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August, 1998

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Monday, August 03, 1998

Brooke is waiting for Eric in his office at Forrester Creations. She is saying out loud to herself that Pierce Peterson certainly made her feel good about herself last night, and she hasn't felt that way in a long time. Just then, Eric comes in and tells her about running into Amber at the house. He knows that she is after their son and has targeted him, and she can't be trusted as a result. Brooke can't believe it, after that girl asked for the fifty thousand dollars and accepted it to stay out of Rick's life. Rick over hears them from the doorway and comes in. He tells his parents that he finally found someone that makes him happy and he has learned so much from her. And then to lose someone like that all of a sudden without warning hurts, he adds. How could they write the check for 50 thousand dollars, he asks?

Amber shows up at CJ's to tell him that Eric flipped out last night when he saw her. Amber carries on about how she loves Rick and not because he is loaded, but because he is sweet and kind to her, yet his family acts as if she is a peasant or something. CJ tries to calm her, but she goes on about how low the Forresters are, especially since they paid her off to get out of town. "But you're still here," CJ points out. Amber says yes--and she is pregnant with Rick's child, to boot. CJ questions Amber as to if she has given any thought to how she will get herself out of this mess. He has the perfect solution--let his sister Macy and her husband adopt the baby. "What do you say Amber?" he asks.

Grant is upset about not having a child, which is everything his wife has ever wanted. How can the end be so soon, he wonders as he watches Macy sewing on a chaise lounge outside? He joins Macy, who sees he has a lot on his mind. She tells him that with a sperm donor, they will have little kids running around the house before they know it, and everything will work out fine in the end. No matter who the donor is, the baby will have a father in Grant, she reminds him. Grant just wants them to be happy living each and every moment as if it were their last. Macy asks what that means, but he simply kisses his wife passionately and walks out the door.

CJ continues to plead his case of adoption to Amber, since she does not have a job or a place to live. He asks her to picture herself nine months from now. Her life is going to be a struggle and he cares about he, he insists. He is not trying to make her crazy, he says; it is that she is just a kid herself. He questions if she really wants a child. And not only would she be doing the right thing for herself by adoption, but also for the baby. The phone rings and CJ excuses himself to answer it.

Macy is left dazed and confused by Grant's exit when Thorne comes by. He wants to know if everything is okay and if there is anything he can do. He knows that Grant just left and was upset. Macy confesses that Grant is lost and there is nothing she can do to reach him. Thorne suggests that Grant needs to clear his mind and have some fun. He has an idea; maybe they should throw a party for Grant. He offers to host it at his place and says that it would be no big deal. Macy accepts "amazing" Thorne's offer and the party is on for tonight.

Brooke explains to her son that Amber took advantage of their family. Eric adds that Rick and Amber are finished and instructs his son not to see her again. Rick storms out of the office. Eric hugs Brooke to comfort her. She says that they have to do something now, before it is too late.

Amber says that she is pregnant and thinks about a future of a rattrap apartment with laundry all over the place. She can't go out and have a social life (she is on the phone with CJ turning down an invitation), and life in general is awful with the one bedroom apartment and the baby.

But she snaps out of it and says, "Wait a minute. What am I thinking? This baby is a Forrester. That family sticks together, no matter what." In the next daydream, she is wearing a huge diamond ring and all dressed up as Mr. Rick Forrester, with a maid serving her. Eric and Brooke are all smiles and fawning all over her as the daughter in law as they talk about their grandson, Eric Forrester III. When they start talking about where they will live, Eric says that he bought them a house in Brentwood. Amber is thrilled--and she is even more thrilled when Brooke says she bought Amber a 500SX car. Amber dreams that she is accepted as family and it is a dream come true. Amber realizes that in reality, this baby is her ticket to the big time...

Tuesday, August 04, 1998

Grant is in his office sounding off to Darla again about his lack of sperm and how his wife only wanted to have a family. He is upset and doesn't know how much time he has left, and all Macy is talking about is other ways to have their family. His situation isn't going to change, he says, and eventually he will tell Macy. But for the time being, he just wants to enjoy his life with her. He asks Darla not to say a word to his wife about the cancer, to which Darla replies she won't, because he is going to tell her himself.

Thorne is all ready at his place for the party. Macy calls her mother to inform her about the party for Grant. She gives her mom the job of bringing Grant to the party and making sure it is a surprise. After Sally hangs up the telephone, she is not happy that Thorne is helping her daughter plan little social engagements. Grant comes into the office looking very sullen and is searching on the desk for some papers. Sally closes the door and wants him to tell her what is wrong and why he is so upset.

Of course Sally tells her son-in-law about the surprise social gathering to lift his spirits. She sympathizes with his problem but insists that he can't let it rule the rest of his life. Grant has to pick up the pieces and get on before it is too late, she informs him. Sally suggests that Thorne is so fixated on Macy that he can't let go, so he will break the two of them up. Grant believes that his mother in law is exaggerating and says that Thorne is not a threat. But Sally insists that when Thorne and Macy were married, they had a very special connection. She asks, "Why tempt fate? Don't underestimate the problem of Thorne." She leaves to go and get the car for the party.

Darla needs Grant but finds his office empty. Enter Clarke Garrison, searching for Grant (Why is that? This updater thought they don't get along?). He closes the door and wants to know why Macy is throwing this surprise party anyway. Darla replies that Grant has been having a rough time of it lately. Clarke says, "Yeah, tell me about it. No sperm... Ouch!" Darla says that is not the half of it but realizes she might have said too much. Of course, Clarke tries to get more information out of Darla, but she manages to keep her mouth shut. Since Clarke can't get any more dirt, they leave for the party.

Thorne gives Macy a backrub and suggests that she has the rest of her life ahead of her and to give this problem some time. What she and Grant have together is really special, he explains. Macy tells her ex-husband that he is such a wonderful friend and questions what he is getting out of this relationship. Thorne tells her that he loves the glow in her eyes.

Sally is a driving terror on the roads with all the beach traffic. She is upset about Thorne participating in the party and his venting it in what she calls "old fashioned road rage." She reminds Grant to be surprised when they get to Thorne's. Grant daydreams of Macy flipping through a baby name book, and then he interrupts and tells her the truth about the cancer. He starts to explain why he didn't tell her and how he wants whatever time he has left to spend with his wife, and not in some hospital. Grant has a tear go down his face and decides that he is not ready to tell his wife yet.

Clarke, Darla and CJ are at the party. Grant enters and puts on a fake surprise, and he tells Thorne he appreciates the party. Thorne goes to get his new pal a beer. Darla is all upset and tells Grant that Macy needs to know that he is really sick. "You are dying Grant. My God, Macy deserves to know," she tells him.

Just then, Macy calls everyone together to tell them that she has been so concentrated on having a family that she forgot that her friends and family members are so important to her. Having them here reminds her how fortunate she is to have them in her life. Grant kisses his wife. Macy tells everyone that if Saul were there, he would have been telling everyone to have something to eat. But just then, Grant replies he has something very important to tell his wife...

Wednesday, August 05, 1998

Sheila sits alone in the mental hospital, lamenting her current predicament. She still can't believe James would do this to her and says to herself how she doesn't belong here. It's all Stephanie's fault, she thinks. A guard arrives to tell her she has a visitor. As she is escorted over, Sheila is hopeful that it is James... but she is stunned to see that it's her old partner-in-crime, Mike Guthrie!

Over at Stephanie's, James plays with Mary as he thanks Stephanie for allowing them to stay there. Stephanie says it is nothing... it will be good for Mary to stay there, she claims. James is still worried that his daughter will miss her mother. Stephanie reminds him of the potential harm that Sheila could cause Mary. Here, however, Mary will be surrounded by nothing but love.

The doorbell rings and Steph goes to answer it. She greets Taylor and Ridge, who have brought Thomas by for a visit with Grandma. As they enter the living room, they see James and ask if he's there for a visit as well. Stephanie explains that James and Mary will be staying there for a while. This gets Ridge and Taylor curious as to why, so James tells them how Sheila is back in jail and has regressed. She tried to hurt someone, James explains, leading Ridge to ask, "Who?"

At the party, Grant is about to follow up on his statement that he has something to say to his wife. All eyes are on him, especially Darla's, as he thanks everyone for coming. He then looks at Macy and pauses. It looks like the moment of truth is about to arrive... but he doesn't tell her about his illness. Instead, he talks about how wonderful and limitless his love for Macy is. It doesn't matter that he can't give her a child because of those deep feelings, he explains, and he promises to make his wife happy.

Back at the mental ward, Sheila tells Mike to get out; she's not in the mood to hear him say "I told you so." Mike says he did indeed predict James letting Sheila down, but that's not important. What's important is that he cares for her and wants to help her; that's all he's ever wanted, even when he kidnapped her. Sheila finds this hard to believe, but Mike tells her not to dismiss him so soon, since she and Mary need his help badly!

Steph and James are telling Ridge and Taylor about Sheila. They begin by explaining how she came after Stephanie, herself, and then go on to say how it didn't stop there. Stephanie then explains that Sheila threatened to kill Thomas. Ridge is stunned, as Taylor holds the baby closer to her chest. "How long did you know?" Ridge asks. She tells them she knew for a few weeks. Ridge wants to know why she didn't say anything to them. "That was the threat; if I said one thing to anyone, she would go after Thomas," Stephanie points out.

Taylor says, "Why would anyone hurt my baby?" "Sheila knew how much Thomas means to me. I wouldn't let anyone harm him," Stephanie explains. Ridge asks what the hell she was after. James says she didn't like the friendship between him and Stephanie, so she demanded that they not see each other again.

Taylor says, "She was going to harm a innocent baby because she was jealous? It's crazy." Steph says that Sheila is ill and she then tells Taylor about Thomas's hair. Taylor says, "That's why you were insisting on a security system." "I couldn't tell you," Steph admits. James says Taylor couldn't have had a better protector for Thomas. Steph adds that she would lay her life before letting anyone hurt the baby." "I know you would, Mother," Ridge says as he hugs her. Stephanie adds that she would never let anyone harm their family.

Sheila says she's in no need of help since James will not keep her and Mary apart. Mike asks, "He threw you in the loony bin, and you think he will bring Mary down for weekend visits? Two words, Sheila: Full Custody! While you're in the slammer, he can get it." She stands up and says, "HE ISN'T GOING TO DO THAT! I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN!" The guard comes in and tells her to settle down or this visit is over. "Nobody is going to take my daughter away, nobody," she says.

Back at the beach party, they are serving up Maine Lobster and corn on the cob. Darla is asking Grant why he changed his mind about telling Macy about his cancer. He says it wasn't the right time to tell her. Darla says, "You built up her hopes about a family; you lied to her. That's not fair." He says he didn't lie; she is going to have a family and he will see to that. Darla mentions the donor insemination idea of Macy's. He doesn't think that is the way to go. "All you can do is to tell her the truth," she says.

He says he can do much more; "She is my number one priority, Darla. She doesn't have to worry about anything." Darla is still worried about him and Macy. He says things are fine. He is sick, Darla reminds him. He has a plan, he says, something that makes sense in this awful situation. "What is it, Grant?" she asks. Before he dies, he wants to give her the greatest gift: a child, but not from some random guy out there who is not good enough for her. "You said yourself that she needs a loving husband, someone who will be there for her to depend on." Darla says she doesn't get it. "The answer to this problem has been in front of me all this time, he says. Macy interrupts and drags her husband off for some lobster, leaving Darla without an explanation of what Grant has in mind.

