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February, 1998

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Monday, February 02, 1998

As she dances with Ridge, Brooke keeps asking - should she tell Ridge about the baby, even if it means risking losing him? She keeps debating to herself as they return to the table. Ridge is clearly having a good time; Seeing Ridge happy, Brooke decides that perhaps it's best that she keeps the secret for now - for his sake and the child's.

Seeing the faraway look in her eyes, Brooke tells Ridge that she was thinking about adoption, and she asks how he would feel about that. He says that he has no doubt that they will have children of their own, so he does not know why she is thinking about that. Brooke then asks if being raised by the natural parents is important, and Ridge says that all that matters is love.

Holding her prize bracelet, Amber again says that Brooke will never miss it. She hears Rick coming so she sticks it into her bra. Rick then says he has something for her and takes her to the walk-in closet; some day, he says, Amber will have a large one just like his mother's with all the fancy clothes to go with it. Rick then tells Amber that they are alone and this is their chance. Amber asks for what and he bends to kiss her. "What, kissing in a closet? What would your mother say?" she remarks, pulling away. She leaves and takes the takes the bracelet from her bra, putting it in her pocketbook with a smile on her face.

James and Sheila discuss Maggie, and Sheila says she will make Maggie pay this time. James reminds Sheila that he loves her and she says she believes that - but even with all that they have been through, she cannot forgive Maggie for what she did to them. James says that Maggie is a mess and needs help, not prison, disagreeing with Sheila.

Brooke is on the phone in the bedroom. "Hi, honey, we are home," she says to Bridget on the phone. She asks her daughter, "Where is your brother? Why don't you get him and come up here?" Ridge is standing there and Brooke asks what he is thinking about. He answers, "It seems kind of strange to me, Taylor going off like that." Brooke retorts, "That doesn't seem strange. Thorne wouldn't go with her. He is busy at work." "Come on, Logan - it is his first child! If it was my child and she took off, I would want to be there with her. The two of them aren't even married; what's up with that?" Ridge muses. Brooke just looks at him.

Sheila tells James, "Look, I am not going to deny Maggie needs help, James, but it is not our problem. Our responsibility is here with Mary. I would feel safer for Mary if Maggie was locked up." James says, "That is debatable." "How can you say that?" Sheila asks. James asks, "Did Maggie ever threaten to kill you?" "Oh, gosh, it shouldn't matter. How can we exist if Maggie is out on the streets? She will come after Mary and you, James." "I am sorry, I don't want to argue," James apologizes. "Neither do I. But you know how important the safety of our child is," she replies.

James says, "You know you have had your share of problems and it doesn't do any good locking them up. Look how destructive you were - but look how much you changed with therapy." "You're not planning on giving Maggie therapy?" Sheila asks. "No, but I want someone to see her. She is not a criminal; she just lost sight of herself. Locking Maggie up is not the answer. I hope you will support me on this," James answers. "How can I not support you? After all you helped me. I won't press charges but I don't want her near you or Mary. The minute she breaks that rule I will go to the police and tell them everything," Sheila states.

Ridge is in a red bathrobe, laying on the bed and Brooke comes out in a black negligee with fur on the bodice. He gets up and kisses her saying, "You look beautiful. I know you want this to work out. So do I. Regardless of what we bring to this marriage, Logan. Our faults, our secrets - that is what you call them, not that it matters now. Just you, me and the kids working our way through life, feeling blessed, having each other. I do want this to work out. We have come too far and been through a lot to settle for anything." They kiss. "So let's kick back and enjoy it. Nothing is going to go wrong."

Brooke says, "I guess I got so used to struggling." He says, "You had to fight for things and just look what you accomplished." She says, "including you." "Oh, come on, Logan, you never had to fight for me. I have been right here and things are like they are because they are supposed to be. Thorne and Taylor will eventually get married, raising my little nephew and someday we will give them a couple of nieces and nephews," Ridge replies." Well, lets get started, Ridge," Brooke suggests. "Logan, you're something else," he says. They again kiss.

Rick asks Amber, "I thought we had something going on." "Maybe I was just a little friendly, that's all," she answers. "Friendly - is that what you call it? You are really weird," he says, and he leaves. Amber is clutching her pocketbook and locks the door. "HMMMMMM, this it, Amber, your ticket to big time. Brooke has so much of this stuff she won't know it is gone."

Brooke and Ridge are kissing and he takes off her necklace. He asks, "Why don't you put it away?" "Oh, I left the safe open . . . Huh, something is missing," Brooke says. "How can you possibly tell?" Ridge wonders. She says her tennis bracelet isn't there. Maybe it's in the office safe, Ridge suggests. "I don't think it is in the office," Brooke replies. "Why not? With what we have been doing in the office lately," Ridge starts to say. Brooke responds, "No, I don't think so..." It will show up, Ridge says as they fall on the bed and start kissing again.

Amber muses, "HMMMMMMM, this little baby is going to take me to the top; it has to be worth thousands, enough to cut me a demo. Make me a star. No one will be the wiser. This is going to work; it's definitely going to work."

Tuesday, February 03, 1998

Rick is looking for Amber in her bedroom and he gets sidetracked. Little sister Bridget finds him smelling Amber's sexy little nightgown when she comes to announce that breakfast is ready. At the table, Bridget announces that Rick is in love.... or he has a crush on someone. Rick is ready to defend himself and says, "I'd like to crush your big mouth. Bridget thinks I have a case for Amber, but she is wrong."

Brooke finds out that they were in her bedroom last night, and being such a wonderful mother, she believes the story that they were just stopping in as one of the points on the grand tour of the house. Ridge finds out that the kids think Amber is cool and they leave for school. Brooke thinks the situation is cute. She then wants to go to the office with Ridge to look in the safe for her missing tennis bracelet. She also wants to have a little fun afterwards by locking the door. The newlyweds kiss.

Maggie is back in her house and she apologizes to James for making him upset, but Sheila drove her to it, she explains. James just doesn't want to hear it anymore. Maggie wants them to concentrate on getting their baby back. James informs his ex-wife that he is married to Sheila and he intends to keep it that way. He also has to mention that the baby belongs to Sheila, as she is the mother.

Sheila answers the door to her house to find the contractor she called in to install a security system. She excuses herself to finish the homemade bread she is making in the kitchen for James for dinner. Sheila then offers the guy a slice of the bread. The man says this lifestyle fits Sheila to a tee. He can see it in her eyes. He assures Sheila that there isn't a con man in town who could break through this system. Sheila has to mention that it isn't a man, but a woman that she is afraid of - and if the contractor can keep her out, then he'll have done his job, she explains.

The awful music is blaring in the pawn shop and Amber shows up to sell Brooke's tennis bracelet. The man offers only five hundred dollars for it, because he figures the cops will come looking for the stolen piece and he is the one who will take the heat. Amber assures him that it isn't stolen and they bargain, at which point the price becomes six thousand dollars.

Maggie wants to know why James is going to stay married to Sheila. James says that he loves her and he wants to be with her. Maggie states that James doesn't love her, he wears her like some sort of medal of honor. Sheila is his masterpiece, he has made her into what she is. Maggie insists that Sheila will destroy him and ruin that little girl's life. James wants Maggie to get help and says that she needs therapy. When she protests, James says that she is only free from jail because of Sheila. He insists that she will stay away and get on the phone to apologize.

James then insists that quite frankly, if he thought Maggie was a threat to his wife and child, he would want her in prison also. Maggie takes the phone to say she is sorry. Sheila tells her not to show her face again, not even in the supermarket, or Sheila will have her tossed in jail. James leaves. Once she is alone, Maggie states that Sheila thinks she won; but she hasn't and Maggie will do whatever it takes to get her husband and baby back.

In her office Brooke opens the safe, but there is no tennis bracelet. She closes the safe and tells Megan that she lost the bracelet. Megan questions if she is sure she lost it in the office and Brooke says she isn't. Megan leaves, saying she will let Brooke know if she hears anything. Brooke tells Ridge she wants to know what happened to it. Ridge brings up the fact that the safe wasn't locked in their bedroom last night and Rick did tell them that Amber was in the room.

Amber gets paid the six thousand and is thrilled, because now she can make her demo record. The pawn guy says that she may be a singer, but she is also a thief. Once Amber gets to her bedroom she locks the door. She takes the cash out of her pocketbook and kisses it. Then the money is thrown in the air and Amber is lying on the bed. She imagines how it will sound that her concert will be sold out...

Wednesday, February 04, 1998


Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, February 4. A coven of witches has gathered at Maggie's to plot the downfall of Mother of the Year, Sheila Warwick. So hang on as they stir their cauldron and flash back to the naughty things Sheila did to them in years past.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Amber is in her room playing with $6,000 in cash. "I'm gonna get that demo," she says gleefully. "I'm more than halfway there!" Amber hears a knock on the door and quickly hides the money. It's Brooke and she wants to talk. Amber nervously invites her into the room. Brooke wants to know more about Amber - after all they're practically strangers.

MAGGIE'S: Mad Mags has invited Stephanie over. There's a knock on the door and Lauren comes in to join them. Lauren and Steph start hissing at each other.

JAMES & SHEILA'S LOVE NEST: Sheila is talking with Nick Fielding the Contractor when James comes home. Sheila is having Nick install the new security system - and fix the wiring - and fix the pipes - and remodel the kitchen. She also wants him to add on a baby's room for "the new little one." James turns white as a sheet, and Nick hightails it out the front door.

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Brooke asks Amber about her family. Not her favorite subject - she got out as soon as she was old enough. Amber says she's a singer and some day she'll be a star. Brooke thinks Amber is a lot like she was when she was young. "It wasn't easy, and I made a lot of mistakes," Brooke says. "You have to be true to your values." Amber doesn't think anything will happen to her values (yeah, she hasn't GOT any!) "Good, because the consequences are really painful," Brooke warns. As she is about to leave, Brooke turns and asks if Amber found her tennis bracelet with all the diamonds on it. No, Amber stammers.

MAGGIE'S: Mags really needs to talk to both Lauren and Steph and asks them to put aside their differences and help her bring Sheila down. Lauren advises Mags to let it go. "When Sheila had Scotty could you just let it go?" Mags demands. (Does Lauren even remember Scotty?) Mags isn't underestimating Sheila any more. She wants details of all her crimes, and asks Lauren to relate exactly what happened back in Genoa City. "She seduced my husband, got pregnant, miscarried, bought a baby and switched it for mine," Lauren says.

Mags demands details, so Lauren flashes back to when Sheila held her hostage in Molly's farmhouse. Sheila duct taped her to a chair while yelling at Molly, who tried desperately to talk even though she'd had a stroke, all the while wildly waving a gun. Lauren kicked Sheila in the stomach, causing her to fly back and knock a lantern off the table, starting a fire. "It's a miracle we didn't die," Lauren says. But an innocent man DID die, Mags points out. He was reading a meter in the house and burned to death.

