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February, 1997

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Week of 2/3/97 - 2/7/97

A disappointed Taylor returns home from her lunch at the private dining room and wonders to herself why she and Ridge have to keep fighting, and why they aren't back on track yet in their relationship. Just then Thorne shows up, and he tells Taylor that Macy is probably talking to a lawyer right now about their divorce. He explains, "Everything was going the way I had hoped it would, until Claudia showed up. She freaked when I told her Mother was letting Claudia live up at the house. There was just no getting over that. I needed someone to talk to." He then asks, "How was your day?" and Taylor sighs. "Good one for you too, huh?" Thorne notes.

At the mansion, Ridge is going to have a drink to help get rid of his problems when Stephanie walks in. He tells his mother about how bad the lunch date went because of the subject of Thorne coming up. Stephanie replies, "Honey, all of the problems you are having with Taylor certainly don't relate just to your brother. Please try to find a way to work out our differences with him." Ridge says that maybe he can work things out with his little brother once he is back together with his wife Macy. So Stephanie informs him, "Don't hold your breath on Thorne and Macy getting back together. They had their talk today. Apparently he wanted to work things out; but by the time they were finished....."

Ridge makes a comment that Thorne pays more attention to Claudia, and even Taylor, than his own wife. He also says that his brother is too busy out there trying to save the world, but can't save his own marriage. So Stephanie talks her son into getting a piece of Claudia's chocolate cake instead of having another drink. The two of them hit the kitchen, and then Claudia walks in. She tells them that she helped to cause the problem between Thorne and Macy, and now she feels responsible for their breakup. Stephanie leaves to find Thorne to talk to him.

Over at the Logan/Chambers home, Grant was hoping to get intimate with his wife, with the added candles and champagne as his tools. Brooke sees things differently, and notes, "You are hoping this night will end in sex. That is why you have the candles and the champagne. Grant, I am just not ready; you know how I feel about that. I wish I could help you, I really do." Grant explains that it leaves him frustrated, and until they consummate this marriage it is going to be on his mind. With that said, he goes out for a while.

Thorne and Taylor compare notes on their romantic disasters today. "Look, Taylor, I am gonna get the hell out of town or something," Thorne states. Taylor says that isn't the answer, and he asks, "What is the answer? A month ago I had a marriage and you were engaged. Now look at us! You know, Ridge is so hot tempered he and Macy ought to get together." They both start to laugh. They make a toast to their broken hearts and eventually end up hugging in front of the fireplace. Thorne tells Taylor that she means a lot to him and starts to kiss her hair. Meanwhile, Stephanie approaches the beach house door and spots the embrace through the window. She bursts in and demands to know what is going on.

Grant arrives at a bar - coincidentally, Clarke just happens to hit the same bar as his buddy, and they have a drink together. Grant tells his friend that Brooke would buy him his own golf course if she thought it would mean his spending all of his nights there. From Grant's comment, Clarke figures out there is trouble in paradise, and Grant admits that he and Brooke have not slept together yet. Clarke advises him to do something about that, before it is too late. They both notice a drunk at the end of the bar and wonder what his problems are. As Grant gets ready to leave, he asks about the drunk guy in the corner. The bartender tells Grant that he is a con man who has been posing as a yacht captain that marries people illegally. Suddenly, Grant recognizes him as the captain who married him and Brooke.

By the Forrester pool, Claudia wants to know if Ridge ever found Thorne, and continues to tell her new housemate that it would mean a lot to his little brother if they could work things out. She also confides in Ridge that Thorne has been a very good friend to her and her family, but that is it. "Your brother is the most loyal man I have ever met. I owe Thorne so much," she explains.

At first, Ridge isn't sold; he tells her, "Claudia, Thorne did a damn good job of messing up my life. He is the one who made a mistake, all right." Claudia presses the issue, and Ridge gives in. "You really want me to put things right with Thorne, don't you? All right, I will do it. I'm going," he states. Ridge puts on his blue terry robe and hikes up to the house, while the bikini clad Claudia remains by the pool.

Stephanie asks Thorne and Taylor, "What is going on here?!?!?! Damn it, what have you two done? Don't answer that because it is very obvious to me." Taylor tries to explain, but Stephanie does not want to hear it. The matriarch shouts, "You weren't wrapped up in each others arms just now?!?!?!?!?! DONT TELL ME WHAT IT WAS, IT WAS VERY OBVIOUS WHAT YOU WERE DOING." Thorne and Taylor both try to say it was nothing, but Stephanie insists, "Stop it. You betrayed your brother. Get in the car, Thorne." Thorne hesitates, and she again insists, "I said get in the car, Thorne - we are going home."

Of course Thorne totally doesn't want to listen to Stephanie because he is a grown man, and says, "I am not a child. I will MEET you at home." So Thorne leaves like a good little boy and Stephanie gives Taylor a nasty look of disgust as she leaves too.

In her office at Forrester, Lauren gets a phone call from Clarke Garrison over at Spectra about her designs, but Lauren blows him off very politely. She then excitedly prepares her designs, since Eric is coming by. As if on cue, Eric comes in, and they kiss. Then he looks over her designs, and isn't too impressed by them; he explains, "I find them charming. They are interesting. They just aren't Forrester." Lauren is stunned, and Eric tells her, "You are disappointed. I am sorry." Eric then leaves for a meeting. Lauren gets back on the phone and calls back Clarke to set up an appointment. It just so happens that Clarke was having a wild fantasy about working with Lauren (since it has been a while since he has gotten any!), and he offers to send a limo to pick her up.

Thorne and Stephanie arrive back at the mansion, and the fighting begins as Thorne reaches for a drink - and Stephanie knocks the glass clear out of his hand!!! Thorne lets his mom have it, saying, "Mother, I think you are overreacting." Stephanie insists that he promise he will give this up, because Taylor really wants Ridge, but Thorne responds, "I cant make you any promises. What you saw was not about Ridge, Mother - IT WAS ABOUT ME. Me expressing genuine feelings for Taylor, okay?" Stephanie asks how long he has felt that way, and Thorne answers, "I have feelings for her since... I don't know. This just came up recently. How come my feelings are less valid than Ridge's? He is in love with Brooke. But you don't want to see that, do you? You cant see that because Ridge is the perfect son - he always has been." Thorne is almost in tears as he cries out, "You stop taking Ridge's side. Stop choosing him over me, Mother - for once."

Stephanie responds," You think I love your brother more than you, and that is what has justified your betrayal of him?" Thorne replies, "HE SLEPT WITH MY WIFE. He slept with Caroline, a woman that I loved, Mother; so you don't tell me that I owe him my loyalty. Don't you dare tell me that! I am just trying to make a point. I care about Taylor." If he really cares, then he will get her back with Ridge, Stephanie states. "Just leave her to Ridge then??? I think that Taylor is now seeing things differently. What are you trying to say, that you think I am taking advantage of Taylor?" Thorne yells.

"If you destroy this for Taylor, she will despise you - and so will Ridge. You will lose the both of them, and you will tear this family apart. I can't let you do that. I cant let you have her. I don't want Ridge to ever find out what happened, Thorne." dictates Stephanie

Just then Ridge and Claudia walk in and he tries to apologize to his little brother. He just wants to bury the hatchet and for his little brother to think what that would mean to Taylor, since she cares about the both of them. Thorne replies that Ridge would like that, because then he is just handing Taylor over to him on a silver platter. Thorne leaves and Ridge is in shock. "What is his deal? My brother has a thing for Taylor, doesn't he?????" he asks.

Alone in his office, Grant can't believe the situation he is in; he wants to find out if the captain who married him is the real thing or the con artist he saw drunk in the bar the other night. Michael comes in and Grant tells her about his problem and how his marriage license "may not be worth the piece of paper it is printed on. I got a bad feeling about this." Michael tells him to calm down, but Grant insists, "Don't you see what I stand to lose here?" Michael suggests Grant should just marry Brooke legally, but Grant says it is not that easy; he states, "Excuse me for being a little upset, but when you find out that you have a marriage in name only and then that might not even be true....."

Michael bursts in just then with, "OH MY GOD! She's not sleeping with you is she? You break up with me to marry this gorgeous sophisticated woman and she wont sleep with you? That is true irony . So what is her problem anyway? I am sure that everything will be fine." Grant says he can't stop worrying - he has to know the truth.

Brooke has called James to her home, and says she needs to talk to someone confidentially. She begins to tell him that she and Grant have not made love, and it isn't like she hasn't tried- she has tried more than once. It is just that she freezes, and she wonders about what she is going to do. Brooke confides to James that now Ridge has moved on, and that things might have been different if she didn't marry Grant; but she did. She knows that Grant is her husband and what that means. "I have made a commitment in my mind; it is just hard to make my body follow through with it. Grant is very upset and I can't say that I blame him." James tells Brooke that she might be trying to hard. He wants to know if she is attracted to her husband (the answer is yes) and then suggests that she let things happen naturally. She should talk to her new husband about her feelings.

Over at Spectra, everyone in the building, especially Darla, is excited about Lauren Fenmore being in the building. Everyone except Sally, that is; she is worried about how Clarke is going to get Lauren to come aboard. Darla wonders what the problem is, and Sally reminds her how she has asked Clarke not to womanize for CJ's sake; she feels that Lauren might be the one he finds impossible to resist. She then wonders about something; if Lauren is seeing Eric, then why would she consider doing business with any design house other than Forrester?

Meanwhile, Clarke is making a whole production to woo Lauren in his office. Lauren arrives and he arranges a showing of some fashion suits they are working on now. Clarke says they are, "dynamic, elegant, and sophisticated- in a word Spectra." He then wants to know what made Lauren change her mind and if Eric shot down her designs. He confesses to Lauren that he is a big fan of hers and he wants to do for Spectra what she has done for Fenmore department stores.

Lauren tells Clarke that this move from Forrester is not about revenge; it is business pure and simple. So Clarke makes a few suggestions about her designs and says that he would be proud to put his name on any of these designs. "I am very excited about this Lauren. I think we could make a good team," he tells her. Lauren leaves and Clarke says to himself , "Thank you Eric. Thanks for being so foolish- enough to let her go. Wait until you hear about this!"

Grant is sitting at his desk staring at the wedding photo. Brooke comes in and picks the wedding certificate up off his desk and Grant claims that he wants to get it framed. Grant tells Brooke that he is sorry about last night- he just wants to make her happy and everything he does doesn't work. Brooke continues with her story about how hard it is for her and how she needs more time. "You and I are husband and wife. I intend to be your wife in every sense of the word. Can you give me a little more time?" Grant says he will, and she leaves to go and meet Katie. Grant then says to himself, "Brooke, you are trying so hard cause we are married. But what if you find out we are not; then what?"

Later, over at the mansion, Stephanie is filling in Eric about her seeing Thorne and Taylor together, and also that Ridge suspects something might be going on between the two of them. "Oh my God. Of all women for Thorne to fall for! How could Taylor allow this? You think Taylor has feelings for Thorne? Stephanie, we have to keep Taylor and Thorne apart. There has to be something you and I can do." states Eric.