Mike tells Sheila about the parole hearing tomorrow. She didn't know anything about it; Mike tells her that he has a friend in records and he told him about it. He wants to know if she has a lawyer, since she had better be ready to do battle with the board. "They can't do this," she says. "Yes they can. Stephanie will be there, blabbering on about how a wacko you are, and what James wants is Mary," Mike explains. She says, "I am not that woman anymore, because of Mary. I have a purpose and meaning. No matter what happens, I am going to be there for my daughter. She will have me and my love, no matter what horrible mistakes I have made. I have always been a good mother to her, and all I ever wanted to be was a good mother. I love her more than anything in this world and if they try to take her from me (she starts crying)... I can't let that happen. I'm not going to let it happen."

Taylor asks James how he is holding up; it must be difficult, she points out. He says, "Sheila has become dangerous and there is only one option." Before they can get into it more, Jonathan Young, the Forrester family lawyer, arrives. Steph called him and explained the details, he says, and he will to represent James at the parole hearing to make sure she is put back in jail. Steph says they will also question Sheila's fitness as a mother.

Taylor asks if James is suing for custody. Jonathan says the judge himself will raise that issue without a formal request. Sheila threatened a child, so she might harm her daughter. They can't be sure she wouldn't, or even go after Thomas. "Denying her parole would assure your safety," he explains. Taylor says she would feel a lot safer with Sheila behind bars, but she doesn't want to leave Sheila without hope for rehabilitation. James says no case is hopeless, but he isn't prepared to risk his child's life. Sheila can have intensive therapy when she is incarcerated, he explains. They wonder if she will do it. James says Sheila is a very sick person; she needs help and she isn't fit to be around children, not even her own.

Sheila is in her padded cell, pacing and talking to herself. "Mary is my baby. She belongs to me. If you try and take her away, Stephanie, you will be sorry. You strike out at me, but you're not going to take away my child. You're not going to do it to me, and not to her; and if you try, you can't imagine what I will do to you. If you take Mary away from me, you can't even imagine!"

Thursday, August 05, 1998

Thanks to Gladys once again for helping out with Thursday's show...

Stephanie is on the phone with Ridge as James tries to "mother" a fussy Mary. Stephanie tells Ridge that she is glad that he and Taylor took Thomas out of town where they would be safe. After hanging up, she tells James that they drove up to Santa Barbara until after the hearing today. She is sure that Sheila's parole will be revoked and she will be sent away; then her family will be safe.

Jonathan arrives ready for court. He has already filed a motion for custody but they have to deal with the parole first. Stephanie thinks that James should have Sheila's parental rights terminated completely. James says that Sheila will be in prison for years as it is; he doesn't want her to have to lose her freedom and her child in one day.

Sheila's lawyer comes to the cell and tells her that she was right; James has filed a motion for exclusive custody of Mary. Sheila is devastated but the attorney says that they have to focus on the parole hearing; they can worry about the custody later. "No!" insists Sheila. "If I lose my little girl, what difference will going to prison make?" She is near hysteria when she tells the lawyer that she has to see James; James is the only one who will understand.

Grant is looking at a photograph of Macy. "How do I tell you that our dream is ending? How do I tell you that you will have to go through life alone?" Macy finds him and she is still high on the party. She sees that Grant isn't as up as she is but she tells him that she now understands why he has been so hesitant about the donor insemination. "I understand how you were feeling about it, but this way, at least, we can have everything we planned." Grant stops her. He tells her that he is going to make sure that she has that baby and the family that she wants even if it is not with him. "Of course, it will be with you," Macy tells him, puzzled. "No! No, Macy, it won't!" Grant tells her.

James continues to insist that he will have custody of Mary while Sheila will be in prison but Stephanie continues to tell him that that won't be enough; he has to end Sheila's parental rights! Sheila is a sick woman capable of hurting her own daughter. They are interrupted by a phone call; it is Sheila's attorney and she wants to talk with James. After James talks with her, he asks Stephanie to watch Mary for him for a while. "You aren't going to see Sheila are you?" When James says that he is, Stephanie tries to persuade him not to go.

"You will have your baby and your family, but I can't be a part of it," Grant sadly tells Macy. Macy thinks that he is refusing to do the insemination so she goes over once again the reasons for doing it. When he tells her that isn't what he is talking about, she thinks he is leaving her. "I can't believe you would bring that up again," Macy tells him. "I don't want out of this marriage! You are the most important thing to me; without you, there is no reason to have a family."

Grant walks away while he gets himself under control. He returns and tells her, "There isn't going to be a donor insemination, Macy, because I am sick." He reminds her of the call he got the other day when he went out. It was to see the doctor. "They had the rest of my test results back and he told me that I am very sick---I have cancer---there is no doubt about it; I went for a second opinion and it was confirmed. I'm dying."

"NO!" Macy rushes to him and holds him tightly. "They are wrong! You can fight this. We will fight it and beat it! I've had cancer; I know it can be beaten."

"Not in this case," Grant tells her. "There is treatment, but it will only prolong my life. But, I don't want that. I want to spend every minute I have with you." "This is not happening!" Macy cries.

James sits coldly before his wife in the visiting area. Sheila thanks him for coming; she heard about the custody hearing and had to talk to him. "How could you do that to me, James?" She cries. "How could you do that to our daughter? You know how much I love Mary. Have you ever seen me mistreat her? Have I ever raised my voice to her or neglected her?" James admits that she has never harmed Mary but she is sick. Who knows what she is capable of doing? "Is that you talking or has Stephanie taken over completely now?" Sheila asks. "You know I am a good mother."

Stephanie, with Mary in her arms, enters the hearing room with Jonathan and remembers the last time they were there. "I hate to think what would happen to this little girl if Sheila isn't sent back to prison," she tells Jonathan.

James admits that Sheila hasn't done anything to hurt Mary so far, but she has done some very wrong things. "I wouldn't have hurt Thomas," she tells him. "I was scared; I thought I was losing you. I made a terrible mistake and I am paying for it. Look at me James, I have lost my freedom; I have lost everything! Please don't take Mary away from me too. I'm not the monster Stephanie makes you think I am. I was getting well; you know I was. You lived with me, you know I had changed. If you take Mary away from me, I will have no reason to keep trying."

James is shocked that she would use emotional blackmail against him. Sheila says that isn't what she is doing. She reminds him that he grew up without a mother. Doesn't he remember how it made him feel---the problems he had to overcome? "It is your fault," James shouts at her. "It is because of you that I have to make this hellish choice!" The guard starts toward them, but they calm down. "You are right," Sheila tells him contritely. "It is my fault because I was not strong enough, but I don't deserve to lose my daughter. Remember when she was born? We promised her that she would have everything we didn't have growing up. We promised her the perfect childhood that we didn't have. Please let me be a part of her life! She needs that, please . . . " James just stares at her coldly.

Macy holds tightly to Grant and cries. "You have to face it, Macy," Grant tells her. "Don't be scared. You can still have a husband and kids." Macy tells him forcefully that she doesn't want that without him.

Grant tells her that he has done a lot of thinking since he learned the news. At first he was bitter that fate had handed him this cup, but he has come to realize that nobody owes you what you already have. "You are my greatest gift," he tells her. "Without you, I would have died without knowing what it means to love and to be loved. We have to be grateful for what we have and trust in that there is more where that came from."

"I am not going to let you die!" Macy tells him. "You are my life!"

Friday, August 07, 1998

Thanks to Gladys once again for helping out with Friday's show...

In the courtroom, Stephanie sits holding and feeding Mary. She tells her that her father has to keep her away from her mother's influence. Lauren comes in and thanks her for calling her since Stephanie knew she would want to be here to see Sheila get what is coming to her.

Mike slips into the courtroom in disguise and sits in the back. Looking around, he says that everyone is so smug; they are sure that they have gotten away with everything. Sheila is going down, they think, but they don't know Sheila very well, do they? No way!

James tells Sheila that he has to go but she begs him once again not to take her baby away from her. Didn't you listen to anything I said? She asks. James says that he listened to her but it isn't as simple as she makes it sound. "Mary is the one beautiful thing I have done in my live," Sheila tells him. "She is the only reason I have to work on getting better. I am better because of her and she depends on me." James says that he depended on her also but she let him down as well. She broke his trust. Sheila tells him that if she even thought she could or would hurt Mary, she'd tell him to turn away and leave right now. But she would never hurt Mary and James knows that. When James says that he has to protect his daughter she reminds him that Mary is their daughter! "You were there when I had her and I almost lost my life," Sheila pleads. "I would have gladly given my live for her. Tell me you remember! I am not the monster or demon that Stephanie would have you believe. I am a good mother." She reaches her hand out to him and finally he takes it. "Please, please don't take her away from me," she whispers.

Amber and CJ enter Insomnia and sit down. One of the waitresses, Christy, goes to the phone and calls Brooke. She reminds Brooke that she wanted to be called if Amber ever showed up at Insomnia. "Well, she is here now," she reports. Brooke thanks her and hangs up.

CJ mentions that Amber seems to be in an incredible mood. Amber says that she doesn't see her pregnancy as a problem any longer. Then you have made up your mind to give it up for adoption? CJ asks.

James enters the courtroom just in time; Stephanie was getting worried about him. As James takes the baby from her, she asks how things went with Sheila. What did she want? James says that Sheila had heard about the custody hearing and she is desperate. Stephanie hopes that he didn't change his mind. James says that it isn't as simple as that. "You haven't lived with Sheila as I have," he begins. "You haven't seen her taking care of the baby or singing her to sleep at night. You haven't seen the baby's eyes light up when she comes into the room. It is a look of total trust." Stephanie warns him that Sheila can't be trusted with Mary. She will use the baby to manipulate and control James. Mary doesn't need a mother like that; she will have the two of them and they will surround her with love. Do you mean that? James asks. Yes, Stephanie assures him.

Sheila is brought in. She sees the baby and looks longingly at her. She looks at James then moves forward.

Amber tells CJ that she isn't thinking about adoption. She has finally realized that this baby is a Forrester and maybe some day, she will be a Forrester also. CJ can't believe that she would think that! "I'm not good enough to be a Forrester? Is that what you are thinking? You are as bad as the Forresters. Well, I am just as good as Brooke. She is nothing but a hypocritical, judgmental . . . " CJ has seen Brooke come in and tries to interrupt Amber, but only when he says hello to Mrs. Forrester does Amber stop talking. Brooke stands at the table looking at the two of them.

Brooke wants to talk to Amber alone so CJ reluctantly leaves. Sitting, Brooke tells Amber that they had a deal; she gave her money to go away and not come back. Amber tells her that it was a mistake to take the money; she wishes she could explain why to her. Brooke doesn't need an explanation; she knows what is going on. She had her sights set on Rick from the beginning and now she is going to milk him for all he is worth. Amber tells her that that isn't so. She says that she loves Rick and would never hurt them; they were the closest thing she had to a family. "You were always so good to me," she says. "I wish we could go back to being friends. Could you try?"

Stephanie looks at the panel that will judge Sheila's case and says that they are the same people who released Sheila before. Lauren also looks worried. The spokesperson asks Sheila how she pleads and her lawyer says that she is pleading not guilty.

Jonathan speaks to the panel. "Two years ago, you listened to this woman when she swore to you that she was done with violence. She vowed that she would never threaten the Forrester Family again and yet she is here now because she threatened the life of a newborn." Neither that child nor the family is safe as long as Sheila is loose, Jonathan concludes. He calls Stephanie as his first witness.

