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May, 1997

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Monday, April 28, 1997

Brooke is in her bedroom, trying to discuss a problem at school with "our children" - Rick, specifically, whose grades have been mysteriously down with Grant. However, as she speaks, Grant is preoccupied about the meeting over at the Forresters with the investigator. Brooke wants to know why it bothers him and is annoyed that he isn't communicating or open with her.

At the mansion, Hunter Jones continues his recreation of the crime. Just then, Clarke shows up at the request of Hunter, albeit late. "Alright, I always enjoy a good bit of fiction" he chirps when Hunter says he has a story to tell Clarke, and Clarke listens to the detective speak.

Hunter continues, "Now let's consider a man on a roll here. He is CEO of one of the biggest fashion houses in the world, married to a beautiful woman he loves with an adorable family. It is a career high for this guy. But it wasn't always this way. The very same man a month ago was nothing and married to the same woman who so much wouldn't put a finger on him..."

At Spectra, Sally is filling in Darla and Macy (yes, Bobbie Eakes is actually in an episode) about Zorro at the costume ball and Eric and Stephanie's engagement. Macy is stunned at the news and wonders if... as if on cue, Lauren comes in and gets apologies from Macy regarding her losing Eric. Darla informs them about an upsetting phone call that Clarke received to attend the Forrester meeting going on right now. Sally knows that Hunter Jones is setting up who shot Grant," Clarke is a part of that theory" she states - and that worries Sally.

Grant tells Brooke that he had to make a decision and he did it for all the right reasons. He will tell her in time and Brooke HAS to trust him. " Brooke, I don't want you to question this. I want you to know that I want you and I love you more than anything. But I can't tell you anything right now; so just don't ask me. Come here." They kiss. Grant says he wants her right now and wants to know if she is going to refuse having him yet once again. He tells her that Ridge is going to jail and she is going to have to accept that. They are all alone and it's just him and her in the house... and also in their lives, as Grant points out it's them and the kids against the world.

At the mansion, Hunter Jones is telling his tale. "Grant had before the shooting, marital hell, and after the shooting, marital bliss. Let's consider now another man- a friend of the victim. They both share similar personal problems - a bond in that they both suffer serious setbacks from Ridge Forrester. He knows his loving wife is never going to repay his loving affection because she is still in love with Ridge. He starts to examine his options; should he have Ridge eliminated? Well, if he did his lovely wife will go to her grave bearing a torch for a slain lover. So he thinks again. Over the next couple of months, with the help of Garrison here, the two of them hatched this plan. And this is how it worked. This plan had to satisfy on two levels. Now Garrison here - all he wanted was revenge. But Grant wanted nothing more than total character assassination, in order to bring Brooke back to her husband. On the day of the shooting, Clarke here turns up in Grant's office and they spent about an hour together. They went over the final details (fade to black and white flashbacks). The timing, the executive wing had to be cleared of as many people as possible. Hopefully only Ridge would remain on the floor. So they waited and watched. Then when all was quiet on the floor and Ridge had left his office, one of them - probably Clarke - slipped into Ridge's office, took the gun from the desk drawer; and then Grant took his position behind his desk. He braced himself for the ultimate sacrifice. Garrison standing in the doorway shot Grant in the shoulder and fled through the fire exit."

Clarke says that he didn't do it and pulls out a slip of paper - a receipt from an ATM machine that is dated 5:48pm to prove his alibi that he didn't do it. Since Grant was shot around 6pm, and the ATM is 15-20 minutes from Forrester, there is no way he could have been in the building when Grant got shot.

Surprisingly, Hunter is happy to hear that Clarke has an alibi. He explains," You know, I thought this was a conspiracy. I never gave this guy enough credit. This man is indeed deadly." He then gets to his point and says, "Okay, everybody. This is the story about what really happened the day Chambers got shot."

Hunter takes out a design award of Eric's which is similar to Grant's, and produces a gun of the same make as Stephanie's. He then takes out something else, which all in the room recognize as leather piping used in fabric production. Hunter then demonstrates what he thinks happened - that Grant set up the leather piping and tied it to the gun, which was placed into the trophy. Once it was in place, Grant braced himself, pulled the cord, and fired at himself.

Hunter then explains that Grant shot himself because Ridge had everything that Grant ever wanted; the good job the respect and the love of his wife. Stephanie runs for the phone, ready to call the police. Hunter stops her - he tells Stephanie not to call the police, since they will go there in person right now. The room clears out and Clarke just stares at the trophy and is in shock...

Tuesday, April 29, 1997

At Spectra, Sally insists that her Bucky isn't capable of shooting anyone, least of all his best friend. Just then Clarke walks in and tells Darla, Macy, and Sally that they aren't going to believe this one. He tells them it was like being at the theatre in the Forrester home with Hunter Jones. He then explains Hunter's theory that Grant shot himself; he insists that it is possible for Grant to shoot himself, but come on, that Grant isn't that crazy to blow himself away!!!!

Sally has a feeling that Grant is a manipulating genius, and is indeed capable of doing what Hunter suspects. They discuss how Grant's marriage has changed from a cold frosty winter to a nice spring, and all that he had at risk with just shooting his shoulder.

In Grant's office at Forrester, Megan tells Grant that it has been like a graveyard at the office lately. Grant pours them both a cup of cappuccino and brags about his incredible afternoon, "to the moon and back with my lovely, lovely wife. It was the best." He then asks if there has been any word from the Forrester compound.

At the Police Station, Stephanie, Jonathan, and Hunter Jones talk to Lt. Baker to tell them their theory. Baker insists that he cannot discuss the case and the three of them are just wasting his time. He only wants evidence and wont do this on the eve of the trial. In fact, he's betting this is some kind of ploy on their part to see the evidence and find out what the prosecution has in store. It isn't going to work, the police officer insists. Jonathan insists that Baker call the prosecutor, Theresa Emerson, and get her there immediately.

Megan informs Grant that Eric is back from the family gathering, looking quite pleased, and bets that whatever they came up with has been taken to the police. With that, Grant calls the station and talks to Lt. Baker. Baker reluctantly takes the call, and Grant asks them if there is anything new to report. He wonders if the Forresters are there. Baker says they are, but Ridge isn't with the Forrester clan - and that's all he can tell Grant right now. Hanging up, Grant tells Megan to hold down the fort, since he has something to take care of.

At the Police Station, Theresa Emerson arrives; she wants to know if there is any evidence to back up the theory that Grant shot himself. Hunter says that Grant had every reason to frame Ridge Forrester. He had the means, the motive and the opportunity. Baker asks what motive - Grant already had the company, so what would he gain? Hunter reminds the officer that Grant may have had control of the company, but he did not have Brooke, but the lieutenant reminds the counselor that is only speculation.

Jonathan and Stephanie plead with Emerson to drop the charges and investigate their theory - but guess what? She informs them the charges against Ridge aren't going to be dropped and there is going to be a trial. She says she will see them in court, and Jonathan says he's looking forward to it, because he plans to argue this theory and let the jury decide.

Over at Brooke's, Ridge shows up on his motorcycle and wants her to pack up with the kids and get out of there. Brooke insists that he leave, because she is trying to build a life. Ridge begins, "Build a life with that guy? Brooke, he is a dangerous criminal." Brooke doesn't want to hear this, so Ridge argues, "Look, he is not the man you think he is. Brooke, he knows I didn't shoot him. And you know why he knows this? You are wasting your time because he doesn't deserve you." Brooke again objects, and Ridge pleads, "Brooke, please don't tell me you are falling in love with that guy. It would matter a great deal to me." Brooke replies, "I am trying to love Grant. And I am going to succeed this time. In spite of you, Ridge."

Ridge states, "Brooke, you have to know that I didn't shoot Grant. Nobody did. He tried to frame me, Brooke. He shot himself." Brooke doesn't believe it, so Ridge explains Hunter's theory to her. He tells her, "It is true. It is not all theory." Brooke has trouble accepting any of this - she does want to see Ridge cleared, but she cannot believe her husband would do this. Ridge explains, "Brooke, it makes sense with his hatred of me and taking over the company. I wouldn't be telling you this, Brooke, if I didn't believe it was true."

Brooke asks what Ridge has to go on, and he replies, "No, I do not have proof. I can not leave here knowing what I know. Brooke, don't you see this is a possibility??? Grant is a strong man, Look how fast he bounced back from the shooting. He had a small price to pay in my opinion. Look, you and the kids are at risk if you stay here with Chambers. This man is capable of shooting himself. I am begging you please come with me right now."

Just then Grant walks into his own home and doesn't look happy to see Ridge there. "Well, well, well - what do we have here?????????" he asks.

Wednesday, April 30, 1997

Ridge is trying to get Brooke to leave with him. Enter Grant through the front door, which he slams and says, "Well, well, well, what do we have here? I can't believe you have the nerve to come to MY house." Grant reaches for the phone and says he's calling the cops.

Ridge counters by telling Grant to go right ahead and call the police; that is, if they aren't already on their way. He tells his old pal that the game is over and he is going down big time now. They are on to him and that is what is going on...

Grant demands to know what is going on; Ridge starts to explain, but Grant shuts him up and says he was talking to his wife. Brooke then tells Grant that Ridge is here to inform her of the theory Hunter Jones has come up- that Grant has shot himself. Ridge chirps right in, "I would like to finish the job, and I wouldn't aim for your shoulder like you did. You really did a number on me. But you aren't going to get away with it."

Brooke interrupts and tells her hubby and ex-fiancee that this isn't going to happen in her home, and she doesn't want them fighting.

At the Warwick home, Maggie is still moping about James attending childbirth classes with Sheila after looking at some of the brochures Sheila has left. James suggests that she could come with them. She doesn't mean to make him feel guilty, Maggie says, and she admits that she does feel better now about them as a couple in their marriage. James suggests that she invite her pal Curtis over for a bite to eat after the class tonight - maybe they could have pizza. Maggie thinks James is being a little condescending about the last sophisticated plumber, but agrees to call.

At Jiffy Plumbing, Sheila is dressed to the nine's for her class tonight but she stops by the store to find out how things are going for "Romeo" Curtis. She wants to know what plans he has, but he tells her he has none, because he's not going to come between Maggie and a man she loves. He explains, "I know Maggie loves her husband." Sheila reminds him that the marriage is doomed because of the baby she's carrying, and Curtis angrily retorts, "You have no respect for matrimony, do you? Maggie is a fine human being. She is going to be completely devoted to that child. I am not chasing her anymore. Let her call me."

Of course, just then the phone rings, and yes, it is Miss Maggie calling to ask Curtis over for dinner tonight. Curtis suggests that they go out for dinner instead, and wants to go to Cafe Russe. Sheila is very happy when she leaves and has a plan of her own for dinner this evening too.

Soon after, Curtis, wearing a suit and looking quite dapper, picks up Maggie. He says, "You are Cinderella going to the ball." He even hired a limo to take them to the restaurant, and remarks that come midnight, it doesn't turn back into a pumpkin. They leave.

A little while later, the soon to be parents arrive home, but there is no Maggie or Curtis. James is sort of surprised not to see them there. Sheila says she has a craving for the soft-shells they serve at Cafe Russe - and yes, that is where they decide to have dinner too.

James and Sheila come into the restaurant - and once she sees where Maggie and Curtis are, she convinces the maitre 'd to give them a table with a view of the plumber and his dinner companion. Over at the table, Maggie is impressed at Curtis' ordering dinner in French from the menu. They toast to the state of Iowa. When Sheila points out the corner that they are sitting in by pointing to a waiter, James finally sees Maggie across the room from his table. He says that he can't believe it that Maggie is sitting over there with Curtis.

Ridge is telling Grant to knock off the performance. Grant can't believe that Ridge actually paid a moron (Hunter) to come up with that stupid theory, and tells him to leave or he will throw him out. Ridge dares him to do just that.

Just then, Rick comes out of his room and wants to know what is up; are the guys arguing or something? Brooke and Rick go back upstairs at the command of Grant, as he announces that he and Ridge will settle things.

Grant tells his ex-pal that the investigator is wrong and it was a nice theory. But Ridge doesn't give up and states that Grant couldn't have Brooke - and it wasn't because of Ridge, but because of Brooke. In her heart and her soul she didn't want you, Ridge reminds Grant. "You wanted to make me look so bad she wouldn't have anything to do with me. All right, Grant - I will walk out of here this time. But you are running on empty. Grant, I will see you in court.

Grant says that he will have to tell this theory to the judge and let the jury decide...

Thursday, May 1, 1997

Sheila and James are having dinner at Café Russe when they spot Maggie having dinner with Curtis. Sheila asks what the problem is; doesn't he trust his wife having an innocent dinner with a friend? James says that he is not jealous, because jealously can be lethal. Besides, what's wrong with Maggie having a friend from her own world that she can relate to, he wonders? Sheila makes a remark that she wishes she could make friends as easily as Maggie does. She then notes that she felt the baby kick - a point she is quick to stress to James, even though his thoughts are clearly across the room.

Maggie tells Curtis that she finds him to be quite an interesting man. She asks her pal what he thinks of the city Los Angeles. Curtis replies that when he first came to LA, he found it a cutthroat town. Now he just tries his best to do his business without hurting other people. Maggie then makes a comment that she wonders why he works so hard. Curtis then pulls out a snapshot of his daughter, Julianne, who is attending college at NYU in New York and working on Wall Street, as his inspiration for clocking in so many hours. Maggie mentions that she also has a grown daughter named Jessica who is attending college abroad in London. Obviously, both parents are proud of their kids.

Now Curtis and Maggie get up to hit the dance floor - Maggie is reluctant at first, but Curtis assures her that they won't be doing the macarena. Watching from across the room, Sheila says to James that he has nothing to worry about- it is just an innocent dance. After all, they are here having an innocent dinner together also. When Maggie and Curtis return to their table, Maggie insists on paying the bill, because after all, she is the one who did the inviting this evening. She tells Curtis he can get the bill next time and he is encouraged that he will see her again. As they leave for home James wonders where they are going now. James is impressed that Sheila didn't take this opportunity to be obnoxious and say terrible things yet again about Maggie. Sheila insists that she only wants James to be happy. In fact, she points out, this evening proves that Maggie can be happy without James - so why can't James do the same with Sheila? James and his father taught her a lot, Sheila explains, and their chance for happiness together is just waiting for them to grab it. All James is to do is reach out and grab it...

At Forrester, Michael, Claudia and Megan are all discussing Hunter Jones' theory that Grant Chambers shot himself. Megan says she cannot believe Grant would do this to himself. Michael compliments Claudia on her outfit and they get into a debate about what fashion designer made it. Claudia tells them that she made it herself. They decide to make a contest among themselves to see who can make the nicest outfit for under a hundred dollars - Megan bows out, because she knows when she is outclassed, but Claudia is intrigued by the idea. Enrique enters and Claudia tells the other ladies that she needs to speak to Enrique alone.

Claudia apologizes to Enrique for accusing him of shooting Grant and letting Ridge take the blame. He accepts her apology and she smiles at him. He tells her that he has missed that beautiful smile, and that he would like a chance to prove that he is not a bad guy. He suggests that they make a new start. Enrique compliments Claudia on her outfit, especially her blouse. She admits that she designed it herself. Enrique shows her one of his sketches, which shows a blouse almost exactly like the one Claudia is wearing. Claudia gives some constructive criticism and Enrique tells her to go ahead and show her on the sketch. She needs a pencil. So Enrique looks in the desk drawer for a pencil and comes upon his latex gloves, which he hides...

Friday, May 2, 1997

Taylor is asking some questions to Connor Davis (yes, ladies, Scott Thompson Baker is back!) about Ridge's chances of being found innocent of shooting Grant, especially since Hunter has come up with an alternate theory. Connor is skeptical of Hunter's theory and then he reminds Taylor of the evidence the police have against Ridge. Connor says that the jury is going to base their decision on the facts and evidence, not some theory.

