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January, 1997

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Week of 1/6/96 - 1/10/96

Over at Spectra, Sally is reading a wedding announcement of Brooke and Grant in the rag papers to Darla, and they discuss how unbelievable this whole thing is. Talking about the weddings, it turns out that both Clarke and Macy are out doing their own thing for the upcoming Forrester weddings, instead of being at work. Mentioning Macy makes Darla say how upset she is about what Macy is going through. Sally tells Darla that this whole thing with Macy and Thorne will not last and they will have patched up the whole misunderstanding by the end of this evening.

Meanwhile, over at the Beach House, Clarke is lending support to his new best buddy, Grant, on the day of his wedding. Clarke says to the groom to be, "You know Ridge has to be eating his heart out right now. So how does it feel to be the guy to trim that peacocks feathers?" Grant admits to Clarke that he hasn't even given that any thought, which Clarke cannot believe. Clarke explains, "This wedding, you are a genius! You are delivering a knock out blow to Ridge's heavy ego." With all that, how can Grant not be thinking of the impact he's having. Grant says it's easy, because nailing Ridge is not what's important to him at the moment. "Geez, Grant it sounds like you are taking this thing seriously," Clarke remarks. Grant responds, "I want to make Brooke my wife because I care about her and want to make her happy." Clarke wishes Grant well on his marriage to Brooke.

At the mansion, Stephanie is having a pre-wedding party out by the pool. Thorne introduces his mother to Enrique, who is attending with Michael. As Stephanie goes to tend to her other guests, Enrique remarks how calm Stephanie is, with everything that is going on. Thorne tells Enrique that his mother never wanted Ridge to marry Brooke; she always wanted him to be with Taylor. But if she thinks that's going to make Ridge's feelings for Brooke go away, she's deluding herself - and so is Ridge.

Eric flirts with Lauren (who is wearing this black dress and is practically falling out of the top) and offers to bring her a drink. Stephanie comes over and asks Lauren if she found out who her mystery admirer is, but is interrupted by the arrival of the happy couple before she gets an answer.

Macy comes to the party even though Thorne hasn't been talking to her. Thorne is surprised that she is there. Stephanie welcomes Macy, and says she's so glad Macy is feeling well enough to join in the fun. After Stephanie walks away, Thorne admits he told everyone she was sick, so as not to burden them with their problems. Macy understands, and tells him that she wanted to be there for him because she knows how he feels about Ridge marrying Taylor, and she asks if they can please put the Claudia issue aside for one day. Thorne acts really distant and like a total ass, so Macy leaves.

Ridge asks Michael, whose thoughts are on Brooke and Grant, how she is holding up. He tells her that she is much better off with out Grant. Ridge then ends up walking behind some bushes and re-reads the letter that Brooke wrote him. Thorne finds him and states," What are you going to do big brother? You are running out of time."

Over at Brooke's house, Beth wants to know if her daughter is sure of what she is doing. "I cant let you do this. Brooke Logan; don't tell me you have no choice in this. You do. Maybe I should try to talk to Ridge. Please don't rush into this. You are no where ready to marry this man." pleads Beth. Beth looks to Katie for support, but Katie thinks she might agree with her sister. Brooke explains to her mother that talking to Ridge isn't necessary; Ridge is confused and torn, and he isn't going to let her marry anybody else. But what if he doesn't, Beth asks - Brooke doesn't love Grant. Brooke reminds Beth that she too chose a man who was not her first choice when she married her father. Beth says there was a difference - she did love Steven, but can the same be said about Brooke's feelings for Grant? Brooke says that Grant is very special to her and he is funny, kind and supportive.

As he comes through the door, Grant overhears part of the conversation when Beth was trying to talk Brooke out of marrying him. He tells his future mother in law, "I have so much respect for your daughter. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to make her happy." So with that the happy couple leaves for the marina.

Shortly after, a white stretch limo with the bride and groom arrives at the marina. The captain and the first mate of the boat meet them. Grant tells the captain that their sailing destination is a surprise for his bride. So with that they walk the deck to the ship to begin their voyage. But Brooke stalls and looks down the road to see if by some chance her knight in shining armor is there.

Thorne tries to talk to his brother, who has just read Brooke's letter again, and says, "Taylor is a terrific woman, but she deserves someone to give her everything he has got - which you can't, not when you still have feelings for Brooke. What are you gonna do big brother? You are gonna run out of time." Before ridge can answer, Maggie hunts down her nephews and brings them back to the party to hear Taylor make an announcement. Taylor asks Stephanie to be her matron of honor. Stephanie accepts, and Ridge, not to be outdone, asks Thorne to stand up for him tomorrow. Thorne also accepts, but somewhat reluctantly - something Stephanie notices.

James and Maggie are chatting with Stephanie and Ridge when they make a comment about the wonderful weather and how it is going to be a beautiful sunset tonight. "You are right. And I am going to really enjoy this particular sunset," replies Stephanie.

Eric makes a toast about family to his son and bride to be. Taylor then gushes all over the man she loves and thanks everyone for welcoming her back into the family.

Meanwhile Ridge goes back into the house and is alone and re-reading the letter from Brooke. He is pouring himself a drink and Thorne walks in. Thorne tells his brother, "Well I guess that is it; you are really not in love Brooke, are you? I was wrong. I am sorry. I thought you were making a huge mistake. I couldn't believe that you would turn your back on her after all that you have been through." Ridge replies that he does care about Brooke. " It's not right," he shouts. "She can not marry that guy! I don't know what the hell I was thinking about! Give me the keys to your car!" Thorne insists on driving

Back at Brooke's Beth is worried that Brooke is about to be marrying a man she barely knows, and certainly doesn't love, and that she could be ruining her life. She thinks that Grant seems like a very nice man but he is not the man that Brooke loves. Katie believes that Ridge will figure out after all of these years, and all he and Brooke have been through, that they are meant to be together. She thinks that love will conquer all.

Brooke and Grant board the good ship LEGEND and go to the bow, where the ceremony will be taking place. But Brooke is looking off in the marina parking lot hoping that she will see Ridge's car and that he will stop the wedding. They then go down to their stateroom, where Grant reveals to Brooke, "I know you aren't excited about this wedding. It is going to happen unless you want to stop it. And I think by now you are starting to have your own doubts. Sweetheart, we don't have to go through with it if you don't want to. But if we do, I will be the best damn husband who ever walked the face of the earth. And I will do whatever it takes to make you happy." Brooke wants to know, since he knows how she feels, if Grant still wants her. Grant tells her that he loves her and she goes to get dressed. Brooke comes out and is wearing a two piece white sequined suit with her hair pulled back in flowers. She looks stunning according to the groom. They go up on deck. Brooke tells the first mate that she isn't ready to leave yet. But then the captain tells her they are already running late. They start the engines and Brooke goes to the stern of the boat looking off into the horizon for her knight in shining armor.

At the mansion, Taylor returns from bringing her father home, and searches for Ridge, who is nowhere around. Stephanie walks in and they think they maybe the two Forrester boys went out for a drink to celebrate. Stephanie comments on how it will be sunset soon and then Grant and Brooke will become husband and wife. Taylor hears a door close and assumes it is Ridge; but it is only her soon to be father in law, who again says how glad he is to have Taylor back among his family. Eric sees how Taylor seems worried, and he and Stephanie do their best to try and calm her fears. Savor the moment, they explain to Taylor, because of how happy this is going to be for her.

Taylor leaves to spend the night at the Beach House in her own bed. Stephanie comments to Eric that it is a beautiful sunset. Eric wants to know if Stephanie thinks that Ridge went off to find Brooke. "The thought has crossed my mind that Ridge will end up at the marina. God I hope he doesn't do something foolish," she replies.

Meanwhile, Thorne and Ridge speed along the L.A. Freeway in Thorne's black Mercedes - as Ridge puts it, "to stop Brooke from making the biggest mistake of her life" Of course they encounter car problems when the check engine light comes on - the same problem that Thorne had on Christmas day. Ridge tells his brother to pull over. He gets out of the car with his leather jacket and stops some motorist on a motorcycle. He tells him that he has an emergency and his brother will write him a check for twice what he paid for the bike. The biker recognizes Ridge from the papers as the guy who is getting married soon, and Ridge says that's correct - and his need for the bike has to do with wedding plans, he explains. The biker agrees. Ridge gets on the bike and rides off into the sunset, to get to the marina on time before it is too late. Thorne wishes Ridge luck as the elder brother zooms off.

Aboard the Legend, the crew is getting ready to take off. Brooke tells Grant she has an upset stomach and needs a few minutes to stall. She goes down to the stateroom and says to herself while sitting on the bed, "Please, Ridge, you have to come. Our life, everything that we were destined to share. You cant just let it slip away." Brooke thinks back to their fairy tale castle "wedding" on the beach. She continues talking to herself, "We were so close. If you would just come, we could have it for real this time. You wont let me marry Grant because you love me; and you have always loved me. Just like I have always loved you."

Brooke is startled when the engines start. Grant comes down to get her and pleads, "Well, I am sorry. I know that you were hoping that Ridge was going to show up at the last minute to save the day, but that is not going to happen. So you are just going to have to accept that. Come on, Brooke, lets go on deck." Brooke goes up on the deck but keeps looking to see if Ridge is in sight.

The good ship "Legend" casts off with Brooke and Grant at the bow. At the same time, Ridge has made it to the marina and runs down to the pier. On the boat, Grant says, "Brooke I know this isn't the way you wanted things to turn out.. But I care for you and in time you will find it in your heart to care for me too." Ridge is at the end of the pier and yells, "BROOKE, DONT GO!!!" Brooke asks, "Did you hear that? I heard something, Grant." Grant insists that it is only the fog horn. So the ship is sailing out to sea, and Ridge is standing alone on the dock, looking very disappointed.

At Forrester, Michael is with Eric, discussing various items of Forrester business. Eric asks her if she is going to have a problem working with Grant. Michael, however, doesn't want to dwell on it, and instead wants to just move on. They wrap things up, and as she leaves, Michael informs Eric that Lauren isn't going to arrive for the meeting she has with him, because she went down to the gym - the steam room, to be specific. What is she doing there, Eric wonders.