Jonathan begins by questioning Stephanie about the night that Taylor and Ridge were married. Stephanie says that she had a little too much champagne and James offered to drive her home. Once they arrive there, they sat by the pool and talked. She tried to warn him that Sheila wasn't well; that she had never been cured. Then she impulsively kissed James. After he left, Sheila suddenly showed up. She was angry. She knocked her down and then tried to drown her in the pool. She goes on to say that the next day, Sheila came and told her that if she didn't break all ties with James, she would kill her grandson. Later that day, she send her a gift. Jonathan shows the gift to the panel. It is the decapitated doll. They gasp in horror. Then Stephanie tells them about how Sheila broke into Ridge and Taylor's home and took a swatch of the baby's hair.

Next, Jonathan calls James. Before James can testify, the panel asks if he is still planning on obtaining exclusive custody. Looking at Sheila, James tells them yes.

Brooke doesn't want to be friends with someone like Amber. She will never believe that she didn't have the extortion plan from the very beginning. You don't know me at all, Amber tells her. "And I don't want to know you," Brooke tells her. "I want you to take the money and leave. I don't want to ever see you again." Well, you will see me again, Amber tells her. "I am going to be a major part of your life. You've had your say, now it is my turn to tell you something."

"No, James, she needs me," cries Sheila from the table, but the panel silences her. James tells how he was hiding when Sheila came to Stephanie's with the lock of hair; he heard all of her threats. After that, he went to Lt. Baker. He tells them that he believed that his wife had recovered, but he was wrong. He helped the police to arrest Sheila and return her to prison. While James is testifying, Stephanie looks up from the baby to find Sheila's hate-filled eyes boring into her.

Lt. Baker is called to testify. He tells that he needed proof of Sheila's intent before he could arrest her. He wired James and he went in and convinced Sheila to confess. Jonathan then plays the tape of Sheila confessing.

Jonathan turns to the panel. "Two years ago, Sheila made you some promises which she did not keep. You made a promise to her at that time. You said that if she didn't keep her promise, she would go back to prison. I now ask you to keep your promise."

Sheila turns and looks longingly at Mary.

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Week of 08/10/98 - 08/14/98

Monday, August 10, 1998

Brooke is trying to persuade Amber to take the money and start a new life for herself someplace else. Amber gets nasty and informs Brooke that she will feel sorry one day that she has treated her this way. Amber compares her to Stephanie and herself to Brooke; it does not go over very well. Brooke says, "Don't you ever compare me to Stephanie or you to me, ever again!"

Over at Forrester Creations, Rick is lifting weights at the gym. Rick comes blasting in that there is trouble, because Brooke had tracked down him and Amber at Insomnia and his mom is there with her now. He had better hope that Amber does not say anything about the baby, CJ hopes.

In the courthouse, Sheila is sitting at her hearing. Her attorney says Sheila has made a mistake that she freely admits and regrets. She describes Sheila's marriage to James as happy and explained how things had changed since James had his license revoked and he was spending more time with Stephanie Forrester. The lawyer, Ms. Bronson, explains that Sheila was scared and felt things slipping away. Sheila absolutely did not have any intentions of hurting Thomas Forrester.

The lawyer then calls Sheila to the stand. Sheila tells the court that she did threaten Thomas, "but you have to believe that I would never ever have hurt that little boy. I am a mother. You can't do this, please. I love Mary. I would never hurt her. I would never do anything to hurt her. Send me away. Fine, fine, you can do that. But please let her stay a part of my life. She is all that I have got." A short recess is taken and the board says they will return with their decision. Stephanie leans over to her lawyer Jonathan to ask if Sheila will get away with this.

Rick tells CJ that Amber had promised not to say anything to his mom. CJ insists that even if she doesn't, Rick still has a major problem on his hands. He tries to get his friend to consider adoption. It does not have to even be his sister, but at least he would know that the child was in a good home. He continues to plead that Rick's life would be not the same; no more soccer games, no more being a kid. He and Amber could go on with their lives if they put the child up for adoption, CJ states, and Rick's mom would never even know. They could take the money Brooke gave to Amber and set her up in a good apartment with the best doctors, he suggests.

Amber is pleading with Brooke that she is not out to get money; she fell in love. But Brooke insists that this is just a phase and Rick will go on with his life. Amber tells Brooke that she may as well get used to her, because she is not going anywhere. She knows that Brooke is just looking out for her son, and someday when she is a mother, she would also want the best for her kids. But she wishes that Brooke could see how much she cares about Rick. But Brooke says, "Can you prove that you care and do what is right, and leave Rick alone?" Amber says no, and Brooke accuses, "You are a selfish young lady. Listen to me, Amber. I will never accept you in Rick's life. Goodbye, Amber." Amber touches the fetus in her uterus and says that maybe someday grandma will get over it.

Sheila's attorney tells her that she was an excellent witness and is called away to answer a page. Sheila looks at her child across the room. Mary is with Stephanie and James, who are talking with Jonathan and Lauren. Jonathan points out that he is not sure what will happen, because he does not think they proved conclusively that Sheila would harm her daughter.

Mike comes over and takes off his disguise; he tells his friend that her daughter will be back in her arms before she knows it.

Rick finds Amber at Insomnia. He is happy that she has not told his mom about the baby. Amber is sure that no matter what she says to Brooke, she will never be good enough for Brooke's little boy. Rick is sure that if Brooke were to find out that she is going to be a grandma, she will just freak out. He brings up the concept of adoption to Amber, and Amber freaks...

The board returns with their decision, and they explain that Sheila had violated her parole. At the same time, they acknowledge Sheila as a good mother, and as such, they have to decide whether taking her child away fits her crimes. Dr. Jones continues that even though she has made a struggle of her new life, it has all happened too quickly. Sheila may not have intended harm to the baby, but she did intend to cause Stephanie Forrester severe mental anguish. As such, she did break the terms of her release. Sheila is ordered to a prison mental facility to serve out the rest of her term with no parole--and given the violent nature of her threat to the baby, full custody is given to James. Sheila screams for Mary and tries to reach her but is escorted out of the courtroom. She yells "NO, NO! Mary, I love you!" Mary is crying in her daddy's arms.

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

At Pierce's office, Taylor and Pierce make their way through the halls, as they talk about the situation with Sheila threatening Thomas. Pierce chides Taylor for allowing Stephanie to handle the Sheila situation without telling her; Taylor and Ridge are the parents and should have been told, he contends. He says that he hopes to take the same attitude with his own kids some day--he will probably have four, he guesses.

Pierce changes the subject to a patient coming in, and when Taylor asks if it's Mr. McCormick again, Pierce says it's more complicated than their now former smoker.

At Forrester, Ridge is in the showing room with Thomas, Megan and some models. He impatiently asks Megan to make sure everything is ready, since they are already running late. Brooke and Clarke arrive and apologize for holding things up; they were dealing with shipping, something they never had to worry about with Thorne around. Ridge says they can worry about later and asks Megan to take Thomas so they can get down to work.

Brooke asks where Taylor is that Ridge has the baby at work, and he says Taylor's at work and abruptly changes the subject.

Rick reminds Amber that they are both kids without jobs, and they have to do what is best for their child, which is why he thinks adoption is right. Amber however disagrees and says she will never give her baby away.

After showing the latest gowns, Ridge asks Megan to put Thomas in the bassinet. Clarke is ready to start taking notes on potential changes but Ridge says that can wait; he then asks to speak to Brooke alone. Clarke reluctantly takes his leave. Ridge then tells Brooke he has to warn her about Clarke; he's seen the puppy dog look in Clarke's eyes, with him fawning over Brooke lately.

Brooke denies that Clarke is after her, but Ridge cautions her to be careful, pointing out how Garrison took charge at Spectra so easily. Brooke "thanks" Ridge and then asks how Taylor likes her new job. "What? How did you know?" Ridge asks, surprised.

Pierce meets Richard Randolph and his wife, and he introduces them to Taylor. Richard seems indifferent to Dr. Forrester being in attendance... in fact, he seems like he doesn't even want to be there. Pierce then explains that Richard abused Linda and their child. Linda says she wants out of the marriage because she cannot take being beaten, and Richard swears he will not do it again. Taylor asks how they can believe him, and he says, "I love her."

Amber is shocked that Rick can just give this child away; she has no intention of doing the same. "I'll raise this baby on my own if I have to," she says, "and then you will be free of me. If you want out, here's your chance. The baby and I will get out of your life."

Rick asks if Amber will really do it, and she says she would rather do this than trust her baby to strangers. That would kill her and always leave her wondering what happened to their child. Rick says he would always wonder, too, and agrees not to give the baby up.

Richard pleads with Pierce and Taylor that he can't help hurting his wife. Pierce suspects that there must be something that causes him to act that way... something in his childhood, he suggests? Richard refuses to talk about it. Linda asks him to explain about his father, but Richard gets angry and violently tells her to leave with him now!

Brooke explains how she saw Ridge and Taylor in Cafe Russe but did not want to spoil their privacy. Ridge says that she shouldn't have worried, but Brooke says, "The two of you were into yourselves, like you were the only ones in the world... as it should be." She then tells him that she met Pierce there, and he is "an amazing man."

Amber says, "Are sure you won't change your mind?" No, Rick says. She asks, "Are you all right?" He says, "This baby is ours; we have to take responsibility. This is going to change my life." She says its OK, he's going to have a little son or daughter. "Me being a Dad--what a thought," he says, putting his head in his hands. He continues, "OK, this is going to happen. Number one, we have to get my parents to accept you. Number 2; after that, we will tell them about the baby. First my mother; my dad is a lost cause."

Amber asks him, "Someday you think she will accept me?" He says why not; "I accept you," he points out. "YOU DO?" she asks. He responds, "This isn't your fault. I am the guy. I slept with you and should have used a condom." He hugs her and says, "We will get through this. I even know how I am going to handle it with Mom. I know what exactly what I am going to say."

Pierce points out to Richard that he is becoming abusive like his father--but if he wants to save his marriage, he can change, and the choice to do so is his. Is it life or death? Pierce asks.

"Life," Richard says; he wants to change and Pierce says he will make sure that he never harms his wife and child again. He starts to hypnotize Richard, but Taylor pulls him aside and chides him for guaranteeing that he can change Richard. "How can you tell him he will be cured when you know that isn't true?" she queries.

Ridge asks Brooke why she was so impressed with Pierce as the baby starts to cry... they go over to the crib. Brooke asks if she can hold the baby. Ridge says yes. She says, "Hi, honey... it's OK, you're just lonesome." She hums a lullaby and says to Ridge, "You know, he looks just like you." Ridge says he just wants to be held by a beautiful woman. She says not just any woman and she goes on to say this is what Ridge has always wanted; she is happy for him. "Thank you, Logan," he says. She puts the baby back into the crib and they are looking at each other.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Brooke watches Ridge with the baby and says he hasn't lost his sex appeal as a father, he thanks her, and he laments how Taylor is working late tonight.

Miss Holiday tries to calm Richard Randolph as he impatiently waits for Pierce and Taylor, who are in debating Pierce's guarantees to Richard of a cure. Taylor saying he is being unethical and disingenuous by making promises like that. Pierce says he has to be committed to his ideals, or he is a charlatan, and Taylor gives him a skeptical look.