Steph chimes in that Sheila appeared in L.A. after that and went to work on Eric. Steph never trusted her, and flashes back on Sheila gloating to Steph about being the new Mrs. Eric Forrester and the new matriarch of the family. "She's gotten away with everything," Mags snarls. "We have to stop her before it's too late."

JAMES & SHEILA'S LOVE NEST: "You can't be pregnant!" James gasps. "You can't be! Sheila, explain this to me!" Sheila promises she's not pregnant, but she would like to be one day. James will have to think about it - all of this has come as a shock to him. Well, Sheila is shocked, too. "You make me so incredibly happy," Sheila says. "For the first time in my life I feel I belong. I feel I'm loved." James grabs Sheila and gives her a long, deep kiss (aw <sniff> this is SO sweet!).

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Amber is having a major panic attack. "Of course she's gonna notice!" she cries. "I'm dead! I'm SO dead!" There's a knock on the door and Amber thinks it's the police. Nope, just little ol' attempted murderer Rick who wants to know what's wrong with her. Sobbing, Amber confesses to stealing the bracelet. Rick tells her to just give it back, but she can't because she pawned it. Amber hands the cash to Rick. "I'm not a thief, I'm not!" Amber cries. "Take it and tell your mom I'm sorry." Amber wants to run away, but Rick promises to help her.

MAGGIE'S: Steph tells the others Eric finally realized he made a mistake marrying Sheila, but by then it was too late for Dr. Garvin - Sheila had already killed him. Then Steph flashes back to when she was in the hospital after Sheila poisoned her, and Sheila was torturing her, saying no one would ever love her again and she would be locked away forever in a home. "How could he fall in love with her?" Mags moans. Lauren hugs her.

JAMES & SHEILA'S LOVE NEST: James and Sheila talk about how much they love each other. James can't believe she still loves him after all the rotten things he did to her. Sheila says she made a lot of mistakes, too, and James has forgiven her. "It's part of the past," Sheila assures him. "The fear and distrust are gone." They hug, and Sheila says that when she had her miscarriage and then couldn't get pregnant she felt it was God punishing her. But now she realizes He just wanted her to wait till she could be the best mother she could be. James thinks there will be more children in their future. They kiss and cuddle some more.

MAGGIE'S: "We have to stop her," Mags whines. "For Margaret, for James, for everyone that woman has ever hurt." Lauren and Steph hold Mags' hands. "This pact means the beginning of the end for Sheila."

Quick, someone throw a bucket of water on Mags to see if she dissolves! Will the evil trio destroy Sheila? Or will she take them down?

Thursday, February 05, 1998


Brooke stops by Forrester's to pick up Ridge at the close of the work day. She tells him that she searched for her bracelet all day, but couldn't find it. She hopes they won't have to get the police involved for Amber's sake. Also, she would hate to have to let Amber go since the kids are so attached to her. Especially Rick, Ridge comments.

Amber is in her room totally hysterical. She realizes what could happen to her for stealing the bracelet. Rick has offered to help her, and she is simply floored by this. "Help me? Rick I am the bad guy here. How could you help me?" Rick tells her to keep her cool; all she has to do is put the bracelet back. How can she, she screams. She has pawned it. Maybe it is time to "get out of Dodge," she says. That's it, she will hide out in Mexico. Rick reminds her that if she runs away to Mexico, she will be blowing off her singing career. "Oh, no!" Amber gasps, suddenly realizing that he is right. But, Rick tells her that he has an idea. "Trust me!" he says as he grabs her arm and pulls her out of the room.

At the beauty salon, Lauren wants the works! She is ready to join the living again, Sally explains to salon owner Deane. Tonight she has a date and wants to look her best. Without an appointment, Deane says, that is impossible, but not to worry; Gladys will save the day. After all, they can't have a woman of Lauren's stature leaving the salon looking less than perfect. She continues to tell Gladys all about her big date. She says that he has the most penetrating eyes; you feel like he is looking right into you. When asked where this "perfect man" is taking her tonight, she says that he is coming to her place. Sally wonders if this is wise as Johnny looks exactly like his twin brother Rush whom tried to hurt Lauren.

Grant is preparing to interview Lauren's new friend for a possible photographer's position. He wants to check him out for himself because he has a bad feeling about this guy. He intends to find out the truth. There is a knock at the door and Macy opens it to Johnny Carrera. Johnny shows them some of his work. He admits that he isn't a fashion photographer; his work is mostly in wildlife. Looking at the work, Grant remembers seeing another photo that is exactly like these---only it was a fashion photograph. He goes to his desk and gets the photograph. Where did you find this? Johnny asks.

Grant tells him that he took it from the files in Rush' office. He points out that the work is the same---not in subject matter, but in composition and color. Macy examines the photo, comparing it with Johnny's work, and agrees that they share the same light and color scheme. How could two different photographers take these two pictures? Even Macy agrees that this doesn't seem possible. "It isn't possible," agrees Johnny. "They weren't taken by two different photographers. I took them both."

Lauren says that Sally is acting like she should be afraid of Johnny. Sally only wanted to say that she has some bad memories associated with a man looking like Johnny. I'd be nervous to say the least, Sally tells her. Lauren says that having him around has given her some peace of mind---it is like having closure. Now she can get on with her life. The two men are like mirror images, but Johnny cannot be more different from Rush.

Rick and Amber enter the pawnshop. The owner sneers at her, asking if she has any more jewelry which just happened to fall from the sky. Rick tells him that his friend made a mistake in bringing the bracelet here; they are here to get it back. They will give him all that he paid for it.

Brooke tells Ridge that she likes Amber. She could understand why she did it---if she did it. She is only a teenager. She is seeing a lifestyle she has only had a chance to dream about prior to this. She only yielded to temptation; she isn't a hardened criminal. She only needs a little guidance. Maybe she will put the bracelet back while she, Brooke, is out. If it isn't back in the safe when they get home, then Amber will just have to suffer the consequences.

A deal is a deal, the shop owner says. He isn't interested in giving the bracelet back. Anyway, she probably will only take it someplace where she can get a better deal. Rick tells him that it belongs to his family; surely, he wouldn't want to get the cops involved. Since it is a crime to buy stolen property, he would lose the bracelet and the $6,000.

The storeowner says that only applies if he knew it was stolen. If the cops came around, he would only deny knowing it was stolen. If his family wants the bracelet back, they will have to pay for it just like any other customer.

"You slimy scum sucker . . ." Amber starts to say, but Rick interrupts her. "He is right," Rick says. "There is nothing we can do about it, but we could put Bob on it. You know, Bob Shapiro." "You mean Robert Shapiro?" Amber asks, mouth hanging open. "Robert "Dreamteam" Shapiro?" "Of course," admits Rick. "My father, Eric Forrester, has him on retainer." Looking around, he mentions that Bob would have a field day in here; it looks like three-fourths of the stuff in here is stolen.

A nervous shopowner quickly goes to his safe and brings back the bracelet. Rick slides across the cash and they start to leave. The shopowner reminds Amber of the watch and earrings. She returns and, taking off the watch and earrings throws them at him.

So you took both of these pictures, Macy says. Johnny explains that Rush had a terrible hangover one time and Sharon couldn't get him out of bed. It was an important shoot, so he stepped in and took the pictures. "You mean you pretended to be him?" Grant asked. "Yes, and Rush was furious," Johnny answered. "He didn't like anyone invading his turf. Now, I have a question for you. Why did you really bring me here? You aren't looking for a photographer, are you?"

Macy tells him that they really are, but Grant interrupts to say that Johnny can't blame them for not trusting him. They only have his word that his brother is dead. They won't be sure until the body is found. Unintimidated, Johnny leaves. Macy looks at Grant and wonders what he thinks.

Back home, Amber is laughing about the pawnshop owner buying that Shapiro thing. Did you think I was joking, asks Rick. He doesn't know Mr. Shapiro very well, but he has been at the house from time to time for dinner. Handing the bracelet back to Rick with a less than enthusiastic look, Amber says that here goes her future. Rick tells her that she doesn't want a future bought that way. It will happen. She is an awesome singer and she has drive.

Amber tells Rick that what she really needs is a friend. Not the kind of friend who just gives emotional support, but one who will be there for her. Rick promises her that he will be there for her. She goes to him and kisses him. He takes the bracelet and starts out of the room. At the door, he hesitates, then comes back and kisses her again.

After he is out of the room, Amber wonders how she could be so stupid. She almost blew it on that bracelet. "But the kid," she says, "the kid is the answer. From now on, I will focus on him."

Macy tells Grant that she believed Johnny and she likes him. "I don't want to think he is a threat," Grant tells her. "But what if we are wrong?"

Lauren has the apartment all ready with soft lighting, music and sexy dress. She lets him in the door. While she goes to check on dinner, Johnny deliberately locks the door. Slowly he begins to look around the apartment. When he sees the portrait of Lauren above the mantel, he is fascinated. He takes his eyes from the portrait and looks around again with just the hint of a smile on his face.

Friday, February 06, 1998


Brooke visits Thorne and admits that she did not tell Ridge about his baby. Thorne is happy about that, but he is not happy to learn that his brother is still asking questions about why Taylor went to her father's alone. Brooke warns him that even though the company is a small place, he should do all in his power to avoid Ridge. Otherwise, he is going to find that Ridge has a lot of questions that he can't answer.

At Spectra, Grant tells Macy and Sally that he still doesn't trust Jonny Carrera. This man looks exactly like the man who tormented Lauren in Greenland, he says. They reason with him that of course they would look alike; they are twins. Grant says that there is no record of their birth in the United States, but Sally says that they were both born in Italy. Sally tells Grant that with her own eyes she saw Lauren open the man's shirt. There was no sign of a scar or even a blemish there. Besides, she trusts Lauren. There is no way she will ever forget Rush; he held her captive and tormented her. She would recognize the body of the man who did that to her. She says that this man is not Rush! "I hope you are right," Grant says. "If you are wrong, our friend is in great danger."

Jonny tells Lauren that the meal is delicious and Lauren agrees. He wonders what they are eating, and when Lauren passes it off as "a little of this and a little of that," Jonny guesses correctly that she didn't prepare the meal herself. Laughing, Jonny assures her that he isn't disillusioned with her.