Stephanie stops by the Beach House to see the blushing bride. Taylor and Stephanie start to talk about how glad they are that Brooke married Grant. "The only threat to my future with Ridge got married last night. Oh God, I just cant tell you how glad I am that this whole thing is over, that Brooke isn't hanging over my head. It was awful, I hated it. After all of these years I can wake up knowing that woman has no hold over Ridge. It is like a brand new life." exclaims Taylor. Stephanie leaves to do her matron of honor duties and Taylor continues to pack.

In the steam room at Forrester, Lauren is waiting for her new love interest. Eric comes in and asks what she is doing in his steam room. He tells her, "You knew that I would be coming down here - It is just the romance in the air. You and me, together in the steam room." They share a kiss. Eric continues," I did not expect this. It is so unlikely. We have been friends for a very long time." Lauren doesn't mind one bit as they share some more kisses. Then, Eric goes to lock the door so they can have some privacy, but another employee comes in. He tells the other girl to "have a good one" and leaves the passion behind him as he exits. Lauren has a wistful look on her face, since her romantic moment was interrupted.

Taylor is still packing her stuff at the beach house when Thorne stops by. Of course, he is there to fill in Taylor about his brother, so she doesn't make the mistake in marrying him or getting hurt. "Have you seen Ridge this morning?" he asks. "Taylor, look - maybe you want to sit down for this. There is a chance that Ridge is with Brooke."

The other employee leaves the steam room and Lauren believes that the person who now enters is Eric again- but surprise, it is Michael she is making the moves on !!!!!! A shocked Lauren says, "Michael Where is Eric?? Isn't he out there?" Michael tells her no, and Lauren replies, "Oh, he got tired of waiting." Michael can't believe it - Eric joined Lauren in the steam room? Lauren explains, "Yeah it is Eric. At least I think it is." The two women dish, and Michael seems surprised that Lauren is having trouble accepting this - isn't this the kind of spontaneity Lauren likes, she asks. Lauren explains, "Yes, but I like to call the shots. And I was caught off guard. And we have been friends for a very long time." Put those two facts together, and it's no wonder Lauren has to think about where this is headed.

Taylor, of course, is not happy to hear Thorne's news. "Look I know what you are thinking," Thorne responds. "You think I don't know what this day means to you?!?" Taylor reminds Thorne that Brooke married Grant last night. He asks her, "Do you know for sure that they were married last night? Have you called the marina?" Taylor says she hasn't, but what does that mean. Thorne explains, "You want to know the truth about Ridge and what he did last night? He went to Marina Del Rey, because that is where Brooke and Grant's boat was docked." In order to make sure that Taylor understands what was going on, he explains the details; "No he wasn't drunk; he was dead sober. He didn't want her to marry Grant." Taylor can't believe this, and asks if Thorne was there with Ridge when this happened. Thorne says he was not, and tells Taylor the story of how the car broke down, and how Ridge bought a motorcycle for fifty thousand dollars when he flagged down a guy on the highway. "He cared enough to want to stop her. I don't know what happened. The point is Taylor, he was committed to stopping Brooke. He was committed enough to pay fifty grand for a Harley."

Thorne then tells her about the letter Brooke wrote Ridge and how there was only one way to stop her from marrying Grant - the letter which indicated there was only one way to stop the wedding. If Ridge went there to stop the wedding, Thorne explains, Ridge knew full well what he had to do. Taylor is really upset, and lets Thorne hear how angry she is. "So he chose Brooke over me at the last minute, the night before his wedding? Do you see how ridiculous this story is? So please just get out!" No, Thorne says - he is not going to leave, because he is not going to allow this wedding to happen.

Sally has managed to make her way through the Forrester building, and into Stephanie's office once again. "Unbelievable, the wedding of the century is about to take place and the mother of the groom is still hard at work." states Sally. Stephanie tells her she doesn't want to be rude, but she was just heading out the door to go home and get changed for the wedding.

Sally gives Stephanie a present which is a gold shamrock on a chain and tells her, "It is guaranteed to give her the luck of the Irish"; not that Stephanie needs it, because she is on a roll, Sally explains. Still, Sally can't help noticing that Stephanie is tense, and guesses that it is because of Brooke. Stephanie laments how hard it is as a parent, knowing your children are making mistakes that will cost them, and Sally reminds Stephanie that deep down, she knows Ridge is over Brooke, so she should go home and change for what will be the wedding of the century.

At the mansion, Ridge comes in from his escapade last night of chasing down Brooke. Eric thinks that his son was at some wild bachelor party last night with Thorne. " I wasn't at a bachelor party, I went down to the marina to try and stop Brooke from marrying Grant." Eric is surprised and a little stunned, but Ridge explains that his actions were based in keeping Brooke from making a mistake by marrying a creep like Grant. Eric reminds Ridge that it's not his choice to make, and Ridge admits his dad is right - in fact, maybe Brooke deserves Grant, he guesses. That doesn't matter, Ridge states - he has a wedding to get ready for, and is as committed to his bride as ever.

Taylor is truly angry with Thorne, because of his statements about Ridge's love for Brooke. "I think you better go now, Thorne. I'm telling you right now that if it weren't for the fact that you are going to be my brother in law, I would never talk to you again either." Thorne pleads with Taylor to listen - he would never say these things if he didn't think they were true. Taylor asks, "You want me to believe what you are telling me?!?! That the night before our wedding, my fiancee goes down to the marina to stop a woman that he used to love from getting married? Oh no, if Ridge, were to do that - NO, he couldn't do it, he **WOULDN'T** do that!'" Thorne continues to make his point by bringing up the letter that Brooke wrote to Ridge, which said that the only way Ridge could stop her from marrying Grant was to commit to her and not Taylor. Thorne reminds Taylor that the existence of that note is a sign of Ridge's intentions; because of the note, Ridge knew the only way to stop Brooke was to marry her. So if Ridge wanted to stop the wedding, he knew full well that he couldn't do that and still marry Taylor. Thorne then tells the tear stricken Taylor that he had to tell her all of this stuff, because he cares about her and doesn't want her to get hurt in the end. He swears it's all true - and if it isn't, then Taylor has every right to hate him for what he's done today.

At Forrester, Michael is chatting away with Megan about the whole situation with Ridge and Grant. "It is tragic for all of the people; Grant, me, Taylor, everyone involved" explains Michael. She tells Megan that she isn't counting on Grant anymore. The phone rings and it is a desperate Claudia. She needs Michael to help her at the police station- she doesn't want to bother Thorne again because his brother is getting married today. In fact, Claudia insists that Thorne not be told.

Michael rushes down to Immigration, where she is interrogated by Tim Barlow, the agent who took Claudia in. Claudia is brought in, and she yells at Tim that he has no right to ask questions of Michael that way. She is free to leave now, so she intends to do just that. Tim agrees that she is free for now, but reminds Claudia of one thing - she has a deportation hearing in a week that will decide her fate, so she had best plan on being there.

Ridge asks his father where his best man is. Eric tells him that he went over to see Taylor. Ridge panics and calls the beach house to find out what kind of mess his little brother is getting him into. He calls Taylor and finds out Thorne is gone - and at Taylor's request, Ridge leaves to see her before the wedding.

Stephanie comes home and gets upset when she hears that Ridge went to see Taylor before the wedding. Eric tells her that Ridge tried to stop Brooke from getting married to Grant last night, but wasn't on time to meet the boat at the marina. "Thank god he missed the boat Oh, please God, let us just get Ridge and Taylor married tonight. Please," Stephanie prays. She then tells Eric that when this is all over and they get their son married they should take a vacation together; she could really use one. Eric looks puzzled, unsure what to make of the request.

Ridge arrives at the Beach House, chatting away about all of the stuff he has to do before the wedding in a few hours. Taylor only wants to know where he went last night. Ridge starts to tell the story his way, admitting that he went to the marina with Thorne; but Taylor interrupts, "No you didn't. You went to the marina yourself. I'll tell you what happened; you stopped some guy on a motorcycle and you paid him three times what it was worth so you could get to the marina on time before the sunset, because it was so important to you."

Ridge tells Taylor that he cares about Brooke and couldn't let her marry that loser Grant. That is all that there is to the story. "No, you knew you couldn't do that, not without making a commitment. You knew that because that is what she wrote in the letter that she left you - she loves you and you feel the same way." Ridge is stunned, and Taylor then asks, "Did you get there on time?????!!!?!?!?! Did you stop her?" Ridge admits he did not. "Well then, I AM SORRY, REALLY SORRY FOR YOU. I GUESS YOU JUST LOST THE ONE WOMAN THAT YOU EVER REALLY TRULY LOVED," cries Taylor. She sits down on the couch and continues to cry. Ridge is just standing there, saying nothing, but he is certainly shocked.

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Week of 1/13/97 - 1/17/97

At the beach house, Taylor and Ridge are still having their discussion about his little adventure last night on the motorcycle. "You know what the problem is here - Thorne, my best man. He comes over here and gets you all riled up. Taylor we already went over this." explains Ridge. Taylor, however, is not so easily accepting, and wants to know what Ridge did all night after the boat with Brooke sailed away- since it only left the marina around 6 or 7 P.M. Ridge tries to squirm his way out of this one; "Come on Doc, you know how it is- the night before a man's wedding he goes off and he thinks." Oh, Ridge was thinking all right, Taylor guesses - about Brooke, and stopping that wedding. "Oh ,my darling little brother he really did a number on you, didn't he?" Ridge asks. Taylor says Thorne is not the issue, but Ridge insists, "this has everything to do with Thorne. If he had kept his nose out of this, you wouldn't even be concerned about it. Taylor, look - Brooke did something very stupid. I just tried to stop her."

