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June, 1997

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Week of 6/2/97 - 6/6/97

Monday, June 2, 1997

At Spectra, the mother/daughter team of Sally and Macy (yes, we do get to see the inimitable Ms. Alexander today, albeit briefly) are going about their business when their head designer, Clarke, comes bursting in asking Sally about some invoices. Macy goes to get them, while Sally has her head buried in the newspaper, looking at a headline that reads "FORRESTER TRIAL ENDS TODAY." Clarke and Macy are surprised at how fascinated Sally seems to be with the trial - and she better enjoy it while she can, Clarke points out, because Ridge is going to be convicted.

Sally disagrees with her handsome ex-hubby, reminding him that Hunter Jones is supposed to again take the stand. "He's just blowing smoke," Clarke insists - he has to, since he blew his own theory on the witness stand. Ridge is going down, Clarke insists, no matter what Hunter Jones says, but Sally and Macy disagree. Sally says, "I'm going down there," and Macy says she'll join her Mom. "Are you coming, Clarke?" she asks. "No way," he replies, and Macy asks, "Are you afraid it might be you?" Clarke says, "Oh, all right - I'll go. But they don't have anything on me." Just in case, Macy says she'll bring her checkbook to bail Clarke out.

Michael and Enrique prepare to leave Forrester for the courthouse - they don't want to be late for Hunter's taking the stand. Enrique wonders if Hunter will find anything - but after three weeks of watching, he doesn't think he will. Not letting her friend put a damper on things, Michael says she has a good feeling about how things are going to turn out. Enrique still will not think positively - he is afraid Grant's assailant will walk away Scot Free. "Are you ready?" Michael asks, and the duo leaves for the courthouse.

At the courthouse, Everyone wonders where Hunter and Ridge are. Jonathan tries to reassure them - Hunter's message that he left was quite clear he was on to something. As the rest of the family worries, Thorne can't help but look at Taylor standing in the back of the courtroom with a worried look on her faces as she awaits Ridge's arrival.

Thorne walks up to Taylor and tells her that nothing bad is going to happen, but she still can't help but worry. He changes the subject and informs her that his mom said she stopped by last night; "What did you want?" he asks. Taylor says that maybe they should wait until later, and Thorne heartily agrees. "How about dinner at Café Russe?" he asks. Taylor says she thinks her house would be better, and Thorne says he likes that idea (obviously expecting a romantic dinner for two - little does he know...)

Beth, Brooke and Grant arrive, and cross Taylor and Thorne's path. Thorne says, "ShowTime, Grant - are you anxious to start your jail time?" A determined Brooke answers him with one word - "Don't" - as she, her mom and her hapless hubby proceed. They run into Stephanie (standing with Eric and Felicia), who informs Brooke that Hunter Jones has the answer. "Good - then this whole thing will be over for everyone, especially my husband," Brooke replies. "Does that mean you think Grant is lying?" Felicia asks. Brooke says no, and then Grant gets involved and says he only has one thing to say; he hasn't enjoyed this, but he got shot, and he has to live with that, and the knowledge who shot him.

Ridge turns on the light in Rick's room, as Rick stares at him. Ridge closes the door and asks how Rick is doing. Rick is too busy worrying about destroying all the enemies in his video game to worry about talking to his half-brother. Barely able to hear himself think, Ridge asks to turn the music down - Rick refuses, so Ridge does it himself. Giving him a "what did you do that for?" look, Rick asks why Ridge is here - isn't he supposed to be in court? Ridge says, "I am going to court when I'm done - do you want to come?" Rick says, "No," and Ridge asks why not - is he afraid?

Rick says yes, he is afraid - for Ridge, and that Grant will get away with framing him. Ridge asks what he would do to stop that, and Rick admits he would kill to help him. Looking around at the "décor", Ridge says all the violence in the room isn't cool, and asks if Brooke has been in there. Rick says she hasn't lately, and neither has the fool, "Gestapo Grant," since Rick always locks the door. The door isn't locked now, Ridge points out, and Rick replies that's because no one is home - it's only him, Bridget and Katie. Ridge says he doesn't think Bridget should be in there - the environment in the room is not right for her, he explains. Rick says it's the 90s, and things are changing - and Ridge asks when they changed.

Teresa gloats that Hunter's absence means he hasn't found anything, and suggests Ridge has run off - he wouldn't be the first defendant to skip, she claims. Eric jumps to his son's defense and say's she's wrong - so wrong that he expects her to be on TV by the end of the day, admitting her mistake and proclaiming Ridge's innocence. Stephanie jumps in and agrees, asking, "Will you do that? Will you restore our son's name and reputation?" Teresa says she will happily admit it if she is proven wrong - but she doesn't think she will be. The judge then calls the court to order, and instructs the bailiff to bring in Mr. Jones, so they can pick up where they left off. Hunter's name is called - but there is no answer.

Ridge says Rick wasn't always angry and hostile like this, but Rick tells him to lighten up. Rick says that only the strong survive and the weak get trampled - like the way Grant uses him, Bridget, and even Ridge as a doormat. He can't stand that, he states - in fact, he says "I could almost..." and stops in mid sentence. Ridge grows concerned, and Rick replies, "C'mon - it's not like I would kill someone." Ridge points out that he didn't say it, but Rick says anyhow, "I have more brains than that to do something like that."

Rick says he wouldn't kill someone, and Ridge says he didn't mention that - but Rick claims he wouldn't do it while he has a brain in his head. Rick then asks Ridge if Hunter found the answer, and Ridge says he did, which makes Rick happy, since he is sure that will bring Grant down. Ridge tells Rick that Grant didn't shoot himself, and asks, "Do you know who did it?" Rick replies, "How would I know that?" Ridge sits down on the bed and tells Rick, "No matter what happens in the next couple months, remember that your mother and your father and I will be here for you. You're the most important person in our lives and you know that. Will you tell me you know that?" "Sure I know that," Rick replies. Ridge gives him a hug and leaves.

The judge is about to hold Hunter in contempt of court as everyone wonders where Ridge is. Taylor is extremely worried, as Thorne assures her it's probably a car problem or something. Insisting that she has to know for sure, Taylor goes out to call the emergency rooms looking for Ridge. Meanwhile, the judge instructs Teresa and Jonathan to approach. Jonathan pleads for a few more minutes, but the judge isn't buying it. The lawyers step back, and the judge announces that the witness and the defendant are not present. For their making a mockery of the court, she holds Hunter in contempt, and orders Ridge to be apprehended and held in custody once he is found.

Out in the hall, Taylor's calls can't find Ridge - but then he arrives. "Thank god," she exclaims, as she asks, "Where's Hunter?" Ridge informs her that he isn't coming, because Ridge doesn't need him anymore. She asks, "Do you know who shot Grant?" and he replies that he does. He pulls Taylor towards him and gives her a kiss before saying, "Doc, I have to go in now."

Ridge slowly opens the door and makes his way in. "Mr. Forrester, how nice of you to show up," the judge sarcastically remarks. "You and your investigator were just held in contempt," she points out, asking where Hunter is. Ridge says he is not there, and the judge is furious. Ridge apologizes, and says he can explain everything if he is put on the stand. Teresa objects, saying this is highly irregular. Ridge insists that all will become clear, "because I know who shot Grant Chambers!" Grant has a worried look on his face - will Ridge tell the truth?

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

At the Warwick home, James is trying to get a prognosis from the doctor about Sheila and finds out that she is stable right now. Of course, Maggie says that she doesn't believe that Sheila is committed to giving them the baby. James reminds her that Sheila signed the paper, but Maggie is till worried. They decide not to discuss Sheila anymore, so James sits down and reads in the newspaper that Ridge's trial ends today. "And we think that we have got problems," states James.

Maggie remarks that she wants things between them to be different and wishes it could be like it was when they were first married, especially now that they are going to raise a child together. She tells her hubby that she loves him, is committed to him and will not let their marriage be destroyed. Then Maggie leaves to take a shower, and James gets a phone call from the hospital telling him that Sheila is in labor. Without even leaving a note for Maggie, he rushes off to the hospital.

Ridge stands up and tells the judge that he can clear all of this up. He wants to be put on the stand because he knows the truth about who shot Grant Chambers. He explains that he hasn't told his attorney or his family - in fact, he hasn't told anyone, and he is the only person in this room who knows this besides Grant Chambers, himself. He pleads to be heard and that he wants to be heard now. The judge however, advises him that he should speak with his lawyer. Jonathan takes Ridge aside and tries to find out what's going on, but Ridge remains adamant - he tells Jonathan to put him on the stand and he'll tell what needs to be said.

Ridge glances back at his beautiful Taylor and takes the stand. He states, "I would like to make a brief statement before I tell you who is responsible for this crime. First, I would like to thank this court; in particular my attorney, for his time and effort towards my defense. I have no doubt that this disclosure I am about to make would eventually have seen the light on its own. I would also like to thank my family, and I regret that I have to say what I have to say. Mother, Dad, Taylor - I know this is going to be horrible for you, but you have to accept it and move on. The person who shot Grant Chambers is me..... I am sorry. I am guilty as charged your honor. I have nothing more to say."

Everyone in the courtroom is shocked, and the judge orders a recess for ten minutes and tells Ridge to confer with his lawyer in her chambers. Ridge tells Jonathan that he wants this thing finished today and now and to let it drop. The judge and Teresa, the Assistant DA, come in and find that Ridge is of sound mind and made this confession on his own free will. Jonathan tries to plea bargain, but Teresa refuses at this stage in the game.

While Ridge is still in the judge's chambers, he looks out the door to look and gaze upon Taylor. Grant meets him at the door. Grant thanks Ridge, and promises him that he will get help for Rick. He also says he will plead for leniency for Ridge, since everyone owes him for what he has done. Ridge tells him that if he wants to repay him, Grant should make sure that nobody ever finds out about Rick, or else his life is going to be over. He makes Grant promise to take care of his step-son.

Clarke and the Spectra clan are sitting in the back of the courtroom and Clarke remarks that he knew it. Sally says he is the only one who knew it then - just one look at the shock on Grant's face shows that even he didn't expect it. Macy feels bad for the Forresters (like they ever felt bad for her after her ordeal with Thorne). They all want to know why Ridge did this. Across the courtroom, Brooke is staring out the window, and Beth suggests that she leave because she is in shock; they all are. Brooke says that she can't leave; she needs more information.

