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April, 1998

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Week of 03/30/98 - 04/03/98

Monday, March 30, 1998

Katie comes in to check on Bridget, who is playing with a hat but isn't very happy. Katie puts the hat on her niece's hat and laughs, but all Bridget can do is cry... since it's Rick's. She prays that the operation will be over soon, and Katie assures her everything will be all right.

The surgery continues as Eric, Brooke, Ridge and CJ look on. Ridge and Eric try to be reassuring about the doctor's skill. "What about Amber?" CJ asks, and Eric says she will be fine. "We'll make sure of that," Ridge adds as Eric says how brave Amber is. Ridge tells CJ he can leave but he says he wants to stay. "I don't understand this," Brooke cries and Eric agrees; he asks CJ if there is anything more he can tell them.

"It was my fault," CJ says. Brooke tells him, "I hope you learned your lesson... I don't even know why Rick was driving in the first place! And why would he leave Amber behind?" "I never thought something like this would happen," CJ states. Brooke just prays there will be no complications and Ridge again reassures her.

James stops by to see Taylor with some journal articles... including some articles about him, since his marriage to Sheila has upset some colleagues because he married an ex-patient. He asks how she's doing and she says she's fine, since Ridge stops by often.

The doctor informs the Forresters that the operation is going well... they are about to remove the kidney for the transplant. The doctors and nurses continue to work as everyone in the gallery looks on. Rick's blood pressure drops as the doctor handles Amber's kidney. Brooke begins to panic as the doctors work to stabilize Rick.

Katie gets a call from CJ... they want Katie and Bridget to come to the hospital. They arrive shortly after to find Ridge hugging Brooke and Eric waiting by their side. Eric says they are waiting for the doctor, who walks in and says everything went well and Rick will likely accept his new kidney from all signs. "What about Amber?" CJ asks. The doctor says she is stable as well. He suggests they all get some rest. Katie offers to drive CJ home but he says he has his car, while Ridge says he will take Brooke home.

James tells Taylor not to underestimate Ridge's feelings for Brooke, especially with Rick's accident; Taylor replies that Ridge, as always, is being supportive of Brooke in a crisis. "Is that all it is... crisis support?" James asks. Taylor says, "Yes, that's all it is." James is skeptical and says, "I have never dealt with a situation like yours and Ridge's and Brooke's, so I really can't tell you what Ridge will do. But let's hope he does the right thing; this has been going on a long time now and he needs to come to some decision." He asks if she has spoken to Brooke and Taylor says Brooke has to realize that Ridge has new priorities; he loves Thomas too much to turn his back on him, she is sure of that.

CJ goes into the room where Amber and Rick rest. He tells Rick, "Hang in there, buddy." He then goes over to Amber and holds her hand. She awakens and asks for Rick, and CJ says Rick will be fine. Amber says, "He has my kidney." CJ says, "Yeah, lucky guy. Look, they said I could only stay for a minute; you did good, Amber." He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. She reaches over and touches Rick, who wakes up. In a daze, he says, "Amber, what are you doing here in that bed? Did you get hurt, too?" Amber says, "You don't have to worry about me... shhhh, you need your rest. We can talk about it later. Go back to sleep; when you wake up, I will be here for you. I'll always be here for you, Rick."

Ridge and Brooke arrive at home and send Bridget (who is so happy to have her brother well that she vows to be the perfect sister) to bed. Brooke is hugging Ridge who says "Life is so fragile---you never know how quick the world can change." Brooke says, "Also when you go through something like this you realize how important family really is. That's what really matters." Ridge asks, "You going to be all right?" Brooke says "Actually, I feel better then I thought I would." Ridge says, "You shouldn't worry about Rick tonight, so you can get some sleep." Brooke replies, "I know; thank you for everything." Ridge says, "Don't thank me - there is no other place I would have been after I got that call from dad."

Brooke says, "You don't know what it did for me for you to walk into that hospital room tonight." Ridge says, "I am just glad I arrived when I did." Brooke says, "It lifted this incredible weight from my shoulders. I was losing it and you brought me back." Ridge agrees, "Yeah, I know what you mean." Brooke says "You know what you told me in the chapel - that we can get through anything, that there is nothing we can't work out together?" Ridge replies, "I really believe that we are through the worst of it." Brooke says, "I know, especially when I found out that you had come home and came back to me. I know now that Rick is going to be ok and we are going to be a family again."

Ridge says, "There is something I need to tell you; I was at Taylor's before I came here." Brooke says, "So you were at Taylor's. So what did you tell her - that we are married and we are committed?" Ridge answers, "No, I didn't say that to her." Brooke says, "And yet you came back here." Ridge says, "I wanted to talk to you." Brooke asks, "About what?" Ridge says, "Considering everything we have been through tonight and how late it is, can we talk about this tomorrow?" Brooke agrees, " I guess that would be a good idea. It is kind of late so I guess we should go to bed."

Ridge says, "I can't stay." Brooke asks, "Why not?" Ridge replies, "I just can't." Brooke pleads, "Ridge, don't do this to me. I am your wife. You are my husband." Ridge says, "I am sorry, Brooke." Brooke responds, "What is going on here, Ridge? I can't live my life like this. Do we or don't we have a marriage?" Ridge just stands there.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Stephanie is on the phone trying to call Eric; she says, "He is still not at home." Thorne walks in and Stephanie says, "Hi, honey, do you know where your father is?" Thorne answers, "No, I haven't seen him." Stephanie wonders, "I don't know where he could be." Thorne says, "I want to talk to you. I just came from Taylor's, picked up my things." Stephanie says, "Well good; are you going to stay with me?" Thorne says, "No, I found a place of my own." Stephanie says, "Good, and I think you made the right decision." Thorne asks, "You mean getting out of Ridge and Taylor's way? So Taylor is better off being a single parent then being with me, Thomas is better off with an absentee father?"

Stephanie says, "I don't think that is how it is going to work out." Thorne replies, "You still don't know why I did it, do you?" Stephanie says, "Why get into that right now." Thorne says, "Don't walk away from me, Mother." Stephanie says, "Well ok, I will get into it; I do not understand why you would keep something like that a secret from your brother. He is the father of that baby isn't he?" Thorne says, "Everything is so obvious, so black and white---I will be interested to see how you react when your view of the world and reality collide, because that is what is going to happen, Mother. Ridge will never leave Brooke."

Ridge tells Brooke, "We have been at the hospital all night. I am tired and you have got to be too, so let's talk about this later." Brooke says, "Ridge, you can't just say you are leaving me and close the subject." Ridge says, "I didn't say I was leaving you; I just said I can't stay here tonight." Brooke says, "Ridge, you are my husband. I know you are angry with me for not telling you about your son Thomas. I was wrong, but I apologized up and down. What more can I do?"

Ridge says "Nothing, there is nothing more you can do." Brooke says, "I don't expect you to forgive me tonight or soon, but we are married." Ridge says, "I am just saying I can't talk about this right now, not tonight." Brooke asks, "Why not?" Ridge responds, "Because you've been through hell and back tonight with Rick and I don't want to add to that." Brooke says, "You are scaring me." Ridge answers, "I don't mean to do that." Brooke begs, "Don't go, stay here... don't leave, please. Ridge, just stay with me tonight. "

At Sally's, Macy comes up to Grant and asks, "Hey, you're not getting cold feet about our surprise wedding tomorrow?" Grant answers, "No, I was just thinking about Rick; poor kid." Macy says, "I can understand how you feel; you were married to his mother." Grant says, "That didn't make me family to them, not the way I feel here; this is my family." She hugs him. Darla walks in with brownies and she says, "Ok you guys, these are supposed to cool." CJ says, "Oh, I will get a whole handful of them," but Darla fends him off.

Sally says, "Oh, Darla, they look too tempting; hey Grant how about you?" Grant says, "Oh no, I've got to be going." "Big day tomorrow, huh?" Darla asks, "Hey Macy, how about one for the road?" Macy says, "I will have one in a little while; I am going to stay here tonight." Sally asks, "Here? Any reason?" Macy asks, "No, why -- do I need one?" Sally says, "No, you don't; you know you are welcome to stay anytime you want to." Macy thanks her and walks Cowboy Grant to his car. Darla says, "They are just too cute together, aren't they," as Grant and Macy "gallop" off.

Stephanie says, "Look, we are never going to see eye to eye about Ridge and Brooke, so why don't we just forget it?" Thorne says, "It isn't about them; it is about me and you. I have been thinking about this a lot, trying to figure out what gets in our way?" Stephanie says, "We communicate just fine. It's just that at this moment we have a difference of an opinion." Thorne says, "No, it's not that. I could handle a difference of an opinion if you could at least respect my decision."

Stephanie asks, "You want me to respect that you lied?" Thorne says, "Oh, forget about it, we are just going in circles." Stephanie says, "What you did it is done, it can't be undone." Thorne says, "That is where you are wrong. I just realized the impact it has had on my life; you have never approved of me, Mother."

Stephanie says, "Oh please, Thorne, don't start the old song that I love Ridge more than I love you and that this is the cause of all your troubles; you've said it over and over. I honestly think you forget what I have done for you." Thorne says, "You have sacrificed over thousand times or more, Mother, but it just isn't the same." Stephanie says, "It isn't the same. I don't love you the same as I love Ridge. No, I don't - a mother can't love each child the same the same way. You are different people, but God, it doesn't mean I love you any less." Thorne says, "I would love to believe that, I have tried to believe that all these years, but it is time I face reality, and the reality is I want something you can't give." Stephanie asks Thorne, "Just what exactly are you trying to say to me?" Thorne replies, "What I'm saying, Mother, is good-bye."

Ridge says, "Please don't push me on this." Brooke says, "I'm going to push because I know where we stand; do we or don't we have a marriage?" He does not answer. Brooke pleads, "Oh Ridge, don't do this to me, don't shut me out. Can't you see what it is doing to me?" Ridge says, "Of course I can." Brooke says, "All I want is for you to stay and just hold me. I need that." Ridge says, "I'm sorry, I can't." Brooke says, "But you came back to the house; why would you do that if you weren't going to stay?" Ridge says, "Because I wanted to make sure you were all right. Things didn't end too well at the cabin."

Brooke says, "At the hospital you were loving and understanding. I thought you cared." Ridge says, "I do care." Brooke says, "I know, Ridge, but that is what makes it so difficult. Here you are standing in front of me; we belong together to each other, we need each other. But it's like there is a glass wall between us and I just want to smash it; how do I tear it down?" Ridge says, "I don't know, it is just too soon." Brooke says, "Is it too soon or too late? No, Ridge, it can't be; think back to a few days ago, to our wedding." Ridge says, "That is all I have thought about. I have never seen you look more beautiful, when you came down those stairs and took my hand. This was a moment we havd been waiting for years. When you looked at me with those eyes, I felt like I was in heaven, like God had reached down and given me this incredible gift. That I could finally stop wondering through life be a part of something, something beautiful, something strong, something real. I had been waiting to make that a part of me for so long and I thought I had found it with you, Brooke."

Brooke is crying, "You did, Ridge, you did." Ridge says, "Even when you and I lost our baby I felt..." Brooke asks, "You believe me about our baby?" He is silent. Brooke cries, "You have got to believe me, I would never lie about anything like that. You've got to believe me, Ridge."

Macy is at her Mom's when Grant returns. Macy says, "I thought you had gone." Grant says, "I lost my keys." Macy says, "I thought I saw them in your hand." Grant says, "Well here they are... not too good, huh? Sure you don't want to come back with me" Macy says, "This is the night before our wedding night. I am feeling a little old fashioned. You don't think mother caught on, do you?" Grant says, "I think she wondered what was going on." Macy says, "Well by tomorrow this time she will have it all figured out." Grant says, "Yes, because we will be husband and wife." He kisses her.

Stephanie says, "Good-bye?" Thorne says, "I am taking a break from the family for a while." Stephanie says, "You are taking a break from me is what you mean." Thorne says, "Yes!" Stephanie says, "You actually think I don't care about you?" Thorne says, "You care, Mother, but you don't support me."

Stephanie says, "Yes, I do; you're just taking about this one situation." Thorne says, "If it was just one situation I could deal with that, but I am talking about living in Ridge's shadow all these years. No, Mother, I don't blame you for my mistakes; but I do wonder sometimes how it could have been if you would have put in one tenth of the energy into mine and Macy's relationship as you did Ridge and Taylor." He turns to leave and Steph calls for him to stay. He informs her, "I put in my resignation at work; you won't be seeing me for a while, Mother." He leaves.

Breaking from their kiss, Macy asks Grant, "Are your parents coming?" Grant says, "No, you know I am not that close to them." Macy says, "I was just wondering if they would approve of me." Grant says, "I don't care, but I am sure they would. I want us to have kids, as many as you want, and to face whatever life throws at us. Now what about you? You ready?" She kisses him passionately. Grant says, "Wow I better get out of here or..." She gives him one last kiss and he leaves.

Macy hears her phone ring; it's Thorne on his cell phone, and he wonders why she never called after he left his number. He asks, "Can we see each other?" Macy says, "No, I don't think so. We were close once but we both moved on. I think it would be better if you would just find another confidante. Please don't call me anymore." She hangs up and he hangs up the cell phone as he keeps driving.

Brooke says, "I wasn't lying about the baby. Ridge, tell me you believe me?" Ridge says, "I do believe you." Brooke is holding on to him, crying, and she says, "You still love me; I feel it." Ridge says, "I would never deny that." Brooke says, "Then stay with me, don't leave me." Ridge says, "I have just got so many things swirling around in me I just can't; I can't!"

He walks away she grabs him. She says, "Yes you can! Listen to me; you are right, our love is a gift and along with the gift comes a responsibility. Yes, the times you talked about it we're wonderful, but this is where we put in the work. We promised to love each other in our wedding vows; did you mean them? Did you think it was going to be easy? We promised the good and the bad; we will get through this." She is crying and pleads for him to stay. She again asks, "Do we have a marriage or don't we?"

Ridge says he is sorry and turns to leave. Brooke asks, "Where are you going, to Taylor's?" Ridge replies, "No, I told you I need some time alone. Look, I don't understand and don't expect you to, but please don't do this to me. Will you give this to me?" He heads for the door and Brooke cries out, "Oh, Ridge!" He leaves and she is still crying, "Oh Ridge, why?"

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Thanks to Laura for trying her hand at updating................

Macy is thanking god for Grant and her second chance at love.

Sally is at Insomnia; she is entertaining guests at the party Macy and Grant organized and she knows that something is up. Sally realizes that something is strange, but doesn't know who this stranger is that Grant is talking to (he's really the minister). In the meantime, Thorne shows up at Lauren's while she is getting ready and waiting for Johnny (who of course is Rush) to go to the cafe for the wedding. Thorne tells her Macy does not want to talk with him, but he has to tell her how much he has changed. He asks Lauren if Macy might be at the Insomnia anyway, of course.

Tony is still holding Jonny captive and wants to know who will be at this party, and he says he will kill Jonny if he doesn't help. Just in time, the phone rings, and it's Lauren, wanting to know where he is He tells her he is running late; she tells him just to meet her at the cafe. Of course, Rush doesn't know what is going on today and Jonny won't tell him. Johnny tells his twin that if Lauren fiqures out that he not Jonny he will have to kill her and it will be on his head. Tony takes off to meet Lauren.

At the Insomnia, Grant and Macy are all kissy huggy in the dressing room and Grant gives Macy a beautiful wedding gown to wear for the surprise wedding.

As Thorne gets to the cafe he can see a private party sign. He can see and hear Macy singing a Celine Dion song, "Because You Love Me," to Grant. After the song, Macy goes to get dressed. "Jonny" gets to the party and introduces himself to C.J. in hopes of finding out more about what and whom is at this party. C.J. blows him off.

In the meantime, Grant finally tells Sally what is going on. Sally almost screams with joy that they are getting married.

Thorne works his way around to the back door of the dressing room where Macy is getting ready to put on the wedding dress Grant gave her. Thorne insists that he has got to talk with her, but Macy tells him this is not a good time. Thorne tells her that he quit his job and is giving up the Forrester name for a while. He even has told Stephanie this, he explains. Macy can't believe it. Thorne also tells her he has been talking to James Warwick, who has helped him understand what happened in their marriage. Thorne pleads that he is a changed man. Macy tells him again this is not a good time and looks at her wedding dress. Thorne walks over and picks it up; he comments that this dress is not what he thinks it is and she tells him she is getting married right now...