Taylor is livid and says, "Don't you see what you were doing by going down there - you were making a choice!?!" Ridge tells her that he wasn't making a choice, he just wanted to stop Brooke from marrying Chambers. "How would you have done that, Ridge? What lengths would you have gone to stop her from marrying Grant?" the Doctor angrily asks. "I don't have an answer, Taylor, I don't know what I was going to do. Somehow I would have stopped her from marrying Chambers." exclaims Ridge. He insists, "You weren't even an issue here. It is too late now because she is already married." Taylor can't believe that Ridge is trying to use this line of logic as an excuse for his actions - does he really expect her to just put aside her pride and marry him when it's clear she's not the only one with a hold on his heart? "I am marrying you. Please, lets go ahead with our wedding. I'll see you at the church," pleads Ridge.

"No, Ridge. there isn't going to be a wedding, not today." states Taylor. "What do you need me for? What do I bring to your life? I know I don't mean enough, not today anyway. I cant marry you like this. I am asking you to leave.............." She goes into the bedroom.

"THORNE!" says Ridge to himself, and he leaves the beach house.

At the Cortez home, Thorne promises Claudia and her family that he will get her the 'best damn immigration lawyer money will buy'. He continues to tell them that apparently a deal was made with the INS. Claudia was reported to immigration and in exchange the INS promised not to press charges against Forrester. Lucien asks who reported her, but immediately, Claudia knows that Macy is the one who reported her. Mrs. Cortez said that it is not Macy's political beliefs, but the fact that she feels threatened by her daughter. Lucien is furious that Thorne's wife has put their family in such jeopardy, and Thorne vows that he will help them fight back, to make up for what his wife has done.

Over at Lauren's, Lauren and Eric are talking, as he explains to her about Ridge's trip to the marina. She believes that Ridge would not have gone to any lengths to stop Brooke's wedding. "They have had their chance and they just let it pass by. There comes a time in life when you just have to move on." states Lauren. Eric thinks that after the wedding tonight they should escape to the big island for a weekend vacation together. Lauren asks him if he is ready to deal with the things people will say if they go - after all, a trip might bring everything out into the open. Eric answers her by bringing her close for a kiss.

Over at Spectra, Sally is chatting with Clarke about Brooke's sunset wedding last night, but Clarke isn't so sure there was a wedding. Sally asks him what he knows, and Clarke says, "Everybody knows that Brooke Logan has been after Ridge Forrester - and this one I am going to have to see to believe."

Macy comes in and tells them that Claudia is free until the deportation hearing. Clarke says someone probably vouched for her to guarantee that she would show up at the hearing - and of course, Macy guesses that would be Thorne. Clarke then advises Macy to maybe ease off a little, because she is playing right into Claudia's hands. Sally agrees that this is possible - but that doesn't solve the problem they have. They have to do something - the question is, what can they do?

Later, when Macy is alone and just getting ready to leave for the wedding; she gets a visit from Claudia. "Do you really think I am just going to let you walk out of here after what you did to me?" says Claudia. She has been sentenced to death, she explains, and Macy is the executioner, so Macy isn't going anywhere.

Claudia closes the door behind her as she enters the office and tells Macy, "I never made a move on your husband. You are so insecure. No; what you are is a frightened, jealous woman who will stop at nothing to get rid of me!" Macy responds that what she did had nothing to do with Thorne - it had to do with her responsibilities as a United States citizen. "Of course not - you were doing your duty," Claudia sarcastically replies. "No, Macy, that is not the real reason you turned me in. It is because I threaten you. Do you have any idea of what you have done to me?!? Do you know what will happen to me if I get sent back to my country? I will be executed." says Claudia.

"How dare you lay that on me? You could have gotten a VISA." Claudia insists that she tried, but the bureaucratic ways of the U.S. government kept it from happening. Macy then asks why Claudia never mentioned any of this at the interview Claudia had with her. "I am a woman, Claudia and I know how this works. You went over to Thorne's office and you sweet talked your way into getting a job. You saved the song and dance for my husband," exclaims Macy.

"Regardless of what you think of me, Macy, I am not a whore and I am not a tramp. Maybe one day your world will fall apart as mind did. And maybe then you will understand," states Claudia. She then leaves. Macy is exhausted from the conversation and sits down for a minute.

At the beach house, James is telling Taylor that it is not unusual for a bride and groom to have a fight on their wedding day due to all of the stress surrounding the big event. Taylor is hysterical and starts to ask," Why does he need HER?" James is wondering where all this talk is coming from, especially Taylor questioning that maybe she wanted Ridge too much. He asks, but Taylor replies, "James, it is so humiliating that I can't even mention it. I thought I was over Ridge and I opened my heart. I love him more than he realizes. I cant destroy myself over him. What am I going to do?" She leans on James' shoulder and starts to cry.

At the mansion, Stephanie and Jack are ready to leave in the limo to go and pick up the bride. They are chatting about how they have waited to see their children get back together for a long time, and Jack mentions he noticed Stephanie looking Eric's way at the rehearsal party. Stephanie turns the conversation back to the wedding, saying how their children will be happy again, and she points out how it is all of Brooke's fault Ridge and Taylor got divorced in the first place. Just then the phone rings and it is Taylor calling. Stephanie says they are on their way and should be there in 20 minutes.

Ridge slams the door to Thorne's office behind him and shouts, "YOU BASTARD! How could you do that?" Thorne points out that it was Ridge himself who did it by going down to the marina, and Ridge responds, "No, I didn't Thorne. And even if I did, what gave you the right to do that to me?!?" Thorne tries to convince Ridge he didn't do anything, and Ridge says, "You know damn well, don't give me that garbage. It was not your place, Thorne." Thorne starts quizzing his brother, but Ridge insists, "I don't owe you any answers, Thorne. You screwed me over ... I trusted you. How could you knife me in the back like that!?! You hate me that much that you had to ruin it for me and Taylor? Tell me how does it feel to betray your own brother?"

Thorne explains that he didn't betray Ridge. What else was he supposed to do? There was no way that he wouldn't let Taylor know what was going on. Taylor wanted to know what they did last night. Ridge wants to know why he had to go to the beach house, and why couldn't he just call over there if he was looking for the groom.

Thorne explains, "All I know is you were in a cold sweat to get to that marina. And I know what that letter said, Ridge - that if you didn't stop her she would sail off and marry Grant. And most significantly, I knew there was only one way you could stop her. She made that crystal clear. I did you a favor Ridge. I did you, Taylor, and Brooke a favor. Would you look at yourself?! Look at what you did last night running off to rescue Brooke - the night before your wedding. Damn it, Taylor had a right to know. you were making a huge mistake. I couldn't take it anymore. Your decision to marry Taylor was a bad one."

Ridge is angry that his little brother is making decisions about his life for him. He tells Thorne that he tore him and Taylor apart and that she canceled the wedding. No member of the family would do this to him; it is as if he is being cornered by an enemy. "You degrade Taylor, chasing Brooke around with your damn tongue hanging out! You don't deserve Taylor!!!!!" yells Thorne. With that Ridge grabs his brothers shirt and then belts him one in the eye. Ridge leaves as Thorne nurses his eye, lying on the floor.

Stephanie arrives at the beach house, and is surprised when she finds that Taylor is not ready to go. Taylor tells her that she is not going to the church and there isn't going to be a wedding tonight. " Stephanie three is only so much I can take. I cant ignore it anymore than you can. Why did he have to go after her? He is attached to Brooke. I cant marry him!!!!!" Stephanie tries to convince Taylor that Ridge loves her, but Taylor isn't listening. Stephanie then takes the crying young woman in her arms and gives her a hug.

Aboard the yacht, LEGEND, Brooke is lying around on the bed, moping and thinking about the kids in her sexy black bathing suit and cover-up. Grant comes down and they end up talking about the kids, and how Brooke hopes Grant will not rush things with them; after all, they expected her to marry Ridge. Grant says, "I just want you to know that I am going to do my best to be a real friend and father figure to those kids." He is not worried, he explains. "You see, kids, they have this great instinct that they know when someone is on their side. They will adjust to it the same way you will." Brooke points out she is trying to adjust, and Grant says, "I know you are trying Brooke. But I think that is the problem- maybe you are trying too hard. You should just relax. You have been through a lot of changes these past couple of days. Whatever you are feeling it is okay. The man that you loved and the man that you thought loved you let you down. So what are you feeling? You are scared, confused, and hurt. But most of all I think you are in shock." Brooke explains to Grant that she cant believe that Ridge actually married Taylor and went through with it.

Ridge walks through the mansion door and is attacked by Stephanie. She wants to know how he could do this to Taylor and what he was thinking when he went down to that marina last night. Taylor is heartbroken, she tells him. Ridge replies that the whole thing is just a misunderstanding. "I have not changed my mind about Taylor. She is just overreacting." Stephanie is not convinced - how is Taylor supposed to feel, knowing Ridge went chasing after Brooke. It's a moot point now, Ridge insists; he says, "Brooke and Grant are on their honeymoon, and thanks to my little brother, I am not. I simply care about Brooke and I didn't want to see her get hurt."

Stephanie is upset, and tells Ridge not to blame Thorne for his own bad judgment; she states," God forbid anybody should hurt little old Brooke. She has only stolen your father's company, slept with you while she was still married to him, and then cheated on you. But it is perfectly okay for you to go ahead and hurt Taylor...... Well you know what? You broke it, you fix it. You go over and talk to Taylor. " Ridge says he already tried that, and Stephanie responds, "Well, all you have given her are excuses, excuses, excuses. You make her understand that you were wrong. If you don't do that, you are going to lose her forever."

Grant tells Brooke that maybe they should do something to feel married, like what married people usually do. Of course Brooke doesn't want to consummate their marriage and Grant tells her that it is okay; he is her husband and sooner or later she is going to move on. He knows that all of this is a lot harder for his new wife than she thought it would be. Brooke replies," Ridge is the only man I have ever really loved." Grant can't help but react to that comment. Brooke continues, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that; you are a wonderful friend Grant. I'm just not sure that I can be the wife that you want me to be." All Grant asks is that she lets him love her his way. They kiss and then Brooke goes into the bathroom to get changed.

