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December, 1997

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Week of 12/1/97 - 12/5/97

Monday, December 01, 1997

Eric tries to convince Lauren to go to Rush but she's reluctant. "He's dangerous," Eric insists. Lauren tells Eric that Rush thought she was vulnerable - and maybe she is, she admits. Meanwhile, Rush wonders what they're talking about and says, "This has got to stop." He picks up his crossbow and fires at the curtain, and Lauren screams.

At the Logan home, Brooke says she can't believe Ridge is going to Greenland, but he says he has to do it. He can't let Stephanie go alone, he explains, and he assures Brooke he'll be back once he finds Eric. Brooke understands but still worries and warns him to be careful. "You have two beautiful children who need you," Ridge reminds her, "and on the outside chance that something happens, I want you to stay strong for your kids. Promise me that you will." Brooke hugs him. Ridge then says that they have to tell the kids since word has begun to leak out. Brooke agrees and starts to wonder how to break the news when they are interrupted by a phone call.

Sally shows Macy and Darla the headlines about Eric's disappearance, which explains why no one has heard from Eric. Sally then says, "they went down in the ocean," and Macy asks, "They who, mother?" Sally explains that she believes Lauren was on the plane after Sally practically threw her at Eric. "If she followed my advice, then Lauren could be dead right now," she cries.

Brooke tells Ridge that the call was from the kids' school; Rick and Bridget left the grounds and are missing, she explains. She doesn't know where they are but she has to head over to the school. Ridge offers to go too, but Brooke asks him to stay and wait, in case the kids call.

Taylor is reading and feeling the baby kick when there is a knock at the door - it's Rick and Bridget, who need to talk to Taylor about their father. They explain how one of Rick's friends claimed Eric was in a plane crash, and a fight almost ensued. The only thing that held Rick back was that several other kids said the same thing about Eric. Not knowing what to believe, they came over to the beach house because they felt they could trust Taylor. Taylor chides them for leaving school, but Rick says they needed answers. "Is it, true?" Bridget asks. "No way, Budge," insists Rick. Taylor asks them to sit down while she makes some calls.

Ridge answers the phone at Brooke's, and Taylor explains that the kids are there, asking questions about Eric. "Keep them occupied; I'll be right there," Ridge instructs her. Taylor hangs up and watches the kids sitting off to the side.

Macy and Darla tell Sally that unless they have proof, they don't know for sure that Lauren was on the plane. "Just think of the headlines," Sally says, if Lauren and Eric really do turn out to be missing. Darla says it will be the biggest scandal since the recent story of a model who was murdered by her photographer boyfriend. Sally brings the subject back to Lauren and says, "I have to hear from her!" Macy and Darla try to reassure her, and Sally says, "I hope you're right."

Rush apologizes for the arrow; he doesn't know how it happened, but he insists he did not fire it intentionally and it was not his fault. "Whose fault was it?" Eric angrily asks, and Rush points out that Eric was the last one to use the bow; he must have left the safety off. Eric believes that Rush shot it in an attempt to get Lauren. "Who are you?" he demands. "A survivor," Rush answers, asking Eric who he would be without his credit cards and money. "You're a clown, a user," Rush says - and the person he has used is Lauren! Not liking that remark, Eric punches him. "You trust this man, he'll kill us both," he tells Lauren, "unless I do something to stop him - and I will!"

Ridge arrives at the beach house and Taylor meets him outside. She explains but the kids don't want to believe the stories about Eric, but they know something's up. She suggests waiting for Brooke, but Ridge tells Taylor that he has to catch a plane to Greenland to search for Eric. "Isn't that dangerous?" Taylor worries, but Ridge tells her he has to find his father. He then goes in and greets the kids, and Rick asks him if the news about the plane crash is a sick joke. Ridge sits them down and makes them apologize for leaving school; he then gently breaks the news that Eric may indeed be missing. He explains how the plane went down, and how he and Stephanie are headed over there to search. Rick and Bridget want to go with him, but Taylor intervenes. She reminds them that a lot of people care for them - Brooke, Ridge, herself - and they will make sure that they are all right. "What if you disappear, too?" Rick and Bridget ask. They beg Ridge not to go, since he can't promise he'll definitely come back alive.

Lauren tends to Rush's wound from the punch while Eric watches from behind the curtain. "You've got to be careful, Lauren" he thinks to himself. Lauren tells Rush she doesn't believe he fired the crossbow on purpose, and Rush then reminds him that they were about to kiss before Eric interrupted. He suggests they pick up where they left off and says, "I want you, Lauren Fenmore - I need you, and not just because I haven't been without a woman for a while." Lauren says she wants him too and starts kissing him. "Will you shave it off - the beard?" she asks him as she continues to caress his face. "If that's what you want, then by all means," Rush responds. They kiss again and he goes to get a razor. Lauren casts a look in Eric's direction.

Tuesday, December 2, 1997

Brooke is with the principal from her children's school. She finds out that Rick and Bridget were on the playground when they heard about their father in a plane crash and then they took off. She questions where they could have gone.........

"Over the river and through the woods to" Taylor's house we go. Bridget pleads with Ridge not to go to Greenland and to stay here. Ridge glances at Taylor and then responds to the kids that he has to go. He promises to be careful and to get back to see the kids as fast as he can. Rick then wants Ridge to promise that he will marry his mom as soon as he gets back from the trip.

Eric witnesses Lauren getting ready to shave off Rush's beard. He believes that without it he will know Rush's identity. Lauren asks Rush if he trusts her with the blade. He says, "I am yours. Do as you will."

Thorne is in his office at Forrester Creations as he explains to Clarke that his relationship with Taylor is much more complicated that it seems. He is so tired of the deception; he thought that if he took the high road, it would all work out for the best in the end. He feels that it has been an insane stupid dream that he has been living. He leaves to go home and do something about it. Clarke calls to him and says not to do anything rash, since he's pretty emotional with Eric missing. Thorne replies that he has learned from his father's absence that he has wasted too much time on someone who will never love him. He has to get off the roller coaster now!

Taylor walks away from the couch and sits down by the desk. The kids confess to Ridge that they are tired of waiting for him to marry their mother and they have had to face too many disappointments in the past. Ridge promises that the day he gets back from the trip, he will pick a wedding day. The kids thank Taylor and go to the car. Ridge thanks Taylor for coming to the rescue yet again. He remarks that he won't let the kids down, since "they are like my own now. Thorne is one hell of a lucky guy." He leaves and then Taylor begins to cry.

Taylor is crying as she talks to the baby within her. She explains that daddy has another family now. She questions if she should move on and give the baby another man as its father. "He is a good man. He is," she says aloud to herself.

Lauren asks Rush to read the last letter he wrote about trust. He begins, "To Jessica. I trust in betrayal. I am not a poet, as you know. I capture life in the moment. I've got a photograph, I look at it; a woman with red-gold hair like early October. The cool warmth of autumn consumes her. We lie in the leaves and meet the end of an Indian summer's afternoon. To what we know, we care not. Never did I want more than what life gave me. And life gave me you, Sharon. You took my life away."

Lauren questions that he said Sharon and she thought the woman in the piece was named Jessica. Rush says that Lauren reminds him of her; their hair is identical, her body to him is perfection, they even have the same souls - and he wonders if hers is now within Lauren's. He stands up and takes Lauren's hand. He asks Lauren to stay with him when the rescue team arrives. They would have a life together. He needs her and Eric Forrester does not, he states. He embraces her.

Brooke is on the telephone with Megan trying to track down Ridge, when in he comes with the kids. She finds out that they have been at Taylor's. "Ridge says he is going to marry you mama, as soon as he gets back from Greenland," says Bridget. Brooke sends the kids to their rooms; she again reminds Ridge how she wishes he wasn't going. Ridge says he has to - but at the same time, he will not let the kids down again. "Come back to us," Brooke pleads as she kisses him.

Thorne comes back to the beach house. He walks in looking for Taylor, and is surprised to find her in tears. She asks Thorne to hold her.

With Rush's shave complete, Eric comes out. "What are you looking at?" Rush asks. Eric has a haunted look on his face and, zipping his jacket, heads out into the snow. Rush follows him out and asks, "Do you recognize me now, Forrester?"

Wednesday, December 03, 1997

Stephanie and Ridge are on the plane to Greenland, lamenting about how something like this could have happened to them. Stephanie surmises, "Sometimes things like this bring the family closer together". Gary Freyburg enters and Ridge asks if he has any news?" Gary says, "Yes; the weather is getting better." Stephanie excitedly asks, "So when we get there you can send the search team out?" Gary says, "Better than that - we think we've got the location the plane went down". Stephanie is pleased to hear that - she just hopes Eric is still alive.

Lauren says to herself, "You recognize who he is- Do you know him?" She can't help but wonder, based on the look in Eric's eyes - is Rush the man she believes him to be, or is he as dangerous as Eric suspects.

Eric and Rush are outside in the snow and Rush asks, "Forrester, do I look familiar to you? Do you recognize me now?" Eric says he does - "Rush" is really Tony Carerra, the fashion photographer who killed his girlfriend, Sharon Stills. Eric remembers it well, since Sharon was one of the top models in the industry - that is, until her boyfriend couldn't accept her life and killed her. Rush tries to say that Eric doesn't know what he is talking about, but Eric stands his ground. Moreover, he now knows why Rush wouldn't let them use the radio - he is afraid that Eric will turn him in.

Stephanie is telling Ridge about how it was when she first met his father in order to pass the time. She says everyone at Northwestern was all ga-ga over this Forrester guy, but she didn't know what the big deal was - that is until she saw him and realized that was the man she would marry. "I really love him, Ridge," she says. Ridge says, "I am sure Dad is thinking of us too, wherever he is; he won't give up and you don't either, Mom."

Back at the beach house, Taylor continues to explain about how the kids and Ridge would up there. Thorne tells her, "I am sure it was hard on you seeing them all together; I know how it feels but I am going to let you have your life back. Taylor, I've been here too long". Taylor looks stunned. Thorne says it will just take a couple of hours. Taylor asks, "What do you mean? I have loved your brother for a long time, and seeing them together put a whole new light on everything". Thorne says, "I am sure it did, but I want more, Taylor." Taylor responds, "You don't realize what you mean to me, your always being there when I needed you. I haven't meant to use you, maybe I need to put more effort." Thorne says, "No, Taylor, it has to come from here," pointing to his heart. He says, "You don't know how it is, sitting here night after night, wanting to hold you, touch you. I just can't go on like that anymore, Taylor." Taylor says, "Touch me, Thorne." Thorne takes his hand and rubs his finger around her lips, down the side of her head, and then in return she does the same to him.

Lauren is talking to herself. "I've got to find out more about you," she says. Then she says what better way then to read his life story. She gets the book and starts reading, "On March 13, I saw you in my dreams; again you walked away." Lauren says, "There you go again - calling her Sharon. First Jessica, now Sharon; who is she?" Lauren then wonders, "What is taking so long? Where are you, Eric?"

Eric says, "You are holding us captive here, aren't you?" Rush says, "How does it feel, Forrester, being trapped up here?" Eric says, "You can let us use the radio." Rush asks, "What are you trying to do? Cut a deal with me, Forrester?" Eric answers, "Yes, I am; let us use the radio and get help." Rush says, "Yes, and I end up behind bars." Eric says, "No, you have my word no one will be the wiser. We won't say anything about you, I promise you that. I give you my word."

Thorne says, "I have waited so long for this; if you are really ready to move on, kiss me. Don't think about it, just do it." She kisses him and smiles.

Stephanie tells Ridge, "I don't say this enough." Ridge asks, "What, mom?" Stephanie says, "Thank you for you always being there for me." Ridge says, "Mom, you don't need to thank me. I need the both of you to guide me. I've got a long ways to go". Gary then reports over the speaker that they are getting ready to land."

Lauren is still reading the book and runs across a picture. She is stunned and says, "It is amazing how much she looks like me; it's scary. What is going on, Eric - why are you out there so long?"

Eric tells Rush, "You never answered my question". Rush says, "About using the radio? Sorry, but I call the shots." Eric says, "I am going in." Rush says, "You keep your mouth shut to Lauren." Eric starts inside and Rush grabs him and says, "You're not going anywhere." He hits Eric, but Eric fights back. However, he is weak from the airplane crash; the dogs are barking and Rush hits Eric in the back of the head. Eric falls to the ground. Rush says "Goodbye, Eric Forester," ties his hands behind him, and puts Eric in the doghouse.

