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April, 1997

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Week of 3/31/97-4/4/97

Monday, March 31, 1997


Ridge has shown up in Grant's room because he wants answers. He starts out quietly and then starts to rant and rave, "I need answers, Grant - and I am not leaving until I get them. You told them you saw me in your office. I am the one who pulled the trigger and shot you? You are wrong Grant. I didn't do it, Grant." His voice grows more agitated as he pleads, "Please think back, go back to that moment. What were you doing? Who did you really see pull the trigger?" Grant points out Ridge is getting upset, and Ridge exclaims, "You're damned right I am upset; because my life is on the line. I don't know who or what you think you saw, but it wasn't me. You know the guy who is- is out there and still loose. He can try and come back to finish the job." Grant asks if that's the real reason Ridge came - to finish what he started. Ridge shouts, "You can't possibly think that I would actually shoot you! I am telling you, I did not do it. Now please try to remember. Who shot you? I swear to you it wasn't me. I want you to tell me who did this. Try to remember."

Grant replies that he does remember - "and it was you who shot me," he tells Ridge. He tells Ridge to get out of his room before things get worse, since the police are on their way. The nurses at the nurses station call security because they can hear Ridge yelling during the conversation. Ridge moves a big piece of ICU equipment to block the door and says that he isn't going anywhere until he gets what he came for.


Darla comes in the office while Macy and Sally are working. Darla tells them that another rag trade is on the phone, but Sally declines to comment on Grant's shooting. Macy says that she can't believe any of this, or even that Ridge would shoot someone. Clarke comes in then, and tells them it's true - Ridge did do it, and Macy is thinking about the "old" Ridge, the one she would see at family Xmas parties or get-togethers. He confides in his staff that Grant told him that Ridge was storming around Forrester, making all kinds of threats, and that the man was a ticking time bomb.

Darla than wants to know what the police said when they questioned Clarke. Sally also comes to the conclusion that had Clarke left his pal Grant right before the shooting. It is possible he was still in the building when it happened, Sally guesses.


Brooke has stopped in because she cant get over this whole situation, and isn't sure about everything. She wants to know if James believes that Ridge is capable of shooting Grant. James believes that anyone is capable of violence if they are pushed to it - he explains that Ridge may have been pushed over the edge after losing Brooke to Grant, Taylor calling off the wedding, the fire, and the final blow of watching his family's company being torn apart. He calls it an emotional hijacking, where the subject's anger takes over everything. Brooke still isn't sure, and asks James if he thinks Grant might have let his own anger in Ridge convince him that he saw Ridge when it was really someone else; he says it's possible, but it all comes down to the question of whether or not Brooke believes her husband.

After Brooke has left, Sheila comes in to tell James that she went to the hospital and signed up for Lamaze classes. James tells her that is going to be a positive experience for her. Sheila tells him that she signed him up too - she wanted to ask him first, but the classes were filling up and she didn't want to lose out. James understands, and says he knows she needs a partner or coach - but he doesn't think he should be the one. After all, he's afraid that Sheila may form an attachment to him based on lingering feelings which might make it harder in the end. "I am very aware that this birth could be the last time we see each other. Please be my labor coach." begs Sheila. James agrees that they should BOTH be there for the delivery of the child. Sheila laughs - well, of course they will both be there, but James informs her the "both" he referred to was him and Maggie. He tells Sheila that she can count on them to be there tonight.


Now that the door is blocked, Ridge continues, "You are really afraid of me aren't you? I only came here to talk to you." Grant still doesn't believe him. "Grant, damn it, I am telling you I didn't do it," Ridge tells him again. Grant says it sure looked like Ridge, and Ridge responds, "Maybe that is it - someone who looked like me. Someone disguised as me. Grant, maybe you saw me pass by your office, which I did only minutes before you were shot. You look up, see someone my height, my hair color, maybe dressed like me - and you think it is me! Could that have been what happened?" No, says Grant, and Ridge insists, "Grant, you couldn't have seen me... there has to be an explanation." Ridge leans over towards Grant and shakes him, and Grant reaches out to grab Ridge's arm - it looks to the people outside like Ridge is attacking Grant. The security guards show up, and they bang on the door for Ridge to open up. Ridge grabs Grant by the collar and says, "I know you know who did it. Grant, my life is on the line here. I am telling you I didn't do it. The security guards break in and grab Ridge.


Clarke tells Sally he was long gone when Grant was shot, because he didn't hear any gunfire. She asks why it took so long for him to get back to Spectra then, and he says he made a few stops on the way back to the office. And in response to a charge from Macy, he says he isn't trying to be defensive - it's just that if the Forresters find out he was in the building, they are going to make him the number one scapegoat to get Ridge off. He tells them that they don't need that kind of publicity now, especially if they want to keep the Fenmore account. Sally agrees, and comes up with the brilliant idea that they make a pact not to mention Clarke was anywhere near the scene of the crime.


Brooke shows up just as the police are taking away a screaming Ridge. He calls out to her to talk to Grant as he is pulled out the door.

Grant is smiling at Brooke. You really thought Ridge might kill you, she questions. She can't believe this whole thing, especially because she has known Ridge for so long. Surely she would have seen such a change in him, she guesses - Grant says that maybe Ridge hasn't changed at all, and was always like this. Brooke then tells Grant that she talked to James, and he that the doctor said that anyone is capable of a violent act if they are desperate enough. Grant enigmatically states, "I would certainly agree with that," but wonders if Brooke going to James means she didn't trust him. She tells him that this visit to James had nothing to do with believing him - she is having a difficult time believing Ridge could shoot anyone.


Ridge tells Lt. Baker that he just had to talk to Grant, and had no intentions of hurting Grant. He tells the Lt. that he never shot anybody. He was trying to get some answers. Maybe so, Baker says, but he messed up - and maybe now that he's behind bars again, Ridge will learn that people like him are not above the law.

Tuesday, April 1, 1997


The happy threesome is eating dinner. James tells Maggie that Sheila enrolled in childbirth classes and invited them to be her partners. Maggie is pissed and Sheila leaves the table. Maggie is really upset and begins, "I can't believe you would do this to me! Why on earth would you assume I want to go to the classes? It is bad enough that we have to live here with her."

James tries to sympathize, saying he knows how hard it's been, and Maggie responds, "No, this hasn't been easy for me, James. It has been nearly impossible. I am dealing with this; I am for you and the sake of the baby. You haven't stopped for a minute to think about how this would effect me have you?" James says they can always say that Sheila is a surrogate mother, if Maggie is worried about what people might think. "It is not even the embarrassment that I can't deal with - it is you, James! It is the way you keep encouraging her. the two of you have grown so much closer. Forget it, I want no part of it. Sheila is using this baby to get to you. Stay home tonight James Please. Let her go by herself to the class," Maggie pleads.

James says that he is sorry, but he can't do that. Of course Sheila is eavesdropping from the hallway during this entire argument.


Jonathan is filling in Eric, Stephanie, Lauren and even Claudia about being Ridge arrested again at the hospital for violating the restraining order. There is a knock at the door, and surprise - it is Felicia. Felicia is clad in her usual garb of leather and sliver chain accessories. She came as soon as she heard about Ridge by reading it in an Italian newspaper. She has a zillion questions such as, "What is happening? Did Ridge at least find out anything?" Eric and Stephanie try to answer her questions, and Felicia then greets Lauren and meets Claudia. Felicia states, "This is horrible. People are going to think he did it. So what can I do? Just the thought of him sitting in that jail cell....." Eric and Stephanie assure her that her just being there will be a big help for Ridge. Then there is a group hug - and Lauren, seeing Eric and Stephanie so close with their daughter, leaves. However, Eric does see her sneaking out of the room.


Eric shows up and wants to know why Lauren just disappeared. They talk about how the family is important to Eric and how they come together in a time of crisis. Eric finally realizes why Lauren dumped him in a rush; "I can't believe that all the time it was right in front of me. You were never interested in Clarke Garrison," he states. Lauren says he's wrong, but Eric doesn't let up. He says, "I know what you are doing ... out of the some loyalty to Stephanie. Admit it."

Lauren admits it, but says that Stephanie loves him, so it doesn't matter how she feels. "What about me and how I feel?" asks Eric .


Sheila is listening in the hallway. Curtis knocks at the window in her bedroom, because she summoned him to create a plumbing problem. She fills him in, and reminds Curtis that Maggie can't compete with her, because of a father's love for his child. As usual, she lays it on thick, saying how Curtis can save Maggie from the pain when James goes for Sheila. Curtis leaves to start the fiasco.

In the kitchen, James is telling Maggie that this is his first child, and he wants to be there when it is born. Maggie suggests sending Molly in their place, but James will not hear of it. "You want to be her partner? The baby will never know the difference. This is more important than me!!!" whines Maggie.

Just then, the water starts bursting all over the place in the kitchen - and of course, when Maggie calls, Curtis is right by his cell phone outside (with the pipes he broke in the background). Curtis comes to the rescue after being summoned by Miss Maggie May. Sheila and James get ready to leave for class, and Curtis asks who her boyfriend is. Maggie chimes in that it is not Sheila's boyfriend, but her own husband - an honest mistake, she sarcastically says. Curtis starts talking apologetically abut how little he knows about people, and how he makes mistakes like that all the time. James then says he needs to speak to Maggie, and asks her to go. Maggie makes one more huff and says, "NO, James - I will not go. Sheila doesn't have **ME** wrapped around her little finger. Just go!!!!!" James and Sheila leave.

Wednesday, April 2, 1997


Felicia is putting some of her stuff away in her room, and Thorne drops in to say hello to his little sister. The conversation turns to Ridge of course, and he says, "Well you have heard about the evidence against him? I am not saying he is a killer, but you haven't been around in a long time. A lot has been going on and Ridge is in the middle of it. He has even decked a couple of guys in the past few months." Felicia is stunned to hear Thorne say that, even after he reveals that Grant was one of the victims of Ridge's blows, and Thorne himself was the other. "But there is one good thing happening around here," he reveals, "Mom and Dad. They are starting to get cozy again. Our parents may be getting back together."

Felicia looks in shock and replies," They slept together?" She has a worried look on her face, and Thorne asks why. She explains, "Look, Thorne - yeah, I know it is probably wonderful. But have you forgotten how bitter their divorce was? So I never want to see my mother and father go through that again. Let's just wait and see what happens." Then there is another Felicia hug fest.


Eric has come to confront Lauren about their relationship, or lack of it. She says, "It is about you and Stephanie and your entire family. It means your life does not include me. You love her and I am just a distraction."

Eric is trying to get through to her and confesses, "I thought I had lost you. Lauren, Stephanie and I will always be close." Lauren tries to tell Eric not to go down that road, but he continues. Making reference to her comment about love, she asks, "Is love so important, Lauren? Then what about the love you feel for me, isn't that real too?" Lauren says she doesn't love him, but Eric counters, "Yes, you do love me, because I have felt it. And you are going to admit it to me right now. Lauren, what you need to do is be true to your feelings."


Curtis has finished fixing the sink and he tells Maggie that he doesn't want money from her - he just wants her to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him. Maggie is still upset about James. She tells Curtis, "Oh, Curtis I am ashamed to even say it. Sheila - you know, the woman who lives with us - is pregnant with my husband's child. They both went to a childbirth class tonight." Curtis acts stunned and asks how that came about. Maggie explains, "It was my idea for her to live here. You see, Sheila was pregnant before James and I got married. James isn't the kind of man to abandon his child, you know. I admire that in James." He is still puzzled about having Sheila there, and she continues, "Sheila is not really stable, you see. I am afraid she is going to hurt herself or the baby in some way."

Curtis says, "Miss Maggie, you are a diamond in the rough. Does your husband know he is hurting you? He is not an innocent bystander in all of this. Honey, the only mistake you have made was leaving the Midwest. I don't believe you will ever be happy in this town." Maggie asks for him to leave, and insists that she will in fact be happy in this town.