Thursday April 02, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for helping out...

Stephanie stops by the beach house to have tea with Taylor. She updates her on Rick's condition and reassures Taylor that Ridge will end his marriage to Brooke and be with her and Thomas.

At Insomnia, Sally welcomes Grant into the family with a huge hug. When Darla wonders what is going on, Sally inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag. She is just welcoming Grant into the family, she says. Some day soon, she says, trying to cover her faux pas. However, it is too late; Darla guesses the truth and throws herself into Grant's arms.

In the dressing room, Thorne is surprised that Macy is getting married, but she reminds him that she told him she was engaged. He is just surprised it is happing now, he explains. Isn't this a little soon? Macy tells him that the timing is right. Now, everyone is waiting for her, so maybe she can talk to him in a few days. Thorne starts to leave, but before he can go through the door, he closes it again. "Is this what you really want?" he asks.

Macy reminds Thorne that she and Grant have been together for a long time---longer than he was with Taylor when he proposed to her. She describes how she feels for Grant and admits to Thorne that she really loves him. It came as a surprise, she explains. She wasn't looking for love but it just happened. Now she cannot imagine life without Grant. He is so kind and patient; he helped her buy this place. He made her dream happen. Grant wants her to be the best that she can be. "When you find someone like that, you would be a fool to let it get away," she states. She admits that it was she who proposed. "Grant is exciting and gentle, he makes me laugh and he makes me happy. And I deserve that; I deserve to be happy!"

"Yes," Thorne tells her. "Yes, you do."

Grant knocks at the door and tells her to hurry up. "I have to get ready," Macy tells Thorne. Thorne asks her if she is sure this is what she wants; he only wants what is best for her. "Then be happy for me," she tells him. He hugs her and wishes her good luck then he walked out the door.

Lawrence thinks everyone should take their places. Clarke walks up and says all the tables should be on the left because he hasn't anyone there for his side. Sally tells him that everyone is on Grant's side.

Grant asks for everyone's attention. He then announces that everyone is invited to the wedding of Macy Alexander and Grant Chambers---as if they didn't know.

Checking her make-up, Lauren is about to go to her table when Rush sees her cell phone. He grabs it, saying these things are so cool. Lauren grabs it back with a puzzled look. "You hate these things!" She reminds him.

The music begins and a beautiful Macy slowly walks toward Grant, who has a very big grin on his face. They cannot take their eyes off each other.

Stephanie and Taylor continue their tea. Stephanie tells Taylor about her conversation with Thorne and how he feels that he has lived his whole life in Ridge's shadow. She wonders if things would have been different if she had been more supportive of him and Macy when they broke up. "Maybe if I had been more supportive they would still be married."

Macy and Grant meet at the altar and the "mystery guest" performs a beautiful ceremony of marriage. From the shadows, Thorne watches. Lauren reads from the Book of Colossians. The couple exchanges their vows.

"Maybe it isn't too late," Stephanie says. "Maybe I can improve relations with Thorne and get him and Macy back together." Taylor is sorry to tell her this, but Macy is about to marry Grant Chambers.

"You may kiss your bride," Lawrence says. Macy and Grant kiss while the audience cheers and while Thorne sadly looks on.

Friday, April 03, 1998

Written by Gladys

Brooke wonders why Ridge would just walk out. Where is he now and where did he spend the night? How will this affect their marriage? She grabs her purse and is headed out the door to see Rick when Ridge calls. He tells her that he has been staying at the guesthouse; he is planning on going to see Rick later today. She tells him that Rick may come home tonight so why doesn't he wait to see him at home? It would be great if he could be here when Rick came home. She reminds him that he has a wife and children who love him very much.

Stephanie stops by to see Jonathan for some papers he has drawn up for her. He wonders why it was her that requested the papers. She tells him that if she didn't do it, who would? She leaves, saying that she is going to get them signed by using "sweet talk."

Taylor stops by the guesthouse with Thomas after visiting with Grandma. She asks him how Rick is doing; when he tells her that Brooke said he was fine, Taylor wonders why he isn't at the hospital with them. He tells her that he has spent the day thinking.

Rick is talking with Eric; he is stunned that his parents watched the whole operation. Brooke arrives and gives her son a huge hug. She looks around and wonders where Amber is. Eric explains that she had to go for more tests. Rick wonders why Amber is here in the hospital. Brooke and Eric explain that Amber is the reason he is alive.

Ridge takes the baby and is talking to him. Taylor tells him that he slept through the night for the first time. Taylor tells Ridge that no matter what he decides, she and Thomas will make it work.

Ridge asks if she has a picture of Thomas; he would feel better if he had one with him. Taylor is sorry that she doesn't have one to give him. There is a knock at the door; Ridge opens it to find Stephanie. He asks her if there is a camera here in the guesthouse. She tells him there is a Polaroid around somewhere. Ridge looks around and finds it. Meanwhile, Taylor has posed the baby on the sofa. When Ridge comes back, he says it is perfect and takes the picture. Stephanie wants a picture of the three of them. She poses them by the door and takes the picture.

Once Stephanie has left, she looks at the picture and smiles. Perfect, she says.

Eric and Brooke explain to Rick how he needed a kidney and no one in the family was compatible. Then Amber, who was the same blood type, took the test and was compatible with him. She gave him her kidney; actually, she insisted that they take it. It was a heroic thing for her to do. Rick is concerned for Amber. They assure him that they both can live with only one kidney. He is sorry about putting them through all this. They tell him that they still have questions, but this isn't the time.

Amber returns. Rick asks his parents to allow him some time with Amber. After his parents leave, Rick and Amber gaze deeply into each other eyes.

Ridge and Taylor talk about the kind of life they want for Thomas. Ridge wants it to be a perfect life; Taylor wants his life to be happy and secure, and he will have that with Ridge as his father. Regardless of what Ridge decides to do, Thomas' life is going to be fine. Believe it or not, she says, she knows what Brooke means to him. She sees things differently now that she has a child. "You have changed too," she tells him, 'and it is all because of this little bundle."

Rick and Amber talk. She tells him that she is sorry; it was all her fault. He tells her it was stupid of him to drive, no matter what she said. She tells him that his parents don't know the full story, but she won't blame him if he tells them the truth. He tells her not to feel guilty; she gave him a part of her body. It was a little extreme, but he appreciates it. He just wants to get better and go home. Amber tells him that she didn't give the kidney out of guilt-she did it for love.

Brooke is leaving for the hospital with Rick's clothing when Stephanie stops by. She asks about Rick and is happy to know that Rick may be home tonight. "If that is all you stopped by for, then I need to get to the hospital," Brooke tells her. Stephanie tells her that she wanted to tell her that she now understands why she kept Thomas' paternity from Ridge-she wanted him to have a decent chance with two parents. "Am I right?" she asks.

Ridge talks to Thomas; he tells him he has made a difference in his life and doesn't even know it. Taylor says this fresh little soul has brought wisdom straight from heaven-"and he is ours," she says, "All ours."

Stephanie continues to tell Brooke that she understands what she did. "You wanted to give Thomas a decent chance at life with two live-in parents." Brooke admits that Stephanie is right, but she doesn't expect her to really believe her. "You really did have that child's best wishes at heart, didn't you? Well, now Taylor isn't going to marry Thorne," Stephanie continues. "Now Ridge knows that Thomas is his baby, so don't you think that the best thing is for Ridge and Taylor to give Thomas the family he deserves?" Brooke reminds Stephanie that Ridge already has a family; she won't interfere with Ridge being a father to Thomas. Stephanie waves the picture in front of Brooke's face. "I just took this today. This is a real family. If you really want Thomas to have two parents and a chance at a decent life, then you can make that happen." Stephanie assures her that she and Eric will always be there for her and the children. It has never been about cutting Brooke out of the family; it is about doing what is right.

Stephanie shows her the papers. They are annulment papers. "Do us all a favor and sign these," she says. "I know it will be the most difficult thing you ever do, but look at this family. Ridge has a child whom he loves dearly. Don't stand in the way of his happiness. Don't destroy his family the way you destroyed mine. If you love him, sign the papers and end your marriage today."

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Week of 04/06/98 - 04/10/98

Monday, April 6, 1998

Stephanie and Brooke are at Brooke's house. Stephanie asks Brooke to sign the annulment papers for everyone's sakes and reminds Brooke how her children are Eric's and not Ridge's. By clinging to Ridge, all Brooke is doing is confusing her own children and depriving Thomas... who doesn't have two fathers. She pleads, "If you got my point, you will sign this paper today and let Ridge raise his child."

Rush is with Lauren, as they return to her place after the wedding. Lauren comments how "Jonny" hardly looked at the the bride and groom. He asks if this means that she is going to give him a hard time tonight. She says, "There is something that's changed, some thing that's different about you." "Jonny" tries to convince him otherwise but she says, "I am wondering if I even know you. I am going to change my clothes." She leaves for her bedroom and Rush thinks to himself, "You know me, long as you think I'm Jonny and not Rush, you're gonna be mine." He looks at her portrait and thinks, "And I want you to be mine, so please, please don't make me do something to you, the most important thing in my life."

Eric is in the waiting room and Ridge walks in. Ridge asks, "Hey, Dad, how's Rick?" Eric replies, "We will probably being taking him home." Ridge says, "I heard; what a relief." Eric thanks Ridge for all his support and Ridge asks, "Can we go in and see him?" Eric explains, "He wanted some time alone with Amber."

In the hospital room, Rick thanks Amber for the kidney. He says, "All I want is to get out of here and get on with our lives." Amber says, "I didn't give you my kidney out of guilt. I did it out of love, Rick." Rick says she doesn't have to say that but she claims she means it. He tells her, "I know you were using me. I was such a fool, following you around like a little puppy dog to the point where I almost got killed by listening to you." Amber apologizes, "I'm not going to deny using you; I used you to get the job at your house, to start my career, even to stay out of jail when I stole that bracelet. I came on to you, led you on, and every step of the way was false. I don't deserve to be part of your life, but I want to be, more than anything."

Rush is thinking about how fine it will be to have Lauren, but he does not know how to avoid her seeing his scar. Just then, she returns and asks what he is thinking about. He says he has not been thinking about anything special and asks if she wants a drink. "You don't drink - it's the opposite of everything you've believed in," Lauren points out. He says he is just in transition right now, but he is still the same old Jonny. Lauren, however, wonders if maybe this change means she was looking for more than he can give in a relationship. He tells her, "You're wrong."

Stephanie reminds Brooke how one signature is all it would take to bring respectability to the family and how Brooke is deluding herself. "This isn't about what you share... it's about doing the right thing for all the children," Stephanie states. Brooke says this is about destroying her family, but Stephanie says that Ridge should be with his child and that child's mother. "I think that's Ridge's decision... a decision he made when he married me," Brooke states. Stephanie again denies that. Brooke replies, "This is what I think about your papers." She tears them up and says, "I will never give up." She orders Stephanie to leave. Stephanie says, "Ok, fine - we will do it your way. But you have lost, and not by me. Ridge won't come back home. He loves his baby." Stephanie leaves.

Amber continues, "I want to show you how I feel." Rick asks why he should believe her and she pleads, "I am sorry. I have learned a lot. I never knew what it was to give; but now I do thanks to you and your family. You have been good to me. I owed you for the way I acted, but I do love you. Let me prove it to you, Rick; please don't give up on me. I love you." Rick reaches over and takes her hand.

Eric and Ridge walk in and Eric asks, "So how are you two doing in here?" Rick says, "Hi, Dad, hi, Ridge." Dr Sloane walks in and says, "I've got some good news for you." Rick says, "I can use some of that; matter of fact, we both can."

Brooke walks in and asks, "Did you thank your good friend for what she has done?" Rick answers, "It's always nice having another kid around." Brooke chides her son. Rick then says, "Of course I did... I was kidding." Just then, Stephanie joins them in the room. Ridge asks, "Well, what is the good news?" Dr Sloane responds, "Well, ordinarily I would be keeping you two at least two more days, but I need your beds; so I am going to turn you over to your parents. But you will have to have complete bed rest for a week. I am sending you home with these instructions." Ridge says, "We can handle that." Stephanie says, "Your dad and I will take care of that, we can handle that. You have enough to do." Rick asks, "Well who is going to take us home, Ridge and mom?" Eric says, "I have the big car. I'll take you home."

Rush says, "I have been watching you all day in that sexy dress. You can't say no." Lauren says, "But I want things the way they were at your house." Rush repeats, "At my house." Lauren reminds him, "The massage and the clouds." Rush says, "I can tell you about the clouds; just feel the warm sunshine, and the summer breeze, and just go with it, Lauren." She is kissing him and is unbuttoning his shirt the scar is showing, but Lauren hasn't seen it yet.

In the hospital corridor, Ridge asks Brooke, "Are you as relieved as I am?" Brooke says, "This has been the worst week of my life." Ridge says, "Well the worst is over. You are taking Rick back home." Brooke says, "They are expecting you to be there... if only I had not gone along with Thorne and Taylor..." Ridge says, "It's not your fault; and if you hadn't, I don't think it would have made any difference." Brooke asks, "Then Ridge, tell me you are going to go home with us." Ridge answers, "I need more time." Brooke says, "I will give you time at home. Brooke cries, "Oh, Ridge, I have been such a fool. I love you and the children love you and I need you..." She is crying on Ridge's shoulder and glances at Stephanie standing with Eric. Stephanie just shakes her head at Brooke.

Tuesday, April 07, 1998

Brooke comes downstairs to inform her sister Katie that Rick is resting, as is Amber. The two of them and Bridget have no idea as to what is happening with Ridge and his moving out of the house, Brooke reminds Katie. Katie volunteers to watch the troops so that Brooke can run some errands. Brooke starts to explain about Stephanie's idea of those annulment papers, because she thought Brooke would have given up by now. Brooke says that she doesnt feel like Ridge has been acting as a husband lately and leaves.

Stephanie is at Taylor's and tells her what happened when she showed Brooke the papers. Taylor isn't surprised because Brooke has spent half of her life trying to latch onto Ridge; and did Stephanie really just think Brooke was going to hand him over to her? Stephanie is positive that Ridge needs time but his marriage is over. Taylor admits that if Ridge doesn't go back to his marriage, it would be very difficult for Rick and Bridget, but Stephanie is thrilled that Brooke can not use those children to hold onto her son anymore. Stephanie insists that Taylor has learned her lesson and so did Ridge. They need to spend time together as a family, and she points to Taylor's displaying her wedding picture again as a symbol of that. She tells Taylor to keep the faith and leaves.

Jonny is tied up and knows he is running out of time. He knocks over an umbrella stand to help untie his feet.

Rush is still pretending to be Jonny. Lauren unbuttons his shirt; but as soon as she does so, she has to answer the door. Eric is at the door and is told that now isn't the best time for a visit. Lauren has Rush go make some tea so she can find out why Eric came by. Eric talks about Stephanie and Thorne and Ridge, and how Stephanie has put herself right in the middle of all this just to get rid of Brooke from their family. He needed to talk with someone who would understand, and he thought Lauren could lend an ear... but he leaves because he now knows that he had interrupted them and it isn't the right time. Just then the phone rings. Rush comes over to say goodbye to Eric, "The big shot," as he calls him.

Brooke shows up at Taylor's. Taylor says this isn't a good time to talk and Brooke says they she didn't come by to talk. She explains that she wants to see Thomas so that she can get to know him a little bit. Brooke's request is granted and she tells Thomas, "You are just so perfect. He is beautiful. "Thank-you," says Taylor.

Rush grabs Lauren, who can't pick up from where she left off because the mood has been broken. He is pissed because she still isn't over Eric and mentions Greenland. Lauren is puzzled because she had never mentioned that she had feelings for Eric and wants to know how he knew that.

Eric is in his office but he can't work. Stephanie drops by. He says he is worried about Lauren because there was something very strange about Jonny and it is almost as if he is hostile towards him. Stephanie insists that Lauren is a big girl and she can take care of herself. She leaves after making dinner plans for later. Eric has some flashbacks of Greenland and runs out of his office after replaying the term, "big shot" from Rush in his mind.

