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October, 1997

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Week of 10/6/97 - 10/10/97

Monday, October 6, 1997

Thorne and Taylor are sitting at a table in the restaurant 'Mannequins'. Taylor is upset as she watches Brooke and Ridge on the other side of the room. Thorne tells Taylor that if she tells Ridge the truth that the baby is his, she will turn all of their lives upside down and endanger the pregnancy. Taylor insists that she can not keep lying and then she gets up to tell Ridge everything. She pleads with Thorne that she is doing this because it is right; she can't go through life doing what is easiest.

James has just fed a bottle to Mary and tells Sheila that he knows she is taking good care of the baby. Sheila tells James that their baby can sense what is happening with them being together in the same room, and it makes her feel secure. Sheila runs upstairs to get her camera for a family portrait. Amber leans in to James and says, "You are good. I won't give you away. I am on your side, remember? The minute Sheila finds out you are trying to take your baby back, all hell is going to break loose."

Brooke and Ridge are all cozy on the dance floor to a slow song when Taylor finally has the courage to approach them. Ridge can't help watching them- he tells Brooke that he can't ignore them. He is upset because his brother is living his life. He questions how does he get past seeing them together and why Brooke is supporting him after everything he put her through.

Thorne tells Taylor that she can always go out on the dance floor and cut in. Taylor is annoyed watching Brooke all over her man and says, "I would need a chisel to cut in between the two of them. She is so insecure. It is called staking out your territory. She might as well tattoo 'property of Brooke Logan' right on his forehead." Thorne insists that Brooke is what his big brother wants and what he has chose, and Taylor should accept that.

Amber is taking a picture of the happy family. James wants a copy for his desk in the office. Off to the side, Sheila tells Amber that maybe there is a chance for the two of them......

Ridge and Brooke are now dancing up a storm to a disco number. Back at the table, Brooke announces that THEY (Taylor and Thorne) have left. Ridge makes a snide remark that they probably went home to have a glass of warm milk and then are in bed by nine, because that is the kind of guy Thorne is. Well surprise; Taylor is now at the table and requests to talk to Ridge in private. Ridge tells her that now is not a good time because he is on a date, and she can make an appointment to see him. Taylor says that if he doesn't come with her to speak in private she will make a scene. She starts clanging on a glass to make her pronouncement, so he agrees and they go over by the restrooms.

Taylor makes a comment about his disco dancing with Brooke and making a spectacle of himself out there. Ridge is pissed and tells Taylor that she is his future sister in law and she has no right to tell him what he does or whom he does it with. "You sleep with my brother and now you tell me how to behave and how to live?!?! I just thank god that I got out of it in time and we never had children," he states angrily. Ridge leaves and Taylor goes into the bathroom to pull herself together.

When Taylor comes out of the bathroom, Thorne is there and she tells him she didn't get a chance to tell Ridge because he was so angry. They hug and Thorne is thrilled.

Amber gives James a vote of confidence. Sheila comes in with tea. James thanks her for allowing him the visit and wants to set up a schedule. He then asks if Maggie can come the next time also. Sheila drops a cup and yells at him to get out of her house. She doesn't want Maggie mentioned in her house. She is out of the child's life forever. She wants James to decide who is more important to him, Maggie or his daughter. James leaves and outside on the steps he says aloud, "I will come back for you, Margaret, I swear it."

Brooke and Ridge are back at his place. She suggests going for a ride like teenagers to make out. Ridge says no because he has to work the next morning. Brooke says it is okay and asks to use the powder room before she leaves. While Brooke is in the bathroom, Ridge picks up the phone to call Taylor, but he is shocked to hear Thorne's voice on the answering machine also. Brooke then enters the room wearing a black slick slip and stockings. "Whoa!" says Ridge...

Tuesday, October 7, 1997

Eric is looking quite dashing wearing a tux as he pulls up to the bar at Cafe Russe and phones Stephanie; he wants her to meet him for dinner and dancing. He wants to talk and she gives in, saying she is on her way to the restaurant. Eric spots Sally Spectra in the center of all the limelight and approaches her. Sally informs him that Spectra is on a rocket to the moon and Forrester is crashing to earth. Eric points out that might be true, but once again Sally is all alone in the spotlight and has no one to share it with. Sally tells Eric off by saying that Peter Marshall from the Hollywood Squares television game show is her not too shabby date this evening. Eric leaves and tells Sally that he is going to be watching her. Later, Sally is at a table celebrating with Peter Marshall and they are having French champagne. She says to Peter that it is nice to be seen out in public with super novas of California and not with fading stars. The happy couple poses for a picture after the photographer politely asks them for one.

Lauren is in Grant's office and she tells him that her Dallas and Houston stores are doing well, but she is still upset over what the Spectra line is doing to Eric. Grant advises her not to quit until she gets what she wants - and what she wants is Eric, he guesses.

Brooke is all over Ridge at his place, wearing a little black embroidered slip and stockings. Ridge hears dogs barking and he has to take a quick look outside. Brooke goes into the bedroom to peek at herself in the mirror and then goes to answer the door. She is not happy to find out it is Stephanie. Stephanie is livid to find Brooke standing there in her underwear and says, "No sooner do I get one bimbo out of this house and another one moves in. Where is he; tied up in the bedroom? Some things never change." Brooke starts in that Stephanie is still her old boring self. Stephanie continues," You and all of your conquests. Here you are all alone." And what about you, Brooke asks? Just then, Ridge enters. Stephanie tells Brooke to put some clothes on, that is if she brought any, and get the hell out of her house.

Ridge says that his mother is just worried and she is over protective of him. Brooke says to Ridge that she would do anything to make his pain go away and she only wants to hold him in her arms and not push him away. Ridge doesn't think he can give anything back to her in return and it doesn't feel right. Brooke wants Ridge to take charge of his life again. She feels that he needs comfort and stability from someone who loves him unconditionally. She has given her heart to him for the past ten years and he will always be the only man for her. She leans in for one passionate kiss and leaves Ridge to think about what she said.

Stephanie has shown up at Cafe Russe wearing this silk pantsuit that looks like pajamas. Eric thanks her for coming because it means a lot to him. He assures her that coming here tonight was not a mistake and Stephanie tells him she has had enough excitement for one night, seeing Brooke in her underwear at Ridge's place. Just then two drinks (both stingers) are brought over to the table from Sally. Stephanie is mad and doesn't want to stay in the same restaurant as that woman, but Eric talks her into it. Meanwhile Sally is telling Peter Marshall the entire Forrester Wedding story, and she then reaches over on the cell phone to inform Lauren about the Forresters mending their relationship.

Lauren gets the call and manages to change quickly into a little black sexy dress and shows up at Cafe Russe. Eric is sitting at his table and he confides in Stephanie that they need to start someplace, and she is the center of his life. Sally meets Lauren out in the lobby and Lauren plans to put on a show to gain Eric's attention...

Wednesday, October 08, 1997

Grant tells Macy that her mom and Lauren are at Café Russe, which amuses Macy. Just then, Grant trashes a lingerie design of his; Macy wants to know why, since she thinks the design is good. Grant thinks she's trying to be nice, but Macy says she'll prove her sincerity to him.

At Café Russe, Sally advises Lauren to make her move. Lauren says she has a plan, but Sally will have to wait and see what it is. Meanwhile, Eric is enjoying his food - as he does all good things, including Stephanie, he points out. Steph is kind of cold, so they get to talking about the Spring line and how Eric still has work to do on it. Eric says nothing takes precedence with him over Stephanie, though, but Stephanie asks, "What about Lauren?" Eric fumes, "None of this would be happening if it weren't for Sally," but Stephanie points out that Sally was just the catalyst; Eric still slept with Lauren, and he must have wanted her if he was willing to do that.

Lauren approaches the piano player, Mr. Bregman (real father of Tracey Bregman, a.k.a. Lauren) and asks for a favor while Sally explains to Peter Marshall about Eric and Stephanie. Sally says Stephanie is addicted to playing games by keeping Eric on a string, but Peter says some women love the pursuit. He asks Sally how she feels at this very moment, and she says she's enjoying being with a famous TV star like Peter; however, she doesn't play hard to get like Stephanie. She thinks a good sense of humor and lots of energy are important, and that's all she needs to get a man. "Speaking of energy, look at the Forrester table," she says - pointing out how boring Stephanie is. Now Lauren, on the other hand, will have an eye-popping surprise for Eric, Sally bets.

Eric tries to win Stephanie over, but she says she can't ignore what he did - maybe he really is in love with Lauren, she suggests. Eric asks what else he can do to convince her of her commitment, and Stephanie says she doesn't know. "There's no sense in continuing this," she says, so Eric concedes; but first, he begs for one dance. Just then, the announcer introduces "The incredible Miss Lauren Fenmore!"

Macy comes out dressed in the lingerie outfit and asks Grant is this is something trashy. Grant says Macy could lend class to anything, but Macy points out that the design itself is powerful; it's a catalyst that brings men and women together, she points out. Grant agrees and says he loves the design, and Macy says she might even take it home, if she can only find a man to wear it for. "You will," Grant says, making a confession. He admits that he has come to know Macy as the classiest woman in the industry since coming to Spectra. Macy thanks him for the compliment and they get back to work.