Thursday, December 4, 1997

The OR team are frantically trying to undo all the damage the fall caused their patient as Sheila lies on the operating table.

Taylor is sunbathing when Grant arrives. He is glad to see her out of bed. Grant tells her that they have a lot in common: her husband to be. He has been seeing a lot of Macy; he likes her very much, but Thorne is a tough act to follow. "What about Brooke?" Taylor asks. He tells her that he loved Brooke once, and still does in some ways. But there was too much excess baggage in that marriage. Not so with Macy, he tells Taylor. He thinks Taylor is one lucky lady to have such a handsome, successful man crazy about her.

Maggie is stunned; she cannot believe that Sheila tried to kill herself by jumping from the roof. But still, even with the bad luck for Sheila, Maggie reminds him that it means a lot for their family. "Margaret is fine," she tells James. "I saw her last night. Amber is taking care of her. I tried to take her, but the authorities wouldn't let me. But it won't be long now," she says on a more cheerful note. We will have our baby back with us."

"What are you talking about?" James inquires. Maggie explains, "Connor said all we had to do was show Sheila as an unfit mother. Now we have proof. What better proof than her trying to kill herself? Our baby could come home today. Lets call Child Protective Services right now, James." "I can't believe you," James says, aghast. "Sheila is fighting for her life; she could die, and all you can think about is taking advantage of her condition! Have you no decency? You and I are responsible for what has happened to her. It is our fault she jumped!"

Mike comes to the hospital and inquires about Sheila. He is told that she is in surgery. He sees Molly sitting alone and goes to her. He tells her who he is and sits with her. "She is a fighter," he says. "She will pull through this."

In the OR, someone announces that her pressure is dropping. Someone else says that her oxygen saturation is also dropping. "Hang on, Sheila," the surgeon tells her. "You are lucky to be alive. We are doing all we can do; the rest is up to you."

Molly says that her daughter has been in surgery for hours. She asks Mike, "How could this happen? Things have always been hard for Sheila until she met Dr. Warwick. Now things seem to be going right for the first time, so why did this happen? Just yesterday she was so happy. She was marrying the man she loved; she had a beautiful little girl. For the first time she had something to live for."

"We are not responsible for what Sheila has done!" exclaims Maggie. "Sheila has always been unstable. She has made a career of hurting people. Now she has turned on herself. Look at what she did to us. She took away my child; she turned our world upside down. Now you are married to her and I am left alone. I don't have my husband and I don't have my little girl. We didn't push her off that roof; she did it to herself!"

"Can't you see what we have done to her?" James asks. "I trapped her---tricked her. I destroyed her. For you to deny our actions---to refuse responsibility, is beyond me. I don't even know who I am any more. I used to be someone I could be proud of; I was a man with a conscious. Now look at what I have become."

"You were saving Margaret from a death sentence," Maggie declares. "You cannot back down now. You have to stay strong. We have to get Margaret back." "You cannot see that it is about justice and decency?" James asks. "There is no way you will ever convince me that what we have done is right." He heads for the door. When Maggie asks where he is going, he tells her he is going to be with Sheila. "I just hope to God that she makes it." he tells her, "and I wish you could feel the same way."

While Mike and Molly are talking, the doctor comes to the waiting room. He takes them into Sheila's room. He tells them that they has done all they can do. There was just so much damage - punctured lungs, broken ribs, internal injuries. They did all they could, now it is up to her. Her condition is very tenuous; she is critically ill and could die. They bring Sheila in. Molly goes to her and calls her name. The doctor says she is still unconscious; they don't know when she will wake up.

Molly is alone with Sheila, except for Mike. She says to her daughter, "You finally found true happiness. All I ever wanted for you, you had found. A husband who loves you, a child who needs you. Don't go." Mike adds, "This isn't the way it is supposed to be. We love you so much. You will beat this thing; you are strong. Nothing can stop you when you try."

James comes to the door with Amber and Mary. He tells Amber to wait outside; he doesn't want Mary to see Sheila like this. He walks to the bedside. "Sheila," he begins, "we need you. You have never been so needed in your life. We need your love and support. I am sorry for what I did. I was wrong. I doubted you and didn't believe in you. Please forgive me. Heal yourself. Come home. Mary misses you---we all miss you. Life is so sweet; you have too much to live for. Hang on." Just then Sheila goes into cardiac arrest. "Sheila do not let go," shouts James.

Friday, December 05, 1997

James tells Sheila that she has to fight; all the people who care about her the most are at her bedside. He is sorry he doubted her, tricked her; he asks for her forgiveness. Suddenly, she is in cardiac arrest. "No, Sheila, don't go!" shouts James. "She is dead!" cries Molly. "My daughter is dead!"

James quickly grabs for the defibrillator and gives her chest a shock. He jumps to her chest and begins manual compressions and artificial respiration. Just as the doctor and nurse rush into the room, Sheila's heartbeat resumes. James tells the medical persons that he got the code going when she died. The doctor begins ordering tests; have a ventilator present in case this happens again, he orders.

Sally is on the phone with Fenmore's. They haven't heard from Lauren either; it seems she missed an important board meeting, something that she has never done. Sally is now doubly worried and requests that if they hear from her, to let her know. When she hangs up, she tells Grant (who is sketching in Sally's office) that she doesn't even know what country Lauren can be in.

Sally looks at the sketch Grant is working on and says it looks "interesting." Grant thinks she is talking about the dress, but Sally mentions that the "model" bears a striking resemblance to Macy. When Sally makes reference to "ice water in the lap," Grant admits that he's confused by what happened during his date with Macy. Sally compares what happened with him and Macy as someone expecting a lifetime of chocolates but only getting one little box. Suddenly Grant gets it; Macy was expecting a marriage proposal instead of a proposition. However, he tells Sally that had he known, he still wouldn't have proposed. They have only known each other a couple of months. He isn't ready for marriage.

Meanwhile, while they're busy counting dresses, Macy tells Darla that she can't believe she did it! Darla says she loves it! Macy berates herself for expecting so much, but Darla tells her that she is a beautiful woman and she is happy to see her friend like this. "Like how?" Macy asks. Excited, looking forward to life, going with the flow, Darla replies. The only trouble is that, knowing Macy, Darla suspects that Macy is worried about what could go wrong. That will only get you into more trouble, she lectures her friend.

"You are right," Macy agrees, with a dreamy look. "So Grant didn't want to get serious so soon. We have both had bad relationships. There is no need to rush into anything. I don't see why I can't just relax and have fun. That is obviously what Grant wants." "God, you are going to have pretty kids!" exclaims Darla. Macy pushes her out of the office; she will finish the inventory, she tells her friend. But, after Darla has gone, Macy holds a picture of Grant and the rest of the company, with a dreamy look on her face.

As things begin to settle down, Molly notices that Sheila is waking up. James goes to her and tells her that she is okay now. The doctor orders an echocardiogram. As he leaves, he tells the staff to let him know immediately if anything changes. James asks if Sheila is going to make it. He answers that it is still touch and go. It could go either way since Sheila is so critical. But, he tells James, a lot depends on you. Go to her and talk to her, the doctor advises; make her want to live, especially since there's the off chance that these could be Sheila's last words. As James returns to the room, Sheila says that she wants to speak to James alone.

"Grant, I think you are making a mistake," Sally tells Grant. "You should follow your heart. You shouldn't let your wounded pride stand in your way of happiness. Life is too short. Just think about that for a while." Sally leaves Grant sitting alone in his office with a thoughtful look on his face. "We need to talk," Grant announces when he walks into Macy's office. He then apologizes for how their date turned out. "I now know what you wanted that night. There I was planning a romantic evening of just fun and it turned out all wrong. I found out what you were really expecting that night; you were expecting me to propose."

"Excuse me!" Macy says. "What makes you think I was expecting a proposal?" She then realizes that her mother must have been the one to spill the beans and is furious, but decides she will deal with that later. Moving back to Grant's statement, she informs him, "I was simply trying to think of a way to let you down." Grant finds that hard to believe, leading Macy to proclaim, "What an ego you have!"

"You were going to say no?" asks Grant. "I don't believe you. If I had offered you a ring that night you..." "I guess we will never know, will we?" Macy says as she heads out the door. Grant calls her name and when she turns back, he is holding an open ring box out to her. "Macy, will you marry me?" he asks, as Macy stands there, totally shocked.

"Sheila, you have got to make it," James tells Sheila when they are alone. "We need you. Mary needs you. Don't abandon our little girl again." But Sheila tells him that the baby doesn't need her; she needs James. She begs him to take care of her baby. "You don't need me," she tells him. "You are my wife. I love you," James professes. "Promise me you won't leave me." "You love me?" asks Sheila with tears in her eyes. Molly enters the room and James tells her that Sheila is going to make it. "Aren't you, darling? You have come back to us, haven't you?"

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Week of 12/8/97 - 12/12/97

Monday, December 08, 1997

Eric is tied up in the shed outside in the freezing cold, somewhere in Greenland. Rush left him out there to die. Eric is trying to get free before Rush kills him and Lauren.

Meanwhile, back inside the cabin, Rush lies to Lauren and informs her that Eric went back to the plane to find something. Lauren wants to go and get him before he freezes to death but Rush continues with his tale and replies that Eric went to find a photograph of Stephanie. Of course, Rush continues to go on and on about how he tried to stop Eric and that he doesn't want to see him die. But now they will have to wait and see how great a man Eric Forrester really is, he states. He continues to tell Lauren that everything in life happens for a reason, just like her falling into his world.

Ridge and Stephanie are in the helicopter. She wants to find Eric before it is too late. They are informed that they are ten miles from the search site. "I know we are going to find him," states a sincere Stephanie.

Macy tells Grant that she would have turned down his proposal anyway the other day. Grant bets that she would have said yes in a heartbeat and to prove it he pulls out a little black box with a diamond ring. "Macy, will you marry me?" he says. She doubts him; he continues to confess that of course he has feelings for Macy, which is why he bought this ring. He admits that he screwed up and now he is going to go after what he wants.

Macy is totally like an ice cube and says, "You really think that I am going to accept your proposal? The next time you ask me to be your wife you better do a better job than that, cowboy." Grant is full of himself and says that the next time he asks her to be his wife, she will accept, because they both know that Macy cant wait to be Mrs. Grant Chambers.

Back in Greenland, the search team tells the Forresters to prepare themselves. They don't know what they will find out there.

Rush is in the cabin putting the moves on Lauren. He tells her it was a miracle that she came down from heaven and she is his angel in a dream come true. Lauren replies that she is no angel and she found a photograph in with his poetry and love letters. She then hears something getting closer. It's the helicopter, but Rush lies that it could be an avalanche and advises her to go and sit down by the fire. She is all tense and stressed out, he remarks, and he puts on some music to "soothe the savage beast." He takes off his shirt because he says it is so hot in the cabin. Lauren then picks up the picture of the girl and says she looks very familiar; she questions if she is a model and that they both look similar. Rush picks up a candle and holds it to his face. He tells Lauren that there is much she doesn't know about him," Love is all that matters. Once you have lost it you have nothing. I have lost it before, but never again," he states.

Eric hears the helicopter in the sky. He says to himself that they finally have found them. He works on getting free by taking a dog dish and turning it over, so he can rub it against the ropes on his wrists to break out. "I have to get out of here, or Lauren and I are dead," he says.

The search team has found the tail section of the plane and declares that the rest of it is buried under the snow. They split up around the remains to search. Stephanie finds something frozen under the ice and exclaims, "Oh my God!" She calls for Ridge and it turns out to be the pilot. Stephanie is in shock, "Oh my god, this poor man - what a terrible way to die. Please don't let us find your father like this."

Tuesday, December 09, 1997

Still in Greenland, Eric is in the shed working on breaking through the ropes to escape. The dogs are still barking on the shed. Eric says to himself, "Almost got it. I've got to get out of here. There is a helicopter or a search party and they are out there." After much effort rubbing the ropes against the dish in the shed, he breaks the ropes free and tells himself that he has to be rescued.

