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August, 1997

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Week of 8/4/97 - 8/8/97

Monday, August 4, 1997

Ambrosia uses the excuse of a lack of nail polish remover as to why she and her boy toy, Eb, were snooping around in Sheila's room. Of course, Sheila catches them in her room while wearing a bloody apron and holding a huge bloody knife. Sheila kicks out the guy and yells at Amber, "You are lying to me." Amber then tells the truth that she was curious and asks her roommate to please put down the knife.

Sheila is really upset, saying, "I thought you were my friend. I trusted you." She explains that the reason she is full of blood is that she was at work in the kitchen cutting up meats.

Amber tells her roomie that her bedroom is like a shrine. She asks about James and then wants to see the latest pictures. Looking at them, Amber tells her that all Sheila is doing is adding another picture to her wall of fame. She tells Sheila to go back and get her baby. Sheila can't go on like this, Amber suggests; it is making her crazy. She is worried about Sheila and advises her to do something before it is too late.

Ridge is poolside wearing a black little speedo and Taylor comes out of the dressing room wearing a little black bikini and a see through shimmering coverup. She tells him, "I know what you are up to. We used to live here remember? And some pretty incredible nights were started out here by this pool. I am just making it clear that this isn't going to be one of those nights." Taylor doesn't want to fool around- she wants to talk.

Ridge says that he has explained himself, apologized, and promised never to hurt her again. He feels that if that is not enough, then no amount of talking will make a difference. Taylor concedes the point (to which Ridge says "Hallelujah"), but she explains that she isn't ready to just dive in. Saying that she would probably prefer one toe at a time, Ridge grabs her foot and starts playing. He tries to tickle her into changing her mind, but Taylor asks him for some space. Ridge agrees to keep his hands off Taylor if she can keep her hands off of him. He then suggests a snack and breaks out a plate of aphrodisiacs to induce his chance of having sex. Taylor says that is all in the mind, but Ridge wants to know if she will test that theory.

So now Ridge has another plan and puts on this tape on the stereo of whaling calls. Taylor says she gives in and can't take that awful noise. She calls him over and takes off the coverup. They kiss and Ridge suggests that they get rid of the rest of their clothes. She agrees and requests that Ridge take off his suit first to get her going. She then takes his suit into the changing room with her and Ridge is lying stark naked lying on the lounge chair waiting for Taylor to come out nude. While he waits, Taylor calls Connie at the main house to bring down some more towels. Needless to say, Connie gets an eyeful and quickly makes her exit. Taylor comes out and starts laughing at Ridge, handing him a towel to cover up. They then continue to play their little teenage games together while kissing.

At Spectra, Clarke is starting to pack up some of his stuff while chatting with Darla. He continues to tell her that Grant's marriage is as phony as he is and that his days of being careful are over. Grant is the Forresters' number one enemy and if Clarke brings him down, then he is their new best friend. "Trust me Darla, the man is toast. Just as soon as Brooke hears the truth, which is probably happening right now." Darla asks if he is sure and Clarke responds, "She has to be sooooo happy. She is doing cartwheels right now. Brooke loves Ridge- always has and always will. She has a choice now- thanks to me! I just set the wheels in motion, sit back and wait for payoff." Darla is scared by this kind of talk and Clarke says that's good; no one took him seriously until now, but that is going to change.

Thorne is dying to burst with the news, so he tells Brooke to sit down and listen to him; there is something that is going to change her whole life and she is not going to believe it. He explains it has to do with "your marriage. I checked it out, Brooke. You and Grant - you are not really married." He goes on to explain the whole Captain Harper thing and now Brooke believes that Thorne is testing her. Thorne explains how he went to the county clerk's office and how her entire wedding was just a sham.

"I cant believe this. This is more than a shock. My God if it is true!" Brooke explains. Thorne says this her chance to end her being trapped in her marriage and she responds, "Trapped???? Thorne, I chose this marriage." Thorne says that's exactly what happened and starts laying into her about how Grant was a second choice. She asks, "Thorne, stop it - I am not ready for this. You can't just assume Ridge......................" Thorne begs her to act now; if she waits, her chance could be gone forever.

Tuesday, August 5, 1997

Thorne is looking at the same picture of Taylor from Hawaii. He then calls Brooke on the phone to find out how she is doing and if she has said anything to Grant yet about their invalid marriage. Brooke replies that Connor Davis is going to look into the matter for her. She is annoyed about Thorne pressing her and tells him, "Look, Thorne. Come on. I know what you want to happen." Thorne continues to push her to make a decision about her marriage or Ridge soon, but Brooke hangs up the telephone to answer the door.

Ridge personally delivers some sketch changes to Thorne to tell him to stay the hell away from Brooke and not to bother her. Ridge leaves and Thorne tells himself, "So much concern for Brooke. One of these days you are going to thank me big brother." Now Thorne gets a phone call from Clarke - who of course wants to know what's happening - and Thorne tells him that he will fill him in later.

Connor Davis, looking quite handsome as ever in a blue/gray suit, arrives. Brooke makes him promise not to tell Grant - even though she knows he's her lawyer, Connor is also Grant's. He gives his word and she explains the situation. After making some calls, Connor tells Brooke that Thorne is right and he is positive. But there is a way that this can be fixed quite easily legally, he points out; that is, if Brooke wants to fix it. Brooke makes sure that Connor is going to keep this information confidential and tells him that she is confused.

Sally is over at Lauren's and thinks that her designs are fabulous. She questions her new found inspiration behind them and then wants all of the details about Eric. Lauren says she can't tell a living soul about her night of passion with Eric. Sally replies that Lauren was brilliant in snatching Eric and it all sounds sooooooo romantic. She starts to worry about her new designer if Stephanie finds out. But Lauren reassures Sally that Steph wont find out due to Eric's loyalty to her. Sally advises Lauren to get out there in the real world and stop Eric from being with Stephanie before he makes the biggest mistake of his life. She advises Lauren also on how to sneak into the Forrester building- after all she is an expert on doing that!!!!!!!

Eric is in his office attempting to work, but he keeps on having these flashbacks of his night of wild sex with Lauren. Stephanie comes in and the topic changes to weddings and what a pain in the butt they are to plan. She then questions what is bothering Eric. After Eric gets off the phone their two sons come in followed by Grant for a meeting. They all sit down and Grant welcomes his new pal again Ridge back to the company meetings. He gives a pep talk that they are going to resume the old chain of command with Eric being in charge, then Ridge, and thirdly himself. He tells them that it is time they all come together to achieve a common goal. Thorne is excited - that means that the design changes Ridge brought him earlier (as an excuse to deliver his warning about Brooke) won't happen. Grant tells them to hold on one minute - the new change in command will take place *AFTER* the next showing, so his design changes stand. He reminds them, "I am married to Brooke. And I am CEO of this company. And the sooner you all adjust to that, the better off you will be." So Grant ends his little meeting and leaves. Eric says that maybe they should just accept things, since nothing is going to change. Thorne is about to burst with his news, but he just tells his dad that the situation could get better a lot sooner than they all might think.

Stephanie and Eric are now all alone again and they talk about how at this point in their lives they most absolutely belong to each other. Stephanie leaves and this cleaning person comes in. He goes over and gives Eric a kiss and <<<<surprise>>>>> of course it is Lauren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 1997

Brooke is chatting with her so called husband Grant and says that she has been thinking about them and their wedding all day. She confides in him that she had a very interesting conversation earlier in the day with Thorne; he told her something very disturbing about their marriage.

Clarke is sitting in his office waiting for the big news about Grant. He knows that marriage is over and so is his sentence to the hellhole called Spectra. Sally comes in and notices that Clarke has a creative block because he isn't working at all. They are joined by Macy and find out that Clarke is sort of on strike and not doing any work due to his so-called contract that does not make him part of Spectra. They insist that the sewing room is quiet and they need the designs now for the fall fashion show. Clarke is smug and responds, "You get what you pay for, Sally. I have been busy and it is none of your business."

Lauren is dressed like a janitor and has snuck into Eric's office to personally hand him a thank you present for the other passionate night they spent together. Eric tells her the other night never should have happened. Lauren insists that they belong together and says, "I am a woman who is used to getting what she wants." The meeting is short-lived because Eric has to meet a limo for some important designer named Antonio Giovanni. He sticks the mustache back on Lauren and warns her to be careful leaving the building.

Lauren walks into the hallway where the real janitor, Charlie, has bumped into Stephanie (who thought he was out sick) and Megan. Stephanie realizes that Lauren is playing games and walks over to her and plays along. She gets Lauren to go down on her hands and knees to scrub the lobby floor for her amusement. Then Lauren stands up and Stephanie comments that she has been taking pointers from Sally Spectra on how to sneak into the building. She continues to call Lauren pathetic and says what Eric needs is compassion and understanding - and Lauren can't give that to him. Lauren insists that she loves Eric and he will be hers.

Taylor has stopped by Thorne's office. She notices that he has kept his distance from her lately and his attitude has changed. Thorne says that his big brother is easy to figure out and he is a very exciting guy; he drives a harley, is Mr. spontaneous, but he is as dependable as the weather. "Now me on the other hand; I can knock you socks off too. I will be there when you need me, and something tells me you are going to need me." Taylor gives him a peck on the cheek and leaves, telling him not to be such a stranger.

