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September, 1997

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Week of 9/1/97 - 9/5/97

B&B did not air on September 1 or September 5.

Tuesday, September 02, 1997

Stephanie is in her mansion pouring herself a glass of wine and she thinks back to her nasty little chat with Sally, where Sally told her that she is going to end up bitter and alone. She toasts Sally and remarks that in 24 hours she and Eric will be getting married after all these years. Suddenly, there's a knock at the door: Ruthanne (an old friend of Stephanie's that she befriended while she was homeless and out on the street) shows up for the wedding. She's thrilled for her friend, and Stephanie explains that she feels the same way - it's like she is a kid again, with so much to look forward to with Eric.

Ruth comments that she has been thinking about their pasts; they met under harsh circumstances on the streets, but they made it. They both were given second chances and it turned out to be a blessing. As Stephanie agrees, Eric comes in and is happy to see Stephanie's old friend. He gives his fiancee a big kiss hello and they are all gushing with happiness. After discussing the wedding, Eric then has to leave; as he makes hie exit, he wants his bride-to-be to know that she is his whole life and not to forget that.

Darla finds Sally upset and thinks it's Clarke trouble, but Sally informs her that it is Stephanie that has her so riled up. Sally comments to Darla that Queen Stephanie keeps going on and on, like that nutty "energizer bunny" commercial, and it took everything Sally had not to let her have it. Lauren then drops in and Sally hands her the envelope from Stephanie; it is an invitation to the wedding. Lauren remembers that she was supposed to be in the bridal party to stand up for Stephanie, so it is especially painful to see this. Sally tells her to throw the invite into the fireplace.

Lauren remarks, "My relationship with Eric is already in ashes." She thinks that maybe this is Stephanie's way of extending an olive branch in friendship. Darla is quick to comment that it would be dipped in poison, but Lauren insists that she has to make her own decisions when it comes to this and leaves. Sally is really pissed off and tells Darla, "I don't know what I'm going to do, but I will tell you one thing. I am not going to let Stephanie win this fight. If Eric marries Stephanie again it will be the biggest mistake of his life." Darla thinks this is concern for Eric, but Sally says it's more - and she reminds Darla that the little piece of cinema in her drawer (the video of Lauren and Eric having sex) can blow Stephanie's wedding to pieces.

Taylor is frantic up at the cabin because they are stuck in Big Bear due to a huge rainstorm. The phone lines are down and she insists that Ridge has to know that she is carrying his child. Thorne comes in and says the roads are all flooded, so getting out of there will be dangerous. Taylor says they have to leave, so he suggests that they need to figure out a plan to get out of the cabin. He says his car will never make it through this storm, but the four-wheel drive Jeep that is kept in the garage will. They have to drive over the phone poles and down the flooded driveway, he explains. Taylor says, "Let's do it." They get in the jeep and get on their way, through the pouring rain. "I'm on my way, Ridge - *WE'RE* on our way," she says.

Meanwhile, Brooke is trying to make it with Ridge. She tells him, "Everything you have always wanted is in front of you. Make love to me." They kiss and Ridge tells her not to do this to him. Brooke says she doesn't think she is doing anything wrong - they have been playing musical chairs and they have been hurting many people over the years with their childish game, she explains. This is what they both need and they both want, she insists. Ridge Ridge questions, "Why haven't we ever been able to make it work." with their love life says that something always gets in the way, and Brooke asks what could possibly happen to do that now. "What about my feelings for Taylor?" he asks.

Brooke is still pleading for him to make love to her, but he is not going to throw everything Taylor and he has away. "Taylor is an incredible woman and all I have done is treat her badly," he explains. Brooke can't believe Ridge is keeping the faith, so he states, "You ask me if I love her; yes, I do. I don't know why she is with Thorne - but I do know it is just a matter of time before she comes home. Logan, the last thing I ever want to do is hurt you, but you have to know the truth. "

Brooke tells her love that she can read his heart, and all of the real answers lie there. She knows what he is feeling more than he does, she explains. Ridge says, " I need to go," and leaves, telling her to take care of herself. Brooke says aloud to herself after he leaves, "I am not giving up Ridge. I know we will be together again, very soon." Ridge is standing outside the door with a concerned look on his face.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997

Stephanie is wearing silk pajamas and she takes a breath of fresh air from the balcony. Felicia brings the bride breakfast in bed, and tells her mom, "I am so happy for you. My parents getting re-married; it is a dream come true." Talk turns to the guest list and Sally Spectra. Felicia is afraid that Sally (who she's had dealings with in the past) will ruin her parents' day, but Steph assures her daughter that Sally wasn't invited. Then they question where Taylor, the maid of honor, is; Stephanie is sure Taylor will be back from her trip in time. Stephanie then turns to the bathroom to shower, but Felicia starts up again, all emotional. She says, "Mother, he loves you. So much. This day is going to be perfect for the two of you."

Sheila is sitting in the bay window staring out to space while Amber is carrying on about the article in the newspaper about the Forrester Wedding today. Amber is all excited, since she is living with the previous Mrs. Forrester. She notices that Sheila is not paying attention and has been spaced out for two days. Sheila says, "My little girl. It was about as close to heaven as I have ever been. I needed to see her."

Amber apologizes for calling Sheila to help out that night and calls her roommate a famous Ex-wife, sort of like Ivana Trump. She advises Sheila to change her last name back to Forrester (sort of like a birthright) so she can continue to live the good life. Sheila informs Amber that she doesn't think about Eric anymore. Amber confides in Sheila that living in LA is a long shot, but it could work out for her in this town afterall.

Lauren stops over at the Warwick home and Maggie is glad she came over. Maggie asks what Lauren's plans are. Lauren informs her friend, "I am going to pick myself up and carry on," but she assures Maggie that she won't be leaving L.A. Maggie then asks Lauren is she's going to the wedding, since she sees at as an attempt by Stephanie to make peace. But Lauren explains, "Stephanie invited me to the wedding to gloat and show me that she has won and Eric belongs to her. Do you honestly think that I can be friends with the woman who is going to marry the man I love? Well I can't. It was intense love, that is the problem."

Maggie wants Lauren to go with her to the wedding so she can finally see the reality of the situation and put it behind her. She explains that James is away on business in San Francisco and suggests that Lauren attend the wedding with her. Lauren tells Maggie to pick her up in an hour, stating, "I need to be there. I can not ignore what Eric and I shared."

Eric is working when Ridge comes running in. Eric informs his oldest son that he is more excited that the first time he married his mother and Ridge congratulates his dad. Eric then questions Ridge about Taylor and if she is back. Ridge responds that he has not talked to her in two days and explains how disillusioned he is, because she took off with Thorne. A concerned Eric asks, "What the hell do you think is going on here? Tell me."

Over at Spectra, Sally remarks to Darla, "A blockbuster home video like this one deserves to be seen. It's so tempting. How I would love to show this to Stephanie." Darla says Lauren won't be happy to find out if Stephanie saw the video, and Sally agrees, "That is the problem; Lauren's involvement. Pulling this off is going to be another matter."

Eric tells Ridge that it sounded to him like Taylor had chosen a future with Ridge and now is not the time to jump to conclusions. Ridge is pissed off and says, "I think it time I stop fooling myself. Damn! I can't believe I feel like a big enough fool hanging on as long as I did." He pours himself a drink and toasts, "Here is to you, Thorne. Good luck to both of you." He slams the glass down and walks out, on his way to Brooke's to drop off some papers. Just then, Taylor calls from the beach house; she never talked to Ridge last night, because she fell asleep due to some medication that she is taking. Eric tells her that Ridge is on his way to Brooke's. Taylor tells her father in law to be that Ridge will understand everything by the end of the day.

Amber is leaving to go shopping at the flea marker and she gets a call from Maggie to come and help with the baby at the wedding. How excited Amber is!!!!!

Sally and Darla came up with THE PLAN; Sally is going to need Darla's help to pull this off. Sally tells her that Stephanie Forrester, that cold-hearted woman, doesn't deserve a nice man like Eric Forrester - and Sally is going to make sure it doesn't happen.........................

Thursday, September 4, 1997

Stephanie is getting ready for the wedding. Felicia brings the bride-to-be breakfast in bed. It is going to be a glorious day for a wedding. Felicia couldn't be happier to have her parents remarrying.

Taylor awaken from a deep sleep - she realizes it's the result of the pills she's been taken. "That's it for these," she says as she throws them aside and goes for the phone. Stephanie finally hears from Taylor, who explains, "I was too tired to call last night, but I am on my way. First, I have to stop by and see Ridge." She hints that she has something to tell Ridge and it will make Stephanie happy.

Maggie and Ruthanne arrive, having met up on the way to Steph's room. Everyone is giggling and being excited. "Oohs" and "Ahs" abound as they see the wdding gown - the most beautiful they've ever seen, they all agree - as they talk about how lucky Stephanie is. All that is missing is the maid of honor; but Stephanie tells her bridesmaids that Taylor is on the way after stopping to see Ridge for an important announcement which she's sure will make everyone happy.

Eric is getting ready for the big day. Thorne arrives and Eric wants to know what is going on and where he has been. Thorne is evasive but says Eric will know all about it later. He wonders where Ridge is. Bill Spencer and Jonathan join the men. They also wonder where Ridge is.

Ridge arrives at Brooke's house; he has some papers that he must deliver. Brooke notices that Ridge is a little tipsy. She remarks that he should be at the wedding, but Ridge says he is not in the mood for a wedding. He starts to leave, but Brooke tells him he is in no condition to drive. "I'm fine," Ridge insists. Brooke tells him he isn't fine and she is going to make him a BIG pot of coffee. Ridge refuses; "If you're going to give me anything, make it a vodka," he says as he heads for the bar. He pours himself a "tall one" and toasts Thorne for winning Taylor. "I just hope you can give her what I can't," he says with bitterness.

Brooke gets a look in her eye as she watches Ridge down another one. She goes over to the bar and takes the bottle, so she can refill his drink - but she spills it on him. "Oh, no," she says as she takes his shirt from him. She can't have him going around smelling like a still, so she goes upstairs to get him another shirt.

Taylor jumps into the limo. "To the Forrester's?" the driver asks as he gets on their way. "No," Taylor tells him, "first we make a stop at Brooke Logan's house." She gives him the address and begins to give instructions on getting there. She is excited about telling Ridge that she is pregnant---and she can't help but relish the idea of telling Brooke also.

Brooke finds a shirt for Ridge. He's afraid it belonged to Grant, but she says it is one that he left there once upon a time; "You did once live here," she reminds him coyly. She continues to flirt and act suggestive with him, but he says he has to leave. As he turns to go, he almost passes out.

Lauren is standing around looking uncomfortable. "I shouldn't be here," she is thinking. Amber walks up to her and is all excited to be at such a festive occasion. It is all Lauren can do to be sociable. As they talk, Darla sneaks in disguised as a member of the caterers' staff. She looks around the room, trying to get a look at something, when Connie the maid comes up to her with some instructions. Losing the maid, she finds a phone and calls Sally. "It isn't going to be as easy as we thought," she tells the grand diva. "Of course it will be simple," Sally tells Darla. "Just stick to the plan, concentrate and don't get cold feet now. Remember what's at stake."

Eric and company are still wondering where Ridge is. Eric stops to answer the door - it's the minister and Henry, the guy with the sewing room, delivering some well wishes before the ceremony. Thorne continues to wonder where his brother is.

Taylor arrives at Brooke's home and walks inside, calling out for Brooke or Ridge. There is no one around and no one answers her call. "Wonder where he can be, she muses." Then she remembers that Ridge was bringing over some papers. "They must be in the office," she tells herself as she heads upstairs. As she is walking down the hallway, she hears laughter and giggling from the bedroom. Looking inside, she is shocked by what she sees: Ridge is in bed with Brooke!