At the restaurant, Lauren launches into a hot rendition of "Sooner or Later," the Sondheim song sung by Madonna in the movie "Dick Tracy" - an appropriate song, since its chorus says, "Sooner or later, I always get my man." Sauntering up to Eric and Stephanie's table, she looks Eric in the eye while she sings. Eric blushes slightly, and Stephanie is not amused. Lauren ends the song standing behind Eric, stroking his chin - and she receives a huge round of applause from the other patrons.

Sally and Peter discuss the historic moment they just witnessed, but Peter can't help feeling sorry for Stephanie. "She had it coming - now all we have to do is wait for the grand finale," Sally states. "Every dog has its day," she explains, "and this one is mine." Back at his table, Eric praises Lauren, saying the song was "a turn on... erotic, I could barely control myself." Lauren starts making sarcastic remarks to Stephanie - but she is stunned when Eric takes his erotic mood, grabs Stephanie, and kisses her! Eric thanks Lauren for the moment and leaves Lauren, with a sour look on her face, behind.

Macy returns, now dressed again, and Grant playfully jokes with her about her little fashion show. Grant says he respects her - they make a great team because they are professionals who work great together. And as long as they keep things that way, they can conquer the world, he says. Macy states that people might talk, and Grant says let 'em - all that is important is that they move onward and upward. As Macy leaves, Grant thanks her for the inspiration, as she thanks him for the compliment.

Sally tells Lauren that it's time for her to make a clean exit - even though she failed, Lauren gave it her best shot. "My best shot? That was just my *FIRST* shot," Lauren states, explaining that she has only just begun to fight.

Thursday, October 9, 1997

Stephanie awakens to find Eric in her bedroom watching her. She is confused but he tells her that he slept in the guest room. They discuss the previous night and Eric asks when she would like to marry him. Stephanie hems and haws for a while but finally gives Eric her answer: first, he will have to court her! He agrees and they kiss.

Stephanie, Eric and Ridge are downstairs at Casa Forrester eating breakfast. Stephanie mentions seeing Brooke in her "all together" look the night before and Ridge admits to his parents that he was out with Brooke that night. He tells them also that he ran into Thorne and Taylor, but he assures them that he did not lose his cool. However, he does admit to having a few mean-spirited words with Taylor. As he continues to talk, he becomes more and more angry and finally admits that he is not over Taylor yet. Stephanie tries to reason with him about Taylor but he won't listen.

Thorne visits Brooke and fills her in on the meeting between Taylor and Ridge the night before. He tells her that Ridge actually told Taylor that he is glad they never had any children of their own. This is good news to Brooke, who tells Thorne that now she is sure that Ridge wants to be with her and not with Taylor. This admission by Brooke concerns Thorne. "Are you sure that Ridge really wants you?" he asks Brooke. Brooke is sure, but Thorne isn't convinced. He tells Brooke that she would say that because she has a vested interest in Ridge wanting her, but he needs to know for sure. Brooke is confused by his questions.

Thorne tells Brooke that if Ridge really loves Taylor and wants to be with her, he would give Taylor up. He would even push the two toward each other. Why? Brooke wants to know. "Taylor is having your baby," she tells Thorne. "Why would you want them to get back together?" Thorne insists that it is very important to know for sure if Ridge has feelings for Taylor. Brooke goes back to the question of the baby but Thorne is evasive. Brooke jumps to the conclusion that Taylor is not really pregnant. She is only pretending to be pregnant to make Ridge jealous, she accuses. Thorne convinces her that Taylor is really pregnant.

Taylor tells James about her meeting with Ridge. She is upset and the retelling of the encounter only makes her more upset. James is concerned that she is only stressing herself out. He tells her that she has to tell Ridge the truth for herself and the health of the baby. He tells her that the only reason Ridge said those hurtful things was because he was hurting so much. James is convinced that Ridge still loves Taylor. Taylor agrees that she has to tell Ridge about the baby, but she cannot do it in person. She goes to the phone to call him but James stops her because he believes that this is not information you want to tell someone over the phone. She agrees and starts to leave. But she has a sudden pain. James wants to call the doctor but she says no. However, she sees that she is bleeding and becomes hysterical. James puts through the call to Dr. Santana and asks to have the doctor paged immediately.

Friday, October 10, 1997

Eric has called a press conference; Ridge and Brooke join Eric at the conference. Eric announces that they will have the spring showing in Milan, Italy and it will be a show to end all shows. One of the reporters asks if the company can produce a show in time. Eric boasts that nothing can stop the Forresters. Flashbulbs are going off around them as the trio enjoys their moment of glory.

James finally reaches Dr. Santana and she comes to the beach house to attend Taylor. As Dr. Santana goes into the bedroom to examine Taylor, James waits in the living room. Thorne arrives home to find James waiting. James explains that during a therapy session with him encouraging her to tell Ridge the truth, she began having abdominal pain and some bleeding. James says that it is important for Taylor's mental health to tell Ridge the truth about the pregnancy. Thorne is outraged that James would "interfere" and orders him to stop giving Taylor advice. "If you don't think you can do that, then you are not welcome to see her again," Thorne says; he then orders James out of the house.

Dr. Santana has completed her exam and tells Taylor that she needs to be confined to bed. "For how long?" Taylor wants to know and the doctor tells her that she may have to remain in bed for the remainder of the pregnancy. Taylor tries to explain to the doctor her confusion about Ridge; she can't live with the lie. Dr. Santana tells her that she is having contractions and the bleeding is caused by a torn placenta. She warns Taylor that if she doesn't take care of herself, she will lose the baby. The doctor gives her medication to stop the contractions, doubles the dosage of the sedatives she had prescribed, and attaches Taylor to an electronic monitor that will keep a record of the contractions; the information will be relayed to the hospital via telephone wires.

Dr. Santana talks with Thorne in the living room. She gives him a status report on Taylor and the baby. She also asks Thorne to keep Ridge away from Taylor since Ridge and Brooke are the source of the stress that Taylor is experiencing. She strongly warns that Taylor could miscarry; if she does, she may never be able to have another baby, especially with her fertility history. Thorne assures the doctor that he will do everything necessary to keep Ridge away - he will not let Taylor lose this baby, he vows.

Brooke is glad to see Ridge back to his old self. He admits that she is good for him. "Are you really over Taylor?" Brooke asks. No, probably not, Ridge admits - but he also admits that he never got over Caroline completely. "Could you ever give up on me?" Brooke wants to know. Ridge tells her that he couldn't because she wouldn't let him get over her. He tells her that he is sorry for putting her through so much trouble, and Brooke reminds him that she isn't complaining. They're interrupted by a call from Megan, so Brooke has to leave.

After Brooke leaves the room, Ridge gets a call from Taylor. Taylor asks Ridge to come over right away; she has something she needs to tell him. I am on my way, Ridge tells her. Alone in her bed, Taylor says that tonight Ridge will learn the truth about this baby---his baby.

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Week of 10/13/97 - 10/17/97

Monday, October 13, 1997

Brooke brings some music for the upcoming show into Ridge's office, but he says he has to leave for a while - because Taylor has called him over. Brooke can't believe that Ridge would go over after what Taylor has put him through, but Ridge says that it will be OK and promises to be right back.

Alone in her room, Taylor wonders how she can possibly tell Ridge that she has lied to him. Thorne is watching from the doorway, and he thinks about how much on edge Taylor looks. He thinks that he has to get her to relax, so he enters the room. Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Thorne says how stressed out she looks and suggests that she take her medication. "No way," Taylor says, adamant that arguing with Thorne about this point is just going to cause her more stress. Thorne concedes the point, and Taylor then asks him if he can do her a favor and get her a protein drink. Thorne says he will and leaves the room to get it for her.

Sheila is playing with the baby, talking about how much she wishes Mary could be with her father - but that is a false hope, Sheila thinks, so she might as well not dwell on something that won't happen.

Over at the Warwick home, Amber is telling James, Maggie and Connor about how angry Sheila is. Amber suggests that it's not really rage behind Sheila's actions; it's more like she's hurt that she and Mary can't be with James, and she sees Maggie as the cause of that. James points out that the only way to change that is to find some evidence to prove that Sheila is an unfit mother, and Maggie urges him to do that. James says he will do anything that is necessary to get his child back - and Connor questions if James really means that, because he may have to go very far in order to achieve his goal.

While getting Taylor's drink, Thorne gets a phone call from Brooke, who informs him that Ridge is on his way over. Thorne is stunned to learn that Taylor called him and asked him to come over and decides he has to do something to stop Ridge. He then takes Taylor's sedatives, crushes the pill up, and mixes it into her drink. He then brings the drink into Taylor, and she gulps it down. As he steps out of the room, Thorne asks Taylor to remember that anything he does is with her best interests in mind.