Taylor is in shock and Thorne thinks that maybe it is a ploy by the lawyers. "It is all a mistake. It has to be," cries Taylor. Court resumes and the judge asks Ridge for the record - is he aware that the confession he has made carries with it a mandatory life sentence, and does he realize what he is saying? Ridge makes it official that he changed his plea to guilty of attempted murder. The judge announces that the sentencing will be in two weeks and Ridge is taken into custody by about five guards. Taylor stands up and tries to run to her beloved Ridge. She is crying "NOOOOO," and "Why??? Tell me why you did it!!!!!!" Sitting besides Brooke (who covers her mouth), Grant looks on, unable to comment on what unfolds in front of him.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

The press is storming over the Forrester house in helicopters to get the scoop on the trial and Ridge being taken into custody. Stephanie remarks that she cant get the image of Ridge, when he confessed that he picked up the gun and shot Grant, out of her head. Felicia (all clad in another one of her leather outfits) admits that there is no way her brother would do something like that and she will never accept that.

Eric says that they need more information and they will just have to wait to hear it from the lawyer. Jonathan arrives; he just came from seeing Ridge. He spent all afternoon trying to make some sort of sense out of the mess. Stephanie asks if he was successful, and Jonathan reminds them that there really is no way he can - since, after all, Ridge did confess. Stephanie is appalled that her friend and attorney would believe that Ridge shot anyone. Jonathan replies that he thinks that the sense of right and wrong might have caught up to Ridge, and he confessed to the crime.

What about Hunter Jones, Stephanie asks? Jonathan says he doesn't know where Hunter Jones is, and that the investigator has disappeared - maybe because he found evidence linking Ridge to the crime. Jonathan tells his clients that the only thing they can do now is hope for the best. He leaves with the promise to stay in touch.

At the Warwick home, Maggie finds out from Lauren that Ridge confessed to the crime. "This can't be happening!" wails Maggie. She regrets not taking time to be involved, but Lauren reminds her that she has been wrapped up lately in her own problems - a problem named Sheila.

Maggie confesses that Sheila could lose the baby, and that James is dealing with this the best he can. Realizing how serious things have become, Lauren wants to know what Sheila plans to do. Maggie replies, "The only thing Sheila has to do is anything she damn well pleases - like she usually does. I have been watching for months as Sheila manipulates my husband and plays on his sympathies. I want to be excited about this all being a new mother and having a child in the house again." Picking up a teddy bear, Maggie asks, "Lauren, what if something does happen and Sheila has the baby early?" Lauren reminds Maggie she can go to the hospital and find out, but Maggie reminds her, "Sheila doesn't want me anywhere near her or the baby."

Lauren says that the baby is lucky to have her and that they should go to the hospital. It doesn't matter what Sheila wants - if Maggie is going to be that child's mother, which was the agreement, then she has a right to be there. Taking Maggie by the arm, they are off to the hospital.

Sheila went into labor and is having strong contractions. She cries for the doctor to find James, just as he gets off the elevator. The nurse wont let him into the room until she checks with the doctor, so he sits down in the waiting area and remembers a conversation he had with Sheila, where he confided that his mother died while in childbirth with him. Finally, the doctor lets him in the room and he goes to Sheila's bedside. Sheila says that she doesn't care about herself as long as the baby is all right. The doctor tells James that the delivery could lead to complications and Sheila needs all the support she can get right now.

Thorne tells his family that it is out of their hands now and they have to accept things the way they are. Stephanie goes off the deep end with worry. Acting as the voice of reason, Eric tells her that he will never believe that his son tried to shoot another human being (just his other one did!). Ridge is a part of this family and he needs all of their support. Ridge's future is at stake here, and they will certainly not give in to their own fears while that happens. The family has to survive and nothing will take them down. Stephanie embraces him, followed by Felicia, and then Thorne, leading to a family group hug.

James goes to Sheila's bedside and takes her hand and tells her that, "All three of us" are going to make it. Sheila tells him she doesn't want an epidural and wants to have the baby through natural childbirth. She states that if anything happens to her, it is all worth it, because she wants James to have this gift and know how much he means to her. Sheila continues to tell him that she had made a mess of her own life and this child is her opportunity to bring joy into someone else's. James tells her that he is going to help her get through this. Just then, she has another contraction - she tells James to get the doctor, because she is going into labor.

Thursday, June 5, 1997

Ridge is sitting in his new home in jail, and he calls the guard by his first name (which is Joe) to attempt to get permission to make one phone call. The guard is reluctant, but agrees to let Ridge make his call.

At the Chambers Home, Brooke cant believe what has happened doesn't understand why Ridge would confess. Grant suggests that maybe he believed it was the right thing to do. He tells his wife to pull herself together, and that Ridge was a very brave man today. "Why go to prison when you don't have to? There are so many people that need him." questions Brooke. She asks about the children especially - wasn't Ridge thinking of them?

Grant replies that perhaps Ridge was; he believes that now more than ever their family has a better chance of surviving. He tells Brooke to bring down those sweet little kids so they can talk to them. She heads upstairs; and while she is there, Grant pulls out a framed picture of Ridge with the kids. Just as he looks at the photo, Ridge calls on the phone. Ridge wants to know about Rick and how he reacted to the news. He wants to make sure that he goes to get help from James Warwick, and instructs Grant that Brooke has to be told about what happened. Most importantly, "If Rick does remember, if he recalls exactly what happened, he might feel guilty about what I am doing. I want you to make sure he doesn't. This is important, Grant" pleads Ridge. Grant promises that he will never say anything disrespectful about Ridge to the kids, and that he will make sure they always see Ridge has a hero.

At her beach house, Taylor is emotionally upset and agonizing over Ridge and his future. Stephanie arrives and Taylor runs into her arms. Taylor is crying, "We were just days away from having everything we ever wanted, and now it is gone. How am I supposed to deal with that Stephanie!?!?! I can't even think straight. We were so close to having everything. Ridge wanted this as much as I did. How could this happen? Why would he promise me those things?" Stephanie tries her best to reassure Taylor, but Taylor refuses to let go of the belief that something is wrong. "I am going to find out. I am going to talk to Ridge. Somebody has to get to the bottom of this," she tells Stephanie.

Of course, as Taylor is getting ready to walk out the door; the phone rings and it is Ridge now on his second phone call. He asks to see her and she says that she is on her way and he should talk to his mother. As another inmate points out that Ridge is on his second call, Ridge gets cut off by the guard for making too many phone calls before Stephanie can get a word in. Stephanie tells Taylor," You get down there and you make him tell you why he has done this!"

James continues to support Sheila, who is in hard labor. Sheila continues to bemoan the fact that it is too early for the baby to come.

Maggie and Lauren get off the elevator only to find out the news. Sheila is fully dilated and effaced as she is having the baby now. Lauren tells the nurse that Maggie needs to be in there and the nurse responds that she can't without permission from Ms. Carter. Lauren wants to press the issue, but Maggie agrees to wait outside. Meanwhile, Sheila is pushing, with James as her coach, and everything is right on track. Then there is some bleeding and her blood pressure starts to drop. James can't help but notice the fetal heart rate dropping at the same time, as Dr. Kelly orders a pediatric unit, stat!

At the Chambers' home, Brooke and the children enter the room. Grant greets them but Rick is surly. Grant tells them that they are going away so they can begin to feel better. Rick informs him that they will feel better as soon as he admits that he shot himself. When asked where they would like to go - someplace where they were happy before - Rick tells him he was happy at the cabin, with Mom and RIDGE! Grant ignores the sarcasm and suggests going there. Brooke is sure that Eric wouldn't mind. When Rick tells Grant that he doesn't want him there, Grant reminds him that it is his job to take care of them. He tells them to go upstairs and pack. When they leave, he once again tells Brooke that they will get through this.

At the jail, Ridge sees his beloved Taylor and remarks to her that he can't tell her how sorry he is. Taylor replies that she doesn't want any apologies; she just wants to know why he is lying....................................

Friday, June 6, 1997

Lauren tells Maggie that she should be in the birthing room, since this is to be her baby; she tells Maggie that she is letting Sheila intimidate her. But Maggie feels she will only be a distraction, and Sheila doesn't need that right now. Sheila has a tough job ahead of her and having her there would only make it tougher. It doesn't matter if she is there or not, it will still be her and James' child. The fear that the two are bonding over the birth of this baby would happen whether she was in the birthing room or not.

Suddenly Maggie realizes that all the worry over how this is bringing James and Sheila together has kept her from focusing on the real issue: she is going to have a new baby to care for. It has been so long since she has cared for a new baby and she is really looking forward to it----but not now, she says! The baby is going to be so small!

The delivery room nurse sticks her head out of the birthing room and orders the pediatric team STAT.

"What is happening? What is wrong with my baby?" Sheila cries, inside the labor room. James is worried; there is too much pain and bleeding. The doctor explains that the placenta seems to be tearing loose from the uterine wall. We have to get the baby NOW. "A caesarian section?" James asks. Yes, the doctor says, but Sheila refuses. "I can do this," she insists, "I want to do this." But you are in danger, James and the doctor tell her. But she doesn't care, she is going to have this baby for James. Just then another contraction comes and she begins pushing.

Ridge enters the "visiting" room at the jail and tells Taylor he is sorry. Taylor doesn't want an apology; she wants to know why he is lying---she knows that is what he is doing. He didn't shoot Grant any more than she did. Ridge is astounded that Taylor still believes in him after all that has happened. Taylor wants to know if it was all a lie and of course Ridge denies it yet again. "I did it," Ridge tells Taylor. But Taylor will not listen. She wonders why he is saying this; maybe someone is forcing him to lie.

Ridge tells her that his time is short and he needs to tell her some things. He tells her that he loves her and always will. There is no turning back now. He will be gone for a long time so she must move on with her life. He wants her to do this. "I will not abandon you," Taylor insists. "We can still get married." Ridge is aghast; "I could never do that to you," he tells her. "You have to move on and move on without me."

Maggie and Lauren are still waiting. Something is wrong, isn't it? she asks the nurse. The nurse explains to Maggie and Lauren how the fetal heart rate appears to be dropping too low. She shows them on the monitor screen. It is normal for the heart rate to drop a little with a contraction, she tells them, but she isn't having a contraction now and it is still too low. What does that mean? She explains that when the heart rate is too low, the baby is deprived of oxygen which could lead to brain damage or worse---death. They usually start to worry if it goes below 120. Maggie watches as the monitor shows another drop in the heart rate.