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Week of 9/8/97 - 9/12/97

Monday, September 8, 1997

At the wedding, Bill Spencer makes his way through the room of guests. He greets Lauren, pointing out that he has not met her before. Lauren introduces herself and has a curious look on her face. Bill asks what's wrong, and Lauren comments that "You look so much like my father." (Note: Jim Storm, who plays Bill, also played Lauren's father, Neil Fenmore, on Y&R). Bill hopes that doesn't mean that Lauren is averse to dealing with older men - there might be something there.

Everyone is wondering what is keeping Ridge. Thorne, of course, knows what is probably keeping his brother but still holds his tongue. Eric asks his son to tell him just what is going on with Taylor, but Thorne explains that he cannot, and that Eric will understand everything once Ridge and Taylor arrive.

Seeing Ridge and Brooke in bed together, Taylor runs out of Brooke's house in horror. She gets into the limo, and the driver begins to take her to the Forrester mansion. As they make their way to the mansion, Taylor relives in her mind all the times Ridge has hurt her - the divorce, the fire, and now the sight of him in Brooke's bed. She breaks into tears at the thought that Ridge has again betrayed her - and then she is struck by a spasm of pain again. The driver sees her distress and drives her to the hospital.

Ridge comes to his senses and pulls away from Brooke - he tells her that it wouldn't be fair to her if they made love. He still loves Taylor, even though she loves his brother Thorne, so he cannot betray her. He says, "I've got to run and make it for the wedding." Brooke tries to stop him - she points out that he is no shape for a wedding at the moment and he is already late anyway, so why doesn't he stay. Ridge remains committed to his convictions and goes to leave.

Sally and Darla discuss their plan at Spectra. Macy comes in and is wondering what is going on. Sally says, "Any minute, a ticking bomb will be going off." Macy asks, "What did you do, mother?" Sally explains, "A little help from my buddy here," pointing to Darla, "and there will be an explosion any minute now."

A stunned Taylor has pains and arrives at the hospital. She is in emergency and Dr. Santana comes in. Dr. Santana sees Taylor's blood pressure is going up and down. She explains to the emergency room doctors that she has been treating Taylor for anxiety and instructs them to call the pediatrician down immediately.

Stephanie guesses that Ridge and Taylor have been detained - and if her suspicions are correct, there is a very good reason for their absence. She asks Felicia to step in as her maid of honor, so they can proceed with the ceremony. She then calls Eric and tells him that it's time to begin - Eric says he has never been readier.

The wedding begins and the groom enters; he has a big smile on his face, with Thorne, Jonathan and Bill taking their places by his side. Then the bridesmaids come in, followed by the bride herself. Eric is waiting with love and devotion and looking at his beautiful bride coming down the aisle. Lauren looks on, and Eric gives her a quick glance. Once Stephanie takes her place beside Eric, they exchange their vows. When they conclude, the minister opens his bible to read a passage - and all of a sudden, he has a stunned look on his face! He stops reading as he stares at the bible; Eric and Stephanie look at him, trying to find out what is wrong...

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

The setting is Casa Forrester, and it has been taken over by the numerous white floral arrangements for the wedding ceremony. The priest is reading a passage from the bible about how "love never fails," and when he turns the page in the Bible he is shocked. He looks at Eric. Eric in return questions if there is a problem, to which the priest replies that he needs to talk with the happy couple and it can't wait. He announces, "Excuse us. There is a matter that requires our immediate attention." Off to the study the three of them go.

All of the wedding guests are whispering. Felicia asks Thorne what is going on and he has no answer for her. Lauren makes her way over to Maggie to question her about Stephanie's state this morning before the wedding, and is upset to find out that she was happy. Amber chimes in, "maybe the problem is on his side." talking about Eric. Bill Spencer points out that Ridge is coming in and he is not wearing his tuxedo - and of course, Thorne notices his brother's sudden entrance.

Meanwhile, over at Spectra, Sally is dictating a letter to Darla, but she finds it quite difficult to focus on business while she is 'giving the business to Stephanie'. Darla starts to feel a little bit guilty, but Sally insists that she should be patting herself on the back for saving a nice guy like Eric Forrester from making the biggest mistake of his life. Just then, Grant Chambers enters and he wants to know what is going on or he is out of the company, because he is sick of secrets. Sally tells him she gave Stephanie an educational wedding gift and it is designed to teach her a lesson. Grant is thrilled, but he doesn't want to hear the details; he has a revenge agenda of his own for the Forresters and he wants to do that his way, without any influence from Sally. He leaves and Sally wants Darla to call her friend who is a tabloid reporter, to get an exact reaction on what is going on right now at the wedding.

Thorne is not happy to see his big brother; he assumes that he found Taylor and knows the news of his impending fatherhood. Thorne says to himself, "Well he finally made it. He just found out he is going to be a father." He goes over to talk to Ridge and asks where Taylor is. "I guess you were pretty stunned when you heard the news," Thorne guesses. They are interrupted by their sister Felicia, who wants to go into the study with mom and dad to see what is going on. Lauren joins the trio and Felicia remarks that it is just some dumb detail that was overlooked (because she remembers that Lauren had a thing for her daddy).

Stephanie and Eric are in the study and they question the priest as to what is going on. He tells them that he found a photograph in the Bible - he hands it to Eric and leaves them alone to discuss it. Stephanie questions what the photo is, asking, "What is it? Of you? You and Lauren? I think I should see the picture." Eric protests, but Stephanie insists on seeing it. When she realizes that it is a picture of Lauren and Eric in bed, she exclaims, "You made love to her? Here?" Eric says no, it wasn't there, but Steph is still furious. She states, "Oh god! This is so humiliating. You know what bothers me the most is that you found it so easy to lie to me." Eric says he didn't lie - at the time; this leads Steph to ask, "You are not telling me that you slept with that woman after you asked me to marry you?"

Eric tries to get out of the doghouse by saying how this doesn't change anything and he asks not to let it ruin everything. His one night with Lauren meant nothing and it was a mistake, he states, and he is sooooo sorry.

Thorne is talking to Ridge and remarks that he can't imagine them stopping the wedding ceremony unless it was something serious. The priest joins them and tells them that all of the answers must come from their parents. Then the priest gives Lauren a dirty look. Thorne questions his brother on the location of Taylor, still assuming that he met up with her to hear the news. Ridge accuses Thorne of rubbing it in and guesses that Thorne is just doing this to him to get back for stealing his wife Caroline. As Thorne says that is ridiculous, Ridge eggs him on; Thorne says that maybe Ridge should wait to hear it from Taylor. Connie the maid interrupts, telling Thorne that he has an emergency phone call. Dr. Santana is on the phone and explains that Taylor is in the hospital; Thorne tells the doctor that he and Ridge will be right there. The doctor explains that Taylor does not want to see Ridge...

Steph interrupts Eric, shouting, "STOP IT, STOP IT! You knew what you were doing, you know what you have done. Do you know how I prayed for this wedding? But you have taken 35 years of our lives and threw it away." Eric tries to explain, but Steph isn't listening; "You left me no dignity," she accuses. Eric says, "I made a mistake. I am sorry." Steph says, "You wanted your cake and to eat it, too. The excitement, the sex - I HOPE IT WAS THE BEST DAMN SEX, BECAUSE IT COST YOU THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR LIFE." He is begging herto forgive him. Steph explains, "WHAT? YOU THINK I WANT TO MARRY YOU? I AM NOT GOING TO EXCHANGE SACRED VOWS WITH YOU. How do I know you will honor them?" Eric says they can overcome this if they try, and he begs Stephanie to marry him.

Wednesday, September 11, 1997

Thorne gets an urgent phone call from Taylor's doctor that she has had another attack. He says he and Ridge will be right there, but finds out from Dr. Santana that Taylor doesn't want Ridge to know that she is in the hospital. Thorne is confronted by Ridge on his way out the door but he leaves anyway. Jonathan, the Forresters' lawyer, comes over and asks where Thorne is going. Ridge answers that he has a feeling it has to do with Taylor. "Haven't you heard, Jonathan? Thorne and Taylor are quite the item these days." Jonathan is stunned, especially based on what he knows of Ridge's feelings for Taylor, and asks what happened. Ridge replies, "It beats me what has happened. The last I knew, Taylor and I were doing fine." But now, he adds, she has been hiding out with Thorne; he hasn't even had a chance to talk to her. Jonathan reminds Ridge how strong his feelings for Taylor were when he was in jail and advises him not to jump to conclusions; Ridge should find Taylor and talk to her, the attorney suggests.

Darla gets off the phone with her tabloid friend; she tells Sally that everyone is still at Casa Forrester for the wedding ceremony, so she doesn't think that their plan worked. But Sally is still gloating and remarks, "The lava might not be flowing yet from the explosion, but trust me it will."

Eric tells Stephanie that he wants to put what happened behind them; he wants to go out into the living room and get married. Stephanie calmly says, "You don't have any idea what you have done, do you? This is like a dream. I can't believe it is you who is actually saying these things to me." Eric tells her that he still wants to marry her, but Stephanie asks, "Oh, you want to marry me so you can get rid of all this guilt?"

Everyone is still wondering what is going on with Eric and Stephanie. Lauren is especially curious - she is sure that the minister giving her a strange look means she is connected somehow. Maggie thinks that's ridiculous, but Lauren doesn't think so.

Eric tells Stephanie that he loves her and she is a part of him; she is his lover and he can not let her go. He promises to never hurt her like this again. Stephanie tells him that he won't hurt her again, because she is not going to let him - and she is not going to marry him. She takes off the veil and comments, "Lauren will always be between us. You keep saying 35 years, as if it gives you the right to have a fling. It doesn't justify sleeping with that tramp. You know what we always had? We always respected one another. And now that is gone. I don't respect you. Listen to me - Do you know how wonderful these past few weeks have been? We were coming into our own. You ruined it. You damn fool." She leaves. Lauren sees her in the hallway and goes back downstairs.

Eric picks up the engagement ring off the table and sits down, alone in the room. He picks up the photo and walks out. In the main room, he tells the guests that the wedding has been postponed. He then asks Maggie where Lauren is. Maggie doesn't know - but suddenly, she is wondering if maybe Lauren really did have something to do with what's going on.

Taylor is asleep as Thorne runs into the hospital room. He questions what happened and finds out about the limo driver bringing Taylor to the hospital. The doctor leaves and he goes to his love's bedside. Taylor takes his hand, and thanks him for coming. She explains, "I had another one of those attacks." Thorne wants to know what happened when she told Ridge, but Taylor responds, "Thorne, I cant talk about Ridge. I have to think about this baby. She is all that matters, she is all that I have." Thorne comments that his brother must have hurt her. "You were right, Thorne, the whole time," Taylor cries.

Darla gets off the phone with her friend from the tabloids; she has found out that all of the guests have left the estate and that they were not smiling. Sally is ecstatic. Darla, however, points out that Lauren is over there and Stephanie is going to think that Lauren is the one who planted the picture; Stephanie will kill her!

Lauren goes out to the pool for a glass of bubbly and Stephanie finds her there. Lauren offers to leave so she can be alone, but Stephanie says, "Lauren, I don't want you to leave. This is probably a moment that you have played over and over again in your mind. Is it everything that you have dreamed of? YES, HE MADE A DECISION, DIDNT HE? YOU COULDN'T HANDLE THAT REJECTION. YOU HAD TO HUMILIATE ME. YOU HAD TO FORCE HIS HAND." Lauren tells her that she has no idea what Stephanie is talking about. "YOU ARE LYING WHORE!" Stephanie cries out, and she slaps Lauren...

Thursday, September 11, 1997

The wedding is called off and everyone wonders what happened. Thorne is with Ridge when he gets a call from the hospital. The doctor tells him that Taylor has been admitted again. He says he will get Ridge but the doctor tells him Taylor doesn't want to see Ridge; she only wants to see Thorne.

Lauren is stunned; "You slapped me," she gasps to Stephanie. Stephanie tells Lauren that she is sick and sacrilegious. Lauren is confused about what she "has done." She can't understand why Stephanie is angry nor can she understand why the wedding was called off. She thinks Eric only got "cold feet." Stephanie doesn't believe Lauren and chastises her for acting so innocent. She tells her about the photo in the Bible that the priest just happened to have come upon.