Outside Sheila's house, James (his hair all messed up) stops to take a drink from a bottle of scotch in his pocket. He then rings the doorbell and Sheila answers. He says he has come to see his daughter and asks Sheila where she is. Sheila immediately smells the liquor on James' breath and berates him for coming over drunk. He says he has been under a lot of pressure, so she asks him what the cause of the pressure is - is it Maggie?

Ridge arrives at Taylor's and Thorne asks what he's doing there. Ridge says he is there to see Taylor, but Thorne points out that she is sleeping, so why doesn't Ridge come back later. Ridge is insistent on seeing for himself that Taylor is sleeping; Thorne tries to discourage him, reminding him of how tense this pregnancy is for Taylor. Ridge remains adamant, so Thorne takes her into the bedroom.

Sheila presses James when he is reluctant to talk about his problems with Maggie - he changes the subject and informs Sheila that he has finally realized how much he misses his daughter. Sheila says that is no problem, since she wants him to spend time with his child. James says he would like that - there is nothing more important to him than his daughter, he claims, and if Maggie cannot understand that, then so be it! He has come to the realization, he explains, that it was a huge mistake to turn Sheila and his child away, all in the name of his love for Maggie. He then reaches over and kisses Sheila. At first, she returns the kiss; but then, she backs away and asks him, "Do you think I'm crazy?"

Ridge tells Taylor that he is there, but she still remains asleep. He turns to leave, but then she awakens. She says she still feels tired - all the more reason to get rest, Thorne insists, so she can visit with Ridge another time. Despite Thorne's protests, Taylor asks Ridge to stay - and for Thorne to leave. Ridge tells his brother to close the door behind him. Taylor then thanks him for coming and apologizes to Ridge; she never meant to hurt him, she explains. She then goes on to explain that she never slept with Thorne, and reminds Ridge of the night they made love during his trial. "What are you saying?" Ridge asks, so Taylor informs him of the truth - he is the father of her child!

Tuesday, October 14, 1997

James and Sheila kiss and then she pulls away from him and begins, "What do you think I am, stupid? Why don't you just quit the act? Is this what Maggie has turned you into, a liar and a user?" James tries to calm her, but she insists, "I shouldn't be upset, NO! Why should I be upset? Because the man I love is trying to use my feelings against me! You would probably like nothing more than to steal her from me. Everything you say makes it worse. I am telling you, James that I will not tolerate betrayal." James offers to leave so that while he is taking a walk-Sheila can cool off. Sheila goes to the door and locks it and tells him that he isn't going anywhere.

Brooke is in her office trying to pick out some music for the showing and Megan comes in with tons of messages for her and Ridge. She tells him that Ridge is not back yet from Taylor's. Megan offers to hold all of their phone calls so that they can work on the showing. She leaves and Brooke wonders what is going on at the beach house between Ridge and Taylor.

Taylor is in bed and she is telling Ridge about the night that they spent together in the hotel room when he wanted them to be together and they made love- well it also made HIS baby and he is going to be a father. She tells Ridge that she is sorry that she lied because it seemed like it was the only choice she had at the time. Ridge has a right to know it is his child. Ridge is not upset and feels as if he is waking up from a nightmare. He confesses his love for her and they embrace - all in Taylor's dreams...

Thorne is calling Taylor's name and she wakes up. He tells her that she is having a bad dream. She asks about Ridge; Thorne says that Ridge had come by but he left cause she was sleeping. He questions Taylor as to why she didn't inform him that she called his brother. Taylor says that Ridge has a right to know. Thorne agrees with her but feels that not until after the baby is born. "What is more important, Ridge's ego or the life of your child? Honey, you have always put Ridge first through your entire relationship. You always get burned. You have got to put yourself first. Please think about what I am saying," Thorne says as he takes the phone and detaches it from the cord. He tells her that he is only going to bring in the phone (the only link Taylor has to the outside world while she is stuck in bed) when she hooks the monitor up to the hospital to monitor the baby. He closes the door and says to himself that he hopes he has finally gotten through to her so she doesn't lose the baby. Taylor is lying on her side as she watches the monitor and sees that the baby is fine. She decides to let Ridge know as soon as she can, and hopes it isn't too late.

Ridge enters Brooke's office and she wants to know what happened with Taylor. Brooke finds it odd that Thorne is so insecure around Ridge since he is engaged to Taylor and she is carrying his baby. She thinks something else is going on and questions, what if Taylor still feels for Ridge and they could reunite? Ridge replies that that by Taylor sleeping and carrying his little brother's child, it tells him more than anything she could possibly say to him.

Brooke then apologizes to Ridge for her past behavior and wants to prove that she has changed. Ridge accepts her apology but does not want to start anything and Brooke understands that he is not ready for a commitment. Just then Brad, this dashing new accountant, knocks at the door to pick up Brooke for their date. Ridge says that they have so much work to get through for the showing in Italy and he manages to get rid of the guy. Brooke is smiling...

Sheila tells James he can't wrap her around his finger. He replies that she is being ridiculous and he doesn't think she is a lunatic. Sheila threatens him that he will never see his child again. Enter Amber into the act, with a juicy little tidbit that she just happened to have run into Maggie at the coffeehouse. She explains that Maggie was ranting and raving about her husband's whereabouts. She informs James that he is in big trouble when he goes home - **IF** he goes home. Sheila says that she doesn't trust Amber, and why should she believe every word that she says? Amber tells Sheila she is on her side, and Maggie sure seems to think that James is also. Amber goes upstairs and Sheila turns to James. She tells him that there is one thing that he can do to convince her of his sincerity; if he divorces Maggie, it would restore her faith in him...

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

Taylor is in bed, wearing her silk pajamas as she dusts off a photograph of her and Ridge. She says aloud to herself, "The father of my baby and the only man I have ever really loved, who is in love with someone else. I know I have to accept that because I don't have any choice. You have the right to know the baby I am carrying is yours. How will you react? I can't let myself believe that you will truly commit to me this time. I don't know if you will ever get over Brooke. You need to know this baby is ours."

Ridge is working and he breaks his pencil. He goes to his desk and in the drawer finds a photograph of Taylor. He says to himself, "How much I loved you. I still would if it just weren't true, if you hadn't slept with my brother and became pregnant with his child. God, the thought of the two of you together.... HOw could you?" Back at the sketching board, he is working when Eric comes in to show him the golden invitation to their showing in Italy that will be all inclusive to each guest. He says it is because Forrester Creations is on the ropes and each guest will receive the red carpet treatment. Ridge comments that this showing is going to cost a fortune, but his dad says that they will go down in style and they have to meet the challenge ahead. Ridge comments that his dad still has got it after all these years.

Thorne is pacing the floor in Brooke's office and he tells her about Taylor's difficult pregnancy. He questions Brooke about Ridge and tells her the clock is ticking and they are all running out of time. He wants to know why Brooke and Ridge aren't having a full-blown affair since they slept together a month ago. Brooke is shocked and wants to know where Thorne is getting this from. Thorne replays the scene of Taylor at Brooke's house outside the bedroom door, and how Taylor realized then that Ridge's heart belongs to Brooke. Brooke then explains the truth to Thorne, that she and Ridge did not sleep together. Thorne tells Brooke that he thought what he was doing was best for Taylor because she was so upset - but now that he has this knowledge, it changes everything. Brooke assures him it doesn't; she tells him that Thorne and Taylor belong together, as do Ridge and herself. And in the meantime, Brooke has the ultimate seduction planned for tonight and Ridge is her victim.

Taylor says she can't wait any longer and decides to take just a few steps to the living room to use the telephone. She tells the fetus that she wouldn't hurt it, but daddy has to know that he is going to be a father. She gets to the door and sees the phone across the room on the table - and then she spots her purse with her cell phone in it. She takes her bag and sits on the couch and puts her feet up on it. She dials and gets through to Forrester Creations and reaches Megan. Megan tells her that due to the tight deadlines, she can't get Ridge on the line, but she will leave a message. Megan writes it all down on the pink slip and leaves it on the desk.

Ridge is feeling under the gun and tells his dad that he can't get Taylor out of his head. Eric tells him that he and Brooke have shared so much together in the past and she is devoted to him. He thinks that maybe it is time that he gives her a chance, since sometimes you have to accept the changes and move on with your life. Eric leaves him to think about what he said and then calls Megan into his office. Along comes Thorne and he spots the message from Taylor on Megan's desk; he knows Taylor used the cell phone from reading it. He grabs the message and puts in his pocket. Ridge comes out and makes sure his brother is kept up to date, and Thorne leaves without saying a word to Ridge about the message.

Taylor gets back in her bed and thinks that any minute now, her Ridge will return her phone call. She says to herself that he has to know before Brooke gets to him.

Ridge goes to Logan's office and sees champagne and all of the lights out. She is wearing a sexy little number and he tells her, smiling, that they have work to do. She replies, "Yes, we certainly do."

Thursday, October 16, 1997

Thorne is in the hallway at the beach house and he is reading the pink memo that Taylor thought she had left for Ridge at Forrester Creations. Taylor had wanted Ridge to call her back on the cell phone, but Thorne managed to sneak the memo off of Megan's desk before he had received it. Thorne knocks on the door and Taylor hides the cell phone under the bed. They make small talk about the baby and then Taylor tells him that she is expecting a phone call from Ridge because she has to tell him about the baby. Thorne wants her to wait until the baby is born so the pressure from Ridge won't put her over the edge. Thorne leaves and Taylor questions to herself why Ridge hasn't called her back yet.