Rush talks his way out of confronting Lauren and tells her that he sees her feelings for Eric in her eyes. He tells her that Eric is her past and he is her future. "I love you and I am finally going to have you," he tells her. Lauren tells him to stop and breaks free from his grasp.

Brooke continues to hold Thomas. She says, "He looks like Ridge with those eyes. You are a lucky woman, Taylor; to have a baby with a man you love so much. That is what I always wanted. It never seemed to happen for us. I have a son too, Taylor. I almost lost him. I hope you never know what it feels like. But I do now. I love Ridge, Taylor, and I want what is best for him. But he needs to be with his baby." Taylor is stunned.

Wednesday, April 08, 1998

Sally and Darla are over at Spectra, marveling about how wonderful Macy's wedding was; Sally is especially pleased that Macy has someone who will treat her better than Thorne, although Darla feels sorry for Macy's ex-. Then again, Sally mentions, Thorne is a Forrester, and they don't make particularly good role models - look at how Eric left Lauren, and now she is better off. "Everyone is better off without a Forrester in their life," she says... and just then, Darla opens the door to find Eric there, wanting info on Lauren and Jonny Carrera.

At his place, Jonny continues to struggle to break free - he tries to kick an umbrella to pull a table over.

At Lauren's, Rush/Jonny tells Lauren not to do this too him; he will slow down if she wants. Lauren says that isn't the problem - the problem is something is different between them. Rush blames it on Eric and insists Lauren still loves him.

Brooke and Taylor are still at Taylor's house. Brooke says, "I love Ridge and I want what is best for him and Ridge; and it is obvious that he needs to be with his son." Taylor asks, "What are you saying, Brooke?" Brooke answers, "I am a mother too. I know what you are going through; this little person comes into your life and turns it upside down, and you want to give him what he wants and needs, most especially a father." Taylor agrees, "Yes, that is what I want. Brooke says, "Yes, that is what I want, too; this baby needs to be with his father. Every child does, and Ridge deserves to be with his son. That is what he has always wanted, but I wanted to be the one to give it to him. But you have given him what he has always wanted and it has been hard for me to accept. But when I look at this little face, I realize that Ridge needs his son and Thomas needs his father. I can't stand in their way."

Eric describes how on edge Jonny has been. Sally and Darla suspect he is mistaken but Eric says Jonny was hostile to him, and it is not just his own projecting his resentment about Jonny and Lauren. Eric then tells them how Jonny called him big shot and Darla agrees that doesn't sound like Jonny. "It sounds like Rush!" Eric tells them. Sally can't believe this and Eric agrees that it is strange, but something is wrong. He asks for Jonny's address for Lauren's sake, and Sally reluctantly gives it to him.

Jonny continues to yank at the table. "Come on," he thinks, "It's the only chance to get to Lauren. I've got to save her from Rush." The table tips over and a knife falls to the ground.

Eric is in his car going to look for Jonny. He says, "It can't be much further. There is something about Jonny. I've got to find out. God, it's so remote out here... oh, there it is. "

Lauren tells Rush/Jonny, "Maybe you are right. Maybe the way I feel about Eric does have something to do with the way I feel now, I am sorry." Rush says, "Lauren, don't do this to me, not for Mr. Big Shot." Lauren says, "Jonny, you sound like..." She stops. Rush asks, "Like what?" Lauren says, "I can understand how you are feeling. I thought we had something special, too. But you have changed and maybe it's me, but I can't pretend anymore; maybe we should take a break from each other."

Taylor tells Brooke, "Here, let me take him." Brooke wipes the tears from her eyes. Taylor asks, "What are you going to do?" Brooke replies, "I am going to talk to Ridge and tell him how I feel." Taylor says, "Something isn't kosher here." Brooke asks, "What do you mean?" Taylor says, "You fought tooth and nail to hold on to Ridge; you even moved up your wedding to keep me from telling him the truth. And now you're telling me Thomas is your top priority."

Brooke says, "I have always wanted what was best for Thomas, even when I thought that he would have Thorne as his full time father. But I realize now I was wrong." Taylor says, "I see. But because of this new revelation you are ready to give up this man you have obsessed over for years?" Brooke asks, "Where did you get that?" Taylor says, "That is what you just said." Brooke says, "No, I said that Ridge deserves to be with his son. You think I was talking about ending my marriage? No, Taylor, Ridge *is* my husband and he going to stay my husband."

Taylor asks, "What was all this talk about Ridge and his son sharing a special bond?" Brooke says, "I meant every word, but Ridge doesn't have to be married to you to be close to his son." Taylor says, "So you just came here to tell me you approve of Ridge seeing Thomas every other Saturday?" Brooke says, "Ridge is his father and he is going to want to spend equal time with him... and I support that." Taylor says, "Oh, I am sure." Brooke says, "I came over here to reassure you. I thought you might be worried that I wouldn't let Ridge spend time with Thomas."

Taylor says, "As if you could." Brooke says, "Ok, I see this was a bad idea." Taylor says, "For once we agree." Brooke says, "We are going to have to come to terms eventually." Taylor says, "I don't see why." Brooke explains, "We are going to be raising this child together." Taylor says with disbelief, "Excuse me!" Brooke asks, "Didn't that ever occur to you?" Taylor says, "We are not really having this conversation." Brooke asks, "Why not?" Taylor says, "The thought of you having any say with the upbringing of my child is extremely unpleasant, not to mention extremely unlikely."

Brooke comments, "You are really unbelievable. I told you from day one that Ridge would never leave me." Taylor says, "You are entitled to your opinion." Brooke says, "No, I am entitled to a lot more then that. Ridge is my husband - and before you go off saying I tricked him into marrying me, let me tell you something. Ridge is going to stay with me because he is my husband and because he is happy; and he is the happiest he has ever been in his life. Ridge is not going to leave me for you or anyone, so you may as well accept it. Yes, Thomas will have a father, but you are not going to have a husband, at least not mine."

Eric is at Jonny's. The dogs are barking and he tries to open the door. Through the window, he sees the knife on the floor. Jonny thinks it is Rush, but then he realizes it isn't him. He makes a sound and Eric hears him.

Rush asks Lauren, "You want your space, is that it?" Lauren says, "I wish things could be different. I don't like hurting you, and I owe you so much." Rush says, "You owe me your life." Lauren says, "I guess I do. I was a wreck when I met you after what Rush did to me in Greenland. He was such a monster and you rescued me from those memories. If it weren't for you, I might still be curled up in a ball, afraid to face the world." Rush asks, "You mean after what Rush did do to you?" Lauren answers, "Yes!" Rush asks, "What about what you did to him. You called him a monster, but he has feelings like everybody else." Lauren asks, "Why are we talking about this now?" Rush says, "He loved you and you used him." Lauren warns, "You stop right there." Rush says, "No, I am not going to stop. I see it clearly. You used him to get to Eric, to get him jealous... like you are doing now." Lauren orders, "I want you to leave!" Rush replies, " I don't think so, Lauren."

Eric calls out, "Hello, is anyone in there?" Jonny is hollering through the tape, "Help me." Eric busts down the door in." Jonny mumbles, "Thank god." Eric just stands there, staring.

Lauren says, "Please, I don't want any trouble." Rush says, "Well, you already got it." Rush starts taking off his shirt and Lauren says, "What are you doing?" Rush tells her, "I didn't travel halfway around the world to get blown off." Lauren asks, "What are you talking about?" Rush asks, "C'mon angel... aren't you putting the pieces together now?" Lauren says, "No, what are you talking about?" Rush jerks his tee shirt off; he says, "Maybe this will help you." His scar is showing. Lauren is in shock, Rush asks, "Miss me, baby?" Lauren cries out, "Rush!" Her mouth flies open.

Jonny says, "Help me." He is mumbling with tape over his mouth. Eric jerks the tape off his mouth and Jonny says, "We've got to find Lauren." Eric asks, "Where is she?" Jonny says, "I don't know, but she is with Rush. He's back and he's alive. He tied me up, took my identity.." Eric says, "I was just at her apartment. I thought he was you. He was acting strangely." Jonny says, "She is bound to recognize him and he will kill her. Eric, we've got to get to her." They rush out the door...

Brooke says, "Taylor, you must know how happy Ridge has been in our marriage." Taylor says, "He said something." Brooke says, "If you love him - and I know you do - you won't take that away from him." Taylor says, "Oh, we are back to that. I am supposed to sacrifice so you can have life the way you want. You know, if it weren't for you, we would still be married." Brooke says, "But you are not." Taylor responds, "No we are not, but that is because of your manipulations."

Brooke says, "I am not the one who told him that the baby was Thorne's." Taylor says, "No, you are the one who convinced him I left to be with someone else. Then you tricked him into bed; that is the reason I broke up with him and I didn't tell him. I thought he slept with you. And you knew it didn't happen and you never told anybody the truth. And you knew it - you certainly didn't tell me and you sure didn't tell Ridge. So don't give me this garbage that destiny brought the two of you together, because it wasn't destiny. It was lies, *your* lies."

Brooke says, "It doesn't look like either one of us is going to give up here." Taylor replies, "No!" Brooke says, "I guess we will have to leave it up to Ridge and that is fine by me." Taylor says, "Me, too!" Brooke comments, "One of us is going to have to lose, and it won't be me." She leaves.

Thursday, April 09, 1998

Grant and Macy are enthusing over their "incredible" wedding. Everyone enjoyed the wedding and the party to follow except for one person, he says. Despite Macy's attempts to get him to come around, Grant is still not comfortable with Jonny. He knows how much everyone wants him to get along with the man in Lauren's life, but he just can't trust him.

Eric and Jonny are on their way to find Lauren and Rush. Eric places a 911 call asking the police to hurry over to Lauren's penthouse right away. A woman's life depends on them getting there in a hurry, he explains. Jonny prays his brother doesn't get suspicious since there is no telling what he will do.

In the penthouse, Rush tells Lauren, "That's right, baby. Rush is back in the world." Lauren can't believe he could have survived the crossbow. Rush tells her that he had a reason to survive; he had to get back to her. "I've waited so long for this," he tells her.

Brooke goes to Ridge's office, where he is working late. They talk about what a devastating week they have had. Ridge tells her that things will get better now that Rick is on the mend and commends her for holding up under pressure, but Brooke tells him that he was her strength during the ordeal. She still needs him, she explains; the separation is killing her and she begs him to come home.

Jonny and Eric continue to race to the apartment. "Hang on, Lauren, we're on our way," Eric says.

Macy tells Grant that he is over-reacting. The phone rings and it's Sally; she hates interrupting the newlyweds but she just had to tells them about Eric stopping by for Jonny's address. It seemed so strange and is now wondering if maybe Eric is right. Macy tries to calm her mother down, and Sally apologizes for interrupting. When Macy hangs up, Grant points out to her that someone else is concerned besides him.

Rush observes that Lauren is afraid of him; he can see it in her eyes. But now he is ready to pick up where they left out and no one is going to get in the way, not Eric and not Jonny. Lauren asks what Rush did to his brother, but Rush only laughs at her. He tells her how much he wants her. Lauren tries to pull away from him. When she does, she runs to the phone. "You shouldn't have done that," Rush shouts angrily.

Brooke and Ridge talk about his coming home. He says it isn't so simple, but she reminds him that he has responsibilities; they are a family. Ridge tells her that he hasn't forgotten that they are married, but he needs more time. Brooke tells him that life is too precious and they are so fortunate that he shouldn't let so much time go by without making a decision. She doesn't think that they should just leave their life in limbo. He says it will be until he decides what he wants. "Just listen to what your heart tells you," she advises.

Ridge reminds her that he has Taylor and Thomas to think about as well. Brooke says she is not asking him to ignore that; she just wants him to remember he has a marriage. What about Taylor and Thomas, he asks? Brooke reminds him of the vows that they took. "I need you and my life isn't complete without you," she pleads. "Can you look me in the eye and tell me it is over?"

Macy explains to Grant what Sally told her; she says that Sally and Eric are concerned about Jonny. Grant says that it is Rush that they should be worried about. Macy exclaims that Rush is dead, but Grant tells her that they had better hope so or Lauren is in deep trouble.

Rush tells Lauren that she isn't going to call the police. She asks him to leave her alone, but he says he knows she wants this. They are too much alike. He tries to get close to her, but she fights him off. Suddenly, Eric and Jonny burst in the door. Rush is angry; he grabs Lauren and places her between him and the other men. Eric tells him to take his hands off of Lauren.

Ridge tells Brooke that he can't say that he doesn't love her anymore. "Then what is holding you back?" Brooke asks. He answers that he has a son now and she should know what that means to him better than anyone. She tells him that she would never keep him from his son. She tells him about how she was wrong to be threatened by Thomas as she was, especially after holding him. She was wrong and she believes that she and Taylor can work something out. "Our relationship can withstand anything... we can't give up. I ask you one more time, please, come home," she pleads. Ridge is silent, She heads for the door. As Brooke leaves the office, Stephanie comes around the corner and watches as she wipes tears from her eyes.

Jonny tells Rush to get his hands off Lauren as he rushes toward his brother. They start fighting and Lauren rushes to Eric. Rush grabs a vase and hits Jonny over the head, knocking him out. While Lauren pleads for him to stop, Eric strides in and begins fighting with Rush. Rush almost knocks Eric over the balcony. Eric dodges just as Rush rushes toward him. Missing Eric, Rush goes over the balcony, screaming as he falls. Lauren rushes to Eric and Eric holds her, saying, "It's all over now." Jonny looks on as she is comforted in Eric's arms.

Stephanie tells Ridge that she saw Brooke leave and she was upset. Ridge points out this is a difficult time for them, and not just because of Rick and Bridget. Stephanie reminds him that he is married and she knows he doesn't take that lightly. She realizes that he is concerned about the children, but they are Eric's responsibility. Even though he has been a wonderful influence on them, Eric is more than capable of looking after his children. Ridge tells her that he loves those children, and Stephanie acknowledges that they love him back, but now he has his own son. Ridge needs to focus on him.

She hopes Brooke isn't using the children to fight for him. When Ridge tell her that she isn't, Stephanie remarks that she is still fighting for him. It is a marriage that should never have taken place, she says. She knows that he will do the right thing and no matter whether he gets a divorce or an annulment, the family is counting on him to take care of Taylor, the woman he really loves, and his son. "In my heart I know you will do the right thing," she says as she leaves.

Friday, April 10, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys...

It is night and Ridge stands by the window deep in thought. He holds a picture of Taylor, Thomas and himself. "I'm married to Brooke; but I have a son with Taylor," he remarks. "I can't live like this much longer. I have to make the most difficult decision of my life, and soon."

The phone rings and it is Taylor. She asks if she can stop by in the morning and bring a special little someone. Ridge says sure, but he has to stop by to see Rick. So, Taylor offers to stop by first thing; she has a reason. She wants to give him more Daddy lessons. It is time he changed Thomas' diaper for the first time, she says.

Brooke is trying to sleep, but Rick calls out for his mother. He is having pain and needs a pain pill. Once Brooke has him settled down, Amber calls out. She was trying to get a glass of water. After Brooke gives it to her, she tells Brooke that she is the best. "No," Brooke answers, "you are the best. You saved my son's life. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call."

Once she is back in the bedroom, Bridget comes in, asking if she can stay in the room with her mother. She wonders where Ridge is; she hasn't seen him for days. Brooke tells her not to worry; everything will be just fine.

In the morning, Katie comes in with a breakfast tray for Brooke. She sends Bridget out to get dressed for school. Brooke tells her that she didn't get enough sleep. Katie can't believe that Ridge would leave her alone like this to handle everything alone. Brooke makes a feeble excuse, but it doesn't appease Katie. Here her sister is, playing Florence Nightingale and becoming sleep-deprived while Ridge is out somewhere getting his head together. The only thing Brooke is worried about is Taylor and Stephanie using this time to turn Ridge against her.

Taylor and Thomas arrive at Ridge's door. Taylor tells him that Thomas just made a present for him. She then gives him a lesson on cleaning up the baby. Stephanie stops by. She tells him that taking care of a child is a lifetime job; you learn plenty, but you never get tired of it. As Ridge takes Thomas on a tour of the house, Stephanie and Taylor exchange satisfied smiles.

