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January, 1998

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Week of 1/5/98 - 1/9/98

Monday, January 05, 1998

Brooke is getting ready for her wedding. She comments to herself that the time is now a quarter to one and everyone except for Taylor and Thorne will be arriving soon for the ceremony. Thorne and Taylor are still thinking that the wedding is at 2pm; and by the time they get to the house Ridge will already be married and on the plane to their honeymoon destination. She says to herself, "And you won't say a word, Taylor. You won't tell anyone your secret, because if you did, you would just look like a complete fool. Oh, this has to work out. I have waited too long. We have sacrificed too much. It is OUR Destiny to be together. And we will, for the rest of our lives."

Just then, her mother Beth enters with the plane tickets; she says Ridge and Brooke will really have to rush, so perhaps they should not rush out after the ceremony and take a later plane to Italy. Beth also questions her daughter as to why she is so preoccupied on her wedding day. Just then, Katie enters the bedroom and presents the maid of honor Bridget, wearing the dress Eric designed for her. All of the dresses are in autumn colors. There is a hug between Brooke and Bridget.

Stephanie is at the guest house pondering what Brooke is up to. She has come to the conclusion that Taylor is definitely going to be at the wedding. She calls the beach house and leaves a message on the machine about the wedding being moved up an hour. Could she assume that since Taylor is not home that maybe she received the news of the time change, she wonders?

Thorne and Taylor enter Cafe Russe and wait for Brooke to show up for the pregnancy test. They are at the bar. Taylor insists that Brooke must have proof about the pregnancy, or she is going straight to Ridge and will tell him about their child.

Amber lets herself in to the house because nobody answered her knock. She is stunned to see all the preparations and decorations. Beth Logan meets her and informs her that the reason for all this is that Brooke is marrying the man of her dreams today. Amber goes ga-ga when she finds out the man is none other than the handsome Ridge Forrester. Beth explains that she will need help with the children while Brooke is on her honeymoon. Rick and Bridget come over to meet the babysitter. Amber is a little surprised at their age because they are a little bit older than she had expected (Aren't we all?!?!?). Rick looks at the new sitter and is definitely interested.

Eric comes to the guesthouse at Casa Forrester and is met by Stephanie. He is running a bit late, he explains, Because the ceremony was moved up by an hour. Enter a dashing groom, all decked out in his tux, and they all leave for the wedding.

The Logans enter Brooke's bedroom. Brooke is shining and thanks them all for the love and support and says how important it is to her that they are all there for the most wonderful day of her life. They all leave after Brooke requests a few minutes to herself. She says aloud, "It is almost 1pm. Better get ready."

Downstairs, Ridge wonders where the bride is. Stephanie is wondering where his brother Thorne and Taylor are. She says maybe she ought to stop the wedding, to which Eric tells her, "Don't you dare!" Beth comes over to them and offers congratulations to Ridge. Stephanie remarks that Beth ought to wait for that until after the ceremony happens. Stephanie excuses herself from the group because she wants to go upstairs and chat with Brooke. She knows that Thorne and Taylor aren't caught in some traffic as Eric had suggested. Brooke is the one with the answers, she says. Just then the minister is ready.

Brooke is dressed and ready to walk out the door, but Stephanie has come to start with her about the ceremony being moved up an hour and asks where Thorne and Taylor are. Brooke wants to know why she and Taylor have to make her wedding day so miserable for her. Stephanie warns that she will find out what Brooke and Thorne are hiding and cautions, "Enjoy this marriage while it lasts, because it isn't going to last very long."

Taylor starts to feel like they were set up as it gets closer to 1pm and there is still no sign of Brooke. She decides to take out her cell phone to call home and check her messages to figure out what is going on. She hears the message from Stephanie and declares that it is the last straw. She wants to go and stop the wedding or Ridge will stop the wedding when he finds out that the baby is his. She rushes out, Thorne right on her heels.

The wedding begins. The bride is wearing a satin straight gown with a tiara holding the veil. Her father Steven walks her down the aisle. Stephanie is watching the door for Taylor.

Meanwhile, Thorne and Taylor are in the car racing to the wedding. Taylor is frantic that they are a few miles away and it is only a few minutes after 1pm. She has to be there, she insists..............

Tuesday, January 06, 1998

Brooke is coming down the stairs; her father is waiting for her walks her over to Ridge and kisses her. All eyes are on her - especially Stephanie, the only one who doesn't seem to be smiling. Ridge and Brooke face each other and then turn to the minister, who begins, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to join Broke and Ridge in matrimony."

Taylor is on the way saying, " I can't believe she would set the wedding ahead an hour so I wouldn't be there, but I will get there. I can't wait to see the look on her face when I tell him this is his baby I am carrying. And the look on Ridge's..."

Sally and Lauren are in the beauty salon and Sally starts reading about the fairytale wedding of the great Ridge Forester to Brooke Logan today in Brooke's home, where the couple plans to reside. "Oh Dean," she calls out to the hairdresser, "you better keep a chair ready for Stephanie, since I imagine she is pulling her hair out by the roots at this time," Sally says.

Lauren says, "I can't see Ridge with anybody but Taylor; he loves her and besides, giving up on her beauty." Sally says, "My dear Lauren - Beauty isn't everything. I do wish we has a spy there today to let us know what is going on there, the possibilities are endless." Lauren says, "There is one guy who knows everything - he is over there," referring to Dean. She calls him over.

The Minister says, "I would like to say, Brooke, you and I go back a long way. You were always the most talkative - and always the one with all the dreams." He mentions Brooke's scrapbook of clippings about a young man she always thought about. "Well, today we are going to see that dream come true. I know one of your dreams involved a young man, I called it a dream come true. Ridge, the constant artist with an eye for beauty and Brooke the Scientist - who better suited for this man, who better to fulfill this woman's life?" He blesses them for a life of fulfillment with children, giving and sharing, meeting all the challenges every marriage faces. Brooke meanwhile looks over at Stephanie, who is watching the door still hoping Taylor will show up.

Taylor is in the car berating Brooke for her little stunt. "That really is deceitful," she says. Thorne says Brooke may still be pregnant; she may just not want to feel under the gun. But Ridge does love Brooke, he reminds her, to which Taylor says, "We'll see."

At the wedding, Eric reads a passage from the bible that begins, "Now I will show you the way..." that speaks of love, faith and devotion. "Love is patient, love is kind," he reads, "It is not self seeking...there is no limit to love's power to endure, love never fails," he reads, as all listen intently.

Thorne says that he hopes Taylor and the baby will not regret what Taylor plans to deal. Maybe they will, Taylor says, but she cannot live a lie. As she argues her point, she goes into spasms of pain. Taylor says, "My water just broke; get me to the wedding...oh, oh, oh!" She insists on going to the wedding, even though Thorne wants to take her to the hospital.

Lauren asks Dean, "You have any inside news on what is going on at the Forresters' today?" Dean says, "You know I don't discuss my clients - never, ever." Sally asks, "You find out anything?" but Lauren says she was barking up the wrong tree. Sally says, "Whatever they are keeping, it will surface, rubbish always does." Lauren says, "I can never see Taylor giving up Ridge, especially not to Brooke Logan."

The Minister continues, "We as your witnesses are part of your dream. You are never alone; know that we are here for you. Oh Mighty God, help them to comfort one another in sickness, in trouble, in sorrow and in need. We pray you watch over them. So as much as these two have come hither in this holy event, if there be anyone who sees cause for them to not be joined in marriage, I require them to make it known now or hereafter hold their peace." Brooke is still worried; she sees Stephanie looking at the door.

The Minister quotes, "Ridge, do you take this woman to be your wife in the holy bond of marriage?" Ridge says, "I do." The Minister then asks Brooke, "Do you take Ridge to be your husband?" Brooke says, "I do." The Minister asks, "Who gives this woman to be married?" Rick replies, "My sister and I do." The Minister says, "Repeat after me, Ridge; I, Ridge Forrester, take you Brooke Logan, to be my wedded wife. And I do promise in covenant before God and these witnesses to be a loving and faithful husband; in plenty and in want, in joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live."

He then turns to Brooke and tells her, "Repeat after me; I Brooke, take you Ridge, to be my wedded husband. And I do promise in covenant before God and these witnesses to be a loving and faithful wife; in plenty and in want, in joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, for as long as we both shall live."

They bring out the rings. Ridge says, "With this ring I thee wed, a token and pledge of our constant, everlasting love," and he kisses her hand. Brooke says, "With this ring I thee wed, a token and pledge of our constant, everlasting love" and she kisses his hand. The Minister says, "By the power vested in me by the church, I pronounce you, Ridge and Brooke, to be husband and wife. Ridge, you may kiss your bride - and don't hold back!" Everybody claps but Stephanie, including Amber in the back, as Ridge and Brooke kiss.

Taylor says, "Thorne, I can feel it coming down!" Thorne says, "You've got to push harder; I see the head. Push Taylor!" Taylor is pushing harder, you can tell she is in pain.

Wednesday, January 07, 1998


Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, January 7. It's a new year and finally Brooke and Taylor both have a man of their own to love and cherish. Meanwhile, over at the Logan house it looks like Rick is looking for a little love, too.

BROOKE'S PLACE: The wedding is over and the bride and groom are kissing while the photographer takes pictures. Everyone is so happy - except for Stephanie who looks absolutely miserable (hehehe). Eric notices her sourpuss expression and reminds her "the war is over." Steph glares at him and asks where Taylor and Thorne are. Taylor should have been there! Brooke announces she has a surprise for her husband. She has planned a secret honeymoon for them - a week in the most romantic spot in the world. Steph asks when they leave. "That's a good question, Ma Forrester," Brooke answers gleefully. The limo is outside and the flight leaves in less than an hour.

VAN: A very sweaty Taylor is pushing while an equally sweaty Thorne is catching. The baby comes out, but there is silence. "Make it cry, Thorne!" Taylor begs. Finally, the baby cries, making Taylor cry, which makes Thorne cry. Taylor has herself a brand new baby boy. Thorne hands the baby over and starts driving for the hospital.

