a few more men, but the Cafe Russe didn't have space available. Stephanie makes some excuse that she has plans already for tonight. The guys are all disappointed and leave.

"So which one are you going to pick?" asks Lauren. Stephanie replies, "I am not going to choose one of them. I don't have the time . I have too much to deal with in my life now." "Stephanie what could be more important than finding someone to share your life with?" asks a concerned Lauren. Stephanie informs Lauren that it's her children - she's wondering about Ridge, and if he suspects about Brooke and Grant. Surely, if something were going on, Ridge would know, Lauren guesses. No, Stephanie says - it just means that Brooke is doing a good job of hiding it from Ridge - at least, that's what she's hoping.

In her room at the mansion, Jessica tells her mom that she can't tell Dylan the truth about what happened to her. "Mom, how do I make this stop? I know Dylan would never hurt me; how can I be afraid of him?" asks Jessie. Maggie tells her daughter that it is a normal reaction and it is time she talked to somebody who can help her deal with all of this. Maggie tells Jess that she will call James, and Jessie doesn't want to talk to him because he is a male and involved with the rest of the family.

Back in Brooke's office, Katie tells her sister that Grant is in love with her and he thinks that she is in love with him also. Brooke tells Katie that she knew Grant cared about her, but not how much. Katie tells her big sister that she can't have them both and that Grant most likely is talking to Ridge right now about their relationship. " Oh my god!" cries Brooke and she runs out of her office.

Ridge mentions to Grant that he spoke to Michael - and he wants to know more about the woman in Grant's life, that could have made him drop someone like Michael. Grant admits there is a woman - but he won't tell Ridge who it is. "You don't want me tell me who the other woman is?" Ridge asks. "Why all the mystery?" Grant says it's complicated - a word Ridge mentions Michael used, as well. Ridge points out, "A funny thing about those complicated relationships ...they are always more trouble than they are worth. Someone special, huh? she would have to be to give up Michael." lectures Ridge. After pressure from Ridge, Grant is about to reveal the name of his true love. "Her name is....", he begins, and Ridge says "Brooke" - indicating that Brooke is standing in the office door.

Brooke tells Ridge that she needs to talk to Grant. Ridge asks Brooke if it could wait because they were in the middle of something- but in the end he leaves to attend yet another all important meeting. "What is it Brooke? asks Grant. "Us- it is about you and me." replies Brooke. Grant is smiling from ear to ear.........

Taylor comes by the mansion, because Maggie called her, on her way to the airport. Maggie tells Jess that she can trust Taylor. Jessica says that she needs to talk about what is bothering her. " Something happened to me" cries Jessie, "promise me that nobody else in the family will find out about this. They just cant.....I... was...raped."

"Oh Jessica. I am so sorry, come here." says Taylor.

Over at Forrester, Ridge's big meeting was to discuss his master plan with Lauren, where he intends to propose to Brooke at the fashion show. He explains that he is going to use a tuxedo design that Grant made in the showing. Lauren then asks if Grant is also in on the big plan for Brooke. Ridge tells Lauren no, because Grant is too close to Brooke and he doesn't want to spoil the surprise. "It is the best idea I've had in years. it is a can't lose proposition, Lauren," says Ridge. Lauren, still skeptical, replies, "Assuming nothing goes wrong."

Brooke and Grant are still in Eric's office. "So you want to talk about us?" Grant asks Brooke. "Great, so do I. But I think we need to talk to Ridge first. Look, I know you don't want to hurt him, but he needs to know what has been going on," Grant adds.

Brooke replies," Nothing has been going on between us, not before and not anymore." Grant doesn't think she means it. "Yes, I do mean that. Look- I am sorry. I didn't realize that that you were getting so caught up in this. Grant, listen to me; I am in love with Ridge." NO! says Grant, you are just afraid. "You are wrong," Brooke insists. "I love Ridge. We have fought too hard and too long to be together. I didn't come through this to throw it all away for some........" "What?" asks Grant. Brooke points out, "We are good friends; I just can't take this any further."

"It has gone further. I'm in love with you." says Grant. Brooke just keeps telling him how sorry she is.

Taylor reassures Jessica, and tells her it is going to take some time and a lot of effort to get over the rape. She informs Jessica that she used to work at a rape crisis center, so she has dealt with the kinds of feelings Jessie is experiencing before. She continues to explain that she especially knows exactly how Jessie feels, because she found an intruder in her home last year - it wasn't rape, but it might have been, had things gotten out of hand. They realize that both of the men wore ski masks - but Taylor doesn't think that means they're the same person. Taylor then continues to explain that usually the rapist is someone that the victim knows. She then starts asking about Jessica's feelings, and Jessie tells her all about the nightmares. Taylor does her best to be understanding, and asks why she doesn't want the family to know. Jessica goes ahead and tells Taylor she's too ashamed - this whole thing is driving her crazy, and she wants to put it all behind her.

In Eric's office, Brooke tells Grant how she feels. "I can't believe that I let it go this far. You could have told Ridge," she admonishes him. She goes on to explain that the reason she said the things she did were because she thought Ridge slept with Taylor. "This is all her fault," Brooke proclaims. "If she didn't lie to me, I never would have told you I loved you." She makes a request of Grant - "Will you promise me Ridge won't hear about this?" Grant points out it's not that easy - she can't just put the feelings between them on a shelf and hide them away from the rest of the world. "Nothing ever happened," Brooke insists. "We had some nice talks and we got a little carried away. Grant this isn't going to work, I've already made up my mind."

"What about your heart? Have you made that up too?" asks Grant. He kisses Brooke, and she pulls away. "Grant I don't want this!!! I don't want you!!" says Brooke.

Ridge tells Lauren that she is throwing cold water on his idea. "Why all the gloom and doom?" he asks. "I am more committed in this relationship than ever before." Ridge reminds her.

Lauren tells Ridge that she was talking to Stephanie. They are concerned about him and Brooke. They don't spend any time together and they don't live together anymore. "Before you dive off the board it is always good to make sure there is water in the pool." says Lauren.

The phone rings and it is Brooke. Brooke wants Ridge to come home because she needs him. Ridge leaves for home and Lauren asks him where he is going. "Swimming" says Ridge.

Taylor explains to Jessica that since the rape, she has been living in denial, but now she is ready to deal with this. Taylor tells Jessie that there are two kinds of rapists; power and anger. A power rapist is into control - but that's not what Taylor thinks Jessica's rapist wanted. She thinks it was an anger rapist - someone who is physically and verbally abusive. He might have been mad about something in his own life and took it out on you. This type of rapist dresses fancy, has a good physique, can be intelligent - and he likes the good things in life, like fancy cars, singles bars, etc. (ironically, this sounds like she is pretty much just describing Sly....) Jessica thinks that's it - her rapist was very muscular - and she comes to a realization. "This complete stranger totally ruined my life. I am going to find out who he is." says Jessica.

At Forrester, Grant throws some stuff in his office because he is frustrated. Lauren comes in and asks what happened. Grant replies," Nothing.... you better get out of here before you are next. I was a fool to think I had a chance with Brooke. She and Ridge are the all American couple. How could I be so wrong? I really thought she cared for me. I have to get out of here."

Brooke and her sister Katie are dishing about what happened. "Katie, I am totally committed to Ridge. He is the only man that I want." Ridge walks in and out goes Katie to take care of the kids. Ridge heads for the bedroom while Brooke stays behind for a second. She takes out the turtle that Grant gave her and places it in the garbage can, and she has tears in her eyes.

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Week of 9/9/96 - 9/13/96

Michael arrives to see Grant at the beach house; "Thanks for coming by Michael," he greets her. He then goes on to explain to her, "Well it is over, whatever was going on between me and Brooke." Michael reminds Grant that Brooke and Ridge have ten years together. She also says that life goes on, but it isn't easy though. "Michael, I am sorry for hurting you. I never meant to do that," Grant informs her. "I think you are exactly what I need right now." he adds.

Lauren finds Stephanie in Eric's office at Forrester, and they end up chatting once again about their beloved Brooke. Lauren tells Stephanie that Grant told her that whatever was going on between him and Brooke has ended.

Stephanie asks," What happened? Just like that she is through with him?" She can't believe that Brooke would so easily give up on Grant. She laments, "They were building a relationship. She is frightened and she scared herself off. She has been running after Ridge for almost a decade."

Ridge is in Brooke's bedroom, setting the mood for them to make love by lighting candles, while Brooke was getting the cream and strawberries. She tells Ridge that she is for dessert and they are eating in for dinner tonight. She then takes a bite out of a strawberry and heads for the bathroom to change. She comes out wearing a red lace teddy and asks Ridge if it was worth the wait. "It has been a long time since I've seen you this turned on. It must be working on the men's line with all of those male models," says Ridge.

"There is only one man that I am interested in and that is you, Mr. Forrester," Brooke informs him. She then warns him, "You will need an oxygen tent after I am through with you." Ridge replies, "YOU are out of control!"

Brooke tells Ridge that she could just lie there forever. She doesn't want to think about tomorrow. She feels so safe and secure in his arms. "You're not tired of me yet?" asks Ridge. Just then the phone rings - and Brooke answers........

Grant is calling to talk to Brooke. He thinks she is overreacting by cutting him out of her life. Brooke tells Grant not to come over, Ridge is here and we are in bed. "Bye, Grant" she tells him.

Grant is miserable after the phone call. Michael is going to head out and pick up her stuff tomorrow. Grant tells Michael that seeing her makes everything better. "I think it is time to start worrying about you. All of a sudden I know how it feels. Things are going to change. I let you walk out of that door once before, and I am not going to let that happen again," says Grant. They engage in a passionate kiss.

Brooke is unhooking the phone and she tells Ridge not to worry about Grant bothering them anymore. They undress each other and..... (use your imagination)

"Logan do you have any idea of how much I have missed you," asks Ridge. Brooke replies," You make me feel like I am the only woman in the world. Make love to me Ridge and don't ever stop."

Grant is now 1/2 undressed and Michael is in her underwear. "Wait!" says Michael, "I want to take it slow." Grant replies, "Don't worry." They move onto the floor along with a cushion from the sofa. After they make love Michael tells Grant he was incredible. She had no idea. "You make it sound like it was your first time," says Grant.

"I was saving myself for someone special like you." Says Michael. The two of them are smiling from ear to ear as they embrace....

Clarke arrives at the Forrester Mansion to pick up C.J.'s script for the play; he left it there by accident last night when he slept over with Rick. Stephanie answers the door and they get into a conversation about how C.J. has come into his own recently - she has to admit that Clarke's son has recently done a lot of changing, for the better.

Over at Spectra, Macy and her mom are talking about Clarke's designs again - or should we say that Macy is questioning the designs, again, because all of the other fashion houses are focusing on classic looks and Clarke's are totally weird. "It's almost as though......," says Macy.

James finishes a swim in the Forrester pool, and Maggie proceeds to dry him off. James asks Maggie if she is still dealing with her problem - the one that has kept her from being with him lately. Maggie changes the subject, telling James that, "it is totally extreme that you have limited patient loads to work with Sheila."