Clarke calls Thorne to find out the word about Grant. Thorne tells him, "If Grant is out of the picture, we will both get what we want."

Brooke tells Grant about the entire Captain Harper thing and how their marriage is invalid and it is all a lie. Grant says their lives aren't based on some legal contract. This is bizarre, he agrees, but they shouldn't panic. She is annoyed that he is being so casual about the whole thing. Grant says there's nothing to worry about - he checked it out and he knows they can get married any time they want to. Hearing him say that he checked it out, Brooke realizes that Grant knew and is furious!

Thursday, August 7, 1997

James and Maggie bring Margaret for a check-up; the two of them are arguing about something, but we're not quite sure what it is. As they wait, Dr. Kelly approaches with the results of baby Margaret's tests - the doctor informs them that Margaret is fine and doing quite well. The Warwicks are glad to hear that - but James has a question for the doctor.

Thorne comes in to Ridge's office to drop off some reports. Ridge asks his brother where their favorite person, Grant, is. Thorne replies that he's gone home - and in fact, Thorne suspects that Grant may not be back. Ridge asks Thorne what that enigmatic comment means, and Thorne says things change. Ridge is still puzzled but accepts that - however, he points out to Thorne that there is one thing that will not change - his relationship with Taylor. Ridge reminds him that he has big plans for Taylor, and Thorne had best accept that.

Amber is looking at all kinds of pictures of James in Sheila's room. She starts to ask questions about what it must have been like. Sheila says that she has known James for years, although he wasn't always the man in her life. In fact, she first met James when she was married to another man, Sheila points out. Amber is eager to know more, so Sheila tells him the name of her husband: Eric Forrester. Recognizing the name of the world-renowned designer immediately, Sheila's teenage roommate is impressed that Sheila was married to a famous man.

Back at the Chambers home, Brooke asks Grant how he could have kept the fact that they are not married a secret. Grant pleads with her to believe that he did not know Captain Harper was a fake at the time of their wedding. What was he supposed to do, he asks - check for references? Brooke says she's not sure what she expects him to say, but she does know that she has been trying to rationalize this action in her mind. She's come up empty, she says, when thinking of an explanation. The only thing she can think of is that Grant was afraid of losing her. Is that it, she asks?

James asks Dr. Kelly about hiring a sitter for the baby, which Maggie thinks is a bad idea. The doctor, however, thinks it can be healthy for them - the baby is out of danger, so there is no need for Maggie to center her entire life around the child, she explains. Maggie is still reluctant as James and Dr. Kelly try to convince her. Unbeknownst to them, Mike Guthrie is sitting nearby and overhears. He hides behind a magazine as he continues to listen.

Dr. Kelly tells Maggie that she needs a life of her own, so she asks Maggie to at least consider hiring a sitter. Maggie agrees to think about it, and she and James leave. Mike races to the phone and calls Sheila; he explains how he was in the hospital looking for a job and overheard Dr. and Mrs. Feelgood, who are ready to shuck their responsibility and pawn the baby off on a sitter. Sheila is stunned. Mike tells her, "And one more thing - they are calling the baby 'Margaret'." Sheila is furious.

Grant admits he was afraid of losing Brooke, which was one reason to hide the truth. Moreover, he didn't want to deprive Rick of a stable family at such a critical time in his life. Brooke reminds Grant that Rick needs therapy to help him, not lies, so the excuse doesn't wash with her. "Are you trying to end this marriage, because that's what it sure sounds like," Grant tells her. Brooke says there is no marriage to end, but Grant says there is, and he begs Brooke not to throw away what they have.

Friday, August 8, 1997

While packing for his departure from Spectra, Clarke gets a knock at the door. He goes to answer it and finds himself on the receiving end of a fist - a fist that belongs to a furious Grant.

Brooke tells Thorne about her conversation with Grant. Thorne is hopeful that she is ready to tell Ridge, but she says she still isn't sure what to do. Would you consider staying with him after what he's done, Thorne asks? Brooke says she might - she explains that Grant did not know about the captain at the time of the wedding, so maybe there is something there. Thorne asks her one simple question - "Who do you love, Ridge or Grant?"

Ridge gets a visit from his dad, who thanks Ridge for his work on the collection - which must have been hard, since it is mostly Grant's designs. Ridge says it was no problem, but right now he has bigger things on his mind, namely Taylor. He explains to his father how he has hired a private jet to fly him and Taylor to the Napa Valley for a romantic evening - he hasn't even told Taylor about it yet, but he is sure she will be surprised. Eric approves of his son's plans, and Ridge adds that he has one more touch - the perfect gown for Taylor. He shows Eric the sketch of the dress that he has in mind, which happens to be Grant's showstopper. "You mean to have Taylor wear it in public before the showing?" Eric asks. Exactly, Ridge explains with a smile on his face. Eric smiles in approval as Ridge calls Trish to get the dress from the vault.

Hanging up the phone on Mike, Sheila is upset about the baby being renamed. "Her name was supposed to be Mary, after James' mother," she tells Amber, and she is sure Maggie is the one who came up with the idea to change the name. Just as aggravating is the news that Maggie wants to hire a sitter; Sheila cannot believe that Maggie is ready to pawn the baby off on someone else. At least the child still has James there - Sheila is sure he will be there for his daughter, to protect her from Maggie's incompetence.

Amber comments on how hung up on her child Sheila is; she says that Sheila's shrine, and her obsession with James and the baby, are downright spooky. Sheila says Amber is too young to understand. Maybe so, Amber claims, but what if she can help Sheila make the most of the opportunity. Since James and Maggie are going to hire a sitter, why should it be some stranger? Sheila isn't sure where Amber is headed, so the teen explains that she wants to apply for the sitter's job.

As he gets off from the floor, Clarke asks Grant why he punched him. Grant says that was payback for what Clarke did to his marriage - and knowing Clarke as he does, Grant is sure that Garrison has some kind of payoff in mind for his "services". Clarke tells Grant that what he did wasn't personal - it was strictly business. Grant demands to know what the payoff is, and Clarke explains that he's just giving the Forresters a chance to get their company back. He's sure that they will be grateful to the man who did this - so grateful that they will give him anything he wants, like a job. Grant can't believe that Clarke would do this for a job and brags that it isn't going to happen. Yes it will, Clarke explains, as soon Brooke is back with Ridge, so Grant had better get used to the idea.

Brooke tells Thorne that she knows how Ridge feels about Taylor, so she doesn't want to get her hopes up - and she resents the way Thorne is using her to try to get an edge with Taylor. Thorne admits that he does in fact want Taylor, and he is amazed how easily Brooke gave up her dream since she was so close to having Ridge. Thorne relives the night of Brooke's wedding to Grant, and how everything that happened proves Ridge's commitment to her. If he was so committed, Brooke asks, then why did he wait for the last minute? Thorne says it's because his brother is stubborn - but Thorne also feels Ridge will come around if Brooke gives him the chance. He urges Brooke to make her move now, before she loses Ridge.

Ridge tells Eric he now knows he's not the center of the universe; he came to that realization in prison. He now sees how life is passing him by, just as it did with Brooke. They were about to get married, and then things changed and he lost her. He's not about to let that happen with Taylor, he explains.

As Ridge is about to leave his office, Brooke catches him on the way out and says she has to talk to him. Ridge asks if it is important, since he has plans, and she assures him it is. She just had a talk with Thorne, she explains, and she needs to talk to Ridge about what he told her. Thinking this is about Thorne using Brooke to get to him, Ridge asks Brooke not to side with Thorne, and she says she has bigger things on her mind - and as always, he's the first person she wants to turn to.

Ridge asks if it is a problem with Rick, but she says no. She is about to explain further, but she wonders if perhaps Ridge is not the right person to talk to and pauses. Ridge insists she can tell him anything. Ridge then thinks the company is on her mind after the board meeting, but she says it's more - the problem is that her world has turned upside-down now, since she has discovered that her marriage is not legal.

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Week of 8/11/97 - 8/15/97

Monday, August 11, 1997

Eric is surprised in his office by Steph, who has dinner waiting for him. He says he can't because he is supposed to meet Antonio Giovanni, but she says he has been delayed. She escorts him into his office where she has a huge spread waiting. Eric is impressed by the efficiency and elegance of his fiancee, who has all the bases covered for an incredible evening. They toast and he kisses her.

Lauren is visiting with Taylor, who is trying to get ready for a date - she's not sure with who, but she bets Ridge has something special in mind. After finding several elegant dresses that would be perfect for a date with Thorne, Lauren finds two that just scream "Ridge." The question now is, who does Taylor want to go out with? She says she doesn't know, but Lauren thinks she does and tells Taylor to level with her.

Ridge asks Brooke if she is sure about her marriage and she confirms that she is. She explains that Grant didn't know, but the fact is that she's as single as Ridge is. He asks if the kids know and she says no - she just found out herself, thanks to Thorne and Clarke's efforts. Ridge finds the whole story to be "incredible" and he is sure Grant is blown away, but he suggests there is a simple solution - ignore it and marry Grant for real. Brooke is surprised that he would suggest that, considering that her giving up on her marriage would mean the end of Grant as CEO. Ridge says he realized that but that is not the issue here - what is important is whatever will make Brooke happy.