Stephanie has an answer - she has decided to throw a party tonight. Eric leaves and she summons Claudia. Stephanie pays her a compliment that she has handled the whole ordeal very well. And of course she has a surprise for her, as two women show up with an entire rack of Forrester original dresses.

They all go upstairs and Claudia begins her own private fashion show modeling the dresses. Stephanie wants to transform Claudia into Cinderella for her party tonight. Okay, so lets see: first, Claudia is wearing a pinstriped pantsuit, then a shimmering blue gown with matching shawl, a tight black bodysuit dress, a red floral number with off the shoulder look, and the best for last of course, a blue strapless cocktail dress. Claudia said that she has never worn anything so revealing. Stephanie hopes her plan works and says, "you are going to make quite an impression tonight at the party. This is a night that you are going to remember."

Ridge is working in his office, and Brooke walks in with some ad comps for him to look at. Ridge asks how things are going with her and Chambers, noting that, "the way he talks about it, things couldn't be better. He keeps going on and on about your romantic escapades. Yeah, it turns my stomach." Brooke tells him you shouldn't always believe everything that you hear. He replies, "Come on Logan; I am a big boy now. You and Grant are married. I know what married couples do. Are you saying you and Grant haven't consummated your marriage?" Brooke admits that this is in fact the case, leading Ridge to ask, "How come, Logan?"

Brooke sits down to confess that it is just not easy letting go. She asks, "So what about you, Ridge? Have you moved on? " She has a tear in her eye. Ridge tells her that they all make choices and then they have to live with them. He continues, "I care about you Logan and I want you to be happy. It is time to move on from the past now." Brooke wants to know if that means Ridge wants her to go home and make love to her husband. Of course, he doesn't answer and Brooke leaves. Just then the phone rings and Stephanie is making sure that Ridge and Taylor will be at her little dinner party tonight.

Taylor drops by Thorne's office, and asks him to forget that the other night ever happened. Thorne replies, "Can you do that? It did happen. You know, Taylor, it could have been worse; we could have been in bed." Taylor tells him to stop joking around. He responds, "I am serious. Look Taylor, I can't deny my feelings for you. You never know what could happen. Are you sure you are going to marry my brother? Ridge and I are so different. I can be there for you in ways my brother never will. Don't make it sound like there is nothing going on between us. I will always be there for you, Taylor, if you would only let me. The time that we have spent together recently - maybe you haven't thought about it as much as I have, but I know one thing for sure: I just cant forget. I can't forget that something special has happened for us and you can't either. I am not doing anything, but I care about you, Taylor. I can't stand to see the way Ridge treats you. You deserve better. My brother is a playboy, always has been always will. Is that the kind of man you want to spend the rest of your life with?"

Okay, so of course Ridge walks in on their serious talk and begins, "Well, well, well - what do we have here. Hey, my love. Is Thorne telling you what a horrible evil person I am?" Thorne takes exception to that remark, and Ridge retorts, "Back off, Thorne. You see this ring? That means this wonderful woman is engaged to me, your brother. I guess you didn't hear mother is throwing a party tonight and I came to invite my fiancee." He then says, "Excuse me," and then he gives Taylor a romantic kiss. Unable to deal with this, Thorne leaves.

Stephanie drops by the Beach House, and asks if she can come in. She tells Taylor that she is not here to get into a discussion about what has happened between her and Thorne. Taylor tells Stephanie that she knows about the family dinner tonight, and thinks the family has been together a little too much lately. Taylor asks her former mother-in-law, "Stephanie, listen to me; Thorne has been a source of support to me at a time when I desperately needed a friend." Stephanie tells her to concentrate on Ridge and to keep her family intact.

At Spectra, Clarke tells Sally that he feels Lauren is coming aboard the Spectra bandwagon. Sally is upset because Macy wants a divorce from Thorne. Clarke tells her that the silver lining in the divorce is that there will be one less Forrester in the family. Just then Macy walks in and she is really upset. "My husband is in love with another woman. I suppose it could be worse- he could be in love with two other women," she says. Sally suggests Macy's decision to divorce Thorne might have been rash, and Macy replies, "Mother, what is rash here is the way my estranged husband suddenly took up with another woman. I know my husband is deeply involved with someone else. He insists that there is nothing going on between him and Claudia." Sally tries to tell Macy that this whole thing with Claudia is just a fascination and more like hero worship for a job well done, but it doesn't wash with Macy.

Macy continues, "You haven't been around Thorne like I have - he is different. What he used to give me is not there anymore. He is in love. Believe me a woman knows when the passion is gone and it is definitely gone. I can sense that his heart is with someone else."

Clarke tells her that a man does not give a woman his heart in a matter of days when he hasn't known her that long- he might give her another part of his body, but not his heart. So Macy, Clarke, and Sally come to the conclusion that Thorne must be committing to someone else. Now Macy has to know who took her husbands' heart away. It may just be speculation on her part now, but she has to find out who it is.

Over at the mansion, Eric fills in Lauren on the whole situation with his sons, and tells her that he is willing to try anything - even one of Stephanie's plans - to hold his family together. "It has been a long time since those two were in competition and the last time it damn near got one of them killed," he explains.

Upstairs, Ridge is getting ready in the bathroom and Thorne walks by and says, "You made such a spectacle of yourself to ask Taylor out, and now you aren't even picking her up for the dinner party? You know, you treat her like she is even lucky to be seen with you, Ridge. What she sees in you is beyond me." Ridge tells Thorne to give up his crush on Taylor or he is going to get burned.

Claudia is fixing the dinner table and Stephanie tells her she is not serving dinner tonight, and to go and get changed. Taylor arrives wearing an ice blue beaded cocktail dress and matching jacket. Ridge makes a fuss over her and leads the group in for a drink. As Ridge, Taylor, Stephanie, Eric, Lauren and Thorne mingle, Claudia makes a grand entrance wearing the blue Forrester original dress that Stephanie picked out for her. They all proceed to the dinner table. Thorne is sitting next to Claudia and to his right is also his mother. Taylor is diagonally across from him.

Ridge makes a toast, "To the women of our hearts. Lauren, who has been so close to this family for so long she is almost a part of it. To mother; the very soul of this family. To Claudia; they say you cant see the southern star from the northern hemisphere. Well obviously, tonight you have proved them all wrong. And to my beautiful Taylor; a woman who has released my heart to fly like no other woman has. You have my spirit, my essence, and my future." Ridge kisses Taylor, and he ends the toast, "To all of you very, very special women."

As the meal begins, it turns out that Stephanie had Claudia make Thorne's favorites for dinner - a fact that Ridge delights in pointing out. Then Stephanie tries to talk Thorne into taking Claudia up to Big Bear to go skiing tomorrow. Of course, Thorne is more into making goo-goo eyes at Taylor.

Ridge turns to Taylor and asks, "How about having dessert after a swim? We can draw the curtains and have the pool all to ourselves." The request surprises Eric, and Ridge admits, "Well frankly, Dad, I had a little more than a swim in mind. I am going to romance this lady like she has never been romanced before. I know you have already had a taste of that, but nothing like what is in store for you now. And it all begins tonight; a candlelight swim, a hot oil massage from the top of your head down to your feet." Taylor says she has no suit, so Ridge informs her, "Well, no swimsuits are required- I think that is what I had in mind."

Thorne tells his big brother that the family doesn't need to hear all of the details. "Details? I think that was the bare minimum. Haven't you ever been in that pool, Taylor, without a suit on? I seem to recall one time before. There was champagne, strawberries, and whipped cream. Now that was fun." Thorne points out Ridge is going too far, and Ridge states, "We were married then, Thorne. Believe it or not some married people do things like that."

Thorne now is disgusted and tells his brother that the family doesn't need to hear this, and he is embarrassing Taylor. But Ridge just continues, "Well, I am just having some fun here. Now where were we? Oh yes, the whipped cream spread over two luscious mounds of ice cream. What did I say? And then there was the chocolate sauce. That was particularly useful." Thorne stands up and goes to hit Ridge but Eric gets in the middle. Thorne yells that Ridge needs to show some respect and that is not how you talk to a woman. He goes up to his room. Ridge begs Taylor to stay at the dinner, and yes, it is Claudia who goes upstairs to Thorne's bedroom to talk to him.

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Week of 2/10/97 - 2/14/97

Thorne is upstairs in his bedroom, looking down from the window at Taylor and Ridge by the pool. He is drowning his sorrows in booze when Claudia walks in playing the concerned friend. He reveals to her, "I am sorry, Claudia. I know what mother is up to. You still don't get it do you?" Claudia confides in Thorne that she is confused, but not totally confused - she sees how he feels about Taylor and she knows that he loves her. Claudia continues," I know you love her. There is only one man I have ever wanted to love me. I am sorry, I shouldn't have said that. But you must have known, especially recently." Thorne says so much has been going on with him, and Claudia agrees, "Yes, you have been wrapped up in your own situation. You just don't CARE about me the same way you care about Taylor." Thorne confirms that this is true, and Claudia responds, "Well, then I want you to be happy. I hope you get what you want." She points out, "Your mother is in favor of Ridge," and Thorne informs Claudia that is what the whole party was about - and she was being used by Stephanie herself. An angry Claudia says, "All those things she said about me; she didn't mean them? She never liked me. It was all for your benefit. My God! She wanted you to find me attractive." Claudia leaves to see Stephanie, and Thorne goes back to drinking.

In the living room, Taylor is telling Ridge that he pushed too far during dinner. Ridge and Taylor then leave for a walk, as suggested by Stephanie, of course. Claudia comes downstairs after they leave and informs Stephanie, "Thorne feels very close to Taylor. I am his friend; nothing more. I am sorry to disappoint you." Stephanie tries to play dumb, and Claudia says, "Come on, Mrs. Forrester - I am not that stupid. I mean, I know the real reason why I am in your home, and it has not been to help me or my family. You have been using me, Mrs. Forrester. You have been using me to come between Thorne and Taylor. This dinner tonight, the dress I am wearing - do you have any idea how cheap I feel? The minute you brought me into your home you should have told me your plan."

Not to be outdone, retorts, "So you feel used? And you aren't using me to buy your time? A chance to stay in this country? If Thorne continues to pursue Taylor all hell is going to continue." She asks, "Do you care for Thorne?" Of course, the response is yes from Claudia. Stephanie explains, "Maybe he isn't in love with you at this moment, but he has risked a great deal for you; his career and the family company. He most certainly cares for you Claudia. You can turn caring into passion." Claudia seems unsure, so Stephanie asks, "Are you afraid to compete? I realize Taylor is a beautiful and intelligent woman. Is that the problem here?" Of course not to be backed into a corner Claudia says that she can hold her own against any woman.