Amber and Rick plan a dinner for Brooke which will allow Rick to talk to her and tell her that Amber is pregnant; but first Rick has to get Brooke to accept Amber in his life. Only then can he get Brooke to accept Amber as the mother of her first grandchild.

Brooke says Taylor must like working for someone as amazing as Pierce, and Ridge again points out that he must have had an impression on Brooke, especially in such a short time. She says Pierce is very charismatic and changed her life, even with a brief meeting. Just then, the phone rings; it's Rick, who invites her to dinner, since Bridget is at a friend's. Brooke says she will be there... and Rick hangs up and tells Amber everything is a go as she kisses him.

Ridge asks what that was all about. Brooke confides in Ridge that she is worried about Rick due to Amber's return and her wanting Rick.

Taylor says she cannot give up her standards and is worried about Pierce. He however says that he cannot abandon all he believes in. He calls the Randolphs into the office. Taylor objects that Randolph has been jailed 3 times for wife beating , and she does not believe he should be with his wife. Pierce says he will not put Linda in jeopardy as he invites the Randolphs in. While Linda waits with Taylor, Pierce puts Richard into a trance to start a new era for their family.

Brooke says she is worried that Amber's attitude will get Rick into trouble, but all that happens when she tries to talk to Rick is that they argue--but still, she will not allow Amber into his life, something Ridge says is the right move. He wishes her luck as she leaves.

As he puts Richard into a trance, Pierce tells the man to trust him and then says there is a knock at the door--and even though there is no one there, Richard seems to believe there is. Pierce asks if he can bring them in, and Richard agrees that Pierce can invite the young boy at the door in. Pierce says the boy is sitting next to Richard, and his name is Richard... and there is a man with a mean look in his eyes after the boy. Who is that? Pierce asks. "His dad," Richard replies.

Brooke returns home to find candles and wine on the table as Rick brings in dinner. He says only the best for his mom... although he will have soda instead of wine, of course.

Pierce asks who the little boy is and Richard says he is a moron. A moron, Pierce asks? Him and his mother are morons, Richard says, and then Richard, who is acting out his father's behavior, gets up.

Richard swats the air and then starts to cry and yell, "Don't, don't hit me!" acting out being the boy. Pierce calms him down and says, "Richard, that was your father and he was hitting you. Now you can keep on letting him rule your life and keep on hitting your wife and little boy, or you can tell him to leave and never come back." Richard has tears in his eyes and he yells, "GET OUT, LEAVE ME ALONE! NEVER COME BACK AGAIN!"

Pierce tells him to relax, and when he counts to 3, Richard will come out of it and will be a new man. He counts to three. Richard comes out of his trance, wipes his tears looks at Pierce. He gets up and goes over to his wife and hugs her, and he vows never to let his father in again. Taylor is in awe of Pierce and can't believe it. Pierce is smiling.

As Amber listens from the kitchen, Rick toasts to putting all the negative stuff behind him and his mom. When he points out how they get through any obstacle together, she sees where this is going. She says she needs him to understand her feelings about Amber. Brooke says she cannot trust Amber because she is no good for Rick with her selfishness, and Amber will never set foot in the house again, as Amber listens in.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Ridge is home with Thomas. As he puts him to bed, he wonders how late his mother will be tonight. He thinks that she will be very tired when she gets home. Picking up a picture of them on their wedding day, he relives the making of their wedding vows. As he is remembering, Thorne arrives and tells him that he sure has it bad. After embracing his brother, Thorne admires the picture and tell his brother that he is over Taylor---as much as anyone can be over Taylor. He wants to fulfill his best man duties and be there for his brother.

Taylor tells Pierce that his treatment of Richard seems to be moving in the right direction but they have to keep watching and observing him to see that the treatment lasts. Pierce is very excited and says that now they have to extend the treatment to more people and more problems. He thinks that they will have the treatment perfected and ready for presentation the next time the International Psychiatric Association meets in January. "IMPOSSIBLE!" Taylor tells him. "You won't be ready from publication for at least five years!"

Thorne tells Ridge that he needs someone he can talk to and Thorne wants to be that person. He wants to be a brother again. With his sisters living out of town Ridge and Taylor only have his dad and mom as support. He wants this to be a new start for the two of them. Ridge says that he wants the same thing. Thorne asks where Taylor is and Ridge explains that Taylor is working again. There is something about Taylor, Ridge says. "She has such energy and passion for people. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't find more and more about her to love. She has this prevailing personality that gets under your skin. I love my wife so much!"

Amber watches from the kitchen as Rick and Brooke talk. "You've got to get through to her, Rick," she prays. "You've got to get her to accept me."

Brooke tells Rick that she will not accept Amber in this family or in this house. She doesn't have an ounce of integrity. Rick says that she does have integrity; she has more than he does. If his mother feels that way about Amber then she must feel the same way about him. Brooke says that there is no comparison between the two of them. "You know right from wrong," Brooke tells her son. "You were raised with morals and principles." Rick wonders where Amber's lack of principles was when she gave him her kidney. Brooke points out that she was only feeling guilty because she was responsible for the accident. If she had been doing her job, the accident would never have happened. Crazy things happen when she is around. She trusted her with her children and she betrayed that trust. Rick suggests that they cool down; he will go and get dinner.

He finds Amber crying and tells her that he is sorry but things will work out.

Taylor explains to Pierce that they have to go carefully. She realizes that he is striving for perfection, but he cannot take short cuts in his treatment or he is bound to fail. She tells him that that is her reason for being here; she is to make sure that he goes about this in a scientific way using the methods that have served generations of scientists. She compares what he did with Richard Randolph as going from point A to point Z by cutting out all the steps in between. Pierce tells her that Richard is cured of his wife abuse; what difference does it make if he cuts out some of the steps. Taylor says that they have to prove that he is cured; they can't just say that he is cured and the rest of the scientific community will believe him. He is in danger of becoming the laughing stock of the psychiatric world. Proof takes time, she warns him.

Taylor tells Pierce that he has amazing power and he might be on the verge of a breakthrough. She is charged to be in on this with him, just so long as he continues to test his theory over and over again. Another thing that bothers her is whether other people will be able to duplicate his method. He says they will--he is nothing special, he says, but she disagrees.

She talks about his eyes being like lasers; they can see right through a person to his soul. While she goes on and on, Pierce drifts away. "Oh, God," he thinks. "What an amazing woman---she is utterly amazing." Taylor regains his attention and he tells her that anyone could do the same thing that he is doing if they just have the proper training. Seeing the time, Taylor says that it is late; Ridge must be going out of his mind. She hurriedly leaves.

As they are finishing their meal, Rick asks permission to prove to his mother that Amber has integrity. He hands her an envelope. Opening it, Brooke is astonished to find a cashier's check for $40,000. "Where did you get this?" She demands. Rick explains that Amber is returning most of the money; she had spent some of it, but she will pay it back. Just then Amber comes out of the kitchen and tells Brooke that she is giving the money back. "What are you doing here?" Brooke demands. "Did you do all this?" Amber says that she made the meal; she is working on her cooking skills. "I heard what you said about me and you are right. I have done some bad things, but I have also done some good things. I want a chance to prove it to you. All I am asking for is a second chance."

Friday, August 14, 1998

Amber has asked Brooke for one more chance to prove that she is trying to be good and can be trusted. Brooke wonders how many chances she needs; she has been given one chance after another and she has proven herself undeserving. "I just want to be able to see Rick," Amber says. Well we have a problem, then. I will not let you go on seeing Rick!

Taylor arrives home, sorry for being out so late. Ridge shushes her, telling her that he just got Thomas asleep. He has a glass of red wine ready to mellow her out. She asks about his day; he tells her that it was a doozy of a day since the Fall showing is not that far away. He asks about her day and she tells him that she also had a tiring day. "Problems?" He asks. She tells him that one minute she thinks that Pierce is a visionary in the field of psychiatry and other times she thinks he is a quack! Ridge says she is talking about this secret project again; why can't he be told about it? Taylor says that Pierce is obsessed with the project, but she can't talk about it yet. It is so controversial that she is afraid that Pierce is putting his career in jeopardy.

Pierce is pouring himself a glass of champagne when Bailey stops by to say good night. He is surprised at the champagne and wonders what Pierce is celebrating. Pierce says that as Bailey knows, he doesn't usually drink but tonight he felt like celebrating his good luck at having Taylor on his team. She is still skeptical and doubts his conclusions, but having her on the team is working out perfectly. Bailey can't figure out how Taylor can be constantly on Pierce's back and yet he is happy. He is happy because everything is finally coming together and having Taylor with him is critical. She is his guide along the way; she is his exact opposite. She is his other half; she tempers his over enthusiasm with her logical interpretation of facts. He begins to tout Taylor's praises as a caring psychiatrist with true talent. Raising an imaginary glass, Bailey toasts Taylor Forrester and then leaves the office.

If what Taylor is saying is true, Ridge doesn't want her working for Pierce and risking her good reputation. Taylor tells Ridge that it is difficult to understand Pierce. He is so eager to get his project into motion that he often acts before he thinks; she is there to make him stick to the straight and narrow and keep him from leaving out one or more of the steps toward proving his theory. This is a professional challenge that she is enjoying. As to Pierce, she imagines he is still at the office hard at work. He is literally married to his work; he is both a slave to the work and the work is his mistress. Ridge tells her that he has the feeling that Pierce can take care of himself.

Brooke tells Rick to show Amber to the door. Amber says that she will do anything to win back Brooke's trust. Brooke wonders how she can do that; she is on to Amber big time. She begins to enumerate her many betrayals starting with the theft of her tennis bracelet. She knows that Amber stole the bracelet, no matter what anyone says. She says that Amber is at fault for the accident. "How can you say that?" Rick asks. "I was driving the car; it was my decision to race." Brooke says that he wouldn't have been there in the first place if it hadn't been for Amber. She concedes that Amber isn't an evil person but she isn't to be trusted. Amber says that she truly cares for Rick and Bridget and the family; all she wants is a chance to make up for her mistakes. Just one more chance, she begs. "I promise not to disappoint you again.

Brooke tells her that she is not the right person for Rick. Amber says that she doesn't blame her but she does care for Rick. That is why she gave Rick her kidney. No, Brooke tells her, "you gave the kidney because you felt guilty for being involved with the accident." She says that it is Amber's fault that she kept Rick at the cabin in Big Bear all night---and she knows that they weren't just playing monopoly! Amber is a bad influence on Rick and she is not welcome in this family. "And before you start that 'poor me' routine, it isn't because of your background and because you don't have money. If you want to know the reason, just look at yourself in the mirror."

"Don't talk to her that way!" Rick shouts. "There is so much that you do not know."

Taylor says that she is starved so Ridge takes out the Chinese food that he has ordered in. Telling her to put the lights out, he lights the candles. Taylor laments the fact that Thomas is in bed; she missed him and would like to be with him for a while. He tells her that Thomas had a wonderful day getting to know all the Forrester models who fawned all over him. "Just like his dad in the gene department," laughs Taylor. Ridge tells her how proud of her he is. She is the perfect wife, mother and doctor.

As Pierce pours himself a second glass of champagne, there is a knock at the door. He thinks it is Bailey but it is Taylor. She tells him that she went home but just couldn't get her mind off of work. She sees that he is having a drink and asks if she can share with him. He pours her a glass and brings it to her. With his hands too full, he accidentally spills her champagne on her. He is helping to wipe the drink off of her clothes when their eyes meet. They share a deep and passionate kiss. He opens his eyes and realizes that it is only a fantasy. Raising his glass he says, "Until tomorrow, Taylor."