Taylor says she would guess Ridge would be the one to call, but Lauren says that's not what she asked - she asked who does Taylor want to go out with. Taylor says both men are special - Thorne is dependable, while Ridge is wild, passionate, and lives on the edge. Lauren asks which she prefers, and Taylor admits that she doesn't want to hurt Thorne - but by the same token, she is afraid that Ridge will hurt her again. Confident that Ridge is the one Taylor wants, Lauren hands her the two dresses that would be perfect for Ridge.

Brooke says she is impressed with how objective Ridge is being, since she knows how difficult it has been for Ridge to work under Grant. Ridge says that it has been hell, but he looks back over the last seven months and he has seen Brooke settle in. He doesn't like Grant (although he is grateful for what Grant did for Rick), and he thinks Grant is the wrong choice for the CEO of Forrester; however, he has to admit that the most important thing is Brooke's happiness, and he thinks Grant can make her happy.

Eric and Stephanie continue to make romantic small talk, and he suggests they get out of this office. He suggests, "your place, or mine," and Stephanie suggests hers. She dismisses the waiter as they prepare to leave. As he puts on his jacket, he gets a call that he has to meet Antonio Giovanni at the airport in a half an hour and the limo is waiting downstairs. Steph instructs him to come to the house when he is done, and he leaves.

In the limo, the driver asks if Eric is comfortable. He says he is, but he realizes they are on the wrong road to LAX. The driver says, "OOPS!", and the camera pans to reveal Lauren driving the car!

Taylor is on her way out when she gets a call from Stephanie. Taylor explains that she was hoping Ridge would call, but he didn't - and now, she has an emergency call from a patient to handle. Stephanie advises Taylor to save some time when she is done for Ridge. Taylor says she will "throw caution to the wind" if the opportunity arises and leaves.

Ridge asks Brooke what she is going to do - "Do you love him? If you do, there is no reason to break up the marriage." Brooke says Grant loves her, but Ridge worries about the violent streak in Grant. Brooke is surprised at how much Ridge worries about her and he says he can't help it. "There's nothing I can do about that," he states, and Brooke says, "You can marry Taylor." Ridge says even if he did that, he will always care about Brooke and the kids. "So what should I do?" she asks, and Ridge says he can't make that decision. "You have to do what's best for you and the kids, and base your decision on that," he explains - and no matter what she decides, he promises to be there for her. He hugs her and she promises to take his advice and do what's right for her and the children.

Tuesday, August 12, 1997

Eric thinks that he is in a limo being taken to LAX to meet Antonio Giovanni, who is flying in from Italy. He is not amused to find out that Lauren is the driver of the limo and she is taking him in the other direction from the airport. She takes him up to the cabin in Big Bear, but Eric will not get out of the car. She climbs in the back and is all over him, saying that they have to talk. Eric finally gets out of the car and is pissed that Lauren is having fun; his marriage to Stephanie will not be a mistake, he insists. He asks Lauren for the keys to the car, which she of course drops down her shirt. She then enters the cabin.

Stephanie decides not to let her romantic dinner go to waste and is sharing it with her hired helper, Megan. Megan comments that the caretaker had called from Big Bear advising Mr. Forrester to bring an umbrella - Stephanie is surprised, since she had no plans to go up there, so the women assume that either Ridge or Eric had planned a romantic, cozy evening up at the cabin. As Megan and Stephanie wrap up, the phone rings - it is Giovanni, who unfortunately has to cancel his appointment with Eric. Stephanie asks about the call from his secretary earlier, and the limo that was supposed to pick Eric up, but the Italian designer explains that he is still in Italy. Stephanie then finds it strange and realizes that Lauren set this whole thing up. Stephanie is really pissed off and yells, "She is taking him up to MY cabin. I will kill her. I will MURDER her!" An outraged Stephanie runs out the door, leaving a stunned Megan behind.

Maggie and James are kissing, but they can't take the time out for a quickie in the bedroom, because they still need to interview some more babysitters tonight. The first candidate is a retired nurse who looks like a sweet little old lady or anyone's grandmother, but she ends up calling her own daughter an ungrateful little tramp because she ran off with her boyfriend. Maggie is depressed and wants to call of her search because nobody can take care of their little daughter like they can. James assures her they will find someone.

While they are both doing their shift at the coffee house, Amber is still trying to talk Sheila into letting her be interviewed for the babysitter job. She says that she can't apply for the job without Sheila's help, because she needs Sheila to tell her how to present herself. Sheila insists that she can not help Amber because she made a promise, and she begs Amber not to ask again. But Amber pleads some more; she asks, wouldn't Sheila rather have her little girl with someone that she knew?? Of course, Sheila eventually gives in to her roommate and Amber thanks her profusely.

Lauren goes to change into something more comfortable and comes out wearing a rose colored evening gown. She is throwing herself at Eric and has the cabin set for a romantic evening, but he insists that she needs to talk to him. Eric says that he can not stay and that he has the keys to the old station wagon that they leave up there in the garage. But first, he has some things he needed to say. He states, "Lauren, you have to stop hoping for something that is not going to happen. What kind of man do you want me to be; the kind who walks out on his best friend and fiancee? I don't expect you to understand; how can I? I sent you so many mixed messages. You will always be very important to me." They hug, and Eric says, "All right, I have to go." He leaves.

Lauren packs up her stuff and is crying. She opens the door and finds out that the caretaker was right - there is a nasty thunderstorm coming down around her. She walks quickly to the car, but it takes a while to get the key in the lock. Just then, Stephanie shows up and scares the living daylights out of Lauren by knocking the keys away from her. She is being nasty and yells, "Leave us alone. Stop chasing Eric like some Bitch in heat." Lauren tries to pull away, but Steph pushes her into a huge mud pile. As Lauren wallows in the mud, Steph proclaims, "I am not finished with you lady.!!!!!"

Wednesday, August 13, 1997

Eric arrives at Casa Forrester, trying to find his Queen Stephanie. He asks Connie where Steph might be, but Connie says she thought Mrs. Forrester was with him. As he makes some phone calls, he is surprised that she hasn't returned home during the time when he escaped from the cabin at Big Bear.

Maggie and James are hanging out on the couch eating grapes. James tells her that when they do find a babysitter, she should use the extra time to do things for herself, and she doesn't have to worry about looking out for him. Maggie comments how sweet he is and says, "This is it. You know that most people spend their entire lives looking for what we have? And you know what makes it more special? What we had to go through to get to here."

Lauren is still sitting in the mud pile where Stephanie pushed her, with the rain still coming down. Stephanie continues on her tirade, saying, "You are right where you belong, wallowing in the mud!" Lauren remarks that she can't believe that the two of them were ever friends.

Stephanie continues, "Well obviously, we weren't. YOU just pretended, to get to Eric. You need to finally come to your senses and realize that he is in love with me." Lauren reminds Stephanie of how she backed away from Eric so that he could get back with Stephanie. Steph replies, "Okay, Lauren, so if you want to say you gave him up, fine.... so sweet, so noble. What do you think, you are going to get him with these cheap little games and tawdry outfits that you wear???? You don't have a relationship, Lauren. If you had a deep and special bond, then why did Eric give you up?"

Lauren starts to shout that he is sacrificing their relationship out of a sense of duty, but Stephanie goes on, "Oh, come on. What does he have to do, send you a telegram? Lauren don't you understand how insulting this whole situation is? If you don't have any respect for yourself, at least have some respect for me and for Eric. Now stay away from him. I am telling you, OR ELSE!" Lauren asks, "Or else what?" and Steph responds, "You know I don't have to do anything to you, do I? I can't pull you any lower than you have already pulled yourself. I don't ever want to see you again Lauren. I dont ever want to see you again." Stephanie and her big umbrella pack it in to the car and Lauren is left with her chest covered in mud and shivering in the rain.

Back in Death Valley, Mike is hanging out with Sheila and he thinks the plan of training her roomie dearest to be a babysitter for her baby is a joke. He thinks Amber has a zero chance of getting that job because she is a punk; but then, a new, preppy little Amber enters the room. Mike agrees that she now looks the part, but she is still just a dumb kid with a smart mouth. They do a practice interview where Sheila informs her that first impressions are important to convey that she is a mature young woman. Amber thinks it is sooooooooo great, because with Sheila's help, she can't lose. They do another formal interview (with Mike doing a mock Scottish accent which sounds more like Irish/British, as James) and she passes with flying colors.

Amber tells Sheila that she is a total genius. They call James to set up an interview, using a speakerphone. As James quizzes Amber on her qualifications, the baby crying interrupts him and Maggie. Sheila hears the baby's cries, and Maggie soothing her in the background, over the speakerphone. James sets up the interview for tomorrow, and Mike asks Sheila if she is all right; she assures him she is. Everyone leaves and Sheila still hears the crying in her head as she soothes the telephone.