Felicia asks Thorne about Ridge and Taylor. She is in shock and can't believe what is going on in the family. "Am I not a member of this family anymore? My brother is dating Taylor? I cant wait to hear this...." Thorne explains how Ridge took Taylor for granted, and Felicia guesses the cause; "Ridge couldn't get his mind off Brooke, could he?" Thorne confirms that, and explains that Ridge messed everything up by not admitting that, and Brooke's marriage to Grant is the result. "All I can say is it is a good thing I cam back- because you people need me," Felicia states. She leaves for an appointment


Lauren confides, "Okay - yes, I do love you. But that doesn't change anything. You people need unity. I am going on with my life and I suggest you do the same. It is over Eric. Now please go." He hesitates, and she orders, "I said go, please!"

Eric leaves, and he runs into Felicia outside. She asks her dad if he is OK, and he assures her he is. He leaves to go home, and Felicia notices Lauren crying through the window.

Thursday, April 3, 1997


Stephanie is on the phone trying to find out from Jonathan when Ridge is going to be released on bail. Taylor walks in, and is annoyed that she wasn't told about Ridge being kept in jail over night; she tells Stephanie that she still cares about him. Taylor then reveals to Stephanie that Ridge was at her house before going to see Grant, and that she tried to stop him from going, but Ridge drove off before she good. Stephanie can't believe Taylor didn't stop him - unless maybe she thinks Ridge **IS** guilty?

Taylor lectures," NO, Stephanie, I don't think Ridge shot Grant. This is a nightmare. there are no bad guys here and everyone has been hurt." Stephanie points out that Grant is a bad guy, but Taylor points out, "Well, Grant certainly didn't deserve to be shot. Grant and I have been friends for a long time. I have been worried sick about him. I mean; don't get me wrong- I am scared to death for Ridge. He was thrown in jail and treated like an animal and falsely accused. I want to reach out to him so badly."

Stephanie questions why Taylor hasn't reached out to Ridge, and why now is she suddenly doing so - is it because of Thorne? Taylor responds that it's not because of anyone but herself that she is doing this - she has put Ridge before her own needs for a long time, and that has to stop. She explains, "I wanted a career and a relationship but it never happened. It just vanished one day. I have had to put that on hold, and I have to wonder if that will ever happen. Thorne is stable and solid. Thorne and Ridge are both appealing. what one cant give me the other one can."

Taylor asks Stephanie, "You hope that I end up with Ridge right?" Stephanie replies that she respects Taylor's position, but deep down, she believes that Ridge's love for Taylor is the real thing. But Thorne's feelings can complicate things, Stephanie explains, and a tragedy might happen unless Taylor acknowledges this. "I don't want a tragedy either, Stephanie. I would give them both up before they destroy each other," Taylor states.


Ridge has a meeting with Jonathan, who is telling him that the decision to go and see Grant at the hospital was totally out of line. He didn't gain anything except more jail time, the attorney points out. Ridge gives his word that he won't go hear him again. Lt. Baker comes in and tells Ridge's he's out for now, and is lucky - but that doesn't mean Ridge is in the clear. The detective explains that Ridge has been charged with the attempted murder and they are putting together a case against him- there is no further investigation. Jonathan and Ridge are stunned.

The Lt. Leaves, and Jonathan tells Ridge that he found him a hotel to escape the press. Ridge asks if it has a five star hotel, and Jonathan says yes - it has a **minus** five star rating on the scale. They leave for the sleazy hotel.


Grant is surprised by Katie, Bridget and Rick for a welcome home party. Brooke tells Grant that Bridget is a little bit in the dark about what happened as the young girl comes over to him. She says she's glad he's back, but Rick pipes in that he isn't, and leaves to do his homework. Bridget asks if she is still going to see Ridge on Sunday like always, and then she leaves to clean up her room with her aunt.

Brooke tells Grant, "I am glad you are out of that hospital and back where you belong." He points out that Rick didn't think so, and she explains he's just trying to deal with all that has happened. "Oh, Grant, I still have a hard time accepting this. I know what you saw. It is just that I have known this man for ten years." Grant isn't very understanding about Brooke feeling that way, so she tells him, "I am not going to let that effect us. You have stood by me at perhaps the most difficult time in my life. I took you granted. Well I am not going to make that mistake again."


Ridge and Jonathan are escorted to Ridge's room by an attendant. They learn that the bathroom is down the hall from the room, and Jonathan asks the attendant to be as discrete as possible about Ridge's presence. Once inside, Ridge is told by his lawyer that he hired an investigator named Hunter Jones to help with the case. Ridge doesn't seem enthused.


Brooke and Grant are kissing and are interrupted by Bridget. Then there is a phone call from Ridge asking to speak to Bridget. Brooke calls Bridget, who says she hopes Ridge's being in a hotel (which is where he tells her he is) isn't going to ruin their Sunday plans. Ridge says he'll have to get back to her on that after he checks with her Mommy, and then asks to speak to Brooke. Brooke then takes Bridget to her room, and Grant takes the phone; he tells Ridge has nerve calling, and orders him not to call again, or to stop by for any reason. Stay away, he orders.

Friday, April 4, 1997


Enrique walks by Grant's office and hears some sounds - it's Megan and some workers, putting up a huge "WELCOME BACK, BOSS" sign behind the desk. Megan informs him Grant is on his way and asks if Enrique is ready to celebrate; "Yeah, right," he says with disgust.


Brooke still thinks Grant should stay home and rest - or at least check with the doctor - before returning to work. Grant is intent on going, since he has to make an appearance. Eric can handle things, she explains. "Eric has his own job to do," Grant informs her. Brooke then says she will go with him, but Grant says that's not necessary. Brooke tells him not to be Superman, but he tells his Lois Lane that Superman sometimes has to put on his cape to do his job.

"I'm sure Stephanie is telling everyone what happened - and if not, there is Eric. And what about Thorne?" he states. Grant tries to prove his fitness, but winds up in pain. Brooke then wonders about Ridge showing up, but Grant says he won't. He has to go and get into the office; everyone is going to think of him as the bad guy, and he has to prove himself to make the company profitable. He kisses Brooke goodbye, but she insists on going with him.


Enrique comes in, disgusted with what he saw in Grant's office. Michael reminds him that not everyone at the company hates Grant like they do. "He should have been out for at least a month," Enrique states, and Michael says that whoever tried to shoot him should be out forever. "Do you think it was Ridge?" she asks. Enrique doesn't want to, but that's not what she asked. Enrique then asks her what she thinks, and she says it could have been anyone. "It could have been anyone - you, or me," Enrique replies.


Thorne is telling a reporter off on the phone, saying that his family is still in charge, when Lauren walks in. He's disgusted with a memo announcing the party for Grant.


Ridge gets a knock at his door - Hunter Jones, Private Investigator, arrives. He hands Ridge the contract to sign, so he could get to work, but Ridge isn't sure. When Jones says, "Sign or we don't work," Ridge reluctantly signs. The investigator starts asking about Grant, and gets Ridge to admit that most people hate Grant, like Thorne, Michael, Enrique and even his parents. He then asks about Megan, and Ridge wonders what the point is. "My point, Mr. Forrester, is that there is one person, maybe more, that likes this guy." Ridge doesn't like the way this is going, and thinks maybe Jones isn't the right person to help him. He apologizes for wasting Jones' time, and Jones leaves.

Ridge then realizes what he has done, and runs back to the door - Hunter is there. Ridge says Jonathan called Hunter "the best," and Hunter says he was right, so Ridge invites him back in.


Michael doesn't like Enrique's claim that she could have done it - she didn't hate him, she insists. Enrique, on the other hand, is another story, she points out, since Grant was ready to fire him and Enrique despised him. "Grant would never have fired me - Ridge would never have allowed it," he states. But Ridge isn't here now, she reminds him. Enrique (who is wearing a lab coat) says, "So maybe I should finish the job, is that it? I've got to get back to work. I have colors to mix." He puts on a pair of gloves as he leaves, and Michael remembers him wearing gloves the day of the shooting.

Michael asks him about the gloves, and wonders if he was working in the dye room the day of the shooting. He says he isn't sure, and she wonders if he was maybe wearing the gloves that day for some other reason. Michael says they both know Ridge didn't do it, but he says he doesn't know that - but maybe Michael does know who the shooter is. He reaches into her drawer and pulls out a pair of gloves similar to his - he has seen Michael wear them when examining fabric, he says before leaving.


"What is happening to this place," Thorne laments. He can't believe there is sympathy for a guy who should have been fired months ago. Lauren asks if he is going to the party, and he replies he is; someone has to represent the family there. He asks Lauren if she will go with him, and after learning Eric won't be there, she agrees.


Brooke and Grant check in, and Grant corrects the guard who calls her, "Mrs. Forrester," by reminding him it's Chambers now. The guard halfheartedly welcomes Grant back, and Brooke thinks they should leave. "No way," Grant says. They then head for the office, and are stunned by the surprise party that Megan has set up.

Grant is speechless (a rarity, Megan points out) as a model hands him some champagne. The group of employees in the room cheers and applauds. Grant is touched, and hopes they will all come to trust him, as they did Brooke and Eric in the past. They are all family, he says - and even though families have problems, they work them out, which is just what he intends to do at Forrester. The employees start clapping again.

Brooke and Grant are soon alone, and he still can't believe they would do this for him. Brooke asks him why, since he is a great person - she told him that when they met last summer. Grant says he's had a lot of setbacks - including a wife who won't be with him, Brooke points out. Grant hopes that will change, and suggests locking the door - would that disappoint her? "No, today's not a day for disappointments," he says. He locks the door, and he starts kissing her. "You can do this with your injury," she asks, and he replies, "What injury?", and begins undressing her.


Ridge runs down a list of people for Hunter. Hunter wonders about Michael, but Ridge doesn't think so. He then moves on to Henry, the production manager, and Ridge says he barely knows Grant. But he does know Ridge, and he was well paid - could someone have shot Grant out of loyalty to Ridge, he asks. He shows Ridge a photo of employees, and points out that anyone could have done it.

They then talk about Enrique, who Hunter says has a lot of ambition; "A lot of talent," Ridge says. They then move on to Grant himself, and Hunter notes the disgust when he mentions Brooke marrying Grant. Ridge doesn't want to talk about it, but Hunter pushes him. "This guy and you aren't exactly sympatico," he says, and he wonders if Grant would finger someone other than the person who shot him. Ridge says this is crazy, but Hunter reminds Ridge there are only three possibilities; Grant is telling the truth, he thinks he is telling the truth, or is lying.

Ridge opts for choices 2 or 3, and Hunter points out that the person who shot Grant was right in front of him. "Then he's lying," Ridge says. If so, Hunter asks, then why? What does he have to gain? Alone in his room shortly after, Ridge looks at the picture of Brooke and paces.

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Week of 4/7/97 - 4/11/97

Monday, April 7, 1997


As Stephanie and Taylor wonder where Ridge is, they get a visit from Hunter Jones. He informs them that he's a private eye who has been retained by their son to investigate his case. Stephanie immediately insists that he tell them where Ridge is, but the investigator refuses. Ridge is in hiding, he explains, because he wants to keep his family and friends from being troubled with everyone who is on his back.

Taylor says that is ridiculous - Ridge needs people who care about him around him, and as a psychiatrist, she should know. Hunter says he is aware of her background ,and proves it with information about her degree at Northwestern. But that doesn't affect his job, he states. Stephanie asks Hunter what he intends to do, and he explains that he is going to prove Ridge is innocent - but in order to do that, he needs more suspects.


Thorne gives Michael some extra work to do, as he hands her some reports and instructions on sending them to one of their representatives overseas. Michael says she'll take care of it - but since this is really important stuff, doesn't Thorne want to do it himself? Thorne says he needs to get away for a little bit, and has some plans; Michael questions him on the timing.