"What do you want to tell me?" Brooke asks her son. "Tell me!" Rick says that she doesn't know anything about him and Amber. They mean a lot to each other. Brooke offers a bargain. Since Rick is only 16, she wants him to spend the next two years going out and enjoying life---expand his world and take his time. At the end of two years, if he still feels the same way, then Brooke won't object. However, during this time, they cannot see each other. They can write to each other and email, but cannot date.

When the couple object to this arrangement, Brooke says that she will not let Amber gamble with Rick's future or take advantage of him. She is sick and tired of Amber's games. Amber is angry. "It is about the wrong side of the track," she insists to Brooke. "You see yourself in me and that scares you to death."

"It is over, Amber," Brooke tells her. She grabs Amber's arm and begins to drag her toward the door. Get out of here, she shouts. "Stop, Mom," Rick shouts. "You can't do this to her. She is pregnant." Brooke asks, "What? What did you say?"

"She is pregnant with my child," Rick tells a stunned Brooke while Amber smiles at her.

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Week of 08/17/98 - 08/21/98

Monday, August 17, 1998

Eric approaches Sally at her office about help with Rick. He guesses that C.J. might know where Amber is and brings her up-to-date on Rick's friendship with the former babysitter and organ donor. Shocked by her behavior, Sally agrees with him and offers to let him know once she finds out where Amber is.

Brooke is stunned when she learns that Amber is pregnant with Rick's baby. However, she still throws her support behind her son and tells him they will get through this.

Thorne gets a visit from Darla at his house; he tells her that Grant and Macy haven't been out of the house since the party and he's concerned. Darla wonders to herself if this means that Grant has told Macy the truth and she urges Thorne to be there if Grant or Macy need to talk. Thorne gets the feeling that Darla knows something and asks her what's going on; she tells him he'll have to ask Grant. Thorne is tempted to act and says he'll know soon enough; Grant asked him to come over, so Thorne guesses he will find out more then.

Meanwhile, next door, Macy is crying over the news that Grant is dying. He explains that she wants to focus not on his condition but on her future. Macy insists that she only wants to help him fight to stay alive but he is hesitant. He says he won't go through chemotherapy, hooked up to tubes and being in the hospital. "The cancer is spreading and they can't do anything for me. When my time comes, I will die my way," he states. His one wish is to have Macy get pregnant. She says she won't do that now; it's out of the question. But he wants her to have a baby and then go with her life, and eventually she will meet someone. "No, No; I don't want to. You're my life!" Macy protests.

They discuss it some more and Macy doesn't understand where this is all coming from. "Can you explain it to me?" she asks. All of a sudden, Thorne comes in and says, "Hi, I am here; am I interrupting?" Grant says he is right on time. Macy stares at the both of them, wondering just what her husband has in mind.

"What about me?" asks Amber. "Don't worry, Amber; right now my main concern is Rick," Brooke says. Again Brooke throws up to her how irresponsible she was and how she was out to get Rick, and she points out that Amber would not be pregnant if she had not allowed Rick to take her to Big Bear. Rick says again he loves Amber and Amber says, "It wasn't just me. Rick had a lot to do with this."

Brooke has had it with Amber and tells her to get out of her house now! As Brooke literally throws Amber out of the house, Rick tells Amber he'll call her. The door closes.

Brooke goes over to Rick; she hugs him again and reminds him, "Don't worry, we are here for you; we will face this together." He says, "I should have known better, should have used protection." Brooke says, "You were only 16; you shouldn't have done it in the first place." He is very upset and she goes over and puts her arms around him. Brooke tells him, "Don't worry, honey." He says, "Mom, it was only once. I only did it once and she is pregnant." She assures Rick that she will be there for him and she will help him break the news to Eric.

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Macy asks Grant how she can possibly have a baby; he can't be the father, and with his illness, they can't explore any alternatives, she reminds her hapless hubby. As if on cue, Thorne walks into Casa Chambers and asks if he's interrupting; Grant tells him to come right in. The light bulb goes on in Macy's head and she realizes what's going on. She asks Thorne if he can leave so she can talk to her husband alone. Grant protests but Macy insists she has to talk to him. Not wanting to create any friction, Thorne agrees to leave.

At the prison mental hospital, Sheila is led into a cell by a guard. She seems like she's in a daze as she takes her place on a bunk in the corner; across the room, Sheila's roommate, a bespectacled brunette, sits and eyes the new arrival curiously. Sheila says to herself that this is unreal, and all she can think about is her daughter and how she belongs by Mary's side.

Over at Spectra, Sally is hard at work as Lauren casually waltzes in the door. "What's up?" Lauren asks, and Sally sarcastically remarks that she's deeply engaged in quantum physics, of course. Cutting to the chase, she asks Lauren where she's been. With Eric, Lauren answers... first in bed, and then paying a visit to her travel agent with him. Sally is pleased as punch to hear the last part; a trip will make sure that Stephanie doesn't interfere. Don't worry, Lauren says... Stephanie isn't a problem because she has a new boyfriend!

James wheels Mary back into Stephanie's house after a long walk. He comments that Mary likes Stephanie's neighborhood. Stephanie comes in and says that Mary seems to have calmed down--she was a little concerned after the hearing and now thinks it was a mistake to bring the child there. They should have listened to Jonathan, she states, but James disagrees. He reminds her how hard it was for Sheila losing her child and her freedom. Still, Stephanie expected Sheila to control herself better. James says that Sheila's reaction was understandable.

Macy can't believe that Grant would be so selfless at a time like this as to be thinking about her future and feelings about having a baby. She tells him that she can't think about anything right now except the fact that she's losing him. As Grant is explaining himself, he suddenly is overcome by a dizzy spell. Macy rushes to his side, and they comfort each other that his illness a reality. All the while, Grant continues to tell Macy how he wants to die knowing that she'll move on and be happy in life without him.

Sheila gets a visit from Mike, who tells her how angry he is at James for doing this to her. He offers to get revenge but Sheila says not to, as Mary needs her daddy. However, Mike is still determined to reunite Sheila with Mary, and tells her to figure out a way and he'll break her free. He says that there must be someone they can pay off or intimidate enough to get her out of jail and says to think about it, and he'll do whatever it takes to take her back to her baby.

So who's the boyfriend? Sally wants to know. Lauren says he is handsome, intelligent... and YOUNGER! "Oh, no," Sally says, "this is starting to sound suspiciously like Clarke Garrison... please, don't tell me..." Relax, Lauren tells her friend and boss... it's not Clarke, but it's James Warwick! They will both get what they want, observes Sally. James will get a mother for his little girl and Stephanie will get to do what she does best. "This is wonderful news," Sally proclaims. "I am proud of her. In fact, I am going over and tell her so!"

"You're not going to stick your nose in, are you?" Lauren protests; her objections fall on deaf ears. "When was the last time you saw me do anything so boring as keeping my nose out of things?" she asks Lauren as she flounces out of the office with her bag on her shoulder.

At Stephanie's, James and Stephanie enjoy each other's company without the threat of Sheila looming overhead. Stephanie talks to a friend of hers at UCLA who needs someone to fill in for him and thinks that James would be the perfect person. James is grateful for the opportunity, and for having Stephanie is his life now. Neither one of them realizes that Sally is right outside, listening in!

James tells Stephanie he has one question for her... does she really want to commit to someone like him, considering the baggage he brings with him? They discuss if James wants to move out. He says, "I want to be here with you." "Oh, James. Do you mean it?" she asks as she hugs him. Yes, he replies. They are all smiles.

Back in her cell, Sheila sits, rocking back and forth and talking to her picture of Mary. The only thing on her mind is her daughter...

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Thanks to Robyn for filling in this week with her Wednesday update for the Bold-L Mailing List!

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, August 19. There are days when you don't know if you want to shake Bradley Bell's hand or whack him upside the head with a baseball bat. Today is one of those times. The scenes with Thorne and Grant are so good... but at the same time it means they're dumping Grant who could be such an amazing character if allowed to develop properly. Oh well, on with the show.

FORRESTER MANSION: James and Mary are playing while Stephanie gazes on. There's a knock at the door. It's Typhoon Sally come to call. She wants to call a truce long enough to congratulate Steph for triumphing over evil. Sally sashays into the living room and says that at least Sheila never tried to tangle with HER. "Maybe you never had anything she wanted," Steph meows. "Touché," Sally replies. Staring at James, Sally smirks, "and to the victor go the spoils."

MENTAL HOSPITAL: A girl with long brunette hair and glasses is staring at a sleeping Sheila and the photo of Mary taped to her bed. The girl snatches the photo away. Sheila wakes up and reaches out to touch the photo. Finding it missing, she jumps up and starts to attack the girl, but stops herself and speaks to her in a soft tone. Sheila introduces herself and says the photo is of her daughter and it's the only one she has so could she please have it back. The girl hands it over, says her name is Cybil (what else would it be?) and shows Sheila her photo album. It is all photos and postcards of Hawaii. Cybil says her mother lives there and she is going to visit her mom there soon. A guard comes in and asks Sheila if she is Cybil.

THORNE'S BEACH HOUSE: Grant has come to talk to Thorne, who immediately swears he doesn't want to come between him and Macy. Grant says something already has come between them and the last thing he wants to do is get Thorne involved before he moves on. Thorne doesn't quite grasp what Grant said, but thinks it means he's leaving Macy. Grant asks Thorne if he still loves Macy, then adds that he is very sick. "I've got cancer, Thorne, so I am leaving Macy; but it's not my choice," Grant explains. Thorne asks if Macy knows and Grant says yes, and she's having a hard time with it. But Macy can still have a family - with Thorne.

MENTAL HOSPITAL: Sheila says she's not Cybil and the guard asks her to give Cybil a picture of Hawaii that one of the nurses sent over. The guard adds that Cybil's getting released next week.

FORRESTER MANSION: Sally swears the only reason she came over was to congratulate Steph. She did come over last night and her door was open, but she didn't want to interrupt what they were doing. James and Mary smell a catfight and retire to the terrace. Sally murmurs, "so attractive" as James leaves. Steph explodes. "What are you doing here?!" Sally says she's impressed with what Steph did. "You banished the Queen of Darkness and grabbed her husband," Sally laughs. "It feels good to fight back." Sally has also come to offer Steph advice on being with a younger man. After all, she was married to Clarke Garrison. Steph growls that Clarke was nothing but a gigolo. Sally is now royally pissed and snarls that all Steph does is toss her friendship offers back in her face! Sally stomps out of the house.

THORNE'S BEACH HOUSE: "Macy and me?" Thorne asks incredulously. "Tell me you haven't said anything to her." No, Grant replies, but he needs to know that Macy is gonna be all right. Thorne tells Grant that Macy can't just move on and forget about him. Grant is not afraid to die; he wants to focus on life and wants Macy to have joy and happiness and hope for the future. "When she's ready, will you be there for her?" Grant asks. "Yeah," Thorne answers. "That's what I was hoping for," Grant says, then hugs Thorne. Grant leaves, and Thorne's chin begins to quiver and he starts to cry.

