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March, 1997

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Week of 3/3/97 - 3/7/97

Taylor lays in bed, in the hospital, awake, with tears silently streaming down her face. The nurse enters and speaks to her but she does not answer. The nurse goes into the waiting room and awakens Thorne.

At the mansion, Ridge is with his parents. He is telling them about Taylor's accident. Eric is curious; surely Taylor wants to see Ridge right now, in this time of crisis. Ridge informs them that Taylor doesn't want to see him--she thinks it was his fault--and has given back the ring-- because he wasn't there with her. Stephanie is confused; why wasn't he there?

Enrique enters Michael's office, looking for Ridge. He can't find any of the Forresters. He needs to tell them something about Grant. He believes Grant is up to something; he has been holed up with Connor Davis, the lawyer. Michael figures something is up, and asks Enrique to tell him more. Enrique is very worried and has a very bad feeling about this. Grant obviously doesn't have warm feelings for the Forresters.

Connor enters Grant's office; he wonders if Grant shouldn't reconsider. No way, Grant answers. You will be making some powerful enemies, he warns. But Grant will not allow Brooke to remain miserable any longer. Connor can't understand why the Forresters aren't there at this moment trying to stop him. Grant says there is some kind of family emergency, but Connor can't understand what would take precedence over losing the company.

Thorne enters Taylor's room. He comforts Taylor, who wonders why he spent the night at the hospital. He assures her that he will be there as long as she needs him. Dr. Santana comes in to talk with Taylor about her condition. Taylor is frightened. The doctor begins describing her burns--a combination of first and second degree burns over about 8% of her body. Taylor knows that the deep second degree burns do not grow new skin. Taylor's state of mind is an important factor in how she heals, the doctor explains. She stresses that a positive attitude is most important over the next few days. Thorne says he will make sure that Taylor stays positive, which pleases the doctor. At that moment a horribly scarred patient comes in with a message for the doctor, so the doctor leaves.

Stephanie wants an explanation! Why was Ridge with Brooke? As he tries to explain, Stephanie blows up and really lets Ridge have it. You put Taylor second, she accuses him. Ridge admits that he blew it, but right now all he wants to do is help her through this. Eric tries to warn Ridge that he and his brother have to get along. Ridge loves Taylor and he doesn't believe he should have to ask permission from him to see Taylor. You have to work this out with your brother, Stephanie shouts, because if you don't you may not be able to see Taylor and tell her how you feel.

Connor wonders if Brooke's welfare is all that this is about. Connor believes that Grant is being honest about his concerns for Brooke but a more cynical person might think he has ulterior motives. Grant admits that while he was in charge a few months ago, he really liked it. He believes he did a good job and he believes he can do a good job. But, he insists, he is doing this to protect his wife and her children. Because Brooke owns 51% of the company, should they leave it in the hands of people who don't even show up at work? Tonight he intends to make his move. Grant admits that tonight, he is going to ask Brooke to sign the contract putting him in charge. Connor warns him that Ridge will not just stand by and let him do this. Grant doesn't see that Ridge has any recourse.

Taylor is depressed at what the doctor has told her. Thorne tries to convince her that she will walk out of this hospital just fine. He tells her about Ridge's visit to the hospital, and asks if she will want to see him when he returns.

Ridge arrives at the hospital with red roses. The nurse refuses to let him go in to Taylor's room. The security guard begins walking in that direction and Ridge doesn't fail to notice this. He tells the nurse that he is going to sit down and wait until his brother leaves the room.

Back at the mansion, Stephanie and Eric are worried about Taylor and all the repercussions. Last night they were thinking that today, Ridge and Taylor would be on their honeymoon; instead, because of a terrible accident, Taylor is in the hospital and who knows the outcome.

Taylor tells Thorne that she can't deal with Ridge right now. She feels that she is being punished. She wonders if Thorne can think of what she has done wrong to be punished like this. Thorne tries to reassure her that she has done nothing wrong--it was just a freak accident. Taylor is grateful that she didn't get killed, but she still doesn't know how to deal with this. She admits that she needs her mother. After she died, Taylor remembers, she could feel her presence, could almost hear her telling her what to do. What would she tell her now? Thorne assures her that no matter what happens, no matter how she looks, he will always feel about her the way he does right now. He will be there helping her without expecting anything in return. He promises her that things will be fine.

Ridge is still at Taylor's room, hoping to see her - however, he's out of luck, because the guard outside the door doesn't want to let him in. Ridge knows who's responsible for this of course - his dear younger brother - and so he waits for Thorne to come out so he can get somewhere. He doesn't have long of a wait, and he soon after confronts his brother. Ridge confronts Thorne, and says he is to blame for Ridge being kept from Taylor. Thorne points out that if there is anyone to blame for Taylor not wanting to see Ridge, it's Ridge himself, because of the way he wasn't there for him again. Ridge reminds his brother that, if that's the case, he needs to apologize to Taylor face to face. Realizing that his brother is being sincere about this, Thorne agrees to talk to the guard and tell him to allow Ridge in.

Brooke arrives home to a very pleasant surprise - her husband, decked out in a tux, has a romantic evening all planned for her. Grant has dinner ready for his blushing bride, and he sits her down and gets down to business.

Lauren, who still has Eric and her decision to sign with Spectra on her mind, gets a visit in her office from Michael; Ms. Lai is concerned about Enrique's suspicions of Grant. Frankly, Michael explains, she's worried - that lawyer of Brooke's, Connor Davis, has been hanging around in closed meetings with Grant - and with the way Grant was talking to Enrique before, she can't help but think that something is going on. The worst part is that none of the Forresters are around, so there's no one to stand in Grant's way - that is, unless Lauren can do something to help.

Michael explains that, since Lauren and Eric have been so close lately, Lauren is the perfect one to tell him about it - and the Forresters have to be told. Lauren explains that there are two problems with that scenario; first of all, she and Eric are no longer that close, so she doesn't think she should be the one to tell him. Moreover, Lauren can't believe that Brooke would in a way that doesn't have the best interests of the company in mind. Have faith in that, Lauren implores Michael, and trust Brooke. Michael is still unsure.

Taylor gets a visit from a young volunteer - a burn victim named Justin. This was the same young man who Taylor saw coming into the room earlier, to tell Dr. Santana she was needed. Justin tells Taylor his story - how he was severely burned in an car accident, and how he felt like an outcast afterwards, because of how he was disfigured. But in time, he pulled through it all, thanks to the help of the people who cared about him. Those people didn't treat him any differently than they had earlier, and thanks to their support, he was able to get on with his life. He advises Taylor to do the same; embrace the people who care about you, instead of pushing them away, he points out. Taylor is moved by this young man, who was able to move on in the face of severe disfigurement.

As Grant serves dinner, Brooke is impressed. She thanks her husband for everything - especially for being so patient with her, and not pressuring her. Grant points out that he did that because he loves her, and Brooke tells him she's grateful. She also tells him she is beginning to trust him more and more every day. If that's the case, Grant points out, then Brooke should prove her trust in him - by signing the documents which Connor had drawn up, and putting him in charge of Forrester.

Cleared by the guard on Thorne's say-so, Ridge enters Taylor's room, flowers in hand. As she hears the door open, she says, "Thorne???" Ridge walks closer and says, "No, Doc - it's me." Taylor is less than pleased to see him there.

The entire gang at Spectra - Sally, CJ, Macy, Darla and Clarke - is in the office celebrating the signing of Lauren Fenmore to the company, and Sally makes a special note to Clarke who is the genius behind the whole deal to sign Fenmore's Stores. CJ says it is nothing for his dad's charm, but Clarke states, "Well actually, I had to work on this. I negotiated, I bargained, and I compromised - and I hammered out a contract with Lauren that is going to take this company into the twenty first century!"

Macy is sure that Eric Forrester isn't going to be too thrilled when he hears the news. Clarke says Eric's head is going to be spinning anyway, once Grant Chambers gets Brooke to sign him over as CEO of Forrester Creations. Sally says that Spectra is on a rocket going straight to the moon; things are working out the way they should and interesting things are happening for them. She's also skeptical about Grant, but figures that might be good news for Spectra - with Grant in charge, it will be easier for Spectra to crush them. Just then, Darla comes in with the news that Taylor Hayes was in a fire and burned. They all figure out that none of the Forresters are going to be around to stop Grant from taking over Forrester.

Over at Brooke's Grant is showing Brooke the contract that Connor Davis drew up, hoping that she will sign it tonight and put him in control of the daily output and creative control at Forrester. Brooke isn't sure what to do and says, "Who is this right for Grant; what about the Forresters? Don't they matter?" Grant is ready to lay it on thick to get Brooke to sign the papers, and says, "I am sorry, Brooke. Every time I mention Ridge and Taylor's name it is like a knife goes through you. If I could, I would never mention their names again. Honey, you have to help us; you, me and the kids. Those people have a hold on you. You need to shake your life up a little bit. Change your routine. The office brings you down. Frankly it doesn't matter who runs Forrester; you have to distance yourself from THOSE people. Now do I really have to stand here and convince you of that?"