Ridge is bringing some sketches in to Logan's office and he walks into her ultimate seduction plan. She tells him to make time out from all their work, because they need this. She wants him to sit down and relax and she begins to massage his shoulders with his shirt on.

Sheila is folding the laundry and she tells Amber that she doesn't want a nude male model in her living room. Sheila is tired from lack of sleep and all of the housework. She doesn't like Amber's idea of a man in her life, because she can't trust them. Sheila knows that James is never going to leave Maggie for her.

Maggie is greeted at the door by James, and he informs her that their baby is okay, but Sheila needs to know he is in love with her. Maggie says she trusts him and wants him to bring their baby back, even if he has to tell Sheila that he loves her. James continues to tell his wife that this plan is going to take more than words, and then Connor Davis shows up at the door. James tells Maggie that Sheila will want proof that the marriage is over and it has to be for real. They are getting an annulment, because in order to destroy Sheila, they have to play by her rules.

Maggie sits down at the table and signs the papers. James promises his darling that this plan will not drag on. He will bring their baby home as quickly as he can. They kiss, and Maggie takes off his wedding ring and promises to keep it for him. She takes off her ring and gives it to him as she begins to cry. There are more kisses and tears.

Thorne has come back with Taylor's medication and he questions her if she can relate to Ridge as the father of this child, knowing that he is deeply involved with Brooke. He says that Ridge will always have a thing for Brooke and she has to accept that, for the life of her unborn child. Thorne leaves and Taylor stares at the phone. Outside in the hallway, Thorne says he is sorry to Taylor, but this is the best for her, the baby, and all of them.

Amber tells Sheila it is good to have dreams. Sheila says what she wanted was to share her daughter with the father, but it is a dream. Enter James with his suitcase and his legal papers, telling Sheila he has ended his marriage to Maggie. Sheila smiles and they embrace.

Ridge has his shirt off now and the massage continues. The talk continues about loyalty and how he is loyal to his women. Brooke believes that if Caroline were still alive they would still be married. Brooke tells him to forget about Taylor, because she has not been loyal to him. Ridge pulls Brooke close on top of him and they kiss...

Friday, October 17, 1997

Taylor is impatiently whiling away her time in bed wondering why Ridge hasn't called. She is sure he has gotten the message by now. Thorne enters. Ridge is not going to call, he tells her. He is out with Brooke tonight. Once again, he tells her she has to wait to tell Ridge about the baby. "He has a right to know," Taylor responds for the nth time. "Then wait until after the baby is born and tell him then," Thorne says.

Sheila and James are in an embrace. They draw apart and Sheila tells him that she is happy about the annulment. "All right!" Amber cheers from the sidelines. Sheila tells Amber to go out for a while. Amber responds that she isn't in the mood for a walk. Sheila grabs a handful of bills from her purse and tells her to go buy herself something. After Amber leaves, Sheila tells James that she wants to ask someone about the annulment. James seems hurt but tells her to go ahead. "Who is your attorney? We can go see her right now. But," he tells her, "there can be no love where there is no trust." "I agree," Sheila tells him, "but you have to help me to trust." Again they kiss. Reluctantly, James puts his arms around Sheila and pulls her close.

Taylor and Scout are resting in bed. Taylor is still wondering why Ridge hasn't called. She opens her cell phone and places a call. Megan answers. Taylor is wondering if Ridge is still there. Yes, Megan answers; Ridge and Brooke are having a meeting. "Could you put me through?" questions Taylor. Megan once again explains the new policy about not putting calls through. Taylor asks if he got the first message. Megan says he must have since the message is no longer here. Taylor leaves him another message and Megan assures her that she will deliver it. So, Taylor whispers to herself, "Thorne was wrong. Ridge and Brooke did not go out together."

Ridge and Brooke are involved in some heavy petting. Ridge stops and stands up. He is still wearing his pants but Brooke is wearing a sexy nightie. "Forget about Taylor," Brooke demands. "She is with Thorne; they are having a baby." Ridge thinks about this and heads back to the couch. "You are right; absolutely right," he says and they begin making love again.

Amber arrives at Maggie's door. "Wow," she says, "you guys sure work quick. Where did you get the fake papers?" Maggie assures her that the papers are not fake; she and James are no longer officially married. Maggie wants to know how Sheila reacted. Amber tells her that Sheila was skeptical but she had to leave so she isn't sure what else happened. So James is alone with Sheila, Maggie concludes. "Are you worried about them being alone?" Amber asks.

James and Sheila are deep into an embrace when the baby starts crying. They continue to kiss. James mentions that the baby is crying. "She is okay," Sheila says. "She cries all the time." "She cries all the time!" James repeats, "That can't be right, can it?" James tells her to go and take care of the baby and then he'll take care of her. Sheila leaves the room and as she goes up the stairs, James pulls out a small tape recorder and begins to whisper into it. He talks about the baby crying and Sheila's reaction. He says he will continue investigating. Sheila returns with the baby. She tells her "precious" baby that her daddy is there to see her. James takes the baby and begins talking to her, telling her that he loves her and has missed her. He looks at Sheila and says that the baby is wet. Oh, is she? Sheila responds. When did you change her last? James demands. "A little while ago," Sheila answers. "Don't get paranoid, James. I change her when she is wet." James backs off a little and begins to talk to the baby. He tells her that he would do anything for her.

Taylor says that she has to see Ridge. "I have to see him tonight!" she says. She slowly gets out of bed.

Ridge and Brooke are deep into their lovemaking. Thorne enters the room saying that he has papers that Brooke asked for. He sees the two of them and is embarrassed. He turns to leave; outside the door, he runs into Megan with the message slip in her hand. Ridge comes out of the office and angrily demands to know what the two of them want. Brooke walks out, smiling, and puts her arms around Ridge from behind. "Doesn't anybody knock around here?" she asks. Ridge yells at Megan and she tries to tell him that she has a message. He tells her to give it to him later and Megan gladly leaves his presence. "What are you staring at?" he demands of his brother. Thorne laughs and tells Brooke to look over the papers, "when you have the time." The lovers return to the couch and kiss. Brooke laughs. "Did you see the look on Megan's face?" she asks. Forget about Megan, Ridge tells her. They kiss again but Ridge tells her that the mood has passed; the moment is lost. Oh no, Brooke cries. "Riii-idgeee," she pleads. "We always have Italy," Ridge says as he dresses. "I am going back to work and then I am going home and take a cold shower." "You were really getting into it," Brooke says. Almost, agrees Ridge as he leaves.

Thorne and Megan are talking. Thorne asks about the message she was delivering. She tells him that Taylor had called and wanted Ridge to call her. "I can give him the message," Thorne volunteers but Megan tells him that she will do it. Ridge comes out and stares angrily at the two of them. Megan tries to tell him about the message, but he is very short with her and she says nothing. After Ridge leaves, Megan tells Thorne that he can tell Ridge about the call after all.

Taylor is dressed. She calls for a cab and tells them that she is going to Beverly Hills.

Maggie is still commiserating to Amber. "It is only a couple of weeks, she says. Then James will have the proof we need. I miss my baby so much. She needs me." You will have her back, Amber tells her. Yes, Maggie agrees, just a couple more weeks.

Sheila, James and Mary are enjoying a moment together. "She is so wonderful," Sheila says. Sheila says she will take the baby upstairs. "No, let me," James offers. As he ascends the stairs he turns and looks back at Sheila sadly.

Brooke is smiling with that "cat that stole the cream" look. Thorne enters. Well, well, well, he laughs. Brooke tells him how great she feels. Of course, he agrees. You just made love to a Forrester. Well, not exactly, she says as she tells him that the interruption spoiled the mood. But it will happen, she assures him. "It will happen in Italy. This is going to be quite a trip. I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't come back home with an announcement," she confides in Thorne. "I can't wait," he tells her. "Keep up the good work."

Taylor is in a cab and giving directions to the driver.

James comes down the stairs and rejoins Sheila. Sheila has changed into a sexy nightgown. "Is our precious angel asleep," she asks. James tells her yes. He then says he didn't know she had made the spare room into a nursery. Of course, Sheila says, where else? "Where will I be sleeping? James asks. Certainly not in the bathtub, Sheila says. They embrace. Sheila sighs with pleasure. "I want this to go on and on," she says. As they kiss again, James suddenly breaks away. "We can't," he says. "I can't sleep with you until we are married." "Then let's get married," Sheila says. "This is our time. There are no more delays and excuses. Do you love me, James?" "Yes, I do," answers James. "Then marry me," Sheila says, "Marry me tonight."

Thorne enters Taylor's bedroom with flowers. He is upset to see that bed is empty. "Oh, God. Where are you? Where could she be?" he cries as he races from the room.

Taylor enters Ridges home holding her abdomen. She sits. "I'll wait," she says. "I don't care how long I have to wait, but tonight, Ridge, I am going to tell you about your baby."

