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July, 1997

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Week of 6/30/97 - 7/4/97

Monday, June 30, 1997

Thorne is arranging for the limo that will pick them up for the airport. Enter Taylor, who admits she feels more relaxed. She says he has been so generous and gotten nothing in return; Thorne replies that he is not expecting anything, though he has hopes. He is not pressuring her, however, he tells her. Taylor tells him she feels his protectiveness and she is grateful, and she knows she will get through this, and when she does...she leaves the sentence unfinished and continues with a "show and tell" planted on his lips. Unfortunately for Thorne, this was all a fantasy. As he comes back to reality, he hears Ridge's voice in his mind, telling him, "Give her up Thorne. Tell me you'll give her up." As he tells her (for real this time) that he is arranging for the limo, Taylor comes out and informs Thorne she is not packed. What's worse, she is about to start crying again.

At the L.A. county jail, Grant and the man accused of trying to murder him meet face to face in a room, instead of behind a glass as with other visitors. Ridge asks after Rick, and Grant assures him that the boy is fine.

"Did he ever remember?" Ridge asks. Grant tells Ridge that Rick needs time. Grant then tells him he is worried about Taylor. Ridge says he is aware of this, which is why he told her to move on with her life. Grant says Taylor can not forget him; it would be like cutting away a piece of her own heart. He tells Ridge he will have to do something, it is "his only choice."

The Warwicks prepare for the arrival of the baby and, on the side, engage in small talk about Taylor. James informs Maggie that Thorne would like to take Taylor away for a while. "How is Ridge going to feel about that, him going after Taylor?" Maggie wonders. James assures her Thorne is not going after Taylor. Maggie states that, nonetheless, if Ridge were to find out that this is the case he'd feel betrayed.

James is working on the fireplace with the poker. Maggie tells the doctor she feels a little guilty, because she is not obsessing as a Forrester should over Ridge, letting her happiness with the baby override the general misery. James assures her they were "due happiness." Maggie worries about Connor's warning that Sheila can change her mind until the adoption is finalized. James says that maybe it was the way Sheila came undone and was a wreck, devastated and with no hope and desire to go any further, but something tells him she has accepted that she will not see Mary again. Maggie teases James about being ready for father duties: midnight feedings, diaper changing, etc. James says he can hardly wait. Maggie then shows him a number of outfits she bought for the baby. She and James hug.

Grant tells Ridge that Taylor needs to hear the truth, for she is depressed, and she cries all day long. Ridge says, "it is going to take some time." Grant says that maybe in a few years she will meet the right guy and live happily ever after. Or maybe she will be afraid and lose the trust in men and never fall in love again. "Are you willing to take that chance?" Grant asks.

Thorne protests that they are leaving on the next flight out, and Taylor says she is tired. Thorne replies that is why she needs the trip, to get away from all this stress, all that reminds her of Ridge, and to stop the visits to prison. She needs to realize that Ridge is in jail, and she has to move on. "You have to break this cycle" he tells her. Taylor says she is sorry to be such a downer all the time, and Thorne says he wants her to trust him. She retorts she does, and so away he goes to help her pack.

Thorne helps Taylor pack and assures her they won't need much clothing. He will cover her up with love and mango, and he is taking her to this fishing village with Hallies (little huts). "No radios, no TVs," Thorne promises her, just peace and solitude--what she needs. As the limo driver knocks on the door, Taylor stares at a picture of Ridge.

Ridge wants to know why Grant is pushing this, especially since he can't guarantee Taylor will keep the secret. Grant admits it's too much to ask, to sacrifice her happiness for the sake of Brooke's (a woman she doesn't even like, Grant says) children. Grant admits he and Brooke agreed it would be risky to confide in Taylor; plus, Taylor came by and she was a wreck. "Taylor is a good friend to me," Grant says, and it is hard to let her suffer. Add that he found out from James that Taylor has been engaging in some self-destructive behavior, and if anything were to happen to Taylor whom would they pin it on? Grant and Brooke, as they do with everything, that's whom, and they'd feel responsible. "I don't want to live with that, do you?" he asks Ridge.

Maggie tells a tired James she has another outfit to show. James protests, until Maggie comes out in a negligee that Brooke must have forgotten there. "Hello baby," Maggie says suggestively.

Grant tells Ridge that he has destroyed Taylor's faith, not just in him and her, but also in her own sense of judgment. "She'll never recover from that unless you tell her the truth." Ridge wonders what will happen then--a honeymoon through the glass wall? Grant tells him that with his testimony, he may be out in five years for good behavior. In the meantime, he and Taylor will have something, as opposed to now, when she has nothing, if she doesn't have him. Ridge says if he stays he will only be in her way, but Grant says she'll think of him every step of the way - and if the situation was reversed, Ridge would stand by Taylor. "I know it's a difficult decision, but it's the right one," Grant tells him. Ridge growls he is convinced, and thanks Grant, and Grant calls for the guard to let him out.

Maggie, admittedly very sexy, has James confessing that her outfit is salacious, seductive, erotic, and wakes up the professor in him. The two decide to make the most of their last night alone.

Ridge calls Taylor and gets her machine, and the guard tells him to try again tomorrow.

On the plane Thorne orders a Bloody Mary and looks at Tayloe and thinks, "Sleep Taylor. When you wake up you'll be in a whole new world," one without Ridge.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

In the jailhouse, Ridge has sent for his lawyer Jonathan, and wants to know how soon he can get out of jail. He says he knows what he has said before, but Jonathan must forget all about that, and he explains that Taylor is out there waiting for him. He is ready to do or say anything that Jonathan tells him to do, as long as he gets out. His lawyer says that there is a minimum ten-year sentence and Ridge should have told him about his plans to confess before he actually did it on the stand.

Ridge says that Grant Chambers is willing to testify on his behalf. Jonathan is now curious and wants to know why Grant Chambers is now his "best" friend. Ridge replies, "It doesn't matter why he is doing it; all that matters to me right now is getting out of here." Jonathan says that with Grant in their corner, they might be able to get the sentence down to five years and have him out on probation in three. Jonathan leaves to follow up on what Ridge has just told him, especially about Grant.

When Ridge is alone again, he looks at Taylor's photograph and tells her not to lose faith. He has a fantasy where he explains to Taylor that Rick shot Grant. In the fantasy, she is disbelieving at first, but Ridge manages to get through to her. Of course, she naturally forgives him easily. Coming back to reality, Ridge says to himself how he loves Taylor.

Looking out the window, Taylor and Thorne gaze at the Big Island of Hawaii. Taylor is starting to feel guilty because she didn't even say goodbye to anyone back in LA. Thorne pressures her to give this holiday a chance; if in a couple of days she isn't feeling any better, he will take her home without any arguments.

So now they reach the Kona Village Resort and Thorne wants to know if Taylor would like to take a walk on the beach before they check in. Taylor just wants to check into the room because she is tired. When they get there, Thorne is happy to confirm that they are truly isolated - the girl who brings them to their room informs them there are no phones or TV. Thorne is upset to see that there is only one bed. He insists they need two, but the girl says the resort is fully booked. Thorne gallantly volunteers to take the couch.

At her new penthouse, Lauren has a bunch of specialists there to help her get all ready for her meeting with Eric. Enter Clarke, who approves of the wet bar, hot tub, and the sexy painting of Lauren hanging above the fireplace. Lauren comments that she is "getting groomed for battle. I was more than willing to walk away from Eric out of respect for Stephanie. This is about Eric. If he marries Stephanie he is just not going to be happy, and I will not let that happen." Lauren says that she is all ready, except that she and her associates cant find THE dress.

At the Chambers home, Eric has come down from visiting with Rick. He and Brooke start to discuss their son. Eric thinks that it is normal for a child to have been preoccupied with violence after there was a shooting in the family. Brooke is upset and informs her ex-hubby that Rick had those awful posters and junk before the shooting happened. She says that the lack of responsibility on her behalf was the reason why Rick had those awful posters and was listening to those CD's about violence and murder. Eric says that the world is a different place than when they were growing up. He says that from now on they will identify their mistakes as parents and correct them. He reminds Brooke not to take all the responsibility, and that they will get through this together.

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

At the Café Russe, Clarke is pouring on the charm to his dinner companion Sally. She of course knows what he is up to and comments that it will take more than a dinner to gain stock in the company. She asks what the occasion is and he answers, "It is always a special occasion when I am with you. Can't a company guy take the owner out for a bite to eat?" Then Clarke notices that queen Stephanie is holding court with Maggie at a table on the other side of the restaurant. Sally comments about how Steph isn't one of her favorite people, and Clarke reminds her, "Stephanie has nothing on you; not a thing."

Sally tells him to give up, since he isn't getting any. He replies, "Getting any what? I am family; but I blew it huh?" Sally brings up the matter of how she took her to the top and let her fall, both professionally and personally. He admits, "Yeah, we were husband and wife. Sally, I swear, I never meant to hurt you." Sally brings up the whole Julie DeLorean affair, and Clarke being tricked by the clocks being moved up an hour before he had gained half the company, and her catching him with Kristen then. But he was an unfaithful husband and it ruined his chance of ever gaining any stock in the company.

Stephanie is chatting with Maggie and she tells her about the Lauren saga and why she is so disappointed in her ex friend. "It is such a betrayal. It breaks your sense of trust in people. I can't really begin to understand what was going on in her head. I suppose she could take on last stab at trying to win Eric." Maggie wonders if Steph is concerned, but Steph informs her, "Well, it takes 2 to tango and I don't think that Eric would accept her invitation to dance. We are going ahead with this wedding. No one is going to stop this wedding, especially someone like Lauren Fenmore."

Lauren is awaiting Eric's arrivial out on her balcony. Her hair is upswept and she is wearing a spaghetti strap green floral number with pearls around her neck to complete her sophisticated yet sexy look. She receives a call from the lobby that Eric is on his way up.

Eric agrees that they need to talk as he enters the lions' den. Lauren thinks that maybe her friendship with Stephanie just wasn't meant to be. "I was a true and loyal friend. I go after what I want. I am back Eric and I am better than ever."

Stephanie shows Maggie her invitation to the wedding and comments how she has to adjust the wedding party, since Lauren obviously can no longer be a part of it with Kristen and Felicia. Maggie understands, and Stephanie says that she was hoping a certain someone from Iowa would stand up for her. Maggie is excited at this honor, but has to leave to meet James. Stephanie gets up to make a phone call to Taylor.

Clarke is still trying to beg for stock in Spectra, and states, "You have got to admit that I have changed. I have put my best years of my life into that company. I don't want to be part of a company that I am not appreciated."

Sally says that his point was made and she will consider it. Now, Stephanie is passing by behind a tree and overhears part of this conversation. Clarke comments about Lauren's new place and her preparing for war with Stephanie over Eric. Sally says that Stephanie doesn't stand a chance and she is going to lose Eric again. Stephanie walks back to her table and the Spectra clan wonders if she overheard. Sally states, "People don't always get what they want. Still, she points out, they better batten down the hatches, because Stephanie is going to clash with Lauren, and it is going to be an 8.5 on the Richter scale of love.

Lauren tells Eric that she realizes that her timing is lousy. However, she wouldn't dream of interfering with Eric and Stephanie had they exchanged their wedding vows already. She questions Eric if his feelings towards her have changed and informs him, "I am here for you, Eric."

Eric saunters over to her, removes a strap from her dress, and kisses her passionately. He then pulls back and tells her, "Make no mistake. I am committed. This wedding is going to happen," before he walks out the door.

"We shall see how long that lasts." Lauren says to herself. She changes and is about to take a dip in the hot tub. Lauren figures it is Eric returning, but is stunned to see that Stephanie shows up at the door....

Thursday, July 3, 1997

Jonathan is visiting Ridge in jail, and is puzzled by Ridge's sudden change in behavior. He insists that he is not being paid to be stupid and proclaims, "You didn't shoot Chambers. You both agreed to let it go down this way. You are protecting someone." Ridge says that is nonsense, but Jonathan isn't budging; it had to be someone Ridge would want to take the fall for. He guesses, "It was Rick who shot Grant." Since Jonathan has guesses it, and will not Ridge go down for a crime he didn't commit, Ridge tells his lawyer everything. He insists that Rick is disturbed and doesn't even remember anything about the shooting. Besides, Jonathan and Grant will be able to make sure he doesn't get a rough sentence by getting Grant to speak on his behalf.