BROOKE'S PLACE: Brooke wants Eric and Steph in a photo. "Not in your lifetime," Steph snarls. Eric convinces her to pose for one shot. "Thank you, Mom Forrester," Brooke says. "Don't EVEN go there," Steph hisses. Ridge asks Eric where Thorne and Taylor are. The newlyweds have to leave, so Ridge asks Eric to make sure they are alright. Brooke tosses the bouquet and Amber catches it. Rick tells her that means she's next to get married. Yeah, in about 20 years, Amber replies. Rick asks if she's his babysitter, and she asks if he's a baby. No? Then she's not a babysitter. Just call her...hungry. Rick smiles as Amber heads for the hors d'oeuvres (any bets on how long it's gonna take for Rick to nail his babysitter?). The waiter tries to snatch the tray away but Amber stops him. No way the caterer is taking all that food out of the house! Just take it in the kitchen, wrap it up and put it in the fridge, Amber orders imperiously. The waiter leaves in a huff and Amber starts dancing with joy. She can't believe she's in such a great place! Rick asks where she's from and Amber says Furnace Creek.

LIMOUSINE: Ridge and Brooke are caressing each other. "Perfect," Brooke thinks to herself. "Everything I dreamed it would be - and no Taylor. She won't say anything now. She'd be a fool to."

HOSPITAL: Taylor and the baby are wheeled into the usual room (yeah, Bradley, we don't EVER notice you use the same room for everyone's hospital stays). The baby is taken to the nursery while Dr. Santana orders a nurse to clean Taylor up. Thorne kisses Taylor's hand.

AIRPLANE: Brooke and Ridge have magically changed their clothes and are now on board the plane, kissing and cuddling. Ridge has the weirdest feeling that something is happening at home. Brooke reminds him they are on their honeymoon and to forget about everything else. Ridge is still worried.

HOSPITAL: Taylor is now in a hospital gown and wants her baby back. She thanks Thorne for being there when she needed him. Thorne says that's his role in life (to be a doormat? What ambition!). Taylor figures Ridge and Brooke are married by now. Thorne tells her to not think about it, just get some rest. Dr. Santana carries the baby in to Taylor and says he's in perfect health. The doctor tells Thorne he should be proud of himself. Thorne leaves to sign some admission forms. Taylor shoves a pacifier in the baby's mouth and reaches for the phone. She calls Brooke's house, and Amber answers. Amber explains Brooke and Ridge have left for their secret romantic honeymoon. "Any message?" Amber asks while eating a piece of cake. "No, thank you," Taylor replies, and hangs up.

AIRPLANE: Ridge is thinking of Taylor and why she didn't make it to the wedding. "No, forget her and go on," he thinks to himself. Ridge gazes at a sleeping Brooke and strokes her hair.

HOSPITAL: "This is our child, Ridge," Taylor says to herself. "Our beautiful little baby. I'd give anything if you were here to share this moment with me." Taylor talks some baby talk to her son, then promises that "one day very soon, I swear to you you will know your father. Yes you will."

That's all for this week. Maybe by next Wednesday Taylor's baby boy will be dating Bridget :)

Thursday, January 08, 1998

MANNEQUINS RESTAURANT AND BAR: James sits quietly at a table thinking about Sheila. He uses his cell phone to call Molly and ask about the baby. He promises to be home soon. The waiter arrives but James only orders a drink, which happens to be a scotch of course.

BATES MOTEL: Mike and Maggie watch as Dr. Martin works with Sheila on her rehabilitation. She tells him that she could do it better if he would only untie her, but he refuses. Looking on, Maggie hopes that Martin knows what he is doing. Mike tells her that his brother is extremely capable; he is a genius and could have been one of the greats - if only...

"If only what?" Maggie wants to know. Mike will only say that his brother has a "little problem." Martin joins them. He warns them that they can't keep Sheila tied up for much longer; soon her muscles will begin to atrophy. Mike asks Maggie how things are going and she says fine - she just needs time. Martin thinks it would be a good idea to talk to James; maybe he can hurry the process along, he suggests. Mike thinks this is a good idea and Maggie reluctantly goes along with it and tells him how he can find James.

Sheila wonders what they are planning. When she finds out that they are going to see James, she screams that they are going to lie to him. Mike approaches the bed and tells her to take it easy. He tells her to forget about James. Does she want something to help her sleep? Sheila tells him no.

LOGAN-FORRESTER HOME: Bridget wonders what the new babysitter is like. Rick describes her as "being from Jupiter." Amber wanders into the room eating some of the wedding cake. She asks if they have homework to do. When they start upstairs to do it, she tells them she was only asking; that is what a babysitter is supposed to do. What she really wants them to do is give her a grand tour of the palace.

MANNEQUINS: The waiter brings James his scotch. Martin speaks to James and introduces himself as Dr. Martin Guthrini, who studied in Rome. He explains that he is Sheila's attending physician and he has some info about James' wife. James invites him to sit down. Martin says that Sheila has instructed him not to tell where she is, but she is doing very well in her therapy. She is a fighter and they are expecting a full recovery. James tells him that this is the best news he could have received, since he had feared she might have had regression for her pathological disorders. The doctor admits that she has regressed; but not to worry, they have the very best staff of psychiatrists at his institute.

BATES MOTEL ON THE LOT OF UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: Mike assures Maggie that things are coming along fine. He tells her that Sheila kissed him the other day and wanted more. Maggie is outraged. "You have been making out with Sheila? While she is tied up?" she asks in astonishment. Mike is insulted; he is no pervert, he explains. Anyway, Sheila didn't want to be tied up when they made love. Maggie warns him that Sheila is only manipulating him. "You know what she is capable of. Undo the straps and she will slit your throat!" she warns. Mike tells Maggie that Sheila is not a maniac.

THE FORRESTERS: By the time the tour is over, Amber has something else to eat as she snacks on a frozen fruit pop. When Bridget pouts that things are so boring, Amber is appalled. How could anyone living in such a house be bored. She could live her forever and never be bored. Bridget suggests the sauna challenge. Amber wonders what that is, but when she learns it is to stay in the sauna as long as possible then jump into the ice cold swimming pool for a rush, she says it doesn't interest her. Rick tells Bridget that Amber is from Furnace Creek so she wouldn't be interested in the heat.

Bridget thinks it is so cool that Amber is from Furnace Creek. "Have you seen any UFOs?" she asks. Amber admits that she has seen two of them. "The second time, they kidnapped my sister," she tells the kids.

"Where did they take her? Pluto?" Rick laughs. Amber looks at him with a shocked look. "She is gone, Rick," she tells him with a tear in her voice. "It isn't funny. We have been searching for her for years. You don't know what it is like." She gets up and walks a little way off. With her back to the kids, she smiles.

MAGGIE AND MIKE: "I just want my husband back," Maggie sighs to Mike. "The whole idea behind this was to get James back. But James has to want to come back to me. But it just isn't happening." "Don't give up yet," Mike tells her. "Things are coming along."

"I am not giving up," Maggie assures him. "It means too much to me. I love James so much. He would be miserable with Sheila. He cannot see that now because of his guilt and remorse. I made a huge mistake. I encouraged a good man to do something bad and he did it. It was for a good reason, but James is not the kind of man to turn his back on his morals and principles. Now I am paying the price. We had it all. We had a perfect life. I have to get James back and get him to believe in that dream again."

MANNEQUINS: Martin gives James the bad news about Sheila's mental health and James takes the blame for that. Martin tells him not to be too hard on himself; his mistake can be undone. We will all just sit back and let this thing take its course. Nothing to be concerned about, he assures.

The waiter has taken the liberty of bring James a second drink. Since Martin says that he is off duty, James invites him to drink with him. He pushes the scotch to Martin and tells the waiter to bring another. Martin refuses the drink, so James asks if he would prefer something different. Martin looks longingly at the drink and tells him that scotch will be fine.

THE FORRESTERS: "Did your sister really get taken up in a space ship?" Rick asks, subdued. "Yes, and that is why we call her," Amber says as she turns with her face mischievously lit up, "SPACE CADET!" Rick calls her weird and she wonders if she is weird for telling the story or if he is weird for believing it. Rick picks up a pillow and throws it at her. She tells him that NOBODY hits her with a pillow. She grabs one and throws it at him. Before long, all three are in the middle of a pillow fight.

Suddenly, they hear the sound of a car door slamming outside. Mrs. Logan is home and the kids are still up. She begs them to help her straighten the room or go to bed - something - but they just look at her and smile.

Amber goes outside and tries to stall Beth from coming into the house. When Beth walks in, Bridget is laying on the couch, sleeping. She didn't want to go to bed, Amber explains. Rick comes into the room asking for help with his geometry problem. Beth is impressed! She can't even get him to study.

BACK TO BATES: Mike assures Maggie that his brother will do a good job on James. Maggie reminds him that James is sharp. He can see right through most things. Marty won't spill the beans, Mike says. Where did Marty go to meet James, Mike asks. Maggie tells him that he probably went to the office. If he wasn't there, he usually stops by Mannequins to unwind.

"You mean, he stops by for a drink?" questions Mike. He turns away in fear. "He better not. He better not touch that stuff." "What are you talking about?" Maggie asks. "My brother is an alcoholic," admits Mike. "If he falls off the wagon, this could get ugly - real ugly."

MANNEQUINS: "We have great hope for Sheila," Martin is telling James as he looks at the drink. "She is a remarkable woman." James raises his drink. "Here is to you and your success with Sheila. And my deepest thanks." Slowly, Martin raises the drink to his lips. He takes a sip. Then he raises the drink one more time and downs it all.

Friday, January 09, 1998

Taylor sits cuddling her baby. "You are such a miracle," she tells it. "You are so amazing. I just wish your daddy could see you." Thorne enters with so many gifts that he had to get the nurse to help him.

In Italy, Brooke awakens to find Ridge's side of the bed empty. As she is calling out his name and looking about the room, Ridge comes in with brochures. He tells her that he is planning a wonderful day for them. Brooke has other ideas about the day. She is suffering from jet lag and the only cure is to stay in bed all day. As her loving and dutiful husband, Ridge is expected to join her.

After a little smooching, Ridge wonders why Thorne and Taylor weren't at the wedding. You did call them didn't you? He wonders. Brooke mumbles something about not being home, so Ridge assumes they didn't get the message. He wants to call them now. He is worried about Taylor. She has had a difficult pregnancy. As he reaches for the phone, Brooke stops him. If she is having problems, Thorne can handle them. Besides, she is eight months so the baby can live on the outside.