At the beach house, Taylor is looking at the wedding invitation and crying. Thorne stops by with a nice shiner on his right eye, thanks to his big brother. Taylor can't believe that Ridge would have hit Thorne. Thorne explains that he came over to find out how Taylor was doing. He knows that it is expected that Taylor wont find him to be one of her favorite people of late.

Taylor responds, "You gave me information that I had a right to know. I'm not upset. Actually I am grateful." Thorne says maybe he shouldn't have told her, but Taylor replies, "No, you were doing what you had to do, what you felt was right. Ridge was just angry with you and he will get over it." Thorne seems surprised - he finds it hard to believe that Taylor still has hope about Ridge after what has happened. She replies, "No, Thorne we still love each other - that hasn't changed. He needs a little more time to resolve his feelings for Brooke."

Thorne kisses Taylor on the cheek and wishes her all the best and leaves. Just then Grant calls his answering machine. He is totally shocked when Taylor answers the phone because she is supposed to be on her honeymoon. He finds out from her that Ridge tried to stop his wedding but was unsuccessful. Grant confirms to Taylor that he and Brooke are indeed married.

Ridge shows up at the door to apologize for the way he left things because he was upset earlier. Taylor tells him that Grant was just on the phone. Ridge immediately wants to know what he had to say and if they got married. Taylor wants to know why does it matter so much what he said.

Brooke enters the stateroom wearing white lingerie and tells her new husband that she never thought she would wear anything like this for anyone except for Ridge. Grant tries to tell her that he has something to say; but Brooke says that she trusts him and they sit down on the bed and kiss.

Taylor makes note of the way Ridge practically demanded to know if Brooke and Grant got married; why is it so important, she asks. Ridge again tries to downplay the issue, but Taylor thinks his attitude proves her point. Ridge's feelings are still divided between her and Brooke, she explains, and as long as they are, there cannot be a wedding.

Brooke and Grant are in bed, as he begins to make love to her, but Brooke seems hesitant and backs away. Grant asks her what's wrong, and she laments that she still can't get over what happened in the events that led to their wedding. She was so sure Ridge would come, so she can't get over the fact that he didn't. Grant reminds his bride that he loves her, and wants to do everything he possibly can to take care of her - if only she will let him. They could have it all, Grant reminds her - all it will take is Brooke letting him be the husband he knows he can be.

Thorne comes home and tries to quietly slip in, while Macy is sitting on the couch. She hears Thorne, however, and turns around; and she is stunned to see the black eye he is sporting. She asks Thorne how it happened, and he explains how the shiner was a gift from his big brother. "Way to go, Ridge," Macy sarcastically remarks. Thorne is taken aback by the comment; "Does this mean you're taking Ridge's side?" he asks. Macy replies that she is - after all, she knows as well as Ridge how difficult it is dealing with someone as stubborn as Thorne has been lately. And to make matters worse, she has another reason to be mad at Thorne - she was at the church for Ridge and Taylor's wedding, only to find out after a long period of waiting that there wasn't going to be a wedding when she called the mansion. Didn't Thorne think it was important enough to let her know?

Thorne fumbles an apology, saying he is more concerned about Ridge than with Macy at the moment, because his family is in crisis. Macy replies in disbelief, "And our marriage isn't in crisis?" She can't fathom how Thorne can say that - after all, the sorry state of their marriage is evident. As if they need proof, she points out, just look at the fact that she has not been able to get pregnant, despite all their trying. But Macy admits that she's actually relieved that she is not pregnant, since she would not want to bring a child into a chaotic marriage like this.

Thorne naturally disagrees with his wife. Macy asks why Thorne is fighting her when she is trying to save their marriage, and he blurts out, "because you're not the woman I married!"

Brooke has excused herself and has gone to the ladies' room. She looks in the mirror and laments how it is too late for her and Ridge now, so she has to move on. Trying to pull herself together, she repeats to herself, "I am Mrs. Grant Chambers," as if saying it will make it so. Meanwhile, back in the stateroom, Grant is upset about the way Ridge is ruining his honeymoon without even being there. And if Brooke were to find out that Ridge and Taylor did not wed, then things would be even worse. Grant thinks for a moment, and then picks up the phone. He calls Captain Harper and asks how he can heave his calls held. The captain gives Grant the instructions, which he quickly follows.

Taylor finally answers Ridge's question, and tells him that Brooke and Grant are now man and wife. Ridge is upset, but he explains to Taylor that is only because Brooke doesn't deserve a creep like Grant. "So who does she deserve? You?" Taylor asks. Ridge asks Taylor how she can run scared like this when he has repeatedly told her what she means to him. Taylor refuses to take the blame, and reminds Ridge it was not her actions that caused the wedding not to take place.

Ridge then offers to whisk Taylor away for an intimate private wedding, where he will prove to her just how much he wants her. Taylor says it can't happen - there can be no wedding until he faces his feelings for Brooke and gets over them. Ridge suggests maybe it isn't his feelings that are the problem, but Taylor's, and that she sees him trying to trap her into a loveless marriage. Ridge storms out of the Beach House.

Macy is stunned at Thorne's comment about her not being the same woman he married. She gets up and tells his she is going over to Spectra to see her mother - and she would like Thorne not to be there when she returns.

At the mansion, Ridge tries desperately to call the boat, so he can talk to Brooke, but he can't get through. As he is trying to get through, Thorne walks in the door and can't help overhearing. Ridge tells Thorne again how "grateful" he is for Thorne's interference. Making note of the phone call to the boat, Thorne says Ridge has just proven his point - if Ridge doesn't have feelings for Brooke, then why is he so anxious to get through to the boat? Ridge starts shouting at his brother again, and Thorne claims Ridge will thank him someday, for forcing Ridge to be honest with himself. As Thorne goes upstairs, Ridge notices Thorne has suitcases in his hand. When Thorne confirms he is moving in, Ridge takes joy in the fact that Thorne is feeling what it's like to be in a crumbling relationship now, as well.

A frustrated Grant is about to go on deck when Brooke asks him not to, and they embrace. They again head for the bed, but Brooke still cannot make love to him. Brooke apologizes again and excuses herself. Grant remarks how Brooke is still hung up on Ridge - "but not for long," he states, "not for long."

At the mansion, Taylor and Stephanie are having coffee and a "heart to heart." Taylor relates how the last conversation went with Ridge. She says that Ridge got very angry but not so much at her as with Thorne. Stephanie then informs Taylor that Ridge and Thorne are both living at the mansion now, which has Taylor worried about Thorne. Stephanie warns her not to rely too much on Thorne as he has his own agenda where Brooke and Ridge is concerned. Taylor believes that he is truly concerned about her. But now that Grant and Brooke are married and on their honeymoon, there should be a respite from that entire situation for a while. No, no, Stephanie says, they are not on their honeymoon; they came back this morning.

Meanwhile, at Brooke's, Bridget is eagerly showing Katie the seashell Grant brought to her from the Island where Mommy and Grant spent their honeymoon. Brooke sends her upstairs so she can talk with Katie. Brooke assures Katie that Grant gets along good with the kids, but she isn't sure that it has sunk in yet just what has happened. Katie is stunned that she went through with the wedding; so is Brooke. She was convinced that Ridge wouldn't let her marry Grant. Katie admits that she couldn't bear to read the account of Ridge and Taylor's wedding in the paper. Brooke says that she has to move on with her life, no matter how much she still loves him.

Ridge is walking down the hallway at Forrester when he hears a familiar sound coming from Grant's office - the cappuccino machine. He goes in and finds Grant; Grant verbally teases Ridge, who wonders why his rival is there if he and Brooke weren't due back for another week. Very happily and with huge smiles, Ridge guesses that she didn't go through with it; she didn't marry him after all. Grant continues to tease Ridge by dragging out the scenario. He describes the secluded tropical locale, the ocean air, the long lingering mornings in bed. The smile slowly fades from Ridges' face. Grant admits they didn't want to cut the honeymoon short, but when you own 51% of a company like this, you have responsibilities. It won't last, Ridge states. But Grant reminds him that that is exactly what he said about their getting married in the first place. Now here he is sitting back, enjoying the married life and the profits from the company. "Shouldn't count your chickies," he advises Ridge.

Taylor is also confused. She also thought they would be gone a week. Stephanie thinks that if she didn't know better, she would say that Brooke knew that the marriage didn't come about. Taylor realizes that she told Grant that she had called off the wedding. Stephanie is beside herself in shock that Taylor would do such a foolish thing. Taylor, however, can't understand why Steph feels that way, and states, "But she and Grant are married now. Do you honestly think she would come rushing back here to throw herself at Ridge?" And then she answers her own question--Of course she would!

Grant is still making innuendoes about "his wife," "his marriage," etc. But he warns Ridge Brooke is now HIS wife-'til death do us part. Grant said since they didn't get much sleep so he told Brooke to sleep in today. Ridge leaves.

Brooke is preparing to go to work. Katie thinks it is too soon, but Brooke says she has to face Ridge sooner or later. I don't know what I am going to say when I see him, she tells Katie. Katie wishes her luck but she is worried for Brooke. Once in her office, Brooke takes Ridge's picture from the frame and inserts a picture of herself and Grant--a wedding picture--into the frame. Stephanie comes into the office. She hopes Brooke will no longer chase after Ridge. Stephanie thinks that is the reason they cut the honeymoon short. However, she learns from Brooke that she still believes Ridge is married. She assures Stephanie that although she is still in love with Ridge, she will eventually get over it, and she intends to work on her marriage. "It shows little faith in your son that you would think that he would run to me as soon as he gets back from taking his wedding vows," she says. "Just remember that you took vows too," Stephanie responds as she leaves the office.