Ridge wonders how everything could have fallen apart, considering his life with Taylor and his parent's wedding. "How could it all have gone so wrong?" he asks. Brooke walks in and asks what happened. He begins rehashing his problems with her. She tells him to let it go. This vendetta with Thorne has to stop, she tells him, and that's what all his problems are all about. Ridge tells her that it isn't about Thorne; rather, it is about Taylor. He loves her, he states, and he has to find her.

Thorne rushes to Taylor's side. He urges her to tell Ridge about the baby. Taylor tells him no; she can't trust him any longer. He has done this to her too many times. Sure, he would come back to her for the baby, but how can she accept him knowing he was with Brooke.

Lauren is dumbfounded when Stephanie tells her about the photo. She denies knowing anything about it or how it got into the Bible. As a matter of fact, she is totally unaware of the existence of any photo of her and Eric. However, Stephanie doesn't believe her.

Thorne tells Taylor that there is another solution - one based in his deep connection with the baby. Maybe it's the fact that he has been by Taylor's side for much of the pregnancy, he suspects, but he feels like the baby is a part of him. Taylor is confused where this is headed, so he reminds her of their last night in Hawaii. "Remember the dinner, the champagne? Things got a little out of hand and we slept together," he says. Taylor is totally confused and replies that nothing like this happened. Thorne goes on; "We will be married and I will claim the baby," he suggests. They will say Taylor is only one month pregnant instead of two, and when the child is born, they will just say it is premature. No one will ever know it wasn't his baby. And he would love the baby, he reminds her; he already feels close to it. Dr. Santana enters the room and discharges Taylor. But before she lets her go, she warns Taylor in no uncertain terms that if she does not avoid stress, she will lose the baby.

Lauren tries to be reasonable with Stephanie. What advantage would she gain by using such a photo in such a way, she asks; Eric would never forgive her for doing that. Stephanie, however, won't listen. She calls Lauren a common slut and a liar. She reminds Lauren that she only recently pretended to apologize for her actions and promised to give up on Eric. This makes Lauren angry and she says she is tired of holding back. She wasn't pretending the other day when she tried to make her peace with Stephanie. And she hasn't made any attempt at Eric since then. She meant it when she said she was giving him up. But now, she is actually happy that it was Stephanie's own self-righteousness that cost her Eric. After all, it was Stephanie, not Eric, who actually called off the wedding. Stephanie orders Lauren to leave. She never wants to see her again. They struggle and Stephanie pushes Lauren into the pool. Swimming in the water, Lauren calls out Stephanie's name, as Steph looks on in disgust.

Brooke continues to tell Ridge that they belong together, and she reminds him that Taylor is with Thorne now. She tells him that the way is wide open for them. But Ridge will not listen; he tells Brooke that he cannot give Taylor up. He will get her some way. He doesn't know how but he must. "Don't you understand what I am telling you?" he asks. "I live her. I love Taylor and I have to have her back." The phone rings and it is Taylor. "We need to talk," Ridge implores. Taylor agrees and tells him to meet her at her house.

Friday, September 12, 1997

Amber is at the Warwicks and she is tucking the baby in. She picks up the phone to call Sheila to chat about the wedding at the Forresters'; but when Sheila finds out that both Maggie and James are not home, she says she is on her way over. Amber freaks out.

Brooke is at home and she is reliving a moment from the past that she had with Ridge's first wife, Caroline, before she passed away. Caroline told her that it was inevitable that Ridge and Brooke would get together. The tears are flowing down Brooke's face and she says to herself, "You were wrong, Caroline. Ridge and I didn't end up together. Taylor has Ridge."

Thorne and Taylor are at the beach house and he gets her a glass of water. Taylor isn't sure that she still wants to tell Ridge that the baby inside of her is Thorne's when it is really Ridge's child, but Thorne convinces her otherwise. He tells her, "Honey, you heard what the doctor said. You will not carry this baby to term with this anxiety problem. This baby can have a good life. What are you going to tell Ridge?" Just then, Ridge shows up and is happy to finally see Taylor, but he's not so happy to see his little brother there also.

Ridge asks his brother to leave, but Taylor tells him that she wants Thorne to stay and hear what they are going to say. Ridge only wants to know what happened in the last couple of days, but Taylor starts with the questions of, "Did you miss me? Were you worried about me? Were you waiting for me?" Ridge thinks that Thorne has fed her a bunch of lies about him chasing around after Brooke Logan now that she is a free woman. But Taylor continues, "None of that would be true about you chasing Brooke, now that she is free, right?" She then gets into what she wanted to tell him: "What I wanted to tell you is that I am pregnant."

Amber tells Sheila that she can not come into the Warwicks' house, but Sheila pushes herself in to see her child and goes straight to the nursery. Sheila picks up the baby and thinks that she looks a little hungry. She sits down to breast feed the baby because she thinks it is important for a baby's security. She tells Amber to relax; all she is doing is bonding with the baby. Amber is freaking out and is really annoyed that Sheila thinks she can visit with her baby each time that Amber is babysitting at the Warwicks' house. Sheila suggests that if this is the case, they should make alternate arrangements so that she can continue to visit with her baby. Amber yells, "There is no way I would ever let you see this baby outside of this house!" Sheila reminds Amber, "I *AM* her mother!"

Just then James gets home from his trip and is calling out to see if anyone is home. Amber closes the nursery door and tells Sheila that she is going to be toast if James sees her and the baby. They could even go to jail for this. Amber goes into the kitchen to sidetrack James while Sheila is still breast feeding the baby. Despite Amber's attempts to dissuade him, James only wants to see his princess, so he goes up to the nursery. When he gets to the nursery, the baby is back in her crib. Sheila is hiding out in the closet and gazes lovingly upon her James and their child. While James plays with the baby, Amber motions to Sheila to leave. Sheila then sneaks out of the house and says, "Take care of her, James. Take care of our baby."

Ridge is all excited and thrilled to hear about the pregnancy. He asks Taylor how long has she known. "Doc - Taylor, we are going to have a baby. I don't believe this! Why didn't you tell me before? Listen, Thorne - can you give me some time alone with Taylor? I can't wait to tell my family this incredible news."

But Taylor is crying and she explains, "I was just gone for two days. What were you doing? You were going crazy without me? Life is upsetting sometimes, Ridge." Ridge continues to be delighted by the news, but Taylor informs him, "There is something else I have to tell you. This baby isn't yours. It is Thorne's. Thorne is the father. This baby is Thorne's." Ridge asks when, and Thorne pipes in that it was the last night in Hawaii; he proposed to Taylor and things sort of got out of hand and romantic.

Ridge is in total shock, crying out, "No, it is not possible." He throws his little brother over the coffee table and of course has to take a few good shots at him with his fist. Taylor tries to stop him, but Ridge continues to pound Thorne. He finally backs off when she grabs his arm, and he says, "You slept with my brother! AFTER EVERYTHING WE TALKED ABOUT. YOU TWO DESERVE EACH OTHER; YOU BOTH MAKE ME WANT TO VOMIT." He throws a vase and walks out to the beach, where he is crying out, "No. NO!"

Thorne tries to comfort Taylor but she tells him not to touch her; she doesn't want to be touched by anyone.

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Week of 9/15/97 - 9/19/97

Monday, September 15, 1997

Sally and Macy are busy, busy, busy, getting ready for the showing. Darla comes in with the news, hot off the presses that reads, "Forrester wedding aborted at the altar." Grant smiles at the news. He even wants to know what is going on at his former place of employment and says that he is going to pay Forrester a visit. Darla reminds him that he can't go over there cause he took their designs. "They are my designs. They belong to Spectra now," he responds.

Eric is on the computer, trying desperately to find the lost designs for the showing. Clarke shows up to once again capitalize on his helping to get rid of Grant. Clarke has no idea that Eric did not get married to Stephanie. Eric is not in the mood to deal with him. "Your timing couldn't be worse, Garrison," Eric states. Even after Eric explains about the wedding, Clarke still reminds him that he was the one that got the company back for the family. Clarke wants his payment, but Eric chides, "I don't think this is the time to discuss YOUR future. You think I give a damn about your job?!?!?!"

Brooke is chatting with Thorne at her place. She asks if they set a date yet and finds out that Taylor is setting a date - with Thorne and not Ridge. She is stunned, and says, "So she did choose you." However, Brooke is still worried that it's not a done deal, because "Ridge is determined to win Taylor back. He is a man on a mission." Thorne is undeterred, and Brooke replies, "You are confident. I think that is wonderful."

Thorne takes the time while sipping his drink to announce that Taylor is pregnant, and Brooke is in shock. She says, "What? This is amazing. So Taylor must be.........My God! Oh what about Ridge?!?!" Thorne explains that Ridge knows, so Brooke states, "Taylor told him she was pregnant with YOUR child? He is going to be devastated. Where is he now? Let's go find him. He is going to need our support." Thorne tells her that his big brother doesn't need his support, especially since Ridge just beat him up. Brooke still wants to find Ridge and leaves on her own. Thorne states to himself, "Taylor is going to be mine Big Brother - finally."

Ridge is in his office packing his old momentos of Taylor, including some new dresses he had designed for her, "Those were for you Taylor. But not anymore," he says.

Amber is reading a Hollywood magazine. She is annoyed at Sheila for almost costing her the babysitting job at the Warwicks'. She tells her roomie, "You are becoming obsessed with this kid. This job is a lot more than just babysitting to me. I am worried." Sheila tries to make it seem like nothing is wrong, but Amber says, "You can't stay away. She has a mother. But you can't be there for her, she is adopted. James and Maggie are good people. You stay away from that house you hear me?"

Sheila is smirking at Amber's little threats. "You don't tell me where I belong! That little girl is a part of me," she insists. Sheila goes upstairs. Amber says to herself that she can't let this go on and she has to do something right away. She looks up the phone number for James' office and calls him. Of course, James picks up the phone himself, personally, and asks to see Amber this afternoon. Amber leaves the house to see James, because she can't take this anymore. She can't take any chances with Sheila.

Grant enters his old office with a box to pack up, and he remarks to himself that he had accomplished some good work in this office. He spots clarke sitting in the office and questions what he is doing in there. "Don't tell me you are working here?" Grant asks. Clarke taunts Grant, and Grant responds, "I treat my friends just fine - you are a child and a world class loser. At least I am working Clarke. You will find out soon enough for whom." Clarke says that Grant is the loser - a loser whose head was handed to the Forresters by him. "So you sold me out? I've got better things to do than deal with you," Grant states. Clarke threatens to call security, leaving the two at a stalemate, and Clarke leaves.

Ridge is now at Big Bear, saying, "First fire of the season. It is going to be a big one." He looks at old photos and says, "I've got to get rid of you. Every picture, every momento of a life that I cherished so much. I have go to burn you out of my heart." He tosses the items into the fire.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

Sheila comes down from taking a shower all clad in a terry robe. She figures she'll find Amber there - but Amber isn't around and she wonders just where her roommate is.

Meanwhile, Amber is in Dr. Warwick's office. He praises her on the wonderful job she is doing with the baby, but Amber begins her little confession. She explains, "Dr. Warwick - this job, your baby, it is my number one priority. That is the reason I came to see you. I had a job for a couple of months out in the boonies before I moved to L.A. When I was out there I met someone. She just wandered in one day and she needed a job. The boss hired her. The next thing you know we were sharing a room. It was through this woman that I found out you and Mrs. Warwick were looking for someone to help with the baby." James wonders where this is headed, and Amber admits, "Ummmmmm, the woman who told me about the job - it was someone you knew very well, Sheila Carter. I still live with her, Dr. Warwick. She has been acting strangely and it scares me to death."

Taylor is in bed and the doctor tells her and Thorne that her blood pressure is the lowest it has been. Thorne looks to Taylor, who gives Thorne permission to share their news with Dr. Santana; he then tells the doctor of their impending marriage. Needless to say, the doctor is surprised. After the doctor leaves, Taylor is looking out the window, just gazing and feeling "empty" as she told everyone. She opens a drawer on the nightstand and pulls out a dried up red rose and a picture of Ridge dressed in a tuxedo.