James gets an idea - "Lets do something this evening," he suggests. "Lets go out tonight; dinner, dancing. I am not going to take no for an answer," says James. Maggie is hesitant to go at first - but she finally gives in and agrees to meet him at the restaurant. James leaves(or so we think) and Maggie bends down to pick up something. When she looks up, standing there is Sheila!

Stephanie is still talking to Clarke about the change in his son. He thinks it's nice of her to notice the changes in his son. She tells him, "It has nothing to do with being nice. The change in C.J. since you have been back in town has been phenomenal." She goes on to admit, "He has changed a lot and I have to say that you have accomplished the impossible. What he wants is his father to care for and guide him."

Sally and Macy are still discussing the line in front of their great model Kim. Sally asks Macy, "What makes you think that Clarke would do anything to harm his company? You tell him exactly what your feelings are." Kim has to put her two cents in; "You know what I think? I think that Clarke knows exactly what he is doing." Macy answers back to Kim that she has nothing to lose if Spectra closes its doors; she can always get another modeling job. They, however, will be out of a company if Clarke's line fails. "I want to know why Clarke is taking such a risk when he doesn't have to," an annoyed Macy informs Kim. She and her mom leave to go and discuss the designs with Clarke. As soon as they leave the office, Kim closes the door and calls Jack at Unicorn Fashions.

Kim tells her boss Jack, "I am getting worried about Clarke." She goes on to let Fuller know that, "Money may not be the issue. All right, I just wanted to warn you. I don't like what I see."

"Well, Well; look what the Santa Ana winds blew in." says Maggie, still over by the pool. "I'll only be a minute," Sheila informs her. "Please don't leave. There is something that I need to say. I should have said it a long time ago," pleads Sheila. "What could you possibly say that hasn't already been said," asks Maggie. Sheila responds with, "How about, I am sorry?"

"The only thing that you are sorry about is that I am alive," Maggie notes. Sheila tells Maggie, "You believe what you want. I trust James. I believe that he is the only person who can help me. It is life or death for me." "Do you really think that you can dump everything off your boots and change?" accuses Maggie. Sheila boasts that she loves James. Sheila then leaves.. but what neither of these women realizes is that James was in the bushes listening to their entire conversation.

Clarke suggests to Stephanie that perhaps C.J. would be better off if he wasn't in his life. Stephanie tells Clarke, "If you did leave, I am telling you that the child would be devastated. If you can't see that, it is because you don't want to. Don't disappoint him Clarke." Clarke tells Stephanie that he has to run because he has someone he has to see.

Sheila has arrived at James' office a few minutes late for her therapy session. James asks her why she is late and Sheila doesn't know that he heard everything she said to Maggie. "I would like to begin and to focus on your earliest childhood memories." says James. "Yes, did you say something?" replies Sheila.

Clarke is telling himself that his designs are all garbage. He rips up the designs as Jack Fuller comes in, his henchman, Rocky, in tow. Clarke informs Jack that he is just in time to see a little recycling - he can't go through with the deal to ruin Spectra. "I think we need a little attitude adjustment," Jack informs the designer. "The company takes a dive...." says Jack. "You'll have to shoot me to stop me" says Clarke, as Rocky points a gun to his head.

In Jessica's room at the mansion, Maggie asks Jessica how she is doing. Jessica responds that she can't believe that someone she might know could have raped her. "Jessica, do you have any idea of who it could be?" asks her mom. "No, not yet," replies Jessica.

Maggie tells her daughter that she is going to call off the dinner plans she has for tonight with James. Jessica, however, tells her to go, but asks Maggie to do something for her. "You be careful, you be very careful," she instructs her mom.

Sheila has a visitor to her home - Mike, who wants to take her out to dinner. Sheila, however, doesn't want to go out. He tells her, "You cant stay locked up in this house for the rest of your life. Loosen up a little bit. I made some real nice dinner reservations."

Sheila responds to him, "You realize of course that you and I will never be more than friends." Mike tells Sheila that he doesn't want to be reminded of that, but she says that it has to be understood. Then she agrees to go out for dinner and they leave.

Jack locks the door to Clarke's office. Clarke tells him to make his move, since he has made his. "I don't know if you are bluffing. All I know is that I cant go on living like this; I might as well be dead," pleads Clarke.

"You have a real death wish, don't you Clarke?" asks Jack. He then tells Rocky to finish off Clarke. Just then there is a knock at the door. Rocky grabs Clarke and they hide behind a dressing screen. Jack opens the door and C.J. walks in and asks, "Who are you? Is my dad in here?"

"Yes, son your dad is in here," says Jack. C.J. lets his dad know he doesn't want to bother him. "Dad I know you are busy," he says, "but I just have a couple of questions." Clarke tells his son to go down to his mom's office now. Jack tells Clarke not to send the boy away on his account. He tells C.J. that he is a buyer from N.Y., and how his dad talks so highly of him all the time. C.J. leaves the office. "I think we can reason with our friend, Mr. Garrison," says Jack.

Maggie and James are dining at the Cafe Russe, this evening. Maggie makes an entrance wearing a sparkling blue dress. "Shame on you James," she says as she joins him, "you didn't think I was going to show. There is only one reason that I wouldn't have come James, that and nothing else." They hold hands, and Maggie adds, "You are very trusting, aren't you? Life is too short to spend it dealing with issues of fidelity."

"Right at this very moment, I want you completely. But, I am willing to settle for the next dance," responds James. As they get up to hit the dance floor, in walks Mike and Sheila. Sheila tells Mike that she wished he would have saved his money - that they have no future together. Then Mike tells Sheila that things have a way of changing (he spots James the good doctor on the dance floor with Maggie), and that nothing stays the same forever.

Mike candidly reminds Sheila of the facts about James. He says," Honey- he hasn't stood by you. How can you say that? He is stuck on that farm girl. Sheila, that is because he thinks you are a freak. He has never met anyone like you, that is why he wants to treat you. You think that he is just going to give you the eye one of these days? Sheila, listen to me...the man is cut from a different cloth. He is never gonna look at you the way you want him to." Sheila doesn't want to hear it, but Mike goes on. "Let me finish," he continues, "because there is more... he is worthless to you as a doctor if you are in love with him. Can't you see that? That is OK, because you don't need James Warwick. I can help you get better." Sheila tells Mike that she can't give up hope. Then Mike tells her all right, let's get out of here (before she notices him dancing with Maggie). As Sheila gets up she sees her beloved with the other woman. Tears roll down her face.

Clarke tells Jack again that he is not going through with it. Jack says, "You are thinking of the kid huh? He would be better with an absentee father than a father who is dead. Don't let him down. And don't let me down." Jack and Rocky leave. Then Sally comes in. They discuss how everyday C.J. is growing and getting better and better. Sally thinks Clarke seems down, and Clarke tells her he isn't down; he is just worried. Sally tells her ex-husband that she is very grateful to him. They hug....

Maggie and James finish their dance and head back to their table. Maggie tells James that they needed a night like this. James responds that they need a lifetime of nights like this. However, they decide that now is not the right time for them to discuss a commitment because of Maggie's problem. They kiss passionately, with Sheila looking on.

Sheila tells Mike that she used to call Maggie a farm girl, but she has class. How could she have thought that James would pick her over her. Then Sheila begs Mike to take her home.

Maggie and James continue dancing, as she tells him that she wishes this night could go on forever. "Well it could, James informs her. "I have nothing to do tomorrow. I have an appointment with Sheila and it is not until the afternoon," says James. Maggie frowns as they leave the dance floor and then asks James how his session with Sheila went today. James proceeds to tell Maggie that he saw her with Sheila today by the pool (he came back to say goodbye). Maggie questions, "Then you heard what we talked about? Then you also heard her admit that she loves you."

Sheila, meanwhile, has returned home, and is sitting by the window in the dark, wearing her pajamas and feeling sorry for herself. There is a knock at the door and it is Damon, James' Dad. He tells Sheila that he is sorry to barge in on her, but he just got back from his trip up the coast and "Jamie" isn't home. Sheila tells Damon that she knows that, and James most likely will be with Maggie tonight. "And you were wishing that he was out with you?" asks Damon. Sheila is actually at a loss for words........

At Dylan and Jasmine's apartment, Jasmine and Dylan are questioning Michael on where she has been all night. She tells them she was swept off her feet to Santa Barbara. Dylan and Jasmine are surprised - "You spent the night with a stranger in Santa Barbara?" Jazz asks. "I guess we have been strangers all this time," she tells them. Her friends want names, so Michael tells them, "His name is Grant Chambers." A surprised Jazz replies, "You spent the night with Grant Chambers!?!"

Stephanie stops by unannounced to see Grant at the Beach House. "You weren't at work today, so I thought perhaps you were going to see Brooke this evening." Why should that be any concern of hers, Grant wonders. "I was just asking." she states.

"OK, I'll answer your question. I don't have plans to see Brooke tonight or any other night. So why did you come over her Stephanie? What do you want?" says Grant.

Michael is about to burst with her news. "Jazz, you would die if you knew how romantic it was. I can tell you that we are a lot more than friends." What does that mean, Jasmine wonders. "It means that we had one incredible beautiful night together." She then gets around to the question on their minds - "Guys, what you really want to know is if Grant and I slept together: not that it is anyone's business but our own. But since you are two of my closes friends; YES! And before you get into the lecture about protection- obviously I am not that stupid. Yes ladies and gentlemen it was my first time." Dylan isn't sure he needed to know that, and Michael says, "Oh Dylan, I am sure you already knew." She then turns to Jasmine and says, "Jasmine I am so ready for Grant. He was so gentle and so tender. It was as though it wasn't sex, it was making love. I know that sounds really corny. Grant doesn't want Brooke, he wants me!"

Stephanie asks if Grant is upset about something. "You take the day off, things cant be that bad." Grant reminds her he asked why she's there. "I called you several times; we needed the revisions." As Steph can see, Grant points out, he's working on them. "Just a mental health holiday?" Steph asks about his being home. "A few other people took one as well; Michael for one," Stephanie points out. Grant replies that Michael was with him.

"I didn't realize you two were close. What about Brooke? I know you have feelings for her. I was surprised. I didn't realize you and Michael were seeing each other." says Stephanie.

Sheila tells Damon that it is hard to do what she is trying to do. Damon says, "change for the better you mean." Sheila continues," I saw something tonight and it made me realize who I am. I am someone your son could never love. You don't know me, Damon, the way your son does. He sees me as a challenge, the ultimate professional challenge. I am so different from Maggie. I am so very different. I have been going around secretly hoping that one day things would really work out, that James would see me as someone he could admire. And then I went to that restaurant tonight and I saw your son with the woman who owns his heart on the dance floor. It occurred to me just how out of touch with reality I am. and I am never going to have your son, Damon. It hurts me to realize that." Damon replies, "You need help sweetheart. And I have a friend who could do just that, if you are willing." Sheila tells Damon that she would do anything.

Maggie doesn't want James to treat Sheila because she is in love with him. Isn't it wrong for a doctor to do that, she asks. James points out that it's a case of transference, which is not uncommon in his profession. Also, James tells her that it would be a huge accomplishment to him professionally if he could cure Sheila. Maggie is still unsure - to reassure her, James confesses to her. "Maggie you are the most important person in my life. You are the love of my heart," he tells her - Maggie is touched.