Jonathan doesn't like this and wants to know who else actually knows the truth. Ridge tells him about James and Brooke, and insists that he wants to tell Taylor as well. Ridge then insists that Rick has to be shielded for this therapy to be effective. If he can get out of jail in three to five years it is a small price to pay for Rick. He wants to tell Taylor immediately, and asks for Jonathan to bring her to the jail first thing in the morning.

Ridge says to himself, "I told you not to compete, little brother, and you wouldn't listen." He wonders how he will tell Taylor the truth about Grant, but insists, "We are finally going to have it all someday."

Stephanie shows up at Lauren's and asks, "Aren't you going to ask me in? I asked you into my home and you stayed well over a year. This is really something. I wanted to deliver this to you personally." She hands Lauren the wedding invitation and continues, "I really don't perceive you as a threat. Are we going to see you at the wedding?"

Lauren says there won't be a wedding and Eric will be the one to stop it when he chooses her. The only reason Stephanie has him now is because she gave him up out of respect for her. If she was truly out of the game, then Stephanie wouldn't feel threatened and be here now, would she, Lauren comments. Stephanie says Lauren has no integrity, and that is not what Eric wants - he wants quality, and Lauren does not measure up in that regard. Lauren says to save the words and let the chips fall where they will.

Stephanie says that she is fine with that; she can't tell Eric what to do, and she will not stop Eric from associating with Lauren if that is what he wants. However, she has lost Eric twice before to women like Lauren, and this time it is not going to happen again....................................

Taylor is resting in her bed and Thorne is watching her, commenting to himself that she is so peaceful and it should always be that way for her. He thinks that Hawaii will work miracles on her. Taylor has suffered years of disappointments and betrayals from Ridge, he thinks, which leads Thorne to thins back to the eve of her wedding to his big brother, when he told her about their trek to the marina to find Brooke. He remembers Taylor's denial and says to himself, "That is what he did; and he shattered your world, leaving me to pick up the pieces."

Thorne then remembers visiting Taylor after the fire, where she felt she couldn't sit by while Ridge put her second anymore. He recalls how Taylor asked him to take her engagement ring back. He then thinks about how Ridge should have let her go, and recalls returning the ring. He thinks, "Time after time Ridge has made you promises and he hurts you."

Taylor wakes up and Thorne coaxes her into getting up and dressed for a moonlight walk down a beach and having a Mai-tai drink together. After she leaves the room, Thorne reaches in his pocket and takes out the engagement ring he bought for Taylor...........................................

Friday, July 4, 1997

In jail, Ridge is working out. As he finishes, we hear his thoughts out loud; he thinks, "I had to protect Rick. I am so sorry, Taylor. It was the only thing I could do. I knew you would be shocked. I knew you loved me. Today, I will tell you the truth. I have to make you understand, because I can't live without you; I know that now. I need you to wait until I get out of here, because you and I will have a life someday. I swear we will." He then reminisces about Taylor in a montage of scenes from their past, remembering all the joy and good times.

Taylor awakens and is thinking to herself, "Why can't I stop thinking about him? I see him - how can I stop this, what is it going to take? He is gone, face it - he is going to prison for 10 years and he doesn't want you to wait. If he asked me to wait, I would have waited for him. Are you crazy, he doesn't want you. Could he have shot Grant? No, not Ridge; NOT MY SWEET BEAUTIFUL RIDGE. I don't know what to believe anymore." She looks at Ridge's picture and begins to cry.

In the lobby of the resort, Thorne is talking to a woman from the resort, Leilani, about things for him to do with Dr. Hayes. She suggests a helicopter ride, but Thorne declines, saying maybe later; Taylor needs some cheering up big time right now. In that case, she says, Thorne should take her to the beach and let Pele, the volcano goddess, heal Taylor. Thorne says it will take a miracle to help Taylor right now. Leilani guesses that Taylor lost a loved one, and Thorne says, "Yes, I guess you can say that." The woman says she thinks she knows exactly what Taylor needs and makes a call.

Jonathan goes to Taylor's beach cottage (he apparently has a key) and finds it empty. A neighbor comes in, surprised to find someone looking for Taylor. The neighbor tells Jonathan that Taylor went to Hawaii with some guy, a blonde guy named Thorne. Jonathan asks, "Do you know which island they went to?" The neighbor says, "No idea, but if she happens to call, who should I say was here?" The attorney says, "Jonathan Young," and then leaves.

Back at the hut, Thorne comes in to find Taylor in tears. He asks, "Taylor, are you ok?" Taylor says, "I will be." Thorne asks if she wants to go sightseeing and Taylor says, "No, I don't want to leave this room. I know I am a total bore; I didn't want to come here. I should pack and go home." She suggests that with her moods, she's not good company, and Thorne asks if being alone is going to be any better. She tells him that he wouldn't be alone, because there is no shortage of beautiful women here. Thorne tells her, "I am only interested in one woman." Taylor says he will be disappointed asks him to take her to the airport.

Thorne says, "Wait one second; I have a surprise for you." She agrees to wait as he sits her down. Taylor then asks what this is all about, and Thorne says, "It is about love and life; expressions of love and joy." Some little hula girls show up with their teacher and bid Taylor, "Aloha!"

Ridge is back in his cell looking at a picture. He says, "It won't always be a photo. Someday. First, I've got to tell her." He paces around the cell, still holding the picture, thinking, "I hope they give me time alone with her. Just to hold her - when she finds out what I have done, she will be so relieved and happy. I can't wait, I can't wait."

Shortly after, Jonathan arrives, and Ridge asks if Taylor is coming. Jonathan informs him, "She wasn't there; Taylor left town. She went to Hawaii." Ridge says Hawaii makes sense since it will help her clear her head, and instructs Jonathan to call her there immediately. Jonathan then informs Ridge that she didn't go alone...he breaks the news that Thorne went with her. Ridge stands there stunned.

Taylor learns her visitors are hula girls and the woman, Mehana, is their teacher. She tells Taylor they are here to help her celebrate, but Taylor insists, "I have nothing to celebrate." Mehana says they will have to give her something to celebrate then, and asks if Taylor knows of the hula. Taylor replies, "I know it is a dance." The teacher replies that it is more; "It also helps us share a loss of a person or a place we lost." The girls begin their dance and the Mehana comments, "This dance is about beautiful love." A little girl gives Taylor a lei, but Taylor is a little reluctant. At Thorne's urging, Taylor gets up and goes with the girl, and she begins to dance with them as the teacher explains the dance's meaning of love. Taylor looks over to Thorne; he looks back and they both smile.

The hula dancers leave after Taylor kisses them goodbye, and Thorne is pleased to see the smile on her face. She hugs him and says, "Thank you." Thorne explains, "That is my goal, Taylor Hayes - to see that smile on your beautiful face. I want to see more smiles." Taylor says he accomplished that, and she admits she wondered if it could ever happen again. Thorne tells her, "Give me half the chance and I will. It is time to move on. It is time for *US* to move on." He kisses her hand and she looks at him.

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Week of 7/7/97 - 7/14/97

Monday, July 7, 1997

In his cell, Ridge is livid that Thorne and Taylor are in Hawaii; "Thorne told me he'd move out," Ridge says. Jonathan tells him that he can talk to Taylor as soon as they are back, but Ridge tells him in a mature way that no, he wants to talk to her now, and this is not fair. "I can't wait one more day." Ridge says; he has waited too long to tell Taylor already and he should have told her the truth right away. He instructs his lawyer to find her. "I love that woman, Jonathan" Ridge says in tears, and says he is focusing on being together with her again. Ridge prepares to write a letter to Taylor as soon as Jonathan locates her in Hawaii. "Track Taylor down for me," Ridge says. "Nothing I've ever asked you to do is as important as this."

James and Maggie are at the hospital with the baby formerly known as Mary. The baby has gained another pound, her blood samples are fine and she is ready to go. Dr. Kelly warns them Sheila became attached to the baby and she has six months within which to change her mind, but James assures her she won't do that and that Sheila has probably moved on with her life and left town by now. Dr. Kelly mentions the birth certificate, and James says the baby is now to be called "Margaret Elizabeth Warwick" to be named after her mother. Maggie, of course, is touched and embraces her hubby, as we shift to....

Stephanie visits Grant and asks him why he is going to testify at the dauphin's sentencing. Grant tells her she won't believe him, and Stephanie demands he try nonetheless. Grant tells the Queen he will testify because he cares about her royal family. Stephanie replies he can understand why she finds that hard to believe. Grant says that's because she sees him as the enemy, and Stephanie retorts that's the way he's always acted. Grant tells her he has put his soul into a company with her name on it and she should count her lucky stars he is not as self-serving as she thinks he is. Stephanie points out that logic goes against her believing him and his motives worry her, since Ridge's only chance is to ask for leniency from the court. Grant, testifying on his behalf, will have the power to crucify Ridge. Plus, Stephanie adds, if Grant puts Ridge away for good then Ridge will never be able to interfere with his relationship with Brooke. Grant says he is not that kind of person and he does not worry; he ends by saying he owes Ridge and that is why he will help him, leaving Stephanie puzzled.

Maggie welcomes Margaret home, where she'll "live and grow and be loved." James opens the door and shows Margaret the nursery. Then follows a parade of stuffed animal friends, and finally Maggie's favorite rocking chair. Maggie tries it and is humming lullabies away. With sudden tears, Maggie asks if Sheila is really out of their lives for good. James says he'll feel more comfortable in six months, but he thinks she won't change her mind. Maggie condemns the insanity of the "stupid law" that gives someone custody of a child and then lets the parent take her away in six months. "It's wrong," Maggie states. James suggests they pray and hope to get through this. Maggie cries that she feels close to the baby and does not want to give her up. James says Sheila is gone and will never come back.

Jonathan enters Stephanie's office, and she thanks him for coming. Stephanie states she does not want Grant testifying, and it's been building up inside her for she doesn't know for how long, she doesn't know why but she keeps thinking something is bound to go wrong. Jonathan replies they need him. "To put my son away for the rest of his life?" Stephanie asks. Jonathan says Grant is the only person who can help them, and that Ridge trusts him, and so does he, so don't worry; everything will turn out. He asks if she knows where Thorne and Taylor are staying, but Stephanie says, angrily, that she didn't even know Thorne left town before his brother's sentencing. Jonathan informs Steph that Ridge wants to locate Taylor and tell her to wait for him, to resume the relationship.

James goes through the baby's stuff and sees Sheila's childbirth book. "Wherever she is, I hope she is doing well" he says out loud, adding that if she were to come back it'd be a disaster. Just then, the doorbell rings.

Ridge starts writing a first and final draft of his letter. "My dearest Taylor, I sit here today, writing you from my jail cell, searching my soul for words." He rereads the line he has written so far, unable to escape the cliche universe. "I wonder if language is adequate to the task. Yet I have little else to fall back on. My freedom is gone." He can't see her in person and even if he could she would not give him a chance to speak after what has happened. He says that as a final request he wants a few more minutes of her time. This crime was necessary, he says, but the way he treated her was not. He regrets what he told her, asking her to erase him from her heart, and he realizes that had she made the same request he would not have done it. He was wrong, and he realizes he made her feel so bad; but there is a reason, and he needs to explain this to her, and he asks for a chance because he loves her and wants her. They can use the time to plan their future, and he knows now that all the years he's known her were a preparation for the time they'll have together from now on. He promises her that, not as a convicted man but as a man who has searched his heart, he knows his dream is her. "Please come see me as soon as you can. Love, Ridge."

Tuesday, July 8, 1997

In Hawaii, Taylor is clad in a yellow bikini as she is waking up from a nap. Thorne's muscles are hanging out in the lounge chair next to her. Taylor explains to her travel companion that she feels she should ask if she is living on another planet, not knowing what time and day it is. She is starting to feel stronger from the reminder of the fact that God is the creator of all of this beauty around her. He is the one who holds her destiny in his/her hands, and the beauty is a reminder of who is really in charge, she tells Thorne. She continues to thank Thorne, because she was at a point in her life where there was nothing but darkness until he brought her here. She calls Thorne her little miracle worker.

Thorne says that she can always tuck away a little piece of this paradise in her mind, especially when she is feeling low. He used this during his hard times with Macy (yes, he actually mentioned his ex wife!!!). Just then, Taylor has a CRAVING for a papaya. So Thorne throws on a shirt and comes back with an authentic Hawaiian menu that they will have for dinner tonight on a lanai boat trip this evening. Taylor says she appreciates everything he did for her. Thorne kisses Taylor on the forehead and she leaves to get changed for dinner. Thorne remains there looking thoughtful.