Out by the pool, Ridge pours wine for Taylor and himself. Taylor tells him he can't think this whole thing with Thorne is such a joke, because he is bothered by it. Ridge changes the subject and talks about shopping on Rodeo Drive and the jewelry stores there. He gives Taylor a beautiful 15 carat diamond tennis bracelet that she has always wanted. Taylor hugs him and then later says, "You know there are times like now that I would follow you out the door anywhere you wanted to take me. and there are times like earlier tonight at dinner where I would like to kick you out of a door." Ridge says that is a good thing, but Taylor points out it's an exhausting thing - although with all that, she has to admit Ridge is never boring.

Meanwhile, this whole time Thorne is watching the whole thing from his bedroom window. He starts to dream about him and Taylor dancing. In his fantasy they are planning their future together and want to go away from LA and get married and have kids.

Ridge tells Taylor that he will work out everything with Thorne; and Taylor has to do something for him in return; swim in the pool wearing nothing but the tennis bracelet. Ridge leaves to change and Taylor spots Thorne watching them from the window. When he returns, Taylor has not changed - she tells him about seeing Thorne, but when they look up, he is not there. Ridge tells Taylor that thanks to Thorne he is seeing things a little differently now. He shook things up for him, and Ridge wants to be close to his doc tonight. So they continue to dance. As they do, Thorne returns to the window.

Claudia then enters Thorne's room, wearing a beige satin slip nightshirt with matching robe, to seduce Thorne. She comes up to him and places her hand on his check and then his lips. Thorne is trembling like a baby.

Over at the Warwick home, Sheila is checking out her growing figure in the mirror - she realizes she is running out of time before she starts showing, and has to figure out how to get Maggie out of the way. James and Maggie come in from their night out at the movies, laughing about the comedy they saw. Sheila makes fun of the garden veggie burger that Maggie left her for dinner; she says that she planted it out back and maybe it will grow. Maggie isn't amused; but then she receives an urgent phone call from her daughter Jessica in England. Jessie has been having panic attacks lately, and like a good mother Maggie decides to go and see her for a few days.

James leaves to check on airline flights and Maggie tells Sheila, " I am wondering what you are planning while I am gone. I know you must have something in mind." Sheila asks if she's worried, and Maggie replies, "I am not worried. But I do know how desperate you are feeling. If anything happens while I am gone, you won't need a shrink - you will need an emergency room."

At the mansion, Ridge has come back in by himself from his walk with Taylor. Stephanie wants to know if they had a nice time. Ridge, however, wants to know if Thorne is upstairs and says, "Thorne has got to know he doesn't have a chance with Taylor. It is a one sided thing; this whole deal is from Thorne's affections only." Stephanie replies that she remembers exactly what happened the last time her two sons competed for the same woman, but Ridge tells his mom that was a completely different situation; Caroline genuinely had feelings for Thorne, but Taylor doesn't. He doesn't believe that Taylor would fall for Thorne in a million years, because he isn't even her type.

For once, Stephanie stands up for her youngest son, and says that he is good looking, good natured, and very sensitive. Ridge starts in on his brother, saying, "Mother, you are right - deep down, Thorne is a great guy, and there is a woman out there somewhere for him. Maybe she is even upstairs with him now. But the point is there is no way Taylor could ever fall in love with him. Even if she did..... I guess it is even silly to think about." He then says, sarcasm dripping in his voice, "But if they did, I guess I would have to kill them both." Stephanie is shocked at that comment, so Ridge smiles and continues, "it would be the only thing I could do. Good night, Mother, I am going to bed."

Out at the guest house, Taylor is talking with Lauren about Thorne, as she can't believe it has been so long since Claudia went after Thorne. Lauren tells her that she sounds a tad jealous about Claudia being upstairs with Thorne as they speak. When Taylor reacts negatively to the charge, Lauren continues to tell Taylor that she doesn't need to get defensive about it - it isn't a crime. "Well, to have both Forrester brothers in love with you - that is some sort of hat trick. You don't find it intoxicating to have them panting after you like puppy dogs?" asks Lauren. Taylor tells her that it isn't like that. Thorne is in a bad state because of his relationship with Macy and his brother. Not to mention that she isn't sure of what little Miss Claudia is up to. Lauren tells her that the only reason she doesn't want Claudia to be with Thorne is because she wants to be with him.

Thorne backs away for another drink, and Claudia asks if he would like her to leave. Thorne says no and Claudia replies, "I know it hurts. I have felt that kind of pain before. You can not make it go away by drinking. Why don't you let me help you?" Thorne and Claudia kiss passionately, but then he backs away. Thorne is upset and says, "I am sorry. I have had too much to drink. I shouldn't be doing this." But of course, Claudia says that it is okay. Thorne continues, "You are a good person, Claudia. I know you feel like you owe me for hiring you and all. I don't expect this. I would never put you in this position."

Claudia tells him that she only wants to help him. Thorne tells her that there is a way she can do that, and maybe in a few months all of his problems and hurt will go away. But Claudia insists that there is always the possibility that Taylor wont marry Ridge. "Your brother is charming, okay; but so are you. It is the truth, Thorne."

But that just sets Thorne off, as he exclaims, "The truth is Taylor looks at me like a brother, and that is the way she will always look at me. You know what is strange; that is the way Macy looked at me, too. What is it about me?!?! Ridge ignites fire in women, and I just get fondness, gratitude and friendship. But when it comes to love, chemistry, and passion, it is Ridge. What is it about me? Why do women not find me attractive? You want to do something for me go and get me another bottle!"

Claudia says that she will not do that for him, and that she will not stand there listening to him feeling sorry for himself. But Thorne continues feeling sorry for himself, and says, "I don't need you staring at me like I am some kind of freak. Go and stare at Ridge. Get out now!!!! Oh my God, what am I doing?" He walks over and holds her. "I shouldn't be doing this to you . It is wrong. You deserve to be happy Claudia." However, he gives in to the moment of passion; they kiss and go onto the bed. Thorne rips open his shirt and starts to undress Claudia. This time, Claudia changes her mind and jumps up, "No, we cant do this. Because you want Taylor. Taylor might be just as confused as you are." Thorne says he has made one bad move after another - but Claudia says perhaps she is making the bad move.

At her home, Brooke is trying to concentrate on some designs and says aloud, " I used to love my work. I used to love my life." Just then the phone rings, and it is Grant calling with the idea of going out tonight for dining and dancing at the country western club. Of course, Brooke is just too tired tonight to be going out.

Later, Katie shows up at the door and she is there to baby-sit the kids, thanks to Grant's plans. But of course, Brooke says that she is not going out, but thanks anyway. So Katie asks her sister, "You're not going out? Why not? That is a shame you know cause Grant seemed so excited about it." She holds up a picture of Ridge with the family and asks, "Is this what you have been doing all day - sitting around the house thinking about Ridge? Strange how things work out. Here you are married to Grant and daydreaming about Ridge- for a while there I thought it would be the other way around. You know, you were practically engaged to Ridge, and whatever you had going with Grant...." Brooke chimes in that nothing was going on, and Katie replies, "Well, honey, I know you weren't having an affair; but you had quite a connection. Don't you remember? There was a while there I thought you might even leave Ridge. You and Grant were tight. He did a lot for you Brooke, don't you even remember? He changed your whole way of thinking. It is an awful feeling throwing something away and then realizing just how much you need it." Thinking about her sister's words, Brooke remembers all Grant's talk about personal power, and moving along in life - and realizes she misses the turtle he gave her, and everything it represented.

Still in his office, Grant is upset that Brooke is too "tired" to go out for dinner and dancing tonight. Just then he is annoyed, because Clarke has managed to sneak into Forrester Creations again to pay him a friendly visit. Grant warns Clarke he's going to get caught one day, and Clarke reminds him that he had better do something fast in the bedroom department of his marriage, or his perfect little life with Brooke is going to blow up in smoke.

Grant is even more annoyed and remarks, "Clarke, you just don't get it, do you? None of this matters to me. Don't get me wrong - the car and the job, all of the perks; I would have all of that. I might have to work a long time, but I would get there. It is Brooke - I just don't think I would meet someone like her again. You are right about one thing; I am not going to give up, not willingly." Clarke still sees things from only one viewpoint, of course, so Grant tells him, "Clarke, there are more important issues to deal with before sex, like caring and romance. We had that when we first met. Then all of a sudden that changed." And of course, there was a reason for the change - Ridge!

At James' and Maggie's Sheila is putting chocolate frosting on a cake she is making while chatting away with Mike. Mike grabs the beater with the icing on it and has a fantasy about how Sheila plans to seduce James that includes lingerie and licking the frosting off of bodies. Sheila says that is not what she had in mind - she is going to be herself tonight and doesn't need to put on an elaborate production, because she wants James to see they are made for each other in other ways. Mike jokes, "You go, Sara Lee. But you better save some of that frosting just in case." He leaves and wishes her luck.

James gets home and Sheila says she is glad to see him. James says sarcastically, "Go ahead and take it off." Sheila asks what he's talking about, and he says, "Well, the apron, of course. I am sure there is a really sexy piece of lingerie underneath it. Oh, come on, Sheila - you and me alone tonight. By this time I know what to expect." Sheila remarks that he is really funny, and says that she is not going to spend her evening chasing him around the house wearing high heels. She pours him a glass of wine and starts a discussion about a newspaper article on another man whose research James admires.

Shortly after, they are at the dinner table, and she has made a feast . James wants to know what happened to Maggie's casserole. Sheila remarks that wasn't dinner - it was a science project. She insists that this meal can be their secret, and tomorrow it can be back to basics around the house. James agrees just for tonight and digs into the feast of prime rib, gravy, mashed potatoes, etc.

Clarke makes a remark that it sounds like Grant has been having a rough time. He also has been going through the no sex thing himself - but with him it has been self imposed. In fact, it's comforting to him that someone has it worse than him, namely Grant. He then confesses to having a crush someone Grant knows with the initials "LF" - when Grant guesses it's Lauren Fenmore, he says Clarke has his work out for him, since Lauren practically invented the word "unattainable". Undeterred, Clarke leaves.

Katie continues lecturing Brooke, saying, "When was the last time you two went out together? You think that sitting around the house pining away for Ridge is going to help you? Look honey, I don't mean to be cruel to you. All right - so it didn't work out with Ridge. You don't have to spend the rest of your life in mourning. I know you are hurting. I just don't think your situation is that bad. You are married to a wonderful man and he worships you. There was a time that he made you very happy. He could do it again if you would just give him the chance."

So Brooke gives in and calls Grant to go out for dinner - but instead of the Canyon Country Club, she has something else in mind and tells him to dress up instead. Grant comes home, and is now all set in his tuxedo. He thanks Katie for talking to her sister as she fixes his tie, while Brooke makes a grand entrance wearing a beige gown. "You look beautiful, and I was beginning to think that I would never have a chance to make you happy. Let me show you how good it can be. You will never regret it. I promise," he tells his new wife, and they embrace.

Eric has stopped by the guest house to see Lauren, and thinks that he might not be welcome there, because he didn't approve of her designs the other day. Lauren tells him, "I think that you and I should make a deal that we keep our personal and business lives separate." They seal this deal with a long and passionate kiss.