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Week of 10/20/97 - 10/24/97

Monday, October 20, 1997

Lauren is sitting with Maggie at her place and she wants to know why Maggie never told her about Sheila and the baby, and she wants to know about the plan. Maggie starts to cry about having to end their marriage for a few weeks and soon it will be over once and for all - and then James and the baby will be back home where they belong. Lauren says that Sheila will be testing James and making a lot of demands on him, including possibly to make love. Maggie replies that every time she looks at her hand and doesn't see her engagement and wedding rings, it is a reminder of all the horror that Sheila has put them through.

Dr. Gina Santana shows up at the beach house to find out from Thorne that Taylor isn't there. They have to find Taylor immediately due to the torn placenta in the womb. Thorne checks to see if she took the car and maybe if she is taking a walk on the beach.

Taylor is waiting at Ridge's place in the dark, so she can tell him about the baby. She is hoping that once she tells him everything it will make a difference. She calls Thorne on the telephone to inform him not to worry. She feels it is the right thing to do to tell Ridge. The doctor and Thorne feel that they need to get Taylor out of there before Ridge shows up.

Ridge is in the car on his way home. He calls the office to check in with his dad and tells Megan to have Eric call him to go over some designs. Ridge tells himself that it has been a long day and his bed is going to feel good tonight.

Sheila wants James to marry her tonight and elope in Las Vegas. James tells her to sit down because he wants something more traditional and not the glamour of Vegas. Sheila questions him and needs be reassured. She realizes that James is up to something, because he expects to stay with her and they cant have sex until they are married; yet he wont get married until he is ready. She knows that all of this has to do with Mary and wants him to leave before she gets upset. James pulls out Maggie's engagement ring and leaves it on the table before he leaves.

Thorne calls Ridge on his car phone and asks him to do him a favor and pick up medication at a drug store for Taylor and leave it on the table in the hallway at the main house. He is doing it to keep Ridge away from the house. Ridge says not until tomorrow.

Taylor hears someone and thinks it is Ridge finally home. Ridge is taking off his shirt but the bed is empty. It turns out that Taylor is safe in Thorne's car with him and the doctor. They just missed Ridge. The doctor tells Taylor that she is foolish and may not carry the baby to term. Anxiety is Taylor's downfall and right now Ridge is 99 percent of her anxiety.

Sheila opens the door and yells for James to come back. James says that he came over there to ask Sheila to marry him and he took back that ring from Maggie because it has been in the family for years. He puts the ring on Sheila's finger and asks her to wear it. Sheila says an engagement is good because it will lead to marriage and replies that she will be the best mother she is capable of. They hug.

Ridge takes off his pants and pulls the blanket over him. He smells the pillow and finds it weird that he feels like he can smell Taylor, especially since it has been years since she has even lived there. He gets out of bed, wraps a sheet around himself and sits by the window, thinking of Taylor. Meanwhile Taylor is back in her bed and she says, "I know I have to protect my baby. I also have to tell Ridge he is the father. Nothing is going to stop me. Good night, Ridge,"

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

Eric is busy in his office and Megan drops in with the updated guest list for the showing; she comments that this one is going to be the best one ever. Eric says the showing had better be a major success or they will never recover as a fashion house. As Eric is working, his sketch comes to life in his mind, and Lauren is there once again in his daydream; she is commenting how it's interesting how his mind keeps coming back to her when he has so much on his mind. He is awakened to real life by the telephone, and it is actually Lauren calling, requesting to see him. She pleads with him, "When are you going to realize what happened at your wedding wasn't a disaster? It was a gift. A second chance for you and me...." Eric asks her not to call him anymore and he hangs up on her.

Ridge shows up in his father's office with some idea and finds out his dad has something in mind, and Eric also personally guarantees that Stephanie's stay in Italy will be the most romantic week of her life. Eric questions his son about his relationship with Brooke and getting past Taylor. Ridge tells him he doesn't want to use Brooke and get into it just for the wrong reasons. Ridge is about to leave, but Eric tells him to wait around, because he wants him to meet a new model named Caterina that Eric wants to use for the Forrester showing in Italy.

Ridge doesn't want this model to work with them because, "She is even a bigger spoiled brat than I am." But he tells his dad to do what he has to do. Clarke comes in with the new model, who has an attitude that can't even fit into the office. She is bitching about the service on the private jet Eric had hired to bring her to LA. She then hands Eric a list on paper with her requirements in order to take the job as a model.

Gladys the hairdresser has set up shop at a fancy salon and Sally is there for her upkeep. Lauren comes over to tell them that Eric hung up on her. Lauren says there is no way that Eric is going to marry Stephanie. Sally then informs them both of what she has read in a magazine about the Forrester showing at one of the most romantic hotels in the world, and how the magazine claims that Stephanie is going to break and take Eric back. Sally then has to fill in Gladys about the whole wedding scoop, despite Lauren's protests not to.

Well, guess what???? It turns out that Stephanie is sitting next to them in the salon the whole time, having a facial under a towel. She is not happy and tells Sally that she is like a pig in slop. Then she turns on Lauren and continues to tell her it is a waste of time to be chasing Eric, because he considers their night together a mistake. She then tells Lauren that she is a disgrace to her father's name and memory and makes an exit. Lauren is pissed and says, "She is just a bitch and she isn't going to get away with it."

Lauren decides she must attend the showing and has to find a way to get a golden ticket. Sally then fakes an accent on the phone to Megan at Forrester Creations to get an invitation, but it is a bust and doesn't work. Sally promises her friend Lauren that one way or another, they are going to that showing in Italy.

Back in Eric's office, his new model tells him that she doesn't wish to go down with his sinking shop and her small requests (for a personal trainer, a stylist, someone to care for her dog, etc) should mean nothing to him. Ridge wants to talk about this and the model gives them two hours to decide or she walks. Clarke thinks she needs a few strokes of her ego and chases after her. Ridge is still reluctant, but realizes that it's too late to turn back; he does draw the line at walking the dog. Eric says that's what Clarke is there for - to take care of the crap on her list, like walking her poodle doggie.

Stephanie comes in later and Eric hands her a gift box with the golden ticket invitation inside. He says she is the guest of honor and the whole thing is a tribute to their family and she is their strength. He then backs her to the desk and gives her a passionate kiss. Stephanie is not happy and tells him that from now on, all their future conversations should be handled on the phone long distance. Eric, however, is not discouraged.

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Macy and Grant are working over a cup of coffee at Insomnia. He is annoyed that everyone in town is fixated on the Forrester showing next week. Macy comments that it is a marketing genius and whatever they think about Clare personally, he is a gifted designer. The two of them think that Clarke hasn't been given a real job at Forrester, just a pat on the head and some business cards to get back at Spectra.

Well just then, in walks Clarke with Miss Caterina, the world famous model, and her ego. Macy thinks that with that model on a Forrester runway in Italy, it will make everyone forget that Spectra even had a showing. Grant believes that this is a last breath of a dinosaur (Forrester Creations) before it becomes extinct.

James is listening to his audio tape and writing down notes. He picks up a photo of his baby and says to it that he hates being in this situation with his hands tied until Sheila commits some abuse. He then hides the stuff in the sofa cushion when he hears the lock in the door turning. Sheila comes in from seeing her attorney to verify that the papers are indeed real, and then she explains that she also went shopping for a wedding dress. She found one that she loves, she states, but nobody had it in stock, and she doesn't want to wait for it to be delivered in around four to six months. Of course, James suggests she wait. She promises James that once they are married, she will trust him and they can have the perfect family life together.

Sheila goes upstairs and James hides his journal in his briefcase on the desk. The doorbell rings, and it is Connor Davis checking up on him to find out if he has gotten any evidence and to tell him he missed his meeting with Maggie that was set up. James tells him that he will not sleep with Sheila but she wants to get married to prove their love as a commitment. They decide to come up with a plan of arguing to prove James' loyalty to Sheila.

Sheila is upstairs showing Amber the dress in the magazine. Amber is shocked and finds it weird that James would want to get back into the frying pan after just leaving his wife. Sheila demands that she needs a commitment and she wants to be married; and she will not accept anything else. Amber confides in Sheila that Sheila is insecure, and no matter what James does, it will never be enough. She tells her friend that no guy wants to be like a trained seal, jumping through hoops all the time. Just then they hear the two guys fighting verbally downstairs and go to the stairway.

Clarke attempts to order for his model in Italian to impress her, but instead ends up making a fool out of himself. Caterina spots Grant Chambers in the restaurant and wants to be introduced. She goes over herself and attempts to get Grant to come to her hotel room this evening to "discuss his artistic vision" - in bed of course. Grant declines.

Macy couldn't believe that Caterina was throwing herself at Grant and makes fun of the whole situation. Grant replies that he is tired of being used and if he ever meets someone again, she will be with him just for him and not an image. Macy stares at him like he is a piece of red meat, thinking of the possibilities.......

Back at the table with Clarke, Caterina still has Grant on her mind. Clarke explains to her that the Forrester show will take Grant down a peg or two; once the Forresters have the show in Italy, Grant Chambers and his work will be considered a joke, and everyone will know Grant as has-been.