MENTAL HOSPITAL: "She's being released?" Sheila asks. Yeah, but the guard thinks she'll be back within a few weeks. Sheila asks about her mother and the guard says she's dead, but Cybil won't accept it. He leaves and Sheila starts plotting. "She's got nothing, no one and she's getting out while I have a daughter who needs me so much," Sheila thinks to herself. "It should be the other way around!" Sheila walks over and gives Cybil her picture, then strokes her hair while she thinks.

FORRESTER MANSION: James asks if it's safe for them to come in now. "I don't see any blood around here," he jokes. Steph smiles in spite of herself and says, "you're just so crazy I can't stand it." James replies, "and you're too serious. Now take a deep breath and relax." Sniffing, James remarks that it's time to change Mary's diaper and hands her over to Steph while he fetches the diaper bag.

THORNE'S BEACH HOUSE: Macy comes over looking for Grant. Thorne says he just left. "He told you?" Macy asks. Thorne says yes, and they hug and cry. Thorne thinks Grant is an amazing man. Macy thinks his idea is ridiculous - she loves Grant. Macy asks Thorne for a favor. "Don't argue with him. It's a crazy idea but somehow it brings him peace and I don't know how much longer he has." They start crying again and hugging while Grant watches from outside the window.

FORRESTER MANSION: "You miss your mommy, don't you," Steph asks Mary. "It's hard for you to understand. But daddy and I will love you and protect you and not let your mommy anywhere near you." (Great thing to tell a kid who loves her mommy, now isn't it?)

MENTAL HOSPITAL: Sheila is staring at her photo of Mary. "Don't you worry, baby. Mama's coming. Mama's coming home."

-- Robyn

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Another Thursday update from Gladys…

Pierce Peterson is reading a book called Hypnosis Therapy when Bailey comes into the office. It seems that Pierce has sent for him because he wants to tell him to just forget the conversation they had the night before. When he tells him to forget it ever happened because it was only trivial irrelevancy, Bailey says that those are two words that he would never associate with Taylor. As they talk, Pierce keeps calling her Dr. Forrester while Bailey calls her Taylor.

Bailey is getting a kick out of teasing Pierce about Taylor but there is also some seriousness in what he says. He encourages Pierce to think "that way" about Taylor. Pierce says that he does not get involved with married women; he is not going to interfere with her life at all. Pierce leaves but on his way out he says that Taylor may be married but maybe that marriage isn't all that it is cracked up to be. He has heard a lot about Ridge Forrester and from all reports, he has quite a reputation with the ladies.

Brooke stops by Ridge's office because she has to talk to someone really bad. She tells him that it is about Amber; the dinner that Rick invited her to last night was prepared by Amber to soften her up. There was a huge argument and then it came out---Amber is pregnant by Rick.

Brooke says that this is the worse possible thing that could have happened; her son's life will never be the same. Ridge assures her that they will come up with a solution but Brooke continues to bemoan the fact that her sixteen-year-old is about to become a father. He just took his college boards; now who knows if he will ever attend? When Brooke begins to cry, Ridge puts his arms around her without knowing that Bailey is standing at the door watching.

Pierce is in his office alone doodling Taylor's name on a pad. When she comes to the door, he guiltily throws the note into the trash. She wants to talk to him about the Randolph case. As she is making disparaging remarks, Pierce asks if he can make a deal with her. Since the Randolphs are due any minute, is there has been no sign of any kind of abuse, will she at least acknowledge it? Backed into a corner, Taylor agrees.

Just then there is a knock at the door and it is the Randolphs. When Richard and Linda come into the office, they seem a little embarrassed to be so happy. They acknowledge that this has been an incredibly happy few days for them. Now they are on their way to Santa Barbara to pick up their son and bring him home. Taylor is taken back a little and wonders if she can make a suggestion. She suggests that they go to Santa Barbara for a long weekend---do some hiking, some fishing and lay out on the beach, but leave the child with his grandmother for another couple of weeks. Linda says that Richard also suggested that but she doesn't see why they should leave him there any longer. Even when Richard had a reason to lose his composure, he didn't.

She explains that Richard was laid off from work this week. If ever there was a reason for him to come home drunk, this was it. Richard says that he didn't get drunk because he would have hurt her. Linda says that he came home with a positive attitude and even took her out for the most romantic evening of her life. He is even talking about finding a better job. Richard tells Linda that he loves her; the job doesn't mean anything to him; he is just so sorry for all the wasted years when he acted like his father. He thanks God and Dr. Peterson that he will never hurt Linda or another woman ever again. They thank Pierce again and leave.

When the Randolphs are out of the office, a happy Pierce picks up and astonished Taylor and swings her around. "Linda says that what you did is a miracle," Taylor says with a puzzled look on her face. "Don't you see," Pierce says. "He was angry and paranoid but today I didn't see even a hint of that. Imagine the effect for millions of people with problems of anxiety, depression and pain management." Taylor agrees that the therapy has potential. Pierce says that he is happy with the results; she should be happy because it is her project also. Shaking her head, Taylor says that she can't get excited about it; she is a scientist. "I am a scientist and you are a poet," she says.

CJ and Amber are sharing a coffee at Insomnia while they wait for Rick. Amber tells CJ that Rick told his mother about the baby so everything will turn out okay. CJ doesn't see where she gets that idea, but she says that she is carrying a precious Forrester baby. She says that she wants the very best for this baby and that will mean that what is best for the baby is also good for her too. "You sound like the baby is a meal ticket," CJ remarks. Amber insists that that isn't so; she is just facing reality. When CJ says that she has a lot of money already to live on, she tells him that she gave the money back; she won't need it now because she is going to be rich. "I am the mother of a Forrester child!" She tells him. "That means that anything I want will be mine any time I want it."

A disgusted looking CJ tells her that here is the happy father now. Getting up, Amber throws her arms around Rick. She asks how thing are with his mom and Rick says that she was pretty freaked-out last night. Amber says that she thought Brooke was going to kill her and Rick agrees that the news "blew her away." Amber is sure that soon things will get back to normal but CJ doesn't know what she means by normal. Amber says that things could be worse but they have a healthy baby---a true blessing. She predicts that they will have a wonderful life and his mother and father will see how well they can do. This is, after all, their grandchild. CJ goes to the bar for more coffee and leaves the lovebirds alone.

Amber promises that things will get better but Rick doesn't see how they can; he is a high school kid having a baby. He says that his dad doesn't know yet and he won't be as easy on them as Brooke was. "The bottom line here is that I am having your baby, Rick," Amber says. Rick says that his dad will question that. Amber is shocked. "This baby is yours!" she says. "We know that, Rick. We know the truth, so smile." Watching the "loving" couple, CJ doesn't look too happy himself. Just then, someone walks up and puts their hand on his shoulder. It is Raymond. He says that he is back from his big tour and he has some unfinished business with Amber. CJ tells him that Amber doesn't want to see him, but Raymond says he will find her.

Friday, August 21, 1998

Thanks to Gladys once again for pitching in with this Friday update.

Brooke is pouring out her worries about Rick to Ridge. She is afraid that he will miss out on all the plans that she has for him. He is too young to be a father! Ridge pulls her into his arms to comfort her. Bailey is watching from the doorway; he lets himself be heard. Ridge asks him why he is there and he says that he is there to see Brooke. He explains that he wanted to see her about redressing his boss, Pierce Peterson; he thinks that Brooke would be the perfect person to assist him. Ridge rudely tells her that they are really busy, so maybe he can find a fashion consultant to help him out.

After Brooke leaves, Ridge asks about the "special project" that Pierce and Taylor are working on. Bailey asks if he has asked his wife, but Ridge says that they don't talk business at home. He says that Bailey could tell him about it; however, Bailey says that it is inappropriate for him to discuss his boss' business. The two seem to be dancing around something that the audience can't see, as if everything they say has two meanings. Bailey asks about Brooke having the same last name and Ridge says that she was once married to a Forrester. Finally, Bailey asks if it will be okay if he sees Mrs. Forrester. Ridge thinks he is talking about Taylor but Bailey says he is talking about Mrs. BROOKE Forrester. "Why do you want to see Brooke?" Ridge answers. Bailey says that he still wants her to help him select a new wardrobe for Pierce. Ridge says that they are too busy. Pierce asks if they are working on a "special project" together, but Ridge says that they aren't; however, he still feels like Pierce should see the fashion consultant and leave Brooke alone. Okay, Bailey says and leaves.

Pierce and Taylor are once again discussing his new therapy and how it affects people. Taylor can't see it as foolproof yet; she wants to see years of data on it. It has only been a week since Richard was hypnotized. What if it doesn't last? What if after using this treatment on a lot of people, they find that it not only doesn't last but also has some detrimental side effects? She can't be a part of something that puts a time bomb in people's heads. Pierce says that she has been negative from the beginning; he is wondering if she is going to be able to put anything into this project. Taylor says that she has been thinking about that also and she doesn't know if she wants to be a part of a run-away train. She is going to leave the project. Pierce asks if she is sure; is there anything he can say or do to change her mind? Taylor says that there isn't so Pierce wishes her well. He goes behind his desk and begins to study a report. Taylor stands there gathering up her papers; she is thinking about something very hard. "Is there anything else?" Pierce asks from his desk. "No," answers Taylor. However, she turns back into the room and says that maybe there is. She wants him to hypnotize her; she needs to see what it is all about first hand.

Rick and Amber are still at Insomnia talking about their situation. Amber is optimistic; she thinks that in time everyone will come to accept her and the baby; they will be proud grandparents. Rick isn't so sure about that; he is especially worried about his dad's reaction. Just as Amber reminds him that they love each other, Raymond comes up to the table, interrupting their conversation. Amber is open-mouthed with astonishment. CJ is right behind him and remarks that he told Raymond that they wouldn't want to see him. However, Rick is fine with it; he shakes Raymond's hand and says that he and CJ will leave and let them talk.

Brooke goes to Eric's office after leaving Ridge. She tells him that Amber won't be chasing Rick anymore. Eric is overjoyed but it is short-lived when Brooke tells him that it is worse now. How could it be worse? Brooke tells him that Amber is pregnant. Eric explodes! He wants to know how Rick knows that it is his kid; Amber could have gotten pregnant by someone else and blamed it on Rick. "No, Dad," Rick says from the doorway. "I am the father; I am sure of that and it wasn't just Amber, it was me too."

Raymond apologizes for the way he left Amber the last time. Amber lets him know that she isn't bothered by it, but it is easy for Raymond to see that she is bluffing; she was really hurt. She asks how his tour went and he answers that it was cool. "Cool?" Amber responds. "You were on the same stage with Janet Jackson and all you can say about it is cool?" Raymond says that he was thinking about how he left her and about what they did; it wasn't very nice of him or smart. Amber agrees that being in his hotel and drinking too much wasn't very smart for her either; they did go back to his room and pass out, didn't they?

Raymond says that that is what he wants to talk to her about. Just then, Rick comes over and says that he has to leave. Amber offers to go with him, but he says that he has a lot of errands to run. After he leaves, Amber wants to know what Raymond has to say. While it is true that they did pass out, she woke up later and they made love he tells her. Amber stumbles out of her chair and walks around the table in shock; she runs into one of the waiters without even knowing it. "You did use protection, didn't you?" Amber asks. Raymond says that he wasn't planning to have sex with her so he wasn't prepared; no, he didn't have any protection. He tells her that it was a stupid thing to do. It has bothered him so much and he knows it will never happen to him again. He just thought Amber deserved to know. Amber isn't able to hear anything he is saying; she is in shock just realizing that this baby could be Raymond's after all.