Eric thinks the whole relationship is pretty amazing and wonders why one of them didn't see this before. He tells her that after his relationship with Sheila, he was afraid to get involved with anyone else. He also confides that after Sheila there was someone else (but doesn't name it as Taylor), but that it didn't work out. "I have made some mistakes you know - Brooke and Sheila," he confides in her; Lauren asks about Stephanie, and Eric replies, "Stephanie and I were on a completely different level. We had some problems, but not in that way. What she and I had was very special together- she is my best friend." Lauren confides that she is her best friend, too, since they bonded during their mutual hate of Sheila. Eric asks, "She is your best friend too? So why don't you tell her about us? She and I have been divorced for a long time. I think Stephanie would see it is a pretty natural thing that you and I would be drawn together." Lauren is still unsure, and Eric agrees that, "I will leave the decision up to you. I better go." Eric leaves, and Lauren is faced with the decision to go public about her and Eric's relationship.

Up in the mansion, Stephanie is upset about her kids' lives and is once again on the phone, searching for Eric. Sally stops by and wants to chat about Thorne and Macy. She lectures, "He stands to lose the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life - a woman who adores him." Stephanie reminds Sally that the kids have had problems in their relationship right from the beginning, going back to Macy lying about who her family was, her affair with the tennis pro, and her drinking problems. Macy should have believed in Thorne, and stood by him, but instead she turned her back on her son, states Stephanie.

Sally responds, "It is obvious what you are thinking. You want to blame Macy for the whole thing. It surprises me - I thought you of all people would sympathize with her and what she is going through." Stephanie asks what that means, and Sally explains, "I was talking about being a woman who is in love with a man, who no longer seems to be in love with her. A woman's pain and humiliation as she watches her man pursue someone else right in front of her. I thought that might strike home for you. Doesn't it?" Stephanie is still baffled, so Sally gets to the point; "Eric, the only man you have ever loved. The man you love today." She continues to hint that Eric is even having an affair now, and Stephanie doesn't even know it. Stephanie is outraged and replies, " How can you even say something like this? It is exactly why you and I could never have been friends."

Brooke and Grant are out for their evening on the town at the Café Russe. Grant, who has been joking and laughing, tells his wife, "Seriously, Brooke, I am glad you decided to come out tonight. I think we both needed it." They make a toast over a glass of champagne and Brooke says that she hopes their marriage has smooth sailing like they did on their wedding day. That comment obviously hits home with Grant, since he knows that marriage may not have been so smooth, but Brooke doesn't notice. When Grant asks her if she has any regrets, she says she might - but she explains it doesn't matter; the important thing here is that they are married, he is her husband, and she is going to do whatever it takes to make that work.

Grant then says he has one regret - he and his wife never danced on their honeymoon. So they hit the dance floor and are having fun. Then Brooke sees the captain who married them at the bar. She says they should go say hi, but Grant says no - this is a special night, and he wants his wife all to himself. Later, Grant manages to make his way to the bar by himself to talk to the Captain, but he has already left leaving behind a matchbook from the motel he is staying at. Grant picks up the matchbook, which reads RUSTY BARGE INN.

Meanwhile, Stephanie is really annoyed and continues to tell off her nemesis; "Sally, you have been saying something to hurt my feelings in order to make some stupid point. That Eric is having an affair; that is so silly. And you know what? If it wasn't so pathetic an attempt, it would be funny. I want you to leave."

But Sally isn't through yet. "Listen to me; you have got a lesson to learn, and you have a rude awakening coming. And when it hits you right between the eyes and you are suffering, and you find yourself alone and friendless, maybe then you can spare a minute and look for a friend, and reach out to help my daughter Macy. Once you have learned that hard lesson, maybe you will regret just a little how you treated my daughter."

Once Sally has left, Stephanie has a huge headache. Lauren then drops by, and says she has something to talk to her about. Stephanie tells her about Sally's visit and how she told her that Eric was having an affair just to get back at her. Why should it hurt, Lauren asks - after all, Stephanie doesn't have feelings for Eric anymore. Stephanie explains that Sally did it to hurt her because she knows how Stephanie feels about Eric- everyone in the family does. Lauren is shocked, since Stephanie never told her. Stephanie is surprised that she hadn't, but admits that it has always been her dream to reunite with her ex-husband. Hearing this, Lauren leaves without telling Stephanie about her and Eric.

As Thorne enters his office, Stephanie begins complimenting him on how he has been conducting business. Thorne answers that he has good people working for him. He then tells Steph that he didn't appreciate her acting as matchmaker the night before. Stephanie sees nothing wrong with fixing her son up with a lovely young woman. It's not about Claudia, Thorne states - it is about Taylor. Stephanie reminds him that Ridge and Taylor have been together for years. However, Thorne reminds her that Ridge divorced her for Brooke; he doesn't love or deserve Taylor. Stephanie begs Thorne, for everybody's sake, to stay away from Taylor. "And let big brother have his way," Thorne accuses. "It is always Ridge. Whatever he wants, he gets. Is that it Mother?"

Meanwhile, Eric is in his office, trying to locate someone. It is Lauren. He has left messages for her and so far she hasn't called him back. "Where are you, Lauren?" He asks.

Lauren comes to see Ridge. She wants to ask a personal question, about his parents. Ridge says that they are close. "How close?" asks Lauren. "Depends on who you ask," Ridge responds. Then he goes on to tell Lauren that his mother has never let go of his father. I should have known, Lauren whispers to herself. She tells Ridge that she appreciates his help and leaves.

Taylor opens the door to her beach house and finds Claudia there. She is surprised to see her there, but she invites her in. Claudia wants to talk to Taylor about Thorne. Taylor agrees that they should talk about him. Taylor mentions that Claudia spent a lot of time with Thorne the night before, and Claudia wonders how Taylor knows that. Taylor assures Claudia that Thorne is a friend and she worries about him. His life is in chaos, she explains, and he needs a friend. Taylor tries to explain how complicated the situation is. Claudia thinks that two men, brothers in love with the same man, can be dangerous, and Taylor agrees. Taylor says that she is dealing with the situation the best she can. "I need to know," Claudia states. "You're in love with him, aren't you?" Taylor realizes.

Eric enters Thorne's office, but finds only Stephanie. Thorne just left, she tells him. They discuss Thorne and Ridge; Eric tries to assure Steph that things will be all right, but Stephanie isn't convinced. Eric believes that things won't get out of control. No one is going to do anything rash, he tells her. Stephanie reminds him that the boys didn't work it out when Caroline was alive. But they were just boys then, Eric says. "It won't get out of hand - I won't let it", he tells Stephanie as he comforts her in his arms. Outside, Lauren sees them embrace and walks away.

Thorne arrives at Ridge's office. Ridge tells him to come in; they need to talk. You bet we do, agrees Thorne. Ridge asks about his night and Thorne admits he has had better. Ridge admits that he knows Thorne was upset at dinner. Thorne accuses Ridge of embarrassing Taylor, and being condescending just to satisfy his raging hormones. "You are insensitive to how she feels", Thorne accuses. Ridge wants to end the hard feelings between them, but Thorne isn't interested. He has someplace to go, he tells Ridge. Ridge warns Thorne that he must stay away from Taylor. There is a limit to his patience, and if Thorne continues to meddle in his business, he will have to do something about it. "You stay away from Taylor," he orders - and he makes it quite clear to his brother that this is in fact an order, not a request. "Stay the hell away from her. Don't ever go near her again." Thorne smirks at Ridge and turns away and slowly walks out of the office.

Claudia says she isn't there to talk about her feelings for Thorne. She wants Taylor to go to Thorne, today, and make it clear that there is no future for them. Taylor doesn't see how that will help anything. You could make him see, Claudia insists - "unless, you don't want to?" she accuses. Claudia wants to help the one man that saved her life; seeing him suffer is breaking her heart. Still, Taylor insists, going to see Thorne will only make things worse. Claudia believes that if Taylor tells Thorne she is going to marry Ridge, it would settle things for Thorne. Taylor says she can't do that. Claudia believes that this means that Taylor isn't sure about which brother she wants. Claudia thinks that if Thorne could fall in love with her, that would be the answer for all of them.

Lauren is thoughtful as Eric arrives with good news; he has made plans for them for that evening. He has the chef from Cafe Russe coming over with a special menu. Lauren tells him that she can't make it; she thinks they should "cool it." "But why?" Eric wants to know. Lauren explains that she needs some time alone. Eric thinks it is about business; she is upset because he rejected her fall showing designs. No, insists Lauren, it has nothing to do with business; it is me. She insists she needs time to herself. This thing between the two of them isn't going to work. Eric is upset; he won't give up. He asks Lauren if there is another man. Again, Lauren states that is not it - this is just how it has to be, so Eric should accept it.

Back at the beach house, Taylor is trying to reach Ridge; perhaps he is already on his way to her house, she thinks when he is not in the office. Just then, there is someone at the door; it is Thorne. Taylor tells him that his being there isn't a good idea; it will just make things worse. She is expecting Ridge, she tells him. Thorne tells her that Ridge is in a meeting; Thorne checked his schedule before coming. Taylor apologizes for last night. Thorne says she has nothing to apologize about; it is his brother who needs to apologize for his behavior. Taylor tells him that Claudia was here earlier; she warns him that Claudia has deep feelings for him. She is a good person, he says, but he doesn't feel that way about her. She isn't the woman that he wants. "I have something for you," he says as he hands Taylor a large red envelope. Taylor opens it. It is airline tickets. "Happy Valentines Day, my darling Taylor. We are going away and this time I am not going to take no for an answer." Thorne states.

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Week of 2/17/97 - 2/21/97

Ridge is trying to go over some work with his dad, but Eric is going over his romantic problems with Lauren in his mind - Ridge jokes about a delivery date in the year 2010 to bring his dad back to reality. Eric apologizes, and confides in his son that he is having woman problems; he explains that everything was going along fine, and then all of a sudden, the woman just froze him out. He thinks that it must be something that he isn't aware of.

Eric then turns the conversation around to find out about his oldest son's love life. Ridge tells him that Taylor and he will be fine, if Thorne stays away. He thinks that his little brother will stay away now, because he understands what will happen if he doesn't. Eric chimes in that Thorne has been going through a difficult time lately, but Ridge doesn't really care, because Taylor is **his** fiancee. But Eric realizes the potential danger here, and remarks that Ridge should rise above all of this and be patient. "Don't let it get out of hand," he advises him. Ridge leaves to find Thorne so he can sign some documents for an order of fabric.

Meanwhile, in Stephanie's office, Stephanie confides in Lauren that she spent five minutes talking about the Thorne/Ridge situation with her ex- hubby, and she feels better. Lauren remarks, "You sound like a woman in love. I had absolutely no idea that you were this deeply involved with Eric. Maybe you should talk about your feelings. If you keep it a secret for too long, things might happen. Does Eric know how you feel?"