Taylor pays a visit to Grant. Grant wonders if she is all right. Taylor assures him she is fine. She wants to be the first to congratulate him. Grant says not only is she the first, but she might also be the last, since she and Ridge did not get married. It is only a little postponement, she tells Grant; she fully expects to marry Ridge one day. Then the two of them talk about how Brooke and Ridge are together right now. Grant admits that he didn't tell her that Ridge didn't get married. He is worried that everything he has worked for will go down the tubes. Taylor says that Ridge may have some unresolved feelings about Brooke, but he doesn't love her and will not go running off with her. "If you feel that way, why did you call off the wedding? You are as worried as I am," Grant tells her.

It is tense between Brooke and Ridge, as he finds her in her office. She was still hoping until the very last minute, she explains, she even wrote the letter. But obviously, she was wrong about Ridge's feelings, since he never came, she states. Ridge admits he got the letter and read it. Brooke was so sure that he would come. What other choice did I have but to marry Grant, she asks. She needed someone to be a partner, a friend, someone to help raise her children. She believes Grant will be a good husband and a good step-father to her children. He wasn't her first choice; she always believed it would be Ridge. But she promised Taylor and herself that once they were married she would put it all behind her. And now that he is wearing Taylor's ring---she then notices that he is not wearing a ring. Ridge admits that the wedding never happened; he and Taylor are not married. Brooke is near tears as she looks at Ridge in confusion. While contemplating her wedding ring, Brooke looks up to find Ridge standing in the doorway.

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Week of 1/21/97 - 1/24/97

Over at Spectra, Macy is holding papers of her separation from Thorne and is very upset. Clarke and Sally look on and try to be helpful, but it is not working, even when Clarke offers some rare sympathetic words. When Sally brings up Claudia, Macy tells her mother that it isn't so simple and she cant blame all of this on Claudia Cortez. Meanwhile Sally is furious; "I'm sure that Stephanie Forrester isn't too pleased with Thorne's behavior. Stephanie may be the one person to get through to him." Macy disagrees, but Sally is not giving up on this. "We have to face the fact that Thorne's behavior has put your relationship in jeopardy. Maybe it is time I pay a visit to my old friend, Stephanie Forrester." But before you can tell her no, Sally is out the door on her mission to save her daughters marriage.

Over at Forrester, Stephanie and Eric are discussing the fact that Thorne and Macy have separated. "It is a difficult time for Thorne. It is hard to stand up for something like this that you believe in," Eric says. Stephanie, of course, disagrees, bringing up the way Thorne butted in with Taylor and Ridge. Eric think something could come out of that; "Maybe Ridge and Taylor needed Thorne to throw all of the cards on the table. He has made them look deep inside themselves before they make a commitment," Eric says. They have to trust Ridge, he claims, but Steph says Ridge isn't the one she is concerned about. "Now you are worried about Brooke? Stephanie, she is a married woman; she is Mrs. Grant Chambers." says Eric.

Stephanie of course is worried, because today Brooke is back at work and Ridge still isn't married to Taylor. Eric hugs Stephanie and continues, "Ridge is the only person who knows what is in his heart. Everything will turn out fine." Stephanie asks where this upbeat attitude came from, and Eric mentions a certain someone is responsible - and from the smile on her face, Steph obviously thinks he's talking about her. She asks him if he thinks it will be all right in the end, and he replies, "Things always work out for us. I am not going to stop believing now." Eric leaves and Stephanie is busy working.

Sally drops by to see Stephanie and says, "What are we going to do about it?" Stephanie guesses she means Thorne and Macy, and wants nothing to do with it. Sally responds, "Stephanie, come on! this is my daughter we are talking about. Maybe if your son hadn't been behaving in such a strange fashion lately, none of this would have happened." Stephanie tries to defend Thorne, because of all the crises in the family, but Sally is not buying; she says, "Sorry, Stephanie I just cant for the life of me know what Thorne was thinking. Only one person has been working on that marriage lately; he even forgot their wedding anniversary." Steph still defends her son, and Sally states, "Thorne got himself involved with another woman. Stephanie cant believe that Sally believes her son is actually involved with Claudia Cortez. "Sally I think you better tell Macy to get a little faith in her husband!" Steph says.

In Grant's office, Grant and Taylor are wondering about what is going on in Brooke's office, and they both realize that their futures are on the line here. Taylor states," It is your wife. why the hell did she marry you in the first place if she doesn't love you? She wants him, she always has, she always will. The questions is; does Ridge want her too?" Grant can't stand the waiting, so Taylor and Grant leave to find out what the hell is going on with their supposed love ones.

Inside Brooke's office, Ridge is telling Brooke that he and Taylor aren't married. Brooke is in shock, and exclaims, "What? What are you trying to tell me? What are you saying?" Ridge explains, and Brooke says, "Oh my God, Why didn't you make it to the marina? I was waiting for you Ridge. I was hoping and praying that you were going to come. But you never made it." Ridge explains the car trouble, and Brooke tells him, "I never heard you yelling for me. But I DID Marry Grant. Only you didn't marry Taylor, Ridge. What if you had made it before we set sail? You know how I felt. There was only one way you could have prevented me from marrying Grant. You know what I am talking about. Were you going to ask me to marry you? Please Ridge answer me. Were you willing to?"

Ridge responds, "What does it matter Brooke. We both know where things stand. And you are very much a married woman. How are Rick and Bridget? And how are things with you and Grant?" Brooke again asks her question, but all he can say is, "I wish it didn't have to be this way." They hug as Grant and Taylor see them from the doorway and enter the office. Grant puts on a show about their wedding and their fabulous honeymoon. "That's it! I have work to do," says Ridge and he storms out of the office. Taylor calls out, "Ridge wait!!!!" and chases him yet once again.

At Spectra, Macy is trying to keep busy with work, but she is just too frustrated thinking about Thorne. She bursts into the office and ends up talking out her problems on Clarke of all people.

Clarke tells her, "You know Macy what you need is a vacation. You should get out of the city for a while. You are going to feel like this for a few days." Macy thinks that might be a good idea - but she can't, since there is so much going on with Thorne. Clarke tells her, "Hey, don't have second thoughts - that girl was putting the moves on your husband. You were protecting the home turf. There is nothing wrong with that." Macy, however, is having second thoughts about her actions. "I didn't catch them in bed or anything. Claudia's hearing is today. There is a very good chance that she may be deported. I could have prevented it." In fact, Claudia might even have been telling the truth about the death threats, Macy guesses.

Clarke remarks, "Don't you see, Macy, Thorne is the kind of guy the INS likes to make an example of. He has you to thank for that not happening. If anybody is guilty it is Thorne and Miss Cortez and now they have to pay the price. Nothing is going to happen to that girl." Macy seems a little unsure, and Clarke adds, "I've got to say it, kid; this legal separation is a little rash of you." Macy agrees, and a concerned Clarke asks, "Well once Claudia is out of your life, then what do you want?" "All I can say is that I want my husband back." cries Macy. Clarke hugs her to comfort his ex- step daughter in her time of need.

Over at the mansion, Claudia and Thorne are talking about the hearing. Thorne tells her that all of his problems with Macy aren't her fault, and are not even her concern. His problems with Macy are much deeper than all of this. Just then, Stephanie walks in and she is surprised to see the two of them together. They go into the living room. Stephanie suggests that Thorne let the attorney he hired handle the situation. Thorne, however, says there are complications, which Stephanie cannot understand. Claudia then speaks up, as the source of the complications. "Mrs. Forrester I can not thank you enough for helping my family. I am so sorry for the problems I have caused you. I promise to repay you. I need to get home and get ready for the hearing. It was a pleasure meeting you. Excuse me." she says.

Claudia leaves, so Thorne and Stephanie are alone. The two of them get into it over that girl, and his interfering with Ridge's wedding. "Don't you dare give me that look. that young girl is nothing but trouble for you and this family!" Stephanie exclaims. Thorne disagrees, and Steph retorts, "Thorne, that young woman is not our responsibility. She lied about her status as an immigrant, she was caught, and SHE is going to pay the price." Thorne then reveals that he knew that Claudia was illegal, which shocks his mother. "YOU KNOWINGLY BROKE THE LAW? Thorne, there are government agencies to take care of this sort of thing. So you have decided to take this into your own hands? Do you realize what position you have put this family and this company in? This is worse than I thought. What is going on with you?" Then, Stephanie thinks she has it figured out, and asks, "Thorne, are you emotionally involved with that young woman?"

In her office at Forrester, Michael is on the phone with the INS stating that yes, Claudia will be at the hearing this afternoon. Enrique walks in; he is very upset when he hears about Claudia, and says, "Claudia can not be deported. We can not let that happen." Enrique tells Michael the whole story of his family and his past history with Claudia. He then leaves because he has to do something and it has to be done quickly.

Claudia comes home and tells her mother and brother that the hearing is still on for today. Her brother tells her that they are leaving L.A. at once. They can't allow Claudia to be sent back home. Claudia starts to carry on about how she cant leave now - she would get the Forresters, Michael, and Thorne in trouble. She has a friend here who is helping her. "I would rather be a dead woman than a fugitive." she states.

Thorne begs his mother to help him with his cause because she has the connections to help Claudia. Stephanie refuses to help and leaves the living room in a huff. Enrique stops by and tells Thorne that he has a plan. He then goes into detail about his past with Claudia and her family, to explain to Thorne why he wants to help. Thorne asks Enrique why he didn't say anything sooner, but is willing to hear the plan.

When Enrique finishes, he tells Thorne that if he has a problem with his plan to say so now. Thorne then calls Claudia on the phone and tells her to get to the courthouse early- before the hearing. He will meet her there. If she marries a US citizen, then she can not be deported, he explains. Claudia is thrilled; "Oh my God. He is going to marry me. Thorne is going to marry me." she tells her family.

Shortly after, Claudia is getting ready to leave for the courthouse wearing a white dress, on what she believes will be her wedding day to Thorne. Claudia's mother wants to know if this is what her daughter wants. Claudia responds," Yes, this is what I want. I love him; I realize this now. I never realized this could happen but it has. I have to go." Claudia's brother wonders how this is possible, and Claudia replies she's not sure - she does know that he is legally separated, and perhaps the laws in this country allow him to marry her under those terms. To ease her family's concerns, she tells them, "Yes, Thorne wants to help me. He is committed. He promised to do whatever he could to keep me from being deported. What do you think, Lucien? Do I look like a woman that Thorne Forrester would want as his wife?"