Back at the Beach House, Steph continues to quiz Grant. "You recently have starting dating Michael?" Steph asks. "Because I have observed something that is different. You are not in love with Michael or anyone else. Why are you doing this?" She goes on to make some guesses - "Something happened between you and Brooke. Stop trying to cover this up. I know that you have feelings for Brooke and she has feelings for you. Do you think there is a future for you and Michael or anyone else if you are still in love with Brooke?" Grant tries to figure out why she's asking these things - it must be about Ridge, and trying to keep Brooke out of his life, he guesses. "I am just trying to figure out why you are doing this. Do you really believe that Brooke is capable of making my son happy, if she is in love with you?" Stephanie asks. "Give it time. If you don't care then don't bother. This isn't about me and my motives. Brooke is a single woman, she is not engaged. She is not married. If you don't pursue her I think you will regret it for the rest of your life." lectures Stephanie.

Sheila is in a church and questions what she is doing there. She tells herself that she never thought she needed this. She kneels down at a pew and says," I am so completely out of control. I know that I cant do it alone I need help. Please help me. I have been so far down for so long I cant get myself back up. I am begging you please take control of my life. I am handing my life over to you now. I am sorry, I am so sorry for everything I've done; all the people I have hurt. I cant go on like this anymore. I am so tired, so miserable. Oh please give me a reason to live again. Please make me well."

Brooke is in her office, having a meeting to go over the schedule for the showing. When the other staff members leave, she asks Michael to stay.........

At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Stephanie are kissing when Taylor and Ridge walk in holding hands, and they give Eric and Stephanie a gift. It is a daily planner. Stephanie tells them they already have daily planners, but Taylor continues to tell her that this one is different because her due date is marked in it!!! Ridge continues to tell his parents that he has everything a man could ever want and he couldn't be happier. It seems like a dream come true - and, as Stephanie is shocked back to reality by a knock at the door, we see that's exactly what it is - a dream.

Her visitor, the "real" Taylor, comes in and tells Stephanie that she changed her plans and will not be going to Paris after all.

Grant and Ridge are going over the designs again for the tuxedo in Ridge's office. Grant tells Ridge that he is up to something. "So what is this all about?" questions Grant. Ridge tells his buddy that he will give him a hint- and pulls a drawing he sketched of Brooke wearing the red teddy off his desk.

Brooke is digging for answers as to where Michael was yesterday. Michael's revealing she was with Grant surprises Brooke: "You and Grant were together. Really? Like whose idea was that? What is happening?" Brooke explains her surprise and disbelief - "It is just that you once told me you two were just friends. So Grant knows that you care about him?" And she's even more surprised at what Michael and Grant have been doing. "Sex? I'm sorry, I just didn't realize that you two were so close. Wait....when you say it was like you always wanted it to be....." (yes, Michael informs yet another person that she was a virgin!!!!) Michael leaves.

Grant asks Ridge if that sketch is a surprise for Brooke. "Actually it was a surprise for me," says Ridge. He can't stop raving about Brooke the other night. He continues, "Brooke changed into this. I loved it several times. know. Brooke and I have been together for years, but the other night was the best of all. Something about her, the intensity. She was so focused in on me; on us. It was as if nothing else even existed. You know what I mean?" Grant says that he has - which gets Ridge curious. "So you have been there?" he asks, "Recently? You didn't come into work yesterday and neither did Michael. So are you going to own up to the fact that you were fooling around with your old roommate?"

Grant tells Ridge that Michael moved back in with him. It didn't work out with the other woman and his relationship with Michael isn't a rebound thing. Then he tells Ridge that they have a meeting with Brooke, but leaves for her office alone.

Back at the mansion, Taylor tells Stephanie that she knows for a fact Brooke isn't involved with Grant. They may have been before, but they aren't now. Michael moved back in and they are sharing a bedroom, she explains. Whatever was going on with him and Brooke isn't happening now. Stephanie tells Taylor that she should still pursue Ridge.

Ridge is daydreaming about his beloved Brooke when Michael comes in and says, "Guess What?!?" Ridge tells her he already knows and then Michael wanted to know what Grant had to say. Michael tells Ridge that she can't believe that this is happening and it is all so unexpected.

Grant walks into Brooke's office for the meeting - without Ridge. Brooke starts to fish for information about him and Michael, "I heard you were out of town. Sounds like the two of you had a very nice time." Brooke seems strangely concerned about Michael, from the way Grant sees it. She tells him, "You are using that poor girl. She works for me I am concerned. She was a virgin for God's sake. You don't even care about her." Grant is still curious about what this means to Brooke. "This isn't about me," she explains, "it is about Michael. She is going to have some expectations and what if you can't meet them? ... Like I really wanted to hear how you touched and kissed her." Grant thinks he knows where all this is coming from - Brooke is jealous of Michael. She exclaims, "I am not jealous! Grant get out of here. You make me sick!!!!!"

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Week of 9/16/96 - 9/20/96

In Sally's office, Sally and Darla are discussing Clarke, both personally and professionally. Then Darla says, speaking of Clarke's collection, "I just hope the rest of the world can appreciate this." Sally's not too happy, so Darla says, "I'm sorry. Okay - I can't help it. Clarke's designs may be brilliant, but gosh Sal, they are a little weird. If this line isn't a total and complete smash, we aren't going to be able to pay back that loan."

Macy walks in and says, "MOTHER, you aren't going to believe what Clarke is doing now."

Michael has stopped by to see Stephanie with some notes of all the meetings Stephanie has missed while she was sick. Stephanie, however, is concerned with more than work; she is on a fishing expedition about how close Michael and Grant actually are. Stephanie tells Michael that she feels Brooke is threatened by her. Michael replies," I don't see how that could be because Brooke is the CEO and I am the Jr. marketing executive." Stephanie counters with the fact that it doesn't have anything to do with her career.

Ridge walks into Brooke's office and finds it empty and dark. He seems to be slightly annoyed because Brooke knew he was going to be there for a meeting. Just then the door closes, with Brooke behind it. She is dressed to the nine's in a beautiful black sequined cocktail dress and says, "Hello sweetheart."

"I thought this was supposed to be a business meeting," questions Ridge. Brooke says that she is wearing the dress for a very specific reason; research. She is product testing to see if the dress meets their standards before it is put in the stores. She asks Ridge what his goals were when he designed the dress, so she can make sure they're all present and accounted for. Ridge begins: "I designed this dress to make a woman look sexy (Check says Brooke - on her make-believe list), feel sexy (Check again), act sexy (checked off again).

"You forgot one thing. It is supposed to drive men wild with passion," says Brooke. "CHECK!!" says Ridge. They kiss passionately.

"Forget about the customers. Satisfy me. Oh Ridge, make love to me." begs Brooke. Ridge replies, "I can't - because of Grant."

In his office, Clarke is sketching passionately and tells the model, Kim to take off her clothes. Then he fits her with a gorgeous new red dress from his redesigned line. Kim tries to remind Clarke about his deal with Unicorn Fashions and if he has any idea of what Jack will do to him if he goes back on it. Then Clarke asks his son C.J. for some help and tells him that he is trashing the old designs.

Back in Sally's office, Macy explains to her mother and Darla what is going on. "MOTHER, you don't know what he is doing in there," says Macy. Sally wonders how bad it could be. "I'll tell you how bad," Macy continues, "I think he may have just ruined this company overnight. You obviously haven't been down to the cutting room this morning. I knew something would go wrong." lectures Macy.

Sally, Darla, and Macy all leave to go and question Clarke in his office.

Stephanie is going to do everything in her power to make sure Grant chases after Brooke. She explains to Michael, "Brooke is kind of funny that way. She always seems to want something, then you think that she is never going to get it, and then she does get it. I should know ; she got my husband. But you know, maybe if my marriage had been as new and untested as your relationship is, perhaps I could have saved myself a lot of pain. I guess that the point I am trying to make is that Brooke is not what she appears to be. She is ruthless. You seem to be a very nice person. I'd kind of hate to see you get into a battle you won't win." Michael counters with," Well don't underestimate me , Mrs. Forrester. I can hold my own against Brooke or anyone else."

Back in Brooke's office, she asks "What does Grant have to do with this?" Ridge says that he will be back in a few minutes because he was supposed to meet them to go over the men's line. Brooke tells Ridge that he won't be back and they discuss Grant's tuxedo design.

Brooke confides in Ridge that she is so sick of the men's line. Maybe it is the whole concept of men's wear that is bothering her. She takes off her ex-fiancÚ's jacket, then his shirt and says that the clothes are so unnecessary. They kiss passionately again.

C.J. tells his dad that he likes working with him. Sally barges into the office with her troops and wants to know why the cutting room is in total chaos and what is going on. Macy tries tearing into Clarke for what he's done, but C.J. defends his dad. In the end, Sally tells Clarke that she is behind him 100%, practically cheering him on.

While this is going on at Spectra, Kim went running to her boss to tattle on Clark's new designs. She tells Jack that the new designs are brilliant. Kim knows that Clarke isn't going to stick to the original deal. " Then we will have to persuade Clarke to stick to the deal." says Jack, "Keep me posted."

The preparation continues, as Macy is on the phone with a distributor telling them that Spectra needs the fabric now. A concerned Thorne listens to her, and says, "Honey, slow down. I realize things are tight right now, but it isn't going to help by getting stressed out about it."

They are discussing the fate of Spectra when C.J. walks in. He asks his brother in law to help him run lines for the play. C.J. thinks it is great to practice for the play with the lead from the Broadway show Grease. After C.J. leaves the office, Macy turns to Thorne and asks him if he is impressed. Thorne replies, "Very."

Over at Unicorn, Jack tells his two thugs, Rocky and Harry, to "find Garrison and drag his good for nothing butt in here. I am running out of patience with the clown!" Then he tells Kim to go and try on the sexy dress for the showing. She leaves the office- and Clarke comes in; "You looking for me?" he asks.

Sally sneaks her way into Forrester with a disguise and a fake pass. She jokes with Stephanie that she had better check out their security measures for the showing. Sally confides in Stephanie, "I am not here to lift any designs. Because we have got a major ace in the hole. Clarke is going to put us back on the fashion map." Sally informs Steph that, despite the risks, she has faith in Clarke; she says, "I will admit that I am rolling the dice just once and hope to come up with snake eyes."

The women continue to talk about Clarke and voice their opinions on the man. Stephanie tells Sally, "Clarke has always been a manipulative SOB and you know it." She cautions Sally - "We don't see eye to eye on a lot, but I don't want to see you lose your business."

Back at Spectra, Thorne tells his wife that her little brother is a whole new kid. Macy asks Thorne if he remembers when C.J. would throw spitballs at him. Thorne says, "It wasn't **that** long ago. What brought about the change?" Could it be that C.J.'s father has made the difference? "You really think C.J. has changed because of Clarke?" Thorne asks. He continues, "You don't trust him, do you Macy? What about your Mother?" Sally, however, has been behind Clarke 100%. "I take it your the last line of doubters. I think you should give the guy a chance," Thorne tells his wife.