Stephanie tells Lauren that he doesn't know how she feels, but that they have resumed a close relationship ever since Rick and Bridget moved in with her for a while and they were a family unit. But Eric hasn't said anything. So Lauren continues, "No, he hasn't said anything to me about how he feels, and that could be the problem. Stephanie, you are in love with him, and he should know that - before someone else moves in on him. He is a very attractive and available man. You have got to make your next move now. It is not going to fall into your lap, especially with a man like Eric."

Stephanie takes her good friend's advice and responds, "Maybe you are right. You know, I want things to work out between us. The truth is, except for the brief period of trouble with Brooke, we might still be married today. They say you can never go back again, but I honestly think that the two of us could." Lauren tells her to be aggressive because someone else might, and she doesn't want Stephanie to lose her true love. The pals hug, Lauren sucks back the tears, and then she leaves.

At the mansion, Michael has stopped by to see Claudia for tea time. She tells her friend that she thinks Thorne has a little crush on her, because she has seen him when he is around her and he gets this goofy look on his face, like someone when they really have it bad for a girl. Claudia tells her what happened. "We were together the other night in his bedroom, kissing - and I stopped him because his heart wasn't in it." Michael asks why, and Claudia tells her, "Thorne has fallen in love with Taylor and it is a complicated situation. Nobody can know about this." Michael is stunned. Claudia continues, "I still have faith, and I don't think it is hopeless. I went to see Taylor, and I think she is love with both brothers." But in the end, Claudia guesses, Taylor will do the right thing; "She will protect the Forrester family. She seems very committed to staying away from Thorne.

At the beach house, Thorne has just given Taylor tickets to a private island in Tahiti - he wants her to go away with him for some time alone to investigate this relationship. He explains, "Taylor, I can't go on with the rest of my life without first taking a closer look at this relationship." Taylor says there is no relationship, and Thorne says, "See, you don't even know what is going on between us. If the case was just friendship, there wouldn't be a problem. Ridge and I both know what we want. But you don't. Now you have to decide."

Taylor tells him that this situation isn't that simple, and Thorne has to stop all of this before something tragic happens. She wants to know why he is doing this to her, so Thorne continues, "I have feelings for you, Taylor - strong feelings. I can't just deny them. How can you expect me to deny this? Ridge doesn't have to know about this trip." Taylor is still unsure, and Thorne pleads, "Listen to me. I know you are confused. The way to sort this out is to figure out which one of us is going to make you happy. The chance for you to see what is for you to be with me alone without distractions - can't you see how valuable that could be for us? Now, I promise that I will try my best that Ridge will never find out about this trip. If he finds out, then he finds out. All hell should break loose around here, things are way too tight. Taylor nothing radical is going to happen."

But Taylor isn't convinced and she thinks the whole situation is deadly serious. She wont be a part of this -case closed. But Thorne just doesn't give up," Something you always said to me, Taylor, is that if you ignore a problem, it doesn't go away. The problem is that you and I have feelings for one another - and that freaks you out because of Ridge. You choose to ignore your feelings. I will always wonder what might have been."

Lauren pops into Eric's office for a second, because Eric wanted to see her; but she only wants to discuss business. Eric wants to know what the hell is happening with them - the change in attitude was just too sudden. Lauren says she wants space and cant talk about it, but Eric continues to press her for answers. When he demands she give him an answer, she tells him that she just isn't interested in him and leaves. Eric, however, still doesn't believe her.

Ridge has come by to see if his mom knows where his brother is, because his car isn't in the parking lot. She tells him that he hasn't gone to see Taylor, because Thorne knows better, and Ridge shouldn't jump to conclusions. She advises him not to go looking for trouble.

Taylor tells Thorne that there is nothing there between them. He implores her, "Taylor you are starting to see what I have known for a long time. Ridge is not the man for you. You are hanging on to a dream." "How dare you say that to me!" exclaims Taylor. Thorne responds, "Then marry Ridge. What are you waiting for? All I am asking is that you take the time out to look - to open your eyes, to see what is there. All I see is you clinging onto something like it is the only thing left, and it isn't. Open your eyes, Taylor and see what is there. It might surprise you."

James gets a phone call at work from Maggie in England. She says Jessica is doing fine, and she wants to know if Sheila is taking care of the baby and eating right. James informs his wife that Sheila is following her instructions to the letter and not to worry about things; everything is fine. They exchange, "I love you"s and hang up.

Back at the Warwick home, Sheila can feel the baby moving; she tells the fetus that she knows once he/she is born, they will keep Mommy and daddy together once it enters the world. She then has a fantasy about having a son and naming him Damon, after James father. In the day dream, James says that he had the marriage to Maggie annulled, and she is out of their lives forever. He tells her he wants to be a family, to raise their son into a fine young man. Sheila is burst into reality by a knock at the door, when Mike stops by delivering a Chicago style pizza.

Mike is in shock and states, "I can't believe that you are still carrying a torch for that guy. I hate to break it to you sweetheart, but all he is ever going to be is the father of your child. How far along are you; second semester?" Sheila chimes in that the term is trimester. Mike replies, "Whatever- it is not going to be very long before that hot little figure of yours blows up like a balloon. I just want you to see reality, sweetheart. Hell last time I was here you didn't even have a plan." Sheila tells Mike to cut it out - she is going to win James by being herself. "Being yourself, wow that really scares me. Well I hope you are right for your sake. I hate to see your heart broken again."

He goes to leave, and James walks in - Mike hides his face with the pizza cover and talks in a phony accent, as James wonders who that was. Sheila explains that she had a craving for Chicago style pizza. James comments that she is going to get them into trouble, but he admits that maybe Maggie does go a little bit overboard sometimes. Then Sheila puts his hand on her stomach to feel the baby move.

Stephanie bursts into Eric's office and is worried about Thorne not staying away from Taylor. " think there is a major problem and it is going to explode right into our faces. Ridge came to my office looking for Thorne, because he wanted him to sign some papers." Eric is thinking Stephanie might be overreacting, and she explains, "Eric, this is serious. Are you so sure that Taylor isn't going to do anything foolish?" That's right, Eric says - he is sure, because Taylor is committed to Ridge. Stephanie asks, "Then what about when I saw she and Thorne together - what was that all about? Ridge isn't going to see it an act of friendship." Eric says Stephanie is looking for trouble, and she responds, "No, I am not looking for trouble - Ridge is. Ridge stormed out of my office. He is determined to find Thorne, and where do you think he went first????"

At the beach house, Thorne is still trying to convince Taylor to run away with him; "Look, Taylor, it isn't like I am putting you in front of a firing squad. One week away in Tahiti with yours truly isn't the end of the world." She asks if Thorne has been listening to what she is saying, and he claims, "You haven't said anything, not really. Look, you know why I want us to go away. Can you honestly say we don't need this? I didn't think so. Taylor, we have to get away to see if anything is going on between us."

Taylor admits, as a doctor, that there could be some merit to getting away. She tells him that a mental holiday is never a bad idea. However, she cant just catch a plane just like that - and what about Ridge? She is not going to be a part of his plan and she doesn't want to cause problems in the Forrester family. She tells him to stop it

Thorne doesn't give up. "Sweetheart, I don't want to put you on the spot. It is the last thing I want to do. But I need an answer. There is nothing more I want more than to be alone with you, and in my heart I think you want that too. So what is it going to be? Should we start packing?" Just then, you can hear the screeching from a car racing up to the house, and a car door slam shut. Oh no - here comes Ridge.

Taylor is lying down on the couch, pretending to be half asleep from reading a novel, when Ridge bursts in. He wants to know where his brother is. Taylor says he obviously isn't there, and leaves the room to powder her nose; she goes to the bedroom, where Thorne is hiding. Taylor wonders why he is just waiting there, and Thorne wants to talk some sense into Ridge. She, however, wants him to go out the back door. Thorne kisses Taylor and then tells her the tickets are hers. He tells her that, when she is done sedating his brother and thinking long and hard about how great it would be to escape this three ring circus, to call him. Taylor hides the tickets and then goes back out into the living room. Ridge tells her that he is sorry and then he wants to set a wedding date tonight. They kiss and don't realize that Thorne is watching them from the window.

Sally storms into Spectra - she just had a meeting with the loan officer at the bank, and is really annoyed that Clarke told him about a deal that isn't even signed yet with Fenmores. Clarke tries to dig himself out of this one; "Now Sally, cool your jets. Just remember we would not even have a shot at that account if it weren't for me. I mean Lauren was very impressed with my presentation." If that's the case, Sally asks, then why isn't she beating down their door? Clarke replies, "I don't know why she hasn't returned my phone calls. But these things take time. I mean her lawyers must be going over this. They probably want to sweeten the deal and make us sweat it out." Or maybe, Sally suggests, Eric Forrester has changed his mind about Lauren? "No, Lauren is a businesswoman, and she wouldn't let her relationship with Eric get in the way. If we want to find out what is going on with Lauren we will have to talk to her. I have left a message for her everyday this week," states Clarke. Sally tells him to get serious and talk to her face to face to get an answer. She tells him to go now and not to come back without an answer. Clarke tells her that she looks cute when she is mad and leaves.

Out in the guest house, Lauren is re-reading the welcome home note that Eric had sent her to jump start their relationship; it makes her think back to their first kiss. Lauren is smiling to herself, but then thinks about Stephanie saying how she wants things to work out with her ex-husband. Lauren says aloud," How can I break that bond, Stephanie, when you have been such a good friend to me? I just have to put it all behind me and pretend it never happened." Just then there is a knock at the door - and yes, it is Eric.

Eric has come by to talk because he just can not accept that it is over. He wants to know what happened, because Lauren was very important to him. Lauren tells him that she just wants to continue being friends and does not want anyone to find out about their relationship. Eric asks who she is trying to protect, but she says it is due to her privacy. Eric comes to the conclusion that there must be another guy. Lauren tells him to "let it go." Then, there is another knock at the door ,and it is Clarke, holding flowers. Eric asks what Clarke is doing there, and Lauren (seizing the opportunity) tells Eric that she invited him in. So now Eric thinks that Clarke is the other man; he lectures Lauren on how he thought he knew her and how awful Clarke is. He is hurt and then leaves. Clarke stands through the entire scene quietly - but once Eric leaves, he says," You sure got rid of him. What is this all about?" Lauren has a torn expression on her face.

At the mansion, Stephanie sees Claudia reading; and the door was open, so she stops in. Claudia thinks that Thorne most likely sees a damsel in distress, like in the novel she was reading (The Scarlet Pimpernel) - but unfortunately, she thinks Thorne has another damsel in mind. Claudia tells Stephanie that she understands and respects that she is trying to protect her family and keep them together. She continues to tell her that, while she was cleaning through the bookshelves, she found some that belonged to a Maggie Forrester, and thought that was one of her daughters that moved. Stephanie cant believe that she never met Maggie, and tells her that her ex sister in law stayed with them for a while, but left to get married. Claudia wants to know if she approves of the man.