Taylor totally doesn't want Ridge there in her room, but he continues, "We need to talk; I do anyway. Please, let me apologize, Taylor. You are going to listen because I am not leaving." Taylor tells him that he has done enough damage to her already. She could have died in that fire and she is going to carry around these scars for the rest of her life. She tells Ridge to get out. "I am so very, very sorry. I know I should have called you, Taylor. I had every intention of showing up. Something happened at the office. Please let me explain what happened," cries Ridge.

Taylor does not want to hear it, and asks how he could again do this to her by being with Brooke instead of her. She tells him that he isn't a part of her life anymore, and to accept it. She tells him that she has never been a priority in his life, and Thorne has been wonderful to her. She also points out that Thorne was the one who found her in the fire.

Grant continues his one track goal; he explains, "What is best for Forrester is to keep control in OUR family; for Rick and Bridget. Not Eric. Right here in OUR own house is where it has to be. You don't base business decisions on Ridge. The Forresters aren't going to jump ship; there isn't going to be a revolution. Don't forget they still own 49% of the company. Brooke, you are my wife. If you are serious about moving on then you have to forget about Eric and Ridge and start thinking about us. IF you want to get past this ten year disaster with Ridge, you have to move on." Brooke is unsure, and Grant informs her, "Brooke, I am so certain this is the answer for us. It begins by putting me in charge of Forrester Creations."

Brooke picks up a pen walks over to the desk and signs away her CEO position at Forrester to her husband. "Thank you sweetheart. You wont regret this," he tells her.

Taylor continues to tell Ridge what happened the night of the fire and the fact that she was drunk because she was so depressed. Ridge is crying, and just then Thorne comes in and goes to Taylor's bedside. Taylor tells them it is time for her to do what she should have done months ago - but she had to learn the hard way. She tells Ridge that her burns are not his fault. He is off the hook. Ridge says he doesn't want to be off the hook, and Thorne asks him what it is he really wants. "I don't know," Ridge replies. Taylor then tells him about her visit with the young burn victim, Justin, and how he convinced her to handle whatever comes her way. She's prepared to do that, she explains, and again asks Ridge to leave.

Ridge focuses on the picture of Thorne and Taylor holding hands. He is crying as he leaves. Taylor says, crying, " Oh God!"

Grant is ready to leave for the office as Brooke comes down the stairs. He tells Brooke that he has tried to reach everyone, but so far none of the Forresters have come in to work. He promises Brooke that the transition will be a smooth one, he is going to be cooperative. But he does tell her that there is one thing that will come out of this; the Forresters will finally face the reality that they can't pull Brooke's strings anymore. They will respect Brooke - and him, as well. As he leaves for the office, he wishes her a great day because he plans on having one.

At the hospital, Ridge and Eric talk. Today is the day that the bandages come off. Ridge assumes the responsibility for everything that happened. Thorne arrives; he was held up in traffic. You didn't have to come in, Ridge says, we could have called you and let you know how everything comes out. Thorne reminds him that he promised Taylor he would be there when the bandages were removed. Eric warns the "boys" not to fight; after all, Taylor is the one that needs their attention.

Meanwhile, Taylor is in her room, telling Stephanie that Thorne allowed Ridge into her room against her wishes. She didn't want to see Ridge. Thorne should have asked first, but he felt sorry for Ridge, she explains. Taylor admits that she also feels sorry for him. She doesn't blame Ridge for this, it was her own fault. However, while she doesn't fault Ridge for the accident, she won't forgive him for not showing up that night. But now she has much more important things to contend with. Stephanie reminds Taylor that no matter what happens, she has many options; she must think positively. She has been thinking positively, she says. She has learned a lot during this trial. She has learned that love has nothing to do with physical attraction nor chemistry. She tells Stephanie that she learned a lot from a wonderful man who was burned much worse than she. She has also learned a lot about Thorne. She knows when Thorne says he will do something, he will do it. She trusts him. They have grown very close. Stephanie tells Taylor that Ridge loves her; Thorne is only infatuated with her. She has to bring some sort of resolution to this entire situation.

Eric continues to try to bring peace between Ridge and Thorne. When Thorne reminds Ridge that he was in Brooke's office when he should have been with Taylor, Ridge decides to tell him why he was with Brooke. We weren't alone, he tells his brother and father - Grant and Connor Davis were there also. They had drawn up a paper putting Grant totally in charge. He had to stay and try to stop them. Eric is disturbed; did he stop her from signing? Ridge tells him that for the time being, Brooke hasn't signed, but she would have if he hadn't been there. But you could have picked up a phone and called Taylor, Thorne reminds him. "I was in the middle of a debate", Ridge points out. "It took all I could do to keep the pen out of her hand." The nurse arrives and informs the family that the doctor is on her way down to remove the bandages. They leave the waiting room for Taylor's room.

Grant arrives at the office. He wants everyone in his office for a meeting. Trish the secretary tells him that the Forresters haven't arrived yet. So send the others in, he tells her. She can't leave her desk; Mrs. Forrester told her to man the phones. Grant informs her that Mrs. Forrester isn't in charge any longer; he is the one in charge. He sarcastically tells her to get the others if she wouldn't mind, while he heads into his office.

Back at Brooke's, Brooke and her sister, Katie are having coffee, and Katie wonders it Brooke did the right thing. Brooke tells her sister that she was so miserable at the office lately. She knows she will never have a future with Ridge, so she has to accept that and get on with her life.

In Grant's office, Grant and Connor talk business. Connor reminds him that the Forresters won't make it easy for him. Connor's advice is to put himself in their shoes; he must get them on his side. The Forresters have to learn that everything goes through him now; he is the one in charge. Termination is a matter that is not beyond the realm of possibilities, Grant suggests. Grant then invites Michael and Enrique into the office. He announces that there is a new chairman and CEO at Forrester Creations--- him. Michael and Enrique are shocked. Enrique doesn't believe Brooke would do this, and wants to find Ridge. Grant warns "Enrico" that he had best start working and keeping his opinions to himself. Michael says Grant is out of his mind, and this is crazy. Grant however, says it is not; he only wants them to meet him halfway, he says. If they can't do that, they know where the door is. Michael asks how Grant plans to tell the Forresters, and he says he plans to make a lot of noise and fanfare when he does it - he's had that coming!

At the hospital, the family gathers around Taylor's bedside. She thanks them for coming. The doctor arrives; it is time to begin. But first, she tells Taylor that for a month after she gets home, there can be no heavy activity. She also reminds Taylor that the healing process is only beginning so she should not be upset by her appearance. Before they begin, Taylor thanks everyone for supporting her, especially Thorne. We may not see what we are hoping for when these bandages come off. I'll be here for you, Thorne reminds her. The doctor begins cutting away the bandages. Thorne holds her hand; her eyes never leave his face.

At the Warwick home, Sheila is on the phone with "missing Mike." She tells him that she and James had a wonderful time while Maggie was way. But now Maggie is back and she has to think of something to keep Maggie occupied so that she can continue to make progress with James. Meanwhile, Maggie is busy in the kitchen. James asks for a refill for his coffee cup. Maggie answers "in a jiff." This is a new expression for James and he asks her what does it mean and she explains. He teases her about her mid-west expressions. He then promises that one day he will go to Iowa with her.

Taylor is surrounded by her Forrester family. Thorne continues to hold her hand as the doctor cuts away the remainder of her bandages. As the doctor steps from the bed, Taylor anxiously asks how she looks. Everyone reassures her but she asks for a mirror. The mirror shows a lot of discoloration and a few blisters, but otherwise, there is nothing serious to worry about. Taylor laughs with relief; she isn't going to be scarred!!

Maggie opens the door to the plumber she has been expecting all morning. A cheerful fellow enters and begins a conversation with Maggie. She shows him the garbage disposal and he tells her it will be ready "in a jiff." Amazed, Maggie tells him that she had just used that expression with her husband and he didn't understand what it meant. He wonders where her husband could be from not to understand that expression; Maggie shrugs her shoulders and says that he is from Scotland. The plumber, Curtis Love, continues his work in a happy mood. He likes his work, he tells Maggie, he gets invited into peoples homes, he gets to chat with them. Life is full of lessons; he gets to learn something new every day. Sheila is getting coffee. She makes a snide comment and he looks to Maggie and asks what is ailing "her highness." Maggie explains that she is pregnant. "Oh, with child," he exclaims. But Sheila is once again rude and asks if he doesn't have something to do. Maggie makes a face at Sheila and apologizes for her rudeness. Back under the sink, Maggie gives a little advice on the tool he is using. Rather than be insulted, he appreciates her for her knowledge. These days, folks think a screwdriver is something you drink.

Taylor is happy; she can't believe her good luck. Ridge tells her she is beautiful; Thorne agrees and says she always has been and always will be beautiful. The doctor explains that they will treat the areas with antibiotics and examine them in a few days. She is very optimistic that she will heal without problems. Ridge is happy that this is behind them and they can get on with their life. I intend to, she announces. She thanks all of them for being with her; it means a lot. She then asks for a few minutes alone with Thorne. Ridge is hurt; the family slowly leave the room. Thorne tells them that they do not need to wait; he will see them at home. If looks could kill, Ridge's stare would have put Thorne in his grave.