"Your brother is an alcoholic?" Maggie exclaims. "A recovering alcoholic," Mike corrects her. Maggie wants to know what happens when he drinks. Mike tells her that . . . well, he gets chatty. Maggie is horrified.

James and Marty are drinking scotch. James wants Marty to tell him everything. Marty assures him that James is fine. She just needs a little more time. James says that it is ironic that Mary is the reason for all of this. Each of her mothers wanted the best for her, yet now she is suffering for lack of a mother. And both mothers are deprived of her.

"It is a cruel world," agrees Marty as he downs his scotch. He orders another drink. James wonders if Sheila has told the doctor about his past. When Marty says no, James goes on to give him his history. He tells him about his own mother dying when he was born. He had a lonely childhood and even blamed himself into adulthood for his mother's death.

Marty is upset by this sad news and tries to tell James that it wasn't his fault. James agrees that he wasn't responsible for his mother's death even though he thought that for a long time. But this is his fault, he says. He only wanted to protect Mary. But how did he do it? By taking away her mother----twice. This is so sad to Marty who needs another drink.

Mike is on the phone with James' answering service. He needs to speak with Dr. Warwick! No, he doesn't want to leave a message; he wants to speak personally with the doctor----NOW. Why? The doctor gives him pills. Without the pills he is paranoid. He begins to act suspicious of the operator. No, he won't give her his number. Then she would know where he was, wouldn't she? Maybe she is tracing this call now. What does she have against him. The operator transfers the call.

"Madigan's Bar and Grill," the bartender says, answering the phone. Mike hangs up and tells Maggie where James and Marty are at the moment. They rush out, leaving Maggie screaming at them not to leave her here alone.

Thorne puts the sleeping baby into its bassinet. Taylor says she wasn't sure how he would react to the baby once the baby was actually there and he saw it for the first time. After all, it is Ridge's baby.

Thorne tells her that his was the first face the child saw; his were the first hands that touched him. If she decides to stay with him, he will never think of the child as anything but his. Of course, it is her decision.

This reminds him that the hospital wants her to fill out something. He brings her the form for the birth certificate. You need to put the father's name down, he tells her.

Both James and Marty are well in their chips, Marty more so than James. He says that Mary misses her Mommy. Marty says Sheila is doing her best. James shows Marty pictures of his Mary. He doesn't blame Sheila; he blames himself. Marty tells him not to blame himself; it isn't his fault. None of it is his fault.

Mike and Maggie enter the café and hide behind the plants and an umbrella.

"I had hoped she would come home with me and let me work with her. It is selfish of me, I guess." James bemoans. "No, James," Marty tells him. He is almost in tears as he hands the picture of Mary back. "It isn't about what you did. You didn't do anything. The truth is . . ." Marty looks over James' shoulder and sees Mike waving at him. "The truth is what?" James asks.

Almost blubbering, Marty tells him that he needs to go. He gets up and goes over to Mike. He tells him that James' story is so sad. Mike tries to stop him, but Marty wants to tell him what James had to say. He tries to tell him that they have it all wrong about Sheila and James, but Mike rushes him out of the bar. Maggie hangs around and watches James as he sits alone with his drink.

"Eight months?" Ridge questions, confused. Brooke quickly kisses him. He hopes that her pregnancy will be easier than Taylor's. She assures him that it will be easier because he is going to indulge her every whim.

"You have a big decision to make," Thorne tells Taylor. "How can you name Ridge when he is married now. Even though you think the marriage is based on a lie, he will probably choose her anyway. Even if she isn't married now, she will be by the time they come home from the honeymoon. This decision isn't about Ridge. It is about you and your son and what is best for the two of you. You are obsessed with thinking of Ridge. Why do you allow him to have so much power over you and your life? Aren't you tired of being a victim? Look at Brooke's children. Do you want your son to go through the kind of hell they have gone through? What makes you think you or your son can count on Ridge anymore than they could?

"This is important, Taylor. You have to choose the right one. Will it be Ridge . . . or me? Taylor holds the paper in her hands with indecision written all over her face.

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Week of 1/12/98 - 1/16/98

Monday, January 12, 1998

Taylor is in the maternity ward at the hospital, crying that she wants to do what is best for her son. Thorne says that Ridge is on his honeymoon with Brooke and now he is a part of HER family now- which is why Ridge should not have his name on the birth certificate. In a way he believes that those facts should make her decision easier. Taylor starts to write the paper.....

Eric and Clarke are in the office working on some designs being worn by models. Clarke is surprised when not only does Eric approve some risque ideas he has, but he adds to them. Eric tells Clarke not to be astonished and that soemtimes they need to take risks. In comes Stephanie with dinner. She comments that it is hot in the office, but Eric replies that, while Clarke said the same thing, he had a chill. Clarke leaves and Eric takes a fifteen-minute burger break for dinner.

He starts to chat with Stephanie about Thorne and Taylor. Stephanie continues on and on about Brooke being up to something. Eric goes to dip a french fry into some red ketchup and his fingers to him look as if they are covered in blood. He replays in his mind killing Rush with the arrow.

Sally discovers that Lauren is sitting alone in the dark, bundled up in blankets as if she is trying to protect herself from the cold. She worroes that losing Eric has caused her friend's depression.

In Italy, Brooke and Ridge are in bed. She says making love was better than taking some silly boat ride. She talks about the baby and how she knows they will have a son, which leads her to recall the baby boy they lost years ago with a miscarriage. Ridge suddenly starts thinking about Taylor and how he doesn't want her to go through a miscarriage like Brooke's - especially since they don't know why Taylor and Thorne were not at the wedding. Brooke is sure Taylor is fine and she has more exciting ideas for her husband in the shower.

Taylor needs to talk to Ridge one more time - "to know what his feelings are" before she can fill out the birth certificate. She has dreamed for years to have a child with Ridge. Thorne states that her son needs a father he can count on. He explains, "Sometimes the end justifies the means. Ridge can take care of himself. He always has. If we focus on what matters - your son, each other - Ridge will just fade into the background. You have a family that is ready and waiting for you. We can make your life, you heart so full if you would let us." Thorne leaves so Taylor can rest.

Stephanie comments how Eric doesn't look good and wants to know why he doesn't take better care of himself. Eric apologizes, speculating that he must be coming down with something. Stephanie then asks why he doesn't want to attend any of the events on their social calendar together. Eric comments that he has better things to do with his time and asks her to make excuses for him. He assures her that he is excited about marrying her. Greenland took enough of his life and he refuses to let it take anymore. Stephanie leaves. In comes a model wearing a fur coat. Looking at her, Eric sees Rush all bloody with some dead animal on him. The model offers to get Stephanie, but Eric sends her off. "What's happening here?" he questions himself after he asks the model to leave.

Taylor is holding the baby and says she wants to give him a safe happy wonderful life. She questions how to do that. She thinks that things could have been so different, and once again we see her daydream. This time Ridge is at the hospital. In her fantasy, he didn't marry Brooke and knows that the child is his. He wants them to all be a family and begs her to know that it isn't too late. Taylor is interrupted by a nurse and comes back to reality to fill out the birth papers - and the name of the father is still absent.

Tuesday, January 13, 1998

Eric is in his office trying to work. He hears in his mind wolves howling. He is still freezing and raises the heat. He is frustrated when all of a sudden, Sally Spectra enters his office. She says her visit is urgent and about Lauren Fenmore. Lauren has been missing in action as far as Spectra Fashions is concerned, which is unlike her, Sally explains. Lauren has been locked up in her own apartment and she knows that something is wrong. Sally moves over to lower the heat, but Eric stops her because he is so cold. Sally thinks that if Eric were to stop by and talk to Lauren he might get through to her. She leaves.

Lauren is hiding out in her apartment. She is all bundled up by the fireplace. She mutters that she is cold and it is after 12pm already and she hasn't gone in to the office yet. She feels that she can't even think of leaving and questions what is happening to her.

Amber and Bridget are soaking up the sun while sitting in the hot tub. Beth Logan announces to Amber that she is leaving her in charge with the three kids (a new skinny C.J. is hanging out with Rick). The boys are upstairs. Rick calls the babysitter a "Hot babe who looks like one of those chicks on MTv" Rick asks if CJ wants to meet his so called child care professional and CJ comments that 'meeting' her is not all he would like to do.

Amber stands up to fix the top to her bikini bathing suit. CJ has his eyes popping out from his head as he watches from the window in Rick's bedroom. "She did it again. She is adjusting things. I love that!" Rick thinks it will just be a matter of time before Amber is all over him. Rick decides to go down there and rub some lotion on Amber's back and it will all come together for the two of them. CJ laughs, "Think whatever you want. NO way are you getting anywhere with that chick." Rick decides to go for it anyway and they leave the little bachelor pad.

CJ and Rick are now downstairs. Bridget and CJ leave to go and get some chocolate chip cookies. Rick then starts to put the moves on Amber. CJ, meanwhile, has snuck back and is watching the whole thing through the bushes. Rick offers to rub sunscreen on Amber's back. She comments that it feels nice. Their talk turns to music as Rick lowers his hands. "Relax, just go with it babe," he spurts out. Amber is pissed that he got "fresh". She calls him a kid and states that she only dates men, and tells him and his buddy to go find someone their own age.

Lauren is lying around under a blanket and she hears Eric ringing the doorbell. She lets him in and he explains why he is there. Sally is concerned about her, he explains, and he has been meaning to call and talk to her. Lauren explains how frightened she is and questions what is happening. She can't even leave her apartment she says.

Eric says he is upset about killing Rush. He is glad to know that he is not alone and they both need to talk this experience out. He advises her to stop and pull herself together. She has to move on. Rush is a part of their past, he reminds her, and they need to put that behind them. Lauren is scared and she asks Eric to hold her. As she says she can't forget, she falls sobbing into his arms.

Wednesday, January 14 1998

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, January 14. Just a typical day in the neighborhood - Sheila is crying, Maggie is gloating, Rick's hormones are raging, Amber is slowly buying a clue, and James, as usual, is befuddled.

