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November, 1997

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Week of 11/3/97 - 11/7/97

Monday, November 3, 1997

Ridge assures Brooke that he knows what he wants and tells Brooke that he wants her to be his wife. Brooke is stunned by Ridge's proposal; she says, "I have waited so long for this day - now that it is here I've got to tell you something. I don't know how or where to start." Ridge, however, won't let Brooke get a word in.

Back in the hotel, a soaked Sally is trying to dry off. Lauren asks, "You feeling better, Sally? " All sally can talk about is Stephanie and getting back at her for dumping Sally in the lake. Lauren says that really isn't important to her; she states, "All I want is to...." She explains how she wants to try and get some time alone with Eric. Sally regretfully informs her, "I know where you can find Eric." Sally hedges on what to say. Lauren asks, "What are you not telling me, Sally?" Sally admits that Stephanie said she was meeting Eric and they were going to be married in Town Square.

Stephanie's boat continues to make funny noises and dies. Stephanie is still stranded on the boat at sea.

Brooke says, "Oh God - after waiting so long why this?" Ridge says, "I know you are afraid I will change my mind, but Taylor is the past Brooke." Brooke says, "You will never forget Taylor!" Ridge explains, "My dad told me the other day a word - it is destiny. He said a lot can happen in a life; you and I are destined to be together."

Lauren sadly says, "So he was telling me the truth." Sally urges Lauren to stop the wedding if she really loves Eric. Lauren says, "Forget it, Sally. I stopped one wedding, but not again. I am going home."

Stephanie spots a ship; she waves and yells, "stop!" The people on the boat don't understand and wave back. She says out loud, "The battery is dead, oh no."

The mayor tries to get Eric to be patient - he is sure that there's a good reason for Stephanie to be delayed. Eric, however, is not as confident; he explains to the mayor how he sent Stephanie the letter, and how stated in the letter that he would accept Stephanie's not showing as a refusal. Since she's not there, he can only assume that Stephanie does not want to marry him. They continue to wait, but there is still no Stephanie. When Stephanie doesn't show, Eric tells the Mayor, "There is not going to be a wedding today." The Mayor suggests, "Look, go back to your hotel; tomorrow is another day I will have you in my prayers. There maybe an explanation, you know." A sad Eric picks up the bouquet he had for Stephanie and he looks at it.

Thorne calls Taylor's house and Gina answers the phone, explaining that Taylor is taking a nap and is expecting a call from Ridge. Thorne tells her that it might be out of his hands, since Brooke overheard the conversation and knows that Ridge is the father. He explains that Brooke is going to tell Ridge. Gina says it is Taylor's place to tell him, not Brooke's. Thorne says how he and Taylor could have been happy if they had the chance - him, her and the baby.

Brooke asks Ridge, "Are you sure you aren't destined to be with Taylor? You loved Taylor; I know she is beautiful but she belongs with Thorne." Ridge says, "You are loyal and sensitive and we are going to have a great life together. Oh, I almost forgot." He takes a ring box out of his pocket and asks, "Now just say you will marry me." Brooke says, "Yes I will!" They kiss.

Tuesday, November 4, 1997

Ridge and Brooke are making out. Brooke is very quiet and tells him that some moments are beyond words. She is surer of this than anything in her whole life, she informs her love. Brooke is very excited about the next few weeks and spending the holidays together. She leaves to go and pack her things and Ridge says that he has a surprise for her, too. Ridge walks over to the window after Brooke's exit and tells himself that he has a new life, and this time Logan and he are going to make it work.

Taylor awakens in her bed to a bad dream according to Dr. Santana. She wants to know if Ridge had called while she was asleep and then informs the doctor that Ridge has a surprise when he gets back from his trip. Afterwards, Taylor is lying in bed like a schoolgirl with a crush looking at a photo album of her and Ridge. She is smiling at all the memories and says "We are going to have it again" out loud to herself.

Thorne is talking to himself and feels sorry for Brooke, because she is going to be the one to have to tell Ridge about his impending paternity. Brooke knocks at his door and gushes that she and Ridge are engaged. She had intended to tell Ridge about his unborn child and realizes it was not her place to tell him the truth. She loves Thorne's brother and they have waited so long to be together. She feels it is best this way for everybody. Taylor made the decision and they should keep it that way. Thorne agrees with his future sister in law but informs her that Taylor insists on telling Ridge and feels that once Ridge knows what is going on, he will go back to her.

Stephanie pulls up in the town square back in Italy. "Oh, Eric, I hope you waited. Where are you?" she says. She uses the cell phone to call the hotel and finds out that Eric had already checked out of the hotel. She questions why this keeps happening to them and comments that it would have been nice to have been married there. She decides to get on the next plane to L.A. and they will get married back home.

Eric boards his private plane and tells the captain that there is no honeymoon; he instructs the pilot to take him back to L.A. He is having a drink. Lauren comes in because she saw him in the airport and wanted to say congrats to him and Stephanie. Eric informs her what happened and Lauren wants to hitch a ride with him back home. Eric agrees if Lauren gets her own cab from the airport.

Brooke tells Thorne that she thinks Taylor won't tell Ridge about the baby once she knows that they got engaged. Thorne picks up the phone and it is Ridge, looking for Brooke. He tells her to get in his room. Before Brooke leaves she says that Ridge cant know about this baby. The child's paternity has got to be kept a secret from Ridge forever, she states.

Back at the beach house, the cellular phone rings and Taylor thinks it is Ridge; she is disappointed to hear Thorne. Thorne tells her that he didn't give Ridge her message and that Ridge got engaged to Brooke earlier today. He explains that Ridge is with Brooke right now. Taylor is demanding that Thorne get Ridge on the phone now. She hangs up and calls the hotel front desk to connect her to Ridge's room.

Brooke enters a room filled with candles and Ridge wearing a white terry cloth robe. Brooke unzips her dress and slips out of it in front of him, wearing a black teddy and stockings. She takes off his robe and Ridge questions if she is ready for this; "all of my life and then some" Brooke answers. He takes her hands and they walk towards the bed. Ridge is kissing her knee and Brooke says, "Love me Ridge. Love me tonight and forever..."

Wednesday, November 5, 1997

James is on the stairwell as he spots Sheila and Amber going through bridal magazines once again. He goes into the nursery where Connor Davis is installing a camera in the air conditioning vent to spy on Sheila, so they can get some evidence against her. They need something outrageous to prove physical or emotional abuse, Connor reminds James. James points out that Maggie doesn't know about James' impending engagement - and he only has two weeks left or else he is going to be walking down the aisle to marry Sheila. Connor tells him to let the champagne flow at their Cafe Russe celebration of the engagement tonight to get what they need.

Sheila comes in and asks James if he is ready. She goes back downstairs to wait for him and comments to herself that she can't believe that she and James are actually going to be married.

Grant is at the Spectra apartment and Macy just got off the phone with her mom. Sally has told her daughter about the Forrester success story and the plans for Eric to marry Stephanie again. They discuss the fact that Lauren must be devastated with Eric's success and remarriage. They are having Italian food with tons of garlic and are sitting on the floor by the coffee table. Macy comments that they are lucky they both are sleeping alone tonight.

James uses a cellular phone and calls Maggie to inform her that he is going out for dinner with Sheila, so she is free to come and visit the baby. He advises her to be careful. Sheila tells him that they are going to be late. She asks what they were doing up there in the nursery. James can't tell her, he feels, because he doesn't want to ruin the surprise; and besides that, Connor is his best man for the wedding. Sheila says she doesn't like it when Connor comes over. They leave for dinner.

Back at the apartment, Grant is ready to add some hot pepper to the sauce and Macy takes the spice challenge. Grant says his idea of the perfect evening isn't all the glamour, but it is spending it with someone who likes a little kick in her sauce. He feeds her the sauce and Macy is getting in a romantic mood.

Lauren and Eric are flying back to L.A. on the private jet. Eric says he left Stephanie a note, but she never came to the square to marry him. He thought he had proven to her how much he loved her. But time and time again he has let her down and he was foolish, he laments. He feels that this time he had pushed her too far. Lauren feels bad for him because of the roller coaster ride he has been on emotionally. Just then the pilot announces turbulence and tells them to buckle up their seatbelts. Lauren wants Eric to know she cares and asks if there is anything she can do for him.... The lights go out and Lauren screams.

Sheila wants to drink some champagne but James orders two vodka martinis. He wants to know if she is ready for the most captivating evening of her life. Just then, while they are having a romantic dinner, Maggie arrives at Sheila's house and Amber lets her in to see the baby. Maggie picks up Margaret and tells her she thinks about her every second. Soon, they will be together again, she announces.

The drinks arrive at Cafe Russe and Sheila can't help but wonder if this is all real. James says of course it is, and his dad is coming to their wedding. They both deserve the best and they drink to that thought.

Thursday, November 6, 1997

Back at Cafe Russe, Sheila tells James that she is overwhelmed by becoming Mrs. Warwick. She is getting, "the biggest prize of all- the man I love." They toast and then Sheila requests a dance. James agrees but not until after she finishes her drink. They are on the dance floor embracing, and she tells him that ever since he proposed to her, all she can think of is the wedding and how he had changed her life. She thinks that maybe she had too much to drink and wants to go home. They never even had dinner yet, but of course James agrees, hoping to get the evidence he needs against her.