Jonathan comes by the hotel to tell Ridge that the case is still going to trial. Ridge is frustrated that he is losing his life and love. Ridge doesn't want to continue waiting so he asks his lawyer if they can move the trial up.

Jonathan tells him it would be unwise to go to trial immediately. They can use this time to find proof against Grant. But when Ridge insists, Jonathan agrees to approach the judge with the request.

Once in the chambers, Jonathan informs the judge that they wish to go to trial as early as the court calendar will permit. The judge questions the advisability of this decision, especially since the client is not on hand, and Jonathan assures her that it is Ridge's wish. Assistant District Attorney Teresa Emerson says that she has no objections; the state is prepared. Jonathan predicts about 2 weeks for the trial. The Judge checks her calendar and gives a date for the trial to start: next week. She hopes that Jonathan will not regret this decision.

Taylor pays Ridge a visit at his hotel hideout because she is worried about him. Ridge tells her how frustrated he is, but that all of this has taught him a valuable lesson. He continues to tell her that she is the most important thing in his life and all the other things that he once chased after mean nothing. From now on, he wants to put her first. He doesn't want to waste any more time; he wants their relationship back on track. As soon as this trial is over, he wants to marry her and want to spend at least six months on a honeymoon traveling all over the world. Jonathan calls and tells him that the trial will start next week.

Grant goes into Ridge's office and is looking at a family picture when Rick speaks up from the shadows. Rick tells him to put the picture down, and that he doesn't have a right to be in the office or working at the family company. Grant tries to be understanding but Rick will not have it, and he tells Grant that he hates him. Stephanie hears the argument and comes in and wants to know what Grant is doing to the boy. Rick leaves, but Stephanie remains and gives him a piece of her mind. She tells Grant that he is hurting Brooke's children. Grant, however, sees things differently; he thinks that they should all be thanking him. It was Stephanie and the Forresters who messed up the children he points out, claiming that Eric practically turned his back on his youngest son. If anyone is to blame, he insists, it's not him, but the Forrester family themselves...

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Week of 5/5/97 5/9/97

Monday, May 5, 1997

At Taylor's, Thorne tries to get Taylor to relax by giving her a massage, but it clearly isn't working; our favorite psychiatrist is just too tense at the moment. She explains that she hasn't been able to sleep because of the trial - especially since she spoke to Connor recently. Thorne is surprised that she would talk to Connor, so she admits how she spoke to the attorney about what the possible outcome of Ridge's trial would be. Unfortunately, Taylor explains, Connor didn't think the chances were good.

At Ridge's motel room, Jonathan informs Stephanie she can't be in the courtroom when the trial begins - since she is being called to testify, her testimony might be biased if she hears any of the other witnesses before she takes the stand, the lawyer explains. Stephanie isn't happy about this, but she accepts it.

Just then, Ridge walks into the room - and surprise, he's finally shaved off that scruffy looking beard he has been sporting during his "hiding out" phase! Not only that, but he's also had his hair trimmed - you can even see his ears! Jonathan is pleased to see the conservative look on his client, although Ridge says, "It's not me." That may be true, Jonathan explains - however, it's not important how Ridge sees himself at the moment. What is important is what the jury thinks, which is why it is critical that Ridge looks the part of an innocent man and does not lose his cool, no matter what he might confront. Ridge says that would be fine if he had a hope of getting off - but he doesn't right now, because Hunter Jones has not turned up any evidence that can help him yet.

At Brooke's house, Brooke comes down from upstairs and tells Grant that she is worried about Rick - he's never passed up a chance to be with Eric before, so she is concerned that something is wrong. Grant promises that everything will be fine after the trial - in fact, he wants them all to take a nice long trip as a family. As he tries to reassure his wife, someone arrives at the door. It's Assistant D.A. Teresa Emerson, stopping in on her way to the courthouse with what she thinks is good news - they have picked a jury, consisting of 7 men and 5 women. Grant is pleased - he thinks that mix will keep people from feeling sorry for Ridge and the "rich boy" defense he is likely to put up.

Enrique enters Michael's office and finds a bored Michael playing basketball with her garbage pail - let's face it, the girl better stick to marketing, because she's no Michael Jordan. However, she points out that she does have a reason for this boredom - with everyone important at the company involved with the trial, there is no one to do work **FOR**. Both she and Enrique worry about what Ridge is going through, but in Michael's case, that's not the thing that's at the front of her mind. The thing that is important to her is that she is no longer a suspect in the case, thanks to Hunter's theory. Enrique tells Michael she can rest easy now - their part is over. Just as he says it, a man walks in - it's a process server, and he tells Enrique he has something for him.

Back at the motel, Hunter arrives, and explains that he has found something - he has just come from a lab that tested the bullets that were in the gun used to shoot Grant. The tests show that the barium/antimony ratios in the bullets don't match the levels found on Ridge's hands; the bullets had a 5/2-ratio while Ridge's hands indicated 6/1. Stephanie asks what this means. Jonathan explains that while this is not conclusive proof that the Gunshot residue (GSR) on Ridge did not come from the gun, it is something that can create doubt.

Ridge however still worries - if it's not conclusive, it's not enough, he states. Hunter assures him by reminding him that Grant will slip up again, just like he did in the evidence room with his reaction to the statue (which is what tipped Hunter off). Steph asks if they can tell the jury about that, but Jonathan reminds them this isn't evidence that a jury will believe. Hunter then has a thought - he leaves to look into something else with the GSR tests, as Jonathan reminds Ridge to look like an innocent man, at all costs, once they get to the courtroom. Stephanie hugs Ridge, assuring him everything will be all right, and they leave.

Teresa says Grant will be her final witness - a nail in the coffin, Grant is pleased to proclaim. This disturbs Brooke, who can't understand why she even has to testify for Ridge when she was in Paris at the time of the shooting. Teresa explains that Brooke will likely be asked to discuss the rivalry between Grant and Ridge, since that is at the heart of this case. The prosecutor leaves, and Grant says, "that's that - no more Ridge."

Brooke still looks worried, so Grant assures her that Teresa is just nervous about Brooke's attitude towards Ridge. Brooke insists she can't help it - she can never forget what Ridge has meant to her and the kids. Grant insists he isn't enjoying this either, but Ridge is dangerous - which is why they have to end this mess and get on with their lives. Ridge brought this on himself, and now he's paying the price, Grant tells his wife.

Thorne questions Hunter's theory, and asks Taylor as an old friend if Grant is capable of shooting himself - she wouldn't think so, but she is sure of one thing: Ridge would not shoot Grant. Thorne tells Taylor not to give up hope, and she agrees - and she'll be sure to prove her faith when she shows up in the courtroom to support Ridge. Thorne is surprised to hear she is going to the trial. Where else would she be, she asks?

Thorne then explains that he can't be in the courtroom since the prosecution has called him as a witness - a fact he can't understand, since he knows Ridge did not do it. Thorne reminds Taylor that Ridge isn't the only one who needs her, and kisses her, after a last attempt at getting her to stay home fails.

When Enrique looks shocked at the summons being handed to him, he asks if the server is sure he has the right man. The server replies by saying he is here to deliver a summons to a man named Michael. Michael corrects the man and accepts the summons. Once the process server leaves, Michael wonders why the prosecution is calling her. She gets mad that Grant is using her against Ridge. She hopes that they can prove Hunter's theory in court, but Enrique admits he isn't as impressed with Hunter Jones as Michael is. Michael still believes - and she's worried she might hurt Ridge. Enrique makes a comment that there might still be a way to help Ridge, and abruptly leaves.

Taylor (who is hounded by the press) joins a pensive Stephanie in the courtroom, as Taylor worries about the nightmare. Stephanie assures Taylor, and tells her that she continues to believe in Ridge's innocence. Just then, Jonathan gets Ridge past the throng of reporters and into the room.

Taylor hugs Ridge, who thanks her for being there - and he then worries about his mother, who tells him not to worry. Stephanie then explains to Ridge that she has to leave (since she is a witness). Opening the courtroom door, the reporters start hounding her with questions. She keeps walking, and passes Teresa as she leaves - Stephanie stares into Teresa's eyes as she walks past.

Ridge and Taylor notice Enrique come in - Ridge thinks the show of support by the employee is admirable. Taylor suggests that she take a seat - but before she goes, Ridge calls her back. He explains that there are only a select few people who he has to get to believe in him - the 12 people on the jury, and Taylor! Ridge then asks why Taylor stands by him, and she says she believes in him, and always will. They embrace.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

The judge instructs the jury on some procedures as onlookers (including Taylor and James, and Enrique) watch. Teresa Emerson then begins with her opening statement that Ridge attempted to murder Grant Chambers, "with the motive, opportunity, and means." She continues to explain how when Brooke Chambers gave her husband control of the company, she stripped away the Forrester status. Grant in turn made drastic changes including changing designs of Eric himself, which was more than Ridge could take. Teresa therefore says that the walk from Ridge's office to Grant's office was willful and premeditated and she is certain that the jury will find that the evidence is overwhelming.

Michael is in her office and she gets a visit from Claudia, who is gloating about her outfit for the bet they made. Claudia triumphantly holds up a bag, and then asks why Michael hasn't been shopping for her outfit yet. Michael explains that she is upset because she has to testify against Ridge today. Claudia says, "It is no big deal; you will do fine. Keep it together." She reminds Michael that she believes Ridge is innocent, and the prosecution can't force her to say something she does not believe in. Michael hopes so, but notes that the Assistant District Attorney is a sharp woman.

Michael leaves for the courthouse and Claudia takes off the outfit she is wearing to try on the one she bought. She is standing in a black, lacy, sexy slip, when of course, who should walk in but her knight in shining armor, Thorne.

Thorne is dumbfounded seeing Claudia in a state of undress. Claudia explains that she is changing and life is so full of surprises - pleasant ones sometimes, too! After requesting his help in zipping up, she asks Thorne his opinion on her new outfit as she models it for him. Thorne says that it is "pretty cool." She asks what he thinks it cost, and he guesses several hundred dollars; Claudia then surprises him by stating that she spent $78.00 on it at a store on Melrose Place. She then explains that she and Michael have this bet going about who can find the coolest outfit for under a hundred dollars. Thorne guesses that Claudia might just win with the ensemble she's now wearing. Then Claudia decides to put her nose in where it doesn't belong and asks how Thorne is doing with Taylor.

Thorne says that he wishes Taylor was a little less obsessive with his brother. With Ridge on trial, he understands that it is natural for Taylor to be supportive of Ridge, but he still wishes it were otherwise. But he explains that he will not let that get him down, and that he will rise above it. He then says that he has to get back to work. Claudia says, "a man like you should not have to beg for a woman's attention. There are women who are willing to give it to you."

Jonathan stands up and presents the opening arguments for Ridge. He says that the prosecution has to prove the evidence beyond a reasonable doubt - all that talk of means, opportunity and motive (which he calls 'comic strip' definitions) are meaningless when held up to legal standards, he explains. He adds that Ridge is not the type to solve a dispute with a gun.

Taylor remarks to James that this is horrible, but she has to be here for Ridge because he needs her.

Office Arthur Ambrose is called to the stand as the lab technician assigned to the case. He says that 80% of the prints on that gun belong to the defendant, Ridge Forrester. In addition, Gunshot Residue (GSR was found on Ridge's hands), he explains. On cross-examination, Jonathan tries to get Ambrose to say that from the gunshot residue found on Ridge's hand, you can't prove that he actually shot the gun in question. Jonathan forces him to admit that the ratios of the two key components of GSR cannot conclusively tie Ridge to this gun. Jonathan has no further questions, but Teresa redirects - she points out, through her questions, that Ambrose's experience has been that GSR usually turns up when the elements of it are present. Jonathan looks upset as Teresa comes out ahead with the first witness.

Michael Lai is called to the stand now. She describes her relationship with Ridge as her boss and a friend. When she is resistant, Teresa turns to the judge and asks for permission to treat Michael as hostile - the judge agrees, and Michael is then considered to be a hostile witness. What exactly is she going to say?

Wednesday, May 7, 1997

Stephanie is at the guesthouse, explaining why she can't be in the courtroom to Lauren. She tells Lauren that she doesn't know why Michael Lai was called to testify for the prosecution; but she is very concerned. Enter Eric (who is plesanatly surprised to see Stephanie there) with a progress report on the powerful opening arguments (which he thinks cancelled each other out) and how the GSR report doesn't look good for Ridge. "We just have to hang in there until it is our turn. Remember this is only the beginning," he states. He comforts his ex-wife and fiancee by giving her a hug for moral support.

Stephanie then explains how she spoke to Jonathan before the trial started, which is why she is concerned. Eric reminds her that all the lawyer has to do is plant a shadow of doubt in the jury's mind. Still, Stephanie is worried.

Lauren stands up and tells Stephanie that Ridge is not a killer. The family is finally coming together and he has a lot of support, so they will all get through this awful time in their lives. They will get through this, no matter what, Lauren proclaims. Stephanie is touched by Lauren and asks her to stand up for Eric and her at their wedding, along with their children and Taylor. She won't take no for an answer and then leaves for the main house on the Forrester compound, leaving Eric (who obviously has stuff to talk about with Lauren) there.

Eric is impressed by what Lauren just did, and explains it meant a lot to him. Lauren asks how could she not say something. Eric then asks why Lauren was crying when he proposed to Stephanie, and she says she never congratulated him. Stephanie loves Eric, and Lauren loves Stephanie, so letting Eric go was the only thing she could do. She congratulates him and gives him a hug, but has a worried look in her eyes.

Connor Davis pays a friendly visit to the Chambers home, but finds that his old friend, Brooke, isn't around. Grant tells him everyone is fine- except for Rick who has a lot of unresolved feelings "He is my stepson and I just hope he can hang in there until Ridge is convicted. I have to remember to have faith it is going to get better for me and Rick - once Ridge is out of the way... It isn't just important for Ridge to be out of the way, it is essential. And not just for me, but for Brooke and the kids too." Connor wonders what he means - is Grant talking about things settling down after the trial. Grant replies, "Well, I know things are going to settle down around here eventually. I just don't know if that jury is going to come back with a guilty conviction and put Ridge away."

Connor (looking dapper as ever) responds, "It is a cut and dry case- isn't it? You are really concerned about this aren't you?" Grant brings up Hunter's idea, and Connor states, "They are never going to pin this on you based on Hunter Jones' theory. Trust me on that. They certainly aren't going to be able to build a case against you... unless it is true and there is more evidence out there to be found. Look, I am going to say something now as a lawyer- your lawyer." He points out that this protects anything Grant will say and asks, "This is not something that ordinarily I would ask a client. It makes me wonder. I am asking you as your friend. Tell me the truth - did you shoot yourself in order to get Ridge put away??????"

In court, Michael is testifying and is evading the questioning from the prosecutor, specifically the ones about seeing Ridge in the office. After the judge warns her about perjury, Michael reconsiders and says, "Yes, I saw Ridge in his office on the day of the shooting." Teresa asks what they spoke about - specifically Grant, and Michael admits, "We may have talked about Grant Chambers. Well, ah, Grant is the CEO, so we could have brought his name up in a number of contexts during our conversation."

Teresa then presses the issue, asking about the gun and how Michael knew about it, reminding her to be candid. Michael explains, "Yes, Yes I was aware that there was a gun in Ridge's office. I brought the gun into the office. I gave it to Ridge... that afternoon." Teresa asks if Michael is saying she personally gave Ridge the gun less than an hour before the shooting, and she answers, "Yes, I did - I gave the gun to Ridge but only because..." She is cut off cause that is all Teresa needed to hear. Ridge looks back at Taylor.