Maggie is giving the baby a tour of her room, and then the doorbell rings. Both she and James (who is out in the living room) think it could be Sheila, since nobody else knows that they brought their daughter home from the hospital today. When James answers the door it turns out to be a package from a baby store (much to his relief). At first he thinks that Maggie ordered something from there and calls out to her that her delivery is here. But once he opens the box he realizes that the present is a pillow with the name "Mary" embroidered on it. Since that is the name that Sheila gave their daughter, he quickly hides the pillow back in the box. Maggie sees the pillow though and wants a look - covering, James says it must have been a mistake, and he will make sure that it gets returned to the store. Eventually, it ends up in the garbage.

Maggie comes in to fix the baby a bottle (the old fashioned way, as she tells James they really have to get a microwave) and brings up Sheila. She thought it could have been her at the door before. She says that even though Sheila has 6 months to change her mind about the adoption, they aren't going to worry about it.

James sits on the couch and feeds the baby. Maggie comments that there is something very sexy about a man holding a baby. She goes to put the baby down in her crib and tells James to meet her in their room.

At Forrester, Stephanie tells Eric about the plans for the sentencing. Needless to say Eric is surprised to hear that Grant Chambers will speak on their sons behalf. Of course, he gets even more worried when Stephanie tells him about Thorne going off with Taylor. Stephanie insists that they have to do something, before Thorne does something that will ruin everyone's lives forever.

Grant has come to jail to find out if Taylor knows the truth from Ridge yet. Ridge tells him that his friend Taylor is in Hawaii with his little brother Thorne. He says that he warned Thorne not to use his being in jail as his big chance to win Taylor's affections, and he insists that he has to stop Thorne.

Grant says that Thorne is still Ridge's brother, and he has other things to worry about - such as leaving his fate in the hands of his worst enemy. But he tells Ridge to relax; he reminds Ridge that he will be there for him at the sentencing tomorrow and that they are in this together.

Jonathan walks in and tells Grant that he knows the whole story. Grant assures Jonathan he will be there for Ridge, and Jonathan says he had better; "You owe my client. Tomorrow is your one and only chance to pay that debt," the lawyer tells Grant. Ridge gives his lawyer a letter to deliver to Taylor that explains the truth. Ridge says, "Hopefully, this time tomorrow we will have our future back."

Wednesday, July 9, 1997

Sally is reading the LA Chronicle (which looks like the LA Times) newspaper and finds out that Grant Chambers is testifying at the sentencing hearing for Ridge, which surprises her. She's not convinced that Ridge's confession was a truthful one, and it seems to her that Ridge had a motive in confessing. Macy is annoyed and replies, "You know what would be really nice? If we could get through just one day without talking about the Forresters." Sally apologizes to her daughter for not thinking of her, but Macy informs her, "The fact of the matter is no matter what you say, I would probably still be thinking about Thorne."

Sally again apologizes, lamenting that everything will be over now that the divorce is final - at least, that's what Macy told her. Well guess what?? It turns out that Macy couldn't bring herself to sign the divorce papers all this time. "I was so crazy with jealousy. Claudia didn't ruin my marriage; I did." Sally says that if macy has doubts, she has to talk to Thorne, but Macy insists, "It doesn't matter what I want- Thorne is involved with somebody." Sally advises her daughter to talk to Thorne before signing the papers.

At Forrester, Stephanie is having Megan track down Thorne and Taylor in Hawaii by calling up all of the resorts. Jonathan shows up and asks how she feels. Stephanie says, "Well, considering that my sons entire future depends upon his worst enemy; how do you think I feel? That man fought tooth and nail to put Ridge away." When Jonathan tires to reassure her about Grant, she guesses, "You know why he is doing this don't you?" Before the lawyer can answer, Eric walks in, and he also wants to know why Grant is going to help Ridge now. Jonathan tries to get them to forget their fears. The Forresters admit they don't trust Chambers, but he is their only hope.

At the Chambers home, Brooke tells Grant that Bridget is being understanding about his testifying for Ridge, but Rick isn't. Grant thinks that his testifying on the behalf of Ridge will be the first step in gaining trust of Rick and in Brooke. Brooke says she trusts him, although Grant detects at least a hint of doubt. Grant says that sooner or later Rick is going to remember what exactly happened that night; and it isn't going to do him any good with Ridge being in jail. It is going to make his stepson feel guilty. That is why Grant is going to testify on Ridge's behalf, to keep that from happening.

As they are about to leave, Brooke informs Grant that she called Teresa Emerson and asked her to stop by, because she is worried; with Grant changing his story, he can be sent to jail. As if on cue, the doorbell rings and Teresa arrives. Brooke asks the Assistant District Attorney if Grant would be subject to perjury charges. Teresa says it depends; there is a fine line between changing testimony and correcting it. If it is merely a clarification, then Grant is not contradicting himself, and there is no prejury. When Grant asks her how he should handle it, Teresa advises him," To just tell the truth."

Thorne calls his lawyer about his divorce papers and finds out that Macy hasn't signed the papers yet - and the lawyer doesn't think she will. "She made it very clear that she wanted the divorce," explains Thorne, so he can't understand why she hasn't signed the papers. He also tells his lawyer that the reason he is in Hawaii is that he wanted to get married, so he can't wait (as his lawyer suggests). So Thorne decides to call Macy himself and request that she fax the signed papers to him.

So he does just that and calls his ex-wife at Spectra. When Thorne brings up the reason for his call, Macy suggests that they get together to talk about this; but Thorne continues that he is in Hawaii with Taylor and can't do that. Macy is stunned. He gives her the fax number at the hotel and asks her to send the papers to him, and she tearfully agrees. Thorne apologizes, "I am sorry. It just seems like a strange way for things to end. You take care." Macy hangs up the phone and is crying. She hugs her mother for support and, Sally objects to her signing the paper. Macy insists, "You said it yourself - if I had hope, I would have signed this a long time ago. Well, I don't have any hope - not any more!" She signs and faxes the paper as Sally comforts her.

Ridge is brought into the courtroom as his parents look on, and the handcuffs are taken off. Ridge is worried about Taylor, but Eric reminds him to focus on the hearing. Jonathan states that Ridge's entire future depends on Grant. Brooke gives her ex-fiancee a huge smile. The court is in session and the judge reviews Jonathan's report; she acknowledges that Ridge was an upstanding citizen before this incident, but she has no choice but to enforce the strict guidelines for sentencing. When asked if he has any mitigating information, Jonathan calls Grant to the stand. The judge is surprised, but Teresa agrees, so the judge allows it so that justice may be serviced. Grant takes the stand. But just exactly what is he going to say......................

Thorne watches the fax machine and hopes it is his divorce papers. Leilani hands it to him and he looks at Macy's signature. "Everything happens for a reason - now it's time to move forward," an intent Thorne states.

Thursday, May 10, 1997

Clarke joins Macy, excited about a new design. But Macy isn't interested because she is depressed about signing the divorce papers. When she tells Clarke that she faxed the papers to Thorne, Clarke wonders why he needed them in such a hurry. Macy says that maybe he just wanted it to be over, but Clarke can't accept that. He wonders if his rush to have the divorce papers means that he is planning to remarry since Taylor is there with him.

At the courthouse, Grant takes the stand. He is reminded that he is still under oath. He tells the court that Ridge wasn't himself when he shot that gun. He explains how Ridge and his family were treated, or perceived as being treated, by him. "I gave him plenty of motive," he tells the Judge. He admits that they both had motive, but the Judge points out that he, Grant, didn't pick up a gun and shoot Ridge!

Taylor finds Thorne in deep thought. He tells her that he just received his divorce papers from Macy. Taylor observes that it isn't an easy thing to accept, no matter how much you thought you wanted the divorce. Thorne agrees that he didn't know he would feel like this; he can see his whole marriage flashing before his eyes! Taylor reminds him that she has been in that spot and she knows just what he is feeling.

Grant admits that all the humiliation he put the Forresters through was to get back at Ridge for Brooke. It drove Ridge to the breaking point, leading him to do what he did; "it could just as easily have been me," he says. The judge says Ridge still committed a violent act, something that happens far too often, so she cannot let it slide. Grant, however, makes a case for temporary insanity. The Judge admits that there are a lot of things for her to think about. She needs a few hours to digest all that she has learned. She will get back to them as soon as possible---hopefully today. Jonathan tries to ask if Ridge can be let out on bail in the interim, but the judge refuses, reminding the attorney that the decision will be rendered today.

Ridge approaches Grant and thanks him for his testimony. Eric and Stephanie come over and explain how they are stunned by Grant's words. Grant tells them that he had no choice---he was telling the truth! As Ridge is taken back to custody, Brooke tells him that their thoughts are with him. Grant assures him that he will be back in Taylor's arms soon.

Megan is frantically trying to find Thorne and Taylor when Michael stops by. She fills Michael in, but quickly gets back to work on finding the missing duo. She is almost out of leads when she gets an idea; she calls Macy to see if she has any idea where she could find Thorne. Macy gives her the fax number for the hotel where the two are staying.

Megan then pages Stephanie, who says, "I hope she found something." Brooke asks what's wrong, and Stephanie explains how they are looking for Thorne and Taylor. Stephanie states, "I hope it isn't too late."

Friday, July 11, 1997

Eric, Stephanie and Jonathan are at Forrester, talking on the speakerphone to Ridge. They tell him they are all hoping for the best. They tell him that they located where Taylor and Thorne are. "Make sure she gets my letter." pleads Ridge, reminding Jonathan that he has it in his possession. He hangs up.

Jonathan explains that Ridge wrote a special letter to Taylor, which is what Ridge was referring to - Ridge hopes to have a future with Taylor. It seems like Ridge has no reason to worry, since Mommy will get Taylor back; Eric, however, wonders if that is the right thing to do. He reminds Stephanie that Ridge may not have a future to plan, since his sentence has not been rendered yet; that being the case, bringing Taylor home might be premature.

In The Kona Village in Hawaii, Taylor is having another flashback while staring at Ridge and her in a picture. She is replaying the time in the jail when Ridge told her to get lost. She asks herself, "How can he expect me not to forget?" Then she has a flashback about when she was at her beach cottage, when Thorne told her you got to get on with your life. "Hasn't he hurt you enough?" he said. The dream is gone. She says to herself that Thorne is so right, but how does she forget?

In the lobby, Thorne is talking with Leilani; he wants to have a special dinner tonight, with candles and the whole thing. Most of all, he wants no interruptions, and Leilani says she will see to it. He goes back to the hut and catches Taylor looking at Ridge's picture. He remarks on the picture that it was bad lighting, and she had bags under her eyes. He asks her if she wants to stay on a little longer, but she says, "No, I am ready to go back." He informs them this will be their last night in Hawaii and asks if she is ready for the change. She says, "I'd better get ready for it. Thanks to you, that's two." He asks, "What do you mean?" and she replies, "The second time you saved my life." Thorne says that tells her something; that she needs him around. Taylor tells her pal Thorne that he knows her better than she knows herself. But the big question for Taylor now is; what is she going to do" Thorne says, "I know the answer to that," and he kisses her. She pulls back and she goes to take a shower. He is staring at the picture and talking to himself; he says, "You divorce her, you hurt her and you reject her - but she still hangs on. What is it about you, big brother. The threads are breaking, she has come to her senses; you're not going to hurt her anymore." Thorne then rips up the picture.

In the meantime, Eric, Stephanie and Jonathan continue to debate making the call. The Queen Mother says they have to do it, sicne Ridge specifically asked them to; she calls the place they are staying at and says, "I need to get in touch with Thorne Forrester or Dr. Taylor Hayes. Are they there?" Leilani informs her, "Oh, yes, they are staying here; they are staying in one of our Hallies." Stephanie is surprised to hear that they are sharing a room, and Leilani adds, "They were lucky; there was only one hut left." Stephanie asks if they can please ring the room, but she finds out there are no phones. She asks if the woman can send a bellboy, but she is told that Mr. Forrester said they didn't want to be disturbed. Stephanie finds out that she can fax Taylor a letter. She also leaves a message for Thorne to call home immediately. Steph tells Jonathan and Eric that she doesn't like it; obviously Thorne has something planned. Eric says they have no control over their future of Ridge, Thorne and Taylor; "All we can do is hope and pray for the best."