Eric sees Stephanie covered in mud and finds out that she drove up to the cabin. She tells Eric that this can't continue. He insists that he already pointed that out to Lauren. Stephanie insists that Lauren is making a fool of herself and that Lauren doesn't know Eric very well (if only she knew how well she knew him huh?). She admits that she may have lost her temper and raised her voice a bit, but she didn't say anything that didn't really need to be said. She thanks Eric for not being up at the cabin when she got there; she doesn't know what she would have done if she had found him with her in bed. She is sorry that she doubted him, it is just that Lauren is very beautiful, very young, and very determined. She tells Eric that she loves him. Eric tells Stephanie that he loves her and that he will never let her down again. Stephanie goes upstairs to get changed.

Sally is watering Lauren's plants while she is away. Lauren walks in, looking like a total mess, and Sally can't believe what happened. Lauren showers and then the phone rings. It is Eric, and he thanks Lauren for not telling Stephanie about their night together. She insists that she didn't do it for Stephanie and that she did it for her lover. She asks to see him, but he refuses and ends the call. Sally says that there has to be something that will break up that happy couple, as she tries to comfort her friend........................

Thursday, August 14, 1997

In Sheila's room at the Inn, Mike tells Sheila that he is worried about her. "You are getting in too deep," he tells her. "Why did you send 'Picasso' to James and Maggie?" he asks, and he reminds her, "You did all you could to help her get the job."

Sheila tries to assure Mike that it will be all right. Getting the job will be good for Amber, she states. However, there was nothing she could have done to stop her. Mike wants her to let it all go: the pictures, the shrine, the "gallons of breast milk" in the freezer. Sheila tells Mike that she has that to be prepared, just in case. She explains to Mike that he has no idea how she feels.

Grant enters Thorne's office and angrily asks how he dares to mess with his marriage. Thorne wants to know what marriage he is talking about since Grant's is not legally binding. He then accuses Grant of never loving Brooke and that he only married her to get what he can out of the relationship. This only further infuriates Grant.

Amber fidgets on the porch of James and Maggie's house. She is worried about saying the right thing. "Just ignore Maggie and concentrate on James---that is Sheila's advice," she says to herself. She finally knocks at the door and Maggie lets her in. At first, Maggie questions Amber's youth, but after reading her resume, Maggie is impressed. For one of such a young age, it seems that Amber has worked for three doctors' families, as well as a day care center. She freely spouts child-care theories from the leaders in the field. Amber requests to see the baby and Maggie obliges. As she gazes down upon the infant, Amber innocently states that she is beautiful---she looks just like her mother.

Brooke is talking over her problems with James. James questions her feelings for Ridge. He tells her that she can't make a decision based solely on "the children." All the children want is to see their mother settled and happy. James advises Brooke to follow her heart in choosing what she should do about her marriage.

When Maggie leaves the room for a second, Amber rushes to the phone and calls Sheila. Guess where I am right now, she exclaims. As the baby fusses in the background, Sheila asks if that is the baby---is something wrong? Amber assures that everything is going fine, but Maggie reenters the room and Amber has to cut the call off sharply.

Thorne taunts Grant with his belief that Brooke doesn't love him. She has always loved Ridge and always will. Suddenly Grant realizes why Thorne has interfered. "You want Brooke to chase after Ridge again, no matter if it hurts her or not," he yells as he slams him up against the wall. Thorne looks satisfied as he sees Grant's anger explode. As he further taunts Grant, Grant drives his fist through the wall. Thorne leaves the office; "You can't fight destiny," he states as a parting shot. Grant is left rubbing his injured hand. The phone rings and Grant answers it. It is Brooke calling for him and she tells him that she has made a decision about them. Grant says he is on his way, and Brooke has a concerned look on her face that the moment of truth has arrived.

Friday, August 15, 1997

Eric is at his desk when Taylor enters. She notes that he is working on a wedding dress and asks if it was for Stephanie. Eric admits that he wants the dress to be just perfect for the kind of woman Stephanie is - he wants everyone to see her the way he does. Taylor is impressed with the way he can use his creativity to express his love, which Eric calls "the ultimate fulfillment of an artist."

Taylor then gets to the real reason for her visit - she wants to pick his brain about Thorne and Ridge. Taylor tells him that she has come to know and respect Thorne very much, and he is like her best friend. On the other hand, there's Ridge - and of course, Eric says she doesn't need to put her feelings about him into words. She regrets putting brother against brother, which she never meant to happen, so Eric assures her that they will get over this. She then tells Eric that she has made her choice, but he has to stay tuned to find out who it is. Eric says he suspects that he already knows her decision---one she has known all along that she would make. Taylor replies, "Yes, I guess I did."

Clarke calls Thorne. "How is it going?" he wants to know. Thorne fills him in what is happening. When Clarke suggests that things will "blow up" with Grant soon (he tells Thorne that Grant came to his office and punched him in the face), Thorne tells him about the hole in his office wall.

Ridge visits Thorne on business, so Thorne ends his call to Clarke. Thorne can't help but ask Ridge about Brooke. Ridge is scornful of Thorne's motives. He says that his motives as far as Brooke is concerned are so transparent.

Grant arrives home all excited. He has flowers and gifts for the children. Before Brooke can say anything, he informs her that he has called a judge he knows and he is coming by tonight to marry them. Brooke is speechless! She tries to reason with Grant, but he will hear nothing negative. He rushes for the stairs saying he is going up for a shower. Brooke tells him to either call the judge or she will; there isn't going to be a marriage.

Thorne advises Ridge to take advantage of the situation and get closer to Brooke. "Don't let your ego get in the way; we both know how you feel about Brooke," Thorne advises. Ridge says that there is nothing to take advantage of, but Thorne informs him that Brooke and Grant are breaking up at this very moment.

Back at the home of Grant and Brooke, Grant has finally heard Brooke and he doesn't like it one bit. He reminds her that he's the best thing to happen to the kids, but she points out how the children still aren't comfortable with him in their lives. Grant gets angrier and angrier as Brooke tells him it was a mistake for them to get married in the first place. She tried her hardest to make it work, but it was like she was trying to force things, so it's better that they end it now. She tells him that she never loved him, at least not the way a wife should love a husband.

Hearing his brother's statement about Brooke and Grant, Ridge is aghast! "You aren't saying you let Grant go to Brooke's alone?" he angrily asks his brother. Thorne can't see any reason why he shouldn't be there; after all, Brooke is giving him the old heave-ho. But Ridge tells Thorne that Grant is explosive, a time bomb waiting to go off. Thorne is forced to acknowledge this by mentioning how Grant hit Clarke, and by pointing to the hole in his office wall. Ridge worries about Brooke and the kids being alone with Grant; even after Thorne suggests that Grant would never do anything with the kids there, Ridge can't shake the feeling that this is trouble. He calls to see if she is all right; Brooke answers the phone and says she is. He asks if Grant is there, but before she can answer, Grant grabs the phone and angrily shouts that Ridge is a menace to his family. Ridge tries to calm Grant down, but Grant says he isn't scared of Ridge's threats and hangs up the phone.

A concerned Ridge leaves Thorne's office, heading for Brooke's house. His parting shot is that Thorne better hope he isn't too late. As he rushes out, he bumps into Taylor in the hall. He kisses her briefly and tells her he has an emergency to attend to. He will see her later.

Taylor asks Thorne where Ridge was headed, and after only a moment's hesitation, he tells her that Ridge is on his way to Brooke's house.

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Week of 8/18/97 - 8/22/97

Monday, August 18, 1997

Lauren is curled up in her pink bathrobe; she is crying and looking at her video present to Eric that is still wrapped up in the box. She is starting to get a cold from her night in the mud, compliments of Stephanie. Sally lets herself in to check up on her newfound friend and she brings some soup too. Lauren is ready to give up but Sally tells her that she is in the final rounds now for the title of this fight. She wants Lauren to stay at her place in the guestroom for a night. Lauren tells Sally that the present to Eric is just another humiliation - she had a camera set up the night they spent together meant for his eyes only, to remind him of how special it was. But after what's happened, she throws the tape in the garbage and tells Sally that she ran the race and lost it. It has been hard as hell on her, and she did all of those crazy stunts because she thought Eric would come around and they would laugh about it later. She asks Sally to leave and goes to take a nap. Sally picks the present out of the trashcan.

Eric is sketching the bridal gown and Stephanie walks in. He doesn't want to spoil the surprise for her. Stephanie informs him that she doesn't want to wear a veil and have a whole big production for the wedding. Eric replies that she has to look like a beautiful bride. They kiss. Eric has to leave for the cutting room' as he leaves, he mentions that he had a chat with Taylor, and that she has come to her decision - and he believes it will be Ridge. Stephanie, of course, is ecstatic.

Ridge is racing in his little black car to rescue Brooke from the big bad Grant. He is talking to himself that Grant had better not hurt Brooke.

Taylor is shocked to hear from Thorne that Ridge went to see Brooke. It turns out that Brooke and Grant aren't legally married, explains Thorne to his would-be love. Taylor questions what that information has to do with Ridge. Of course, Thorne continues to tell her that Ridge went over to Brooke's house to protect her from Grant because he is out of control. He points out that Grant had punched Clarke and put a hole in his wall. Then he tells Taylor that this whole thing is so familiar, because Ridge is always running to Brooke's rescue. Taylor resents Thorne's choice of words, accusing him of trying to make her insecure; he, however, tells Taylor that he alone can not make her feel insecure, and that it comes from within her heart. Suddenly, Taylor doubles over with stomach pains.

