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December, 1998

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Week of 11/30/98 - 12/04/98

Monday, November 30, 1998

At Pierce's house, everybody works to get things ready for the video as Pierce reassures Taylor. She is still unsure that she can do this; it is more his thing than it is hers, she reminds him. Pierce tells her to relax, have fun and do what she does best... and they then clear the set so they can begin as Pierce wishes her luck.

Ridge is with Eric, talking over the Brooke's Bedroom idea. Eric worries about the effect that it will have on Ridge and Taylor and their marriage, but Ridge tells him not to worry--he has things under control. Eric says that while he likes the idea, he wishes it was not Brooke's, since that is bound to cause trouble in Ridge's marriage... and he states that Ridge is being a naive high school boy if he does not see the problems and believes otherwise.

Shocked at seeing Stephanie on her bed in her office, Brooke wants to know what she is doing. Stephanie says that is what she wants know, finding Brooke in bed, looking like she is ready to seduce Ridge. Brooke explains that she was just testing the products and orders Stephanie to take her accusations and leave. Steph says she is not going anywhere, but Brooke is! Brooke tells her that she might as well get cozy, because she isn't going anywhere and it may be a long wait. Stephanie thinks the whole stunt with the bed, and the new line itself, are just more silly tawdry ways of seducing her son Ridge. Brooke tries to explain that this will bring Forrester Creation to the top again. Stephanie says that she isn't going to turn a blind eye away from Brooke's seduction theme just to make money, because this has to do with values... "and Brooke, you don't have any. This line is all about copulation, and this is what you're all about... copulation."

Brooke takes offense and says that Stephanie still thinks of her as a little girl from the valley who isn't good enough for the family and her children. Stephanie tells her that Brooke hasn't any morals, lying in wait like an alley cat for Ridge. Brooke protests, but Stephanie points out, "You were waiting for someone, and it wasn't me! You're interfering in Taylor's marriage again." "No, I AM NOT!" Brooke insists. "Then what the hell is this all about?" Steph asks. Brooke explains that she was testing out the products. Stephanie asks, "The door wasn't locked; what would happen if your kids came in?" Brooke says they have seen her like this and they also have seen her nude. "What, in the office?" Stephanie asks. Brooke says, "They know what kind of person I am and they respect me."

"You're sick!" Stephanie comments. "No, Stephanie, you're sick," Brooke replies. "You like to control everyone's lives. Taylor and Ridge are together cause of your meddling. He was my husband, and you didn't give a damn about that! And you talk about morality." Stephanie tells that Brooke it was the best thing that could have happened to Ridge when he married Taylor. "Unlike you, Taylor is a decent person that has morals." Brooke says that Stephanie takes delight in being cruel. "Look at this office! You turned it into a WHOREHOUSE, just so you can have sex with Ridge. And there is no doubt about it now, since you brought the bed in," Stephanie responds.

Taylor is in front of the camera with her glasses, looking professional. She says, "Hi, I am Dr. Taylor Forester, and I am in the Bel Air home of Dr. Pierce Peterson. He is a motivational master, teacher and therapist, and a winner of 100 awards in human achievements." "Stop, you missed your mark," Taylor is corrected by the director. She is then instructed to look right into the camera, and Pierce comes over to give her encouragement; he takes off her glasses and tells her to relax, and loosen up. Are you sure? She asks. He says she can do this as the director begins the shot again. Taylor then does another taping, this time perfectly. They take a break to set up another shot. Pierce comes over and she asks, "Why are you smiling?" She is a natural, he says. She says that she feels like a fish out of the water, so he says she is a beautiful fish in a reassuring tone. Taylor gets called aside for a touch-up on her makeup.

Ridge is explaining to his dad about Brooke and how they work well together, and he is going to say this only one last time. "This line is hot, she is hot and we are a natural for this... and this won't interfere with my marriage. ENOUGH SAID." Eric hopes he is right about this. "I am right," Ridge states, "and if you want to worry about my marriage, take a good hard look at Pierce Peterson, not Brooke Logan." Eric wants to know why he feels that Pierce is a threat. Ridge says he didn't say that, "but if you want to set your sights on Brooke Logan or Pierce Peterson, he is the trouble maker." "Why do you think that?" Eric asks. He tells his dad that Pierce is in love with his wife and probably dozens of others. "But we are in love, and no one is going to threaten that." Eric then asks, "Then you and Taylor have settled this with Brooke?" Ridge explains, "We made a pact; she won't sweat Brooke and I don't sweat Pierce." But he still gets angry, Eric points out. Pierce has charisma, Ridge explains. "And you get jealous?" Eric guesses. Ridge answers, "I said charisma, not voodoo. It would take a lot more than sweet-talking Pierce to boil my blood."

Pierce and Taylor resume in front of the camera; this time, he is on screen with her as they talk about taking charge of your sexuality, improving your life and changing your attitude about the art of making love. Pierce talks about how some people tend to overanalyze in some cases... but when it comes to sex, it is a powerful drive and very human, unlike our other instincts. "All my teachings and all of my writings can wither away if your sex drive can overpower you to make an irrational decision, he says" The director wraps, pleased with the performances. Pierce asks Taylor how she is feeling. Her heart is beating a hundred miles a minute, and what a thrill it was, she says. He says, "Like you just ran a marathon?" he asks. "Yes," she answers. "Let's work on tomorrow's script," he states. Taylor is on a high; she feels great, with a big smile on her face.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie is giving it to Brooke. Brooke says how she works her butt off for this company to succeed-- "and what do you do? Treat me like dirt and bad mouth me." "OH NO, NO! I am not responsible for that precious image of yours. You did it on your own, getting stuck in the elevator with Ridge," Stephanie accuses. Brooke tries to explain that they were having fun, goofing around. "You would have had sex with him in that elevator if he said yes," Stephanie points out. "HE DIDN'T GIVE IN, STEPHANIE! If I wanted him, I could have had him," Brooke responds, adding as she snaps her fingers, "LIKE THAT!" Stephanie is really get riled now. "Oh, you're trying to tell me you had control?" Stephanie asks, bringing up the incident with the elevator again. "Your idea of control is being a SLUT, and that is what you are... and that is what you always will be."

"All right, Mother, that is enough!" Ridge says as he overhears the conversation from the doorway. "What the hell are you two doing?!" he asks. Stephanie points to the bed and says how Brooke was waiting for him in bed so she could seduce him. "That is a lie," Brooke says. "Please, can you tell the truth for once in your life?" Stephanie asks. Stephanie turns to Ridge and says, "I am telling you she was waiting in that bed." Brooke says to Stephanie, "If you don't shut up, so help me..." Ridge butts in and says, "Brooke, you're not going to do anything. Mother, will you please leave?" Stephanie says, "I can't see how you can't see what's going on." Brooke says, "No, it is obvious how narrow minded you are." "ENOUGH," Ridge shouts. Stephanie says to Brooke, "I spoiled your little game, didn't I? I know you will try again," She turns to Ridge and instructs him, "You be careful." Stephanie leaves and Ridge shuts the door. Brooke says, "Your mother is on the attack again. I swear, if you don't do something about that woman, I am going to lose it. So help me... how she treats me, what she says to me. I hate that woman. Please tell her to stop... please?" She has tears in her eyes as she sits down on the bed. Ridge sits down next to her and holds her while she is crying.

Back at Bel Air, the shoot is over, and now it is dark. Pierce wants to go over tomorrow's script, but Taylor says she is spent and she is starved. Pierce tells Taylor that is no problem; he holds her hand and leads her out to the veranda, where there is a table all set with food to eat. She says she cannot stay since she has to tend to Thomas. "Don't worry, Thomas is in the other room, being well taken care of," he reminds her. He walks her over to the table and takes off her jacket, so she can enjoy the spread he has arranged for. A breeze is blowing as she sits down, and he sits down as well. He picks up the champagne glass and says, "To the best first day of taping that I ever experienced." She says, "To a man who know how to exaggerate." He says she was sensational. She had a lot of fun, she admits. He says they are going to change the world, the two of them, as Taylor smiles.

Tuesday, December 01, 1998

Kimberly stares out her window as she thinks about her first kiss with Rick. We see the whole scene in flashback again, leading up to her kissing a boy for the first time.

CJ stops by Rick's and sees that his buddy is reading a book about the first three years of a baby's life. He says that's a heavy read. Rick says Amber gave it to him. CJ then asks what happened with Kimberly, and Rick explains that she kissed him... the first time she kissed a guy, and it was incredible.

At Pierce's house, he and Taylor are still dining on the veranda, as Pierce compliments her on her work. He has done many tapes before, he states, but this one was special because of Taylor and his connection to her. She was special, he says. Taylor asks, "What makes me so special?" Pierce says it's her aura, and that will cause her to be responsible for the project being a success

Still in tears in her office, Brooke asks Ridge, "Why do I let your mother do this to me? She'll always see me as a tramp, a whore." Ridge says that other do not see her that way, leading her to ask what HE thinks of her. He says that she is sharp and a good businesswoman. Brooke seems surprised at the reply. Ridge then asks what she is doing without her clothes on again. Brooke smiles at him and reminds him that she was trying out the sheets and fabric. Ridge says he thought she was just expressing herself. Brooke then asks if Taylor is working late tonight. Ridge says yes, his wife is selling infomercials on safe sex. Brooke notices he seems bothered. Ridge says it's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Brooke says, "As long as that's all they're doing."

Taylor tells Pierce that she was just a small part of this video thing, but Pierce still feels she will make the video work. Pierce adds, "If I did the video, I would be following the same pattern as I have the past ten years... but where's the creativity? If we added Dr. Taylor Forrester to the mix, it's a perfect marriage. We are talking about sexual love." Taylor says they are talking about responsible sexual love.

Rick tells CJ that he felt honored that Kimberly gave him her first kiss, since he knows she was saving it for the right guy; he adds that she'll get upset when she finds out about Amber and the baby. CJ asks, "You didn't tell her?" Rick says no. CJ then says that maybe Rick's parents are right; getting married is stupid. He suggests that Rick do what he has to for the baby, but he should forget about getting married. Rick says, "My life would be so different if I weren't engaged. I can't get it out of my mind, that night." CJ asks, "What night?" Rick says it's like a nightmare, the night he created that child... the night he became trapped. "I thought of never dating again, of giving up hope on dating Kimberly. I was her first kiss. How can I explain this to her?"

CJ suggests he should explain about Amber and how he made a stupid mistake--and then he should add that he and Amber are breaking up. Rick still cannot forget about the baby, which has to come first. He knows that he is giving up his life, but this is how it has to be. He can't pretend it's somebody else's child. What if it was? CJ asks. Rick tells his friend not to bother thinking that way, since it cannot happen. Rick says that he has to do the impossible. CJ asks, "By breaking up with Kimberly?" Just then, Kimberly calls Rick and invites him over for dinner. Rick asks if her dad is going to be there; she says he's not there right now, but it will give them time to talk, Rick says he will be there and hangs up. Kimberly hangs up and says to herself that they must have been talking about her.

Brooke and Ridge talk about Pierce and his video about sex. Brooke says that Pierce and Taylor are attracted to each other. Ridge says, "So are we, but that doesn't mean we are going to give the mattress a work out." Brooke asks Ridge, "Do you remember you and me in the elevator? We have self control. But with Pierce and Taylor, they are new at this game." Ridge says he gets the point, realizing that they should be working on this sex idea. Brooke says that is her point and asks if Pierce and Taylor have been working all this time. Ridge hopes not, or Taylor would be a basket case. Brooke asks, "If they are not working, what are they doing?"

Taylor asks Pierce if they are going to be talking about romantic love, since she thought the video was about sexual dysfunction. Pierce says it is, but they can't do that without getting into the romantic side. He then looks up at the beautiful night sky; "What we have here is a gift, and if you turn your back, you'll be hurting yourself," he tells her. He promises never to hurt Taylor. Pierce then gets a call; it's Ridge, for Taylor. He asks if she is taping and she says no. He then asks what she is doing. "Eating and going over the script for tomorrow," she replies. Ridge says he'll be right there and hangs up. Taylor calls out to him, but he has hung up. Pierce asks what's the matter. Taylor says Ridge is on his way over, and she does not think he's happy.

Rick shows up at Kimberly's, where she is cooking lobster for him. Rick says it smells great. As she cooks, Rick gazes at her intently. Rick wonders how he'll tell Kimberly about Amber--but he has to and tonight, and there's no turning back now.

Wednesday, December 02, 1998, #2935

Taylor and Pierce talk about Ridge as they continue to eat on the veranda. Pierce asks if Ridge sounded upset or angry, and Taylor says she can tell when he's upset with her, even over the phone. Pierce asks what she's you worried about; she says Ridge is on his way over here. Pierce asks, "So what? We are just having a dinner break." Taylor says she wouldn't call this a regular dinner break with the candles, the way they are dressed, etc. Pierce states that brown bagging is not his style. Taylor says that Ridge is still upset with Pierce after he showed up at the beach house the other night. Pierce says, "Yes, I know; I spoke to him that night." Taylor says Ridge is not going to like this and it's going to set him off. "We even have a waiter out here. Look at us, the way we are dressed." Pierce says they have just gotten done taping, so the dress mode is understandable. He then asks her if she feels guilty about something. Taylor says no, it's just that Ridge doesn't trust Pierce. The doorbell rings and Pierce bets it's Ridge.

Amber asks CJ where Rick is. CJ says he is at Kimberly's. Amber says Rick is doing this for her and their baby; Kimberly has been living in a dream world, but no more, not after tonight. Her "honey," Rick, will take care of that, she boasts..

Kimberly talks about her past as she feeds Rick a taste of the lobster she made, which he is enjoying. Rick asks himself how does he tell Kimberly? How does he explain Amber's pregnant and he is the father? Rick tells himself that Kimberly probably won't want to look at him again, but he has to do it... he has to tell her tonight.

Amber asks CJ what's wrong; he answers by asking Amber, "It doesn't bother you that Rick and Kimberly are going through something heavy tonight?" Amber says Kimberly knows Rick is her boyfriend, so what is CJ's problem? CJ says she doesn't know Amber is pregnant. Amber says she should, so she still does not know what CJ's problem is. CJ says his problem is that Rick is his best friend, and it's killing Rick to do this to Kimberly. Amber says that's too bad, and accuses, "You act like he's in love with her or something; but he's not." Amber then says, Oh, God, check this out." She shows CJ a picture of Raymond in a magazine that reads "Raymond Ties the Knot." Amber says that the dude is getting married, so it's a closed chapter; Raymond must be over her. CJ says she is forgetting the fact he slept with her. Amber says he does not have to be so blunt about it, but CJ says, "That baby inside of you still might be Raymond's."

Rick and Kimberly sit down to eat, as she says she made the dressing by herself. Rick says the dressing is just like the Cafe Russe's, and Kimberly admits that she remembered Rick liking it when they were there, so she made a mental note of what she thought was in it. Rick takes a bite as he stares at Kimberly.

Taylor and Pierce answer the door to greet Ridge. Ridge says hi and asks Pierce how it is going. Pierce says, "I'm pretty wiped out, actually; come on in." Ridge sees the waiter and dinner on the terrace, and Taylor indicates that Pierce knows how to feed the help. Pierce invites Ridge to join them, but Ridge says he's there to pick up Thomas. Taylor asks is that why he rushed over there, to pick up the baby? Ridge says no, there's one more reason... and when she asks what it is, he lays a big kiss on Taylor. He breaks away and tells her, "Finish what you're doing, then give me a call and I'll pick you up." Pierce tells Ridge where to find Thomas. Taylor asks Ridge if he has eaten, but he says not to worry about it, since he will just take Thomas home. Ridge tells Pierce not to work Taylor too hard. Pierce has a thoughtful look on his face.

Ridge is on his way out the door with Thomas; he kisses Taylor and says everything will be fine. Taylor closes the door and asks, "Can you believe that? He was fine with it." Pierce says it's not like they are having a wild party. Taylor says they are having a romantic dinner sitting out there and it does not look like a worktable. Pierce says they should sit down in front of the fire to go over tomorrow's script. Taylor says she has to go, to be with her husband tonight. She says, "I'll be here early in the morning," as she walks out the door.

Amber asks CJ why he is doing this. CJ says, "I've been keeping this secret, and my best friend is over there breaking some girl's heart, telling her he's going to be a father... and he doesn't even know if it's true. I could have put a stop to it earlier." Amber wonders if he has talked, but CJ says he has not. He say that Rick would hate him for this, but he's flushing his life down the toilet for this kid and he doesn't even know it might not be his.

Rick tells Kimberly he has never ate so much lobster before and she should not have done all this for him. Kimberly says, "Are you kidding? It has given me so much joy doing this for you. I have been flying all day... just watching you is enough reward for me." Kimberly hears a song on the radio, "I'LL BE," and she says she loves this song. Rick says he does as well. They slow dance as he holds her close.

She heads home to a darkened room, and there is Ridge, sitting there and holding a rose. She walks over and he gets up; no words are said. He smells the rose, then she smells the rose. They kiss and then are down for the count, on the rug in the living room, surrounded by white candles. His shirt comes off as her jacket comes off; he gives her a kiss on the neck on the carpet in a moment of passion.

Pierce is all alone with a glass of champagne in his hand. He says, "Touché, Ridge. Taylor was mine tonight... and in the matter of 2 minutes, she was yours. Nice piece of work, Ridge. I have to admire that, but it isn't over yet for me and Taylor. This is only the beginning."

Back with Amber and CJ, she is saying, "Look at me, CJ. Look at me. What do you see? A little high school girl, smart, with a great future, surrounded by boyfriends? Not me, is it? But Kimberly could have any guy; she probably has you. What you see is a pregnant, unmarried girl... and in a couple of months, I will be looking like a beach ball. What do I have? The boy who got me pregnant. Kimberly will be fine in 6 months and she won't know Rick existed; but in 6 months, especially if I don't have Rick, where will I be? I need him more than Kimberly. He is all I've got. I need him to come through for me tonight, and he WILL."

Rick and Kimberly are dancing. She says, "You're confused. You have a girlfriend and now you have me--but I know you like me more and more, I can feel it. It is a change for you. I trusted you and I gave you the most precious thing of my life... the kiss we shared, the most magical moment of my life. I think about it all the time, about doing it again. I have fallen for you, completely Rick Forrester." She goes to kiss him and he pulls away. What is it? she asks. Rick says he has to tell her something, something he didn't want her to know. IT IS ABOUT AMBER, he says.