Thorne asks why she is so curious - is it because of Ridge? Michael confirms that this is the case, and Thorne points out that getting away for a couple of days doesn't mean he isn't concerned - in fact, it's exactly the opposite. While he admits Ridge is a hothead, his brother isn't a killer - there's no way he could have shot Grant. Michael points out that the whole thing doesn't really make sense - and if it wasn't Ridge who pulled the trigger, then who was it?


Grant is on the phone, trying to find out about the award that he had on his desk on the day of the shooting; he asks when he can expect it back. He's not happy as the person on the other end tells him it will be held until the trial is over - "That'll be months!" he exclaims. As he puts down the phone, he has a knock at his door - it's the last two people who would ever be granted access to Forrester Creations, Sally and Clarke.

Of course, the Spectra brain trust comes bearing gifts - Clarke and Sally each have a present in hand, selected by their resident expert, Clarke Garrison, Jr. himself. Sally goes first with a box of chocolates - a little something to sweeten his life up a little. Then Clarke follows with his box - which, to Grant's surprise, contains a Spectra original bullet-proof vest! Grant laughs, and thanks them for the gifts. Then Sally starts asking all sorts of questions about the shooting, as Clarke explains she wanted to see the scene of the crime. Grant, however, doesn't want to talk about it - it's over, and it's time to put this behind them. Sally and Clarke agree, and toast to Grant and his glorious future for Forrester.

The subject turns to the Forresters themselves, and Sally and Clarke remind Grant that the Forresters see him as a villain; he's the man who took their company, and maybe even drove their son to shoot him, so it's unlikely he'll even get a second thought from them. Forget about them and look forward, Sally says - after all, she bets they didn't even bother to call when he was in the hospital. Grant gets upset when Sally mentions the shooting again, but a word from Clarke makes him realize he'll be all right without "that Forrester clown" around.


Stephanie and Taylor ask Hunter what he means when he says he came to Stephanie's office looking for suspects. Hunter reminds them that as far as the police are concerned, the case is all wrapped up, and they have their man; therefore, they are going to assume the investigation is over and not look any further. He, however, assumes nothing, and anyone could be a suspect. Stephanie asks if that includes her and Taylor, and he reminds her, "You said that, not me."

Stephanie explains how the gun came into Ridge's hands through Michael, and how Ridge was supposed to get the gun fixed. Hunter again shows he has done his homework by mentioning how Michael and Grant were once lovers, until he dumped her. He wonders about Michael's motive, although Stephanie and Taylor don't think she would do that.


Thorne says his brother has never killed, so he has no doubts that Ridge is innocent. Michael says that doesn't answer her question and asks again. Thorne finds it odd that she's so curious, and reminds her that she liked Ridge - in fact, she was extremely grateful to the whole family when she started working there. However, he questions Michael's loyalty now, and she insists she's on their side.


Sally notes "the times, they are a'changin," as Grant thanks her and Clarke for their support. They continue their celebration - and outside, Stephanie walks by the office, and opens the door when she hears Sally's voice inside. Steph immediately asks what Sally and Clarke are doing there, and Sally rubs her face in the fact that it's not Stephanie's decision to make.

Stephanie insists Grant keep Clarke and Sally away, since Sally is a thief and always will be; it's only a matter of time before Clarke leaves her in a lurch and she turns to the old ways all over again, Stephanie insists. Grant, however, says it's her feud, not his; he's not going to treat Sally and Clarke like criminals because they, unlike the Forresters, have shown concern for him - where was Stephanie while he was in the hospital, while his friends were calling to find out how he was? Stephanie says she won't stand for common criminals being in a building which has her name on it, no matter want Grant thinks. Sally then points out that the only "common criminal" around Forrester these days is Ridge, since he is the one who has been arrested. Stephanie orders them out.


As Thorne reads the headlines about his brother, Taylor stops by - and Thorne asks her to go skiing with him right now. There's a big charity event with Robert Redford and John Denver (who he says he knows pretty well), and he has a designer ski outfit from Fenmore's just for her. Taylor says she can't leave - what if Ridge needs her? Thorne says they owe it to themselves to take a break, since there's nothing they can do.


Hunter visits Michael, but she says she doesn't have time to talk to any reporters. He quickly explains who he is, and how he is looking for information to clear Ridge's name. In the hallway, Grant walks by the door as Jones says he's been hired by Ridge to find the real shooter. With Grant listening outside, Hunter asks Michael "Are you going to help me, or not?"

Tuesday, April 8, 1997


Ridge is reading a newspaper article in his seedy hotel room about how his family is being hounded by the press since his being arrested. He says out loud to himself," that bastard has my family living like animals. Life in prison. Oh my God!"


Stephanie is on the phone with Trish telling her to be notified if Ridge calls. Just then Ridge does phone on the other line; Ridge says he is calling to let her know he is okay, but he has to stay in hiding. Stephanie presses the issue, so he agrees to let his mother come to visit him. He tells her to borrow a car if she comes, because her Mercedes wont fit in around where he is staying.


Michael wants to know if Hunter, is really an investigator and if Ridge hired him to prove that he is innocent. He shows his P.I. license to prove who he is, but points out Michael is a tad incorrect; he's not there to prove Ridge's innocence, he states, but rather, " prove someone else is guilty. You seem a little nervous; you are someone with a few hundred reasons who would want to see Grant Chambers dead."

Michael says that she doesn't hate Grant. "You don't hate him? Yeah, the man does seem to attract enemies," Hunter agrees. He asks, "So you took Stephanie's gun to Ridge? Who else knew about the gun?" Michael points out Enrique Alvarez did, so Hunter asks, "Did he touch it?" Michael explains what happened - that Enrique was in the office before she want to bring it to Ridge. She also points out that when she brought it there, Grant's assistant Megan saw it - in fact, Megan freaked out, and Michael had to calm her down. "So you left Ridge alone with the gun and you went to talk to his assistant. She was that shaken up?" Michael confirms this, and says she had to be the one to do it since Ridge was to tense. Besides, Ridge went to Eric's office to talk to his dad. "So the gun could have gone from Ridge's office to Eric's?" questions Hunter.

Michael replies that she was nervous because she knew how upset Ridge was when he left the office. So when she came into Ridge's office with some papers, she reached over to check the drawer where the gun was placed and it was still there. Hunter continues, "So you went back in his office... the gun wasn't out in the open? Did you touch it?" Michael says she didn't. Hunter continues, "At the time of the shooting, you heard the shot?"

She confirms this, and says she ran into Enrique in the hall from the other direction. "Enrique is from San Carlos, right? Did he tell you where he was at the time of the shooting?" he asks. She tells him that Enrique was wearing gloves, but she still doesn't think it's him. Michael has one more question - if it wasn't her or Enrique, then that only leaves the Forresters - why would they frame one of their own? "Thank you, Miss Lai - you have been most helpful," the investigator says as he leaves.


Thorne is trying to talk to Taylor into going skiing with him at Big Bear to get away from the media blitz. "Your staying here is not going to make things better for Ridge-just worse for you." he says. So of course he talks her into it

Thorne tells Megan that he is not able to check his messages, now that he and Taylor are heading up to Big Bear, and off they go.


Stephanie comes in and hugs her baby. She says," This place is just awful. You can become discouraged too easily. We believe in you and we are going to get you out of this." Ridge tells her he has to speak to Brooke, and Steph wonders, "What does it matter what Brooke thinks? The person you should be concerned about is Taylor." Ridge says he can't face Taylor - when he was at her house, he saw doubt in her eyes. "Taylor believes completely in your innocence and is worried sick about you," his mother informs him.

Ridge tries to call Taylor but there is no answer. Meanwhile, Stephanie runs out to pick a few groceries for Ridge, and returns shortly after. When she gets back, he and his mother talk about Mr. Hunter Jones. Steph says she likes his non-nonsense approach, and Ridge agrees. He says, "As far as Hunter is concerned, everybody is a suspect." But he still can't get his mind off Grant. "You know that Grant wouldn't give a damn if the Forrester building went up in flames now that he has Brooke.' Steph tries to cheer him up, and Ridge states, "I promise to stay in touch. It is better that I stay out of circulation for a while."


Hunter goes into Thorne's office and runs in to Megan while there. He says he is an old friend, and she tells him that Thorne went out of town to get a break with Dr. Hayes. He then calls Ridge and says he spoke to Ms. Lai and says he is aware that his brother is out of town with Taylor. Despite Stephanie's attempts to calm him down, Ridge is furious that his brother is taking advantage of Ridge's being in hiding to make moves on Taylor.


Taylor is trying to close the zipper on her hot pink ski jacket and she goes into Thorne's room. He comes out of the shower wearing nothing but a muscle-built wet chest and a maroon towel. She apologizes for sneaking up, and seems to be enjoying the view. When she tells him why she came in, he says that he's good with zippers. Then he helps her with the zipper, that of course somehow managed to get stuck by her breasts. Lets just say nothing happened, but these two are definitely attracted to each other.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997


Ridge is arguing with his mother that Thorne had many motives as to why he might have been the one to have shot Grant. But Stephanie argues, "You cant be serious. Why would your brother shoot Grant?" Ridge says it's possible, and Steph continues, "Oh, Stop It! Can you hear how ridiculous you sound?" Ridge says Hunter doesn't think it's so ridiculous, so Steph points out, "Well, Hunter is barking up the wrong tree by questioning your brothers motives, also. Your brother did not shoot Grant and you damn well know it!!!!"

Ridge is pissed that Thorne has used his being arrested for attempted murder to put the moves and jump on Taylor. Stephanie can't defend his little brother on that fact he argues.

"What did you expect Thorne to do? I thought you had an agreement that you were both going to see Taylor? I warned you, Taylor is not the kind of woman you can put on hold. You will get your life, back I promise you; but I am warning you if you want Taylor to be part of that life you have to see her. You have to talk to her. She has waited for you longer than you have any right to expect. She loves you and she will be there for you. I love you. Take care of yourself." says Stephanie before she leaves.


There is a fire in the fireplace and Taylor had to change her wet clothes after wiping out on the snow while skiing a few times. Thorne hands her a glass of white wine and informs her he cooked dinner. "You are amazing," says Taylor. "I can't remember the last time that I felt so relaxed."

The talk turns to Ridge and how they need to both stay away from the media. They eat dinner and then Taylor says she is really wiped out and is going to call it a night. Thorne's back aches, and then Taylor gives him a massage after ordering him to take off his shirt. He turns around and they share a passionate kiss. Taylor says good night and goes to her room.


Lauren comments to her guest, Felicia, that the last time she saw her, Felicia was still a teenager. Felicia tries to get Lauren's opinion on her parents recent blissful reunion. " All right, Felicia, why don't you tell me what you think you know?" confesses Lauren. Felicia explains how she saw Lauren crying right after Eric left the other day, and wants to know what's going on. "You know, Felicia, we have known each other way too long to play games. There is nothing going on with your father and me anymore. Before you go any farther I didn't know Stephanie still loved Eric." Felicia still doesn't buy it, but Lauren explains, "Yes, I broke it off. I told Eric I had lost interest and was seeing someone else."

Felicia replies, "You did the right thing, Lauren. They are so in tune. They are going to make it this time." Lauren says she hopes that they do. Hearing that comment, Felicia asks, "Are you saying that if my parents don't make it together soon, you are gonna make another move on my father?" Of course that is Lauren's plan.


Felicia now has a friendly chat with her dad about his little escapade with her mom and turns it into a sex pep talk. She talks him into making it more than a one night stand, but he claims that the shooting has caused everything to go crazy. Felicia points out that this is true, because mother is worn down and she deserves a break. Stephanie walks in and heads upstairs, and Felicia tells him he should sweep Stephanie off her feet before he misses his chance.


The door to Taylor's room opens, and Ridge wakes her up after driving up on his motorcycle (Wasn't part of his parole to stay in LA?). He tells her he will explain everything. They hug and Ridge sighs a sigh of relief and Taylor looks worried...............................