PSYCHO HOUSE: Sheila is tied to her bedpost and struggling to get free. She starts to cry and thinks she's gonna die there and never see her little girl's face again. "Dr. Guthrini" comes in with her sedative. He shoves the pill in her mouth and Sheila spits it back at him. "You expectorated on me!" he shouts. In that case he'll just have to jab her medication in! Martin grabs a huge needle just when Mike and Mad Mags come in. Mike orders him to drop the syringe. Martin is still grumbling about being "expectorated" on, and Mags yells at Sheila to take her pill and behave. Tonight is special for the crazed blonde. She has a date with James and she's gonna make him forget all about evil little Sheila. Mags flounces out to change.

JAMES' HOUSE: James is on the phone with an operator trying to track down the fictious Guthrini clinic. Molly comes down with her suitcase. She has to go back to Michigan to care for an old friend, but doesn't want to leave James. He assures her everything will be all right, but to check around when she gets home to see if Sheila has contacted any of her old friends. Molly's taxi arrives and she's off.

RICK'S BEDROOM: A hormonally challenged Rick is bouncing off the walls. Amber comes in to check on him and asks if he's still mad that she wouldn't let him grope her in the hot tub. Rick blows a gasket and orders her out of his room (I hope mommy and daddy locked the gun cabinet before they left town!)

PSYCHO HOUSE: Mad Mags comes in dressed in an itty-bitty blue cocktail dress to torment Sheila. Mags thinks Sheila should wish her luck because the sooner she gets James back the sooner Sheila will be set free. Bull, Sheila cries, she knows they're gonna kill her. Unconcerned, Mags turns to leave. "Tonight I'm gonna have James," Mags gloats. "Sleep tight." Sheila fights frantically against her restraints.

RICK'S BEDROOM: "Did you really think I'd let you get away with that?" Amber asks. Rick yells that Amber is out of here! When his mom gets home he's gonna tell her about all the stuff Amber's gotten into and how she's been neglecting Bridget. "You're history," he screeches. "Get out of my room and out of my life!"

PSYCHO HOUSE: Sheila is still fighting with her restraints when she spots a scalpel laying on the table. The Brothers Grimm enter arguing about what type of pizza to order. Mike is gonna go get the food while Martin stays behind. No way! Martin thinks Mike won't let him go because he thinks he's gonna get drunk. Sheila starts to cry and Mike goes to comfort her. "I'm really scared!" Sheila sobs. "You've gotta help me!"

JAMES' HOUSE: James is looking at photos of Sheila and the baby when the Wicked Witch of the West rings his doorbell. Mags was just in the neighborhood (in a slinky dress and diamond earrings) and thought she'd drop by. Mags begs James to let her in, and goes straight to the baby. "She's so pure and innocent, James," Mags says, then goes into a song and dance about how he needs to protect the baby.

CAFE INSOMNIA: [Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Bradley Bell dropped this scene in just to leave his viewers staring at the TV screen muttering, "what the hell is going on here?"] Clarke Garrison pops into the cafe and immediately spots Amber (who he has never met in his entire life). He immediately sits down with her and says he knows who she is. She reminds him of Jewel...or the kid sister he never had. Clarke introduces himself as Forrester's top designer (yeah, in his wet dreams) and he knows Amber is babysitting the Forrester kiddies. Not for long, Amber moans. Rick came on to her and she's probably gonna lose her job. "He did! Boy, did he grow up fast," Clarke says (he grew about 5 years in 1 day!). Amber prefers older guys - about Clarke's age. Clarke points out that Rick has something he will never have - a trust fund. A little light bulb goes on over Amber's head when she realizes Rick is rich. She tells Clarke she LOVES money. "That boy is a meal ticket waiting to be cashed," Clarke says. Amber asks him what she can do to get on Rick's good side (doesn't everyone seek underhanded advice from total strangers on winning the heart of a teenage boy?)

JAMES' HOUSE: "Do you think I don't want to protect my daughter?" James asks. No, Mags says, it's about getting his priorities straight and his daughter is his number one priority. "She needs to live in a stable home with two stable parents," says Mags (who is known throughout the land for HER mental stability). Mags asks James a hypothetical question. What if a man came to him with a baby and asked his advice on whether the baby should be raised by a woman with a history of dangerous mental illness or, by a stable woman. "What would be your answer," Mags whines. "You tell me and that's what we will do."

PSYCHO HOUSE: Sheila is still crying. Her fingers are numb, she sobs to Mike, and asks that he loosen the strap. Mike loosens it one notch, then he and his brother leave to get the pizza. As soon as they're gone Sheila reaches for a stethoscope and swings it towards the table. She snares a leg and drags it towards her, then grabs the scalpel and starts hacking away at her bonds.

That's all folks. The first person who can logically explain the scene between Amber and Clarke gets an all-expenses paid trip to Greenland aboard a Forrester Fashions jet:)


Thursday, January 15, 1998

Sheila is busy trying to break free when she hears Mike and Marty returning. It would be difficult to miss them, as they are arguing loudly. Mike is accusing his brother of going to the liquor store, which Marty is denying vociferously. As they enter the room, Mike is calling Marty a loser. He approaches the bed (Sheila has hidden the scalpel behind her pillow). As bad as he was talking to his brother, he is just as sweetly talking to Sheila. He has brought her favorite sandwich. Marty sits in the rocker and pretends to read the paper while taking sips from his flask.

Maggie wants an answer to her question. Who is the best suited to raise a child; the couple who are married and stable or the single psychotic mother? "James," she asks, "how could you even consider letting that woman with her histories raise your one and only daughter?"

Rick and CJ are in his room. Rick is in a foul mood. CJ accuses him of being unable to stop thinking about Amber. He talks about how funny his face was when she turned him down. Rick denies this but says she is going to be fired when his parents get home. "Why have her fired?" CJ asks. "Tell her to put out or get out."

At Insomnia, Amber is lower than low. She wants Clarke to tell her what to do. "A boy like Rick Forester can make things happen," Clarke advises. "You're a girl; you know what to do. It all depends on how badly you want to make that demo."

Sheila tells Mike that she isn't hungry, but he isn't going to accept that. Marty says that the appetite is the last to go before you are deep into a depression. He tells her that she is a beautiful woman---the most beautiful woman in the world. He isn't going to let anything happen to his best girl.

Sheila tells him that he is a good friend. She would like for them to stay friends, but she cannot give him the love he wants and needs. He knows that. He knows that she loves James and always will. If he were a true friend, he would help her stop Maggie. She is there right now filling his head with lies. Mike becomes angry and starts to take the food away from her. Sheila pushes the milk glass, which spills all over him. Now he has to go clean up. She will just have to go to bed without supper.

Maggie rejoins James after putting Mary to bed. She goes step by step through Sheila's history trying to convince James that she is still a psycho. How can James believe that she has changed? James gives her a rundown of his medical history. Sure, there are some people who might never be cured, but there are also those who are mentally ill by reason of being maltreated as infants. They can overcome their tragic backgrounds and can overcome the past. Sheila is one of those. He has never seen anyone more determined to turn her life around. Maggie suggests that any of those he mentioned could regress. This reminds James of all that Marty told him. Maggie picks up on this and gets him to admit that, according to Sheila's doctor, she has regressed.

Amber thinks about Rick. What would it be like to be a member of the Forester Family? She has a fantasy about being a famous glamorous rock star with lots of fans while she is living in a glorious mansion.

Mike goes into the bathroom and steps into the shower. With his eyes closed, he begins to lather up and enjoy the hot water. Unknown to him, the door opens and more light floods the room.

Amber returns home and apologizes to Rick, but he tells her that he doesn't give a damn about her. "Don't flatter yourself," he tells her. He hopes she has a place to sleep tonight because he is going in to call his mother now.

Someone slashing a knife through the shower curtains shakes Mike out of his reverie. Mike screams and lashes out toward the person with the knife. He slips and falls down in the tub dragging the curtain down with him. He lies there for a few seconds then opens his eyes. "I'm not dead," he says. "I'm really not dead!" He looks up and sees Marty dressed up in a Ma Bates costume. "You lousy drunk!" Mike says.

Sheila continues to hack away at the binding around her wrist. "I've got to get out of here. I've got to get Maggie away from James."

"So Sheila has abandoned her baby again," Maggie declares. "How can you make excuses for her?" She then tells James that she takes all the responsibility for the guilt he feels. She should have know he couldn't abandon his principles and do something wrong. She tells him that she needs him. Their baby needs them both. She begs him to do the right thing and come home. James decides to wait just one more day. If he hasn't heard from Sheila in one more day, he will take the baby and move back with her.

Sheila is almost free.

Friday, January 16, 1998

In Italy, Ridge tells Brooke that it has been a great week. Brooke says that she is determined to be the kind of wife he has always wanted. From the seclusion of their hotel balcony, they make love under the hot Mediterranean sun.

Amber paces the room thinking that she cannot let this kid get her fired. How can she get back into his good graces? Bridget comes down the stairs seeking help with her algebra, but now is not the time. Amber has found something interesting in the corner. "What is that?" she asks Bridget. Bridget informs her that it is the Karaoke machine. "I'll bet this could get Rick to lighten up," she says. Bridget says that nothing will get Rick to lighten up.

Sheila watches the door as she struggles to get out of her restraints.

James plays with Mary and tells her that she is his little miracle. "How could your mother turn her back on us?" he asks. "Oh, Sheila, how could you leave us like this."

Sheila is out of the restraints and on her way to the door when she hears the laughter between the two brothers. She hears Martin walking back toward her room and rushes back to the bed. Appearing tied up, she greets Marty as he enters the room saying "hello cutie bird" to her. Sheila asks him if he has been drinking and this really gets his dander up. He tells her that he gets enough of that from Mike. Sheila says that she only wanted to tell him to have another drink. At first, he begins to take another drink, but then realizes that she must be up to something. He tells her that he is not an idiot.

Sheila asks where Mike is and Marty tells her that he is in the shower in a pool of blood. He thinks this is enormously funny, but Sheila doesn't believe he would do anything to his brother. Sheila tries to get him to tell her where they are, but he won't even give her a hint. When she acts disrespectful to him and insults his ability as a doctor, he gets angry. He comes to the bed and grabs the scalpel and raises it toward her. With her hands untied, she grabs a vase from the side of the bed and hits him over the head with it. She jumps out of the bed and grabs a coat hanging by the door. She rushes out of the door and into the hallway.