Maggie is still interested in the progress under the sink. As they talk, she remarks that he isn't from around here. He is from the Midwest, he says, and Maggie is delighted because she is too. He makes an educated guess that she is from Iowa - all the pretty girls come from Iowa. Maggie makes several guesses but he has to tell her that he is also from Iowa. Sheila is quietly taking all this in; is this giving her any ideas?

Ridge paces outside the hospital room. God was very good to Taylor, Eric says. Eric and Stephanie decide to go home and ask Ridge to come. No, he is staying here.

Thorne thanks Taylor for giving them this important time together. But, no, she wants to thank him; he saved her life and just in time to keep her from being scarred. "You are a gorgeous woman, Taylor," he says, "but it is what is inside that makes you truly beautiful." He tells her she is the most important thing in his life. They hold hands. Taylor explains that she wanted him to stay so she could thank him and tell him she didn't know what she would have done without him. Meanwhile, out in the hall, Ridge continues to pace.

Curtis and Maggie continue to get along just fine. Sheila continues to throw in little snide remarks. All at once, Curtis exclaims that he smells corn fritters. Maggie says she has just made them - but she bakes them instead of frying them. Curtis tries one. He compliments her on them while surreptitiously hiding the remainder inside the garbage disposal. He then asks her if she has been to "Mama's Restaurant;" he explains that "Mama" specializes in home cooking, the best you ever tasted. Maggie says she would like to try it some time, and he invites her to call him--he knows Mama himself, personally. Sheila is amazed. Can this be for real? They are actually hitting it off. Maybe this is the answer she has been searching for.

Thorne leaves Taylor's room. Ridge wants to know how she is and Thorne says she is fine. Ridge tries to enter the room but Thorne prevents him from going in. "We have to talk," Thorne tells Ridge. Thorne tells him that it is time he stops treating Taylor like she is his. She gave him back the ring. She is going on with her life - and now he (Ridge) is in the way. Thorne explains that he never intends to back down from Ridge again. "So you want to compete?" declares Ridge, "Well fine. We will see who walks away with Taylor." But Thorne says they will just have to wait and see. He has spent his entire life living under Ridges shadow, "but no more, big brother, no more."

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Week of 3/10/97 - 3/12/97


Over at Spectra, Sally is unhappy, since Lauren's head is clearly in the clouds, so Clarke offers to go talk to her. He makes some small talk, but Lauren is still distracted as Sally comes over. Sally puts in her two cents and leaves - and Lauren tells Clarke that there isn't anything even remotely creative about her lately, since she cant come up with any designs. Clarke wants to know if it has to do anything with Eric Forrester. He asks, "Want to talk about it? I think I am entitled to know... because you used me the other day. Why did you do it? It is obvious you had feelings for the guy."

Lauren says she didn't have a choice, but Clarke says you always have one; so Lauren tells Clarke that the reason she and Eric cant get together is because of Stephanie, and how she couldn't betray her.

At the Warwick home, Maggie pays Curtis the plumber for fixing the garbage disposal, and says he's a genius. They chat about their RV campers and Maggie takes him outside to show off her old one. Sheila, who is sitting there, is of course pleased to see the two of them hitting it off. When Maggie comes back inside she tells Sheila that it was nice to see someone in L.A. who appreciates the smaller things in life. Sheila notes how Maggie seems to get along better with Curtis than she does with James, because of their similar interests, but Maggie tells her to put that out of her mind. She leaves the room. Sheila picks up the plumber's business card and says to herself, "Oh, Curtis, there is something far more challenging than rusty pipes in your future. My little darling and I are counting on it."

Sheila then shows up to see Curtis at his shop because of a problem- Maggie. Curtis tells Sheila that unless it is a plumbing problem, he has nothing to say to her, and is not interested in whatever it is that she is peddling. Curtis gets a phone call and turns his back to the counter. Sheila leaves a yellow envelope on the counter and walks out the door. Curtis finds it and picks it up. Inside there is a thousand dollars. Curtis says aloud, "What does that Sheila woman want?"

At the mansion, Eric walks Stephanie upstairs to the bedroom because she is feeling uneasy about being all alone in the big house, even though Stephanie says he didn't have to. Eric reminds her of the handgun in the night table if she feels she needs it for safety. Stephanie says that thing probably doesn't work, but Eric says she should get if fixed. Stephanie then laments how the last time it was used was... she stops, but it's obvious she's thinking of when Thorne shot Ridge. Thinking about Thorne gets her all tense.

He then proceeds to rub her shoulders for a relaxing massage due to stress. Stephanie says aloud, "God this brings back memories. We really had some rough times in the past... but it really didn't matter because we were all together as a family." She talks about how they created Forrester, and Eric joins her in reminiscing. Steph says, "We have had more than our share of good fortune, haven't we?" She continues thinking about the past, and proceeds to tell him that the only thing she cant understand that happened in their past is why they got divorced.

Eric reveals that it isn't a good idea to dwell on the past. He was just going through a phase where everything looked greener on the other side of the fence, he explains - and of course it never is. He didn't find what he wanted, and now wants someone who is as sure of herself and her desires as he is of his own; he has no time for relationship games. Youth didn't play a primary part in his leaving Stephanie he confesses. He tells Stephanie that he thinks it is amazing to him how much love and respect they have for one another and how their relationship has grown in the past.

So Stephanie confesses that maybe there is a reason they are all alone in the house. Stephanie thinks this is a mistake and pulls back, but Eric tells her to let him be the judge of that. The next thing we see is Stephanie has changed into silk pajamas and Eric is in bed kissing her.

At Spectra, Clarke lectures, "It is also Eric's EX-wife, as in over, done , finished! Somebody should wake up Stephanie from her dream to get back together with Eric. You are making a mistake Lauren." Lauren is unsure and Clarke tells her, "Eric doesn't feel about Stephanie the same way she feels about him." He explains that her sacrifice is misguided, and advises her, "You say you are Stephanie's friend; tell her the truth. You have to come clean now Lauren," before anyone is hurt. Lauren gets up and walks over to the phone, ready to end all the secrets; but there is no answer at Casa Forrester.


Grant is in his office, taking care of business. He is giving instructions to a worker who hesitates, because he needs Thorne's authorization. "You don't need his; you have mine," Grant says. Megan tells Grant that Taylor's condition has been upgraded to good and she has sent the flowers as he requested. Grant tells Megan to notify him via phone when Ridge arrives in his office.

At the Forrester Guest House, Lauren is looking forward to seeing Eric. She believes that he will understand what happened when she reveals to him that her change in attitude was because of Stephanie. This time tomorrow, they may be waking up together. Lauren feels that she has made the worst mistake by hiding her feelings from her best friend Stephanie and avoiding telling Eric the truth- and she is off to correct the mess she has made this morning.

Over at Brooke's house, Michael has come by to find out from Brooke if it is true that Grant is now CEO of Forrester Creations. She tells Brooke flat out that this is not the way to get back at Ridge for hurting her. Brooke informs Michael that not only can she turn over the company to Grant, it is a done deal. She explains that this was not done to hurt or seek revenge on Ridge or any of the Forresters.

Brooke continues to explain that she has to do what is right for her family. Her family comes first, not the Forrester family. Michael reminds her that her kids are Forresters. But first of all, they are her children, Brooke answers. Michael still does not believe she isn't acting out of resentment; she has been rejected and that does something to a woman. .Michael accuses Brooke of taking the business away from the people who founded it and put their blood and sweat into it. "It is my company too," Brooke answers, "I've earned my share of it, maybe more." Michael says that Grant is manipulating Brooke. He only married her because he wanted the company. Michael confides that Grant is using Brooke; just like he used her. Brooke gets really pissed off at that comment and insists that Michael leave.

In the Forrester kitchen, Claudia is making breakfast while Ridge fills her in on Taylor's condition. Stephanie comes downstairs in her robe to make a tray to bring up (for Eric - but Ridge doesn't know this yet). Ridge teases his mother that she is hiding a man up in her bedroom. Stephanie tells him that it is none of his business. Eric then comes downstairs wearing a robe. Ridge cannot believe Eric spent the night. He wants to know if he missed something, or did his father just stay in his sister Kristen's old room again? When he gets the good news that Eric did indeed sleep with Stephanie, Ridge goes to pick up the phone to call his sisters; and he notices Lauren standing in the doorway. He announces to Lauren that his father spent the night with his mother. Lauren is stunned and speechless.

Stephanie leaves to get showered, as do Ridge and Claudia so that Eric and Lauren are now alone. Lauren questions Eric if he is really happy and Eric wants to know if she has seen Clarke lately. Eric coldly tells Lauren that there is no need for this conversation and Lauren leaves practically in tears.

At Forrester, Michael comes into the office with some papers for Grant. She is very snooty and wants to know if he told the Forresters yet that he is now CEO. Grant confides that Megan is going to tell him when Ridge arrives in the building. Michael jokes that she is going to have Megan buzz her also; so that this way she can have a front row seat when the fight begins. Michael starts to rant and rave about how Grant is nothing better than a snake; he was supposed to be Ridge's friend and now he used her and Brooke to just get what he wanted.