Taylor then goes into the living room at the beach house and is surprised that Thorne is still there. He tries to convince her yet again that she has made the right decision under these circumstances. He tells her that they have so much to look forward to and so much to live for: a family and a home. He confesses that he doesn't have a "Brooke" in his life - just her. Taylor replies that she is so tired of questioning her worth as a woman. There are hugs all around. Taylor lies down on the couch to take a nap. Thorne is watching over her and he says, "Our secret. Oh you made the right decision my love. For the baby, for everyone."

Brooke is at Forrester Creations and she asks Megan where Ridge is. She goes into his office to make some calls. Meanwhile, Ridge is up at Big Bear burning all of his momentos of his life with Taylor in a huge fire. "Memories - what are they good for? What are they worth? The woman I spent so much time with - now to find out she is carrying my brother's baby inside of her." He opens up their wedding album and then throws it into the fireplace too.

Megan tells Brooke that Ridge is up at the cabin in Big Bear. Ridge is still upset and he picks the red dress out of the box. "The dress I designed for you, Taylor, for our engagement party." He rips the dress and throws it on the fire. He picks up the box and throws it across the room. "It is over. You, me, the past. I want you out of my life!" Brooke comes into the cabin and lets Ridge know that found out everything, including the pregnancy. She wants to take Ridge home so he won't be alone.

Ridge is really upset and bears his soul to Brooke. He states, "I knew she loved me. I just needed to give her time to learn to trust me. I guess she didn't. I was so out of touch. It never even occurred to me she would be sleeping with Thorne. She always wanted a baby. I wanted to give her that so much." Ridge is crying and Brooke comes over to hug him by the fireplace.

Back at Dr. Warwick's office, he is in shock to find out that Amber is Sheila's roommate. He tells her to leave his office now and his life forever. Amber starts to cry, because she is so worried about Sheila being obsessed with the baby. So James decides to let Amber continue working for him; he wants keep tabs on Sheila, because she is a threat to his family. He implores Amber that she must not let Sheila know what is going on.

Sheila is still trying to figure out where Amber is and thinks that she is at the Warwicks' house babysitting and dials the phone there, but nobody answers. She sees the number of James' office etched into the pad by the phone and says, "She wouldn't..." Amber gets home and lies about where she has been. Sheila is pissed, and exclaims, "You betrayed me! You'll see what happens to those who betray Sheila Carter!"

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Sally and Macy anxiously await the arrival of Grant's latest designs - he brings a pair of models in, has them take off their jackets, and trumpets the new look he's come up with. Ironically, it's an idea that came from something over at Forrester. Sally is pleased and thinks that perhaps they should let the world know who their designer is. Just then, Darla runs in - she raced up the steps to warn everyone that Thorne is in the elevator on his way up. Sally tells everyone not to panic - she hides the designs, and Darla hides Grant under a desk in the lobby.

The elevator door opens, and Thorne comes out - he wants to talk to Macy because he has something to tell her. Thorne informs her of his impending marriage to Taylor; Macy says he didn't have to come over there just to tell her that. Thorne then adds that there is one more thing he wants to say - that Taylor is pregnant. He figured that it would be better for her to hear this from him, since they were working on a baby before the divorce. Macy says she's fine; she wishes Thorne good luck and then he leaves. Once he's gone, she sits down at her mother's desk and the tears start to flow. She pulls herself together.

Later, Grant is attempting to accomplish some work with Sally. When he mentions Thorne, she says that she isn't worried about a Forrester being in the building (remember, nobody knows about Grants new employment), but rather that Thorne is there to hurt her daughter yet again. She informs Grant that Macy married that man twice and put all of her hopes into their relationship. When Darla informs them Thorne is out of the building, Sally wants to go comfort her daughter; however, Grant asks for permission from Sally to address Macy on her love life problems with the Forrester clan. He believes that they both have one thing in common- being dumped by a Forrester.

James called Maggie to come to his office, and Selena the secretary brings Maggie and Margaret in. After Selena sees to the baby, James explains that he doesn't know the best way to tell Maggie something. He gets to the point and says, "Sheila is back. Amber came to see me this morning. They have known each other for months. Sheila has moved back here to live with Amber. We must stay calm and decide what our next step will be." Maggie is livid, and of course wants that girl out of their lives. She is shocked to find out that her husband has asked Amber to stay and continue working for them because they need her. James explains that Amber is the only person who can tell them what is going on with Sheila. Maggie is still upset, so James tells Maggie to calm down. They hug and Maggie states, "She is like a shark circling. If she gets any closer what are we going to do?"

Sheila is back to her usual behavior and has Amber in a choking position, held up against the back of the door with her hands. She questions her new roomie if she went to James. She says that she knows that Amber and James' heart was not pouring out with sympathy "You tell me what you told James, and don't you lie!" Amber says she didn't say anything, but the way Sheila is holding her shows how obsessed she is with the child. Sheila explains, "I am not obsessed. I am a mother. It takes every ounce in me not to go over there and swoop up my daughter. There is nothing James can do. There is only one thing that I can do."

Amber is trying to tell Sheila to go on with her life. Her daughter has a new life now with a new family, Amber says. Sheila slaps Amber on the face and says, "DON'T YOU DARE LECTURE ME ABOUT MY DAUGHER. SO HELP ME, IF YOU EVER BETRAY ME AGAIN."

Macy is on her way out of the office at Spectra, but Grant wants to talk to her. He knows that things didn't go too well with Thorne and advises her not to go home and hide out, because that will just make herself miserable. Macy announces that she is not going home; she is going out with Grant. She sort of makes him go with her to dinner at Mannequins.

Once they are sitting at the dinner table, they are talking about how they can enjoy life now that they both have free time. Macy confesses that she knows that Grant came into her office to cheer her up. She tells him that Thorne came to the office to inform her that he was going to marry Taylor. She honestly thinks that this is the best thing that could have happened, because now she is free. Today is the first day of the rest of her life. They toast to that fact and Macy smiles and flirts with Grant sitting across from her at the dinner table.

James is on his way out the office and is turning off the lights. As he comes through the door, who should he bump into in the hallway, but Sheila?

Thursday, September 18, 1997

Grant and Macy are out on the town at Mannequins for dinner and some flirting. Macy wants to make her point that for her, personally, all of this is not about revenge. She says that Spectra needed a collection and he had one. Grant replies that is the biggest line of bull he has heard in his life. "You didn't want that divorce. He threw away a seven year relationship!" he tells her of her ex. He knows she wants revenge and says it's natural to want it, but Macy says she's not asking for Grant's approval.

Thorne comes into his office and gazes at the photo of Taylor from Hawaii. He goes about his business when Clarke Garrison shows up for his reward. "You owe me a job and you are going to pay up now." states Clarke. Clarke tells him that he is sorry things didn't work out for Thorne and Taylor, but he did help accomplish the goal of getting rid of Grant Chambers from Forrester Creations. Thorne picks up the phone, dials a number and hands it to Clarke. It turns out that on his voicemail, there is a message from Thorne stating that he should have news about the job after the upcoming board meeting. Clarke has to swallow his pride and says, "I should have known you wouldn't have let me hanging. You will go to bat for me?" Clarke is placated and even apologizes for his little 'Taylor' remark; he says that she would have been a hell of a lot better off with Thorne than with Ridge. Of course, Thorne tells him the news of his engagement to Taylor, and Clarke offers his congratulations. He then questions Thorne if he told Macy the good news yet, and Thorne says he did.

Stephanie is visiting with Maggie. She doesn't want to talk to Eric, she explains; it is too hurtful and asks about Maggie's life instead. Maggie fills Stephanie in about Sheila being back and their babysitter Amber being worried that Sheila is obsessed with the baby. Stephanie is feeding Margaret a bottle and Maggie tells her friend how much she loves that child. "I couldn't ever give her back to Sheila," she confesses. Stephanie wonders why Sheila hasn't made a move, so Maggie explains, "I know that Sheila truthfully really loves her. She is battling with herself right now." Sheila has two sides, Maggie guesses, but Stephanie fears that the obsessive, angry side will be the winner. "I hope to God she does the right thing," Maggie says; all she can do is wait and see what Sheila is going to do.

Little does she know that he husband just ran into Sheila as he was leaving the office. She says, "It has been a long time." and pushes past him to gain entry into the room. She tells James that she is not disappointed with herself; she really thought that she could give up her child and more. James tells her that he respected her courage and sacrifice she has made for the child and he still does. Sheila continues to confide in her ex-lover that she thought it would have been easier, which is why she left town. She picks up the photo of the baby off James' desk and says that Margaret is beautiful. James asks why she's here. Sheila informs James that she has spoken to Amber, and that she isn't obsessed with the baby or unhealthy. She is simply unhappy and misses her baby. "I've come here to say that I don't think I can do this anymore. I am sorry. I didn't think it would be this hard," Sheila states.

Grant tells Macy that he's learned from his mistakes, and he's not going to be burned again. He says that he has this number one rule to never get involved with anyone he works with. "I guess we shouldn't be here then," Macy points out - after all, she is his boss. Of course, Grant admits that he never even had a thought of Macy that way. To cover, he makes a joke that he knows what it must be like for his dinner companion to struggle with temptation, and he succeeds in getting a laugh out of Macy.

Grant then tells Macy that he spotted Thorne coming into the restaurant and he jumps under the table to avoid being spotted. He has a good view of Macy's panties and is rubbing up against her legs. macy tells him that they cant be seen together but this is ridiculous. Grant asks her, "What is the matter? Didn't you shave this morning? You can always get up and walk away." He then gets up from under the table and admits, "He was never here. Don't be mad at me. I was just going crazy wondering what you feel like and what you taste like. I want you more than I have ever wanted anyone. I want you right now." They kiss and start to go at it on the dinner table in the restaurant. Grant is saying 'umm, this is so good' and she tears of his jacket - but it turns out to be all a huge dream of Macy's. She is having a fantasy about Grant while he is eating away at his buffalo chicken wings.

James tells Sheila that he should have gotten her professional help to deal with the loss. Sheila tells him that she didn't do this for the baby; she did it for James because she loves him. James reminds her that this is best for Margaret, but Sheila says this has nothing to do with the baby; it has to do with the thought of losing Margaret, which she understands all too well. "I never thought it would be like this. It is like a black hole growing inside of me. It is not fair." James admits that he should have gotten help for her, but Sheila isn't listening. "I really thought I could make you understand," she says. She leaves, despite James' protests, and waits for the elevator, "I tried to be reasonable. But now it is time to take action." she says to herself.

Friday, September 19, 1997

Sheila is gazing down at a picture of her newborn baby. Mike tells her that he is worried about her. "She is a miracle," Mike, Sheila tells him. "And James and I made her. This maternal instinct is stronger than anything I have ever felt." Mike tries to tell her that he understands, but Sheila tells him he cannot understand. He tells her he is afraid for her and she admits that she is afraid also. "Every time I see her," she begins, but Mike interrupts. He is horrified that she has actually seen the baby. "I've seen her, I've felt her little heart beat next to mine, and I have fed her from my breast. I don't know if I can go on without her," she states.

Amber apologizes to Maggie for what she's done. "I know I got off on the wrong foot, but you have to believe me. I got sucked into this whole thing. Sheila and I were friends but I never meant to hurt you or Dr. Warwick, and especially your beautiful little girl." Maggie tells Amber that she once thought Sheila was her friend and she nearly ruined her life.

James visits Taylor at her home. She tells him that she is pregnant. She also tells him that she is not going to tell Ridge that the baby is his; she has told him it is Thorne's baby. She tells him about seeing Ridge and Brooke in bed together. Taylor tells James she's tired of competing with Brooke; she still loves Ridge, she admits, and at least the child will be a reminder of that love. Taylor says she feels like she's finally taking her life back and assures James she'll make it. James tells her he will be there for her, but he has to head home.