After the lovemaking, Ridge says he can't get it out of his mind that Taylor and Thorne weren't at his wedding. Brooke says that he will find out why when they get home. Ridge is looking forward to going home and living in the house with the children again. He is also looking forward to the new little boy or girl now growing in her womb.

Hearing the Karaoke machine, Rick comes down the stairs to find his sister and Amber dancing to the music. He won't join them for a dance, so Amber grabs the mike and tells him she will sing him a song. As she sings and moves seductively around him, Rick slowly softens. When she is finished, Bridget said she really liked it, but Rick said she was only okay.

As James sits holding his baby, he remembers when she was born. He remembers talking with Sheila while they looked at the baby. "If this baby means so much to you, then come back home. Please!" he says.

Sheila is finally out of the spooky house but she still doesn't know where she is.

Maggie is telling Mike how the evening went. She says that if Sheila doesn't call him by tomorrow, James will move back with her. Mike is happy to hear the good news. Their plan is coming together. They walk into the room and find Martin picking himself up off the floor. The bed is empty! Maggie is screaming at the incompetent doctor while Mike rushes to the window. He sees Sheila outside. He and Maggie rush out the door, but not before Mike sternly tells Marty to stay behind, since he has done enough.

Bridget is chastising her brother for saying Amber's song was only okay. Amber tells her that she can handle her brother. Bridget leaves and Amber asks Rick if it was only adequate. Rick changes his tune and says it wasn't bad---for an amateur. Amber tells him that she could really teach him some moves, but he would rather learn from a kangaroo.

Amber then offers to teach him to slow dance; he tells her that he already knows how. "So, come on; show me," invites Amber. She goes to him and takes him in her arms and begins to dance. They slow dance for a while and she admits that he is pretty good. This impresses Rick. Amber tells him that a girl really wants a guy to hold her firmly and securely. As Rick tightens his grip on her, she tells him that that is better---kinda nice, she says. He says that she is only saying that to keep him from getting her fired. Amber makes a very humble apology to him. They keep dancing.

Bridget calls down that Mom is on the phone. Rick begins to talk to his mother and eventually tells her that Amber is a pretty good baby sitter. Listening, Amber smiles while thinking, "me and this kid are going places."

Sheila is running. She still doesn't know where she is. She thinks she has seen this place before, but where? She finds a pay phone and dials James' number. It rings and rings.

Mike and Maggie rush out of the house looking for Sheila. Maggie says something to Mike, which Sheila hears. She drops the phone just as James answers. She runs away. Maggie walks by the phone and hears James' voice. She picks up the phone and listens. "Hello, hello," James is saying. "Sheila, is that you?" Maggie hangs up the phone. Mike then joins her. She orders, "Come on, Mike. She went that way. Let's get her!"

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Week of 1/19/98 - 1/23/98

Monday, January 19, 1998

The scene is Italy and Ridge is sporting a black bathing suit while relaxing outside on the terrace. Brooke is wearing a purple two piece number and she is replaying Taylor's words in her mind about going to Ridge with the truth about her baby. Then she thinks about Stephanie not believing that she is pregnant. She says to herself, "Let them wonder. Because Ridge believes me that is all that counts. This is it. I have everything I have always dreamed of. I am not going to let anything spoil it." She decides to call home and check out what is going on.

Taylor is still in the hospital maternity room and she is reading the newspaper; she spots the announcement and a picture of the new Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester. She is disgusted and believes that Brooke must be working overtime to get herself pregnant. She says to herself, "That should be me in that picture. My baby has a right to know. Ridge has a right to know. She stole my life."

Thorne pops his head in the door and notices how upset Taylor is as she tosses the newspaper aside. Just then, he gets a page from Brooke and realizes that all this time she has been in Italy. He calls her back outside on the pay phone and congratulates her. He tells Brooke that Taylor was furious about the moving up of the wedding by an hour, and that she had the baby and it was a boy. The baby was born on the day of her wedding and he delivered him in the back of the car, he explains. Brooke plays concerned and asks how the baby is. Thorne explains that Taylor believes Brooke tricked Ridge into marrying her. Brooke urges Thorne to make sure that Taylor doesn't have any thoughts of telling the truth now; she has to realize that Ridge is with Brooke now. Thorne hangs up and a nurse is nearby; he finds out from the nurse that Taylor still hasn't filled out the birth certificate and promises to take care of it.

Meanwhile, at the Psycho house on the Universal Studios lot in CA, Sheila is running at night, with Mike and Maggie right behind her. She sees a car parked in front of a motel and starts to bang on the door of a room and cries for help. Mike and Maggie grab her and put her back to sleep with some chloroform.

Thorne enters Taylor's room. He picks up the newspaper out of the garbage and makes a comment about how happy Ridge looks in his wedding picture. He sees Taylor fighting for something that never really satisfied her before. He feels that she has a right to find happiness and her son has the right to everything he deserves. And of course, Thorne feels that she can do all of that without the help of his brother Ridge. He personally can't stand to see Taylor get hurt again. Thorne tells Taylor that her decision as to who should be named on the birth certificate as the father isn't about the paternity, it is about the woman she wants to be and the kind of life she wants to live.

Brooke tells Ridge that Thorne had called and that Taylor had a baby boy. She was in labor, which is why they had missed the wedding, Brooke explains, and she tells Ridge that Thorne delivered the baby in the back of his car. The chat turns to Ridge delivering Bridget in the cabin up at Big Bear. Ridge admits he finds it strange getting used to Taylor and Thorne being a family.

Mike has tied Sheila back in the bed. He tells her not to go PSYCHO on them. Sheila pleads, "You have to let me go. This is wrong." Mike says it isn't for much longer since the plan is working. Maggie claims that James and Margaret are moving back in with her tomorrow and they are all going to go away together- somewhere that Sheila can't ever find them. They all leave so Sheila can rest, and Sheila is crying.

Taylor cries that she finds the decision to be overwhelming and it will change the course of her life. She asks for a pen and fills out the birth certificate. Thorne reads it and announces, "You can't do this, Taylor!"

Tuesday, January 20, 1998

Ridge is in the hotel room ready to return home from his honeymoon. He tells Logan that he has been thinking about Thorne and Taylor with their baby, and it makes him want their own child even more. Brooke wants to take a bubble bath first before she packs to go home to their new life together and she invites Ridge to join her.

Stephanie is on the telephone in Eric's office still trying to track down Taylor- only this time she is chatting with her pal James. Eric comes in and Stephanie insists that there is something going on, since James doesn't know where Taylor is either. Just then the phone rings and it is Ridge on the other end. He has called to check up on how the business is running without him.

Stephanie grabs the phone to ask Ridge if he had heard from his brother and Taylor. "You mean you don't know?" questions Ridge. Ridge finds that to be strange because Taylor had the baby. Stephanie questions why Thorne didn't call them. Stephanie then starts in about Brooke. Ridge tells his mother that Brooke is his wife and she deserves respect and he has had it with her attitude. Ridge hangs up.

Eric chides Stephanie for her comments about Brooke; she's running the risk of alienating Ridge, he warns. Stephanie says he really doesn't care and is going to see Taylor; she asks Eric to join her. Eric feels that if Taylor had wanted or if she were ready for visitors she would have called them. But Stephanie leaves to go and find Taylor and her grandchild to pay them a visit.

Sally is at Insomnia and believes that she has been stood up by Lauren. She tells Macy and Grant that Lauren now spends all her time sitting alone in her apartment in the dark, while meeting a friend for coffee seems too much for her to do now. Lauren shows up in jeans and seems out of it. Lauren thanks them for caring so much about her and Sally explains that Lauren is a part of the Spectra family. Sally and Grant have to leave for the office. Lauren swears that she will meet them over there later. It will do her good to stay out in public and have a cup of coffee, she says. Macy brings her the drink and then Lauren sees a man across the room - a man she believes is Rush. She picks up her cell phone and calls Eric. She tells him that she saw Rush and he is here.

Taylor is still in her maternity room at the hospital. She filled in the birth certificate but left the father's name blank. She feels that if she needs to do so at anytime she could always revise the form. She named the baby Thomas Hamilton Forrester. Thorne doesn't understand her thinking because everyone will think he is the father, yet his name isn't written in the form. He feels that he has been with Taylor every single day taking care of her and the child, yet all she thinks about is Ridge, Ridge, Ridge. Taylor believes that Thorne is being manipulative.

Thorne carries on that everything he did was because he loved her. He questions that maybe Taylor doesn't even know what love is. Taylor yells back that she needs time and freedom to make her own decisions and then she announces that she is going away for a while. She is taking the baby to meet his grandfather and will stay with her father to think about everything. She has to do it on her own and doesn't need any pressure from outside sources. Thorne is disgusted and says, "It is easier to blame me than Ridge. He left you, Taylor. I gave you everything that I had, and now I am the bad guy." Taylor chirps in that he is not the bad guy in all of this. "You are right, not anymore!" Thorne says as he leaves. Taylor is upset.

Later, Stephanie comes knocking on the door to offer her congratulations. Of course she has to ask if Brooke told Taylor about the ceremony being moved up an hour. Stephanie feels that Brooke has painted herself in a corner and pretty soon Ridge will be through with her for good.

Meanwhile in Italy, Brooke asks Ridge if he believes her about the pregnancy. Ridge says that pretty soon she will start to show and his mother will have to eat her words. Brooke goes to take her bath. Ridge continues to pack. Suddenly, there is a scream from the bathroom. Brooke comes out all in shock and she is pale, clutching her stomach...................

Wednesday, January 21, 1998

Stephanie is at Taylor's bedside in the maternity ward. She expects Taylor to fight for the man that she loves. Stephanie insists that Ridge is too smart to put up with these old tricks of Brooke's. When the truth comes out, Ridge will leave her once and for all, Stephanie believes.

Brooke is in the Villa in Italy. She acts stunned, and says, "I can't believe it - our baby. There was lots of blood. I am so sorry." Ridge then asks if she was absolutely certain, maybe she was just spotting. She replies, "Oh God. Why? It is so unfair. Why did this have to happen to us?" Ridge claims that maybe it just was not their time yet. He takes Brooke over to the bed to sit down. He holds her.