Thursday, December 03, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for her help!

Macy, Sally and Thorne enter the dark house and flip on the lights. Seeing the mess that the house is in, Sally says that she will spend the night with Macy. She will help her settle in and she will pick the place up a little. Macy objects; she just wants to be alone, but Thorne agrees with Sally. Sally asks Macy if she can call James Warwick; she is sure that he will come and talk to her. Macy says no and walks out on the deck and watches the waves crash against the shore. "I want to talk about it," she tells Sally. "Tell me about my father."

Myles watches through binoculars as Sally and Thorne bring Macy home to the beach house. "This is it," he says. "Soon they will leave and you will be alone, my brown-eyed girl. How do I explain? How do I make you understand?"

Kimberly is upset that Rick seems to be in some kind of pain. She asks him what is wrong. "You can tell me," she says. "Please, you can open up to me." Without preamble, Rick tells her that Amber is pregnant. "Oh, no!" Kimberly exclaims. "I'm so sorry. You must be devastated. How long has she been seeing this guy who made her pregnant? How could she do this to you?"

"It's not like that!" Rick says. Kimberly says that she is being too hard on Amber; she is the one having a hard time. Here she is with a baby growing inside her. She asks if Amber even knows who the father of the baby is. "Yes, she knows," admits Rick.

CJ and Amber are still together but they have stopped talking. CJ strums his guitar while Amber paces the room. Holding her stomach, she asks the baby why things have to be so hard. "Sometimes," she whispers, "I feel like it is just you and me---you and me against the world." CJ picks out the tune on his guitar and Amber asks if he knows that tune. "Sure," he tells her, "I know all the tunes." As he begins playing it, Amber sings the words to the song.

Rick takes Kimberly's hand and takes her back to the table. After he sits her down, he begins. "It was only one night, one stupid horrible night. No matter how much I want to, I can't take it back." The truth dawns on Kimberly. "You?" She asks. "You and Amber?" As Rick begins to explain about Big Bear, she tells him to stop. She doesn't want to hear another word about it. Rick tells her that he screwed up and now he is paying the price. He thought he loved Amber; but now he isn't so sure since he met Kimberly. He now realizes that what he wants is someone like her; someone he can talk to about life, and not about babies. He says that every morning when he wakes up, he feels like he has a huge mountain to climb just to get started with his day. Kimberly swings around on him and lets him have it. "You asked me to dinner! You kissed me and you knew it was my first time. How could you do this to me?" "I didn't mean to hurt you," Rick cries out. "That kiss meant more to me than anything in my whole life." "Why?" She asks him. "Because it was my first time to kiss a boy?" "No!" Rick tells her, "Because I knew it would be our last. Amber and I are engaged."

Sally begins to explain to Macy how much her father loved her. He loved her more than she could say. She had never seen a father love his child as much as he did. "You were daddy's little brown-eyed girl," she says. "At Spectra, we used to call you 'Daddy's Shadow,' because you followed him everywhere he went. We were the perfect little family; we were happy, until it suddenly ended." Macy wants to know why it ended; what happened? "I wish I could tell you but I can't. One day he was with us and the next day he was gone. I don't have an explanation. It was as if he wanted to let us know he was going away and never coming back, that he didn't want us to look for him and that he wanted us to go on with our lives." Macy asks if he ever asked about her and Sally has to tell her that he never did; she never heard another word from him. "I tried so hard to find him," she goes on. "I had my hands full. Looking for Adam; trying to take care of you. I used to go to your room at night and find it empty. I would find you lying on the couch, staring at the door and waiting for your daddy to come home. You would tell me you couldn't go back to bed because you were waiting for your daddy to come back at any minute.

"Of course, there comes a time when you can't wait any longer. You stopped asking about him a little at a time, until one day you didn't mention him again. That is when I stopped looking for him and began trying to build a life for the two of us. I didn't know what else to do. The only thing I know for sure is that your father isn't coming back. I know you think he is still alive and you have seen him, but that just isn't true. And if he did come back after all these years, he would have stopped caring about us a long time ago."

"How could he do that to me?" Macy cries. "I was just a little girl; I trusted him. He was my father." She begins to cry uncontrollably and Sally gathers her into her arms and comforts her. They go back into the house and Macy tells Thorne that she would like to be alone. She says that she is exhausted but she will be fine. Thorne doesn't want to leave but Sally says that they should go. She reminds Macy that she will be back the first thing in the morning. Once they leave, Macy sits alone on the sofa.

Kimberly says that Rick is engaged; he has made Amber pregnant and he is going to marry her. She can't believe this. "I don't even know who you are any more!"

Macy sits for a long time on the couch, staring at a picture of her and Grant. Finally she looks around the house and sees that she is all-alone. She thinks about two people that she has loved more than anything... and now they are gone. First there was her father and then Grant. "What is the point?" she asks. She gets up and walks outside. She stares at the ocean and listens to the crashing of the waves, seeing visions of her younger self with her father in her head. "It hurts so much," she says. "I feel like I am suffocating. I could scream and no one would hear me." Barefooted, she begins to walk across the beach. The waves grow larger and louder as she approaches until she stops just as her feet are in the water. As if hypnotized by the waves, she sees a vision of Grant in the waves... and she starts walking again. She walks into the water.

Myles knocks at the door. When he doesn't get an answer, he opens the door and comes in, calling for Macy. He finds the room empty. He looks around and calls for Macy over and over. "Macy? It's your father, honey. Don't be frightened. Everything is going to be alright." He walks through the house and out onto the deck. When he doesn't see her, he begins to walk across the sand, calling out for his daughter. "Everything will be okay," he calls out. Suddenly, he sees her. "Oh my God," he cries as he rushes toward the water.

Rick tells Kimberly that he is in over his head; he is trying to do the right thing. Kimberly says that she thought that she knew him. She thought he was a nice sweet mature person like herself. She never imagined that he was the kind who would rush to prove that he was a man by having sex. But it looks like she was wrong about him. Rick says that she isn't wrong. He knows he messed up, big time. Before he can go on, she stops him and tells him that it isn't her problem. He should have told her from the beginning. All he would have had to do was tell her that he and Amber were an item and she would have backed off and left him alone. Instead, he had to lead her on, letting her think that he liked her. "I do like you, more than you'll ever know!" Rick cries. He tells her that he thought he loved Amber; but since he met her, he is having second thoughts. "Get out of here!" Kimberly shouts. "I never want to see you again, never; do you hear me?" Rick tries to get her to listen to him but she says she never wants him near her and runs out of the room. She watches from another room as Rick gets his coat and slowly walks out the door. As she watches, she is crying. Outside, Rick kicks the garbage can around a couple of times and cries out, "It isn't fair!" Then he falls to the ground, sobbing.

Friday, December 04, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for the Friday update!

James and Stephanie are talking about Amber still being determined to marry Rick when there is a knock at the door. Wondering who would be there so late, Stephanie goes to the door and is surprised to find a worried Sally standing there. Sally apologizes for coming so late and wonders if it is too late. When Stephanie starts to tell her that she and James were about to go to bed, she says, "Thank God, Dr. Warwick is here. Doctor," she says as she pushes past Stephanie, "I have to talk to you. It's about my little girl. I'm losing her; she is drifting away and it is getting worse every day. She needs professional help."

Myles struggles with his load as he carries a wet and choking Macy out of the water and drops her on the beach. As he calls out to her, Macy, her eyes closed, cries that she wants to be left alone; she doesn't need his help. She says that she doesn't even know who he is. However as she opens her eyes and looks up at her savior, her eyes widen in disbelief and she asks, "Is it you? I can't believe it." Myles tells her that it is true; it is he, her daddy, and he is back to help her. Crying and laughing, Macy calls her daddy over and over again while the two hug.

Brooke comes downstairs and asks Bridget if her brother is home. Bridget tells her that Rick is over at the Fairchilds telling Kimberly about Amber and the baby. Just then, she thinks she hears Rick's car pull up outside and says that he is home. She turns to her mother and tells her to go easy on Rick; he was not looking forward to what he had to do tonight. As the doorbell rings, Brooke, thinking that Rick has forgotten his key, goes to the door and opens it. Prepared to give a loving welcome to her son, she is put off to find Amber there. Amber asks if Rick is home and Brooke tells her that she doesn't know when to expect him home. Amber says that she does; he will be home just as soon as he gives the "good news" to Kimberly. Brooke is angry at Amber's flippant attitude and asks her if she has any feelings at all. Can't she understand what this is doing to Rick to hurt this girl in this way? Bridget reminds them both of what this could be doing to Kimberly.

Kimberly is wiping the tears from her eyes as she asks an absent Rick how he could do this to her. The doorbell rings and she thinks that Rick has returned. Reluctant to open the door, she does, only to find that it is CJ standing there. One look at her and CJ knows what she has been put through. "He told you, didn't he?" CJ asks. "About Amber?" Kimberly begins to wail again, asking how Rick could do this to her. He knew that she was falling for him and he didn't say one word about Amber. How could he be so cruel?

Rick bursts into the cabin at Big Bear. "This is where it happened," he says. "I didn't know you then, Kimberly. I didn't use my head! I screwed my whole life away and for what? One night with Amber! One damn stupid night!" Crying, he pushes a flowerpot off the table onto the floor and begins to take his frustrations out on the cabin, trashing it outrageously.

Amber says that it isn't her fault if Kimberly gets all bent out of shape when she hears the news; Rick should have told her in the beginning. But she does know that Rick will be coming back to her; when he makes a promise, he keeps it. She leaves, smugly saying that she knows where Rick is and she is going to find him.

Rick looks at himself in the mirror with disgust and shouts at his reflection. "Do it Rick! Be a man! Show your father that you aren't a kid anymore by having sex with your girlfriend." In the mirror, he sees Amber undressing him. "Teach me how to be a man!" He shouts as he grabs the mirror off the wall and smashes it onto the floor. "A man would have used a condom! A real man wouldn't have done it in the first place. It's a moment you will never forget all right," he mocks himself. Kicking the furniture, he wishes that he could go back... but he can't. One night and everything has changed. "It's all my fault. It is my responsibility. It was my mistake!" he cries out.

Sally describes to James how Macy has been hearing voices and has been having dreams and hallucinations. It started with the automobile accident, she explains. Stephanie states that she thought Macy had no serious injuries from that. Sally confirms that Stephanie is right, but she explains how Macy claims that while she was in the hospital, she saw her father. He even spoke to her according to Macy, Sally exclaims! Sally says that it is only a delusion, but it has come from out of nowhere and it makes no sense. She goes on to give James her family history concerning her ex-husband Adam and his desertion of her and Macy. It has been over twenty-five years; why would Macy insist that he has come back at this time to comfort her? James explains that it isn't so unusual. She needs happy memories at this tragic time. It is too painful to go through so she is reaching for the happy memories to help her through. Until Grant's death, her father's disappearance was the most painful thing that she had ever gone through. Sally says that Macy is acting and talking like her father is an angel; it makes no sense. She should be furious at him for what he did, not talking about him like he was a saint. He was no saint! He left them with problems that they are still trying to overcome. "You didn't tell her this, did you?" James asks. He says that Macy needs the comfort of this pattern of her former life. The memories of her father are her anchor---an anchor that keeps her from slipping deeper into her depression. If anyone dislodges that anchor, it would be a disaster for her recovery, James states. Now Sally is really worried.

Macy is a mixture of emotions as she asks if he is really her daddy who has come back. She says that she missed him so much and asks if she really saw and talked to him in the hospital. He assures her that he was there; she was not imagining things as the others suppose. Macy says that her mother won't believe her and she thinks that Macy is crazy. Myles tells her that her mother is just worried about her... and he is worried also. As soon as he heard about the death of her husband, he knew he had to come back for her. He tells her that he has always kept in touch with her. He may not have raised her but he watched over her as she was growing up. "You didn't forget me?" Macy asks. "How could I forget you?" Myles asks. "How could I forget these beautiful brown eyes?" He goes on to say that the last night he was home, he stood by her bed and looked down on her, trying to memorize her face. He didn't think he would ever see her again. He was saddened to realize that he would never again read her a story or take her to the circus. He wouldn't be there for her first prom date or to walk her down the aisle. "If ever a man could die from a broken heart, it would have been me," he tells her. "But I had to do it." "Why?" Macy asks. "Why did you do it? Why did you leave us like that?"

Brooke grabs her purse and tells Bridget that she is going to find her son. Bridget tries to tell her that he is going to need time before he confronts her, but Brooke won't listen. She also tries to tell Brooke that Amber isn't all that bad, but Brooke says that she IS that bad. She has ruined Rick's life! She has had her sights set on Rick and she is ruining his life. Bridget adds that she wouldn't head over to Kimberly's if she was Brooke, but Brooke feels that Kimberly is their only hope to stop Rick from ruining his life. Kimberly would be good for him; Brooke has to make her see that! If she has to force her to help save Rick, she will, but she is determined to get that girl's cooperation.

Kimberly believes that Rick sent CJ, his best friend, to explain to her, but CJ says that Rick doesn't even know he is here. He is here for her, not to make excuses for Rick. He agrees that it was a lousy thing that Rick did, but he isn't a bad guy. Kimberly says that he IS bad; why else would he lead her on while he already had a girlfriend. She gave him something precious. CJ wants to know what the big deal is; is it because he had sex with his girlfriend? No, Kimberly says. You don't get engaged to one girl then ask another girl out on a date, she says! At least you don't do that where she grew up. She just can't forgive Rick's behavior.

Rick looks around the ruined cabin and says that he has ruined everything. It wasn't enough that he screwed up his own life, he had to let Amber down and hurt Kimberly too. There has got to be a way to fix this, he says to himself. He goes to the phone, which is still working despite the punishment the rest of the cabin has received. He calls Kimberly. She tells him that she does not want to talk to him. He begs her not to hang up. Then he proceeds to tell her that he is so very sorry; she doesn't know just how sorry he is. He doesn't want her to hate him. He knows he hurt her and he can't stand knowing that he did that, but he cannot lose her. He cares too much about her---she means so much to him! "Give me one more chance," he begs. She tells him no and he tells her not to do this to them. She drops the phone and rushes out of the room. CJ picks up the phone and tells Rick that Kimberly is really upset and he isn't helping any. Rick, surprised to hear his friend on the other end, shouts that he doesn't want to talk to him; he wants to talk to Kimberly. CJ refuses to put her back on the phone. He tells Rick to get his mind back where it needs to be and off of Kimberly. He needs to be thinking about Amber and the baby now. CJ hangs up. Rick slams down the phone, unaware that Amber is watching him. He continues to destroy the cabin.

Kimberly comes back into the room and as she and CJ begin to talk again, the doorbell rings. Brooke stands at the door, but Kimberly says that Rick isn't there. Brooke comes into the house and says that she can see that Rick hurt her; she is sorry. Seeing CJ, she asks him to leave them alone. When they are alone, Kimberly says that she doesn't want to talk about this. "But I do," Brooke says. "Then I will leave," Kimberly says. As she begins to walk out of the room, Brooke grabs her arm. Kimberly tells her to let go of her. "Not until you hear what I have to say," Brooke tells her. "This is about my son and his future is at stake! You have to hear me out."

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Week of 12/07/98 - 12/11/98

Monday, December 07, 1998

Kimberly tries not to be rude, but she tells Brooke that she is very tired and does not have time to talk. Brooke, sensing her reluctance, assures Kimberly that she is not there to rub salt in her wounds, but she is there to apologize for Rick's behavior. She doesn't think her son handled the situation very well, but he is under a great deal of pressure. Kim replies that there is nothing Brooke can do or say to change her mind about Rick. Brooke continues to explain that Rick was a victim. Amber was hired to be a nanny and she took advantage of Rick's emotions. Brooke feels that there are other ways to handling the situation besides marriage, as Rick feels is his responsibility. She pleads with Kim not to give up on her son and to continue to spend time with him. Rick needs to act as a normal teenager, Brooke pleads.

Rick is at the cabin, wrecking the place in a rage, and Amber finds him there. She tries to reassure him and states that she knows that his telling Kimberly about the baby and engagement was the right thing to do. But Rick is upset and feels that he hurt Kimberly. She'll get over it, Amber rationalizes. She won't get over it, and neither will he, Rick angrily retorts. He feels that he had screwed up again. Rick explains that he should be picking out a college major and not baby names, and he won't be able to do all the things he had dreamed about... and neither will Amber, he points out. They spent a night together here in this room. One single night, and now the rest of their lives are ruined, he adds. He wishes that he could go back in time to that night.

Sally is at Casa Forrester chatting with James (MIA until last Friday's show... where has he been?) and Stephanie. She feels that Macy was already in a deep depression about the guilt of her husband, and now she has built a fantasy world about her father. Her father is never going to come back and she is worried about her daughter; she fears Macy will go over the edge.

Myles saves Macy and carried her back into the house, wet from the ocean. She tells him that she is afraid to close her eyes for fear that he will disappear again. He insists that it is not a dream and there is no spell to be broken. He isn't going to leave her ever again. She pleads with him to find out why he left and where he has been all these years.

Myles begins, "Where do I begin? How do I explain? It broke my heart knowing what I was about to do to you and your mother. I need you to trust me. I didn't want to do it... But I had no choice. You and your mother were my whole world." But for Macy that is not enough. She says that he owes her an explanation. She has been waiting for him for 25 years and wants to know why he left them.

Sally continues to tell James and Stephanie that she is frightened. Her daughter's grief over Grant's death is affecting her mind and James feels that Macy might be using this to reach out to sally. She might want sally to share how she felt when her husband left her. Sally replies that she hates that man that left them and gave them all of this pain and suffering, but James cautions that she cannot be blinded by that pain, for Macy's sake.

Amber breaks into his thoughts and wants to know what he would have changed. Rick reveals that Kimberly thought he had led her on. She is a sweet girl and doesn't need to be treated like this, he laments. Every time Rick tries to do the right thing, he states, someone gets messed up. Amber is quick to say that she is proud of him. He hasn't forgotten his promise to her, she reminds him. Rick says he had it all clear in his head, and going back to school messed up his mind. They have to get married so he can act like a husband, and then later, a father. He insists that his family has to let them get married, or else they will take off.