Ridge visits Stephanie. He is looking scruffy from lack of personal care. He tells Stephanie that Taylor is pregnant. When Stephanie's face lights up with joy, he tells her that the baby is Thorne's. He admits that Thorne and Taylor are planning to marry.

Stephanie doesn't believe it. "There is more to this," she says, "and I plan to get to the bottom of it. I don't know why, but Taylor is not telling you the truth." As she starts to leave, she tells Ridge that she is going to see Taylor. "Taylor has to look me in the eye and say it," she says.

Maggie fills Amber in on Sheila's past and even shows her newspaper clippings. She tells her of the kidnapping back in GC. She then says Amber can keep her job, but she has to understand how important protecting Margaret is---which means keeping Sheila away. And now it is time for Margaret to be put to bed, she tells Amber. Amber gathers up Margaret and goes to the nursery.

Stephanie arrives at Taylor's house; "I want the truth," she blurts out. "Is this Thorne's baby?"

At the Warwick home, the doorbell rings. Maggie opens the door and her eyes get big. It is Sheila. "I want my baby back!" she tells Maggie.

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Week of 9/22/97 - 9/26/97

Monday, September 22, 1997

Maggie is relaxing with a cup of tea when she gets a surprise visit from Sheila at the door. Sheila is there to get her baby back; and of course she is not going to change her mind. Maggie announces that they will have a discussion over a cup of tea, but Sheila tells her there is nothing to discuss; she wants her little girl now.

Amber is with Margaret, rocking her in the nursery. The phone rings and she answers it to find James on the other end of the conversation. She tells her employer that she doesn't know who was at the door when Maggie answered it, but all is fine at the Warwick house now and they haven't even heard a peep out of Sheila.

Thorne drops by Brooke's office for a chat. Brooke asks about Stephanie hearing the marriage news. She would have paid to see Stephanie's reaction at that news, she tells Thorne. Brooke tries to piece Thorne's little story about Hawaii and his romance with Taylor together. Thorne wants to know why he is being questioned about being a "stud Muffin" as Brooke calls him. Brooke tells Thorne about his big brother's bon fire at Big Bear, with all of his mementos of Taylor. She tells Thorne that even though Ridge's heart belongs to Taylor, she (Brooke) is still going after him. She even has a new strategy that she will let him know about at the next board meeting.

At the Beach House Stephanie is trying to knock some sense into Taylor. "Everyone thought you were so committed to Ridge. You sleep with Thorne ONCE and you are pregnant? You are not thinking clearly. Please don't do this Taylor. Life and things can get out of control. Don't complicate your life by marrying the wrong man. Ridge wants his future with you. You can't go through life with this marriage to Thorne. This is an irresponsible and foolish act."

Taylor is crying and wants to know how she is personally destroying Ridge's life. Ridge has Brooke and he is obsessed with her, she claims. Stephanie calls Brooke a distraction, but Taylor insists that she has made up her mind and is tired of all the abuse. Thorne is going to be a wonderful husband and father, she says.

Just then, Thorne enters the beach house and wants to know what he is walking in on. He tells his mother that they have made their decision. There is going to be a wedding and she either accepts it or not. He tells his mother that Ridge is a formula for pain and misery for Taylor. Taylor wants her relationship over with him, for herself and for her baby. He asks his mother to leave and to only offer her support or to never come back. Stephanie tells Thorne that she is glad he is very confident in all of this, because he is going to need his strength now more than ever.

Brooke calls Megan into her office. She wants to set up travel plans to Europe for her and Ridge.

Sheila is yelling at Maggie that Mary is not her child. She says it was a mistake and tells Maggie to get out of her way, because she is getting the baby. Maggie jumps on Sheila's back to hold her off. A vase breaks and Sheila yells, "Are you nuts?" Maggie attacks her again near the fireplace. "Get off me, bitch," yells Sheila. Amber now enters the room and is in total shock. She ignores Maggie's pleas to call for help on 911 and Sheila's pleas to get the baby and run for the car. Just then, James walks in and says, "Oh my gosh, what in the world is going on here?"

Sheila tells him that as much as she loves him, she needs her baby back. She is her daughter and she knows it was wrong of her to give her up. James yells, "You are not having that child and you better accept that!" Sheila leaves after saying that her six months are not up, and she is going to fight them for her rights. Maggie replies, "I will fight you to my death." James tells Amber to go with Sheila, to keep an eye of the baby. Maggie than cries to James that they cant lose their baby.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Eric is in his office. He gets a call from Lauren, who wants to explain that she has no idea about the picture; he tells her he doesn't want to talk to her after what she did and hangs up. Depressed, he sees Stephanie outside. He stops her in the hallway and begs her to enter his office to talk. He wants her to rise above all of this. He confesses that he can not and will not give up on her. Stephanie refuses; she then changes the subject and informs him that Taylor is pregnant with Thorne's child. He is in shock and asks, "How did this happen?" (After having four kids you think he would know!) Their talk changes back to his night with Lauren and how he made a terrible mistake. He doesn't know what else to say to Stephanie and wants to know if there is nothing that he can do to make it up to her. Stephanie remarks that she knows how Taylor must feel, because she wants to be secure and that she can not forget Eric's betrayal.

Brooke is in her office and she tells Ridge that she was just on the phone with his brother (she was discussing Clarke's employment with him). She tells Ridge that even though he would like to kill Thorne, he and his brother will have to make the best of it during the board meeting that's about to take place. Ridge asks if anyone has heard from Grant Chambers and finds out that the company has hired a private investigator to find him. Brooke then tries to head off Ridge about some things he isn't going to like at the meeting, but she is not able to tell him about Clarke.

Grant is putting the finishing touches on his collection in Sally's office. Macy gives permission for late invitations to be messengered over to the Forresters for the showing. As Sally delights in her upcoming triumph, Macy again mentions where the designs came from. Grant insists that he did most of the work on the pieces and they belong to him, and not the Forresters. Sally comments that her showing might take the Forresters' minds off their social wedding embarrassment. She is glad to invite them over to Spectra to have another chuckle or two at their expense.

They next look at the seating arrangement, to find the best seats in the house for the Forresters at the showing. Darla runs in and tells them that Lauren has entered the building (it seems that Sally never told her employee about Grant working there). Lauren enters the office and wants to speak with Sally alone. She tells her that she is here about a photograph and asks, "You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?" Sally confesses, and Lauren angrily asks, "What were you thinking? And where did you get the picture?" After Sally explains how she got it, Lauren says, "You went through my trash? That tape was a very private moment."

Sally tells Lauren that she saved Eric from the 'ice queen'. Lauren tells her employer and pal that Stephanie thinks she is the one who planted the picture and she threw her in the pool on the day of the ceremony. Sally can relate to that experience, she confesses, because Stephanie has thrown her into that icy pool also. She then remarks "You don't have a simple school girl crush on Eric Forrester. You are in this for the long haul; make the most of it." Lauren decides she is going to fight for her man: it is her turn now!

Stephanie is in Eric's office and tells him she doesn't want to talk anymore. Just then Ridge and Brooke enter for the meeting. Ridge offers congratulations to his parents on their first grandchild. When Thorne enters the room a little late, Ridge bets he was on the phone with Taylor. Thorne confirms it and asks why it's Ridge's business, so Ridge tries to punch him out yet again. Stephanie makes sure to tell them that they are both acting like children.

They sit down for the meeting. Eric informs everyone that they are going to miss a season's showing if they don't get a collection on the runway in the next two weeks - they could be out of business by this time next year with out a spring collection. His private investigator can not find Grant Chambers, he then explains. Brooke thinks that they should show a partial collection. Ridge thinks that's a bad idea, but Eric says it may be the only option - unless they find Grant. Ridge states, "Why don't you tell me how we are going to find Grant in the next few hours, because that is about all the time we have."

Back At Spectra, Sally is telling Lauren that she has been waiting to hear her ready for a fight for months. She is about to inform Lauren about Grant working there, when he bursts into the office; Lauren is not pleased. Sally comments that Fenmore Department stores stand to have their best year from these designs. Everyone is now gathered in the office for a pep talk before the showing. "Let's go out there and claim our place in fashion history. It has come full circle and we are the winner. We are going to have power, the success and the glory. Today, the United States of America; tomorrow, the world." Family and employees are applauding. Grant hands Sally the steamer and some roses. She looks like the statue of liberty standing there. Will the designs make it on the Spectra runway? Tune in tomorrow..........................

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Spectra is buzzing with activity. Sally tells Darla that she feels so marvelous. She compares Spectra to a speeding bullet about to hit the bullseye. And to think that 'Queen Stephanie' and 'King Eric' will be sitting in a ringside seat while they are making it happen makes Sally even happier.

Back at Forrester, Eric says that he is not going to let some slick creep like Grant take Forrester Creations down. Brooke says that she has an idea; but they aren't going to like it, she suspects, for personal reasons. She suggests that they go on a huge promotion to redo their image; a publicity tour hitting all of the main fashion cities. Two people from the company will represent them and have their faces plastered on every magazine and newspaper for six months. Of course the two people on the tour will be her and Ridge. Eric thinks that Brooke's idea is spectacular but they need to think about it before putting into action. Stephanie isn't surprised to hear that Brooke wants Ridge to go away with her for the tour. The next order of business on the boards' agenda is when Brooke and Thorne both bring up the subject of Clarke Garrison.

Back at Spectra, Grant is busy getting ready and Macy is there to assist him with his silver pinstriped silk vest. He confides in her that this is an opportunity that some people never get: a second chance. He had thought he had it all when he was CEO of a company and happily married, but it was all taken away from him by the Forresters. Today, though, all that will change, he says.

Sally is in the empty showroom up on the stage. She says to herself that here it is at last, and Spectra is going to be right up there on the top of the fashion industry. She looks to the ringside seats and says, "We are so big and so bad. Nothing can stop us. Get ready for it - nothing but misery and pain for the Forresters from now on."

The showroom is starting to fill up with guests. Backstage is filled with half dressed models running around. Grant gives a little pep talk about how happy he is and how they are going to make fashion history. After the applause for his speech, he tells Sally not to start the showing until the Forresters are in the audience. Then Grant personally thanks Macy for her support and encouragement. It is appreciated by Macy and met with a kiss on the cheek.

Back at the Forrester board meeting, Clarke enters the room. Stephanie comes back in with the messengered invitation from Sally to the Spectra showing. Getting back to the topic on hand, Thorne tells everyone about how he acted on his own to hire Clarke, and he was glad he did it. Clarke helped them get rid of Chambers and they owe him big, Thorne reminds them. Ridge replies, "We don't need this guy," and says if Thorne wants him so bad, he should hire Clarke. After a prompt from Stephanie, Clarke tells them what he wants: a chance to help them finish their collection for the spring showing. Eric agrees to hire Clarke on a trial basis to help them make it in time to actually have a showing for the Spring of 98.

With that settled, Eric suggests one of them attend the Spectra show; Stephanie wonders what good it will do, since it is not like they will gain anything by going. Brooke offers to represent the Forresters at the Spectra showing. Ridge turns down the offer to accompany her, but Clarke is more than willing to step into his old stomping grounds and see what kind of designs they have.

Once everyone leaves, Eric gets a visit from Lauren. She tells him not to say a word until she is finished telling him what she has to say. Lauren confides in Eric that she didn't do anything to ruin his wedding. Eric requests that she leave. Lauren continues to explain that she had taped their night together and had tried on numerous occasions to give the tape to Eric as a present. She adds that she threw it in the trash when she realized Eric was really committed to Stephanie, and that somebody made a print of the tape. It was Sally Spectra, Lauren tells Eric, because she was there the night Eric broke it off with her. Lauren tells Eric that the tape was meant to be for his eyes only. Eric is furious and says he would head right over to Spectra if Sally wasn't in the middle of a show. Lauren then tells Eric that she knows where his designs are for the spring collection, and she advises him to sit down.