Rick and Amber are having breakfast in his room. He tells his Mom that he can not wait to get out of the bed. Bridget walks in and tells him that she can't wait either. "Mom was up all night," she says. She had to sleep in the bed with their mother, she says. Rick is surprised; where was Ridge? Was he out of town? Brooke hastens to tell him not to worry about Ridge; worry about getting well, she says. Rick announces that he is going down the stairs to dinner tonight. When Brooke sees Ridge, he wants her to tell him. He will freak out, Rick predicts! Brooke tells Amber that she needs to go out for a while, so she should look after Rick. Rick says, "Don't forget to tell Ridge!"

Ridge looks down at Thomas and says he loves holding his little boy; he is a miracle. "He is mine; he is a part of me, the best thing that has ever happened to me." Rick thinks that his mother was really out of it. What is going on?

Taylor is preparing to leave; she knows that Ridge has plans for the day. What plans? Stephanie asks. He tells his mother that he is going to stop by to see Rick. "Rick will appreciate it," Brooke says from the door. She tells Ridge that they need to talk. In private, she says pointedly to Taylor and Stephanie.

Rick is worried about his mother and Ridge. "You know, relationship stuff," he explains to Amber. "Something is not right."

Taylor tells Brooke that they are busy right now. Brooke once again tells Ridge that she needs to talk to him alone. Stephanie suggests that she wait until they are finished, but she refuses. "Then say it in front of us," Stephanie tells her. Brooke turns to Ridge and says, "This is the most difficult time of my life. I know Rick is getting better, but before, at the hospital, you were so loving and supportive to me. I understand that you need time, but life goes on. I have children at home and I need you there! My children are asking questions. They wonder where you are. What do I tell them? Do I say that you are debating whether you want to spend your life with us? Or do I make up something until you decide? We are husband and wife; we said vows. You have an obligation to me and to my family."

"What are you saying, Brooke?" Taylor asks.

Brooke tells Ridge, "Before I came here, Rick asked me to tell you something. He is determined to come down to dinner tonight. He is doing this for you, to see the look on your face. He is excited! We all want you there with us, all the time. Dinner is at 6:30. We expect you to be there. When you walk through the door, I will know that you are willing to put all of this behind you and let us be a family again. I will see you tonight," She finishes and walks out the door, leaving Ridge just standing there.

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Week of 04/13/98 - 04/17/98

Monday, April 13, 1998

Ridge is in his office as he glances at his wedding photo with Brooke and the kids. Eric enters and Ridge immediately asks his dad if he is OK after his recent ordeal. Eric assures his son that considering all things that happened with Rush, he is okay. They embrace. Ridge confides that he is struggling with a decision - he has two families and both of them need him. He can't keep the kids and Brooke hanging on anymore. But at the same time, he explains, Taylor is an incredible woman with his only child. He wants his child to grow up with two parents in the same home. The problem is that when he said his marriage vows. he meant them, and he just didn't marry Brooke because he couldn't have Taylor. His feelings go a lot deeper than that.

Taylor thanks Maggie for coming by to chat. She knows that Brooke is fighting for her family, but questions if she should have also given Ridge an ultimatum. Taylor feels that she has too much pride for that and she can raise the child on her own if she has to. Maggie suggests that Taylor give Ridge another option in the arena. Taylor leaves and Maggie stays to watch Thomas.

Brooke and Katie are going over the dinner menu for tonight. Brooke says that she didn't mean to pressure Ridge, but the kids have been asking questions. Ridge needs to make a decision, she feels. Brooke answers the doorbell thinking it could be Ridge showing up early; but she is is annoyed to see Stephanie standing in her doorway. Stephanie assures Brooke that the children will always have support from the Forrester Family and Brooke is using the kids to force Ridge into making a decision. Stephanie states that this is plain wrong.

Brooke feels that there is nothing wrong with Ridge living up to the commitment he made at their wedding with the vows they took, or his honesty in dealing with their relationship. "Don't you dare talk to me about honesty and commitment!" says Stephanie, pointing out how Brooke hid the truth about Thomas from her own fiancee.

Just then, Katie steps in and sounds off to Stephanie to stop it; she has been listening to the whole thing and can't stand another minute of it. How dare Stephanie speak to her sister about commitment? They depended on Ridge and they need him back, Katie explains. She states that Brooke is up all night with her sick son and up early in the morning with Bridget. Stephanie replies that honesty has always been a choice to take. Ridge has a child now of his own and Brooke should not expect him tonight for dinner, and for god's sake, Brooke should not tell her kids to expect him either. Brooke is sure that Ridge will be there tonight and he wont let her down. After all, tonight they are going to start over again.

Ridge is upset because somebody is going to get hurt. He tells his father that he doesn't know who it should be, "my only child, or two kids that I have come to love as my own and their beautiful mother?"

After Eric leaves, Taylor drops by. (Ridge isn't getting much work done, huh?) She wants him to make the right decision for himself. Ridge thanks her for the support. She gives him another dinner option for her house tonight, also. If he shows up, then he will commit to her and Thomas forever. Taylor says that she trusts in his decision-making ability. They can get through this together and life can be wonderful and simple again for them, like the days when they ate take out chinese food in front of the television set.

Ridge remarks that Taylor is such a clever woman and he loves their little boy. He states that she is special to him. He questions why they let their wonderful life together slip away. She gives him a long simple kiss goodbye," Thomas and I will be waiting," she says.

Back at the beach house, Taylor has set a beautiful dinner table. "I know he loves me. We are going to finally be a family tonight," she says to herself.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

Katie and Brooke prepare for Ridge's arrival. Katie asks, "Oh any, preference on the wine?" Brooke says, "Burgundy, 90 proof; that is what Ridge likes." Katie says, "I know and no lumps in the potatoes." Brooke says, "Don't worry about the lumps, Ridge says it adds character." Katie says, "Ridge *is* a character." Katie leaves, and Brooke goes to the phone. She calls Ridge and says the table is set and dinner is cooking. Ridge asks, "Brooke, is Rick still planing to come downstairs? I don't think he should be out of bed this soon." Brooke says, "I will talk to him about it, but he is really determined to come downstairs; he want to impress you." Ridge says, "He doesn't need to impress me." Brooke says, "He is a teenage boy and you are his role model; please don't make more out of this. I am not asking you to give up your son. Thomas is as special to us as he is to you. We are here; you are the father and the moment you walk through that door we will know you are here to stay. We will see you at dinner, ok?"

Taylor is talking to Thomas and she says, "Daddy is going to sit right there and Mommy is going to sit here and you will be sitting here with us right here... I still haven't decided what I am giving daddy for dessert." There is a knock at the door and it is Stephanie; she just wanted to stop by and see how dinner preparations are coming along. She asks to hold the baby and Taylor says, "He has been so content today." Stephanie says, "Oh, he has?" Taylor says, "It as though he senses that something special is going to happen."

Stephanie says, "Well I think he does." Taylor says, "He may sense. I am nervous and excited. This is the night I been waiting for, I have been dreaming about this." Stephanie says, "Well, it's going perfect." Taylor says, "I am sure Brooke is hoping the same thing." Stephanie says, "Don't worry about Brooke." Taylor says, "I'm not, it's just the thought of the children sitting there waiting for him to show up." Stephanie says, "This is the best thing for those children; with Ridge out of the house they will get a chance to reestablish their relationship with their father."

Taylor says, "You sound certain of that." Stephanie says, "I am. It will be the best thing for Rick and Bridget to be with their father, as it will be for Thomas to be with his natural father. Well, I came down to help; what can I do?"

Taylor says, "I don't need any help, everything is fine." Stephanie says to Thomas, "All right then, maybe I should give you back to your mother and let you get to the last minute preparation for the evening." Taylor says, "I just feel so nervous, as if it was my wedding day. I just hope nothing goes wrong." Stephanie says, "Nothing is going to go wrong. I just wish I could be here and see the expression on your face when he walks through that door and tells you he is going to spend the rest of his life with you and this precious little baby. I will call you later." Taylor says, "I might not answer." Stephanie says, "I wouldn't be offended."

Brooke goes to Rick's room and asks, "What are you doing?" Rick says, "I am just practicing getting around; I want to come to the dinner table tonight." Brooke says, "You know that is not necessary. Ridge would come up here and you could eat off of TV trays." Rick says, "No way, Mom. I want to completely surprise him." Brooke says, "Why is it so important for you to surprise him?" Rick says, "After all the things you guys have done for me, do you have to ask?"

Ridge is in his office packing his things to take home and Bridget is standing at the door watching him. Ridge says, "Bridget, what are you doing here?" Bridget says, "I thought I would stop by and see how you are doing." Ridge says, "I haven't been available lately, have I? Come, sit down. How are you doing and how is gymnastics?" Bridget says, "I am ok. I've got a meet in a couple of weeks. I hope you will be there." Ridge says, "What are you talking about, of course I will be there." Bridget says, "I was kind of worried." Ridge says, "Hey you can count on me. How are things at home?" Bridget says, "Ok." Ridge says, "They could be better."

Bridget says, "I miss you, Ridge. We all do. Mom has been pretty sad lately; it's probably because she hasn't got a lot of sleep. She has been up a lot with Rick, we are having a special dinner for him tonight... never mind." Ridge puts his hand on her head and says "Bridget, "I want you to know that you and your brother and your mother are very important to me. I know these are tough times now, but I know they are going to get better." Bridget says, "You promise?" Ridge says, "Yes, I promise." Bridget says, "Well I better get home. Katie is going to probably want me to set the table. You get your work done." Ridge says, "I will, I am glad you stopped by." Bridget says, "Me, too." he hugs her. Bridget says, "I love you, Ridge." Ridge replies, "I love you too, kiddo." Bridget says, "Bye." Ridge says, "Bye." She leaves.......

Back at Brooke's, Rick tells his mom, "I think I want to look cool tonight; Ridge is always." Brooke says, "You don't have to do that." Rick says, "Mom, get with the program; you know Ridge always looks nice. I don't want to come down to the bottom of those stairs and look like some geek." Brooke says, "You do want to impress him, don't you?" Rick says, "Well you know if you were in my shoes and you were struggling to walk you would want to do it with class." Brooke says, "I just don't want you to strain yourself." Rick says, "Like he has never strained himself for us, Mom?" Brooke says, "He doesn't expect this." Rick says, "Just do me a favor; when he brings up the car crash, and I am sure he will..." Brooke says, "What's that?" Rick says, "Don't try to bail me out." Brooke says, "When have I ever done that, huh?" Rick says, "Ok, I am going to try and pick out a black shirt; that is the kind of stuff Ridge digs."

Taylor is brushing her hair and there is a knock at the door; it is Maggie. Taylor says, "Already?" Maggie says, "A major disappointment, huh." Taylor says, "Well!" Maggie says, "Don't answer that; I am not going to be here that long. You look beautiful and look at this elegant table setting." Taylor says, "All I need is the man." Maggie says, "Is there any doubt he won't show up?" Taylor says, "I wish it was a sure thing but it isn't."

Ridge is in his office. Stephanie walks in and says, "Well, it will get better." Ridge says, "That's funny, that's what Brooke once told me." Stephanie says, "She was right." Ridge says, "Mother, you better be careful; you may start believing in some of the things she says." Stephanie says, "Believe it or not, I do. I can even believe why she does the things she does." Ridge says, "Why? Because of insecurities, impulsiveness and greed?" Stephanie says, "Yes, but also her general concern of her children." Ridge says, "Oh, you will give her that will you." Stephanie says, "She is a misguided mother, but not a bad mother."

Ridge says, "Misguided, huh?" Stephanie says, "Oh, yes; but for whatever reason, she has convinced herself that you are indispensable to her children, and you are not. Let me tell you something about children; growing up, they relate to one another, especially ones Rick and Bridget's age. They look to their cousins, their siblings, about the things they can't talk with their parents about. That is the way you were; you used to talk to your brother and sisters and that is the way it is going to be with Rick and Bridget, even Thomas. What I am worried about is if you live with Brooke and raise her children, it is going to create animosity and they won't relate to one another very well. That's why I don't want you to go to dinner at Brooke's tonight. Have I given you enough to think over?"

Stephanie says, "I am sorry you have to go through this. I saw Bridget leaving the building." Ridge says, "Yes, she was here." Stephanie says, "I am sure she adores you, and she and Rick - the both of them love you dearly and they will continue to love you, even if you live with Taylor and raise that baby. They will understand as they continue to grow. They will understand that the baby needs you now more then they do. If anything, they will respect you for it. If you do the right thing, everybody wins. But if you don't, everybody loses." She kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

Brooke comes down the stairs all dressed up and Katie says, "Oh, that is perfect." Brooke says, "We will see." Katie says, "In that, he won't be able to resist you." Katie leaves the room and Brooke says, "If he shows up." Bridget comes in and says, "Hi, Mom." Brooke says, "How was your day?" Bridget says, "I stopped by Forrester before I came home." Brooke says, "Did you see Ridge?" Bridget says, "Yeah!" Brooke says, "Did he say anything about dinner tonight?" Bridget says, "No, Mom, he didn't." Rick says, "All right everybody, here I come."

Stephanie goes to see Eric; she kisses him and Eric says, "So what have you been up to?" Stephanie says, "Nothing out of the ordinary." Eric says, "Nothing out of the ordinary?" Stephanie says, "So what you been up to?" Eric says, "I had a talk with Ridge." Stephanie says, "I had one of those too." Eric says, "You were lobbying for Taylor, no doubt." Stephanie says, "No, I wasn't lobbying for anybody. Now look, the decision has been made; it is out of our hands so let's not get into it." Eric says, "What do you mean the decision has been made? You know what he is going to do?" Stephanie says, "There is no doubt in my mind."

Ridge looks in the mirror and says, "You know what you've got to do, my friend, so go do it."

Eric says, "So you think you know what decision he is going to make." Stephanie says, "Well he has a baby he loves and also the mother of the child, so is there really any choice?" Eric says, "So you think the decision will be based on a blood relationship, I assume." Stephanie says, "No, I think it depends on you." Eric says, "Me?" Stephanie says, "Yes; look, you have two children you love and you have always been there for them. And Ridge knows that and that is what is going to tip the scales." Eric says, "You might very well be right." Stephanie says, "Plus he is not going to abandon his own child." Eric says, "No, he will not certainly not; but Stephanie, he doesn't have to give up his marriage to Brooke to be a good father. This is not going to be based on either one of the children, but Ridge and two women and which one he loves more." Stephanie says, "Yes, but he is going to have to choose, isn't he?" Eric says, "Yes, and I wouldn't want to speculate on which one he chooses."

Maggie tells Taylor, "I want you to relax, take a couple of deep breaths. Ridge is going to be here." Taylor says, "Thank you, Coach." Maggie says, "You are going to have a beautiful night. Now make some beautiful memories." Taylor goes back inside and looks around, wondering.

Rick is coming down the stairs and Brooke says, "Oh honey." Rick says, "Mom, everything is cool." Brooke says, "I just don't want you to fall." Rick says, "I won't, don't worry." Brooke says, "Ridge is going to be so proud of you." Rick asks, "Where is he anyway?" Brooke says, "He will be here, I am sure." Rick says, "No, he wouldn't want to miss my big moment." Bridget says, "He will be here." Brooke stands there wondering. Bridget says, "Let's go put on some music." Brooke says to Katie, "Ridge has to show up for the kids." Katie says, "He will." Brooke says, "He should have been here by now." The door bell rings..... Rick says, "All right, it is Ridge!" Everybody is smiling......

Taylor says, "Everything is all set; if Ridge would only get here... He will, this is our night; our night to begin our life as a family." There is a knock at the door. Taylor says, "Now that is what I have wanted to hear."

It shows a double picture of Brooke and Taylor starting to open the door.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Eric is getting a neck massage from Stephanie as they talk. Eric says, "That feels so good." Stephanie says, "Anytime." Eric says, "After you finish you can get me a pot of coffee and some Danish." Stephanie says, "Anything for you, my darling." Eric says, "My, are you in a great mood tonight. I just hope you aren't setting yourself up for a fall because it could go either way." Stephanie says, "I would say Ridge is walking in Taylor's front door right now; want to bet $50.00? And you will have the chance to get closer to your children as it should be. I hope you are as happy as I am about that."