Amber informs Maggie that Sheila isn't all that bad a mom. Maggie thinks it is only a matter of time before Sheila will hurt the baby. Amber questions, what if Sheila really has changed? Maggie informs her that Amber doesn't know Sheila Carter the way she does. "Sheila has a sick and twisted mind. There is no telling what that woman could do at any moment." Maggie puts the baby down and walks out of the nursery.

Macy is telling Grant the big news, that Brooke and Ridge are now engaged. Grant can't believe it because Ridge was in love with Taylor. Macy makes the point that Thorne was also in love with Taylor and they are having a baby together.

The lights go out on the plane and Lauren screams. The pilot comes on the speaker and informs Eric and Lauren that they hit a pocket, and that it is going to be a bumpy ride due to a storm that just showed up. There is a bunch of lightning and the oxygen masks come down. Eric tells Lauren not to panic and then to keep her head down. There is an explosion...

Back at home, Sheila wants to take a shower, but she hears the baby crying and makes her way upstairs to take of the child. She goes in the nursery to get the baby and sits down in the rocking chair. James is watching from the hallway and he tells Amber about the monitor in the air vent. Sheila is really buzzed from all the drinks and eventually passes out. James comes to rescue Mary and promises her that she will get out of that house.

Macy is talking about her and Thorne trying for a baby not long ago also. Grant says he misses being a dad to Brooke's kids. They start to describe their perfect mate and dig into the food. Grant leans over and kisses her on the cheek. He goes to kiss her again - but this time, Macy pulls away. She questions him because he had stated that he didn't want to get involved with a person from work. Grant tells her that he doesn't know what he is thinking, but he knows what he feels. They are interrupted by Sally on the answering machine, telling them that the flight back to LA was delayed and not to pick her up at LAX airport. And by the way, Sally says, Lauren isn't with her...

Friday, November 7, 1997

Somehow, Thorne has made it home ahead of all the other members of his family. He is with Taylor announcing that Ridge and Brooke are engaged. "I know that," Taylor answers coldly. "You can't tell Ridge about the baby now," Thorne tells her. "Can't?" questions Taylor. Well, shouldn't then, Thorne corrects. "Well, I am going to tell him," affirms Taylor. "He wouldn't be engaged to Brooke now if you had kept your promise." But it was too late, Thorne insists. No, says Taylor. "You could have even told him after he was engaged and he would have come to me. I am like a prisoner in my own home and no one will help me. But I am still going to tell Ridge about the baby and he will get unengaged."

Ridge boards the plane in Italy. He is surprised to see his mother sitting there. "Mother?" he says. "I thought..." "That I'd be married and on my honeymoon?" Stephanie finishes. Ridge sits. What happened, he wants to know. Stephanie tells him that it is a long story, but Ridge says it will be a long flight and there's no better way to fill the time. Stephanie tells him about the letter she received from Eric and how, on the way, she bumped into that witch, Sally. When she finally got away from Sally, she jumped into a boat at dockside and sped away in the direction of Como. However, in the middle of the lake, the engine conked out. By the time she reached Como, Eric was gone. "Where is he now?" wonders Ridge.

At the crash site, fires are burning low. The broken plane lies amid snow and ice; there is a heavy downfall of snow. As the camera slowly closes in, Lauren is seen laying twisted amid the wreckage. Eric is still strapped in his seat and is sitting upright. He is unconscious. He begins to cough; he shivers and wakes up. He looks around in total amazement. He sees Lauren and stumbles over to her. As he calls her name and begins pulling the trash from off her. She wakes up. Something is wrong with her arm, but Eric removes his coat and, after tearing off a strip, he uses it to bandage her arm. He sits her up and moves her to the sofa beside the bulkhead. He tells her to stay there and not to move. As he begins to leave, she panics and asks, "Where are you going?" He tells her he has to go check on the pilot.

Dad must be on his way home, Ridge tells Stephanie. She tells Ridge that she has already called his house and left a message on the answering machine. She is sure they will get everything straightened out. Sure, Ridge assures her. "He will probably meet you at the airport and whisk you away someplace romantic and marry you. Or, knowing my father, he will show up with the minister and marry you right there on the tarmac."

"You seem happy these fast few days," Stephanie tells her son. "Then let's give credit where credit is due," Ridge tells his mother. Stephanie tells him that she is grateful to Brooke for providing support and friendship these past few weeks, but he should not feel obligated. Ridge tells her that it is not obligation; it is something else. Stephanie has one request. She doesn't believe Bridget and Rick should be told that he and Brooke are seeing each other. Ridge says that that is impossible since he and Brooke are getting married as soon as possible. If his mother doesn't like it, she had better find a way to accept the inevitable.

Thorne brings Taylor a glass of juice. She looks at it as if it might be drugged but takes a small sip. She ignores Thorne. He tells her that she shouldn't get "all worked up." She informs him she isn't all worked up; she is angry. Thorne tells her that she can't blame him for how things turned out; it wasn't his fault that Ridge asked Brooke to marry him. Ridge loves Brooke and always has, he explains, and Taylor **has** to accept that fact.

Taylor insists that Ridge did not propose to Brooke out of love. He was angry and disappointed with her, she states, and he was acting under the misapprehension that she was carrying his brother's baby. He was hurt. Thorne accuses her of rationalizing and reminds her of all the other times Ridge has put her second to Brooke, like the wedding and the fire. "You always rationalize every move Ridge makes because you cannot accept the fact that Ridge loves Brooke and always will. You expect this child you are carrying to save your relationship," accuses Thorne. "But you are mistaken. Your way of thinking is not only impossible, it is selfish." Ridge has a right to be happy with Brooke, his only true love, he states; and at the same time, Taylor had a right to be happy, too, but not with Ridge. "You had better think it through," he tells Taylor. "You have to consider what kind of life you want for yourself and your child and who can give you that life." Taylor continues to stay turned away from him even though he tries to caress her shoulder. He walks to the door. "I'll give you some time to think about it," he tells her. After he is gone, Taylor reaches beneath the bed covers and finds her phone. She dials a number but before it begins to ring, she disconnects.

"You cannot marry that woman," declares Stephanie. Ridge tells her that he did it before and he will do it again. "This time, it will even be legal," he boasts. At least take your time, Stephanie begs, since this is just a knee-jerk reaction to Taylor's betrayal. Ridge wonders how much time she thinks he needs to get over Taylor. He tells her that his entire lifetime wouldn't be enough time. He tells his mother that he loves Brooke and is getting married next week. Deal with it, he says! He excuses himself and moves to another seat.

Eric returns from the flight cabin with the pilot's jacket. He puts it on Lauren and puts his own jacket on. He tells her that the pilot is dead. She starts to go to the flight cabin but he stops her. He pulls her into his arms and they snuggle for warmth.

Thorne answers a knock at the door. It is another early returnee: Brooke. "What are you doing here?" he almost shouts as he pushes her outside the house. Brooke is there to check on things; she wants to know if Taylor knows about the engagement. Thorne says that she does, but she is still thinking of telling Ridge about the baby. Brooke is outraged; how could she now that she has lost the game, Brooke wonders. Thorne says that Taylor doesn't believe that Ridge loves Brooke; she thinks he proposed on the rebound. "Well she has to be told that that isn't so," Brooke tells her co-conspirator. "I am going to tell her myself. She has to know that even if she tells Ridge about the baby, he will reject her." Thorne tries to stop her from talking to Taylor but she goes into the house anyway. "No Brooke!" Thorne shouts, following her into the house. In the bedroom, Taylor hears him. "Brooke?" she wonders. "Please, Brooke," pleads Thorne. Taylor calls out, "Brooke are you out there?" "Yes," answers Brooke, sweetly. "I'll be right there."

Brooke enters the bedroom and confronts Taylor in her sickbed. "Hello Taylor." she says, her engagement ring apparent on her finger.

Eric is walking outside in the snow. He reaches into the snow and pulls up a blanket. He continues to search the grounds around the wreckage. He finds another blanket and re-enters the plane. He covers himself and Lauren, telling her that these are the only blankets he could find. He has a thermos of coffee that he pours into a cup and hands to Lauren. He sits beside her and they share the coffee. Lauren wonders where they are and Eric supposes they are either in Iceland or Greenland. He says they are lucky they aren't in the ocean. "Oh, yeah, lucky!" responds Lauren. She wonders if they will be found, and Eric assures her that they will, once the storm breaks. It is so cold, she says. "What if we freeze? I don't want to die," she cries. Eric takes her into his arms and tries to comfort her. From outside comes the sound of wolves howling.

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Week of 11/10/97-11/14/97

Monday, November 10, 1997

It is nighttime in L.A. and James is back at his office. He tells Connor Davis that he is very upset due to the fact that he has turned his back on his code of ethics. He is also happy that Maggie won't ever find out that he and Sheila are engaged. Connor tells him that the video of Sheila passing out isnt enough evidence against her; she didn't do or say anything against the law. Connor wants James to tell Maggie what is going on. God only knows what will happen if Sheila gets to her first with the information of their impending nuptials.

Sheila pays a visit to Maggie for James' kilt; he didn't have time to pack and she isn't sure that they will have the time to find a new one by the wedding. Maggie thinks that they will be attending a wedding, but leave it to Sheila to tell her a story that she feels needs to be heard about a couple and how he is going to marry his one true love so that he and their child can all live together. Maggie then notices the engagement ring on Sheila's finger and asks her to leave so that she can continue living her life. Sheila calls her pitiful and says that Maggie is getting exactly what she deserves. She taunts, "What life do you have? You have been living mine." Sheila rubs in everything and Maggie goes to hit her. Sheila stops her and tells her to not even think about it.