Tuesday, December 08, 1998, #2939

Macy is still with her father at her beach house, demanding to have an explanation where he has been. Myles says it was over twenty five years ago, but Macy says that does not change the pain she felt; she cannot get past it, so she must have an answer. Was it another woman, she asks? Myles says no, but he had no choice. Then what happened, Macy asks? She has to know! Myles then says that he will tell her.

Kimberly sits by the fire when she hears the doorbell; answering it, she is surprised to see CJ standing there. "You came back," she states, and he explains that he waited for Brooke to leave. Still upset, Kimberly tells him about her visit with Brooke and all the things that Brooke told her about Amber. "She wants me to stop it," Kimberly explains, which CJ says is a lot to handle. Kimberly still feels sad for Rick, she admits... if Amber is anywhere near as bad as Brooke said, then Rick will be ruining his life!

Eric and Brooke talk about Kimberly and Rick. Brooke explains how she went over to Kimberly's to talk to her, which surprises Eric; still he can't really blame her for trying. Brooke laments how if Rick had only spent more time with Kimberly, he would have broken off his engagement with Amber. It would have been perfect for him. However, right now, she has not been able to find him. At least that means he is not around in his usual haunts, Eric states, which means Amber is not able to twist his mind. Eric calls Megan looking for Rick... and as if on cue, Rick and Amber walk in and are face to face with Brooke.

CJ tells Kimberly Rick's mom has the wrong idea about Amber; Amber is not out to trick Rick, he explains. Amber just brought out Rick's reckless side, he adds... just as Kimberly you brought out his conscience. Kimberly tries to pretend Rick didn't care about her, so she won't have to think about how hurt she is. To cheer her up, CJ offers a CD he keeps in his car for times when he is glum. As he hands it to her, we see it is a CD of Macy's music. "Oh my god, are you kidding?" Kimberly says, taking out a stack of CD's, including another copy of the one CJ just handed her. "My dad loves her music!" She says. CJ admits that he can understand why, although he is biased... Macy is his sister, he explains. Kimberly guesses her dad will be so thrilled when he finds out! CJ leaves and tells Kimberly he'll see her in school. Kimberly looks at the CD's of Macy's music.

Myles explains why he had to leave; the business was going under and they needed money. He wanted to prove to Sally he wasn't a dreamer. He borrowed money from some shady characters and he told Sally he got the money from his cousin. Every morning he would wake up and wonder if this was going to be the morning. "Why didn't you tell mother?" Macy asks. "I couldn't," he sadly admits. He continues, "Then one day, a police detective showed up with a warrant for my arrest." For what? Macy asks. Laundering money, Myles replies; they had dates and documentation of all that he had done. They gave him a choice; testify or go to jail. He then turned state witness jail. The people found out he turned them in, so he had to leave town and disappear. Myles says, "I couldn't raise you from jail. I was hanging around criminals and gangsters. I had to disappear. It hurt me so much, but it was the only way to keep you safe. Do you understand?"

Brooke tells Amber they want to talk to Rick alone, but Rick says Amber is not going anywhere. "We have something to tell you guys," Rick says, "and anything you have to say, you can say it in front of Amber." Eric explains how Brooke paid a visit to Kimberly, which has Rick upset. Eric says, "At least you didn't use her on purpose." Rick says, "YES, I used her! Is she okay? I let her get close to me and I let her think that something was going to happen. And I hurt her! How could I be so selfish? I'm a jerk!" Brooke says no, he is not a jerk; he is a high school boy attracted to a high school girl. "But I was old enough to make this baby," Rick points out, "and I have to take responsibility for that." Eric tells Rick to take responsibility for the baby... but that does not mean he has to ruin his life. Brooke points out to Rick that if he really loved Amber, he would not have feelings for Kimberly.

Kimberly cries at home and thinks of Rick, listening to the music on the CD. She flashes back to her romantic night with Rick as she cries. Wondering where her father could be, she again asks herself how Rick could have done this to her.

Macy tells Myles he could have done something. Myles tells her that there wasn't anything he could do. Macy can't understand what Myles did, but he begs her to forgive him. Macy hugs him and then reaches for the phone to call Sally. Myles stops her, saying that the men who forced him to hide may still be out there, so this must be their secret. Macy asks if they would really come after him after all these years, and he says yes. She hugs him again.

Amber says that she never pressured Rick; it is Brooke that has pressured him. Brooke thinks of Kimberly as Rick's true love and Amber as a fling, Amber states, when it is actually the opposite. She says that she understands what Rick is going through; he needed to find out how he really felt and he came through for her and the baby. Rick says he is committed to Amber and he is going to be a father... and then he hits his parents with the bombshell that they want to get married. And if Brooke and Eric do not agree, he says, then they will all just leave town, and Brooke and Eric will never see him or the baby ever again!

Wednesday, December 09, 1998, #2940

Ridge and Taylor stop in at Forrester Creations as Ridge tells her about a press conference he will hold tomorrow. Taylor reminds him of their deal, even though she still thinks that the Brooke's Bedroom is cheap. Ridge shows Taylor a drawing but Taylor says that it is not the design that bothers her... it is that he is selling sex. Ridge says that sex sells in the fashion world, but Taylor says this is different; this is promoting irresponsible sex, especially among teens. Ridge says this is for adults, but Taylor remains unconvinced. She asks, "What are you going to say, that sex is great and sex is fun, so come and get some?" Ridge jokes that she just came up with a good line and asks her to be his spokeswoman. She asks him to be serious. Ridge explains that while he is waiting for a conference call, his father is talking to Rick.

Rick delivers his ultimatum to his parents; either they allow him to marry Amber or he'll leave town and they'll never get to see your grandchild. Eric tells Rick to get serious. Rick tells Amber to join him and leave, and Brooke calls out for him to wait. Eric asks him how he will support a baby without completing his education first. Rick says they will get by; his child will have both parents under one roof, and that is all that counts. He does not want to be poor, but he will if he is given no choice. "I did what you wanted and people got hurt," he reminds them. Eric says he must be talking about Kimberly and Rick says yes. Brooke points out that this is the problem; he is doing this because of the feelings he has for Kimberly!

Taylor comments how Brooke is home, dealing with her son who got a girl pregnant... and now she is fostering that attitude to the whole world with the Brook's Bedroom line. Ridge says there is more than just that bothering her, and Taylor admits Brooke is part of it... but she trusts Ridge, she points out as they kiss. Stephanie walks in and sees them kissing, she watches and smiles.

Amber tells Brooke to let up... Rick made his choice, so what else does Brooke want? Brooke reminds Amber that she said she wouldn't stand in his way of his future. Amber says, "I'm not in the way; you're the ones that don't want peace. We have tried, but you put us in this position." Eric says again that this marriage is wrong, and points out to Rick how all this bickering is a good example of how ill-prepared he is to raise a family. Rick again says that either they can help him, or lose him. "Now what is it going to be?" he asks.

Stephanie claps as Taylor and Ridge kiss. Ridge excuses himself and Stephanie then tells Taylor she is concerned about the new line... not because of Forrester, she explains, but because of the effect on Ridge and Taylor's marriage. She asks Taylor not to underestimate Brooke. Taylor is not worried because of her faith in Ridge, so Steph says she wants to show her something.

Eric says they won't give their consent for Rick and Amber to get married. Rick says fine and starts to leave. Brooke says, "Wait! Rick, think about what you're giving up, think about Kimberly." Rick tells Brooke it was wrong for him to go with Kimberly; he needs to be an adult for his child, he says, and going to Kimberly was trying to be a kid at the same time. He cannot do both, and no one like Kimberly would want him now. Eric says that is not a reason to get married now; yes, it is his responsibility, but Rick doesn't have to get married. Rick takes Amber and says they are leaving, but Brooke again yells for him to wait. Rick stops and she says, "OK, Rick, we will give you our permission to marry." "What?" Eric says, "Don't, Brooke." She says that she won't let Rick go as she hugs her son and she has tears in her eyes, and Amber is giving her a smug look again.

Taylor is in Ridge's office and Stephanie and she are talking. Steph is trying to warn her of that sexpot who is using this line to trap poor Ridge. She is using everything, so don't trust her, Steph warns. Taylor says she has all the faith in Ridge and she trusts him. Steph says she has to show her something and takes her to Brooke's office. Her office has lingerie, perfumes, underwear and drawings of underwear. "Look what she has done. She is using this. How can I get it through to you." Taylor is laughing off this sex stuff and picks up some underwear. "Brooke can parade around in this all she wants, but it won't get Ridge. Ridge picked me, he made his choice," she says. What she can't understand is how Eric can go along with this sex stuff. Stephanie says that Eric and Ridge feel that Forrester Creations needs a face lift. Taylor says maybe a boob job! They laugh. Taylor picks up one of the drawings and asks, "Do the kids see this?" Stephanie says, "See, this is what I have been trying to tell you; she has no morals."

Amber and Rick head upstairs to Rick's bedroom. Eric is telling Brooke maybe she should have let them leave and be on their own. She says she wasn't going to lose her son, they need to get through to him. What about Amber? Eric asks. Brooke says she doesn't want to get involved, but somehow they will get through to Rick. He is doing this all on account of Kimberly. "I will not let him marry AMBER MOORE!" she says.

Upstairs Amber is so happy; "It was awesome and you were wonderful," she tells Rick. He should have done it a long time ago. "Don't worry, Rick; they are bitter now, but they will come around," she states. He apologizes to her for what they were saying about Kimberly down there. She says, "I know you love me. Wow, I am going to be the best wife ever. We should go and celebrate." He doesn't feel like it, as he is tired. "Oh, OK, maybe you should call Kimberly?" she suggests. Why? Rick asks. Just to tell her, Amber answers. "I DON'T WANT TO TELL HER ANYTHING! DROP IT! I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT KIMBERLY!" he shouts. Oh, OK. He picks up his jacket and he is going for a walk. She offers to come, but he says, "No, I want to be alone." He leaves and Amber has that smugness about her. She says, "Baby, I knew he would come through. He is wonderful, the best guy and we are going to be a family. He won't let us down. We are going to have everything that I always wanted." She pats her stomach and says EVERYTHING, smiling like a Cheshire cat. Meanwhile downstairs, Brooke sees Rick walk out the door and she says, "Somehow I've got to get through to you." She has tears in her eyes and looks upstairs. "Savor your little victory on your insolent little face, because you're not going to win. I AM AFTER YOU," she says.

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Before they head off to work, Taylor and Ridge are in an amorous moment; Ridge is kissing her neck, but she reminds him she has to meet Pierce. She can see him for lunch if he wants though, she states. Any day but today, Ridge tells his lovely doc; he cannot today, since he has the press conference for the new line. He and Taylor argue about the Brooke's Bedroom line; after seeing Brooke's office, she tells Ridge to promise not to bring the reporters into Brooke's "brothel." Is she the only one who sees how deranged Brooke is, she asks? Ridge reminds her that Brooke is not her patient, for one thing, so she should not talk that way... and besides, he says, this will make money for the company. Taylor says this is not about money; it is about him encouraging Brooke and the example Brooke is setting. Ridge is bothered by her connecting business with their marriage, and how she sees Brooke as a threat. Taylor makes him promise to be careful as he goes to take a call. Saying she will do what she must, she heads out.

Lauren and Brooke are in Brooke's office; Brooke fills Lauren in on what is going on with Rick and then mentions the press conference. Lauren asks if Brooke is, as they discussed, modeling the line, but Brooke says that Stephanie will have a fit. Lauren says it was her idea, not Stephanie's, so Brooke should show her face and body right up front. Lauren adds as she picks up a teddy, "But if you want to call it Stephanie's Bedroom..." They both start to laugh and Brooke spots Taylor at the door. Taylor asks to speak to Brooke alone, so Lauren leaves. Brooke heads for the bed and asks, "What is it?" "I think you know," Taylor states. Brooke is lying across the bed and says something has Taylor upset... she wonders what it possibly can be? Taylor throws some underwear at Brooke in reply, saying it should be perfectly obvious.

Lauren comes into Eric's office dressed to the nines in a sequined black spaghetti-strap dress and a feather boa. Eric is sitting at a table in his tuxedo (for the press conference about the new line). She sits on the table; her legs are showing and he is fondling her legs. What is this all about? He asks. "You're about to get lucky," she says. Lucky? Eric asks. "No, not here... but in Vegas. Our bags are packed and the plane is all set ready to go after the press conference. We'll have fun when we get there," she says. Eric says he can't go. "Yes, you can. I talked to Megan and there is nothing that she can't postpone until next week. You need some relaxation," Lauren points out. He would love to, but something happened with Rick last night, he says. She says that Brooke told her all about it. He can't believe he gave his permission for Rick to marry that woman. "Brooke says you and she bought some time," Lauren says. He should give Rick some time to cool off and take some time himself, Lauren suggests. He says that he can't, because all he would think of was Rick the whole time. She gets upset and says that wasn't flattering. "Don't take it the wrong way. I didn't mean it that way," he tells her. She says, "I guess I am not much of a distraction." He apologizes and says the family is the most important thing right now, and he will make reservations at the Cafe Russe to make it up to her. She looks at him and says she feels ridiculous in this outfit... and she storms out and slams the door.

Stephanie goes to see Ridge at his office; he is working on the new line. She picks up some see through material and says this is nice. "Yes, that is for Brooke's new line," he says. Just like Brooke, transparent, Stephanie says. Ridge says that she brought Taylor to Brooke's office. "Yes, I wanted to show Taylor what she was up against. You have to do something about Brooke," Stephanie says. "Funny, she said the same thing about you. You went too far, Mother," Ridge states. "What? I caught her in bed like a spider in its web, waiting for you," Steph says. She was napping, Ridge says. "I didn't bring you up to be so naive. I came here to talk to you about the press conference," Stephanie says. Brooke is in charge of it, Ridge points out. That is what concerns her; she's worried about the reputation that her and his father have created. It took a long time for the public to look at their company with taste and elegance. He says Brooke is aware of that. She says Brooke is out to ruin his marriage. The new line is a positive for the company, but it has to be handled properly; if not it will undo all their work. He shows her the itinerary for the press conference, and she seems pleased... but one misstep from Brooke and it could all go wrong, Stephanie fears.

Taylor tells Brooke to give up... she knows what Brooke is after, and it's Ridge. This is not about business, Taylor charges. Brooke says, "You're unbelievable, you know that, Taylor? Your marriage won't last if you would face the reality and stop blaming me." "Reality? You're the one who is chasing after a married man," Taylor accuses. Brooke denies it. Her concern is developing a product line after her own personality... and if Ridge finds that sexy and attractive she can't help that, and she is sick and tired of Taylor's whining about Ridge and her. "You knew what you were getting into. He was in love with me, and you chose to be with him. And you want to play the victim? Forget it! No one feels sorry for you, Taylor. You made your bed, now you lie in it." Taylor says it was a mistake to come here. "You're damned right it was a mistake," Brooke says. Taylor says, "Well, nothing short of public humiliation will wake you up to this delusion. If you were the only one to suffer, I would say fine; but you're going to humiliate everyone and drag them down with you." Brooke asks what the hell Taylor is talking about. Taylor answers, "I'm talking about Eric and Stephanie and all the people who built this reputation on this company. It's their life's work, but to you it is just a tool to manipulate Ridge. I know, I know... this campaign is not about seducing Ridge. It is about your self-expression. YOU'RE SO FULL OF IT! The whole world will know what you're up to, including your children."

"You leave my children out of this!" Brooke warns. "This is impossible. You should be worrying about your children seeing you peddle your wares on TV," Taylor says. "SHUT UP, TAYLOR!" Brooke says. "Don't you think Rick is in enough trouble?" Taylor asks. "SHUT UP! I SAID SHUT UP!" Brooke goes on. "HOW DARE YOU USE WHAT RICK IS GOING THROUGH?" Taylor says, "You don't see the connection? What have you been teaching them?" Brooke says that she isn't ashamed of her sexuality. "No, you're teaching them to use it like a weapon. You've been doing it their whole lives, and then you lie awake and wonder how Rick got Amber pregnant," Taylor accuses. Brooke says, "You're such a hypocrite! Ridge married you because of Thomas." Taylor is quick to justify her own actions as different; they were engaged when Thomas was conceived.

Taylor continues, "I don't know why I use logic with you... and you only see what you want to see. I will tell you this: Ridge will never leave his family. Second, your children; this will come back and hit you in the face. Their friends are going to treat them funny after they see you." That's enough, Brooke shouts! Taylor will not let up; she says it may be too late for Rick, but what about Bridget. "Should she strap on one of these," she asks, pointing to a teddy, "and offer a guy some sex?" GET OUT, Brooke again orders. Taylor pleads with Brooke to stop paying so much attention to her own obsession and to put her children first. Brooke yet again orders Taylor out! She leaves as Brooke throws a bottle at the door. Brooke says out loud, "That is it! I was going to hold back because of you, because you might get offended. FORGET IT! She is afraid of me; she knows Ridge still has feelings for me, and that terrifies her." She picks up the phone and calls Megan in. She cancels the model for the show and has some changes to make. Megan worries that Brooke is canceling the press conference. No, there are just a few changes, Brooke says, and they need to hurry, since there is no time to waste. To herself, she then says that this is one mistake that Taylor will regret for the rest of her life!

Friday, December 11, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for this week's Friday update!

Brooke is lounging on her "office" bed with a mischievous smile on her face. "Oh, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor! What a mistake you have made coming into my office and laying into me like that. If you think the elevator incident was bad, wait until you see me today! Yes! I am going to go through with it and it is going to blow their minds!"

Ridge is on the phone with Taylor. "You just couldn't leave well enough alone, could you, Doc?" Taylor says that she feels that her opinion should be put on the record. She asks him about the press conference today and he tells her that it will be shown on the fashion channel, but it will be so boring that she shouldn't watch. She says that they are introducing a new concept and that has to be exciting news. He tells her that she will be bored to death and that there will be no fireworks today. As she is hanging up, Pierce walks in and asks if she is ready to get back to work.

Eric is in his tuxedo and Stephanie is dressed in formal wear also when Thorne enters the office; he asks why they wanted to see him. They first ask him about Macy and he tells them that she is still having a tough time of it. They then tell him that they need him back at Forrester. He reminds them that he is working at Spectra now. They tell him that Henry isn't working out too well; he doesn't know the web site or the catalog as well as Thorne. Thorne is puzzled; he didn't think that they wanted him around Forrester. "What gave you that idea?" Stephanie asks. He says that none of them are knocking down his door to get him back. They explain that they have been giving him the space that he wanted, hoping that he would come back on his own. But, they really need him now and they are willing to accommodate his schedule at Spectra if that is what it takes. Really? Thorne asks. Eric says that they are that desperate to get him back; yes, they will share him with Spectra. Thorne agrees and shakes Eric's hand. Then he and Stephanie hug amid joyous laughter. They say that they want him to start now with the press conference.