The search party realizes that everything from the crash is buried under tons of snow. Stephanie doesn't want to stop now if there is the slightest chance that Eric may still be alive under there. Ridge finds out it is possible for someone to survive under all of that snow but only for a few days. Stephanie remarks that she believes in miracles. Then the search team wants to stop, because they need heavier equipment and because the weather is getting worse. Stephanie won't give up hope and says, "You both think he is dead, don't you?"

Sally is reading the newspaper with an article about how the search for Eric Forrester continues onward. Macy comes in all hyper and tells her mother about her day - orders, work, a proposal. "A proposal?" Sally exclaims. Macy dampens her mom's excitement and explains that she didn't accept the proposal from Grant; she doesn't think she's ready for something like that. She tells her mom that she could use another person's thoughts on her love life situation, and she wishes that she could talk with Lauren about it. Sally again laments that Lauren may be lost on the plane, but Macy believes that Lauren is off somewhere in Europe with some cute hunk, living the good life after her downfall with Eric. Just then, Clarke barges his way past Darla into the office.

Back at the cabin in Greenland, Lauren is by the fire and the muscles just don't stop on a shirtless Rush. He hands her a drink. She again worries about Eric. Rush explains that if he thought Eric would be in any kind of trouble at all, he would go after him. Lauren is upset and believes that her son must think she is dead and asks Rush to help her get back to him. She is going to go crazy if she doesn't get back to LA.

Rush says he will help her by sending out another distress signal on the radio or hooking up the dogs and sledding to the outpost (which is hundreds of miles away) if he has to. They hug and Lauren confides to him that he doesn't realize the impact he has had on her life. Now they are kissing and Rush wants to take it a step further. Lauren yells out for him to stop and she can't do this. She confesses that she is insanely attracted to him but she is in love with Eric. She has to see it through to the end, she explains; she knows that Rush has hoped for more but it can never be.

Rush is now going off the deep end and says that he gave himself completely to her until there was nothing left. He then calls her "Sharon" and confesses that in the past, that woman gave him joy and pain - just as the way Lauren is doing right now. Lauren insists that Rush doesn't love her, he is just lonely. She questions why he doesn't go back to civilization since it is obvious that he craves companionship. Rush replies that he has no chance and he can never go back. Just like Sharon.......................

Darla closes the door in the office and wants to throw out Clarke on his little butt. He's about to leave, but Sally asks him to stay; she has some questions. Clarke is relieved to learn it is not about C.J., and he finds out that no one has heard or seen from Lauren Fenmore since the trip to Italy (which also comes as a shock to him). He questions them if they know what they are going to do about it and if they have searched or made any phone calls. He starts shouting out some orders and then picks up the telephone himself to make some calls from Macy's desk.

The search party and Ridge and Stephanie all climb back into the helicopter. Stephanie comments, "I was a fool to think your father could make it through that." She closes her eyes to shut out the pain.

Just then, Eric breaks free and he sees the helicopter taking off. He yells out for them to come back. When he sees the chopper leave, he breaks down and cries................

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

Eric is out in the snow by the wreckage site of the plane crying, "Come back!" as the helicopter heads out of sight, he remarks, "They will come back to the wreckage site." He then realizes, "Oh my God - Lauren. She is alone with him. I have to get back there."

Meanwhile, Darla and the gang are on the telephone over at Spectra searching for Lauren. Macy finds out that Scotty has tried getting in touch with his mother but hasn't been able to. Grant wants to know what is going on when he spots Clarke Garrison in Sally's office. "I let myself in just like you did four months ago," says Clarke. Grant replies for him to let himself out. Sally stands up for Clarke and states that nothing is more important than finding Lauren, so Grant should pitch in or get out. Grant then shows then a newspaper article with a photo of a dead model named Sharon Stills who looks a lot like Lauren. They state in the article that the guy who killed the model has not been found yet.

Macy then finds out that Lauren never got on any flight leaving that day from Italy. She just disappeared and might have seen Eric at the airport, since she was on a standby list that was scheduled to depart around the same time. The group agrees that Lauren may have left with Eric. Sally says she isn't going to give up on Lauren and tells them to get back to work. Sally believes that there is a possibility that Lauren did not get on the plane. She doesn't want to write Lauren off as being missing - or worse yet, dead. She feels it is all her fault because Lauren would not have gone to Italy if it had not been for her. Macy comforts her mother.

Rush puts his shirt back on and answers Lauren's question that Sharon just disappeared. He promises Lauren will be back in L.A. with her son. He wants to take a picture of her, but Lauren requests that they try the radio again.

Thorne pays Brooke a visit at her home. Brooke is upset about Ridge getting caught in a storm in Greenland. Thorne promises that Ridge his mother and father will be back - and when they do, Brooke and Ridge will have the biggest wedding this town has ever seen. Brooke comments that she can't lose sight of the wedding, but she wonders. Brooke then questions him about how things are going with Taylor. Thorne feels that he has to be realistic; Ridge was Taylor's first love and it is possible he may be her only love, Thorne explains. Thorne then makes the decision he is going to tell Taylor that Brooke knows about the paternity of the child. Brooke's not happy about that and feels it's the wrong move, but Thorne says he has to be honest and above board now. "You're a good man, Thorne Forrester - and I hope Taylor knows that, or I will have to tell her myself," Brooke says.

Back in the cabin, Rush wants Lauren to pose for the photos. She says just a few more shots and then he makes the radio call for help again like he promised. Rush then puts on music. He tells her to make love to the camera. He wants her to get comfortable and tells her to start by taking off some of her clothes. He then tells her that she looks so good and she is so beautiful. Just then, Lauren comes to the realization that Rush is the fashion photographer "Tony" who killed Sharon Stills.

Rush then moves in for some post production work. Eric is then making his way back in the snow to rescue Lauren. Lauren asks Rush to take more pictures of her. She tells him she isn't Sharon. He tells her that he has changed quite a bit. She wants him to continue taking pictures and capture the moment on film. Lauren then tries to put on a flannel shirt and goes to open the door to escape. He throws her across the room and exclaims, "Don't you ever learn? Where are you going? They say I killed you. But I couldn't kill you, sweetheart, 'cause I love you." Lauren yells at him not to come near her and not to touch her. Just then he pushes her down and is about to rape her. Eric rushes in and says, "Get away from her."

Thursday, December 11, 1997

Eric crashes through the door and demands that Rush get his hands off Lauren. Rush swings around and puts Lauren in front of him as a shield. "Well, well," he laughs. "So you got loose." "He killed Sharon Stills," Lauren says. "His name is Tony, not Rush." "I didn't kill Sharon," insists Tony. "I loved her; I made her." He points the crossbow at Eric.

Ridge tells his mother that they will go back out as soon as the weather breaks. "We can't give up hope!" she says. Stephanie tells him that she believes his father is still alive. "I was just thinking of the day your were born," Stephanie tells her son. "Eric was working 18 hours a day trying to get the business started. I didn't want to bother him with the labor; I wasn't going to call him until it was time. But when I started contractions, I got scared. I called him and told him not to come home, that I would call him when they got close. But, instead, he hopped into the car and came right home. It was a good thing, too, because I was ready for the hospital. I barely made it in time. He went to the delivery room with me, even though they didn't do it back then. He was so proud. I will never forget the look on his face the first time he held you." "Do you think he knows that we still need him?" Ridge wonders. "Yes," Stephanie assures him. "He is still alive. I can feel it."

Taylor is going through a catalog of baby furniture when Thorne comes home. He tells her the offer still stands to help her convert the spare room into a nursery. I want you involved," she tells him. Thorne confesses that there is something he wants to tell her. He has been hiding this and could easily go on hiding it, but he wants there to be honesty in their relationship. He then tells her that Brooke knows about the baby---that it is Ridge's baby.

Taylor is shocked! "How long has she known?" she asks. Thorne tells her that he has known since Italy. He didn't tell her sooner because she was so stressed out. He was afraid she would confront Brooke and he didn't want that in her condition. "Stop protecting me," Taylor demands. "I am not some fragile thing that needs protecting."

"Brooke hasn't changed," Taylor continues. "She came here telling me all about how romantic her trip with Ridge was. She went on and on about how he loves her. All the time she knew about the baby. Well, in my opinion, she isn't confident at all. She is scared. She will do anything she can to steal a man. When did she find out? Before or after Ridge proposed?" Thorne tells her it was before. "She said yes to a man who is having a child by another woman." Taylor answers. "She is scared to death."

Ridge talks about how much Eric supported him during the past few months. He should have shouldered more of the responsibilities, but Eric knew he needed time to deal with his problems. "He believed that you and Taylor belonged together," Stephanie tells her son. But, Ridge reminds her, he supported him with Brooke. "That is because he wants you to be happy," Stephanie tells him. "He thought there wasn't a chance with you and Taylor. But, if I thought you and Brooke . . . I won't go there. I still believe you belong with Taylor. You are a different person when you are with her. I know Taylor shouldn't have betrayed you with your brother, but it was only one moment and she was frightened. She gave into her fears. Are you planning to punish her for the rest of her life for just one moment?"

Eric promises that he won't do anything if Tony will put the crossbow down. Tony puts the bow down and tells Eric that he will have to watch while he makes it with Lauren. Eric can only stand by helplessly while Tony fondles and kisses Lauren. The crossbow is nearby and Eric keeps glancing at it.

"Don't do it, Stud," Tony tells Eric when he sees him looking at the crossbow. "I can snap her neck like a twig if you do anything. Just stand and watch. You are such a loser, Forrester. You would give up a wonderful girl like this." He lays Lauren down and continues caress her.

"Kiss me, Tony," Lauren says in a sultry manner. "Give Sharon a kiss. Show Sharon what she means to you. Show Sharon how much you love and want her."

As Tony bows his head down to kiss Lauren, Eric runs for the crossbow. As he grabs it, Tony is there and he hits him hard. Eric is on the floor and Tony is on top of him. They are fighting as Eric yells at Lauren to run.

As Lauren races past him, Tony grabs her by the hair and jerks her to him. Then he slaps her so hard that she falls to the floor beside Eric. Now Tony has a poker in his hands and he threatens both of them with it.

Thorne begs Taylor to let it go. But Taylor tells him that his "little friend" hasn't changed. When she was going on and on about the trip and the proposal, she was sending Taylor a message: Ridge is hers. If this is true, why is she starting her marriage with a big, fat lie? Brooke has been manipulating Ridge and manipulating her. She is going to stop it and stop it today! Taylor grabs her handbag and rushes out the door.

Stephanie changes the subject because Ridge doesn't need any more pressure. She can't bear to think of Eric out there in all that cold alone. I know he is alive, she says. But how long can he survive?

Using the poker, Tony smashes the radio into a million pieces. He walks around the house smashing things. "You are next, Forrester," he yells. "You are both dead. You aren't going anywhere. You are mine now."

Eric picks up the crossbow and points it at Tony. As Tony laughs at him, Eric fires. The arrow goes into Tony's heart and through the chest. Slowly, he falls to the floor. Lauren races across the room to Eric, who gathers her into his arms. Tony lies on the floor.

Friday, December 12, 1997

Brooke answers the door and sweetly invites Taylor in. "How are you doing?" she wants to know. "You must be better to be out of bed." Very sweetly, Taylor wonders how Brooke thought it was necessary to go to her house when she came home from Italy to let her know just how stable and happy her relationship with Ridge was. "You must have been terrified to do that," she tells her.

Maggie is looking at a picture of the baby. "I am going to bring you home," she tells the picture. "I promised." Connor arrives and Maggie is eager to hear if he talked with James. Connor tells her that James has his focus on Sheila right now. Maggie loses control. "This is just like Sheila. Why can't anyone see that? She lures them in then springs the trap."

"You don't mean you think she faked the suicide?" asks Connor. "She could have died." Maggie answers that of course Sheila faked it. She may have jumped from the top of a building, but she landed on soft grass. She knew what she was doing. She is insane. She has brainwashed James; James even accused her of stealing Sheila's baby. It is not Sheila's baby; it is hers. It looks like she is the only one who can see what Sheila is. She will stop that woman. Maggie grabs her coat and rushes out of the house.