On cross-examination, Jonathan gets Michael to say for Ridge's defense that she brought the gun to Ridge only because Stephanie Forrester asked her to. The gun handle was broken and Stephanie wanted it fixed. Stephanie owns the gun, and Ridge didn't expect the gun to be brought to him, she points out in reply, despite several objection attempts by Ms. Emerson. Furthermore, Ridge never said anything about shooting Grant, and Michael never saw the gun leave the office.

Before Michael could make a clean escape, the prosecutor gets her hands on her once again. Asking about Ridge's relationship to Grant, she gets Michael to say, "Everyone in the building knew that Grant was CEO and he had no right to that position." Ridge did not like that, she replies, and Grant had similar feelings, if not more hostile feelings towards Ridge. Teresa asks about Ridge's feelings on the day of the shooting, and Michael replies, "I am not sure that I remember... I am not certain." Teresa presses for details, and Michael explains, "I just gave Ridge the gun. No, I knocked on the door... he was standing there staring off." Now, through black and white flashbacks, we see what happened. Michael hesitates to continue, but the judge warns her to answer. She continues, "He took the gun out of the case. He looked at it for a long moment and then he looked at the wall separating his and Grant's office. Then he said something." Teresa asks what he said, and we see in flashback Ridge saying, "tempting, very tempting."

Teresa thanks Michael, as Michael cries out, "Ridge I am soooooo sorry. I had to tell the truth." Ridge tries to look understanding. Taylor looks worried. Enrique sits there pensively.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

At the Courthouse, Hunter Jones comes in before the trial resumes and wants to know how things are going. He finds out that Michael Lai's testimony was brutal, and Ridge's team "got creamed". "I am dying here and we have only heard two witnesses so far," grunts Ridge, referring to Teresa's brutal tactics (which Jonathan explains is the way she works). Jonathan tells him they just have to hang it out until it is their turn.

Michael is sitting outside on a bench, disgusted with herself after hurting Ridge with her testimony. Felicia comes along and finds out that it went horribly. She tries to give her some moral support and says, "It is not like you said that you saw him and saw that he shot Grant." Michael appreciates the effort Felicia is making, but still feels bad that the prosecutor twisted her words - the exact thing she didn't want to happen. "What is Enrique doing here?" Felicia questions. Michael says that Enrique has been in court since the trial began - for support of the Forresters, she guesses.

So now, off the elevator comes Lt. Baker, and tells Teresa that the next witness is here. Baker seems confident that things will go their way, but Emerson is not so sure - she hopes the next witness will be as easy as Michael was, because "this case is a meat grinder." The prosecutor says that the reality of all of this is that the case could be over before the defense begins to say anything for their side.

At the Chambers home, Grant is upset that Connor Davis has outright asked him if he shot Ridge Forrester. "I can't believe you are actually asking me this question!" he exclaims. Just then Brooke enters, and he explains to his wife, "My attorney/friend thinks I am guilty." Connor says they shouldn't discuss this in front of his wife, and Grant insists, "We will never discuss this again - period."

Grant then gets to the reason for the attorney's visit; "I asked Connor about the procedure for me to adopt the children." Brooke asks if Eric knows, and both she and Connor agree that Eric will never allow it. Grant is upset at the tone of this conversation, and reminds Brooke, "You must admit we have a serious problem with Rick. It is more than a difficult period." Eric's absentee father attitude is the wrong thing, according to Grant - and even though Connor thinks Grant is making too much out of this, Grant states that they have to pull together as a family to solve this crisis.

Well of course, Rick just happens to be standing at the top of the staircase and is listening to all of this. He runs down the stairs and starts to yell, "Are you joking man?!?!?! Did you just say the word ADOPT? ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? Adoption......never." Connor takes his leave, leaving the "happy" family to work this out.

Rick exclaims, "Mom, you would never let him adopt me? Would you? I already have a father. Least of all, I don't need one who is a jerk like this guy!!!!" Brooke tries to calm her son down, to no avail.

Grant tries to talk to Rick about being disrespectful to his mother, and tells him to apologize. Rick says that he would drop dead before he apologizes. Grant tells him to cool off in his room. Rick yells that Grant ruined his life, and now he is ruining Ridge's life also.

Back in court, Jake Garfield, the security guard, takes the stand for the prosecution. He says he heard the shot (he is a former policeman, so he recognized it) and went to check it out. Then he saw Ridge Forrester running in the opposite direction of Grant's office, about 15-20 seconds after hearing the gunshot. He told Ridge to stop but Ridge insisted that Jake call 911 before he ran off again. He then followed Ridge - and in Grant's office, he found Mr. Chambers lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

In cross-examination, Jake admits he is working on estimates of time - or, as Jonathan suggests, a guess. He then says that he doesn't know if Ridge saw him in the corridor, which means Ridge might not have been fleeing. Jonathan then asks where the emergency medical kit is located on the floor of the office building, and when Jake doesn't know, determines that Ridge could have been going for it. Jake tries to say his professional opinion doesn't agree with that, but Jonathan reminds them that all they care about in court is fact, not opinion. He then has one more question - how long has with the company; it turns out that he has been working at Forrester Creations for a month and was hired by Grant Chambers - and yes, it could be said that he is "his guy," Jake admits.

Next on the stand is Lt. Brad Baker, who explains how he and Officer Earl Banks investigated the crime. Through flashbacks, we see him ask Grant who did this to him and Grant identified Ridge Forrester as the shooter. In cross-examination we find out that there were four other people who had fingerprints on the gun that was used to shoot Grant - that, plus the confession, and the barium and antimony, led to Baker's decision. Jonathan then asks if it's possible that Grant was in shock - Lt. Baker says that it is possible Grant was in shock, but that is not his own assessment. Jonathan proves the point that Lt. Baker is not a doctor.

Brad Baker continues to tell the jury that there is a motive held by the defendant, Ridge Forrester, because there is a long and established hatred for Chambers. He isn't aware of any strong feelings one way or another from Grant towards Ridge. "They weren't friends, we know that." He continues to say that there was a lot of circumstantial evidence taken from Grant's desk, such as the chord and the award, which have no relevance to the case. Jonathan asks the question if maybe the police department didn't quite investigate this crime to the fullest, especially from the fact that the police ignored evidence - the detective is silent, so Jonathan withdraws the question. Teresa then questions Baker again on redirect, and asks if anything has changed his opinion of the case - but Brad Baker says that in his mind nothing has changed his opinion that Ridge shot Grant.

Friday, May 9, 1997

Jonathan tells Ridge not to lose it now - they will get their turn at the jury soon enough. Both of them hope that Hunter has turned up more evidence to prove that Ridge is innocent. Jonathan leaves to go into the courtroom and Taylor Hayes walks over with a concerned look on her face. She embraces her ex-fiancee.

Claudia knocks on Thorne's door and enters. She finds Thorne in high spirits due to the fact that he just bought an engagement ring at an auction that he plans to give to Taylor in the future one day. Claudia wants to know if it's premature getting a ring for Dr. Hayes, and what about his brother Ridge?

Thorne lectures his friend, "As far as Ridge and Taylor go, it is history. Just look at the way he leads his life. Living with my brother is like living on a roller coaster. I think Taylor is ready for a change. I will be there for her."

Claudia is still a little upset at the thought of losing her love and responds,

"You really love Taylor." Thorne says that he does, and Claudia admits, "You know how I feel about you. I can not say that has changed. You know it is a beautiful ring. I still think about that family dinner a few months ago." Thorne reminds her of what was on his mind that night, and Claudia agrees, "Yeah, you were reacting to what you had seen outside your window when we kissed. It still makes you angry thinking about Ridge and Taylor poolside; but you would treat her differently?"

Thorne says that his big brother had his chance and he blew it. He gets a page on his beeper from Jonathan at the courthouse and leaves. He thanks Claudia for listening to him and she says," what are friends for?"

Lt. Baker comes into Teresa Emerson's office, and Teresa tells him that he did quite well yesterday on the witness stand. She informs him that next she is calling first Thorne Forrester and then Grant Chambers to the stand. She explains that they have proven the evidence and now they are going to chip away at Ridge's character. She intends to score big points with the jury by doing this. Baker thinks she is crazy, but Teresa reveals there is a method to her madness - she is hoping, because the Forrester men are both in love with the same woman, that passions will run high during Thorne's testimony. If she has anything to do with it, Thorne will betray his brother on the stand.

Ridge is pleased to see his ex-fiancee. "You are amazing you know that. Showing up when I need you most." Discussing his predicament, Ridge states, "The trial is a joke, isn't it? Teresa is building an excellent case against me." Taylor fears that Ridge may be giving up, but he assures her, "Doc, I am not going to throw in the towel. Sometimes when those lawyers are going at each other in there, I have to admit my mind wanders. It wanders to your arms... just the two of us together. Life is good and we are happy, the way we were before. It is one thing that keeps me from losing it all together. It is gonna happen you will see." Listening to Ridge say this makes Taylor uncomfortable, and Ridge explains, "I am not trying to make you feel guilty."

Taylor says that he is going to beat this and she is going to be there for him every step of the way. Ridge responds, "Can I ask you something? I was just wondering if you would mind if I did this..." He leans over, and Ridge and Taylor share an intimate kiss. Of course, just then Thorne happens to be outside the door and sees them (the Forrester men are famous for standing by a door and seeing the love of their lives kiss other men!!!!).

Hunter Jones is still looking over the key pieces of evidence before the trial resumes. Jonathan is annoyed, because he feels that Hunter should be finding out the way Ridge happened to have gotten GSR on his hands. Hunter implies that he is working on something else. He is having second thoughts and something doesn't add up about Chambers shooting himself. This also gets Jonathan annoyed, since that theory is what he's counting on to get Ridge off.

Thorne is devastated as he sees this tender moment between his brother and the woman he wants to marry. Ridge tells Taylor that he doesn't care what time it is; she is there with him and that is all that matters. He pins her back up against the wall and tells Taylor how beautiful she is. Ridge ooooozes out the charm now and tells her that day and night, while he lies in the hotel room, all he can do is one thing and that is think about her. He thinks about them being alone with their hearts pounding as one. "I need you Taylor; I WANT you." They kiss again and this time Thorne closes the door behind what he has just witnessed.

Thorne finds Jonathan and realizes that he is going to be called to the witness stand next. His brother's future depends on every word that he says, the lawyer reminds him, so he mustn't fall into Teresa's trap. Jonathan leaves, and Thorne says to himself, "I am not going to lose you, Taylor. I am not going to let you get away."

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Week of 5/12/97 5/16/97

Monday, May 12, 1997

At Spectra, Sally is reading the newspaper and she comments to Clarke that she can't believe that the prosecution is going to be calling Thorne Forrester to the stand today to testify against his own brother. She thinks that the prosecution is crazy to believe that she can twist one brother's words against another. Clarke replies that Teresa Emerson wont have to twist anything around, all due to the lovely Taylor Hayes and the fact that both men are in love with the same woman. All Thorne has to do is suggest that Ridge is a hot head (which is true, Clarke comments), and Teresa can use it to help build her case. Despite Sally's belief about the bonds of blood, Clarke is convinced the bad blood is enough to do Ridge in.

Just then Grant is by the doorway, claiming Sally's bet is not a good one. He says that he is here to see how the other half works. He says that he can give them the latest outside scoop- he can't give them the inside scoop because he can't go into the courtroom until he testifies. However, he says that Ridge is going down like the Titanic.

Sally comments that now Grant is the top underdog, and how a minor flesh wound has brought his entire life around. Grant gets angry and says, "I don't need this." Clarke tries to calm him down, but Grant points out, "But Ridge is responsible for everything that happened to me. Give me a call when you are alone, Clarke." So now Grant leaves, annoyed that Sally thinks he actually shot Ridge, and Clarke is pissed that Sally has managed to alienate the top businessman in town and his friend. Sally says that she is very well aware that Grant Chambers is a person she doesn't want as an enemy.

Stephanie is hanging around the house and she doesn't know what to do with herself. She wishes that she was in the courtroom. Claudia tries to assure her, but Stephanie is still worried - but at least, Thorne hasn't seen Taylor much lately, since she is so occupied with Ridge. Claudia hates to burst Steph's bubble, but says that she was with Thorne yesterday - and he showed her that he had bought an engagement ring for Taylor. Claudia then explains how Thorne intends to wait a while before giving the ring to Taylor - he doesn't intend on proposing to her until things settle down.

Stephanie is really worried now because "Love does strange things to people. Principles can be overruled by emotions. It has happened before." She tells her houseguest and that she has been waiting for something to happen between her sons again, ever since she found about Thorne's feelings for Taylor - she just prays it doesn't happen again.

Taylor comes into the courtroom and goes behind Ridge for moral support. She asks him if he is up for this today and how did he sleep last night. "Alone," states Ridge. He's worried about the jury, and tells Taylor, "I just hope the jury hasn't already made up its mind." Jonathan comes in, and says he met with Thorne, who was "preoccupied," which worries Ridge. Everyone in the courtroom rises, the jury enters, and Ridge looks back and gives Taylor a smile. This is all happening while Thorne is sitting in the hallway, replaying in his mind his big brother kissing the love of his life, Taylor. Thorne is called into the courtroom and is sworn in.

On the stand Thorne says that he doesn't know what Teresa means when she asks about significant changes in Ridge's behavior. He says that Ridge was stressed out, and yes, they had discussed what was bothering him; Ridge was upset about his former fiancee (the word **former** emphasized by Thorne), Taylor. He was concerned about the family company. He didn't like it that Grant became CEO and Ridge had every right to be furious at Grant Chambers. Jonathan tries to object to the questioning, but the judge allows it.

Teresa then notes that Ridge had another reason to be angry with Grant, and brings up Brooke. Thorne continues to testify that Ridge had a relationship with Brooke, but not since she has married Grant. They were married at one time, but it turned out that they weren't. Teresa asks why they didn't remarry later, and Thorne explains that Ridge found out that Brooke was involved with Grant and that was the end of it. Brooke denied her relationship with Grant.

Teresa continues to press the issue, and Thorne is asked about the day of Brooke's wedding to Grant. Thorne explains that Ridge and Taylor had a rehearsal dinner the day of Brooke's wedding, and tells how he and Ridge left and tried to get to the marina. He explains about how the car broke down, and how Ridge went on alone. Upon further questioning, he points out that Ridge did make it there, and that he went to stop Brooke from marrying Grant. Teresa then asks what happened to Ridge's own wedding, and Thorne responds that no, he did not get married to Taylor Hayes the next day. Teresa asks him why - and Thorne is forced to answer that yes, in his opinion, Ridge is still in love with Brooke.

So now we get the cross-examination. Thorne admits that Ridge had never actually said that he still loved Brooke, but all he had to do was say the word and she would have been his. Ridge really didn't believe that Grant loved Brooke and yes he thought it would be a loveless marriage between them. However, Ridge never said he was going to propose to Brooke. Jonathan then asks about Taylor, and Thorne replies that Ridge was upset when Taylor cancelled their wedding. It was cancelled before he knew for certain that Brooke married Grant.

Jonathan has one more question - does Thorne believe his brother is capable of attempted murder? Thorne answers, "My brother and I have a very difficult relationship." They have had their differences, "But there is one thing he is not and that is a coward. Sure he was angry and he wanted the company back. But if you ask me if he could pick up a loaded gun and shoot an unarmed man in cold blood, the answer is no, not in a million years."

Ridge shakes his little brother's hand and says thanks him - he appreciates Thorne's faith. Thorne says that he only stated on the stand what he believes. Taylor asks Ridge if he is OK, and Thorne apologizes to her for dredging up all that painful history. Taylor bids Ridge goodbye and asks Thorne for a ride home. Jonathan then points out that testimony is over for the day, and tomorrow is the main event - the final prosecution witness, Grant, will be up on the stand. Ridge wonders if Grant will really lie, and Jonathan thinks he will - the question is, can he catch Grant doing it?