Her brother, Lucien, replies that he would be in debt to Thorne if he could keep her out of the hands of the Alvarez family back home. Claudia asks, "Then I have your blessing?" Lucien says yes, and his sister replies, "I will call you both from the courthouse as soon as it is official. Maybe you should pack- you wont be living here once I am Mrs. Thorne Forrester. I love you." The family hugs and then she leaves for the courthouse.

At the courthouse, the judge calls the hearing to order and wonders why the lawyer has not brought Claudia to the courthouse. Thorne and Enrique both tell the judge that she will be there. The judge replies," I will be frank Mr. Alvarez; if Claudia Cortez is in this country illegally, it is highly unlikely that she wont be deported. It would not be very unusual for her to take off."

Thorne is relieved to find Claudia out in the hallway. She is beaming and says, "You think I wouldn't show up for this? It would be an honor to be your wife." Thorne is shocked and tells her that it is a mistake; it is Enrique who is going to marry her. Claudia tells him that there is no way she is going to become an Alvarez after what they did to her family- she would sooner marry a dog, or even die. She informs Thorne she will take her chances with the judge.

Jonathan, Stephanie's lawyer and friend, has come to pay her a visit at the mansion; Thorne asked him to speak to her about Claudia. Jonathan tells his friend that it is important for her to help her son; if she doesn't, he might not have anything to do with her anymore. Stephanie says, "Claudia- she has broken the law, put Forrester creations in a bad light with the INS, and I believe caused some very serious problems between Thorne and his wife. What is your stand?" Jonathan continues to tell her that he also had some friends check out Claudia's story and it is true; if she returns to her homeland, she will be executed. He believes that Thorne is emotionally involved with this woman also. The Forrester name carries a lot of weight, he reminds her, so she really can make the difference. Thanks to her friend's advice, Stephanie leaves for the courthouse, while the hearing is already in motion.......

After a quick call to her mother to tell her she is not married, Claudia goes into the courtroom. Her lawyer tries to stall, but the judge sees right through it, and asks Claudia how she pleads. Claudia pleads guilty. INS Agent Tim Barlow testifies, followed by Claudia, and then the judge is ready to rule. Even with the circumstances surrounding Claudia's case, the judge declares that she must be deported. Claudia can barely stand and needs assistance when the judge tells her decision. Just then Stephanie bursts into the courtroom and demands to be heard. She tells the judge that there must be something that she hasn't heard and this young woman will be executed upon returning home. The judge isn't interested, but Stephanie demands to be heard, while Thorne is thrilled that his mother has come to stand up for his new "friend".

Stephanie apologizes, saying, "Your honor, I apologize. I feel that I have something to say that will make a difference." The judge asks what, and Steph replies, "Well, it has to do with the reasons why Ms. Cortez should NOT be deported." The judge says she has heard the testimony and is ready to rule, but Stephanie points out, "With all due respect, your honor, there must be some information you have not heard. If this young woman is returned to her country, her life is in jeopardy." The judge says she is aware of that. "Well, then obviously she can not be deported. She has a right to request political asylum and my attorney is going to help her with that," Stephanie explains.

Just then, Claudia's lawyer decides to say something, and he requests that Ms. Cortez be allowed to stay in the US while she awaits word if her application was accepted. The judge can't do that because she is afraid that if the application is denied, then Claudia will flee. Stephanie interrupts again, and states, "Just a second, your honor. I am personally prepared to guarantee that Ms. Cortez will not take flight. I will be responsible for her."

The judge rules that Claudia may remain in the US while her application is being processed, and she is placed in the custody of Stephanie Forrester. Of course, Claudia cant thank her new friend enough for saving her life, and Stephanie tells her not to make her regret it. While Claudia is filling out papers, Thorne comes over to thank his mother personally.

Stephanie gives Thorne a lecture, "Don't make me regret what I have done. Because it was the right thing to do, that is why I was here today. I want you to do something for me. I want you to put the family back together again. I mean Ridge and Taylor. I want them married." Thorne says he will do what he can, and Steph implores him, "I came here for you, today, and for the family. I want you to do this for me Thorne." Thorne says he will try and leaves to take Claudia to the mansion, where she will wait for Stephanie to come home.

After Thorne walks away, Stephanie says to herself, "Who knows I may need you as much as you need me Claudia....."

At James' office, Maggie comes in wearing an overcoat, and she has had an inspiration for her husband; she wants to have a baby. In fact, she adds, "I don't want to talk about having a baby; I want to do it." She takes off her coat and reveals a sexy two piece lingerie number. Maggie doesn't have to actually say much to get James to okay their starting to work on a family. Afterwards, they talk about if Maggie is having second thoughts about adopting Sheila's baby. Maggie tells James, "I am not feeling stuck about the adoption. Please don't worry. No second thoughts, okay? We are gonna have Sheila's baby and one of our own. And you know something, in ten years we wont even remember which one was adopted."

Meanwhile, Sheila is at the Warwick house, disgusted with what there is in the house to eat. Just as she is about to make a run to the fast food restaurant, her mother Molly shows up at the door with a box of Sheila's favorites- French pastries. "Mother what are you doing here?" Sheila asks. Molly says she had to come when she heard Sheila is pregnant and has moved in with the father, even if they had their differences in the past. Sheila states, "No, Mother; North and South Korea share differences, you and I have a revulsion for each other. What do you want?" It turns out that Molly has rented out her farmhouse so she can move to LA and be here for her grandchild. Sheila fills in her mom," I am pregnant with James baby, but I am not married to James. He is married to Maggie Forrester. The three of us live here together." Molly is shocked. "Well, James loves Maggie. Look, mom, no matter how much James loves Maggie it is not going to work. They are too different. James needs someone who is intelligent and sophisticated. And he is not going to get that with Maggie. He will get that with me. I have got a few more months before this body is going to change mother; so I am going to make the most of it. And you are going to help me." Sheila explains.

Molly doesn't like the sound of that, so Sheila tells her, "I have a real sweet deal here, mom. They throw me out and they say goodbye to the next generation of Warwicks." Molly is still hesitant. "Can you just agree with me on something for once mother? Can you just go along with me on something for once please? You are moving out here right? Well you are going to have to see some real estate all afternoon and you wont be doing it alone."

When Maggie and James get home from the office, it turns out that after the introductions- Sheila cant show her mom the houses due to morning sickness. So she asks Maggie to take her mom out to the appointments instead. Maggie agrees just as long as Sheila puts herself right to bed. Sheila agrees - but it may not be in the way Maggie expects, if Sheila has her way.

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Week of 1/27/97 - 1/31/97

At the home of James and Maggie, Maggie is getting breakfast while complaining about having to take Molly house-hunting. She will have to do it or Sheila will, and she doesn't want Sheila endangering the pregnancy. Maggie tells James that she suspects Sheila of putting Molly up to being too picky about which house she chooses. Molly arrives and they leave; on the way out she tells James to see that Sheila takes her vitamins. Once they are gone, James begins to read the paper. Sheila comes in. She is wearing a silk robe over a teddy. Off comes the robe and she parades into the kitchen for juice in only the short, short teddy.

Over at the mansion, Stephanie is having breakfast and bemoaning the fact that she almost had Ridge and Taylor married again. Thorne enters and pours coffee for himself. He can't get over what she did for Claudia. He wonders why she changed her mind. Stephanie reminds him of his promise to help get Ridge and Taylor back together. Claudia enters and asks what they want for breakfast. Stephanie tells her she does not want her doing the cooking. Thorne tries to explain that she is a guest and does not need to do these things. Claudia says she must because she wants to repay Stephanie for her kindness - and of course, reminds everyone that she knows full well she can't be paid for her work. She will cook and clean and do anything that needs to be done; it is a debt of honor. Ridge enters and on that note, Thorne decides it is time for him to leave.

Sheila greets James and offers to get him more juice. He looks up from his paper and notices how Sheila was dressed. He reminds her to take her vitamins. Sheila wonders how they got on the highest shelf. She reaches for them but cannot reach them. As she reaches up, the back of her teddy creeps up, right where James can see it. James gets the vitamins for her and wonders if she isn't cold. But no, Sheila says, it must be her hot blood. She reminds James that he knows that anyway.

Back at the mansion, Ridges wonders if Claudia will be taking Maggie's place. Stephanie is thinking about it. Stephanie wonders if Thorne has said anything about his problems with Macy. This makes Ridge laugh. Stephanie wonders why Thorne hasn't mentioned it to anyone. She tells Ridge of Sally's visit and the insinuations she made about Thorne and Claudia. So, Ridge says, my self-righteous little brother is having an affair. He thinks this is just like Thorne, but he wonders why Stephanie invited the Cortez woman into the house if that is the case. Does she want to break up Thorne and Macy?

Over at her beach house, Taylor is talking with her father when Thorne arrives. He brings a lovely bouquet of iris. Taylor thinks he is so sweet and must show them to her neighbor who cultivates this kind of flower. But "Mr. Romantic" admits that he picked them from her neighbor's garden. They begin talking about Claudia and her situation. He feels intense about having saved someone's life. Taylor remembers the first time she saved someone's life as a doctor - it was a small, newborn child. She says she even has pictures of that special moment, and Thorne asks her to go get them.

James tells Sheila to go to her room and put some clothes on. Sheila wants to know the problem: that she has too little on or too much. James can't believe she would send his wife off with her mother so she can be alone with him and walk around half-naked. She reminds him that he has seen her in much less. He starts to leave. She tells him to go, but he can't avoid her forever. James accuses her of wanting him to rip off the few clothes she has on and ravishing her on the kitchen table. Sheila laughs; the thought "never crossed her mind," but obviously it did his, she comments. James states that he has no secret desire for her. Sheila tells him if he wants to keep saying that he has no desire for her, go ahead, but don't deny that it exists because they both know it does.