James is sitting by Sheila's bedside, holding her hand. "My wife. What have I done to you? What have I become?" he whispers as he kisses Sheila's hand. Sheila wakes up. She can't believe it; she must be in heaven.

Brooke tells Taylor that Ridge loves her and wants her. There was no reason to tell anyone the truth. Brooke knows that Taylor loves Ridge; she loves him enough to let him go and be happy with her. She thinks that she will marry Ridge, Taylor and Thorne will marry and the children will grow up as cousins. They will be one big happy family. "You don't care about me or this baby," Taylor tells her. "You are desperate for me to keep this secret." "Tell Ridge anything you want; he won't leave me," Brooke declares.

Sheila tells James that she cannot feel anything. He tells her that it is only temporary. They have done all kinds of tests and the paralysis will go away soon. There is no neurological damage. James shows her some pictures of the baby. "She almost lost me forever," Sheila says. James tells her that Amber and Molly are taking care of Mary.

The doctor comes in and tells Sheila that they have good news. All her tests show that she is improving at a rapid pace. But, she cannot get off life support for a few more days. After the doctor leaves, Sheila is thankful for having a second chance. "We both have been given a second chance," James tells her. She needs to sleep, James says, so he will just sit by her bed until she wakes up. "No," Sheila says, "go home and take care of my baby." He kisses her and leaves.

Taylor wonders why Brooke didn't tell Ridge about the baby is she is so sure of Ridge and his love. Brooke says she was going to tell him, but he proposed. Once Ridge told her that nothing could come between them ever again, she didn't see any reason to tell him. "If you love Ridge, and I am sure that you do, you will want him to be happy," Brooke declares to Taylor. "Can you live with that?" asks Taylor. "I don't believe you can look at my child every day and live with the lie." "I can do it!" Brooke tells her.

In her hospital room, Sheila is sleeping. It is dark and silent except for the sound of the machine that is breathing for her. The door opens and quietly a pair of feet come into the room. It is Maggie.

James arrives home to find Connor pacing the floor. He tells James that he went to see Maggie and she was acting irrationally. She was going on and on about Sheila. She said that she was the only one that could take care of her. "I tried to stop her, but I couldn't," Connor tells James. "Maggie is emotional but she is rational," James tells his friend. "I'll talk to her. She isn't going to do anything desperate."

"WAKE UP, SHEILA!" Maggie shouts. "I know you were expecting me, so wake up."

Sheila opens her eyes to see Maggie. "You underestimated me," Maggie tells her. "But I also underestimated you. I never thought you would go this far. SHUT UP!" she yells when Sheila tries to speak. "Spare me the innocent protestations. You are so sick! So depraved! Did you think I would ever let Margaret have any contact with you, not to mention live with you?"

"James wants her with me," Sheila says. "Don't even mention what James wants," sneers Maggie. "It all comes down to you and me. You just lay there and congratulate yourself on everything going according to plan! You've got James' baby, his name, everyone's sympathy. You thought of every detail except one; me! At this moment, I am thinking of a helpless, vulnerable little baby. I will protect my little daughter. And look at you; you are in the same position----helpless and vulnerable. As I stand here, I realize that your life is in my hands."

"What are you going to do, Maggie? Shoot me?" Sheila reasons. "You aren't going to do anything but walk out that door. You don't have it in you to commit murder."

"If it were only you and me, then you would be right. I would just walk out. But it isn't about you and me. It is about my baby. Only I can save her from a mother such as you---you are so evil! I will not let you ruin her life as you have ruined mine and everyone else's. I promised her I'd protect her from you and I intend to keep my promise." Maggie slowly moves her hand to the respirator and her finger rests on the ON/OFF switch. Sheila follows with her eyes. "Maggie---no!" Sheila says. The two women look deeply into each other's eyes.

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Week of 12/15/97 - 12/19/97

Monday, December 15, 1997

Maggie says, "I will not let you ruin her life the way your ruined mine," as she reaches for Sheila's respirator. "Maggie, no," Sheila pleads.

Grant and Macy are in a passionate embrace, which surprises Macy. "Can't a guy kiss his bride to be?" Grant asks, but Macy reminds him that they are not getting married; they're not even ready. "*You're* not ready," Grant points out.

Amber drops by Insomnia, where Frankie, the owner, explains he is moving to North Carolina and is closing the coffeehouse. "Great for you, but it sucks for me," Amber says. She asks him to promise that he won't sell to anyone geeky. He agrees and offers Amber some cappuccino. She's interrupted by a knock at the door - it's James, who is looking for Maggie. "Where do you think she went?" Amber asks.

"You won't do it - you don't have what it takes to bring me down," Sheila tells Maggie. Maggie says, "This is for Margaret," to which Sheila replies, "There is no Margaret - and you don't have the guts, so why don't you go home to your corn fritters." Maggie looks at the controls and Sheila taunts, "I knew you couldn't do it," in a raspy voice. Maggie, in a fit of rage, turns off the respirator!

Grant reveals to Macy the real reason she doesn't want to get married; she is afraid of what she might lose, especially after what happened with her and Thorne. Grant says that won't happen now, since he is going to reassure her. "A pre-nup?" Macy asks, but Grant says that won't stop Macy from losing herself like she did with Thorne. He reminds her that there is one thing she is missing from her life that is gone now: her singing. The last time she sang to him was a month ago, and before that, it was over a year ago, at the Canyon County Club with Thorne. "Music was part of the relationship," Macy explains, but Grant insists, "Music is part of YOU... you don't have to be afraid of me, and I know exactly how to reach that part of you," Grant informs her.

"Maybe she just feels guilty," Amber suggests of Maggie's disappearance. James admits that he felt guilty himself, but Maggie is just the opposite, and the suicide attempt by Sheila has made things worse. He then apologizes to Amber for getting her involved in this and remembers his promise to buy her a car. Amber says that's not necessary, but she could use some money to find an apartment. James then writes her a check. "You're the coolest," Amber says as James heads off to find Maggie.

As alarms go off in the room, a horrified Maggie backs into the corner. She stands there, staring in silence, as the doctor and some nurses rush into the room to revive Sheila. "Who are you?" the doctor asks. "Maggie," she responds as Sheila moans, "Maggie, no..." as the doctor orders a nurse to summon the police.

Macy asks Grant what he expects her to do - go on tour? Grant has an idea closer to home - Frankie at Insomnia is selling the coffeehouse, and he thinks they should buy it. "You sing, I dance," he says, a gleam in his eye. Macy says they know nothing about running a coffeehouse, but Grant says they should treat it as their personal playground. He's arranged for a loan; all they have to do is have Macy say yes. If it doesn't work out, they will split the loss 50-50, he insists - but they are not going to fail, he adds. "Don't think about it - just do it," he tells her, and Macy finally agrees to his plan.

The police arrive, and Maggie explains that she is James' wife - his ex-wife, that is. They ask how the respirator got turned off, and Maggie insists, "I want to talk to my lawyer."

Frankie, Macy and Grant sign all the papers; "It's all happening so fast," Frankie says. In less than a minute, everything is complete, and Frankie leaves the new owners to look around. "It's been a dream all my life, and you made it happen in a matter of hours. Thank you, Grant," Macy says as they embrace.

The police question Sheila and see she is looking at Maggie. Just then, James comes in and Dr. Hughes explains how they believe an attempt was made on Sheila's life. James asks who would do such a thing, and they look in Maggie's direction. "That's impossible!" James protests. The officer then returns to Sheila and asks if she saw who turned off the machine. "Maggie," she whispers.

James is stunned and asks Maggie if she did this. "I don't know what came over me... I did it for Margaret," she cries. "Killing her mother?" James asks, to which Maggie yells, "I'm her mother! I had to do something. She's manipulating you and I'm the only one who can save Margaret!" "You just tried to kill someone; who are you that you're capable of this?" James asks. The officer has heard enough and takes Maggie in for attempted murder.

The doctor tells James how lucky Sheila is and leaves him alone with his wife. "I'm so sorry you had to go through any of this," James states. Sheila lies there in bed, with a slight grin on her face.

Tuesday, December 16, 1997

Stephanie is gazing out at the snow. She informs Ridge that in her heart she knows his father is still alive, it is just the reality of the storm has settled in her mind. Ridge states that when the storm lets up they will go back out to find him and bring him back.

Ridge says that he is worried about Rick and Bridget. Stephanie is quick to step in about how hard it is on them now, but they are with their mother. And no matter what happens they will all be there for them, Stephanie reminds him. Ridge tells his mom about the promise he had made to the kids to marry Brooke when he gets back home. Stephanie thinks his heart was in the right place, but it is a mistake of course. She truly believes that he and Taylor have something special. Stephanie doesn't want to upset him, but hands him a photo of him and Taylor that she carries around with her. Ridge picks up the phone and they are going back out to search for Eric.

Taylor is by the fireplace in the beach house wondering how Ridge would react to the news of his paternity and what he would do, if she did decide to tell him about the baby.

Eric tells Lauren that Rush wasn't dead when he carried him outside and he had placed him on the sled - but now Rush is gone. Rush must have gotten the dogs and tried to escape, Eric guesses, but he believes that he will only last a few minutes out in the cold with the way he was wounded. Lauren is getting frantic because the fire is now low, they are out of wood, the radio is smashed and Rush has left them there to die.

Lauren then apologizes to Eric for believing in Rush. She feels foolish. Eric tells her not to do that, since the man saved their lives. He is upset about taking another man's life. Lauren replies, "He forced your hand. You had no choice, Eric. He put us in a position of having to survive. He was a sick man. You are a good and honest man." Eric then questions how Lauren is always there when he needs a word of support. She tells him that she will always love him and she is glad that her last breath of air will be taken with him when they die. Eric hugs her.

Back in LA, James finds out from the doctor that Sheila is stable, but his ex-wife Maggie is out of control and almost killed Sheila today. James can't believe that Maggie actually did something like this. Maggie's fate rests in Sheila's hands, if Sheila wants to press charges, he realizes. Sheila says she won't press charges if James promises to keep Maggie away from their family. James apologizes to Sheila at her bedside, saying, "I didn't believe in you the way you believed in me. You spent so many years learning from me. I was the teacher, you were the student. I am beginning to think the roles are reversed. You have shown me sacrifice and courage and love. You are a remarkable woman." He kisses her and leaves so she can rest.

Taylor is still questioning in her mind if Ridge would react the way Brooke thinks he would. She starts to daydream about telling Ridge, and begins by thanking Ridge for coming over to listen to her "wonderful amazing news." She explains how she let herself go through a lot of pain and anxiety, which made her have complications with this pregnancy. There was a chance that she could lose this baby - "our baby," she says. She continues and tells Ridge that Thorne isn't the father of the child; he (Ridge) is. Ridge can't believe it and then is in shock.

Taylor plays out in her mind that he deserved to know the truth, but it is too late, because he has now committed himself to the kids and to Brooke. Ridge then starts in about how she could do this to him. Rick and Bridget both need him and his life is with them now, he states. Ridge insists that is the way it has to be. Taylor starts crying in her thoughts; and in real life, she is now sitting by the fireplace crying also. She tells herself that she doesn't care what Brooke says, and she will always love Ridge. "Dear God, let him be safe," she says, looking at the same photo that Ridge is carrying in his pocket.

James has gone to the prison to see Maggie. He sits down by the glass window and she is brought in. Maggie is glad to see him and says that Sheila is going to use all of this against them. James begins, "How could you do this to me?" Maggie tries to apologize and explain, but James interrupts, "Are you listening to me? You tried to kill her. I don't want to hear it. Maggie, she has changed. Why can't you accept that? You are not the woman that I once knew. You are changed. It frightens me. In the meantime, I think it is better we don't see each other. Take care of yourself."

Maggie is crying and says, "Damn you Sheila."

Wednesday, December 17, 1997

Sheila and Sally enter Lauren's apartment and find it to be quite creepy. Sally has a bad feeling about all of it - it is like Lauren has disappeared off the face of the earth. She has the feeling that Lauren is in trouble and she has to face the fact that Lauren most likely did leave Italy on the plane with Eric Forrester. Sally finally comes to the conclusion that Lauren could be dead. Darla wants to get Sally out of there. Sally confesses that she really loved Lauren and they made each other laugh. It was always hard for her to make friends in this business and Lauren was such a good friend to her. Darla reminds Sally that a search party is out there right now looking for Eric's plane.