In his office, Grant gets a phone call saying that tomorrow he has to testify. He hangs up the phone and says to himself, "Tomorrow I am swearing under oath that Ridge pulled the trigger. I guess there is no other way. Ridge made his choice, and now he is going to have to live with the consequences......................."

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

At his motel, Ridge is worried that Jonathan has not been in touch with Hunter - Grant is taking the stand, and Hunter is nowhere to be found. Jonathan tries to assure him that Hunter is onto something with the gunshot residue, but Ridge is still nervous. Just then, a disguised Felicia appears at the door - Ridge is upset that it isn't Hunter, and Felicia is surprised to hear that the P.I. has been out of touch, as well. Ridge freaks out, and Jonathan tells him, "You have to get a grip. Grant is about to take the stand... Your job, your only job is to stay cool." Jonathan prepares to leave, so he can find Hunter - but first, he reminds Ridge, "Your case isn't riding on him - it's riding on you."

Shift over to the Chambers home: reading Thorne's comment about Ridge not being able to shoot Grant in a million years in the paper, Grant is worried that the case against Ridge has been hurt. Teresa Emerson assures him that once he testifies that Ridge shot him, Thorne's testimony will be negated. Grant suddenly spaces out - Brooke asks if he is OK, and Grant says, "If Ridge had only met me halfway, it wouldn't have come to this." Teresa says it is too late for that, and Grant agrees, "This is the only way."

Teresa then goes over the questions she is going to ask - including, possibly, some about Grant's relationship with Ridge. However, she won't say any more, since she doesn't want Grant's answers to sound rehearsed. She explains to him to simply listen carefully to Jonathan's questions, answering just what he asked and nothing more. Even though Jonathan will try and draw Grant's attention, he should focus on the jury - and most of all, he should tell the truth. Grant says he's all set, so Teresa leaves for the courthouse.

Brooke then has a question for Grant, but they are interrupted by Rick and Bridget at the steps. Bridget asks, "Who was that lady?" Brooke explains that it was Teresa Emerson, a prosecutor - which Grant defines as "a special kind of lawyer." Rick replies to that with, "the kind that puts people away for the rest of their lives." Grant then takes the kids aside - he knows things have been confusing, and he wants to apologize. They haven't had time to do the fun things families do - but once he and Brooke "take care of a few things," he wants to take them on a long trip to Yosemite. Bridget is thrilled, but Rick isn't. Grant tells him he can pick anywhere he wants if he doesn't like Yosemite - what is important is them being together. "I want you both to know I'm always going to be here. Bridget, I'm always going to be here for you - and that goes for you, too, Rick," he explains.

Rick asks if they can go now, and he and Bridget go upstairs. Brooke is touched by Grant's speech and thanks him. "You and the kids - you're the reason I do everything," Grant points out. He then reminds her she had a question. She hesitates, and Grant tells her, "You don't have to hide anything from me." Brooke says the same is true for him - and she has to ask him, since he seems so troubled lately, is there anything he has to tell her? "I'm not enjoying sending a man to prison. I'm taking him away from his family, his career. But I don't have any other choice. What Ridge did to me is unforgivable - now unless he goes to prison, there is no other way I know to make sure he doesn't do that to me again," Grant replies.

In his office, James flashes back to Sheila's words in the Cafe Russe, about how they can have it all, if they just take the chance. He's brought back to reality by Maggie, who has brought him a snack while she was out. "Out to see your friend, Curtis?" he asks. Maggie assumes that Curtis bothers James from that comment, which must be why he has been so quiet since the night Curtis took her to dinner.

James explains that he doesn't mind Curtis being Maggie's friend, so Maggie goes on to tell him about her dinner date with the plumber. James says, "I know," and admits he was there at the Cafe Russe with Sheila. Hearing that Sheila was there with her husband, Maggie explodes - it couldn't be a coincidence that Sheila decided to go there. James' quiet moods, Sheila's smirk - it all makes sense now; Sheila has convinced James that Maggie is having an affair, Maggie guesses. James denies it, but Maggie doesn't believe it. "I am so sick of this - I'm so sick of her constantly coming between us, and me being on my guard all the time. I'm sick of the constant anger!" Maggie cries out. She rushes out, saying that if James won't do anything about Sheila, then she will.

Meanwhile, back at the Warwick home, Sheila fills in her old buddy, Mike Guthrie (yes, he's still on the run), about her night out with James, and Maggie's date with Curtis. "You had to be there to believe it," she says, as she explains how James saw everything. Mike wants details, and Sheila says James didn't overreact - they just sat there, talked about it, and left. Mike assumes James must have blasted Maggie when he got home, but Sheila says he didn't - a fact that she guesses means James is accepting the inevitable. Maggie needs Curtis, or someone like him, to give her the simple life she needs; something James can't give her. James and Maggie don't fit, and after the other night, James is starting to accept it.

Mike asks where Sheila goes from here, and she tells him about her romantic fantasy; her, James and their child, together as a family. "He won't be able to resist it - he won't want to resist it," Sheila explains.

Jonathan tells a concerned Ridge, who waits in the courtroom with Felicia, that Hunter is still nowhere to be found. Felicia tells him he has to focus on Grant, and Jonathan agrees. Jonathan asks if he is ready, and Ridge replies, "Oh, yeah - bring him on."

Maggie comes into her house and pulls some of her needlepoint out of Sheila's hands. Throwing it down, she says, "I want you to stay out of my things - I want you to stay out of my marriage and my life." She tells Sheila she knows about the Cafe Russe, and she is incensed that Sheila was spying on her. Sheila says she is acting defensive, and Maggie doesn't want to hear it. All she wants is Sheila to stop talking to her husband, and to get out of their lives. "You can't just throw me out - what about the baby?" Sheila asks. Maggie says the baby is fine - but her marriage isn't, so she wants Sheila out right now.

In court, Teresa calls Grant to the stand. Grant walks in, takes the stand, and is sworn in. Grant hesitates before saying, "I do," to the oath, and then takes his seat. He and Ridge exchange stares - Grant tries to keep his demeanor cool, while Ridge stares right at him.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

In court, Ridge is anxious because Taylor isn't there yet, and they are about to begin for the day. Jonathan says he shouldn't worry about Taylor; if Grant would only tell the truth today under oath on the stand the trial will be over. Grant takes the stand and is reminded that he is sworn in to tell the truth. Thorne and Taylor rush off the elevator only to realize that they are late and the proceedings have already begun- but despite Thorne's fears that they should wait for a recess, Taylor opens up the door and walks into the courtroom anyway.

Now that he is on the stand, Grant begins to tell his story to Teresa and states that he is CEO of Forrester Creations but that he was not hired for that job. It was a contractual agreement signed by the stockholders of the company that promoted him to CEO, he explains - and yes, it is correct that his wife, Brooke requested and approved of the promotion. All of the other stockholders were opposed to it violently. Jonathan objects, and the word "violently" gets stricken from the record thanks to the objection. Grant continues to explain that Ridge and the Forrester Family own 49% of the company and his wife and him own the rest.

Teresa then moves on to a related topic - Ridge. Grant states that Ridge fired him from the company months ago; Ridge had claimed that Grant used his position to stab him in the back. Teresa pulls out Grant's personnel file and it is not noted in the file why he was fired from his job a few months ago. Using that as a jumping point, she moves on to the topic of Brooke; Grant says that at that time, Brooke and he were not married, and yes she was involved with Ridge - they were practically engaged.

Jonathan objects to this line of questioning, so Teresa pulls out a box filled with video tapes with Ridge and his relationship with Brooke that were on the news, and interviews with Ridge about Brooke, to be admitted into evidence. She explains that these public records of Ridge's feelings towards Brooke will help supply the motive. The judge says the tapes will be allowed - but the printed interviews will not.

Getting back to her questions, Teresa asks Grant again why Ridge fired him - Grant states that Ridge was jealous of Grant's relationship with Brooke. Ridge yells out "That is a lie - a blatant lie!" Both lawyers get a lecture from the judge about this courtroom turning into a circus.

Teresa continues to question Grant about his relationship with Brooke, "Yes, Ridge hated me. Because we were both in love with the same woman- the woman I eventually married." Having established the adversarial relationship, Teresa asks if Ridge threatened Grant, who replies, "Yes, he had threatened me more than once. And yes, I spoke to the Forresters, Taylor Hayes, Clarke Garrison and even my wife. I spoke to everyone of them within a week before my shooting to tell them my fears."

Lauren is home, busily working on some sketches, when she gets a surprise visit from her old friend James. He came not for a social visit but for a "Sheila specialist." He asks Lauren to think of Sheila as if she just met her.

Lauren says she can't do that - too much has happened between her and Sheila. But people change, James insists - and Lauren suggests that maybe James is the who has changed, by falling in love with Sheila. She then questions his motives and his relationship with his wife. She wants to know if he really intends to make his wife feel insecure due to his relationship with the birth mother of his child. James says he doesn't want Maggie to be insecure - he loves her, and the feelings he has for her are different than the ones he has for Sheila. But Sheila is in need of help - and turning your back on someone like that is wrong, he insists.

At the house, Maggie is really pissed off at Sheila and asks her to leave. Sheila tries to make it into a case that she is sooo pregnant and has no where to turn. But Maggie offers to help her pack and suggests that she stay with her mother - she'll do anything she has to to get Sheila out of her home. "This is it! This ends right here. You are no longer a guest in this house. You have to do it Sheila. You don't have a choice."

Sheila just stands there and becomes nasty. She says, "James' instinct is to protect me and to take care of me. Look, I don't want to hurt you. But there is something I have to say; I am not the one who ought to be leaving. You should be leaving Maggie."

Maggie gets even more annoyed and says that she is not leaving here. She is not going to stand here and argue with her. "Did you hear me? I said get out!" Maggie grabs Sheila's arm and tries to push her out the door, but instead pushes her over the end table with fruit on it. Sheila is lying on the floor, holding her stomach crying, "Oh my baby!" Maggie is in shock holding her mouth silently.

Jonathan cross-examines Grant. Grant says that he liked Ridge; he respected and admired him before he was fired originally. However, he hated that he showed a lack of respect and interest towards Brooke. He explains that Brooke was in conflict over Ridge with unresolved feelings - feelings that he wouldn't call love specifically. He says her feelings were more of confusion, and he doesn't know exactly when Brooke's feelings towards him changed.

Jonathan then asks when Grant first slept with Brooke - a question that the judge thinks is irrelevant. Jonathan says it is, turns to the jury, and begins making a speech. He states that it wasn't Ridge who shot the victim - Grant shot himself out of rage and jealousy. His wife still loved Ridge, and Grant wanted to have him out of the way in prison where Brooke couldn't talk or see him anymore. That way he and Brooke couldn't move on with their relationship. The judge admonishes Jonathan for his performance and has the entire speech stricken from the record, and cautions the jury that what they just heard was **NOT** evidence.

So now Teresa steps back up for redirect examination, and she asks Grant who shot him. Grant points at Ridge and says "It was that man there - Ridge Forrester!" The people rest their cast and they have no further witnesses...

Thursday, May 15, 1997

At their home, Brooke finds Grant upset and depressed; Grant tells her that his statements while under oath were something that he had to do. He continues to explain that Jonathan asked about their personal lives while trying to prove his theory that he shot himself due to the fact that they Brooke didn't have a "sex life" until after the shooting. It is only going to get worse, he warns. Brooke wants to know if he feels better now that he has had his say; Grant says it is not a matter of "feeling better," it was something he had to do. Grant says that after this trial nobody is going to win because all of their lives are being ripped apart (including the kids and Ridge) and he is sorry about that. Brooke suggests that he amend his story - tell the court that, upon thinking about it, he wasn't really sure it was Ridge in the doorway. Brooke asks if Grant is sure---because if he isn't, he has an obligation to help Ridge. Brooke goes upstairs and leaves Grant seriously thinking about what she said.

At the Warwick home, Sheila lies on the floor, moaning and holding her abdomen. She tells Maggie that she needs her doctor because she is afraid for the baby. Maggie is all aflutter; she finally hurries to the phone and calls for an ambulance. "Hurry", she tells them, "a lady has fallen and she is pregnant." So the ambulance arrives and they have to take Sheila to the hospital because there is bleeding. As Sheila is getting ready to leave the house Maggie realizes that she has to leave a note for James. While doing so he arrives home and realizes that Sheila isn't there. A reluctant Maggie tells him what happened. James questions her and Maggie tells him about the fight and Sheila falling. "BUT WHAT ABOUT MY BABY?" he yells and leaves for the hospital

Grant is gazing intently at a picture of the kids; he is deep in thought, as if he is coming to a difficult decision. He is interrupted by a knock at the door that reveals an angry Eric. "Close the door", Eric tells him, "I have something to say and you will listen."

Eric wants a piece of Grant for the "travesty" in court. You perjured yourself, but now I want the truth, he demands. Grant insists that he told the truth---in fact he is getting very tired of trying to justify himself against everyone wanting "the truth"---there is no winner here, he says. You must think I am a moron if you believe that I would shoot myself, he says to Eric. Eric wants to know what happened then, if he did not do it to himself. Eric wants Grant to realize that he is a man with his life about to fall apart, and he has two choices: come clean, or face the wrath of the Forresters. No matter how long it takes, Eric promises, we will make you pay!

The paramedics rush Sheila into the emergency room. The doctor (Doctor Kelly, the same one who operated on Grant) examines Sheila and remarks that she has a lot of bruising. "What happened, did you fall down the stairs?" she asks. Sheila just wants her to check on the baby, never mind what happened to her. A radiologist arrives and does an ultra sound; Sheila senses something is wrong because the doctors are so quiet. "What? What?!?" she cries.

Eric is about to walk out the door, but Grant stops him this time because he has something to say to him. He continues to tell Eric that they will do it the hard way and let the chips fall where they may, because he is tired of taking all of the abuse from the Forresters. He says that Jonathan humiliated him and Brooke today, and he is tired of being called a liar. Grant says Eric and his family have ruined him, his wife and the kids; maybe someday he'll forgive them, he says, but not while his family is suffering, even if he has to nail Ridge to the wall. If they continue to abuse his family, he will exact a price no matter how long it takes---practically the same words Eric has used against him. Eric heads for the door and tells Grant to consider himself warned, because Hunter Jones will find the truth, and then Grant will be the one in prison!

James arrives at the hospital. The doctor tells him that both Sheila and the baby are doing fair but they are both in trouble. She explains about the bleeding and how that can't be a good sign. James asks to see Sheila. The doctor allows him to see her, but first, she tells him that Sheila is going to need all the support she can get for some time to come. James walks into the room to find Sheila in tears. Sheila tells James that she will not lose their child--even if she has to pay the price herself! (Remember this is what happened to his mother when he was born!!!!)

Friday, May 16, 1997

Ridge is working out in his hotel room, not a pant to be heard, but the sweat is glistening blindingly. . . and the whole look is amazingly devoid of disarray. He hears a knock at the door grabbing a towel, he answers it and finds Taylor. She inquires politely if this is a good time. Ridge predictably answers that though it's a surprise, she is entirely welcome, he's having a workout


They briefly review the day, reaching the conclusion that it wasn't a great day, since Grant was quite effective on the stand. They should have known. Taylor agrees that it was to be expected, but Ridge will have his day in court. Ridge tells her that Jonathan is with Hunter right now, trying to solve the mystery of the gunshot residue.

Taylor looks at Ridge's retreating back after he expresses complete bafflement as to the means of the residue being on his hands. Her gaze subtly shifts and she wearily ponders this great mystery.