In the hallway, Michael runs into Enrique and demands that he take her away somewhere before she kills someone. They go into Ridges office. A few minutes later Ridge enters. He is upbeat; he starts talking business, congratulating Enrique on his promotion. Ridge is headed to Brooke's office for a sales report. Michael stops him and says that Brooke isn't in the office; so Ridge just assumes that she is working from home. He explodes when he hears the news that Grant is now the CEO and storms out of there.

Ridge storms into Grant's office. He calls Grant a "blood-sucking leech," and accuses Grant of using Taylor's unfortunate accident to steal the company from Eric. He is on his way to Brooke and get her to undo what has been done. She isn't there, Grant says and it is none of your business where she is. This is why she resigned from the company. Grant insists that Ridge respect Brooke's wish to keep a distance between herself and the Forresters. Grant shows the legal paper that Brooke has signed to Ridge and begins quoting the wording. Ridge grabs the paper and tears it into four pieces and throws them into Grant's face. " You shouldn't have done that," Grant says. "This piece of paper doesn't mean a thing, not a damn thing," Ridge declares.


Claudia is in Thorne's office. She is excited. She has some wonderful news for Thorne; a man stayed over the night before. Thorne is shocked; he shouldn't be hearing this. But it was your father, Claudia announces. Thorne is so happy he embraces Claudia.

Over at Spectra, Clarke can't wait to hear how Ridge reacts to the news that Grant is now in charge. Sally thinks he should take it easy with Grant; he may not be the kind of man they want to know. Clarke wants to throw a party for Grant---to celebrate his promotion. He could get it set up for tonight. Tonight might be too late, Sally says; by tonight Grant may not even be alive.

Stephanie enters her office and takes a gun out of her purse. Michael arrives at the door and is taken aback at the sight of the gun. Stephanie says she has to take it to get repaired; she wants Ridge to take it to a gun shop he does business with. Michael tells Stephanie that it is a good thing he didn't have it earlier. When Stephanie asks why that is, Michael proceeds to tell Steph about Brooke signing the paper handing the company over to Grant.

In Grant's office, Ridge is angry. He takes the legal paper and tears it into small pieces and throws the pieces in Grant's face. "These papers don't mean a thing. That was only a copy," Grant informs him. Ridge is adamant; Grant will never be in charge of Forrester---not as long as he (Ridge) is alive to stop it. "Then you should have been dead several hours ago," Grant tells him. "I am the new CEO."

Ridge thinks Grant doesn't give a damn about this company, not like his family. Grant expects the family to work with him to make the company better. They accepted Brooke because she was a family member, but they will not accept Grant, Ridge suggests. "Then why didn't you treat Brooke like family?" Grant wants to know. "You walked all over her; you strung her along letting her think there was a chance, then walking away from her." Grant explains he has to live with what Ridge has done to Brooke; every day he has to see the damage he has done to her. "You made her life a living hell!" Grant accuses. "If Brooke's life is a living hell, it isn't because of me," Ridge tells Grant. Yes, Grant tells him, it is all because of you, and I am not going to take it any more.

Claudia and Thorne are still talking about Eric and Stephanie when Enrique walks in. He informs Thorne that Brooke signed the paper putting Grant in charge.

Sally thinks Ridge will go after Grant's head. Well he has always been a hot-head, Clarke says. Sally hopes that Clarke chased Lauren's blues away, but Clarke tells her that she may not like the way he did it. He then tells her that he encouraged Lauren to come clean with Eric--to try to put their romance back together. Sally is appalled. They could lose Lauren back to Forrester! As Sally is berating Grant, Lauren knocks at the door. Sally wonders if they will be hearing wedding bells soon. But Lauren is not happy. She explains that Eric and Stephanie are reuniting! She should be happy, she says; after all that is why she gave up Eric in the first place. Perhaps you are better off, Sally tells her, things are going to get ugly over at Forrester's.

Brooke is such a bitch, Stephanie declares to Michael. But Michael disagrees. It is Grant who is the dangerous person here. Brooke is his victim too, Michael says. He has taken advantage of Brooke and everyone else. All he wants is the company.

Back in Grant's office, Grant is doing all he can to protect his wife. "No, you have a bad marriage and you are taking it out on this company," Ridge states. Ridge accuses Grant of trying to solve his personal problems at the office just because his own wife won't go to bed with you.

"I am going to fight for my marriage," Grant tells Ridge. Ridge responds that he doesn't even HAVE a marriage. Grant tells Ridge that it is because of him; "You rejected her, offered her hope, then slammed the door on her again. She is haunted by those memories. I am going to erase you from her mind. And now you are doing the same to Taylor. You left her on the beach alone."

Ridge says that was all because he had to deal with him." Oh yes, it is always because of someone else," Grant accuses. Ridge lunges at Grant and begins choking him. The door flies open and two guards enter; they grab Ridge and get him away from Grant. Ridge vows to stop him. " Over my dead body, loser!" Grant challenges. "Don't tempt me," Ridge threatens, "I'll get you. I swear to God I will." He is still shouting threats as the guards pull him down the hall. Thorne, Enrique, Claudia and Michael are standing in the doorway. They simply stare at Grant. He looks at them and orders them out of his office.

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Week of 3/17/97 - 3/21/97

Monday, March 17, 1997

In his office, Ridge recalls the events that led to his grabbing Grant by the throat; his telling Grant that the takeover attempt at Forrester was a cowardly reaction to a failed marriage, his reminding Grant that he would have been there for Taylor had it not been for Grant's backstabbing, and his lunging when Grant taunted that Ridge always has an excuse. Coming back to reality, he gets up and heads for the door. As he exits, he runs into his dear old mom, Stephanie, who asks where Ridge is headed with such determination. It must be to see Taylor, Stephanie guesses, but Ridge informs her he's going to see Brooke.

Thorne brings Taylor by the beach house to pick up a few things. Unfortunately, Taylor states, she's going to have to stay in a hotel for now; but even so, there are a few things she wants to get from the house to make life easier. Of course, she expects to see a disaster area inside. After finding the key, she opens the door and is stunned to see the entire place is repaired, with no sign of the fire whatsoever. She turns to Thorne and realizes this was his doing.

At Brooke's place, Grant runs down a check list, making sure that Brooke has everything she needs for a trip she's taking. He confirms that the tickets are all set, the driver is on his way to pick her and the kids up, and she and the kids are all packed. Brooke is unsure about taking a trip to Paris right now, but Grant tells her he has spoken to her parents, and they were thrilled to hear that their daughter and grandchildren would be coming over.

Brooke, however, is still hesitant, which leads Grant to ask if she is having second thoughts about putting him in charge. She says she isn't, but she can't help but think about the Forresters. That, Grant explains, is exactly why Brooke should get away; if she stays in L.A., the Forresters are going to be all over her about her putting Grant in charge. Brooke agrees with that sentiment, and tells Grant that Michael has in fact already been there to grill her about the new management. Grant says that just proves his point, and states that Ridge or Stephanie won't be far behind. The Forresters have to learn to accept that Brooke has made her decision, and having Brooke away will make sure that they do that. Brooke gives in to her husband, and shortly after, the limo driver arrives to whisk her on her way.

Stephanie berates her son, explaining that Brooke is the last person Ridge should be going to see right now. Ridge reminds his mother that things will be impossible with Grant in charge, so they have to do something about it. Stephanie agrees that something should be done - but running half-cocked off to Brooke isn't it. They'll deal with Grant in good time; but in the meantime, Ridge should be concentrating on his fiancee. Ridge reminds Stephanie that Taylor doesn't want to see him - and besides, Thorne picked her up from the hospital. Stephanie can't believe Taylor is in love with Thorne, so Ridge tries to convince his mother there is in fact something there. However, Stephanie remains adamant that Ridge is the one Taylor loves, and he should prove it. Surely Taylor can't hold him responsible for not being at the beach after learning the reason why Ridge was late, Stephanie states

Ridge then reveals that Taylor doesn't know why he didn't show up on the night of the fire - he wanted to explain, but she never gave him the chance. Stephanie urges Ridge to go to Taylor's immediately, so he can tell her he was trying to save the company, and set things right with Taylor.

Taylor is grateful to Thorne for repairing the house, and says how much things have changed. Thorne agrees that things have changed, and tells Taylor that one thing that has changed is that she can depend on him being there for her. Taylor then notes another thing that has changed - Thorne's relationship with his wife. She asks him where things stand in that regard, and he tells her things are over. Macy plans to go ahead with the divorce, and he sees no reason to oppose that - especially when there are other things on his mind. Sensing he is talking about her, Taylor asks him to give her some space before they pursue anything between them. Thorne gets a kiss from Taylor and leaves.

Stephanie arrives at Brooke's house to see Brooke, but she's gone. Grant informs the family matriarch that his wife is in Paris, specifically to get away from visits like this. Suspecting that Grant only did this to protect his own butt, Stephanie tells Grant he won't get away with stealing the company she and Eric built. Grant tells her it's too late for that - he is in charge now, and the Forresters had best accept it and learn to work with him for the good of the company.