Clarke enters Ridge's office at Forrester and they comment about Eric still being gone. Clarke then makes a remark about hearing his news of the engagement to Brooke, and how he is the one who ran into Captain Harper and found out her entire marriage to Grant wasn't legal. He finds it funny that all of the Forresters and Taylor were playing games, and how now that Ridge has stopped wasting his time, he has hooked up with the woman of his dreams. Ridge is furious at the insinuation that he was wasting his time with Taylor and tells Clarke to get out. Clarke tells Ridge to ease up but still leaves anyway.

Later, Ridge is sitting at his sketch board and thinks to himself about what Clarke said. He wonders, "Is that what you thought, Taylor? That I didn't really want you? It doesn't matter now. You made your choice and now so have I." He gazes out the window.

Brooke is at the beach house paying Taylor a friendly visit. She wants to find out if Taylor has heard the news. Taylor, however, has news for Brooke. Brooke informs Taylor that she heard from Thorne that the baby is out of danger. She feels that whatever Taylor is doing is the right thing for the baby. Taylor replies that lately she has been having doubts, and that health is very important, but so are other things for a child. Brooke agrees and says that it's important that there is a man who will be there for her. Taylor gets angry at the suggestion that Ridge would not be there for her.

Brooke continues to say that she is happy for Taylor, and herself, too, because they are both going to have a husband who loves them and a father for their children, even if Ridge isn't the biological father of Rick and Bridget. Taylor wonders if Brooke means something my that last comment, but Brooke says it is nothing. Brooke then continues to describe the proposal and how Ridge told her he was over Taylor and how they belong together. At first, she was unsure about Ridge's proposal, but she knew from that moment on that they would be together forever. Brooke leaves to let Taylor rest and Taylor cries "Oh, Ridge. Did I really mean that little to you?"

Sheila starts in with Maggie some more after telling her to control herself. She describes James making love to her and all of his techniques. An angry Maggie flips Sheila over the stovetop counter in the kitchen, and stuff is flying everywhere. Sheila is now on the living room floor and Maggie is choking her...

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

James is back in the nursery putting the camera back in the air conditioner vent to obtain his evidence against Sheila. Sheila is in the hallway and she tries to enter the nursery; but the door is locked. Once James does open the door he is surprised to see Sheila with a bloody nose and looking quite awful. He asks if she was mugged, but she tells him it was Maggie. Sheila explains that she went to see Maggie to get the kilt for the wedding. She is shocked that James never told Maggie about their impending nuptials and realizes how that explains why Maggie had a violent reaction to the news. She is impressed that James has had no contact with Maggie and believes that he is committed to their relationship.

Then James asks how Maggie is. Sheila replies that Maggie was a wild woman and she is having a hard time letting go. James suggests that Sheila take a bath after her difficult day and manages to get out of answering the question about the locked door. Sheila asks if he would join her in the bath, but James gets out of that one too.

Taylor is lying in bed while Thorne is there, telling her not to cling to the past. He brought her a glimpse into the future and shows her photographs of some estates. Taylor looks annoyed and says, "You bought us a new home? We aren't even married." Thorne suggests that she take a look at the brochure. Taylor thinks that the houses are incredible and she is sure that she would love it there, but that isn't the point. She is a single person and she knows that he meant well. It is a nice picture that he had painted. Thorne gives out some more advice and tells her that all she can do is look to the future and make a life for herself. Taylor believes that there is something wrong with the picture of their life together and doesn't want to ever see Ridge or Brooke again.

Amber is cleaning Maggie's wounds back at the Warwicks' place and tells her about James' engagement. James was running out of time, which is why he had to propose to Sheila, she explains. Amber confides in Maggie that she knows all of this is hard, but she can't give up now. Maggie announces that she is going to Sheila's because this has gone too far and it is time to put an end to it all. She has made up her mind and tells Amber to get out of her way. Just then James walks in the door.

Brooke is back at Forrester and is giving Ridge a big welcome kiss. They joke about not making it into the mile high club on their trip to Italy and having to get a private jet for their next trip. Brooke informs her fiancee that she went to see Taylor to talk to her and to tell her about their engagement. Ridge is annoyed, because he wanted to be the one to tell Taylor; but he finds out that Thorne had told her already before Brooke even arrived there at the beach house. Ridge thinks that things have been crazy lately and is hoping Brooke didn't go over there to rub it in. He feels that maybe it is time to let go and wants to go over to Taylor's and bury the hatchet. He leaves and Brooke says to herself, "God only knows what is going to happen." She picks up the phone to call Thorne to head him off that Ridge is on his way over. She is afraid that Taylor might crack and confess everything.

Amber exclaims, "Doctor Warwick, thank god you are home," when James walks in. Maggie is mad and can't believe that James is getting married to Sheila. She feels that her life is disappearing and there has got to be another way, because this is all so crazy. James swears it won't happen and he will not marry Sheila, but he needs one more chance to get some evidence. They will get through this, he assures Maggie, and it is just a matter of time before they will be a family again.

Ridge knocks on the door and his little brother lets him into the beach house. He goes in the bedroom and informs his brother that he and Taylor need to be left alone. Thorne closes the door on his way out. Ridge says he is sorry about Taylor being on bed-rest and he makes his way over to her bedside. Taylor asks him, "Marrying Brooke? Is that what you really want?"

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

Brooke is in her office at Forrester Creations, on the phone with Megan, trying to track down Eric so they can go over some things ASAP. Thorne just bursts in because he needed to tell Brooke in person that Taylor and Ridge had wanted to be left alone to talk. He is upset; if Taylor tells Ridge that she is pregnant with his baby, it will be a whole new ball game for them, Thorne insists. Thorne states that he knows that Ridge will always want Brooke; and if Taylor does tell Ridge about this baby it will be because she has expectations. Thorne actually realizes that what Taylor is trying to do isn't easy. Brooke and Thorne come to the conclusion that if Ridge is less than committed to just Taylor, she will lose the baby. Brooke prays that Taylor will do the right thing.

Taylor is in bed and questions Ridge if what he really wants is to marry Brooke. Ridge knows that she and Brooke don't see eye to eye on things; but yes, he confesses, for the last year he has wanted to be married. Taylor reminds him that it wasn't Brooke he wanted to marry, so Ridge replies that things change, and they sure have for Taylor. Taylor is in love with his brother and he loves Brooke, he explains. The topic changes to why Taylor is confined to bed rest; Taylor says it is due to stress, and Ridge questions as to why Taylor has so much stress in her life. Taylor claims it is just that she wants to do what is right for this baby and she doesn't want to get upset right now and discuss it.

Taylor changes the topic and wants to know about the proposal to Brooke in Italy. She claims that Ridge sure knows how to choose romantic locations to propose in. Ridge says that she had a romantic proposal in Hawaii, also, and even made a little baby there too. He touches the womb and says, "You know what I wish for more than anything else?"

Stephanie pays Sally a visit at her office to find out where Lauren Fenmore is. Stephanie believes that Lauren is up to another one of her old tricks since both she and Eric never returned to L.A. Sally says she has no idea where either Lauren or Eric are; however, she thinks that the idea of Eric being left with a broken heart in Italy was priceless. Stephanie informs Sally that they will still be married, but Sally tells her that Stephanie will only break it up like she did the last time. Before Stephanie leaves, she questions Sally if the orders for designer dresses are still flowing in or have they stopped since the Forrester showing? Sally grimaces in answer to the question as Steph says, "I thought so," and heads out the door.

Off in the frozen wasteland, the plane is on the ground broken up and Lauren and Eric are by the wreckage, freezing in the snow. Eric leaves to find some wood to start a fire. Lauren feels numb and Eric tries to cover her legs. He tells her that the authorities have to know that they are missing now and he and Lauren need to keep their hopes up, because somebody will find them soon. A skeptical Lauren replies, "I think we are going to die here." The sound of wolves can be heard in the dark night.

Back at home, Stephanie gets a call from an agent in the National Transportaion Safety Board that Eric's plane was in an accident, and he explains that they believe the plane went down. It may have crashed, he states, and they are working with foreign officials and will keep her informed. Stephanie takes his number and is in shock.

Ridge is holding Taylor's stomach and she puts her hand on his. The tears are coming from her eyes. Ridge begins to tell her that what he thinks about all the time is...... he gets excited, because he feels the fetus move..... that someday Brooke and he can give this child of hers a couple of cousins. It would be nice for their kids to all grow up playing together on the beach. Ridge thinks it would be great. Taylor is crying and she tells him that would be nice and asks him to leave, saying, "We both have what we really want right?" They say goodnight. After Ridge closes the door she is hysterical crying, and Ridge's eyes swell up with tears when he closes the door to the beach house.

Thursday, November 13, 1997

Ridge joins Stephanie and asks what is so urgent. "It is about your father," she tells him. "His plane may have crashed. I just found out about it. Someone just called and said it went down somewhere over the North Atlantic. It just disappeared off the radar screens," she informs him.

We see someone's legs being dragged through the snow. The camera pans upward to show the unconscious form of Lauren.

Sally is going on to Macy about the happenings in Como. She was just dumped in Lake Como, she explains; and when she came up for air, there was Queen Stephanie just sailing away in a boat. It must have been humiliating, Macy says. But worth it, Sally agrees. She then tells Macy that somewhere about the middle of the lake, the engine failed and her Majesty was stuck in the middle of the lake and couldn't make it to the church on time. Eric was left all alone waiting for the bride that never showed. It looks like he just crawled off to lick his wounds. Sally then wonders why Macy is so distracted that she cannot pay attention to her mother. Macy tells her that she has a very important date tonight. When Sally asks who the lucky man is, Macy surprises her by telling her it is Grant.