Thursday, April 10, 1997

WARWICK HOUSE (threes company)

Maggie is in the kitchen unpacking groceries when the phone rings. Curtis is on the phone and he asks Maggie to take a drive with him tomorrow Maggie tells Curtis that she already has plans tomorrow, for a picnic and more with her hubby, James. Then James gets home from a day at the office and they hug. She fills him in on her agenda for their day together tomorrow. However, she's worried about one thing - breaking the news to Sheila. James says that he will be the one to fill in Sheila that he is going to miss a childbirth class with her.

Once Sheila walks in the door, he breaks the news to her. Sheila starts in, "Well, we have to be there." James says that they can make it up, but Sheila reminds him that's not possible. She explains, "No, there is not going to be another time. It is essential that you are there with me, James. I am sorry I know how important this is to you, but they only do this ONCE in the class. She said that over and over again."

James turns to Maggie and tells her that Sheila is correct; he will have to be back tomorrow in time to go to the childbirth class. Maggie is really annoyed, because her hubby now can only spend half a day with her. "Do you know how demeaning this is for me?!?! Sheila always comes first." James reminds her this isn't a matter of putting anyone first - he is going to be a father, and wants to get the best expert advice he can to prepare for that. "Fine, go to your expert advice and go to your class. I will spend the day on my own," she angrily informs him.

Maggie goes into the bedroom and calls her new found friend, Curtis. She makes plans to go with him tomorrow on that drive through the country.


Brooke hands Grant a glass of red wine and questions him about things at the office. Grant tells her about the disruptive private investigator and calls the whole thing a "farce," since he already has told everyone who shot him. Grant says there is something they have to talk about, and that is Ridge's contact with the kids. Brooke says she just wants what is best for the kids and she hasn't told Bridget what happened yet.

Grant says that's his point - think how torn up Bridget will be when she finds out. They have to make the kids a priority over Ridge, and that means keeping them away from the guy who shot him. Grant tells her he will compromise: Ridge is not to have contact with kids until after he is convicted or proved innocent. If Ridge is cleared, then he can see the kids.


Ridge has rode up on his motorcycle to see his beloved Taylor. He begs her, "Doc, please - the only thing that is important now is clearing myself." He notes that, "God, you are so beautiful. I will leave in a minute unless you ask me to stay - but I know you wouldn't and I don't expect you to." Taylor asks to know where he is saying, but he replies, "It is better if I do not tell you where I am staying, because reporters are just going to hound you until you tell them the information."

Taylor tells him that she thinks about him all the time. "That means a lot. I cant look any more guilty to the police no matter what I do," he states. He then asks her, "Thorne is taking advantage of all of this, isn't he? So how is it with you two? Well I guess I might do the same as him if I were him." He then tells Taylor about another thing he feels bad about; "God, I miss those kids. Somehow I have got to get over there to take them out for the Sunday breakfast thing. they are expecting that," says Ridge

Taylor tells him that he should not go to Grant's house or he will be arrested yet again. She tells him that she needs stability in a relationship, and he is just a ship in a storm with out any sail. Ridge tells her that if he did change, she wouldn't want him anymore. Ridge turns to leave, and practically passes out at the door.

Taylor leaves her bedroom to go and get a cup of tea. When she comes back, Ridge is fast asleep in her bed. She tucks him in and climbs into bed next to him................................

Friday, April 11, 1997


Grant walks in and startles Taylor by yelling "Don't move, or I'll shoot!" He's surprised to see her visiting the scene of the crime, and she says she doesn't know how he can work there. He then mentions he knows about her little trip to Big Bear; "You and Thorne sure are flaunting it.... I wonder what the jailbird will say when he finds out?" Taylor tells him not to talk about Ridge that way, and then gets to her visit; she has some questions for him. Grant realizes she doesn't believe Ridge shot her, and accuses her of calling him a liar, but Taylor points out he might have **THOUGHT** he saw Ridge, because he hates him so much. Grant insists that he and Ridge were the only ones there, and Taylor is going to hurt their friendship if she keeps fishing this way.


Ridge comes by, since he knows Grant isn't there, and insists he needs to hear Brooke say he believes in his innocence. Brooke points out he could be arrested, and that Grant is her husband, so Ridge shouldn't go there. "So he's your husband, and you want to believe him - and who am I? How many years have you known me? Have I ever threatened to kill anyone?" Ridge asks.


Curtis comes to pick Maggie out, but she's starting to feel nervous - she shouldn't be going out in the middle of the day with a stranger. Curtis points out they're both from Iowa, and both in need of a friend, and asks what happened to her picnic plans. She explains about Sheila, and laments how she and James haven't had a day alone since they got married. Curtis thinks such a day is long overdue, but Maggie says it's all water under the bridge, thanks to Sheila. She agrees to go with him for a drive.


Maggie and Curtis come in and sit at a table. She says it was good to get out of the city, but she's still nervous. Curtis says it reminds him of home - someplace he's not going back to any time soon, at least not alone. A waitress comes by and gets the "lovebirds" a drink.

The drinks arrive, and Maggie and Curtis start talking. He mentions James, which of course isn't Maggie's favorite subject - her husband is preoccupied, with work and the baby. Curtis hopes he's not out of line, but he insists James has to see the light; childbirth classes are a waste, he says, and James has a marriage at home. That's two people sharing a life, and if he can't be happy with that - well, he'll have to be, since that's the way a marriage works. Maggie thanks Curtis, and says she's surprised he hasn't found someone. He guesses he hasn't found the right girl yet, and changes the subject back to Maggie. He makes Maggie promise to sit James down and talk to him, or James will have to deal with Curtis. Maggie promises, and they leave.


Taylor says she's not fishing, but she would like to see Ridge off the hook. She still can't see Ridge doing it. "Of course, you can't, because of the way you feel about him," Grant points out - and personally, he'd prefer if Ridge didn't do it, either, since his wife has doubts, too. Taylor says she didn't know Brooke was still involved with Ridge, and Grant says she's not; things are going fine, except for Brooke not believing Ridge could be guilty. Grant then gets a visitor - Teresa Emerson, from the D.A.'s office. "This should be interesting," he tells Taylor.


Brooke can't understand why it's so important that Ridge hear her say she's believe him, and he says, "because you matter." He begs her to say it, and she admits, "Yes, Ridge, of course I think you're innocent. You shouldn't even have to ask that, you should know." She admits she's been confused, because of how out of control he was, but she never believed it deep down. However, she's in a real bind - she believes Ridge is innocent, but Grant doesn't, and she can't call her husband a liar.

Ridge asks to see the kids, and Brooke says Rick isn't there. Bridget is upstairs - but Grant asked her not to let Ridge see the kids. Ridge is aghast, and begs Brooke to let him see Bridget - he promises not to tell Bridget anything. Grant has no right to do this, he insists. Brooke says he does have the right - and while she knows how Ridge and the kids feel about each other, there are serious charges involved. She knows Ridge didn't do it, but she can't drive a wedge between the kids and their stepfather.

Ridge realizes that Grant is, in fact, the kids' stepfather, and asks how Brooke is being treated. Grant is like "a husband who loves his wife." It dawns on Ridge that Grant and Brooke have slept together now, and she asks him not to go there. She would do anything in her power, but there's nothing to do. Ridge admits he was wrong - maybe he shouldn't see the kids until he's clear, and apologizes for putting Brooke in a bad position. He prepares to leave, but warns her, "Logan, be careful - you may trust Grant, but I don't." He asks her to remind the kids that he thinks of them every day and loves them; "I hope you know that," he states. Ridge is about to leave, as Bridget comes down the steps.


Teresa tells Grant and Taylor that there has been a significant break in the case; the gunshot residue tests found barium and antimony on Ridge's hands, which are the two chemicals in gunshot residue. Taylor can't believe it, but Teresa insists the tests are state of the art. As Teresa leaves, Taylor has a worried look on her face. Grant points out, "There you have it - the guy shot me, and he's got to be put away."


Ridge stays to talk to Bridget, who tells him what's going on in her life. She's a little sad that Ridge hasn't been around, and asks him to come to her room. Brooke says Ridge has to leave, and Bridget says she'll see him on Sunday. With tears in his eyes, Ridge says he won't be there, since he has to go away for a while. "Please don't let it be long," Bridget says, and Ridge promises he won't. He hugs her, and says he can't stay away from her that long.

Brooke answers the phone - it's Grant, who asks if she's OK. She says she's just tired. He tells her about the lab results, "It looks like they have Ridge dead to rights. I think this thing is over, and he's going to prison for a long time." He promises to come home soon. Crying, she goes back to Bridget and Ridge, as Ridge prepares to leave. Brooke hugs him and says, "We love you - never forget that, no matter what happens." Bridget joins in, as all three have tears in their eyes.

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Week of 4/14/97 - 4/18/97

Monday, April 14, 1997

In his office, Hunter finds out that there were fragments of Enrique's fingerprints on the gun used to shoot Grant. He calls him to his office right away. Enrique is annoyed cause he has a ton of work to do and doesn't want to be bothered to answer any questions. Hunter replies that it is pretty clear where his loyalties lie and he figured it might make sense for Enrique to help the Forresters by rubbing out the big thorn in their side. Enrique is surprised that Hunter also knows the fact that Grant was going to fire him. Enrique isn't worried - he says the evidence will prove his innocence. They go over the facts and Enrique claims the last time he saw the gun was in Michael's office. In a black and white flashback, we see Enrique in Ridge's office putting down the sketches - and when Hunter asks him, Enrique says he didn't see the gun at that time. Hunter then asks Enrique about the gloves and Enrique said that he was wearing gloves because he had come from the dye room. "Believe I did it, if that's what you want, Mr. Jones - but if I had taken that shot I would not have missed my mark." states Enrique before he leaves.

Curtis goes to pay Dr. Warwick a visit to drop off his bill and say hello. After mispronouncing James' last name (since the second "W" is silent), the plumber says, "Maggie is sure one fine woman, Doctor." James points out Maggie feels the same about Curtis, who has come to their rescue a number of times. Curtis replies, "Well, a certain customer is worth going that extra mile for." James is sure Curtis must have something to do, and the plumber replies, "Yes, I am a busy man . You and I - we need to have a little talk."

James believes that Curtis wants to talk about the bad plumbing in his house "I am not talking about plumbing problems, Doctor. You wife is a wonderful woman. Maggie is a real find. I have come here to talk to you about yourself. I don't like the way you treat your wife." James thinks this is out of line, but Curtis insists, "I got eyes and I got ears, Doctor. You have broken your wife's heart."

James is really shocked and pissed off now, and politely asks Curtis Love to leave his office before he throws him out. He then tells Curtis in no uncertain terms to stay away from his wife. As he closes the door to his office he says to himself, "Maggie, I can't believe you have been talking to him."

Claudia startles Michael while she is reading in her office. Claudia says she has information that could possibly prove Ridge didn't shoot Grant. She doesn't exactly have evidence, but she does have reliable information about a man she believes is a suspect in the case. She tells Michael that the Alvarez family are killers and they will not stop to get what they want. Michael says she has never seen that side of Enrique, but Claudia assures her Enrique has a dark history. "Enrique Alvarez is responsible for shooting Grant. I would bet my life on it" states Claudia. She continues with the fact that Enrique has a similar build to Ridge. Then Michael tells Claudia that she saw Enrique wearing gloves the day of the shooting. These two women believe that if they put their minds to it they can solve the shooting case.

At the Warwick home, Sheila is pretending to be sitting on the couch and practicing Lamaze when Maggie comes in. Sheila says it is probably not the best time, but she ships out a pamphlet on various birthing methods; she thinks Maggie should be prepared, since she refuses to attend the class. "I would rather not," Maggie says. Sheila talks about a home birth, and Maggie says, "I know what a home birth is Sheila." Sheila then mentions having a water birth, and Maggie exclaims, "You think you are going to have THAT baby in my bathroom for a water delivery and you are crazy."

Sheila doesn't waste a second and starts right in, "Why are you so threatened by me? You have the name. You have the ring on your finger. What could I possibly do to come between you two?"