On the phone, Brooke tells Megan to get everyone together right away; they are going through with it. Just then Ridge comes in and warns her that the press conference will be starting in a few minutes; she needs to start getting ready. She tells him that she is going to be a little late for the press conference and she needs him to cover for her. She says that they should just go ahead and get started on time and she will be there, she promises. I'll be right there, she says as she pushes him out the door. "Just wait until you get an eyeful of this, Ridge Forrester," she says when she is alone. "You will never forget it and neither will Stephanie... and she can thank Taylor for that!"

Pierce asks Taylor what is the matter and she tells him about the little visit she paid to Brooke. She is outraged as she explains that Brook now has a new piece of furniture to go along with her desk and credenza. It is a bed! She has turned her office into a bordello, a blatant tribute to sex. Pierce is doubtful, saying that he thinks Brooke is a classy lady. Taylor says that Brooke's Bedroom has nothing to do with class or romance; it is a blatant attempt to turn on the public. Brooke has absolutely no sense of public responsibility. She then tells him that they are televising the press conference today. Pierce says that he is sure that Eric won't let anything go wrong, but Taylor says that Brooke will find a way to steal the spotlight. She wants to watch the show.

Lauren comes into Brooke's office and is told by Brooke that she is going ahead with her plan. Lauren thinks that the plan is a little much, even for Brooke, but if the Forresters are fine with it . . . She suddenly realizes that they don't know about the plan. "You are insane, but I love it!" Lauren says. However, she warns that Stephanie won't take this lying down. Henry comes in and tells Brooke that the press is in the house and they are ready to begin. When he leaves, Brooke says that that she is going to get ready and wants Lauren to wish her luck. "I do," Lauren says as Brooke rushes out the door. Alone, Lauren says, "Oh, boy! I hope you survive it!"

The Forrester family walks out on the stage and they begin the press conference. Eric welcomes everyone to the press conference and tells them that he is thrilled to announce that they are introducing a new and exciting division. It is something that has never been done before.

Pierce is watching the television and makes the comment that he doesn't even see Brooke. He told her that Eric wouldn't let this get out of hand. Taylor says that since this is her project, she wouldn't mess this for the world. She wonders if the Forresters had to tie her up and lock her in the closet to keep her away from the press conference.

Eric continues with his announcement by saying that the creator of this new division is their CEO, Brooke Logan. He says that his son, Ridge is the top designer for the division and his other son, Thorne will handle the catalog sales and Internet division. He also assures the gathering that Brooke will be along directly to answer all their questions about the new division product line. He then says that Stephanie would like to say a few words.

Taylor says that locking Brooke up in a closet is the only way that the Forresters could underplay her little sex-o-rama. Pierce looks at her and says that he can't believe she would pull anything.

Stephanie begins to talk to the press. "This is a unique product mix," she begins. She says that for the moment they are calling it Brooke's Bedroom, but in the weeks to come, it will probably be changed. As she begins to describe the products, the crowd begins to ohhh and ahhh. The music starts and a unique rendition of "Too Sexy" begins to fill the room. The Forresters are looking around, puzzled, wondering what is going on. Megan's voice is heard over the PA system announcing that Forester Creations takes pleasure in presenting the newest in pleasure design. The models come out, all was wearing skimpy sexy lingerie. They flirt with the photographers and strut around to the music. Everyone claps and flash bulbs go off. "And here is the woman behind Brooke's Bedroom, the new millenium woman... Brooke Logan!" Megan announces. The stage begins to open and as it turns to the audience, there is a huge bed decorated with silk sheets and pillows. Standing in the very middle of the bed is Brooke, dressed in a long purple robe. The crown applauds, as the Forresters look stunned. "Tell me this is not happening!" Stephanie whispers.

Taylor gasps and puts her hands over her mouth. "I don't believe this!" She says. Pierce just stares.

Brooke takes her time on the bed, shaking her stuff and giving the photographers plenty of time for pictures. Finally she slowly undoes the robe and lets it drop on the bed, leaving her in a purple corset with garters attached to sheer hosiery. She steps down from the bed and, surrounded by her models, she begins the slow walk on the catwalk, stopping to answer questions or pose for pictures. She mentions that this new product line will give women power in the bedroom; they will have the power to celebrate love. Someone asks if this line will be produced for all sizes. Brooke says that it will be. All women are capable of being seductive, from the slim elegant women such as the reporter, to the large elderly matrons as their own queen of fashion, Stephanie. As she says this, she turns to Stephanie and gives her a condescending smile. She then goes up to Ridge and pulls him out onto the catwalk with her. "Who better to bring you this but the two people whose names are synonymous with love and sexuality and intimacy." She reaches up and kisses Ridge on the cheek.

"How dare she drag my husband into this!" Taylor says, outraged. "Look at those models; look at how young they are. And she calls herself a mother? She has gone over the top this time. She is going to fall!"

Brooke is saying that they are going to redefine sex and sexual pleasure. Everything in the bedroom has a purpose from the doorknob to the bedstead, from the sheets to the towels. Someone asks what market they are targeting and she tells him any market that breathes. If it has blood and desire coursing through its veins, it will be targeted. These products are for indulging oneself, for fantasizing. "That's enough Brooke!" Stephanie says from the back. A woman reporter asks if this doesn't go against the Forrester image of class and elegance. Brooke off-handedly answers that this is a new age; it is out with the old and in with the new. "You all know the story of Ridge and Brooke Forrester. It is full of passion, sexiness, and sexuality... and that is our legacy." As Stephanie begins to go forward, Eric says that the press conference is over. "You look chilly, Brooke," Stephanie says. She grabs a sheet from the bed and begins to wrap it around Brooke while asking if this is better. Brooke tries to push her away. They end up tussling and falling on the bed. As Ridge tries to break them up, he also falls in bed. Brooke is now sandwiched between Ridge and Stephanie while the flash bulbs go off and questions are hurdled at the trio.

The entire scene is caught on television. "Look at her," Taylor says. "She is self-destructing in front of everyone. You are finished, Brooke. My husband will never be a part of this again." Pierce looks doubtful, but intrigued by what Taylor is saying.

Back at the press conference, Eric is trying to end the press conference. He is totally ignored by the press as he runs back and forth telling them that there is to be no pictures; the press conference is over.

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Week of 12/14/98 - 12/18/98

Monday, December 14, 1998

The Forresters retreat to the office from the throng of reporters, the models close behind. As Stephanie sends the models to Brooke's office, the family members comment about what just happened at the news conference. No one is happy about the outcome, but no one is as furious as Stephanie is. She wants Brooke out of the company for this stunt! As she rants about what Brooke pulled, Ridge wonders how the hell Brooke did it. He seems more amused than angry. Brooke comes into the office laughing that there were a few hitches, but all in all, she thinks that the press conference went off very well. Stephanie says that she would like to wring Brooke's neck and lunges at her, but Eric, Ridge and Thorne hold her back. As Brooke laughs, Stephanie says that she should get control of herself. She says that she wants Brooke out of the company, no matter what it takes! "Ridge, give her something," Brooke quips, which has Ridge upset and just gets Stephanie even angrier. She says that Brooke has managed to destroy the good name of Forrester in one afternoon. "Even on her worst day, Sally Spectra never stooped this low," Stephanie exclaims. It took them a lifetime to get where they are now, a standard in the industry, and in one afternoon, Brooke has made a travesty of it just because she wants to sleep with Ridge. Brooke denies this and the two goes after each other. Eric intercedes and suggests that Brooke leave, but Stephanie says no; she still has plenty to say to Brooke, she shouts! Likewise, Brooke adds!

Taylor arrives home and before she can get her door open, a crowd of reporters barrages her with questions. They fire one question at her after another concerning the press conference and her opinions regarding Brooke and Ridge working together, and regarding the new line. Finally, she gets the door unlocked and runs inside, asking all of the reporters to leave. Once she is inside, she looks out the window and keeps flashing back to the images of Brooke and Ridge together at the press conference.

At Spectra, Sally is chuckling over the fireworks on television today and it isn't even the Fourth of July! She walks into her office and finds CJ visiting with Amber. As Sally continues to relate the happenings at the press conference, Amber says that she also has some news; she says that she and Rick are going to be married before the baby comes. Sally reminds her that she has a little obstacle called Rick's parents, but Amber says, a big smile on her face, that Brooke and Eric gave their permission. She boasts about how Rick laid it on the line and told his parents that they would either allow them to marry, or the two of them would go away together to have the baby and they would never be seen again. Sally is horrified and tells Amber that this is called extortion. Sally says that Brooke will never give Rick permission, but Amber again reminds her she already has! "She may have said it, but she doesn't mean it," Sally explains. Amber brags that the Forresters know the consequences of going back on their word, namely never seeing their son again. "Wasn't there an issue of another girl?" Sally asks. Amber glumly says, "Kimberly? She's history!" But history has a way of repeating itself, Sally reminds her. Amber accuses Sally of putting a damper on her plans, but Sally says it is just the obvious. She advises Amber that Brooke **WILL** find some way to stop this wedding., so Amber had better start seeing things as they really are and not how she wants to see them. Sally compares it to a football game where you have to have a strong line of defense or at the end of the scrimmage, you will find yourself at the bottom of the heap.

Sally says she hates to pour cold water on Amber's news, but she is not being realistic. Amber says that the Forresters really gave them permission. They know that if they didn't, they would lose their son. Sally says that they already have lost him. That gentle, innocent boy is gone forever. Is this the prize that Amber wants to win? An inexperienced boy who feels caught in a trap, one who will wake up some day and see that he has wasted his life and he will blame it on Amber. Is this the trophy she has in mind? Sally turns to get back to work, leaving Amber alone with her thoughts.

Back at Forrester, the argument about Brooke's plan continues; Stephanie says this is not about money, but Brooke insists that it is... and she will make tons of it, she boasts. Ridge doesn't think that too much damage has been done, since they are an L.A. fashion company; it is all about show business, he explains, and all they did is put on a show. Thorne disagrees and sides with Stephanie. Eric doesn't know what to think. He wants this new line but he isn't sure he likes the price that comes with it. Ridge and Thorne begin having words and Ridge tells him that he has been out of touch too long; he doesn't know what is going on.

As Ridge defends the new line, Stephanie asks if this is what his wife expects. He says not to bring his wife into this. Brooke sweetly says that Taylor didn't even see the show; she was working with Pierce. They continue to go back and forth as Stephanie goes on record as saying that this company is not being run as it should. Thorne agrees with his mother once again that they may need a shot in the arm, but not at the cost of the core of their existence. Eric moves in to break up this squabble. Ridge says he has to leave, and he tells Brooke she did a nice job. "Mom and Dad, I will see you... and nice having you on board, Thorne," Ridge quips as he makes his exit.

Megan comes in to announce that they are on TV. It is Hard Copy and the reporter, Jerry Penacoli, is going on and on about Brooke, Stephanie and Ridge in a tangled heap on the bed like an old vaudevillian show. Everyone in the office, Brooke included, feels plummeted to the depths of depression, although Brooke tries to remain hopeful. Suddenly, the reporter announces that he loved it! He thinks that Forrester has a hit on its hands, Jerry states. Brooke is ecstatic and throws her arms around Stephanie as she shouts that she is a hit! Megan steps in to ask for help answering the phones; they are ringing faster than anyone can answer! "Can you do something, Brooke?" she asks. Brooke says, "I certainly can, don't you think, Stephanie?" With a huge grin on her face, Brooke walks to the door, opens her robe, and poses for the crowd of photographers in all her lingerie-clad glory.

Ridge arrives home with a large bouquet of roses. He is unsuspecting as he goes into the house and calls out for Taylor. She walks to the doorway and just stands there. He hands her the flowers, telling her that he has reservations at Café Russe. She says that she isn't leaving the house tonight and she tells him that it will take more than roses and flattery to get him past this. He doesn't understand, so she tells him about the reporters that were waiting for her when she got home tonight. She doesn't want to go out and be accosted again. She tells him that she watched Brooke's press conference and she was not impressed. Ridge admits that it wasn't what he expected either. Were you expecting classy? Taylor asks. He says that it turned into a Vegas lounge act and he never saw it coming. Taylor says that if he didn't see it coming after she moved the bed into her office then he is either the most naïve man she has ever met or he is really enjoying it. She tells him that he has a choice; it is either her or Brooke's Bedroom. She wants him to quit the project NOW.

Back at Forrester, Brooke says to herself, "There's nothing they can do to stop me now. Me and Ridge are a team and we're going all the way!"

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

At the beach house, Ridge says that she is getting too upset about nothing. Taylor says she saw the press conference, including Brooke's spectacle... and those models are just children, she adds! She will not put up with this any longer, she proclaims... she will not allow Ridge to be part of this project!

Pierce stops by Brooke's office and tells her he saw the fashion show on television. He asks what she was hoping to accomplish. Brooke explains how Taylor pushed her into it by coming to her office and attacking her parenting ability. He asks if it matters that the new line will have effects on young teens, but she says that Taylor is intent on making her out to be the bad guy. Taylor will not stop until she is destroyed, Brooke explains... so she will have to destroy Taylor first!

Stephanie and James talk about Brooke and the fashion show; Stephanie says that Brooke turned Forrester into a strip joint, and with the bed that came out onto the stage, Brooke looked like a centerfold in the skimpy lingerie. She cannot believe it... and more importantly, she cannot believe that Eric could condone this. It's no wonder that Rick got that girl pregnant with a moral example like that, Stephanie proclaims. As she says this, Amber walks in and overhears from the hallway.

Ridge tells Taylor that he cannot walk out on this project, as he is the head designer. It's his job. Taylor says that she is not saying that he has to leave the company; she just does not want him working with Brooke any longer. Why not have Clarke work with her on the line instead, she suggests? Ridge says he will have a talk with Brooke and will tell her to tone it down. That's not good enough, Taylor says; he used to design fashions, and that is what she thinks he should be doing again. He does not have to stoop to working with that woman any longer, she states, and she will not have the father of her child promoting sex this way. She is busy promoting sexual responsibility, she reminds him, and now he is acting in direct contrast to that. ""Now you're pushing it," Ridge states. Taylor of course disagrees, saying that no wife in her right mind would put up with this.

Pierce asks Brooke if the only motive of this line is to upset Taylor. Brooke says no; however, she does not mind if sticking it to Taylor is a by-product of her work. Pierce explains that Taylor was really hurting, so he cannot see how Brooke can be so casual about that. Brooke answers that Taylor brought this on herself; "She attacked me, and nobody does that. My children are suffering because Stephanie and Taylor took their father away, and I hope they rot in hell for that!"

Amber listens in, hearing how Stephanie is talking about Rick like something diseased for getting her pregnant. She has to do something to win Stephanie over, she thinks... and then she gets an idea. Entering the room, she tells James and Stephanie how she has been reading up on childcare at the library. As James heads off to work, Amber asks Stephanie if she has ever had a day when she would like to put reality on hold. Stephanie says that would be wonderful, so Amber suggests that they do just that! Today, reality is off limits, Amber states! Stephanie goes off to get a deck of cards so they can begin.

Pierce tells Brooke it's not Taylor's fault that Rick is in trouble, if you ask him... he thinks that Ridge is to blame, as he's the one that walked out on Brooke's children. Brooke says he had another baby to think about. Pierce says, yes, the one he made out of wedlock. He doesn't think Ridge deserves Taylor. Brooke wonders what is going on over at Taylor's right now--chances are they are fighting and not making love, she speculates.

Taylor calls Ridge a dead fish, wrapped in seaweed, which causes Ridge to stop and think. He begins to tease her about calling him a dead fish and he finally gets a smile out of her. Taylor says no, she wasn't going to smile, since he made a fool out of her on television today. Ridge says that was Brooke doing her number; he reminds her, "You have your standards and I have my mine. Now are we going to stay mad for now on, or ...?" Taylor asks, or what?

Amber and Stephanie play cards and chat; Stephanie tells Amber that even though she is young, she has a good heart. Amber thanks her for the compliment and says Stephanie has been a good friend... which is why she has an important question to ask. Stephanie tells her to go ahead. Amber says, "Okay, but it's a biggie. It would be such a honor if you, Mrs. Forrester, would be my maid of honor at my wedding." Stephanie is stunned.

Ridge says he has an easy fix... a back rub. Taylor says she knows about his rubs but he goes ahead anyway. He says, "You know, Doc, you married me for better or worse; and if today was the worst, then we're lucky." Taylor says it was embarrassing. Ridge says what she saw on television was a man rushing home to his wife and family because that is all he cares about, and they kiss. Taylor smiles and they begin to make love as she sits in his lap.

Brooke tells Pierce that Taylor and Ridge are as different as night and day. Pierce says, "As different as you and me." Brooke says yes, and Taylor knows it; that is why she attacked Brooke. Taylor had better get used to the fact that she fulfills Ridge, Brooke explains. Brooke's Bedroom is the future of Forrester Creations and is their biggest project, Brooke explains. "It's all up to me and Ridge to make it work. I will get Ridge back. He's going to be mine again, and there's nothing Taylor or anyone can do to stop it.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Stephanie looks out the window as Amber asks for an answer to her question about being her matron of honor. Stephanie says that she is flattered, but... Amber explains how Stephanie has been such a good friend and has a lot of class, so she cannot think of anyone else that she would ask. Stephanie reminds Amber that she can't get married until Rick's parents agree. Amber says that's the best part; Brooke and Eric have given their permission, so she and Rick are getting married next month!

Brooke is in her office when Eric stops by, wondering if she is working late. She explains that she has been trying to work on the new line, but she cannot focus with all the problems with Rick. Eric reminds her that they had no choice but to cave in to Rick's demands, since he put them in an impossible situation. Brooke asks what happened; she thought that Rick was giving in to Kimberly. Eric agrees, but states that unfortunately, Kimberly won't even talk to Rick now. Brooke says that has to change; they have to get them talking again. Eric asks is Kimberly knows about the wedding. Brooke says no, she doesn't know; Rick is trying to forget her, so he's throwing himself into this marriage with Amber. "Kimberly can't let this happen. She has to stop Rick," Brooke insists. Eric says that he is going to talk to Kimberly; he is going to tell Kimberly where Rick stands right now, as she might be their only way out of this.