In the labor room, the heart rate has dropped to 110; Dr. Kelly tells Sheila, "We need you to hang in there and push with all your strength," the doctor instructs her. James assures Sheila everything will be fine; she must relax and breathe. James kisses her on the forehead as Sheila gets her breathing under control. Pain, fear and resolution are registered on her face as she gazes up at James.

James admires Sheila's bravery and tells her the baby's heart rate has gotten back to normal. "You are doing fine," he tells Sheila. Sheila thanks him for his help. Another contraction occurs, and the doctor tells her that this could be the one. "Hang on and push," she tells Sheila.

Ridge says he is protecting Taylor, but she says she doesn't want to be protected, she wants him---but Ridge says she can't have him, not like they planned. We never had a chance even before this, he tells her. He reminds her of the time he snuck into the cabin. She told him that she needed stability and he was unable to give that to her. "You were right then," he says, "and I am just now realizing it." Ridge says his life is in chaos because of his poor choices. Their relationship has been one crisis after another and this is not what she needs. Taylor tells him that is her choice to make, not his. She wants him. But Ridge tells her that he is making the choice for her. Somewhere out there is a man for Taylor, one that will give her everything she needs. But that man is not him.

They prepare the warmer to receive the baby. You are almost crowning, Dr. Kelly says. The pediatric team arrives and Dr. Kelly tells them what is going on. Sheila gets past the pain and pushes. You are almost there, James tells her as he supports her body in a sitting position. "The head is out!" Dr. Kelly announces. One more push and Sheila delivers a baby girl. The parents relax and laugh. James is holding Sheila's hand as the baby is carried to the warmer. The parents begin to worry, as there is no cry from the baby. The pediatrician says the baby is cyanotic; the nurse announces that there are no breathing sounds. Wait, the pediatrician says. Then the baby begins to scream. She is going to sing opera, Dr. Kelly predicts. Sheila's nurse reports that her blood pressure is going down and her heart rate is increasing. The doctor orders four units of blood and several blood tests. Sheila wants to see the baby and they hand the baby over to her. She comments how beautiful she is and James caresses her face They both smile through the tears as Maggie peeks in the door. She's happy to see that the bay is fine - but as she watches her husband and Sheila, she feels left out and exits.

Taylor insists Ridge can give her what she needs if he will only admit the truth. She tells him that she will find out herself one way or another. She will talk to Grant, or to Hunter Jones; she will get her own PI if she has to, but one way or another she will learn the truth.

Ridge sees that Taylor is serious and begs her to stop. "Only if you tell the truth," she insists. Okay, he says. He was drinking, he tells her. He was thinking of Grant, he says, about how Grant had taken everything. He was evil and that evil was spreading throughout the company. He wasn't even human any more, he says. He was a virus---a disease. So he took another drink, then another. He opened the drawer and saw the gun. NO! Taylor objects. But Ridge goes on. He took the gun and walked down the hall to Grant's office. He looked him in the eye and shot him. Taylor is in tears. Taylor cannot believe him; he swore over and over that he didn't do it. They were making plans; they were going to have a future. The guard comes and takes Ridge away despite Taylor's pleading to wait. At the door, Ridge turns and whispers, "I love you." Taylor is sobbing.

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Week of 6/9/97 - 6/13/97

Monday, June 9, 1997

Maggie goes to the nursery and finds out from the nurse that the baby is premature but doing quite well. She holds the baby and says, "Hi there, you sweet little girl. I am your new mommy." James joins her and wants a turn to hold his child. The doctor comes in to listen to the baby's heart and congratulates the Warwicks - although she also reminds them that the one who did all the work was Sheila. On that note, she asks the nurse if Ms. Carter has been in yet to see the baby, and the nurse replies no. James holds the baby again while Maggie speaks to the doctor.

Maggie asks Dr. Kelly what she meant about Sheila being there. She finds out that it is essential for Sheila to nurse the baby - since the child is premature, breast milk is extremely important for the development of it's immune system. Maggie takes over holding the baby in the rocking chair, and James leaves for work.

Maggie is holding the baby and Sheila comes into the nursery. "You did well," she states to her enemy. Maggie has to get up from the rocking chair so that Sheila can sit down and nurse. Sheila gets a lesson from the nurse on breast feeding while Maggie feels left out, and the tears start to build up in her eyes as the nurse commends Sheila on how well she is doing.

Taylor is a mess, sitting in a fetal position at her beach house, and reliving Ridge's confession to her of what had happened. Thorne shows up to help her, of course, and Taylor starts to cry, "I was so certain he would open up to me. He told me what I never ever expected to hear." Thorne notes that she must mean that Ridge said he shot Grant, and Taylor continues, "He has never been able to look me in the eye and lie to me. I feel so lost."

Taylor is really upset. She thinks that she should go away from L.A. and move out of the beach house, to forget the memories. She feels that she cant trust anyone anymore.

Thorne says he never had questioned his brother's innocence. He offers to stay with Taylor at the beach house in the back room without any expectations. " It is going to be okay." he reassures Taylor.

At the jail, Ridge is talking to himself about Taylor and wondering about Rick while waiting for a visitor. "I will pay the price as long as he gets better," he says aloud to himself.

Eric shows up confused and asks how and why this could happen. Ridge tells him he is there for a reason, and that the family has to accept that. "This is tearing our family apart. Isn't there something you can let me know" cries his father. Ridge tells his dad to spend more time with Rick; he is the one that matters now, not him. Eric can't believe this - he says of course he will spend time with Eric, Jr. like he always has (off-camera, of course), but that should not be the biggest thing on Ridge's mind. Ridge continues to insist to his father that Rick is the only thing that matters, but Eric still cannot believe it as he leaves.

Grant is waiting for James in his office. After some small talk about how James has just become a father, and how he is glad to finally get to meet and speak with Grant, they get down to business. At first, James thinks that it is Grant who needs therapy, but he then finds out otherwise. Grant begins, "Nobody regrets more than I do what has happened to Ridge. I have something serious to tell you. You aren't going to be treating me- someone else. Another member of my family." James worries that it is Brooke, but Grant informs him it is, "someone who has loss complete touch with reality.....MY STEPSON." James thinks it must be adolescent behavior or something that is troubling Rick, but Grant says, "It is much more complex than behavioral problems. Rick shot me. Rick took that gun and shot me in my office."

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Lauren is looking at her design and seems to finally accept she is talentless. But in comes Sally (with short hair, indicating a restrained libido) who tells her the problem is that if she loves Eric she'll have to go after him. Lauren tells her it doesn't feel right since Stephanie is her friend and she lives at the guest house. Sally tells her that being alone with a book at night doesn't feel right either. Lauren says she loves Eric more than she's loved any other man. Sally, using reverse psychology, replies she understands sympathy for the Forresters, but maybe Lauren doesn't care for Eric that much after all. Lauren walks out saying Eric is marrying Stephanie, and that is where it ends for her.

Eric is in a bar, thinking that his oldest son will rot in prison. He thinks he'd trade his life for Ridge's in a heartbeat. Some young woman is hitting on him (and she seems impressed by the great Eric Forrester) but he brushes her off.

Switch to Big Bear; Katie, still with no college major or career to explain how she is on call whenever Brooke wants her to baby-sit, is putting the dishes back while homemaker extraordinaire Brooke is looking out the window. Katie tells her sister she wouldn't believe it if Ridge hadn't confessed. Brooke tells Katie she feels like Ridge is suddenly a stranger. The kids come down and start whining about going to the lake. They ask where Grant is, since it was his idea to go there in the first place.

Grant is telling James again that Rick shot him,. "But Ridge..." James mutters. "Ridge took the blame because Rick can't remember. And that's where you come in." James has a hard time believing Rick walked in and shot Grant. Grant recreates the scene, telling him that he looked up and saw Rick, and then, in shock but also trying to protect the boy, put the blame on Ridge. "Ridge must have found out at some point?" James asks. "I told him before the end of the trial." Grant says Ridge was furious but understood Rick had to be protected. "It takes a hell of a man," Grant says, who explains to James he will ask for a lenient sentence and no cappuccino machines anywhere around Ridge's cell. James explains that Rick can't deal with what he's done so he's blocked it all out. Rick needs immediate treatment, and Brooke has to be told immediately, James tells Grant.

The kids and Brooke come back from the lake, and Rick holds a fossil. He says "I bet there is a T-Rex out there and maybe it'll swallow Grant if he gets here." Katie can't believe Rick's animosity toward Grant who, she says, has been a "saint" to him. Brooke worries about it. She also shares with Katie that until Ridge confessed she suspected her own husband was lying. "Grant is so caring and loyal and positive, and I need to move on," Brooke says. "Tonight I am going to show my husband what he means to me."

James tells Grant that Brooke has to be a part of the therapy process (fair--after all she was a part of messing him up). James says he understands it will be difficult when she finds out Grant lied about Ridge, but she'll realize he had to do it. James warns him that Rick could have a regressive psychotic episode that would bring everything back to memory. Grant probably doesn't get a word James says, but reads the cue card saying to pick up the receiver; he calls Brooke right away, telling her he is on his way. He tells Brooke he loves her; and then alone she says she will give him the night he's been dreaming about and deserves. That will bring their sex nights to two over a six month period, beating Taylor and Ridge's record of one night in nine months.

At the bar, Lauren sees Eric. "Care to but a girl a drink?" she asks. Eric has been through many drinks already. "I've lost my son. This is so inconsistent with the way he was raised and the values he was taught." Lauren says Ridge made a bad decision, but Eric is not to blame. Eric wonders what that bad decision says about the man who taught him how to make decisions. "Where the hell did I go wrong?" he wonders. Lauren doesn't know what to say or when to mention that her son is the last thing on her mind.

Eric worries about sentencing. "Ridge will be sent to prison and the rest will be here to pick up the pieces." Never one to deny a good puzzle, Lauren offers to drive an intoxicated Eric home.

Up at the cabin, Grant fears telling Brooke the truth before going in and exposing that he lied to her and the police. Brooke and the kids are playing scrabble, when they should be playing clue. Rick says "hi and bye" to Grant. "Nice of you to make it," he says ironically. Bridget hugs him and is happy to see him and Brooke tells him so is she. She tells him going to the cabin was a great idea. Grant tells her he watched the three of them and it's amazing how much they love her. "They are a part of me, Grant," Brooke replies. She starts sharing her concern for Rick--"I wish there was some way to get inside his heart and know his feelings and fears." But soon she changes the subject and tells Grant she is sorry she doubted him, treating him like a stranger. She says she admires him very much, and would like to get close to him, and tells him all the things Brooke is great at telling to the wrong man at the wrong time. "Brooke wait," Grant tells her, "there is something I've got to tell you right now." Right now in Bell time would be in 10-15 minutes in real time, kind of like a dog-year thing.