Maggie shouts right back, "I am counting the days, Sheila. Once you are gone you can count on the fact that you will never see James or the baby again. I already have what I want, Sheila - and there is no way I am gonna lose James to the likes of you."

James then comes home, and he asks Sheila to leave so he can speak to his wife alone. "What the hell have you been telling Curtis Love, Maggie?" Maggie says she needed something to talk about, and he insists, "You can talk to me. How the hell can you do that?" Maggie repeats that she needed someone to talk to and James is really pissed off.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997

Hunter is in his office talking to himself, asking the all important questions," If you didn't shoot Grant Chambers, Ridge, then who did?" He puts down Ridge's photo and moves on to others, as he asks, "Was is the jilted lover (Michael), the disgruntled co-worker (Enrique) or (he holds up a photo of Thorne)..............????????"

Sheila comes into Curtis' shop, all happy and says, "Hey, there he is, my favorite plumber. I have had the most incredible day. You certainly have been doing your part - so well, in fact, that I want you to have this." She hands him an envelope with more money.

Curtis Love hands the money back, including the original envelope, too - he says it's tainted. He tells Sheila that he had words with Dr. Warwick, and he can't play this game for money anymore. He is amazed at how stupid smart people are; James broke that little girl's heart, he says.

Sheila is amazed that Curtis has really fallen hard for Maggie. She tells him that she needed James to turn her life around, and for the first time in her life she is so close to her dreams. Maggie and James don't belong together. James saved her life, she tells Curtis - and she reminds the plumber that he could save Maggie's life. They owe it to them, she insists; and in doing so, she convinces Curtis to help change Maggie's and James' lives the way they changed Sheila's and Curtis'.

At the Warwicks' house, James is still going off on Maggie because she confided in Curtis Love, the plumber. "I told you I needed somebody to talk to," she tells him again. James thinks this is ridiculous, but Maggie points out, "What is ridiculous is how you are overreacting. I didn't go yapping. Besides, what is wrong with sharing your feelings with people." James says nothing is wrong with it - but why share it with the plumber, of all people? "He is a lot more than a plumber, James- he happens to be my friend. I want you to treat him with a little more respect. The man fixes things with his hands for a living there is nothing wrong with that. So he doesn't have a college degree like you. I can talk to him, James- he listens to me. Curtis and I are from the same world. We have the same out look on things. I never see you anymore - and when we do we never have any time to ourselves."

James surmises she is talking about Sheila, and Maggie admits, "Yes, because of Sheila. That woman has turned our world upside down. Get rid of that woman. I am sorry, James. This isn't working and I don't know how much more of this I can take."

James wants to know what she is saying. Maggie continues that she has tried, and just hasn't gotten over the fact that he slept with Sheila. It has been really hard for her and she has made many sacrifices. James asks what he expects him to do - turn his back on his child. He doesn't believe Maggie, as a mother, could expect that of hi, Maggie replies that she wants James to be involved in the birth of his child, just not with Sheila. They have been living for months with that woman and she has manipulated their lives. She believes that now it is time that James start to make some sacrifices. With that Maggie leaves and Sheila comes in. James tells her that now is not a good time and he goes to the bedroom.

Sheila says to herself that it is happening. By the time the baby is born, mommy and daddy will be together

Thorne is in his office, and Taylor stops by with a present to say thanks for the ski trip- it is a cook book. Thorne makes a crack that if Taylor thinks he can cook in the kitchen she should see him in the bedroom. They kiss, and then Hunter Jones shows up at the door. Thorne realizes that he is a suspect and says that he will do anything to help his brother. He tells Hunter that he was in his office at the time of his shooting with Taylor. He admits he wasn't crazy about Grant - nobody around Forrester was. Does that mean he had a motive to shoot Grant? Thorne guesses so, but he insists he didn't shoot Chambers any more than his brother did.

Taylor ends up telling the investigator that there is a small fact Thorne left out - he explains about Thorne being upset and leaving the office for a minute. Thorne says he had to check the machines on the loading dock - and he didn't even hear the shot, probably because of the machines. But still, he contends, he didn't shoot Grant.

Hunter then asks Taylor and Thorne if either of them has seen Ridge recently, and Taylor is silent. Hunter presses her for an answer. Taylor then tells the investigator that yes, she did see Ridge as recently as last night, when he slept in her bed at Big Bear. Thorne ends up throwing a fit and says "It is just my brother, screwing with my life again." He can't believe Taylor would keep this from him, he shouts, and storms out of the office right in front of the investigator..............

Wednesday, April 16, 1997


Grant has called a meeting before the staff party to announce that this year there is going to be something different - because they are different and this company is changing. Michael is sitting on the couch with a frown on her face and her arms are crossed, looking really thrilled to be there. Grant says to prove how different things are going to be, tonight is going be a big costume ball, so everyone should put on their dancing shoes.

His employees applaud Grant's vision of the "New" Forrester and leave, but he asks Michael to stay. He gives to Michael a list of things for her to handle for tonight. Michael asks if he is really sure he wants to have this party with all of the suspects in one place. "What if someone decides to take another crack at it?" she questions obnoxiously. Grant, however, isn't worried; he has his man, and besides, there's no need to be scared of Michael, since he knows she isn't violent. "Don't bet on it," she says.

Jonathan, Hunter, and Ridge are all having a pow-wow meeting in Ridge's hotel room. about the charges and other suspects. They discuss Michael's fingerprints on the gun and if she might have done it being the jilted lover. Next is Enrique, who Ridge still isn't convinced about. Not to leave out, Hunter brings up Thorne - which surprises Jonathan, especially when Ridge considers it as well. Thorne has possible motives, Ridge reminds him. Jonathan says he has more bad news; there was gunshot residue on Ridge's hand from the tests, since they found barium and antimony. Ridge can't understand that, and Hunter says he will look into the possibility of a setup. Jonathan and Hunter leave to work on the case to prove Ridge's innocence.

Brooke is passing by Thorne's office and notices that Thorne is all upset. She comes in and asks what he is all pissed off about. Thorne begins, "HE just went too far this time. I mean what do I have to do to get rid of this guy?" Brooke asks what's wrong, and he replies, "Brooke, I really shouldn't be talking to you about this. A few nights behind bars would keep Ridge the hell away from Taylor. This whole situation has Taylor so confused. You know before this happened they were practically over. She even gave him back the ring."

Brooke is stunned to hear this, as Thorne continues, "Taylor realized she couldn't depend on Ridge the way she needed to. She feels sorry for him I guess. I took Taylor up to Big Bear the other night to get her away from all of this stress. It was the closest we had ever been- at least that is what I thought, except I didn't know Ridge had shown up. He snuck into Taylor's room in the middle of the night and ended up falling asleep in her bed. You know the worst part? Taylor wasn't even going to tell me. Hunter Jones, the PI, asked her about it in front of me. Now I am a suspect in the PI's eyes. Ridge treats the woman like dirt for years and now suddenly he cant live without her. It is not what Taylor wants or needs."

Brooke is listening to this in amazement. She comments how surprised she is that Thorne and Taylor have come this far together. Thorne blurts out, "I am not letting Ridge screw this up for me!!!!!"

Over at Spectra, Sally and Gladys are planning a costume for the invited guests for the ball tonight. Gladys makes a crack that it doesn't matter what she wears to Grant's party as long as she wears a bullet proof vest. Sally says that in all the years they have known Ridge Forrester he has never been violent. Gladys pulls out her copy of the National Inquisitor (with Hunter on the cover) and points out that with a crack PI on the case, they may know the answer for sure.

Clarke states, "There is a first time for everything and Hunter Jones could be Sherlock Holmes himself; but he still couldn't get Ridge off the hook. Look ladies- it is an open and shut case. Ridge shot Grant and he is going down." Gladys chirps in that anyone at Forrester that day is a suspect in the case in her opinion.

Sally then has to blurt out that someone in this very room was at Forrester that day, and it was Clarke. As an explanation for why that wasn't mentioned, Clarke tells Gladys that he doesn't want his good name mixed up in this mess. He leaves.

At the hotel, there is a knock at the door; Ridge answers it and goes, "Yeah?" Felicia is dressed like a guy and says, "Yeah? Is that how you greet your sister? I just happened to be in the neighborhood." Ridge is glad to see his sister and tells her about his problems - he gets depressed when he sees a headline about him in the newspaper she brought. Felicia reminds him, "You didn't shoot Grant. Why is this happening to you? Listen, we are gonna get you out of this. You can't give up!" They hug and have a family reunion..........

Back at Forrester, Brooke stops in to see her hubby - and of course, the subject of Ridge comes up. Despite Brooke's assurances that the kids will warm up to him in time, Grant feels that can't happen while Ridge is around - which is why Ridge should not see the kids, he insists. Brooke is resistant, and Grant wonders why - has Ridge been over to see the kids? Brooke lies to him and says that's ridiculous. Grant then unveils their costumes for the ball - Napoleon and Josephine - and promises Brooke it's going to be great.

Over at Spectra, Hunter Jones shows up at the office, looking for Clarke to question him. Unknown to him, Clarke is outside the door, listening.

Thursday , April 17, 1997

In the motel room, Ridge and Felicia are going over all of the evidence in the case against Ridge. Ridge is worried because they found gunshot residue on his hands. Felicia believes it has to be Grant setting Ridge up. She wants to go to friends on the LAPD and nose around a little to get some information. Ridge tells his little sister no to leave it to his private investigator and hopefully something will turn up soon.

Hunter Jones has shown up at Spectra to question Clarke, while Clarke is standing outside of Sally's office listening to the conversation. Sally tells Hunter Jones that she hopes he is successful in finding who shot Grant. Jones does not believe her, but she assures him that she is sincere. Sally confides in the private investigator that in all the years she has known Ridge, she can not see him becoming violent. Clarke finally stops eavesdropping and enters the room.

Out by the pool at the mansion, Taylor approaches Thorne, who is sunning himself by the pool. Taylor apologizes for talking to Ridge without saying anything to Thorne. Thorne says that an apology isn't enough. Taylor says she will make it up to him; she will do anything. Thorne sits up and, with a playful grin, asks, "Anything?" So Thorne has come up with the ingenious idea of having Taylor play his slave girl while he sits poolside. She has to serve him lemonade, spritz him with water (although she does spritz back), and walk around in her skimpy bathing suit. He doesn't even allow her to put on her cover-up when she gets chilly.

Upstairs, Eric and Stephanie are talking. Eric complains that everyone at the office is "scurrying around, following Grant's orders preparing for this costume ball." He couldn't take it so he left. Stephanie doesn't think she is up to going to the costume ball, but Eric was hoping that she would be his date for the ball.

Stephanie is surprised that Eric wants to go to the ball. But he admits that, as much as he hates to admit it, Grant is right about them presenting a united front to the public. He also thinks this will help put Ridge and his situation "on the back burner." He doesn't relish the thought of talking business and small talk with people all night, either, but he can stand it if Stephanie is by his side. Naturally, Stephanie agrees to go with him.

In the meantime, Stephanie wants to know what they are going to do about the relationship between Thorne, Taylor and Ridge. She wants Eric to talk with Thorne; Thorne will listen to his father. Eric walks to the edge of the terrace and looks down; that is when he sees Taylor and Thorne below.

Sally tells Clarke that Mr. Jones is looking for him. Mr. Jones is looking at everyone in the building at the time of the shooting. Clarke doesn't want to answer any questions; but he eventually reluctantly agrees. Hunter tells Clarke that records show he signed into the building 2 hours before the shooting; Clarke relates that he visited his friend because he was scared to death that something was going to happen. Then Hunter questions Clarke as to why he never signed ***OUT*** of the Forrester building.

Felicia doesn't want Ridge to give up. But he grabs the paper and says it is hard to stay calm when he sees things in the paper against him. He then shows her a picture of the "happy couple"--Grant and Brooke. Ridge reads the article aloud. All eyes will be on Grant Chambers, he reads, allegedly gunned down by his fellow designer, Ridge Forrester. Ridge is angry. Grant doesn't want to waste any more time on this while he, Ridge, is losing his life---everything is gone. Worst of all, he is losing Taylor because he can't see her. Thorne will just walk away with her.