Brooke tells Grant that she doesn't love him and she does not wish to legally get married to him. He yells at her that she can not bail-- that this is not a sinking ship. He shouts, "You better not try to walk out on me!" He throws a light off the desk. Brooke tells him that she is scared and it is going to be all right because he is going to be compensated. Grant continues on his tirade, and she cries out that this is all not about Ridge.

Grant, however, yells that it is always about Ridge; he gave Brooke his heart. He yells that he waited his whole life to get married and he is not going to be taken advantage of and not going to go down with out a fight. Just then, he throws a vase. Ridge shows up and rings and bangs on the front door. Brooke attempts to get the door, but Grant holds her back. She tries to tell him, "You and I are not going to be living together anymore. Grant, don't do this. We are not a family. Let's be honest; you and I went into this relationship for all the wrong reasons."

Grant is livid and says that she is not leaving him. He tells her that she can not just walk away from him and grabs her. Brooke cries that he is hurting her and just then Ridge crashes through the glass on the patio doors. Ridge screams, "Touch her ever again and you are dead! Get out of here before I throw you out." Brooke is standing behind her knight in shining armor.

Taylor has a cramp and thinks it is just from stress. He tells Thorne that she has come to a decision and she is going to pursue a relationship with his brother, Ridge, but she insists that Thorne is her best friend and will always be important to her. She again doubles over in pain after another lecture from Thorne that all his brother can offer her is suffering and heartache. She asks Thorne to take her to the doctor....

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Grant is yelling about how he thought Brooke would eventually change and grow to love him. He is holding her and yells at her not to walk away from him. Just then, Ridge breaks through the glass patio French doors to rescue Brooke. Ridge threatens Grant, but Grant says he isn't going anywhere and they all turned him into a first class sucker. Ridge tells him to lay off, since it just wasn't meant to be, which causes Grant to launch a tirade about how with Ridge, it's always "meant to be" with the woman of the moment. Brooke breaks them up - she apologizes but replies that Grant is the one who courted her and he was very persistent.

Grant in return says that he is sick and tired of this whole scene and they are always toying with HIS feelings. Ridge and Brooke try to calm him down, but he says he is tired of listening to their sermons. He's leaving - but he promises that they aren't rid of him and they are going to burn. He leaves and Ridge and Brooke are alone at her house.

Thorne takes Taylor to see her doctor and they manage to squeeze her into the doctor's busy schedule. She tells Dr. Santana about being light headed and having pains in her stomach. The doctor thinks it could be a delayed stress reaction, but she is going to run some tests while Thorne is in the waiting room, especially some blood work. Taylor's physical exam checks out okay and the doctor thinks it is nothing but stress. Taylor and Thorne are about to leave - however, they pause when the lab technician returns with the blood work-up.

Grant shows up at his office in Forrester and is nasty. He wants Megan to get all the senior management partners in his office and requests the designs from the vault.

Eric is in his office and brings out the wedding veil to show Stephanie. He goes on and on about his creativity and how Stephanie is the source of his inspiration. The talk turns to Taylor and how they would love to share their day with her and Ridge announcing their engagement. Eric tries to tell Stephanie that he isn't sure she picked their son Ridge- it could just as well be Thorne whom she wants to be with. Stephanie comments that Taylor loves Thorne, but she is not IN love with him. She and Taylor are alike in many ways- both of them are one man women. They comment that the showing is in two weeks and how wonderful everything turned out considering how many problems the Forresters have encountered in the past months. Just then Megan comes in and tells them that all senior management is requested in Grant's office ASAP. Steph wants Grant to take his summons and shove it, but Megan pleads for them to come; she tells them both that she has never seen Grant act like this, and he basically took her head off when giving those orders.

Brooke is apologizing to Ridge and cleaning up the wounds on his fist from breaking through the window. Ridge says that they need to talk and he questions her as to how this argument with Grant had started. Brooke reveals, "I believe he did love me, Ridge. He put a lot of effort into this marriage." Then why end it, Ridge asks? She explains, "I looked at our marriage and all I felt was a sense of fulfilling my obligations and being a mom. I guess I didn't succeed. I did not love Grant. I realized I was kidding myself. I am an expert at hiding my feelings. You are the only man I want." Ridge is in shock, because he thought that she had ended up in a marriage that actually seemed to work. He is just standing there looking dumbfounded.

Grant is in his office surrounded by Forrester personnel. He rants and raves, "I have given my heart and soul to this company. I was steering this ship afloat through the stormy waters. But you haven't said anything positive in the past; why should you now! I am out of here. You Forresters really do deserve each other." There is a round of applause to his quitting from the employees.

But Stephanie has to have a word and states, "You were given a fabulous opportunity and you found the way to sleep to the top." She says it's fine if he leaves, but he should quit with the theatrics. She comments, "If you want to leave, there's the door; don't let it hit you on the way out!" But Grant is really pissed and says that those people are going right to the bottom where they belong. "You and all the Forresters can go straight to hell," he states, as he tells them not to start planning any parties for his demise. There is more applause as he leaves, and Eric and Stephanie hug.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

Sally, Macy and Darla are discussing how to deal with Clarke's lack of work - Macy suggests that Sally offer him some kind of incentive. Darla says she isn't sure that is going to work, but Macy is pretty sure it will; after all, it's not like Clarke can find another job that will give him the kind of money that Spectra is. Besides, she points out, the stigma of not completing a collection will make Clarke look bad, so she is confident that he needs this collection to hit the runway as badly as they do.

Over at Forrester, Megan is fielding phone calls from the press (asking for a statement about Grant) as well as calls for Ridge and Thorne. When she answers Thorne's line, it's Clarke; Megan apologizes, but it's really hectic and she has other calls to take. Clarke asks what's going on - is Grant out? Megan asks, "How did you know?" His suspicions confirmed, Clarke is sure his future at Forrester is assured.

Eric and Stephanie try to figure out just why Grant resigned. Eric says it really doesn't matter - all that's important is that they have their company back. Stephanie, however, isn't as sure - she suspects Brooke has something to do with it - something that might mean trouble for Ridge. Eric reminds his wife that Ridge is committed to Taylor - but right now, rather than dwell on that, he'd rather celebrate with his bride to be.

Dr. Santana looks at Taylor's chart - Taylor is sure it's bad news, but the doctor says it's not; however, it is kind of surprising. She asks Thorne to leave, but Taylor assures her that he can be trusted, so the doctor comes out with the news - Taylor is pregnant! Taylor is ecstatic, since it means she and Ridge finally have a family of their own. Thorne, however, says this is impossible.

Clarke comes into Sally's office at her summons. Sally and Macy say that they have to find a solution to the current amount of work - or more accurately, lack thereof - from Mr. Garrison. Clarke says he has a solution - he says, "you can kiss my ---." Macy tells him to calm down, but Clarke assures her he means it - he is out of there. Sally can't believe it and says, "Bucky, you've got to borrow a brain somewhere." She tells him how Macy suggested him being the trustee of CJ's assets and tells him to go back to his office. Clarke, however, tells them he has big plans for his future in the fashion industry, and they can read about it in the papers. They may need him, but he doesn't need them. Macy says she think he is serious. Clarke says, "You're nothing without me - I am going to higher ground. I'll never, never have to hear 'Bucky, get on in here,' again." Macy mentions the showing and a shocked Sally asks, "You're going to betray the company?" Clarke says, "You betrayed me. There are a lot of gutters out there; I am sure you will find someone new. See you in the funny pages." He walks out, leaving Sally and Macy in astonishment.

Dr. Santana confirms for Taylor that she is expecting. She prescribes a sedative that is safe for pregnant women, since this means it is more important than ever that Taylor reduces the stress in her life. The doctor then asks if Taylor knows when the child was conceived; Taylor says she does, and Thorne has a sheepish look on his face. Taylor asks for some time alone with Thorne. She realizes Thorne is down and explains how she slept with Ridge during the trial. She apologizes, "I am sorry; I wish you could understand, Thorne." Thorne tells he cannot believe she is so happy - she will get hurt and Ridge will hurt her again, he predicts. She says Ridge isn't perfect - but she recognizes that and he promised he would work on correcting things. Thorne says, "Go and tell him if you want, but I am not going to be there to pick up the pieces." She hugs him, but he is still upset.

Ridge leaves a message for Taylor at her home, saying he will track her down at Forrester. Brooke then asks him for his reaction to her declaration of love. He says he is committed to Taylor. Brooke asks, "That was on impulse; you were getting even with me. Taylor is always changing her mind. You can't marry someone you're not in love with." He says that may have been true for Brooke and Grant, but he and Taylor are not Brooke and Grant. Brooke agrees - in fact, that's exactly why Ridge shouldn't be with Taylor. She asks, "Don't you see a miracle for us - one last chance to be together? Please don't let this pass us by." Ridge says he has to go and walks out the door.

Eric and Steph continue their celebration. Ridge comes in and learns that Grant quit. Ridge explains how Brooke's marriage to Grant was never legal, and how he was over at Brooke's. Stephanie is stunned.