Connor and James continue to pretend a fight about Maggie. Sheila is on the stairs watching. James kicks Connor out and Sheila hugs him. She is glad she heard all of that and feels bad that James has lost Maggie, and now he losing his friends. James promises to give her everything and take care of her, including a proper wedding with their families present. He says it will take 4-5 months, but Sheila gives him only a month to plan all of that. They kiss, and she goes upstairs to tend to the baby. Amber says a month isn't much time, so James better get to work - or else... she then starts to hum the wedding march...

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Brooke walks in and finds Thorne working on some final details. She reminds him that they are about to take off and he can do all this on the plane instead of being a workaholic like Ridge, but he insists on doing it now. Which brings him to the issue of how she and Ridge are not doing it now, or last night since Brooke clarifies they were only working then. Brooke replies that it takes patience and assures him that the altar is in the cards for her and Ridge. "Lake Como--Villa D'Este--it will be great for me and Ridge." Which is of course Stephanie's cue to enter and offer her disapproving look. She also states she is looking for Taylor...

Taylor is reading the magazine report and looking at a picture of Brooke and Ridge at their most compatible, while she is being examined by Gina Santana. Dr. Santana asks how Taylor could go out and risk her baby's health like that, and Taylor says, "I have to tell Ridge this is his baby." The doctor gives Taylor a disapproving look.

Caterina storms in Eric's office and says she wants gold tickets for her family, friends and colleagues. And even though Clarke points out they have run out of those gold tickets, Eric promises to do his best. Problem number two is the collection, which Ridge reports as coming in at 20 pieces, one third less than usual. Caterina observes (and Clarke concurs) they will be ridiculed with such a small collection, but Eric says he is working on it.

Sally has, yet again, a plan. Sally wonders why all the publicity regarding Forrester's show, given that they are wiped out? Macy tells her that she would not count them out yet--the Forresters are pulling out all the stops, she reminds her mom. As evidence, she explains what she and Grant saw at Insomnia: Clarke and Caterina. Grant laments that since they do not have gold tickets they will not get to see what the Forresters are cooking. Sally assures him that even without those gold tickets they will be there.

Ridge is asking Megan if she has any messages for him, and is disappointed when she has none. Eric reminds him that his life may be in Chaos but Brooke has always been a strange attractor, and that is something to keep in mind. Ridge takes it under advisement and goes to his office.

Brooke says bye to Thorne and makes Stephanie's day by asking her to tell Ridge he is riding with her to the airport. Stephanie smiles. Immediately, she tells Thorne he is spending too much time with Brooke. He justifies it by saying, "we are working together." Stephanie wonders why the mother of his child is not there to say good-bye, and after some prodding Thorne reveals that Taylor has been having a difficult pregnancy and has come close to a miscarriage twice. Thorne says that as much as Forrester is in a difficult position, that baby is his first priority. Stephanie hugs Thorne and tells him she will help if he needs her. He thanks her and says he has it all under control.

Ridge is ready to go, as he picks up his passport and Brooke picks him up. "Italy will be wonderful for us," Brooke says. "The company?" Ridge asks. "You and me," Brooke says, and Ridge seems to take a shine to the idea.

Eric is calling an Italian designer with whom he probably will cooperate, Rocco Barocco, and tells him his designs are great and they will talk more in Italy, as he hangs up the phone and is on his way.

Dr. Santana asks why Taylor has not yet told Ridge, and Taylor admits she left a message but it was never returned. Gina says it is time to wake up and smell the Cappuccino--Ridge has other things on his mind, and Taylor should be thankful she has Thorne with her. She could have been a single mother going through a difficult pregnancy. Thorne walks in right then, and tells Taylor he would not leave without saying good-bye to her and the baby.

Sally states she will not let "Eric and his traveling circus" get all the media hype. In walks Darla with tickets for Milan, tickets worth $300. "Here you are, Baroness," says Darla. Grant asks what this is about but Macy suggests they do not even want to know, and just wishes Sally and Lauren good luck. The women go on to catch their flight.

Thorne and Dr. Santana start once again their diatribe against Taylor telling Ridge. Taylor says she has to, while Thorne says let's wait until the baby is born. Taylor says that guilt is eating away at her. Outside the bedroom, Thorne tells Gina that after Ridge comes back from Italy, Taylor may not want to tell him anymore, he explains.

Brooke and Ridge find their seats and Brooke suggests playfully that if Ridge is tired he can use her shoulder as a pillow. Across the aisle, Clarke sits to a not-happy-to-see-him Caterina, and Eric tells Stephanie this will be an experience they won't forget. "Speaking of forgetting, where is Thorne?" Stephanie asks.

Sally and Lauren are in third class hell, with children yelling and a very fat man sitting next to Lauren. Sally suggests they use Zen to concentrate on Lauren's goal: Eric Forrester. They start "mmmm"ing when the fat man almost pushes both out the plane. Unable to do much else, they start "mmm"ing again.

Thorne comes in and when Ridge asks him where he was he explains that saying good-bye to Taylor took more than he thought. Brooke touches Ridge's hand to comfort him - while across L.A., Taylor is rolling in bed and is telling her baby that she is going to tell Ridge she is carrying his baby.

Friday, October 24, 1997

In the air and headed for Europe, Brooke and Ridge toast to a successful showing. Stephanie turns from the window and finds Eric staring at her. "What is that look?" she wants to know. Eric acts innocent and she tells him that ever since they took off, he has been looking at her as if he has a secret. "Maybe I have," he answers. He finally admits that he has something in the works but won't say what it is. Seriously, Stephanie wonders what will happen if they don't have the success that they are hoping for. "Maybe we'll move to a beach in Maui," he tells her.

Looking over at Brooke and Ridge, Eric suggests that Stephanie will need to make an attitude adjustment concerning Brooke. Stephanie doesn't think so. Eric points out that they are getting closer, but Stephanie doesn't think Ridge will make that same mistake again.

Caterina continues to sulk. Clarke rejoins her and tries to lighten things up, but she is having none of it. The Italian stewardess comes by and asks if they want anything. Caterina answers her in Italian and it doesn't take a knowledge of Italian to know she is insulting Clarke. However, she manages to "interpret" her comment for him without as much insult. As he relaxes in his seat, Clarke mutters: Thanks, Eric, for hiring that one and sitting me next to her.

Brooke catches Ridge smiling and thinks it is for her. However, he tells her that he is thinking of his parents. Brooke glances that way and says that they look like they are on their honeymoon. Maybe it is, Ridge answers. He tells Brooke that Eric plans to remarry his mother. "He is definitely a man with his priorities straight," Brooke notes. "Dad says he has a plan," Ridge goes on. "I think he is planning on marrying her while we are in Italy." Brooke says she hopes he doesn't propose at the show. That has already been done, Ridge agrees.

Back in L.A., Dr. Santana reports to Taylor that her blood pressure is down and so is the number of contractions. "I think this is due to the fact that Ridge is no longer in town," she says.

Watching Brooke and Ridge from his seat, Thorne seems pleased. "They are in love," he says to himself. "I wish Taylor could see them together." He calls Taylor and tells her what he's seeing, but she only wants to talk to Ridge. "While Brooke is right next to him?" Thorne asks. Taylor agrees the timing is wrong but assures Thorne that Ridge will be told once Taylor gets him alone.

Lauren and Sally are engrossed in watching the couple in the seats in front of them as they openly make passionate love. Lauren catches the fat man sitting beside her looking at her legs. The children in the seats behind them are still cutting up. Sally rises from her seat and shouts at them, quieting them down for a couple of seconds. Once she turns around, they begin making faces at the back of her head and are soon getting loud once again. Just then, the pilot announces that the flying time to Milan is 16 hours with stopovers in Gander, Newfoundland and Reykjavik, Iceland. Lauren looks at Sally and says, "Darla is a dead woman."

Lauren checks the time and tells Sally that time sure flies when you are having fun. There is a lot of turbulence and Sally is wondering if this old crate will make it. The fat man begins to search frantically for "the bag" but Lauren can't figure out what he needs until he barfs into her bag of chips. Lauren is disgusted. This had better be worth it, she tells Sally. "Oh it will," Sally assures her. "When Eric gets a look at you dressed and so beautiful and when he realizes that you came all this way just to support him, he won't be able to resist you." Lauren wonders what they will do when they deplane. Snuggling together, Sally tells her that they will arrive in Milano and check into a hotel just long enough to get refreshed. Then they will hire a car and drive to Lake Como and check in at the Villa D'Este. But Eric has taken over the whole hotel, Lauren reminds Sally. "Don't worry, we will find a way. Don't forget, we have Chutzpah." Now the fat man has to go to the john and, since the drink cart is blocking his aisle seat, he has to climb over everyone in the row. Once he is past, Lauren and Sally look at each other and break out laughing.

Ridge excuses himself and leaves for the lavatory. Seeing his brother leave, Thorne joins Brooke and asks how things are going. He tells her that Taylor is still insisting on talking to Ridge. He reminds her that neither of them want that; "trust me," he tells her, "that will mean trouble."