In his room, Rick works out; he keeps thinking back to his kiss with Kimberly. "Damn it, I have to stop this. I have to get Kimberly out of my head," he tells himself. CJ comes in, noticing the workout; he would have thought Rick would be at Amber's making wedding plans, he states. Rick says he has other things on his mind and CJ guesses it is Kimberly. "You have to get over her," CJ says. Rick says he still feels guilty about how he hurt her. CJ says she will bounce back, especially after a few dates with the doctor of love, CJ. Rick asks, "What did you say?"

Kimberly looks at a picture of her and Rick at the Cafe Russe; she hears a noise and guesses that her father is home. She opens the door and is surprised to find Eric there. She says that if this is about Rick, she has already talked to Brooke. Eric says he knows that, and he knows how she feels... but the situation between Rick and Amber has changed. They are getting married next month, he explains; "We had no choice, as they were going to run away," he adds. Eric explains what happened and Kimberly is stunned. She thought Rick was confused, she tells Eric. Eric says Rick **IS** confused; he's more confused about this than anything in his life. Eric pleads with her to listen to him; he tells her, "He's not rushing into this marriage because of his commitment to Amber; he's rushing into this marriage because of his feelings for you."

Stephanie is shocked that Eric and Brooke would give their consent. Amber gleefully tells her about how Rick went in there like a steamroller and laid down the law. She then shows Stephanie her wedding plans; she wants to get married in Stephanie's mansion, with Forrester originals for dresses and she knows she just the band, and how she wants the ceremony to be... She goes on and on, rambling about her plans, until Stephanie stops her... she bursts Amber's bubble by stating that she cannot agree to anything until she has spoken with Eric and Brooke.

CJ tells Rick to relax, as it's just a joke. Rick says if he thought CJ really WAS going to ask Kimberly out, he would... CJ says that he WAS going to ask her out. Rick exclaims, "No way, CJ, you stay away from her! Just stay away from her!" As Rick puts on his shirt, CJ says he doesn't get it; Kimberly is fair game now, isn't she? Rick says she is not ready; she was devastated after the way he hurt her. CJ says he would be more than happy to comfort her. Rick advises his pal, "She's not another one of your hotties hanging out at the Insomnia. She has class. There's something special about her." CJ says this might be his only chance to ask her out, so he's going for it. Rick says no way! CJ says he does not need Rick's permission. Rick tells CJ that Kimberly is not interested. CJ responds, "I might not be her type, but she opened up to me the other night." Rick says she needed someone to talk to and was vulnerable; there's nothing there. CJ asks since when? Since Rick decided that there's nothing there? Rick says he is not joking; he wants CJ to back off!

Kimberly tells Eric that he is wrong; Rick would not be rushing into marrying Amber if he still had feelings for Kimberly. Eric says Rick is acting on impulse and asks if she has ever done something so bad that she could not forget the guilt. He realizes she has not, but he says that Rick has, by confessing the incident with Amber to Kimberly. Now Kimberly wants nothing to do with him and Rick cannot deal with that... and that is why he is rushing into marriage, to run away from his feelings for Kimberly. Rick never wants to hurt her again, Eric explains, so he is burying himself in Amber. Kimberly asks what she can do about that. Eric says she can talk to him. "Tell him what you just said, as he needs to hear this, that running off with Amber will not solve his problems," Eric pleads. He admits he is desperate and begs Kimberly to talk to Rick, before he makes a serious mistake. Kimberly says she will try... if what Eric is saying is true, then she could not live with herself if she did not talk to Rick. However, she adds, if Rick wants the wedding, then this is it; she will not stop him.

CJ says that Rick is acting like Kimberly is his girlfriend and points out that Rick had his chance and he blew it; now it is his turn! Rick grabs CJ arm. CJ tells him to wake up; he is getting married next month, he reminds him. Rick says that if CJ is his friend, he will leave Kimberly alone. CJ asks if that is a threat, and Rick just warns him to stay away. CJ storms out.

Eric brings Kimberly to Brooke's; he offers to call Rick downstairs, but she thinks she should be alone with Rick and goes up to his room. Meanwhile, the phone rings; Eric answers and it's Stephanie, who asks about the wedding. Eric says he cannot explain now and has to go, but yes, it is true. Stephanie is not happy with that answer and insists that she is coming right over. She hangs up. Eric says to himself that he hopes things will have changed by the time Stephanie gets there, and that he will have some good news.

Kimberly knocks on Rick's door; he yells to go away, as he doesn't want to talk to anyone. Kimberly asks, "Not even me?" Rick is surprised to see Kimberly there, and she explains that his dad told her about the wedding. Eric is worried that he is making a mistake, she says. "It's none of his business!" Rick angrily replies. Kimberly asks Rick if he wants to marry Amber; he answers that he doesn't know. He suggests that she leave, as he does not want to hurt her anymore. He tells her she is too good for him, so she should just forget him. Kimberly says, "It might not matter to you, but it matters to me. You broke my heart, but no matter how hard I try, I can't forget about you. Maybe you think marrying Amber will erase your memories, but what about mine? No matter how hard I try, I can't turn off my feelings for you--I can't." Rick slowly walks up to her and says, "Neither can I," with tears in his eyes. He embraces her, and they hug each other tightly.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for her help!

Eric paces as he waits for Kimberly. He wonders what is going on up there in Rick's room. He hates to put his son's future on the shoulders of a 17-year-old girl, but what else can he do? The doorbell rings and he admits Stephanie to the house. She wonders where Brooke is; she wants to talk to both of them about Amber and Rick. Eric says that Brooke is at the office. "Did you really give your consent to this marriage?" Stephanie wants to know. Eric says that they had no choice, as Rick threatened to run away if they didn't. They gave their permission only to buy some time. Right now, Kimberly Fairchild is upstairs talking to him.

Kimberly and Rick are clasped within an embrace. As she pulls back, Rick tells her that he is glad that she is there; he has really missed her. Kimberly admits that she has missed him also. She says that his dad is really worried about him because he thinks that Rick is acting impulsively and wants to help him out. Rick says that his dad just doesn't get it! It is his choice to marry Amber and take care of his baby. "Did you really threaten to run away?" Kimberly asks. He says that it was the only way to get them to say yes. "Are you really going through with this?" Kimberly asks. "I'm not sure," admits Rick. "I wish I was."

Amber practices walking down the stairs for her wedding. She imagines the whole thing in her mind as she walks slowly down the stairs. Everyone will be there, she thinks. "They will see me and say that I am the most beautiful bride in the world; it will be so fabulous. There will be candles and flowers everywhere." As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, she visualizes that she is now at the altar where the minister stands with his open book and her handsome groom looks at her and smiles. Her dream is interrupted by a knock at the door. She opens it to find CJ standing there. She tells him that he can stand-in for Rick. CJ tells her that speaking of Rick, he just came from there and he was a total jerk! "I almost smacked him in the face," CJ says. "He forbade me to see Kimberly!"

Stephanie wonders who is Kimberly Fairchild and Eric goes into the history of how she is a schoolmate of Rick's and how they had gotten very close. "Why would she be able to talk him out of the marriage?" Stephanie wonders. Eric says that Rick was getting very fond of Kimberly until he told her about Amber and the baby. The girl was devastated when she heard and she is still angry; he had to do a lot of talking to get her to agree to come and talk to Rick. Stephanie says that this is something she could believe Brooke would do, but she is surprised that he would bring the girl here.

Rick says he doesn't know if marrying Amber is what he wants to do, but he will do it anyway. It is the right thing to do; and now that there is nothing to stop them, they will marry next month. She questions his reasons for doing it if he isn't sure that it is what he wants. Rick says that he is only 17 years old; what does he know about being a husband and father? He does know what it feels like not to have a full time father and he doesn't want that for his child. It isn't just hard on the kid, he adds, but hard for the parents. He saw what his mother went through all those years after she divorced his dad, even though his dad was there as often as he could be. "What about your parents?" Kimberly asks. "Your father knows how confused you are." Rick says that he knows that his parents are disappointed in him and it hurts him a lot. A few months ago, it was simpler. But once he went back to school, it got complicated. It got complicated with his parents, with Amber, and with Kimberly. Now he isn't sure what the right thing is.

Amber is shocked. "He forbids you to see Kimberly?" she asks. CJ says that he tried to say it was because Kimberly's heart was still broken over him but he knows what the truth is; Rick is jealous. Amber says that she has had enough of this Kimberly crap and she is going to put a stop to it now. CJ says that he told Rick that he was way out of line but he was adamant. Amber says that Kimberly and Rick are history together; she and Rick are getting married next month and that is that. CJ says that Rick screwed up; he even told him that if he dated Kimberly, their friendship was over. Amber says that this Bimbo isn't going to blow it for her. She grabs her sweater and says that she is going to Rick's to find out what is going on. She tells CJ to go to Kimberly's house and ask Kimberly out--and don't worry about Rick; she will take care of him.

Stephanie says that she realizes how anxious Eric is, but to ask a young girl to come between them isn't right. Bridget comes down and asks if Amber is there. When they tell her no, she says that she thought she heard voices in Rick's room. Eric says that it is Kimberly. Bridget can't believe this; she knows that Kimberly is still angry with Rick. Eric says that he hopes that she can talk Rick into giving them another chance. Bridget is confused. "Rick is ready to marry Amber! You said he could," she says. "I don't get it, Dad. What are you trying to do?"

Kimberly says that she is sorry about the way she treated him when he first came to her about Amber. She thought he was irresponsible for getting his girlfriend pregnant and then lying to her about it. She is sorry that she wouldn't listen to his explanation when he tried to tell her the truth. She was only thinking of herself. He tells her that all that she thought of him was true; he is irresponsible and he is all messed up. "No," she tells him. "You aren't who I thought you were, but you are not messed up."

Myles comes home to an empty house and wonders where his daughter is at this time of night. "What is going on with that girl?" He wonders. "She knows I don't like her going out on school nights." He goes to the door and finds CJ there. CJ asks if he can see Kimberly but Myles says that she isn't at home. As the two continue to stare at each other, an uncomfortable CJ asks if he is Mr. Fairchild. Myles admits that he is and asks who he is. CJ introduces himself. Myles wants to know if he is Clarke Garrison's son. CJ says that he is; he is also Sally Spectra's son. Myles is silent. CJ then says that he is there to ask Kimberly on a date, but he has the feeling that he should ask Myles permission first. Myles smiles and says that he is on the right track, but Kimberly is already seeing someone. "Not anymore," CJ says. "That ended a couple of days ago."

"Rick was just getting over Kimberly," Bridget says to Eric. "Why would you ask her here? You are trying to sabotage Rick's wedding, aren't you? Rick said you would try and do something like this, but I didn't believe it. I told him you wouldn't do anything because you had given him your word. How can you back out now?" Eric lamely says that he is only thinking of Rick and his future. As Bridget says that Rick is dedicated to Amber and the baby, Amber sneaks in the terrace doors and quietly goes upstairs.

Rick says that he had everything going for him--good college, good grades, soccer--but he blew it. He has to forget all of that now because he is going to be a father. "Can you really give it all up?" Kimberly asks. "You may have acted like a stupid kid, but you are more mature than any boy I have ever met. It takes courage to accept a challenge like this. I let you down; I didn't know what you were going through. I am so sorry this happened to you." She goes into his arms. As they embrace, she tells him that she has to tell him something. She pulls her face back so that they are looking into each other's face. "I don't regret giving you my first kiss anymore. It was not wasted on you. I can think of no better person to share it with. I'm not sorry about us." Once again they cling to each other.

Amber walks up the hallway and quietly opens the door. What she sees is Rick and Kimberly in each other's arms. She backs out of the door with tears in her eyes.

Friday, December 18, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for the Friday update!

Amber watches and listens from the door as Rick drops his embrace of Kimberly and says that he messed up and now his world is spinning out of control, but what he did to Kimberly was the worse mistake of all. "I meant to tell you," he says. "But every time I looked into your eyes, the words wouldn't come out. I know it was wrong to take you out that night, but I had to know what it would be like sitting across from you just once. For one night, I pretended like we were . . . How could I have done that to the most beautiful, the most perfect girl I've ever met. There is no one like you in all of LA---no, no one anywhere!" In tears, Kimberly tells him that she is so glad that they went out to Café Russe. She is glad she shared her first kiss with him. It was the most special night of her life. She just wishes it didn't have to end. As Amber turns to run out of the room, Amber ducks behind the door across the hall, tears streaming freely down her face.

Rick rushes out and catches Kimberly, pulling her into his arms.

"Kimberly is no longer seeing anyone?" Myles asks CJ. "Didn't she tell you?" CJ asks. When Myles says that she has said nothing about this, CJ is afraid he has spoken out of turn. He tries to turn it around by saying that she could have broken up with only one boy, but Myles says that Rick Forrester is the only person she has been seeing. "What do you know, CJ?" Myles asks. "What are you not telling me?"

A cheerful, upbeat Macy shows guests of Insomnia to a table and says that Christie will be with them soon. Stepping off to the side, Macy talks to Christie the waitress, who tells Macy that it is great to have her back. Macy says it is great to be back and she thanks Christie for running things for her while she was out. Just then, Thorne arrives and says he would like to talk to her. Macy tells him she is too busy to talk right now, but he says he will only be a minute; he is worried about her. He believes that this new transformation is just too good to be true. Macy tells him that it is true; the most amazing thing has happened to her. She has met someone---an angel. Yes, an angel has come into her life.

"An angel?" questions Thorne, confused. Macy says it is true. She had hit rock bottom and could not see her way out for all the pain and misery she was feeling. But, now she is able to wake up in the morning and can't wait to start her day. "Who is this mysterious person?" Thorne asks. Macy tells her that she can't get into that right now.

Myles accuses CJ of holding something back from him but CJ denies it. He talks about how it is in high school; one day you are with someone and the next day you break up. And all the time, you are checking out someone else. Myles asks if that means that Rick Forrester is just using his daughter and CJ has to do some more back stepping. He finally says that he only stopped by to ask Kimberly to a movie. "Please tell her I came by," CJ requests. He says it was nice meeting Myles as he backs out of the door. Alone, Myles wonders what is going on. The phone rings and it is Macy inviting him to the Insomnia. He is non-committal in the beginning but she tells him that she has something she wants to share with him. It will only take a minute and he can leave, she says. He agrees.

In the hallway, Kimberly says that she has to go. They can't do this because he is going to be a father soon. Rick says that he can't let her walk out of his life; he needs her. "Please help me," he begs. "Help me to get through this. Say that you will be there for me so I won't have to go through this alone." Kimberly says that she will be there for him then she runs out of the house. Behind the door, Amber is crying. She walks out into the hallway, sobbing, but the hallway is empty. As she stands there, she stops crying and a hard thoughtful look comes over her face. She leaves with a purpose.

Just as Myles arrives at insomnia, Macy grabs the microphone and tells the group that for her it has been tough few months. She lost her husband and best friend when Grant died. Grant asked one thing of her; he told her never to give up but to keep smiling. He told her to never lose her faith. Now she wants to sing a song that holds a special meaning for her. As she begins "Why be afraid," the crowd becomes still and listen. She can hardly take her eyes off of Myles, who stands back by the doorway. Myles, in turn, has the most proud look on his face. Thorne notices the looks between Macy and Myles; he also notices when Myles leaves after applauding the singing. Several people come up to Macy and tell her how they enjoyed the song. Thorne comes to her and tells her that she was incredible---better than ever. He asks who the man was that she was kept looking to as she was singing. Macy says that he is her angel.

Kimberly is home alone. She walks out onto the terrace in a thoughtful mood. Amber walks up to her and gets right in her face, telling her that she isn't going to get away with trying to steal her man. She informs Kimberley that she heard every word and she will not let her get away with it. She can take her holier than thou attitude somewhere else because it will not work for her. She tells her that she is a two faced thing making a try for her baby's father. Well, she had better wake up, because Amber isn't going to let that happen!

"He is your angel?" Thorne asks. "Macy, I have known you for years and I have never seen him. Are you dating him?" Macy says that it isn't like that. Then who is he? Thorne asks. Macy says that one day she will tell him but for now, he has to promise that he will not tell anyone, especially her mother. "Why?" Thorne asks. Then the light dawns. "Don't tell me. Oh my God, Macy was that...?" Macy says she will talk about it another time and walks off, leaving Thorne in a pensive mood. "Could that be her father?" he asks himself.

Rick is alone thinking of Kimberly. "You are amazing, Kimberly. If only things were different. If only Amber and I didn't . . . I cannot lose you now no matter what happens between Amber and me. I need you in my life."

Kimberly is unable to say a word and Amber realizes that she has scared her. "Oh, did I scare the little princess?" she asks sarcastically. She tells her that she and Rick aren't just high schoolers going steady, they are committed. She is having his baby and she is not going to stand around and watch while Kimberly ruins her baby's future. Kimberly tells her that she has no right to talk to her like that but Amber says that Kimberly is the one who doesn't have a right to take advantage of the situation. She says that it is so obvious. She wears her stupid clothes and uses her fake manners and claims she has never been kissed. Amber laughs at her. "You are just trying to get your hooks in my finance and get him into bed with you." Kimberly says that that is what Amber did, but it isn't what she does. She asks if that is what Amber does with all of her boy friends. Amber says that Rick begged to go to bed with her. He begged her to show him the ropes. Kimberly says that she is a desperate, cruel and selfish person to try to ruin Rick's life. Amber grabs Kimberly and pushes her up against the wall. She holds her by the hair of her head and gets right in her face. "Don't mess with me, little girl," she says. "I eat little girls like you for dinner. This is a whole new ballgame. Now say that you will never ever see Rick again. SAY IT!" She stresses each word by banging Kimberly's head against the wall while Kimberly's eyes grow large and frightened.

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Week of 12/21/98 - 12/25/98

Monday, December 21, 1998

Holding a napkin from Cafe Russe and remembering his night with Kimberly, Rick tells himself he has to stop this, although he is glad Kimberly is at least talking to him again.