Immediately after Brooke leaves, Thorne rushes to the phone and calls Ridge's office. "Do you know where my brother is?" he asks Megan the secretary. "I'm right here, little brother," Ridge says from the doorway. After signing some papers, Ridge tells Thorne that he has a lot of questions for him. Thorne tells his brother that if it has to do with him and Taylor, it is none of Ridge's concern. Ridge can't understand how Taylor could leave town with their newborn baby and Thorne didn't go with them. Thorne has to admit that Taylor didn't want him there with her. Ridge can't take it in. He tells Thorne that something strange is going on here. He questions why aren't the two of them married? What is going on anyway? Thorne tells him that he is pushing too much. He tells Ridge to get out; he has work to do. But Ridge refuses; he is not leaving until he gets answers.

Jonny then mentions that he was summoned to Spectra today. "They were checking you out," Lauren tells him. "I hope it didn't bother you too much." He mentions that her friends really care about her. They aren't the only one, he tells her. Changing the subject, Lauren asks him about himself. He says that growing up with Rush was hell; his brother was a real control freak. They didn't get along the way brothers should. Rush was always looking for another high---another rush. And always he insisted on being called Rush! Lauren says that it helps to talk about Rush to him. She admits that he has proven to her that he and his brother aren't the same at all. "Rush brought me pain," she tells him, "but you make me smile. Jonny admits that he feels the same. His brother was obsessive, he tells her. He was lost somewhere along the way a long time ago. He then admits, somewhat ashamedly, that he is glad that his brother is dead.

We are now taken to a strange place. Someone is coming awake and looking around. It is like they are waking from a long sleep and don't know where they are. The room is small but cluttered with strange things. The door opens and someone comes in. The person is wearing strange clothing---Eskimo boots and a long fur coat. As this person pushes the fur hood from her head, we see that it is a beautiful dark-haired girl. She places something beside the stove then walks to the bed and looks down at whoever is laying there. It is a man. He has a beard. His eyes show puzzlement. It is Rush and as he tries to focus on the girl, he whispers loudly, "Lauren?"

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Week of 02/09/98 - 02/13/98

Monday, February 09, 1998

Still at Forrester, Ridge begins to pressure Thorne, implying that Thorne must have done something wrong to drive Taylor away without him; he demands to know what it was and tells his brother he is not letting up until he gets answers.

Over at Forrester, Lauren pays Eric a visit; she's glad to see him in such good spirits and he's glad to see her as well. She tells him about her night with Jonny. Eric admits this concerns him a little; after all, this man looks so much like Rush, and he's afraid that Lauren may be developing feelings for him.

In the frozen north, we see the Eskimo woman preparing a pot of tea. Rush awakens as the woman approaches him. He learns that she is an eskimo woman named Amur who found him days ago, injured. She continues to tell him that the police were asking about him, but she hid him from them. She then asks about the name he keeps calling out, Lauren. Rush explains that the police think he killed someone but it was the other way around; someone tries to kill him, and that person took Lauren away.

Lauren tells Eric that Jonny is not Rush - and no, she isn't developing feelings for him, at least not yet. She then changes the subject to Eric and Stephanie; she points out that they still haven't gotten married and she hopes that Eric is not holding back because of her. She says its time. "Time for what?" he asks. "Time for me to move along," she replies. Eric says he thought she did that, and she answers, "I was waiting for a dream to come true."

"Dreams don't have to come true; dreams are something you create you build on, work on, and then one day you finally wake up and it's reality," he explains. "Like you and Stephanie?" she asks. Maybe soon, he answers. Lauren asks, "So what about a kiss for good luck?" "I guess we both can use good luck," Eric replies and they kiss passionately, a long slow kiss. She practically runs out of there and Eric is just thinking and has a little smile on his face.

Thorne can't believe his brother's audacity, and Ridge says he would never have let Taylor leave without marrying him if it was his child. "Oh really? What would you have me do, force her to stay here?" Thorne asks. "She wouldn't have left alone if it was my child," Ridge says. "Oh, yeah, brother? You are wrong and I know it for a fact," Thorne answers.

Their voices are raising. "No, Thorne, no way. Taylor never would have left town . . . that never would have been an option," Ridge says. Thorne says, "I was with Taylor every step of the way." "You had to; she was having your baby. You weren't doing her any favors. It was an obligation, it was your duty," Ridge lectures. "Oh, this is great; you lecturing me on duty. You couldn't get your mind off of Taylor while you were married to Brooke," Thorne accuses. "That's a LIE!" Ridge counters.

"Oh, no - you are married to Brooke. You take care of her and keep your nose out of my business," Thorne insists. "OH, NO, Thorne; you have a child. You're out of control, you're not even married to her," Ridge chides. "I have tried to get her to marry me," Thorne again states. "I know Taylor; she wouldn't raise a child by herself. Either you take responsibility or so help me..." Ridge says. Thorne says, "So help me what, brother? I AM SO SICK OF THIS SELF RIGHTEOUS CRAP! It's you who have poisoned Taylor, stomped on her like a doormat." Ridge replies, "I am not the problem here, Thorne - you are! You don't deserve Taylor." They are grabbing each other. Eric comes in and shouts, "Stop it right now, the both of you."

Up at the frozen tundra Rush is soaking in a nice hot bath. He says that it feels good, really good. He asks Amur, "You live here alone?" She answers, "No, I live with my father. He is fishing on the coast." "He doesn't know I am here?" Rush asks. She answers no, and he queries, "It must get pretty lonely out here." She answers, "I have books. I am learning English; someday I leave Greenland. This word, Lauren - it is a woman's name. Woman they take away?" Rush says yes and she asks, "You love her?" "Yeah, but she is gone now. I have no one I have no one but you," he answers as he touches her face.

Eric asks "What's all this about?" Thorne says, "I'll let Ridge explain I have work to do." He leaves. Ridge answers, "It's this business with Taylor. I lived with her for 3 years, Dad. I know what she wanted a baby a family. I couldn't give it to her. She leaves town. Something is weird here. The more I think about it, someone else is involved."

Eric brings up Stephanie's birthday and Ridge says they should take her out for dinner. "Very nice; I would like Thorne to be there," Eric says. No, Ridge answers! Eric lectures, "I want you and Thorne to work things out." Ridge refuses and says, "I don't want anything to do with him; when Taylor gets back and I find out what they are hiding, things will get better. They are hiding something from us, Dad. I'm damned well going to find out what it is. I am going to find out."

Back in the bathtub, Amur says, "I will take care of you. I will make you better." He says, "I will never forget you," while rubbing her cheek. Amur - such a beautiful name," he says. "In French it means love." "You still love this Lauren," she says. "Doesn't matter; she is gone," he says. He is looking at Amur but sees Lauren. "No, you're not gone, are you?" he says, and he stands up from the bathtub and kisses her, thinking it is Lauren he is kissing. He is holding the girl and thinking to himself with a crazed look on his face, "I am going to find you, Lauren. I am going to find you." He has a wild look in his eyes as he adds, "and when I do..."

Tuesday, February 10, 1998

Rick is in his mom's room attempting to put the tennis bracelet back, only to find out that the safe is locked. He peeks out the window and sees C.J. outside. Brooke comes in and he pretends his calculator is missing. Brooke asks for Rick to be objective and wonders what Amber is like since they have gotten close. She explains that her bracelet is missing and she thinks Amber might have taken it, because it didn't just vanish into thin air. Rick suggests that she look through the safe one more time. Once Brooke has the safe open Rick waves out the window to signal C.J. Just then, the doorbell rings and Brooke leaves to answer it. Rick successfully sticks the diamond tennis bracelet back with a sigh of relief.

Amber is at Forrester Creations filling Clarke in on her jewelry thief escapades. Amber has come to the conclusion that Rick, "has power" because he was just, "totally awesome" by helping her at the pawn shop to get the bracelet back. Clarke tells Amber that she is trouble and the last thing he needs in his life now is trouble. He tells her that she was stupid to put all her eggs in one basket that her future is being held by a stupid pimple teenage boy. Amber decides Clarke is right and that she should run out of town today. He suggests she beg for mercy and face the music; she should just confess it all to Brooke. Maybe Rick will come to her rescue. (Hey, since CJ is all grown up, wouldn't it be nice to actually see him in a scene with his father? Just a thought. [Note from Scott: they shared a scene on Wednesday in the dinner scene])

Brooke informs Rick that his pal CJ is waiting in his room. Rick is doing homework at his mom's desk while she searches for the bracelet in the safe. Rick assures his mom that Amber would not have taken the bracelet cause she isn't that type of girl. Sure enough, Brooke finds the bracelet in the back of the safe, hidden under other jewelry, just when Ridge walks in the door.

Rick heads for his room and tells C.J. that he just helped him do something major for Amber. C.J. says it is, "belly to belly" time with Amber and that Rick should "cash in on this with the big score." Of course, being his father's son, he offers Rick the benefits of his past experiences.

Amber walks in to the house but Brooke says she needs to talk to her; she wants to finish their conversation from the other day about values. Brooke explains that she knows something now that she didn't know then and says it was a mistake and stupid, because she is usually very careful with her jewelry. Brooke than apologizes and hopes Amber doesn't feel too badly. Brooke leaves to get ready for a date with Ridge and Amber says to herself, "Rick, you did it."

C.J. is giving out the lessons and tells his pal to always be cool with contact sports, and he discusses first base with french kissing and the "twin peaks" of second base. He reaches to give Rick a condom from his wallet, but of course, doesn't have one. Amber comes in and C.J. leaves then alone. She then thanks Rick and tells him that he is soooooo incredible. She hadn't realized how committed he was to helping her and wonders how she could ever thank him. Rick suggests they have dinner tonight together. She sits on his lap on the bed and hugs him with a huge smile. CJ looks through the door and offers a thumbs-up sign to his pal.

Brooke is back in the bedroom and Ridge has come up with a better idea than going to dinner tonight at the club. It seems that his dad reminded him it was Stephanie's birthday and Ridge invited them over for dinner. Brooke is annoyed that she should have been consulted and doesn't want to order dinner in from a restaurant just for the four of them. Ridge apologizes for the short notice but he assures her everything will be all right. Brooke asks Ridge not to talk about the miscarriage tonight because Stephanie still doesn't know about it. Ridge agrees.

Wednesday, February 11, 1998

FORRESTER MANSION: Stephanie is gazing at a wedding photo of Ridge and Taylor. Eric walks in and asks if she's ready to leave for Brooke and Ridge's place. No she isn't, Steph replies, then she turns the photo so he can see it. "Have you ever seen a couple more in love?" she asks. "Now for no reason it's over. It's a tragedy they didn't get a chance to make the marriage go." Steph blames Brooke for taking advantage of Ridge. It's her birthday and she doesn't want to spend it with Brooke. Eric smacks her upside the head and tells her to get over it already...sorry, my imagination got the better of me for a minute there. Eric wants her to mend fences with Ridge and Brooke. Oh, all right, Steph says, she will go, but she's leaving at the first insult.