Stephanie says she will never accept it, and Grant points out that this is the type of behavior that caused the whole chain of events; the Forresters have no respect for him, or Brooke, or for their marriage. But now they are going to have to. Stephanie again reminds Grant they will fight him. Grant orders her to leave and hands her purse - and it falls open, and Grant is stunned to see the gun inside!

At the beach house, Taylor remembers the night of the fire, and her rage when Ridge did not show up. Just then, Ridge shows up to see her, and Taylor tells him to leave. Ridge refuses to leave, and tells Taylor to fire her pent-up frustrations at him, so she invites him in to do just that.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

At the Warwick home, Sheila asks a visiting Mike to break the dishwasher, so she can get a plumber over - and she has a specific one in mind. Mike wonders what's going on, so Sheila explains her plans for Curtis and Maggie to Mike, so she can get James for herself, as it should be. Mike is unsure about this, since it's clear that the doc doesn't want Sheila, but she tells him that there is a real connection between Maggie and Curtis that she hopes to exploit. With that said, Mike hammers away and breaks the dishwasher.

Seeing the beach house rebuilt, Ridge guesses with disgust that Thorne has been there, and says he would have done the repairs himself if he had the chance. He then asks Taylor for the chance to explain what happened the night of the fire, so she can realize he did have a reason for his absence. Even though Taylor insists she doesn't want to listen, Ridge explains to Taylor why he was late for their dinner the night of the fire. He tells her about Grant and Connor's plans to get control of the company, and says he is sorry.

Taylor is a little more sympathetic after hearing Ridge's story. Ridge then reminds her of their history together, and Taylor points out that there was a lot of bad stuff in that history - denial, sadness, and betrayal, for instance. Ridge doesn't deny that, but he also points out that there were some good times, too - and he wants to get those times back. Taylor asks what Ridge wants from her, and he says he wants to compete with Thorne for her on an even playing field - a sort of "friendly" competition, where he gets the chance to show her what they have together. She doesn't give him an answer, so Ridge leaves - but Taylor looks out the window as he does, to see his reaction.

Maggie visits Lauren, and tells her that she's afraid how close James and Sheila are becoming. She thought she could handle it, but she's starting to realize that it may have been a mistake to allow Sheila into their lives, and their home. So why not ask her to move out, Lauren asks, but Maggie isn't sure she can do that at this stage in the game. Lauren then asks Maggie what James and her do together, and Maggie says they haven't had any time for that. Well, make some time, Lauren insists, she advises Maggie to shower her husband with affection, and do husband-and-wife things, since Sheila will stop at nothing to break them up.

Sheila pays Curtis a visit at his shop, and he asks her about the envelope of money she left behind. She reminds him about Maggie, and tells him that the money is all his if he just helps her out a little. Curtis accepts Sheila's offer, and asks what's in it for her; but Sheila tells him not to ask any questions. Just leave everything up to her, she informs the hapless plumber.

At Brooke's Grant sees the gun in Stephanie's purse, and tries to hide his fear. However, Stephanie realizes Grant is scared, and is quick to point that out to Grant. Grant says it's just concern - and he has a right to be concerned, after the way the Forresters have come down on him and his wife. They've made his life and Brooke's life miserable, but that's all going to stop now; he promises that they will all pay - especially Ridge, who he plans to get rid of, and he tells Stephanie to make sure to tell Ridge that. Stephanie promises Grant that he will not stay in charge of Forrester - and she personally will do whatever it takes to make that happen.

Ridge calls Taylor on his cell phone and says "It's good to be back in your life, Doc". Unbeknownst to Ridge, Taylor smiles.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997

Grant is in his office, deep in thought about how Ridge and the Forresters are ruining his life, when there is a knock at the door; he answers and says he didn't want to be disturbed. As he turns toward the door, he sees Brooke in his office in some skimpy lingerie. Grant asks Brooke what she is doing there - she's supposed to be in Paris. She tells him that she is exactly where she belongs. She needs to be here to be his wife. They kiss passionately. He starts to take her dress off - but then Grant wakes up. It was only a daydream.

At the Warwick home, Maggie complains about the dishwasher being broken. Now Sheila will dirty every dish in the house just for spite, she explains to her husband, just to watch Maggie toil away. James wonders why she is complaining so much. She tells him that she is upset because they haven't had any time together. James has an idea to do something about that; he has enough time before his first patient to spend some "special" time with her. They start kissing, and James is ready to take her clothes off, when there is a knock at the door. Dealing with the interruption, Maggie goes to the bedroom to wait while James gets the door. It is Molly, Sheila's mom, wanting to show James all the baby clothes she bought. Maggie comes out to see what is taking so long and sees Molly. She rudely tells Molly to leave, and Molly gladly complies - but it is too late for the romantic moment, since James now has to leave for the office.

Curtis tells Sheila that he's interested in her proposition but he needs more money. She tells him no - and she also reminds him not to be so curious when he again asks what is in this for Sheila. Curtis tells her he'll go over there right now, but Sheila tells him he can't; doesn't he remember that Maggie has a husband who is probably home? Curtis suddenly freaks - he had forgotten Maggie is married, and tells Sheila that he is not an adulterer. Sheila tells him that James is the father of her baby and when it is born, James will do the right thing. When that happens, she explains, Maggie will lose anyway, so she is really just trying to save Maggie too much hurt. Of course, Maggie doesn't have to be in pain if there is someone there to help her, she reminds the plumber. Curtis tells her he will think it over.

Maggie calls wanting him to come and fix her dishwasher. Curtis is hesitant - however, when Sheila holds up the envelope with the money, he agrees to come help Maggie. When he puts down the phone, Sheila is pleased; she tells Curtis that she will give him another thousand if he can get her to fall in love with him.

When Sheila gets home Maggie tells her Molly was there. Maggie wants Sheila to tell Molly that the next she comes over, to call first. Sheila notices that Maggie is in a foul mood. Sheila asks what happened? Maggie says, "Nothing happened! Nothing, because of your mother!" Sheila smiles that "cat that ate the canary" smile.

Curtis arrives. Maggie is pleased to see her new friend. He starts to work on her dishwasher. He tells her he will have to order the part and it will take a week. Maggie is not a happy camper. He tells her he can drive down to "Sandy Acres" to get it. Maggie realizes he means San Diego and tells him she can't ask him to drive all that way unless he is going for some other reason. "Well," he says, "I am going down there to do a favor for a pretty little lady." She tells him she would appreciate it then. Maggie, almost looking jealous, asks, "So, there a pretty lady in your life?" When he tells her not yet, she is confused. Why would he drive all the way to San Diego for someone who isn't in his life yet. He tells her he would drive all the way to Kokomo and back for this lady because she is pretty special. He tells her that this lady is from Iowa and her name is Maggie!

Shortly after Grant's little daydream, Clarke visits his good buddy Grant at Forrester. Clarke says he likes coming into the building and not having to worry about the Forresters kicking him out. Grant admits to Clarke that even though he is in charge, nothing is happening with Brooke. Clarke asks him if he's afraid he is going to lose Brooke, Grant explains that he can't lose what he never had to begin with. Grant tells him about his fantasy, and complains that everything is Ridge's fault. He tells Clarke that as long as Ridge walks the earth, he and Brooke will have problems. Ridge is like a cancerous tumor that will destroy everything, Grant laments - unless someone cuts that cancer out, namely him!

Thursday, March 20, 1997

At Spectra, Sally makes a comment to Clarke that Grant is on top of the world these days. But the new, sensitive Clarke responds, "No, he is hurting. I was there. Grant is in real pain. You have no idea what is going on there." He explains to Sally what's going on, and comments, "Well, it is sad; he should have it all Grant. He is alone at the top with no one to share it with. He doesn't have a real marriage; Brooke wont even kiss him goodnight."

In his office, Grant is reading a huge book entitled, "Gun Scene" and is able to pick out Stephanie's gun from the book. There's fear in his eyes, as he wonders why Stephanie would have a gun like that.

Sally guesses that Ridges has something to do with Grant's problems, and Clarke confirms, "Brooke always has been in love with Ridge; always will be." Then this takeover attempt is Grant's means of getting revenge, Sally surmises - but he may be finding that revenge isn't as sweet as he thought. Clarke states, "I thought Grant just wanted to even the score at first. Believe it or not- Grant really loves Brooke. He has a dream of a love that may never happen and it is tearing him apart. Emotionally Grant is a beaten man." Sally doesn't believe it for a second. Then the phone rings - it's Grant, asking Clarke to come over ASAP. Clarke is out the door to see his new found best friend.

Clarke arrives at Forrester and says his buddy is jumpy. Grant announces that he **is** jumpy because he saw the unexpected during a visit from Stephanie. He tells Clarke about the gun and says that he wonders about it. "That thing has been embedded in my head ever since I saw it," he explains.

Grant asks Clarke if he knows about guns, and Clarke says he's been down to the range a few times. Grant shows him the gun in the book, and Clarke tells him that the little gun Stephanie packs is small, but it's able to get the job done - provided it hit the right spot, that is. A shoulder wound probably wouldn't kill anyone with that gun, but a few inches off, and the victim would be dead. Why so curious, Clarke asks? Grant explains, " I am thinking about dodging a bullet. I have an eerie feeling that by the end of the day this gun is going to be pointed at me."