Stephanie tells Ridge that things can't continue as they are between him and Thorne. But Ridge is adamant. He will forgive Thorne someday after he and Taylor are happily married--but not before. Stephanie reminds Ridge that Thorne didn't force him to go to the marina to try and stop Brooks wedding. Ridge accepts his responsibility, but he isn't the one who is feeding her insecurities. He has told Taylor that he loves her but Thorne keeps manipulating Taylor. Thorne betrayed him and he won't forgive him. If he ever stabs him in the back again, God help him!

Taylor is showing Thorne a picture of the first baby she delivered. Thorne thinks it is special that out there somewhere is a girl in Jr. High who owes her existence to Taylor. Taylor tells him he has made her feel good. He wants to know why she was so down. It is because the man she loves can't make up his mind about which woman he wants. She feels unwanted. Thorne thinks that is the worst thing Ridge has done to her. She is special and he thanks God that she didn't marry his brother. How could he make someone as special as she feel she has nothing to offer. There isn't a sane man alive who wouldn't be happy to be with her. As she turns to go, Thorne stops her and kisses her. Taylor pulls back. They both look startled at what has just happened.

Clarke stops by the house of the new Mr. and Mrs. Grant Chambers. He wants to know how the honeymoon trip was. "You are one lucky guy. So how was the honeymoon?" he asks. Grant is kind of laid back in his response, so Clarke insists, "No, no, no, cut to the good part here. Down in that little cabin, you and Brooke in that big bed. It must have been out of this world. So what is the story; is the present as good as the package? I figured that there has to be some reason Ridge is so desperate to hang onto Brooke."

Grant is annoyed that his pal is talking about his wife in that way and lets him know it. So Clarke continues, "All right, sorry. You think I would be half as interested in your sex life if I had one of my own? I'm a regular monk. It has been good for my work though. I have been channeling all of my sexual energy into my designs."

Grant tells Clarke that he doesn't want to discuss his sexual life or his sketches with him. Clarke says that if he was a newly wed he would be too tired to pick up a pencil to design anything. Unless - is there a reason Grant isn't tired, he asks. Grant denies the charge, and tells his friend that he and Brooke are fine; although she still has a thing for Ridge, she will get past him.

Over at Forrester, Brooke and Ridge are working in her office, and the conversation turns to Thorne. Ridge is still very upset with his little brother and he lets Brooke know it. Brooke tells Ridge," What he did may be wrong, but he was looking out for your best interest. You did the same thing; you tried to stop my wedding." Ridge explains it's not the same, while Brooke asks him how it is different. Ridge laments about how Thorne ruined all his plans, and Brooke comes to a realization. She asks, "You really wanted to marry Taylor, didn't you? You love her. Well, look, Ridge; I wouldn't worry. I am sure the two of you will work things out. Well we are done here and I have to go." Brooke is really upset and she dumps out all of her papers from her briefcase as she is leaving the office. she and Ridge kneel down and pick up all of the stuff and their hands touch for a split second. Brooke leaves now knowing that Ridge really does want to be with Taylor and not her.

Thorne apologizes for kissing Taylor, saying," Uh, I m sorry. I don't know what just happened. I thought it was a good idea at the time." Taylor is extremely apprehensive, and looks like she would like to forget it. Thorne tells her, "Look, don't get all tense over this. You are overreacting. Just relax. It didn't mean anything. Taylor, we are friends. We were having a very nice conversation and I was feeling close to you."

Taylor is upset and she asks Thorne if he is sure there wasn't anything else to that kiss. Thorne replies, "Taylor, what are you worrying about? You think I have been harboring some secret passion for you all of these years?" Taylor says no, she doesn't think that is it; she just thinks that the kiss was a mistake that should never happen again. Thorne has to go and he attempts to hug Taylor goodbye, but instead blows her a kiss from across the room.

Shortly after, Taylor gets another visitor; it is Ridge, waving a little white flag for a truce. He reveals to Taylor, "I said a lot of things recently that I would like to forget. I had a bit of an attitude adjustment. Lets talk about honeymoons instead." She explains that a friend stopped by and helped her put things into perspective and invites him into the living room. Ridge then pulls out a bunch of brochures on romantic destinations. He notices the lame flowers that were obviously just plucked from a backyard and freaks out when he finds out that Thorne gave them to his fiancee.

Ridge lectures Taylor, explaining, "Taylor, Thorne is not your friend." Taylor tells Ridge about everything that Thorne did for Claudia as proof of what kind of man Thorne is, and he says, "Don't even get me started on him and Claudia. He wants you to think that he is a saint and yet he is having an affair." Taylor is shocked - how can Ridge start a rumor like that? He explains, "It is more than a rumor; Mother got it from Sally." All the more reason NOT to believe it, Taylor points out. Ridge continues, "He wants you to believe that he cares for you, Taylor. This guy has kept us from getting married. I am going to finally teach my little brother a lesson." Ridge blasts out of there, leaving Taylor running after him yet again!!!

Meanwhile, Thorne has arrived at the office, and Michael comes in with some reports that he had requested. They end up talking about Claudia and what happened at the hearing. Thorne tells Michael that she can say what she wants to about his mother, but she gets things done.

Michael then asks permission to find out something personal, asks how things are going with him and Macy. Thorne explains that they haven't patched things up and she wont even accept his calls. He tells her that Macy is the one who wanted this separation. Thorne also tells Michael that they have been through this all before, and each time it seems to get easier to break up. Michael tells Thorne that he doesn't seem like a man who is committed to his marriage - he's more like a guy who is weighing his options. "Are you falling for someone else?" she asks him.

Once Brooke arrives home, Clarke leaves. Brooke is sorting through her mail as she tells her husband that she is tired and is going upstairs to lie down and rest. Grant replies that is a good idea and he will join her; but there is no way he is going to get lucky, because Miss Brooke is going to take a real nap. Grant tells her that he will wake her up in time for dinner, as he ponders the state of his "marriage".

Michael stops by the mansion to check out Claudia and how she is doing. She makes a comment that Claudia has landed on her feet in Beverly Hills and remarks, "what a house. It is beautiful; beautiful furnishings, beautiful grounds, gorgeous men. It is really hard not to have a one track mind when you are shacked up under the same roof as Ridge and Thorne Forrester. They are LA's most eligible men. So maybe it is time that you show your appreciation." Claudia says she is uncomfortable with Michael implying there could be something going on, and Michael responds, "Claudia, I am not implying anything where Thorne is concerned. He likes you, Claudia - I am sure of it."

Claudia responds that is just wishful thinking. "Play it safe if you want. Personally I go after my men with passion," Michael advises her friend. But Claudia admits that it is truly amazing how her life has changed these past few months. She fills in her new friend about the proposal from Enrique Alvarez so she could become a citizen. She tells her that she would rather be deported than give herself to that man, and warns Michael that Enrique has a dark side.

Michael is in shock, and asks, "What is it with the men that I date? they all end up proposing to other women?" Claudia asks what she means, but Michael tells her it's nothing.

Macy drops by to see her husband at his office; "How have you been?" she asks. Thorne replies that it hasn't been easy, and Macy says, "It has been a rough couple of months. Not too long ago we were trying to have a baby. Look at us, Thorne, and what has happened to our marriage. I mean how did we end up like this?" Thorne reminds her it wasn't him that suggested a split. She replies, "I know the separation was my idea. I don't want it either. I don't want to go on like this, Thorne, do you? Can't we just forget about this whole thing and try to put our lives back together again?" Thorne comments on how complex things are. Macy agrees, "No, it isn't that simple. I know that there are serious issues that we have to deal with like trust and faith. We can do it, Thorne. Please come home."

Thorne replies, "I'm sorry, Macy, I can't do that." "You can't come home, Thorne, or you won't? We have to work the problems out together. I know it isn't going to be easy." states Macy.

But Thorne isn't ready to deal with her yet. "We have been through a lot, Macy. But I have always stood by you. Good man or not, a marriage is a commitment between two people, Macy, for better or worse....Does any of that ring a bell? You blew the whole thing out of proportion." Macy tries to rationalize her attitude about Claudia, but Thorne responds, "I don't care what you thought, Macy. You were wrong; nothing happened but you didn't believe me. Things are not fine at all. We both have some serious thinking to do about how we want to spend the rest of our lives. I will talk to you soon." So Macy leaves with nothing solved, and Thorne gets mad and bangs his desk.

Out at the beach house, Taylor is worried about Ridge going after his brother again. Grant drops by to pick up the rest of his stuff, and he immediately realizes that Taylor wishes it was Ridge at the door. She says she is worried about the fact that Ridge is going to get into it again with Thorne. "What doesn't make sense to me is why you are not angry at Thorne. Why are you standing up for this guy?" questions Grant.

Taylor tries to explain to Grant, but he can't see it. Taylor decides she can't just sit by and wait for another fight between the brothers to begin, so she calls Thorne at the office to warn him that Ridge is on his way.

Over at the mansion, Ridge bursts into the house looking for his brother. He cries out, "Thorne, where the hell are you?!", but finds his mother instead. He tells her, "I am looking for my brother; where is he? You're not protecting him again are you?" Stephanie asks what is wrong, and Ridge replies, "What do you think the problem is?" Stephanie tries to get him to calm down, because he is so upset, and Ridge agrees, "Yes, I am very upset. Why can't he stay out of my life? He is always sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong." Stephanie continues trying to calm Ridge down, but Ridge refuses. He continues, "Mother, I have heard all of the excuses enough, okay? He even brings her flowers, what the hell is that?!?! It is like he is making a play for her or something. If he keeps pushing me like this he is gonna be sorry." Steph thinks perhaps Ridge is mistaken, and he states, "Taylor is sticking up for him. It is like he is her guardian angel or something. I just don't get it." Stephanie asks Ridge to not do anything rash, and he says, "Well, Mother, I can promise you I won't do something that I wont regret." Ridge leaves and slams the door behind him. Stephanie says to herself, "Thorne, what in the world is in your mind?" Then, the realization hits are as she asks, "Oh my God, is it possible?"