Lauren is pacing around the cabin freezing. Eric can't find any wood and they have burned everything around them already. The dogs haven't come back and Eric believes that Rush couldn't have survived in his condition out there. Eric promises Lauren that they aren't going to die and bundles her up under some blankets. He jokes with her that she will think twice before ever accepting a ride from him again. Lauren informs Eric that she has seen a new side of him that she has never seen before, and finds him even more attractive now.

They comment about another way to generate heat and Eric goes outside to search for anything to burn in the fire. Of course, he couldn't find anything, and when he returns to warm up, Lauren insists he crawl in with her under the blankets at the back of the cabin. Eric thinks his family is looking for them, which is why he is not giving up hope. Lauren feels hope also; just being with her love, Eric, has her feeling secure. Lauren says she knows how he feels about Stephanie and she hopes to God that he will see her again.

Stephanie and Ridge are in the helicopter with the search party. They are about a half an hour away from something showing up on the satellite. Stephanie is sure it is Eric. It turns out that the image was a pack of wolves, and the party heads back towards the crash site as their only clue.

Macy is planning the menu at the coffeehouse Insomnia. Well, the item "sticky buns" has made the morning menu (plus a pat on Grant's tush) as she is deciding what to serve at 7am. Macy has a lot of plans for the place now that they are partners. Macy breaks into song and ends up on Grant's lap. Grant is all smiles. He says it can be a lot of work to run this place but a lot of fun too. Macy hasn't been this excited about anything in years, she confides to him, and it is all because of him. There are hugs and then some tears too.

The head of the search party says over each passing hour it becomes less and less likely that they will find Eric. Stephanie starts to argue to broaden the scope of the search, because Eric is out there and he is alive. Another member of the search party finds some footprints and they follow them.

Meanwhile, in the cabin, Lauren tells Eric that she isn't frightened. Eric says that the last few weeks, and seeing her with Rush - well, he didn't like it and it made him feel jealous. He could have so easily of had a life with her. He is saying that he is very vulnerable and always has been. Now that it seems that their lives might be ending, he wants Lauren to know how he feels. Lauren is crying and Eric wipes away the tears and they kiss. The kiss starts to turn into more.

Macy questions Grant as to why he is doing this and wants to know how she can repay him. She remarks that the more she knows him, the more she thinks that she could have been crazy for not snatching him up. Grant says that he can't wait to listen to her incredible voice singing. They kiss.

The search party continues onward and Ridge spots a rope in the snow. He sees the cabin ahead of him and walks in. He exclaims, "what the hell?" and he moves his flashlight around the cabin. Suddenly, he spots something and his mouth just drops open..............................

Thursday, December 18, 1997

Macy and Grant are busy organizing their new business venture. Macy says that she has offered the waitress job to someone. She then points to her, and it is Katie Logan, Brooke's kid sister!

Katie is meeting Brooke, who doesn't want to be away from the house in case Ridge calls. Katie wonders what she thinks of this place; it is under new management. Macy and Grant have bought it, she tells her sister.

Amber approaches Macy and Grant. She thought the place was closing, but is happy that someone has bought it. She wants to audition for a singing position, but Grant tells her that is taken care of. "Don't you want something different sometimes?" she persists. Macy takes her name and number. "How about a job as a waitress?" she asks. Macy tells her that the only opening was just offered to Katie (and points her out to Amber).

Amber takes a table near Katie and Brooke. She overhears Brooke whining that Katie doesn't want to be a waitress, does she?

Darla drags an unwilling Sally out of the office. She wants to show her a surprise. Sally finally goes with her, even though she is down in the dumps due to losing her friend.

The search party is making its way slowly toward the cabin. Ridge is ahead of the group. He opens the door to the cabin and shines his flashlight onto a pile of fur. A hand comes out of the pile and finally pushes the fur back exposing a face. Ridge sees his father and, though a blur at first, Eric sees his son standing there.

"Ridge? Ridge is that you?" he cries out. They embrace. Lauren climbs out of the pile of fur. Ridge is shocked to find her there also. They can't believe that Ridge is there. They had given up hope. Crying "Oh, My God!" Ridge embraces the two.

Katie has been helping with Rick and Bridget since they were babies. She wants to get out, to see people. She needs a life, she explains. Brooke says that she will have to hire someone to take care of the kids. Amber's ears perk up at this.

Ridge goes to direct the rescue team to the cabin, leaving Eric and Lauren alone. Eric and Lauren embrace, but Lauren knows that this is good-bye. Eric tells her that things are different now, but he doesn't know how much. Still, nothing will ever be the same. He doesn't know how Stephanie will feel about him. Lauren wants to know if she stands a chance; but before he can answer, Stephanie comes in. She rushes to Eric and throws her arms around him. She hugs and kisses him over and over.

Amber interrupts Katie and Brooke. She tells them she is desperate for a job. She is a child care specialist and doesn't want to be a waitress, but if Katie would just let her have this job, she would be so grateful. "Child care specialist, huh?" Brooke asks. "Pull up a chair and let's talk."

Sally and Darla arrive at Insomnia. Macy tells her mother that she and Grant have bought the coffee shop. Sally throws a fit that Grant is a fashion designer and he has a contract with Spectra.

Stephanie is crying. She was so afraid she was going to lose Eric. She goes back into his arms. Eventually, she sees Lauren across the room.

Amber has told Brooke all about herself and her experience. She had references, she says. Brooke takes her name and phone number. She will have to call Amber at the coffee shop, because she doesn't have a home... phone right now. Brooke tells Katie that she will check Amber out. Right now she is just too worried about Eric. Just then her cell phone rings and she gets good news from Ridge. She promises to tell everyone the good news. "Eric is alive! Ridge found his father." She makes the announcement to the entire coffee shop. Sally questions if Eric was found alone by himself. "Lauren was with him and she is alive also," Brooke informs Sally.

"Lauren?" Stephanie says. Eric explains that Lauren was hitching a ride back to LA. He wants to call Rick and Bridget right away. It is already done, Ridge tells him. "What kept you looking?" Eric asks Stephanie. "Just an hour ago we had given up hope of living through the night," he adds. "I would never have given up!" Stephanie tells him. "I knew you were alive. I wouldn't have let this day end any other way. My prayers were answered. You are here; you are alive. Now we have to get the two of you back home; to safety."

Friday, December 19, 1997

On the flight home, Stephanie sits with Eric saying she can only imagine what happened to him in Greenland. Eric tells her how glad he is that it is over and on his way home to his family. Meanwhile, across the plane, Lauren is sitting with Ridge, and she glances over Eric's way with a wondering look.

Lauren confides in Ridge that something went on between her and his father in Greenland and wonders if it will make a difference when they're home. Ridge tells Lauren that Eric probably will not do anything about those feelings, so she had best get them out of her head right now and accept that it's over. Lauren reluctantly agrees, and Ridge offers his support to Lauren if she needs a friendly ear to listen.

Taylor and Thorne arrive at Brooke's house, wondering why they have been summoned. "Oh, good, you're here," Brooke announces to them as she comes down the stairs. Thorne and Taylor both ask what's going on and Brooke proudly announces to Thorne, "I have some news, some very good news. Ridge has found your father; Eric is alive!" Thorne and Taylor are both ecstatic and hug each other.

Brooke is then asked if the kids have been told and she explains that she already has arranged for them to come home from school. She goes on to explain that "they are all flying home and are coming straight here from the airport." All, Taylor wonders - does that mean Ridge as well? Brooke asks why, and Taylor explains that she has to talk to Ridge.

Stephanie comes over and asks Lauren if they can switch seats; she would like to speak with her son. Lauren leaves and Stephanie asks Ridge to put off his wedding until he talks to Taylor. Ridge owes that much to her, Stephanie thinks, and she doesn't want Ridge to rush into anything. Ridge reminds him of his promise to the kids; and besides, Taylor is pregnant with Thorne's child and has not made any moves towards him. Perhaps she is waiting for Ridge to make the first move, Stephanie surmises. "No, mother; I'm moving on," Ridge explains. If Taylor wants to talk, then she knows where to find him, he states, but otherwise, he's not going to take the initiative with her.

Lauren takes Stephanie's place next to Eric. She tells him that even with the danger (which they would both like to bury forever), she will never forget Greenland. Eric agrees that they can't help but be changed by the incident - although just what the changes will be will take time.

Brooke asks Taylor why she wants to bother talking to Ridge. When Taylor wonders why Brooke objects, Brooke says she is not threatened by Taylor's relationship with Ridge; it's just that he will likely be exhausted when he gets there and will not be in the mood for talking. Besides, she adds, Ridge will have the kids hanging on him about a wedding date, as he promised before he left.

"Oh, so he won't be too tired for that?" Taylor questions. Thorne steps in and says his big brother will be too tired for anything; that's Brooke's point, he explains. Brooke then tells Taylor she is sincere that she is happy for Taylor and Thorne; Taylor being with Thorne and her being with Ridge is best for all of them, especially for children; "our children," Brooke adds.

Taylor then goes out into the garden, wondering if Brooke is as confident as she seems. Is it a show, or is she really confident that Ridge's feelings for her are so strong, she thinks. If it isn't a show, then maybe will stay with Brooke, even if he knows about the baby, Taylor guesses. Meanwhile, inside, Thorne and Brooke wonder if Taylor intends to tell Ridge. "She had better not - for her sake," Brooke states.

When Eric, Stephanie and Ridge arrive, Rick and Bridget race to their father's side. Bridget hugs her father as Eric looks towards his youngest son. "Oh, Dad," Rick exclaims as he, too, embraces his father. Eric is then welcomed back by Brooke and Thorne as well.

The kids have plenty of questions for the father, but Eric says he needs to relax for a while, and he promises to answer all the questions about Greenland in due time. Brooke then tells Ridge how much she missed him, and he spots Taylor out in the garden as he is hugging Brooke.

While the kids ask their dad all kinds of questions, Brooke goes to get some champagne (and soda for the kids). While Brooke and Bridget go to serve, Ridge joins Taylor in the garden and she says how relieved she is that he is back.

Ridge tells Taylor that Thorne better be taking care of her, since he has always wanted the best for her, and that he hopes someday they can all be friends. "Me and Brooke?" Taylor asks. "And Thorne, and your child," Ridge adds. He hopes that they can all put the past behind them and be one big family.

Inside the house, Brooke brings Stephanie some champagne. Stephanie declines, and points out to Brooke that Taylor and Ridge are talking outside. Stephanie informs Brooke that those are two people in love, and she will do anything in her power to get them back together before the wedding. When Stephanie boasts she will learn what Brooke is hiding, Brooke wishes her luck, since the wedding is just around the corner.

Week of 12/22/97-12/26/97

Monday, December 22, 1997

Sheila wakes up in the ICU at the hospital and sees flowers that were sent from James and Mary. Enter quite a dapper looking Mike Guthrie, wearing a suit and holding wild flowers. He is happy to see the patient smiling. He comes with the confession that if he had known where Sheila's head was at, he would never have left her alone that night. Sheila tells Mike that revenge against James for setting her up isn't the answer. Mike knows that they have to focus on the future and believes the first thing that they have to do is get Sheila away from James. He has it all worked out and they will disappear together and change their names. He thinks everything worked out in the end for the best and now Sheila knows what James really is. "No matter what happens to you, I will always be there for you. Always," he confesses. Mike then leans in to kiss her on the forehead.

Maggie has called for Connor to meet her at the house to help her get her daughter back. Maggie believes Sheila is playing the innocent victim with the heart of gold, which is the reason she refused to press charges. Connor informs her that the obsession with Sheila has got to stop because it has gotten way out of control. "You tried to kill her," Connor reminds Maggie when she doesn't seem to get the message.

Maggie explains that she did try to kill Sheila; however, she points out, Sheila pushed her until she felt like she had no choice. "She is always one step ahead of me. Every single time- no matter what I do." She vows that next time she is going to be prepared. Connor tells her that this has got to stop and advises her to leave town for a while and maybe take a trip. There is nothing that she can do, since James and Sheila are legally married. "I can't leave them to Sheila's mercy," Maggie says. Maggie then begs Connor to help her, but he doesn't want to get any deeper involved. With that he leaves and then Maggie does also.