Michael comes into Stephanie's office, and can't believe that Stephanie still has possession of that gun. Stephanie reminds Michael why she has it, and even asks Michael to take it downstairs to Ridge. Michael then gets to the reason she came, and gives Stephanie another memo from the acting CEO, Grant - a memo which immediately gets crumpled and placed in the garbage. "I am sorry. I can't believe Grant has gone through with this," Michael laments. Stephanie wonders why that is - Michael should know what a user Grant is better than anyone, she guesses. Michael explains, "We **WERE** close. But those days are gone, long gone," as she leaves for Ridge's office with the gun to be fixed.

Of course she missed him - because Ridge walks into his mom's office. He is all upset because of the memo from Grant. "What a load of garbage. Talk and appearances that is all there is to it." Stephanie tells him about Grant's plans to fire him, which suits Ridge just fine - in fact, he says they should all quit. "He wants us to believe that he is Brooke's knight in shining armor," Ridge exclaims, and he is appalled at the way Grant uses that to justify everything he does. Stephanie says she isn't so sure if it's all smoke and mirrors, and tries to convince her son that they have to stay calm to deal with this. Ridge isn't buying it though, and yells, "He is a deceptive little vermin who will do anything to get what he wants. He has a major grudge against me and is going to make us all pay for it." Stephanie tells him about Grant's extraordinary reaction to seeing the gun fall out of her purse, and that made Ridge's day.

Maggie tells Curtis that she is flattered, but friendship is as far as it can go between them. Curtis offers to take her out for something homecooked to eat, but she refuses. Maggie leaves and asks Sheila to wait for Curtis to finish - which Sheila is more than happy to do, because she is annoyed. She tells Curtis the plumber, "You best better be a whole lot better than this, country boy, or this deal is off. I expect you to charm the bloomers off of her. Curtis hesitates again, and Sheila reminds him, "She likes you Curtis; I am a woman, I know these things. Maggie is in for a big fall and you can be there for the landing."

In Michael's office at Forrester, Michael is annoyed at Grant's proposal; so is Enrique, who states that Grant is a fool and they need to stop him. He sees the gun and picks it up. Michael asks what he is doing, and he states, "I was going to ask you the same thing." Michael tells him that it isn't hers; it is Stephanie's and she needs Ridge to have it fixed. Enrique thinks there could be uses for the gun, and Michael tells him not to joke about that. "Who's joking?" he asks. Michael has had enough of this - she tells Enrique to put the gun back in its case and leaves to bring it to Ridge.

Ridge is also annoyed as he re-reads the memo from Grant in his office. He puts it up on the wall and stabs a tack through it. Then Michael brings him Stephanie's gun that has to be fixed. Ridge picks it up and says, "Tempting,,,,,, very tempting...."

Friday, March 21, 1997

Clarke gives Grant a hot cup of cappuccino and tells him to relax that he is now in charge of the operation- nothing is going to happen. Just then Megan comes in with something from the printer. Grant requests that she personally place a copy of it in Ridge's hands. Clarke has to go back to work (after he checks out Megan) and now a paranoid Grant is all alone.

Stephanie has dropped by Taylor's with some hot coffee and inquires when Taylor is going back to work. Stephanie complains, "Didn't Ridge tell you what is going on with the company? Grant is running the company now." Taylor is stunned - she didn't believe Brooke would go through with it, even after Ridge told her about why he was late to meet her the night of the fire. "Ridge needs to see you. I wouldn't ask if the situation weren't so difficult. You will see him; won't you?" Stephanie asks. Taylor is unsure, and Stephanie responds to her. "I know you care for him. Will you stop thinking with your head and listen to your heart?" says Stephanie before she leaves.

Ridge is looking at his mother's gun and says, "Tempting, very tempting." Michael gets on his case and he responds with, "Come on; don't tell me you haven't thought about it; just a little target practice?" Michael says maybe, and if she did it would be aimed a little bit lower. They are laughing out loud when Megan walks in. She gets jumpy about the gun. Ridge places it in his desk drawer and says, "Oops." Ridge then looks at the sketches, and is immediately angry. Ridge tries to get "that coward," Grant on the phone, but when there is no answer he leaves his office. Michael goes into the reception area to tell Megan that the gun is Stephanie's and it is no big deal, since it will be gone tomorrow.

Eric is in a daze when his eldest son walks into his office. He is annoyed and states, "Don't give me some pep talk, Ridge! This company is like another child to your mother and me. Now it is like somebody has kidnapped that child. I can't stand this Ridge. He is an arrogant fool and he is running MY company into the ground. We don't have a legal leg to stand on. I spent my whole life creating something to hand down to my children..." Ridge tells his father not to worry and says, "Grant Chambers wont last a week running this company; I promise you that."

Back in Michael's office, Enrique finds out from Michael that the gun is now in Ridge's desk drawer. He says," When you have as many enemies as Grant has, sooner or later you pay the price. In my country, he would have been a dead man by now."

Grant calls Brooke in Paris, and tells her that he is worried because he barely has a friend in the building. Brooke wants to come home and be there for him, but Grant refuses; he wants her to stay in Paris and would do anything for her, he informs Brooke. He says, "Brooke, if anything does happen I want you to know that it all has been worth it. I love you, Brooke." He hangs up.

Brooke then calls Taylor and asks her a favor to check in on Grant because she is worried about him. Taylor is hesitant at first, but when Brooke explains that Ridge is involved, and that Taylor is probably the only one who can intercede between Ridge and Grant, Taylor reluctantly agrees.

At Forrester, two security guards go over the new ID Pass system that has been installed. Megan is seen checking out by the guards, one of whom notes that she is leaving early for her break today.

Next we see Michael in Ridge's office. She glances at the drawer with the gun and opens it.

Next, Grant passes by Ridge's office and it is empty.

Enrique is in Ridge's office alone with some designs he dropped off. He glances at the desk.

Next, Stephanie walks to the door and she asks, "What are you doing in here?" Surprise!!! - next on the suspect list of who is in Ridge's office is Eric!!! Eric explains that he came looking for Ridge, since he didn't like the way Ridge was talking. He is afraid Ridge will do something rash. Stephanie tells him something has to be done about Grant, and Eric agrees; however, it's his responsibility to do it, not Ridge's, he states. Eric and Stephanie leave and walk to the elevator.

Now, Enrique comes into Michael's office and she is annoyed because they have work to do. "Look Michael; Grant is just biding his time until he kicks my butt out on the street. I will see you later. I have something I have to take care of," Enrique tells her.

Grant is clutching his "outstanding new designer award" and sees Ridge walk by in the hallway. He calls for Megan, and then calls Eric's office. He then realizes that he is all alone on the floor with Ridge in a panic. His eyes are then wide open. We see in slow motion that he is shot. Grant falls to the floor and is clutching his wound.

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Week of 3/24/97 - 3/28/97

Monday, March 24, 1997

At Spectra, Sally is trying to talk Macy into wearing a pretty dress. Macy says it is a nice try, but she will not go to the party for Grant Chambers to celebrate that he is now CEO at Forrester.

Sally lectures, "This isn't a party, it is a business affair." Macy suspects her mom has ulterior motives, and Sally admits, "Well, all right - I admit it would please me to see you socializing with a man like Grant Chambers. And why not? Grant Chambers happens to be a very successful dynamic, handsome and clever man." Macy adds that he is also married, and Sally replies, "He is married in name only. I have it on the best authority that his marriage to Brooke is not working out. And it is going to be over very soon. Darling, all I am saying is this is the sort of person you should be seeing, who could help you forget Thorne."

In his office, Thorne is violently closing a filing cabinet and Taylor comes in. Thorne hoped she came to see him, but she says that Brooke called from Paris and asked her to check up on Grant. At the mention of the source of his frustrations, Thorne says, "We are all going out of our minds here. Ridge just happens to be more vocal about it. He is the one person who could have stopped it if he had just...... I don't want to get into that. You know the worst part of it is my father. It is killing him, Taylor. Every time I look into Grant's eyes I just want to...........Wait here. I'll be right back."

In Paris, Beth is back from shopping and Brooke tells her mom that Rick (who stayed behind in L.A. for a tournament) lost. Beth decides to call her grandson to cheer him up, but Brooke asks her to wait, since she is expecting a phone call from Taylor. Beth wonders why Taylor would be calling, so Brooke explains that Grant is concerned that Ridge might take things too far, so she asked Taylor to check in on him.

At FORRESTER, Grant is shot and is lying on the floor behind his desk. We see Ridge standing at the open doorway. Security hears something and goes to investigate. Thorne runs back into his office and Taylor asks if he had heard the noise, and they also run out. Next, Eric and Stephanie are in the hallway. "You heard it too? It sounded like a gun shot from Grant's office." states Stephanie. Enrique is in the hallway and literally runs into Michael, who wants to go and check out the noise that she heard. Enrique had time to slip off some rubber gloves before Michael noticed them. Ridge calls out Grant's name and slowly walks towards his empty desk.