Darla is helping Grant select a tie. He isn't the "tie type," he tells her. He confides to Darla that tonight is very important. He is out to win a girl's heart. He is playing it straight. Who would believe that Grant Chambers is falling in love?

Ridge calls Mr. Freyburg with the National Transportation Safety Board. "Have you located my father?" he asks. Mr. Freyburg tells him that they have two teams waiting out a storm. As soon as the storm is over they will begin a search. All he can say right now is that the plane suddenly disappeared from the radar screen. They will be searching for Eric and the two pilots as soon as they can.

Now another body, that of Eric, is being dragged through the snow.

Grant tells Darla that he is taking Macy to Mannequins. He had earlier delivered some surprises there---something to set the mood. This is going to be the evening of a lifetime. He has a very important question to ask, he informs Darla.

Sally tells Macy that she didn't know Grand and she were dating. She knew about a couple of business lunches, she adds, but that is all. Macy tells her mother that Grant has swept her off her feet. She has it pretty bad for the head designer; Grant is all she can think about. Now she needs the perfect dress. She thinks he is going to ask her to marry him. "And what will your answer be?" wonders Sally, but Macy tells her that she doesn't know yet.

Lauren and Eric lay side by side, wrapped in fur. They are being watched by a big man with a bushy beard. He is eating a chunk of meat with a large knife. The wolves and the wind howl. The man approaches Eric. He removes his shoes and socks and props his feet up near the heater. Next, he removes Lauren's shoes and begins to massage the feet. She awakens to see the strange man and tries to get up. He pushes her back and tells her to stay down. "Where am I?" she asks. "Who are you?"

Stephanie asks if they have begun to search for Eric, but Ridge explains that the weather conditions in Greenland make that difficult. Stephanie insists that there was no crash; the plane just landed for refueling.

At Mannequins, Grant and Macy are shown to a small table in a private room. Macy comments that it looks like a different restaurant. The room is so romantic and there is non-alcoholic champagne chilling. It is going to be an unbelievable night, Grant promises.

Macy tells Grant that he is sweet and sensitive. Grant tells her that he knows it is hard to open up again to someone; he feels the same way. He asks if she trusts him and she tells him that she does. He thinks things are moving too fast but he has a question to ask. He thinks they should make a toast before he asks the question. But Macy tells him that she is ready now. "Why don't you just come right out and ask me?" she tells him when he says that it is harder than he had expected. "Just ask me, Grant," she invites with a winning smile.

Stephanie is in denial. "Your father is alive; he is all right," she tells her son. "They were just refueling. He couldn't call because of the storm, but they did not crash," she insists. Ridge is firm with his mother. "We aren't giving up hope," he assures her, "but we have to be honest with ourselves. The plane did go down and it went down in a barren and hostile land." No negative thoughts, Stephanie insists as she embraces her son.

"What are you doing?" asks Lauren. The man asks if she can feel him massaging her feet. At first she can't feel anything, but soon she pulls back in pain. "Good," the man says. "I've just saved your foot from being amputated. You have frostbite." "You never told me who you are," Lauren reminds him. He says his name is Rush. He explains that he found them and carried them back to his place---their plane crashed about 15 kilometers (10 miles), he explains at Lauren's request. "I couldn't just leave you," he explains. "But I'm not sure I was soon enough for your friend." Frantically, Lauren turns to Eric. "Eric!" she calls. "Eric, are you okay? Don't tell me that he is dead!" she cries.

Friday, November 14, 1997

Thorne visits Brooke. He has just talked with Taylor and they are safe, he explains, since Taylor didn't tell Ridge about the baby. "So this is good news?" says Brooke. "Good news? No, this is spectacular news," Thorne responds. Brooke tells him that she has been thinking. Maybe they should get this whole thing out in the open. It isn't good to get started with the marriage with secrets. But it isn't your secret to keep or not keep, insists Thorne. This is Taylor's secret and she is the only one with the right to tell it. "You are the only woman for Ridge; nothing can change that, not even Taylor's unborn baby," he reminds her. Thorne tells her that his main concern is the health of Taylor and that baby. He doesn't want her to lose the baby, and she will if Ridge finds out and still rejects her. The two of them decide to continue to keep the secret from Ridge. Thorne wonders how the wedding plans are coming. Brooke says that things are going so fast that they haven't yet told Rick and Bridget. Just then, Ridge enters the office. He tells them that something has happened. The secret-keepers exchange looks. Ridge then tells them that Eric's plane has crashed. "WHAT!" they both exclaim.

Lauren is bending over Eric. "Is he going to make it?" she asks Rush. "Thank God," she says, realizing he is still alive. She urges, "We have to get him to a doctor." Rush tells her that there are no doctors here. He won't die, Rush assures her. He may lose a few fingers or toes, but he will live. He hands her a heated blanket and she covers Eric. He tells Lauren that she must take care of herself and hands her food to eat. In answer to her questions he tells Lauren that he lives here with his dogs; the nearest people are 700 miles away. He likes the solitude, he explains. As she is asking what he does here, Eric begins to thrash around.

At Mannequins, Macy encourages Grant to ask the question he wants to ask. Grant is hesitant. "Your answer will change things between us, he tells her." "I know," she says as she smiles at him. "You are making this so easy on me," Grant tells Macy. "That is because I know what you are going to ask me," she says, smiling. "You do?" he asks. "Well, we have been spending a lot of time together outside of work," she tells him, "and I am so grateful to you. You came in and saved our business." Well, he says, Clarke's loss is his gain. He is touched by her gratitude and he is developing deep feelings for her. If she says yes to his question, it will only make their bond stronger. He will not push but he hopes she will trust him. "It isn't easy to say no to you, Grant," Macy tells him. He kisses her hand. "Would you like to make love with me?" he asks.

"A plane crash! Where?" both Brooke and Thorne cry. Ridge tells them that it happened over Greenland. The details are sketchy so far, but they think it was weather related. "Is he all right? What does the hospital say?" Brooke wants to know. Ridge now has to tell them that his father hasn't been found. Because of the severe storm, they can't even search for them. Thorne suggests that maybe their father was not even on the plane, but Ridge tells him that the authorities are certain he was. Thorne rushes to be with his mother. Brooke rushes into Ridge's arms. "Dad has to survive!" Ridge cries. "How are we going to tell Rick and Bridget?" Brooke wonders.

"He is coming out of it!" exclaims Lauren. "Wake up, Eric," she calls. "It's okay." Eric struggles awake and sees the bearded man in front of him. Eric looks confused. What happened, he wants to know. Lauren reminds him of the plane crash. She tells him that Rush saved their lives. Without him they would have frozen to death. She was so worried about him; he has been out for so long. Rush hands Eric a cup of herbal tea and orders him to drink it. Eric takes a sip and makes a face. Go ahead, Rush orders again; it is 100% natural, he explains, the best medicine for Eric.

Eric wonders if they have notified the family. They must be so worried, he insists. Lauren tells him that they cannot. Eric wants to know why not; Lauren explains, reminding him that the Forresters will be all right. "Forrester?" Rush exclaims when Lauren says the name, "You are Eric Forrester?"

"Sex? That is what this is all about? You want to have sex with me?" Macy asks, appalled. Yes, he answers. "Isn't it wonderful? We could go away someplace romantic. We could motor up to Santa Barbara and take a suite. We could go to bed and stay there all weekend. Or we could find a deserted beach. Just imagine it: candlelight, moonlight, the waves lapping gently on shore. I'll bet you can feel the water right now, can't you?" Macy stands and pours a glass of ice water in his lap. "That is as close to the beach as you are getting with me, Cowboy!" she angrily states. She then stomps out and leaves Grant with a "what happened" look on his face.

Brooke realizes that they will have to tell Rick and Bridget about their father. Ridge cannot imagine life without his dad. The kids will be devastated, Brooke says. Maybe it would be best if they didn't say anything to the children until they have something more definite to tell them, they agree. She comforts Ridge when he says he never dreamed anything like this would happen. "Through all the tragedy in my life you have stood by me," he tells her. They proclaim their love for each other. She assures him that miracles do happen and he tells her that she is his special angel.

"You've heard of Eric?" asks Lauren. Eric gets up and begins to question Rush and asks, "What do you do out here?" "I survive," Rush answers. "I hunt a little, fish a little, do a little mountain climbing. Right now I am in training to scale Mt. Everest." "Don't you get lonely," asks Lauren. He tells her that he does not miss society. "Well, that is not the case with us," Eric challenges. "Just sit down, Mr. Forrester. You aren't going anywhere," Rush tells Eric.

Instead of sitting, Eric paces. There must be some way to communicate with the outside world. Rush tells them that he does not intrude on the outside world and he does not like it when the world intrudes on him. "Just sit back and relax," he tells Eric, "You are playing on my turf now." Not for long, insists Eric. "We won't be cooped up here for long," Eric adds. Suddenly he spots a radio. "No outside communication, huh?" he demands. Rush tells him that it is too weak to get out. "Well that is a chance we will have to take," Eric tells Rush. "Now get on that radio and let someone know we are here." Rush slowly goes to the radio and tries to make contact with the outside world. As he calls out, he reaches behind the radio and pulls out the power pack. He hides the power pack but keeps calling.