Lauren offers to make coffee for Eric as she lets him in the guest house. Eric calls Lauren his guardian angel, but before he is touched by an angel, he falls asleep in her bed. Lauren tells him he can't sleep here and adds "much as I'd like you to." But, alas, unlike James (who lost his virginity while injured and losing blood and also fathered Sheila's baby fully intoxicated), Eric can only count zzzs. Lauren admits Sally was right--a year ago she'd have seduced Eric on the spot, but not now. "You can sleep here but only for tonight" she tells an asleep Eric.

Wednesday, June 11, 1997

Eric is passed out on Lauren's bed. When he awakens she wont let him leave because he had been drinking. Eric comments that he doesn't know what was worse about today; seeing Ridge in those conditions or not being able to see him at all.

Lauren goes to make him a cup of coffee, but Eric says all he needs to do is sleep this off. He tells her how important her friendship is to him and he doesn't want her to ever go back to Genoa City. He offers to take the couch for the night but Lauren says she still has work to do, so he should take the bedroom. She goes to work and admires the view of Eric taking his shirt off.

Shortly after, Lauren puts a votive candle next to the bed and takes off her blue satin robe, revealing a matching blue nightgown, and she surprises Eric in bed. She comments to him that she thought he would be better off with Stephanie, but she was wrong. Lauren tells Eric that she needs him and loves him. She is going to make him happier than Stephanie or anyone else ever made him. Eric comments that he has been waiting for this to happen for a long time. The games begin... but too bad, it was all in Lauren's creative little imagination. She curls up on the couch by herself as reality sinks in.


James is paying Ridge a visit in jail, and reveals that he knows that Ridge doesn't need any psychological help. He tells him that he knows from Grant that Rick is the one who shot Grant. Ridge seems surprised for some reason.

Ridge begs James for help and pleads that Rick is in trouble and he is the only one who can help him. "As far as you are concerned I am the one who shot Chambers. James, don't even think for a minute of telling anyone it was Rick," Ridge instructs him. James fills him in that Grant is up at the cabin right now telling Brooke. He tells Ridge that he shouldn't throw away his life; he wouldn't want to spend his life in this place. James offers that there is one way out of this; to go to the DA and explain that Rick is a sick little boy. Ridge says no - Rick would never survive the publicity, so this is the only way. James hopes that Brooke will come to him and change his mind. Then a guard comes over and says that their time is up. Ridge is taken back to his cell.

At the cabin, Grant says that he needs to tell Brooke something, and it can't wait. Brooke tells her hubby that it is time they move on with their lives and puts the moves on him while they move physically over to the couch. Grant puts her off and says that he has wanted her more than he has ever wanted anyone in his life, but he continues, "It wasn't Ridge who shot me."

Brooke questions him and wants to know what he is saying exactly. So Grant continues, "It wasn't Ridge who shot me." Brooke says this isn't funny, and Grant explains, "This isn't about being funny. It is the truth. Ridge wanted to confess and I went along with it. We had someone to protect and it was the only way. I had no other choice, what was I going to do?

Brooke is annoyed and wanted to know why Ridge is going to prison for a crime that he didn't commit. "It was Ridge's decision as much as mine. It will make sense when I explain to you why we did what we did." Brooke wants to hear the facts, so Grant admits, "All right; when I was in my office, someone came in with a gun. It wasn't Ridge. It was Rick. Rick is the one who shot me."

Brooke can't believe that her son, her child, took a gun. She insists that Grant must be lying, because Rick wouldn't shoot anybody. She wants to know who else knows about this and finds out that not even his real father, Eric, knows about this. She tells Grant that he should have told her.

Grant explains that he knows it is hard to believe but he did what he thought was best to protect Rick and their family.

Brooke exclaims, "My son attempted to kill you, and you didn't tell me. He has been locking himself upstairs in that bedroom. God only knows what he has been going through and you said NOTHING. My baby is living a nightmare and you said NOTHING. I want you to leave." Grant pleads he was only trying to protect Rick, but she shouts, "You didn't protect him; he is going through hell. You lied to the jury, you lied to the judge, and worst of all, you lied to me. THIS IS OVER! I want you out."

Grant tries to charm his way out of this but Brooke picks up a fireplace poker and tells him to get out. She then goes into the kids' room and watches Rick sleep. She cries out to herself, asking herself what did she do to him. The phone rings and it is Ridge. Ridge tells her to listen to him and to make sure that Rick gets help. He knows James has been told, and he tells Brooke to make sure Rick gets to him. He also wants to see her, and she wonders how he can stand that after everything she has done to him. She explains that Brooke didn't do anything to him. They will all get through this together, he promises. Brooke hangs up the phone and is crying in front of the fireplace.

Thursday, June 12, 1997

Eric awakens and realizes he is in Lauren's bed. He calls out to Lauren, but she is not there. Lauren is up at the main house having breakfast. The maid, Connie, tells her that Stephanie has been searching for her fiancee all morning. Connie then says she is going to start making the beds, and thinks she will start with Lauren's place. Lauren asks her that her bed be done last, so Connie proceeds upstairs.

So Lauren goes back to the guesthouse and asks Eric how he is feeling. Eric says he is still troubled about Ridge, trying to accept that he shot someone; there are no answers and he isn't sure if there ever will be. He questions if he spent the night alone in Lauren's bed (gee, this plotline sounds familiar!). Lauren assures him nothing happened.

They sit on the bed together and Eric tells her that he feels admiration, respect, and an incredible attraction towards her. However, she reminds him, he has a commitment to Stephanie. Eric agrees, stating that his family needs a base to build new ground on, which is why he is staying with Stephanie. So now, Eric leaves minus one green and gold cuff link from his shirt that he somehow misplaced. He asks Lauren to keep an eye out for it, and to return it to him if she finds it.

Connie comes to make the bed - and of course, that is where Mr. Forrester's cuff link is. She picks it up - gee, I wonder what the maid thinks happened here.....

Out at the beach house, Taylor is writing something but gets interrupted by Stephanie. Taylor starts crying, "How could he do it, Stephanie? I can't get over it. I can't get it out of my mind. The way Ridge looked me straight in the eye and told me he shot Grant. Ridge trying to shoot someone; how can I accept that? We were planning a life together." Stephanie thinks Ridge is trying to protect Taylor, but Taylor asks, "How can he protect me? The damage has already been done. You know that I would wait for him if I thought that is what he wanted. I doubt everything now, how could I not?"

Stephanie tells her to pull herself together. Taylor cries that she knows she is losing it. Here she is, a psychiatrist, and she can't even handle her own life; it is a disaster. She doesn't know what to believe anymore or whom to believe. She loves Ridge; and as much as she wants to help him, she can't, because there is nothing that she can do. Stephanie holds her as she cries.

So then Stephanie fills her in about the search for Eric after his visit yesterday and how she can't find him. Taylor assures her pal that Thorne is also looking out for her and how he has been such a good friend. Stephanie then tells Taylor she is going to see Ridge in jail; Taylor gives Stephanie a letter to pass on to Ridge. Before Stephanie leaves, she tells Taylor that she loves her; she is there for her if there is anything she needs, and she reminds Taylor that she is only a phone call away.

Eric is in the kitchen at the mansion, having a cup of coffee, when Stephanie comes in. She wonders where he was all night. Eric assures his fiancee that they will all get through this. Of course, Stephanie notices that he had lost a cuff link and tells him that he has some other shirts upstairs if he wants a clean set of clothes.

Brooke and Ridge stare at each other through the window of glass. "Hey, Logan. How is Rick?" She says she does not know, and he asks, "What do you mean you don't know? Did he remember anything?" She says he hasn't, so Ridge replies, "Maybe it is better that he doesn't. I want Rick to get all the help he can get."

Brooke blames it all on herself, because she has been so wrapped up with herself that she didn't notice what was going on with Rick.

Ridge tells her, "Listen to me. You are not the only one who feels guilty, who thinks he should have done something. You have to be strong. Logan, that boy needs his mother, now more than ever. So be strong for him. You keep your family together." But what about him, throwing his life away, Brooke asks? "I am not throwing my life away. It is my way of paying Rick back. Somewhere along the line Logan he got pretty messed up," states Ridge.

Brooke is crying and asks how she can ever repay him. Ridge asks how Grant is doing, but she doesn't want to talk about Grant; she tells Ridge that she kicked him out. Grant is defended by Ridge - he's not Grant's biggest fan, but the man is going through hell, doing the same thing Ridge is, he states. "I hate what is happening to you. Where did we go so wrong? We have been through so much together," cries Brooke. "You are an amazing man, Ridge. It is no wonder why I love you, why I have always loved you."

Ridge stands up to go and Brooke tells him, through the glass as he walks away, "I love you.... always."

Friday, June 13, 1997

Thorne arrives at the beach house to find a very depressed Taylor. She tries to send Thorne away, but he tells her he would just worry about her anyway no matter whether he was with her or someplace else.

Stephanie visits Ridge in jail. Ridge has a hard time looking her in the eye. Stephanie demands that he look her at her and tell her that he deliberately set out to kill someone. Ridge doesn't want to talk about the "crime," because he feels there is nothing to be accomplished as the die is cast. Ridge asks Stephanie how the wedding plans are coming. When Stephanie tells him that she hasn't been able to even think of the coming wedding, Ridge tells her that she has to focus on her wedding; she has to bring the family together---he doesn't want everything falling apart because of him, he tells her. Stephanie is heartbroken. "What about you?" she asks. You can't help me, Ridge tells her, but you can help the family. He makes her promise that she will look out for the kids, especially Rick. Stephanie is confused but she tells him that of course she will do all that she can for the children.

Grant is busy in his office. Amid numerous packing boxes, he is packing his things. Brooke enters and wonders what he is doing. Grant tells her that he assumes that he is fired. He tells her not to worry; he is sure he can line up something in New York City. He tells her that he understands and he doesn't want to burden her. I did a terrible thing, he tells Brooke. "I should have told you the truth from the beginning," he says, "but I vowed when it happened that I would never tell anyone---no one would ever know the truth about Rick. It killed me to see you so torn up about Ridge, but telling you would have forced you to choose between me and Rick---I couldn't make you do that."