Clarke explains, "Jack we need to talk, I can't go through with this," and he gives back the down payment. "It is all here. I can't accept," pleads Clarke. However, he does agree to throw a few designs Jack's way.

"Either you bury Spectra or I bury you." says Jack. Just then Kim walks in trying on the dress. Clarke is surprised that Kim has been working for Unicorn all this time. He tells them that he has been a fool most of his life, but not anymore. He is sorry that the deal is off, but the people at Spectra mean far too much to him. The two thugs Jack hired come in to beat up Clarke, but he beats them to the punch and is able to walk out of the office okay.

At Forrester, Stephanie tells Sally ,that Clarke and she discussed her favorite subject; family. He said all of the right things... oh...that he loves and adores C.J. There is no doubt about it. I am delighted he and C.J. have become friends, she tells Sally - and she hopes it stays that way after the show tomorrow. She wishes Sally good luck tomorrow and hopes it all works out for her and C.J.

Clarke has come to talk to Macy about his feelings, and he finds her in Sally's office. He says," Happiness is found with friends, family, and people you care about. No one has ever looked up to me before. I know how I have been in the past, but I want you to believe in me. I've been thinking, Macy - maybe I'll move in with Sally and my son." Little does he know that C.J. is listening to the conversation. Clarke continues, "I've lived in the fast lane and it is time to make some changes. You can't put a price on family. I finally know what love means. He is my son and I love him with all my heart." Just then C.J. comes running in and asks Clarke if he really means it - more than anything else in the world, Clarke replies.

Finally, the big day arrives. Sally is walking down the runway, checking out the preparations for the room. She is wearing a red sequined two piece dress. C.J. comes in and says "hi," to his mom and tells her today is a big day. They discuss Clarke, and C.J. asks his mom if she would live with Clarke. "He wants to move in with us, he wants us to be a family. You do too, don't you mom?" pleads C.J. Sally tells her son that now isn't the time to discuss this.

Clarke tells Macy during all of the chaos backstage that he has some security concerns. Macy confides in Clarke that she does have faith in him, don't ask her why - she must be as crazy as her mother. Clarke assures Macy that he won't let her down , not this time, nor ever again.

Thorne comes in with some invoices for his mother. He tells her he can't stay to go over them, and asks her if she would like to tag along to the Spectra Showing.

Clarke is going over his security problems with the guard: "Yeah, you are watching the building entrance right? I want you to keep an eye out for this guy (he hands him a newspaper picture of Jack). It is Jack Fuller, president of Unicorn Fashions. I'm expecting him not to show, but if he does, I want him escorted out of the building immediately."

Jack is reading the news paper and throws it on his desk. Kim and Rocky come in. They discuss that they might be out of a business all because of Garrison.

Sally tells Clarke that he has made a major miracle happen. Clarke then informs Sally that Kim will not be modeling the showstopper gown and he will explain it later. They discuss Clarke's moving back into the apartment. Sally tells Clarke, "having me and C.J. for roommates would seriously cramp your lifestyle." She then tries to put the subject off until later: "Well...ummm.... I think we ought to talk about that some other time," she adds, "I get the impression that we are putting on a show here. I think we better get to it don't you?" She adds on final thing. "Listen, Clarke.... at the end of the showing when you come out to take the designers bow.... I want you to take it center stage. Right smack in the middle of the spotlight alone because that spot belongs to you. Nobody deserves it more. Okay, lets go."

"Actually I think it might be interesting to see what Clarke and Sally pull off for the collection," says Stephanie, but she is too busy to attend the showing. Thorne responds, "Too busy huh?" Yes, Steph reminds him - some of them still have work to do on the Forrester show! Thorne laughs that he'll be right back to work after the show. Steph thinks Macy might disagree, but Thorne thinks she'll be busy with Clarke. "Mom, I tell you, I wouldn't have believed it, but the change in C.J. - it is incredible, isn't it? All due to a guy like that. I tell you if he comes up a winner at that showing today." Thorne then drops a bombshell to his Mom; "Clarke changed the collection a couple of days ago. He did a 180 degree turn and changed the entire line."

At Spectra, Jack Fuller and Rocky try to sign in and gain admittance to the showing. The security guard walks over and asks if they have an invitation. He pulls them to the side and calls security . While he radios for backup, Rocky knocks the guard out.

Clarke is going to motivate the troops... "Okay everyone, we are just about to start, but before we do, I want to tell you how proud I am of each and everyone of you. This is the Spectra Collection and you are all Spectra; each and every one of you. ("Bravo!", inserts Sally) None of us would be here without the efforts of one person, year in and year out."

Sally chimes in, "Thank you Mr. Garrison. What Mr. Garrison was just talking about was family - that is Spectra has been one right from the very beginning; one big production, one happy family. So, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. You are going to get out there now and show them a brilliant collection that is going to live in their minds forever."

"I really can't imagine why Clarke would change the collection," says Thorne - he also points out that Sally has been behind him 100%. He informs his mother, "OK, I'll give you a full report when I get back."

Jack and Rocky try to get past Darla without having their invitations. Clarke peeks through the stage curtains and spots Rocky.

Thorne shows up by Macy's side. She tells her hubby that Clarke wants this to be such a success. I really think that we are the driving force of his life right now personally, she states. "I am starting to wonder if anything could possibly stop us." The show is about to start............

Meanwhile Clarke stands up to Jack and asks what they are doing there. Jack dictates, "You are going to show the proper collection, I trust? Not smart Clarke! We are not going anywhere." And, he adds, Clarke making a bog deal won't do any good. "You want to make a scene, go ahead," he instructs Clarke. "You see Garrison, we want to be here until the very end, when you come out for your final bow. It will be your final bow, Clarke - if the show doesn't go the way it is supposed to."

Sally comes out and welcomes everyone to the showing. She says a few nice words about missing Saul and how he will always be an inspiration. The first grouping comes out and the models are all wearing African themed type of outfits. Sally goes backstage and tells Clarke that she is proud of him.

The Spectra Fashion Show continues. The next grouping is one of beautiful silver sequined cocktail dresses. As the models leave to go out on the stage Sally tells them that they are going to burn their eyes out! All eyes out in the room are on the three gorgeous dresses.

Sally and Clarke are watching from backstage. She tells him, "Today, all the luck there is in the world belongs to you and me. Absolutely, nothing can stop us now." The next set of models prepare to go out wearing sundresses.

Jack Fuller and Rocky don't look too happy. Jack states, "Garrison is going to pay for this."

"What is the matter baby. You seem pretty tense. What could possibly go wrong?" questions Sally to Clarke. Clarke responds," No matter what happens here today, I want you to know that I gave it my best shot for you and for C.J." The swimsuit models go out next and they are all wearing metallic animal prints.

"He double crossed us," Jack laments to Rocky. "They are going to make a mint off of this line. You know the plan - Garrison has to pay. Just take care of the job; now do it." Jack bosses his thug, Rocky.

Backstage, C.J. tells his dad, "I could never pull something like this off. You definitely are a winner. You are the best. You are bitchin'." Clarke and his son hug. The evening wear group follows. All of the gowns are beaded with matching shawls. Clarke and C.J. are watching the showing together, with huge smiles on their faces.

A shimmering gold metallic gown is next down the runway with "Goldfinger", from the James Bond film, playing in the background (yes, it is the showstopper!). Then Clarke comes out to a standing ovation. He notices Jack and Rocky standing in the back of the audience. Jack gives Rocky a nod and then Rocky reaches into his sports coat jacket .... Clarke is sweating it out.... and Rocky pulls out..... a cigar. Clarke feels that the worse is over and walks off the stage.

Once the show is over, Sally is celebrating and the champagne is flowing. "They are going to have to get used to it, Spectra-Garrison has arrived!!" she proudly announces. Hard Copy reporter Jerry Penacoli wants to know if he heard right - did she say "Spectra-Garrison"??? That's right, Sally says, "I am going to make if official right now and I am going to give Hard Copy the scoop." Everyone toasts Clarke.

Clarke promises to Sally that he is a different and better man. Where is C.J., asks Macy, followed by everyone else. He is nowhere to be found. Clarke walks back out on the stage, "I've got to find him. No, they couldn't do this. He has got to be here."

Meanwhile, they cut to a white van racing through the streets of L.A. Yes, C.J. is tied up in the back while Jack Fuller is smoking a cigar.

In his office, Ridge is pouring himself a cup of coffee while Grant gladly ushers in the female models. Grant questions who Ridge picked to model the showstopper wedding gown. "I know what I am doing, Grant," lectures Ridge. Grant is curious about Ridge's choice - Harmony is the wrong model for the wedding gown. Is there a change or something? And if there is, shouldn't Ridge be telling him? "No, I'm not making any changes," Ridge informs him. He tries to get rid of Grant, asking, "Grant, don't you have any other work to do? do it." Grant continues to ask why he is out of the loop and what is going on.

Backstage at the show, Macy just accepted yellow roses from a fashion house in Italy to wish them well. Macy and her mom continue to discuss the show and how now everyone is jumping on the Spectra bandwagon. Darla comes in all excited and says the most respected fashion reporter in all of television is coming backstage. It is Elsa Klensch from CNN.

Clarke is talking to a guy who is cleaning up the room where the show was. "Have you seen my boy?" he anxiously asks. "If you see him call my office right away. Yeah, Yeah he has to be here somewhere," he instructs the man. He then asks, "Look, you haven't seen a couple of guys; one is short and stocky - one real big? They look like they don't belong." Clarke just can't help feeling uneasy - "I hope nothing is wrong; I hope not."

Michael stops by Brooke's office and shows Brooke three fashion magazine covers with her and Ridge on them. Michael exclaims, "The cover of three magazines in one week; Brooke, that is pretty outstanding." Brooke replies, "Money can not buy you this kind of publicity." "Yeah, the media can't get enough of you two. They all seem to have the same question. What is going to happen; is there going to be a wedding or what? So what is the big answer?" Michael asks.

Sally is all excited about the reporter from CNN. "WOW, come in, please come in. This is wonderful. Now listen Elsa I have a lot of respect for you, so I want you to level with me. What did you think?"

The reporter replies, "Fabulous, clean classic lines with a touch of innovation that women want. I mean it." Sally replies, "Thank you so much. For the first time in my life I don't know what to say!" Elsa would like to meet the designer of this grand collection. Sally responds, "Of course you can see Clarke Garrison. Darla, would you see if you can find Clarke. He is probably in his office. Sit and relax, Clarke will be here any minute." However, Elsa doesn't get the chance to meet Clarke - she has another show to attend. Can Clarke call her, Elsa asks? "Of course I'll ask him to call you," Sally says. "You are my good luck charm, lady, I know we are going to have a good year now. Thank you so much!" Sally is delighted at her famous visitor, although she is sorry that Clarke missed his chance in the spotlight.

Clarke is running around the hallways checking every place for C.J. He finds Carl, the security guard that was knocked out. Carl tells him the guy Clarke warned him about was the one that knocked him out. "Have you seen my son?" Clarke asks. Carl tells him no. "Stay here and I will get you some help," Clarke instructs him.