SALLY'S APARTMENT: CJ and Clarke are playing cards while Macy works. Sally comes in and asks what that weird smell is. Darla is cooking an Irish meal, she is told. Horny ol' CJ says she should see what Darla's wearing - or not wearing as the case may be. Macy tells him to stop drooling and set the table, and CJ says he wishes that he was eating at the Forresters. Just then, Darla enters bearing platters of corned beef and cabbage - and wearing a low-cut blouse with her black bra and her white breasts on prominent display. As they sit down, CJ informs his parents that Rick is eating dinner in his room all alone with his babysitter while Brooke entertains her in-laws.

RICK'S BOUDOIR OF LOVE: Rick is staring in a mirror fantasizing about how Amber is going to repay him for helping her. Amber comes in and says they have to do homework.

DOWNSTAIRS: Brooke and Ridge are preparing for the in-laws to visit. Brooke tells Ridge he is really in the doghouse for THIS one! She just can't take Stephanie's abuse tonight. Outside, Eric rings the doorbell while Steph waits. Ridge assures Brooke everything will be perfect and lets his parents in. Brooke wishes Steph a happy birthday. Eric pours some wine while Steph immediately starts grilling Brooke about her pregnancy. Ridge gives Steph their present. It's a shirt, which Steph turns her nose up at since Brooke picked it out. Ridge leads everyone into the dining room.

SALLY'S APARTMENT: Sally and Clarke are pumping CJ for information on Amber. Clarke says he has met her and she's nothing but trouble. Sally orders CJ to stay away from her. Macy chimes in that she is sure that anything between Amber and Rick is innocent, but Clarke seriously doubts that.

RICK'S BOUDOIR OF LOVE: Amber is ready to start on the homework. "Let's start with sex education," Rick says, then sticks his tongue down Amber's throat. "Whoa, slow down," Amber says, sliding away. Why don't they talk? Rick says talk is cheap, but finally agrees to put his sex drive in neutral. Amber wants to thank him for what he did for her. She can trust him, Rick says. Well, what Amber really needs is someone to trust who can manage her career, she says. Rick says he can do that! Amber has a satisfied smirk on her face.

SALLY'S APARTMENT: Sally compliments Darla on her cooking. CJ sneers that anything is edible if you put enough catsup on it. "I wonder how Queen Stephanie is enjoying Brooke's succotash casserole," Sally muses.

BROOKE & RIDGE'S DINING ROOM: Eric compliments Brooke on her cooking. Steph sneers that she has lost her appetite. Eric starts talking about the baby and Steph chimes in that she expects Taylor and HER baby will be over all the time so the kids can play together. Ridge tries to change the subject but Steph insists on talking about the baby - after all, Eric is just so excited about the baby. "How about you, Stephanie?" Brooke asks. "Are YOU excited about my baby?"

RICK'S BOUDOIR OF LOVE: Amber says she's not sure Rick can be a manager. Rick reminds her he proved he could help her by getting the bracelet back. Amber tells Rick a manager has to raise money, get recording contracts, and schedule publicity. No problem, Rick replies; his dad has a ton of lawyers he can use. "You're my man," Amber says happily. Rick wants her to be a superstar and he's gonna be the best damn manager there is. They seal the agreement with a hug and a kiss.

BROOKE & RIDGE'S DINING ROOM: Steph thinks having the baby is fine - after all, it's one thing Brooke is good at. Eric says he spoke to Jonathan about setting up a trust fund for the baby. Steph wonders why Ridge is so uncomfortable with all this baby talk. Maybe it's because he's unhappy about the whole situation? Brooke gets upset and Steph sneers, "you're good at making babies. After all, you had two to hang on to Eric." Brooke leaps from her chair and glares at Steph. "You want a birthday present, Stephanie? I'm not pregnant. I don't have to be to hang on to Ridge." Steph smirks.

Thursday, February 12, 1998

The birthday dinner for Stephanie is taking place at the newlywed's home. "Brooke is good at making babies," Stephanie tells Eric at the dinner table. "She made two to hold on to you and now she has made one to hold on to Ridge."

Brooke jumps up and tells Stephanie that she has heard enough- while standing behind Ridge, she tells the family that she isn't pregnant. She doesn't need a baby to hold on to Ridge, she proclaims. Stephanie insists that she never was pregnant; Ridge stands up and, holding his wife in his arms, tells everyone that Brooke suffered a miscarriage while they were in Italy on their honeymoon.

Sally, Macy and Darla discuss the current status of Macy and Grant. She says that they are enjoying spending time together. Grant enters and wonders if he was the topic of conversation. Macy tells him that she just wanted to invite him to her house for a quiet evening while they went over some new menus. Grant tells her that he has plans. He ran into an old friend who is throwing together an impromptu party. "You would rather go to a party with people you don't even know than spend a quiet evening at home with me?" asks Macy.

Amber and Rick are kissing. Amber pulls back and tells him that things are moving too fast. Just two months ago, she was a nobody and now she has a chance to be somebody - that is, if Rick is really serious about being her manager. It wouldn't be the first time someone vulnerable hears only what she wants to hear, she explains. "I believe in you and your music," Rick tells her.

They begin kissing again and slowly his hand slides up under her blouse. "What are you doing?" she shrieks as she pulls back. Rick quickly replies that he didn't think she would mind. "Your parents are downstairs," she protests. "Maybe you should go check on what they are doing." Rick slips out the door while Amber paces the room and questions what she should do. "I don't have a lot of options here. It's no big deal. He is just a kid who wants to cop a feel - and that is all he gets! Just a little thrill and I get my career."

Eric says that he is so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. Ridge explains that it happened on their last day in Italy. Stephanie wonders if he was with her when this "miscarriage" happened; was he in the same room as the miscarriage? Did he take her to the hospital? Ridge admits that he wasn't in the same room, but they are both devastated about the loss. Stephanie says that what he is going through makes what Brooke did more despicable.

Stephanie then questions if Thorne knows about the miscarriage and Ridge says no, but at the same time, Brooke admits that she told him. Ridge looks at her and wonders why she told him. Stephanie says it is because Brooke and Thorne have a secret between them and she is sure it involves Taylor. She bets that Taylor doesn't know about the "miscarriage." Eric doesn't understand why it would matter if Taylor knows, and Stephanie tells him it matters because there never was a pregnancy and there was never a baby.

Rick returns, telling Amber that his folks are involved in some deep discussion. His mouth drops open as he sees her shaking her bra at him before tossing it to the floor. She crawls upon the bed and beckons to him. He joins her on the bed and begins kissing her. His foot kicks something off the nightstand. It makes a terrible noise, one that is heard downstairs.

What could that be? Wonders Eric. He offers to go up and see what is going on. Brooke tells Ridge to go with him; she wants to talk to Stephanie. After they are gone, Stephanie tells her that she can talk 'til she is blue in the face, but she knows what she has done and soon enough, Ridge will figure it out, too.

"Let's see," ponders Grant. "A quiet evening at home or a party at Rod Stewart's house?" Darla can't believe it! THE Rod Stewart? Her greatest idol, Rod Stewart? "At his house? Will he be there? Will you get me an autograph?" she asks. Grant asks her to go with him---to be his date. Darla steps back. "I can't do that," she tells him. She says he should ask Macy. Grant says he can't ask Macy; she just said she was looking forward to a quiet evening at home. He gives Darla one last chance before leaving the room.

"Now what was that all about?" Questions Darla. "He was sending Macy a message," Sally says, and Macy tells her mother that she heard it loud and clear. "I guess I was wrong about him being satisfied with things the way they are," she says. "I guess I need to commit or let go."

Rick and Amber are panicked when they realize that the adults are coming up the stairs. He hustles Amber into the closet and stations himself in front of the computer. When Eric and Ridge come into the room asking about the noise, he explains that he bumped into the nightstand and dropped the radio and lamp. Everything is okay, he says. As they are about to leave, Eric sees the bra.

"What is this?" he asks as he picks it up and shows it to Ridge. Rick says that it must be Mom's. The laundry is always getting mixed up. "Well, be sure and put it in your Mom's room," Eric tells him as they leave. Coming out of the closet, Amber says that was close. She is going back to her room before anything else happens. Rick assures Amber as she leaves that he isn't using her and he really likes her.

"Ridge is not your little boy any longer," Brooke tells Stephanie. "Let him live his life or be prepared to be kicked out of it." "I know why you are always playing these games," Stephanie tells her. "You don't feel you are good enough for Ridge. That is why you are always lying and manipulating my family."

"Mother, stop that!" Ridge shouts. "We invited you into our home and this is how you act?" "Ridge," Stephanie insists, "there never was a baby. When will you get it?" "Leave now!" Ridge shouts, as he gathers his wife in his arms.

Friday, February 13, 1998

Ridge bursts in on Stephanie. Coldly, she informs him that she doesn't want to be rude, but she has a meeting and can't stay and talk. He tells her that she will have to miss her meeting; he wants to talk to her and finalize this thing once and for all!

"Well, I hope you are proud of yourself," Grant tells himself in his office. "You really blew it this time. All it took was one stupid, selfish mood; now she will never let you back in. You just kissed off the best thing that ever happened to you."

Over at Spectra, Clarke visits with his ex-wife and son, who bring him up to date on the latest with Grant and Macy. "So he didn't invite her to the party, so what?" Clarke says. "It was obvious he was sending her a message," Sally says. "But, I feel it was a mistake to push for a stronger relationship at this time. Clarke and CJ feel that it isn't such a big loss. Sally tells them they are wrong. Macy needs Grant. She leans on him more than she realizes.

Macy then comes into the office. She tells them that she spent the night making a decision. She now realizes that she and Grant cannot go on as before, because it isn't fair to Grant. He has been nothing but loving and supportive, but he needs more than what she has been able to give him. Now she realizes that she needs to take this risk and she needs all their support. "We are always in your corner," Sally tells her, as all the others chime in.

Maggie gets off the elevator in a strange office and approaches the receptionist. We find out that it is the widow of Jay Garvin, the psychiatrist who died while caring for Sheila. "This is hard on me," she informs Maggie, "but if it will bring down Sheila Carter, then I can bear up. She killed him---I know she did." She tells Maggie that for weeks prior to his death, her husband had something on his mind and couldn't sleep. All he would tell her was that there was trouble with a patient.

When he died, she didn't know what could have happened until the night she watched television and heard that Sheila Carter had held the Forresters captive at gunpoint. Then they told of all her other crimes. "That is when I knew she had killed my husband," she says. "He found out about her stealing that baby and killing that man, and he would have turned her in. It has been three years, but I cannot stop imagining his last moments." Mrs. Garvin then relates what she feels happened on that day when he died. There was a terrible quarrel with Sheila. "She murdered my husband," she repeats.