Amber has Kimberly up against the wall, pulling on her hair; she wants Kim to promise to stay away from Rick. Kimberly tells Amber that Rick just wants to be her friend. Amber says, "Yeah, after you came onto him. 'Oh, Rick, you can have me anytime you want me.'" Kimberly denies it, but Amber says, "That's what you meant, you little 'ho." Kimberly kicks Amber in the leg and tells her that she is disgusting. "You little Miss Homewrecker, what were you doing in his bedroom?" Amber demands to know. Kimberly tells her that he wanted to talk to her and he is afraid of getting married... and now she can see why. Amber blames Kimberly and tells her, "Rick loved me! We going to get married until you came along with your little sweaters and pearls. You turned him against me!" Kimberly tells her that she told Rick that she was proud of him and he was doing the right thing. "It is bad enough having a child... and to be married to someone like you!" she adds. Amber retorts, "I AM WHAT HE WANTS!" "No, you're not what he wants, because you wouldn't be threatening me like this... which by the way, isn't going to work," Kimberly counters. Kimberly tells her that she is going to tell Rick he made a mistake, and that he isn't going to pay for this the rest of his life.

Kimberly goes to leave and Amber grabs her. "You don't go to him! You don't call him, or talk to him... don't ever see him again! If not, I will be all over you like a fly on you know what!" Amber threatens. Kimberly says that she isn't afraid of her, and Amber starts to hit her, with her index finger to her chest, pushing her back. While pressing into Kimberly, Amber says, "You're not afraid of me, huh? Then why are you running away from me, huh?" "Leave me alone," Kimberly demands. Amber says, "You, princess, are out of your league! You go home!" Amber turns as Kimberly falls backwards into the pool. Amber is smirking.

Thorne comes out of the shower and grabs a towel when he hears a knock at his door. With the towel wrapped around his waist, he opens the door and is surprised to find Macy there. Inviting her in, he goes to but on a robe; while he's in the bedroom, she pokes around in the kitchen and notices he is cooking chili. She wonders if it's as hot as it used to be. When he comes back in, Thorne asks her again about her angel, who she admits is her father!

Myles hears a car and rushes to the door, and he finds a soaked Kimberly there. When he asks what happened, she keeps saying she has to talk to Rick, because SHE did this! SHE is so nasty and violent, Kimberly states. When Myles wants to know more, Kimberly says, "Mr. Forrester was so right about her." Myles asks, "Eric? What does he have to do with this?" Kimberly says she is so nasty, so they can't let Rick marry her. Myles asks, "What did you just say?" Kimberly explains that yes, Rick is getting married. Myles is shocked and laments the fact that she wanted to date this boy. Kimberly says she didn't know about it then. Myles asks if Rick lied to her then, and she replies, "He doesn't even like her. He's just marrying her because she's pregnant." Myles is shocked!

Amber sneaks into Rick's room to talk, and he backs off from her kiss, leading her to wonder what is going on.

Macy explains to Thorne how her father came back because of Grant... in a way, Grant brought her father back, she joyfully says.

Kimberly tells Myles that she wanted to tell him about Amber, but he was never here, and he laments that he was wrong to trust her, as he wants to know more. When Kimberly explains how both Brooke and Eric came to see her, including Eric's visit tonight, Myles is aghast that Eric was in his home that way!

Amber guesses Rick's mood is about Kimberly, and she points out that she talked to CJ about his freaking out when CJ said he wanted to take Kimberly out. Rick says he did not freak out, but Amber points out that he does have feelings for Kimberly, but only in a "what if?" fantasy way. "What if we didn't go to the cabin? What if we weren't so stupid? What if there was no baby?" she offers as examples. She doesn't blame him for thinking about that, as she has thought the same thing. However, she points out, she comes back to reality. She takes Rick's hand and puts it on her stomach, pointing out that it is the baby that always brings her back.

Macy tells Thorne about her father. He was undercover, she explains, and got involved in something complicated with illegal operations. He didn't want to, she explains, but the police forced him to. " He ran for his life, since he didn't want to get me or mom involved," she adds, and she tells Thorne that she believes him. "You were a child," Thorne points out. But she knows that as a child, that man loved them, and a child knew he never would have left then. Thorne asks how long he will be staying and she says she is not sure. Thorne is still skeptical. "Why are you grilling me?" she asks. He says that he just wants her to be careful. "He is my father," she reminds him. "I know," he answers. She thought he would be happy for her. He says that he is happy, but he warns her again to be careful. There is a knock at Thorne's door, so Macy goes and answers it. It's Christie the waitress from Insomnia, and Macy assumes she is looking for her. Wrong, Christie says; Thorne invited her over for some of his famous chili. "Oh," Macy says as she looks at Thorne. She says, "Have fun, you two," and leaves. Macy is outside, wondering what will be going on inside.

Amber continues to discuss Kimberly with Rick. She says, "It is not Kimberly you're attracted to, it is what she represents." He says he doesn't know. Amber tells him, "Yes, you do; she's everything you missed, what could have been, with a nice girl. You can't pay attention to those feelings, since they're NOT REAL. Sweetie, we are so close; maybe that is why you feel like your feelings for Kimberly gave gotten stronger, because you're afraid to commit. You're scared. There is nothing to be afraid of. We will have a family of our own, with someone who will be there for us no matter what. I was the woman you wanted; you didn't want anyone else." He says, "Yes, Amber, I know," and he walks away from her. She says to focus on that and they will make it. She knows him so well, and he will hate himself if he lets them down. "You know that too, don't you?" she asks. Yes, he says.

Myles angrily responds, "WHAT ARROGANCE! This will not happen again. Treating my girls like servants, like someone they can just use and then dismiss!" (Kimberly didn't catch that slip of the tongue when he mention girls) They only asked, Kimberly tries to point out. "What, to give up your morals, your safety? MY GOD, LOOK AT YOU!" Myles replies. Amber did this, not the Forresters, she reminds her father. "They let Rick use you, and they didn't give a damn. No wonder why their son is so irresponsible," Myles accuses. He is not, Kimberly states. "Please don't defend him; he is just like the rest of them, none of it good," Myles tells her. She says he does not know them, and Myles argues that he knows more than she thinks. She wants to know why he wanted to meet them if that's the case, and he says it was a mistake. He lays down the law and orders, "You're not to see him or his family again! NOW GO TO BED!" She looks at him and runs off crying. He then says to himself, "You thought you would get away with it, didn't you, Eric? Why not, you did it before. But not this time; this time, you deal with me!"

Amber kisses Rick and assures him, "We are going to be fine... we'll be great, so hang in there." She gives him a hug. She has a big smile on her face, while he is feeling trapped. She kisses him goodbye. He shuts off his light and is looking out towards the veranda. "Goodnight, Kimberly," he says. It cuts to Kimberly thinking of Rick, and she says, "Goodnight, Rick," as it shows a split screen of the two.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Eric is on the phone with Stephanie at Forrester; he explains that Kimberly left before he was able to talk to her. Just then, Myles barges into the office, followed by a guard. The guard says that he tried to stop Myles, but Eric assures him that it is all right. Eric says that he wished he would have known Myles was coming. They haven't seen each other since the dinner party he points out. Myles asks him if he remembers the shark story he told that night, and Eric says he does, pointing out how Myles risked everything to save his daughter. "Good, then you have a idea of what I want to do with you right now," Myles angrily states.

Taylor and Pierce are taping the video they are making. They are going on about how the simple steps they have outlined in the video will help change their viewers' lives, talking about the incredible journey they are about to embark on. In closing, Pierce talks to the viewers and asks them to keep the tape running for a few minutes longer; while he and Taylor are going to leave, there will be a surprise at the end. They then offer their farewells. The director calls cut as Pierce hugs Taylor and tells her that she has done a wonderful job.

Brooke is in Ridge's office being fitted for some lingerie for the new line as she asks him what he thinks. He says it will take some getting used to as the camera moves to Brooke's head; she has cut her hair! "I think it's short, but it's sexy," she points out. Ridge says he has to let the outfit out a little. "Am I gaining weight?" she asks. Ridge says no; it would just look better let out. "How much?" she asks, and he says that depends on what she is having for lunch. Brooke sarcastically says she is chili and fries, and Ridge answers, "whatever." Brooke says that maybe she could lose a few pounds, putting her hands on her hips... although losing them from there might mean losing them from other places. "Like here," she says, as she places Ridge's hands on her breasts.

Ridge asks Brooke if he could have his hands back, so Brooke releases them. She then worries that maybe she should lose some weight, since she will be wearing this outfit in front of thousands of people at that press conference. Ridge says hundreds of thousands to be exact. Brooke worries that she will not look good, but Ridge reminds her that their market consists of REAL women. Those women don't want to see some stick figure model, he points out, and would rather watch someone like Brooke. He assures her that she looks great, but it his her spirit of fun and daring that will sell this line. "Who doesn't want something like that in their life?" he asks. Brooke says that she knows somebody who needs a lot more of her in his life. Ridge realizes she means him and tries to back away, but she asks, "What if I gave you more than you could handle? What would happen then?"

Myles tears into Eric for using his family. Eric tells Myles that he had the utmost respect for daughter Kimberly. Myles asks "Respect? Was that why you told Kimberly about Rick? You came into our home and preyed on her sympathy and innocence." Eric says, "I **appealed** to her sympathy, Myles. Your daughter is Rick's friend." Myles says she wouldn't be if he had knew the truth, as he would not allow his daughter to see a playboy. Rick is not a playboy, Eric pleads; he made a mistake, and Kimberly may be the only person who can help him realize that. Myles accuses Eric of going behind his back and using his daughter. Eric admits that he should have consulted Myles first. Myles tells Eric that Kimberly had a great future, which does not include saving Eric's son. Eric says Myles has it all wrong, but Myles says he has it right, which is why is forbidding Kimberly to associate with Rick anymore!

Pierce's director of the video asks him about the surprise he mentioned at the end. Pierce says it can wait until later. Taylor is curious, but Pierce reminds her it is a surprise, something he has never done before. He then praises her on how good she was on the set today. Pierce is informed that the wrap party is about to start. Taylor asks what party, so he explains that as a motivational speaker, he has to thank all the hardworking people who contributed. The party is meant to that, as he invites those who are close to him to share in his success. "You don't even know it is going to be a success," Taylor states, but Pierce smiles and asks his crew to remind Taylor to think positively. Pierce then asks Taylor if she knows anyone good with music; she says her brother-in-law Thorne used to perform with his ex-wife Macy Alexander. When one of the girls on the crew says she loves Macy's voice, Pierce is convinced; he will contact Macy then.

Ridge tells Brooke to get back to work. As Ridge works on the fitting the outfit, Brooke daydreams of Ridge seducing her instead of fitting her. Ridge then says, "Hey Logan, you were off somewhere." She only wished she was somewhere else and he reciprocated. She goes and tries on a black negligee thing while she cools off from her fantasy.

Eric tells Myles that he thought Kimberly had told him about Rick. Myles says, "Everybody assumed Kimberly would sacrifice her happiness for Rick's sake. That's how you all think; everybody exists to please you. It's no wonder Thorne did what he did." Eric asks what does Thorne have to do with this--did Myles talk to him? Myles covers by saying that he has never even met Thorne (the truth), but he has heard what a playboy he was, hurting his ex-wife the way he did. He then mentions how Eric's other son, Ridge, was plastered on the tabloids with Brooke. "I thought Rick was better, but I see he's just following their lead," Myles says. Eric says that's enough, and explains how Amber was an employee that took advantage of Rick. "Put yourself in position; what if somebody did that to Kimberly?" Eric asks. Myles says that someone **DID** do that to Kimberly... ERIC! He then points out how Kimberly came home, soaked and bruised after a fight with Amber at Brooke's house. Eric says he is sorry, he had no idea. "That's why I want her away from my son," he says. Myles says, "I just told you my daughter was attacked, and all you think about is Rick. You selfish bastard!" Myles adds that Kimberly does not belong in this; she is not a cleaning lady who picks up after Rick's messes. He orders, "You tell him to stay the hell away from my daughter, or so help him... you tell him!" Myles leaves.

Brooke comes out in the black lingerie outfit and asks Ridge, "What do you think?" "Wow, that's nice," Ridge says; he is looking it over while Taylor is standing at the door, listening to their conversation. Logan is telling him how this brings back memories of their honeymoon in Italy; she likes to remember them, but she knows he doesn't. He says, "Not true; I do have memories." In runs Taylor, who slams the door open and says to Brooke, "You're not going to get away with this!" Brooke is standing there with her mouth open.

Pierce calls Macy and introduces himself. "I know about you through a friend," he says, and he wants to meet with her to discuss something. Macy says it's not a good me for her to take on anything new. Pierce says there's a limo outside and it will take only thirty minutes. Macy agrees. Pierce then says to himself, "OK, Taylor, wait until you see what I have in store for you; it will blow you away."

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

At Spectra, Sally talks to Darla about their mysterious benefactor; they still have no idea who sent the check that saved them, but Sally says she will find out, even if it kills her. She then tells Darla to try to get a hold of the vice president at the bank, and also to track down Macy. Darla says she just tried Macy's, and there's no answer. Sally says Macy must not be answering and worries that she made the wrong decision to let Macy move back home by herself. Just then, the phone rings; it's Macy. Sally says she was just trying to reach Macy and asks if she's home. Macy says no, she is at Dr. Peterson's. "You mean Pierce Peterson?" Sally asks. Macy says yes. Sally says that's wonderful news, hoping that Macy is there for therapy. Macy says that's not it; Pierce has asked her to work on a project with him. Macy says she cannot talk now and will explain later, and she hangs up. Sally tells Darla that Macy is over at Dr. Pierce Peterson's and she sounds good... in fact, she sounds wonderful.

Pierce apologizes to Macy for keeping her waiting and she says it is fine; she was just admiring his home. Pierce insists that they be on a first name basis and suggests they get down to business. He then hands Macy a piece of paper; she reads it and comments, "It's beautiful." She commends his poetry, but he says it is actually song lyrics... and he needs them written into a song for him to sing later that night at his party, he explains.

At Brooke's office, Taylor suggests that she and Ridge leave, as she has had enough of this peep show. Brooke offers to leave instead and goes to change. Ridge then says he is pressed for time and asks why Taylor is there. She says that she has finished the video. Ridge is excited and wants to go out and celebrate. Taylor tells that she has other plans, as there is a party at Pierce's house tonight. What about Thomas? Ridge asks. Taylor explains that they will bring him, and Pierce's secretary will watch him. Megan then comes in looking for Brooke, so Brooke comes out; Megan tells Brooke that Jack Abbott will be arriving in town tonight for that meeting Brooke had requested. Brooke is thrilled; she tells Megan to get a limo over to the airport to pick up Mr. Abbott, and to find Thorne and Eric. Brooke then tells Ridge that they are going to have to meet with Jack. Ridge says, "Yeah, I heard." Brooke says, good; she turns to Taylor and says that it doesn't look like Ridge will make her little shindig after all.

At Pierce's, he explains to Macy that he wants to sing the song tonight... that is, if they can get the music done by this evening. However, he has never sung before, so he will need a voice coach as well. Macy tells Pierce that she would love to help, she is not sure she can give this project the attention it deserves. Pierce says he knows that it's a lot to ask, but he is willing to pay Macy. He hands her a check. Looking at the amount on it, Macy realizes he is serious. He assures her that he is; he has worked for months on the emotion behind those words, and he knows Macy is talented enough to create the music to match that emotion. "When you put it that way, how can I refuse? You've got a deal," Macy agrees.

Back at Forrester, Ridge says that Brooke can do this by herself. Brooke says she can't; "Jack Abbott is coming out here to see **your** line," she tells Ridge. Ridge says that Eric can handle it, but Brooke protests, "This is our project, yours and mine. I worked too hard on this, and Jack expects you there... so you will be there." Taylor says, "No, he won't. Did you hear him? He wants to spend the evening with his wife." Ridge asks to speak to Taylor alone, so Brooke leaves. Taylor then says, "You can't. You **can't**! Ridge says it is too late. "Jack is already on the jet to come here. It won't take all night and I can still make your celebration." Taylor is upset; this is not only a victory for Pierce, but for her and Ridge as well, since Ridge has supported her through all her work on the video. She needs him there, she says. He gives her his word as her husband and number one fan that he will be there, and he kisses her. Just then, the phone rings; Ridge has to run and bids Taylor goodbye. As he leaves, Taylor grabs Brooke's black gown and starts to tear it. Brooke walks in and asks, "What's wrong, Taylor? Let me guess, Ridge has decided to spend the evening with me."

Darla asks what Macy is doing at Pierce Peterson's. Sally explains that Pierce needed her help with a project. Darla asks, "On his new video?" Sally says, "I don't know, she didn't go into details. But it doesn't matter. The important thing is that after all this time of being in that house full of grief, she is finally getting back on her feet." Darla says that of course she is; she's going to be working with Pierce Peterson. Sally there is something more than that, based on what Macy said on the phone. Darla says she knows what it is; there's a party at Pierce's house tonight, and she bets that he wants Macy to sing for him.

Macy works on Pierce's song as she plays her guitar. Pierce likes it so far but makes a few suggestions. Macy says, "It's your song; you know what you want. He says that he certainly does. She reminds him that he never explained the rush on this song. Pierce explains, "If this song is to have the effect I want, then I have to sing it tonight." Macy says there will not be a dry eye in the house when he sings this. Pierce asks if it's that good. Macy says yes, since it's a love song. "It is a love song, isn't it?" Pierce says sort of and excuses himself. Alone, Macy notes that it must be a special woman to inspire Pierce this way.

Taylor tells Brooke that Ridge was not spending the night with her; he was going to a meeting. Brooke points out that it is at her request; she made an executive decision as CEO, as she felt she needed him here. Taylor says to lose the CEO garbage, as this has nothing to do with business. Brooke says, "So you mean Ridge's decision had nothing to with business? What do you think that means?" Taylor says that Brooke wants to believe that, but this has nothing to do with work and everything with Ridge's commitment to the company. Brooke says that from the way he was fitting her earlier, Ridge obviously loves his work. Taylor tells Brooke to shut up. Brooke then tells Taylor that's no way to act just because Ridge can't go to her party. Taylor says he is coming to her party; he promised and he knows how important it is to Taylor, so he will not let her down! She leaves. Brooke says to herself, "Well, Taylor we shall see about that."