Jonathan is a little put out with Hunter Jones, to have to meet him in the room with the evidence, rather than back at his office. Hunter admits to being continually pulled back to the evidence. Jonathan is impatient - the heck with the evidence, he exclaims, what about the gunshot residue? Hunter tells him that he'll have answers. When? Jonathan plaintively inquires. Hopefully before the first witness for the defense is called. Jonathan, being a lawyer of some repute, patiently explains that a defense of a client, based on hopes, is not the most desirable of defenses. If the barium and antimony (a.k.a. gunshot residue) on Ridge's hands did not come from the gun, where did it come from? Hunter provides a classic, world weary detective stare into the abyss of soap opera oblivion. . .and we cut away. . .

At the Wariwck home, Lauren rushes in, wearing some sort of satin lounging thing. She came as requested. What's up? A distraught Maggie explains that Sheila fell, an ambulance was called and now the expectant mother is in the hospital. Lauren expresses astonishment and then queries the circumstances. Maggie takes a breath and launches into the account of how she found out that Sheila and James had had dinner at the Cafe Russe, had seen her and Curtis together. Lauren is nonplused - Maggie ate with the plumber, she asks? Maggie assures her that it was perfectly innocent. Sheila and James being there could not be innocent, however. Maggie admits to having confronted Sheila, having told her to get out, Sheila's lack of cooperation, the ensuing struggle and then Sheila's pulling away and falling. Maggie is guilt-ridden, admitting that she had not wanted to get physical. Lauren comes up behind, asking if James knows about this. Maggie turns, admits that he does and he is at the hospital. Uh-oh, this doesn't look good. Lauren stares seriously at Maggie.

James is at the window in Sheila's hospital room, pensively gazing out. Sheila awakens, restless and uncomfortable. James rushes to her side, advising her to refrain from moving. Sheila asks how long she's been sleeping. Only a few minutes, James gently replies. Doctor has checked, there's a little bleeding, they're monitoring closely. It could be a tear in the cervix from the fall. Sheila is relieved, that's not too serious. James offers the alternative possibility that it's the placenta. Sheila responds with dismay, and James quickly tells her that they are not to think about that. Of course they are, there's no choice. There could be a possible early labor. Sheila is despondent at the thought of the baby having to survive at the ripe old age of only twenty-eight weeks. Her eyes travel sadly heavenward.

Sheila asks James what determines the baby's chances at birth. James says it depends on the weight. So what's the weight, Sheila turns and asks James. Between one and two and a half pounds, he replies. Sheila gets concerned at the tiny size. James reminds her that she hasn't gone into labor, the baby's heartbeat is strong and she hasn't had contractions. A couple of more weeks rest is all she should need. What is the prognosis if she goes into labor in the next couple of days? James tells her that if the baby weighs two pounds or more, there's an eighty chance of survival; if two pounds or less, the baby's mortality increases, but there's still a good chance at survival. Sheila snaps that she doesn't want to take chances with their baby. James jumps in with his assurance that no more does he want to take chances, and that's why she has to get rest and help the baby to grow stronger daily. Sheila smiles sweetly, agreeing with James. Then she muses on the unfairness of fate, wondering why this had to happen when all was going so well. Quick snap to James' angry/tortured/bewildered/sad expression. He asks Sheila point blank why it happened. Sheila stares at him miserably.

At the hotel, Taylor approaches from the dresser. Ridge is on the bed. Taylor quietly comes to him, telling him she knows things don't look good, but it's to be expected. She tries to reassure him that his defense hasn't even begun yet. Ridge wonders about the defense not having significant enough facts. Taylor reminds him that reasonable doubt is all that is needed. Ridge looks at her. Taylor seriously tells him she knows that he didn't do it, and that she may be biased, but above that she knows the type of person he is. The jury will believe Jonathan's characterization of Ridge as a good person. She insists that Ridge not let go of that.

Ridge looks at her and quietly tells her that he's unable to express how important her support of him has been. Taylor is incredulous that he ever could question it. Ridge admits wryly that he has been questioning everything lately. He gets up, continuing his thought. Seeing her there in the gallery, day after day, has provided him with strength. Taylor, with a wistful little smile, claims that at least he has some use for her. Ridge admonishes her gently that it's more than use, it's need. Taylor looks up, skeptical and sympathetic. Everything will get better, she promises him, just hold on to that. Ridge replies that things are already better. He lets her know that he appreciates her visit, because he knows how busy she is. Taylor cannot resist getting a little emotional, gently insisting that this trial and his wellbeing are her highest priority - does he really not know that? Ridge smiles, "Oh Doc," and they embrace, Taylor's tears at the ready, her face a blend of sympathy, apprehension, love and caution. They break apart, make eye contact and Ridge slowly approaches to kiss her. Taylor is clearly not fully relaxed.

Hunter has the trophy and evidence in hand. Jonathan is in a slightly desperate tirade mode, needing reassurance on how Grant's plan resulted in Ridge's hands having gunshot residue (GSR). Hunter interrupts to request that they back up, that's not as important right now. Jonathan is halted, mildly astonished, mildly worried. Hunter asserts that there could be a problem with the premise of their defense. Jonathan is becoming unglued, and reminds Hunter that he was the one proving weeks ago that Grant shot himself. Then, as he asks Hunter to reassure him that this is not what is bothering him, he looks at Hunter, sees the slightly sheepish look and realizes the awful truth: tomorrow's defense is unraveling right before his eyes. We see Jonathan's stomach plummeting to his toes, his blood pressure rocketing upward, as his shocked gaze lies on Hunter's closed face.

Hunter finally responds that the evidence is not matching. Jonathan is unglued completely. His case, his **entire** case, is proving Grant's culpability. Hunter just needs time to examine the evidence some more. There is no time and now it looks as though their directions are completely opposed. Hunter made this defense, Jonathan points out, and he insists that he must go up on the stand and help him with this. Hunter responds aggressively that he cannot be put up on the stand, and the judge must be asked for a continuance. Jonathan says that cannot be done. Hunter continues that he if he does go on the stand he will hurt Ridge's case. More importantly, he will not perjure himself for a defense story he no longer is sure holds water.

Lauren asks about the baby's condition. Maggie responds that it's an unknown, they won't give out the information over the phone to her. James is furious, Sheila will be in for a while ... what to do, what to do? Lauren states the obvious, that the baby has to be fine. If not, James will never forgive her, Maggie responds miserably, some self-blame evident. Lauren insists that James cannot afford to be left alone with Sheila, not before he is made to see the truth. Maggie rather helplessly asks how he can be expected to see the truth when all he can focus on is that baby. She herself cannot stop thinking of that. Lauren is trying to convince Maggie of the seriousness of Sheila's advantage. Maggie starts to come to her own defense, explaining that Sheila was not pushed - she pulled away from Maggie's grasp and fell. Lauren turns the sword in the wound, reminding Maggie that Sheila is likely to present Maggie as the wrongdoer. Maggie's brief surge of adrenaline subsides and she gives in. If Sheila is going to twist facts and James is going to believe her, that is up to him. She's without resources to convince James of the truth. Lauren insists that she defend herself. Maggie responds with a beautiful line: "Against what? Against a pregnant woman who's lying in a hospital bed, telling James that I'm the one who put her there?" Maggie collapses back on the couch, her guilt kicking in. Lauren comes by to discourage her from taking responsibility for this, Sheila is a master manipulator. Well, Maggie says, Sheila's holding the cards now, she could really destroy her marriage. Maggie stares off into a bleak future.

James wants Sheila's side of the story. Sheila asks what Maggie said. James tells her. Sheila tells James that it's true; Maggie wanted her to leave, Sheila wouldn't, and Maggie tried to force her. James is overcome. How could Maggie do this to a seven months pregnant woman? He stalks over to the window.

Sheila goes against character and resignedly admits that Maggie was not to blame, that she was understandably desperate. Sheila, in her position, would have done the same. Sheila pulling away caused the fall, Maggie did not push her. James approaches her, astonished that Sheila would tell him this, when she could have used the information to implicate Maggie without him ever being able to know any differently. A vulnerable, guilt-ridden Sheila confesses that she doesn't want him, or anyone, to think of her as a liar anymore. If that baby is hurt or dies because of this incident, she must share blame. James rushes to reassure her that the baby will be fine; she must believe that, and she must be as committed as he is. Sheila looks at him, the weight of the world in her expression. She promises she's committed to this baby.

Ridge and Taylor are still kissing. Taylor pulls away, not noticeably relaxed. Ridge quietly asks Taylor not to pull away again. In a moment Taylor looks up, unable to respond that she never pulled away. Ridge left their marriage to marry Brooke. Taylor has been there on some level for him all along. She walks away. Ridge asserts things were more complicated than that. Taylor wants to focus on the trial, not get into this now. Ridge is determined to make her know that the children were the reason he left his marriage with Taylor.

Those kids needed him, more than Brooke needed him, more than Taylor, he explains. Taylor has to absorb this; she asks, he stayed with Brooke because of the children? (There's some understandable doubt in her voice and expression.). Ridge asks if she really didn't realize deep down that those kids were the reason, that there had never really been a question that he would have done anything for them. Taylor, with a wealth of hurt from having not broached this subject after all this time, tells him rather pitiably that all she knows is that he didn't want their marriage. The marriage wasn't the issue, he explains. Those kids looked to him for protection, and saw him as a father. In perhaps the most ironic, amusing, understated and longest awaited exchange of all time, Taylor says, "You didn't say anything." and Ridge responds, "I'm saying it now."

He again explains that he divorced her because of two children watching their world fall apart. Taylor looks shell-shocked. Ridge looks surprisingly adult and realizes just how much in the dark he has left her. He doesn't know what's going to happen. If he gets convicted and is sent to prison. Taylor starts with distress about that thought, and he shushes her. If he is going to prison, he wants her to know why he had to let her go. He knew she would survive without him. Those kids were so young that they would not have fared as well, they wouldn't have survived. Taylor is still dazed. Ridge brushes her face and begs her to tell him she understands. He loves her. He loves her so much, He always will. Hearing all of this, Taylor starts to cry, finally, finally letting go the defenses that have been in place since Ridge chose Brooke.

Ridge pulls her to him and kisses her hungrily. She responds and then they move off to the recliner. The show fades out as they begin to make love.

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Week of 5/19/97 5/23/97

Monday, May 19, 1997

Taylor reminisces about the night she and Ridge spent together; she smiles at the memory, replaying their night of passion in her mind until a knock at her door interrupts her. It's Thorne; he says he tried calling her last night and wonders where she was.

Meanwhile, back at the motel, Ridge is getting dressed and day dreaming of the previous evening. He gets a visitor too. It's Jonathan. Ridge tells him that he didn't get any sleep the night before and that he has to have his freedom. Something happened that made him see that clearly. Jonathan asks if he's ready, and Ridge says he's never been readier. Ridge then tells Jonathan he will meet him in court; the lawyer tells him not to be late for their turn at bat. After Jonathan leaves Ridge looks at Taylor's wine glass and thinks of her. He vows "We are going to be together Taylor, only this time it can be forever."

Brooke and Grant talk about the trial. Grant thinks their lives will be much better once it is over. He wants to get on with their lives as a family. Brooke wonders where Rick is.

There is a knock at Ridge's guessed it, It's Eric Jr. He is very worried about his big brother. Ridge asks how he and Bridget are and comments on his new look, (leather jacket and slicked back hair). Rick reminds him that he is not a kid anymore. Rick expresses his anger toward Grant. He feels that Grant is a liar who made the whole thing up. He hates him and doesn't like him living at the house. Ridge reminds him that his mother did marry him. Rick feels that much of this is Brooke's fault as well. He is afraid that Ridge will end up behind bars. Rick says that all his mom cares about is her new husband. Ridge disagrees and knows that she is probably worried, and offers to drive Rick home. As they leave, he casts a concerned look at Rick.

At the beach house, Thorne continues to question Taylor about her whereabouts. Taylor says that she was just "out"; and when pressed for details, she says she had to help someone. Thorne says that whoever she was with should feel quite lucky to have the beautiful Dr. Hayes making house calls. Taylor says that they need to go. Ridge needs to know that they support him. Thorne agrees, and they're off.

Brooke asks Grant to tell the prosecutor if he has any doubt about who shot him. Grant tells her not to go there - reopening the investigation will be the worst thing for anyone, he informs his wife. He again says that Ridge shot me and is going to jail, end of story, and kisses her good bye.

Rick returns home. Brooke hears the door open and asks, "Grant, is that you?" Rick sarcastically replies, "No mom, it's JUST me". She is even more surprised when she sees Ridge is there, as well. Rick and Brooke get into an argument about Grant. Ridge tries to talk to Rick and then asks to speak to Brooke. Before Rick leaves he tells Ridge that he believes in him.

Ridge then brings up his concerns about Rick to Brooke, and asks her what she intends to do. She isn't sure - but she is sure that Rick loves Ridge. Ridge assures Brooke that he will always be there for Rick. She fears that one day he won't be able to. Brooke touches his face and says, "Good luck Ridge, my prayers are with you" and kisses his cheek. A tear rolls down her face. Ridge leaves.

Back at the courthouse, everyone wonders where Ridge is; Eric, Stephanie and Felicia are all concerned. Stephanie (who has a bump on her head, which Eric brought her aspiring for) ponders her upcoming testimony. Jonathan warns her not to let her emotions get the best of her. Since she is to testify next, Jonathan tells her she has to leave - Grant enters as Stephanie leaves. Seconds later, Ridge is there and Stephanie says, "I won't let you down". Court is called to order and Ridge walks past Grant. They share a confrontational stare. Ridge then turns to Taylor and gives her one of those looks that speak a million words. She looks back at him the same way with tears in her eyes.

Rick comes downstairs and sees that Ridge is gone. Rick asks Brooke why she doesn't help Ridge. She stresses that she has tried repeatedly to speak to Grant. Rick says that Grant is a big, fat, liar. Brooke pleads with him to give Grant a chance. He's gone through a lot. She assures her son that no one will ever replace him, and that he is the most important man in her life. She begs him to believe her. She cries and says, "You've got to believe me. You do believe me, right?" Rick says he has to go and heads upstairs. She stops him and hugs him. She tells him that they are a family, and although change is hard they will make it. They both have tears in their eyes.

Stephanie is questioned. It is revealed that Grant was the first to see Stephanie's gun, and that he knew that she was taking it to Ridge. It is also revealed that Grant never voiced this fear he says he had of Ridge to her - which Jonathan points out is odd, given Grant's testimony that he told everyone. She also testifies that as CEO, Grant had access to all of the offices - even Ridge's private office. Opposing council objects to her testimony, but Stephanie goes on and on about the fact that Ridge is innocent. (Wild objections) Stephanie does not heed any of the warnings; she stands up and says, "You want facts, I'll give you facts." She says that Ridge has nothing in his past that would ever lead to this, and that the killer is sitting in this very room. "He is right there!!" She points to Grant. She screams, "He shot himself!!" and warns him, "You can fool the prosecutor and everybody else; but you will never have me fooled!"

Grant stares back at Stephanie. The courtroom is in an uproar. It looks as though no one can believe what has just transpired, and the fear is how damaging is Stephanie's outburst going to be for Ridge's case....

Tuesday, May 20, 1997

As Clarke prepares to leave Spectra to go to court, since he has been called to testify, Sally insists on coming with him for moral support. Clarke informs her that there is no need for that - in fact, he's looking forward to the chance to get even with Ridge. Sally reminds her arrogant ex-husband that he's being called to testify **FOR** Ridge - which is reason to worry, since he might be forced to say something that will hurt his good friend Grant. Grant is a dangerous and powerful man, Sally reminds him - although she knows Clarke obviously doesn't see it that way, since he still refuses to accept Hunter Jones' theory that Grant Chambers may have shot himself. Clarke, however, isn't worried, and tells Sally he has no intention of hurting Grant. With that, they're off to the courthouse.