"You are not being iced out Grant," Ridge explains. "Actually I haven't told anyone. I have something in the works for the end of the showing. I don't want the tall model wearing the showstopper. Harmony is going to do just fine." Ridge goes a little further - "Actually she isn't going to wear it. Look it is just something personal; it is my own little gig here. Just leave it at that." Obviously, Grant disagrees with Ridge's plans. "Grant, do me a favor will you? Don't tell me what I can and can't do. Just get your end of the showing in order and let me worry about the rest." lectures Ridge. "OK, buddy, it is your company. But there is going to be a hell of a lot of people watching us that day." replies Grant.

"I'm counting on that." says Ridge as Grant leaves the office.

In Brooke's office, she continues to talk with Michael. " If there is one thing I have learned, Michael, Brooke explains, "it's not to live your live in accordance to what the media wants. Questions that Ridge and I have answered for years. We are used to this. Well I don't even know what is going to happen, how could I possibly tell the world? Of course I know what I Want to happen. Now why don't you and I get back to work and let the journalist ask the questions." lectures Brooke to Michael. Michael leaves.

Grant comes in with the order of the showing for Brooke. Brooke tells him to wait, that there must be a mistake. It says on the paper that Harmony is modeling the wedding gown; she is about her size and build. Brooke wants to know why Ridge would be fitting her for the wedding gown.

"OH MY GOD, THAT IS WHAT HE IS DOING!" Grant realizes. "He is not fitting the gown for Harmony - he is fitting it for you, of course. He said it was personal; he wanted the whole world to see it." Brooke doesn't follow what Grant's thinking. "I'm talking about a marriage proposal, Brooke - Ridge is going to propose to you on the day of the fashion show. Somehow you are going to be wearing that gown."

Clarke gets a phone call from Jack. Jack says, "Clarke, baby, you sound nervous, anxious." Clarke wants to know about C.J. "You mean the little actor? You know now that you mention it, he is around here somewhere," taunts Jack. "I warned you, Garrison - even offered you millions. All you had to do was ruin the Spectra collection - the dresses were cut. Do you know that the change is going to cost you very dearly?" Clarke wants Jack to take him, instead. "How gallant. No, I don't think so!" Jack replies. Jack intends for C.J. to die! Jack hangs up the phone, and Clarke is reduced to tears.

Brooke wonders if Grant is crazy, but the proposal is the only thing that makes sense. Grant only has one question - "Are you ready to be proposed to? Don't you see, Ridge is putting you in an impossible position?" He pleads with her, "I'm more than a friend. the fact of facing the future with out Ridge scares you. You love me. It was more than that, we have become close. This is the only way he can make it happen." Brooke, however, despite Grant's questions, is delighted with the idea of a proposal from Ridge. She doesn't feel forced by anything - this is just Ridge's way of doing this, and it's romantic, as far as she is concerned. As for the question of whether she will accept or not. she tells him, "You better believe that I am going to accept it!"

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Week of 9/23/96 - 9/27/97

Brooke is in her office as Trish brings Brooke the information on the models Brooke asked for; Mayra, Dominique and especially Harmony. She's beautiful, Trish says of Harmony - but she's so much shorter than the rest that she wonders about Ridge's decision. "I guess Ridge knows what he's doing," she says, and Brooke agrees. Trish leaves, and Brooke thinks, "I guess Grant was right - Ridge does plan on proposing to me in front of the whole world. How incredibly romantic." She smiles, and then Ridge comes in; "You've been looking for me?" he asks. "All my life," Brooke replies. They discuss arrangements for the show, and Brooke thinks it's best if Ridge makes the decisions. "I just can't focus," she explains, "I'm a little preoccupied." "With what?" Ridge asks. "With this," she says, as she starts kissing him.

Taylor is with Jessica in Jessie's room at the mansion. "What did the police say?" Taylor asks. Nothing, Jess explains - in fact, they're not even investigating anymore. It's frustrating, and it's scary, she feels. "I can't go anywhere knowing he's out there, and he could be watching me." That's what they have to work on, Taylor reminds her. "It just isn't fair," Jess laments, "he's the one who did something wrong, not me, and I'm the one paying for it. I have to live in this hell, but he's out there, just fine." Taylor says she's right, and she has every reason to be upset. She has two choices - allow her emotions to paralyze her, or take back her life. "Which one is it going to be?" Taylor asks.

As they prepare for a big dance party at the Bikini Bar, the place is in chaos - a worker almost electrocutes himself plugging in a drill. "This place is a mess," Sly says with a sigh, as Dylan comes to buy tickets for the dance for him and Jessica. Sly is a little surprised, since Jessica hasn't been around much lately. Dylan says she's going through a bad time, but doesn't want to talk about it. Sly finds that odd - why wouldn't she talk to Dylan about it - unless maybe Dylan is the problem?

Jessica tells Taylor she does want to get better, which Taylor thinks is good. She asks if Jessica took her advice, and Jessica says she did - she went out on her own, to the library. However, she felt like everyone was watching her, and even froze up when she got to the garage to pick up her car. Taylor asks how she handled it, and she says she took deep breaths until she was calm. Jess doesn't think it's a big deal, but Taylor does - taking control of the fear is a major step. Still, Jessica is worried about going out with Dylan tonight - she isn't sure she's ready, but she can't keep putting Dylan off. Taylor suggests telling Dylan, but Jessica refuses - she won't let the rape mess up his life, too.

"Jessica doesn't have a problem with me... I would know, a lot better than you," Dylan informs Sly. Sly notes that Dylan is upset - this is really getting to him. Dylan says it's just so strange, the way Jessica has been acting. But everything will be all right at the dance, Sly guesses - after all, Dylan and Jess are the perfect couple. He tells Dylan to say hi to Jess, as Dylan leaves. Going off to tend to another disaster in the bar, Sly smiles evilly, "So, Jessica, tonight we meet again."

Brooke and Ridge keep kissing, until Ridge says they have to get back to work. Brooke then makes some suggestions about the show that Ridge likes. "So where's my reward?" she asks. Ridge pecks her on the lips, but Brooke pulls him closer for more. "What's gotten into you," he asks. "You," she replies, "Not what you've done, but what you're going to do at the show...with your gorgeous designs." She's excited - about the show, and especially about the kids. Ridge says the kids are all right because of her, and Brooke reminds him he didn't always think so. "I was wrong," Ridge admits - she was right to put Bridget first. That means a lot to Brooke - although it wasn't easy turning down a proposal from the sexiest, most eligible bachelor in Beverly Hills. Ridge doesn't think that will be a problem.

Dylan comes to the mansion to pick Jessica up, and asks when she's going to be ready to go - she says that she is. Looking at her clothes, he asks her if she wouldn't be more comfortable in a bathing suit, since it's a beach party - maybe that new purple bikini she bought? "I just don't want to look like that tonight," Jessica explains. "OK, then, let's go," Dylan says unhappily.

Taylor comes into Ridge's office, and seeing that Ridge isn't there, she prepares to write him a note. Suddenly, she begins thinking back to a night during her marriage to Ridge, when he was at his most romantic. She's brought back to reality by Ridge, who tells her he's glad to hear she's staying in L.A. He asks how she is, and she says she's fine - "but not compared to how you are... it's written all over your collar," she says, pointing out the lipstick on it.

As Sly serves some drinks to Jasmine and two guys at the Bikini, the lights start flickering on and off. Jazz says she heard Jessica is coming, which leads the two guys to start ribbing Sly about how he lost his ticket to easy street, and how Jessica took away his "dolly". Sly goes back to the bar with a sour look on his face.

Jessica and Dylan come in to the room, and Jessica freezes, feeling like everyone is watching her. Sly comes up and hugs her, telling her he's glad to see her. "Tonight's going to be a lot of fun," he tells her.

Ridge changes his shirt and sees Taylor look away. "Don't tell me this makes you uncomfortable?" Ridge inquires. No, Taylor says - she would just hate to have Brooke walk in and misread things. She tells him to button up, but Ridge says she has nothing to worry about. "I guess not," Taylor surmises, "after all, it was her lipstick on your collar. Wasn't it?" "Of course it was," Ridge explains, "I would never seriously kiss another woman any more than Brooke would kiss another man." Then Ridge has never doubted Brooke, Taylor guesses. "Yes, I have," Ridge explains - it was during the paternity mess, but fortunately, she forgave him. Taylor can't believe his idealistic view of Brooke, as opposed to her realistic one. "I just have to wonder, if you did find out Brooke betrayed you, if you'd even let yourself believe it," she explains. Fortunately, Ridge doesn't have to worry about it, but he thinks Taylor's concern is cute. "I'm not trying to be cute," she explains, "I'm trying to let you know... that if Brooke ever turned out not to be the woman that you thought she was, that I would still be there for you." She kisses Ridge and leaves, leaving him dumbfounded.

Sheila is at home, reading a passage about forgiveness for past sins from the New Testament by the roaring fire. "Isn't this amazing? " she asks Mike. It is amazing all right, he replies, with a disbelieving look on his face.

Taylor visits James in his office, and tells him about her new patient (actually Jessica) and that she is staying in L.A. because of that patient's needs - she can always handle Paris by fax and phone. She informs James that whatever happens tonight will definitely effect the rest of her patient's recovery; in fact the rest of her life.

Dylan and Jessica escape from the Bikini Bar, out onto the beach to spend some time together. They start to discuss their past together. Jessica tells Dylan that she has changed, she was stupid back then. Dylan replies, "Jessica you were never stupid. You were maybe a little idealistic, innocent. Why do you think I was so crazy about you huh? Believe me I don't want you to stay innocent forever. We are alone out here. We could work on that right now." Dylan tries to kiss his girlfriend, but she pulls away from him again. Jessica wants to know if it matters that she has only been with one man; him. Dylan explains, "Jessica, of course; that is what made it so special. That is what makes it so special now." He tries to kiss Jessica again.

Inside the bar, Sly is working behind the bar and tells the gang that Jessica is out on the beach with Dylan. His friends all joke around that Dylan will get further with Jess than he did. Sly isn't happy to be the object of ridicule, and walks over to talk to Jasmine at a table. Jasmine tells Sly not to let those guys get to him and now he knows who his real friends are. Sly says that he has Jessica to thank for that also. Jasmine thinks Sly is so sweet and is totally taken in by his new found charm.

James asks Taylor if the new case is the real reason Taylor stayed in L.A. or if it is also because of Ridge. Taylor informs him, about Ridge, that "certain things have been happening lately to make me wonder, but I cant discuss that. I am just focusing on my work now." James tells Taylor that he can relate to that - he's involved in his work with Sheila. Taylor warns him to be cautious, and James reminds her that he knows how dangerous Sheila can be - better than anyone. He also tells her that his personal life has been neglecting him lately. However, he thinks that will change; he tells his friend that he is looking forward to going out with Maggie tonight - and just then Maggie calls to cancel their date again.

Mike questions Sheila's new found religious beliefs. "You have taken up reading the Bible?" he says, not believing it. Sheila tells him Damon suggested it - and she also explains who Damon is. "Damon....??? Oh, I get it, you are using the good book to make an impression on the good doctor. Very tricky Sheila."