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Week of 08/24/98 - 08/28/98

Monday, August 24, 1998

An angry Eric asks how Rick knows the baby is Amber's. Rick assures him it is, and points out that it was his idea to go up to Big Bear, not Amber's, so his parents should not be laying all the blame on her. Eric argues that Amber is two years older than Rick and should have known better, so her going up there was still an act of irresponsibility. Rick says this wouldn't have happened if his parents hadn't tried to keep them apart, but Brooke says that was no justification... and now, Eric points out, Amber is pregnant and they have to do something about it.

Ridge asks Megan if the man he was with earlier made an appointment with one of their fashion consultants. Megan says she doesn't think so and asks who the man was. Ridge explains that his name is Bailey Masterson and he works for Pierce Peterson. As soon as Megan hears Pierce's name, she tells Ridge how impressed she is with him.

Ridge is surprised that Megan has heard of Pierce, and she says that she has heard all his tapes. Ridge then tells her that Taylor is working for Pierce... but he doesn't know on what, since it is top secret. That makes sense, Megan says, since buzz in the Internet chat rooms says that he would be away for a while.

After having his calls held, Pierce asks Taylor if she's sure she wants to be hypnotized and she says she has to if she is to stay on this project... although she questions if she even CAN be hypnotized. Pierce is confident that his project is different from other methods of hypnosis, so it will work on Taylor... and they begin.

Raymond tells Amber that he regrets it, but they made love... and he tries to help her get past her disappointment, since he sees that it bothers her. But he adds that no harm was done, since Amber isn't pregnant... or is she? But she denies it and tells him not to worry about her, since she is in love with Rick, who cares for her. A relieved Raymond says he learned his lesson and he goes to catch a plane, leaving Amber behind in tears.

After Megan tells Ridge that she heard on the radio about Pierce's secret project, a worried Ridge wants to call him and find out what is going on.

Pierce puts Taylor into a trance and she says she is relaxed. He asks her why she is doing this; she admits that she respects him and wants him to succeed, because he deserves it.

Ridge worries that all Pierce's calls are being held... and he worries more when Megan tells him Internet rumors say Pierce is into mind control.

When Taylor says anyone who works hard deserves to be rewarded, Pierce comments that she is thorough. "Thoroughness is the foundation of genius," she points out. Who says that? Pierce inquires. "James Warwick," Taylor replies. Recognizing the name, Pierce points out, "he doesn't believe in hypnosis, does he?" Taylor answers, "It is a mockery of scientific methods," she quotes. "But you are under hypnosis... do you see the contradiction?" he asks.

Pierce says Taylor takes life too seriously, so he will give her the gift of laughter... when she goes home, she will feel like she is 16 again, without burdens, and she will think about laughing and playing. Pierce then brings Taylor out and she says she feels like she woke from a nap. When she wants to take notes, he tells her to go home and save the notes for tomorrow. She agrees and heads home. After she leaves, he smiles and says, "Ridge Forrester, you are in for an interesting evening!"

Eric points out the age difference between Rick and Amber, which makes him think Amber knew what would happen at Big Bear... and Brooke and Eric think they know why she did it anyway. Rick is angry at the insinuation that Amber is after his money and insists he loves her; but Eric says his son is in the worst trouble he can ever have, and he and Brooke will make sure it is dealt with... NOW! Eric orders Rick to get Amber on the phone so he and Brooke can correct the biggest mistake of Rick's life.

CJ finds Amber in tears after Raymond leaves and wants to know what happened... and he guesses that she had sex with Raymond and chides her for doing it. CJ says Rick has to know, but Amber insists that the baby is Rick's--a Forrester--and she pleads with him desperately not to tell as he holds her in his arms.

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Brooke works in her office, thinking about Rick being a father and wondering how it could happen. Megan, who stops in with a report, interrupts and asks Brooke if she wants to grab a bite with her and one of the other girls. Brooke thanks Megan for the offer but declines, and Megan is about to head off, but Brooke has a question for her first. "Who was the man who stopped by to see Ridge?" she asks. Megan explains that his name is Bailey Masterson and he was there on behalf of his boss. Brooke wonders who the boss is and Megan replies, "Pierce Peterson."

Bailey stops in to see Pierce; he says that he heard that the boss was looking for him earlier, but he was out of the building. Pierce inquires where he was and he responds that he was over at Forrester, working on Pierce's new wardrobe... after all, Pierce will probably be back on the lecture circuit before long, and he needs to look his best. Pierce guesses it isn't a coincidence that Bailey went looking for clothes at the place where Taylor's husband works.

Bailey says he knows something about Ridge that Pierce should know, but Pierce doesn't want to hear gossip; he changes the subject to his argument with Taylor. Bailey guesses that it was a big one, and Pierce confirms... it was so big that Taylor agreed to be put under hypnosis to prove or disprove his theories, in fact!

Dressed like a disco girl from the 70's (in red bell-bottoms and a halter top, with he hair combed in bangs), Taylor sings along with KC and The Sunshine Band. "That's the way... uh-huh, uh-huh, I like it," she chants as she boogies across the room from the kitchen, where she is whipping something up. Ridge comes in, and as soon as he spots his wife's unusual mode of dress, he wants to know what's going on. Taylor starts reminiscing about babysitting as she explains Thomas is with Stephanie. "Have you been drinking?" he asks. "Yeah... Hawaiian Punch. Want some?" she replies. She offers some rice krispee treats... and when Ridge again asks what's happening, she says she wants to boogie!

Pierce asks Bailey his opinion of Taylor, and he answers that she is committed... a little too committed, Pierce says, which is why he made Taylor feel like she was 16 again.

Feeling like he is in a time warp, Ridge asks if Taylor is OK. She says she is; she just wants to have fun. "And just how do you want to do that?" her confused hubby asks. By doing the Hustle, she replies, and she drags Ridge into doing it with her!

Brooke asks Megan what she knows about Pierce. Megan responds in glowing terms about the man; she's read his books and has heard his tapes, and she has been truly inspired by his work; the man is a genius, she proclaims. Having answered Brooke's questions, Megan heads off. After she leaves, Brooke finds herself thinking about meeting Pierce at Café Russe. "He was so kind... I'd really like to see him again," she says to herself.

After popping her eight track tape out and finishing her dance with Ridge, Taylor heads over to the couch. Ridge joins her as she pops in a tape... as they watch, you can hear the theme from "WELCOME BACK, KOTTER." Taylor smiles as she comments, "Oh, I would have killed to have a teacher like Gabe... Oh, look! There's Vinnie Barbarino... he is such a fox! And there's Horshack... I just love his laugh." She mimics the sitcom character's unique laugh, and Ridge says that while he doesn't know where this is going, it sure turns him on. "Ooh, gross!" Taylor proclaims as she gets up for the couch, heading outside to the beach!

Pierce explains to Bailey that he wanted to relieve Taylor of her responsibilities, and he bets Ridge is in for a memorable night. Bailey says he doesn't get it, especially since he saw Ridge in the arms of the blonde from the restaurant--whose name, Bailey points out, is Brooke **Forrester**. Bailey says Pierce owes it to himself to consider these 2 beauties when Pierce gets a call from Brooke, who hopes she is not being forward, but she wants to meet him for dinner... tonight!

Out on the porch, Taylor points out the stars and is doing cartwheels. She asks Ridge to make out with her. As he embraces his wife and puts his hands on her rear, she pulls him off and rebuffs, "first base only!" More confused than ever, Ridge agrees. Taylor then gives Ridge a hickey to "mark" him as her man, and he points out how crazy she is.

Over at Mannequins, Brooke meets Pierce for dinner. Pierce points out that he did not know Brooke was a Forrester and asks her what it is like. Brooke says it is different, but bets Pierce does not want to talk about the Forresters. On the contrary, he says, he *does* want to know.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Over at Mannequins, Brooke is still dining with the illustrious, charismatic and handsome Pierce Peterson. Pierce points out that Brooke is not eating and wonders if she is enjoying herself. She says she is... but she then stops to ask him a question. She wants to know if he believes in destiny. Pierce says he does and Brooke says she has as well... with the Forresters, Ridge Forrester in particular.

Over at Pierce's office, his right hand man, Bailey and his secretary, Miss Holiday discuss Pierce's relationship with Taylor. Bailey thinks that Taylor is the reason for the good mood their boss has been in lately, but the secretary doesn't think so. After all, she points out, Pierce is out to dinner with another woman, not Taylor. "That's merely reconnaissance," Bailey points out as he bids her goodnight and heads out.

Over at Thorne's, he has a visit from Darla, and they debate Thorne's having a baby with Macy per Grant's wishes. She fears Thorne is taking advantage because of his own feelings for Macy. Thorne says he would do the same thing if he were the one dying, but he's not... and just then, Sally walks in. Having caught Thorne's comment about dying, she demands to know what is going on!

Over at their beach house, Grant is thinking about having Macy get on with her life. He can't expect her to wait around for him, he thinks. Just then, Grant starts coughing... Macy spots it and rushes to his side. He tells Macy it is nothing and asks her to go for a dip. How can he ask her to do that, she asks... she can't, she exclaims, because right now she is afraid of losing her husband!

When Pierce tells her that he wants to hear about the Forresters, Brooke explains how she met Ridge and about the "magical" life they had together. She gets into the story of how they met when she catered a party at his parents' mansion, and from that moment, she felt like she belonged there. But sometimes, she laments, magic just wasn't enough.

"But you did marry him?" Pierce asks. Brooke explains how she finally married Ridge, and they were so very happy. So what happened? he asks. "Taylor happened," Brooke explains.

Sally demands to know what Thorne was talking about, and he tells her to talk to Macy. Sally refuses to give up; she wants to know what is wrong with her son-in-law! Reluctantly, Thorne says, "I'm probably the last one who should be telling you this... but Grant is dying!" Sally is shocked.

Grant tries to get Macy to go along with his final wish, for her own sake. He wants her to be happy, he repeats again like a mantra. As he speaks, his coughing gets worse. Macy turns away and says that she will fight to hold onto him, no matter what it takes. Even if they have to try other doctors or therapies, and even if it means leaving the country, she is willing to try. Not hearing a response from him, she turns around... Grant has collapsed on the floor! A desperate Macy calls an ambulance to their 1135 Ocean Way home, and the paramedics soon arrive to rush him to the hospital.

Sally is in denial and insists Grant cannot be dying, even after Darla confirms it, since Grant was considering insemination. They had their whole lives ahead of them, and he would not be thinking about children if he was dying. Thorne explains what Grant had in mind to give Macy a baby, through him. "No!" Sally lashes out. "It will never happen, do you hear me? Never!"

Brooke explains to Pierce how Ridge left her for Taylor after finding out about his child--a child Taylor hid at first. She believes she and Ridge should be together, but Ridge had to be there for his son. When Pierce asks her if she can live with such feelings, Brooke excuses herself and says she has said enough... leaving Pierce to wonder how Taylor can be happy if what Brooke says is true.

Thorne and Sally's argument continues; she insists that she will not allow him to destroy her daughter again, but Thorne keeps telling her that this is what Grant has asked of him. They keep going back and forth and are interrupted by a call from Macy at St. John's Hospital, telling Sally that Grant isn't well.... Sally says will be right there, and she and Darla rush off. Once they are out the door, Thorne pauses for a moment, and then he too heads out the door.