Steph comes into the kitchen, where she finds Claudia with Michael. Michael says hello and then leaves the two women alone. Stephanie tells Claudia that her lawyers have filed all of the papers and it is going to take some time to process her amnesty application. She then remarks, "You are a very sophisticated and intelligent young woman. I am sure those are two attributes that my son finds appealing about you." Claudia thanks her, and Stephanie gets to the point. "His wife thinks there is an involvement between the two of you. Thorne has gone through a great deal of trouble for you. You know he is a very passionate young man. Sometimes, though, he has been known to be wrong. How do you feel about the fact that his marriage is having difficulties?" Claudia asks how Stephanie thinks she feels, and Stephanie replies, "I don't know how you feel; that is why I am asking." Claudia says she is only grateful to Thorne, and Stephanie says, "You feel indebted to him? As long as that is all it is - gratitude." Stephanie ends the conversation on that note.

Over at Forrester, Ridge has found his little brother; he tells Thorne that he heard he paid a visit to Taylor again, and brought her flowers this time. Ridge confesses that he doesn't like what has been happening between them with the fighting and it is going to tear the family apart. He just wants to chalk up the whole thing to a disagreement and start over again- a fresh start.

Thorne can't believe it, and agrees with those sentiments - in fact, he suggests that his big brother truly start fresh with a new woman in his life; he even has someone in mind, a woman he wants to fix Ridge up with named Sharon. "All right now, Thorne, now you are out of line. I am not going to take advice on marriage from a man whose marriage is falling apart. What is your deal, Thorne? why are you so interested in my relationship with Taylor. Taylor is off limits you stay the hell away from my fiancee!!!!!!!" warns Ridge

At the mansion, Stephanie is making telephone calls searching around for Eric to make last minute dinner plans for tonight - she's surprised when Trish says he's not in the office. Claudia interrupts to find out if Lauren is joining her tonight for dinner. It turns out that both Eric and Lauren are missing......

Stephanie responds to her guest, "I want to talk to you about your duties around the house. I can see when you take something on you take it on very seriously. I'd like you to take this a little less seriously. Claudia I know you are grateful. And I know you want to show your appreciation. but I don't want you to do it as a maid. Why don't you think of yourself as a guest?" Claudia can't believe it, and Stephanie replies, "Yes, a guest. When we take meals I would like very much for you to be at the dining room table with us. Don't you think you would have an enjoyable time at the table with Thorne, me and Ridge?" Stephanie asks if Claudia would feel uncomfortable in any way, perhaps feeling she's more at home in the kitchen, but Claudia says she would not be. Pleased, Stephanie says, "I expect to see you at the dinner table tonight. I'll see you later, I have some work to finish up here." So Claudia leaves, and as she closes the door behind her, she says to herself that she knows this has something to do with Thorne.

Lauren and Eric are out for a night on the town together at the Cafe Russe. They discuss how they feel about their new relationship and Eric tells her that this feels just about perfect to him. He leans over and gives Lauren a kiss. Lauren then wants to show him her designs that she has been working on; but Eric doesn't want to see them until tomorrow morning when they are back at work. Lauren manages to sneak out one design, but Eric still won't comment on it until he sees all of the designs tomorrow, and goes back to kiss Lauren again.

Clarke and Sally are also out for dinner. Sally is totally distracted, thinking about her daughter Macy and her marriage to Thorne. Clarke tells her that all marriages need a test and maybe this is theirs. Sally then spots Eric with Lauren, and she wishes he was at home talking some sense into his son. She gets up and makes her way over. Lauren notices Sally, and asks Eric who the man is with her - Eric tells her that Clarke is someone she would probably be better off not knowing, but Lauren seems a little intrigued.

When Sally and Clarke come over, Clarke meets Lauren for the first time, and then Sally pulls Eric away to discuss their kids' relationship. She wants him to talk with Thorne and convince him not to give up on the marriage. Eric thinks Thorne can handle this on his own, but Sally implores him to have a talk with Thorne before things get out of hand.

In the meantime, Clarke decides to get to know the alluring Ms. Fenmore better. He mentions her portfolio and asks to see what's in it, but Lauren says that it is for Forrester eyes only. Noting that Lauren is a designer (or at least, she says she is), Clarke tells her she can do better than Eric. Maybe so, Lauren confesses, but she is falling for Eric, so she'll stay with what she has.

Over at James and Maggie's place, Sheila is prancing around wearing a sexy black bra and matching underwear. She is pouring herself a cup of coffee and remarks to herself that James is noticing her; how could he not, since after all, he is a man.

Just then, James walks in and is annoyed that Sheila is running around half-naked. He tells her to get dressed before Maggie sees her; but it's too late, because right then Maggie walks in and states," Just what do you think you are doing? You are not supposed to be drinking coffee and you certainly shouldn't be making it dressed like that. Go put some clothes on." Sheila doesn't seem to take it seriously, so Maggie insists, "I SAID GET DRESSED AND GET YOUR BUTT BACK OUT HERE." Sheila leaves for a second and Maggie tells James that she need to talk to "that woman" alone.

James leaves for the office, and the lecture begins from Maggie once Sheila returns. Sheila walks back in with the same outfit she had before, except she has a skimpy robe on. Maggie remarks, "Very funny; James is gone for a while, so maybe you would like to put on something a little more modest since he isn't here? Look at you 1/2 naked with a see through robe. A pregnant woman throwing herself at a married man! And it doesn't even occur to you for a second that he might find this tacky little strip act vulgar and repulsive. You think that he is turned on to it that he finds it exotic or something. Oh Sheila, poor Sheila. You have a lot to learn about winning an intelligent man. No wonder you don't have one. Maybe in the months to come I can teach that to you too."

Sheila laughs at her and says that the only thing Maggie can teach her is a thing or two about barnyard animals. When it comes to flesh and blood human males, she thinks she has it under control. She also reminds Maggie that she isn't the one who created this living situation.

Maggie is livid now and exclaims, "My husband is no more attracted to you than the dog next door." Sheila notes Maggie sounds threatened, and Maggie states, "No, I don't feel threatened by you, but I do not trust you. NO! This is my home and there are rules here. As long as you live here you abide by them. You are a guest in this house. After a few months you are going to look like you swallowed a big huge beach ball!!!!"

Sheila now is realizing that Maggie is right and she needs some time alone with James - but how can she do that with Maggie around? So now she concludes all she has to do is get rid of Maggie.................

At the mansion, Thorne has just gotten out of the pool and invites Claudia to go for a swim. He tells her to grab a suit from his sister Felicia's room. He then informs Claudia that he has made a decision and is going back to Macy. Claudia tries to hide the fact that she is hurt and replies, "Wow, you are really committed to this woman. I admire you Thorne. I wish you the best."

Over at Spectra, Macy is nervous about her meeting with Thorne back at the apartment in a little while. Sally tells her that he has had time to think about what he has to lose. So Macy leaves, saying that since Claudia Cortez came into her life, she is confused. Sally then has a chat with Clarke and tells him that Macy has learned an important message, and that is, to have a successful marriage you have to work at it and give it your all. Once again she tells her ex hubby that Macy isn't the problem- it was Thorne that went off the reservation.

In his office, Ridge is on the phone, trying to get the private dining room at the club today for lunch. He informs his mother that he is having a special lunch there with Taylor. It turns out that he is planning a fast and furious courtship with his fiancee, and Stephanie is glad to hear that. However, the talk quickly turns to Thorne. Ridge tells his mom that Thorne really needs to get his act together. Stephanie changes the subject and replies, "You and Taylor belong together. You know that in your heart. Then go and make it happen." Ridge leaves to pick up Taylor.

Out by the Forrester pool, Thorne comes out dressed. He is surprised when Macy, who was supposed to meet him at the apartment, shows up. She explains that she was anxious and couldn't wait, so she came over to the mansion to meet Thorne. She asks him to hold her, so they hug. Thorne begins, "I admit I should have been more open to you about hiring Claudia. I didn't tell you, 'cause I knew you would overreact; but that is not an excuse. The bigger mistake was made by you; you didn't trust me." Macy tries to justify her feelings by bringing up Claudia, but Thorne maintains, "Claudia wasn't throwing herself at me. The issue here is not Claudia; you thought I was having an affair. Isn't that the truth, really?" Macy wonders where this is headed, and Thorne replies, "I WANT YOU BACK. That is what this is about. I want to revive our marriage, Macy." Macy is stunned, considering the last time they talked. Thorne assures her, "That is right. Hey, forget about our last talk- a lot has happened since then. We have to do this together. Consider this one prayer answered....

Macy replies that she only turned Claudia in to the INS because she truly felt that she was doing the right thing, and they couldn't work out their own problems with her here in this country. Just then Claudia appears wearing a skimpy purple bikini that looks like it was painted on........

At the Private Dining Room, Ride and Taylor dine. Ridge wants to take a two week ski trip with his wife to Europe - he's even willing to put Forrester business behind if necessary - and Taylor admits that she won't go with him unless she is his wife. Ridge said that they should fly off to Vegas this weekend. But then the mood is spoiled for Ridge when Taylor starts to talk about Thorne. "This is a very sore spot. Thorne is a jerk. Look at what he has done to us - we cant even have a decent conversation. Maybe we better go." states Ridge. So the party is over as they leave.

Macy is furious; she asks, "What the hell is this?!?!?! What is going on? Are you telling me that she is living here? I don't believe this! You are sharing a home with her? Why isn't she living with her Family?" Thorne tries to explain, saying he thought Macy already knew, but she is still angry. She states, "If she has to live here, Thorne, then you should have moved out. But you didn't.... I will bet that it never even crossed your mind, did it? If you cared about me at all you wouldn't be living here with her. I cant believe that you don't have the sensitivity to see that. THIS IS TOO MUCH. I can not take this anymore. I am sorry. I want a divorce You will be hearing from my attorney." Macy storms out of the Forrester mansion.

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