Ridge asks if the children know about him and Stephanie tells him that Brooke has told them and they took it very hard. Ridge says Rick feels betrayed and confused, and it's only going to get worse. "You have to be there for Rick," Ridge tells his mother. Ridge then tells Stephanie that she can do one other thing for him: he is worried about Taylor. Will she look after Taylor for him? Stephanie promises that she will; she is also worried about Taylor. Stephanie tells Ridge that Taylor seems to have lost the strength to go on. She wonders how he could ever do this to Taylor, but Ridge insists he never wanted to hurt her. He meant every word he said to her, he meant all the promises and plans they made together. "And yet, you threw it all away," Stephanie accuses. Ridge tells her that he did what he had to do. "Someday you will understand," he tells her, "but right now I need for you to help Taylor get on with her life." Stephanie says that Taylor loves him and there is no turning that back even if it breaks your heart. I cannot accept that, Ridge tells her. Stephanie promises to do what she can. "Taylor wrote you a letter," she tells him. When he asks where the letter is, she says that she had to give it to the guard. Just then, the guard arrives and tells Ridge that his time is up.

Taylor tells Thorne that she just wants to be alone. She wants to lay down for a while. Thorne tells her to wait a while because he has someone he wants her to meet. Who, asks Taylor, a psychiatrist? She isn't in the mood to meet someone and she needs to fix herself up. But Thorne assures her that this person won't mind how she looks and it will be good for Taylor. He is right outside, Thorne tells her. Thorne goes outside and when he reenters, he is carrying a large box. Taylor is confused until Thorne removes the top. Inside is a golden retriever puppy.

"Oh, no!" Taylor says. She can hardly take care of herself, let alone a puppy named Scout. Thorne promises to take care of the puppy; all Taylor has to do is love it. Taylor tells him that having a puppy will not make the problems go away. Ridge will still be in jail, convicted of attempted murder. She is still alone with all her hopes and plans dashed. Thorne agrees that the puppy will not make her problems go away. It is meant as a distraction, not a solution. Thorne says he knows the puppy can't heal Taylor's wounds---nothing can---"but even if it only gives you comfort for a few minutes, it will be worth it," he tells her. He just wants to see her smile and realize there is happiness in the world. Taylor tells him to take it back wherever he got it. As Thorne is leaving, she changes her mind and tells him the puppy can stay for now----"but you are in charge of house training," she tells Thorne.

Brooke tells Grant he was wrong to lie---but she has accepted that he thought he was doing it for the right reasons. "I was wrong to be so angry at you and to throw you out," she tells him. Grant admits that he has made mistakes and he tells her that it takes a strong person to do what Ridge did. "I admire him for that," he tells Brooke, and he says he will understand if she loves Ridge more than ever for what he is doing. As Grant turns to leave, Brooke tells him to stay. She tells him that she still wants to make the marriage work; she needs her family to be whole for Rick.

Alone in his cell, Ridge reads the letter from Taylor. "You are in your jail cell as you read this, and I am in mine, as I write it," the letter begins. "I know you won't understand that, the letter continues, and that is why I had to write it. You tell me to forget you, my feelings for you and the dreams we had, but they are the walls to my prison and they are just as real and unbreakable as the bars of your cell are to you. You bars trap your body while mine trap my heart and my mind. There is no escape. Wherever I go, what ever I do, I will never be free because I can't have you. The worst part is that I don't know why this is happening. You say you love me, but you hurt me more than any enemy ever could. How could you do it? I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with some explanation. The only answer I can come up with is that you don't love me; you never did, and that is the cruelest punishment of all."

Ridge closes the letter. "You are so wrong, Taylor, so wrong. If you only knew." Taylor is left crying.

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Week of 6/16/97 - 6/20/97

Monday, June 16, 1997

Lauren is in the Forrester kitchen, helping Stephanie with the wedding guest list, when Eric enters the room. "What are you doing here?" he asks Lauren. When she tells him how she's helping with preparations for his wedding, he tells her she really should be doing that. He massages her hand to soothe her "writer's cramp" and they comment on how difficult the other night was. She tells him she'll continue to look for his missing cufflink. Stephanie comes in and Eric invites her to lunch. She turns him down; she has wedding errands to run. Stephanie walks Eric out, leaving Lauren alone with her thoughts.

At the Warwick home, Maggie brings James more pictures of the baby, and she comments on how she's fallen for the little one. After saying that the baby needs them to protect her from Sheila, Maggie reveals to her husband that she asked Connor Davis to come over for adoption advice (which shouldn't be too difficult for him to handle, seeing as Mr. Davis doesn't do much of anything these days).

Sheila wakes up to find Mike in her hospital room, disguised as a doctor. "How's that fever?" he asks. When she tells him she doesn't have one, he flirts, "You look pretty hot to me." Mike congratulates Sheila and they talk about the miracles of motherhood. He gives her a baby book, but she says she can't keep it because Maggie wouldn't like it.

At the Café Russe, Eric runs into Sally and Macy, who sympathize with him about Ridge. Macy has to leave, and Eric joins Sally for lunch. Sally admits how proud she is of her daughter for her strength. She tells Eric that if he marries Stephanie, he'll make the biggest mistake of his life.

Lauren finds thank-you notes engraved with "Mr. and Mrs. Eric Forrester" and Stephanie says how it's funny "that when you see something in black and white, all of a sudden it makes you realize it's going to happen." "You're so right," Lauren sighs. Talking about the notes, Lauren leaves to get the phone number of a calligrapher. Connie (Steph's housekeeper) comes into the kitchen seeming upset. Lauren comes back with the number, and Connie suddenly leaves. Lauren wonders if something is wrong, but Steph says she'll talk to Connie later. Steph then tells her how grateful she is for all Lauren's help. Lauren reminds Steph never to take Eric for granted. Steph tells Lauren to "rest your arm for bouquet catching."

Connor tells James and Maggie that the existing paperwork is fine, but Sheila may have still changed her mind. He offers to send over a new agreement. He tells them that even with the new agreements, the birth mother can revoke her decision until the adoption is final. Connor tells James to talk to Sheila, approaching her with "gratitude and respect." "Do you honestly think I'd do anything else?" James snaps back. He excuses himself and leaves the house.

Mike asks Sheila if she will really let them take her baby. She admits that she thinks it won't come to that. She thinks James is close to realizing he belongs with her and the baby. Mike responds, "Sheila, what if you're wrong?" Sheila tells Mike how amazing and bonding the delivery was for her and James. She explains how James created who she is and the two of them created the baby. She doesn't believe what he has with Maggie is enough for him to turn his back on her and the baby.

"Well, just in case he does," Mike says, "here's my number. We can take this baby and run off to Mexico." She tells him to hold onto the book for her. "Take care," he tells her, and he leaves, putting his mask back on after a motion from Sheila. A nurse brings the baby in and hands her to Sheila for feeding. James looks in the window to the room; he sees Sheila bonding with the baby and smiles.

Connie tells Stephanie she made a mistake coming to her, but Steph tells her she shouldn't feel that way. Connie gives her the cufflink, which she found in the guest Lauren's bed!

Sally tells Eric she knows all about him and Lauren. Eric reminds her that Lauren ended it, but Sally notes that it was only out of gratitude to Stephanie. Sally comments on how Steph can turn on her friends; she guarantees in a just a matter of time, Steph will turn on Lauren, too, and Lauren will not take it very well.

Steph shows up at Lauren's house with the cufflink, only to find Lauren looking for something in her bed. Steph holds up the link and asks, "Looking for this?"

Tuesday, June 17, 1997

Maggie is waiting for Eric in his office. The subject of Ridge of course comes up, and Eric says they are still in the dark - and they probably will be until the sentencing. He informs her that in California there is a mandatory ten year sentence for attempted murder regarding Ridge. The topic turns to baby talk and Maggie tells him that the baby isn't officially theirs yet, until Sheila gives her up for adoption. A lawyer told her that a birth mother has the right to reconsider her decision after the child is born. She continues to tell Eric that since the baby was born prematurely, Sheila is nursing and playing on her husband's sympathies.

Maggie says," I don't trust Sheila. I believe in my husband, but I don't trust her. I know James loves me. If anyone knows what Sheila is capable of it is him." Eric says that knowing Sheila she is going to pull out all of the stops on this one to get her way - and he knows, because he too was married to the woman, He urges Maggie to make sure that Sheila does not do anything to keep her from adopting that child.

At the hospital, James and Sheila are cooing over their baby as they share her first smile in a family-bonding moment. Sheila and James find out that the baby has gained four ounces and Sheila is now disappointed to learn that they will leave the hospital soon. The nurse tells her that the doctor wants to start the baby on a bottle tonight, to wean her off of the nursing from a breast.

James then tells Sheila that Connor Davis is drawing up some papers for her to sign. Sheila doesn't want to talk about that now as she is nursing. Then she pulls out the tears, crying, "Please don't take my baby away from me. Don't do that to me, James. Don't do it to us. She has two parents - you and me." James reminds her that one of those parents is married to someone else, but Sheila says that does not matter. She pleads, "I am the one who gave birth to her. And she is sooo perfect. How can you take her away from me? I know that it is your decision. Please don't make me sign those papers."

At Spectra, Sally shares the details of her lunch conversation with Clarke, and informs him about running into Eric Forrester at the Cafe Russe. Clarke says that he is not a fan of Stephanie's, but that Eric must see something in her. Clarke also comments that Lauren is such good friends with Stephanie, too. Sally remarks that Lauren doesn't have respect for Stephanie; she states, "It is called sympathy for the devil. If Lauren only knew that Stephanie is capable of ripping her to pieces." She comments that Lauren will learn that the hard way if Stephanie even gets a hint of how Lauren really feels towards Eric.

Sally still has to discuss Queen Stephanie, and says that Lauren is so depressed lately, and she hasn't accomplished any sketches or designs. Her work is going downhill and so is her creativity all because she has to stay away from her true love; Eric. Sally feels that Lauren's place is with them, at Spectra, where she can be productive, and not in some ivory tower where she pines away over something she can't have.

At the Forrester guest house, Stephanie bluntly wants to know if the cuff link is what Lauren is searching for. Lauren plays dumb at first. Stephanie says that she is such a very dear friend to her and wants to know how Eric's cuff link ended up in here.

Lauren proceeds to tell her the story of Eric's little encounter at the bar and also confesses that she doesn't know why she never brought Eric up to the main house that night. Stephanie wants to know if there is something between her and Eric. Lauren comes clean and says that they were involved before. "You were involved? Well, how involved were you Lauren?"