" This isn't about impressing James, this is about saving me," Sheila insists. "Listen to this ( she reads a passage about forgiveness). Can you believe it? It is like it was written for me. These passages they speak to me. I was up all night reading these. They give me hope that anyone can start all over. I am going to have God to guide me, through James of course." Sheila says.

Jessie and Dylan are still on the beach. " Dylan stop it OK!!!- I'm not in the mood right now. I just don't want to do this." cries Jessica. She gets up and Dylan is upset that she never wants to kiss him anymore. What's going on, Dylan demands to know - is it something he did? She says that it is nothing and she is sorry. Dylan leaves for a walk on the beach - ALONE! And Jess is upset that she is left alone on the beach. She goes inside and asks Jasmine if she could use the phone.

Despite Taylor's attempts to calm him down (since she really knows what's going on), James is furious at Maggie. Yes, Taylor's probably right that there must be a reason, but Maggie isn't telling him what it is!

Soon after, Taylor comes to see Maggie - Maggie isn't really surprised, since James mentioned over the phone that Taylor was with him in the office. I thought you could use a friend, Taylor says. Maggie is grateful, as she cries about how unfair this is for her daughter. That's the only regret Maggie has - Jessica had her whole life ahead of her, and now that's gone.

James arrives at Sheila's house - he called her and suggested an extra therapy session. He practically snaps Sheila's head off, which leads her to ask why he suggested the session if he's so mad. James sort of apologizes, saying that Maggie broke another date - but it's clear he's still fuming, and he's taking it out on Sheila. Sheila tries to calm him by reading a passage from the Bible that seems fitting - James is astonished.

Jessica tells Jazz that she and Dylan got into a fight. Jasmine says, "Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this, but Dylan feels you are losing interest in him. I think everything will be fine." Jazz leaves Jessica alone and goes to talk to Dylan.

Just then Sly comes over; he asks Jessica to dance. He tells her to forget about Dylan, he isn't going to take no for an answer. He then continues to tell Jess that his night isn't going well either. The guys have been teasing him about carrying around that baby doll and they never even had sex. " Oh, sly, I'm sorry about that. Are you angry with me? " asks Jessica.

"No, I know something they don't." replies Sly. He continues to dance with Jessica. ( the song playing is Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics) Sly puts his arms around Jess and caresses her back. Then he traces her mouth with his fingers. Jessica has a flashback, the rapist moved the same way. His eyes looked just like Sly's. "It was you. Oh my God.......... It was you." she whispers.

Brooke, her beloved Ridge, and her sister Katie are all sitting around the fire at Brooke's house, reading a bedtime story to Bridget. Ridge leaves to tuck Bridget into bed and Brooke and Katie share a private chat. "Things are pretty close to perfect." Katie thinks it's encouraging how Bridget is accepting Eric as her father. Brooke tells her, "We are taking everything with Bridget one day at a time. You know- the Forrester showing is coming up; well the showstopper is going to be incredible this year. Ridge has designed the most beautiful wedding gown and he plans to have me model it. He is going to propose to me at the end of the runway." Katie wonders if Brooke is sure - did he tell her? "No, he didn't tell me, I am certain. This is going to be the best day of my life." Brooke confides in her little sister.

James and Sheila continue their session. "You told me that your parents physically and emotionally abused you when you were a little girl. And your parents abuse, that made you feel unlovable?" asks James. Sheila replies that she always felt like all of the problems were her fault.

James observes, "Loss of trust. The trust between parent and child. those are the building blocks of all personal relationships. That is the core of your obsessive behavior. It is why you need to control relationships; why you push so hard." Sheila comes to the conclusion that is why she pushed people all of her life.

"Oh my god. It was you..... It was you wasn't it?" questions Jessica. Sly plays dumb and asks what she is talking about. Jessica lectures back, "Don't give me that Sly. you are the one. You are the animal who did this to me. You aren't going to get away with it, Sly. I swear you aren't going to get away with this." Jessica quickly walks out of the bar.

Sheila tells James that he is right she always felt unlovable. James reports that Scott, Eric, Brooke, and even him were all relationships that go back to her childhood. The abusive behavior is from her relationship with her parents. "There is someone who still loves me though and I am still certain of that; the Lord. I even went to church the other day. It felt amazing. I felt so at peace," Sheila explains. James feels she should be careful, though. "Careful? If God can forgive me," states Sheila.

James replies, "Religion is very helpful to your recovery. However, you must be careful. Even though you feel that God is someone who will always be there for you don't use religion to feed your obsessive behavior. God's forgiveness does not take away responsibility for your actions. You are still responsible for the harm that you have done to others. Remember, Sheila, that changing a lifetime of obsessive behavior is going to be a long and difficult process. Religion is a very good place to start. God cant replace interpersonal relationships. " Sheila goes to the desk and takes out a list of the people she has hurt in the past. She wants to make amends with everyone on the list, and he wants to start her life over so she can join the world again. James tells her that this is a good place to end the session and she has done well tonight.

Jasmine asks Jess where she is going out in the hallway. " I don't know. But I really have to go and find Dylan." replies Jessica. Jasmine tells Jessica that she should tell her what is going on. Jessica tells her that she hasn't told anybody what is wrong, not Aunt Stephanie or Dylan. "I was raped. It happened a few weeks ago," Jess confesses. "No, I haven't told anyone except my mom and Taylor. She thinks I might know the man who did it. It was Sly. Sly raped me," Jess explains.

"No, I cant believe that," Jasmine states. "Did you see him?" Jessica says no - he wore a mask. "Then you didn't really know who did this to you," Jasmine points out. "Jessica ,look I am sorry. You cant go around making accusations." Jessica tells her about the birthmark. "You think Sly has a birthmark? No, I've never seen anything like that. Jessica I know how you want to put this behind you. It just isn't possible. Sly made you feel uncomfortable when you were dancing, but that doesn't mean he raped you." states Jasmine. Just then Dylan comes back to apologize to Jess. Jasmine leaves and Jessica and Dylan make up. Dylan tells his girlfriend that he is there for her while Sly looks on from the distance.

Ridge comes down and Bridget is asleep. Katie has left also. They are alone at last and plan to make the most of their time together. Brooke is looking back at the last time Ridge proposed to her. She tells him that it wasn't rejection, more like a raincheck. Ridge tells Brooke that he might just cash in on it. " I'll be ready this time." states Brooke. They move to the couch and sit in front of the fireplace. " It is amazing that we have held on to each other for so long. You know something Logan, you are one incredible lady. Because what you stand for. You are the most devoted person I know. Someone that I can trust completely. I cant tell you how much that means to me. It is destiny that we are together." Brooke pledges her undying love to Ridge. " It is going to happen this time." states Ridge...

At Forrester, Ridge is checking out three of his designs for the showing on the models. His dad comes in and asks if Brooke is on her way over. Eric and Ridge discuss that she isn't going to like the decision they made and wonder how she is going to react. When Brooke enters they tell her they have come to a decision and it is one they had to make, even though they are both sure it isn't going to be very popular.

Meanwhile, Grant is in his office showing some of his designs for the showing to Michael. He tells her that he is counting the days to the showing because it is the highlight of his career. Michael tells Grant how proud she is of him.

At Spectra, Clarke picks up a picture of his son C.J. off the desk. Sally comes in and he tells her that he has been looking for her all night. "We need to talk, Sally," he begins. "Come here, come here, I want you to sit down. I've got some bad news." explains Clarke.

At Unicorn Fashions, Rocky is nervous and pacing back and forth waiting for Jack. Jack comes in and says, "I imagine by now Garrison and Sally are staring at a phone waiting, praying. I'm sure they called the police. I know it wasn't one of your more pleasant assignments; killing a kid never is. Did he give you any problems after you dropped me off?" Jack notices Rocky's attitude. "What is it? You did get rid of the boy? Garrison's son is dead?!?!' exclaims Jack. "Just tell me you did what you were supposed to do." Much to Jack's chagrin, Ricky couldn't go through with it. "You didn't kill that boy," he says in disbelief. "What do you suggest we do with him?" Jack explains how this is a setback. "We could have stayed here if you had done what you were supposed to do." But not now, he explains; "The police are swarming all over here. He is Clarke's son and he cost us millions." However, Jack isn't done yet. "We are going to finish this. Get that boy in here."

Ridge and Eric lecture Brooke on the reason of moving the men's line to a separate showing, which is the big decision they had to make. "It involves the spring showing. We are going to give the men's line its own show, Brooke. It is the way any of the other big houses would do it. We just don't have the time to show both collections at once. We should have realized that months ago. We aren't getting the coverage for the men's line we would like. Grants line is getting lost in the collection. It makes good business sense. "

Brooke replies, "It is going to be a hard pill to swallow. Grant has been looking forward to this showing. It has been all he has talking about for months." The problem is that the business needs outweigh Grant's feeling. "I know," Brooke says. "I am not arguing the business logic; maybe we should wait until next year to start this," she suggests. No, it can't wait - it has to be done now. Well it isn't going to be easy to tell Grant, Brooke indicates. "Let me know how it is going to turn out," she asks.

Sally and Clarke continue their conversation. " Oh baby, we have no room for bad news around here. what is it?" exclaims Sally.

" Oh God, where do I begin?" Clarke responds. "I need to tell you a story. It isn't one I am proud of, but one you need to hear. You know that first bunch of dresses I designed- they were hideous." But Clarke believed in them, Sally points out. "No, Sally, I didn't believe in them. They were trash and I meant for them to be trash. I was paid to throw the collection for fifteen million dollars. I was supposed to design such a terrible collection for Spectra that we should be out of business." He then tells Sally who it was that made the offer - Jack Fuller. "Yeah, tell me about it" he laments. Sally realizes that, if this is true, Clarke must have changed his mind. "Yeah, I couldn't go through with it, not after what you have done for me. And C.J. - My God, it would have destroyed him. So yes I changed it. At the last minute I designed a whole new spring collection. I got lucky. I never should have accepted that in the first place." Clarke then breaks the worst part. "Sally, that isn't all. They are evil, Sally. I would have gladly handed myself over in exchange. We were close you know. I would have been a good father this time. No, No, I endangered my son's life. I don't deserve to be his father. What have I done to my child? The police and I have been out looking for him all night. They have taken him." confesses Clarke. Sally is enraged that Clarke didn't find her last night to tell her that their child was missing. She can't believe that Clarke is sitting around doing nothing but feel sorry for himself. She threatens to kill him if her baby isn't found safe.

Grant comes into Ridge's office - and Ridge breaks the news to him that his designs aren't going to be in the showing.

" How are you doing kid? You know why you are here don't ya?" Jack asks C.J. "'cause your old man is a bum," Jack explains. Jack makes Clarke look bad to C.J. "He is the lowest form of life on the planet. He put you here. Your dad is responsible for what is about to happen. and really with an old man like that you are better off dead, don't you think? Lets go." lectures Jack. They put CJ back in the white van and go off to find a deserted road with the famous HOLLYWOOD sign up in the hills. Jack tells CJ that they are here and he should say his prayers.