Stephanie explains, "I adore James - it is just that it is an usual situation. I am just concerned that she might not be able to handle it." She tells Claudia about Sheila, and states, "Well, if you knew Sheila the way I do, I think you would understand. But you know, in reality sometimes love isn't enough to keep two people together. I have certainly discovered that in my life experience. I rely on Eric a great deal. You are probably wondering why we got a divorce in the first place. Well I am, too. I know what we said to each other at the time. But you know, I can't put my finger on it; sometimes I think it was because we got married so young, and not really under the best of circumstances. Because of that, maybe Eric thought he was missing something. He sort of one day just set out and tried to find what he was missing. Sometimes, I think he looks back and realizes what he had left behind." Claudia tells Stephanie not to give up hope, and asks if she still believes there is a chance for her and Eric. Steph responds, "I used to think he would come back to me. Lauren gave me quite a pep talk about him before. She knows how I feel about him and just wants me to be happy." Claudia tells Stephanie that she thinks something wonderful is going to happen for her and Mr. Forrester.

At the Warwick home, Sheila places James' hand on her stomach to feel their growing baby inside of her. She starts to joke about delivering, and all of the pain she is going to be in while Maggie just stands there. However James tells her to stop it, and he doesn't find it very funny. He tells her that he just doesn't want to think of her that way, suffering. Sheila says that it is cute the way he is worried about her. James says yes, he is worried about her, because she has a history of complications and she lost a baby before. He doesn't want anything to happen to her.

Sheila is really touched and wants to know if he knew of someone who died in childbirth. The answer to that question is yes; his mother. Sheila responds, "I am sorry. That was a long time ago James. They didn't have the technology and the medical knowledge that they have today. What happened to your mom isn't going to happen to me. I am not scared, I am thrilled to bring a new life into this world. It is going to be the most beautiful thing that happens in my life. If your mother could say one thing to you today, it would be that you were worth it." James is really touched and tells her that it was kind to say that. They hug and share a bonding moment

In his office, Grant is holding the matchbook from the Rusty Barge Motel that he took from the bar the other night at the Cafe Russe. He knows that is where the captain that married him on the boat is staying and glances over to his marriage license. Just then, Brooke comes in and they get into it over Eric's revisions of his designs and his creative control. Grant is angry about Eric's treatment of him, but Brooke says she doesn't want to discuss it now.

Grant asks, "Honey are you okay? Every day you come into Forrester is a very long day. It is the Forresters; coming face to face with Ridge. He rejected you and despises you, and you wonder why we are not having sex? You are so uncomfortable here that you cant even have a personal conversation with your husband." Brooke reminds Grant she has been trying, and Grant admits, "Things have been better between us lately, and I appreciate the effort you are making. But my point is, maybe it wouldn't be so much of an effort if you could get away from here for a while. Look what it is doing to you. I am worried about you and our marriage. Our marriage has to be our top priority, doesn't it?" Brooke continues to say that she doesn't want to talk about it now. Grant suggests that she take the afternoon off and take a bath. He will pick up dinner and they will have a nice quiet evening alone together at home. Brooke doesn't want to go, but Grant seems to have convinced her. She leaves.

Grant calls the motel to check out if Captain Harper is still checked in there. Of course, he isn't. He says to himself that his marriage is real, it has to be. Just then, Clarke sneaks in and he says, "believe me you are going to hear about this............... "

In Eric's office, Eric isn't around; so Taylor (who is looking at some sketches in the office) answers his phone while she is waiting to meet with Stephanie. On the phone is Thorne, calling around searching for her; Taylor tells him that this isn't a good time, so he tells her to come down to his office later.

Stephanie walks in, and Taylor ends the call. Stephanie thanks Taylor for coming over; she wants to talk to her about her dinner tonight with Ridge. Stephanie wants to know if Taylor has made a decision, because Ridge told her about the dinner this evening is to set a wedding date. Taylor says there is one problem - she is still unsure if Ridge is over Brooke and ready to get married. Stephanie tells Taylor that she believes Ridge is more than ready to get married, he is eager. She wants to know why Taylor can't forgive her eldest son for chasing after Brooke.

Taylor responds that this isn't about forgiveness, it is about the issue of trust. So Stephanie lectures, "Stop listening to Thorne, and don't let him influence you in this. You are vulnerable, and I think Thorne is taking advantage of that. I mean, has Ridge done or said anything that gives you the impression he wants Brooke?" Taylor says he hasn't, and Stephanie points out, "So the only reason you think this is because Thorne has said it. I really think it is self serving on his part. Taylor, Thorne wants you for himself. So there is no reason not to go forward with the marriage - unless there **is** a reason not to go forward with it. Is there a reason you won't set a wedding date? Well, you tell me. I walked in and found you and Thorne in one another's arms."

Taylor tells her future mother in law that she and Thorne are just friends, and points out that Steph's sons are completely different. Stephanie continues, "This situation has happened once before in this family, and I am not going to let it happen again. Put aside this foolishness for Thorne once and for all. Have you forgotten how truly unhappy you were when you and Ridge were separated?" Seize the moment, Stephanie insists - or Taylor may regret it.

Clarke brags about what happened with Lauren to Grant - but then, he notices the sketches on Grant's desk, complete with Eric's notes. This brings back memories for Clarke, who realizes the old man is tearing into Grant. Of course, he points out, Grant can do something about it, if he just makes some inroads with his wife and consummates the marriage. Grant admits he is frustrated by, and tired of the Forresters - and he intends to do something about it!

Brooke has brought over some reports to Thorne's office. Thorne tells her that he has a feeling as to why she feels so down -and it is obvious as to what is going on, especially when the bride is in love with another man. Thorne thinks there is something she should know about Ridge and Taylor; he continues to tell Brooke that there may be a new man in Taylor's life, because she is starting to realize that she can not have Ridge, not completely. He explains that there is someone new who is willing to complete for Taylor one hundred percent, and that she might be willing to take a chance on that man. He also points out that when Taylor is gone, Ridge will be free.

Brooke says Taylor isn't going to let Ridge go just because she met another man. But Thorne says, "This isn't just another man. This is someone she really cares about. Because it is me, Brooke, I am the other man." Brooke is stunned, and Thorne confirms, "That is right. It just kind of snuck up on me these past few months.' He then explains the situation to Brooke, informing her, "Ridge knows, and he doesn't take it seriously. Taylor is confused right now, but she really cares about me. I asked her to go away with me so we can figure this thing out. She hasn't given me an answer yet." Brooke is stunned at all this, and Thorne asks, "Brooke, are you going to ignore what is happening here? I would think it would give you hope. Brooke says, "What if I do listen to you and you are wrong? I couldn't put myself through all of this again."

Brooke leaves, and then Taylor comes by. She returns the tickets to Thorne and says that she is not going with him. " I am engaged to your brother. I am so sorry if this hurts. I am having dinner with Ridge tonight." She insists Thorne take the tickets to Tahiti back, but he does not want to. She tells him she has to ask him do it, and Thorne tells her to do what she wants - but what she is doing is bound to cause Ridge to hurt and betray her again. Thorne leaves, and little did the two of them know, but Stephanie heard the conversation...........

Over at Spectra, Clarke is telling Sally about the incident with Eric at the guest house, and how Lauren acted like he was the love of her life. Eric hates him and was upset. Sally responds, "Lauren was using you like some kind of pawn in a chess game of love. I think it means that we will be seeing a lot more of Lauren Fenmore around here. There will be a lot of fireworks at Forrester when she comes to work for us."

Clarke says that will the least of the Forrester problems - since Castle Forrester is about to be blown sky high by his new found best friend, Grant. Clarke explains that Grant Chambers has a plan that involves his lovely wife, and that the two of them are miserable, not like newlyweds. Grant is about to make some changes and that will cause a couple of their favorite Forresters to become unglued. Of course Sally is really enjoying all of this Forrester gossip.

In his office, Grant asks his lawyer if he has the document all written up, and Connor Davis hands it to him. He says that Brooke isn't the easiest person to be in love with and asks how they are getting along. Grant reports that they have an understanding, and it goes along the lines that he doesn't touch Brooke and she tolerates him. Connor says that isn't so good and makes sure that Grant knows the implications that he has not consummated the marriage yet. They leave the office to go and see Brooke to sell her on the idea to sign the document.

Shortly after, Grant walks in to Brooke's office and asks if she is busy. Brooke is pleasantly surprised to see Connor with him, and Connor remarks how lovely Brooke still looks. Grant then explains to Brooke that he had Connor draw up a document to put him charge of the daily operations at Forrester.

Meanwhile, Ridge is in his office working with Enrique when Taylor walks in; she reports that she is on her way home and is going to pick up a picnic basket for their big evening tonight. Enrique leaves the two love birds alone. Ridge then comments about Thorne and remarks that it isn't their function in life to keep everybody happy. Taylor tells her fiancee not to be late; Ridge promises and they kiss. Shortly after, Ridge leaves the office as well. As he leaves, he says good night to Megan - and he is shocked when he finds out from Megan that Brooke is in a meeting with Connor and Grant.

At the beach house, Michael has come over to help Taylor set up the romantic beach spot, and there are tons of candles and lanterns. Michael tells Taylor that she was blown away about Thorne because Claudia had told her. Taylor tells her that everything looks great and once Ridge gets there everything will be fine. So Michael leaves and Taylor opens up the picnic basket.

Sitting in his office, Thorne tears up the airline tickets and puts them in the garbage. He says aloud to himself, "Taylor, you are killing me, lady; you are killing me." Enrique comes in and wants to know if there is anything he can do. Thorne asks if he has ever had a dream where you reach out and it feels so real, and then when you go to pull it in, it disappears. Thorne says he was so sure about this woman. Enrique suggests that they go out and bring Claudia with them. Thorne tells him it isn't going to happen for him and Claudia, and suggests that Enrique go after her himself, since he knows how he feels about her.

Back at Spectra, Clarke is still dishing out the dirt; he tells Sally that Grant and Connor Davis drew up some papers that put Grant in charge of the company, and they want to take Brooke out of the nest. Sally says that Brooke may be married to Grant, but her loyalty belongs to Forrester and she will never sign those papers.

Grant gives it his best shot and explains his actions to Brooke; "Darling, after everything is said and done, I am your husband. And I can't go on this way, watching you suffer and feeling your pain. That is why I have to get you out of here, even if it is only temporary. You are dying here, Brooke and I can't stand it. For your sake, the kids' sake and your family- take some time off. Sign the paper, I can handle the company."

Just then Ridge walks in and wants to know what is going on. Why do you need a lawyer he insists and then grabs the papers off Brooke's desk. He says to Grant," Oh no, no way, no damn way!"

Out on the beach, Taylor is lighting some more lanterns and says that everything is perfect - but Ridge is a little bit late. She then gets a phone call from Thorne trying to tell her something (he knows that Ridge is still in the office and in a meeting with Brooke when he should have been at the beach already, since he saw Ridge's car and spoke to Megan), but Taylor cuts him off. Taylor talks to herself and hopes Ridge will please not do this, and that any minute he will be there. She thinks that maybe Ridge went to get a minister and draws in the sand while she is waiting. It is going to be a long night for poor Taylor.