Thorne returns to his seat. Brooke gets up and walks to the lavatory area. As Ridge leaves the lavatory, she grabs him and pulls him back into the small room. "I want to join the mile-high club and I want you to initiate me," she tells Ridge. Thorne watches Brooke make her move and is deliriously happy.

Taylor stares out into the night longing for Ridge. "You should be here with me," she says, "me and your baby."

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Week of 10/27/97 - 10/31/97

Monday, October 27, 1997

The Forrester clan is still soaring high above the clouds jetting to Italy. Brooke managed to talk Ridge into the tiny bathroom to help her become a member of the 'mile high club' Thorne smiles to himself as he knows what is going on up there in the restroom.

Stephanie awakens Eric from his catnap just to inform him that Brooke and Ridge aren't in their seats. "She wouldn't" exclaims Stephanie when she is trying to figure out where the two of them went. She reads the red sign stating, "lavatory is occupied."

Ridge is kissing Brooke but he wants to stop. Brooke tells he can't until they land. Eric tells Stephanie to stop worrying so much about Ridge and Brooke because it isn't their concern and to let it go. Just then, the little buzzer goes off telling all passengers to return to their seats. Ridge has his shirt off and the flight attendant comes to the restroom door to tell them to return to their seats. They decide to "continue their final descent later" on the ground.

Amber tells her waiter at Insomnia that she needs a new roommate, since hers isn't driving her crazy- she is crazy! Meanwhile Grant and Macy are chatting and she tells him he isn't enjoying his success. Grant was looking for more than just success, he confides in Macy; he wanted a friend to share it with. Macy excuses herself from the table and she is smiling.

Lauren is venting to Sally, while sitting in their small coach seats on the plane ride to Italy, that this is very pathetic to follow Eric all the way to another country on some stupid impulse. She wishes that Eric were more like his son Ridge, who is a risk taker and adventurous. Sally tells her pal that love makes people do foolish things and Eric is the real daredevil in that family, taking the chance of a lifetime with his company. She continues to tell Lauren that it is good for their souls to be sitting in coach and being like the common man. "It keeps your feet on the ground," she explains. They get the good news that the plane is finally landing in Italy and pick up a mirror to fix themselves.

Back at the coffeehouse, the lights go out and Macy is up on the stage singing a song (I don't know the name but it's about smiling). Grant is now smiling and watching her, as is Amber, who thinks the whole thing is romantic. After the song, Amber comes over to their table to tell Macy that she was fantastic and she hopes to be able to do that someday because she is a singer.

We see the coastline of Italy and the Forrester crew is now at the lakeside terrace where the guests will arrive at their showing tomorrow. Ridge tells his father that tomorrow they are going to light the whole place up. Eric tells everyone that the entire company is on the line and in order for this thing to work they need to present a line that will make an impression, so they had best get to work.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Eric is out on the balcony of his hotel room in Italy and he is thinking out loud to himself that this trip is going to be very significant in his life, both personally and professionally.

Sally and Lauren are wearing thick sunglasses and hats and make their way over to the desk in the hotel lobby. They pretend that Sally is a baroness to get through to the Forrester showing without having the golden ticket invitation. Sally ends up making a scene and the employee goes to find them a room.

Eric is now back in his room and meeting with a staff member from the hotel. He is requesting a civil ceremony in Italy for his marriage to Stephanie. The whole thing is going to be a surprise to her and Eric doesn't believe that she will turn him down this time. They have the license and all he needs now is a bride, and the staff member tells Eric he will go along with the plan to propose to Stephanie in the town square after the show.

Brooke looks quite rested and elegant as she is walking in the gardens. She believes it is going to happen for her and Ridge after the successful showing.

Stephanie goes to Ridge's room. He wants to tell her something and confides that his father has learned his lesson and for her to give the guy a break. Of course, since Ridge had his say about her love life, she puts in her two cents about Taylor. Ridge only wants to forget about her because she hurt him. The only thing that Ridge feels he can trust now is Brooke's loyalty. Just then, Brooke knocks on the door wearing a little black sequined number for the showing. She has come to inform them that Eric wants everyone out on the terrace. Ridge goes to get his tuxedo on.

Taylor is in bed and Dr. Santana is there examine her. Taylor's blood pressure is way down and the doctor believes it is because Ridge has been out of the picture. Taylor informs her doctor that she plans to call Ridge as soon as the check-up is over because he should be checked into the hotel by now. Taylor feels that it is strange that Ridge and Brooke haven't gone public with their feelings for one another. She thinks that something is holding Ridge back and believes it is her.

Sally and Lauren are checking into their room and a trunk is brought up by the bellman. Sally tells Lauren to relax and to enjoy the ride. Lauren tells her that she doesn't want to bring Eric down; she wants him to come out of this in one piece because she really loves him.

Outside, Ridge notices that there are some brilliant new sketches that he is unsure of. A limo pulls up with Caterina, the model with the huge ego, and her escort named Rocco Barocco. Ridge immediately recognizes Rocco as Italy's top designer and wonders what he's doing there - and he's stunned to learn his father hired Rocco. Eric then meets the press and declares that the Forrester line will be featuring Rocco's designs in the their showing. A reporter accuses Eric of resorting to gimmicks in an act of desperation; he tells them they would hardly call this golden ticket invitation a gimmick, because Forrester is always trying new things. He ducks the reporters' questions about his failed wedding attempt with Stephanie and heads inside for the show.

Stephanie approaches Eric and tells him that now matter what happens, she knows he tried his best. They kiss each other for good luck.

Brooke tells Ridge that she feels good about today. She wants him to promise her that if it happens for them that this time, it will be forever. "You can count on it, Logan," says Ridge and they kiss.

Thorne gets a call on his cellular phone and it is Taylor asking to speak with Ridge. Thorne tells his love that Ridge doesn't have time - he is extremely busy with Brooke and moving on with his life. Taylor insists that she isn't going to change her mind and Ridge must be told. She hears Ridge and asks Thorne to hand the phone over to him. Thorne tells Taylor that the showing is about to start and hangs up on her...

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Sally, as the Baroness, and Lauren make a scene about how their tickets have been stolen; and of course, in doing so, they are able to get the bouncer to let them into the showing.

Eric summons everyone before the showing to say a few words; he tells them that there is a word for taking the impossible and making it into reality, and that word is called 'magic.' He wants the models to get out there and dazzle the audience with the magic of Forrester '98. Stephanie announces the Forrester spring collection. The first grouping is two piece suits in white and navy. Caterina, the model with the huge ego, struts her stuff down the catwalk, followed by some other models; however, nobody is impressed with the outfits. Sally tells Lauren, "This may very well be the end of Forrester Creations." There is also no reaction to the second grouping of these designs; Clarke, Thorne and Stephanie are worried but Eric tries to reassure them.

Backstage, Caterina is annoyed because the audience hates the dresses; she thinks her career is finished because she is associated with this mess. Outside, the stress builds and we see Sally telling Lauren that the freeing of this company will make Eric Forrester a free man, both creatively and personally.

Brooke finds Ridge walking away and tells him that it is not over yet. Ridge informs her that there has been no applause for any of the designs and it is time that Logan faces that the company may not come back. Thorne smiles as he sees his big brother going off with Brooke. Meanwhile, Stephanie informs Eric that he did his best and she is proud of him. They kiss and hug.

Ridge continues walking up the stairs and he tells Brooke he never imagined that this could happen. Brooke tells him that she never needed the fame, the money, or social status to make her happy. It has been about love and that is all that really matters in the end.

The third collection of animal print designs gets a reaction from the audience. Finally, there is applause. Lauren smiles and Sally calls her a traitor as the cocktail dresses hit the runway.

Ridge tells Brooke that he understands what she is trying to say. He thinks that it is pretty amazing and wants to know what makes her so wise. They hear the audience clapping to the viewing of the sexy evening gowns. Everyone in the audience is smiling. Caterina comes out at the top of the stairway in the garden wearing the showstopper gown.

Ridge grabs Brooke at the back of the audience and they kiss passionately. All of the models come out and everyone is standing and clapping. Sally and Lauren, still in their chairs, are the only people sitting. Stephanie and Eric come down the runway and they kiss. Brooke and Ridge join them and are holding hands. Then out come the Italian designer Rocco, Thorne, Clarke and Caterina. Sally gets up to leave because this is making her sick to her stomach. Lauren is heartbroken as she watches Eric gaze at Stephanie.

Thursday, October 30, 1997

The champagne is flowing, as are the toasts, with the Forrester clan pulling off the comeback of the decade. Caterina, the model with the huge ego, starts to flirt with Clarke and it ends with her planting a huge kiss on him. Stephanie leaves the gathering to take a bath before the party later and then Thorne heads out also.

Sally is carrying on about how insane this is and that she didn't come all this way to see the house of Forrester rise. She had wanted some heat, some mass hysteria, and some public humiliation. Lauren, meanwhile, isn't calm through all of this mayhem; she is focused on Eric making the biggest mistake of his life as he rekindles his romance with Stephanie.