At Spectra, Sally is addressing two L.A. police officers about what is going on with her little boy. "What are you doing sitting here telling me that you don't have any new leads," she asks. "I know who the guilty man is, Jack Fuller. I gave you his address and you have the address of his place of business. All you have to do is arrest him because he is the man who has taken my son. That is impossible for him to be in Canada. Jack Fuller is right here in LA. He kidnapped my son. He tried to break into my fashion show and he hurt a guard doing it. He set up this kidnapping in order to hurt my head designer because of a deal that fell through. You have to find that child before it is too late!!!!"

Clarke is looking out the window of his office, thinking, when Macy comes in. "Mother just told me. I bet you're sorry, Clarke. Your sorry you missed out on fifteen million dollars. Money meant plenty to you a couple of weeks ago. My brother could be dead because of you. I hate you so much!!!!!" Macy screams. She also smacks Clarke on the face before leaving. Clarke promises Macy that as long as there is still hope he is not going to give up.

In the Hollywood Hills, Jack Fuller tells Rocky to remove the gag from C.J. They want C.J. to copy a suicide note. Jack informs C.J., "They will definitely believe it. The only reason your father came back was to get cash from your mother and not for you. You listen to me, C.J., you were dealt a bad hand; sometimes that happens. Your father has no heart, all he cares about his himself. Now I am sorry son, but that is the way it is. You had a bad life and I am going to help you end it."

Ridge has called in Grant to tell him that none of his designs will be in the showing. The company is going to have a separate showing for the men's line in a few more weeks. Grant is very upset and says," No, Ridge - don't take me out of the showing. I worked too hard. This company has never done a separate men's showing. It is going to take years to build that up. Why do you have to do it now? Why are you doing this to me?" Grant suspects there is more to the decision than Ridge is telling him: "Are you sure there isn't something else going on here; something other than business?!?!" he demands to know.

Back at Spectra, Sally is still with the police. "Gentlemen, we are wasting time. Ask your questions," Sally instructs the cops. She asks, "Why are you still sitting here when there is a little boy in danger? Kim Swanson has been employed here by us. My head designer was offered fifteen million dollars as a bribe. I am getting a terrible feeling about this. And it is getting worse every minute. Just find that little boy and bring him home please!" pleads Sally to the police officers.

"It would be a bad decision; one that would cost us millions," Ridge explains to Grant about the decision for separate showings. "You are asking me to make a bad business decision, just to give your career a boost. This is a bottom line judgment call. Dad okayed this and so did Brooke." Ridge informs Grant.

In his office, Clarke is talking to himself that C.J. has to be somewhere. He tells himself that he is running out of time. Clarke looks at a playbill from C.J.'s play and remembers the conversation he had with Fuller on the telephone. He thinks back to what Jack said - that C.J. would be closer to the next Joey Sherman than he would be to Cary Grant. Clarke then goes to the library to do research on the actor named Joey Sherman. At the library, the librarian ( played by Marcia Wallace from the old Newhart show) helps Clarke find out the info he needs. It turns out that Joey Sherman was a successful child actor whose main claim to fame was his death. He was killed below the famous Hollywood sign, with what was said to be a suicide. But he also had ties to the mob. Clarke says "Damn it," and runs out to find his son.

Clarke races against time as he searches the deserted roads for his son. he gets there just in time as they take CJ out of the van and are preparing to kill him. " NO!....STOP!....CJ!.....NO!...." Clarke calls. Rocky has the gun pointed to CJ's head.

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Week of 9/30/96 -10/4/96

Brooke comes into Ridge's office and is worried about how Grant took the news about not showing the men's line. Ridge pouts how he hated doing this to his friend; Grant worked his tail off and he is going to have a showing. Ridge admits that the men's line showing won't be nearly as glamorous as this one. He continues to tell Brooke that Grant stormed out of his office and didn't say where he was going. "I like the guy. It was almost like I betrayed him." says Ridge. Brooke decides to talk to Grant for Ridge's sake.

Grant has come to complain to Stephanie, in her office, about his designs not being in this showing. " Ridge can't do this to me!!!'" he wails. "First of all this was not Ridge's fault, it was a family decision," Stephanie explains. Grant thinks it personal. "Why do you say that?" Steph asks. Grant gets angry about all his work down the drain, and Stephanie instructs him, "Don't you use that tone of voice with me! You may have designed the men's line, but it is not yours; it belongs to Forrester. We will make the decision on how it is to be marketed. Accept that Grant; get over it." She hands Grant a set of keys; "We own a beautiful cabin up in Big Bear. I suggest you go up there to clear your head and come back with a better attitude." states Stephanie. In a church, Sally is on her knees praying for her son. "God , he is just a little boy. He is all alone and he is afraid. Just when things started to get better for him, all when his father came back into his life. I know it is my fault. I should have listened to my old friend, Saul. I was weak: I wanted him for the boy - but the truth is I wanted Clarke for the business just as much. Now he has vanished. help me, help my son. C.J." Thinking of her son, she says, as if he could hear her, "Are you there honey? It is mom. You hold on. God won't let anything bad happen to you. Hold on." Macy comes in and tells her mom that they should go back to the office. They hug.

Clarke has arrived at the cliff by the Hollywood Hills, and is racing against time. He gets out of his car and screams "NO! Stop! CJ!!" Rocky puts a gun to CJ's head and Jack Fuller tells Clarke not to come any closer. Clarke pleads," Please don't do this. Let him go. You can have me." Jack's not biting though - C.J. is going to die. "Wait! Let me talk to my son. Just a couple of words....," pleads Clarke. Jack agrees to let him speak with C.J. "C.J., I am sorry, I never meant for this. C.J. just listen to me, just listen to my voice. Nothing but the sound of my words. No matter what happens I'll be there with you. I left you once and I will never leave you again. I love you C.J., more than anything in my life. Don't ever forget that." Jack Fuller yells that is enough and it is payback time. He wants Clarke to live a long and miserable life knowing that his son died a painful death from the mob.

Stephanie gets a second visitor when Brooke stops by looking for Grant. Stephanie tells Brooke that she knows where Grant is. "I sent him up to our cabin in Big Bear. I thought he needed time alone to cool off." Brooke doesn't think that was a good idea. "Oh.... and he would be better off in your company? Such dedication to an employee. Obviously he is very important to you. It is quite noticeable that Grant is much more than an employee to you. I see through you. I always have..... It always amazes me how you fool everyone else."

Brooke strikes back, "I told you he is just a friend. I am not going to waste my time with you, Stephanie. I don't think about anyone else; the only things I think about are Ridge, the children, my work, and my friends. Anything beyond that is a figment of your imagination. Now I am going up to Big Bear. Oh.... and don't make any plans this weekend. There is going to be a wedding in your family. I might as well tell you because you can't do anything to stop it. When you least expect it, Ridge is going to propose to me and I am going to accept. I bet you can't wait to have me back in the family. Well, guess what Stephanie, the feeling is mutual. Bye, mom Forrester!'

Sally is on the phone with the police to see if there has been any news. Nobody has seen C.J. They have to assume Clarke has run off and C.J. is the one they have to concentrate on.

Grant arrives at the Forrester Cabin, and is feeling sorry for himself. He lost the woman he loves; he lost the chance to be in the spotlight, and Brooke does he forget Brooke? Grant continues to build a fire and the phone rings. Brooke is calling to say she will be there in an hour and they have some things to talk about.

In her office alone, Stephanie is talking out loud to herself and wondering if Brooke was bluffing. She sounded so confident. If Ridge is actually going to marry her and she is carrying on behind his back..... I promised myself I would stay out of this... But doesn't Ridge deserve to know about this? Shouldn't I tell him about Brooke and Grant?" Of course Stephanie gets on the phone to meddle and her son comes running to see his mother.

Clarke runs up to the cliff and knocks Jack Fuller to the ground. They start to fight while Rocky moves closer to the edge of the cliff with C.J. Clarke breaks free and pushes Rocky over the side of the cliff! Jack starts to fight with Clarke and before you know it both men have fallen over the side of the cliff!!!. "Dad!!! Dad!!!!" yells C.J. We end today's episode with all three men lying at the bottom of the cliff unconscious.

Stephanie calls Ridge into her office for a talk. She begins, "It is about Brooke and Grant. He is upset about the men's line, but that is not the point. He is with Brooke now." Ridge isn't buying into his mom's line - and to prove it, he tells her about his plan to propose to Brooke at the show! "You can't do that," Stephanie tells him. "You are going to put her in the wedding gown? I know how you feel about her." Ridge wants to know why his mother can't see how excited he is about this plan. "Yes, I can see how excited you are and that is why it breaks my heart," Stephanie explains. "I am concerned about the way Brooke treats you." Ridge isn't happy with what his mother is doing. "Ridge stop!" Steph exclaims. "I just don't want you to go on like this. I have something I have to tell you, I think you have a right to know it."

Grant can't stop feeling sorry for himself. He is upset that he is trying to get away from the Forresters - yet he went to their cabin. Grant spots a photograph of Brooke on the table. He remembers the conversation he had with Brooke when she told him that she doesn't want him. His thoughts are interrupted with a knock at the door. Brooke has arrived.

Back at Spectra, Sally tells Macy that she doesn't want to go home because all of C.J.'s things are there. "It is so ironic, only yesterday I was saying I would do anything to make this collection a success. God! I didn't mean my little boy." Macy tries to make her mom feel better by telling her it's not her fault. "Of course it is my fault, Macy - who else? I was the one who let Clarke back. I wanted him. I said it was for the boy, but it wasn't. I needed him. And now my little boy is paying the price." says Sally.

Just then two cops arrive and C.J. walks in. Sally, Macy and Darla are overjoyed to see him, and C.J. tells everyone he is fine. The cops tell Sally that they found C.J. from a helicopter under the Hollywood signs in the hills. They inform Sally that Jack Fuller is in critical condition, but the accomplice Rocky is dead. Sally thanks them - however, they point out that they can't take the credit for saving her son, because his father saved his life. Sally doesn't understand; if Clarke saved her sons life, then where is he? The cops continue to tell Sally that they don't want to discuss Mr. Garrison's condition in front of the boy - but they recommend she go to the hospital, and quickly. Sally, C.J., Macy, and Darla all leave quickly to get to the hospital.

When they arrive there, the doctor tells everyone that she has some bad news. Mr. Garrison is alive, but his condition is very serious. They have done what they could to stop the bleeding. C.J. asks to see his dad. He goes to his room where Clarke is and holds his fathers hand. "Dad can you see me? Don't die dad. Please don't die." pleads C.J.

At the cabin, Brooke has come to talk some sense into her friend Grant. " No, it is not going to be a second class showing. I promise," she tells him about the decision to give the men's line its own show. "So it is a smaller industry, but you knew that when you signed on to do the men's line," she reminds him. Grant still isn't happy, though. "I am sorry you feel that way but I came up here to tell you that I made this decision for the good of the company," Brooke tells him. Grant still has a problem believing it - and he compares it to the way he and Brooke have progressed personally. "That was different," she informs him, "in a way giving you your own showing is a sign of confidence. Grant this is strictly a business decision. It is nothing personal." Grant still has trouble believing that. Maybe that's because they haven't talked about what is really bothering him, Brooke suggests. "Grant I don't pity you, I do feel for you." says Brooke.