Grant visits Ridge in his jail cell. Ridge tells him "You very well might have saved my life today." Grant says, "I hope I succeeded." Ridge says "You had the motive and the means to bury me. Why did you do it?" Grant says, "We might not see eye to eye; we are different and there is Brooke, who still hasn't gotten over her attraction for you. But putting aside what Brooke, me or you feel, we have to put it aside and think of that little boy." Ridge says, "I know." Then they talk about Taylor and Ridge says "I've got to tell her ... and by this time tomorrow she will know." Grant asks him about marrying Taylor and then he says, "Maybe I shouldn't ask you that question." Ridge responds, "If I had my way, I would be married today." Grant says she is worth waiting for and Ridge agrees, "She sure is." Time is up and the old friends give each other a hug.

Back in Hawaii, Leilani delivers the letter for Taylor; she hands it to Thorne and tells him it is urgent. Also, she informs him that the woman who called she was Thorne's mother and asked him to call her. Thorne, of course, opens the letter and he sees that it is from Ridge. He reads it and then says, "No, big brother. I am not going to let you do this to her again. NO WAY...."

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Week of 7/14/97 - 7/18/97

Monday, July 14, 1997

Eric and Steph are at the mansion; he finds her all tense on the balcony and he begins rubbing the tension out of her shoulders. They are just talking about the hearing and what might happen. Eric tells her, "We can't fall apart," reminding him that they have to think positively. "This may end up a tragedy, but we have to go on; we have other children, we have a business," he reminds her, so they have to stay focused on that. "We will get through this. We will have joy," he explains, and he tells her he can think of one good thing; their wedding day. Steph says, "You're my strength." There is a knock at the door and Jonathan arrives to go to court; the judge is ready.

At the Chambers home, Brooke and Grant get ready to go to court. She tells him she doesn't know how she will... He cuts her off and says, "I am here for you and Ridge, whatever the sentence is. I will be supportive, no matter how you react, and I'll understand." They hug.

In Hawaii, Thorne is reading the letter again. "You son of can you write her a letter like this? What are you trying to do to her? How do I show you this, Taylor - you have come so far? I can't, not tonight." He hides the fax behind a pillow.

At the courthouse, Ridge greets his parents and his attorney; he says this is it and asks about Taylor. Eric says, "Your mother knows someone at the airport and Taylor is flying home." Ridge is elated and cries out, "YES!" and he says he wants to have Taylor rushed there from the airport. Steph informs him that she faxed her the letter, and Jonathan cautions him not to act hastily since "we've got to wait and see what happens." Ridge, however, insists "I've got to see Taylor." Brooke and Grant arrive and Ridge says, "Whatever the sentence is, I will handle it."

Taylor walks in and finds their room transformed into a tropical paradise. She comments on the unforgettable beauty as Thorne says, "This sure ain't L.A." Taylor agrees - but at the mention of their home, she wonders what is going on in L.A. "It's strange that your parents haven't contacted you," she muses. Thorne asks, "Why would I hear from them?" Taylor says, "I don't know - to keep you informed on what is going on with Ridge." She is wondering when the sentence hearing is taking place. Thorne says, "I don't know." Taylor remarks, "That is really strange; less than a week ago I couldn't think about Ridge, much less mention his name, and now I just ask when his sentence hearing is going to be." Thorne says what a difference a week makes.

Taylor says, "I know, Thorne, how you feel about me and you're always wondering how I feel about you. The truth is you're extremely special, to me and everyone who knows you. In less than a week - it is unbelievable what you have done. You are truly a gift and I thank god for you."

The Judge arrives, and she asks Ridge to rise. She then explains how Grant's powerful testimony has changed things; she doesn't know why Grant came forward for the defense at the last minute, and she therefore realizes there is more here than meets the eye. She explains, "It is that unknown reason that bothers me," and she now has a question of how to best serve justice. She continues, "No matter what Mr. Chambers said, you have pleaded guilty; this puts the court in a quandary. Either I believe what Mr. Chambers says in his recent version, or I believe you. Well, I have to make a decision, and that is what I am going to do."

Taylor and Thorne are sitting down now, and she is talking about the beauty of the island; Thorne, however, isn't listening, and he is thinking to himself. "Look at her - she hasn't been like this in months; so alive, so beautiful, so full of spark and energy. That is the way it should be. How do I show that letter from Ridge? It took her so long to put it behind her; now he wants to drag her down. Maybe that is not his intention, but it sure in hell will be that effect. Do I do that again? He might be in prison, maybe for the rest of his life; how can he ask her to wait for him? He has got to know what that will do to her. I know Ridge is going through hell, and if I could help him, man, I would do anything. I would. But Taylor has suffered so much on account of him and she will suffer more if she reads that letter. It is going to kill her it is so wrong so wrong."

Taylor calls out to him, bringing him back to reality. Thorne says, "I am sorry, honey. What was that?" Taylor says, "You weren't listening." He says it's nothing, but she assures him, "You can talk to me; let me help you for a change. Remember how you told me one day I would wake up and everything would be different? That's what has happened this morning. Everything isn't perfect; I still feel the pain that Ridge is going to spend years in prison. But I don't have that sense of doom hanging over me. I know what he wants me to do and I will move on. Tell me what is on your mind."

The Judge asks the clerk to record her decision for the record. She points out that Ridge has pled guilty, but Grant has added testimony to the contrary. With that in mind, she will treat Grant's testimony as a motion to withdraw the plea of guilty, and grants that motion. Ridge thanks her, but she states, "Not so fast, Mr. Forrester - there is still more to consider." She wants to start a new trial, but when she asks Jonathan and Teresa, they both agree to stipulate to Grant's testimony. The judge therefore finds Ridge not guilty of attempted murder, but guilty of a lesser charge, battery of a firearm which caused bodily harm. In the interests of justice, he receives a conditional discharge for 3 years, on probation, and is free to go.

There is hugging all around from Eric and Steph, as Brooke congratulates Ridge. Jonathan tells Grant that he was the key. Grant says, "I couldn't have done it without you." Steph says it is a miracle as Eric is amazed. Brooke hugs Ridge and says, "I am so relieved." Grant is watching. Ridge says, it was a hell of a surprise, and all he wants is a home cooked meal and a hot shower. Steph tells him, "Tomorrow, Taylor will be here." Ridge says, "Taylor. It is going to happen for us, finally, so much sooner than I thought." Brooke looks on, smiling but hurting.

Taylor asks, "Thorne? Thorne, what is weighing on you?" Thorne says, "I guess I just look at you and see how far you have come in a few days. I feel such a sense of relief. I really thought we lost you." Taylor says, "You should be feeling a sense of accomplishment." Thorne says, "What I should do is get on my hands and knees and thank god; you were really close to the edge." He reminds her there is no way he would let her slip, stating, "Life without you is a thing I never want to consider. You're a part of me, hon. I mean that." Taylor says, "You're so very dedicated; I'm just now realizing it. Something always got in the way." Thorne says, "My brother." Taylor says, "Maybe. Thorne, you are so much more than a friend. I am aware now how much you have been there for me, especially in times of crisis. Do you know how much that means to me? When I look at you, I am overwhelmed by your kindness and your concern. It is almost like you were sent to me by god to look out for me. How am I supposed to respond to somebody like that?" Thorne says, "You respond with one word...yes," and he pulls out the diamond ring. He asks her, "Say you will wear this ring for the rest of your life. Say that you'll marry me." Taylor is stunned, but smiling.

Tuesday, July 15, 1997

The Forresters are throwing their Number 1 son a welcome home party. He just came out of a shower looking at himself in the mirror and saying, "Oh how lucky I am." Down near the pool, Eric and Steph are greeting their guests. Michael, Megan and Claudia and some other people who work at Forrester - even Henry the guy from the sewing room - have joined them. Steph can't wait for Taylor to come home. When asked where Taylor is, Stephanie explains that Thorne and Taylor went to Hawaii. Claudia says, "Oh, how nice." Ridge is on the balcony looking down at his visitors; they see him and everyone claps for their conquering hero. Ridge comes down to the pool with hugs and kisses for everyone, especially for Mother. He says a little speech: "The dark days are gone. I feel the joy, relief and forgiveness in all of your eyes. That makes me overwhelmed. Thank you. I love all of you very much." He hugs his mother again and asks, "Any news on Taylor?" Steph says no, but they are going to give them a message.

Taylor and Thorne are on the airplane, discussing what might happen at the sentencing hearing. Taylor tells Thorne, "You know there is a lot of baggage between you; and you, as his brother, are never going to see him again." She reminds Thorne she will help him get through this, just like he helped her. She mentions how Ridge told her to get on with her life, and it was for the best. "I am getting used to it, never seeing him again," she states. Thorne then gets a message delivered; COME TO THE HOUSE YOU AND TAYLOR AFTER YOU LAND. They are wondering what that was all about. Meanwhile, on the headline of someone's newspaper, we see the headline - RIDGE FORRESTER GETS SUSPENDED SENTENCE - unbeknownst to Thorne or Taylor.

Lauren is visiting Maggie and the baby. Lauren told Maggie to be very careful about Sheila, and Maggie admits she is worried about what Sheila might do. Since he has had dealings with her in the past, she calls Connor, telling him how the adoption law stinks and how a lunatic like Sheila can change her mind and take back the baby. Connor says that is the law. Maggie says, "I want to know where Sheila is. I want to know her every movement." Connor said that will cost her a lot for the detectives. Maggie insists, "I don't care how much it costs, just find her." Lauren says Sheila had better beware of Maggie. Maggie says, "She will have to kill me first before I give up my daughter."

Mike goes to see James at the office. James is surprised to see Mike and asks if he is still in the city. Mike says yes and then tells James how depressed Sheila was in the hospital, and how James forced her to give up her baby. James says, "I didn't force her." Mike comes back and says, "YOU CALL YOURSELF A SHRINK? You did a real number on her, Warwick." Mike drives home the point that Sheila had someone who really cared about her - himself - but she only had eyes for James, even though he was only leading her on. Mike tells the psychiatrist, "I am going to find her and if I do - well, you better not hope I find her..." Mike leaves and James is just staring at the door.

Eric and Steph are talking about Ridge's future and Steph hopes his future includes Taylor and a marriage. Right on cue, in walks Taylor and Thorne. Taylor spots Ridge and Ridge spots Taylor; they are looking at each other.

Wednesday, July 16, 1997

At the Warwick home, Maggie is thinking how Sheila got attached to the baby and hoping she still isn't. James comes in with wine and groceries, ready to make dinner - but Maggie says she has other plans. Maggie tells James about Connor and explains, "We need to know for our peace of mind. We need proof." James says he spoke with someone who is also looking for Sheila: Mike Guthrie. Maggie gets shook up.

By the Forrester pool, Thorne and Taylor are stunned to see Ridge. Eric and Stephanie are wondering if Taylor has an engagement ring on, since she has a wrap over her hand. Ridge and Taylor talk; she can't believe he is out. He assures her, "Yes, I am free; it is real hard for me to believe. I've got my life back. I am free," he says, hugging Taylor. Thorne can't believe it either, so Eric explains how Grant's testimony resulted in Ridge's freedom. Thorne wonders, "But why?" as Claudia reminds him that's not important - all that matters is that his brother is free. Thorne is blown away as Ridge thanks his guests for the "best party of my life" before catching up with Taylor; he does warn Thorne, "I will talk to you, later!"

James assures Maggie that Mike is concerned about Sheila, but Maggie is more worried about Sheila, who can ruin everything for them at a moment's notice; she has a way of doing the unexpected, and Maggie can't live her life waiting for something to happen. James says they can't let Sheila ruin this important time for them, but Maggie does not relent; she promises not to let it become an obsession, but she has to do this. She then bids her husband and the baby goodbye.

Eric chides his younger son for his sudden disappearance right before Ridge's sentence, but Thorne claims Taylor needed it. Steph then wants to talk to Thorne and is scolding her second son. "You took advantage of Taylor and the situation," she chides. "Right, Mother; that is what you think. I took advantage of her by taking her out of her despair. But it is all right for Ridge to keep throwing her away and reeling her in like a yo-yo. He is probably telling Taylor right now how sorry he is and how he made a mistake and it won't happen again. How many times does Taylor have to fall for that? That is your idea of love." Stephanie tells him he should have realized this would happen, but Thorne insists she is favoring Ridge, as usual. He states, "Mother, I am thrilled that he is out; but just because he is out, does he deserve her back? HELL NO." Arguing some more, he brings up the fact that Ridge shot Grant and he admitted it. Steph says there is an explanation they don't know about. Thorne says, "Do you know what it is?" but she says no. Thorne says, "Has he said anything to anyone? No. He doesn't care how anyone thinks; they will forgive him. He wiggles his little finger and they come rushing back to his side. He thinks Taylor will come back like she always has done before. This time he is wrong and this time it is too late."