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Week of 11/17/97 - 11/21/97

Monday, November 17, 1997

While Ridge is on the phone with his mother, asking if Kristen has someone with her, Brooke is in the doorway thanking Katie. Brooke comes back in and Ridge says that his mom is holding up, but he's still worried. They then discuss the kids, and Ridge thinks they should hold up telling them about Eric until they know more. Brooke agrees but thinks the kids will pick up on the bad vibes; Ridge suggests they talk about their engagement instead, since it is something positive for the kids. Brooke is more than willing since the kids adore Ridge - and they're going to need him to get through the crisis with Eric, she adds.

Rick walks in, asking his mom about his appointment with James, but Brooke says they have to talk to him. Bridget joins them and is happy to see Ridge. "So what's the story?" Rick asks.

Dr. Santana checks Taylor out and says her blood pressure is stable. Thorne walks in and the doc gives him the good news, and Taylor adds that if things keep up, she could be out of bed real soon. Thorne then tells them he has some bad news - Eric's plane crashed and they don't know where he is.

Rush continues to fake the radio call, saying he can't get through because of the storm. Eric urges him to continue but Rush says he has to wait for tomorrow, in order to save his battery. Eric protests but Rush tells him, "Get some rest." Rush leaves, and Eric laments to Lauren about how his family must be worried, especially Stephanie. He then goes over to the radio and tries to establish a connection, but he sees there is no power. "Oh my god, Lauren - there's no battery here," he discovers.

Taylor is in tears as Thorne explains about the plane crash and Eric's disappearance. He tells her that his mother continues to hope that Eric is OK, which is a good thing - until they know for sure, they can't make any assumptions. "We need to be strong," Thorne explains, and he tells Taylor it has made him think. He realizes how they cannot waste any precious time, and Taylor agrees with the sentiments. "I'm glad you feel that way," Thorne says - and then he tells Taylor that they should not waste any time and they should plan their marriage.

Brooke and Ridge tell the kids all about the show and their success in Italy - and then Brooke adds that Ridge gave her one special present, showing off her ring. Bridget thinks the ring is pretty, but Rick wants to know what it means. "It means Ridge and I want to get married - how do you feel about that?" Brooke states. Bridget is happy, but Rick is hesitant - he's afraid to believe it will happen. Ridge says he knows they are hesitant because the last wedding plans were called off - but now, he and Brooke have learned from their mistakes and they want to be a family. "You can count on me, even if you have a bad day... and if something terrible happens, I'll be there, however I can," Ridge states. The kids then return to their rooms, but not before Bridget, and then Rick, hug Ridge.

Taylor is stunned at Thorne's suggestion and says they shouldn't rush into anything. Thorne thinks this isn't rushing. "Why are you pressuring me?" Taylor asks. Thorne asks why she feels this is pressure, and asks if she expects him to sit back and wait while she keeps making excuses. Taylor doesn't like the implication that she is stalling, so Thorne leaves to get some air.

Alone in her bed, Taylor cries to her baby about how it will never meet its wonderful grandfather. "And what your daddy must be going through," she continues. She picks up the cell phone but then puts it down and cries.

Back at Brooke's, she is giving Ridge a massage. "That went pretty well - not quite what I expected," she says. Ridge says maybe they should have expected it - and they have to think about what will happen if Eric isn't found. "I can't take his place, Logan," he states. Brooke says of course he can't - but Ridge is like a second father to those kids and she is glad he is there for him. "Sometimes I forget they're not mine," Ridge says. Brooke asks if he would feel any differently about them if they really were his. "I'd do anything for Rick and Bridget; but there's something about having a child of your own, a miracle, like this life exists because of you and your love for someone else," Ridge says. It's like leaving a legacy, he explains, and he admits he misses that. "It will happen again," Brooke promises, but Ridge is not sure; he was never able to have children with either Brooke or Taylor. "You know what I'm thinking - maybe it's because of those kids upstairs, that someone knew they would need my attention," he says. Brooke is about to talk to him, but she hears Bridget call and goes upstairs.

"Maybe he didn't realize it - why would he lie to us?" Lauren asks as Eric shows her there is no battery. "It makes no sense," she adds. "I don't know what he's after, but no one would ever know," Eric says. Lauren wonders if he means that Rush will do something to them. Before he can answer, Rush returns, saying, "I thought you'd be asleep. Lauren and Eric exchange worried glances.

Taylor gets a call from Ridge, who is looking for Thorne. Taylor says he is out walking and asks how Ridge is. "I'm trying to find Felicia - then I'll find Mother and set up a meeting with Jonathan about the kids," Ridge answers. Taylor asks him to make her a promise - when he's busy taking care of everyone else, he should take care of himself, too. Ridge says he will and hangs up. He has a worried look on his face, while back at the beach house, Taylor continues to cry.

Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Lauren questions Eric if he thinks Rush will do something to them. Just then, Rush enters and wants to know if there is a problem. He tells them he shot an elk and takes out a knife. Then Rush questions them about what is going on, because they are both looking at him like he has two heads. Eric replies that they know about the radio and there is no battery. Rush is furious and tells them that they can either follow his rules or go back from where he found them. He informs them that he took the battery out to save power after he made the call. Lauren and Eric apologize and Rush leaves to go and tend to the dead meat. Eric still says he doesn't trust Rush and something isn't right.

Connor is at the Warwicks' place and he is playing the videotape; he insists that it is not enough to measure Sheila as an unfit mother. Maggie insists that they have to do something else to get Margaret back before the wedding tomorrow. James believes that maybe he was wrong and Amber states that Sheila really does love the baby. James thinks that maybe it is possible for Sheila to have matured enough but Maggie isn't buying; she begs Connor to come up with something. Connor comes up with an idea that would take them all down to the wire, but it could be their last chance to prove that Sheila is an unfit mother.

Sheila is at her house, sitting in a rocking chair by the fireplace and cross-stitching a picture of a clown for the baby's nursery. She hears a noise and Mike Guthrie pops in via the kitchen window. He thought he would pay her a visit and mentions the big wedding right around the corner; he then questions why Sheila hasn't told him about it yet. Mike starts to state the facts as he sees them: "You are living in a dream world. You are stranded on Fantasy Island and the whole thing is just about to be sucked into the ocean." Sheila says he's just jealous and Mike admits, "You bet I am jealous. It makes me sick inside to think he is the one that you love. He doesn't deserve it. It is not opinion; it is the facts. He doesn't love you Sheila. He isn't even capable of it."

Sheila then gets defensive and questions why in the world would James become alienated from his friends and family if he didn't care about her. Mike continues with his little lecture and says, "The guy is warped. I am not gonna get inside his head. The only time lover boy is nice to you is when he wants something. And right now he wants something- I would bet my life on it. So what are you going to do?" Just then the doorbell rings so Mike leaves. James' father, Damon, shows up for the wedding. He tells Sheila that he knew his son wouldn't leave the mother of his child and he couldn't understand what James saw in Maggie. Sheila confides that she isn't sure if James loves her and something isn't right.

Connor suggests that Sheila turns when something gets in her way and that they put the baby in her way - at least so she neglects her and she becomes a huge inconvenience. He tells Amber to take James' car the day of the wedding and call home to report that she had car trouble. "Make sure that the car has the car seat in it and then call to say that the cab never showed up to pick you up," he instructs. He then goes on to explain that it is illegal for Sheila to travel without a car seat - or Sheila might leave the baby alone to make it to the wedding on time. Maggie thinks this is a brilliant plan but James can't go through with it. He doesn't want to set up a trap for Sheila. Maggie comments that James feels obligated to Sheila because she is a former patient. But she is a lost cause and their baby isn't; Margaret needs to be saved, Maggie insists. "What is more important to you, Sheila or your own child?" she questions.

Lauren tucks Eric into bed. She looks around the desk and finds a paper. She picks it up and Rush walks in and tells her to put it down. Lauren tells him that she and Eric normally wouldn't be like this but these are unusual circumstances. Eric is frantic about his family. She tells him, however, that her son is at school and nobody knew she was on the plane, so she likely will not be missed. Rush informs her that the typewriter is for his thoughts so that they don't get away from him because it is so quiet out there. He writes poetry and is working on a novel, he explains; he doesn't want Lauren to read what he has written so far and suggests that she go to bed. He takes off his shirt because it is too hot in the cabin for him and proceeds to type. Lauren watches him from the curtain.

Damon insists that Sheila shouldn't be so insecure and he can't think of any reason 'Jamie' wouldnt want to marry her. He suggests that she let him know how she feels. Sheila then gets her chance - because just then, James gets home. She questions him and asks for honesty about the marriage and if it is truly about love. She wants to know right now...................................

Wednesday, November 19, 1997

Sheila is asking James point blank for a truthful, honest answer. She tells him that his father has been nothing but supportive of their relationship; Damon isn't the one to put doubts in her mind. She just feels that it is not logical for James' feelings to have changed so fast. James requests to speak with Sheila alone. Damon is cooing over his grandchild. Sheila's mom shows up at the door and the two grandparents are thrilled to meet each other - and Molly is thrilled to meet her granddaughter.

Macy comes into the office and she tells her mother that nothing happened last night. Grant had something to ask her, she explains, and she guesses that to him, it was very important. Sally asks if there was a question, and Macy replies that he did pop the question all right - but he had a very different proposal in mind. Sally wants to know what exactly happened. Macy describes the time and expense that Grant went through - until he took her hand and asked her to go to bed with him. He didn't want a wife, he just wanted a bed warmer, Macy laments.