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Week of 2/24/97 - 2/28/97

At the mansion, Lauren visits Stephanie for a glass of wine. Stephanie is happy; she has good news to report. Ridge and Taylor are having a romantic supper on the beach. They are setting a wedding date!!

Out on the beach, the candles and lanterns are all glowing in the darkness. Taylor is waiting on the beach blanket for Ridge. She is becoming worried. Ridge is late. Where are you, Ridge?

In Brooke's office, Ridge faces Brooke, Grant, and Connor Davis. He swears he will not allow Brooke to sign over the company to her husband. "Over my dead body," he declares, which sounds good to Grant. Ridge is his arrogant self as he tells Grant that he will never be in charge of this company. Brooke tries to convince him that Grant is just being thoughtful. Ridge is not buying it; Grant only wants the company for himself and he will run it into the ground. Ridge is concerned for the company while Brooke is sure that Grant is doing this for her and her feelings. There is a phone call. Brooke will speak to the caller but Ridge takes the phone out of her hands and informs Megan that they are not to be disturbed--by anyone. "You are so arrogant," Grant accuses; "And you are a clown," counters Ridge.

Meanwhile, in his own office, Thorne is pacing the floor. Enrique enters with business papers but Thorne cannot handle it at the moment. He cannot believe that Ridge is doing it again. He is supposed to be with Taylor making wedding plans and instead he is in with Brooke. He was supposed to be there 20 minutes ago.

Taylor is also pacing, out on the beach. She is thinking of excuses for Ridge not being there or not calling---his cellular isn't working, traffic is heavy, or he has been in an accident. There has to be a reason he is late! Taylor uses her cell phone to call the office. Megan confirms that Ridge is still at Forrester; as a matter of fact, he is in with Brooke. Taylor wishes to speak to him, but Megan will not put her through to him. Taylor is insistent but Megan is firm: Ridge instructed her not to put anyone through. They do not want to be disturbed! Fine, Taylor tells her, don't bother. She hangs up and is very disappointed. How could Ridge be with Brooke when he had a date with her?

"I want an answer, Brooke," Ridge demands. "Are you going to turn over the company that my parents built from the ground up to this man?" Grant wants to call security; Connor tries to reason with Ridge. Brooke needs some time off; working here lately has been very hard on her. She is going through a very difficult period and she needs a break. Brooke admits that Connor is making sense. Ridge demands to speak with Brooke alone. Brooke agrees. As soon as the other men are out of the office, Brooke informs Ridge that he has two minutes.

Up at the mansion, Stephanie continues to pour out her heart and feelings about Eric. But she is afraid--afraid to let her feelings be known and possibly have it blow up in her face. But she still dreams that she and Eric would come together again, that she could feel the love and passion that they once knew. Lauren encourages her. Eric cannot help but love her. All she needs to do is go after what she wants. Shortly after, Stephanie is day dreaming as Eric enters, dressed to kill. I was just thinking about you, Stephanie says. They are having a pre-celebration of Ridge and Taylor. Maybe they will be married tomorrow, Eric says. Eric invites Stephanie out to dinner. He tells her to go upstairs and put on a party dress; he is going to show her a good time tonight. The conversation leaves Ridge and Taylor, and comes around to Eric. Stephanie is unsure of herself where Eric is concerned, although she still loves him.

Out on the beach, Taylor pops the cork on the champagne and pours herself a hefty glass. She is a fool; she is a stupid, trusting fool sitting out here on the beach waiting for a man to come sweep her off her feet. And where is he? He is with Brooke. "He has done it to me again, but I am through, Ridge, I am through." She has another glass of champagne as she fights back the tears.

Ridge takes advantage of his two minutes, and tells Brooke that this is not the way to do this. Then how should they do it, she wants to know. Grant is just taking advantage of you, he insists. But Brooke says that it is very sweet of Grant to be concerned for her. There is more to it, insists Ridge. So, Brooke says, I am doing this to get back at you, is that what you think? Ridge agrees that that is a big part of it. He thinks it is a bad business move. Brooke reminds him that Grant only wants to help her out because she is under such pressure at work lately. Then turn it over to me, invites Ridge. But that would only alienate her husband, Brooke points out. She then tells him that she will make her decision in due time and when she does, it will be based on the good of her family and herself. That puts an end to the discussion. She asks about Taylor. Ridge notices that he is late for their date and rushes out.

Taylor heads for the house, a bottle in one hand and a lantern in the other. She is now drinking from the bottle and it is almost empty. She begins to cry. She stumbles up the steps with the lantern. She enters the house and trips. As she falls, she drops the lantern. Flames surround her as she lays unconscious on the floor.

At the Cafe Russe, Stephanie and Eric are out for their night on the town. Stephanie makes a remark that they are there because Eric feels sorry for her. But Eric responds that isn't so, and asks, "Is it so difficult for you to believe that I want to spend an evening with you?"

Stephanie confronts him about dating someone that has caught his eye. She apologizes for putting him on the spot, but Eric confesses that yes, he has been seeing someone else, but not anymore; the other woman broke it off. He then tells his ex-wife, "Well, it has given me a lot to think about, like family. Maybe I am at the point in my life where I don't want to have to deal with relationship issues. I have too much to accomplish before I am finished here. You and I speak the same language. When you stay together as long as you and I have, there is a lot to treasure. I don't think many people realize it is not just the stability to have somebody to rely on, but it is the awareness that somebody knows what you are feeling and what you are going through every minute." Then Stephanie wants to dance and they hit the dance floor for a slow number. Meanwhile, Lauren Fenmore is sitting at the bar alone tonight, having a glass of wine. She spots the Forresters on the dance floor and the tears start to pile up in her eyes.

Over at Forrester, Megan stops Ridge as he is leaving and tells him that Taylor called and sounded quite upset. Ridge is annoyed that she didn't put the call through to Brooke's office, but Megan reminds him that he didn't want to be disturbed. So now Ridge is really late for his romantic dinner on the beach with Taylor as he runs off.

Taylor is lying unconscious on the floor of her house, with flames all around her, and her clothes are burning. Thorne comes running up, calling out her name, and he runs inside. He throws something over Taylor and carries her outside. He then runs back and calls an ambulance and uses a fire extinguisher to stop the fire. The ambulance arrives and the paramedics say that Taylor is in her late 20's as they call the hospital, and she has burns to her face and upper body, with a concussion due to a possible fall. She is also in severe shock. The ambulance and Thorne leave.

Ridge finally makes it to the spot on the beach where he was supposed to have his picnic with Taylor. She isn't there so he heads over to the house. He spots the firefighters going through stuff and finds out that the paramedics took a burn victim away. Ridge knows she is in the hospital, but is not sure which one in L.A.

At the hospital, Thorne wants to find out how Taylor is from a nurse. The doctor comes out and says that Taylor has burns on part of her face, arms, and legs. If she hadn't been discovered when she was, she would be dead. The doctor says that Taylor is not awake yet but lets him go in and see her. Thorne walks into the room and starts to cry with his bottom lip trembling. He walks over to her and says "God, oh no," at the sight of the burns. Taylor begins to stir, and he tells her, "It is okay. You are going to be fine. I am right here." Taylor wakes up and wants to know where she is; she remarks that everything hurts her and she is thirsty. Then she wants to know how she got there and if she was alone when it happened.

At the mansion, Stephanie thanks Eric for the loveliest evening she has spent in months. They kiss and Eric says goodnight and leaves. The phone rings and it is Ridge. He calls his mother to tell her about the fire, and that he has no idea what hospital the ambulance took Taylor to. He tells Mommy that he has a bad feeling about this.........

Brooke is pacing around her house thinking about what Thorne had told her- that he believes Ridge will be a free man very, very soon, and that she and Ridge belong together. Brooke then picks up a photo of her and Grant at their wedding and says aloud, "But that isn't going to happen. I have got to move on." Just then, Grant gets home and assumes Brooke had a long day due to the meeting with Connor Davis. He wants tonight to be soothing, calm, and romantic. So then he starts to give Brooke a massage and then kisses her neck. Brooke wants to get up, but he goes back to massaging and then unzips her shirt in the back. Grant is kissing Brooke's shoulders as Brooke again hears in her head the voice of Thorne, saying how Ridge is going to be a free man soon. She tells Grant that she is sorry; it isn't him and that she is not in the mood.

Grant replies, "Oh. I think we both know why. Brooke, you know this isn't fair, don't you? It is not fair to me, not fair to you. Life is way to short to live in the past. Just let Ridge go. Now you can do that, can't you?" Brooke doesn't actually reply to that question and says she wants to go and lie down for a while. Grant tells himself that he is going to keep trying and do whatever it takes.

At the mansion, Claudia is fixing a cup of coffee for Stephanie, to help calm her down after the news of the fire at the beach house. Stephanie confides that Taylor is like a daughter to her and Claudia reminds her to think positive. "It doesn't make any sense. Where was Ridge? Why wasn't he with her?" questions Stephanie.

Claudia says it doesn't make sense, and that something must have gone wrong with their plans. Stephanie wonders what could possibly have kept Ridge from meeting Taylor - he has seemed so committed to Taylor these past weeks. "Thank god somebody was there when the fire broke. Must have been a neighbor, or....."; but before Stephanie could finish her sentence, Claudia says Thorne. Stephanie tells Claudia she has no idea what it would do to this family if Thorne was there when the fire broke out. " Lets just hope that Taylor is going to be all right," she says.

Meanwhile, Ridge is still at the beach house; he is calling hospital after hospital to search for Taylor, with no luck. "Oh Taylor, where in God's name can you be?" he cries. Finally he finds out that she has been admitted to Santa Monica General, and is on the way there.

Thorne is still at Taylor's side, and reminds her about the fire and where she is. Taylor begins to recollect her ordeal, and says, "Everything hurts. I am scared. I am so scared. How did this happen? I was waiting for Ridge on the beach. We were going to have a picnic. It was a beautiful evening. I had a picnic basket, and champagne, and lanterns. I was worried about Ridge; it was getting late, so I called his office and I talked to Megan. Ridge was in a meeting with Brooke." She repeats it again, the pain in her voice evident; "He was with Brooke. Ridge was with Brooke. Megan told me. She said that Ridge made it very clear that he didn't want to be disturbed. He promised me he wouldn't be late. This whole thing was his idea. He even said that he would bring a minister with him." She starts to cry, and continues, "I don't understand. I don't understand how he could do this. How could he meet with Brooke and then forget me? He doesn't care. He just doesn't care."

Thorne is listening to this and wants to know what happened next, after she found out his brother was with Brooke. Taylor continues, "I opened the champagne and I was drinking it. I figured Ridge wasn't ever going to show up so I packed up everything and I headed towards the house." As she gets to that point, Taylor continues to try putting the pieces together, but she realizes, "I cant remember -everything goes blank."

Thorne picks it up here and guesses, "Want me to tell you what I think happened? You were emotional. The alcohol had gotten to you. You slipped, fell and dropped a lantern and..............." "Set fire to my house and myself," says Taylor, still hysterically crying. But Thorne wont hear it," Because of my damn brother. How could he do this to you? You are in the hospital thanks to Ridge. The only thing I ever wanted was to see you happy."