Ridge takes Taylor into the library, noting how there are no bars or anything. "I am going to explain everything to you. You don't know how often I thought about this; being alone with you, free finally to be able to tell you the truth," he states. Taylor asks, "Truth?" Ridge says, "I have been lying to you. It was wrong. I wished to god I didn't have to; but I honestly felt that I was protecting you." Taylor asks, "Protecting me from what?" Ridge replies, "From me. I didn't want to drag you down with me. I wasn't going to be the reason for you to throw you life away. So I lied and I hated it, to see the look on your face and your crying. Try to understand; I thought I was doing the right thing, until I talked to Grant. He made me see that I was wrong. He told me to tell you the whole story - and he was right...but you were gone." Taylor reminds him, "You told me to leave." Ridge says, "I am so sorry, but it is over now. We are finally going to have a second chance. We're going to be happy and have everything we dreamed of. Once I tell you the truth; nothing will stand in our way."

Maggie talks with Connor in his office, telling him how perfect their family is - but one word from Sheila can take it all away. "Find her for me," she instructs him. The attorney tells her he knew a half hour ago; "My detectives have found her and we know where she is."

Eric now comes over to Thorne and Stephanie, and Thorne says it is the usual case of Stephanie defending Ridge. Thorne has no intention of forgiving Ridge, and he points out that he knows Taylor well enough to know what's right for her. Stephanie asks what that means, and Thorne replies to his mother, "You're really terrified that Taylor can be happy with anyone else; it is always your precious Ridge with you." Eric says not to start that and asks what happened in Hawaii. "I asked Taylor to marry me," Thorne answers. Eric And Stephanie stand there with their mouths open, especially when Thorne will not tell them what Taylor's answer was.

Ridge explains to Taylor that she was right all along - he didn't shoot Grant. Taylor asks why and he explains, "I had to confess - because the real shooter was Rick." Taylor says, "RICK?" Ridge continues, "Grant knew it all along; he blamed me to protect Rick." He tells her the story again all about Rick and the reasons why Rick shot Grant. "Grant came to me and told me because Hunter was on to it," he states, and he then explains how Rick shot Grant and blanked it out. Taylor is crying and realizes what Grant was trying to say to her when he quizzed her about traumatic amnesia, and Ridge assures her James is handling everything. Hearing James' name leads her to ask who else knows; Ridge tells her that only Grant, James, Hunter and Brooke know. Taylor says, "Oh - Brooke."

Ridge says, "I had to do it. It would have ruined his whole life." Taylor cries, "You knew I wanted to be with you and you sacrificed everything." Ridge tells her that was true, until Grant made him see otherwise. He states, "Doc, it is incredible. I am free; we are together. We can get married, have a house and children." Taylor collapses in his arms almost fainting. Ridge says, "I am sorry, Doc, I couldn't wait to tell you. I will go and get you some water." Taylor says, "No, don't go; I won't believe this is real." Ridge says, "It is real. This is everything we fought for," and they kiss. She is rubbing her hands on his face, smiling.

Thursday, July 17, 1997

Stephanie won't let Thorne go. He is trying to get to Taylor and Ridge, but Eric and Stephanie want answers from him. You are so afraid that your precious Ridge might lose Taylor, he accuses. "You don't care that Ridge may be in there using the same old worn out lines on Taylor once again." "That's enough," Eric cautions him as Stephanie tells him that is not what this is all about.

Ridge kneels before Taylor and tells her how sorry he is. He says he should have trusted her enough to tell you everything. But now, he tells her, I am free and we can be together. Now we can have it all, he says as Thorne listens at the open door.

"I have found Sheila already," Connor tells Maggie. "Where?" she wants to know, "and are you sure it is her?" Connor says that his detective found Sheila in Death Valley working as a waitress. Maggie can't believe it; Connor says he is sending his detective there at once to make sure it is Sheila and not someone else using her Social Security number. After all, they don't know that Sheila didn't lose her purse or have it stolen. "No," Maggie says, "I will check this out myself." She tells Conner that she won't believe it until she sees Sheila with her own eyes.

Thorne enters the room. "So," he says, "here you are making the same promises to her yet again. After all she has been through because of you---how many times now? She doesn't need to be spit on again by you." "You don't understand," Ridge tells Thorne. "I did what I did because I thought it was best for Taylor. I was trying to protect her." Oh sure you did, Thorne tells his brother. "That is why you shot Grant. That is why you denied it, stringing Taylor along. That is why you stood up in court and admitted what you did. You don't know how much you hurt Taylor---you never do." Taylor tries to stop Thorne. She tells him that there were reasons. She tells that Ridge can explain and looks to Ridge. but he shakes his head not to say anything.

Steph and Eric are outside the door. She wants to go in and settle the argument between Number 1 son and Number 2 son. Eric says let them settle it among themselves - doesn't she see that Thorne will just accuse her of siding with Ridge yet again. Steph says that is nonsense - Thorne lied to his brother, so she can't understand why Eric is taking his side. "It's their fight," Eric insists. Steph, as always, wants to get into the act. She hopes Taylor and Thorne aren't married, and Eric shouts, "What will you do if they are? Send him to his room? They're grown men, they're not children - you cannot control them and I'm surprised you keep trying!" He then adds, "Although maybe I shouldn't be," and goes to get a break.

Maggie calls James and tells him that she is going to Death Valley to check up on Sheila. James tries to dissuade her, but she is insistent. She has to see that Sheila is moving on with her life. She can't take a chance on her coming back into their lives. She is very fragile, James warns her. Seeing you just may have the opposite effect than what you want, he cautions. Maggie insists she won't let Sheila see her.

Sensing that Ridge and Taylor have a little secret, Thorne says, "That's fine; I don't need to know." Ridge says, "Aren't you getting sick of being the hero and defending Taylor? This is getting old." Thorne says, "Yours is just a lounge act - I know all the lines." Thorne then says, "Let's go, Taylor", but Taylor says she is not ready to go yet. "Which translates to, 'Get out of here'," Ridge tells his brother. Once again Taylor tells Ridge and Thorne to stop fighting. "I am the one who is confused here," she cries, and she reminds them how everything that has happened would make it so. "I explained all that in my letter," Ridges states, "at least I thought I had. How can this come as a complete surprise to you?" What letter, Taylor wants to know. I sent you a letter last night, Ridge tells her. She didn't get the letter, Thorne admits. "I kept it from her. I didn't think she needed to see it." Taylor is astounded. "You kept a letter from me?" she asks. "Taylor," he says, "you were just coming out of your depression. You were smiling for a change. I didn't want Ridge to hurt you again. I didn't want to send you into another downward spiral."

Eric is alone at the poolside when Lauren joins him. She says, "Looks like I missed a good party." She then reveals she brought champagne to celebrate Ridge's homecoming, but Eric is more worried about Thorne and Taylor's return, since they are in with Ridge right now. Lauren says he should try not to worry, since things will work out. Eric says, "I know they will; but Stephanie is the one who..." Lauren asks Steph is the what? Eric says "Nothing. Just talking." He doesn't want to talk about it, which Lauren thinks is a good thing - he should be happy that his son is not in jail. Eric guesses it's all about what you want in life - something he thinks Lauren understands. She says, "A few months ago I knew what I wanted." She kisses him on the cheek and says she has got to go. She goes to leave and he tells her to wait. "Let's not let this good champagne go to waste," he states as he pops the cork, pours and thanks her.

Once again Thorne accuses Ridge of hurting Taylor over and over again. That is why he kept the letter hidden. But Ridge says that it only proves that Thornes's intentions are based on lies. "Things have changed, big brother," Thorne says. "They changed in Hawaii." Taylor tries to interrupt them, but Thorne goes on to tell Ridge that Taylor isn't his anymore. He tells Ridge that he proposed to Taylor in Hawaii. Ridge is stunned. "That's right," Thorne goes on, "I asked Taylor to marry me." Ridge slams Thorne up against the wall as Taylor cries out for him to stop. Blood in his eyes, Ridge says, "For your sake, my bastard brother,she better have said NO!"

Friday, July 18, 1997

James is talking with Margaret. He asks her to promise never to change---to stay sweet and innocent, never to go out with boys, or any grown up things. When the doorbell rings, he hesitates to answer, but it is only Lauren. He tells Lauren that Maggie has found where Sheila is--Death Valley, how appropriate, Lauren says---and Maggie is now on her way there to make sure it is really Sheila and she has gone on with her life. Lauren is upset that Maggie went alone; after all, one phone call and she would gladly have gone with her. There is no telling what Sheila will do if she sees her, Lauren comments. We just have to pray that Sheila won't do something rash.

Stephanie joins Eric by the pool and tells him that she didn't go into the room with Thorne and Ridge. It was difficult to resist, she tells him. She sees the champagne glasses---one of which has lipstick around the rim. Eric tells her that Lauren came by. That woman won't stop at anything, she says.

"Did you hear me," Thorne taunts his brother? "I asked Taylor to marry me." Ridge assumes that she said no or Thorne would be gloating over it. He turns to Taylor and says, "Don't tell me you fell for his act." I told him no, Taylor says. She isn't ready to marry just yet. Ridge then wants to know which brother she will choose which leads Thorne to once again accuse Ridge of pressuring Taylor into a decision. Let's go home, he says to Taylor. "You don't think you are going to stay at Taylor's house, do you?" Ridge questions. Taylor tells Thorne to leave; she has things that she and Ridge need to talk about privately.

Maggie finds the Badwater Inn and parks off to the side away from the lights. As she emerges from the car, she is a different person. She has her hair pulled up under a baseball cap. She enters and is shown to a booth. Using the menu to block her face, she looks around. She sees a couple of waitresses but not Sheila. She is looking disappointed when suddenly, from the kitchen, Sheila walks behind the counter. Sheila and another waitress are conversing. The other waitress (Amber) is complaining about a tip; Sheila offers to wait on him the next time, but the girl just says he is too cheap to leave a tip. She mentions that she would like to get away from this "Backwater" Inn - in fact, she can't figure out why Sheila would be in this "podunk" town. She also admonishes Sheila that she has to be more assertive or people will walk all over her.

Sheila approaches a table where a man is sitting. He says he is waiting for someone. Just then his wife enters carrying a baby. Sheila stares at the baby. Finally she rushes away and tells the other waitress to take the table for her. She goes into the kitchen and breaks down. The cook is concerned for her but she says she is okay. She goes back to the door and looks at the couple with the baby. Her attention is drawn to the cash register where Maggie is paying her bill. As Maggie turns, Sheila recognizes her.

Maggie walks out the door into the parking lot and removes her baseball cap. As she is shaking out her hair, a hand reaches over and grabs her shoulder and spins her around. Maggie is staring into the cold, hard eyes of Sheila.

Taylor tells Ridge not to be angry with Thorne; she explains, "He was there for me. He helped me. I was a wreck, Ridge." Ridge says, "Because of me? Yes" He says he wants her to understand what he did for Rick, and to accept that Thorne was just using her for himself, and failed. Ridge says, "I know. Eventually I will forgive him for what he did. But I sure as hell won't trust him again. Don't worry about him, Doc - he'll get over it." He assures Taylor that in the meantime, he has been making plans for them up until their 50th wedding anniversary party. Taylor says, "I don't think we should rush into anything." Ridge says, "We have waited for years to get to this point. Doc, let's start a life together tonight. Tonight." They hug and kiss and she is smiling as he holds her in his arms.

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Week of 7/21/97 - 7/24/97

Monday, July 21, 1997

At the Badwater Inn in Death Valley, Maggie walks out of the coffee shop and takes off her baseball cap. Sheila runs after her and yells, "What are you doing here? You are checking up on me!" Maggie makes a remark that she is proud of Sheila cause she has gone on with her life. But Sheila isn't done yet," Proud of me? Not so fast! I am not through with you yet."

Maggie claims that this entire checking up thing was all her idea, and not James'. Sheila drags Maggie inside for a cup of coffee and wants to know how she found her. She explains that she left LA in a total daze and ended up here after driving. She asks how the baby is. Of course, Maggie doesn't want to talk about that. "You are the one who broke the rules here, not me. You expect me to sit here and not ask about MY baby?" says Sheila.

Maggie replies, "We love her, Sheila, with all our hearts. Let me walk out that door and you can get on with the rest of your life."

Taylor has come to the Warwick home to coo all over the baby. She confides in her old teacher and friend, James that she knows that it was Rick who shot Grant, not Ridge. She explains to him that she was devastated by Ridge's behavior through all of this.