"Be careful how you speak to me," Stephanie warns her son. Ridge tells his mother that he was with Brooke when she lost their child; not in the same room, perhaps, but he saw the pain in her eyes when she told him about the miscarriage.

"This is what makes it so heartless," Stephanie tells him. "She has you grieving over a child who never existed. Don't you get it, Ridge? There was no pregnancy; there was no baby." "Are you insane?" Ridge shouts. "Don't you find it peculiar that she chose the exact moment to announce her pregnancy when Taylor was about to tell you something important? And then she changed the hour of the wedding and never called Taylor."

"What has that to do with anything?" Ridge asks, totally perplexed. "Because Brooke needs to keep the two of you from talking. She knows that Taylor has something important to tell you. I have been telling you for months that Taylor needs to tell you something. And your brother and your wife know what that is and they don't want you to know."

"I don't know anything about Taylor having to tell me anything," Ridge goes on. "But, I demand that you show some respect to Brooke. I don't understand your obsession with Brooke. It is making you paranoid and cruel. Now you have two choices: learn to live with Brooke or learn to live without me."

Maggie tells Maureen that she has given her more than enough to go on. She is determined to bring Sheila to justice. "That is all I want," Maureen says. Maggie notices some tapes on the desk and asks what they are. Maureen tells her that they are old home movies of her family. When she cannot sleep, she puts them in the VCR and tries to remember the happy times. She is trying to break the habit, so she brought them to the office. Maggie borrows them for a few days.

"Talk to Taylor," Stephanie pleads with her son. "You still love her and she loves you." "I don't want to talk to Taylor," Ridge insists. "No secret, nothing she could say to me would matter. I am committed to Brooke and our marriage. Nothing can change that." "And if your marriage is based on lies?" Stephanie wants to know.

"Lies? You want to know about lies?" Ridge shouts. "Taylor isn't the woman I thought she was. What about sleeping with Thorne and lying about it for months?" "You wouldn't be so upset if you didn't still love her," Stephanie tells him. "Brooke is my wife," Ridge declares. "I will fight anything and anyone that stands in my way, even you, Mother."

Macy is waiting for Grant. When he comes into her office, she begins to tell him about last night. He interrupts and says he was such a jerk. He is so sorry. She needs patience and time and that is just what he will give her if she will forgive him for last night. "Forget last night," he pleads. "I love you and I know I will never find anyone as perfect for me as you are, so we will wait until you are ready."

Macy says she can't forget last night. She realizes she has been holding back. Neither of them are happy with that arrangement so they need to make a change. "So you aren't going to accept my proposal?" Grant asks resignedly. "No, but I hope you will accept mine," Macy says. "I am not afraid any longer. You are an incredible man. You are wonderful and loving and supportive---and you believe in me! I love you so much. Will you be my husband?" "YES, YES, of course I will!" shouts Grant as he gathers her up in his arms. "We are going to be so happy."

Ridge demands that his mother stop making all of these verbal attacks on his wife. "So you expect me to act like I do not know what is going on?" Stephanie asks. "I expect you to call Brooke and apologize," Ridge tells her. "It will be a cold day in Hell when I apologize to her," declares Stephanie. "Unlike your wife, I believe in honesty."

"This isn't honesty, it is cruelty," Ridge tells her. "If you could have seen Brooke after she lost our baby, you would have been ashamed of yourself. You act like this is just a phase I am going through. It is not. I made a commitment to Brooke and I intend to honor it with or without your support. Now will you call Brooke?" "No!" Stephanie tells him. "Then your hatred for her is more important to you than I am," Ridge states calmly. "I guess I know where I stand. Goodbye Mother." He turns and slowly walks out of the house. "Damn you, Brooke," Stephanie says. "Damn you!"

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Week of 02/16/98 - 02/20/98

Monday, February 16, 1998

B&B did not air today due to CBS' coverage of the Winter Olympics.

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

James is at the office deep in thought when his 'sweetheart' and the baby drop by for a visit. It seems that James is concerned about Maggie today and he is having second thoughts about her. He thinks that they were too hard on Maggie and should not have forced her out of their lives. Maggie needs caring and understanding just like Sheila had, he tells his wife. James doesn't want Maggie to suffer anymore than she already has, he explains.

Maggie is at Forrester Creations pouring her heart out to her ex-brother in law Eric in his office. Maggie confides that she doesn't feel betrayed by James- he is just under Sheila's spell. Margaret is the real victim here and that woman is not capable of raising a child. Maggie is in the process of gathering evidence of Sheila's past and once she is done, she will put the plan into action. Maggie wants information on what Eric calls the 'most wasted years of his life' during his life with Sheila as man and wife. Maggie needs to know if there is anyone else Sheila has abused whose story has not been told. Eric says he can't think of anyone from during his marriage, but he does explain that Sheila used to baby-sit for Eric Jr. and one day their nanny Judy just quit. He always found it odd and he thought Sheila might have had something to do with it. He pulls out an old insurance record for Judy Johnson, who might be able to help. Eric gives Maggie the address and wishes her luck.

Lauren and Sally are at the beauty salon. They are chatting about the stud Grant and his engagement to Macy. Sally of course is on cloud nine, but she quickly reminds everyone that she isn't the only one. She then asks about Jonny, which gets the attention of hairdressers Gladys and Deane. Sally asks if the resemblance to Rush is a factor, but Lauren insists that Johnny is different from his dead evil twin. Lauren still thinks about Rush every night but he is dead and buried where he belongs, she comments to everyone. Gladys says she rather hear about Dr. Jekyll than Mr. Hyde. Lauren thinks that is an odd comparison of her dinner date. She remarks that there is a connection between her and Johnny but it is different. Tonight she is meeting him for dinner at his place.

Off in Greenland, Rush reaches towards Amur the eskimo woman's necklace and is annoyed when she says NO. It turns out it was her mother's shell necklace and her mom was wearing it when she was killed by a bear. Amur has promised to wear the necklace until the day she dies herself, to honor her mother. Rush stands up and puts her hand on his heart. He says it is beating because of her. They kiss and she pulls away from his advances because she has never before done this. He continues and makes love to her.

Maggie is on her way to see Judy to find out if Sheila hurt her like she has hurt so many others in the past. Maggie shows up at the apartment and is surprised to see the woman in a wheelchair. Maggie mentions that her name is Forrester and this sets off alarms with Judy. When Maggie explains that she is here to talk about Sheila Carter, Judy yells, "No, go away. Get the hell out of here."

Lauren is looking quite like a movie star when she has her limo driver pull up to Jonny's shack in the canyon for their dinner date. The place is a mess and Jonny answers the door only wearing a robe, while Lauren is dressed like she stepped off a runway. The chauffeur is reluctant to leave Lauren behind, but Jonny says she will be fine. Jonny then prepares Lauren for a very interesting evening when she steps inside.

After Amur and Rush complete their lovemaking, he puts on her father's clothes and takes some maps. He says that he is going to take her family's dogs and their sled to make his trip to LA. The woman says No again and insists that he must stay with her after what they did; they have to be together. Rush takes out a knife and moves towards Amur, and the woman screams.....

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

JUDY JOHNSON'S HOME: Mad Maggie is still grilling Judy the Housekeeper, who is scared to talk. Mags says she won't let Sheila hurt Judy. Sheila stole her baby (talk about selective perception!) and then took her husband by claiming not to be mentally unstable. Mags says she needs Judy's help to bring Sheila down.

JAMES' OFFICE: Eric comes in to visit. He is there because of Sheila. James tells Eric there are circumstances he doesn't understand about the Maggie situation. James is now a happily married man, raising his daughter, and Mags is getting on with her life, the psychiatrist explains. Eric asks him if he loves Sheila. "Or did you marry her to protect your baby?" he adds. Sheila is lurking outside the doorway listening to their conversation.

JONNY'S SWINGING BACHELOR PAD: Lauren is dressed up in a slinky, skintight minidress. Jonny is dressed in a white robe. He asks her to sit down. There's no sofa, only cushions on the floor and a papasan chair in the corner. Lauren attempts to lower herself to the floor, but her dress is way too tight to manage it.

TRUCK: A woman trucker is rolling along, fighting snow and a failing radio. She spots a figure standing by the side of the road. It's a hitchhiker who jumps in her cab. Yes, folks, it's ol' Rush, complete with full beard and a nasty attitude.

JAMES' OFFICE: James insists he married Sheila because he loves her. Eric says he did, too, when he first fell under her spell. "Sheila hasn't changed," Eric says. "Sooner or later her dark side will rear its ugly head." James orders Eric to leave and to not ever come back. As they open the door they spot Sheila, who brought James' dinner to him. Sheila asks Eric to stay.

JUDY JOHNSON'S HOME: Judy tells Mags she was Eric Forrester's housekeeper, and then when Eric Jr. was born she became his nanny. Judy never trusted Sheila, so she did some checking. Judy flashes back to her confrontation with Sheila. Judy wanted to tell Eric about the fire and kidnapping in Genoa City. As she picked up the phone to call him, Sheila asked Judy how her sister is doing, the one with the beautiful little girl. Sheila also knew that Judy's mother was in the hospital and her sister's husband was off to sea a lot, leaving them all alone. "Accidents do have a way of happening," Sheila said slyly. "And they will if you say a word about Genoa City. How would you live with yourself if something happened to your family?"

JONNY'S SWINGING BACHELOR PAD: Lauren refuses to take her shoes off and sit on the floor. Her cell phone rings and she answers it.

TRUCK: The trucker comments on Rush's unique necklace and asks what his name is. "Rush," he growls. Very appropriate since he sure was rushing to get some place in a hurry, the trucker laughs. Where's he going, she asks? Rush snarls that she asks a lot of questions, and reaches for his knife.

JONNY'S SWINGING BACHELOR PAD: Lauren is arguing with her car mechanic, then breaks a nail hanging her phone up. Jonny notes how stressed she is and offers her a robe. The phone rings again. This time it's the office and Lauren yells at her assistant, then hangs up. Jonny grabs the phone and turns it off.

TRUCK: Yes, she asks a lot of questions when she picks up a hitchhiker on the ice in the middle of a snowstorm, the trucker retorts. Then she tells Rush she's on her way to the harbor to drop a load of dogs headed for the USA. She's already late and hopes she makes it in time. Rush assures her she will and promises to shut up.

JAMES' OFFICE: Eric accuses Sheila of listening to the conversation. "You're at it again, aren't you?" he says. Sheila admits she heard a little, but she wasn't eavesdropping. She is completely different now. She can't change the past, she just wants to be the best mother she can be and is finally at peace with herself. Eric says she will never have peace until she has been held accountable for all her evil deeds. "Somewhere down the line you will have to pay for your past," Eric warns. "You both need to face that." Eric turns and marches out, and James and Sheila hug each other.