Lauren bears her soul and tells her pal that she was in love with Eric. "How could you not tell me that?" Steph asks. Lauren tells her that she pulled back, and Steph responds in disbelief, "You backed away? I am beginning to wonder if you aren't hanging around here hoping there will be problems between me and Eric. That way you can just pick up the pieces and step in. That is not going to happen, my friend. You haven't been honest with me Lauren." states Stephanie.

Lauren says that she had thought they could all be friends, but Steph doesn't think that can happen. "Well, obviously, you cant continue to stay here, can you?" states Stephanie. Lauren says that she will be out in the morning. Steph replies, "By the end of the day. I can't believe you. I will never forgive you. I want you out of here tonight." And so ends a beautiful friendship...

Wednesday, June 18, 1997

At Forrester, Stephanie has come to have a heart to heart talk with her son, Thorne, about Taylor. She doesn't think that he should be sleeping down at that house and wants to know if he has given any thought at all as to how this would effect his brother if he found out about it.

Thorne tells his mom that Taylor is falling apart at the seams and she needs him to be there for her. He continues to explain that since Ridge confessed they all need to get real about this situation. He plans on salvaging a life of his own and not turning his back on Taylor. Stephanie assk him to at least wait until Ridge has been sentenced. Thorne states that he can not wait until Ridge is sentenced, and he will not turn his back on his beloved Taylor.

At the Chambers home, James is glancing at a photo of the family and then starts to think about Rick as he wonders about his own little baby; should he take her away from her natural mother? He has to do what is best for the baby, he believes. His thought session is interrupted when Grant and Brooke finally enter the room.

Brooke and Grant are there to give James some background info on Rick Jr. They tell him that Rick is not communicating at school according to his teacher. He doesn't get into trouble in the classroom, although his grades are slipping. Grant tells James of his theory that Rick Jr. hates him because he stepped into his fathers' place in the family. James asks Brooke about this, and she is forced to admit that she agrees with her husband.

So the three of them realize that Rick's behavior changed for the worst after Brooke married Grant. Brooke informs him that Rick had some trouble adjusting when she and Eric divorced; but he never showed any signs of aggression until recently. He was always a good student in school until recently and usually was the child that was picked on by the bully- not starting up on the playground like now. Also, he spends a lot of time in his room, leading James to suspect that the boy may not be doing his homework as she states. James asks to see Rick's room and his studying environment.

Thorne wants to know how long he has to deny his feelings for Taylor because of Ridge. He tells Stephanie that he doesn't want to argue with her but he wont back away. He states, "She means too damn much to me." Thorne argues that he is just following his heart; and isn't that what Stephanie had always taught him to do, he asks?

At the jailhouse, Ridge is looking out the window and he turns to find Taylor standing in the visiting room - not his lawyer, Jonathan, as he expected. He wants to know why Taylor came here and she says that she needs something from him. Taylor wants to know about the strategy for the hearing and that there is always a chance that her love could work something out with the judge.

Ridge begs her not to do this to herself. He doesn't want her to hope so much for something, only to let herself down once again. "Hope is all I have left." responds Taylor.

Ridge tells her to have hope, but not in him. As much as he loves her it is not going to happen for them. He tells her that her life will move on- she is going to have her kids; "Only, my love they aren't going to be mine. I wish they were. This is real. We are going to have to face it."

Brooke takes James and Grant to Rick's room - the room is a mess, and there are heavy metal and death posters hanging up all over the place. Brooke confesses that she hates this stuff, but Rick trades with his friends and this is what he is into. James seems surprised, but Brooke reminds him that they all did things their parents didn't like when they were kids.

James informs them that the bottom line here is that they have no idea of what exactly Rick is doing up here in his room with the door closed. " All of this has contributed to Rick's problem. Everything is unrestricted and he has created a surrounding of violence." The games, the CDs, the posters - even modern technology like the Internet - they are all factors, because of the immense amount of information that is out there. "It excites an aggressive drive or an altered state of reality." says James. And it was this altered state that led Rick to shoot Grant in his office, just like he would handle an enemy in one of his games.

Ridge insists that he will not let Taylor waste her life waiting for him, but Taylor says she will wait for Ridge. "How can you lie like that honestly?" she questions him. He says, "I have to," as he tells her to turn around and walk out, putting it in her past where it belongs. Taylor cries as Ridge tells her to face her future - he turns her around, and she walks away crying. She's moving towards the door, but then she turns back and embraces him before he tells her one last time to go. Alone, Ridge is in tears.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

Thorne comes into the beach house and finds Taylor in tears. He asks Taylor if she is okay because she is depressed, sitting on the couch holding the puppy. He knows that she went to see Ridge and tells her that she has got to stop obsessing over him. Of course Taylor doesn't want to talk, but Thorne continues anyway.

"My brother has a hold on you and you can't seem to let him go. We have to pick up and go on with our lives." states Thorne. But Taylor wants to know what she has to go onto...... All she has left now are her wonderful memories. "That dream is gone, Taylor, because of what Ridge did," continues the youngest male Forrester. Taylor explains that she is doing time in her own jail cell and there is no end to her term. She was counting on Ridge.

Thorne confides in Taylor that he is here now and he isn't going anywhere. He tells Taylor to go and get changed for something on the beach, because he has a surprise for her.

Brooke, Grant and James are all assembled in Rick's room, checking out all of his gross belongings. Brooke turns on a computer game entitled "DEVIL" but shuts it off from the violence. She blames herself for all of this and says that she never should have let this happen to Rick. It is all her fault because she was a mother worried too much about her own career and love life. She is the one who is responsible for her son's actions.

James tries to convince her that this is a national problem among teenagers and that Rick needs clinical help. Brooke wants to clean out his room completely of all the filth, but James talks her out of it

Maggie is talking to the doctor as she comes out of Sheila's room. Maggie finds out that they are weeks away from letting the baby go home but Sheila will be dismissed this afternoon.

Sheila is looking at photos of James and the baby. Just then, in comes Maggie, offering her congratulations on the news that Sheila will be going home sometime today. She tells her it is time for her to go home and then brings up the documents that Sheila still needs to sign for the lawyers. Maggie advises Sheila to move on with her life and not to dwell on the past. She insists that she is a young, intelligent and beautiful woman and she has a lot going for her.

But Sheila questions Maggie, and asks if the tables were turned, could she do it? Could she give her child away to someone else to raise? She tells Maggie that she is human and not some robot. She insists that she really cares about the baby and there are benefits from a child being raised by its natural mother. Sheila informs Maggie that she doesn't want to have any doubts before she signs anything. "Yes, I have had problems. But does that mean I am incapable of loving and taking care of my baby?"

James tells the Chambers that Rick needs more than direction; he needs clincial therapy. He says that all of this violent stuff is like a drug and they need to proceed carefully with Rick. Rick can not have any radical changes in his life. He advises Brooke not to let him spend a lot of time up in his room alone and to do some family outings.

Grant tells Brooke that they are in this together and she cant take the blame for what happened. James, in the meantime, says he has to get to the hospital. As James is leaving the room, Rick walks in and is annoyed that they are all in his room when he left the door closed. Grant orders him not to be disrespectful to his mother, and Brooke agrees that Rick cannot talk to her that way. Brooke then asks to speak with her son alone.

Alone, Rick and Brooke have a heart to heart chat. Rick tells his mom that it is okay for her to be in his room because she is special and that they have been through a lot together. He asks his mom what is the matter. He insists that she has always been there for him and he knew that she was busy with work all through the years. He confides in his mom that growing up can be pretty hard sometimes. Still, Brooke can't help but admit that she is at fault, as she promises her son that she will be there for him, no matter what. There is a group hug.

Maggie tells Sheila she suspects that Sheila is not going to sign the adoption papers. Sheila tells Maggie that she is going to let James decide what is best for their daughter. Maggie waits outside for James and then pleads with him that they need to have those adoption papers signed today before Sheila goes home.

Sheila is talking to herself and says that this is it. She and James will be taking their daughter home together from the hospital...

Friday, June 20, 1997

Sheila is waiting for James but Mike walks in with Pizza instead. Sheila says she is nervous, and she thinks James will tell her he wants them to be together. Meanwhile, Maggie is preparing James for the the visit. James says he does not want to make this hard on Sheila after everything she's been through. Maggie tells him he has to get Sheila to commit to stay out of the child's life completely. No letters, no visits, no presents. "I know you think I am being cruel," she says, but she explains she wants to protect her family and the baby, because Sheila will at some point hurt the baby, even unintentionally.

At the beach house, Taylor is sitting on her couch when a beach-attired Thorne walks in, upset that she has still not put on her bathing suit. They had BBQ plans, he reminds her - but she says she is not hungry. Thorne suspects it's Ridge on her mind again. He tells her he understands, but what will he tell their guest?

Taylor says she is not in the mood for visits, and it is not up to him to decide she needs a distraction. Thorne asks Taylor, since she is so intent, to go out on the porch and tell his friend she can't make it. Taylor struts out and sees Bridget holding Scout, the puppy Thorne brought her. They discuss the puppy and Thorne tells them he is preparing the food for the BBQ. Taylor asks Bridget how things are at home, and Bridget answers she misses Ridge. Taylor starts crying and holds Bridget in her arms as Thorne looks on.

Sheila goes on and on about James and how he cares, and Mike warns her to be cautious. "It could all be an act," he says. Mike reminds her that she could have had him, but she didn't want him. She assures him she will have a real family with James and the baby, and Mike hopes for the best for her. In the meantime, Maggie tells James that parents make sacrifices. Maggie says he will have to help his daughter, even if it means hurting Sheila; actually, especially then. James goes to see Sheila, with tears in his eyes.

Lauren arrives at the hospital, and Maggie asks her why she changed her phone number. Lauren says she will explain later and asks about James and Sheila. Maggie says she is worried but she will be fine. Suddenly they see a young woman, Amy, crying. She is pregnant and has AIDS. She says that she did not cheat on her husband but she was really messed up in high school. The woman says that if she gets treatment the risk for the baby will go down to 4%. "Thank God you got tested," Lauren says. Amy says last week she was so happy, but now she is so worried about the baby, or herself getting sick. Who will take care of the baby? Lauren and Maggie are teary-eyed as Amy says she even contemplated abortion but she couldn't. "You guys don't even know me," the young woman says. "It's OK," Maggie replies. Amy asks them to pray for her and the baby as both women cry.