At the hospital, Dr. Hughes tells Macy that Grant, who is hooked up to machines, has pneumonia, with fluid in his lung... they will take the fluid out when Grant is stable. Macy pleads with Grant that she needs him and she asks him to stay, and he opens his eyes and reaches out to her... and as their hands lock, she says that she will always be there for him.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Thanks to Gladys for another Thursday update!

Macy is at Grant's bedside when Sally, Darla and Thorne arrive. Sally looks at Grant and asks what is being done for the cancer. Grant says that nothing is being done; it is too late for treatment. Sally can't believe that there is no treatment available, but she begs him to tell her what she can do for him. He tells her that he wants them to wipe those sad looks off their faces. If they can't do that, the he wants them to take their grief to the waiting room.

Stephanie has Mary with her in her office. She seems to be having just as good a time as Mary when James comes in. He mentions that Mary should be downstairs in the day care center, but Stephanie says that she is having the time of her life. She says that thanks to James and Mary, her life is totally different. She has waited so very long to be happy again but she never thought it would happen.

As Sheila watches Cybil sleep, she worries that her plan may be only a long shot. "But I have to try," she tells herself. "If it works, I will be able to be with my daughter again. You've just got to help me Cybil!" Going over to Cybil's bed, Sheila asks her if she is looking forward to going home. She is surprised when Cybil tells her that she can't go home; her mother sold the house a long time ago. Sheila says that she will be homeless without a home or money. When Cybil says that she is going to Hawaii, Sheila asks how she is going to do that without any money; plane tickets cost a lot of money. "I can help you," Sheila says kindly. "I have a lot of money."

"Why would you do that for me?" Cybil asks. Sheila explains that if she does something for her, she will do something for Cybil in return. She explains about her baby needing her but the hospital won't let her go to her. She would be grateful to anyone that helped her to be with her baby. When Cybil asks how she could help her, Sheila explains that she could switch places with her. "You pretend to be me and I would be you," Sheila explains. "You would go to the big hospital in my place. I know that five years is a long time to wait, but at the end of that time, you would have a million dollars."

When Cybil looks doubtful, Sheila tells her that if she chooses not to do it, she would be no better off in a few years than she is now. It is her future; how does she want to live it? "Would you like to live it on the streets or in Hawaii?" Sheila goes on to tell her about how a million dollars would buy a home on the beaches of Hawaii where she could spend the rest of her life. Think about it, she advises. Just then, the guard comes in and calls for Sheila Warwick. As he is looking between the two women, wondering which is which, Sheila tells him that she is Sheila. He tells her that she has a visitor.

James tells Stephanie that Sheila will be transferred upstate later on today; she is going to be a patient of one of the doctors practicing psychiatry. Stephanie wonders why, since Sheila is beyond rehabilitation. James doesn't want to hear talk like that, but he tells her that he has to go and see Sheila one last time. He has to have closure, he tells Stephanie, if they are to begin a new life together. "And I do want to have a new life with you and Mary. But I do have to see Sheila first." Stephanie tells him to do what he thinks is best.

In the visitor's room, Sheila greets Mike. He says that he is sorry that he can't do much for her; he doesn't even know if he can get upstate to visit her but he will miss her. Sheila tells him that she has found a way out; it is a long shot but she thinks it will work. She tells him to bring the car to the guardhouse tonight and call for Cybil Weller. He tells her that the plan sounds dangerous; if she tries this and gets caught, she would lose Mary for sure. Sheila tells him that she has already lost Mary. If she has to do the five years, Mary will not know her when she returns. Stephanie will have poisoned her mind against her mother.

At the hospital, Grant once again brings up his wish for Macy and Thorne to have a family together. Sally immediately objects; this is the one thing that she cannot and will not do for him. Macy also objects but Grant tells her that she still has time to realize her dream of a family. Macy says that that is impossible but Grant says that he wants something good and positive to come from his passing. "It is not the end of the world," he assures everyone. "I am not the one giving up, you are. You have your entire lives ahead of you but what do I see on your faces but fear, sorrow and defeat. You don't have to abandon hope! The one thing I have learned is that life is finite and fleeting; you cannot waste a minute of it. Please Macy, don't stop living because I am dying. I cannot give you a future but you can give one to me." Before anyone can answer his plea, the doctor comes in and announces that Grant needs his rest. Everyone leaves but Macy. As she bends over to kiss him, he tells her to think about what he has said.

Sheila is anxious for the guard to take her back to her cell; she has to know what Cybil has decided. Just then, the guard brings in another visitor---James. If James was hoping for her to be happy to see him, he was thinking wrongly, she tells him. She asks what he is doing there; hasn't he seen enough sorrow on her face? James says that he knows that she is angry but Sheila says she isn't angry, she is devastated. She thought he was smarter than this but she guesses that there is no one that Stephanie can't get to. "What is this, Doctor? An exit interview? I haven't been your patient for a long time in case you haven't noticed."

James acknowledges that he isn't her doctor but she is his wife and the mother of his child. Where is Mary? Sheila asks. When James looks contrite, she guesses that Mary is with Stephanie. She begins to come apart, asking if Stephanie is now raising her daughter. Mary will be all right, James assures her. "No!" Insists Sheila. "Stephanie is exposing my daughter to poison. Stephanie hates me; she will not tell my daughter that I love her! Stephanie cannot have my little girl!" The guard comes in wondering what all the fuss is about. As Sheila insists that Stephanie cannot have her daughter, he drags her out of the room.

Thorne takes Macy home. He begins to tell Macy that they can make Grant's last hours happy by fulfilling his last wish. Would you deny him that? He asks. "Can you deny him what he wants and deep down inside you want it too." He grabs her and kisses her.

Back in her cell, Sheila is desolate. As she stands there in deep sorrow at losing her daughter to her enemy, Cybil lays a hand on her shoulder. Shaking it off, Sheila says, "Not now Cybil; I am not in the mood." "Don't call me Cybil; my name is Sheila Warwick." Sheila turns around and watches as Cybil takes off her large glasses. They look just alike as they look deeply into each other's eyes.

Friday, August 28, 1998

Once again, thanks to Gladys for her help with Friday's update!

During a visit, Ridge can't get over how radiant his mother looks since she and James have become involved. Stephanie says that even though they each are carrying a lot of baggage into the relationship, they are committed to a life together. No matter what baggage they carry, it is nothing now that Sheila has been incarcerated.

Sheila and Cybil are talking about their plan. Cybil wants some assurance that Sheila will keep her promise. Sheila promises that the day Cybil gets out of the big hospital, she will be waiting outside the gates with the money. She tells Cybil that if she isn't sure, she can still back out, but if she goes through with the plan, she will say a prayer for her every night. She and her daughter will never forget what she is doing for her.

Sally returns to the hospital and sits by Grant's bed while he sleeps. When he wakes up, she tells him that she wanted to sit with him for a while. She wanted to talk to him but she is at a loss for words---"a first for me," she admits. She cannot believe that this is happening to someone as vital and young as he is. She asks if he really meant what he said to Macy; she wants to know if this is the way he feels down deep in every fiber of his being. He tells her that he meant every word he said. "I wish I could agree with you," Sally admits, "but I can't believe in your plan. You are the man that Macy loves, not Thorne. If you really love Macy, how can you do this?"

Macy pulls back from Thorne's kiss and says, "How dare you? What has gotten into you?" Thorne says that he got carried away. Macy asks if he is buying into this crazy plan of Grant's. Thorne says that it makes sense to him. He reminds her that it is something that they can give to Grant and if she will only admit it, she will agree with him.

Ridge asks his mother if James has talked to her about Sheila and their history together as a married couple. Stephanie says that they do talk about it sometimes, but that is all in the past. Between the two of them, they are going to see to it that this precious little girl has a wonderful future. As he holds Mary, Ridge observes that it must be strange to have a kid in the house again. Stephanie says with a laugh that it is strange, but she is loving every minute of it. Besides, Mary is a pushover compared to him when he was younger, she jokes.

Sheila tells Cybil that she thinks that this is going to work. Cybil is still nervous about the switch but Sheila emphasizes that from now on, Cybil is Sheila Warwick and she will be SW for a long time. "Now, I am Cybil Weller," she says. "You can't let anyone know who you really are," she warns. "Once you are on that bus, you can't change your mind. If you don't want to go through with this, now is the time to say so." As they stand there looking at each other, the guard comes into the cell asking for Sheila Warwick. Breaking eye contact, Cybil turns to the guard who grabs her by the arm and starts hustling her out "WAIT!" Cybil says. Sheila gets a frightened look on her face as Cybil goes to her. The guard warns that if she doesn't come willingly, she will drag her out. "I just want to say goodbye," she says as she throws her arms around Sheila. "Good luck," Sheila tells her as they walk out of the cell.

"Lighten up, Sally!" Grant says. "There is no reason to be so grim. Death is just as much a part of live as birth." He reminds her of giving birth and how it was a painful and frightening experience. Yes, she agrees. It is frightening but at the same time, it is wonderful. Grant agrees. "That is how I feel about death; it gives one a tangible sense of God. Death is not a tragedy; it is an adventure, an incredible journey that I am not afraid to take. Soon I will be experiencing all the mysteries of the universe. I'm not afraid, but I am worried; I'm worried about Macy. I don't want her to be alone." Wiping away a tear, Sally says that she came here to try and comfort him but he has comforted her instead. "You are quite a man, Grant. It has been a privilege to know you. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." She bends over and kisses him on the forehead while she caresses his head.

Thorne tells Macy that he didn't just kiss her because it was Grant's wish but because he wanted to. "You know how I feel about you---how I have always felt about you. We could have kept ignoring the truth about how we feel, but I wouldn't be telling you this if Grant had not asked me to do this." Macy tells him forcefully to stop it. She says that they are both very emotional right now but her only concern is Grant. "Grant asked us for a favor, Macy," Thorne says. "If you cannot give him that, can you at least let him think that we are giving him what he wants?" Macy says that if he is talking about pretending to be together, she will try. That is the best she can do and pretending is as far as it goes. "I really think there is a chance for us," Thorne tells her. "I can make you happy and Grant believes this also." Macy just looks at him and leaves.

Sheila is pacing the cell thinking that if there was going to be a problem she would have heard about it by now. Soon this will be over and Mike had better be there waiting for her. The guard comes in and throws some clothing at her and tells her to change. Before she can change, the guard tells her that they need to fill out some forms. She asks how long she has been here and Sheila mumbles an answer. The guard mentions that she has been there longer than she, the guard, has. Once Sheila has signed the form, the guard asks if there is someone to pick her up and Sheila says that there is. The guard says that her ride had better be there on time or she will have to stay. Sheila takes off the glasses and there is a mean look in her eyes.

Later, Sheila paces the guardhouse while the guard warns that if nobody shows up within the next couple of minutes, Sheila will have to stay another night. She says that she wants to go home on time for a change. As Sheila tries to reason that she can leave because she signed the release, there is the sound of a horn blowing. Opening the door, the guard asks why he is there. Mike says that he is there for Cybil Weller. Turning back to Sheila the guard says that it looks like they both will get out of here on time tonight.

In the car, Sheila wonders what took Mike so long; she told him to be there and to be prepared. Mike offers his excuses and tells her that she should show less attitude and more gratitude. On the way up he saw a cozy little motel; why don't they go there and celebrate, he suggests? Sheila tells him that the first thing she is going to do is see her daughter. Then she will deal with Stephanie. "You thought you had outsmarted me, didn't you, Stephanie? Well, Sheila's back and she is going to make you pay!"

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