Michael is in her office, on the phone when Enrique pops in to see her. "Where have you been?" she asks him. He informs her that he's been in court every day, watching the trial in support of Ridge. Michael has a hard time believing this - while support of Ridge is all well and good, Enrique has a ton on work piling up at the office that just isn't getting done. Enrique explains that the whole situation with Ridge is tearing him up inside - Ridge is his friend, and when he thinks about what he's going through thanks to Grant, there's just no way he can be sitting behind a desk shuffling papers. He just can't stand by idly while Ridge might be convicted. And what if Ridge isn't convicted, Michael asks? Enrique cuts her off and says he'll see her later, and turns to leave.

In court, Teresa begins her cross-examination of Stephanie, after Stephanie's outburst that her son isn't the would-be-killer, but Grant is. She asks Stephanie about the rivalry going on between Ridge and Thorne, competing for the same woman, suggesting its violent nature. In fact, Teresa points out, it was so violent that Ridge once punched his brother over it. Stephanie has no choice but to admit that is true. Teresa then moves on to Ridge and Grant, pointing out the three hostile encounters between tem - including one where Ridge had to be pulled off Grant because he appeared to be choking him. Why on Earth would Stephanie bring a gun to her son, knowing of this hostility?

Stephanie says she had no reason not to give Ridge the gun - it needed to be fixed, and her son is no killer. Teresa admits that is true - but couldn't Stephanie have just as easily given him the gun at home, instead of bringing it to an office which she knew had such tension between Ridge and Grant? Stephanie can't explain that, so Teresa ends her questioning. Stephanie apologizes to her son, fearing that she has not helped him.

As Enrique leaves, Brooke comes in - Brooke senses it's a bad time and asks if she should come back. Michael says no - she did have something that she wanted to go into with Enrique, but she's had second thoughts. Brooke then explains the reason why she came - since she is going to be called to testify soon, she thought she would ask Michael (who has already been on the stand) what she's in for when Teresa questions her.

Jonathan calls his next witness - Clarke. Clarke takes the stand, and Jonathan asks about the day that Grant summoned him to his office at Forrester. Clarke says Grant was frightened - not that he blames him, because he had good reason to be. He tries to build on that comment, but the judge tells him to stop with the editorial comments and just answer the questions.

Jonathan then presents a piece of evidence - the GUN SCENE book from Grant's office. He asks Clarke about the book, and Clarke explains how Grant showed him Stephanie's gun in the book. In flashback, we see the conversation between Clarke and Grant in the office - including the part where Clarke informed Grant that, while the gun is nothing Dirty Harry would use, it would be potent enough to get the job done. He remembers explaining how a shoulder wound from that gun would probably not be fatal, but a blow to the head would be. The flashback ends with Clarke asking why all the questions, and Grant explaining that he thinks he's a target for a bullet.

With this picture of Grant as a man afraid for his life, Jonathan is curious. Was Grant taking steps to protect himself? Was he acting like a man whose life was in danger? No, he wasn't - and why would that be, unless this man who claimed he was in so much danger wasn't, because he knew all along there was no threat? Is that possible, Jonathan asks - and Clarke is forced to admit that yes, it is.

Michael tells Brooke that Teresa has a way of getting you to say what you don't mean - but that shouldn't worry Brooke, since Teresa is on her side. Brooke explains she is on Ridge's side - she believes that he is innocent. What she doesn't believe is his theory about Grant - how can Ridge expect her to believe that of a man who has been so supportive to her and her children. She just can't accept that he shot himself as Ridge claims.

Michael says she knows Grant as well as anyone - and based on her experience, she believes that Grant could have set up the shooting as Ridge has guessed. But, as she points out, Brooke doesn't believe that. And if Brooke is going to stick to that belief in Grant, she better be ready, because getting on that witness stand is not going to be easy.

As Clarke leaves the stand and the court takes a recess, Teresa tells Grant that despite Clarke's testimony, they still have the facts on their side. Clarke did hurt them, but not badly. Clarke then comes up to them - since Teresa is going to cross-examine him next, he wants to know what he can say or do to make things easier. "What I'd like is to erase the last five minutes of this courtroom from the jury's minds," she says - but since she can't do that, she has no time for nonsense. Explaining that she has to find some way to counter the damage Clarke just did, she takes her leave. A dumbfounded and ashamed Clarke is joined by Sally, who takes him out of the courtroom. As they leave, we see Enrique in the gallery - he looks over at Grant, smiles, and points a finger at him. Grant notices, and has a concerned look on his face.

Elsewhere in the room, Ridge commends Jonathan, who feels like the case may be turning their way. Taylor joins him, and she tries to get him to recognize things that things are now going his way. Yes, they are, Ridge admits - but actually, they started to turn last night. Taylor is his good luck charm, he points out, and more - she is the strength that he is drawing upon to get him through all this.

As Taylor and Ridge exchange loving glances, Thorne stands with Stephanie and Jonathan. Stephanie congratulates Jonathan, and then asks her younger son for his opinion. Thorne, as if his mind were somewhere else, agrees that Jonathan did a great job - but even though his words are directed towards Jonathan, he can't help but look at Ridge and Taylor.

Wednesday, May 21, 1997

As he pours a cup of coffee, Grant compliments Brooke on how wonderful she looks - but first, he has to talk to her about something. He felt like a duck in a shooting gallery on the stand when he testified, but his convictions got him through. However, he doesn't sense that same conviction in Brooke. Does she really believe Ridge's theory, he asks? Brooke says she doesn't believe Grant shot himself - still, even though she cannot explain it, she still believes Ridge is innocent. Grant says this isn't just about her - this has to end, and the only way to do that is to make Ridge take responsibility for what happened. He has to pay for that - not him and Brooke, and not the kids - or their family will not survive. "Do not put him first - not this time," Grant instructs her as he goes to wait in the car.

At the courthouse, Taylor notices Ridge isn't happy about having Brooke testify - she is going to be torn, and he fears she may take Grant's side. "No, Ridge - when it comes to Brooke, she will always choose you," Taylor states. Taylor says it's funny - in the past, that has kept them apart, and now, "our future depends on it." Ridge notices she said, "**our** future," and Taylor says that is indeed what she said.

Outside, Thorne is about to go in, but Stephanie stops him, since Ridge and Taylor are inside. Thorne says he'll give them time alone when Taylor asks him to. Stephanie then tells Thorne she knows about the engagement ring (which stuns Thorne), and that his decision to wait before giving it to her was a wise one. Taylor needed time to sort out her feelings, and Stephanie thinks she has done that. Thorne is about to argue with his mother when Jonathan arrives. Steph asks Jonathan if he really thinks Brooke can make a difference, and the lawyer says that a woman saying her husband is a liar can be powerful indeed. Still, Thorne points out, they don't have an explanation for the gunshot residue. That, Jonathan tells him, is up to Hunter Jones.

Grant takes a seat and tells Teresa that Brooke is nervous, but will be fine. Brooke is then called to the stand and is sworn in. Jonathan asks how long she and Grant have been married, and was it a happy marriage. Teresa objects, but the judge allows it. Brooke states that she is happy in her marriage, and her husband loves her. Jonathan then goes back to the day of the shooting - Brooke was in Paris with her daughter and her parents, but rushed home when she heard the shocking news. It was a moment of crisis, she agrees with Jonathan, since Grant was almost killed, but she was relieved to see he was not dead.

Jonathan points out how Brooke was by Grant's side for a week after the shooting - she was a devoted wife. But that wasn't always the case, he asks. He asks Brooke about her life with Grant before the shooting, indicating there was no sex. Teresa objects.

In the room where the evidence is stored, Hunter looks at a bag with a golf tee in it. Lt. Baker comes in - the police officer can't believe that Hunter keeps staring at the evidence, and he would think Hunter has better things to do, like proving his theory. "Have a nice day, Lt.," Hunter tells him. Baker then picks up the bag Hunter has been looking at, and sees the tee says "Beverly Hills G.C." "What's the meaning of this?" he asks. Hunter reveals that it's the Beverly Hills Golf Club, which Baker says he knew - that he doesn't know is what it means. Baker says Hunter reminds him of his grandmother - a sweet old lady who does jigsaw puzzles, and who has a piece of the puzzle that won't fit. Hunter is not amused.

Just them, a woman comes in - a uniformed cop tries to stop her, but Hunter says, "she's with me." She hands Hunter a folder, and says the first test is "a match - an exact match." Hunter is pleased. She then tells him her second test was "negative," to which Hunter replies, "just as I thought." He takes his leave.

After Hunter is gone, Baker holds the tee, and continues to wonder what it means. The officer says Hunter is always in there, but that's not surprising, since Hunter is part of the defense team. Baker says he knows, and explains Hunter's theory about Grant shooting himself. The officer finds that strange - even though Hunter is in there a lot, he seems preoccupied with the golf stuff, especially the tee, and not the stuff that would be associated with his theory.

In court, the judge says she is going to allow Jonathan to prove his theory, so she will allow the line of questioning - Brooke must answer, unless Jonathan wishes to withdraw the question. Jonathan does just that, changing to a more direct, "When were you first intimate with your husband?" Brooke says she isn't sure, but is forced to admit that it was after the shooting. "Was it Grant's choice?" he asks, and Brooke says it was nobody's choice - however, as he questions her further, she admits that it was her choice not to sleep with Brooke. "He never complained, not once during all those months," Jonathan says, and Brooke says she didn't say that. Jonathan knows she didn't, and suspects she won't - he then asks if Grant was upset, and did they ever argue. Brooke says they did, but Grant was understanding of her situation

Jonathan asks "What situation," and points out that Brooke must have discussed it with her husband. "What did you tell him?" he asks. Brooke recollects a conversation with Grant where she said she was trying - but it was harder than she thought to get over someone she was so close to, so she needed more time. "So when you told Grant there was someone else you couldn't forget, you meant Ridge Forrester?" Jonathan asks. Brooke replies, "Yes." Jonathan points out that Grant knew this - the only thing keeping them apart was Ridge, and if Ridge were out of the way, they would have the perfect marriage. "Isn't that true, Mrs. Chambers? Isn't that the way things were?" Ridge, Taylor, Stephanie and grant all look on, waiting to see what Brooke will say.

Brooke says Jonathan is wrong - it's not part of Grant's character. Jonathan goes back to Brooke naming Grant as CEO - an action that was meant to keep her from Ridge, he reminds her. "After you gave Grant control of the company, things didn't improve, did they?" he asks, and Brooke says no, they didn't; however, even though Ridge was in her head, it was not something she was consciously dwelling on. Still, Brooke was subconsciously dwelling on Ridge, Jonathan points out. "It's possible. But you've got to believe me - I love Grant, and I want to be married to him. Ridge is a part of my past, and not part of my future. I have to move on," she insists.

Brooke is in tears, and Ridge begs, "Give her a break - don't try and destroy her." "It's not her I'm trying to destroy," Jonathan states. Jonathan asks Brooke if Grant knows this, and she says, "He should." "But does he?" Jonathan asks. "I don't know - he's uncomfortable with it," she replies. Jonathan then asks what it is Grant wants - Brooke, the woman, or what she can give him. Brooke is positive he wants her. Jonathan then asks if there's anything Grant hasn't tried to get Ridge out of the picture, and Brooke replies, "He hasn't tried to shoot himself to frame Ridge - I'm sure of that." Jonathan says they should let the jury decide and steps down. Now it's Teresa's turn.

Hunter comes in, and says, "We've gotta talk." Jonathan says, "Not now," but Hunter insists, "I've got something that will blow the lid right off this case." Ridge and Grant look at each other yet again, wondering what's going on.

Thursday, May 22, 1997

Hunter rushes into the courtroom while Brooke is still on the stand and informs Jonathan that he has information that is going to blow the lid off this case! He and Jonathan stand there, looking through the folder that Hunter brought with him. Jonathan says he will put Hunter on the stand just as soon as he is finished questioning Brooke. But Hunter doesn't want to be put on the stand; he tells Jonathan that it would be a mistake. He doesn't want to be cross-examined by the prosecution. But Jonathan insists.

Grant is sitting on the other side of the courtroom and now is worried about what is going on with the other side. Teresa tells him that whatever it is, she hopes that Jonathan puts Hunter on the stand, because the investigator is hiding something and she can't wait to find out what it is.

The Judge tells the defense to continue with their case and Jonathan hesitates. Sensing that Jonathan wants to question Hunter, Teresa defers her cross-examination of Brooke to a later time. Jonathan puts Hunter on the stand and asks him about his credentials. Hunter says that he was educated in Australia and worked at Scotland Yard where he was a gunshot expert. He explains what "gunshot residue" (GSR) is and that it is a mixture of barium and antimony. He explained that it is not just these two elements alone do not necessarily equal gunshot residue - they have to be on the proper proportions. He tested the bullets in the gun, and found that the proportions of the two minerals on Ridge's hands showed too much antimony and not enough barium.

In her hospital room, Sheila has a flower delivery - her old buddy, Mike Guthrie, manages to be in disguise as the deliveryman! He is worried about her and confesses that he prayed for her "last night." Sheila says it is nice to have such a good friend; but Mike says he has always hoped that he could be more than her friend. Sheila reminds Mike yet once again that it will never be romantic for them. Mike is hurt, but offers to stay and play a game of cards with her; Sheila, however, tells him that James is on his way to see her. Mike knows he has to leave as he is still "on the lam."

James arrives and finds Sheila in good spirits. She tells him that she is still spotting, so James goes in search of the doctor because he wants some answers. James and Sheila tell the doctor that they want him to be perfectly honest with them and want to know what are the baby's chances. The doctor tells them that a premature baby could require a lot of care and a long hospitalization after birth. There could be brain damage; Sheila looks devastated, but the doctor tells her that if she can hold off giving birth---even for a short time---it will help insure the safety of the baby. Every week that passes will insure a healthier baby. She advises rest and avoidance of any stress, and to do so she advises a two month stay in the hospital.

Jonathan questions Hunter about the difference in the proportion of the barium and antimony found on Ridge's hands. Hunter says it could have come from something else. Jonathan produces some fashion sketches and introduces them into evidence. Jonathan says that they were the same sketches that Grant had Megan deliver "directly into Ridge's hands." Teresa asks Grant if this is true and Grant has a recall of giving the sketches to Megan and telling her to put them into Ridge's hands. Grant admits that it is true but can't understand the significance. On the stand, Hunter explains that, in his opinion, the barium and antimony came from the still-wet printer's ink on the sketches--a new ink that they were using. Enrique is sitting in the back of the courtroom looking on and becoming very worried as Hunter Jones testifies.

When Jonathan releases the witness, Teresa is ready and willing to begin her cross-examination of Hunter. Teresa questions Hunter about the "gunshot residue." He answers that there were no traces of barium or antimony on anything else--not the piping, not the award. Under intense cross-examination, Hunter admits that he no longer believes the theory that Grant shot himself. Teresa has him repeat what he has just said. The defense is using a lie to defend their client. "All I can say," he answers, "is that Grant Chambers did not shoot himself." Teresa says it's fine that this is all he can say - because it's more than enough. Ridge and Jonathan are in shock as they realize the harm that Hunter's testimony has done...

Friday, May 23, 1997

James has a visit from Lauren, who can see that her buddy, the shrink, is torn up about the baby. Lauren says she can understand and sympathize with that - but what she doesn't understand is the feeling she gets that James is deeply moved about Sheila. Lauren warns him not to fall for her act, but James doesn't think there is an act. "What does she have to gain?" he asks, and Lauren points out the obvious answer - two parents for her child. James, being protective of Sheila, reminds Lauren that they have to be both realistic and compassionate about Sheila, since she is the one who is giving so much right now, without getting anything in return. Lauren wonders if this means James is considering letting Sheila keep her child. He tells her no, but it does mean he is being sympathetic about the victim. Lauren asks, what about Maggie? Isn't she a victim, too?