Brooke is met at Spectra by Sally. Sally is surprised to find Bucky-Boy representing Forrester and is disappointed that the "queen and king" are not there. She tells them to enjoy the show. Grant peeks through the curtains and says, "What do you know? The woman of my dreams is about to witness the nightmare of her life!" The lights dim and Macy announces "Spring, 98, as the new era of Spectra begins." Some oriental inspired designs hit the runway. Brooke is checking them out and she seems puzzled. Grant says aloud "This is it, Brooke. Finally it is payback time."

Thursday, September 25, 1997

The Spectra fashion show begins! Model after model wearing Grant's designs strut their stuff down the runway. Flash bulbs go off and the crowd is pleased by what they see. 

Clarke and Brooke sit in reserved seats at the very front. As the models parade by, they are astonished by what they see. Where did these come from, Clarke wants to know; Brooke is speechless. Standing in the shadows behind the curtain is Grant. He is not only watching the show, but he is watching his "honored guests." He appears pleased by what he sees on both counts. He whispers, "Finally, Brooke, it is payback time."

Backstage all is organized madness and mayhem. The main topic of conversation---except for the fashions---is the guests of honor. Sally is as high as a kite on excitement.

Brooke continues to be impressed but puzzled by the designs she is viewing. "Are they yours?" she asks Clarke. No way, Clarke answers. He says that he left Spectra with nothing. He doesn't know where these designs came from. They are really good, Brooke admits. Backstage, as they supervise the show, the Spectra women are elated.

Back in Eric's office, Lauren has just told him that it was Sally who put the picture of them in the minister's Bible. But there is more, she says. This had better be good, Eric tells her angrily. I know where your designs are, she tells him. Eric is hopeful as he asks her where they are. They are at Spectra, Lauren tells him; Grant is the new head designer for Spectra. "I don't believe Grant would do this; why would he be that stupid. He has to be stopped," Eric says. Eric reaches for the phone but Lauren stops him. It is too late, she tells him; the designs are on the runway as we speak. Eric is angry. He goes to the phone and calls Jonathan. He yells into the phone that Grant is showing the designs at Spectra. He can't get away with this, he tells Jonathan. He tells Jonathan to call him in the car; he is on his way to Spectra. Lauren tries to stop him but it is no use. She follows Eric out of the office.

The show continues. More and more wonderful designs are shown. Many of the designs have a dramatic Oriental look. Suddenly the fashion designs change to shorter, more traditional wear. One of these designs is a beautiful tangerine lace slip dress with an open back. Brooke is interested in all the designs but this particular one catches her eye. "Clarke, could Sally have designed these?" she asks. "No way," Clarke tells her. "I know Sally's work and she couldn't even touch this." "That dress," Brooke begins, "there is something familiar about it." Then she gasps; "Oh My God!" she says. "This is our collection!"

Clarke and Brooke look angry. A reporter is on the phone telling someone that this is big. It is going to be the lead story. "I don't yet know who this designer is; but whoever it is, he is the next star of LA Fashion," the reporter says.

In the limousine, Eric is very impatient. It seems it is taking forever to get to Spectra. Eric checks his watch. "I don't believe this. The show must be half over by now," he says. Let Jonathan take care of it, Lauren tells him. "No! It is my collection!" Eric responds.

"I can't believe Grant would do this," Brooke tells Clarke. He is a weasel, Clarke tells her. "He actually stole our collection," Brooke continues, unbelievably. "I can't believe he would do that."

The fashion parade continues with more gowns; these are long, sexy and ultra feminine mostly in soft but vibrant colors. Brooke's eyes are about to pop out of her head and her mouth hangs open.

Backstage, Sally approaches Grant. "How do you feel, Genius?" she asks him. "This is a total success. You should see the press; they have been bombarding me with questions." Darla hurries up; "Elsa Klensch wants an interview with you," she exclaims. "There you are," Sally says as she pats Grant on the back. "You are now an International Sensation!"

Brooke walks backstage. She and Grant stare at each other across the room.

Eric arrives with Lauren. As the guard tries to stop them, Lauren tells him it is okay; Eric is with her. They rush into the crowded room.

Grant approaches Brooke. "Are you enjoying the show?" he asks. "How could you do this?" she asks him. Do what. the innocent designer asks. "You stole our designs," Brooke accuses. "No, no I didn't steal your designs. These are my designs, he insists. He may have changed the fabrics, the colors and put a different aspect to them, but they are still Forrester designs, Brooke tells him. "You were an employee of Forrester so the designs belong to them," she explains. He responds, "No, Brooke; I was the CEO and working without a contract. These are my designs. It is something like when you worked for Forrester without a contract and ended up with BeLieF. And it also like our marriage - without a contract!" "So I guess you got your revenge," Brooke says. He is surprised - what did she expect, for him to just roll over and play dead like all the other mean she has dumped for Ridge. "This dog bites back," he proclaims. Brooke says now they are even. "No, Brooke, we aren't anywhere near even. I have lost much more here than you have and I will never, ever be even. You will excuse me now, as I have a show to finish," he tells her sadly and walks away.

Eric watches as the models make one last walk down the runway and back to the stage. "That is ours!" he says. "A change in fabric but still ours." The showstopper appears. It is a dramatic gown with a magnificent headpiece. At first, all you see is a solid full cape of soft, solid aquamarine. As the model swings around, the full cape swirls dramatically and falls open to reveal the gown. It is a full-skirted, strapless gown of cream antique brocade with a pattern of aquamarine roses; there are also inserts of aquamarine with cream roses. The bodice is covered with small fabric roses. The headpiece of aquamarine netting stands tall and cagelike with roses floating inside.

As the show ends, all the models come onto the stage wearing their beautiful dresses and gowns. Sally then makes an entrance and announces, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Spectra. You have just seen our Spring '98 collection and it is HOT! pstttt. And now, I want to present the creative genius who designed this collection---Mr. Grant Chambers." Grant appears and is greeted by thunderous applause.

Eric rushes up on the stage and grabs Grant. The flashbulbs pop! Guards rush up and grab Eric as he is shouting that these designs are his. The guards drag him off the stage and into the back of the room. He watches helplessly as Grant takes his bows. Sally is looking at Eric as she tells the audience that these are designs of Spectra. Forrester has been left behind. This is a new day in fashion. As the saying goes: "The king is dead; long live the king!"

Friday, September 26, 1997

Brooke is shaking her head over the news in the morning paper - the headline reads "Eric Forrester Causes Frenzy" with a photo of Eric grabbing Grant. Thorne enters and says he has already read the paper. "If only I had waited until after the fashion show to throw Grant out!" Brooke laments. "Yes, but then Taylor wouldn't know that you are free for Ridge," responds Thorne- something that he thinks was an important part of what happened recently in their lives. Brooke says she has to worry more about Forrester now. "I can't believe my life this past year," Brooke moans. First there's the shooting, then I find out my marriage is phony and now this!"

Taylor is moping around her house. "Let's see if I can hold this down," she tells herself. There is a knock at the door and it is Ridge. She lets him in when he tells her he needs to talk. She mentions the newspaper story and he says his dad is strong; he will bounce back. But he isn't sure about himself. "If you are here to vent...," Taylor begins, but Ridge says that is not the reason. Then why, Taylor wants to know.

James, Maggie and Margaret enter their home, attended by Connor. The sad looks on their faces tell it all. "I love her so much," Maggie says as she places a kiss on Margaret's head. "How could the Judge do it? We didn't even have the chance to tell him about Sheila." There was nothing else he could do, explains Connor. "We should have told him how dangerous Sheila is," Maggie insists. "I'm her father," James shouts, "Don't I have any rights?"

Amber is pacing the floor at Sheila's house. Mike is resting on the sofa; he tells her to settle down---her pacing is getting on his nerves. "I'm just so nervous," Amber tells him. "What is going to happen now?" "Well, babe," Mike tells her, "the old Sheila is back. Things are gonna start happening now!" The door opens and Sheila enters with her attorney. She introduces the attorney to her friends. She happily announces her news: the Judge has given her back her baby. "There is nothing the Warwicks can do?" demands Amber. There ensues a few moments of dead quiet as everyone stares at Amber who is obviously upset by the news.

Just at that moment, the doorbell sounds. It is a delivery from Babyville. Sheila tells Amber to show them to the spare room. "But . . . that is my room; where will I sleep?" Amber wants to know. Sheila tells her that they will work something out. Mike wants to know when they will get the baby and Sheila says just as soon as the Sheriff's deputy arrives. At this, Mike decides he has to leave. "I'll be back later," he tells Sheila. Amber returns and asks if the baby will be back tonight. Sheila tells her that she will pick the baby up in just a little while. "Do you have a problem with that?" Sheila asks.

"Yes, you have rights, James," Connor says. "But the Judge tends to lean toward the natural mother. You will have to prove that Sheila is an unfit mother and that isn't easy to do. While Maggie can't adopt the baby, you can fight to get custody. There is no way to keep Sheila from taking the child today."

Thorne and Brooke are talking about the World Publicity Tour. "It is exactly what this company needs," Thorne admits. Brooke says it is exactly what Ridge needs to get Thorne and Taylor off his mind. "It's going to take some convincing," she says, since all he can think about is Taylor. "He has been very focused on Taylor and we haven't had a chance to talk." No time like the present, Thorne tells her. Brooke calls Ridge but Megan answers, the office assistant tells Brooke that he is at Taylor's.

"Ridge is at Taylor's?" Thorne gasps. "He is probably just looking for some closure," Brooke tells him. She assures him, "Don't worry; you are with Taylor now and she is carrying your baby. Taylor has made her decision; if she cared for Ridge, she never would have been intimate with you. By the way, you never did tell me exactly how it happened; it must have been romantic." Thorne is evasive; he acts like he doesn't know what she is talking about. But Brooke won't let it go. She wants to know the intimate details of their night of love in Hawaii. "Did it happen in the bedroom, on the beach, where?" she asks. Thorne continues to evade but Brooke pushes on. She then gives in and adds, "You and Taylor created a life." Thorne says, "The best thing for you, for Ridge, for all of us, is to get Ridge out of the country as soon as possible."

"Why are you here?" Taylor asks. Ridge tells her that he isn't sure. He keeps thinking---well not thinking as much as reeling---"I keep bouncing all over the place," he explains. He is furious, miserable; he hates Thorne, he hates her, he hates himself. He can't make sense of any of it, but he didn't want to leave things like they were the last time they talked. He tells her he was out of control and he is sorry. Taylor says she can understand why he does a lot of things but that doesn't mean she likes it or can live with it. "I don't want that to be the way you remembered me," he says. "You make it sound like I'll never see you again," Taylor says. "Are you going away?"

Ridge says he doesn't know what he is going to do. Taylor says he will figure things out; he did pretty well when she thought she was dead. Ridge is hurt and she apologizes to him. Ridge admits that he is the one who failed. When he thought she had died, he was angry---at fate, God; but this time, it is even harder---maybe because he is so angry with himself. But he has been learning to do better; he thought he was doing better. When she told him she was pregnant, he was so happy! "I just keep making myself crazy, thinking that's the way things would have been if I'd just ... I am sorry." Taylor reaches out to him.

The deliverymen keep bringing in baby things. Amber says she just thought Sheila would give the Warwicks a chance to say good-bye. Sheila tells her she has been without her baby for too long. "My daughter belongs with me and the State of California agrees." The deputy arrives and they are ready to leave.

As they leave, Amber wants Sheila to give this a little more thought. Sheila has had enough. She tells Amber that she is running out of patience. She should either get with the program or get her little butt back to Death Valley. But then again, maybe James and Maggie will take her in and treat her like one of their own. She turns and strides confidently out the door. After thinking for a second, a snide smile appears on Amber's face.