Darla is sure that Pierce wants Macy to sing. Sally says that her little girl will be front and center at Pierce's party, with Ridge and Taylor there; it promises to be one of the greatest things since that Brooke's Bedroom episode and she is not going to be there! Darla asks why would Pierce want Ridge's wife when he can have anyone he wants. Sally says that Pierce loves a challenge, almost as much as she likes seeing the Forrester family's escapades. Darla points out that it still doesn't mean there will be a scene. Sally says that Ridge might make a scene if Pierce gets out of line, and she would love to see that. Darla reminds Sally that she's not on the guest list. Sally asks when did she let a detail like that stop her... she is going to the party, and Darla is coming with her, invitation or not!

At Forrester, Megan tells Brooke she has everything ready to go. Ridge and Thorne walk into Brooke's office. Brooke tells them that Jack should be there within an hour, so they have to be ready. She tells Ridge and Thorne what she wants them to do while meeting with Jack: she will introduce the line, then Ridge will step in. Next, Thorne will get into the marketing strategy, and they will show the Italian video. In closing, Eric will wrap up... and when they finish, they will pitch the new fragrance that Brooke wants from Jabot Cosmetics to Jack. Ridge says that will take forever and suggests cutting out the video, so they can end early. Brooke says she is not going to rush this evening just because Ridge has a party. Thorne agrees; an alliance with Jabot Cosmetics is just what the company needs, he believes. Faced with opposition from both his brother and Brooke, Ridge reluctantly agrees... but he's not happy about it.

Pierce gets dressed for the party when Taylor walks in; she has dropped off Thomas downstairs with Holly. Pierce asks Taylor if Ridge will be there. Taylor says, "He's got a meeting but he'll be here; of course by then, the party will be in full swing." Still, he gave her his word, she points out. Pierce says, "I hope so, or he'll miss seeing you in this." He shows her a beautiful black designer evening gown, a one of a kind original. A stunned Taylor says, "I had no idea... I love it. I'll be the bell of the ball." She thanks Pierce again as she hugs him, and she goes to try the gown on. Pierce tells himself, "That is just the first of many surprises in store for you tonight; it will be a celebration you will never forget. And if all goes well, who knows. I want you, Taylor... and after this evening, I will be one step closer to having you."

Thursday, December 24, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for the update of Thursday's show!

Brooke, still in her kimono, tells Eric that he should make the introductions when Jack Abbott arrives---which should be any moment because his plane has already landed. She notices Ridge looking at his watch and chastises him for it, reminding him that they have an important meeting. Ridge says that it is important that he attend the party at Pierce's. Eric looks at him and tells him that this is business and it is important. Just then Jack arrives.

Stephanie is all aglitter in her bright red party dress, and James is handsome in his tuxedo. She tells him that they are going to the hottest party in town tonight---there is a wrap party at Pierce Peterson's house. James thinks that Taylor secured invitations for her, but she tells him that Taylor doesn't even know that they are coming. She wants a closer look at this man who is occupying so much of Taylor's time.

Taylor is getting ready for the party when Pierce comes in, saying that everyone is asking for her. They want to meet the other half of the team, he tells her. "Tonight we celebrate a very special creation, the completion of the video. It is a night of supreme accomplishment. And, I have a surprise for you after the party is over." Taylor is excited and asks what the surprise is. He tells her to just expect the unexpected. Who will deliver the unexpected? Taylor asks. "Me," Pierce smiles. He tells her to hurry and finish.

Downstairs at the party, all the guests are mingling around in their festive attire, drinking champagne and laughing and talking. At the door, Sally and Darla seek admittance but don't have an invitation to show. Sally is doing her best "I'm someone important" act while Darla looks on. She tells the doorman that she doesn't have an invitation because this is a surprise. As Pierce walks into the room, Sally quickly tells Darla to turn her head. She doesn't want "him" to see her; it would spoil the surprise. The doorman glances around to see whom she could be talking about. "Hide, Darla, hide!" Sally implores. "You don't want your brother to see you, do you?" "Mr. Peterson is your brother?" the doorman asks. "We are . . . family," Sally says as the doorman lets them by.

Pierce walks up to Macy and asks if she has gone over the music with the band and she tells him that she has. She says that it is going to be powerful! He says that as long as it gets the effect he is hoping for, that is all he needs. "What effect are you looking for?" Macy asks. He tells her that she will see and walks away. Unreal! Macy says, a bright smile on her face.

Alone in the dressing room, Taylor is pacing and thinking about Ridge. "You promised you would be here, Ridge, you gave you word! You know that this is an important night for me---the most important night ever. Please don't let me down, Ridge. I need you here with me tonight."

Pierce opens the door and is shocked to see that Taylor isn't even dressed. He sees the tears and tells her that she can't keep doing this to herself. "How many times are you going to let him destroy you like this? This is your moment! You don't get many moments like this. Taylor, there are many people anxious to see you. Please get dressed."

Sally and Darla are toasting themselves with champagne and looking around the house. Sally says that this place is full of "big bucks!" Look at the art! Darla is looking at the people around the room and sees a distinguished older man who looks a lot like Tony Bennett. "Who is that?" Darla asks. Sally looks at him and says, "Darla, you are looking at a former captain of industry. Through the toss of the dice, he lost it all. He was on the verge of hanging himself when the great Doctor Pierce Peterson came to his rescue. Now he is one of Pierce's biggest supporters."

The man in question looks over in their direction and smiles at Darla. He leaves his group and walks over to the two ladies. After saying hello, Darla asks him if he had anything to do with the video. He tells her his name and says that he is head of CompuTech. "Pardon me," Sally flirts. "Don't you mean that you were once a spy who helped influence the world. But when you became disillusioned with that world, you decided to kill yourself. On the verge of hanging yourself, you picked up one of Pierce Peterson's tapes and it changed your life." Looking at Sally and kissing her hand, the man tells her that she isn't just beautiful; she is BRIGHT!

After the gentleman has left, Sally sees Macy and comments on how happy she is. Darla wonders what has happened to change her into this smiling young lady. Sally says that they will go and find out. As they start over to the other side of the room, Stephanie and James arrive. "What a gathering!" she says, as she looks around. "And they are all here to give credit to Pierce and Taylor." James wonders how much of the credit Pierce will give to Taylor.

Sally and Darla come up behind Macy, who has a stunned look of surprise on her face as she sees her mother and Darla there.

From the upstairs balcony, Pierce looks out over the party, pleased. He calls for their attention then announces that they are all here for a significant event. "As you know, I always say that my work is a collaborative effort of many people. But, this project tonight owes its success to one individual more than any other person. She has put her whole heart and soul into this project. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Taylor Hayes Forrester." Taylor comes out, beautiful in her black designer gown and smiles as the people below begin to applaud her. As Pierce looks at Taylor, Stephanie's smile slips as she sees that Pierce is looking at Taylor with love.

At last, Jack Abbott arrives at Forrester, and Eric greets him at the door to the office. Ushering the handsome Genoa City executive in, Eric introduces Jack to Brooke, and Jack says that it is a pleasure to finally meet the woman he knows only by report. Eric then introduces Ridge, and Jack is happy to meet the man who made such a big splash at his showing in Italy. He asks what a mogul from the fashion industry wants with him. Eric continues the introduction by introducing Thorne. He then tells Jack that they want to introduce a fragrance to go with their new bedroom line. There are many fragrance companies they could have gone to but they want only the best--and Jabot is the best, Thorne points out. Jack asks if this is to be a joint project. When they say that it is, he wonders if this would also involve the haute couture line. Brooke tells him that it is only for the bedroom line and it is to be a very sexy perfume. Jack likes the sound of that.

Ridge tells him that they already have $20 million in advance orders while Thorne tells him that they have a very complete line ready to go. Brooke asks if he has seen any of their signature line and when he says he hasn't, she asks if he would like to see one of the negligees. Looking around, Jack says that if they have a mannequin with one, then yes he would like to see it. Very sexily, Brooke tells him that they don't use mannequins here. She undoes her kimono and lets it drop. She is standing there, much to Jack's delight, in a very sexy blue lace teddy.

Taylor looks down on all the people applauding and wonders why they are praising her. Pierce tells her that they love her. "These people don't know me," Taylor says. "How can they love me?" Pierce says that they have seen the outtakes from the video and now they do love her. "You deserve this," Pierce says. "And don't you forget it."

Of all the people in the crowd, Stephanie isn't applauding. "Did you see the way he looked at her?" she asks James.

Sally says that this is a sight to behold but Macy chides her for crashing the party. Sally wants to know what she is doing here and she says that Pierce invited her. She has helped Pierce with preparing a surprise. She didn't know what it was all about before, but she thinks that she does now. Sally asks if Pierce is the reason that Macy is in such a happy mood. "No," Macy says, "but it is a man. I'll tell you about it soon."

Taylor is talking to several people when she sees Stephanie with James. Going up to her mother-in-law, she asks if Ridge is here. Stephanie says that Ridge is in a meeting but he is supposed to come. Taylor is obviously upset. "He promised me that he would be here," she says. "This was important to me, Damn it." Pierce comes up to her and says that the guests are asking for her. Seeing that she is upset and seeing whom she is with, he says to Stephanie that he doesn't recall inviting them to his party. He tries to get Taylor to go with him, but she says that she cannot do this right now. She runs out of the room.

Ridge is still checking his watch while Brooke asks Jack if he wants to feel the fabric. Unsure of where to put his hands, Jack falters. Brooke picks up the skirt of the negligee and holds it out to him, telling him that it is quite soft. Eric says that they have some things to talk about then they will have supper. Ridge says that he won't be there for supper as he has a prior engagement. When Jack looks disappointed, Brooke objects, saying that Mr. Abbott won't be in town tomorrow. She looks at Jack and asks if Jabot can create a fragrance for them.

Taylor is sitting on the bed crying when Pierce comes into the room and asks if there is anything that he can do for her. Taylor apologizes for running out on him. He guesses that she is upset because Ridge isn't there. She says that he is at a meeting and it doesn't look like he will come. Pierce offers to go and get Ridge but she tells him no. He should have remembered how important this night was to her. Again Pierce says that he will go and drag him out of the meeting if that will make her happy. She won't let him. He looks at her helpless and says that he can't stand to see her so unhappy. "And," he adds, "your night is ruined after all the work you put into the project." Ridge should be here to see how happy she is, Pierce says. Taylor admits that she is acting like a child. Okay, she says wiping her tears. Let's go. He tells her that first he has a gift for her and maybe it will cheer her up. He hands her a box, telling her that he was going to give it to her after the party, but this is a better time. She asks if this is the surprise and he tells her that the surprise is bigger. Opening the box, she finds a magnificent diamond necklace; Taylor is shocked as her mouth opens wide. She objects and says that it is too expensive; she can't possibly accept it. He tells her that she should at least agree to wear it tonight. "I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me," Taylor says. "You can start by making this an evening you will never forget," Pierce tells her. "If you won't do it for yourself, will you do it for me?" Taylor says that he gets so much happiness from her success that she will wear the necklace to honor him and to thank him for all the opportunities he has given to her. He puts the necklace on her.

Friday, December 25, 1998

For the Christmas day episode, CBS aired a rerun of the October 29, 1997 episode featuring the Italian Fashion Show at the Hotel Villa D'Este.

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Week of 12/28/98 - 01/01/99

Monday, December 28, 1998

As the party continues, Sally and Darla wonder if Macy's mystery man that has made her happy is in the room. As the pair from Spectra looks around, Stephanie and James come over to say how well Macy looks. Sally notes that Taylor is missing, and so is Pierce... and then she notices that Ridge is not there, either. Stephanie says he is at a meeting, which Sally says must be some meeting to make his miss this big night for his wife.

Up in Pierce's bedroom, Taylor says she is ready to go downstairs. Pierce asks her not to let Ridge ruin things for her on this important night and she says she will not. She tells Pierce she will meet him downstairs after cleaning up a bit. He leaves the room, and Taylor looks in the mirror. She says that Ridge promised to be there for her, and she silently prays for him not to let her down.

Over at Forrester, Jack Abbott is still looking over the prospectus for his company, Jabot Cosmetics, to work with Forrester on a fragrance for the Brooke's Bedroom line. Jack admits that the bedroom line is quite a product. It is, Thorne agrees, but they still need the fragrance to make it complete. Jack then asks Brooke if she has spoken to Victor Newman, his CEO, about this. She says not yet. Jack explains that currently, Newman Enterprises is going through a reorganization where Victor has temporarily backed away from active control of the company. "But he will be involved?" Eric asks. No, Jack explains; he is in charge right not, and he is the one who will be calling the shots on this project. "Then why not call some and make a decision?" Ridge asks.

Back at the party, Macy comes over to Sally and Darla and Stephanie and James. Everyone is anxious to know about the big surprise that Pierce promised and if it will live up to the hype. Macy assures them that it will, but she is sworn to secrecy and cannot say more than that. Sally then spots Taylor come back in, and she and Darla notice the necklace, which Taylor was not wearing before... and when Darla and Sally guess where it came from, Steph is concerned.

Jack reminds the Forresters that creating a fragrance is a costly proposition. Eric and Ridge say they know that, but they want to know if Jabot can come through for them. If anyone can do it, it is Jabot, Brooke points out. Ridge is anxious to draw up an agreement now, but Jack seems a little put off by Ridge's attitude. He excuses himself to make a call.

As Jack leaves the room, Eric chides his son for coming on too strong with Jack. Ridge points out that he has a party to go to, one that he is already late for, so he just wants to wrap this up. Brooke chides him for worrying about a stupid party when their entire new line is at stake. Ridge says this is more than a party, it is the biggest night of her career for Taylor. Eric assures him that it will not take much more time, but Ridge says that time is one thing he does not have.

At the party, Stephanie and James observe Taylor. Stephanie wishes Ridge was there as she and James note how happy Taylor looks. Meanwhile, Macy pulls Pierce aside to tell him it is showtime! "Break a leg!" she tells him, wishing him luck.

Pierce calls for everyone's attention and tells everyone that he has prepared a surprise for them. He then talks about the sacrifices he has made in helping people and his past successes... but this time, he explains, things are different. He has found someone to share his success with, someone who shares his desire to make sacrifices and to help people, and he would like to introduce and thank her in front of all of them. He then introduces Taylor and calls her up to the stage, while everyone applauds. Taylor smiles... and as he thanks Macy for her help, Pierce begins his song.

Ridge is tense as Jack comes back in. Brooke asks if he has a decision for them, and he says not yet. "Then we can continue this in the morning?" Brooke asks. Jack is afraid not; unfortunately, he has to return to Genoa City tonight, so he will not be there in the morning. The Forresters seem disappointed, but Jack points out that this is not necessarily a "no;" it is just that he needs a little time to think about some things. He promises that they will hear from him in a week as he bids them all goodbye.

Pierce's song (which repeats the word "Sometimes" in each verse) seems to be based on his project; the words talk about his desire to help man improve himself. However, as the song continues, the second verse is about love, and finding a woman to share that love with and having faith that this woman will turn up. As the song winds down, the song talks about this special woman joining him on his quest to help mankind, together with him, hand in hand. The crowd seems impressed, especially Taylor, which has Stephanie concerned.

As Pierce and Taylor bid goodbye to the guests, Stephanie worries about what the song may mean. On her way out, Sally comes over and gets a few barbs in about Pierce's "inspiring" words, so Steph tells her that is enough. Stephanie then turns to James and wonders where the hell is Ridge?

With Jack gone, Ridge is upset at the waste of his time. When Thorne suggests he go to the party, Ridge says it is too late; the party is over. Brooke looks on.

As Stephanie is leaving, Taylor also thanks her and James for being there for her. Stephanie says that she is sorry Ridge was not there, but Taylor points out that she is not angry. As Pierce bids Stephanie and James goodbye, Stephanie seems rather cold while James is cordial.

Alone with Pierce, Taylor thanks him for the song, which has her flattered at the things he did, since he was the one who motivated her. Pierce says that it is as much Taylor's contribution as his, since she is a very special woman... and she thanks him for such words, which helped her with her depression and made this a special night. Pierce says Taylor is quite welcome and embraces her as Stephanie, standing in the doorway, observes with a look of concern.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

Sally and Darla stop by Lauren's to tell her about the party; Lauren cannot believe that they crashed it. Sally goes on to explain how Queen Stephanie and her royal consort, Dr. Warwick, were there... and they were not happy! She then explains how Pierce was fawning all over Taylor; he gave her a necklace and heaped praises upon her that made her sound like a cross between Joan of Arc and a centerfold. And then, Darla adds, he sang a love song to Taylor. Sally bets that Pierce is serious... and when Lauren asks if Taylor is still in Bel Air, Sally is confident that she is.

Taylor and Pierce are going on about their night; as they head upstairs to one of the bedrooms so she can change, she thanks him for turning what could have been a disaster into a wonderful night. She asks if he was serious about what he said, that they are a team. He says that he was; he has done many motivational tapes before, but this time it is different. This time he has someone who shares his convictions, someone who helped bring him back from the failure of the hypno-therapy project. He owes Taylor as much as she owes him, he says, and he has no regrets. He then leaves the room so she can change.

Ridge goes to the door of the beach house, hoping to find his wife... but he finds his mother instead, surprised that Taylor is not home yet. He is angry that he missed the party because of the meeting, especially since Jack Abbott would not commit to their venture. Stephanie is sorry to hear that, but thinks Ridge has something he should be more concerned about at the moment... his wife and Pierce Peterson!

Looking at the promotional photo for the video, Pierce asks himself, "Will you ever know how much you mean to me? Do I dare I tell you?" Pierce suddenly hears Taylor scream. He races into the bedroom and finds her on the floor. She explains that she tripped over her dress's hem. Pierce picks up Taylor up and lays her in bed and heads off to get some ice. Before he leaves the room, Taylor asks him to check on Thomas. Pierce reminds Taylor that her son is in good hands and goes to get the ice.

Stephanie tells Ridge that Pierce has more then a professional interest in Taylor. Ridge, however, is not worried; sure Pierce is a flirt with his eye on Taylor, but Ridge is not going to think about that, since it will not work. Stephanie then explains about the necklace and how Pierce was touching Taylor in front of everyone. He even sung a song to Taylor, she adds. Ridge asks about the lyrics and Stephanie says that it started out spiritually. Ridge laughs, "Sure it was," but then Stephanie tells him about the second verse, the one about finding a woman to share his life who will help him bring peace to the world. Ridge sarcastically says, "Oh, by making videos together?" but Stephanie tells him to be serious!