At Brooke's, there is a knock at the door - it is Taylor. Taylor tells Brooke she is looking for Ridge - she knows he was here earlier. Brooke says he already left. Taylor goes to leave and Brooke says, "Wait a minute." Taylor thinks this is about Brooke and Grant, and surprises Brooke with the news that she already knows about that. Brooke says there is more, though; she asks, "You remember that promise that I made to you that I wouldn't go after Ridge if you were married to him?" Well, she points out, Taylor and Ridge aren't married - and more importantly, neither are Brooke and Grant. Taylor asks, "What, all bets are off? You want Ridge back - is that what your telling me?"

Thursday, August 21, 1997

At Forrester, Thorne sits in his office, staring at a picture of Taylor. Clarke arrives and says he heard the good news about Grant; after asking about Grant's reaction (which Thorne informs him he missed), Clarke asks about his payment. He knows Thorne doesn't have Taylor yet, but he's sure it will happen now that Brooke, like a force of nature, will be after Ridge again. Thorne says it isn't that easy - a lot is going on with Grant's departure and his parents' wedding, so it isn't right to ask Eric about a job for Clarke. Clarke says that's not good enough - it was his actions that got the company back in the family, and Thorne had better not cross him if he knows what's good for him.

Ridge explains to his parents about Brooke's wedding not being legit. Eric and Stephanie now understand Grant's odd behavior, and Ridge then tells them about his visit to Brooke's and his encounter with Grant. He goes on to explain how Clarke told Thorne, but Thorne obviously didn't want to get their hopes up. He says that Brooke had a hard time making her decision, but Stephanie of course doesn't buy that. She's worried that Brooke is going to come after Ridge again.

Brooke admits to Taylor that she's still after Ridge, so Taylor prepares to leave. Brooke can't believe that Taylor isn't bothered about it and suspects that's because Taylor is going to marry Thorne. Taylor says she knows Brooke would like that but she's sorry, but it ain't gonna happen - she's going to marry Ridge.

After Ridge refuses to talk about Brooke, Stephanie says she knows the answer anyway; she's sure Brooke hit on Ridge immediately and can't believe Brooke's audacity. Eric reminds her that it's all over now, but Stephanie reminds them that Brooke still holds 51% of the company. Ridge tells her not to worry - he's committed to Taylor, and in fact, he wants to find her right now. Ridge leaves his father's office to go find Taylor.

Brooke tells Taylor she doesn't want her to get hurt, so she has to level with her; Taylor has walked away from a number of chances to marry Ridge, and Brooke believes that the reason is fear - she's scared to death of Ridge's feelings for Brooke. Taylor says that's ridiculous - she knows Brooke's concern is a smokescreen for her obsession with Ridge. She points out what Brooke just did to Grant and refers to it as a cop-out: a technicality that allowed her to get out of a marriage and get back to what she really wanted. Brooke explains that it was a painful decision and that Grant in fact kept the truth from her for months, and Taylor says she can't really blame him - after all, it makes sense that Grant would be afraid of Brooke cutting and running.

Brooke says she loves Ridge, and Taylor says that's not true. Brooke loves whatever she can't have, Taylor asserts, and she even cheated on Ridge. Brooke denies that and Taylor says, "I know, it was a 'mistake', just like the marriage. Your whole life is a string of mistakes. You don't care who you hurt and you are selfish and immature." Maybe so, Brooke claims, but she does know one thing - Ridge wants her more than Taylor. Taylor calls Brooke delusional, but Brooke says that Taylor is the delusional one. As Taylor has her back turned, a look of pain comes to her face. Brooke says that if Taylor really loves Ridge, she will give him up, and grabs Taylor by the arm.

Clarke apologizes to Thorne for sounding threatening, but he has already left Spectra, so he needs this job. Thorne sympathizes, but he reminds Clarke this is going to be a hard sell with Eric and Ridge, so he should stay away. At that point, Ridge comes in and he wonders what's in it for Clarke, besides stabbing his friend in the back. Clarke says he treats his friends with loyalty and respect, and expects the same in return. He leaves, and Ridge asks Thorne what this is about. Thorne changes the subject and says he's surprised Ridge isn't with Taylor. "I would be if I knew where she was," Ridge says.

Ridge asks Thorne if he knows where Taylor is, and Thorne says she went looking for him - at Brooke's. As usual, Thorne says, it was an emergency, and Ridge was off to his ex-lover's. Ridge accuses Thorne of filling Taylor's head with lies but says it isn't going to work; he can't believe how low Thorne has sunk, even dealing with Clarke Garrison. In the end, it's going to be for nothing, Ridge states. Thorne says that Ridge may be able to win Taylor, but can he keep her - he warns Ridge to make her happy if he's going to marry Taylor. "That's one thing you don't have to worry about," Ridge says as he leaves. Thorne says that he is worried - and not just for Taylor anymore.

Taylor is tired of Brooke's nonsense and tells her to let go. Brooke presses her point and Taylor accuses Brooke of manipulating Ridge. Brooke says that Ridge has proven his feelings by giving Taylor up for her family's sake yet again, but Taylor says things have changed. Brooke asks how Taylor can stand yet another rejection - Brooke is first in Ridge's heart and Taylor will always be in second place. Taylor tells Brooke to get out of the way, and Brooke realizes she has to go pick up the kids. As she leaves, she tells Taylor one more time to give Ridge up before Ridge does it for her. Alone, Taylor starts having pains from the stress, as she tells her unborn child it's going to be OK. Suddenly, Taylor feels a violent spasm of pain and falls to the floor!

Friday, August 22, 1997

As Brooke leaves, she tells Taylor one more time to give Ridge up before Ridge does it for her. Alone, Taylor starts having pains from the stress, as she tells her unborn child it's going to be OK. Suddenly, Taylor feels a violent spasm of pain and falls to the floor! Moments later, Thorne arrives - since the door is open, he walks in and finds Taylor lying on the floor.

In the apartment in Death Valley, Amber is sketching; she's impatient from the waiting for James and Maggie to call, while Sheila is looking at pictures. Sheila keeps hearing "my Mary" crying in her mind as Amber assures her "Margaret" is all right. Amber then gives Sheila her sketch - a picture of Margaret she drew from memory. Amber promises to draw another one when she gets the job - if she gets the job, that is...

James and Maggie are making love. She wishes she had more time for this, but the baby takes up so much time. James has a solution - why not hire that girl, Ambrosia, who had Maggie so impressed? They continue to talk about it as they grab something to eat in the kitchen, and Maggie suggests that James be the one to call Amber. James agrees - the sooner he calls, the sooner he gets his wife back - and asks for the number while kissing his wife.

Brooke comes in to see Ridge in his office - she wants to tell him about her argument with Taylor. He, however, is preoccupied - Henry comes in to tell them that they can't find "the designs". Brooke asks what designs, and Ridge informs her that Grant quit, and the master designs for the new collection are missing! Brooke wonders if Grant misplaced them with everything that has happened the last few days, but Ridge has no sympathy for Grant. Brooke says this would never have happened while Ridge and Eric were in charge - and in fact, she thinks it's time Ridge and Eric were in creative control of the company again for just that reason. Ridge hugs her and thanks her profusely.

Taylor wakes up and says she just got dizzy. She explains to Thorne how she came looking for Ridge, and about her fight with Brooke. Thorne says Taylor can't let that bother her - the doctor told her to avoid stress. Taylor says that she has to find Ridge and tell him about the baby, but Thorne thinks that what Taylor needs is relaxation, or she'll lose the baby. He begs her to take the sedative Dr. Santana prescribed (which she does) and urges her to forget about Ridge and Brooke.

Thorne and Taylor arrive up at Big Bear - he drove her up there while she slept in the car from the sedative. As she lies down, Taylor feels some pain, but she says she will be fine. Thorne assures he that he called Dr. Santana. He explains that the doctor agreed that the visit to Big Bear was a good idea - and he's sure Ridge will agree when he finds out, since he wouldn't want Taylor under any stress either.

James calls Amber - she almost doesn't answer, since she is so nervous. Putting it on speaker so Sheila can hear, she finally answers. James hears the speaker, but Amber says she has her hands full and he drops the issue. He then tells her they are a little concerned about her age, but the most important thing to him and Maggie is that they hire someone who cares about children. Based on what Maggie has told him, James thinks Amber can handle that - and he wants her to start tonight. Amber says she'll be there, hangs up, and jumps for joy - but then Sheila reminds her roommate that she has nowhere to stay in L.A. Of course, Sheila also has a solution - Amber can stay at her place, since it's time for Sheila to return home.

Ridge can't wait to give Eric the good news - and Taylor will be thrilled as well, he guesses. Ridge then asks what Brooke was going to say about Taylor when she came in, but he's interrupted by a phone call - it's Thorne, who says he's out of town and Taylor is with him. Ridge demands to talk to Taylor immediately, but Thorne refuses and hangs up. Ridge slams the phone down in anger and asks himself, "Why would Taylor do this?" Meanwhile, Brooke thinks to herself, "Taylor left with Thorne? Maybe she listened to me after all." She then silently hopes that this is the chance she has been waiting for - the chance to be with Ridge!