Don't beat yourself up, Taylor tells Ridge. "If you had to work that hard to make me happy, we weren't meant to be," she says. But Ridge insists that they were meant to be and he just screwed it up. "Let's move on," she says. Easier said than done, Ridge admits... but maybe not in her case. "This decision was not easy for me," Taylor tells him. "That was then; what about now?" Ridge asks. "If you have any regrets at all, you don't have to do anything just because of the baby." She explains, "It's not just about the baby. It is about me; what I can handle and what I can't." Ridge starts to leave but Taylor says she can't let him leave, not without telling him - but Ridge stops her. He tells her, "I know there is a lot unsaid, but maybe we need to leave it that way. You are with Thorne now. How can I expect you to hang around waiting for me to get my act together when you have Thorne. He'll be good for you and the baby. Good-bye." Taylor bites her lips and lets him walk out. She tells the baby that she is sorry. Outside, Ridge gazes into the distance.

Conner tells Maggie and James that he would move heaven and earth if he thought he could help, but he can't. The doorbell rings. "Oh no, don't," Maggie cries as James goes to the door. It is Sheila, her attorney and the deputy. James gives Sheila an "if looks could kill" look. Sheila is happy to see her daughter. She says she will take her now but Maggie turns away and implores James. James wants Sheila to reconsider but she tells him she has made up her mind.

James yells at Sheila as he moves to Maggie's side. The deputy tells Maggie to turn over the baby. James roughly grabs Sheila's arm and tries to drag her away. The deputy steps between them but Sheila tells him it is okay; just keep an eye on the baby. James and Sheila go into the nursery. James tells Sheila she is making a terrible mistake. Sheila says her mistake was in agreeing to the adoption in the first place. James says she can't just take the baby away from its home but Sheila says the baby's home is with her. "How can you be so selfish?" James asks. Sheila retorts, "Me, selfish? You take away the most beautiful thing I ever do in my life and I am selfish?" James begs from the bottom of his heart that she doesn't do this. There is a close-up of Sheila's face, but she doesn't answer.

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Week of 9/29/97 - 10/3/97

Monday, September 29, 1997

At Forrester, Eric thanks Stephanie for bailing him out of jail; he asks her if she was shocked by his behavior. Steph says she's been shocked by a lot of things later, which leads to Eric bringing up the photo at their wedding. He explains that it was Sally who actually put it there and not Lauren, but that doesn't make a difference to Stephanie.

Thorne and Ridge come in, followed by Brooke; all of them are still stunned by the events at the Spectra showing. Eric suggests they get down to business, especially in light of what happened at Spectra. Brooke notes how she still can't believe Grant would stoop as low as he has with this theft, but Ridge assures her it's in character for a snake like Grant. Eric then says it's really not an issue - what is important is the question of what they can do. To that end, he says he's spoken to Jonathan, who is on his way over, and he plans to make Spectra pay for stealing their designs. As if on cue, Jonathan comes in to the office.

At the Warwick home, Maggie holds Margaret as she, Connor, and Sheila's attorney wait for James and Sheila to emerge. Connor hopes James is reasoning with Sheila, since it is the only hope they have. "I know Sheila better than any of you - and if my husband can't get through to Sheila, my child's life will be ruined, and you'll all be to blame," Maggie cries out.

In the nursery, James continues to beg Sheila not to take Margaret, saying, "You can't take my little girl!" He grabs her arm and Sheila tells him to let go - she's connected to the baby, and not even James can change that, she states angrily. James apologizes and promises that the baby will always know about her true mother and her act of unconditional love; the old Sheila would never have done that, he maintains. She is so close to a new life, he states, and he begs her not to give up on that now. Sheila says that this isn't about her anymore - it is about a mother who loves her child, and she asks James what is wrong with that.

Jonathan has bad news for the Forresters - the alterations in the designs, and the lack of a contract for Grant, make it difficult to bring a case against Grant. Brooke takes the blame for everything - after all, she trusted Grant as her husband and never dreamed a contract would be necessary - but Ridge tells her not to dwell on it. Eric asks Jonathan what recourse they have, and the attorney says there isn't much - it would be like grasping at straws, where they may come up empty-handed. He says he'll research it further and report anything he finds, and he then takes his leave.

This leads the Forresters to come up with a plan of what to do next; Thorne chimes in that he is for Brooke's idea of a world tour, but Ridge is skeptical. Eric says that he has a possible answer - he only hopes that it works.

Connor tries to get Maggie to face reality, but she refuses to see how any of this is in the best interests of the child. The sheriff tries to be sympathetic, but Maggie explodes. "James and I are good parents, and that's what really matters!" she cries. If they take Margaret, a child will be scarred permanently, she contends. Meanwhile, in the nursery, Sheila asks James about his feelings - was he just setting her up to steal her baby? James says they made an agreement, and going back on that is not best for the child.

Eric's explains his idea; it is the biggest gamble Forrester Creations has ever taken, but he has no choice - he's not going down without a fight! He has never missed a season in 35 years and he won't now - and even though they may be late, they won't be out of the game. He maintains that, with the help of Clarke and other outside designers if necessary, they can pull this off. Stephanie and Thorne question if the press will wait for them, and Eric says they will make them wait by launching a grand gala in Europe to showcase their designs.

Eric stresses the fact that this will be hard; but they can do it, if they all work together, he contends. "Can I count on you?" he asks. First Ridge, then Thorne and Brooke, pledge their support. That leaves only Stephanie. "We put this together 35 years ago, side by side. People laughed at us, they said we were crazy - but we had a vision in our hearts and we had the strength. I couldn't have done it without you," he states - and he can't do it now, either. "I need you now more than ever; please help me," he says, and Stephanie agrees. That settled, Eric feels they can deliver their greatest collection ever, a showing for all time. Hugs and kisses go all around, as the quintet stands untied, ready to face their challenge.

Sheila and James come out of the nursery. Sheila says, "I want my baby." James again begs her not to do this - she's not well enough to be a mother, at least not yet. Maggie stands in front of the crib, saying, "You'll never take my baby!" "It's my baby!" Sheila says, as James steps in. "Or what, James, you'll destroy me? You've already done that!" James tells a tearful Maggie to step aside. Maggie is in tears in James' arms, as Sheila claims her child, ready to take her home. Sheila looks back at James and Maggie, and then leaves. Maggie cries, "No, no!" Connor tries to comfort them before he, too, leaves - leaving the Warwicks alone in their tragic moment.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

Clarke is busy rearranging and settling in at his new office in Forrester Creations. Eric enters and they discuss the new sketch for fall that Clarke has designed. Clarke states that the company should focus on fall because spring lines have all set sail already at the major fashion houses. Eric is not pleased that his new employee has already gone against his wishes of creating for the spring line. He tells Clarke that he is only there to finish work on their spring line and Clarke does not call the shots at this company.

Over at Spectra, Grant tells Sally that the weasel Clarke Garrison is not in any way romantically involved with Brooke. He showed up on her arm at the showing as revenge, Grant guesses when Sally reminds him that Clarke escorted Brooke to the show. They discuss how Grant publicly humiliated Eric Forrester with the Spectra showing. Sally confronts Grant and says, "I have been dealing with the Forresters every day since I opened my door. It is a whole new ball game now." Lauren was summoned and so Grant leaves to give them some privacy. Sally tells Lauren that Eric's behavior at the Spectra showing was insane and she realizes that someone told him what the collection was going to be before it hit the runway. She knows it was Lauren because "Love" makes people do crazy things. She advises Lauren that she is not the enemy; but Stephanie is. Lauren needs to take the direct approach and attack the enemy. Stephanie will never let her off the hook. Sally says that Lauren needs to think about it and leaves her alone in the office.

The Warwick nursery is empty and Maggie is holding a stuffed animal and crying as she stands over the crib. James wants her to come out of the nursery and insists that he is doing everything that he can to get Margaret back. Maggie can't believe that the baby is gone. She insists that the baby is an innocent soul and they need to protect her, especially from Sheila. They hug.

Enter Connor Davis to the rescue. James informs his lawyer that he wants his baby back and explains, "This is one fight I do not want to lose! We miss her. We are afraid to death, God knows what damage Sheila can do." Connor advises that they need to show Sheila is still mentally unstable in order to win custody.

Mike and Amber are sitting around waiting for Sheila. Sheila introduces Mary to her "Uncle" Mike. He says, "You did it. You pulled it off. She is adorable- just like her mom." Amber questions how Maggie took all of this. Sheila is not happy, and says, "She is MY baby, Amber and I strongly suggest you remember that or you are out of here." She then says to the baby, "Auntie Amber is going to do what is best for you, or else Mommy is going to send her back to Death Valley in a casket."

Lauren knocks on the door at Casa Forrester to meet in the court with Queen Stephanie, to set the record straight. Stephanie wants her to say what she has come to say and then leave. Lauren begins, "You don't care about the truth unless it suits your purpose. You have caused me great humiliation." Lauren reminds Stephanie of the pool, and the fight in the rain - Stephanie feels those things had to be done because of the way Lauren acted. Lauren asks, "Why should you care? You made it very clear that you don't want to marry Eric. I want him and I am going to have him, Stephanie!" She leaves.

Connor is still at the Warwicks' place. He tells James that the information he has on Sheila is privileged and can not be used in court. They need to prove that Sheila is an unfit mother NOW- not by what she has done in the past. They need to someway get into her home and observe her. Amber can not do it because she is only 17 and her information wouldn't stand up in court. James needs to convince Sheila that he loves her, move in with her, and secretly observe her for evidence in court. Deception is completely out of character for James, and Connor questions if James can do it. James responds, "Yes; if I don't, someday she might do something to harm the baby."

Sheila is in the rocking chair with Mary, saying, "You are so precious, so innocent. Don't you worry, sweetheart, Mommy is here and I am never going to leave you again."

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Thorne can't believe that Clarke is actually working on three designs at the same time. Clarke comments that he has to do his best work cause they are fighting themselves since the Forrester designs were used at Spectra. Clarke confesses that they will have a spring collection, maybe not a huge one, but nothing to be ashamed of. Clarke then questions Thorne about his wedding date and is hinting around as to whether or not he will receive an invitation. Thorne replies that his mother has nothing to do with the planning of this wedding as he is doing the work. He wants it to be small and intimate, Thorne says right before he leaves.

Dr. Santana tells Taylor at the beach house that her blood pressure is elevated a tad. Taylor says that she has been taking her medication and she is calling all of the shots now in her life. The doctor is worried that Taylor is starting to slide with her progress due to the stress. She insists that Taylor needs to settle this matter and realize that there is a limit to what her willpower will allow her to accept.

James is at home looking out the window and Maggie enters, holding an empty pink receiving blanket from Margaret. She announces to James that she is going to go over and visit Sheila; she needs to DO SOMETHING. James tells her that he has a plan to get their child back by proving Sheila is an unfit mother and unable to care for Margaret. At first, Maggie thinks it is wonderful that Amber will be able to help them, but James says Amber's testimony will not hold up in court alone because she is only seventeen years old. James tells Maggie that Sheila would never agree to counseling; he intends to make her trust him again so he can move in with her to secretly observe her actions. He believes that every minute Margaret is in Sheila's care, she is in terrible danger.

Maggie is upset and says that in order for this plan to work, James will have to make it look like he doesn't love her anymore. She is crying and holding his hands. Maggie then says it is okay and James should do whatever he has to do in order to get their baby back. She hands him the telephone. James calls Sheila and asks to see her.

Thorne is now at the beach house and he wants to have a picnic so they can discuss the wedding plans. Taylor holds him off and says she also wants to talk about the wedding. She thinks that they should wait and not get married in two or three weeks, as Thorne was planning. She states that Dr. Santana told her the blood pressure was elevated and she blames the wedding for that. "I am not ready to get married. I want to wait. This isn't the right time. It isn't in the picture. I have other things to focus on." Thorne is worried, and she assures him, "Yes, it is still YOUR baby," for the record. Thorne tells her to stay stress free for the rest of the pregnancy. He just wants what is comfortable for his "honey."