Bridget seems to be feeding Thorne's masterpiece to Scout, as she tells her brother that it was great. "Thorne, when are you going to have kids?" Bridget asks. Thorne wonders why she asks, and she says because his kids will call her "Aunt Bridget". "I'll work on that for you," Thorne answers. Then it is Taylor's turn to be asked about kids. Taylor says she wants to have children but she will have to put it on hold. Bridget comments that Taylor will be a great mom. Taylor says when she is, she hopes to have a girl just like Bridget.

Afterwards, Thorne comes out of the ocean, dripping wet. Taylor admits she needed a break, and Thorne suggests going away. Taylor says she can't do that. Thorne says she has to put her needs (and his) before Ridge's. Taylor rejects the idea and Thorne tells her she deserves to be happy, and he won't give up.

James walks into Sheila's room, commenting on how lovely Sheila looks. She informs him she is being released today, and asks him what he wants to say. James tells Sheila how grateful he is to her, but Sheila replies it was all worth it. She lets him know she named the baby Mary, after James' mother. "She gave her life so you could have yours and that's an incredible love. It's what I feel for you and our child." James, with the tact and sensitivity of a psychiatrist, takes out some papers. "What is that?" Sheila asks. James says he was hoping to make the signing of the adoption papers as painless as possible. Sheila observes she can see it in his eyes how she does not want her to do that. She starts crying and begs him not to make her give up her baby.

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Week of 6/23/97 - 6/27/97

Monday, June 23, 1997

At home, Brooke is still blaming herself for what happened to Rick, as doting husband Grant looks on. Grant tries to get Brooke to stop blaming herself, pointing out that they have to keep up the secrecy. Still, Brooke can't help but feel guilty, especially since she is keeping the truth from Eric; she even considers telling Eric, until Grant points out that will probably have Stephanie and Taylor finding out.

Now that Taylor's name has been brought up, Brooke says she can understand how Taylor feels, and this is her fault. However, Grant tells her it is more than her decision, so she cannot let the cat out of the bag. He reminds Brooke that they can't risk telling Taylor - who, on cue, arrives at the door to bring Bridget home.

Maggie and Lauren wait in the hall at the hospital, wondering if Sheila will sign the adoption papers, as Maggie speculates that James might be the only one who can get through to Sheila. Meanwhile, inside the room, Sheila begs James not to make her give up her child. She admits that she signed the first set of adoption papers, but James' feelings have changed since then - and because of that change, she can't agree to give up the baby now. James admits that his feeling have changed because Sheila has changed, despite his occasional despair that it could happen. However, despite his reservations, he always knew this kind of change could happen when she originally agreed to sign the adoption papers, which is why she must do it again.

Taylor says Bridget lifted her spirits and thanks Brooke for letting her visit, as Grant comments, "That's our Bridget," about the way she seemed to cheer Taylor up. Just then, the phone rings with an important call for Grant; he excuses himself to take it in the other room. This leaves Brooke and Taylor alone, and Taylor supposes she should leave; Brooke, however, calls out to her while she is at the door and asks Taylor to stay.

Out in the hall of the hospital, Maggie insists to Lauren that James' top priority is to her and the baby. Meanwhile, inside the room, Sheila asks why she has to give up Mary to prove anything to James. He replies that she has nothing to prove. Sheila then insists she and James are so much alike, and they were both deprived of so much as children, which is why only they can "cure" each other through their baby. Together, they can give Mary all the things that they did not have when they were younger.

Brooke says she knows how Taylor feels, and Taylor agrees - in fact, she admits that if anyone could know what she is going through, it is Brooke. Taylor also admits that she still can't understand Ridge's confession. One thing that is clear though - because of what he has done, it is obvious that Ridge does not care. "I don't believe that - and neither do you, I think," Brooke replies. Taylor agrees, but says this isn't the way it was supposed to be. "Maybe it is," Brooke says, as she begs Taylor not to put a hold on her life.

"Why do you care?" Taylor asks. Brooke replies, "Because... because I do." She is concerned, and she stresses that it is important that Taylor does not give up. At that moment, Grant comes in. Taylor excuses herself, saying she had better go to meet Thorne. Grant reminds her to call if she needs anything as Taylor makes her exit. Once she is gone, Brooke admits she wanted to Taylor - it could make a difference if she only knew, Brooke tells her husband.

Lauren tries to get Maggie to see that she will never be rid of Sheila if Sheila doesn't give up the baby. She doesn't understand how Maggie doesn't see that, and reminds Maggie of her ultimatum to James a while back, "it's either Sheila or me." Maggie admits that she committed to James, and she can't abandon the child to a mother like Sheila, so she has to believe everything will turn out all right.

Inside Sheila's room, Sheila asks James to imagine the three of them as a family. James says he can't, because he loves his wife. Sheila says Maggie doesn't love him like she does, and claims James is responsible for not only her child, but for the woman she is right now. She owes everything to James, and wonders how he can expect her to erase all that from her mind. James begs her to do it for the baby's sake.

Sheila asks how giving her child to a woman who hates her, and will likely make her baby hate her, too, is right - and James admits it's his child too, and he has to fear for what might happen. Sheila wonders what kind of fear he would have, and comes to the realization that James thinks she might harm her child. He sheepishly admits that he doesn't believe she would cause any harm intentionally, but that he is concerned. Stunned that James would think she might harm her baby, even unintentionally, Sheila takes a pen and signs the forms.

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Maggie and Lauren continue to wait for James to come out, and Maggie fears that this might be bad news. Just then, James arrives and tells Maggie that Sheila has signed the papers, which delights her. She embraces her husband after he tells her the good news. While husband and wife are enjoying their joyous moment, Lauren smiles and quietly makes her exit. James tries to tell Maggie how difficult Sheila's decision was, but all that is important to Maggie is that they have their child. James suggests that he and Maggie go to see their child, as they head off to the nursery.

At Forrester, Eric stops to see if Stephanie needs help with the wedding plans, and she asks if he has any regrets. Eric reassures Stephanie that, while he has had moments of weakness, he still wants to marry Stephanie, and she thanks him for the reassurance with a kiss.

Lauren arrives at the Spectra offices after leaving the hospital, and is greeted by the Grand Diva herself, Sally. Lauren brings Sally up to date and tells Sally that Stephanie ordered her out of the house. Sally isn't surprised to hear about Lauren's plight, since she knows that's the kind of person Stephanie is. She warns Lauren that Stephanie will hold it against her. Lauren decides to head over to Forrester as Sally advises her to be careful.

The nurse comes into Sheila's room with the release papers, and she is stunned at what she finds; a despondent Sheila is in the dark, practically in tears. The nurse summons Dr. Kelly, since she is worried about Sheila. Dr. Kelly quickly arrives and tries to reassure Sheila - she reminds her that women go through the same thing Sheila does every day. It won't be easy, the doctor explains, but Sheila will realize in time that she did the right thing. Sheila, however, still cannot accept what has happened, but she reluctantly accepts her release papers.

Lauren arrives at Forrester - and greets a guard named Phil. Phil tells her he is sorry, but he has to ask for Lauren's security badge; he has orders from "upstairs" that Lauren is no longer allowed in the building. "This is ridiculous," Lauren comments, pointing out how many times she has been in and out of the building over the past year. Phil is sorry, but he has his orders. Lauren says she wants to speak to Eric to straighten this out and is ready to go to his office, but Phil tells her she has to use the telephone (which sometimes seems like a foreign invention on B&B).

Undeterred, Lauren bolts for Eric's office - she gets there, hoping to find him - but finds Stephanie there instead. Phil apologizes to Stephanie (who reminds him of her orders that Lauren was not to be allowed in the building) and dismisses him. Lauren tells Stephanie how shocked she is, but Stephanie tells Lauren that her being barred was a business decision, since Lauren is now associating herself with Spectra. "Since you are now associated with the Spectra Corporation, there is no reason for you to have an office here," Stephanie explains.

Lauren believes that is not the case, and tries to convince Stephanie that she did not betray her. She would never give away any Forrester secrets to Spectra, she insists. Stephanie, however, remains unconvinced.

James and Maggie see the baby in the nursery, and Maggie is surprised to learn that her suggestion for a name, Mary, is the same one Sheila chose. James says he has to leave, giving Maggie a chance to hold Mary. As she takes the child, she spots Sheila by the elevator with Dr. Kelly.

Dr. Kelly tries to get Sheila to agree to join a support group, but Sheila is still unconvinced. As the doctor leaves, Maggie comes over to Sheila and thanks her for doing the right thing. Sheila, however, just gets into the elevator and leaves, saying goodbye forever.

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Sally and Macy are having the models preview their "bold, brazen, trendy" fall collection. All of a sudden, Clarke joins them. The women agree the designs are spectacular and it is Clarke's best collection ever. The models leave and Clarke gets to the reason for his visit - he needs some fitting information from Sally's desk. He picks up what he thinks is the information, but finds a document transferring stock in the company instead. Sally and macy say there is nothing to worry about, since it is a "family" thing. He assumes that since it is a family business that he is going to get a quarter of it. "So C.J. gets a chunk, and I guess Macy will too. So how much will I get, Sally?" he asks.

Macy informs him that he needs to understand that Spectra is a *FAMILY* business and Sally tells him that there are **only** three people in the family. Clarke will not get any stock, because he is the highest paid employee and he left the Spectra clan before. Clarke reminds her that she threw him out - he saved this company then, and he is doing it again now. "You can't be trusted with a share in this company," Sally states.

Clarke insists that he has a contract and he isn't going anywhere. He wants a piece of the action because he has helped build this company and put it on the map - and Sally is going to give it to him. Sally reminds him about what has happened at Forrester - that's something that she does not want to happen. She also points out that nothing has changed; Clarke's position is safe, and all she is doing is maneuvering her assets in the event that something happen. "I don't want to be left out, and I am shocked that you would consider it," Clarke says as he storms off.

At Forrester, Stephanie isn't around so Eric is searching for something on her desk when he spots a photo of them the night he proposed at the costume ball. He replays their engagement in his mind at the party.

While Eric is out Stephanie and Lauren get into it in his office. Lauren demands to know what queen Stephanie is doing by throwing her out of the guest house first, and now revoking her Forrester pass.

Stephanie strikes back, "You know what this is about Lauren; this is about trust. I welcomed you into my home, into my family, and into my heart. And what did you do? You betrayed that trust. I am always very up front and direct with people. I don't think I could ever trust you again. And if I can't trust you, I can't have you around this family or this business; I am going to ask you very politely to please leave."