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Week of 8/25/97 - 8/29/97

Monday, August 25, 1997

Over at Spectra, Macy and Sally are fielding calls from reporters trying to find out what's going on with Clarke. Sally and Macy both deny that anything is wrong, but when they hang up, they admit that it's getting hard to keep it hidden. Lauren and Darla come in and confirm that the building is crawling with reporters from the Fashion Channel. Sally orders Darla to clear the decks and get all reporters out. Darla does so, but reports that security did let one person get through. When they hear a knock at the door, Sally prepares to deal with the pesky reporter - but it turns out that the visitor is Grant Chambers!

Over at Forrester, Ridge and Eric are still fuming over the missing designs, but Ridge has other things on his mind. "Did you know that Thorne went out of town with Taylor?" he asks his father. Eric is stunned to hear this, especially since he was sure that Taylor was going to choose Ridge the last time he saw her. Ridge agrees, which is why he is so perplexed. They are interrupted by Stephanie, who has some news; Grant was the last person to see the designs, after he ordered Megan to bring them to him.

Grant says he can help Sally, but he only wants to deal with her and Macy. Lauren and Darla agree to leave. Sally asks Grant, "What are you doing here? Did you come to gloat? Are you doing Stephanie's bidding - oh, that is right, Stephanie works for you, since you married Brooke." Grant explains that he and Brooke are history and adds, "I don't work for them anymore - I quit." Sally is stunned, but right now she needs to get a head designer and a collection. Grant says, "Wait a minute." He then brings in a big portfolio - the Forrester collection.

Sheila and Ambrosia arrive at Sheila's house in LA. Amber can't believe she is in West Hollywood, so close to Brentwood, the home of the rich and famous. Sheila is over by the mantle and looks at a picture of James; Amber says Sheila has to put him behind her and get on with her life. She asks what Sheila is going to do, and Sheila replies, "I can find a job as a nurse." Amber starts teasing Sheila about meeting handsome doctors, but Sheila reminds her that Amber had better go and get ready for her babysitting. Sheila is still looking at the picture and agrees, "You're right - I have to put him out of my mind." However, it's not that easy, because she still loves him. Shortly after, Amber comes downstairs and looks like a teeny bopper, and Sheila compliments her on her appearance.

Back at Forrester, Eric is ready to call the police, but Ridge points out how Grant may have a case, because he did those designs and he was CEO. Eric isn't buying that - those designs were made by Grant as an employee of the company, and he is not going to let him get away with theft. Ridge says, "Dad, don't tell me - this can't be happening. For the first time in our life, we aren't going to have a showing." The phone rings - it is Grant, ready to gloat. Eric puts on the speakerphone, and Ridge asks where the designs are. Grant says he's glad to hear his old buddy there - and he knows Stephanie is there, since he can hear her breathing. The Forresters want to cut to the chase, so Grant says, "What designs - are you missing designs?" They tell Grant he knows he has them. Grant says, "Who me?" and insults them; he then says the Forresters are finally going to get what is coming to them. Eric calls out for Grant to wait, but he hangs up - leaving the Forresters with a big problem.

Back at Spectra, Macy is looking at the designs, and comments that they are really good. Grant tells them the Forresters can't do anything about it - those are his designs, which he did while they were preoccupied with Ridge. He asks, "Well, what do you say Sally?" He points out that all these years, he, Sally and Macy have taken their lumps from the Forresters; this is their chance to even the score and make the Forresters grovel. Sally says, "You're hired -you're my new head designer."

Tuesday, August 26, 1997

Sheila is looking out the window of her real home nestled in LA, and she is thinking of Amber's first night babysitting her child. She kisses a photograph of James and says aloud that she still loves him and she gave up her child for him. Sheila thinks back to signing the adoption forms in the hospital.

Well guess what? James is also thinking of that same exact moment as he holds their daughter. He tells the baby what a great thing her birth mother did and wonders how Sheila is doing now. Maggie comes out all dressed up and ready for her first night out on the town since she brought Margaret home from the hospital. Maggie then starts to suffer from a case of separation anxiety from the baby before Amber arrives. James double-checks that Amber is certified in infant CPR. Amber does a good job reassuring them that all is fine. So the Warwicks leave for dinner and Amber takes off her glasses. Amber says to herself," This is going to be great!"

Sally rips off the sign to what was Clarke Garrison's office at Spectra and shows Grant his new office. Macy comments how the Forresters have burned them all over the years and now it is payback time. Sally is excited that she has all of the beautiful designs that Forrester was supposed to use in a few days for the showing.

"No one is more anxious to drive a nail into the Forrester coffin that I am," chirps Grant. Sally says it's time to get back to work, but Grant requests that Macy stay behind to chat. He tells her that he doesn't dwell on what has happened at Forrester; he uses it as an inspiration. Macy tells him to focus on Spectra and not the Forresters, so they can make this a top fashion house. "Macy I have a feeling that you and I will work well together." states Grant.

Sheila is now having a fantasy about her perfect little family with James and the baby. She is upset that it could have happened, but it didn't turn out that way. She tells herself that she has to learn to accept that.

James and Maggie are having dinner at Mannequins. James tells her this is their first night of going out and they have many more fun times ahead of them. At first, Maggie says she didn't want to leave her baby just to go out with James, but she remarks that Amber is a nice girl. She admits that she is a little antsy about one thing, though - Sheila. James reminds her once again that Sheila is out of their lives, but Maggie will feel better about that when the adoption is final.

Back at the Warwicks' place, Amber is warming a bottle and loving everything in the house cause it is first class. She turns on the stereo while holding the baby and says, "OH, I love this place!" However, her reverie is short-lived when the baby starts choking and crying. In a panic, Amber calls Sheila, who tells her friend to call the doctor immediately. Amber, however, says she is scared and nervous and asks that Sheila come over immediately. Sheila agrees and says she will be there as soon as she can.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

James and Maggie are still having dinner at Mannequins and she can't stop thinking about the baby. Then James gets anxious to get home himself - he asks to have his dessert wrapped to go and to have the check. Maggie jokes that now he has separation anxiety (what he told her that she has, earlier in the evening). He even decides to pay cash - no waiting for a credit card - so the two of them can get home to their little one.

At the Warwick home, the baby is throwing or spitting up. Sheila comes to the rescue after Amber called her. She is sort of in a trance at first and then holds the baby and smiles. Amber is frantic at this point and cries," She won't stop crying! They are going to be home soon. You have to get out of here!"

Sheila sits down on the couch and unbuttons her blouse and starts to breast feed the child (it is sort of a scene out of that movie 'The Hand that Rocks the Cradle'). Amber is shell-shocked. Sheila tells Amber, "I am giving her what she needs from her Mommy. She fell asleep. I think she really needed this time with me." Amber is still in shock and then freaks out when she hears a car door slam - she reminds Sheila that the Warwicks are home. She grabs the baby, tells Sheila to hide in the hallway and starts to be the perfect preppy teenager again. The Warwicks come in and coo all over their daughter. Sheila uses that opportunity to sneak out the front door.

Meanwhile, back at Forrester Creations, Brooke still is in disbelief that Grant would do something like take all of their designs; he isn't stupid and he knows that he cant get away with it, she reminds Ridge. She says, "This is ridiculous. Grant was under contract so whatever he did belongs to Forrester. I signed something making him CEO." Ridge informs her that all Brooke signed was a proclamation appointing Grant CEO, predicated on a contract that Grant never got around to signing. He fears that this thing could drag through the courts for a long time and they don't have that time- they aren't going to make it through the next showing if they don't have those sketches. Brooke asks about Taylor and Ridge cant understand why she would leave not with the way things were going between them recently. Brooke starts to play detective and Ridge remarks that the pieces don't fit. Brooke comments, "I think she saw the handwriting on the wall. Taylor invited Thorne into her life and she encouraged it. She is not a saint, Ridge." Ridge, however, still isn't buying it.

The fire is roaring up at the Big Bear cabin. Dr. Santana made a house call and gave Taylor something to calm her down. She remarks that if Taylor doesn't control her stress, she won't be pregnant much longer. The doctor asks, "What is the story with your brother? Does he know he is about to become a father? Doesn't Taylor want to tell him?" After Thorne hesitates, she guesses that it is another woman........ and this is the cause of Taylor's stress. Thorne informs the doctor that Ridge has a long history with this other woman and he can't let her go. "I know what this baby means to her. I will not let her lose it," Thorne promises.

Ridge is still in Brooke's office and he knows that Taylor would not run away with Thorne. He leaves and Thorne calls Brooke to tell her where the schedule is for the showing. She tells him about Grant taking the designs and asks what's going on. Thorne says he can't explain right now. Brooke asks him not to rush back; she says, "What is more important, a wedding, or you and Taylor? Please just hold off for a while okay? There is hope." Thorne is unsure, but Brooke urges, "Keep her there - it would mean the difference for all of us. Talk to you later."

After Brooke hangs up she tells herself that she needs to make her move now, before Taylor gets back, since Ridge is ready for her......................

Thursday, August 28, 1997

Stephanie and Eric are at Casa Forrester and she says he shouldn't be there - he should be at the office, making all new designs in time for the showing. He replies that his number one priority the next few days is making their wedding day the most special day of their lives. He tells his fiancee that he is very excited and wants to be involved in the planning of the flowers also. "How did I ever let you get away the first time?" questions Stephanie.