Lauren is intrigued about Taylor and Pierce and asks where Ridge was when all this happened. Darla points out that he wasn't even there, and Sally notes that he was at a meeting. "Must have been some meeting," Lauren quips, and Sally agrees... and she bets that it was a meeting with Brooke! Sally says there's going to be more trouble in paradise, and she would love to be a fly on his wall tonight, because Taylor is feeling rejected by her husband and there's going to be more trouble!

Taylor is in Pierce's bed in her underwear with her foot elevated. Pierce walks in with a ice pack and checks her ankle. He worries that they may have to go to the hospital, but Taylor says that is not necessary. "I do hope you have disability coverage," she says, and he jokes that will only apply of they amputate. He tells her to at least let him get some herbal tea to help calm her, and she reluctantly agrees. "Do you mind if I get out of this monkey suit?" he asks, and Taylor jokes that he does not look like a monkey to her. He smiles and heads off to get the tea. As he in the doorway, Taylor calls out, "Honey?" Pierce turns, as if to say "Yes," but Taylor points out that she wants honey in her tea. A disappointed Pierce nods.

Ridge says that Pierce is a slime ball for pulling the stunt with the song. Stephanie reminds him that if he was there like he was supposed to be, Pierce would not have had the opportunity. Ridge says that he was in the middle of a meeting, but Stephanie points out that he could at least have called. He decides to find out what is going on and calls Pierce's house. Pierce, now dressed in a robe, is on his way up with the tea when the phone rings. He answers to hear Ridge rudely demanding to know if his wife is still there. When he says that Taylor is still there, Ridge demands that he put her on. Calmly, Pierce says that he can't do that, as Taylor is indisposed. "I'll wait," declares Ridge. "Like you kept her waiting all night?" Pierce asks. He says goodbye and hangs up. Ridge tells his mother that's it, it has to stop once and for all, and he heads out the door towards Pierce's.

Pierce brings the tray of tea to Taylor's room, where she is dozing off, and he watches her lay there. Taylor asks if she heard the phone ring? Pierce tells her not to worry about that and to get some rest. Taylor says wonders where Ridge is as Pierce pours her tea. She then talks about how her ankle hurts. Pierce says, "I think your hurt is more than an ankle. You have opened a new chapter in your life. You'll remember the look in everyone's eyes as we stood on the balcony, and how they applauded us... you'll remember everything. Maybe you'll remember my song--the words and their meaning and the heart that gave them life. But what you won't remember is the pain. It might hurt now, but it's nothing compared to what happened here tonight." Taylor hopes he is right as he tells her to get some rest.

Downstairs, Holly answers the front door; it's Ridge. Ridge barges in and asks where Taylor is as Pierce hears from the top of the stairs. He comes down and tells Holly he will handle this. Pierce walks up to Ridge, who asks if his wife is still indisposed. Pierce says yes, she is. Ridge heads for the terrace to get her and Thomas, but Pierce says they are not there. Ridge angrily asks, "The where in the hell is she?" Pierce tells Ridge to calm down, but Ridge is not about to think about calm. Pierce goads Ridge about his lack of priorities, as demonstrated by his missing the party tonight for a meeting. Ridge again asks where Taylor is. Pierce says she is upstairs. Ridge asks what she is doing up there, and Pierce replies, "She's in my bed."

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

At Pierce's house Taylor tells herself what a night this has been. "My husband stands me up, I hurt my ankle... and now I'm in Pierce's bed. At least Thomas is getting some sleep. I just wish Ridge would show up and take us home. Where can he be?"

Ridge doesn't believe Pierce that Taylor is upstairs in Pierce's bed. Pierce says that she is. Ridge tells him to stop with the bait, as he is not biting. Pierce says he's not baiting, as baiting Ridge is not worth his time. Ridge says, "You've been following my wife around like a little puppy dog, conning her into these pet projects and throwing this party for her and embarrassing her with that sleazy song." Pierce seems surprised and Ridge says, "I heard about that... but it didn't work, and there's no way my wife is still here." Pierce assures Ridge, "I'm not bluffing. I'm telling the truth. Taylor is upstairs waiting for me... in my bed!

At Forrester, Eric pops into Brooke's office with some production figures for Ridge; she tells him to leave them on Ridge's desk. He asks Brooke if she thinks that Ridge made it to Taylor's party. Brooke says, "I doubt it. I told him the meeting would run long." Eric says that she was right about that; they needed the time to make a good impression on Jack Abbott. Still, Eric laments, Jack left with reservations about a joint venture. Brooke says that she thinks Jack will come around. Eric says, "I didn't get a chance to talk to you about this, but Myles came by. He wants Rick to stay away from Kimberly; our son is the kind of person he does not want his daughter associated with." Brooke asks what gives Myles the right. Eric points out that he is simply worried about his daughter. A worried Brooke says that Rick can't lose Kimberly; he needs her friendship. "Eric, we worked too hard to get them back together. We can't let this happen!"

Rick stops by Stephanie's looking for Amber, but nobody is around. The phone starts to ring, so he answers it; it's Kimberly. He asks how she found him, so she explains that she got the number from Bridget. She needs to talk to him, as her dad found out about Amber and the baby. And then when she told him about what happened with Amber... Rick asks, "What about Amber?" Kimberly asks if Amber told him about the fight, and Rick says no, she didn't. Kimberly says she will explain everything if he comes over, but to be careful to avoid her dad. Rick says he will be right there.

Myles walks in the room and sees Kimberly hanging up the phone. He tells her, "I hope that wasn't Rick Forrester. I told you not to talk to that kid." Kimberly tells her dad that he's not being fair. Myles reminds her of what he said before; her friendship with Rick is over, as he's no good for her. Kimberly says that if Myles knew the whole story, he wouldn't be saying this. Myles says, "I know the whole story. I spoke with his father at length this afternoon. The man took advantage of you, sweetheart... but I wouldn't expect you to understand." Kimberly says that *HE* is the one that doesn't understand. At first when she heard about Amber, she was so angry, she points out. But then... Myles tells her that Rick's problems are his parents' concern, not hers. He got his girlfriend pregnant! Kimberly says Rick made a mistake and he's trying to make it right. "I feel bad for Rick; and if you met Amber, you would too." Myles is stunned at his daughter's lack of judgement and morals; it makes no sense. He then asks how close she got to Rick; did she have sex with him? Kimberly asks how he could even think that. Myles says he doesn't know what to think. "But that boy has had a bad influence on you... and I am going to put a stop to it. You and Rick Forrester are through!"

Stephanie walks downstairs and says hi to Rick. Rick asks if Amber is around, and Stephanie says that she's out shopping. Rick then says he has to leave, and Stephanie guesses that Kimberly called. Rick asks, "How did you...? Dad told you." Stephanie asks to hear his side of the story and points out that his father tried talking him out of marriage. Rick says that's right. Stephanie asks if he is really going to go though with it. Rick says, "Yes, I am. That was all dad's idea, and Kimberly understands. I have a responsibility to my child and will do the right thing." Stephanie says that may be true... but if he has strong feeling for someone else, then marrying Amber is not the answer.

Ridge tells Pierce that he is dreaming. Pierce says points out that Taylor was counting on Ridge, but he let her down. An angry Ridge tells Pierce that he does not need a lecture from the likes of him. Upstairs, Taylor calls home and gets the answering machine. She leaves a message for Ridge to come get her and Thomas, as they are waiting for him. Taylor hangs up and says to herself that he should have been there by now. "What in the hell is keeping him?" she asks herself.

Pierce says Ridge is right. He doesn't need a lecture from Pierce, since it wouldn't do any good anyway. He explains, "In order for me to help someone, they need to realize their problems." Ridge tells Pierce, "My only problem is you, Pierce, and I should have taken care of you a long time ago." Pierce says that's right; he is the cause of all Ridge's problems, and it has nothing to do with Brooke or the way Ridge treats Taylor. Ridge again says to back off. Pierce continues, "You have no idea what you have done. You gave her your word; this was your chance to prove to Taylor how important she was to you... and you blew it." Ridge says, "This fantasy of yours is getting on my nerves. You are not Taylor's knight in shining armor. She doesn't need you, and I don't need your advice, so don't even go there." Pierce says he has already been there, all night in fact. "I watched her check the doors to see if you were going to finally show up, but you never did... because you had a business meeting a meeting with Brooke." Ridge warns Pierce that this none of his business; it is between him and his wife! Pierce says this is not about Ridge and Taylor, but about Ridge and Brooke. "Come on, Ridge, when are you going to admit to yourself? Your wife is not a priority to you." Ridge asks what in the hell does Pierce know about Taylor's needs. Pierce says that he apparently knows more than Ridge... and as proof, he points out that Taylor is in **HIS** bed. If Ridge knew how a woman should be treated, she wouldn't be... but she is. Ridge then takes a swing and hits Pierce in the face, knocking him to the floor. As Ridge goes to look for Taylor, Pierce sits up, bleeding from Ridge's punch.

Eric tells Brooke that Myles has made up his mind. She asks how he could let this happen, and he assures her that he did everything he could. Brooke apologizes, saying that she is really upset. Eric wonders what this news will do to Rick; he fears that their son cannot get though this alone. Brooke expresses her fears that Amber has alienated Rick from his family and from friends like CJ. Amber has been whispering into Rick's ear for months, and Brooke doesn't want that to happen again.

Stephanie finds Rick's attitude admirable, but points out that his dedication is not the kind of thing that makes up the basis for a marriage. Rick tells Stephanie that marriage is the best thing for this baby. Stephanie says, "Do you think that just because you say 'I do,' everything will be alright? How do you feel about Amber as a woman; is she the woman you want to have a life with? Are you compatible, or is there someone else you feel more comfortable with?" Rick guesses that she is talking about Kimberly; "but she's not carrying my baby," he points out. Amber is though, so they have to make it work. Rick then gets ready to leave. Stephanie says, "Wait. You know I love you, and I want what's best for you... and what's best for you is what is best for that baby." Rick says, "I know; that's what I want too."

Ridge goes into the bedroom as Taylor is lying there. "Taylor!!!???" he asks. "Ridge?" she says, surprised to see him. He asks, "WHAT THE HELL? WHAT IS THIS?"

Eric goes over to Stephanie's, looking for Rick. "Is he with Amber?" Eric asks. No, he went over to Kimberly's, Stephanie says. Eric says, "Oh no!" He explains that Myles found out about Rick hiding his engagement from his daughter, and he is very upset. He can't blame Myles, but Rick needs this friendship, Eric worries... he hopes that Myles is not home when Rick gets there.

Kimberly tells her father that Rick needs a friend. Myles says "He lied to you; he didn't have a reason, he had an excuse. The Forresters always do. They are dangerous people, and you have to stay away from them. Do you understand?" She nods in assent. Myles hugs Kimberly and says good, and he leaves the room. Kimberly then hears something outside; it's Rick. Kimberly says thank God, and rushes outside. She tells him to stay away from the windows. He asks what is wrong, and she says that everything is going wrong. They embrace.

Ridge wants to know what Taylor is doing in Pierce's bed. "Waiting for you all night," she answers. Up here? He wonders. "Thomas and I have been waiting. You knew how important this was to me," she answers. She wants an explanation, but Ridge turns the subject back to HIS questions. "What the hell are you doing in Pierce's bed?" he asks. "Oh my god, Ridge... you don't think...? I sprained my ankle," she answers, and she flings off the covers. Ridge is all apologetic all of a sudden. He says, "After everything he told me downstairs... never mind, we will talk about this later." Taylor, however, is reluctant to go. Ridge is trying to help Taylor up and Pierce is standing in the doorway with the cut over his eye, still bleeding. Taylor sees him and asks, "What happened to you?" She looks at Ridge and says, "Ridge, did you do this? You did do that, didn't you?"

Thursday, December 31, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for this Thursday update!

While Myles is in another room of the house, Kimberly rushes outside to wait for Rick. As he rounds the corner of the house she grabs him and pulls him toward the bushes, telling him frantically that her father cannot see him.

It appears that Lauren has left Sally's place and zipped straight across town to Brooke's house. She starts her business by asking how the meeting with Jack Abbott went. Brooke tells her that it went okay, but Jack didn't give them a commitment. Even though it bothers her somewhat, she is sure that he will react positively. Lauren is surprised; she thought Jack would jump at the chance to get involved in something so hot and would make him a lot of money. She says that she knew Jack in Genoa City---they were good friends---and she will run over to his hotel and have a talk with him if Brooke wishes. Brooke says that he isn't in town; he is on an airplane on the way back to Genoa City at this time. Brooke tells her a little about the meeting and why it ran so late and Lauren remarks that that was the reason Ridge missed Taylor's party. She congratulates Brooke on being so ingenious. Brooke says that that wasn't the reason for the meeting--Jack's visit was totally unexpected, she explains--but it served the purpose anyway. Brooke complains about Ridge, saying he didn't contribute much because he was so worried about getting to Taylor's party. "From what I hear, he had reason to be worried," Lauren says as she begins to fill Brooke in on the happenings at the party. She says that Pierce pulled out all the stops to make it Taylor's night and he spent all night trying to sweep Taylor off her feet. Brooke's eyes grow big when Lauren says that he even sang a romantic song to her.

Taylor demands to know what Ridge did to Pierce. She is outraged that he would do this to her business partner, but Ridge blows her off by saying that Pierce is a snake who has been after her for months. He says that Pierce has used every trick in the book to lure her into his bed. Taylor says that that doesn't give him the right to hit Pierce. She says that she sprained her ankle and Pierce only allowed her to lie down in his bed until Ridge FINALLY got around to coming to pick her up. Ridge walks over and grabs a dress and starts to put it on Taylor, saying that he just wants to get her out of here. Stop! Pierce says. "Get your hands off of her!"

"Pierce actually sang a love song to Taylor?" Brooke asks. Lauren says that it was as if Taylor were the only woman in the room. When Brooke scoffs, saying look at the source (Sally Spectra), Lauren says that she doesn't know about that. Sally said that even she got goosebumps. She says that Pierce wrote the poem and Macy set it to music. It was his words and emotions that were plain to see and Taylor loved it. She thinks that Pierce scored some major points with Taylor this night! The telephone interrupts their conversation. Answering, Brooke hears an angry Myles Fairchild telling her that he wants her son to stay away from his daughter; they are NOT friends any longer. Brooke tries to reason with him, telling him that they needed Kimberly's help. He says that they didn't have his daughter's best interest in mind when they called on her for help. "How dare you?" Brooke says indignantly. "HOW DARE YOU?" Myles shouts. "You used my daughter. Stay away from my daughter! Leave her alone!" Myles suddenly hangs up the phone.

As Rick attempts to walk toward the door, Kimberly again warns him and tells him to stay away from the window. Rick doesn't think her dad is having a temporary reaction to finding out that he is engaged to his pregnant fiancée. He reminds her that she was angry at first but she came around; your father will come around, he assures her. But Kimberly says that he doesn't know her dad; her dad actually told her that his family is dangerous. But, she tells him, that isn't the reason she had to talk to him. She was in agreement that marrying Amber was the right thing, but she has now changed her mind. She tells him that after she left him that night, Amber was waiting for her and assaulted her. Rick says that it was just the hormones and stress, because Amber isn't normally like that. Kimberly says that Amber called her such awful names and then pushed her into the pool. "Amber may be the mother of your child but she isn't a good person, Rick. You are such a sweet guy, Rick, and you deserve better."

"Get out of my way, Peterson!" Ridge demands. "I'm taking my wife out of here." Pierce tells him that he isn't. Ridge says that he is starting to tick him off. Again, Taylor intervenes; she doesn't believe either of them. She says that they are acting like schoolboys. She says that the best thing would be for her to just get the baby and head for home; she will talk to Pierce tomorrow. Pierce asks why she lets him treat her like this. He comes in and right away he is giving her orders. He acts like he owns her instead of them being partners. Taylor tells Ridge to go and get the baby but Pierce says that the baby is asleep and safe. He says that her husband is in a volatile mood and he is concerned about her and Thomas. Ridge makes an objection to what Pierce is saying; he says that he will be there for Taylor. "Sure, you say you will be there for her, but where are you when she needs you? You are with Brooke. Anyone can say that they love someone but it takes a real man to show devotion and love."

Brooke is outraged! There is no reasoning with Myles Fairchild, she tells Lauren. How dare he say that her son isn't good enough for his daughter? She says that she and Eric are determined to prevent this marriage, and if they can't use Kimberly, they will just have to find another way. She says that she has to go up and talk with Rick but Lauren says that Rick isn't home; at least his car wasn't in the drive. Brooke wonders where he can be.

Rick tells Kimberly that Amber has always had a temper, but that is not all there is to her. He says that she will be a good mother. Kimberly asks what kind of marriage he will have with her and what kind of mother will she make. "Your parents were right," she says. "This marriage is a terrible mistake."

Myles returns to the living room and calls out for Kimberly. When he doesn't find her, he goes to another part of the house---to her bedroom. Coming back into the living room, he wonders where that girl could be!

Kimberly says that she isn't trying to bash Amber; she knows that Rick feels obligated to her but he is making an enormous sacrifice. This will be for a lifetime. Is he ready for that? Rick says that he knows another side of Amber. She is cool and she had big dreams before he got her pregnant. She was on her way to a musical career until this happened. Now all she has is him; she is counting on him. He thought that once he got permission to marry her, things would get better but they have only gotten worse. "Your dad is right, I am bad for you!" No! Kimberly says. It isn't you it is the situation. She wishes that this hadn't happened to them. They embrace. Leaning back and looking at each other, they each caress the other's face. They kiss; then the kiss more deeply.

Myles walks over to the window and looks out. He is surprised to see his daughter and Rick Forrester kissing. "Damn that Rick Forrester!"

Ridge is really angry. He tells Pierce to back off. As the two stare at each other, Taylor says that it is apparent that Pierce is concerned, but the situation is getting way out of control. She tries to get out of bed but almost falls. Ridge catches her before she does fall and Pierce asks why she wastes her time with this Neanderthal; he is abusive and sexist. Ridge turns on him and asks if that is worse than giving a woman a job just to get her into bed. He adds that once the main job was over, he kept on thinking up little jobs just to keep her around. Pierce uses his words against him. He turns to Taylor and asks if those are the words of a man who is interested in how she feels. "He has no regard for your career or your feelings. I know that you are true to your husband and to yourself, but please, don't go home with him. Stay here with me."

Friday, January 01, 1999

B&B did not air. In it's place, CBS aired a documentary on the making of the 1997 Italian Fashion Show that aired in October 1997 in the U.S.

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