Lauren can't believe she is seeing this new side to Stephanie's personality; a mean-spirited, unfair and unreasonable person. She claims that Stephanie has no reason to be mad at her. She didn't set out to be involved with Eric; it just happened. Stephanie says she can understand the attraction to Eric - but she can't understand how Lauren could not have ended it. Lauren reminds Steph that she did end it - that was why she went to Spectra. Stephanie counters that she only went to Spectra because Eric would not use her designs - and moreover, Lauren should of moved out of the house. Lauren insists that she gave Stephanie the opportunity to get Eric and she resisted him because of her dear friend. She could have easily had Eric if she wanted him, and she thinks it is disgusting the way Stephanie treats a friend who has been loyal to her since day one, because she has not betrayed her.

But Stephanie won't lighten up, and reminds Lauren that she did not tell her the truth; that is how she betrayed her. She states, "You and I are finished. We will never be friends again. I just want you to go out that door and I don't want you to ever, ever come back." So Lauren swallows hard and holds back the tears as she walks out the door. Stephanie nods her head in disgust and starts to look at some family photos.

Eric comes in all excited about the sales figures, but he notices Stephanie is down. He wants to know what is bothering his fiancee. Stephanie says that she needs to talk to him about his happiness, which has always been important to her. She asks a question, and she wants him to be honest; "Do you really want to get married again?"

Eric wonders where this is coming from, so she explains that she knows about his "affair" with Lauren. "It ended cleanly, long before you and I became involved," he states, and he can't stand to see two friends like Lauren and Stephanie at odds. Stephanie doesn't want to talk about Lauren - she only wants the answer to her question, and she will understand if Eric wants to break things off. "We are not breaking off this engagement," he states. There is no pressure, and he is not doing this for the children; he is doing this because he wants this, and because he loves and wants her. They embrace.

Lauren comes into Spectra with a sourpuss face and tells Sally that she lost her pass to Forrester, thanks to Stephanie. She cant get over how Stephanie thanks her for helping her get back together with Eric, by wanting her out of the lives of the family. Sally starts up with one question, " How are you possibly going to be able to thank her back?"

Lauren can't believe Stephanie thinks she betrayed her, but Sally says she did no such thing. Lauren remembers how she could have had Eric, but she held back for Stephanie's sake. "Why is this happening to me?" she asks, and Sally points out she made the mistake of letting Eric slip away. "I gave it away to a woman who calls me a liar," Lauren claims. Sally says Stephanie only knows how to use people, dominate them, and control them - she doesn't know how to be a friend. She is an enemy, and a victorious one, and she has wiped her feet all over Lauren. "Fine, I'll be the enemy," Lauren says. "I never should have given Eric up, but that's going to change. That wedding is never going to happen. This is war," she declares.

Thursday, June 27, 1997

Stephanie is visiting Ridge in jail, and he is worried about his dad and Taylor. Stephanie informs him that Taylor is trying to cope and then Ridge suggests that maybe his mother should move in with her for a month to help her out.

Steph says she can't and Ridge wants to know why, so he finds out the bad news; that his little brother Thorne has moved in to the beach house and is staying in the guestroom there. Ridge is furious and exclaims, "Taylor doesn't need Thorne moving in on her like some damned white knight." It's the last thing she needs, he states, even as his mother reminds him Taylor and Thorne are both adults. He says he has to get out and questions Stephanie about the sentencing hearing, which is still some time away. He continues, "This is wrong, mother. Thorne should not be doing this."

Stephanie continues to say that while she doesn't approve of this, she knows Thorne, and he won't take advantage of the situation. She gives Ridge a gift; a photograph of him and Taylor together. Ridge confides in his mother that all Taylor ever really wanted was a family. Thinking about all the time that he wasted, instead of making a family with Taylor, is the hardest thing for Ridge. "I could have given those to her... I had years. I never had any idea they would run out so fast. At least I have this," he states, looking at the picture. He thanks his mother for the pix and for bringing him a little bit of a memory from a better past. They hug.

Taylor is sleeping on the couch at her beach house, and she is dreaming about a wonderful day that she just spent with Ridge and their twin kids, age four. She asks Ridge if he wants another child and they kiss and the games begin on the couch. Just as they get down to business, the cops come in and pull Ridge away. Taylor wakes up, crying, and pours herself a glass of water - but instead, she ends up with a glass of vodka.

She opens the door and looks outside. "How do I forget? How do I go on? I have to get rid of the memories. I can, and I will." she says aloud to herself as she takes another sip from the glass. Just then, she remembers the last time she and Ridge were all alone in her house and Ridge told her they were going to be together and this time it was going to be forever. "Stop it. Oh why can't you stop!" Taylor cries. She takes another drink.

Thorne drops by to see James and ask for his help with Taylor, explaining their current living situation. James thinks staying with Taylor was a bad idea, but Thorne tries to get him to see that Taylor is deeply depressed, more than he has ever seen, and he is damned concerned. James says that Thorne isn't being objective because he is there all the time with Taylor and has feelings for her. But in the end, after Thorne describes Taylor's reactions lately (especially about Ridge), James agrees that Taylor's problems are more serious than he thought and she does need help. Thorne has to leave and James agrees to call Taylor.

James picks up the phone and dials Taylor's number, but nobody answers the phone, which he find strange because Thorne mentioned that she doesn't leave the house. Taylor is just sitting there drinking, and when she decides to get the phone, she finds her keys on the table. She picks them up and says, "I have to get out of here. I have to. Time to go." Just as she walks out, James shows up and tells her that she is in no condition to drive anywhere on her own. Taylor breaks down and starts to cry that she has lost everything and can't go on anymore.

Ridge is standing by the window and hides the photo of him and Taylor in his pants when the guard notifies him that he has another visitor. Let's just say that he is not happy when he realizes it is Thorne, bearing a box of stuff from Forrester, including sales reports and sketch pads. Ridge starts in and questions him where he hangs up his hat lately. "So slick, so efficient," he remarks, implying that Thorne moved in on Taylor. Thorne says, "Look, Ridge," but Ridge replies, "You look, Thorne; as quick as you moved in, you are going to move out. You got it little bro?????" He grabs Thorne by the lapels as he speaks.

Friday, June 27, 1997

Eric and Stephanie are having a little chat, as he explains to her that he had breakfast with Rick (what a concept - a dad having breakfast with his son). Stephanie tells him that she wishes she could have been there - but of course, she had other things to do; she was at the jail visiting Ridge. She tells Eric all about her visit with Ridge and how she is worried about Thorne.

Holding his brother by the lapels, Ridge is disgusted at how fast Thorne moved in on Taylor and orders him to move out, because he has no right to be there. Thorne is only going to hurt her, Ridge insists, and he adds that Thorne can't do that to Taylor - or more importantly to him.

At the beach house, James tries to get Taylor to stop drinking, but she says she has no reason to stop; she sees nothing in her future but emptiness. James tries to reassure her and take her keys, reminding her of the danger she could be putting many people in - herself included - if she drove in her condition. He takes her inside for some coffee.

James tells Taylor about Thorne's visit to his office, and explains how worried Thorne is. He also admits he is worried, too, because of the pain Taylor is going through because of Ridge. She cannot keep defining herself through Ridge. Taylor admits that there has been pain in her relationship with Ridge, but there is a reason for that - one which also says she can't help but define herself through Ridge. She explains how her life and love have become defined by Ridge.

James advises Taylor to focus on something else, like kicking a habit; but Taylor says she isn't addicted, and that Ridge taught her how to feel. James says Taylor knows how to deal with it - she's taken the right step with Thorne, who is a good friend, and Taylor should cling to that. Take advantage of that loyalty, and use it, he recommends to his friend and colleague.

Thorne cannot believe his brother's arrogance, and reminds Ridge that he is the cause of Taylor's problem. Thorne adds that he loves her, and he is going to help her. Ridge says that's fine, but Thorne can just as easily do that from afar.

Thorne says Ridge doesn't know the impact he has had on Taylor, and Ridge says he does. Ridge counters by accusing Thorne of being naive, and stating that he can't be objective. "What are you saying - that I'm using this to get Taylor into bed?" Thorne asks. Thorne is stunned that his brother defines "Love" as getting into bed. Ridge says he is going through hell, and asks Thorne to promise to stay away from Taylor for two months.

Eric sees how concerned Stephanie is about Thorne and asks what she thinks will happen. Stephanie says that she thinks Thorne will stay away from Taylor for Ridge's sake, and Eric hopes she is right. Changing the subject, Eric tells Stephanie he is concerned about her and Lauren, and that she's making too much of this.

Stephanie says Eric's judgement in women isn't good; other than her, he has made a lot of mistakes in that area. She explains that Lauren, like Brooke, is dangerous and devious - in fact, Lauren might even be more dangerous than Brooke, because she isn't what Eric thinks she is. She explains to Eric the main reason for her feelings about Lauren; because of the way Lauren stayed in their lives, Steph wants nothing to do with her, and she doesn't think they have to worry about her.

Sally shows Lauren a lavish penthouse that her realtor has available. The realtor thinks the apartment (complete with a hot tub) is perfect for Lauren. Sally tells Lauren to think of the trouble she can get into in the apartment - but Lauren is more concerned with getting someone else into trouble. The realtor says she can give Lauren some time, but Lauren says she doesn't need it. She asks, "What's the asking price?" and takes the place.

Thorne says he can't back off from Taylor, because she will retreat if he does, but Ridge tells Thorne he is nothing but second choice for Taylor, and he'll only hold her back. "Will you do this for me?" Ridge begs, again asking if Thorne will stay away from Taylor for two months. Thorne is silent, which Ridge takes as a "yes." Ridge says he is counting on Thorne to move out and thanks him.

In his office, Eric gets a call from Lauren, who wants to talk to him. She says she wants to talk, too, but not at the office, so she invites him over to her little condo. Eric says that he won't give up until Lauren and Steph work it out, and Lauren says she will work it out - but after she hangs up, she says she won't give up either, on Eric, that is.

Thorne comes to the Beach House and sees the bottle of vodka as he greets Taylor. She tells him how James came to see her, and how he mentioned it was at Thorne's suggestion. Thorne is happy that she is able to talk about her problems since James' visit. Thorne tells Taylor to trust him as a friend - she needs to get away. He suggests a trip to Hawaii - Taylor is reluctant, but after a few words from Thorne, she goes in to pack.

Thorne opens his briefcase and gets a number to make plane reservations. When he's done, he puts his phone book back in the case - and he takes the engagement ring that he bought for Taylor out and thoughtfully looks at it.

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