Clarke explains that he didn't go out through security; he left by a side exit. Jones wants to know why. Clarke says it was closer to his car. Sally reminds Jones that at one time Clarke worked at Forrester and he knows all the exits. This interests Jones, but Clarke tells Sally not to tell him anymore; all Jones is trying to do is pin the shooting on him. Sally can't believe that. She tells Jones that everyone at Spectra, Clarke especially, was devastated when they heard that Grant had been shot. It was especially sad because of what he had already been through.

What had he been through, Jones wonders. He had a new wife and family and he was head of the company. Sally informs Jones that FC was in chaos and Grant had to take it over. Also, against Clarke's wishes, Sally tells Jones about Grant and Brooke's marital problems. Clarke asks Jones to leave. Outside the office, Jones has a thoughtful look on his face.

Thorne has Taylor apply sunscreen to his back. Taylor is about fed up with the "game" and pours half a bottle on his back. From above, Eric and Stephanie disagree about the "correctness" of the two below. Below, Taylor says that having her hands on his body is getting to be too much of a habit. As Taylor is leaving, Thorne asks Taylor to be his date at the costume ball. Taylor hesitates; it is bad timing. The reporters will get the wrong idea; they might think that she dropped Ridge because of his problems. Thorne, however, talks her into going with him. What will they wear? Knowing you, Taylor says, you'll want to go as master and servant, but Thorne thinks that they should go in costume, instead.

Taylor wants to push him into the pool for that comment but they end up on the lounge in each other's arms. As they kiss, Eric and Stephanie are watching. Eric thinks they should stop watching. Stephanie says that Ridge has to do something--he just has to.

Ridge is really feeling sorry for himself; he says he is really going down for this one. Felicia is trying to cheer him up. She feels he needs to get out of this dreary hotel room. " No, what I need is Taylor. But I cannot see her because she is surrounded by reporters. If they see me, they will just make her life a living hell. I cannot do that to Taylor." Felicia has an idea; what if the reporters don't recognize him? Ridge agrees to this stupid idea of Felicia's.

Friday, April 18, 1997

The scene opens as hustle and bustle is going on to turn Maison Chambers into Forrester Fantastico Party. Requisite number of florists, party decorators, below-stairs folk, and of course the requisite blocks of wood, a.k.a. your friendly local bodyguards, standing around looking like blocks of wood with no inclination to be of any service to anyone.

Grant comes down the stairs in silk brocade kimono robe, the jovial host of the hour delighted with the decoration so far. Grant asks if Rick plans to attend the party in the tie dye number he's wearing. Rick does an acceptable sneer, "This? It's a Forrester. I'm not going to wear it to some dumb party". Grant tries to persuade a sullen Rick that getting into costume for the party will be fun. As Rick goes off, not appreciably enthused, Grant happily goes out onto the newly junglized back terrace. Brooke is in flowing, velvet matron robe, looking over last minute preparations. Grant, like a little kid, asks her if she isn't excited, isn't this great? Brooke smiles indulgently, asserting that this is his big night.

Grant asks her where he should give his speech. Brooke puts her mind to it and suggests the staircase. Grant tells her she is brilliant, it's a perfect idea. He envisions the scene, modeled around him. It'll be a smash. Their fall line will wow the buyers, it's the best the company's ever done. He starts to scurry Brooke along, saying it's time to dress. Brooke hesitates for a moment, uneasy about all the security guards. Does he really think Ridge is going to try to come? Grant brushes aside her question . He wants Ridge slapped back in jail if he shows his face and doesn't want to take any chances. He rushes off. Brooke looks pensive, clearly worry and duty is not a comfortable state.

At Forrester, Michael is surprised to learn that Claudia is going with Enrique, and just a tad suspicious. Claudia confirms she's going with Enrique, confiding that she thinks he shot Grant. Michael looks . . . surprised/relieved/doubtful/concerned. Does Claudia have proof? Claudia, the self-sacrificial lamb, the bait, the last hope, the eternal crusader, deadly seriously admits that that is what tonight is all about. Michael goes to open the door and Enrique walks in, catching sight of Claudia. Michael suggests they use the office to change, she'll get into costume elsewhere. With a questioning look at Enrique and a reassuring and concerned look at Claudia, she scurries off.

Enrique strides toward Claudia, his expression blank. He asks Claudia if she knows what this means to him, her going to the party with him. Claudia smiles, her poised response that she is just glad he was available. Enrique earnestly promises that he will always be available to her, but he is wondering a bit at the change. Claudia coyly confesses that she has come to see things differently. Enrique asks if it's something he did. Claudia offhandedly confirms that it is. She walks away and tells him he can change up here; she'll be downstairs waiting. Enrique suavely suggests that it would be better if they both changed upstairs. Claudia smiles coyly and repeats that she'll see him downstairs. He stops her and kisses her, she looks flustered and shy and walks out. He looks after her and then is ambiguously pensive, his expression more grim and speculative than lovesick. Outside of the office, Claudia wipes her mouth in distaste.

In her office at Spectra, Lauren is desultorily looking through her dresses when Sally bounces in, telling her it's time to get ready for the masquerade ball. Lauren is appreciably underwhelmed, and Sally inquires why. Lauren responds that Eric will be there. Yes, our Miss Sally says, he probably will be, weeping into the champagne - her point? Eric is going to be having a lousy time, Miss Lauren responds. Sally agrees that yes, playing court jester to the newly crowned king of fashion cannot be much fun. In front of the entire fashion industry, Lauren goes on, it'll be awful. Sally abruptly switches to confidant and Eric sympathizer, and tells Lauren that in that case, it's an important time for Eric's near and dear to be around him AND a perfect opportunity for Lauren (with a coy look!). Lauren looks pensive.

At the motel, Ridge impatiently prompts Hunter to tell him he's made some progress. Hunter obligingly states that he's made some progress. Ridge asks him to tell him what it is. Hunter begins that he'll tell him what he has. Hunter begins by shaking his finger at Ridge and directing him to get a hold of himself; he's just a tad strung out. Ridge, by way of explanation, asks Hunter if he doesn't know what's going on. Yeah, a big party, so? Ridge insists it's more, Grant is making his move, taking over. It's driving Ridge nuts.

Enough, Hunter interrupts; let's back up and you tell me about Grant and Brooke. Ridge turns to the window and recites the story of how he left town and Chambers made his move. Hunter coaxes that she was in love with him, right? No, no, Ridge dispassionately replies, they've been miserable since then. At least until ."; he pauses.

Hunter catches his line of thought and finishes for him out loud, "Until the shooting." Yeah, Ridge confirms. And now they're closer, Hunter continues. Yeah, Ridge confirms and bites out, "intimately closer." Hunter asks what that means. Ridge spells out that Grant didn't touch her until the shooting. Hunter's machismo is offended. What? No sex until the shooting? Yep, Ridge asserts. Hunter looks pensive. Ridge asks him if he's thought about the possibility that if all the suspects are there, one might try to finish the job. Oh yes, Hunter says - that's why he's invited himself. He'll be in touch, and takes his leave. Ridge looks pensive.

At the ball, Josephine and Napoleon are greeting guests; Grant, as Napoleon, looks robust and quite suited to be hosting, while Brooke as Josephine looks relatively demure and definitely stays in the background to make this Grant's night. Cleopatra and Mark Antony walk through the door. Cleo (Taylor) is taken in a sociable embrace by Napoleon, while he sends off her lackey, Mark Antony (Thorne), to fetch her a drink. Thorne looks disgusted and stalks off. Some cameras snap and Taylor composedly walks off. Michael arrives. Grant compliments her then humiliates her by calling her merely "an office worker" for the buzzing press. Michael looks exasperated and contemptuous and walks off. Brooke looks at Grant as if she thinks that was a bit out of line.

Next up are Claudia and Enrique as Maid Marian and Robin Hood (en masque). Grant announces Claudia as the queen of the sewing room and then baits Robin Hood, making sport of him for the press. Grant warns everyone to check their wallets, with the Thief of Sherwood in the room. Enrique looks disgusted and they walk off. Next arriving are Stephanie and Eric. Grant announces Eric as the old guard, Henry VIII of Forrester and disrespectfully asks which queen is Stephanie. They grit their teeth, but are composed for the cameras. Grant furthers his goading, saying that the press should get them while they can. Then he oozes false concern for their probable fatigue and leads them off to get drinks. Brooke is left to greet Sally, Clarke and Lauren, Sally made up like Marie Antoinette and Lauren and Clarke as Romeo and Juliet.

Grant tells Stephanie and Eric that they're going to love the fall line. Stephanie looks at him as if he's crawled out from under a rock and Eric politely excuses them. Grants sidles over to the secret service guy; low voiced, he tells him to call the police first and then tell him if Ridge shows up. Will do Sir, says the block of wood. Grant looks anxiously pensive.

At the motel, Ridge is in the dark, seated, looking out his open blinds to the neon wonders and the traffic beyond. "Taylor" he says, and then in his mind's eye remembers his proposal and her emotional acceptance. Back to the motel room and the sad, dejected eyes of Ridge as he reminds himself that now she's with Thorne. Together. At the party. He looks out the window . . . pensively.

At the ball, Cleo and Mark Antony are standing, when the trumpets blare and Grant goes to the staircase. The models descend around Grant as he grabs the audience's attention. Michael looks resentfully exasperated, Thorne about to burst with anger and Stephanie and Eric can't believe they're having to deal with this. Brooke looks on, proud and pleased with the effect.

Grant launches into an overbearing speech, rife with self-congratulation and clearly promoting the company and its accomplishments as his. Michael looks ready to disintegrate him. Thorne looks murderous, as Taylor gives Thorne a concerned look. Stephanie and Eric look disgusted. Enrique takes off his mask, looking murderous, and Claudia looks suspiciously at Enrique. Bridget as an angel looks wide-eyed and Rick, uncomfortably garbed as a court page or something comparable, wants to be anywhere but there. Grant finishes up, instructs all to enjoy themselves and gestures for the music to resume.

Eric is incredulous that Grant has given no one but himself credit and Stephanie excuses herself to the powder room. Lauren approaches, sympathetic to Eric's discomfort. Eric politely confirms her assessment and then, after complimenting her and Clarke as a lovely couple, just as politely excuses himself. Lauren gazes after him sadly and longingly.

Merlin arrives and raises his mask - and the all seeing eyes of Merlin are shown to be Hunter Jones, who gazes around pensively. Hunter scopes the crowd, noting the various degrees of anger and unrest among the guests.

Taylor tries to get Thorne to contain himself. Thorne is visibly ready to sock Grant or worse, his rage apparent at Grant's open appropriation of the company and his blatant disregard for all the hard work of his parents. Taylor calmly assures him that Eric will be vindicated. Thorne looks murderously at Grant.

Outside the house, by the door, a black garbed figure is turned away from us. He turns and it is Ridge. After looking around he pulls a mask over his face and enters the party as Zorro. He scopes the crowd as Hunter did, but his gaze is caught by Taylor talking to Thorne.

Lauren and Sally and Clarke are together. Sally encourage Lauren to make her move. Lauren halfheartedly asserts again that Stephanie and Eric are together. Sally tells Lauren to stop obsessing and to make her move. Clarke agrees that if she wants Eric she needs to make her move. Convinced, Lauren smiles secretly and apologizes out loud to an absent Stephanie. She is going to make her move.

Stephanie and Eric go out onto the jungle back terrace. After exclaiming about the view and agreeing that they could happily miss the rest of the party, Eric voices his concern about Rick. Stephanie tells him that she spoke with Rick earlier. Eric smiles fondly. Stephanie says that she could she could see that Rick needed to talk; his discomfort with the recent turn of events was obvious and she wanted him to know that she was there for him. Eric is dumbfounded that Stephanie could be there for a child that he had with Brooke. Stephanie, with disarmingly innocent surprise, states that of course she'd be there for these children. Eric is still incredulous about her generosity. Stephanie, with complete candor, explains that children are wholly innocent. Besides, because they were his she could love them easily and because of her bond with Eric, in some way she felt that they were hers too.