Macy is annoyed that her mother is trying to have her get over Thorne. She says, "No man could help me forget Thorne, Mother. It is going to take time, and a lot of it. Besides - I don't want to help celebrate the Forresters losing their company. That was their family business; just like ours. It meant the world to them, especially Thorne. He practically grew up there and he planned on sharing it all with his children; our children..........someday. Anyway, it meant the world to him. I am sure he is mad enough to kill."

Clarke comes in and he is all sweaty. He says that he climbed up all of the stairs after coming back from Forrester and visiting his new best friend Grant. Sally asks him to convince Macy to come to the party, but Clarke informs them that Grant is not up for a party, because he is nervous about a gun in the building over there. "I thought Grant had it all. You couldn't pay me to be in his shoes," Clarke comments, as Macy and Sally listen in disbelief.

Ridge is in Grant's office and walks towards his desk. He spots him lying on the floor and runs out of the office only to be stopped by security. He tells the guard to call 911, and then his parents show up. He tells them that Grant has been shot. Security grabs a blanket to stop the bleeding and Eric finally calls 911 for help.

Brooke chats with her mom. Beth suggests that Grant being CEO is not fair to the company. Brooke says that she now trusts Grant, especially after everything he has done for her. Maybe they don't have the passion that she shares with Ridge but she has come to the conclusion that there is something there between them. She thinks that she will let him know how she feels.

Michael and Enrique arrive at the scene of the crime. Ridge brings a first aid kit. Taylor and Thorne arrive as well. Since she is a doctor, Taylor applies pressure to the wound on Grant. Everyone in the room acts like they are really worried. Michael calls Brooke and says that she has some really terrible news for her, and explains that Grant has been shot. Brooke is stunned.

The police arrive on the scene. The condition of Grant is serious they are informed. Eric says that they all just heard the shot, but Ridge found him. They put Grant up on a stretcher as he comes to. Police Lieutenant Baker asks Grant if he knows who did this. Grant looks around at Eric, Stephanie, Michael, Enrique, and Thorne - and then his eyes move towards Ridge. "It was Ridge. Ridge shot me." he says.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Grant is lifted up from the floor of his office, and is placed on a stretcher. The police ask if he knows who did this to him. Grant states, "It was Ridge. Ridge shot me." Everyone is stunned, and Grant continues, "It was Ridge; I saw him. He was standing right here in front of me. I am sure of it."

"WHAT?" cries Ridge. "Grant, you don't really think that I shot you?!?!" But Grant does not change his mind. The paramedics take Grant to the ambulance and the police say that Ridge is under arrest. "Are you out of your mind? My son did not shoot that man!" yells Stephanie. Everyone stands up for Ridge but it does not one bit of good.

Lt. Baker orders everyone out of the room - he and the other officers have work to do, and this is a crime scene. The Forresters are reluctant about it, and turn back when an officer approaches the lieutenant and says he has found the gun. Ridge and Stephanie ask to see the gun, and Lt. Baker is hesitant about it. But he does agree to show it to them as it is handed to him in an evidence bag - and of course it is Stephanie's gun.

In Paris, Brooke tells Beth that Michael told her Grant has been shot. "I can't believe this is happening." Brooke cries. Bridget comes in with her grandfather, Stephen, and Brooke tells her that they are going home. Stephen makes the plane reservations, as Brooke makes a phone call; she finds out that Grant has been taken to Cedars Hospital and they are going to operate. "I have been treating Grant so badly. He has been so gentle and understanding. I wouldn't even let him touch me. What if he doesn't make it? And he married me and I never told him I loved him, not once," laments Brooke. Her mother tells her to think positively as they leave for the airport.

Stephanie tells the police that it is her gun and she has absolutely no idea what it was doing in Grant's office. She tells them that she gave the gun to Michael earlier in the day. The lieutenant then asks for Michael to step forward, and asks her about the gun; Michael replies that she gave the gun to Ridge, who was supposed to have it fixed. That's the clincher for the police about Ridge, so they get ready to take him away. Eric promises Ridge to have an attorney meet him at the police station.

Michael and Enrique are talking and she says, "I just feel so rotten. because I told the cops I gave Ridge that gun." Enrique tells her that there was nothing she could have done, but she still feels guilty. She says, "He did have that gun and it shot Grant. Who else could have done this?"

Grant arrives at the hospital. After looking at an x-ray in the emergency room, the doctor says that Grant is in bad shape. They operate, with the doctors working feverishly. Shortly after, Grant is in a room in Intensive Care. The doctor comes in and tries to get a reaction out of Grant, but he is barely conscious. The phone rings and the nurse picks it up; it is Brooke. They place the phone by Grant's ear and she says, "Oh, Grant - I am coming home right now." Grant murmurs for her not to come home, but Brooke tells him it is too late. "I am on the plane. Hold on; don't you die on me," she tells him. She then asks him an important question. "Grant, there is one more thing. Who did this to you? Who shot you?" Of course, Grant says that Ridge did it, and Brooke is in shock.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie comes to the realization that they are going to keep Ridge at the station and he is going to stay in jail overnight. Thorne says, "Look, I hate to say this - but do you think there is a chance Ridge might have done this?" Stephanie is incensed - how can Thorne even imagine such a thing about his brother, she asks. Thorne replies, "Mother, you know how Ridge gets. We all get out of control with that guy. I am just saying that there is a possibility....."

Stephanie won't even consider Thorne's comment, and Taylor agrees by yelling that Ridge wouldn't do something like this. Eric gets a call from Jonathan (his lawyer) that the bail hearing will be tomorrow morning.

Ridge finds out that he is spending the night in jail; he is fingerprinted, photographed and booked. Before he is put in the cell, Lt. Baker comments that Ridge must have not liked Grant very much; Ridge tells the policeman, "I didn't like Grant at all; but I also didn't shoot him." But of course, Ridge's word doesn't mean anything to the police, and he's put into a cell for the beginning of a long night.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

A nurse has come by to see Taylor at home, while Thorne is visiting, to check on Taylor's burn healing. The nurse points out that Taylor needs rest and has to avoid stress. Taylor says she has to see Ridge at the police station as soon as the nurse leaves. Thorne objects and says, "What is going on is stress to the max." All the more reason to see Ridge, she points out, but Thorne insists, "Taylor, Ridge has plenty of support. Ridge has bigger things to worry about than a visit from you."

Thorne then tells her she won't be able to do any good, because Ridge's bond hearing is that morning, but that only makes her more intent on going. She points out that, "We all know Ridge didn't do it, don't we?" but Thorne remains silent. Taylor questions him "Thorne, you don't think Ridge was the one who shot Grant?"

At the police station, Ridge has three visitors. "I want out of here." he tells his mother, father, and lawyer Jonathan. He asks if Grant is able to talk. He is told that the doctors think Grant will pull through, although it was a close call. Jonathan then begins getting to the important stuff - Ridge's defense. Ridge says that the police don't have the real story; "Grant said I shot him, and I didn't," he proclaims. Ridge tells Jonathan that the only reason he had the gun in his possession was because his mother wanted him to get it fixed. "Jonathan, a lot of people hated Grant. Grant Chambers is on a power trip, he is a user. Like the way he took advantage of Brooke."

Jonathan continues to press Ridge for answers, and Ridge wants to know what the point is. The lawyer tells Ridge that the point is that the police have a compelling case with a means and a motive, so he needs to know everything Ridge did to help him. Ridge tells him that he was in his office alone at the time of the shooting. He was having a drink because he felt upset after a meeting with his father. Jonathan tells Ridge not to tell the police that he was drinking alone in his office. "Jonathan, I only had one small drink. I heard a sound like a gunshot." Having told his tale, Ridge asks to speak with his parents alone.

A forensics technician meets with Lt. Baker in the lab. The technician says that whoever left a print on the gun; it will turn up soon on the printout from the computer. The technician asks about the crime, and Baker tells him that the victim is very lucky, and is going to make it. He also says that the victim was able to ID Ridge Forrester as the person who did it. The printout comes out, and Baker says he is going to have someone fingerprint everyone at Forrester to be sure; however, he is confident that he won't have to. "My bet is this print belongs to Ridge Forrester. He is our man." says the lieutenant.

Grant sees a blurry vision at first of his beloved Brooke leaning over him. "Oh Grant; how are you?" she asks. He says he feels like he died and went to heaven, and Brooke replies, "You didn't die, and you are not going to." Grant regrets that she rushed home to him, and she says, " I can't imagine any other place I would rather be right now. The doctor said you are going to be okay." Grant asks about Rick and Bridget, and Brooke informs him, "The kids are fine. They are with Katie - they are anxious to see you. Yes, we were all so worried."

Grant replies, "Really?" "Oh Grant when I think of how I treated you," Brooke says. But Grant tells her that it is all in the past now. "But you have been so patient with me. And I questioned you. I accused you of trying to get rid of me." Grant tells her that it is history now. "Yes, it is history. From now on things are going to be different for you and me. I did almost lose you. You have given me so much love and loyalty. And now it is time to return that. I want to return that," Brooke explains.