James takes the side of Ridge and says that he was a hero because he saved the boys life. But Taylor isn't sure about that, insisting, " He should have told me the truth from the very beginning. He lets me believe that I am not worth fighting for." James says that Ridge loves her and wanted her to continue on with her life while he was sitting in some jail cell somewhere.

Taylor tells him that Ridge isn't the only one who cares about her, which of course brings the subject to Thorne Forrester. She tells James what a good man he is and how he cares for her a great deal. Of course, Taylor tells him know about the proposal; James hopes she didn't accept, and she says she did not, she did not turn him down yet, either. She continues that on one hand Thorne is a stable, protective and safe person to be with. She will always love Ridge but she is tired of always being let down. But on the other hand, this could be the moment that she and Ridge have always been waiting for, and she may have regrets at letting that go by. James then asks the question on everyone's' mind; "who is it going to be?"

Ridge is in his office at Forrester and sits down at the desk. Brooke (the returning Katherine Kelly Lang) enters. Brooke looks great wearing a beige pantsuit and a black T-shirt. She says it is wonderful how Rick is making progress and she owes it to Ridge, of course. "How can I ever possibly thank you?" she asks as she leans in and gives him a single passionate kiss.

Ridge tells her it is only a matter of time before Rick remembers what happened that night. He asks how things are with her and Grant, and Grant and Rick. She says things are better, but then takes it back.

"I look at you and I am amazed at what you have given me and my family. You are apart of us, Ridge. Don't you ever forget it," replies Brooke, and she reaches out and touches his hand. She asks a favor of him and that is to attend one of Rick's therapy sessions. Ridge says that of course he will be there. Rick means the world to him. Ridge walks around the desk and holds Brooke and tells her that Rick is going to get through this.

Sheila is telling Maggie how empty she feels and wants her to know what she is going through. She asks if the baby came home from the hospital and if it was exciting. She questions her about the nursery, the formula and wants to be reassured that if her daughter ever gets sick that Maggie will search for her. She explains that she misses her so much and imagines her baby lying on her stomach so she can feel her heartbeat. Then she wants to know what they named the baby.

Maggie has tears coming down her face and says that she knows how difficult this is for Sheila, but she has got to continue moving on with her life. She thinks that knowing the baby's name wont do her any good. "MY child is loved and cherished. Being a mother, I can imagine the pain in giving up a child. You are going to stay away from LA and my home and my family - I need to hear that," Maggie states. Sheila agrees. "You are doing the right thing. I am grateful to you," Maggie says, trying to reassure Sheila. She adds, "Thank you so much for my little girl. Take care of yourself, Sheila." Maggie leaves, and Sheila is left in the coffee shop at a booth crying............

Tuesday, July 22, 1997

At the Warwick home, James welcomes Maggie home. He asks about Death Valley, so she explains that the Badwater Inn wasn't bad, and it was actually better than a truck stop. She then tells James how Sheila recognized her, and he panics that everything must have gone wrong. She points out that Sheila and she had a little chat, and it was actually a productive talk. "I put her mind at ease; I know that, I could feel that," Maggie points out, stating that she is certain Sheila will no longer be a threat to them. James asks what Sheila said, wondering if she asked about him. Maggie says "Why?" and James says he is curious. Maggie tells him, "I know you and Sheila got close. She had your baby." She admits, "I feel easier talking about it now- but I am more convinced than ever that she is gone."

At the Badwater Inn, Amber is complaining about yet another small tip, saying it will keep her in this backwater town forever, and she notices Sheila is quiet. Betting the woman who Sheila was with had something to do with it, she asks, "Who is she?" "Someone from my past," Sheila says, trying to drop the subject. Amber tells her roommate that it's going to be a long and lonely time for Sheila if she doesn't fess up.

Eric gets a delivery in his office, as a huge crate marked HANDLE WITH CARE is wheeled in. He signs for it and asks, "What is it?" but the deliveryman doesn't know. Hearing some noise from the box, he goes over to check it out - and is shocked to see Lauren, who shouts "Surprise! Christmas in July!" Eric said she could have just called. "Well I tried and Megan put me on hold - probably Stephanie's idea," she replies. Eric tries to assure her that it was an oversight, but Lauren isn't budging. She then gets to the reason for her visit; she invites him over for dinner. "Please, one last supper - you won't regret it," she begs. He is hesitant at first, but she tells him it is just dinner, and he can't let Stephanie ruin their friendship. She says she'll get on her knees and beg, and Eric asks her why it's so important. She starts to tell him, but then says, "Never mind." Seeing her playing hard to get, Eric agrees to come to dinner. He then gets a buzz on the intercom; Steph is on her way in. Hearing that, Lauren is on her way out the back door.

Sheila admits that she gave her baby to the woman who was there, and Amber asks how much Sheila got for being a surrogate. Sheila is sheepish about answering, so Amber says, "I am not after any money - did you sell your baby?" Sheila says, "I never would sell my child. I did it for him," and shows Amber a picture of James. She explains, "That is James and the woman was his wife, Maggie." Amber asks, "Why did you give her up?" Sheila explains that James asked, which gets Amber more curious. Sheila says she doesn't want to talk about him. Amber says, "God you must hate his wife; the woman you hate is now the mother of your child." They are interrupted as a customer calls over for more coffee.

Stephanie recognizes Lauren's perfume in the room as she kisses her fiancee, so Eric confesses that she was here, but left out the back door. Steph wants to know "How did she get in here?" especially since Steph left orders not to allow Lauren in the building. He says, "In a box." Eric is amused at the idea, but Stephanie is not, and he reminds her that Lauren is still his friend. She asks how he would feel if a male friend of his was trying to come between them, and he says he probably wouldn't like it. Steph says that is exactly what Lauren is trying to do - she wants to seduce Eric. He tells her about the invitation from Lauren, but Stephanie insists, "You know what she is after. She doesn't respect us getting married. She wants to seduce you and that is what she has planned. She wants to bring you down to her level. I don't want you to go over there."

Amber tells Sheila, "You miss your baby, you want her back." Sheila insists, "NO! Maggie is a nice person." Amber remarks in disbelief, "Right - you hate her. You'd rather have your enemy raise your child." She tells Sheila there are laws that could help her, but Sheila responds, "I don't want to hurt James. They are a family. I made my decision." Sheila walks off and Amber is talking to herself. "The more you argue, the more I can feel it. You want her back. You're never going to be happy without her," the teenage girl says.

Clarke drops by Lauren's place as she prepares for her dinner with Eric. With him, he has a new designer outfit and Lauren is stunned by it. She asks, "Do you have a buyer yet?" He says no, so she buys it from him. He asks what's so urgent, so she explains that Eric is coming over for dinner. He asks how she managed that, so she tells Clarke, "When I was over at the office, Steph was on her way in and I snuck out of the office." Clarke tells her not to answer the phone if it rings, since it might mean Eric isn't coming. Clarke then comments that she's all ready for a seduction, and Lauren says she wants more - Clarke guesses she wants the entire package. She admits she does, and says, "I really love him. Yes, Steph and Eric are comfortable with each other, but he needs new blood. I have to make it happen tonight."

Eric says he likes Lauren and can handle her. Steph says, "You like being teased by her - you like to see how far it will go before being seduced or you're walking away frustrated. Let's put on the table - do you still want to get married?'' He says he does, so she instructs him, "Don't go - you will regret it, we both might end up regretting it." She leaves, and Eric says to himself, "Stephanie, You're probably right."

Eric calls Lauren; despite Clarke's insistence not to, she answers the phone. Eric informs her, "There is something I have to tell you." Lauren says, "Tell me later tonight!" She is then distracted by something and cries out, "Oh, no, the bread is burning. Tell me later," and hangs up. He dials back but the line is busy. He says, "Lauren, Lauren - I will just have to end this in person." Meanwhile, standing in her penthouse in front of her portrait, Lauren says to herself, "This is it. Tonight or never; this is my last chance to have Eric and I am going to make the most of it."

Wednesday, July 23, 1997

Lauren confides in Maggie that she is hoping for more than dinner with Eric tonight. She truly believes that he remarrying Stephanie is a big mistake. Lauren assures Maggie that this isn't just a passing fling; she hasn't felt this way about a man in a very long time. Maggie agrees that she can't support her friend because her loyalties lie with the Forresters. Maggie leaves, and Lauren changes into a slinky black number, lights a ton of candles, and the stage is set. Enter Eric, who is annoyed because the line has been busy on Lauren's phone and he was trying to teach her to cancel their dinner date.

Stephanie shows up at Taylor's door. She has come up with this great idea for a double wedding. Taylor responds, "Exactly who am I marrying Stephanie? You are assuming that I am marrying Ridge." Taylor then sings the praises of Thorne and how he has saved her life twice now. Somehow the subject gets changed to Lauren. Stephanie fills her in about Lauren shipping herself in a box to Eric's office, since Steph took away her guest pass and does not want her on the property. Stephanie tells her friend that Eric is open about all of this and says that he wants to remain friends with Lauren. Taylor's advice is for Stephanie to be honest with Eric; honesty is the best thing. Stephanie is sure that Lauren is going to cross the line of friendship but is positive that Eric won't.

Ridge closes the door to Thorne's office. He is pissed because his little brother is just too busy working and catching up after his trip to Hawaii with Taylor to come and welcome him back to the company. "You knifed me, Thorne, right in the back," he states.

Eric agrees to stay for a quick drink and replies that Stephanie didn't get to him; that is not why he is canceling dinner. "Stephanie and i have a lot more than a history together. A future remains to be seen." Lauren reminds him that he and Stephanie ended their marriage, and he admits, "Well, maybe the divorce was a mistake; maybe it happened because of my mid life crisis." Lauren says that there was a gap between them because of it though, but Eric retorts, "We did not grow apart because of the divorce, just closer together."

Ridge is going to let his little brother have it. He says, "No, Thorne - what sticks in my back is the way you went behind my back while I was in prison. You are no brother to me. You couldn't give a damn what I was going through. You were counting on me being gone a long, long time. Well I am not your brother anymore. Thorne, from now on I am your worst nightmare." Thorne says that he is busy working and doesn't want to get into this yet again. He insists that he did not betray his brother, and like hell he took advantage. Taylor needed help and she was falling apart. Ridge asks that if the entire thing was just to help Taylor, then why did he bring the engagement ring with him on their little trip to Hawaii? Ridge assumes that Taylor has turned him down. But of course, Thorne is all too happy to inform him that Taylor has not turned him down yet. He thinks that she isn't ready yet, but that she will be soon.

Ridge threatens his brother that one way or another he will respect what he and Taylor have for each other. "You will never have her. You have nothing. You couldn't even wait for her to get over me. No matter what you do you will never be man enough for Taylor!" Thorne socks a good punch to Ridge's jaw and slams the door. After he gets up, Ridge goes to the phone and calls Taylor. He says he has to see her tonight and to meet him at the private dining room wearing a gown.

Back at the lion's den, Lauren is still trying her best to get down Eric's pants. But Eric says, "Lauren, I don't think you and I are meant to be anything but just good friends. You are very attractive." Lauren questions him about having fantasies that contain both of them and wants to know if he ever imagined them together even once in his daydreams. He tells her, "Lauren, there are very few woman I haven't had a fantasy about." So Lauren insists that Eric is not obligated to Stephanie, or to anyone but himself. She wants to fulfill his needs because she loves him. Eric tries to leave but Lauren bets him not to go, because if he does walk through that door she knows that they will never see each other again. She practically begs him, "Let's once see if the reality can live up to the fantasy." They kiss, and she asks him, " Come on, Eric - just once."

Thursday, July 24, 1997

Grant is on the phone with someone, changing the policy he set in place a while back; he gives instructions that Eric will have the final say on all revisions for designs. Ridge comes in to the office for the first time since the shooting, looking around and commenting how strange it feels. "My relationship with you and your family has changed." states Grant. Ridge asks if he'll step down as CEO, but Grant says he isn't willing to go *THAT* far; however, Grant offers to take an important call for Ridge from Milan while Ridge is at the private dining room that evening. He wishes Ridge good luck with Taylor.

Macy stops by the beach house to leave some of Thorne's old stuff there - however, the only one home is his new pal Taylor. Taylor says that she won't see him tonight because she is having dinner with Ridge. Of course, Macy is curious how Thorne fits into that picture, but Taylor mentions that she doesn't want to talk about Thorne. Macy is curious as to why Thorne needed the divorce papers while he was in Hawaii. Taylor then tells her about the proposal and that she hasn't made any decisions yet, due to the fact that she has to sort out her feelings. Macy has Taylor promise her that she will call her when she does come to a decision. Taylor apologizes to Macy and says that she realizes this must be hard on her.