Taylor is in James' office and finds out the Maggie turned off Sheila's life support system. Taylor apologizes for being too wrapped up in her own life and not being there for her friend. James wants to know if she has told Ridge yet about the baby. She says she has not and James says, "Thank goodness. I am convinced it would be a terrible mistake." Taylor wonders why the sudden turnaround from her friend. James then tells her he has learned from his own experience with Sheila and Maggie; he now thinks that the fighting between two brothers and fathers would be bad for the child. He knows it is better if there is one father, and it is up to Taylor as to whether the father should be Ridge or Thorne.

James thinks that now it has become all a game with Taylor as to whether or not Ridge can live up to her expectations. Taylor agrees, although she says it didn't start out that way. She is insecure and tells her friend, "He doesn't love me the way he obviously loves Brooke." But James questions her as to what happens if it turns out she is wrong and Ridge loves her more. "Then that would change everything," states Taylor.

Mike wants to leave town and have a new life with Sheila and the baby. But Sheila says James is her husband and she doesn't want to leave him. Mike begins the lecture and says, "The man betrayed you. Are you saying you are going to forgive him? He brainwashed you." Sheila pleads James' case and Mike exclaims, "I can't believe I am hearing this. Look at you. You nearly died because of him. How can you forgive him?" Sheila says she did it because she loves him. "Oh, that is love. I guess I have been doing it wrong all this time. I should have been lying to you. Then maybe you would know how I feel. I would never hurt you Sheila. He doesn't deserve you. He doesn't even care about you. Okay fine; choose him or me. I am not going to stand on the sidelines and watch you get blown away anymore. Tell Doctor Strangelove to hit the road or I am out of your life forever," Mike challenges.

Maggie enters the hospital wearing glasses and a scarf as her wonderful tacky disguise. She looks through the window as she sees Sheila and Mike. Mike tells her there is no place for the both of them in her life. Sheila says she is sorry because James is the father of her child. Mike is really upset and says, "I am your best friend. But if it comes down to him or me, I am out the door?!?!?! I love you. You don't give a damn do you? You will be sorry. I offered you something that was real and you turned it down. I don't want to have anything to do with you, Sheila." He turns and leaves. Just then Maggie hides in the hallway from James as he goes to visit with Sheila.

James wants to know what is wrong. Sheila tells him that she told Mike it would be better if she didn't see him anymore. James understands why it is so painful for her to let go and promises not to let her down again.

Maggie is watching the whole emotional scene from the hallway and starts to cry. She goes to get a tissue and then hands one to Mike also. She tells him, "It is not fair, is it? It is all wrong. Mike, I think you and I should work together. We have the same goal. It is time to get down and dirty and fight fire with fire." Mike questions her that she won't be able to handle being the bad person. Maggie replies, "I am willing to do whatever it takes." They shake hands.

Tuesday, December 23, 1997

Ridge is with Brooke filling her in on the details of the Greenland trip. He tells her she should have seen this place; it was all covered with ice from one end to another and it is a miracle Dad and Lauren survived. Brooke is annoyed and holds up the photo of her fiancee with Taylor and exclaims, "What is this doing in your pocket!?! I thought you were over Taylor."

Ridge assures Brooke that he is and that his mother gave him the snapshot. He couldn't throw it back in her face because she was extremely upset and had thought she had lost Eric. Brooke comments that she isn't worried about Stephanie getting to herself, but she is worried about Stephanie getting to Ridge. His mother still insists that Taylor and Ridge belong together, and Brooke wants to know if that is what he feels also. Ridge insists no matter what his mother says or does, there is one fact she can not change, and that is that Taylor is pregnant with his brother's child.

Stephanie is at Casa Forrester decorating the tree. She says out loud to herself that she knows Brooke is up to something. She is going to find out what it is before Brooke has a chance to marry her son, she vows. Eric comes in and Stephanie has something important she wants to tell him that she thinks will make him happy. Stephanie informs Eric that she got the letter containing the marriage proposal and had intended to marry him. She tells her long tale of what happened in Italy and how she was late for meeting him at the church. She confides in him that she was upset that he might have died, not knowing that she loved him. She states, "Eric, you are the only man I have ever loved my whole life. What you had with Lauren is over. It couldn't even come close to what you and I have shared all these years. You are here. You are back with me and we can go on with our lives now as if nothing had ever happened."

Eric says that he is changed from the plane crash and they can't just pretend that it didn't happen. Stephanie says their wedding will have to wait until after Brooke and Ridge's. Of course she puts her two cents in about all of that. She tells Eric that she is going to keep her eyes and ears open, since she knows that Brooke is keeping something from her. Eric advises her not to do that. Stephanie then decides to have the whole family together for a welcome home party for Eric. Eric agrees but he has to run one errand first. They kiss goodbye.

Brooke is in her living room and she questions Ridge that the only reason they are together then is because Taylor is pregnant. Ridge comments that Taylor is not the person he thought she was. One minute, Taylor said she loved him and then she turned around and slept with his brother. Ridge states, "Logan, you don't have to worry. Let's just say that a woman who can be that dishonest, I don't want to live the rest of my life like that." Ridge then goes to throw in a load of his own laundry.

Over at Sally's place, the tree is being decorated by Darla and Lauren is excited waiting to see Sally when she gets back. Lauren says goodbye down the hallway to her son Scotty and CJ, who are leaving to go hang out together and bond. Darla says that Sally missed Lauren and felt guilty, because she was the one who pushed Lauren into traveling to Italy to get Eric back in her life. Sally comes in from shopping and is standing there stunned to see Lauren.

Sally says, "Oh God, Lauren. Don't you ever do that to me again. Don't you ever listen to me when I come up with one of those wild schemes and let you go along with it. Don't do that again! You promise me. Oh god, Lauren. Thank God you are all right." There are hugs and tears between the two women.

Lauren then fills in Sally about what exactly happened. Sally wants to know what really happened with Eric. Lauren comments that they both thought they were going to die and Sally says that is the classic setting of a romance. People will reveal their true feelings when they feel they are in danger, Sally explains. Lauren apologizes, since that is all there is to tell because nothing happened.

Eric comes to Sally's door. Sally is glad to see him standing there, well and alive, and she leaves to wrap some more presents so he can talk to Lauren. Lauren is glad he did not shave his beard, which Eric calls his badge of courage. He says that he wanted to check in with Lauren to see how she is doing and what her plans were for the holidays. She says she and Scotty, who is home from school, will be spending time with Sally. Their talk turns to his impending wedding date. He leaves and wishes her a merry Christmas. Lauren goes to the tree and the tears begin to swell up in her eyes. "Merry Christmas, Eric," she says.

Brooke is still upset and when Ridge asks her what she wants to do for dinner she replies that she would like his head on a platter. She is upset because Ridge didn't tell her what she wanted to hear before. She wants Ridge to be marrying her not because of Taylor and what she did. "I am marrying you for one reason and one reason only- because I love you and I want you to be my wife," he answers. They kiss. Just then, Stephanie calls to invite them at the last minute for dinner. They accept the invitation but the kids are at Brooke's parents', because they are in town for the wedding. Stephanie then requests that Ridge show up alone so they can talk. He agrees and tells Brooke to listen to him, because she has absolutely nothing to worry about. They kiss and he leaves. Brooke wonders what Stephanie is up to.

Stephanie swears that she is going to get to the bottom of this and find out what is going on with Ridge and Taylor. She thinks she just needs to get the two of them alone together in a room to talk. Just then Brooke calls on the phone and tells Stephanie that she knows something is going on. She insists that there is no secret and she is going to get to the bottom of it tonight. Stephanie is thrilled that Brooke had mentioned the secret and now is really positive that there is one.

Wednesday, December 24, 1997

Thanks to Robyn who does the Wed. updates for the Bold-L mailing list for letting me get away with spending more time with my family. Seasons Greetings everyone!


Welcome to the Christmas Eve update of B&B. 'Tis the season to be jolly - unless you are Ridge or Taylor or Thorne or Brooke or Mike or Maggie. In other words, the only happy people in Los Angeles today are Sheila, James and Mary! (On a personal note, I have sung the "Jingle Bells, Batman Smells" song to my 5-year-old about 50 times too many, forcing me to down several bottles of Foster's lager before typing this update - just in case the typing goes wonky halfway through <g>.)

FORRESTER MANSION: Queen Stephanie is double checking each detail of her festive living room and muttering to herself about Ridge and Taylor. They share something so special and she can't let them throw that away. Taylor is hiding something, and Steph is gonna get to the bottom of it tonight! Outside, Taylor rings the doorbell.

MAD MAGGIE'S HOUSE: Mags and Mike are plotting together. Mike reassures her that their plan will work because he's a real pro, so she should "listen and learn."

HOSPITAL: Sheila is reading a Christmas card when James and baby Mary come in. Sheila cuddles with the baby while James tells his one wish for Christmas was that Sheila would get better and they could spend it together.

TAYLOR'S BEACHHOUSE: Thorne enters bearing gifts and calls out for Taylor. He finds her note saying that Steph had asked her to come around to the house early. Thorne is mightily perturbed.

BROOKE'S ABODE: Brooke starts to stand up but feels sick. The phone rings and she manages to get off the sofa and answer it. It's Thorne, and he asks if she's okay. Just coming down with the flu, Brooke replies (oh yeah, the flu - HAH!) Thorne wants to talk to Ridge, but Brooke says he's already left for Steph's. Uh oh. Thorne tells Brooke he's on his way over.

FORRESTER MANSION: Steph hugs Taylor. Taylor hugs Steph. Ridge walks in. Ridge is not amused to see Taylor. Ridge and Taylor smell a trap. Steph doesn't care what they smell, she knows they still love each other and it's time they talked. After all, Eric and Lauren survived a plane crash, everyone is back with who they're supposed to be back with, miracles occur all the time, so get in there and talk, dammit (well, not in those exact words).

BROOKE'S ABODE: "So, Ridge and Taylor are alone at Stephanie's," Brooke says. "I can't believe it!" Thorne tells her to not panic, but Brooke explains the old witch told her she would put an end to her wedding. If Steph puts enough pressure on Taylor, Taylor will crack wide open (eew!) and spill the truth.

MAD MAGGIE'S HOUSE: Mike and Mags have hatched their diabolical scheme. Sheila will think she's going to a rehab facility. Mags is afraid James will suspect something, but Mike has it covered. He has forged a note to Dr. Warwick in Sheila's handwriting.

HOSPITAL: Sheila remarks on James' kilt. He admits he got some funny looks (must have been the strong wind blowing outside) but what the heck, it's Christmas He pulls a bear out of a bag and gives it to Mary and tells Sheila that he and the baby are moving in for the holidays. Sheila smiles with joy. James says Christmas is a time for families, and he's not going anywhere while she's there. They'll watch "It's a Wonderful Life" over and over together (Nooo!!!! The humanity!!!!)

FORRESTER MANSION: Taylor cattily points out that Ridge is getting married next week. Ridge cattily points out she's pregnant with his brother's child. Steph tells them both that love is a precious gift. "Taylor, don't wait or it will be too late," Steph warns before FINALLY leaving. "Ridge, if this baby were yours, would you marry me?" Taylor asks. "Yes, I'd marry you," Ridge replies. Starting to cry, Taylor asks, "would you do it out of a sense of obligation or because you love me?"

HOSPITAL: James ran into Dr. Hughes and learned he's moving Sheila to a rehab facility. That's not necessary because he can take care of her himself - he is a doctor after all (they haven't taken his license away yet?) Sheila is so happy - she has Mary in her arms and James by her side. She has so much to live for! "I don't know how I could have been so foolish." James kisses her full on the mouth while Mary loudly gurgles. Then the three of them get into a group hug.

MAD MAGGIE'S HOUSE: Mags reminds Mike that Sheila will need the proper medical attention. He says he has a doctor waiting in the wings. Mags starts to get cold feet, but Mike reminds her that James and Sheila do not belong together. Plus, she's in on this and there is NO turning back! "It's showtime, babe," Mike says. "Tonight's the night."