Eric shows up at Lauren's apartment. He tells her that it isn't possible for Rush to be in L.A. and that her mind is playing tricks on her. Rush is dead; the man is gone forever and she never has to see him again, he explains. Eric then calls the FBI to speak with an agent to ask if they found Rush's body in Greenland. The agent tells them that of course, they did not, but they assume he is dead, because of the weather conditions and his injuries.

Eric tells Lauren that they both need to go on with their lives. Lauren claims that Eric still sports his beard as a symbol of Greenland that he can hide behind. Eric then emerges from the bathroom clean-shaven, to prove a point to Lauren. He confesses that he has seen a therapist who claims that they are going through post traumatic stress syndrome, and he believes that Lauren might benefit from similar therapy. He leaves to go and see his first grandson at the hospital and asks if she will be all right; she says she will. Lauren builds a fire and replays Greenland once again in her mind. There is a knock at the door and she thinks Eric forgot something. She opens the door to see Rush standing there saying, "Hello, Lauren."

Taylor claims to Stephanie that Ridge and Brooke are not the center of her entire world and that she has new responsibilities now. She isn't running away and needs to find herself, she explains. Stephanie questions if her future includes Thorne and asks why aren't they married yet? The nurse just then brings in the baby. Stephanie learns that his name is Thomas. She questions Taylor if the name had anything to do with the island of St. Thomas where she and Ridge went and had such a wonderful time together. She can't believe that she is holding Thorne's child.

Taylor then states that she refuses to subject this child to anymore of the craziness around here. Stephanie asks her to see Ridge before she leaves on her trip. She thinks that Ridge should see her beautiful son. After Stephanie leaves, Taylor tells the baby that he met his grandma for the first time, and soon he will meet his father.

Brooke is upset about making the announcement at the party of the pregnancy. "I am sorry, sweetheart. I know who badly you wanted this baby. We lost our baby." Ridge insists that a baby will happen for them in time and holds Brooke. She tells him she loves him.

On the plane, Brooke is upset about how Taylor and Stephanie will react. She doesn't want to tell them because she couldn't handle it right now. She thanks Ridge for believing in her and tells him that his love and devotion are needed more now than ever. Ridge tells Logan he will always be there for her.

Thursday, January 22, 1998

Sally and Macy are huddled up in the Spectra office. Macy informs Grant that Lauren told them she was coming over after having some coffee at Insomnia, but she never showed up. Sally is concerned about Lauren because she seems haunted and inarticulate, which is very unlike her, ever since the experience in Greenland. From the little bit that Lauren had told Sally, she gathers that there was a man involved in that whole thing named Rush.

Lauren is home when she gets a knock on the door. She asks, "Eric, did you forget something?" But when she opens the door, a man who looks like a cleaner Rush (with the beard) is standing there. Lauren panics and asks how he could dare come there, but the man pleads, "Wait, it's not think!" Lauren she knows exactly what it is but "Rush" says, "You're wrong. I'm not who you think I am. I'm not here to destroy you. My name is Jonny Carrera; Tony - the man you call Rush - was my brother!"

Clarke is busy at Forrester preparing some sketches that he knows Ridge will just love when Amber walks in. He asks her how it's going with "the rich kid" and she says not too good. Clarke is surprised and thinks that she hasn't been able to get Rick turned around. Amber, however, tells him this isn't the case; in fact, she has gotten Rick to like her, she explains. The problem is that Brooke is on her way home, which means Amber is out of a job. Clarke tells her not to let up; getting in with the Forresters could be the key to that demo tape she so desperately needs, he reminds her, so she should find a way to stay connected to Rick.

CJ and Rick are hanging around the Forrester house. Rick is bragging about his slow dance with Ambver, right there in this very room while Bridget was upstairs. "Yeah, right," CJ says, "She doesn't care about you, Forrester." Rick says, "You don't know what you are saying." CJ still isn't buying Rick's line and reminds Rick that once Brooke gets home, it's bye-bye Ambrosia. Just then, Amber walks in. CJ starts singing, "Here she comes, Miss America." Amber says him, "Don't you have somewhere to go?" CJ says, "Like where?" Amber says, "Like take a hike," since she wants to talk to Rick alone. CJ says, "See you around, Forrester," and he leaves.

With Sally gone, Grant and Macy discuss how worried Sally is about Lauren. Macy says, "Well, I guess when you care for someone like Mom does Lauren... I guess it would be hard on you seeing them suffer." Grant says, "I know the feeling. I feel that way about someone; I even asked her to marry me. But she turned me down." Macy says, "She did? Well, do me a favor. This person has been hurt; just don't give up on her." Grant says, "I am not planing on it ." Macy asks, "Do you love her?" He kisses her.

Jonny apologizes to Lauren for getting to her; Lauren says, "You didn't get to me." Jonny explains that he knew Sharon Stills, the model who Rush killed, and Lauren was lucky to escape Rush's clutches; he then adds, "Unfortunately Sharon wasn't." He's afraid that Lauren came close to meeting a similar fate at his brother's hands, though, and it may have left an impression on her. He tells her, "You have to fight it." Lauren is still afraid so he says, "Here is the place I am staying; but you have to believe I am his brother and you are safe now. If he was alive, he would hunt you down like an animal. I will not leave town until I know you are OK." He leaves and Lauren runs and makes sure the door is locked, a frightened look in her eyes.

Rick asks Amber, "You wanted to talk to me? Amber says, "I just wanted to have a few moments alone with you Rick before your Mom gets home, because I wouldn't be staying here any longer." Rick says, why you can still come around." Amber explains that she needs a good job and can't survive being a part time babysitter. She says, "I guess I will leave town Rick says, "Maybe I can help we can check out the want ads." Amber thanks him for the effort but she's already gone that route, and the job market in L.A. is dead. She says, "Looks like it's back to Furnace Creek for me; I just wanted to thank you for making my stay here so good. And there was one thing that made it that way and it was you; you are a good guy." Rick asks, "Why do you say that"? Amber says, "You just are very special to me Rick." Rick says, "You are to me too." She leans over and kisses him. Afterwards, we see the two kids smiling.............

Friday, January 23, 1998

Amber and Rick are kissing. Amber says, "I guess I will be going." Rick says, "Not now; Mom and Ridge haven't got home yet." Amber says, "I guess I will be leaving town." Rick asks, "Will you call me before you leave Amber?" Amber says, "Well if there was something I could do." Rick says, "We need all kinds of help here." Bridget runs down the stairs and says, "They are here". Rick asks, "Who?" Bridget says, "Mom and Ridge! They just pulled up in the drive".

Brooke says she is glad to be home and greets her children. Bridget says, "It's nice having you home, Mom." Brooke asks, "Did everything go ok?" and Ridge asks as well, "How did everything go?" Rick says, "Great!"

Taylor is waiting to be released from the hospital and is talking to the baby. She says, "Wait until Ridge sees you - his son, his first born. I wonder if he will know? Well, we will soon find out; he and Brooke are coming home today and we will be there to meet them." The nurse comes in and says she has some papers to sign. The nurse holds the baby while Taylor tends to the red tape of filling out the forms. The nurse says to the baby, "I bet your daddy will be home waiting for you." Taylor says, "I am sure he will be."

At the PSYCHO house, Marty is getting hungry and wants to get something to eat. Mike reluctantly gives him money, but also give him strict instructions not to get lost. "Marty, are you sure you know what to get?" Mike asks. Marty replies, by repeating what Mike said. Mike reminds him, "Marty, no booze." Marty answers, "Don't worry, I won't." With his brother on his way, Mike tells Sheila, "Well, sweetheart, supper won't be long now." Sheila says, "I don't want anything." Mike tells her, "You have to eat." Sheila asks, "Where is Maggie?" Mike informs her, "She went over to your place; she and Warwick are moving back home tonight."

At the Warwick home, James is laying the baby down and Maggie comes in. Maggie asks, "Have you heard from Sheila?" James answers, "No I haven't." Maggie says, "It is time James, for you, me and the baby time to make a fresh start." James agrees, "You are right." Maggie tells him, "I put you through a lot; I am sorry... I am very depressed. Margaret belongs with us."

Maggie then starts crying and adds, "You haven't called her that in a long time." James says, "Sheila named her; her being the mother, I felt she had the right. But she has proved she is not the mother I thought she was. I am very depressed." Maggie says, "I thought instead of going home tonight to all the memories that we would go away - it will be so good for us, with you being depressed and I am very stressed out."

James asks, "Where do you want to go?" Maggie says, "I think Scotland; we could show her her roots James, we could take her away from all this madness. We have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Please, James - do this for Margaret, do this for me. Please." James says, "Maggie, a trip like that takes time. We would have to get her a passport." Maggie says, "I have already taken care of that. I have a plane booked for tonight."

James reminds her, "I have to think about my work." Maggie says, "Don't think about that; just think about what is best for Margaret. She is all that matters. Forget about Sheila, your job - she is all that you should think about. Put her first in your life. Can't you see how beneficial it will be for her?" James says, "Yes, I can." Maggie says, "I have my bag in the car; I could go and get yours and get the baby some things."

James says, "If you don't mind, I need to go out for a while. I need to clear my head." Maggie says, "Ok, that is fine, James. I love you very much and I love our baby; and someday we are going to look back on this night and know that this was the most important moment of our lives. Certainly the most important of Margaret's." He hugs her and smiles; he then gets his coat and leaves.

Back at the Forrester home, Ridge tells the kids, "It doesn't seem like you guys missed us at home." Bridget answers, "We had good company." Brooke asks, "So Amber was a good babysitter?" Rick chimes in, "Ok? She took us everywhere, she got us to school on time, She was excellent." Brooke says, "Thank you, Amber." Amber says, "No problem."

Brooke tells her, "I have already written your check out; I am sure you are anxious to get going." Bridget asks, "How was your honeymoon, how is our new little sister?" Ridge says, "Look, I am going to tell you guys all about the honeymoon, but your mom is tired and she needs her rest." The phone rings; Brooke answers and Taylor says, "Welcome home, Brooke."