Maggie is chatting with Connor and he tells her that the plan is going to work. Maggie doesn't think it is the plan that will go wrong, but there is one big "IF" - that is James. She doesn't think he will go through with it because it goes against everything he believes in.

Amber replies that James knows Sheila better than anyone. That is what frightens Maggie, because Sheila knows how to play a man. James' weakness is his sense of right and wrong. What if she is able to convince him that she has finally changed, Maggie wonders. She states that she firmly believes that James' vision is clouded and he needs to stay strong.

Sheila and James are upstairs and she wants to make sure this is what he wants. She would never trap him into marrying her, she informs him. She tells him that everything he has done and said has hit right on the nail, and she feels that she is going to explode with happiness. She wonders if anything could be so perfect. James says nothing is perfect in life. She questions how he can love her enough to marry her. James says, "Listen to you. You cant fake sincerity; you really have changed, Sheila."

Sheila tells him she has changed because she feels secure and loved. She is so committed to their relationship and making it better. She would sacrifice everything for him and she never would have given the baby away; it was unfair to Maggie, she explains. She is sorry for hurting Maggie, she then says. She tells James that a mother doesn't just give her baby away. She thinks all of this is part of a plan so he and Maggie can take the baby away from her. He doesn't have to marry her to be a part of the child's life, she states. Sheila tells him that she loves him, but not enough to give Margaret away. Does he still want her knowing that he can go back to Maggie, she asks. "I WANT YOU TO BE MY WIFE," says James in response.

Molly Carter and Damon are downstairs. She picks up her grandchild. She asks him if Sheila and James are looking forward to tomorrow. He tells her about the prenuptial jitters and they toast to their children............

Thursday, November 20, 1997

Sheila is praying. She thanks God for such a beautiful day and for what is about to happen: her wedding. She lovingly greets her mother and Damon, who tells her that after today, she will be calling him Father. He has brought her a wedding gift; it is the wedding gown that his own wife, Mary, wore at their wedding forty years ago.

James walks into Maggie's house. He apologizes for taking that liberty but she reminds him that it is his home too. He tells her that they need to talk. "You are having second thoughts," she accuses him. She tells him that they cannot back down now. They have to get their baby from that lunatic. He has to put aside his scruples for once to get what they both want.

James tells Maggie that Sheila is so positive and hopeful, but Maggie doesn't care. She says that Sheila is a liar and a manipulator, and right now she is using all her powers on him to get her own way. "Just look at her past," Maggie tells him. "We were good to her. We moved her into our home and saw to it that she got good prenatal care. And how does she thank us? Does she let us have that beautiful baby? No, she took the baby back. She is selfish and cruel." James tries to reason with his ex-wife. Sheila is not manipulating him, he states; she just could not give up her baby and she acted within the law to get the baby back.

Maggie tells him that they cannot gamble with the life of a child. James has to bend the rules, lie, do whatever he has to do to get that child back. "Either we do as we planned or you marry that bitch. Which is it going to be?" she asks.

Ridge is trying to keep his mind on work when Brooke enters. There has been no news, he tells her. His father couldn't have crashed into a worse environment. Brooke tells him that she has canceled the wedding but he tells her that it isn't canceled, only postponed. He thanks her for all her support, and they agree that they must focus all their attention on getting Eric back.

Brooke tells him not to worry - she firmly believes the wedding will happen, and Eric will be there. And each night, even though it hurts a little to think about it, she keeps the thought of her wedding to Ridge in mind, including a honeymoon night he will never forget! Ridge asks for a preview and Brooke giggles, "Is that appropriate?" Ridge jokes, "Logan, you're never appropriate!" and they fall into a passionate kiss.

When Amber returns home and joins Sheila, Damon and Molly, they wonder if she knows where James is. She gets excited over the gown and asks if Sheila will wear it tonight. That will be James' decision, Sheila tells them - after all, he has already bought a gown for her and she doesn't want to ruin plans he has made.

"Okay," James tells Maggie. "We will go through with the plan." They then go over the plan in detail. Amber will call Sheila and tell her that she is stuck in traffic. Sheila will either have to stay at home with the baby and miss the wedding or she will leave the baby alone and go to the wedding. Maggie will be watching the house with the agent from Child Protective Services. They will go in and remove the baby.

"What if she stays with the baby?" James asks. "She won't," Maggie assures James. "I guarantee Sheila will not put off the marriage." "But if she does stay with the baby," James says, "then we will come clean and tell her about the test. We will tell her everything."

James returns home. He is stunned to see Sheila with his mother's wedding gown. When Damon tells his son that it is up to him whether Sheila wears the dress he bought for her or this gown, James immediately tells him that Sheila will wear his mother's gown. Sheila tells him that this is his last chance to back out, but he tells her that he is ready. This is what he wants. You won't regret it, Sheila promises him.

"Tonight it ends," declares Maggie. "Tonight your best day will turn into your worst night and no one deserves it more. I will get my baby and husband back. Tonight I get them both back."

Friday, November 21, 1997

Amber walks in and finds Sheila smiling to herself. "I just can't stop smiling," she tells her friend. "I have dreamed of this day for so long and it has finally arrived. I can't remember ever being so happy!"

Maggie and Connor are talking. "My husband and baby will be home tonight," she tells her lawyer. "Tonight Sheila will suffer the biggest disaster of her life." "We need to go over the plans again," Connor tells her. They summarize what they plan to do and what the outcome will be.

As they get to the part where she claims her baby and calls Connor so that he can call off the disaster of a wedding, the phone rings. It is James; he is having second thoughts. "You have to stay strong," Maggie tells her ex husband. "You have to think about the baby. You cannot leave her in harms way." "That is just it; I am not so sure she is 'in harms way'," James tells her. Maggie recites Sheila's crimes and tells him that he has to protect his child. As she hangs up, Conner realizes that James' resolve is weakening. He has to get over there, he says!

Amber tells James that this is going to destroy Sheila. "Does she really deserve this?" she wants to know. Before James can answer, Molly and his father enter the room dressed in their finery. As Sheila comes down the stairs in her dressing gown, Damon orders her back upstairs. "Don't you know it is bad luck for the groom to see the bride on the wedding day?" But Sheila tells her father-to-be that she feels like the luckiest girl in the world. She is getting the man she loves and she has never been so happy.

Amber interrupts to say she needs something from the store. She won't be long, she assures them; she will be back in time to help Sheila dress. Just as Amber leaves, Connor arrives. He in introduced to Molly and Damon but he says they need to leave for the church. Molly wants to wait with Sheila, but she tells her mother to go on ahead; Amber will be back soon.

Maggie answers the door and lets Lucy Grimes, the CPS agent into the house. Lucy says she has been reading Sheila's file and it is hard to believe all that is in there. "Oh it is true," Maggie assures her. "That woman is incapable of raising a child." Lucy is hesitant to accept that from a stranger, but Maggie assures that she will prove it tonight.

As they enter the church, Molly exclaims at the beauty of the chapel. Damon says it is the perfect setting for an intimate wedding. He asks if James chose the church, but James tells them that it was Sheila who found the church and made the arrangements. He turns to Connor and tells him he would like to speak to him in private. They head out to the Grooms Room.

James tells Connor that what they are doing isn't right. He is deceiving a patient. Conner tells him that what he is doing is assuring a safe and secure environment for his baby. The baby belongs with him and Maggie. He gets a call; it is Maggie. They are on their way to Sheila's house. She asks how James is and Conner tells her that he isn't sure. He then turns to James and tells him that he has to sacrifice his professional ethics for the sake of the child; he cannot sacrifice his child.

As Sheila is getting ready, she talks to her baby. She tells Mary the plans that she has. "I'm going to marry your father," she says. She then looks at the time and wonders where Amber is.

Connor is telling James to be a parent first when Amber enters the room. She is having trouble making the call. Connor reminds her that they are talking about the future of an innocent, vulnerable child and wonders if he is the only one in the room who realizes this. Amber then reluctantly calls Sheila and tells her that her car broke down, but she will be there as soon as possible. She then encourages Sheila to leave the baby and come on to the church. It won't be for long, she assures Sheila. No, Sheila says. She will wait. Conner is disappointed when Amber tells him that Sheila isn't going to leave the baby.

Back at the house, Sheila looks lovingly at her baby and tells her that she couldn't leave her all alone.

Outside, Molly and Damon are wondering why it is taking so long. The minister tells them that time is limited. There is another wedding scheduled right after this one, he explains.

Maggie and Lucy park outside Sheila's house. The agent wants to go in, but Maggie tells her to wait. "Why?" Ms. Grimes asks. Maggie tells her that she will know soon.

Connor tells Amber to call Sheila and tell her that she is on her way. "I can't," Amber tells him. "Sheila is a bomb just waiting to explode," Connor reminds her. She calls. "I will be there in a few minutes," she tells Sheila. "Just go ahead to the church. I will be there in no time." When Sheila protests, Amber tells her to JUST DO IT---GO, since this is the moment Sheila has been waiting years for.

Lucy tells Maggie that she has a full workload, so she cannot afford to spend time sitting in cars. Maggie begs her to wait just a little longer. Just then, the door of the house opens and Sheila, dressed in her wedding dress, exits the house. "There she is!" exclaims a triumphant Maggie. "Got her!"

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Week of 11/24/97 - 11/28/97

Monday, November 24, 1997

Sheila speeds away from the house in her car, intent on reaching the church so she can finally marry James. Having seen Sheila leave, Maggie and Lucy the social worker enter Sheila's house, using a key Maggie has. Maggie tells Lucy to be patient - once they are inside, all the proof they need of Sheila's lack of fitness as a parent will be apparent.