FORRESTER MANSION: Taylor repeats her question to Ridge. Before he can answer Brooke and Thorne burst in bearing champagne. Steph is royally pissed that they came over early (tough noogies, Steph!). The maid magically appears with the champagne poured into glasses, along with a sparkling water for Taylor. Taylor asks Brooke about the wedding, and she says everything is all ready. Stephanie makes a toast. They all need to stop and revel in the Christmas spirit, and put aside their differences and look into their hearts to see if they are on the right path. They need to see what path they are on and make sure they are going the way they should, because if they aren't then there is still time to get onto the right path (aw, give it a rest woman! You're as subtle as a kick in the teeth) Taylor and Ridge stare at each other.

And then there is the annual HAPPY HOLIDAYS! from the whole B&B cast and crew. (Eric is looking mighty fine in that beard, btw.) And from the Ansley Family, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Thursday, December 25, 1997

B&B aired the episode from Christmas, 1995 today.

Friday, December 26, 1997

The Forresters gather around the dinner table and enjoy Stephanie's usual excellent meal. The kids are visiting their grandfather Logan. Things are going smoothly until Thorne makes a toast to Ridge and Brooke's upcoming wedding. Eric then has to toast to Thorne and Taylor's child, which makes Taylor uncomfortable.

After dinner, as everyone is headed into the living room, Thorne mentions that Taylor and Ridge were into something heavy when he and Brooke arrived. He reminds her of the reason she is keeping the secret and that nothing has happened to change that. But Taylor is intent on finding out about that.

Maggie and Mike complete their arrangements by phone for the kidnapping of Sheila. As Maggie is on her way out, James comes to the door. Maggie thinks he is interested in getting back with her and the baby, but James says his place is with Sheila and the baby. Maggie calls Sheila insane, but James is not staying with her as a therapist, he says. Sheila has not shown any signs of being a lunatic, James tells Maggie. Maggie is afraid that Sheila will destroy James. She is the woman who truly loves James. As Maggie touches James' face, he pulls away.

James tells her honestly that he has not seen any sign of demons. He leaves, but Maggie is still sure that Sheila will hurt James if she doesn't stop her---and that is exactly what she is going to do.

In the hospital, Mike awaits his brother's arrival.

Sheila signs the permit papers for her transfer, including a responsibility waiver because the center she has chosen is one that they are not familiar with. The doctor also gives her a sedative to make the transfer more comfortable. She relaxes with her teddy bear and a picture of Mary.

Taylor and Ridge talk. He wonders what is bothering her. She says it is so difficult hearing him talk about his wedding next week. She has been trying to do the right thing for everybody, especially the baby. She wonders about the answer to her earlier question. What she needs to know is if he would marry her for love or obligation. Answer it honestly, she pleads. It is the most important question she will ever ask him.

Mike and his brother arrive for Sheila. Sheila expected Dr. Zimmerman, but he explains that Dr. Z. is busy. Sheila can call her husband from the Recovery Center. They move Sheila to the stretcher, but the nurse wonders why the aide is wearing a mask. Mike gives a cough to prove he has a cold. As they leave the room, Mike stays behind and leaves the forged letter on the bed.

As Taylor and Ridge talks, Brooke and Thorne look on worriedly. Before they can interrupt the conversation, Stephanie offers them coffee. "Mother, you don't know what you are doing," Thorne tells her. "I am hoping the truth will come out," Stephanie answers.

James arrives at the hospital to help in the transfer of Sheila to the Recovery Center. He is confused when the doctor tells him that Sheila has already left. He walks into Sheila's empty room with flowers and finds the letter. "Dear James," he reads. "First of all, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me this past week. You saved my life, but more than that, you gave my child back her mother. I'll always be grateful, more than I can possibly put into words. Now it is time for me to recover my strength and try to put my life back together. This is something I must do on my own. As much as love and appreciate your support, I must ask you to respect my need for privacy. This is essential to my spiritual and mental well being. So take care of yourself and our precious baby and don't try to contact me. One other thing, as you know, I have completely forgiven Maggie and I feel it is time for you to do the same. So look within your heart for forgiveness. Be well, Sheila." James is totally bewildered.

Bates Motel: It is a scary sight to behold the "Recover Center" atop a high hill with a series of steps leading up to it. Thank goodness, we don't see Sheila having to walk up those steps, but inside she is forced to walk up the stairs with only Mike and his brother supporting her by her arms. The doctor is pretty rough and when Mike calls him on it, he answers that he knows what he is doing. Sheila almost collapses to the floor.

Sheila finally arrives at the bedroom which is outfitted pretty decently for a hospital or kidnapping. Maggie is there with a mask on. A sedated Sheila wants to call James, but the doctor tells her that she isn't allowed to use the phone. Maggie tells her that phones are off limits. Sheila discovers that this is no recovery facility. She recognizes both Mike and Maggie when they remove their masks. "Welcome to your worst nightmare!" Maggie tells her.

Ridge decides to answer Taylor's question. He has misunderstood. He thinks Taylor is worried that Thorne is with her only because of obligation. When Taylor realizes this, she tries to tell him her reasons.

"I haven't married him because . . . ." Brooke interrupts with her own announcement. She is pregnant! "I did a home pregnancy test this morning and they are going to have a child." Ridge is speechless and unbelieving. Taylor is devastated.

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Week of 12/29/97 - 1/2/97

Monday, December 29, 1997

James is in ICU telling the doctor he has got to find Sheila. The doctor explains that, since Sheila chose a non-approved rehabilitation facility, there is no way they can find her.

The scene shifts to the Psycho house at Universal Studios in Hollywood, where Sheila awakens to find the Guthrie brothers and Maggie looking over her. Maggie welcomes Sheila to her worst nightmare. Sheila questions what she is doing there. Maggie begins, "It is a whole lot better than you deserve. Why do you think we brought you here? After stealing my baby, jumping off a building, and giving MY husband the guilt trip from hell. WHY do you suppose we are doing all of this? None of it is yours and until we are all together again as a family you are a permanent fixture around here, missy-miss. You aren't going anywhere. Not until I get my life back."

At the mansion, Brooke knows that she should have waited with her good news, but she was excited. Ridge is elated and says, "Brooke, I have wanted a child for so long. And now to think that this might actually be possible. To have a son or daughter of my own - I can't even begin to tell you what that would mean to me." Stephanie questions if the news is possible. Taylor remarks about Italy. It seems that the night both Forrester men proposed, they got their fiancees pregnant.

So at Casa Forrester the champagne is brought out at Ridge's request (except for Brooke, who is having fruit juice). Stephanie remarks that a home pregnancy test isn't always accurate. Ridge makes a toast: "Thorne, I know we have had our problems. Maybe part of that had to do with jealousy on my part. Maybe this will bring us all together. I sure hope so. To my beautiful fiancee and a very special miracle that happened in Italy. And also to a special event that happened in Hawaii as well. To Brooke and Taylor." Everyone leaves to have dessert except for Taylor who needs some fresh air. Ridge sits down next to his mother and of course Stephanie makes it known that she believes Brooke is lying and something is going on.

Thorne comes outside and Taylor is fast to decide that Brooke is no more pregnant than he is. Taylor knows that Brooke did that to stop her from talking to Ridge. "How long does she expect me to keep my mouth shut?"

Mike ties up Sheila in the bed while Maggie is munching on a sorbet ice pop. She is enjoying Sheila being scared and upset with this whole experience. "Okay, so you want to know where you are. I will give you a hint. You are in everybody's worst nightmare. It ought to feel right at home for you. Well look around. Doesn't it seem familiar?" Maggie gives a shrill laugh. Sheila is upset and congratulates Maggie on sinking to a new low. She is now kidnapping people the way Mike had kidnapped her in the past.

Sheila has to stick in her two cents of course that James would never settle for Maggie. The doctor gags Sheila so that Maggie can make a call on her cellular phone to James. She phones with a request to see him and makes up for 6pm. James is not thrilled with the idea but needs help with the baby and dinner. After he hangs up, Maggie keeps talking in front of Sheila to make her think James is making romantic plans on the other end. Maggie continues, "He is mine you know. You have no right to him. Same goes for the baby." Maggie leaves. The two Guthrie brothers sit down on the bed next to Sheila and start to bond. They chat about the time they had tied up their mother to the bed.

Eric asks Stephanie to let it go and make peace for the sake of the family. He says it is possible that Brooke might be pregnant and she shouldn't be upset in her condition.

Taylor is outside and now joined by Ridge who wants a hug of congratulations. "Who would have guessed?" he says, but Taylor of course tells Ridge what's on her mind. Ridge says, "Don't tell me you have doubts about Brooke, too? Why would she make this up? She has no earthly reason to be threatened by you anymore. You know, the four of us should maybe take this opportunity to work out our differences. We are having a couple of kids now. That is something you and I have always wanted. Make sure that these two little cousins grow up very close, so close that you cant tell who belongs to who."

Taylor sees how excited he is and he replies, "I am gonna be a father; Yes, I am very excited. I waited a long time for this, Doc. It is finally happening." Of course, Taylor has to ask him if he is happy with the way things are.

Back inside, Brooke is having dessert and Thorne questions her about her pregnancy; then he says he doesn't want to know the answer. But Taylor walks in and says she does. "It was very clever but it isn't going to stop me. I think he will be thrilled to know he will have a child. So how long are you going to string it out for? You are hoping to string it out right up until your wedding day. And then what will happen? You will have a miscarriage or find out you really weren't pregnant after all. You are the most deceitful woman I have ever known in my life," Taylor lectures.

Brooke counters that Taylor can rant and rave all she wants but she isn't going to listen. Taylor wants proof that she is pregnant or she will go to Ridge on their wedding day with the truth. She is going to make it her life's goal to make sure that Brooke never marries Ridge.

Tuesday, December 30, 1997

The coffeehouse "Insomnia" is the scene where Macy is singing the tune, "Baby, Baby" that was recorded by Amy Grant. She looks great wearing a sexy little lace black dress. Grant and Sally share a table in the audience, with Darla at another table and Amber off in a corner. While Macy works the audience, Katie Logan is busy working watch. Sally turns to Grant, all smiles, and comments that her little girl knows how to belt out a tune. "She sure can," Grant says, which sounds like something special to Sally. Grant then calls Katie over to take care of a table to avoid answering Sally about being in love with her daughter.

Macy runs into Amber off stage. Amber informs her that she was very close to getting a babysitting gig but the woman never called her back. Macy promises her a job if something opens up but Amber needs money now or she will have to leave LA. Amber tells Macy that she watched her act and that is what she has always dreamed of doing. Macy gets called to the telephone. She offers to lend Amber a few bucks but Amber needs more than that to get by; if she doesn't get a good job and a life, she explains, her life in LA is history. Macy is sympathetic but goes to take her call.

Sheila is tied to the bed in the Psycho house at the Universal Studios lot in LA. She comments to Mike's brother that she hopes he is the brighter half and she asks what kind of doctor he is. As Martin comments that Mike isn't stupid, Mike comes in with dinner. He tells Sheila that she will only be tied up temporarily until Maggie makes some progress with James and she starts to see the obvious - which is that James Warwick could be the death of her. Mike tells her, "We have been together a long time. We always have been good for each other. You have to stop and realize that."

Sheila wants to know where she is being held and states that the room does look familiar, like Maggie said. She questions where she has seen it before. She says that she doesn't like to be dependent on Mike. Mike tells her that she isn't in any danger. Sheila requests that he sit closer and then kiss her. Mike kisses her passionately and Sheila then wants him to make love to her and untie her. Mike gets up and starts to untie her - but then he stops. He says he can't do that yet because she is still under Warwick's spell.

James is home with Mary. Maggie shows up but James has changed his mind and doesn't want her to be there. She then offers to drop off the stew and see the baby. She is all decked out wearing this brown sexy, shiny dress. Maggie questions why James is so stressed out and why he doesn't know what Sheila is doing to him. He reminds her that a lot has happened in the past few weeks and it is only natural that he is anxious. He finds it difficult to justify what they had done to Sheila. Maggie claims that his guilt comes from the fact that their little girl is being raised "in this tragic, dangerous environment." She promises that she won't stop reminding him of this and that one day he will thank her.