James is at Mannequins and asks for "the usual." Marty has stopped by too, and James sees him. James thinks to himself, "That is Sheila's doctor; he is my only chance to get in touch with her." Marty leaves. James says, "I will follow him; with any luck he will take me to Sheila."

Mike tells Sheila, "Honey, look at it this way. Maggie is never going to let you have James and sooner or later that shrink would break your heart. It is better you make a clean break now; you are better off." Sheila says, "I am better off without James, without Mary? You know my child means a lot to me. And James - I am lost without him. Please, Mike; you have got to help me before it is too late." Mike responds, "I can't Sheila; the die is already cast and someday you will thank me for this."

The kids are mobbing Ridge and he says, "Come on, I will show you some good stuff." Still on the phone, Brooke says, "I am sorry, I can't talk to you right now." Taylor says, "Yes, you can; I am on my way over there now. Did you really think you could stop me from talking to Ridge by moving the wedding up an hour earlier?" Brooke says, "That is not the point. You wouldn't have made it anyway; you went into labor and you couldn't get here anyway." Taylor says, "It is the point."

Brooke reminds her, "Ridge and I are married." Taylor says, "Yes, I know; you also are expecting a baby, or so you say, Brooke." Brooke insists, "You are not coming over here. I have had a rough day and I am going to bed." Taylor says, "Good, you go to bed; I only want to see Ridge anyway and I am bringing my baby - Ridge's child. And believe me, if I find out you are not pregnant I am telling him that this baby is his."

Amber tells Rick, "Time to go." Rick says, "I wish you didn't have to

Amber says, "Me too." Rick asks, "Really?" Amber says, "I thought you knew after what happened; you forgot already?" Rick says, "You kissed me." Amber says, "Well, I have to go; I can't hang around forever. Your mom paid me well but it's not enough." Rick says, "Promise me you will call me before you go." Amber asks, "Why?" Rick says, "Just promise." Amber says, "We will see." She leaves.

Marty is arriving back at the PSYCHO house; he takes his breath freshener out and sprays his mouth so Mike won't know he has been drinking. He says, "Home sweet home."

Mike says, "I wish we were out of this place... Maggie, please call me tonight, tell me you are on that airplane." Sheila asks, "What?" Marty enters and says, "You haven't told her yet? Please let me tell her." Sheila states, "You said they were going home tonight." Mike said, "Yes I said they were going home - but home is not going to be LA anymore, Sheila." Sheila asks, "Where is she going, where is she taking my child? Mike, you have to tell me."

James arrives and says. "Where is this place? What kind of place is this, what in the world is going on?"

Brooke tells Ridge, "Taylor just called; she is coming over but I've been through so much today. Maybe I should call her tell her to come over another time." The doorbell rings. Ridge says, "I think it is too late, Logan - everything is going to be alright." Brooke says, "We aren't going to say anything about me losing the baby, right?" Ridge just looks at her; he goes to the door and there is Taylor.

Taylor says, "Hello Ridge." Ridge answers, "Taylor." Taylor says, "I want you to meet someone - my son." Ridge touches the baby's face and says "Hey."

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Week of 1/26/98 - 1/30/98

Monday, January 26, 1998

James has followed Marty, Mike Guthrie's brother, to the Psycho house at Universal Studios after seeing him in the restaurant Mannequins. He wonders what he is doing there and decides that he has to find out. Meanwhile upstairs, Sheila is refusing to eat anything that Mike gives her and he informs her that it won't do her any good because James is gone - he is with Maggie on their way to the airport as they speak. Mike then insists that James is a snake. Marty is quick to speak and tells his brother to give it up, that Sheila doesn't really give a damn about him and never will. Mike believes it is because James has a spell on her and wrapped her around his finger. Marty tells his brother that he saw the good doctor at Mannequins before and he doesn't think that he could have followed him back here. Now Mike is worried.......

Maggie is with Margaret waiting for James at his place. She tells the baby that nobody will know where they are on their little trip - especially not Sheila. She goes to call Mike to tell him that the plan has a green light and she is leaving the country tonight. James went out for a walk and when he gets back they leave, she explains. Mike wants the whole mess over by midnight and tells Maggie to have a good life in Europe after she thanks him for helping her. Sheila pleads that Mike can't let Maggie take her family away from her. Meanwhile, James walks up the steps and enters the house, as he has come to the conclusion that he has to get to the bottom of this.

Over at Forrester Creations, Stephanie wants to know if Thorne is really going to let Taylor leave town with his son, and when she does return if they will get married. Thorne tells his mother to stay out of it. Stephanie of course turns the chat to Brooke and how she is very insecure, and how that is because of Taylor. She informs Thorne that his brother is back from the honeymoon in Italy. She wants to know why he is so concerned that Taylor took the baby over to see Ridge since he is home. She then comes to the conclusion that Brooke and Thorne know something and are hiding it. Thorne doesn't want to hear about his big brother anymore and all of HIS problems. To him Ridge is the problem. He storms out of his office.

Taylor shows up to see the newlyweds and lets Ridge hold his new nephew. The 2 women stand next to each other. Ridge comments that he doesn't see much of Thorne in the baby and notes how beautiful the baby is. Taylor says that he looks just like his father. She then tells them that she had wanted to be at their wedding, but they didn't know the ceremony was moved up an entire hour. Brooke sticks in that there must have been some miscommunication. Taylor then replies about Brooke's pregnancy and asks if she is feeling any morning sickness yet. Brooke becomes upset and doesn't want to talk about the baby because it is just too soon. Taylor says that if she didn't want to chat about the pregnancy because it is too early, then she shouldn't have told anyone.

James is going upstairs to find out what is going on. Mike insists that to Sheila that James is not a saint. They hear a noise and it is Warwick coming up the stairs. They hide and James enters the room to untie Sheila. Mike hits him with a broom and then his brother smacks James with the chair. James is down but he gets up again. He then beats both of them and unties Sheila. He gets into the bed with her to hold her and tells her that it is all over.

Taylor and Brooke then request a glass of water from Ridge, who is hesitant to leave them alone together. Taylor then tells Brooke that Ridge will know all of the truth very soon. Ridge later returns and takes the baby again. Taylor tells him she is going away with the baby to think things through - personal things that she has been keeping inside. Ridge tells her to deal with her problems and not to run away. He doesn't want her to leave and plans to spend a lot of time with his new nephew to bond. Taylor continues that she made a big mistake and need to figure out to correct it once and for all. She kisses him goodbye by the door and Brooke seems to ache inside as she watches what could be a happy family together by the doorway.

Tuesday, January 27, 1998

James walks Sheila out of the Psycho house to the car. He picks up his car phone to call the police and report the kidnapping. Meanwhile, upstairs in the house, Mike starts to wake up after being punched out. His brother notices that Sheila is gone.

Maggie is waiting for James at his place. She decides to try the car phone, only to find it busy. She assumes that he is on his way. She looks out the window to see her worst nightmare- James is walking Sheila up to the doorway.

Eric and Stephanie are in his office and he states to her that Taylor hasn't admitted to still being in love with their oldest son Ridge. Stephanie hopes that Taylor will use this trip to clear her head and then come back and go after what belongs to her. Eric questions if Stephanie realizes what might happen to their family if Taylor chases after Ridge. Stephanie replies, "I hope it will get rid of a really obnoxious daughter-in-law." Eric changes the subject as to why Stephanie is putting off their wedding. She isn't makes excuses for not walking down the aisle with him she explains; she just feels that Eric has a lot of things to work out from Greenland. Eric confides that he has been working it out but his main concern is Lauren, because she seems to be getting worse and he wishes that there was more he could do for her. Just then, a rattled Lauren rushes into the office begging Eric for help.

James walks into the house and tells Maggie that she won't believe that Sheila was kidnapped. He helps Sheila sit down and he continues to explain that he had followed that so called doctor out of the restaurant Mannequins, but he didn't lead him to the recovery center as he had hoped. The doctor was working for Mike, James states. James goes upstairs to get a blanket to warm up Sheila. Sheila turns to look at Maggie to tell her it took someone with a real warped min to come up with this one. Maggie holds back the tears.

Meanwhile, back at the Universal Studios lot in the Psycho house, we see Martin collecting up all of the evidence. they hear the police cars coming.

James covers Sheila and he continues to tell Maggie that there was no heat where they kept Sheila, and then he leaves to get some water. Maggie questions why Sheila hasn't told James yet. James then comes back and continues that Martin told him all the right things and he felt responsible. James apologizes and promises to never let Sheila down again. He decides to not leave for Europe and says he is staying right there. Sheila is crying that she never thought she would see him again. James wants to get the baby for her, but first there is something that Sheila feels he needs to know..........

Lauren tells Eric that Rush came to her apartment. She pleads it isn't posttraumatic stress; the man talked to her and grabbed her. She explains that he kept saying he wasn't Tony; he was his brother. Could it be possible that he had an identical twin, she wonders? Stephanie doesn't believe Lauren for a second and thinks she needs to see a shrink because she needs help. Lauren then hands Eric a paper that Jonny had left her with his name and phone number on it. Stephanie tells Lauren to call the police if she is frightened for her life and is not buying into another one of Lauren's plots.

Eric suggests that if the person is Rush, he would have a scar from the arrow wound. They need to get him to Lauren's apartment in order to put this whole thing behind them, he explains. Lauren calls Jonny and he apologizes for showing up at her place like that; it was just that he had wanted to talk to her. Lauren asks to get together tonight at her place around 9pm.

Mike and Martin lock the door. They hear the police and make a rope out of sheets. They make their way out the window.

Sheila tells James that she cant blame Mike for what had happened to her, because he didn't do it alone. James said that he had become violent because he was furious. Any decent person would have been horrified to see the conditions that they had kept her living in. James questions why Mike turned against her, since he had always helped her in the past. Sheila replies that Mike was convinced he was helping her and a third person - a sort of ringleader - did it. She looks at Maggie with a cold look in her eyes. "Oh, yes, I am accusing Maggie. She is the one who made it all happen," Sheila accuses.

Wednesday, January 28, 1998

This update was written by Robyn from the bold-L mailing list: thanks!

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, January 28. At long last Mad Mags gets what she deserves, and viewers are treated to another sight of that gorgeous faux-Rush/Tony and his beard.