JUDY JOHNSON'S HOUSE: Judy asks what Mags' plan is. "To put Sheila Carter back in the mental hospital where she belongs," Mags hisses (better reserve a room for yourself, too, ya little loony!) "Can I count on you?" Judy says she can count on her all the way.

JONNY'S SWINGING BACHELOR PAD: Lauren demands her phone back. Jonny tells her to relax. "There are other ways to unwind than dropping several hundred bills at a fancy restaurant," he says. He is going to make dinner his way. "Now take your dress off."

HARBOR: The ship is about to leave, and the trucker signs for the cargo to be unloaded. She goes to unload her hitchhiker, but he's gone! As the men remove the dog carriers, a very agile Rush is shown peering out the window of a small carrier (how exactly did he squeeze in there?) "I'm on my way to the USA," Rush sings. "I'm coming, Lauren. I'm coming!" Rush starts to laugh insanely.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Over at Forrester, Brooke is complaining to Thorne, who has dropped off some papers, about his mother. She wonders how can she convince Stephanie that Ridge is happy with her? She acts surprised when she tells Thorne that Stephanie accused her of lying about being pregnant. "She is even convinced that you, Taylor and I are hiding something from Ridge!" Brooke states. Thorne hopes she set his mother straight.

Thorne tells Brooke not to worry; after all, it isn't how his mother sees it that counts, but the way Ridge sees things. He doesn't think Taylor will ever tell Ridge about Thomas. He almost wishes that Taylor will never come back to Los Angeles. Brooke says she probably won't, since she wouldn't be able to handle the pain of seeing Brooke with Ridge. Thorne agrees and hopes she's right.

At Jonny's love next, he is still with Lauren. Dressed in robes, Jonny is leading her through a meditation/deep relaxation session. "Your power is in the present," he tells her. "The present is all we have." After coming out of it, Lauren tells him that she feels terrific. This is the most relaxed she has ever been, thanks to him.

Meanwhile, across the ocean on the freighter, a girl comes down to check on the dogs in the cargo space. Just before she gets to the cage that contains Rush and one of the dogs, she is called back up on deck. After she leaves, Rush lets himself out of the cage and hides in the shadows. "I'm going back to the USA," he says. "I'm coming back for you, Lauren."

Jonny serves Lauren a supper of exotic vegetables. She tells him that she is a meat-eater, but the vegetables are good. "There is hope for you yet," he tells her. Lauren tells him that she owes him an apology. She was rude and unforgivable from the moment she walked in the front door. He tells her it was because she was living that hurried existence, but now she is living in the present. "I'm real," Jonny tells her. "A little rough around the edges, but real." "Thank God you are nothing like your brother," Lauren tells him.

At this, Jonny gets somewhat upset and walks out onto the balcony. It is still hard to talk about him, he tells Lauren. Jonny keeps wondering why his brother turned out that way. He questions if there was something he could have done that would have made a difference. "You are not responsible for him," Lauren tells him. "That is all in the past. Rush is gone. I feel so safe with you; you have done so much for me. I would like to return the favor." She reaches up and kisses him.

On the freighter, the woman is back to feed the dogs. Rush watches from the shadows. He moves suddenly and something is knocked over, making a loud noise. "Who is there?" The woman exclaims. Quickly, she puts the dog back into his cage and leaves the hold. Hiding himself under the stairs, Rush says, "I'm coming back, Lauren. It is only a matter of days and we will be together, this time forever."

Dressed in a bathrobe, Ridge meets Brooke at the bedroom door. "I am taking you IN to dinner," he tells her. She comes into the bedroom to find it alight with candles and incense, sort of with a Japan feel or touch to the room . "How did you know I needed this?" she asks. Ridge is so sorry for the way his mother has treated Brooke. Unfortunately, she is a part of his family, but not for long unless she has a serious attitude adjustment. "You are more important than anyone," he tells her.

Sitting her on the bed, Ridge begins to take off her stockings and kiss her on the legs. Getting the Japanese food, he climbs into bed beside her and turns on the television set. They are watching the winter games because he didn't get to take her to Nagano as he promised. They begin to feed each other.

Thorne answers his phone to find it is Taylor calling. She is packing to return home tonight. "Have you made a decision?" he asks. She says she has, but she won't tell him what it is until she gets to town. After hanging up, Thorne says, "I hope you decide to be with me, Taylor. If not, Brooke and Ridge's marriage may be about to end.

"Tonight I come home to begin my new life," Taylor says as she closes her suitcase.

Friday, February 20, 1998

Looking at Taylor's picture, Thorne says that they will know soon whom she will spend her life with. Stephanie comes to visit; she is there to try and figure out what Thorne and Brooke are keeping secret. Thorne tells her that she is paranoid. Stephanie tells her son that she is concerned about him. She loves him and worries about him. He chose Brooke's side and he knows how dangerous that can be, she tells him. Thorne warns her that if she doesn't stop she will lose everyone she loves. He mentions that he knows about her confrontation with Brooke and Ridge the night before. Thorne questions his mother on how could she treat Brooke so badly?

Brooke admits to Ridge that she enjoyed it when he told his mother off. Ridge says that she had it coming, but he doesn't think he got through to her. Brooke says she wants to change the subject and she knows how to do it. She leaves the room.

Nick the contractor is getting ready to leave Sheila's house. She tells him that she appreciates all the overtime he has put in. She and James are looking forward to the extra space. He promises that all the work will be finished as she requested, but it will take some time yet. He wonders if James is there; he wants to see if he is pleased with the work. Sheila admits that she doesn't know where James is.

Maggie is reminding herself to pack the cell phone and video when James stops by. He has been worried about her, he says. "Are you just worried," asks Maggie, "or is there more to it?" When Maggie asks if he misses making love to her, he decides he has made a mistake and starts to leave. She calls him back and asks about the baby. "Do you really want to know how I am?" Maggie asks. "What if I told you that I can't eat, can't sleep. I write you letter after letter that I'll never mail telling you of my regrets. I still buy your favorite tea. I still sleep on my side of the bed and wake up reaching for you, all the time knowing you aren't coming back." James responds that he does care about her and is so sorry that she is hurting.

"I care about you and that is why I am going to warn you," Maggie tells him. When he protests, she stops him. "I am not coming after Sheila. But you can tell her that her past is her worst enemy---not me. It will come back to haunt her---maybe sooner than she thinks."

Brooke comes back in looking very sexy in a new outfit. She tells Ridge that she has something special for the occasion. "You have no idea how much I love you," she tells him. "Prove it!" he orders.

Before Nick can get out the door, his beeper goes off. He asks to use the phone. When he dials, Maggie answers and wonders where he is; it is almost time. He tells her he has been taking care of things and that person---here looking at Sheila across the room---doesn't suspect a thing.

Stephanie says that Brooke only told Thorne her side of the story, but he says that Brooke has no reason to lie to him. Brooke doesn't want to come between her and Ridge, he insists. "Why do you go against your brother?" Stephanie asks, puzzled. Stephanie asks what Taylor wanted to tell Ridge, but Thorne tells her he will not confide in her. She should begin to worry about her relationship with her other children. She has alienated almost all of them, he remarks, and if she isn't careful, Ridge will also leave her. He even adds that Eric, who was probably none too thrilled by her stunt at Ridge's, might leave her if she keeps this up. Stephanie promises that she - and Ridge - will find out what they are hiding. "You have gone against the family," she tells him, "and the only person who is going to get hurt, besides Brooke, is you." She then leaves.

Ridge makes love to Brooke. After it is over, Brooke says that nothing could ever top that. "We have our entire lives to try," Ridge says. He is never going to let her go away from him again. Brooke says that the only thing to make it more perfect is a baby. Ridge goes into the bathroom just as the phone rings. It is Thorne warning Brooke that Stephanie was asking a lot of questions and may go to Taylor soon. However, Brooke won't let him talk. She tells him that Taylor will never come back to LA. She hurriedly says goodbye and hangs up when Ridge returns.

Nick comes to Maggie's house. Maggie says the others are on their way. She has a list of things that they are going to do. "You think I am horrible for doing this, don't you?" she asks. He tells her that it means nothing to him as long as he is being paid. She begins to tell him what a horrible person Sheila is. "It is time she finds out she cannot just walk away without paying the price," Maggie says.

Ridge says there is champagne downstairs. When he starts down to get it, Brooke tells him that she will do it. Once she is downstairs, there is a knock at the door. Brooke thinks it is Stephanie... but upon opening the door, she finds Taylor standing there, holding Thomas.

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Week of 02/23/98 - 02/27/98

Monday, February 23, 1998

Brooke comes to the door and finds Taylor and Thomas standing there as a storm rages in the background. "What are you doing here, Taylor?" she asks.

Lauren and Maggie confer with Nick the contractor, going over the blueprints for their plan to make Sheila pay. The doorbell rings and it is Judy; after Maggie introduces her to everyone, Judy says she's not sure she can do this; Sheila may not even remember her. "She'll remember you; but more importantly, she'll remember her true self. Sheila believes she can walk away her crimes and the pain she's caused others, but that's wrong. We need your help, Judy, please," Maggie begs. "I'm ready," Judy responds.

At the Warwick home, Sheila is holding Mary as James asks if she is OK after what Eric said about her recently. "I'm not the same woman I used to be," Sheila states, and James agrees. He kisses their child and they laugh together.

"What's taking so long, Logan?" Ridge wonders in bed. Meanwhile, Taylor says she wants to talk to Ridge. "Taylor, it's late and my children are sleeping," Brooke pleads. Taylor says she will come back tomorrow, but then Brooke invites her in. "What are you going to say; are you going to tell Ridge about this baby?" Brooke asks.

James leaves for the gym as Sheila assures him that she and Mary will be fine. Sheila dances around the room with her baby, asking if Mary knows how happy her mama is. Meanwhile, Nick brings Maggie, Lauren and Judy into the electrical room, where they watch Sheila dance on monitors Nick has set up.

At the beach house, Thorne bids Scout (who is no puppy anymore) goodbye. "I wish I could stay... I know she has feelings for me," he says about Taylor as he flashes back to their moments together; the fire, days by the pool, Hawaii, delivering the baby. The Chicago song "Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry" plays over the scenes. "Maybe there is a chance," Thorne says.

Brooke tells Taylor it is a terrible idea to tell Ridge but Taylor doesn't care. "Do you want a part-time father for your son?" Brooke asks, and she brings up Thorne as a potential father. "It would be selfish for your son," Brooke pleads. "You don't know what I'm going to do," Taylor says, leading Brooke to beg Taylor to say what her decision is. "Stop toying with me; are you going to tell Ridge?" she asks. "No," Taylor answers.