Taylor says, "This is our night, our night to be a family." There is a knock at the door.... Taylor says, " That is exactly what I wanted to hear." Taylor opens the door and it is James. Taylor asks, "What are you doing here?"

James says, "I brought the latest journals to you; I thought you might want them." Taylor says, "Not tonight, I am expecting company." James says, "Why don't I drop these off and I will get out of your way?" Taylor says, "Just put them on the counter." James notices the table set for two and James says, "Oh, I see you really are expecting someone."

Brooke says to Katie, "He should have been here by now." The doorbell rings and Rick says, "That's Ridge." Brooke starts to the door but Rick says, "Mom, let me get it. I want him to see me walk again. Man, is he going to be surprised." Rick opens the door and Ridge is there. Rick says, "You made it." He hugs him." Bridget says, "I knew you would come." Brooke is smiling.....

Eric tells Stephanie, "Look, a part of me hopes that Ridge will end up with Taylor and the baby, but I am worried that you are convinced that is what he is going to do." Stephanie says, "Honey, when you look at the choices he has..." Eric says, "We are not going to... just sit down and listen to me. I am telling you it could go either way." Stephanie says, "You do, but you and I both know how he feels about Taylor. Do you think he is not going to want to raise his own his child?" Eric says, "I am telling you that I have two children and we have a good relationship." Stephanie says, "You and I both know how he feels about Taylor." Eric says, "Could we both stop speculating?" Stephanie says, "Ok!"

Rick says, "Just wait until you see what Mom has for dinner." Katie says, "Bridget, help me finish." Rick starts down the step and Ridge tries to help but Rick says, "It's ok, I can make it." Ridge walks over to Brooke and Brooke says, "Thank you, Ridge; it means a lot to those two, and it means a lot to me too. Thank you." She hugs him. Rick is standing at the table and says, "Wow, that smells great." Ridge says, "So what is on the menu tonight?" Brooke says, "Just a family meal."

Ridge says, "I hope it means your famous gravy." Brooke says, "Oh yes, all over everything." Rick says, "So Ridge, what do you think of the new threads?" Ridge says, "You look good, but I am more impressed that you even got out of bed." Rick says, "I wouldn't have missed it." Brooke says, "So should we say the blessing?" Rick says, "I will say it." Brooke says, "All right." They all join hands.

Rick says, "Thank you, God, for the food, and for Mom and Katie for preparing it, and especially for Ridge - he has been working so hard. And oh, one more thing; please bless my sister with a brain, although that is asking a lot." Bridget says, "Mom!" Brooke admonishes, "Rick!" Rick says, "Amen." Bridget says, "Gee, you needed a mouth transplant." Ridge says, "I think its about time you two guy both ease up." Katie says, "What are you two guys smiling about?"

Bridget says, "Its good to have Ridge riding on us instead of Mom." Ridge says, "By the way where is Amber?" Brooke says, "She didn't feel like coming downstairs tonight." Rick says, "So where have you been?"

Taylor tells James, "Yes I am expecting someone; Ridge is coming for dinner." James says, "Oh really? I won't have time to play with Thomas." Taylor says, "He will be here any minute now, but I want this to be intimate." James says, "I 'm sorry." Taylor says, "You can come by and play with Thomas tomorrow." James says, "Goodnight, have fun." Taylor says, "Goodnight!" James leaves.....

Brooke says, "Ridge has been very busy at work." Rick says, "Doing what - designing dresses for half the women in California?" Ridge says, "A lot is going on Rick, and a lot is going on with you, isn't it? You want to talk now?" Rick says, "You're talking about the car wreck? I want you ti give me a couple of days; I know what I have done was real stupid and I am not trying to put you off, Ridge." Ridge says, "Ok, but we are going to have to discuss this." Rick agrees. Katie says, "Now school children, the time has come." Rick says, "I don't have school." Bridget says, "Rick, the adults might want some time alone." Rick says, "Omelets in the morning." Bridget says, "Yeah, with your spinach and bacon and cheese." Ridge says, "Only if the two of you help." Bridget says, "All right. Good night, Mom, good night, Ridge." Ridge says, "You too, kiddo." she comes over hugs and Ridge. Rick says, "It's great to have you back." Bridget says, "I knew you would be here for dinner." Ridge says, "How could I have refused?" Brooke is watching Ridge and says, "Goodnight you guys......."

Taylor is laying the baby down and says, "I was hoping you would be awake when your daddy got here." There is a knock at the door. Taylor says, "Finally." A messenger says, "Are you Taylor Hayes? I have an envelope here for you." Taylor says, "Just don't let it be from Ridge." She opens it and reads, "Taylor, I am sorry. I couldn't make dinner. I will explain later. Ridge." Taylor says, "Oh no, he can't do this to me." She is crying....

At Eric's, the phone buzzes; Megan summons Eric to a meeting, so Stephanie stays behind. He leaves and the phone rings; Stephanie says, "Hello." Taylor says, "I need you, Stephanie. He did it to me again. Does he get some enjoyment?" Stephanie says, "Where is Ridge?" Taylor says, "I don't know, he sent a note by a messenger." Stephanie says, "You mean he went to Brooke's. All right, I am on my way, just stay calm."

Brooke says, "You made two children extremely happy tonight." Ridge says, "They made me happy too." Brooke says, "They were so worried that you weren't going to show up and I was afraid I was going to have to explain everything to them." Ridge says, "I would never do that to you, Logan." Brooke says, "I know, but everything has been so crazy around here." Ridge says, "You have been burning the candle from both ends from what I hear." Brooke says, "Rick needs me." Ridge says, "He needs me too." Brooke says, "It's ok." Ridge says, "I am sorry about all this." Brooke says, "What matters is that you are back." Ridge says, "I am back; you know why I am back."

Brooke says, "Because we are a family." Ridge says, "Family is something I take very seriously, Brooke. I don't want either one of them to think I won't be there for them, because I am. But there has been just so much going on." Brooke says, "They realize that and so do I." Ridge says, "I love those two and I love you too, Logan; I care very deeply." Brooke kisses his hand and says, "Your hands feel like they have been through the mill." Ridge says, "I have so many lives, so many people depending on me, but I have one bad decision and their future is affected. I thought a lot about this situation a lot of different ways. I just want to do what is best for everybody, and that is what I am going to do."

Brooke says, "Me." Ridge says, "You forced me to make this decision today. I wanted more time but there is never enough time for something like this, and it really made me think, really think about the future. And now I know what I have to do." Brooke says, "I'm glad. I am glad for the children I am glad for all of us." Ridge says, "Yeah, Rick and Bridget; those two have grown to be great kids. Look at Rick; he knows how really stupid driving that car and he's willing to own up to his mistakes. You've done an incredible job, Brooke, but they are fragile. They need my presence; they are at that stage where they want to know everything. They know something is going on, and I think it is time for them to know the truth." Brooke says, "You mean about Thomas." Ridge says, "Yeah, they need to know that as much as I love them, I have another obligation - a boy, a son who is far more vulnerable then they are, who needs me more then they do. Brooke, you need to understand that, too." Brooke asks, "Ridge, what are you trying to tell me?"

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Grant is outside the new house for him and his bride, admiring the view, when Macy appears in her swimsuit. He thinks she is over dressed; she could say the same about him, but he tells her that he is planning on taking off his robe. "And what do you have on under the robe," Macy asks. Grant just smiles and Macy is shocked. "This is a public beach!" she says. "And Taylor's house is just down the beach. Suppose she goes for a walk?" Grant doesn't think Taylor is doing much walking these days with Thomas to care for.

Stephanie arrives at Taylor's beach house to find Taylor in tears. She reads the letter that Ridge sent.

Ridge tells Brooke that he has to do this for his son, but he will always be there for Brooke and the kids. Brooke doesn't want him to be just a part-time father to her children. Brooke begins to talk so much that Ridge can't get in a word.

Taylor can't believe that Ridge would do this to her again. She thought he loved her and Thomas. Stephanie can't believe it; she was sure Ridge would do the right thing.

Macy can't believe Grant would do that (he took off her swimsuit in the ocean), and it was an expensive swimsuit, she laughs. Grant tells her that he is a designer and can design her as many swimsuits as she wants. "Yes, but will you let me wear them?" Macy asks. When she repeats that she couldn't believe he did that, he says that she wasn't saying that last night. She wasn't talking about his sense of humor last night, she tells him.

Grant thinks that they have the perfect house; it is a nice house for raising children. Macy asks how many children he thinks he can handle and he tells her that the sky is the limit. Macy can't believe that she is finally going to have a family with the man she loves. They make love on the chaise lounges by lamplight.

Ridge is sorry that he is hurting Brooke. Brooke insists that she doesn't know what he is trying to say. Ridge tells her that part of her has always known that if he found out about Thomas he would be telling her this. "That is why you kept the secret," he says. Ridge tells her that he wants to be a full time father to Thomas. "He is my son and I just can't leave him," Ridge says. Brooke doesn't want to hear this but Ridge says that this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. Brooke begs him not to decide now; she was wrong to make him make a decision today. She asks him to give them just 30 days more. If he then feels the same way then she won't try to stop him.

Macy and Grant are wondering if they have just made a little boy or little girl. Macy thinks she is having her first craving, but Grant thinks it is a little early for that. But if she is the mother of his child, she can begin her cravings any time she wishes. "What are you craving?" he asks. A double chocolate malt crunch sugar cone double scoop, she answers. Grant says, "See you later," as he goes on his first ice cream run.

Taylor says she was sure that Ridge loved her and Thomas and Stephanie assures her that he does. "Then how can he stay with Brooke?" She asks. "He must love her more than he loves me," she guesses. She is regretting not telling Ridge about the baby sooner. "A year ago, he was ready to marry me," she cries. "We would have been married and together all this time. We would have been a family." Stephanie tells her that Ridge is making a mistake and he will come to realize it. Realize what? That she is a liar and a manipulator? No, Taylor says, "if he chooses her now after hearing about our child, then Thomas and I are alone; there is no future with him."

Brooke asks for just another week, but Ridge says that the decision has already been made. "NO!" Brooke cries. "I love you; I love what we have. Tonight at dinner, looking at all of you, I couldn't believe that I had to say goodbye. But I have another family and they need me even more," Ridge tells Brooke. Brooke says that that isn't true. "And I need them. I need to be a real father to my son. That means being there with him and being part of his life. I don't want to be just a visitor in his home." Brooke wonders if what they have built together means nothing. "What about us?" she asks. Ridge says it means everything---almost everything. Brooke can't believe this is happening. It has nothing to do with being angry or trying to punish her, Ridge explains.

Brooke wonders why he even bothered to come to dinner tonight. Ridge says that it was for Rick and Bridget; he owes them an explanation. Brooke accuses him of letting the kids think that everything was okay; he didn't explain anything to them. Ridge says that he will stay on long enough to explain everything to the children and to help them adjust. Brooke says that she will never adjust and neither will he, because they are a part of each other. "You just cut out my heart," she tells him. Ridge says he knows that and he is sorry, but his life is with Taylor and his son. He tells her that he wants an annulment.

Macy is relaxing on the lounge when she hears someone whistle. "You just can' t get enough of me, can you?" she asks. "Macy!" Comes an astonished voice. Macy looks around and she is shocked. It is Thorne; he tells her that he lives here. He just rented the house next door!

Brooke is shocked; an annulment! She can't believe that Ridge wants to annul their marriage. He says that there is no other way. Love is not always enough, he tells her, sadly. Brooke tries to convince him that this is wrong for her, for the children, but most of all for Taylor and Thomas. How can he be a good husband and father when his heart belongs somewhere else. Ridge says he would agree if he didn't also have feelings for Taylor, but he has loved her all along. Brooke reminds him of their vows, and predicts that Taylor will soon see that he meant those vows of love. Ridge doesn't want to talk about Taylor with Brooke. He tells her to get Katie to be with her so she doesn't have to go through this alone. He then tells her that he has to go now. She follows him to the door shouting, "Oh, Ridge; oh, Ridge." Coming back into the house, she tries to ascend the stairs, but she collapses on the stairs sobbing and crying out Ridge's name.

Friday, April 17, 1998

Taylor says to Stephanie, "I can't believe he could give us up. I thought he really loved Thomas and he said he loved me." Stephanie says, "He does. I don't know why he chose her but I am going to find out." Taylor says, "No, you can't get involved."

Darla asks Sally, "So how long is CJ grounded for this time for drag racing with Rick?" Sally says, "I think 2 to 10 years." Darla says, "Well that should give him plenty of time to think." Sally says, "Well I would hope so."

Brooke and Katie discuss Ridge. Katie says, "He didn't just come here for Bridget and Rick." Brooke says, "He said it was the best for everybody."

Over by Macy's new place, Thorne says, "I am sorry. I just came over to celebrate with my new neighbors." Macy says, "You live over there. You *are* going to try to get out of the lease." Thorne says, "I am sure going to try because this won't work."

Taylor tells Stephanie, "I could have lived without him; but now that I have Thomas I will always be reminded of him." Stephanie says, "I don't know how he could do it either, choose Brooke over his son and you." There is a knock at the door. Stephanie says, "Are you expecting anybody?" Taylor says, "No." Stephanie looks out and she says, "It is Ridge." Taylor says, "I don't want to see him." Stephanie opens the door they stare at each other.

Darla says, "Poor Thorne, he sure does have rotten timing." Sally says, "That's the way they are, the Forresters." Darla says, "Hey, you used to like him." Sally says, "Yes I did, when he was married to my daughter and I thought he cherished her and that he made her so happy. I thought he was going to be one Forrester that escaped the family curse." Darla says, "The family curse." Sally says, "A curse put on them by a famous magician that made them ruin the lives of their mate, not letting them have a relationship and making it impossible for them to have a decent life with the one they love. I guess I should be grateful to Thorne for letting my daughter go and leaving her in such a cruel way, because she is definitely doing much better without him."

Macy says, "Could you turn around?" She is standing there just with her robe, holding it in front of her." Thorne says, "Macy, we were once married." Macy says, "Turn around." Thorne says, "You know, I am really sorry; the last thing I wanted to do was to intrude on your honeymoon." Macy says, "I guess there is no harm done." Thorne says, "Where is Grant?" Macy says, "He went to get some ice cream." Thorne says, "I hate to admit I hate giving up that place next door; it was perfect. Have you seen it?"

Macy says, "I have only seen the outside." Thorne says, "I think it's a lot like yours, only I think mine is smaller." He goes inside. Macy says, "Thorne!" Thorne says, "Yes, yours is definitely bigger then mine but there are two of you. What are you going to do with the condo?" Macy says, "I sold it." Thorne says, "I wish I had known." Macy says, "Would you have wanted it?" Thorne says, "No, too many memories. I guess it is best we both start out new."

Macy says, "Yeah I think so." Grant is back but stands on the outside, listening to their conversation. Thorne says, "So how was the wedding?" Macy says, "I am sorry I couldn't ask you to stay." Thorne says, "Oh that's ok, I understood; I shouldn't have been there in the first place. I imagine he was upset, wasn't he?" Macy says, "No, I didn't tell Grant you were there." Grant is listening from outside the door as Thorne says, "Why not?"

Katie asks, "Well what exactly did Ridge say?" Brooke says, "That he was doing it for Thomas." Katie says, "Why did he even show up for dinner?" Brooke says, "He said he did it because he knew Rick was counting on him being here." Katie asks, "How could he sit through dinner and didn't say anything, how can he do this to you?" Brooke says, "He loves me, he told me he didn't want to leave me." Katie says, "So he is leaving you for the baby? He doesn't have to leave you to be a good father to the baby." Brooke says, "I know, that is what I told him; but he said loved Taylor. But he doesn't love her the same way he does me. Oh Katie, how am I going to tell the children, how am I going to tell them he is gone?"