Eric is checking out his designs on the models. Lauren comes in wearing a blue bikini as she pretends to be a model. She tells him that she needed to see him. She questions how long he had to stay in jail and apologizes for not bailing him out. She confesses that she is not very pleased with the way Sally Spectra has acted. She questions Eric's idea of her helping to win Stephanie back. She tells him that Stephanie's pride has been hurt but she can be won if he tries hard enough. If he doesn't get Stephanie back, it is because he hasn't tried enough, she suggests - and maybe that is because he still has feelings for Lauren. Lauren leaves, as Eric considers what she has said.


Thursday, October 2, 1997

Ridge is hard at work. Stephanie enters and questions her eldest son how it is going. Ridge replies that it is going good; "We're going to make it." he tells her. He asks about his father and Stephanie says she has made him take a break and she is here to see that Ridge takes a break. He asks if she has seen Clarke's work. She admits that she has and it is good work. He wonders where Thorne is. Stephanie says that something is wrong there. She never sees him and they haven't announced their engagement. Ridge doesn't want to talk about them, but Stephanie says that he should. He should find it curious that the two of them doesn't ring true as a relationship. "She was all committed to you, she goes away for a day or two then comes back engaged to Thorne," Stephanie points out. She comes back pregnant, Ridge corrects her. "So what?" Stephanie asks. "She thought you were going away for 20 years. She is depressed and vulnerable; so she goes away with Thorne and in a moment of weakness, she gets pregnant. That is no reason to marry someone she doesn't love. She believes that Taylor is marrying Thorne because she thinks it is expected of her. Someone has to convince her that it is the wrong thing to do---someone like you."

Taylor visits James in his office. She is sorry to hear that Sheila has revoked the adoption. He tells her that he will see Sheila later. He asks about the panic attacks; she claims that her panic attacks are no longer a problem, but her blood pressure is borderline. "But I'm back working and going on with my life," she tells him. He warns her that she is making a mistake in not telling Ridge that he is the father of her baby. He states, "I think you will suffer every day of your life and if you go ahead with this marriage and deny Ridge his child, you will drive yourself to madness."

Thorne shows up in Brooke's office depressed over Taylor's delaying the wedding. Brooke, examining designs, says that everyone is on a mission; they are going to pull this off! Yes, Thorne says, Dad is amazing, isn't he? And so is Ridge, Brooke enthuses. I think this European tour is just what Ridge needs. Thorne wishes it were that simple where Taylor is concerned. "It looks like we aren't getting married," he explains.

She asks, "You aren't getting married? What is going on?" Thorne tells her that he is sensing a change. Taylor isn't interested in getting married. She is working on her career. This is only a temporary setback, Brooke predicts. "She is pregnant with your baby; of course she is going to marry you. There is no reason to feel insecure." "I wish I could believe that," Thorne moans. Brooke tells him that Ridge is edging in her direction and Taylor will come around. "Despite her reluctance, I am sure she loves you very much. Otherwise she wouldn't be carrying your baby, right? Lighten up," she tells him. She continues, "Things will work out. So, how are things in the bedroom? Still great, huh?" Thorne is floored by the question and tries to evade answering it.

"You want me to tell Ridge that it is his baby when he loves Brooke?" Taylor asks, aghast. James tries to convince her that she is overreacting. Taylor doesn't think so since she saw them in bed together. Again, James tries to reason with her. After all, she had been away with Thorne a number of days. "And that justifies it?" she wants to know. She tells James that she is tired of competing for Ridge. There is too much flip-flopping between her and Brooke. Sure, Ridge would marry her, but how long would it be before he went running back to Brooke? "He has done it before and he would do it again. Look how it affects me, my health, my self-esteem," she points out. James says she still has to tell Ridge before she marries Thorne. Taylor admits that they have put off the marriage. James tells her that she still has to tell Ridge. Then she can do what she wants to. If she still wants to marry Thorne, then she can. Otherwise, if she doesn't, she will regret it. "There won't be a day when you don't wake up thinking of Ridge. When you look at the child, you will remember it all the more. I know you; I know what you are like. You can't live with that kind of pressure. You will crack. Please, tell Ridge and let the chips fall where they may," James advises.

Ridge is dumbfounded that Stephanie wants him to convince Taylor not to marry Thorne. But Stephanie insists that he has to do this. She is convinced that Taylor will be making a huge mistake if she marries Thorne while she still loves Ridge.

Thorne tells Brooke that he needs Taylor to see Brooke and Ridge together. Brooke is surprised but between the two of them, they cook up a plan to do just that. Brooke agrees to have Ridge take her to Mannequins for dinner. Thorne is sure he can convince Taylor to go out with him. Once there, Taylor will see Brooke and Ridge together. This will show Taylor that Ridge wants to be with Brooke; then Taylor will forget Ridge and turn back to Thorne. Brooke doesn't think this is necessary but goes along. She continues to question Thorne's sex life and is surprised that they do not have a sexual relationship.

Brooke visits Ridge and is disturbed when Ridge begins voicing doubts about the relationship between Thorne and Taylor. Something is not right here, he says. With some difficulty, Brooke finally gets him off the Taylor/Thorne subject and asks him to dinner. He tells her he has too much work to do, but she finally convinces him that he will be more productive if he takes time off for dinner. She wants to treat him to dinner at Mannequins and he finally agrees.

Thorne convinces Taylor to go out to dinner with him. "Don't you owe it to me after canceling our picnic?" he asks. Once she has agreed to go out with him, he goes to his office and calls Brooke. He tells her that everything is set; he has made the reservations. "Now all I have to do is put on a really good show," Brooke jokes. "I hope it isn't just a show," Thorne says to which Brooke tells him that of course it "isn't a show." It has to be a good "show" he tells Brooke, because if Taylor thinks there is any chance for her with Ridge, it will be all over. "How could it be all over when she has your baby inside her?" Brooke questions. Never mind, he tells her. Just be there and do it. "This has to work," he says as he hangs up the phone. "If it doesn't, it is all over for you and me, Taylor. And it is all over for the baby."

Friday, October 3, 1997

Thorne and Taylor arrive at Mannequins. As they sit, Thorne is looking around so obviously that Taylor asks if he is looking for someone. No, he answers; he then excuses himself and goes to the phones. He calls Brooke at her office. Thorne questions Brooke as to why she is there, but Brooke assures him that they are on their way.

Amber visits James. She has told Sheila that she is in the park sketching. "I'll draw a few trees and bushes on the bus ride home," she tells James. Sheila is all wrapped up in that kid that she'll never know the difference. James wonders how things are going for her. He and Maggie want her to keep tabs on Sheila so they can prove she is unfit. Amber will have none of it. Sheila threatened to kill her when she found out about the last time Amber visited James. "But if you were just close to her, she might learn to trust you and open up with you. You could then report back to us," James tells her. Amber becomes evasive. "I know you need help, but I have problems too. Now that I don't work for you, I need money. I have to look for a job, otherwise, how am I ever going to have the money for the car?" She walks away with a smile on her face. "The car?" James asks. Oh yes! she says excitedly. Then she goes on to describe the car she already has picked out. It is a red convertible with a white top. It has everything. Again she turns. "All right," James says. "The car is yours. The day Margaret comes back to Maggie and me you will get the car," James assures her. Amber bounces out of the office on a cloud. James picks up the phone and calls Sheila.

Sheila is playing with the baby when James calls. He tells her he is on his way over. Sheila tells him that she has changed her mind. "I am in no mood for a confrontation," she tells him. James assures her that there will be no confrontation because he misses his daughter terribly. Sheila relents and tells him to come on over.

Ridge is working in his office. A very sexy Brooke walks in, skirts up to there, and poses. "Ahem," she says getting his attention. His mouth drops open as he surveys her from top to bottom. When he finishes giving her a long "once over," his mouth closes in a slow smile. "Did you really have to do that?" he asks. "Don't you like it?" she asks. Yes, but it makes it harder to tell you I have changed my mind, he tells her. He explains that he is up against a brick wall. You're just tired, Brooke wheedles. "You need to relax. Go out with me for just an hour; and when you come back you will be relaxed and refreshed and inspired." She tells him that she is going for the car so he should be ready in 10 minutes.

Sheila is caring for the baby when Amber returns. She demands to know where Amber has been and Amber gives her the ready-made excuse. Sheila tells her that she needed some help; this is the third time she has changed the baby's clothes after she spit up on them. "Babies do that," Amber laughs and takes over. "It isn't that," Sheila explains. "I am a nervous wreck. James is coming over and he will blame me for anything that is wrong. He will hold it against me and try to take my baby away from me. I don't need this kind of pressure," she says. "I am going to call him and tell him not to come." But Amber suggests that it will be good to see James. "Just fix yourself up a little and remind him of the old Sheila. After all, he must have been attracted to you once, otherwise how did you make this little baby." Sheila decides it wouldn't hurt to go up and fix her hair. She leaves and Amber smiles. "So far, so good." she says.

The waiter brings an extra plate of pickles and Taylor eagerly begins biting into one. "Pickles?" Thorne laughs. I know, she says, I could have been a little more original, Taylor concedes. Taylor becomes serious. She needs to talk to him; she wants to tell Ridge about the baby. Thorne protests. He reminds her that Ridge has lied to her; he has betrayed her. "It isn't about me," she says. "It is about Ridge and his baby."

Ridge and Brooke enter Mannequins. It is really crowded, he says. Looks like a lot of people had the same idea we had. He asks if she wants to leave. Brooke looks around and sees Thorne and Taylor. "No," she tells Ridge. "I'd like to stay."

Thorne continues to rant at Taylor about all the things Ridge as ever done to her. Taylor tells him that it is more complicated than that. "I have accepted that Ridge is with Brooke," she tells him. Thorne spies Brooke and Ridge. "Now is your chance to prove it," he tells Taylor.

Ridge isn't hungry. Brooke cajoles him into ordering and forgetting the office. He tells her that he has never felt this way before. Always before, he could lose himself in his work, but not now. Brooke looks around and suddenly wants to leave. Why? Ridge wonders. Without telling him why, Brooke looks in Thorne and Taylor's direction and continues to insist that they leave. Ridge follows her look and sees his brother with the woman he loves. Taylor wonders what Thorne is talking about. "Then it won't bother you that they are sitting right over there?" Thorne asks. Taylor looks across the room and locks eyes with Ridge. They stare at each other.

Amber is singing to the baby and swinging her about in her arms. "Baby you can drive my car," she sings. The doorbell rings and she opens the door for James. James is happy to see his little girl. He is cooing over her when Sheila enters the room. He speaks to her softly and she smiles at him.

James and Sheila sit side by side on the sofa playing with the baby. James is talking to the baby and calls her Margaret. Sheila corrects him; her name is Mary. Amber is watching. She tells James that the baby is doing really well. She is eating and sleeping. "I know you are worried about your little girl, especially because of Sheila's past history of instability," she says. She continues to go on about Sheila's past while Sheila tries to get her to be quiet. James tells Amber that he has always known that Sheila has a loving and nurturing side. Sheila offers to let him feed the baby. She goes for a bottle and leaves James alone with the baby. He tells Mary that her "Mommy" misses her. Amber corners Sheila. "It is going great, isn't it? James can still be attracted to you. If you work it right, you could have your baby and her father." "I'd give anything to unite my family," Sheila admits wistfully.

Ridge won't leave the restaurant and give his brother the satisfaction. Brooke remarks that they are all wrapped up in one another.

Taylor says that it didn't take Brooke long; it didn't take Ridge long, Thorne reminds her. "Now, do you still think Ridge needs to know about the baby?" he asks. Taylor tries to reason with him. It doesn't matter whether he is with Brooke or not, he still has the right to know his child and be involved in it's life. Thorne says he will be involved. "But only as an uncle," Taylor says. "Ridge has always wanted a baby of his own." "Look at them," Thorne almost shouts at her. "Ridge will never let me raise his child---not the brother that he hates. He will do everything he can to get you back. And once he has you, he will betray you. He will betray you and your baby. Is that what your child really needs?" But Taylor can't continue to lie. "I am going to tell him," she says, "I am going to tell him everything." She rises from the table and heads in Ridge's direction as Thorne watches in desperation.

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