Stephanie asks if he wants to stay out on the terrace. Eric nimbly sidesteps this and comes to the point of letting her know he wants to say something and this is just the moment for it. Our astute Stephanie is completely oblivious as he hems and haws, and lets her know that though this might seem out of the blue, it's really not. After a great deal of beating around the bush he looks at her with a completely loving look and tells her that he wants her to marry him again. Astonishment, a glimpse of awe, and a budding, deep joy, shine in Stephanie's eyes.

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Week of 4/21/97 4/25/97

Monday, April 21, 1997

At the costume ball, Thorne and Michael are getting sick to their stomachs watching Grant parade around the party as Napoleon and schmoozing it up with all of his guests.

Lauren tells Sally, who hopes that Lauren has romance on her mind tonight, "I have things on my mind. Oh, I have made a decision. I want Eric, and starting tonight I am taking off the gloves and I am going to get him."

Meanwhile outside on the balcony Stephanie and Eric are getting quite cozy. Stephanie tells him he doesn't have to propose; she says, "You know in your heart of hearts I will always be there for you." Eric tells her that he wants her to be his wife again and a simple "yes or no" answer will do. This is coming from the heart he assures her, as he pulls out a ring to show his sincerity. Stephanie of course says "yes" and they kiss.

Clarke is by the window and spots something going on, so he goes outside and observes this tender moment between the Forresters. He comes back in and tells Lauren (who is still with Sally) that to be totally honest, he thinks that Eric and Stephanie are falling back in love.

Thorne is now all hot and bothered because he cant take much more of all of this, with Grant upstaging his family. Taylor tells him not to make a scene and asks him to calm down.

Claudia approaches Enrique, acting really friendly, and chirps, "Aren't you taking this Robin Hood act a bit too far?" Enrique asks what she means, and she points to what is in his hand; "The knife, Enrique, is a prop," she points out. She asks if he is thinking about using it, and he says he only as one thing on his mind - her. She asks him, "Did you do it Enrique? Did you shoot Grant? I wouldn't hold it against you if you did. Tell me."

Bridget is met by Zorro, who she doesn't recognize at first. He asks her why she seems so down, and she explains that she wishes Ridge was there, so he tells her who he is. Ridge states, "Hey I need you to do me a very big favor. Don't tell anyone that I am here tonight." Bridget agrees, and Ridge says, "That is my girl."

Lauren spots a cozy Stephanie and Eric coming in from the balcony. They go over to his son Rick, who is bored out of his mind at this "lame" party. Before Eric can talk to him, Rick storms off. Across the room, Taylor tells Thorne that she thinks the person dressed as Merlin the Wizard is Hunter Jones, and she believes that he is there to build a case against him for his brother. She thinks they should leave, and Thorne thinks that's a good idea.

Zorro makes his way over to his brother dressed as Mark Antony and tells him that his father needs to see him; of course, Ridge just wants to be all alone with Taylor. Merlin sidesteps his way over to Michael, who is drinking due to her miserable attitude towards his highness Sir Grant. "Grant has to be stopped anyway you can." she says, "before he changes the company name to Chambers. That is his next step - I would bet my life on it. Wait a minute... who are you? Hunter Jones?????" Grant hears that Hunter is there, comes over and tells him to leave. Hunter says that Grant should go about his business and let him keep an eye on things. The person who shot him could be in this room wanting to finish the job, Hunter states, but Grant of course isn't worried. Hunter asks Grant, on the off chance that he is right, to let him stay and keep watching.

Eric is surprised to see Thorne approach, since Thorne claims he was told that Eric asked to see him. Eric and Stephanie take advantage of the moment and tell Thorne the good news. While Ridge toasts the Queen of the Nile, he tells her, "We must dance now before Anthony is a jealous man." While they are dancing Taylor asks if she knows him because it seems like they have danced before. Ridge is quick to answer in Zorro fashion of being a total romantic, "We have also kissed before. Want me to prove it?" She looks into his eyes and realizes it's Ridge! He tells her, "Shhhhh - relax, nobody knows I am here. I had to see you, Doc." Taylor is concerned, so he reassures her, "Calm down my love. I am perfectly safe. I have to admit it is pretty exciting. I can feel your heart beat. It has been far too long since we have been this close. I also have to admit that the risk makes it more thrilling. I used to drive you over the edge every night. It has been far too long for that too."

Grant tells the security men that if there is any sign of Ridge Forrester on his property to call the cops immediately. Meanwhile, Thorne goes up on the staircase to steal the thunder from Grant with this announcement; "Everyone listen up. I have a big announcement. I have the biggest news of the evening. Okay here it goes. On this the evening of our fall fashion show, which by the way was the designs of my father and my family, I am pleased to announce, ladies and gentlemen, Eric and Stephanie Forrester are engaged to be married!"

Hearing the announcement, Ridge is surprised, but pleased. He takes Taylor outside - he wants a double wedding, but Taylor says the timing is wrong. Taylor begs Ridge to leave before he gets caught - she's tortured - but Ridge tells him Hunter is on to something, so he'll be free to take Taylor as his wife soon.

Grant is not a happy camper and is pissed off that Eric is stealing all of the attention at HIS party. Brooke says she doesn't think it was planned and wait until Ridge hears this news. Bridget says that he already heard "Uncle Thorne's" speech, but she quickly shuts herself up when Grant asks what she said. It's too late, though - Grant tells his guards to get the police, because Ridge is here!

Tuesday, April 22, 1997

Still at the ball, Eric and Stephanie are literally barraged by questions and comments from reporters and their buyers - "Did you expect it, Stephanie?", "Do you have a date set?", "Congratulations" are heard, as the beaming Eric and Steph enjoy their moment. Off to the side, standing with Sally and Clarke, Lauren winces as Eric and Stephanie look so happy together. As Eric and Steph thank all the well-wishers, Thorne steps in and breaks up the crowd - while he is happy to see all these people wishing his father and mother well, he thinks his parents should be out on the dance floor.

At their son's behest, Eric and Steph start tripping the light fantastic. Lauren practically has tears in her eyes as she sees the smiles on their faces. Sally places a reassuring hand on Lauren's shoulder, but it's not enough.

Off to the side, Brooke watches Eric and Stephanie. Zorro approaches her and says "They make quite a couple - don't you think it would be nice if you congratulated them?" Brooke asks, "Do I know you?" (what is it about that mask that makes Ridge unrecognizable, anyway?) "Who are you," she asks him, and he responds, "The Masked Rider." Looking at him, Brooke realizes who it is, and cries out, "Ridge, is that you?" He tells her to keep it down as she chides him for being there. Informing him that Grant does in fact know he's there, she warns him to leave immediately.

Over by the door, Hunter insists to Grant that Ridge is still in his hotel room, so calling the police is futile. Grant doesn't think so, however. Just then, the police arrive, as Grant asks them to search for Ridge. Lt. Baker orders an officer to stay and guard Grant - Grant asks, "What for?" and Baker reminds him that if Ridge is indeed there, then Grant could be in danger. Don't worry, Baker tells Grant, we'll find him.

His dance with Stephanie finished, Eric walks across the room. He sees Lauren and asks her, "What's the matter?" Tears in her eyes, she replies "What do you think is the matter?" and walks off.

Claudia approaches Hunter, and tells him she will take him to the man who shot Grant. Jones wants to know who she's talking back, and she informs him it's Enrique. Hunter says he needs proof to go on, so Claudia tells him she'll give it to him. She asks him to stand there and listen, as she heads off in Enrique's direction. As Hunter listens, she tells Enrique he looks nervous and asks why. Before he can answer, Lt. Baker comes up and asks him to unmask - they're looking for someone. Enrique tenses up, and Claudia is quick to point that out (knowing Hunter is in earshot). Baker pulls off the mask, and seeing it isn't Ridge, moves on.

Michael congratulates Stephanie as Eric suggests they leave. Stephanie asks why he wants to leave, and Eric says he thinks they've already upstaged their "host" enough. Pointing out Grant across the room, clearly having a miserable time, Eric says they should be gracious winners and allow him to enjoy a few meager moments of his party. Stephanie agrees, and they turn to leave. On the way out, they run into Rick, who is still in a sour mood. Eric asks what's the matter, but Rick says it's nothing. He congratulates his father and Stephanie and walks off. Eric casts a concerned look in his son's direction, then leaves with Stephanie.

Elsewhere, Sally argues with Earl the cop, who tries to get Clarke to unmask. She insists that this isn't Ridge Forrester, who probably wouldn't be crazy enough to show his face in this party anyway. Earl says it's just standard procedure, so Clarke reluctantly removes his mask. "See - no Ridge Forrester!" he says, as Earl proceeds to search.

Out in the garden, Taylor insists Ridge leave. He says he will, but only if she agrees to see him later tonight. "No," Taylor protests - she tells him to leave immediately before something happens. She promises to call him tomorrow and leans over to give him a goodbye kiss. A cop comes out on the terrace and asks Zorro to unmask. Ridge runs into the room, with the cop chasing behind him yelling, "Come back here! Stop!"

In true Zorro fashion, Ridge goes for a bold escape maneuver, with several cops right behind him. Running onto the stairs, he leaps up and grabs the chandelier, pushes off, and swings across the room. Crashing though a window, he makes his getaway, as the eyes of everyone in the room are on the masked stranger.

Thorne, Taylor and Brooke run up to the window, as Brooke asks who that was. Thorne says he doesn't know as Brooke asks, "It was Ridge, wasn't it, Taylor?" Taylor plays dumb and says she doesn't know - after all, Ridge obviously wasn't invited, was he? Thorne puts in his two cents and thinks it was a publicity stunt of Grant's, but Brooke doesn't think so. "If it was Ridge, I hope he got away," Brooke says, looking outside.

Hunter insists it wasn't Ridge, and tells Baker to check the hotel room for himself if he doesn't believe that. Baker says he fully intends to do that - he's got a car already there, and he's about to join them.. But before he leaves, he informs Hunter to leave - Grant keeps pointing out he wasn't invited, so Baker can book him for trespassing. "Want to join me?" Baker asks. Hunter sarcastically replies, "What - and miss all this free food? No thanks," as the lieutenant leaves.

Enrique tells Claudia it must have been Ridge that the police were chasing, likely coming to finish the job. Claudia points out that means Enrique is saying Ridge did shoot Grant, which they both know isn't the case. She asks him to confide in her, but he says he can't; it's only recently that she has shown interest in him, and the kind of trust where a man tells someone his secrets takes time to build, he explains. "So there are secrets?" Claudia asks. Enrique angrily tells her to stop fishing for information and making it seem like he shot Grant.

As Lt. Baker arrives at Ridge's motel, the cops break down Ridge's door - and are stunned when they find him in bed. Ridge demands an explanation, as the officers file in. Baker starts to search, asking Ridge if he expects them to believe he was there all night. Ridge says he doesn't have to convince them, and reminds the officer that, unless he has a warrant, he better stop rifling through his room and searching right now. "I bet you can't prove you were here all night," Baker states, and Ridge says "I bet you can't prove I **WASN'T**!" He asks Baker to leave right now, or he'll be filing harassment charges against the department real soon. As the police leave, Ridge jokes to Baker that the manager will bill him for the broken door. Once they're gone, he opens the window and removes the Zorro costume from the fire escape.

Back at Chez Chambers, Grant thanks his guests - as they file out, he tells them they are going to love the rest of his collection when it is unveiled. Meanwhile, Thorne asks Taylor if it was Ridge, and guesses from her silence that it was. He tells her he really doesn't mind - seeing Ridge's daring getaway has made him wonder if Taylor would like to see some swashbuckling of his own. Taylor playfully tells him to forget about it, as they prepare to leave.