At the hospital, Sheila gets a visit from Maggie, who tries to say how really sorry she is about what has happened to Sheila. "Tell it to the baby," Sheila sarcastically replies, since that is who is fighting for its life right now. Maggie says she is sure everything will be fine, including the baby, and inquires about Sheila's well being. "Are you here because of concern for me, or your investment?" Sheila asks. Maggie then admits the truth - she's here because she was hoping she would find James - he didn't come home last night. Maggie has to find him, since she's sure that Sheila has already given James her spin on what happened, making Maggie look like the bad guy, as usual.

Sheila tiredly tells Maggie that she doesn't blame her for the accident. Maggie skeptically admits that she doubts Sheila's sincerity. A little exasperated, Sheila explains that trying to make sure that the baby is alright has somewhat overwhelmed her, leaving her little to no energy to focus on anything else. She delivers an incredibly eloquent speech on the importance of making that baby healthy, secure, loved. Maggie quietly commends her, making a point to let her know that she and James will provide the love and security. Choosing her words carefully, Maggie gently reminds Sheila of her promise to turn the baby over to them. Trying to be reassuring, she explains that giving that baby to her and James will provide him the love of two parents who love him more than anything in the world.

Saint Sheila sadly voices her doubts that Maggie could love a child from her body. Maggie points out patiently that the child is also of James and she can love him or her as though it is her own. Sheila jumps on this, pointing out that the child is not her own and there will be no way to tell what kind of mother she will be until it's too late.

Maggie slowly gathers momentum to go to virago stage, insistent that Sheila understands that there is to be no backing down on the agreed upon option. She insists that Sheila tell her that this is understood. Looking a bit defiant, Sheila stares up at Maggie and then looks away as she quietly concedes. Maggie tells her she'll check on her tomorrow. Sheila spiritedly replies that she'll be there. Maggie prepares to leave, letting Sheila know she is going home to James to defend herself "against whatever version that" Sheila has told him. Sheila looks both anxious and really tired.

Hunter is still on the stand; the P.I. says "All I'm saying is that Grant Chambers didn't shoot himself - that's all." And that's more than enough, Teresa announces with righteous indignation, going into a diatribe on how Hunter has needlessly humiliated the Chambers family before this court with his foundationless theory. Jonathan objects vehemently.

The Judge chastises Teresa for her outspoken criticism, and for her demand for an apology from Hunter Jones and the defense for deliberately humiliating Brooke. Using Hunter's admission of lack of confidence in the theory of Grant shooting himself, Teresa goes into full fledged, theatrical histrionics. She takes great license to make statements that imply that the defense has deliberately used a trumped up theory that never had any. The judge stops her, mid-tirade, and Teresa delivers a devil eyed glare to Jonathan.

Teresa pounds Hunter into the ground, forcing him to concede that there is no longer any grounds for his theory and there are no witnesses. She then again steps out of line, expressing her opinion that Jonathan's, Ridge's and Hunter's hope that the "jury would buy this ridiculous theory" is all that sustains it. Having opined her piece and been objected to by Jonathan and had his objection sustained by her honor, Teresa retreats, leaving Hunter looking fed up and Ridge less than "hopeful".

Maggie comes home to a very terse James. He explains that his anger forced him to stay in his office. Maggie says she can understand that, and then launches into her account of what happened. She is quite surprised when James expresses belief in her account, until she realizes that Sheila has pulled the rug up from under her telling the truth and not exonerating herself in the process. Maggie is a bit overcome at the realization of how clever Sheila is, eliciting James' sympathy through the use of noble candor. James is patently on Sheila's side, still expressing his bewilderment about how Maggie could be so unsympathetic to a woman who is going to have to sacrifice so much and who will have to bear so much alone.

We come to a real impasse here, and see Maggie feeling defensive and James uncharacteristically blind and thoughtless. In a truly amazing turn of events, James asks Maggie to extend Sheila full sympathy.

Jonathan is struggling to regain the advantage. He asks if any of the evidence supported the contention of Ridge as guilty. Hunter says no. The Judge then asks if any of the evidence "didn't" support the theory. Hunter concedes no.

Counsel for the prosecution takes exception to Jonathan's contention that the tests neither proved nor disproved Ridge's guilt or innocence. Jonathan asks Hunter if he knows who shot Grant. Hunter replies that he will after he has performed some tests. As prosecution again objects to Jonathan's question, whether Hunter will know who shot Grant after performing the tests, The Judge overrules and declares that she wants to hear the answer. Hunter swears that he will know by the end of the weekend. Jonathan asks for a recess. Teresa does the jack in the box objection response.

Our mother to be, Sheila, is reading on mothering newborns. At the sound of a knock, she tells whoever to come in.

Lauren, the avenging angel, stands at the door and Sheila goes into cornered mode, resorting to the statement that Lauren shouldn't be there. Lauren pretty much tells her that the gig is up as she closes the door behind her (Finally! Get to see some powerhouse dialogue between these two adversaries!).

Teresa is finding it "deplorable" that the defense's failed defense is being jettisoned and that the defense is then asking for a recess to find yet another trumped up theory. The Judge tells her to cut the theatrics and exasperatedly asks Hunter if he really can find a sound theory after the weekend. Hunter stakes his reputation on it. The Judge grants the recess till the following week.

Grant sends Brooke out to the car as everyone files out - other than Ridge and Grant. Ridge taunts him; Grant looks uncharacteristically anxious as he asks Ridge to call off Hunter while stating, without much conviction, that Hunter really has nothing. Ridge refuses to call him off. Grant has a nearly pleading tone and Ridge doesn't understand why, but attributes it to Grant's own guilt and anxiety about losing everything. He takes pleasure in foretelling Grant's downfall. After Ridge walks out, Grant violently throws a chair.

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Week of 5/26/97 - 5/30/97

Monday, May 26, 1997

In the hospital, Sheila is reading a book entitled "Mothering Your Newborn" when she receives an unexpected visitor in her old Genoa City pal, Lauren. Sheila tells her that she shouldn't be here and not to make herself comfortable cause she is not staying. Lauren asks what's the matter - is Sheila afraid that Lauren won't fall for her little act and knows what she's up to? Sheila replies, "I am not well. I am fighting for the life of my child. I am not supposed to get upset and you are upsetting me. So, please leave," Sheila instructs her old foe.

"YOUR child? That is really how you see it. You have no intention of giving this baby to Maggie and James, do you?" Sheila denies the charge, so Lauren tells her, "Then why don't you look me in the eye and tell me you are going to give up this baby as you promised?" Sheila asks Lauren to have some compassion - she should understand, as a mother, what Sheila is feeling. She asks Lauren to think back to when she gave birth to Scotty, which is exactly the wrong move - since it brings back how Sheila stole her son. "Don't think I am not going to tell every nurse here what you did, to keep you away from the newborns!!!!" Lauren spouts with venom, like a snake about to attack her victim

Sheila tells her that she is struggling between herself and a baby that isn't even born yet. Lauren isn't buying the innocent victim act, and asks how long it will be until the danger to the baby is over. Sheila says she isn't sure, and Lauren points out it's too weeks. Sheila replies that even after two or three weeks there are still risks. She only wants things to be better for this child than what she had in her past and what she went through growing up, and she plans to do that by surrounding this child with love. She promises Lauren that if she feels that this child will thrive best with Maggie and James, then that is where he or she will go. Lauren angrily demands that Sheila promise her that she will give the baby up, and she raises her voice. Just then, a nurse on staff comes in because she hears the argument and (at Sheila's request) asks Lauren to leave. Lauren shouts, "Don't let her near the nursery! She stole a baby from a hospital once; MY BABY"

At the mansion, Stephanie, Eric and Felicia are all angry and disappointed in Hunter Jones after his performance on the witness stand. In fact, they summoned Hunter to the house, and he arrives just then. Stephanie is amazed that he would show his face after what happened in the courtroom today. Hunter apologizes and says he screwed up, and Eric yells, "Well, you don't screw up like that, and you certainly don't do it in front of a jury that is about to go into deliberation. It might very well be over for my son, Mr. Jones, if this isn't corrected. I am sorry, Mr. Jones, but I want you off the case. You are fired."

Hunter says Eric can't do that, because Hunter is employed by Ridge, not Eric. The Forresters still come down upon him, until he reminds them of one thing - the facts - and they are facts - are there to prove Ridge is innocent. He warns them to stay out of his face and let him finish his job, because he is the only chance that Ridge has got. Eric says Hunter had best not fail - if he doesn't come through, Eric will come after him with everything he has. Hunter replies, "If I don't, Mr. Forrester, then I'll help you," and he leaves.

Eric tells Stephanie that he believes their son did not shoot Grant and he has to be optimistic about that. Even with someone he doesn't trust like Hunter Jones holding the cards, Eric knows that their love and support for Ridge will bring him through. Stephanie says she has never been as optimistic as Eric has, and he suspects that may be because of how he has treated her over the years. Hunter Jones isn't the only one who has made a big mistake, Eric claims - except Eric is now fixing his. Realizing he is referring to the wedding, Stephanie is upset, because she is happy in this moment with her fiancee and ex-hubbby while Ridge is in such terrible trouble. Eric tells her not to fell guilty - everything will be all right and they will marry in front of the whole family, including Ridge.

In his office, Grant gets a call from his best pal Clarke, who thought that Grant would be on cloud nine after what happened in court today. Clarke is disturbed by what he heard a reporter say on television today - that Grant could be protecting someone, maybe a friend. Clarke is upset because he is the only friend that Grant has and he doesn't want the finger pointing at him. He tells Grant, "I really don't care what you say. You just leave me out of this. I am not taking the rap on this." Grant says he does not rat on his friends, and Clarke responds, "Look, Grant, when Hunter Jones starts to put the pressure on you, who knows what you will do. So I am warning you - don't even try to implicate me because I am not involved, period." Clarke hangs up the phone and finds out that Sally entered his office while he was on the phone. Sally wants to know if he has a reason to worry and if he is more involved in this than he let any of them know. Clarke nervously tells her no - he has no reason to worry, but he's afraid that Grant might get desperate and say something that makes it look like he does.

Enrique steps into Grant's office and says that he has been watching him in court, and he has noticed that Grant is nervous and frightened. Grant threatens to fire Enrique once the trial is over, but Enrique doesn't think so, because the Forresters need him too much. If Ridge goes down for this, Enrique explains, he is going to make sure that Grant follows him. He calls Grant a liar and tells him that he has no idea of what they do to people like him in his country - they make sure that those people never lie again. He calls Grant, "little man", and tells him to enjoy his lie; it will be his last.

The next visitor that Grant receives is Hunter Jones. Grant calls out for Megan, but Hunter isn't going anywhere. The game is up, he says, so he won't be staying long. He just wanted to let Grant know he is going to the Police Station to look at one piece of evidence. Grant thinks Hunter is bluffing, and the P.I. challenges him, "So call me on it."

Grant ends up offering him five times what the Forresters' are paying him to go back under a rock and stay there. Hunter tells him that he is close to finding out the truth - and when he, does Grant should be prepared to lose his job, his marriage and most of all, his freedom, because he is going to do the time and not Ridge. After Hunter leaves his office Grant gets on the phone and makes a call to someone and tells him/her that Hunter Jones has to be stopped, no matter what...

Tuesday, May 27, 1997

Brooke is at home, looking at photos of her and Grant, and them with the kids. Just then, Katie shows up with their mom Beth, just in off the plane from Paris. Beth (who apologizes that Stephen had to stay in Paris) still can't believe everything that has happened and asks if Ridge has taken the stand yet. Brooke informs her family that this whole thing can't be over soon enough for her or her family. Beth asks if she believes Grant when he claims Ridge shot him, and Brooke replies, "He is my husband." Katie points out that doesn't answer the question, so Brooke elaborates, "I have to believe him; but that would mean that Ridge tried to kill somebody, and I just can't accept that. Mother, I don't know what to think. There is no way Grant shot himself. Hunter Jones insists that Ridge didn't do it either."

Just then, Bridget and Rick come in; Bridget is excited to see her grandmother, but Rick is sort of distant and cold. Grandma Logan tells the kids that their mom loves them very much and she would do anything to make them happy.

At Forrester, Grant thanks Teresa for coming - she came right after he called, she explains, since he insisted Hunter Jones has to be stopped. She admits that call had her curious, so Grant informs her that Hunter Jones is coming on real strong now. She still can't understand why he's so worried; "We know who shot you, don't we MR. Chambers?" asks Teresa.

Grant is upset that all of a sudden the finger is being pointed at him and Hunter Jones has to be stopped. The Assistant District Attorney tells him that he can't let Jones get to him, and that it will all be over soon.

Grant states, "Hunter Jones is a dangerous man and he has to be stopped. Otherwise, he is gonna ruin everything that matters to me." With that Grant leave his office in a rush, leaving a surprised Teresa wondering where he is off to.

In his room, Thorne is wearing a green towel and pulls the engagement ring that he bought for Taylor out of the drawer. As he is combing his hair in the mirror, he spots Claudia admiring the view from the doorway and he plays up to her. "Can I help you, Claudia?" he asks, while she admires his body.

Claudia brought him an imported beer - his favorite of course. They discuss that Ridge and Taylor could be together right now as they speak. Claudia tells Thorne that this is no way to live and that he deserves so much better. She can't watch him putting himself through this. "Taylor is a fool - you are a very desirable man and any woman should feel lucky to be with you," she states. Thorne appreciates the ego boost, and she replies, I can be a lot more than a boost to your ego if you would only give me a chance. I care about you and want to see you happy, even if that is with Taylor. You better get dressed." So Claudia leaves, and Thorne goes back to checking out his engagement ring and his plans for his future with Taylor.

At the beach house, Taylor is wearing a metallic little bikini after a swim and Ridge shows up at her door with flowers in hand. He tells her that he can't change the past and he can't predict the future; all they have is the here and now, and at this moment right now, he thinks that Taylor seems pretty good. He had to get out of the hell hole that he has been staying in and needed to see his doc. He needed a taste of freedom because this might be the first of many nights for them, or it could also be the... (This gets interrupted by a kiss).

Taylor tells him that he never ceases to amaze her, and the trial and everything all seem a million miles away. She tells Ridge that she believes in him and in her heart she knows that he is going to get through this.

Ridge shuts off the lights and lights a long candle. "No, I am here with you holding you in my arms. I don't ever want to let you go, Taylor, but the reality is I may have to. But that is what makes tonight so special because we are together again; our minds our souls. There is no turning back now." He asks, "Have you told my brother yet?" and she replies, "No." Ridge says, "I think he should know that once and for all we are together." Ridge tells his lady to sleep well and blows her a kiss goodbye with two fingers from the doorway.

Beth, Brooke, Katie and the kids sit down and get caught up, as they discuss sleeping arrangements. Bridget offers Beth her bed, and she will sleep with her mommy. "What about Grant, Budge?" Rick reminds his sister. There is silence as Brooke, Beth and Katie exchange glances. Rick then leaves when he gets a ride and Brooke tells him to come home early so they can have a special family dinner. Rick replies, "Whatever." Meanwhile, Brooke wonders where her husband might be.

At Ridge's hotel, Grant is waiting in the shadows while the light is still off. Ridge closes the door and spots his rival. He asks, "CHAMBERS, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE????"

Wednesday, May 28, 1997

James asks his secretary about an appointment in his book with a "Hunter Jones" - he knows nothing about the man, and wonders who he is. All Selena knows is that the man called needing a last minute appointment. Shortly after, Hunter stops by to see James. James asks him if they have ever met before because he seems familiar (gee, maybe a little town called Port Charles on a show named General Hospital on ABC sounds right << tee-hee>>), and Hunter feels the same thing. James then tries to dig into Hunters psyche for therapy; when James is surprised that Hunter is evasive, Hunter realizes James thinks he's a patient. Hunter reveals that he is the private investigator for Ridge on the case.