Over at the church, Connor tries to reassure James that he is doing the right thing. James, however, protests, "I cannot do this!" He is tired of the deceptions and the manipulations of a patient, and one who has feelings for him, at that. Connor reminds James to focus on his daughter; if James wants Margaret to be with a parent who can truly provide for her and give her a stable home, then his only choice is to stick with the plan. Connor tells James he must go along with the wedding - that is, until Maggie calls them on the cell phone and tells them all is clear. Meanwhile, Connor wonders where Sheila is.

Over at the Warwick home, Amber joins Maggie and Lucy. Maggie feverishly looks around for the baby and figures she must be in the nursery. The three women head upstairs, only to find the nursery door locked. "Here's the proof you need," Maggie explains, asking what kind of mother would leave her child in a locked room.

Back at the church, Sheila finally arrives. The priest comes to fetch James and Connor since they can proceed with the cremony.

Maggie and Amber succeed in breaking down the door of the nursery; Maggie rushes in and immediately grabs the baby, telling her that mommy is here and everything is going to be all right. Maggie thinks she has Sheila now, presenting Lucy with the child being left alone as proof of Sheila's fitness as a parent. Maggie then says she has to call James. However, Maggie is stunned when a voice proclaims that the baby is not alone - it's Sheila's good buddy, Mike Guthrie!

The wedding ceremony proceeds as Sheila is presented with the Warwick Sash as a symbol of her joining the family. She is clearly on cloud nine, but James continues to be distracted.

Mike explains to Maggie that Sheila called him when she had to leave; she would never leave her baby alone, so she called Mike to look after her. He explains that he snuck in the back door while Sheila left, and he then tells Maggie to forget about any calls. Maggie says, "You are a criminal with a record." She turns to Lucy and asks, "Don't you see - he is no babysitter." "Mary is not the victim here - Sheila is!" Mike insists. Lucy says, "All I see is a baby being watched by a sitter," and she leaves. Maggie pleads, "Wait. You don't understand," bit it is too late.

The priest says, "James, are you ready? "Yes," he says, asking Sheila if it is her will to become his wife and putting the ring on her finger." Sheila says, "Yes - but I know this is not part of the ceremony, but I would like to tell you, you are a man of integrity, you have given me love trust but most of all you have given me and our daughter a family. James, does it please you to be my husband?" James hesitates and looks towards Connor, hoping for some sign that Maggie has called. Seeing nothing, he turns to Sheila and says, "Yes." The priest says, "A bond from God - James and Sheila, you are man and wife. You may kiss the bride." Sheila says, "I love you." James says nothing.

After the ceremony, James's dad congratulates them both saying, "Your mother is in Heaven looking down on you. She is very proud and so am I." James is more in shock then anything. They are leaving the chapel. Damon and Molly are so happy, laughing. Off to the side, Connor watches, and his cell phone rings - it is Maggie. "Is it too late?" she asks. Conner exclaims, "Maggie! What took so long? James and Sheila just got married!" Maggie says, "Oh no, Oh my God!" She is crying with Mike and Amber looking on.

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Room 268 is where the honeymoon begins for Sheila and James. Sheila kisses him and asks if James is nervous, because he is cold to her. The bags arrive via the bellman and James wants to go and change his clothes to check on their dinner reservations downstairs. She comments that he has made her so happy. James replies, "You deserve to be happy, Sheila." Sheila collapses on the couch and munches on a strawberry.

Over at the beach house, Thorne is sweating under his tiny gray muscle shirt after taking a run on the beach with the doggie. Taylor complains how she is so bored and lonely lying around in bed. Of course, Thorne has some gossip for her and tells her about James and Sheila getting married. Taylor can't believe this is true and wonders why James hasn't called to tell her. She states that a relationship between a client and psychiatrist is very complicated. A doctor could start to have feelings for his patient, because he has to be involved and care about the patient. She feels, however, that James is much more experienced than that to confuse his feelings with romantic love. Thorne wonders if it has something to do with baby; Taylor doesn't think James would marry Sheila just to be with his daughter, due to the fact that it would be dishonest and taking advantage of Sheila's trust. Thorne remarks that whatever his reason was, James just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Maggie looks dazed and confused as she paces in front of the fireplace. James comes in and wants to know what happened and what went wrong in the plan. Maggie explains that Sheila did not leave Margaret alone; she left Mike Guthrie with her. She apologizes but says that they have to come up with something else, since sooner or later, Sheila will let her guard down.

Back at the beach house, Thorne has made some hot chocolate. Taylor comments that James had told her Ridge had a right to know about his baby and they disagreed that day. Now that she's on the subject, she asks about Ridge's wedding plans; Thorne informs her that the wedding has been postponed until they find Eric.

Sheila is on the telephone with her mother while she is still wearing her wedding gown. She is describing the honeymoon suite and both mother and daughter feel all this happiness is Sheila's reward for learning to trust in someone. She hangs up when there is a knock at the door; it's Mike and he needs to talk to her.

Sheila tells him that if he were truly a friend, he would be happy for her. She finally feels secure, safe, and loved. But Mike begins, "It's your baby. You almost lost her today, Sheila." Sheila panics but Mike explains, "She is fine. But she wouldn't be if I hadn't been there. You leave me with the little tyke, right? Not thirty seconds later, who comes busting through the door? Maggie." Sheila is stunned and Mike continues, "Yeah, with some social service chick. She was there to bust you, Sheila. She thought you left Mary alone. Don't you get it? This was a set-up. Amber's car never broke down. I warned you about her."

Back at the Warwicks, James confides to his ex-wife that it is over and he can't go on with this anymore. They have already lost Margaret and he hates to admit it. But they have also lost themselves and look at what he has become in the process. "No more lies. God only knows what this will do to Sheila when she finds out the truth," James proclaims.

Maggie is passionate and yells that this is not about Sheila; this is about HIS Daughter. Who really cares about Sheila after all? "I do. I am manipulating her. I spent my entire life helping people like Sheila, not destroying them. Maggie, without principles, what kind of a father would I be? She is expecting me. I have to get back. Try to understand. I cant do anything else." says James.

Sheila doesn't want to deal with this information from Mike now, because she is on her honeymoon. She will let Amber go and James will talk to Maggie about her inappropriate behavior, she states. "James was in on it," Mike states, but Sheila refuses to believe it. "Open your eyes, Sheila. What do you think; that Maggie came up with this whole thing on her own? And Amber???? That brat couldn't plan a bake sale on her own. She got you to trust James. It was a big con. You gotta listen to me," begs Mike.

Sheila is amazed and pleads that she thought Mike was her friend and that she could trust him. She begs him not to take all of this away from her. But Mike continues on, "You don't have a family. It is all a lie. He doesn't want you, Sheila. All he wants is your baby." Just then he takes out the camera from the air duct in the nursery to prove his case and proves that James was spying on her the whole time. He insists that her whole fantasy was all a lie. Sheila is in shock as she watches the video of herself with the baby. Mike replies," He deserves the worst thing we can think of."

Later, Mike shows up at Sheila's house and Amber is surprised to see him. Amber is freaked that Sheila knows what happened. Mike informs her that Sheila got real quiet at first after she heard the news, sort of like the quiet before the storm. Amber questions Mike because he knows Sheila better than anyone and wants to know how far he thinks she will go. Mike replies, "Mrs. James Warwick is about to become a widow,"

Back at the honeymoon suite, James finds a note from Sheila telling him to go on the roof. He goes up there and calls for her. He tells her to go downstairs - that it is too cold and she will get sick. "You are worried? You care sooooo much? HOW COULD YOU?" She glares at him as she steps to the side of the building over looking L.A. in the dark of night.............................

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

James is on the rooftop of the hotel and he calls out Sheila's name as she walks to the side of the building. "How could you? You said that you loved me - that you wanted to marry me. You lied- DIDN'T YOU?" she shouts. I know all of it," she cries out. James responds that he was going to confess everything to her tonight. She says, "You know when Mike told me that you were in involved, I told him that he was crazy; that you wouldn't do that to me. You know how hard it was for me to trust you. You couldn't be that cruel. You told me that if I believed in you, you wouldn't leave me. I knew it was too good to be true. I asked you to be honest with me."

James says he did lie, but he isn't now and he does care. He was afraid for Margaret, he explains. "Margaret? That is how you think of her, isn't it, not as Mary? I see now. I understand you had to protect her from the monster," says Sheila. That's how James must see her - as soulless monster, she laments.

Stephanie and Ridge are at Casa Forrester and they get a visit from Mr. Freyberg, who has come to inform them that the storm in Greenland has ended. However, he explains, he can't send out a rescue team until they acquire the right equipment for the terrain there. The plane went down in a very remote area that has harsh conditions, and he didn't want the Forresters' expectations to be very high. He pulls out a map to show them where they believe the plane crashed and paints a pretty grim picture. His candor hurts Stephanie because she believes in her heart that Eric is alive and she will not give up hope. Freyburg leaves, and Stephanie tells Ridge that Eric would not give up, so neither will she.