Ridge tells Stephanie, "I want to talk to Taylor." Stephanie says, "She doesn't want to talk to you. And I don't think you want to talk to me either because I am rather angry, so it is best you go home." Ridge just stands there, looking at Taylor through the door. Ridge says, "Taylor, I want to explain." Taylor says, "I can't handle this." Stephanie says, "I think you should know. did you go to Brooke's did you have dinner there?" Ridge says, "Yes I did." Stephanie says, "Well, I think that is all she needs to hear." Ridge says, "No, she needs to hear more, Mother; this is between me and Taylor." Stephanie says, "How could you choose Brooke over this woman and your son? I know you are a grown man and you can make your own decisions, and you have gone on and made this one."

Ridge says, "Are you finished?" Ridge then turns to Taylor and calls out her name. Taylor says, "Just leave me alone." Ridge says, "I can't do that; if you won't listen to me I will camp out on your front porch, but I am not leaving here before I talk to you. Please!" Ridge then asks his mother, "Would you leave us alone, will you give us some privacy?" Stephanie says, "Is that what you want, Taylor?" Taylor says, "I can deal with it." Stephanie says, "Ok, call me later." Taylor says, "Thank you, Stephanie." Taylor the turns to Ridge and says, "All right, go ahead!"

Katie says, "I can't believe he would do this; he loves you so much. So he had a baby with Taylor; it can't erase everything you two have been through." Brooke says, "I think he feels obligated." Katie says, "It's so wrong; you guys belong together. You and Bridget and Rick, you are a family, anybody can see that." Brooke says, "Not Stephanie and Taylor." Katie says, "Then they are as clueless as Ridge is. Brooke, he is making a terrible mistake; the man adores you. I know he thinks he is doing what is best for them, but what is going to happen to Taylor and Thomas when he realizes he can not live without you? You know he can't." Brooke says, "I know he can't." Katie says, "He is just trying to be a good father, but it is the worst possible thing he could do for his son. You cannot let him go through with this."

Ridge says, "Doc!" and puts his hand on her shoulder; she walks away from him and says, "Let's get this over with." Ridge says, "Man, I should have handled this differently." Taylor says, "I don't think it would have mattered." Ridge says, "Oh, I think it would have." Taylor says, "I don't think it would have, because anyway you cut it, I am going to be raising our son by myself." Ridge says, "You are not!" Taylor says, "Oh right; you will always be there for Thomas and I know you think I should probably be happy with that, but I am not. I love you." Ridge says, "Taylor, that's not..."

Taylor says, "No, I am tired of this constant rejection, Ridge. I just want to know one thing, where is the man who told me he would never leave me and nothing could ever come between us?" Ridge says, "I am right here!" Taylor says, "Yeah, what was he doing at Brooke's tonight?" Ridge says, "Rick and Bridget needed me tonight." Taylor says, "Don't even tell me that your father's children needing you is the reason you are staying with Brooke." Ridge says, "No, I am not telling you that. Will you please listen to me? Brooke's kids don't even know that Thomas is mine; they have no idea of what is going on other then the fact I haven't been staying there. Taylor, they are scared; if I hadn't shown up there tonight... I didn't want Brooke to have to answer all these questions, especially since she don't have the answers."

Taylor says, "You went to Brooke for Rick and Bridget's sake." Ridge says, "And to tell Brooke that I decided on what I needed to do." Taylor says, "What did you say to her?" Ridge says, "I told her I would stay there with her long enough to let the kids understand." Taylor says, "Understand what?" Ridge says, "That my place is not with them, Taylor - it is with you, you and our son." Taylor says, "Me? Oh my god." Ridge says, "Yes, you." She grabs him and hugs him, and she is almost in tears him. He is holding her as tightly as she is holding him...

Brooke says, "I tried to stop him Katie, but he wouldn't listen." Katie says, "Maybe he is worried about his baby, he doesn't want to let him down. Brooke, that is why it is up to you to convince him that marrying Taylor is not going to help that boy, not when he really wants to be with you. He will never be able to forget you, Taylor is not stupid; she will see that. All there will be is tension, bitterness, arguments; that is no environment for a child."

Brooke says, "You are right; if he marries her, everybody is going to get hurt, including Thomas. How do I get through to him?" Katie says, "I don't know but you have to keep trying. Come on, Brooke, you can't give up now." Brooke says, "I won't, I won't give up. Ridge and I have gone through too much. I can't lose him now."

Taylor says, "You mean you are going to stay with Thomas and me." Ridge says, "Yeah." Taylor says, "We are going to be a family." Ridge says, "Yes we are, Doc; a family." They are kissing and she starts crying. Taylor says, "Rats, why did you make me think you didn't want me?" Ridge says, "Because I didn't want to tell you this on the phone, and I thought I would be here sooner." Taylor says, "So does Brooke know?"

Ridge says, "Yes she knows." Taylor says, "What did you say to her?" Ridge says, "I told her I was a man with two families and one needed me so much more." Taylor says, "Ridge, this can't be what we want; it has to be what is right for you." Ridge says, "This is. Taylor, you know how long I have wanted to be a father. I am now, and I don't want to do this halfway. I want Thomas to grow up with two parents in the same house who love him so much; that is what matters." Taylor says, "I do have to say something. I am thrilled you care so much for Thomas." Ridge says, "He is my son." Taylor says, "I realize he does have to be a factor, but he can't be the only reason." Ridge says, "Look, Taylor." Taylor says, "Just wait a minute, let me finish. Yes, he is your son; we are your family and we do need you. But what also matters is your happiness and mine. I can't be happy if you are with us if..."

Ridge says, "Wait, hold on Taylor - do you remember the night that we conceived our beautiful little boy?" Taylor says, "Yes." Ridge says, "All our dreams, our plans we made." Taylor says, "No, I haven't forgotten." Ridge says, "A lot has changed since then; we have hurt each other. But the way I feel about you, Taylor, that hasn't changed. I still want it, I want it all." Taylor says, "You mean we are going to be a family? Me, you and the baby." She hugs him. He hugs her and she is laughing and crying because she is so happy.....

Brooke says, "I can't give up. I am going to have you back, Ridge, I am not going to let my marriage end."

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Week of 04/20/98 - 04/24/98

Monday, April 20, 1998

Brooke is at home and the doorbell rings; she goes to the door and it's Stephanie. Brooke says, "So are you looking for Ridge?" Stephanie says, "No, I just saw him at Taylor's." Brooke says, "So now you know." Stephanie says, "Yes, but there is something I have to say." Brooke says, "Oh Stephanie, please." Stephanie says, "You won; there I said it, I have to admit it." Brooke asks, "What are you talking about?" Stephanie says, "I realize if he came here tonight to have dinner with you and your children that he has decided to recommit himself to you and your marriage. I honestly thought that after he saw what you were capable of he would have washed his hands of you. I stripped away all the lies; I think he did see you for what you are but it didn't matter. He still wants you; he has given up the love of a wonderful woman and his child to be with you."

Brooke says, "Yes Stephanie, he does want me, but..." Stephanie says, "He has made that very clear and I accept it." Brooke says, "You accept what?" Stephanie says, "I know you thought I would never say those words. I am kind of surprised I said it myself. I put up a good fight but I lost. I don't understand why my son is doing what he is doing, but you have won - so there it is." Brooke says, "I think you should go." Stephanie says, "What is wrong with you? Why aren't you jumping for joy? You got what you always wanted; you have Ridge." Brooke says, "Stephanie, No I don't!"

Thorne asks Macy, "Why didn't you tell Grant I was there the day the two of you got married?" Grant walks in and says, "Macy." Thorne says, "I guess you are surprised to see me here." Grant says, "Yes, I am." Thorne says, "I am your new neighbor. Weird I know." Grant says, "Yes, I know." Thorne says, "I mean out of all the houses on the beach, the one I that would open up would be beside you." Grant says, "Nice place." Thorne says, "Exactly what I was looking for." Grant says, "Yes, beach houses are in high demand down here; be kind of tough to find something else." Thorne says, "Yeah, no doubt."

Grant says, "That is, if you can get out of your lease." Thorne says, "I put up a huge deposit." Grant says, " Well I am assuming you will show up in a couple of days and say hey, I am stuck out here." Thorne says, "This is awkward for all of us. I will do my best." Macy comes and asks, "Everything ok?" Thorne says, "Yes, everything is great, but I need to get going. I am sorry to interrupt your evening, so good night." Macy says, "Goodnight!" Macy says, "So what happened?" Thorne is listening on the outside as Grant says, "Nothing, but I need for you to explain something to me. Why didn't you tell me Thorne was at our wedding?"

Ridge is holding Thomas while Taylor is on the phone, trying to let Stephanie know that Ridge did not choose Brooke. There is no answer, but Ridge says she will find out soon enough. Ridge is talking to Thomas and says, "Your grandma is going to be doing the happy dance - you want to see that?" Taylor says, "Grandma deserves to do the happy dance; she had more faith in us then we did." Ridge says, "Maybe that is something we should work on then." Taylor says, "Yes we should." Ridge says, "I remember a lot of things being married to you." Taylor says, "Good things I hope." Ridge says, "All good things."

Taylor says, "Those were the happiest times of my life up until now; but now we have our baby and have everything we dreamed about then." Ridge says, "Long time coming." He kisses Taylor and the baby makes some sound. Taylor is laughing and says, "What was that?" Ridge lays the baby down and says, "I guess I have to be leaving soon; you do understand why I am doing this don't you, staying at Brooke a few days?" Taylor says, "I understand; to dump this news on Bridget and Rick it would be cruel. But I know Brooke will also be there and I know she didn't accept your decision. Which means she is going to do everything she can to keep you from leaving, and I really have to ask you how you're going to handle that."

Brooke says, "No, Stephanie - I don't have Ridge. Not because he doesn't want me, but because you and Taylor made him feel obligated to his son." Stephanie says, "He's left you? He's left *YOU*?" Stephanie is shocked... she says, "So he is at Taylor's house telling her they are going to be married again, that they are going to be a family again." Brooke says, "You can go anytime now, Stephanie." Stephanie says, "This must be very difficult for you, the end of an obsession." Brooke says, "This is not an obsession, it is a marriage." Stephanie says, "Well whatever it was, it is over." Brooke says, "It isn't over. He still loves me." Stephanie says, "Obviously not; I actually thought coming here he had chosen you over Taylor, but he didn't." Brooke says, "Stephanie, he didn't choose Taylor. He chose his son. He is doing this for Thomas and Taylor is using that baby to trap him."

Stephanie says, "You know, I am not surprised to hear you say that, because that's what you did; she doesn't have to do that. She has earned his love and his respect by being the kind of woman she is: loving, generous, good-natured. She deserves a man just like my son, but you never did; I have always known that, and now I guess finally Ridge knows that too."

Ridge says, "I'll deal with Brooke." Taylor asks, "How?" She then tells him, "Hey, I am excited about what's happened with us, but that hasn't stopped me from knowing how difficult this is for you. I know you had your mind set on spending the rest of your life with Brooke and you can't cut your feelings off. But Brooke knows that and she is going to play on that; she is going to try to make you feel guilty, try to make you feel sorry for her." Ridge is silent and Taylor realizes, "She already has." Ridge says, "I don't need any help feeling sorry for Brooke, she is in one hell of a situation."

Taylor says, "Ridge, she knew what she was getting into. She knew what the consequences might be. Look, I'm not trying to talk you out of feeling the way you feel; and if staying in that house is what you need to do for Rick and Bridget then I support it." Ridge says, "You're something, do you know that? I am not going to drag this out. It won't be good for any of us, so I'm going to talk to the kids in the morning." He kisses Taylor, who says, "Hey, Ridge, wait. I trust you. This is our time. How many years have we been dreaming about being a family? And now it is happening, and I have faith that you won't do anything to jeopardize that." He hugs her, rubbing her hair.

Thorne is still listening as Macy says, "So I gather you heard me and Thorne talking." Grant says, "Yeah, and I am surprised you didn't tell me. What was Thorne doing at our wedding?" Macy says, "Thorne didn't know it was our wedding; he just came by the Insomnia to talk to me, that was all." Grant says, "When was that?" Macy says, "When I went back to get dressed; we talked, I told him what was going on and he left." Grant says, "That was it? If that was it, then why were you keeping it a secret?" Macy says, "I am not; it was not a secret. I just didn't think it was a big deal, so why are you making such a big deal about it?" Grant says, "It's a big deal because he just happened just to show up a few minutes before you walk down the aisle. And then he just happens to get the house right beside us." Macy says, "I know how it looks; it's a coincidence. Look, I had my suspicions too." Grant says, "There you go. You had the same suspicion too. So why do you pretend you don't know what's bothering me? You were thinking the same exact thing as I was: Thorne wants you back." Thorne is still listening from outside...

Macy says, "Honey I am sorry I didn't tell you; it just didn't come up. You know what? We talked about you. I was telling him how wonderful you are and how happy we were, so you have nothing to be jealous about." Grant says, "Macy this is not about jealousy, this is about us - we are a team and you are supposed to be honest with me." Macy says, "I am." Grant says, "No, completely honest. Is this the way things were when you were married to Thorne - you hid things from each other?" Macy says, "That's not fair." Grant says, "No it's not fair; it's not fair to me and it's not fair to us. Now are you still going to stand there and pretend like you don't know what I am talking about?" Macy says, "Grant, don't do this." He leaves, leaving Macy shaking her head.

Ridge is talking to the baby and says, "Daddy has got to get going, but pretty soon I am going to come back here and stay with you and Mommy, and go for walks on the beach, build sand castles, swim in the ocean... what do you think of that?" The baby laughs like it knows what he is saying. Taylor says, "It sounds perfect; we are going to have a beautiful life." Ridge agrees. He kisses her and says goodnight, and Taylor follows suit. Ridge says, "Goodnight to you, Thomas. I will see you tomorrow, yes I will." Thomas makes some baby sounds. Ridge gets his coat and puts it on. Taylor says, "Ridge!" Ridge puts his hands around her face and says, "I know what I want, Taylor. This is it." He kisses her again.

Brooke says, "Ridge is making a terrible mistake; he doesn't love Taylor, not the way he loves me." Stephanie says, "I agree; the love they share is healthy and not being coerced and manipulated." Brooke says, "Stephanie, he won't be happy with her, or doesn't that matter to you? You don't care if your son is happy or not, as long as I am unhappy. What kind of mother are you?" Stephanie says, "I am the kind of mother who cherishes her family and her family's good name - and I had that until you showed up in the picture. And then everything went right out the window, didn't it - my family, my good name? It became husband against wife, father against son, all because of you and your total lack of morals. Well, that's over isn't it? There's going to be no more lies, manipulations, and no more babies pulled out of hats. You have had your day, so now it's done. I am going to finally get to put my family back together again."

Brooke says, "What about my family, Stephanie?" Stephanie says, "You never really had a family - you only stole other families. I am sure you will continue trying to do just that and you will pursue Ridge; but let me tell you, you can pull out all the old bags of tricks you want and buy all the sexy lingerie you want, but it won't work. He doesn't want you anymore." Brooke insists, "He loves me!" Stephanie says, "You keep telling yourself that. You are part of our past now, and it is past I just want to forget very quickly. Good-bye, Brooke." Stephanie leaves and Brooke is crying.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Brooke awakes in her pink silk pajamas to realize that Ridge has slept in the guest bedroom last night. "My husband is leaving me. Oh God, I can't believe our marriage is ending. Rick is going to be stunned. All I ever wanted for those children was to have a happy loving family. What kind of example have I been? I can't let it end this way, not like this." cries Brooke sitting in front of her mirror.

Ridge has come out of the shower and thinks in front of the mirror about how difficult it is going to be when he tells the kids he is leaving. Amber walks in on Ridge, who becomes modest and throws a towel over his tushie. Ridge knows that Amber is in the loop with her info about his leaving and the split with Brooke. He questions Amber about Rick and Bridget and how much they really know. Amber says she has not said anything, but those two kids look up to Ridge like a father. She questions if he could work things out. Amber questions if it is worth tearing apart his family and then she leaves.

James drops by Taylor's, since he found out Ridge is going to spend his future with his pal and colleague. Taylor confesses that Rick and Bridget will know everything this morning after Breakfast. James knows the kids will be devastated, regardless of outside support from the family and their father Eric. The fact that the kids will be impacted from this decision worries James, although Taylor tries to justify that Ridge needs to be with his son Thomas and that everyone will be there for the kids.