Taylor explains that she came to this decision while at her father's and she is only here because she promised Ridge she would see him on her return. She then tells Brooke she is not comfortable talking about this with her and cuts her off. "You made the right decision," Brooke says as she bids Taylor and Thomas goodbye.

After Taylor leaves, Brooke is on the phone calling Thorne with the good news. "Be ready Thorne; you and Taylor are going to be a family. I am sure of it. I know Taylor isn't going to tell Ridge about the baby. Everything is going to work out perfectly for all of us," she says. Thorne thanks her, hangs up and runs out with Scout.

Pointing out that they are in a part of the house that Sheila does not enter, Nick shows the surveillance cameras all over the place, just as Maggie requested. He then demonstrates his audio tricks, starting with squeaky noises. This is going to work, Maggie says.

Taylor comes home to find flowers everywhere, champagne and romantic music in the background. Thorne greets her with a hug.

Sheila and the baby hear the noises and she wonders where they are coming from. Maggie, Lauren and Nick watch on the monitors. The doorbell rings; it is Judy in her wheelchair with a hood over her. She says there is nasty weather going on and tells Sheila that her van broke down a block from here, but no one else in the neighborhood would open their door for her. Sheila believes her and goes to get her some money for a cab.

Judy says, "I bet you're wondering about me being in a wheelchair; I took a bad fall. But the worst part is that it was no accident. I am paralyzed because someone pushed me." Sheila says how terrible that sounds and Judy says, "You should know." She takes off the hood and Sheila flashes back to her earlier incidents with Judy. She calls out "Judy, Judy," but the woman is gone. Sheila locks the door in fear. In the electrical room, Maggie watches and says, "You should be afraid, Sheila... and this is only the beginning."

Brooke heads upstairs with champagne and glasses and Ridge is in his bathrobe, laying fast asleep across the bed. Brooke wakes him and says, "I have some wonderful news."

Taylor is standing in the living room as Thorne comes in from putting Thomas down. He says the boy loves the nursery and Taylor compliments him on all the work he put into it. She then says, "We have a lot of talking to do... it wasn't easy but I have made a decision." Thorne notes that she is at peace and Taylor agrees; while she was away, she explains, she was free from pressure and decided what she really wanted. Thorne tells her how happy he is to hear that and claims that he has a pretty good idea what her decision is going to be, which is why he is so happy.

"Thorne, did Brooke call you after I left?" she asks, surprised at his comments. He admits that he did, but why does it matter, he asks. Now they are going to be a family, he comments. "Thorne, it isn't what you think; I had no idea Brooke was going to talk to you," she says. Thorne is confused and asks, "You told Brooke that you weren't going to tell Ridge, is that true?" She is silent and he asks her, "Is it, Taylor?"

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Eric and Stephanie are discussing the situation with Ridge; Eric thinks she is going to make things worse with her interference but Steph disagrees. "You are just upset that he married Brooke," Eric charges, but Stephanie says that is not so. "They were married before and I accepted it; I just don't like secrets!" Eric asks what secrets and Stephanie says that she will know soon, since Taylor is coming home and that will blow everything wide open.

Brooke gives Ridge her good news; Taylor is home and stopped by to talk to him like she promised. Brooke says she didn't wake him because Taylor said she would come back tomorrow, but it looks like Ridge doesn't have to worry about Taylor anymore. "Why not?" Ridge asks, and Brooke says there may be another wedding in the family.

Taylor apologizes to Thorne about what Brooke told him because it isn't true. "I lied..." she informs him.

Judy wheels back into the electrical room as Maggie watches on the monitor. "Did it work?" Judy asks, and Maggie answers, "See for yourself." She commends Judy as they watch Sheila frantically try to reach James, and Maggie says, "I think it's time for phase 2." Sheila plays with Mary as Maggie gives Nick the order to begin. Lauren says, "Let me do it," and turns the controls to make a series of creaking noises. Sheila freaks and hopes for James to get home soon.

Maggie then says to go ahead, and Sheila starts hearing the voices of children laughing. Sheila goes upstairs to check it out as Maggie says, "Sheila is about to get the shock of her life!"

"You lied to Brooke?" Thorne asks. Taylor explains how Brooke tried to get rid of her, and she then realized that Brooke would find some way of keeping her from Ridge if she told the truth about her decision, just like she did for the wedding. She says she wanted to tell Thorne herself and he asks, "Tell me what?" Taylor says she can no longer live her life as a lie and Ridge deserves the truth.

"Oh, great, you're making decisions because of Ridge again," Thorne charges, but Taylor insists she is doing this for herself. She can't lie to everyone and for the first time in years, she is doing what is right for herself. "I have to be honest; I can't be happy any other way. I know that Ridge may stay with Brooke, and that will break my heart, but I cannot live my life this way. I see what it is doing to you, and it will affect Rick, Bridget, Thomas and even Brooke's unborn child," she says. Thorne informs her, "Brooke isn't pregnant."

"You're going to hound Taylor?" Eric asks. Stephanie says no, but she will find out the truth about the secret that is being kept. Eric asks what kind of secret it could be and Stephanie proclaims, "I don't know but I am going to find out."

Brooke is up in the bedroom, telling Ridge about Taylor. He is not thrilled and still needs questions answered, like what problems did Taylor leave to resolve, and how is it that Thorne did not go with her, yet she is back & ready to marry him? It doesn't make sense to him. Brooke tells him, "I know you're angry with him, but Thorne loves her, really loves her. I honestly believe that things worked out for the best." She is laying in Ridge's arms but Ridge has that look on his face, like he is not convinced.

Nick puts on the tape with children laughing and makes it sound like it is coming from James' new office. Sheila goes upstairs into one of the rooms. The laughter stops and then starts again, and Sheila cries out, "Oh, God, its downstairs! Mary, Mary!" She runs back downstairs. Maggie says, "Here she comes." The children are still laughing. Sheila picks up a poker from the fireplace. Maggie is saying, "That's it, Sheila, come on. This is for you, Dr. Garvin." Judy asks, "Who is Dr. Garvin?" and Lauren says he was Sheila's psychiatrist and that Sheila murdered him. Maggie says, "That's it, Sheila - go ahead and open it."

Sheila opens the door to the unfinished office and on the wall, a tape is projected on a sheet; it shows Dr. Garvin and his kids playing. Breathlessly, Sheila says, "Jay Garvin; oh no, it can't be him." She turns her head and then looks again and the image is gone.

Eric accuses Stephanie of interfering, but Stephanie says she will not allow her son to be lied to. "I don't like this; my family is fragile. Look, Ridge and Throne are mad at you," he argues. Stephanie responds, "I've got to find out how Ridge was lied to." "You're making matters worse - at what cost? Our sons are grown men," Eric tells her. "What, I am going to give Brooke Carte Blanche to get Ridge? What if she gets pregnant - he will be rapped for the rest of his life," Stephanie states. "Stephanie, don't," Eric pleads, but she goes for the phone and calls Jack Hamilton's house. While Stephanie talks to Jack, Eric walks out the door. Stephanie calls out for him to stay but he doesn't come back. She returns to the phone and asks, "Jack, is Taylor there?"

Thorne tells Taylor that Brooke and her losing the baby in Italy, before Taylor left for her father's. "Before I went away to my father's... no wonder Ridge was acting so strange. She sure knew how to time it," Taylor says with some skepticism. "She was pregnant, Taylor; but anything I say, you won't believe it anyway," Thorne states. Taylor says, "I am glad I lied to Brooke. She lied to me in the first place. I don't owe that woman a darn thing. Thorne, you have to promise me you won't tell." He looks away and she begs, "Look at me, you have to promise me this." Angrily, Thorne says, "I don't care what happens between you and Brooke; I am packing my things."

Taylor says, "Don't leave like this," but Thorne says, "But you do want me to leave, don't you? You will never know how I could have made you happy. I was there for you but all that matters to you is Ridge. I will send for my things." He storms out the door. "Thorne, please," she says, but he keeps on going. The phone then rings; it is Stephanie. "It's so good to hear your voice," Stephanie says. Taylor says she just got home. "You sound upset," Stephanie notices. "I need to talk to you about something, and it would be better in person. Can you come over here?" Taylor asks. "I am on my way," Stephanie says. Taylor is looking at Thomas' picture and says, "There aren't going to be any more lies, I promise you. Everyone learns the truth about who your father is, starting tonight."

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

Thorne is in his office, drinking & feeling sorry for himself, wondering how he could have been so stupid where Taylor is concerned. Megan tells him that he has not been himself for weeks now and she is there if he needs her. She adds that he is a wonderful guy & shouldn't have to go through this alone and advises him to speak with someone about his problems. He says there is only one person he can talk to right now.

Taylor is at home running the same lines about telling Ridge about Thomas, just one more day. She anticipates that Ridge will be so thrilled just like he was when they were married & she thought she was pregnant. They show a flashback of that, where she told him that after all the love making, she was 1 week late so she thinks she is pregnant. Ridge was so thrilled that he gave Taylor a diamond necklace that he was saving for the occasion. He said if they had twins he would just add another diamond.

Macy and Grant are kissing. Grant says she is sexy and perfect for him, and how they're good for each other. "We both have been burned in the past. It is behind us, with a smarter choice in the future," he says. "Yes, I am happier and I am a different person, not as naïve," Macy agrees. "What Thorne and I had was wonderful, but it didn't last." Grant says, "Life sometimes is full of surprises; after all then I found you. I am not going to let you go. You should thank Thorne." "Why?" Macy asks. "What matters to me is just holding you; right now we have each other," Grant says. Macy says, "I love you, love you so much." "I love you too, Macy," Grant says and they kiss. Just then, she spots Thorne in the doorway. "Thorne? What are you doing here?" she asks. "I need to speak to you alone," he replies. Grant says Thorne is interrupting. Thorne says it is important.

Stephanie arrives at Taylor's and is quite blunt at first. Taylor says she is going to clear up the misunderstandings as she feels like she has been carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. Stephanie asks where Thorne is and Taylor says he is not there & will not be coming back as he moved out. Stephanie says she knew that would have happened & she is not surprised. Talyor then tells Steph that she could never move forward as there was something holding her back, & Steph said that's because she is still in love with Ridge.

Steph than asks, "Is the baby alright?" Taylor says yes. "Taylor, you've got to go to Ridge and tell him how you feel. He will love the baby as his own," Stephanie implores. Taylor says she is not worried about that. "Taylor, you can overcome Brooke; the baby will be with two parents who love him, and Thorne will understand," Stephanie states. Taylor says, "You had better sit down; I am trying to tell you something." What is it, Stephanie asks. Taylor says it is wonderful and amazing and Stephanie again asks, "What is it?" "Ridge is the father of my baby," Taylor tells her. Taylor is smiling and Stephanie has her mouth open.