Over in the cabin, Rush, Lauren, and Eric are eating. Eric wants to try the radio again, since the storm has now cleared, but Rush tells him 'no.' It turns out, as he explains, that he had tried earlier while they were both sleeping but there wasn't any answer. Eric is still uneasy, so Lauren assures him that most likely, Rush is as anxious to get rid of them as they are to be rescued. She suggests that Eric look at their situation as a "life experience." Eric snaps that this is easy for Lauren to say - she doesn't have anyone that is missing her like he does. Realizing what he has said, Eric takes it back, and Lauren suggests that he is just upset about Stephanie. Rush asks who this Stephanie is, since she sounds like quite a woman, so Lauren tells him of Eric's ex-wife and how she stood Eric up at the altar.

Eric is worried that she might be tearing her hair out in grief. Lauren doesn't think so; if she is, then why didn't show for the wedding, she asks. Eric suspects that it's because of Lauren, and they start a debate over why exactly Stephanie didn't marry him in Italy. Eric goes outside to cool down; Lauren apologizes to him, but he isn't listening. Rush is amused by all of this.

Amber is at Sheila's house and she is questioning Mike as to what he meant when he stated that Sheila is about to become a widow. "Oh my God!" she says, "Are you serious? You are not talking upset, you are talking homicidal. Sheila has always been a little loopy, but a killer?" Mike calmly states that he has known Sheila for many years and she had a certain look in her eye; somebody is going down. Amber wants to stop Sheila and admits that her part in the plan was a mistake. She wants to call the police or Maggie for some help, but Mike stops her because Warwick has made Sheila's life miserable. He feels that whatever James gets he deserves, and he hopes that it is slow and painful.

Back on the roof Sheila is still trying to make sense of this all. "You made me believe that this could all happen; that I could have a normal life and a family. You made me feel loved." Sheila suspects that James must have seen her as a bad mother, which is why James tried to take her away. James tells Sheila to stop it and that he not only betrayed her, but he betrayed himself and his own beliefs. Whatever their failings are, they have a daughter and she needs both of them, so they have to work this out. "No, it's too late for that," Sheila says.

Stephanie is out on the balcony at her house and she is praying to God to keep Eric safe and bring him home to her. At the same moment, Eric is outside in the snow thinking of Stephanie.

Sheila tells James that there isn't any more time and he doesn't understand. Sheila says the he isn't giving her any chance and they are not going downstairs. James admits that he was wrong and he believes that Sheila would not intentionally harm anyone else. "Wrong again," she says as she runs to the edge of the roof. "Sheila, No!" James calls out.

Rush and Lauren are alone in the cabin. Lauren asks him what is in a box and finds out that it is filled with cameras for documentation of the climb he intends to make. Looking at the photos, she suggests that Rush should publish a book of his poems and accompany them with some photographs from living out in the wild like this. She says she would be interested in reading about a man who turned his back on society, and so would the rest of the world. Rush says his writing isn't about the wilderness, but he reluctantly puts his guard down and agrees to let Lauren read one of his writings after she refuses to drop the issue.

Sheila tells James, "Stay away from me!" He says that Mary needs her but she responds, "You tried to take Mary from me. I was so happy. I thought that I could finally stop trying so hard. I just wanted you to love me. You made me what I am. You gave me life. I thought she would have you and me, together, and we could give her the love we never had. BUT YOU DIDN'T WANT THAT." He tries to draw her back but she says, "There is nothing you could do. You love Mary so much that I didn't even matter. I can't take Mary away from you - I love you too much for that - but I can't live without her, either. I am doing this for you, James. Take care of our baby." Sheila jumps to the ground wearing her wedding dress. A person parking her car in the hotel lot saw the whole thing and yells to another man for 911 to be called. James just says, "OH MY GOD!"

Thursday, November 27, 1997

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Friday, November 28, 1997

Sheila stands at the edge of the roof, crying; the wind is whipping her hair about her face. She says, "I cannot take Mary away from you, James, and I cannot live without her. I'm doing this for you, James. Take care of my baby." Sheila turns and jumps over the side of the building. James rushes to the roof's edge as Sheila lands on the ground below. A woman screams; a man yells for her to call 911. "Oh, my God," James cries in horror. "Oh, my God!"

Ridge and Thorne greet Stephanie. Why did you call us here? they ask. "I have made a decision," Ma Forrester says. "And it isn't up for debate. I am just informing you of my decision to go to Greenland and help search for your father. Mr. Freyburg has agreed to take me along with the rescue party. Once we land in Greenland, we will go to the crash site by helicopter." "How long will you be gone?" Ridge asks. "Until I find your father," Stephanie answers.

Lauren is reading Rush's work. "This is good!" she tells him. It is romantic, from the heart, sweet and sincere. She then reads one of the poems and tells him that this is not sappy; most women would give anything to hear words like these from her man. She looks up at him and tells him that she will never hear them from Eric. "Eric is a fool," Rush tells her. "Maybe I am the fool," Lauren responds. "If you are a fool, then I am a madman," Rush says. "I see you as a worthwhile woman. You are beautiful and full of grace. If he can't see that, then he is a fool. It is unfathomable to me that you could be turned down by anyone. Don't ever forget that you are special." Lauren tells him that when she hears his voice, she can feel neither cold nor empty.

"Is she alive?" James asks the Med. Tech. "Just barely," he answers, as they rush the stretcher into the ambulance. "Don't let her die," pleads James. "Do whatever you need to do, but don't let her die." The Med. Tech. in on the radio to the hospital and he says that her vitals are weak; they may be looking at a code. "You've got to live; you hear me? You have got to live!" James tells his new wife.

Lauren and Rush break their embrace as Rush tells her that he wants to protect her. She tells him that she feels safe with him but he cannot protect her. "I can do it better than he can," Rush says of Eric. "He is a shallow, selfish man. All he can think of is being rescued. He is self-centered and blind. Your love is too pure and perfect to waste on someone who doesn't deserve it or cherish you. Whether you go or stay, I will always cherish you." They kiss. Just then, Eric returns, carrying a crossbow.

When Thorne objects to Stephanie going to Greenland, Stephanie tells him that he has nothing to say about it. Ridge offers to go with her; Thorne then says that they will both go. Ridge objects to him going and they begin to argue, but Stephanie interrupts and tells Thorne that she would like him to stay and handle the business. Ridge can go with her.

As they rush Sheila into the emergency room, the attendant reports that she has massive internal injuries. When the doctor asks about a head injury, the attendant reports that her pupils are equal and reactive, which is a good sign. They go into the trauma room. As James tries to enter the room, the doctor stops him, but James says that he is a doctor and he has to be with her.

The nurse reports that he BP is 90/60 with a pulse of 92, weak and thready. Sheila begins to groan. James calls out to her. She continues to groan intermittently and finally opens her eyes. "James . . ." she says. "Don't talk, Sheila. Save your strength," James tells her. "Let me die!" Sheila begs. The blood pressure begins to drop. "We are losing her!" shouts the attending physician. "Talk to her, for God's sake. We are losing her!" "Fight, Sheila," James tells her. "You've got to fight. Don't give up. Please, Darling, speak to me."

Rush wants to know what Eric has been doing outside. You should not play around with that, he tells Eric, referring to the crossbow. Eric informs him that he has taken archery. As he holds the crossbow in a somewhat threatening way, he demands that Rush try the call again.

When Rush tells him that he can't make the call just now, Eric tells him that he doesn't trust him. He is wondering just how much he wants to save them. What is his excuse going to be this time? Rush waves a paper in front of Eric's face. "This is the reason I can't make the call," he says. When Eric wants to know what it is, Rush tells him it is the schedule of when the satellite will be overhead. "You are pushing me beyond my limit, Big Shot!" Rush tells Eric. You really do not want me to lose control!

The doctor informs James that Sheila isn't doing any good. They still don't know the full extent of her injuries; she may have paralysis and a neurologist is coming in to see her. There is only one person who can save Sheila and that is Sheila. Right now she doesn't want to live. "She will live," James says with emphasis.

You have to get along with this guy, Lauren tells Eric when they are in their section of the room. "It's the beard," Eric mumbles. "If I could see him without the beard, I would know who he is. I know I've seen him before. He is a dangerous man." Lauren reminds him that he is only a mountain climber, but Eric is sure he is not. He is a fake. He is a threat to them. He won't help them to get out. He then tells Lauren she can help him prove it. All she has to do is get him to shave off the beard. If he could see him without the beard, he would know who he was.

On the other side of the screen, Rush is helping himself to a drink. He watches the silhouette behind the screen. "He is going to be trouble for me," he says. "I know he is trouble unless I can do something. But then there is her. She has been dropped from heaven, like manna from the sky. Like you, sweetheart," he says, looking upward. "This time it will be different. But first things first. Right now I have to take care of Mr. Big Shot."

James sits at Sheila's bedside, holding her hand. Why are you here, she asks. Because you are here, he answers. "Just go . . . it's for the best," Sheila tells him. "You are wrong!" he answers. "This is where I belong. I am sorry I lied to you." "You are the best thing for the baby," Sheila tells him. "Mary is your daughter. You cannot live without her, can you? I know, because I can't either. Things are happening as they should. I gave my daughter away; I cannot go on without her. We both want her and she cannot be with both of us. You are the best thing for her. You are a good father. . . .Don't let me live, James. I do not want to take her from you. I want to do this for you, please, for you and Mary. Take care of her; love her."

Sheila begins to choke. The doctor rushes up and orders suctioning. Start a morphine drip. Hold her still, nurse," he shouts as Sheila begins to seize.

Rush continues to drink and watch the curtain. He wonders what they are talking about. He has to stop them. He rises and picks up the crossbow. He begins to caress it. Suddenly, the arrow shoots across the room and through the curtain. There is a scream.

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