Rick and Bridget are downstairs trying to fix the breakfast table. They are too busy kidding around, so Amber enters and tells them to settle down. Rick says if he spends one more day in his room he will go crazy. Bridget notices that Ridge and Brooke haven't come down yet; Rick thinks that his mom and her hubby are upstairs smooching, which is why they are late for breakfast.

Brooke is looking at photographs on the bed while crying at a great family moment. She wants to wait for the children's sake and not tell them this morning. Ridge feels the sooner they do it, the better. Brooke is crying that she is going to hurt the two people she loves the most in the world all because she did something wrong. Ridge assures her that she is a wonderful mother and he has other responsibilities now. He has a tiny little baby that is depending on him and he wants to raise him with two parents under the same roof. He tells her that he doesn't want to hurt the kids, and either way somebody will get hurt; but they can't keep going on like this. The kids have to be told that he is Thomas' father and he is leaving. He is sorry, but the decision is made and they are going to stick with it. Ridge hugs Brooke.

Ridge and Brooke come down. Rick wants to know why it took so long for his them to come down for breakfast. Bridge declares that she got an A in history after studying with Ridge for the exam. Ridge gets all mushy and says he knows how lucky he is and there have been many ups and downs, and how every moment they spent together as a family is precious. They can all get through anything together and he has something very important to tell them. He requests that they all go into the living room. Amber goes into the kitchen and Brooke is worried that this is the moment she doesn't want to live through. Ridge assures them it wont take long, but it is important........

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

Brooke is waiting for Ridge to drop the bomb on the kids that he is leaving. Ridge tells them he has something very important to tell them. Bridget thinks they are in trouble or did something wrong. Ridge says this concerns the whole family and they need to be aware of it. Brooke interrupts him because she has something to say.

Macy and Grant are chatting about Thorne. Grant is still upset and Macy insists that all that matters is that they are married and in love; nobody can change that not, even her ex-hubby. They are building a life together and that is the only thing that matters. She wants to have fun making a baby. They decide to make the most of her clock ticking.

Eric is working with Henry (the guy who runs the sewing room) and a model and he asks for Thorne, only to find out from Henry that his son cleaned out his office. Stephanie comes in to see Eric and he asks her about Thorne. She explains that she and Thorne had a disagreement and he feels that he needs to take a break from the family. Eric wants to talk to him. Stephanie tells Eric that in the meantime, Ridge has made a decision. Eric's first instinct is to think of the children; but Ridge belongs with his own child, Stephanie insists.

Eric is angry because he knows how Stephanie feels about Brooke. "My two kids are going to be hurt. They have grown to depend on Ridge," he explains. Stephanie insists that his children will cope and lays all the blame on Brooke. "She got them into this, so she will just have to get them out," she says. Eric insists that Brooke can't be the only person to help get the kids through this; they all will. People are going to be hurt and those kids are young, he points out. Stephanie insists that she loves his kids and would never turn her back on them.

Brooke interrupts Ridge and says she wants all of them to hear her out. She says how lucky she and Ridge are for being parents and having them in their family. They are all Forresters and they will stick together as a family, she states. She goes on and on about how what wonderful children they are and how proud she is to have them. She explains that family can get separated sometimes and there is nothing they can do about it. Ridge and she will love them always, she reminds them. There are things that are out of their control. They won't lose sight of how important they are together, she states, and Ridge says that is true.

Rick then points out that Bridget has to get to school... plus, he has a surprise for them and takes off his robe. He is ready to go back to school, he announces, since sitting around has made him crazy. Amber offers to drive him to school and so the chat gets put off until tonight. Ridge hugs the kids.

Macy helps get Grant dressed and he offers to come home later for a snack. They kiss. Then Grant pays his next door neighbor a visit. He tells Thorne that his place is off limits and there are two million homes in LA, and it is crap that Thorne just happens to rent the one next door. Grant wants an explanation.

Ridge is upset that he couldn't do it with the kids' trusting eyes looking at him. He states that when most people break up, they usually can not wait to get out. He has so many wonderful memories in that house, which makes it that much harder to leave. Still, he has to thank Brooke for what she said. Brooke pleads with him to have breakfast but he has to go. Outside the door, Ridge seems to have second thoughts about leaving, as Brooke is inside, in tears.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

Taylor is in Ridge's office and they are kissing. Ridge says, "Wow!" Taylor says, "I thought you could use that right about now." She then asks Ridge about his morning. Ridge begins to tell Taylor about his disappointing morning; it sure wasn't what he expected. First the kids made breakfast for him, then Rick made the announcement that he was going back to school. With everything that was going on, he just couldn't tell the kids that he was leaving. Taylor is shocked and disappointed to hear this.

Macy takes a break from unpacking and gives Darla, dressed in cutoffs and short top, a tour of her new home. Darla is wowed at the house and the surroundings. "The thought of living here with my new husband and starting a family is more than I ever dreamed," Macy says. "So you guys are working on having some kids," Darla muses, to which Macy responds, "If you want to call it work." She tells Darla that there are even other children and expectant mothers in the neighborhood. When Darla asks who lives in the house next door, Macy asks her if she would believe that it is Thorne Forrester. "Oh, my," she says. "The plot thickens. What does Grant think of this?"

Grant accuses Thorne of not being able to let go. Out of all the houses in LA, Thorne just happens to end up next door to him and Macy. "Pretty amazing, isn't it?" Thorne laughs. Grant wants to know how he just happened to show up on their wedding day, but Grant says he only wanted to talk to Macy; he didn't know it was their wedding day. Thorne wonders if Grant feels threatened by him, but Grant says Thorne doesn't threaten him; it bothers him that Thorne is following his wife around and that bothers him. Thorne insists that he isn't following his wife around; he had no idea that they had bought the house next door or he would be living on the other side of the country. That sounds like a good idea to Grant, but Thorne says he can't just leave; he signed a lease and put 50 grand down and it is non-refundable. Thorne thinks that Grant should be the one to move, but Grant says that they bought their house. This is where they are going to raise their family, and he and Macy plan to have a large family. Thorne tells him that his large family will have "Uncle Thorne" living next door, because he isn't going anywhere.

Thorne says that he is not going to hit on Grant's wife even though the thought is interesting. He doesn't think Grant is the right man for Macy, but that isn't his problem. Grant thinks that Thorne doesn't get out enough. He asks whom, beside Taylor, Thorne has dated since divorcing Macy. Before they can argue further, there is a knock at the door and Thorne introduces Grant to Kim, his date. After Grant leaves, Kim wonders what that was all about? Thorne says, "He is a jealous husband who thinks I am after his wife." "So now he thinks I am your girlfriend?" Kim asks. Give the poor fool a break, Thorne says. Thorne asks Kim where she wants to "do it." She says that the deck works for her. Thorne says, "You don't know how bad I need it," to which she responds, "I think I do!"

Macy admits that Grant was not thrilled to find Thorne living next door, but Macy defends Thorne, saying that she doesn't believe he knew that they lived here when he rented the place. Darla feels sorry for Thorne, calling him a "lonely man." Macy says that he only wants some solitude, as well as some answers to his life, and that is why he moved to the beach. Darla asks how Macy would feel if she started dating Thorne; Macy tells her that she doesn't think Thorne is ready for dating. As Macy looks over toward Thorne's house, she says, "Wow! Check it out!"

Taylor can't understand it; Ridge didn't tell the kids that he was moving in with her and Thomas. Ridge says that the timing wasn't right. The kids were in such a carefree mood that he didn't want to spoil it for them. So what does this mean? Taylor wants to know. Ridge says that it means that it is going to be a lot harder than he thought; Taylor reminds him that it won't get any easier if he keeps putting it off. Taylor wonders if he is still committed to telling them at all.

Ridge assures her that he is still committed to her and Thomas; he will tell the kids---soon. Taylor says that the kids need to know the truth; until they do, they are living in an unreal situation that is unhealthy. Meanwhile, it is killing her to see Ridge have to go through something so difficult. The thought of how devastated Rick and Bridget are going to be when they hear the truth is horrible---depressing---to imagine. But, she says, the act that he and Brooke are putting on will only make it worse when they do hear the truth. Taylor also thinks that Brooke is going to take advantage of this time to try to lure him back every way that she can.

There is a knock on the door and Jonathan says that he has what Ridge wanted: the papers that will end his marriage to Brooke.

Kim is giving Thorne a massage and he is enjoying every bit of it. She says that he still has the best body she ever worked on. Thorne says it feels pretty beat up; he wants her to work her magic and don't go easy on him. "Since when have I ever done that?" she asks.

Macy asks what Darla is looking at; Darla says it is Thorne and "WOW! What I wouldn't give to be that lady right now! What a job! This is like a scene out of Baywatch!" Macy tells her that she shouldn't be watching; this is a violation of his privacy.

Kim continues the massage. Darla comes out of her clothes; wearing only her bikini now, she says that she can't take this any more. She is going over to Thorne's place. When Macy tells her that she isn't going to do that, Darla marches off in Thorne's direction. "You might not want to watch this," she warns. Macy stands there looking dismayed---or is it jealousy?

Kim places a cool wet cloth over Thorne's eyes then continues the massage. Darla comes up beside Kim and motions for her to step aside. Darla then begins to rub Thorne's chest. Thorne offers to pay for another hour, but Darla offers to pay him. Thorne grabs for the cloth; seeing Darla, he is confused and asks what she is doing there. She definitely isn't dressed for a night at the theatre, she laughs. She tells him that this is the first time she has ever seen him without a shirt on. Thorne tells her to take a good look, because she may never see him like this again. They begin to converse and, later, laugh together. Back on her deck, Macy is watching and wondering, "What is she doing over there?"

Ridge reads over the annulment papers; what if Brooke doesn't sign, he asks? Jonathan says that if she won't sign, they still have enough for the annulment; it will just take a little longer. Ridge is sure that she will sign. After Jonathan leaves, Taylor says that after all this time, they are going to have a life together. Ridge says that he made a commitment to her and Thomas and he is not backing away from it; the only thing standing between them is a signature on this paper. Taylor asks him to get her to sign it soon; don't drag it out any longer than he has to. She wants him to be happy and she thinks he will be once they are together. "So do I," Ridge agrees, "all I have to do is get over this hurdle and we will be with our beautiful baby. We can watch him grow up together; we won't shut out Rick and Bridget, as they can still be part of our family." They embrace.

Friday, April 24, 1998

Picking up the annulment papers as he is leaving the office, Ridge says that the time has come; there is no sense putting it off any longer.

Brooke is once again looking at her wedding pictures. "He loves me, but these pictures mean nothing to him. Do I mean nothing as well?" She remembers how Ridge gave her the ring during the wedding ceremony. "With this ring, I thee wed and with this token I pledge our constant and everlasting love," he said to her. Then the minister pronounced them husband and wife. "He does love me," she whispers. "He is going to come back to me."

As she puts the pictures away, there is a knock on the door and Katie enters. She wonders if her sister is okay, but Brooke insists that she is fine. Katie tells her that she is there for her for as long as she is needed. "We can make the kids understand why the marriage didn't work out," she assures her sister. Brooke insists that she is not giving up on the marriage. She has to come up with a plan and quickly. She has to do something before Ridge tells the kids about Thomas. "If Ridge leaves me and marries Taylor," she says, "it will be the biggest mistake of his life." Katie observes that he is trying to do what is best for everyone but himself. Brooke says that Thomas isn't going to benefit by having Ridge live with him while he still loves her. She has to get through to him today.

Taylor is in Ridge's office leaving him a note when Stephanie comes in. She tells Stephanie that Ridge hasn't told the children yet that he is leaving and that he has a child with her. Stephanie observes that Brooke has bought herself another day, but Taylor points out that time is running out. He is still sleeping there, but only for another day or two. She tells her that Ridge had annulment papers drawn up and this pleases Stephanie.

"What is going on over there?" Macy wonders as she looks toward Thorne's house. "This is so embarrassing! I have to get over there!"

Brooke tells Katie that her marriage was good; it was the purest, deepest unconditional love. She is sure that Ridge has never shared this deep experience with Taylor, no matter how close he says that they are. If she could have just one more night with him, they could share their love the way it has always been for them. Since they are still married, it isn't that much to ask for; they need to just set aside their troubles and rediscover that love again. Then he wouldn't leave her; she knows that!

The doorbell rings. As Katie goes to answer it, Brooke tells her that if it is Ridge to tell him to come up here.

Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge has gone to Brooke's house to ask her to sign the papers. Taylor explains that according to Jonathan, even if Brooke won't sign, Ridge can still get the annulment. Stephanie reminds her that since he is still sleeping there, Brooke isn't going to let him go. She will pull every trick in the book. Taylor assures her that even if she tries, Ridge is committed to her and to Thomas. He just told her this less than an hour ago. No matter what Brooke tries to pull, he would never give in because, if he did, he couldn't come back to her and he knows it.

Brooke tells Ridge that she wanted him to come up because she wanted them to have some privacy. Ridge agrees that he wants the same thing.

When Thorne apologizes for giving Darla the once over from head to foot, she says that she liked it. Let's go out and have some fun, she says. Before Thorne can answer, Macy walks up. She tells Darla that she thought she would be on the beach by now, but Darla answers that she was just hanging out with Thorne. I thought you were on your way to work, she says. Macy then lies and says that Sally called and wants her, Darla, back at work right away. As she leaves, Darla tells Thorne to "think about it." Thorne laughs and thanks her for the offer.

"The offer?" Macy asks. Thorne says, "You know Darla, always working." Macy tells him that she tried to keep Macy away; she told her that he needed his privacy. Thorne says that she doesn't have to feel responsible for him. He also tries to reassure her that he really didn't know that she lived here. When Macy says she believes him, Thorne makes a point of pointing out that her husband didn't buy it.

Brooke tells Ridge that Bridget is at gymnastics and Rick is at a student council meeting; they won't be home until late. She observes that Ridge seems kind of down; Ridge answers that he is. Brooke suggests that if he is down about the kids, then they don't have to say anything to them tonight. Ridge disagrees; the kids have to know, he states. Brooke tells him that the kids will never be ready to hear what he has to say, but Ridge tells her that at the present, he has something else on his mind. "This is the last thing I thought I would ever be asking," he begins... but, he is. The time for finding fault is over; things are what they are. "I have a beautiful little boy that needs me. The last six months with you has been a blessing and I have never been happier. But, regardless of all that, . . ."

Brooke interrupts. "What do you mean, regardless of all that? You just said that things have never been better. We have never experienced such joy in our lives. There can't be anything more important than the things we have shared."

"But there is, Brooke," Ridge tells her. "There is a little baby that needs to have his father with him. That is more important. Because of that, we have to end our marriage. I don't want a divorce; there aren't any grounds for a divorce. We are perfectly matched. But if I had known about Thomas, there would never have been a marriage. That is why I am asking you to do the right thing and sign this." He hands her the papers. "An annulment!" Brooke is shocked as she looks at the papers Ridge has just handed her.

Thorne tells Macy that Grant came over earlier. He isn't going to try to come between the two of them, but he isn't going to lie and say he is over her. He isn't; he will always love her. Letting her go was the biggest mistake of his life. Macy touches his face, sadly and walks away.

Handing the papers back to Ridge, Brooke says, "If I sign these papers, that will mean that our marriage never existed. All the things you just spoke about, the happiness we shared, our family, all of that never existed. Can you look at me and tell me that that is true?"

When Ridge admits that he can't, she tells him that he shouldn't give up the happiest time of his life. If this is all about Thomas, then there has to be another solution. Ridge tells her that he has looked at this in every possible way and this is the only possibility. He can not be at peace living anywhere but with his child. He asks her if she could be at peace living away from her children. He can't bear to think of his child being raised by one parent and that is not him. He can't just sit back and watch is son grow up without a father. That is one thing he doesn't want to live with. The only solution is this, he says as he holds up the papers again.

Brooke asks him if Taylor can fulfill him, especially after all the love that they have shared. Without answering, Ridge begs her not to make this any harder than it already is. Just sign it, he pleads.