Thorne is packing up some presents to take home from the trip: one for Taylor and one for the baby. There is a knock at the door and Brooke comes in and gives him a nice hug of thanks for supporting her to get Ridge back. She tells him that it is going to happen for them and they are definitely on the right track; she knows that by all of the past times she has gotten engaged. She then asks Thorne why he is so nervous about all of this. Thorne blows off her questions and tells Brooke that he is so happy for her, because she deserves it. Brooke leaves.

Taylor is in bed at the beach house and she can see the baby's heartbeat on the monitor and cant wait to tell, "daddy" about this. Taylor tells her doctor that she has thought about everything, and that in the past she believed that Brooke was the one Ridge wanted to be with. Now, however, she believes that she is wrong about that, so she could be wrong about other things too. "You want him back," says Dr. Santana. The doctor believes that if Taylor tells Ridge and he rejects Taylor, the results from all the stress could lead to a miscarriage. She wants to know if Taylor is that sure of her feelings for her to go and tell Ridge the truth.

Thorne is trying to reach Brooke to tell her that she left her purse in the room and then the phone rings. Thorne at first thinks it is Brooke returning his voice message, but it is Taylor once again trying to track down Ridge. Thorne doesn't miss the opportunity to tell her that Brooke and Ridge have spent every moment together while on the trip. Taylor only wants to tell Ridge the truth, and she wants Thorne's help in getting his big brother to at least return her phone calls or to talk to her.

Eric isn't going to the party to celebrate the showing. Ridge thinks that the next time he sees his father, he will be on their honeymoon. Ridge tells his dad that he won't be at the party either. Lauren then phones Eric to say congratulations, and she tells him that strangely enough, she too is in Italy, visiting a friend in Milan. She pleads with him not to marry Stephanie, and if they could only spend some more time together. Eric tells her that what they had was wonderful, but it is time to move on.

Ridge is at a jewelry shop and is looking for something very special - an engagement ring. The first ring the salesman shows him is a twelve-karat diamond but Ridge wants something a little bit more unique for the love of his life. He wants the ring to be like nothing else in the world, something like the woman he is about to ask to marry him. Of course, the salesman has the perfect ring tucked away for a special customer such as Ridge, and it is full of diamonds.

Stephanie is back in her room and she sees an envelope on the table. She picks it up and reads, "My love. I still call you that, for you are still my love and always will be. I hope the look that I have seen in your eyes the last few weeks means I am once again your love, that you have found it in your heart to be forgive me. You long in your heart to be together as much as I do. If I am right, I will know it when you arrive at the main square in town in front of the church. The mayor has agreed to marry us. I love you, Stephanie, please be my wife. Eric."

Eric gets out of the Mercedes and is in the Town Square, early and very excited.

Brooke goes to her room but realizes that she doesn't have her purse; she goes to Thorne's room and hears Thorne telling Taylor on the phone that Ridge is in love with Brooke and her having his baby wont change that. Taylor tells Thorne that she doesn't want to go through life thinking, "What if?" Thorne agrees to talk to Ridge and have him call her back. In comes Brooke and she states, "Taylor is pregnant with Ridge's child, not yours? Thorne, please tell me it isn't true," as the tears begin to swell in her eyes.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Eric is in the Town Square with flowers, awaiting the arrival of his bride-to-be. The mayor is preparing for the wedding and suggests, "In the meantime, why not sit in the restaurant, drink some coffee and relax." Eric wants to be waiting in the square, but he gives in and goes into the restaurant.

Sally is ranting. "You cannot give up," she tells Lauren. But Lauren tells Sally that Eric seems to be determined to marry Stephanie. Sally can visualize Queen Stephanie gloating. "I can see it now," Sally dramatizes. "I'll be at home and I'll hear this awful screeching outside my door. It will be Queen Stephanie crossing the Alps on her elephant---Hannibal's wife, come to join him in conquering the world. I'll never be rid of that woman," Sally laments. Lauren is amused at the dramatics.

Stephanie is lakeside. She needs a ticket into Como. A kind gentleman tells her that the boat taxi will be back soon. She tells him that she is going into Como to be married. Of course, she could always drive there, she says. "Oh no," the man tells her, "It is good luck to take the boat on your wedding day." He tells her to wait and he will get her a ticket.

Taylor and Thorne are conversing. She demands that he agree to help her speak to Ridge. He doesn't believe that it will help to tell Ridge that he is the father of her child, but he finally agrees to tell Ridge to call. He hangs up and when he turns he sees a devastated Brooke standing there. "Taylor is pregnant with Ridge's baby? Is that what I just heard you say? Tell me it isn't true!" she says.

Taylor hangs up the phone as Dr. Santana enters the room. "Did you reach Thorne?" she asks. Taylor tells her that Thorne has agreed to help her. She overreacted before when she saw Ridge and Brooke together. Now she realizes that Ridge does not love Brooke or they would be engaged by now.

The sales clerk hands the small package to Ridge. "Here is your beautiful engagement ring," he tells Ridge. Ridge is leaving; to himself he says, "Today is the day, Brooke."

While waiting at lakeside, Stephanie rereads Eric's letter. What a wonderful idea to be married in Como, she thinks.

Sally puts down the phone. She can't reach Stephanie. She is either out or has returned to the States. Lauren sees her at the water taxi stand. "I think she is about to take a boat ride," she says. "She will take more than a boat ride if I have anything to say about it," Sally declares.

Thorne tells Brooke to calm down. "Is it true? The baby is really Ridge's baby? How could this happen?" she asks. Thorne explains how Taylor went to Brooke's house the day of his parents wedding to tell Ridge about the baby - that is when she saw the two of them in bed together. Taylor suffered an anxiety attack and ended up in the hospital. She almost lost the baby. Taylor has panic attacks and they are all associated with Brooke and Ridge, he explains. He adds that the doctor has told Taylor that she has to stay calm or she could still lose this baby and it may be the last chance she has to have a child. "So I am the cause of these panic attacks?" Brooke ponders. Thorne tells her that that was when he and Taylor decided to cut Ridge out of her life. But now, she is suffering from guilt and wants to tell Ridge. "Ridge has to be told," Brooke says.

Sally joins Stephanie at the water taxi stand. "I am your worst nightmare come true," Sally tells the Queen. "What are you doing in Italy?" asks a stunned Stephanie.

Thorne can't believe that Brooke is thinking of telling Ridge. "He is close to proposing to you," he tells her. Brooke can't believe that there is a hitch in all their plans. They were almost there. She has waited and hoped for this day to come, and now she has to tell Ridge that he is the father of Taylor's baby. Thorne reminds Brooke that Taylor most fears that Ridge will want Brooke. What is to assure anyone that once Ridge marries Taylor, he will be true to her. Look how often he has gone back to Brooke.

Brooke then gets a call on her cell phone. It is Ridge. He is waiting for her at the upper garden. He wants her to join him. Brooke tells him he will be right there. "It's his baby. He has to be told," she says to Thorne as she leaves the room.

Back in the restaurant on the square the mayor approaches Eric. The plans are almost ready. "Where is the bride?" the mayor asks. Eric assures him that she will be there soon.

Stephanie finds it laughable that Sally came to the fashion show. "How does it feel to be at the most important event of the season?" she asks. Sally tries to downplay the fashion show, but Stephanie continues to twist the knife. She quotes from il figaro: "Spring has just began." She tells Sally that she is going to bury her and her pathetic fashion house. She then announces that she is going into Como to meet Eric. They are going to get married. All the dirty tricks Sally pulled the last time didn't work. She tells Sally to leave but Sally tells the "self-righteous windbag" that she is going nowhere; she is going to stop her. "Stop me," Stephanie asks. She then pushes Sally into the lake. She climbs into the boat that is moored there and starts the motor. She drives away and leaves Sally in the lake. Sally climbs out of the lake shouting that Stephanie had better come back here. "You can't dump me and leave me like this. I have had it with you!" Sally shouts.

Brooke enters the garden and sees Ridge looking out at the landscape. He turns and they stare into each other's eyes.

As she taxis across the lake, Stephanie is talking to herself. She believes she can trust in Eric again. Now she knows for sure that he loves her. All those fears concerning Lauren were silly. Today, she will make sure that Eric knows how much she loves him and wants to be married to him. Suddenly the boat begins to make some strange noises. She looks around and says, "This doesn't sound good."

The mayor wants to know if the children will be at the wedding. Eric says that this is a deeply personal moment for him and Stephanie. It will be just the two of them. Then he looks out at the empty square. "I wonder why she is so late," he says.

Taylor says that she believes that Ridge has always loved and wanted her. "When he returns from this trip we will begin our life together---just the three of us," she says.

Ridge tells Brooke that she looks radiant. He thinks he knows what she is thinking but she doesn't believe so. "You are thinking, why did it take this jerk so long to appreciate me," Ridge guesses. She tells him that that isn't what is on her mind. He continues guessing. "You are wondering if I really mean it this time. Well, I do mean it. I know now what I want. I have made a decision. I want you to be my bride. Will you marry me?" he says. Brooke is stunned.

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