With their guests gone, Brooke tells Grant not to worry about the interruption; it may not have been Ridge, she insists. Grant is sure it was and tells his wife he plans to nail Ridge's butt to the wall. As they talk, one of the people working brings Grant the cordless phone - it's Lt. Baker, who breaks the bad news to Grant. Chambers is furious when he learns they couldn't search Ridge's room without a warrant; and by the time they get one, that costume will be long gone, so there is nothing they can do. "Looks like he won this one," Baker replies, and Grant angrily turns off the phone, thanking the officer for nothing.

Immediately, Grant gets another call - from Ridge. Grant warns him to stay away from the kids or his wife, or he'll take him down. "I know you were here - Bridget told me," he informs Ridge, but Ridge tells him to get real. Ridge warns Grant that his man, Hunter Jones, is on to something, so it's only a matter of time until the game is over. When that happens, Ridge warns, "I'm coming after you - not with a gun, but with something much more powerful - the weight, the power, the full strength of the name Forrester." Ridge challenges Grant to enjoy the glory while he can - because it's not going to last!

Wednesday, April 23, 1997

Stephanie pays Taylor a visit at the beach house. Taylor exclaims she is so excited for her and is dying to see the engagement ring. Stephanie begins, "I guess it is safe to say that I haven't felt this way since the first time we were engaged. You know when Eric was proposing to me; I looked right into his eyes and I thought isn't this amazing? HE has kind of seized the opportunity to take all of the unhappiness and the struggle of the past couple of years and just throw it all away. He really made something joyful. There is just one thing I am worried about ; who is going to be my maid of honor?"

Taylor is flattered but tells Stephanie to think of her two daughters. Then the topic comes up about the best man - Stephanie is sure it will be Ridge or Thorne. Taylor then wonders what happens if Ridge isn't going to be around to see the wedding if he is convicted of this crime. Stephanie starts to rant and rave that she knows Ridge is innocent and he didn't shoot Grant. She doesn't care about the evidence and states that the private investigator is going to find out who shot Grant. She honestly believes that Hunter Jones is really going to find out who shot Grant.

Eric is busy in his office, daydreaming, when he is interrupted by Maggie. She is also excited and says, "Oh it is perfect. You and Stephanie are soul mates in the true sense of the word. You know each others hearts and I don't think you should wait another second." Eric then asks why Maggie seems down, and she explains, "Well, there is a lot going on lately in the family and not all of it good. But that is why you and Stephanie getting back together is so wonderful. You two belong together. I think it is a sign of all the good things that are about to happen."

Eric says that he is worried about Rick and Bridget. He asks what is going on with Maggie and if there is a problem. Of course, Maggie tells him there is a big problem - Sheila. Eric doesn't know how she can put up with Sheila living with her and James. He is giving Maggie a good old fashioned hug for support when Megan interrupts with a message from James, for Maggie to meet him at the private dining room. Maggie freaks out, thinking she should go home to change. Eric, however, has everything under control - he reaches onto the clothing rack in his office and takes out a Forrester original outfit for her to wear, so James will remember why he loves her.

At Brooke's house, Grant is somber, looking out the window; then he chats with Brooke about last night being full of surprises. He has been thinking about Rick and Bridget and is worried about them. He wants to find a way to make it easier for all of them. "You have been the only constant in their lives. I want to share that responsibility with you. I want to adopt those kids. Look, I know it is a big step, but I have given it a lot of thought. We can offer those two kids stability. Two parents who can stand the test of time." Brooke is unsure, because she doesn't think Eric is a bad father, and needs time. Grant asks, "What is there to think about, Brooke? Rick is in trouble and withdrawn. He is asking for help the only way he knows how. We are a family- why not make if official? This is really important for all of us."

The kids come downstairs. Brooke tells them she is worried about them and wants to make sure they are okay. Grant then walks over and says he loves their mother with all his heart, and that is the way they both love them. Rick is pissed that Grant is now taking over the family the way he took over his father's business. Grant says he doesn't want to replace anyone - he asks Rick to give him a chance to be a friend and then leaves for the office.

At the PRIVATE DINING ROOM, James meets Maggie for a candle lit lunch, and says how beautiful she looks - and he remembers the last time they were there, when he proposed. Maggie also has fond memories of that day - but she also has reservations about thinking about it. She explains to her husband that accepting that proposal may have been the biggest mistake of her life

Megan finds Hunter Jones sitting in Grant's office, waiting for Grant. When Grant gets there he is annoyed that the PI crashed his party last night and took over office space in HIS company. He tells Hunter (who he sarcastically calls 'Lt. Columbo') that the investigation is a waste of time. Hunter says that they both know Ridge didn't shoot him, so Grant should do everyone a favor and tell the truth.

Thursday, April 24, 1997

At his hotel, Ridge is busy trying to take his mind off everything by watching television when there is a knock on the door. He is surprised to see Claudia there sent by his mother to check up on him. She teases Ridge about being Zorro; Ridge pretends that it wasn't him and says it must have been some "nut." Claudia insists that he definitely wasn't a nut and that Taylor was impressed, and tells Ridge that she believes it was Enrique who shot Grant out of loyalty for the Forresters.

Hunter Jones insists that Grant tell the truth about who really shot him. Grant gives in to Hunter's request for the truth, by telling a long involved story about the shooting. He says he cant "hurt his wife and children" by revealing who the real culprit was: Santa Claus! He then questions Hunter if he really thinks Grant would change his story. Grant admits that he wishes that Ridge would fall off the face of the earth, and still remarks that it was Ridge who shot him. Grant asks the PI to leave so that he and his employees can get some work done without Hunter poking around at Forrester. Hunter agrees to leave under one condition - he asks if Grant will accompany him down to the police station to take a look at the evidence piled up in the case.

At the PRIVATE DINING ROOM, James makes a toast to him and Maggie; but being in the private dining room; Maggie can't help but notice how different they are now. She comments that they aren't anything alike and how she would feel much more comfortable in a more casual setting than here. James says that he would feel comfortable anywhere with Maggie as long as she was with him - even if it were the moon. Maggie says that their main problem is Sheila. She knew that it would be difficult to live with her for nine months from the start, but now she doesn't know if she can go through with it, even though the end result would be positive. Maggie shares her feelings and tells her hubby that she feels irrelevant when he and Sheila are bonding over the baby. James tells her that she is the most important person in his life and everything he does-including things for the baby- are for her. They kiss.

Claudia tells Ridge that Enrique is capable of shooting Grant. She says that he did it out of ambition because that is the way the Alvarez family works. They want you to owe them so they can come back later and collect from you. Claudia promises Ridge that she doesn't have the proof yet, but she is going to get it from Enrique himself. Ridge promises to tell Hunter everything Claudia has told her. Now Ridge ponders the big question- could Enrique really be the one who shot Grant?

At the POLICE STATION, Hunter Jones and Lt. Baker go over each piece of evidence in the case with Grant. We see the gun book that Grant had, the gun, and several other items. Grant explains each piece as Hunter points it out; but he hesitates as he is viewing one piece of evidence. He becomes quite uneasy and just tells Hunter he doesn't see anything unusual. Hunter finds that odd - the look on Grant's face when he looked at his design award seemed kind of strange to the investigator. Still, he moves on, and asks Grant what is in another bag (it's the piping). Grant gets angry now - he tells the investigator that the piping and the award are irrelevant. They aren't evidence in the case and are meaningless, right before he leaves. Hunter remains pensive.

Taylor comes to see Ridge in his room; he says it was dangerous to come, but she reminds him of the risks he took last night. Ridge says his actions were "daring and romantic," but Taylor remarks it was stupid. She was worried about what would happen if Bridget had seen him get arrested and what it would do to the kids. Ridge says that's not it at all - the real reason Taylor is there is because she misses him. She denies it, but when he leans over to kiss her, she doesn't resist. He tells her that his memories of her make him crazy, like when they were married. A phone call from Hunter Jones interrupts this warm moment. Hunter tells him to meet him at the Forrester mansion in a half hour- he thinks he knows who the shooter is!

Friday, April 25, 1997

Michael has stopped by Lauren's place for a friendly visit; she is worried because Hunter Jones called and asked her to meet him at the Forrester estate in thirty minutes. Lauren laughs that she has nothing to worry about - unless Michael is the guilty party, that is.

Meanwhile, up at the mansion, Claudia is chatting with Thorne and says that he should be relieved that Hunter knows who the shooter is. Thorne says that the P.I. may have the wrong guy; him. Claudia says she believes she knows who shot Grant and has shared this information with the private investigator.

Ridge is greeted by Stephanie and the lawyer, Jonathan. Thorne comments that he is glad all of this is going to be over, but his brother doesn't think he is being sincere. Enrique seems to be nervous, but Claudia tells him to relax; after all, he is innocent until proven guilty, she remarks. Eric then brings Michael in, and they think everyone is present - everyone except Hunter, that is. On cue, Hunter Jones enters and begins his little pow wow; he says that he believes he knows who the shooter is....

Out at the beach house, Grant has come to pay his old friend Taylor a visit, since he needed to see a friendly face. He tells her about his visit from Hunter Jones. Taylor tells him Ridge is with Hunter at the moment, and he thinks he knows who the shooter is. Grant says he already know who shot him. He then questions Taylor if cases of traumatic amnesia really exist. She thinks he is talking about himself--that he has blocked out the real person who shot him. Grant remarks that it's not himself he's talking about - he thinks that Ridge is the one who blocked out the crime from his memory. Taylor says that, based on what she knows about Ridge, she doesn't believe he would be capable of this.

After Grant leaves, Taylor gets a visit from another friend - this time it is Lauren. She tells Taylor about the big meeting up at the mansion with the private investigator and wants to know what is going on. Taylor tells Lauren that she believes the investigator is pointing the finger at the wrong person, and that would be Thorne. Lauren thinks it's ridiculous that Thorne would be a suspect, but Taylor can't help but wonder if Ridge thinks so.

At the mansion, Hunter begins by explaining that at first he thought the person who shot Grant would have been blinded to logic by rage and hatred; someone such as Michael. Hunter presents a possible scenario where Michael took the gun to keep it out of everyone's way. Then, when she saw Grant alone, she remembered her hurt and humiliation and shot Grant out of hatred. She was then confronted by Grant, Hunter speculates, and together they agreed to keep the secret. That way they both got what they wanted: she would stay out of prison and Ridge would be out of Grant's way. Michael denies that she did it, and Claudia jumps to Michael's defense. Hunter then admits that the scenario he presented was his first impression of the shooting - but now he believes the shooting wasn't a crime of passion at all. The shooting was an act set up specifically so that Ridge would fall and take the blame for it, he explains.

Hunter continues that the gunshot residue shows that this entire shooting was a setup to get Ridge out of the way. Claudia says that it was Enrique who did this and Enrique is shocked at her accusation. Hunter then presents a scenario where Enrique shot Grant out of revenge and hatred. Enrique declares himself an expert marksman; if he had been the one to shoot at Grant, he wouldn't have missed. Hunter points to the broken handle of the gun as a reason Enrique missed. However, Hunter then agrees with Enrique that there is a flaw in Claudia's theory - why would Enrique set up his greatest supporter in the company, the man who hired him, Ridge????

Jonathan asks him to get to the point; they came to find out who did the shooting, not who didn't do it. Hunter then explains that he had to change tactics once again. What if the shooter wanted to get Ridge out of the way; like Thorne, for instance? Hunter describes how Thorne could have ducked out the day of the shooting; he could have gone up the back stairs, gotten the gun and shot Grant. He then could have rushed back down to his office without being seen or missed--all to get Taylor away from Ridge. Ridge insists his little brother wouldn't do this to him. Everyone in the room jumps on Hunter for even thinking such a thing - if he's saying Thorne is the shooter, they have no reason to be there, Eric points out. Hunter then agrees, pointing out Thorne didn't know about the gun. There is only one person left and that is...

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