"No," answers Brooke. "I have just one last request before you walk out of my life. If I have to, I can raise Rick and Bridget alone, but I need love to heal the pain of what is going to be the biggest sacrifice of my life. I want you to heal that pain, Ridge. I need to share our love one last time. So my last request, the request of a wife to her husband is to please make love to me one last time."

Kissing her hand, Ridge just stands there looking at her.

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Week of 04/27/98 05/01/98

Monday, April 27, 1998

Brooke makes a tearful request of Ridge to make love to her one last time. He kisses her and then backs away and pleads for Brooke to stop. She says no matter how many times they both try to move on and be happy with someone else, they always find their way back to each other. They were meant to be, she insists. Brooke thinks that Ridge will spend the next 50 years with regrets and he is heading for disaster if he does not admit what she is saying is true. She feels that the memories will haunt him with everything that they have shared together in their past.

James hangs up with his mother in law on the phone (after asking her to tell Sheila he loves her) when Rick drops by to chat about his mom. Rick knows that Brooke is really down about something and wants James to talk to her. He explains that Brooke seems sad and depressed, which doesn't make any sense to her son.

Over at Insomnia, CJ (out from his being grounded for good behavior - a comment which Amber can't believe) joins Amber at a table. He sees she is down and asks what is wrong. She says he will probably find out anyway soon but makes him promise not to tell Rick; after he agrees, she tells him that Ridge and Brooke are getting divorced. She knows that Bridget and Rick will freak and she feels like she is waiting for a bomb to drop. CJ hopes the Forresters will change their minds.

Amber knows that Rick is going to be very upset. CJ feels that they have to tell his pal Rick. He knows exactly what it is going to do to his friend, because his parents slip up also; he comments that it doesn't matter when or how it happens, it is a terrible thing. Rick is going to be like a human pinball getting jerked around the whole time by Ridge and Brooke with their love life, he says. "Man, this sucks," comments CJ.

James asks how Rick is doing and comments that he knows that Rick has good instincts about his mother because they are so close. Rick admits that is true - he thinks he is probably even closer to Brooke than Bridget, since he is older. He then comments to James that his mother is in trouble and he can feel it. He feels that when she married Ridge it was her chance to live a normal life for a change. He guesses that Stephanie, who is always calling his mom a gold-digger without justification, has something to do with it and cannot stand this bad stuff happening to his mother. James tells him that bad things can happen to good people and to be supportive of his mother.

Ridge explains to Brooke that this is the hardest thing he has ever had to do. He says that Brooke deserves better than this and he wants her to move on with her life. He gives her the annulment papers to make a fresh start. Brooke can't sign the papers because they have a marriage with feelings, and a piece of paper won't change that. Ridge may be able to repress his feelings, but she won't hide her feelings from Ridge. Ridge says that she doesn't have a choice and he can go ahead with the annulment, even if she doesn't sign the paper. He insists that this is the way it has to be and he isn't going to change his mind. If Brooke doesn't go along with it, she will be waiting for something that will never happen.

Brooke takes the annulment papers and lights them on fire, placing them in the wastepaper basket. She tells Ridge that she is committed to him and always will be. Ridge leaves............

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

Amber spots Rick by the hot tub outside and says to herself that she hates living in the same house as him and keeping secrets. Rick explains to her that he went to see Dr. Warwick today to ask him some advice about his mom and to find out about why she might be acting funny lately. He's especially worried about James' comment that bad things sometimes happen to good people. Amber mutters that Rick knows his own mother better than she does, so of course she hasn't noticed anything lately. Rick says his mom has been depressed and he believes that if something is wrong, then you need to fix it. Amber says, "There are some things you just can't change."

CJ is in his mother's office at Spectra. Sally finds it odd that he chose his first day of freedom after being grounded to come to the office instead of being with his best friend. She asks him if he and Rick had a falling out. CJ tells her he found out that Ridge and Brooke are splitting up and he promised he wouldn't say anything to his friend. "It is like the guy never gets a break." explains CJ. Sally knows that her son had hoped she would get back together with Clarke his father. She explains that she couldn't protect CJ from the divorce any more than he can protect Rick from getting hurt.

Eric is in his office at Forrester Creations looking at a picture of Rick and Bridget when he announces to himself that they are the two best kids in the world. Bridget comes to his office for a visit and she also has a cat with her, that she named Cleo. She wants to talk Ridge into letting her keep the kitten. She tells her dad that Ridge came to dinner last night, so she guesses that everything is back to normal. Eric tells his sweetheart that sometimes things change and for the worse. He questions if his daughter has really gotten used to always being disappointed in life. He wants her to remember that she can always talk to him and he is there for her.

CJ tells his mother that he knows the divorce is going to hit Rick hard. He tells Sally that she is a good mom and he felt so sad for her when she was alone and so furious at his dad. Rick doesn't deserve to go through this, says his friend. Sally replies that it can't be helped and sometimes it just happens. Sally is proud of her son for being strong.

Lauren comes into Eric's office. She finds it not as exciting as in the past, when she had to sneak into the building. She tells him that Jonny is back east making funeral arrangements for Rush. Lauren then reveals that she has brought Eric a basket of chocolate chip cookies to say thanks for saving her life yet again. Eric tells Lauren that his daughter is going to be so devastated when she finds out that Ridge is leaving. Lauren thinks it is crucial his kids find out about this right away from the right source, so Eric should talk to Ridge immediately... OR IS IT TOO LATE?????

Rick questions why his mom doesn't tell him what is wrong and what the deal is. Amber offers to be there for him if it turns out to be something bad or just to talk. Rick realizes from that comment that something is up and he wants her to tell him what is going on. Amber first tries to avoid the question; but after Rick practically pries it out of her, she states that his mom and Ridge are splitting up; Ridge said so himself and she is soooo sorry. Rick is in a state of shock. He asks if she is serious and then questions how Ridge could do this to his mother. "The bastard! You think he feels bad now. He is not going to get away with this and hurting my mom!" Rick runs off as Amber has a worried look on her face.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Ridge tells himself that he can't put it off anymore; Rick and Bridget have to be told that the marriage is over. He picks up the phone in his office to call Brooke. Brooke suggests that they wait a little bit longer until they tell the kids. Ridge is afraid they might find out from someone else and he is on his way over now to discuss with her how to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, just off the elevator at Forrester comes Rick. He uses his ID card to sign in and asks the security guard if Ridge is in his office. Rick goes to Ridge's office and closes the door. "You bastard. You are leaving us, aren't you!?!?!" he begins.

Amber brings CJ into her room to tell him that she let it slip out about the divorce and that Rick took off. She is worried he will go out and do something crazy. She finds out that Rick is in the office with Ridge after calling over to Forrester. CJ tells Amber, "Face it, Amber; the guy just dumped Rick's mom. It is going to get ugly. His family is breaking apart." CJ then continues to tell Amber the entire Brooke and Ridge saga (which he knows from what his mom has told him - she's practically a Forrester encyclopedia according to CJ) about how they met when she was in college. He adds that as soon as they get close to putting something together, something happens to their relationship. Rick is tired of seeing Brooke get jerked around, CJ explains.

Bridget comes home, hiding Cleo the kitten under her denim jacket. She wants to keep the cat and knows that Ridge would never say no to her mother. She makes a plea that the kitten needs a family, doesn't it? Bridget is sure that Ridge will love the kitten once he gets used to it, and it is good practice to have it around the house for when mom and him have their own baby one day. Bridget understands that her mom is upset and thinks it is still about the miscarriage.

Back in Ridge's office, Rick lets him have it. He accuses, "Answer the question- are you leaving us? What is the matter with you? You told my mom you loved her and married her. And now you are going to leave us? What the hell is wrong with you? It doesn't mean you can cut and run. Stick around and work it out. She doesn't want you to go does she? You took vows. You don't get a chance to change your mind. That isn't the way it works. You made a commitment, so now be a man and stick to it. You think you could do better somewhere else? You will never find another woman better than my mom. She would do anything for you."

Ridge tries to explain that the last six months being part of the family have been the happiest in his life, but it has to end. He hates what this is doing to his mother and tells Rick that he meant every word that he said back then. He continues to remind Rick that there was a time when he was going to marry Taylor. But then she got pregnant with Thorne's child, Rick remembers. Ridge then tells him that Thomas is not Thorne's child, but his own. He hasn't known very long and he had a decision to make between two families he adds.

Rick is livid. He shouts, "Taylor is not your family. She is just some woman you went to bed with! Oh my God - poor Mom. No wonder... why should she have to pay for your mistake? You can still stay and be a good father. Tell me you won't go through with it." Ridge reminds him about his son and Rick responds, "You split up my parents. All of sudden you feel a sacred bond between father and son? What was mom, just a substitute? Mom was really happy for the first time in years." Ridge says it is something he has to do. Rick thinks that Ridge believes his mother is a toy and she can be thrown away. "You forget about Taylor!" Rick orders.

Brooke thanks Bridget for trying to make her feel better. Bridget tells her to keep the faith, just like Brooke has always told her to do. She tells her daughter that sometimes there are things they can't control and faith just isn't enough. She tells Bridget to always count on her and they hug.

Thursday, April 30, 1998

"So you messed up and got Taylor pregnant," Rick lectures. "You made a mistake; make it right, but you can't hurt Budge and Mom because of that. You aren't breaking up our family, Ridge. Mom deserves some happiness and you are the only one that can give it to her. I'll see you at home." Rick turns and marches out of the office, leaving Ridge speechless.

James goes to see Brooke because he is concerned about Rick. "He is worried about you," James says. "He senses something is wrong. He is very protective of you. Have you told them yet?" Brooke admits that she hasn't told the kids yet, mainly because she wants to get thought to Ridge that he doesn't have to leave her to be a father to Thomas. If she can only convince him before he tells the kids!"

"I already know, Mom," Rick announces from the doorway. "He told me the truth, that Thomas is his son. He thinks he is going to leave us."

Ridge calls Taylor. After asking about his son, he makes a date with her for tonight at the private dining room. She tells him that she can't wait!

Taylor is getting ready while Stephanie visits. "He is finally coming home," Taylor says. Stephanie is happy for her; it is what she always wanted.

Ridge and Eric talk. Ridge tells him that Brooke wouldn't sign the annulment papers, but his father isn't surprised. He tells his father that he told Rick and he didn't take it well. "He really blasted me," Ridge says. "He was trying to protect his mother and his sister. I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders." Eric thinks he knows what Ridge is going through.

"He told me everything," Rick continues. "I can't believe he is trying to pull this on you, Mom." "What did you say to Ridge," Brooke asks. Rick says that he told him that he has no right walking out. After telling them to call if they needed help, James leaves. "What is Ridge trying to pull?" Rick wants to know.

Brooke tells him that he doesn't know the whole story. She explains that when they got married, she knew about Thomas and didn't tell Ridge. She thought Thorne and Taylor were going to marry and raise Thomas as their own, so like a fool, she kept the secret. Ridge says that he believes her, but none of this makes any sense. The bottom line is that she and Ridge belong together. "So he had a kid with Taylor! That is no reason for him to walk out on the family," Rick states.

Eric reminds Ridge that he was once married to Brooke. He says that her love is an all-encompassing love that fulfills one in every way. Leaving her was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He only left her because he realized that as much as she cared for him, she would ever only love one person---Ridge. Besides, Eric tells him, there has always been something so right about the two of them together. However, the one thing he has always regretted is that he walked out on his family. Eric says that Rick lashing out at Ridge was his way of trying to fight for his family. He explains, "He knows that if you leave his mother, she will be devastated. He is trying to spare Brooke the pain and emptiness she will feel for the rest of her life." Eric says that he would never wish this pain and emptiness on her---or Ridge---because he knows that Ridge will never forget Brooke. She will always be a part of your life---always a part of you.

Taylor is looking forward to an incredible night.

Brooke tells Rick that this is a complicated situation, but Rick tells her that it isn't complicated. "You two belong together; it is destiny." He says that he isn't a kid any longer; he knows things. One thing he does know is that it is unfair what she has had to go through. Gathering her son into her arms, Brooke says, "What would I ever do without you?" He tells her that he will never leave her.

At private dining room Taylor is the first to arrive. She is told that Ridge just called and he is on his way.

Stephanie tells Eric that Ridge is having dinner with Taylor in the private dining room. Eric warns her that he doesn't think things will work out as she expects. He thinks that Rick made an impact on Ridge. He has never seen Ridge so torn in his life. Stephanie hopes he is wrong because Taylor will be devastated.

Ridge arrives. Taylor rushes into his arms and they share a kiss. He tells her that she looks incredible. She says that she has waited so long for this moment; the night they both have been waiting for has finally arrived. They hug.

Friday, May 01, 1998

Taylor and Ridge embrace at the private dining room. Taylor says this feels good, being in his arms again and this is how it is supposed to be. She tells Ridge that they are all a family now as he kisses her.

Stephanie and Eric are on what seems to be their main topic of conversation - Ridge and Taylor. Eric is again trying to warn Stephanie not to get her hopes up, but Stephanie tells Eric that Ridge won't change his mind; he would not do that to Taylor again. Eric says that he thinks that Rick got through to Ridge and convinced him that if he left, Brooke and the kids would be devastated. Eric then drops a big bomb on Stephanie by informing her that the marriage has not been annulled and that Brooke did not sign the papers

Grant watches Thorne work out next door. Macy says that she heard he paid Thorne a visit the other day. Grant questions how she would know that. Macy explains that she and Darla went over there to say hello. Macy then changes the subject and announces that she thinks they have struck gold; she thinks she is pregnant.

Thorne's work out is interrupted by a visit from Sally, who has a few things to say. Sally says that Thorne's place has everything he needs, including an ex-wife next door. She says that she doesn't believe that in all of LA and its surrounding areas, this was the only place he could find. Looking at his current attire (or lack thereof), she wonders when he became such an exhibitionist. Will this be the uniform of the day: stripped to the waist, working out, she asks? Sally says that Macy is happily married now. She has found a real man who knows how to make a commitment. She doesn't want Thorne to try and pull anything.

She adds that she knows that the Forrester way is to try for the elusive prize. They are only interested in people that get away from them---the people that they don't have. Thorne wonders why Sally is so hostile if Macy is so happy. She says that it is because she can never trust him again. She doesn't want that little family to have any problems with him. They have plans, she explains; "You know the old saying: First comes love, then comes marriage, next comes junior in a baby carriage." Thorne gets a sick look on his face.

Macy tells Grant that she is late. It isn't official, but she could be expecting. Grant is blown away. He wonders if she has one of those home pregnancy tests. Macy answers that she does, so why not try it out?

Ridge and Taylor drink champagne after toasting to Brooke, the woman who made all this possible by stepping aside and allowing them to move on with their lives.

Eric asks what Stephanie expected, for Brooke to give up without a fight? He thinks all Stephanie wants is for his children to fade into the woodwork. She angrily tells him that she would never turn her back on his kids and that he should not dare even imply that! She accuses him of taking Brooke's side, but he says it isn't about sides. He just doesn't want Ridge to find himself down the road in two or three years, miserable because he made the wrong choice.

Ridge says that he needs to tell Taylor something. He explains that Rick knows about his plans and is very angry. He adds that he hasn't told Bridget yet. He then confides in Taylor that he didn't think it would hurt so much to do the right thing. Taylor reminds him that he knew it wouldn't be easy, but she and Thomas are there for him to lean on, and all of them will be there for Rick and Bridget.

"Are Macy and Grant seriously trying for a baby already?" Thorne asks. Sally confirms that they are and she doesn't want him interfering. She wants him to move. Thorne says he is not going chasing after Macy. Sally says she has a hard time believing him; she trusted him once, but never again. After Sally leaves, Thorne stands staring into the living room of Macy and Grant's house.

Eric tells Stephanie to back off! He wants her to stay away from Ridge! He leaves and Stephanie wonders what Ridge is doing. He can't be hurting Taylor again.

Ridge and Taylor talk about what they need to do. Taylor says that they will never turn their backs on the children; they will help as much as possible, but the majority of the help will depend on Brooke. Since she signed the annulment papers, she must see that this is the best. Ridge says that she didn't sign the papers; he hasn't moved out.

"Then why are you here? If it isn't to celebrate your homecoming, why are we celebrating? You aren't planning on changing your mind, are you?" Taylor asks.

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