Back at Spectra, Thorne says this can't wait. "Is it the baby?" Macy asks. "No, Thomas is fine. I just need a few minutes," he answers. Macy says its Ok. Grant asks, "Are you sure?" She says yes and he leaves. "Thorne, what is it?" she asks. He answers, "I need help, Macy, about Taylor." "Are you and Taylor having problems?" she asks. "It's over," he says. Macy says, "Over? No, Thorne, you can't keep running away; you have a commitment to that baby, you have a son." "No, Macy, I don't; Thomas isn't my son. It's Ridge's," he tells his ex-wife.

Stephanie is stunned and asks Taylor to explain. "Thomas is Ridge's baby. I almost lost him; I couldn't have any more stress and I wouldn't get into a battle with Brooke," she says. "You and Ridge have a baby? How wonderful, it's incredible. I am thrilled. Thorne and Brooke - she knew all along. That was the secret. Why did Thorne agree to this?" Steph wonders. "He was there for me; I didn't know how much he cared for me. I realized Ridge needs to know," Taylor states. Stephanie says, "I knew you wouldn't turn your back on Ridge." She asks to see Thomas, saying. "I want to kiss and hug him." She holds the boy, hugging him and saying he is a miracle. Taylor says that she will tell Ridge tomorrow and Steph says not to wait any longer than that. Taylor says tomorrow is a big day for him, since that is when Thomas meets his real father!

Thursday, February 26, 1998

The rusting freighter makes its way through the Atlantic. Below decks, Rush is thinking that his long wait is almost over. "Three days and one to go," he says. "I am coming, Lauren. I am coming to get you and when I do..." The girl bringing food to the dogs interrupts his thoughts. As the girl is busy with the dogs, Rush slips up behind her. He grabs her and holds his hand over her mouth. He tells her that he won't hurt her. He will move his hand if she promises not to scream. She nods her assent and he removes his hand.

She tells him that her name is Jane. She is the daughter of the captain; he is teaching her, as one day she wants to be a captain, too. "You are a stowaway," she accuses. Rush says that he has to get to LA because there is a woman waiting there for him. Jane asks if she is in love with him and he tells her that she will be. Jane then remarks that he must be hungry since he has been down here for days. Rush tells her that she has been kind to him along with the dogs. She's shocked to learn he has been eating the same things she feeds the dogs. "It really wasn't bad," he says.

When Jane says she must go topside, he begs her not to tell anyone he is there. "I won't say a word," she promises, and leaves. Once she is out of the hold, Rush pulls his knife out and says, "Oh, yes, it is our little secret."

When Lauren enters the office, Sally says she has been looking all over for her. "I have been shopping," Lauren tells her. "Do you like my purse?" Sally raises her eyebrows and says it is okay if one likes burlap. It isn't burlap, Lauren laughs, it is hemp. "Makes sense only if you have been smoking it," Sally tells her. "Would this have anything to do with one Jonny Carrera?" Lauren confides that he has changed her outlook on many things. Jonny is different from any man she has ever known and the more she gets to know him, the clearer she sees herself.

Grant enters the office and tells them that Macy is with Thorne. "Thorne Forrester?!" an angry Sally responds. She is about to go interrupt the "meeting" when both Grant and Lauren convince her that Macy is capable of handling Thorne. Of course, Grant has to tell Lauren that her new purse is the ugliest thing he has ever seen! Once again, they begin to talk about Jonny. Grant is still concerned that he and Rush are the same person. Lauren tells him that they do look alike, but that is where the similarity ends. He makes her feel safe and secure; he has such great insight and awareness.

As Lauren is about to leave the office, Grant admits that he sees a change in her since she has known Jonny. Perhaps he was wrong after all. "You are admitting that you were wrong?" Sally asks once Lauren is gone. "Maybe," admits Grant. "But I still have a bad feeling about that guy." "Just accept that Jonny Carrera is not Rush," advises Sally. "Lauren has come back to life and she is finally happy, so please stop the character assassination on Jonny Carrera."

Jonny is talking to Lauren by phone. She thanks him for the lovely time they had the other night. "You are a unique man," she tells him. He wants to see her again tonight.

Macy is stunned by the news that Ridge is the father of Taylor's baby instead of Thorne. Thorne explains about the complications Taylor was having during her pregnancy and how she had to be stress-free. She was also having problems with Ridge and Brooke, he explains, so the best thing was for him to pretend to be the father. Anyway, he thought he was going to marry her. But now all that is over. Taylor is going to tell everyone the truth. Maybe it is best; the marriage would have been built on a lie. But now he has lost everything. He thought they were going to be a happy family, but he sure had a wake-up call.

What is he going to do with his life now, Macy asks? Thorne replies that is why he is here. Macy is the only person he could talk to about this; after all, he is sure to be on his brother's bad side as well as his mom's, and Macy knows what it is like to feel his family's wrath. "Life sure can play tricks on you, can't it?" he asks. Macy feels that he needs to know something; she is engaged to Grant now. Thorne looks like she has kicked him in the groin. "Engaged? That is rather sudden isn't it?" "It was time I moved on with my life," Macy explains. "Also, Grant and I have gone into business together." He figures she is referring to Spectra, but she explains, "We bought Insomnia and I sing there."

"I know that Grant isn't very popular over at Forrester," Macy goes on. "But he is a wonderful man and we have been through a lot. I cannot believe he puts up with me sometimes, but he is always there for me and I am lucky to have him." "No," Thorne says, sadly, "he is lucky to have you. Congratulations," he says as he hugs her. "Take care of yourself." He walks out of the office and leans against the wall. Back in the office, Macy looks down at her engagement ring with a sad expression on her face.

Friday, February 27, 1998

Taylor is busy dressing the baby for his visit with "Daddy," when Stephanie calls. Stephanie wants to be sure Taylor is still going to tell Ridge about the baby. Taylor says that nothing is going to stop her; Stephanie says she is thrilled for the three of them. Stephanie wants Taylor to call her the second she gets back from speaking with Ridge. Hanging up the telephone; Taylor says that Ridge is finally going to meet his son. She begins to remember St. Thomas, for which her son is named. There is a kaleidoscope of pictures from that time: Taylor and Ridge on the dance floor, sipping drinks, touring the island, and Ridge placing the engagement ring on her finger.

Brooke goes to Ridge's office. They play kissy-face for a while, then Brooke asks if Ridge has heard from his brother. Ridge isn't surprised that he hasn't heard from Thorne; things are no better for the two of them and he doubts that they ever will be better. He still has a lot of questions about Thorne and Taylor. Brooke says that Taylor is totally committed to Thorne and she and Thorne will soon be married. Brooke tells Ridge that she is still feeling so good after what he did for her last night and now, she wants to do the same for him. She has a surprise planned for him in her office where there is less traffic. She tells him to come up in about fifteen or twenty minutes and find out what she has planned for him.

Stephanie is waiting when Thorne enters his office. "I want to talk to you", she says. Thorne tells her that they have nothing to talk about. If it is about Taylor, then they are finished and she will hear about it sooner or later, he informs his mother. Stephanie tells him that she knows already. She wants to know if Thorne is so angry and resentful of his brother that he would raise Ridge's son as his own and never let him know he is a father. "I am ashamed to admit that you are my son!" Stephanie tells him.

Taylor is still at the beach house, but she is giving instructions to James, who will be babysitting with Thomas. She tells him that she is going to tell Ridge today that he is the father. James wants to know what about Brooke. "Brooke hung herself on this one," Taylor says. "She should have backed away when she found out that I was carrying Ridge's child." Taylor is sure that this will be the best thing for the baby and herself. She reminds James to let her have some time alone with Ridge, then he is to bring Thomas into the office. She then calls Ridge and tells him that she has to see him. He asks when and she tells him that she is on her way to the office right now. She will be there in a few minutes. When he asks if she is bringing the baby, she says that she needs some time alone with him; she has some wonderful news for him.

After hanging up, a sad Ridge says that yes, she has some wonderful news all right. She is going to marry his brother.

Thorne isn't surprised that Stephanie feels the way she does; after all, he has never been her favorite. Stephanie will hear none of this; she loves him just as she has always loved Ridge. This is about the way he has manipulated Taylor and kept the truth from his brother. "What about Ridge?" Thorne shouts at her. "How about all the times Ridge has hurt Taylor? My brother has had ample opportunity to marry Taylor, but he has always bailed out on her. No matter what Ridge does, you side with him."

Stephanie admits that Ridge is not blameless in all of this, but he didn't conspire with Brooke to keep the paternity of his child a secret. Keeping the paternity of a child from its parent is not just wrong, it is morally wrong. "Were you going to keep the truth from Ridge forever?" she asks. Thorne admits that he was going to raise Thomas as his own son. He loved Taylor and he would have been a father to her son. Stephanie says she doesn't know what he was thinking in all of this, but Thorne says he couldn't care less what she thinks of him. He admits to her that he hasn't told Brooke that Taylor is going to tell Ridge. Stephanie asks him not to say anything to her.

After Stephanie leaves, Thorne picks up the phone and calls Macy. He wants to come over, but she doesn't think that would be a good idea. He just wants to get together as a friend, he tells her. He needs someone to talk to. "Okay," she says. "Come on over to the office."

Brooke is finishing her preparations for Ridge's surprise. She sprays herself with perfume just as there is a knock on the door. Thinking it is Ridge, she lowers the lights and opens the door in a sexy pose. She nearly falls on the floor when she sees it is Stephanie. This is not a good time, she tells Stephanie. She is waiting for Ridge. Stephanie pushes her way into the office and asks "Is there anything under that robe," Stephanie asks.

"Yes," answers Brooke, "Would you like to see?" Opening the robe, she stands there in a black lace teddy. Seeing the outfit, Stephanie tells her that she is the same cheap little girl after all these years. "I am satisfying my husband," she tells Stephanie, "something I have been doing every day since I married him." Stephanie taunts her, saying that now she must feel so self-assured since there is no more threat from Taylor. How she had to work to keep Ridge from finding out the secret she and Thorne was keeping from Ridge. How she had to make her own little announcement to keep Taylor from telling Ridge her secret---a secret that she, Stephanie, now knows. "It must have been hell in Italy, knowing that you had to come back here and face the truth," Stephanie tells a shocked Brooke.

Taylor arrives at Ridge's office. They greet each other with a hug. Ridge tells her that he has an appointment with Brooke in her office, but he can spare him a few minutes. This will take a little more than a few minutes, she tells him. "It is Thomas that I want to talk to you about. Ridge, I have something to tell you."

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