Hunter knows that James is a golfer, and he's on the membership committee at the Beverly Hills Golf Club. Noting James' setup, he says that he found a similar practice putt, like James', in Grants office, along with a tee. Of course, James tells him that you don't use a golf tee when you play in an office. Hunter knows - that's why he's here.

James wonders if the tee could have been from somewhere else, but Hunter is sure it from the club. James informs him that Grant has never actually played at the BHGC, although Brooke said he did intend to join, and even asked James to play with him (but they couldn't set up a time). Hunter then explains that they found the tee at the office - right where the shooter was standing. James points out that Ridge is a member there and most of the Forrester family is, including Brooke (who doesn't play golf herself, though). Enrique isn't, as far as he knows - and of course Clarke has managed to putt a few holes with out paying for membership.

James suggests that they go to the golf club and approach a few of the caddies for information. Hunter tells him that he doesn't have time to do that- he has to testify tomorrow, and he is so close. James gives him a little bit of advice that he uses in therapy - when he hits a dead end with a patient, he looks for a new approach rather than forcing a door open. Hunter agrees that he should perhaps approach the case from another direction.

Claudia drops in on Taylor at the beach house. Taylor is surprised, and Claudia assures her she's not here to get Thorne for herself. She tells Taylor that Thorne has been open and clear about his feelings towards her; because of that, she wants to know if their relationship is heading somewhere, or if Taylor is just leading him on.

Taylor gets defensive and replies that if Thorne has a problem with her, she is sure that he would tell her himself. She doesn't feel comfortable discussing her personal life with Claudia. Claudia pleads with her to talk to Thorne, which leads Taylor to ask what Claudia has to gain from that. Claudia replies, "I am his friend. I can't stand by watching Thorne hanging in there like this." She knows how complicated Taylor's life has been, and says, "I know how easy it is to get stuck and forget about what other people are going through."

Taylor says Claudia wants Thorne for herself, but Claudia replies, "I love Thorne. But love to me isn't about wanting the other person for yourself; it is about wanting the other person to be happy." Thorne won't be happy unless Taylor opens up, Claudia guesses. Taylor plays dumb, blaming everything on the pressure from the trial, leading Claudia to realize, "You really have no idea. Thorne bought you a ring - a beautiful engagement ring that he plans on giving to you after the trial." She says that proves Thorne's commitment - a commitment Taylor obviously doesn't share. She begs, "Please, Taylor - please talk to Thorne."

At Forrester, Felicia and Thorne are awaiting their parents for some sort of family conference. Felicia notes how Ridge is absent, and Thorne says that he's not coming; he guesses he's probably with Taylor. Felicia is surprised that Thorne isn't really concerned about that when she apologizes for bringing the subject off. Thorne admits that Taylor has been seeing a lot of Ridge lately, but that is due to the fact that he is in trouble and she feels sorry for him. She hasn't changed her mind about them. "Taylor learned her lesson. Ridge can't give her what she needs. I can, and I will," he informs his sister.

Just then, the engaged couple arrives, and they are going to find out first hand why Hunter destroyed the entire defense theory from Jonathan. Stephanie is a little down about the whole thing, as Eric assures her they will get answers.

The pow-wow begins as they ask Jonathan why Hunter destroyed the case - could he have been bribed or blackmailed. Jonathan says that can't be - Hunter has too much integrity. He even knew about what Hunter was going to say beforehand - but he had to have Hunter testify, to show that the chemicals weren't GSR, and to prove reasonable doubt in the mind of the jury. Eric asks if Jonathan thinks he can do that, and Jonathan thinks they can - provided Ridge's testimony gets to the jury and Hunter comes through. He tells them that Hunter is the best, and even though Hunter wouldn't say who he suspects, Jonathan has confidence in him.

Ridge finds Grant among the shadows in his hotel room and asks, "Chambers what the hell are you doing here?!?!?!?!"

Grant tells him that he needs his help and he needs to talk to him. He knows that Ridge doesn't trust him - an understatement, since Ridge bets Grant is wearing a wire, and is trying to trap him into saying or doing something he can use against him. But Grant swears that he must call it off. He has to call Hunter off the case. He is never going to be able to prove the theory that he shot himself now - even Hunter doesn't believe it. All of the rumors are making Brooke and the kids crazy, he claims as his explanation for this bothering Ridge now.

Ridge tells him not to hide behind Brooke - the truth is Grant is sacred. "Pretty soon the whole world is going to know about your lie aren't they? That is what got you so nervous. You are afraid of what Hunter is going to find out aren't you?" says Ridge.

Grant tells him yes, and that Ridge should be afraid, too. Ridge says he is going to make both Grant and the shooter pay for making his life a living hell. Ridge's life and future are all gone, and he asks Grant if it is worth it. Most of all, Grant lied to the kids, and that's the one thing that Ridge cannot forgive. Grant says that he didn't have a choice but to lie and that Ridge doesn't understand; he didn't do this out of hatred and revenge. He begs Ridge to call off Hunter, and says that he is not asking for forgiveness, but is asking him to do this for his sake as much as Grant's. An incensed Ridge goes to call Hunter to tell him not to give up yet, and Grant rips the phone out.

Ridge demands to know what is going on, and exclaims, "You are protecting someone. WHO IS IT??? TELL ME!" Grant responds, "All right, I will tell you."

Thursday, May 29, 1997

Taylor comes to visit with Thorne at the mansion - but if she had phoned first, Stephanie would have informed her that he went out with his sister Felicia for a bite to eat. Of course, Stephanie was just too upset over Hunter Jones' testimony today to go with them. Stephanie is frightened that in a few days the jury could come back with a guilty verdict. Taylor tells her over a cup of coffee that it is just a matter of time before they all know the truth and Ridge will be set free. Of course, Stephanie has to nose her way in and find out what Taylor's plans are once Ridge is set free. Taylor tells Stephanie that she and Ridge talked, and how they decided they want to be together again.

Stephanie is delighted that Taylor has made the right decision. Taylor says that now it is just a matter of Thorne understanding all of this - which is why she came there tonight. She's not looking forward to it, since Thorne saved her life when she was too scared to fight back - he made her believe in herself and her strength again. Stephanie tells her that she knows her son, and he would never want Taylor if she is with him out of a sense of obligation or gratitude. Taylor says that she now knows what Ridge went through having feelings for two different people. Stephanie tells her to concentrate on one thing - being with Ridge. Thorne will understand in time, she states.

Brooke is on the phone trying to track down Rick, and she is upset because she had told him to be home in time for a special family dinner. Her mom and Katie try to reassure her, as Brooke herself tries to reassure Bridget. Katie answers the door and it is Hunter Jones. While he is there, Eric calls on the phone in search of Rick. Eric suggests that some of the guards at Forrester Creations search the offices for Rick due to the fact that there was a shift change, and they may have not seen him come into the office. Rick can just come and go as he pleases at the office because all of the guards know him, it turns out.

Brooke introduces the P.I. to her mom, sister, and daughter. Bridget and Katie go upstairs and Brooke explains to Hunter that Rick hasn't been shielded from the case like her daughter has. Hunter thinks that was a good idea, and guesses that Grant is out looking for Rick.

Brooke doesn't think so and informs Hunter, "Rick isn't very fond of Grant these days." Brooke then gets to the reason Hunter is here, and says, "I would do anything to get to the bottom of this case." The P.I. asks if that means she doesn't believe her husband, and she replies, "I am saying that I don't believe it was Ridge who shot Grant." It's not logical, but it's the only thing she can think of. Hunter suggests he may be protecting something, and Brooke asks, "Why would Grant try to protect someone that tried to kill him?"

Hunter says that perhaps he is doing it to protect a loved one, and Beth agrees - Grant's protectiveness was the reason he sent Brooke and Bridget to Paris. "And Rick?" Hunter asks, and Brooke then informs him that Rick didn't go to Paris with her and Bridget because he had a golf tournament. It was even right before the shooting, Beth recalls. Hunter asks where the tournament was, and realizes it was at the Beverly Hills Golf Club. Just then Rick comes home from the range attitude and all. He is impressed with Hunter, though - the man who is going to prove Ridge didn't shoot Grant. Brooke grounds him and sends him to his room, and Rick storms off. Hunter then pulls up another golf tee off the floor, one that Rick dropped - and one that is exactly like the one in evidence for the trial, marked Beverly Hills Golf Club.

Grant is about to tell Ridge who really shot him, saying, "All right I will tell you. I will tell you. I was going to take this to my grave. I am going to tell you the truth. You have to promise to get Hunter off this case. He can NEVER find out what really happened. It was Rick... God help that little boy, Ridge- it was Rick who shot me."

"You are that desperate to get out of this that you pin it on a boy?!?! Your own stepson?" Ridge exclaims. Grant says he isn't trying to pin it on anyone - Hunter is getting close, and he has to be stopped before he finds out. He begs Ridge to believe him. Ridge disbelievingly says, "I know Rick - he would never do something like this. And even if he did, he sure as hell wouldn't let me go to prison for it."

So Grant explains that he talked to Taylor - and although she thought he was checking out about Ridge, he was talking about Rick. He asserts that Rick doesn't remember and it is called a disassociative state. He continues to explain that Rick is angry and hostile and he has an attitude lately. Rick snaps at his sister and ignores his mother - the boy needs help and Grant is going to get it for him. Grant continues to swear that he wants to only help Rick and asks for Ridge to think about what would happen if the world would find out what Rick did. The boy's life would be over and he would never survive it and they cant let that happen.

So now Ridge is ready to hear exactly what Grant saw the night he was shot and we see it too through black and white flashbacks. Grant tells Ridge that he was working at his desk - and he knew about the gun being in Ridge's office, but he tried not to think about it. Then it was sort of bizarre, but he felt this presence in the room; he looked up and saw Rick with a look in his eye like he was in some kind of trance. Rick just raised the gun, aimed, and fired, without saying a word. He dropped the gun and ran off. Rick's fingerprints were not on the gun due to his golfing gloves from his tournament and he most likely found out about the gun by just going through one of Ridge's drawers in his desk - something Ridge confirms that Rick has done before. Grant figures that he must have knocked the award down himself when he fell back. He reminds Ridge that there is no evidence of him shooting himself - this is the only answer.

Ridge says that he is never going to believe a crazy story like this. Rick may hate Grant but he would never do something like this; he isn't a psychopath. "Why does he hate you so much? What did you do to him?" Ridge questions.

So Grant continues to explain that Rick hates him because of Ridge - he blames Grant for Ridge's leaving. Doesn't this sound familiar, he asks Ridge - it should because the same thing happened when Ridge moved in with Brooke. But Ridge took care of that - he got that little boy to trust him and he told him he would always be there for him. Somehow this little boy found the strength to go through Ridge, and Ridge abandoned him. Ridge didn't marry his mother, and for the second time in his life he felt completely rejected by the most important man in his life. It put him over the edge. Rick couldn't blame ridge, so he blamed Grant, and he became the bad guy. Rick finally snapped from all the pent up hostility - he shot Grant, thinking it would bring Ridge back to him.

Grant continues to explain that he was only doing what he had to for Rick's sake - it wasn't about revenge. He came to, saw the police around him, and the first thing he saw was Ridge - and he knew what he had to do. He lied to protect that boy and he thinks that in the same situation, Ridge would have done the same. He wishes there was another way, but there wasn't - Grant had to stick to his story, or the police would have found out the truth when they reopened the investigation. And now, he is telling Ridge this because Hunter is hot on Rick's trail - he knows that the golf tee means something, and it's only a matter of time until he figures it out. If that happens, Rick will face the same hell Ridge did. Grant says he has done all he can, and the rest is now up to Ridge. So Grant leaves and Ridge sits down and is in shock, muttering, "Oh god, Rick..."

Friday, May 30, 1997

The entire Forrester family and several close friends are gathered for breakfast, and of course the main topic of conversation is Ridge. Today is the day they will find out who shot Grant - if Hunter comes through for them. When Thorne begins to speculate about what may happen and doubts Hunter, Stephanie stops him and urges everyone to think positive. Thorne suggests they grab Grant and beat him until he tells the truth. Changing the subject, Stephanie informs Thorne that Taylor stopped by to see him last night; however, she couldn't relay the message then, because she had already turned in and he and Felicia were still out. He asks why Taylor wanted to see him and Stephanie hints that she knows, but suggests that it's a private matter.

At the hotel, Ridge recalls the conversation he had with Grant the night before when Grant revealed who shot him. He can't believe it - but what do I do if this is true, he thinks. There is a knock at the door; it is Hunter Jones and he says that he has some disturbing news.

Of course, Hunter reveals that Chambers isn't behind his own shooting; it was Rick. Ridge's worst fears are realized; his little brother shot Grant just as Grant said. He explains to the P.I. about Chambers' visit to him; Hunter feels that Grant's admission that it was Rick seems rather convenient. Ridge is more concerned with Rick - he's in agony thinking about how his half-brother will be branded a freak when all this gets out. He asks Hunter for his opinion, and the P.I. admits he isn't a shrink, but it's a likely scenario.

Finally believing Grant's claim that it was Rick who shot him, Ridge informs Hunter that his services are no longer needed. Hunter will get his fee and a nice bonus, but it's all up to Ridge now. With that, he asks for Hunter's word on something - he wants the P.I.'s solemn promise that he will not repeat to anyone what he has told Ridge. Hunter asks, "What about testifying?" and Ridge says he will see to that. Guessing that Ridge intends to plead leniency for Rick, Hunter says there is nothing else to say. He wonders aloud what he would do in Ridge's situation and talks about what is going to happen to Rick now. He will probably get off light but he will need a lot of counseling, the P.I. guesses. Wishing Ridge luck, he takes his leave.

In for a check up, Taylor is told that even the most severe of her burns have healed, and Dr. Santana is amazed at the outcome. Taylor gets a clean bill of health (although she does admit to having a slight cold). Taylor then confides to her doctor that she was lucky to have Thorne, and that her healing after the fire has been affected by the personal relationships in her life. The doctor wonders if there is an announcement in the works, and Taylor says that there is - but it isn't what the doctor thinks. She tells the doctor that she has had to make a choice between the two brothers. The doctor urges her to go with what her heart feels. After the doctor leaves the room, she thinks about her feelings for Ridge and for Thorne. She remembers the night she was brought to the hospital. Thorne pledged his support no matter what, whether or not she was scarred by the fire. "You will never lose me," he promised. Back to the present, Taylor whispers that she has to tell Thorne it's over; "we can never be more than friends."

Thorne is still insisting that his mother tell him why Taylor wanted to see him, but Stephanie tells him they will talk about it later. Jonathan walks into the breakfast room. Hunter has put it all together, he tells everyone. He doesn't know what Hunter knows as yet, but Hunter has assured him that he knows who shot Chambers in the message he left. Stephanie and the others begin to guess who is to blame, but Jonathan urges them to simply go to the courthouse and wait with him for the revelation.

Taylor is at the courthouse when the Forrester entourage arrives. She is thrilled to hear that Hunter has figured out this mystery. However, she has one question that Stephanie cannot answer - "Where's Ridge?" As she and Steph wonder, Eric and Thorne come over to greet her, and Taylor gives Thorne a hug.

Ridge stops by Brooke's house on the way to court and finds out from Katie that she and the kids are the only ones home. Ridge tells her he wishes to speak with Rick and asks her if she could make sure Bridget doesn't disturb them. A puzzled Katie agrees and Ridge goes upstairs. As he walks down the hallway toward Rick's room, he can hear music blasting away. Once in the room we see that it is totally dark except for the light from the computer and there are gross posters hanging up on the walls. The entire room is a heavy metal nightmare from hell, with imagery of death all around. Headbanger music blasts in the background, as Rick is totally involved in a computer game. As Ridge turns on the light, Rick slowly turns and glares at Ridge.

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