Grant confides in Brooke how he really feels about the showing, "That showing was supposed to be the greatest day of my life; up there with two great designers." But he can handle that part being taken away. "You know what I can't handle?" he asks, "watching the woman that I love accept a proposal from another man."

Stephanie continues telling Ridge what's on her mind: "Something I had actually hoped you would figure out on your own, or that Grant would be man enough to come and talk to you about. Grant is not the friend that you think he is." Is this about the showing, Ridge wonders. "It isn't about the men's line, it is something much more important that that. It is something I have actually seen with my own eye. I love you - you know that. I just don't want to stand by and watch you make the biggest mistake of your life. In my heart I believe that I am absolutely right about Brooke......I believe that Grant and Brooke are having an affair...." states Stephanie.

Eric and Taylor are in his office, and he is trying to convince Taylor into staying in L.A. for the showing. He informs her that her friend Grant's designs will not be part of the showing due to a marketing decision. Taylor offers to help Grant get over it, since he must be devastated - but Eric continues to tell Taylor that Brooke is helping Grant get through this disappointment with the showing. "Those two are very close." he says.

Brooke continues trying to talk her way back into Grant's good graces. "I have been pretty self absorbed lately haven't I? I have been so wrapped up in my own feelings that I haven't considered what this might be doing to you. I am sorry." Grant's unsure how sorry Brooke is, and she adds, "No, I really do apologize - for not realizing until now how much you really do care about me. I am not sure, I guess I didn't want to know." It doesn't really make a difference, Grant thinks. "Yes, it makes a huge difference. I have done everything wrong and I know that now. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before," Brooke explains. She asserts, "I am going to do things differently from now on. No, Grant I am not turning down Ridge's proposal. I am going to be more sensitive to your feelings." Grant's somewhat skeptical about how she can do both. "Grant, will you be serious?" she asks. "Okay- can't I at least say why I need you . You are one of my dearest friends. You taught me so much about life. You and I are kindred spirits and Ridge and I are soul mates," Brooke tells him.

Ridge decides to stand up to his mother about her allegations regarding Brooke. "Grant and Brooke? I don't believe this. Just stop mother, just stop right there. What am I feeling? I know exactly what I am feeling; I am feeling furious and betrayed. A woman who I thought I could trust; someone who claims to love me could do something like this. I am not talking about Brooke. I am talking about you. How could you say something like this mother!?! It is a lie and you damn well know it!!!" Stephanie tries to convince him that it's not a lie. "This is insane," Ridge exclaims. "The facts are, Mother, that you hate Brooke and you have always wanted her out of this family. I just had no idea that you would go to this extreme. ENOUGH!!! I don't want to hear anymore of this." Stephanie still tries to push her point, but Ridge is not buying; "and you didn't tell me it was going on for months? Oh right!" Steph tells him she's seen them. "You have seen them what?" Ridge asks. Steph tells him about the kiss. "Mother, I was with Brooke that whole evening. Because of one innocent kiss you are making up this whole story. For God's sake, Mother I can't believe how desperate you have gotten here. Why can't you get it through your head that I love Brooke and I am going to marry her?" Ridge demands, "Tell me where Grant and Brooke are now." Steph tells him they're at the cabin. "I am going to go up there," Ridge says, and Steph thinks he'll go to see for himself. "No, I am going to help Brooke talk to Grant about the men's line situation," he informs his mother. "And one more thing, Mother; if you ever say one more thing about Brooke and me, I am never speaking to you again. You're out of my life; you got it?!?!?!?!" Ridge leaves and Stephanie is left standing there stunned.

Taylor confides in Eric that she has a funny little feeling that things might go her way. Just then Stephanie calls searching for Taylor and summons her to come right away.

Then Ridge calls his dad from his car phone to whine about Stephanie and how she has gone too far this time. He complains that he is not going to take this anymore! Eric agrees to talk to Stephanie for him.

Taylor arrives, to find that Stephanie is very upset. She tells Taylor that she has done something, and she thinks she has made a terrible mistake. She couldn't help herself, she explains, especially after Ridge said they were going to get married. She tells Taylor that Ridge has gone up to Big Bear to confront Brooke and Grant. Maybe there is still a chance for Taylor and Ridge, she still believes. Taylor tells Stephanie that the last time she talked to Ridge she told him that if things didn't work out for him and Brooke, she would still be there for him.

Brooke keeps trying to convince Grant to stay in L.A. at Forrester and give the men's line a chance. She says she is so sorry she put him in an awkward position - but her Brooke's heart points to Ridge. Grant asks for a proper sendoff and a new beginning, so they seal their friendship with a kiss. Ridge arrives at the cabin and watches this whole scene from the window. He is standing outside in the rain and he is totally shocked!

Eric has stopped by the mansion after work and he wants to know if Stephanie is absolutely certain about the kiss she witnessed between Grant and Brooke (which he knows about since Ridge called him on his cellular phone on the way to the cabin). Eric confides in his ex-wife that he has to hand it to Ridge because their son has quite the flair for the dramatic; asking Brooke to marry him during the showing has to be one of the biggest media events of the year. He continues to tell Stephanie that Brooke and Ridge belong together. "Ridge is not a child anymore - if he wants to marry Brooke there is nothing you could do to stop him." states Eric on his son's behalf. Eric leaves to go home and get some rest for the big day tomorrow.

Brooke and Grant remain unaware that Ridge was witness to their kiss, which was actually meant to end their relationship. Grant tells Brooke," I hope Ridge knows what a lucky guy he is. You are a very special lady, Brooke. So it is a big day tomorrow. Back to work and nothing more, nothing less." He wishes her and Ridge all the best and suggests they get going. They both head back separately to L.A. Meanwhile, Ridge is already on the long drive home. He is very upset and wants to know how they could do this to him?

It's not long before Ridge has driven back to L.A. and arrives at the mansion, almost in a daze. Stephanie comes over to her son to find out what happened. Ridge is really upset and he confides in his mother, "I had to go. I didn't have to talk to them, it was very clear mother. I saw that, that is all. Brooke and Grant...... together, through the window kissing. They were kissing." He admits to Stephanie, "You were right. I can't believe this. I just can't believe that they would do this to me. My good friend and the woman I am going to marry. It was a very passionate kiss. I have never felt like this in my life. I don't know what to believe. Ten years we have been waiting for this. I love Brooke." Stephanie tells Ridge that this is not a way to start a marriage and he should not propose tomorrow. She also reminds her son how happy he was on the day he married Taylor; that is how a marriage should begin. She doesn't want Ridge to waste one more minute of his life on Brooke, because she doesn't deserve him.

Michael has been waiting at the beach house for Grant, when he returns. She tells him that tomorrow is going to be such a big day at Forrester; she thinks that Ridge's proposal will be great. Grant tells her that she is making it sound like she has a personal stake in Ridge's and Brooke's engagement. Michael just says that she wants to see her employers happy, as they end up kissing.

Meanwhile, Brooke has come back to work after everyone else has left. She wants to see the showstopper, but an employee tells her that it is off limits to everyone except for Ridge. Brooke pulls an "I am CEO of this company" lecture and the dress is brought to her office. She is very excited, anticipating tomorrow. "The gown I have been waiting for all of my life. The showstopper designed by Ridge himself, just for me. My wedding gown. Oh Ridge, it is so beautiful." Brooke says to herself. Then she starts to day dream about the wedding reception. She sees her and Ridge dancing to the song "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole. "It is going to happen - Ridge and I will be married and nothing will stand in our way. Nothing........"

The big day arrives, and Brooke and Lauren are waiting for Ridge to spring on the big "surprise" proposal. Brooke made it clear to everyone at the company that she would be watching the show on the monitors in her office - this way someone would know where to call when the big showstopper "emergency" happens. After Lauren and Brooke go over the plans for the showstopper, they decide to go back to work.

Backstage, everything is totally hectic. Thorne tells Eric that it is a mistake having Harmony model the gown. Then Thorne comes to the conclusion that something is going on with Ridge. When Eric defends the model decision that Ridge made, he tells his other son that he was sworn to keep a secret. Then Thorne runs to Michael to get the info on the showstopper, but she also tells him to speak to his brother. Thorne finally catches up with his brother, but then Ridge says there is nothing he should know about and to wait and see.

Taylor comes in to James' office and says she feels miserable. She has to attend the Forrester showing for a matter of closure between her and Ridge she tells James. Then Taylor tells her dear friend about the impending marriage proposal. She continues to tell James that she has made a complete fool of herself once again. She had heard that Brooke had her eye on another man, but Ridge is still committed to her. And that hurts because, no matter how hard she tried while she was away, she couldn't get over Ridge. "How do I stop loving a man that I can get out of my heart? All I want is my life with Ridge. How do I learn to live with out it?" pleads Taylor.

In his office, Ridge looks awful, like he hasn't slept all night. He takes out the engagement ring to look at it, when the phone rings. Stephanie is calling to tell her son to pull himself together for the showing and to start the day with a new resolve. Ridge hangs up with his mother when there is a knock at the door- it is his buddy, Grant. Grant shows up with Ridge's tuxedo that he designed. Ridge looks at him but all he can do is see Grant kissing Brooke at the cabin in Big Bear. Then Grant tells Ridge that he has to run, but he offers an apology for his behavior first. Grant says he was way out of line about the men's line showing and he overreacted. "People do react Grant." states Ridge. Grant leaves and Ridge says to himself, "Oh yeah, laugh it off all right."

James, Maggie, and then Taylor arrive. Taylor receives a note that Brooke wants to see her before the showing. Elsa Klensch from CNN chats with Stephanie and wants to know why she is so nervous. Ridge is keeping busy and he doesn't have time to talk to his own mother, but Steph pulls him aside anyway. Stephanie says, "I am concerned about what you want. Are you still intending to go through with it?" Ridge replies , "Mother I made a decision and I am going to stick to it. I am going to go and get dressed."

Taylor goes to Brooke's office, and Brooke gives her an airline ticket back to Paris. "You lost Taylor and this time for good." Taylor is surprised, since the ticket is for today. "That is right, today," Brooke explains. "Look Taylor, I don't mean to be insensitive; may I quote you? You said either I marry Ridge or you will fight for him." And that's what she did - " You are no longer an active player," she tells Taylor. Taylor tells her she knows about Brooke's indiscretions - and how close Brooke came to losing Ridge. "Oh, so Stephanie has gotten to you? But I didn't lose Ridge. This is all his idea. He has been planning it for weeks. Look Taylor, you brought it upon yourself. I have been telling you for years and years to move on with your life. Well now you have to. It will be good for you. You will be forced to make your own decisions." Taylor tells Brooke not to be so smug. "I can afford to be smug Taylor - I've earned it. Shouldn't you be going, you'll miss your plane." lectures Brooke. Taylor leaves, slamming the tickets down on the TV monitor in Brooke's office.

Ridge shows up backstage, wearing the tuxedo that Grant designed. Eric commends him - is this Ridge the designer, or Ridge the bridegroom, he asks. Stephanie comes up and makes another attempt to talk Ridge out of it. " Mother enough- I'll see you after the showing." he says. He goes off to work with Harmony, as Steph realizes, "he's really going through with it!" She begs Eric to do something - they have to stop Ridge, she asserts!

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