Macy comes over to Sally and Grant's table. When they compliment her, she says that she sung so well because she feels so good; however, she wishes somebody else was feeling better. Macy tells them Amber's story or dream. She has an idea of calling Amber up on that stage to sing. Sally and Grant both think that may not be a good idea and Sally wonders what it would do to Amber if she can't deliver.

Amber goes over to Katie to find out about the babysitting job for Brooke. Katie explains that Brooke hasn't said anything, but she'll be sure to ask Brooke once she returns from her honeymoon. Amber says that may be too late. She confides to Katie that she came out to LA with such big hopes to be a rock star but nobody has even heard her sing a note. Just then Macy hands her the microphone. Amber hands a guy a tape and she gets up on the stage. She works the crowd with her song and everyone (even the skeptical Sally and Grant) is getting into it. There is applause.

Maggie continues to tell James that the baby's most impressionable years are being spent with Sheila Carter. It scares her to death because Sheila is not well and has a severe mental illness. James replies, "Maggie, we are back to the same problem. We don't see Sheila the same way." Maggie says that there is another issue at stake and wants to know how he feels about her. He confides that it is a very confusing time for him.

Maggie is sure that the attraction between them hasn't changed and uses sex as a way to get to him. She comments that she has missed him as she kisses him and says how much she needs him. James pushes her away and says that he won't do this. He wants her to leave now. Maggie says, "James, please get over this and come back to me. You and Margaret are my family. You belong with me." She leaves and closes the door behind her. Outside she says to herself, "You are going to be mine again, James. You will be mine."

Wednesday, December 31, 1997


Welcome to the New Year's Eve update for B&B. What better way to end the year than with a really good catfight, and Brooke and Taylor are busily sharpening their claws. One note before we begin. Today the new actors portraying Rick and Bridget make their first appearance. Each one is remarkably similar to their younger versions, so the change isn't as shocking. Gosh, it seems like just a few years ago that toddler Rick was pulling a statue down on top of his daddy's head, and Brooke was giving birth to Bridget in a snowbound cabin - oh yeah, it WAS just a few years ago :)

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Ridge and Brooke are decorating the house for their wedding the next day. Lots of kissyface, then Ridge asks Brooke if she's got morning sickness. Nope, she replies. Hmm, how strange since she was so sick through her other pregnancies. Eric arrives bearing two dress bags; Brooke is astonished that he was able to bring them in such short time considering he just recently got back to L.A., but the bearded one says it was his pleasure. The new kids come down and Ridge asks Rick to be his best man (and Eric shows him his new tuxedo) and Brooke asks Bridget to be her maid of honor (and Eric shows her the dress he designed for her to wear). "Tomorrow isn't just about your mom and me - it's about us being a family again," Ridge says. "Killer," Rick replies (great line for the lone gunman). Eric remarks that the kids seem to be shooting up like weeds lately (stop bathing them in that Swiss water then!). As he sends his youngest kids up to check the fit of their new clothes, Brooke thanks Eric for all his support. Maybe some day even Stephanie will feel that way, she says - but after a skeptical look from Eric, she says, "then again, maybe not."

TAYLOR'S BEACHHOUSE: Thorne tells Taylor that Brooke and Ridge have been sleeping together so she could easily be pregnant. Taylor thinks she's lying. "So what?" Thorne asks. "What difference does it make? Why are you doing this?" Taylor rants that she only gave Ridge up because she thought he was in love with Brooke, but if Brooke has to lie about a pregnancy then they aren't happy and it's all Brooke's fault that Taylor hasn't told Ridge she's carrying his child (huh?). "I'm going to prove Brooke is lying and I'm going to stop that wedding," Taylor hisses.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Ridge and Rick are moving furniture for Brooke and Eric is telling Bridget about his adventures in the frozen north when Beth and Steven Logan arrive. Beth hugs Eric and says she's thrilled that after all these years their families are finally going to be joined (wasn't Eric her son-in-law for awhile there?) Steven remarks that he heard Eric and Stephanie are getting married. Big silence on that one. Storm comes through the door next and, bouncing past his nephew Rick (and not even commenting in the boy's rapid growth), wants to talk to Ridge. Katie explains to Brooke that Donna can't make it to the wedding. Storm congratulates Ridge, and Beth asks about the honeymoon. The happy couple explain that after all they've been through they are spending their honeymoon at home and have a normal life for a change. The phone rings and it's Taylor, who orders Brooke to come over to her place NOW! Brooke tries to decline but Taylor won't take no for an answer. Brooke quickly leaves, leaving Beth wondering what's going on, and Steven makes a toast to new beginnings. Ridge decides to go to the office for awhile.

TAYLOR'S BEACHHOUSE: Thorne offers to talk to Brooke but Taylor has worked up a head of steam and wants to deal with her personally. Brooke arrives and tells Taylor that Ridge loves her so would Taylor just let him go already? "Interesting words coming from someone lying to trap him," Taylor snarls. "What about all your lies?" Brooke replies. "You started all this!" They glare at each other.

RIDGE'S OFFICE: Ridge is cleaning off his desk and finds the issue of EYE ON FASHION with the photo of Taylor in the showstopper wedding dress, while he is on his knees proposing. He flashes back to the proposal and scenes of him kissing and dancing with Taylor flash by. "Oh Taylor, who could have known we'd end up like this," Ridge says. He tosses the magazine in the garbage and leaves.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Beth tells Eric she is worried about Brooke and wishes she knew what was bothering her daughter.

TAYLOR'S BEACHHOUSE: Thorne points out to Taylor that if there is a baby and she accuses Brooke of lying then no one will ever believe her again. Taylor insists on having cold, hard evidence Brooke is pregnant or she's gonna stop the wedding. Brooke asks if she wants a home pregnancy, but Taylor sneers and says Brooke is a chemist and could fake one of those tests in her sleep. She wants Brooke to have a blood test at a reputable lab before tomorrow or Taylor is going to that wedding and when the preacher asks if anyone objects she's gonna stand up and announce she is carrying Ridge's baby. "Face it Brooke, your hold on Ridge is finally over!"

Now if I was Brooke I would simply: 1) lock Taylor out of the house, and 2) remove that part about objecting from the wedding ceremony, but since this is a soap opera I'm sure there will be lots of high drama on Friday :)

Thursday, January 01, 1998

B&B did not air today due to New Year's Programming.

Friday, January 02, 1998

Ridge wakes up and remembers it is his wedding day.

Taylor has just awakened when Thorne comes in. "Are you thinking about the wedding?" he asks. Taylor doesn't believe there is going to be a wedding. "If Brooke were really pregnant, she would be over here waving the test results in my face, just like she did that big engagement ring."

"I can't believe I let her come between Ridge and me," she continues to tell Thorne. "I know this is hard for you to hear, but it has to be said. This is Ridge's baby and we belong together. After today, we will be together."

Brooke doesn't look too happy, considering it is her wedding day. She is remembering what Taylor said to her when she threatened to interrupt her wedding. Beth comes in and sees her daughter in a melancholy mood. "I knew it! Something is bothering you. Tell me what is wrong." "Taylor, who else?" Brooke tells her. "She is trying to stop my wedding. It is all so unfair. She had her chances with Ridge. Now she wants him back."

Beth is confused. Isn't she carrying Thorne's baby? Brooke acknowledges that Taylor is pregnant, but she neglects to tell her by whom. Beth tries to reassure her daughter. "Ridge isn't going to give up the love of his life to marry a woman who is carrying his brother's child. You have nothing to worry about."

At Insomnia, Macy and Grant are taking a coffee break when Amber arrives. She looks like she has lost her last friend. "So you are really leaving?" Macy asks. Amber thanks Macy for giving her the highlight of her career, but she shouldn't have put all her hopes on making it big. She was really counting on that job with Brooke!

When Stephanie enters the room, Ridge is staring out the window. "Thinking of Taylor?" she asks. "Mother, in case you have forgotten, I am getting married today." "But you are thinking of the woman you should be marrying," Stephanie insists. "What did she tell you?" Ridge tells her that it didn't make much sense. She asked a lot of questions, but he couldn't figure out what she was getting at. Maybe she was wondering if Thorne was marrying her out of obligation rather than love. "She started to tell me why they weren't married, but we were interrupted," he adds.

"How convenient!" muses Stephanie. "I believe she hasn't married your brother because she is still in love with you. Please, Ridge, don't make the same mistake you made with Caroline." Ridge reminds her that Caroline was never pregnant with Thorne's child. "Anyway, today is not about Taylor. It is about Brooke and me and our love. If you can't accept that, then stay out of the way."

"You are too stressed out," Beth tells Brooke. "I wish you would go away somewhere and relax. I know you don't want to take a honeymoon, but you have to take care of yourself. A few days alone is exactly what you and Ridge need." "You may be right," Brooke says with a thoughtful look on her face. Suddenly she cheers up. "That is the answer. We will go on a honeymoon. We will go back to where he proposed to me, at Lake Como. I will surprise him with it."

She tells her mother that there is a three o'clock flight to Milan. They can make it if they move the wedding up to one o'clock instead to two. She gives her mother her address book for making the reservations for the flight and for the hotel. When Beth offers to call all the guests, Brooke stops her. "Call only our side of the family and the minister. I will let the Forresters know myself." Her mother leaves and she looks satisfied with herself. "Sorry, Taylor," she says as she picks up the phone.

Brooke calls Taylor's house. She tells Taylor that she is doing what she demanded. She is going to the doctor for a blood test. She will meet Taylor at the Cafe Russe at one o'clock. It has to be this way so she can rush home and get ready for her wedding. Taylor assures her that she will be there on time and waiting for her.

Beth tells Katie that Brooke has changed her mind and is going on a honeymoon after all. She is going to need help with the kids, but Katie says she can't help her, she has a job. She then remembers that Brooke was impressed with a young girl she met at Insomnia. She thinks she will do nicely if she hasn't gone home already. She was running out of money. She gives the phone number to Beth.

"You thought Brooke was going to hire you?" Grant asks. Amber tells him that she was so sure of it, yet she hasn't heard anything since. It was like fate, she tells them. She should have known better. You don't survive in Los Angeles by believing in fantasy and fate. That is kid stuff. If she keeps believing in that stuff, this town will chew her up and spit her out. Macy tells her to save her money and give it another shot in a few weeks. The pay phone begins to ring. Amber looks at it, but says no way is she getting her hopes up. She then rushes over to answer it.

Amber is disappointed when it isn't Brooke. She is rude to the person on the other end of the line, telling that person that they have the wrong number. Beth tells her that she got the number from her daughter. Amber asks who she wanted to speak to and Beth tells her that she was calling Amber about a job. Amber's eyes open wide. Just a minute she says, then she yells for "Amber."

While Macy and Grant look on with amused looks, Amber again speaks to Beth, this time in a sweet voice. Beth says that her daughter is going out of town and leaving the children with her. But she can't handle them alone. Are you still available? Sure, Amber tells her. I'll be there in half an hour. She rushes over to the table and gives Grant and Macy a hug. "I can stay!"

"Mother," Ridge says, "I know you are worried about me, but you don't have to be. I am going to be part of a family I love." Stephanie tells him that she knows Brooke is up to something. Why would she tell everyone she was pregnant just at the time Taylor was about to tell him something. Ridge tells her that she should show more compassion to Brooke instead of jumping on her all the time. He wants them to get along; he knows they can't be friends, but they will be family. He wants this to be the happiest day of Brooke's life and nothing or no one will spoil it.

Taylor tells Thorne what Brooke had to say. He says she must really be pregnant if she is willing to go to the doctor. Taylor thinks she will probably try to pass off some fake test results, but she is a doctor and can't be fooled. She is ready to go, even though it is early. Thorne prepares to drive her. Ridge answers the phone. It is Brooke. She tells him that he has less time to be a free man. She has moved wedding up to one o'clock. Why, he wonders. She tells him that she will explain later. Just hurry. Ridge gives the message to Stephanie and leaves to get his shower.

Back at Brooke's place, she hangs up the phone, saying, "I have to do it this way. You have given me no other choice, Taylor. I won't let you spoil this for me."

"Why would she change the time?" Stephanie asks herself. "What are you up to Brooke? Why go to all that trouble?" Thinking about it, she comes up with the answer. "You aren't going to tell Taylor, are you Brooke? You don't want her at your wedding. Well, we will see about that." She goes to the phone and dials Taylor's number.

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