Grant tries to sit and up jokes that suddenly he is feeling a lot better. "I don't realize how I have come to depend on you. I guess I took it all for granted. I was living in the past. I shouldn't have ignored you." Grant asks her to stop regretting the past - it's time to move forward. Brooke agrees, "Yes, and we will start over. I do have one question though. Last night when I talked to you on the phone... Ridge didn't shoot you did he?"

Back at the beach house, Thorne states lividly, "Ridge has been livid with Grant. Hell, Brooke called you from Paris. You have to stay out of this. Let the attorney handle it. You have your health to worry about." Taylor doesn't look happy with hearing this from Thorne.

"This is worse than a nightmare. I know Grant is going to change his story, I know he will." cries Ridge. He's also upset that Taylor didn't come, and he of course suspects the reason that she didn't. His parents try to ease his fears to no avail. Ridge then leaves the visiting room to get ready for the bail hearing.

Thursday, March 27, 1997

While waiting for his hearing, Ridge is in his jail cell thinking aloud, "I cant believe this. It is so unreal. Arrested of attempted murder. My life is falling apart before my eyes. Finger prints on the gun, Grant accusing me. I could go to prison for years. I have got to get out of here. Everything points to me. Jonathan will come through for me. Bridget and Rick- my God. the kids, do they know? How embarrassing for them. How could it come to this?" Just then a guard comes and gets him to go to the courtroom for the hearing.

At Forrester, Enrique and Megan are chatting with Michael out in the reception area - Enrique says Grant got what he deserved, but Megan disagrees. Just then, the police show up for a list of employees that they can use to fingerprint everyone. Enrique tries to leave and refuses to be fingerprinted, because he has rights. Michael wants to know why he is making trouble for himself, and volunteers to go first while Enrique cools down and reconsiders. Michael tells the police that Grant managed to alienate a lot of people - including her, because of her past involvement. Enrique says everyone hated Grant, but Megan tells them that she didn't hate him, and there were a lot of people that didn't, also.

In the courtroom, Jonathan requests bail for Ridge, while Assistant District Attorney Teresa Emerson insists Ridge is a threat and should be denied bail. Jonathan tries to bring up the bad blood between Ridge and Grant, but the judge says that's not appropriate for a bail hearing; wait for the trial, she instructs Jonathan. Police Lt. Baker is running late for the hearing and comes rushing in - he apologizes, but says he has relative information about the case, and he has no doubt who fired that weapon. He is sworn in on the stand and says that Ridge Forrester's prints are on the gun.

Jonathan asks if that's all he has against Ridge - prints and a known hatred of Grant. The Lt. Confirms that is all he has. Emerson then asks a few questions of her own, and establishes that there was no sign of a struggle, or forced entry - which implies a deliberate act by someone who had access to Grant's office, like Ridge. Jonathan objects, but the judge cuts him off, since she is ready to rule. The judge decides to set bail at one million dollars and Ridge is not allowed to have any contact with Grant Chambers. Ridge hugs his parents and Stephanie says it is all over now. Ridge responds," No, this is not over. Mother, it is just the beginning. The motive, the gun, the eyewitness; it all points to me. How the hell am I going to get out of this?"

At the hospital, Brooke is trying to get more information out of Grant; "Ridge didn't shoot you, did he? It couldn't have been Ridge. You have to be wrong about that," she states. Grant says that he wishes he was wrong about that - but he was standing face to face with Ridge, and Ridge shot him.

" I just cant imagine Ridge doing anything like that," she says, but Grant is afraid it is true. Ridge must have run off half-cocked like he always does, but went too far. But he doesn't want to dwell on that and apologizes to Brooke. She tells him he has nothing to feel sorry for. "You are the victim here. Whoever did this to you should be in prison." Grant says Brooke must be feeling disillusioned by this news, and she admits, "I am disillusioned, but that is not what I am thinking. Right now I am thinking that I must be the luckiest woman in the world to have my husband alive right now next to me."

Grant says," I can't believe this is happening. I have never felt closer to you. Brooke all that matters is that we have each other." Brooke replies that she was really wrong and that he is her husband. She thanks god that he wasn't taken from her.

Friday, March 28, 1997

Taylor comes into her house with her newspaper and sees an article - RIDGE FORRESTER RELEASED ON BAIL. "Oh, no - his prints were found on the gun," she laments. There's a knock at the door - a reporter from INNUENDO magazine looking for a comment about Ridge, since Taylor used to be married to him. She slams the door in his face.

She then gets another knock at the door - she thinks it's the reporter, but she opens the door to find Ridge, removing his motorcycle helmet. He asks to come in, since he couldn't stand being locked in the house. He sees Taylor has the paper, and yells about how the life for him and his family has become a media circus. He had to sneak out to get there, but he had to see Taylor; he can't stand the thought of people thinking he shot Grant, so "that's why being here with you, knowing that you believe in me, is so important to me. You do believe me? You don't think I shot Chambers, do you?"

At the hospital, Dr. Kelly says that Grant is a very lucky man, and is happy to hear that the pain is decreasing and that Grant is getting his rest. There's a knock at the door, followed by an announcement, "Flower delivery for Mr. Grant Chambers"; it's Clarke, who has a surprise for Grant. He says it's fan mail - he stopped at Forrester, and one of the guards asked him to deliver a card. Grant is pleased to see someone wishes him well, "although I know there's one person who doesn't wish me well." "Ridge," Clarke guesses.

Clarke advises Grant to relax, take it easy and forget Ridge. Clarke then comments he was right - he said a shot to the shoulder wouldn't kill Grant, and it didn't. "I guess the big guy upstairs was smiling down on you," he says. Grant tells him that Brooke came home, and is all loving and attentive; "It could be a real turning point for me and Brooke." And the best part, Clarke says, is that Ridge is behind bars, and it has been a long time coming for the hot head. "He's about to get knocked down a peg or two, and realize he can't play god anymore," Grant says, and Clarke adds that Ridge will get a crash course on that - in the slammer.

At the police station, a uniformed officer named Earl gives Lt. Baker the prints he has - he still has to get some. The lieutenant asks who they're looking at, and Earl lists the names of Michael, Thorne, Enrique, Eric, Stephanie and a couple of guards. Baker says he knows who the prime suspect is, and Earl says, "Ridge Forrester." Baker says Forrester had better not go near Chambers, and Earl says Ridge doesn't look or act like he's guilty, so he wouldn't be that stupid. He better not be, Baker says, or he's going back to jail, "this time, for good."

Baker and the officer then discuss Ridge's motive, but Earl still thinks Ridge is innocent. Baker says, "It's called a crime of passion. Now Forrester's not that unique; he let his emotions get the best of him and couldn't take it anymore. Figured that a bullet was the only way to stop Chambers from ruining his life." Earl points out that there are a lot of other people who hated Grant - any one of them could have pulled the trigger.

Ridge won't get away with anything anymore, Grant says to Clarke - he's going to learn he can't walk around running people's lives and treat them like dirt. "I knew he would self-destruct sooner or later...that guy deserves what he gets," he tells Clarke. The nurse comes in to draw blood and asks Clarke to leave.

Ridge asks Taylor for an answer, and she ducks the issue - but finally she says she knows Ridge didn't do it, and is surprised he even asked. "The look on your face, the way you were staring at me - and the paper doesn't paint a pretty picture," he explains. Taylor says the evidence, including possible powder residue, is overwhelming, but Ridge doesn't care. He's got to talk to Grant and set things right, because he is innocent, he explains. "I've got no choice... there's no way he could have seen me pull that trigger. And maybe now that he's feeling better, he's not as confused as he was." Taylor tries to stop him, but Ridge goes through the door, gets on his bike and drives off.

At the station, Lt. Baker is brought the lab results, which he says proves Ridge is guilty; he had the gun in his desk, his prints were on the gun, he threatened Grant, and Grant ID'ed him. Now he's not saying the case is closed, but he thinks the D.A. would take it to court. Earl says, "Just for the sake of argument, let's say Forrester is telling the truth... we enter some pretty interesting territory." What if Grant knows who shot him, and is protecting someone, he suggests - or maybe Grant set up the shooting to pin it on Ridge. Baker says it's possible, but doesn't buy it. "All the evidence is pointing to one man - Ridge Forrester is guilty."

The nurse finishes taking blood, as Grant remembers his last meeting with Ridge, when he had Ridge thrown out. Ridge's words, "Don't tempt me... I'll stop you, Grant," ring in his mind, when Ridge walks into the room. Grant orders Ridge out, before he gets in trouble for violating the restraining order, and the nurse agrees. If Ridge doesn't leave, she is calling the police - and when Ridge doesn't budge, she leaves. "All right, Grant, we're alone now - tell me what the devil is going on," Ridge says. Meanwhile, the nurse calls Lt. Baker.

Ridge insists he needs answers, and tells Grant he is wrong about him being the shooter. "Please, go back to that moment - what were you doing, who did you see pointing that gun?" Grant says Ridge is getting upset, and Ridge answers "You're damned right I'm upset - my life is on the line. I don't know who you saw, but it wasn't me." Ridge says the person who did it could be out there, and Grant asks if that's why Ridge came - to finish off the job. Ridge pleads with Grant to remember, and continues to insist he didn't pull the trigger.

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