Lauren is still trying to get Eric out of his pants. "So why don't we see if our reality lives up to the fantasy?" she asks. They kiss, and she asks him, "Just one time, Eric. One time." Eric, however, is annoyed and says that she is seriously determined to get what she wants from him. He insists that he is not stubborn and he is not wrong. He and Stephanie had their problems from time to time when they were married; but they are beyond all of that now.

Lauren is upset and says she guesses that all of this time, she thought Eric had feelings for her; obviously, she was wrong. She brings up the stolen kisses in the sauna and in his office at Forrester. "I guess I was wrong; you just don't truly want me," she guesses. With that, Eric replies that he does not want her and Lauren asks him to show himself to the door.

Lauren is crying in her bedroom. She unzips her black dress to reveal a black lacy teddy. She takes off her earrings. She feels a hand touch her by the neck and turns around to find Eric there. He looks at her and grabs her. He picks up her and puts her on the bed - and well, you can take it from there...

In his office, Grant is looking at his wedding photo (the one with himself, Brooke and the fake captain). He says to himself that the Forresters are starting to accept them, and it is all coming together for him and Brooke now. Just then, Clarke barges in and Grant is annoyed at his professional ethics. He doesn't want him coming around anymore because he works for Spectra, the competition. Clarke takes this like a joke, but Grant informs him, "Clarke, you are the enemy; not mine but theirs." So Clarke is pissed off and reminds Grant that he is the friend who stood by him when the Forresters wouldn't give him the time of day; however, he will leave before Queen Stephanie finds him on the enemy grounds.

Taylor is wearing a silk purple evening gown and Ridge is in his tux at the Ocean Club's private dining room. They kiss and he tells her that is what he missed when he was in prison. He tells her that he missed her so much and asks how she felt. Taylor replies that she missed having an honest relationship with someone she loved. Ridge continues to explain to her that she can't begin to know what it was like in the prison cell, especially at night.

Taylor tells him that she almost didn't survive. She had to give up on her dream of being married, and of having a family. She wants to know why he couldn't confide in her, the woman he was supposed to marry. She says that she would not have made it if it had not been for his brother. She had no will to go on because too much of her was invested in him. "I can never put myself in that position again. You have this ability to move on without me; I don't." Ridge wonders what she is trying to say, and she informs him, "I am talking about what might happen if I allow myself to commit to you."

Ridge promises that it won't happen again and (based on a comment by Taylor) acknowledges that he is impossible. He tells Taylor not to be afraid and promises that he won't hurt her again. They kiss.

Friday, July 25, 1997

It's the day of the six-month anniversary of Brooke and Grant's marriage, and at the Chambers home, Brooke is looking at the picture of herself, Grant and Captain Harper. Brooke comments about how much has happened since then - the wedding, the takeover, and the shooting - and Grant wonders if she regrets what she did. Brooke says that she regrets the way they got married; they should have waited and should have given Rick time to get used to the idea. There wouldn't have been a shooting if that has happened. She states, "I could have helped him." Grant tells her not to think that way, since it could have been worse; "Ridge would be in prison and you wouldn't have gotten the help for Rick. Rick is getting help now."

Brooke adds, "and Ridge - what a sacrifice he made." Grant says, "YEAH - Amazing," with a little jealousy in his voice. He asks if she has seen Ridge and she says yes at the office. "What did you two talk about?" he asks. She asks if that bothers Grant, but he says, "No, just curious." "We didn't say all that much," she informs him. Grant asks if he told Taylor about Rick, and Brooke replies he did. "Great; now they can finally move on and we can move on with our life. We can concentrate on our marriage and let Rick know that we will be there for him. We will stay strong together. Don't you agree?" Grant says. Brooke says yes. Grant says, "I've got to finish a game with Bridget on scrabble - are you coming up?" Brooke says she will be up in a minute. She has a look on her face like she is thinking about something.

At Mannequins, Clarke is ordering a drink when he spots Macy sitting at a table; he goes over to join his former stepdaughter. Clarke tells her about how Grant tossed him out of his office, and how Clarke feels hurt that Grant is kissing up to the Forresters now. Macy notices that he has getting even on his mind and tells him not to go there; that kind of thinking won't get him anywhere with Grant, nor will it work with Sally.

Clarke expresses his hope that Sally will make him a partner - he's earned it, he claims. Macy asks him what will happen if she doesn't change give Clarke a share of the company. He says, "Well, my creative juices are going to slack off. I deserve a piece of the business, Macy." Macy asks if that is a threat, and Clarke says it isn't; that is just the way things will be if he doesn't get what he deserves. Macy says that Clarke had best not try that kind of talk with her mom; "If you try to threaten her the way you just did with me, she won't just get chew you out - she will *throw* you out." On that note, she leaves the table.

At the Private Dining Room at the Ocean Club, Ridge and Taylor continue kissing, but she pulls back, saying she can't allow this to happen again. She doesn't want to lose control or be hurt the way she has been again. Ridge acts surprised at the reaction and reminds him that he has put her first through all this. Taylor angrily retorts that this isn't true - he put Rick first, and not her. "I come in second," she states. Ridge says he just wanted to save Rick. Taylor says, "Your instinct was to save Rick, not me. You should have come to me and we would have discussed it and came to a decision together. You shut me out." Ridge says, "Sorry, I was wrong. I don't know what to do or say. It will never happen again."

Taylor says, "DON'T, DON'T! I can forgive you, but I don't trust you." Ridge says, "I made a mistake." Taylor says that it seems like he is always doing the same thing; "This is a pattern with you. You still don't see it; when I came back from Morocco, you chose Brooke." The lightbulb goes on in Ridge's head and he asks if this is about Brooke. Taylor replies, "I know you love the both of us, and the children were the deciding factor." And that's the way it always is, she laments. She asks him, "You tell me you want marriage and a commitment forever. When does our family become more important than Brooke's? When we have children of our own that are all grown up? When Bridget is 21?" She tells him that she can't have a marriage or family while she has these doubts in her mind, and she has to know if Ridge is going to be there for her. Ridge says, "I will be there for you. I am not perfect - I screwed up. I am trying really trying. I love you. I can change; I have grown on account of you. I will do whatever it takes, I promise you. Please don't give up on me - on us, Taylor." He tries to kiss her, but she pulls away and walks out crying, leaving Ridge alone to think about her words.

Clarke walks over to the bar to get another drink and spots Capt. Harper. He says to him, "You look familiar," and reminds the man that he knows Clarke's friend - make that former friend, Grant Chambers. Clarke says that since a sea captain can't perform a marriage, the man must be a minister or a judge. "Yeah, yeah - that's it," Harper replies. Clarke says, "So you're a judge?" and Harper angrily asks, "What are you, with the FBI?" The bartender comes over and says, "They denied your charge," and hands the man his credit card. Harper replies, "Oh, I must have given you my wrong card." The bartender says there is no mistake, and tells Mr. Harold Jackson to wither pay cash or get lost. Not having the cash, the man leaves. Clarke, who has been listening, asks the bartender, "You called him Jackson; isn't his name Harper?" Clarke is told, "No, it is Harold Jackson, and he's probably got a hundred names; he is a con artist. Did he scam you or something?" Clarke says no, but the man did do something for a friend. The bartender advises, "Warn your friend that whatever he did, it was a scam." Clarke is talking out loud, saying, "Well it looks like Grant and Brooke might not be married after all."

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Week of 7/28/97 - 8/1/97

Monday, July 28, 1997

Sally is in her office with Macy, going down memory lane. She becomes a little upset because her pal Saul isn't around. Darla summons Clarke in his office. She tells him that she put in a good word for him with Sally. So Clarke goes to see his ex-wife. "Good news, I hope," he tells her.

Stephanie walks into Eric's office telling him that she is ready to plant a big kiss on him. Well to her surprise, he isn't there; there is just loyal Megan doing some work. Stephanie finds out from her that Eric isn't even in the building yet and wonders where he is. She tells Megan to be on the look out for anymore of those large packages from Lauren. Megan finds the idea of Lauren in a box amusing, but Steph is dead serious about keeping Lauren out.

Eric awakens in Lauren's bed. Lauren enters the room in an outfit you just wouldn't believe (a black silk bra, Eric's silk boxer shorts, and a beige silk bathrobe with leopard trim), carrying breakfast on a tray. Eric begins, "Lauren, look. I didn't want this to happen. I didn't want to take advantage of you. I don't know what came over me last night. This doesn't change anything; I am still going to marry Stephanie."

Lauren is in good spirits. She tells him that she knows he has a strong sense of obligation to Stephanie; that is what makes him the way he is. She tells him that the point of all this is that the two of them will never generate the same kind of heat as she did with him. She promises never to tell Stephanie that anything happened last night. "You will never see Stephanie the same way again," she informs him. Eric gets up and wants to put on his boxer briefs- but Lauren says he has to come and get them. He tells her to forget it and leaves.

Back at Spectra, Sally tells Clarke that she has made an adjustment to his contract that everyone will find satisfying. She decides that her appreciation for him needed to be shown, so she hands him an amendment to his contract with a huge increase of compensation; however, it does not deal with any transfer of stock or ownership in the company. She says is thrilled that Clarke made a minor miracle in turning over the company but will not give him stock in the company. "I hope I never forget the lesson you taught me. You have only yourself to blame," she states.

Clarke is furious that she is cutting him out. He feels that she is throwing him a bone and that he saved this company. Sally quips that the only dog she would throw a bone is Lassie, but Clarke isn't amused; he blames it all on the fact that Sally is bitter about the past. "Why don't you just get over it??!?!?!?! I will always be considered an outsider. All I really want is respect and appreciation." he whines.

Macy is not going to be quiet any more and tells Clarke that he is the one who screwed up. They are not ripping him off. Her mother just offered him a generous raise. She feels he has two choices he can make; to either quit, or quit whining and take responsibility for his actions. Clarke tells them all that they will regret this and goes to his office where he throws a bunch of sketches on the floor. Darla comes in and he tells her that Sally thinks she has him trapped because they are paying him a lot. He tells her that at least when he worked at Forrester he got respect. "I can't believe I left there for here. So Sally thinks I wont have any options huh?" he states as he sets his plan into motion.

Stephanie goes to give Eric a kiss and she replies that it was a pale version of a kiss. Eric goes to kiss her passionately and then hugs her; while hugging her he looks at a design of a cobalt gown and pictures Lauren in it saying," I tried to warn you." Meanwhile, Stephanie suggests talking about the honeymoon and brings up going to Paris, since Eric always liked going there. At the mention of Paris, Eric pictures Lauren doing a can-can number while wearing his silk boxer briefs. He cant get Lauren out of his mind...........................

Tuesday, July 29, 1997

Thorne is working in his office and he glances at a photo on his desk; it's a picture of Taylor from their trip to Hawaii. He thinks back to that night when she confessed to him that he is so much more to her than just a friend, which was the same night he proposed marriage. Just then, Taylor shows up in real life at his door, bearing a cup of cappuccino. Thorne, of course, is more concerned with wedding bells than coffee and wonders if she has made a decision. She tells Thorne that she still needs time before giving him an answer.

Of course, Thorne has to start in on her; he can't believe that she is still hung up on his brother. He reminds her that in Hawaii, "You let go. As painful as it was, you released yourself from whatever hold Ridge had over you. You are too proud a woman to let him treat you like that again." Taylor says Ridge doesn't have that kind of power over her, but Thorne believes otherwise. He asks, "Look - if you don't want to marry me, fine, but don't marry Ridge. Don't do that to yourself again. It is a cycle, with Ridge breaking your heart, you pulling yourself back together, and then he does it again."

Taylor tells him that she appreciates his concern, but he can't make decisions for her. She states that Ridge does not have a hold on her, and this is about her and her future. Taylor remarks that maybe she won't marry anyone. Thorne reminds her, "You have never been first in Ridge's life and you never will be. You will always be second to Brooke." Taylor remarks that Brooke has nothing to do with this; she is married now to Grant and is out of the picture. Besides, she can't concern herself with trying to control Thorne, Brooke or Ridge, and all she wants is some peace. Thorne reminds her, "I am here for you always. Don't make the same mistake again." Taylor leaves.