Ding Dong goes the doorbell - and surprise, it is Lauren dragging her tail between her legs. Steph reminds her that she isn't welcome, and Eric thinks that Lauren should leave if she came to see him; however, she says that she's here to see Stephanie. Eric leaves the women alone to fight it out. Lauren explains that she has come to apologize for pursuing Eric and what she did, because it was soooo disrespectful to everyone involved. She knows that she went too far.

The queen is civil to her ex-friend and says, "I was never worried about you. Coming here and apologizing was difficult for you. I appreciate it and accept your apology. But if you are hoping for more than that..." Lauren interrupts and says she knows that they can never be friends again - at least not like before. She bids Stephanie goodbye and leaves.

Meanwhile over at Spectra, Macy is modeling the first baby blue evening gown out of the sewing room. "This is going to be such a wonderful collection. There is Mr. Grant Chambers- a gift from the Gods," Sally states. The subject comes up about just where the designs came from, and Sally reminds her daughter and Darla, "This collection is not stolen. It was designed by Grant Chambers, our new head designer." Just then, a TV arrives - it seems that Sally arranged for the TV to be brought to her office with a VCR. She explains to Macy that she is going to watch some past shows and tells her not to watch, since Macy is too busy for such things.

Macy gets called away to the sewing room and Sally beckons Darla to stay with her. She tells her friend, "I didn't want my daughter to be distracted by this. This is a present that Lauren bought for Eric Forrester. What if I were to tell you that Eric not only lusted for Lauren in his heart, but in HER bed?!?!" Darla is stunned, and Sally adds, "I happen to have possession of that particular tape right here." Darla goes to get some popcorn to munch during their little amateur porn festival. After watching the tape, Sally can't believe that there is any way that Eric can get over Lauren - and if Stephanie needs convincing, all she has to do is watch the tape.

Back in Brooke's office, her sister Katie is lending an ear to her big sister. Brooke points out that while Taylor has always accused her of manipulating Ridge and keeping Ridge and Taylor apart, that has in fact happened again, but without any action from Brooke. Katie reminds her sister, "Brooke, to be perfectly fair, Ridge was in jail a lot of that that time that he was with Taylor." Even so, Brooke points out, they still haven't gotten together. Katie asks, "So you told Taylor that you wanted Ridge back; how did she react?" Brooke confides that she told Taylor over and over again about how all of those times in the past, Ridge always chose her over Taylor. She also tells her that Taylor was very quiet during their conversation and she looked kind of sick.

Katie has sympathy for Taylor and remarks that she must have been so hurt. Brooke tells her that Taylor and Thorne went away together again. "That is so weird; you just told me that Taylor said she is going to marry Ridge. I guess you must have made your point. It certainly would make your life easier if Taylor were out of the running wouldn't it?" Katie comments. "You know, this is all so strange. I am really sorry, Brooke, that I pushed you to work it out with Grant. I just thought you guys had something special." remarks Katie. Brooke replies that she tried to work things out with Grant, but even though he meant a lot to her, he is just a friend. She doesn't feel for him like she should a husband; he just wasn't Ridge.

Lauren gets stopped by Eric outside the house, on her way to the car. "It was very big of you. I feel badly about coming between the two of you," states Eric, after hearing of Lauren's apology for not respecting his decision. Lauren says she had to do it. She gives him a goodbye kiss, saying how she'll always wonder how it might have turned out, and leaves.

Brooke feels that she was living a lie and pretending. Katie continues with the questions, and asks, "So you went to talk to Ridge. Did you tell him how you feel? So what happens now?" Whatever it takes, Brooke replies. She's had to hold back her feelings for so long, but not anymore; she's pulling out all the stops, and Ridge will be hers tonight.

Friday, August 29, 1997

Brooke packs her "marriage" - photos of her and Grant, etc. - in a box and unpacks her "Ridge/Brooke" memorabilia. "This is the way it should be," she thinks, "the way it will be very soon. Tonight I am going to take action," she declares. She goes to the phone and calls Ridge. She tells him that she has found some of Grant's sketches---preliminary drawings and some notes. Brooke can't leave the house---Bridget will be there soon---so Ridge agrees to come pick up the sketches as soon as he can get away. Hanging up the phone, Brooke smiles a "cat that ate the canary" smile, while back at the office, Ridge pines over Taylor, hoping that the phone will ring.

Up at the cabin, the rain is pouring down. Thorne enters the cabin, soaking wet, and begins to lay a fire. Taylor is upset; she needs to get to LA and talk with Ridge, so she can tell him about the pregnancy. The lines are down and we can't leave, Thorne tells her. He tells her to relax but she can't relax when they both know what Brooke is probably up to right now.

Sally is drooling over the designs Grant has given her. Like a knight is shining armor, she thinks, he has ridden to the rescue; "Grant Chambers, you gorgeous man," she says. She wonders how she can thank Queen Stephanie; after all it was her treatment (and her family) who drove him out of Forrester in the first place. "What a glorious day when these designs are featured on the Spectra runway. I know exactly what she will say," Sally says to herself. At that moment, she hears her name called. Is it Stephanie or a figment of her imagination?

Brooke opens the door for Ridge and explains that Bridget decided to stay over with her little friend. Rick is with his father; they have been spending a lot of time together lately. She offers a glass of wine. Ridge bemoans the lack of normalcy at Forrester. He picks up the sketches and begins to look them over.

Back at Spectra, Sally greets the "queen." Stephanie is looking for Lauren and asks if she can leave something for her. Sally says it depends on how loudly it is ticking. Steph explains, "Since you will open it and read it, I'll tell you what it is. It is a wedding invitation." "Typical," Sally remarks. "You had to come and deliver the final blow in person." Sally accuses Stephanie of rubbing Lauren's face in the fact that she lost. Stephanie then guesses that Sally has something to do with that, too. She bets that Sally poisoned Lauren's mind with all kinds of things; it's typical of the way Sally does business, just like things were when Spectra almost went into bankruptcy. Sally says she's not about to listen about business ethics from someone who has lost her head designer - and Stephanie asks, "How did you know about that?"

Taylor wants to get home, even in a storm, but Thorne says it's too dangerous. Some of the roads are closed. Taylor rants about Brooke filling Ridge's head with lies. "Is this how it is going to be?" Thorne asks. "Every time Ridge is late at the office or on a business trip, are you going to worry about whether he is with Brooke or not?" Taylor tells Thorne that she has told him her decision and he must learn to accept it or BUTT OUT!

Brooke says she is sorry she kicked Grant out before the showing. She should have stayed with him for the business. Ridge tells her you don't stay with someone you don't love because of business. Ridge admits he is on edge but not because of the business. "It is Taylor, isn't it?" sighs Brooke.

"I have a confession to make," Brooke says. She tells Ridge about Taylor coming to her house and the argument they got into. She admits to telling Taylor that Ridge really loved her, Brooke. Ridge doesn't believe that is the reason Taylor left town. Brooke says it is also because of Ridge that she left town. "Your past actions," she explains, "only prove to Taylor that you still love me. Ridge how much proof do you need?"

Sally recovers from her faux pas and tells Stephanie that SHE just told her about losing Grant. "We suspected it," Sally says, "and now you have verified it for me." Sally guesses that Stephanie threw Grant out the same way she crushed Brooke and Lauren in the past - they all made the mistake of loving someone that Stephanie thought was wrong for them, so they had to pay. From the way Sally feels love justifies anything, Stephanie can see that her rival has few morals, and she implies that Macy is as bad as her mother. This only makes Sally see red. "You are supposed to teach her values! How the hell can you teach anyone values?" Steph asks. Sally tries to get back at Stephanie, but she has lost ground. Stephanie accuses Sally of being jealous of her. As Steph leaves, Sally promises that Stephanie will get hers someday. "You will get exactly what you deserve and it won't be Eric. You will end up bitter and alone." "Like you?" Stephanie asks as she leaves. La Femme Sally is furious.

Taylor apologizes to Thorne; she shouldn't have expected him to be supportive of this. Thorne tells Taylor he does support her and he will always be there for her. Taylor tries to assure him that she is happy now and she knows Ridge won't do anything to lose her. Thorne says that he hopes she is right, but Ridge has been a fool before. Taylor thanks him for all of his support, and they hug.

Ridge tells Brooke that he can't deal with this problem now. "Why not?" Brooke asks, "Taylor is dealing with it. That is why she ran off. Aren't you tired of fighting me and the inevitable? Don't you want me back? Aren't you tired of holding back? Aren't you tired of feeling guilty every time you look at me and have those nasty thoughts?" Ridge tries to get her to stop but Brooke tells him she has never been more serious. Ridge tells her this is not funny. She tells him, "You aren't upset because Taylor is gone; you are upset because she is with your brother. Every move you make shows that you are still in love with me." She tells him that he only loves the chase. He could spend the rest of his life chasing, reassuring, and convincing Taylor - and never getting her - or he can spend the rest of his life with her, Brooke---one great adventure after another. Brooke begins to caress and undress Ridge. She kisses him and asks him to make love to her. He only stands there while she removes part of his clothing.

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