Taylor continues to cry and says," I was ready to give my life to Ridge. He was too busy with Brooke. Nothing has changed. I have led my life like this for years. Waiting for Ridge, being let down, being disappointed - do you have any idea how that hurts, Thorne? Maybe I have finally hit rock bottom. How much more of this can I take? How much more pain and heartache. I could have been killed in that fire, if you hadn't been there. Maybe it is a sign. I cant do it anymore." Taylor looks at the huge rock on her engagement ring and asks Thorne to take it off her hand. He is unsure, and she says, "Thorne, take it off ,and give it back to Ridge. "

Thorne leaves because the nurse wants Taylor to rest, but he assures Taylor he will be right outside if she needs him. As he leaves the room, Ridge finally gets to the hospital; he sees Thorne and asks him what the hell he is doing there. Thorne tells him that Taylor is here, but Ridge isn't going to see her...............

At the Warwick home, James is in the kitchen pouring himself a glass of red wine . While doing so, he spots a baby book on the table. He walks over and picks it up and says aloud, "A father- I cant believe that I am actually going to be a father." He thought he was alone, but of course Sheila was standing in the doorway listening. Sheila walks in, and they have a nice conversation about the baby and their day.

Sheila comments, "You are going to be an incredible father." She sees the glass of wine in James' hand, but makes sure he knows she doesn't want any - although she admits she would love to see the look on Maggie's face if she walked in and saw Sheila even holding the wine. James tells Sheila that Maggie is due back from London tomorrow, and she is only doing what she believes is best for the child. Sheila says that she has a surprise for James and they are going to watch a movie. She walks over to the VCR and picks up a video tape.

James wants to know what is on the tape. Sheila responds, "You will see" and is all smiles. "Don't you like surprises? I would never lead you on or do anything like that. Are you hungry? I was thinking we could have a little popcorn. What's a movie without popcorn?" But James is not amused and wants to get on with it already. Sheila lowers the lights and it is showtime.

At the hospital, Thorne and Ridge are talking to the doctor - or rather, they are fighting about Ridge seeing Taylor, and the doctor breaks them up. The doctor says that Taylor is doing very well considering that she was in a fire and has been burned. She has first and second degree burns on her arms, legs, and face. The doctor tells them that yes, it can be painful, but these types of burns are usually not serious unless they are quite large or become infected. They will know the full extent of the damage later when they remove the bandages. She continues to assure Ridge that Taylor has been given pain medication for the burns and she is a very lucky lady; Taylor most certainly would have been killed if it wasn't for his brother Thorne. Ridge glares at his brother when the doctor says that. The doctor points out, "You both care for Dr. Hayes a great deal. She is fortunate to have such caring friends." But of course Ridge has to make it known that Taylor is much more than his *** friend ***, she is his *** fiancee ***. The doctor leaves and Ridge turns to his little brother and asks, "So what happened, Thorne?"

Thorne is annoyed and explains," Taylor was down at the beach, Ridge. She brought the champagne and a few lanterns, just like you told her. Always good at laying on the romance aren't you? She waited figuring if you really wanted to marry her the least you could have done was show up on time. But you didn't, did you?!?!?!?!?!"

Ridge tells Thorne that yes, he was late, but it couldn't be helped. " You broke her heart Ridge. You don't understand a thing. She started drinking because of you. She wasn't herself Ridge; she was depressed. Taylor was blown off once again by her fiancee." lectures Thorne

Maggie has stopped by to pick up her car (which she left at the mansion before heading to London), and stops in to see Lauren at the guest house, to find out what has happened while she was away. Maggie tells Lauren that James thinks she will be arriving home tomorrow. Lauren wonders if that is a good idea, keeping her return a surprise; she says that Sheila is not harmless and you can't be too careful around her. But Maggie responds that she can't let Sheila Carter get to her anymore; and besides, she believes in her husband, James. "This is not about trusting James," says Lauren, "this is about a woman who will do anything to get what she wants - and she wants your husband." Maggie is still undeterred, and Lauren says to her, "Well, good luck." Maggie says thanks for the luck, but they aren't going to need it, because she and James have each other. She leaves and heads for home.

James is in shock at the video Sheila shows him - an ultrasound of their baby - on the television and wants to know where Sheila got it. He thinks it is totally unbelievable. James and Sheila are having a bonding moment, and unknown to both of them, Maggie has just arrived home. She is totally in shock as they sit there holding hands and talking about the baby.

Thorne tells his big brother that Taylor practically finished off the whole bottle of champagne herself. "Okay; she was a little tipsy. So what does that have to do with it?" asks Ridge. "After she gave up on you; she went back to the house, Ridge. She was emotional and intoxicated. She walked in the front door lantern in hand. She fell, hit her head on the floor and she passed out." continues Thorne. "Oh my God! Are you telling me that she accidentally set herself on fire?!?!' Ridge yells.

"YES. All because of you, Ridge. If you had only been there for Taylor - but then again you have never been. You don't know how," Thorne accuses. Ridge responds," Oh shut your mouth. The truth is I love Taylor. It kills me to think of what she is going through." Thorne thinks all his brother is feeling is guilt. But Ridge insists that he has no idea of what he is talking about.

Thorne continues, "I know more than you think. I know why you were late, why you couldn't make it to Taylor's on time." Ridges says he had a meeting, and Thorne counters, "Yes, you did have a meeting and we all know who that meeting was with. You were with Brooke, Ridge - and Taylor knows it!" "You little bastard! You want to know what I was doing in Brooke's office? Oh forget it. I don't need to explain myself to you. You are talking to me about love? You have some high school crush on Taylor. Are you an expert or something?" yells Ridge.

Thorne gets right down to the point with his brother and explains, "Ridge, she doesn't want to see you. So get the hell out of here. You and Taylor are finished. It is over Ridge." Ridge refuses, and then Thorne takes something out. "Does this look familiar?" he asks, as he holds up Taylor's engagement ring. He instructs his brother, "Take it back. She doesn't want it anymore. She is through with you, Ridge!" Thorne drops the ring on the floor and walks away. Ridge picks it up in shock and swallows hard.

In Clarke's office at Spectra, Darla, Macy and C.J. help prepare for Lauren's arrival, as Sally and Clarke look on. They've got to make a positive impression on Lauren if they want her to come over to Spectra, Sally points out - and seeing what her team has done, she thinks they've got a good shot at it. Clarke approves as well, but reminds Sally of one little fact; Lauren has not said she will sign with them yet. Sally is undeterred, and tells her ex-husband not to worry - she's confident Lauren will be working with them very soon.

Outside the office, Lauren is waiting by the door - she stops for a moment and realizes the moment of truth is here. The only question is, can she go through with it. She reaches for the door - and as it opens, Clarke is there to greet her.

Over at Forrester, Eric asks Megan to track the missing Ridge down, as he begins a design staff meeting. Megan makes her exit as Eric begins. Present for the meeting are Grant and Enrique - and as Eric suggests they get down to business, Grant has a question: if this is a meeting of the design staff, then why is Enrique there? That, Eric replies, is the first order of business. He is pleased to announce that, because he is impressed with Enrique's talent and abilities so far, he is adding Enrique to the design staff, effective immediately.

Grant, of course, is stunned, and can't believe Eric would make this decision. Eric tells him his mind is made up - and then informs Grant that he will be the one who will be responsible for training Enrique. Grant can't believe this, and disapproves of everything that has been happening lately. First, Eric criticizes his sketches and makes changes which Grant feels are unnecessary, and now he's saddling him with Enrique - he is not going to take this. Grant storms out of the meeting.

At the Warwick home, Maggie wakes up, and comes downstairs, ready to prepare breakfast for her hubby and their houseguest - but she is stunned to find out there is no need. Sheila has already made breakfast for James, who is eating away. Sheila offers to make something for Maggie as well, but Maggie says that isn't necessary. James, meanwhile, has to rush off to work, so he bids his blushing bride and the mother of his child goodbye.

With James gone, Sheila and Maggie start to chat, and Sheila notes how James is becoming extremely comfortable around her lately. In fact, he really seemed comfortable when they were watching the tape of the ultrasound the night before. Maggie informs Sheila that she was witness to that little scene, and warns Sheila she shouldn't get any ideas because of it. Lay off the wifely act, Maggie advises Sheila. Sheila says Maggie sounds threatened, and points out an irony to Maggie - that she didn't have to manipulate James, even though Maggie hoped she would. Maggie reminds Sheila she is out once the baby is born, but Sheila says things have changed - and Maggie reminds her that it'll come down to a choice between them by James. Maggie leaves the room, and Sheila says to herself - "All right, Maggie, if that's the way you want it!"

Clarke and Sally begin their little meeting by explaining to Lauren that they have been putting their heads together about this proposal. They turn to Macy, who suggests Lauren hold a press conference at a major hotel, followed by a marketing blitz, to herald her arrival at Spectra. Lauren asks why they should use a hotel, and Macy politely reminds her that, once she signs with them, she won't exactly be able to use the rooms at Forrester to hold the conference. Lauren understands, and then Sally breaks out the contracts that will make the deal official.

Lauren looks over the contracts - but as she picks up the pen, says she can't do it. She still has reservations, she explains, and has not completely made up her mind. Sally offers Lauren Clarke's office, where she can relax and think over the contracts.

In Grant's office Enrique looks over Grant's shoulder, making suggestions on his designs. Grant tells him to knock it off and remember his position - he's there to learn FROM Grant, not to teach him. Enrique tells Grant to make the best of their working relationship - and Grant reminds him of who his wife is. Enrique notes that it is interesting that Grant should bring that up; here Grant is, with the prize he kept bragging about - his marriage to Brooke. Yet, even though he has the prize, Grant is still a loser, Enrique suggests. Grant tells Enrique he'll show him a loser - and tells him that things aren't over with the Forresters. Enrique asks what that means, and wonders if Grant is planning something. Grant says he can't work this way - he instructs Enrique to back off as he storms out of the office.

In his office, Eric fantasizes about Lauren - with them celebrating her designs on the runway. In the dream, Eric is so proud of Lauren, now that her designs have finally made it to the big time - and he tells Lauren he has a surprise for her, and takes out an engagement ring. Eric proposes. At the same time Eric is daydreaming about Lauren, Lauren thinks about Eric. She starts crying. Clarke comes in and asks if she has made a decision. Clarke suspects Lauren has Eric on her mind, and offers to help put him out of her mind - professionally or otherwise. Clarke then points out the potential a Fenmore/Spectra alliance has, and asks her to trust him. Clarke's words convince Lauren, and she agrees to come aboard at Spectra.

Megan tells Eric that Ridge has called from the hospital - and tells him that Taylor has been in a serious fire. That's all Eric needs to hear, and he rushes to the hospital. Grant walks in and tries to talk to Eric, but Eric can't talk. He rushes past Grant. Grant is frustrated that none of the Forresters are around - and insists he's had it. It's time for him to make this company "mine - all mine!"

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