Clarke is in his office over at Spectra and Darla shows up with some of Sally's revisions of his designs. Clarke tosses the sketches in the garbage. As Darla tries to appease him, he comments that he has spent the best years of his life in this dump, unlike his buddy, Grant, who is now the CEO of Forrester. Darla responds that the only reason Grant is the CEO of that company is because he is married to Brooke. But Clarke insists that things aren't always as they appear to be. He fills Darla in about the captain that married Grant and Brooke and how he is a con artist. Those two may not be really married, he explains.

Darla questions Clarke and wants to know exactly what it is that he is after. He replies, "I want out of this dive. I want respect in this business. I had that once, when I worked at Forrester. Why should I stay? I am nothing but a hired hag." Darla reminds Clarke that they all hate him at Forrester, but he states, "They may not hate me at Forrester if I give them their company back. If Brooke and Grant aren't legally married, it may have enormous implications on that company."

Darla says she hates to burst his bubble but there is one major flaw in his logic; if he breaks up Grant and Brooke, Brooke will only run back to Ridge (who hates Clarke). He won't win Queen Stephanie over by driving Brooke into Ridge's arms, she states. Clarke admits she is right and has to think of another angle, but he can't think of one. Darla then comes up with the great idea of who would love to see Ridge and Brooke back together again - THORNE. Agreeing with the idea, Clarke calls Thorne on the phone and tells him that he has a deal for him, one he can't refuse. Of course, Thorne hangs up on him, but Clarke swears to himself that he is going to get through to Thorne and Thorne is going thank him.

In Death Valley, Ambrosia is sketching and her boyfriend Eb (who is posing for her and making jokes about her name) hears a noise in Sheila's bedroom. He wants to go look, but Amber says no one goes into Sheila's room. They here a knock at the door - it's Mike, looking for Sheila. Sheila attempts to leave for the store and is shocked to see Mike standing there.

Eb leaves, and Mike suggests that Amber should join him, but Sheila says Amber can stay. Wanting some privacy, Mike suggests going to Sheila's room. However, she won't let him in her bedroom because she claims it is messy. Mike is happy to see her and asks how she feels. He explains, "I have been searching all over for you ever since you left LA." She says she had to leave because of everything that happened and Mike says, "Sheila, I know it is tough dealing with those memories." Sheila's roomie butts in and asks if this guy is the one that got her pregnant and made her give up the baby. Mike is pissed and answers, "You are way off base here. If that had been my baby, Sheila never would have run. We would be a family right now" He turns to Sheila and says, "It is not too late. When you freaked out, I freaked out." He explains that he even hallucinated about her, so he had to find her.

Mike bears his soul to her, saying, "Look, you know me better than anyone else, Sheila. I know why you ran. I don't blame you. You still love him. But he never deserved your love in the first place. You can run away from LA, but not from me. I had some time to figure out what I really want in my life. YOU. We could be together." He pauses and says, "Sheila Carter, will you marry me?" He then pulls out a ring...................

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

Thorne goes to see Brooke; after making sure the kids aren't around, he tells her about Taylor possibly returning to Ridge. He tells Brooke that Ridge keeps hurting Taylor because he is still in love with her, not Taylor, and he can't see how Taylor fails to recognize something that obvious. Brooke says it's not obvious to her, either; besides, she seems to remember Ridge proposing to Taylor at the end of that runway in the fall. Thorne says that was just Ridge's jealousy, and it shows how much Ridge was hurt. Brooke doesn't want to discuss the subject because she says she is married and unavailable, so it doesn't really matter. After Thorne presses her that she only married Grant because Ridge was unavailable, Brooke later admits that she does still love Ridge; however, she will not get another divorce. Thorne then tells Brooke that everything that has happened is her fault - hers and Ridge's - and Taylor is paying the price. He urges Brooke to get out of her marriage to Grant and back with Ridge, since it's a fact that she would do so if the opportunity arose. He then leaves, saying, "I'll see you later, Mrs. Chambers."

Sally and Macy discuss Clarke's anger at not getting any ownership of Spectra while Darla listens in. When Darla tries to defend Clarke, Sally says she will never give up any part of her company to anyone but her family. "Clarke will just have to accept that, and he will" she states, and Darla replies, "I hope so." This leads Macy to ask if Darla knows something. Darla tells Sally and Macy how upset Clarke is and that the Forresters may indeed be interested in hiring someone with Clarke's talents. Sally laughs at that - Clarke has as much of a chance of getting hired at Forrester as Stephanie does of getting a job at Spectra. She feels that Clarke will forget the whole thing in a few days and realize how good he has it at Spectra. With the money he is paid, Clarke will not leave Spectra - she knows him well enough to realize that money is the most important thing to Clarke, not respect.

Mike asks Sheila to marry him. Sheila says she is incapable of loving him or anyone right now. Amber listens in on their conversation, saying how sappy it is, so Mike tells the "marshmallow salad" to butt out. Sheila then tells Mike how much she misses her little girl. Mike tells Sheila he will help her move on with her life and forget about her baby, if only she will let him. Sheila says, "Maybe there is a way you can help me..." Sheila asks Mike to get her a photograph of her little girl that she can look at. That way, she can see what her little girl really looks like and not have to fantasize all of the time. She says she did the right thing to give up her baby to James and Maggie because they can give her everything she needs. But Sheila says she still yearns for her baby and the pictures would help. Mike asks, "It means that much to you?" She says yes and Mike says, "Then it's done." Sheila hugs him as Amber looks on.

Clarke goes to see Thorne and runs into Grant. Grant tells Clarke he is not welcome in the building and tries to make him leave. They argue about friendship and Clarke refuses to leave. Grant reminds Clarke just who the CEO is as Clarke points out that grant is the one who made a friend into an enemy. Thorne comes in as they are getting into a heated discussion and wants to know what's going on. Clarke says he really has to talk to him, but Thorne tells him to send it email. However, after Clarke presses the issue, Thorne agrees to talk to Clarke for five minutes. Grant leaves, issuing Clarke a warning that next time he is found in the building, he will have Clarke arrested. Clarke then tells Thorne he wants a job at Forrester in exchange for some valuable information. Thorne questions Clarke's loyalty - and besides, even if he could forgive what Clarke did to his family, it's not the Forresters' power to hire someone. To prove his loyalty, Clarke says that can change; he tells Thorne he has information that could help his family get the company back under their control and away from Grant. Thorne doesn't think anything like that exists, so Clarke drops the bombshell - Grant's marriage to Brooke may not be legal.

Thursday, July 31, 1997

Ridge runs into Brooke in his office. Ridge asks, "Didn't I see you here yesterday?" He points out that she has been there a lot lately. Brooke says, "I just came back from one of Rick's therapy sessions." Ridge asks if he is making progress, and Brooke replies, "Possibly. James wants to talk to you, but he will call you." Ridge says, "Just to let you know, I will be there on a minute notice; call me and I will be there." Brooke is sure he will be and tells him that Thorne came to see her about Ridge and Taylor. Brooke explains, "He is really upset." Ridge says, "I don't want to talk about this right now. Brooke, please tell me you're not here on Thorne's behalf." She says, "NO, I AM NOT." He asks her how things are with her and Chambers. She says they are busy with Rick and his problem. "Are you making time for each other? I hope," he asks.

Brooke wonders, "Is that what you really hope?" "You know me, Logan, all I want is you to be happy." For some reason, Brooke doesn't really believe that. He asks why not and she answers, "Because, Ridge, if that is all you ever wanted, for me to be happy..." She stops and he tells her to finish what she was going to say. Brooke says, "You can supply the ending and it isn't going to take much of an imagination. Going out with Taylor tonight?" He says yes, he has plans. "Thorne seems to think you have big plans," she explains. Ridge says, "Even if I did, I wouldn't be discussing it with him." Brooke asks, "What about with me? Is there a wedding in the picture for you and Taylor? I don't mean to make you uncomfortable; but we are friends and you ask me about Grant and I ask you about Taylor." Ridge says, "Taylor isn't ready to get married." Brooke asks, "But you are?" He says, "I have been ready for a long time - you should know that better than anyone." Brooke says, "Well, I am sure you will be able to convince Taylor." Ridge states, "Well, I'd rather not convince anyone. Now that you mention it, I have been in that position for the last few years, first with you and now with Taylor." Brooke says, "I was reluctant on account of Bridget and everything she was going through." Ridge says, "You met Grant, and the rest is history."

Amber and Sheila are talking about James and the baby. Sheila mentions that she came from Brentwood. Just then, Mike calls Sheila from a cell phone; he is sitting across the street from James' house, taking pictures of James, Maggie and the baby. Sheila is asking all about the baby (what color hair, has she grown). Then Mike says that James went in the house, probably to answer the phone, and Sheila says, "Maggie is all by herself? Mike, you can sneak up." He asks, "Do you want me to do that Sheila? I will if you want me to." She says no. Sheila leaves and Amber says, "Who are you, Sheila Carter? Who are you really?" Eb comes over and says that Sheila gives him the willies. Amber tells her boyfriend about Sheila coming from Brentwood, the expensive part of town with all that money. "I'd like to know what she is hiding in her room; she keeps it locked all day." Eb happens to have some stuff with him, so he picks the lock and they open the door.

Thorne doesn't believe Clarke about Brooke and Grant not being married. Clarke tells him it is more than a possibility. Thorne says he thinks Clarke is desperate and he is wasting Thorne's time. He orders Clarke to get the Hell out of there. Clarke, however, tells him to consider the possibilities; Grant probably hired this con man as an attempt to get control of Forrester through a marriage to Brooke, he suggests. Clarke tells him to think of the implications - for Brooke, for Ridge, for Taylor and even for his family. Things will change for all of them if Brooke turns out not to be married to Grant, and Thorne will have a clear road to Taylor. Why not check it out for sure by going down to the County Clerk's office, Clarke asks? Thorne says Clarke had better not be wrong, and Garrison assures him he isn't as they leave.

Friday, August 1, 1997

Back in Death Valley, Mike and Sheila meet over coffee. Mike tells Sheila that he is worried about her; he doesn't want her to become obsessive about the baby. Sheila assures Mike that she isn't obsessing and he gives her the pictures of the baby.

Sheila has to go to work because they are shorthanded at the Inn. She works in the kitchen carving a roast.

Brooke and Ridge are still talking. She wonders if there wasn't more to his trying to stop her wedding than what he has said. Was it really only trying to stop me from doing the "wrong thing?" she asks, just as Taylor walks into the office.

Taylor and Ridge are out on their date. Taylor questions Ridge about Brooke and her reason for being in Ridge's office. She tells Ridge that she is unhappy with him always running after Brooke. Brooke is married now, she reminds Ridge, so she doesn't need Ridge always rescuing her or doing her favors. Ridge tries to convince Taylor that he still wants to marry her---Brooke has nothing to do with this. He tries to go into the "stop the wedding" fiasco, but Taylor won't let him. That is all over now, she tells him, but can't you imagine how hurt I was? Ridge admits that he has always thought of Taylor as strong and able to understand all his motives. I realize now that you need reassurances just like everyone else, he tells her.

Thanks for staying late, Clarke tells his friend in the records department. He and Thorne have some questions about licensures to marry anyone. His friend tells them that anyone who performs a marriage ceremony does so by permission of the state---remember that line about "by the authority invested in me by the state of . . .?" he says. They give him the Capt. Harper's name and stand aside while he checks his computer database.

"No," he tells them, "I can't find a Capt. Harper in the "allowed to perform marriages and burials" category." He then performs another search to see if there is a Judge or Justice of the Peace by that name. In the meantime, Clarke reminds Thorne that he wants to go back to Forrester where he can really put his talents to good use. He was always happy there, he says. When they learn that there is no Harper licensed to perform marriages, Thorne races out. He will talk to Clarke later about his job.

Ambrosia & Eb enter Sheila's room in amazement. Everywhere there are reminders of James and Mary. There are pictures and dried-up flowers and building blocks that spell out "MARY". "You know what this is," Eb says, "this is a shrine." They continue to wander about the room; Eb finds a strange contraption on a table and wonders what it is. Ambrosia opens the refrigerator and gasps. Eb looks over her shoulder. Inside the freezer are small bags filled with something white. Ambrosia picks up one of them and studies it. What is that? Eb wonders. I think it is breast milk, Ambrosia says. They both look at the "contraption" and know immediately that it is a breast pump. This is too weird, Eb decides. As they are about to leave, Sheila enters the room. She stands silently staring at the two, holding a big knife in her hand and wearing a bloody apron.

Thorne confronts Brooke. He tells her that he has to talk to her and she has to listen. You won't believe what I have to tell you, he announces.

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