JAMES' HOUSE: Mad Mags denies everything about being involved in Sheila's kidnapping. Bull, Sheila shouts. Mags planned the whole thing, and was there every day tormenting her. Plus, Mags' fingerprints are all over that house! "You tell him what you did to me," Sheila yells. "Dammit! You tell him NOW!"

CAFE INSOMNIA: Amber accidentally bumps into a big jerky bully who snarls at her, then goes to sit at a table. Amber joins Macy at the bar and starts talking about her fantasy future.

LAUREN'S PENTHOUSE: Sally is there to support Lauren as Eric and Stephanie hover in the background. The doorbell rings. It's the Lieutenant who arrested Ridge. Now he is all buddy-buddy with the Forresters. The Lieutenant has investigated the case and says there is no record of Rush/Tony having a twin brother, but since he was born in Italy it will take time to verify. Lauren and Eric point out they don't have to take any time to verify his identity. Eric shot Rush in his left side with the crossbow, so there will be a scar. They will know tonight if it's really him.

CAFE INSOMNIA: Amber tells Macy she's not working for Brooke any more now that they're back from the honeymoon. She spent all her babysitting money on a new demo tape. It's only background music because that's all she could afford. Amber thinks what she really needs is a patron - someone who believes in her and can afford to back her. Macy suggests she try out her new tape right now. Amber is thrilled and Macy goes to set things up.: Meanwhile, the bully is fighting with his little blonde girlfriend. After yelling at her he smashes the coffee cups on the floor and storms out to get the car while the girlfriend starts to cry. Amber observes the whole scene.

LAUREN'S PENTHOUSE: Lauren is sitting alone in front of the fireplace while Steph talks to the Lieutenant She flashes back to Rush trying to rape her. Eric comes over and wraps his arms around her for comfort. Lauren just doesn't know how she's going to face Rush. Steph peers in at them.

JAMES' HOUSE: James is in shock. He can't believe Mags had anything to do with Sheila's kidnapping. Sheila asks him whose idea it was to go to Europe. Mags wanted to get him and the baby out of the country before she was caught! Mags doesn't deny her involvement any more. Instead, she starts harping on Sheila's craziness (talk about the pot calling the kettle black!). "She was manipulating you," Mags whines. "I had to get her away from you for awhile. I just needed time. Margaret deserves better than a lunatic for a mother." James tells her to be quiet.

CAFE INSOMNIA: The waitress picks up the broken crockery while the blonde cries. Macy announces Amber, who sings a song (with REALLY bad background music) about losing control and crying. After this awful musical interlude finally ends, the blonde tells Amber she really liked her singing. Amber says she wrote the song for a friend who put up with a lot. Bully Boyfriend barges in and orders his girlfriend to get in the car. She refuses and ends the relationship. The bully leaves and Amber smiles.

LAUREN'S PENTHOUSE: Eric tells Lauren she can do it. The phone rings, and the doorman says FauxTony is on his way up. The Lieutenant reminds Lauren she must get him all the way into the apartment and shut the door before they can do anything. The doorbell rings and everyone goes to hide in the other room. Lauren opens the door and FauxTony with the gorgeous beard is standing there <sigh>. He wants to take her for coffee, but Lauren insists he come in. FauxTony apologizes for Greenland. "You didn't deserve that and neither did Sharon." He finally comes in and Lauren bolts the door behind him. Eric and the Lieutenant come rushing out and tackle him, then haul him upright in handcuffs. They hold him tight as Lauren slowly begins unbuttoning his shirt (can we say kinky?)

JAMES' HOUSE: "Maggie, what has happened to you?" James gasps. "You have changed!" "No James, I haven't changed but you have!" Mags replies. He thinks Sheila has reformed but she hasn't. She has a warped, twisted mind (and you have a whiny little voice PLUS a warped, twisted mind!) She just knows that deep down inside James realizes she is right and that he should be with her. The police knock on the door. Mike and Martin escaped and they want to know if Sheila or James can give them any information on where they would go. "I can help you find one, and she's right there" Sheila says, glaring at Mags. "My husband's ex-wife was in charge of the whole thing. Ask my husband." The police turn to James, and Mags pleads with him. "Take her away," James says to the cops, who grab Mags and read her her rights (hallelujah! Mad Mags is goin' to jail!). Sheila and James hug. Sheila is happy. James has his usual befuddled look.

That's all for this week. Bring back those bruisers Sheila was in jail with! I'd LUV to see Mags take THEM on (hehehe).

Thursday, January 29, 1998

Lauren ever so slowly walks to the handcuffed Carrera and begins to unbutton his shirt. Her hands are shaking as she opens the shirt to expose his un-scarred chest. She gasps! "I can't believe it!" "What is wrong, Lauren," Eric asks. "The scar should have been right here," Lauren says as she points to his heart.

Could he have removed the scar with plastic surgery, Sally asks. But Eric and Lauren don't think that particular scar could have been removed so cleanly. Lt. Baker removes the handcuffs and apologizes, saying this man could not possibly be Rush. Sally thanks him for his help as he leaves the apartment. "Someone owes Mr. Carrera an apology," Stephanie mentions, coldly. "Let's go, Eric," she says. They leave, followed by Sally, and Lauren is left in the apartment, alone with Jonny Carrera.

Thorne is complaining to Brooke that Taylor has left town. Brooke tells him that Taylor just needs time, but Thorne says he wanted to go with her-she should have allowed him to go with her. Still, he is sure that Taylor will not tell Ridge about the baby when she returns.

Brooke disagrees. She saw the way that Ridge looked at that baby; it was as if he knew it was his son. There was an instant bond and Taylor saw it just as clearly as she, Brooke, did. Maybe I should tell him, Brooke muses. When Thorne objects, she tells him that she is tired of all the secrets and deceptions.

"It is complicated," Thorne tells his co-conspirator. "As long as you are pregnant, he will remain with you." The look on Brooke's face tells him that he has struck a nerve. "You are pregnant, aren't you, Brooke? Don't tell me you were never pregnant. Taylor and Stephanie never believed you were pregnant. Was it just a ploy?"

"No," Brooke finally tells him. "I really was pregnant. But I miscarried while we were in Italy." Brooke says that she and Ridge have plans tonight for a special dinner. She will probably tell him tonight about his baby. She loves Ridge and doesn't want their life together built on lies. Thorne continues to persuade her not to tell Ridge. They both have a lot riding on this. "Promise you won't do anything rash," he tells her on his way out the door. "I won't," she promises, "but that doesn't mean that he won't find out about the baby tonight." Thorne leaves.

Amber has a fan! Someone comes up to her and tells her that she really enjoyed her song. "Do you have any CDs out?" she asks. After the fan has left, Amber says that she needs some serious cash to make that demo. "Come on, Ricky boy, don't let me down," she says.

Rick is in his bed dreaming of Amber and the time that she kissed him. CJ comes in and laughs at him caressing the pillow and dreaming of Ambrosia. Rick tells him that Amber has left, but CJ has a plan to get her back in the house. He has a brochure listing extracurricular activities that are spread out all over Los Angeles. All Rick and Bridget have to do is sign up for a lot of them-especially those in different locations. Obviously, the busy parents can't be driving them all over the county, so they will have to hire someone to do the driving (Rick only has a learner's permit to drive). The first person they will think of is Amber, CJ explains, but he advises Rick to make sure they think it is their idea.

Bridget is not impressed with the choices offered by the brochure, but Rick convinces her that she doesn't have to actually take the classes-just sign up for them so they don't lose Amber. This settled, they begin selecting the classes that they want to take, all over Los Angeles County. Hearing Ridge's car, CJ makes his exit, and Rick announces, "it's showtime."

Ridge greets his wife and says he saw Thorne's car leaving; he wonders why Thorne was there. Brooke says he was only there to say hi. They both mention that they are excited about their special plans for tonight. The kids join them and begin showing Ridge and Brooke the brochure. Rick and Bridget outline their choices; Ridge and Brooke are pleased that the children want to broaden their horizons, and are pleased that they will be so busy after school that they won't be "getting into trouble."

However, when told the location of said classes, Ridge's and Brooke's eyes widen. They will be driving for hours getting them to all these classes, Brooke says. Ridge assures them they will figure out a plan to deal with this and tells Brooke they should get ready for their night out. Rick then reminds them that his first class is tonight. Brooke suggests that they call Amber, but Ridge isn't so sure about the girl. They should get to know her a little better before putting the kids in her hands. Brooke tells him that he will either have to drive Rick himself and pass on their dinner, or bite the bullet and call Amber. When both Bridget and Rick say they like Amber a lot, he goes to the phone and calls her at Insomnia.

Ridge asks Amber to come by to watch over the kids, including some driving. She says she will be right there. "Oh, Ricky-boy, you did it! My ship is finally coming in," Amber says after hanging up the phone.

At the house, Amber assures Ridge that she is a responsible person with an excellent driving record. Brooke also points out how well she gets along with the kids. When offered Katie's old room and a live-in position, Amber tells them that she cannot think of anything she would rather do than be with their family! They agree to try things out for a month and see how things go.

When Ridge and Brooke leave to get ready for the night, Amber is overflowing with happiness and gratitude to the children. Rick sends Bridget out of the room so he can be alone with Amber. Hugging him, Amber thanks him for pulling it off. They are going to have the best time, she proclaims; it is going to work out perfectly for both of them!

Lauren tells Jonny that she really thought he was Rush. Johnny understands that his brother hurt her; his brother has also hurt him. He hurt everyone he loved. Jonny wants to help Lauren get through this; he feels he can help her undo the damage caused by his brother. He invites her to dinner tonight so they can talk it through together. Reluctantly, Lauren agrees to meet him for dinner. Outside the apartment, Jonny pauses and breathes a sigh of relief.

Ridge is busy downstairs. Brooke walks to the head of the stairs and watches him. "Tonight is the night I tell you the truth about Taylor's baby," she whispers. "There is no other way."

Friday, January 30, 1998

Brooke is almost ready for her night out with Ridge. She is thinking about her marriage. She already has the perfect man, she thinks; to have the perfect marriage, all she has to do is be honest with him. "I have to tell him tonight," she tells herself, "but how will he react?" Just then, Ridge enters the room and tells her that she looks beautiful for their first dinner date as husband and wife, but he doesn't like the earrings she is wearing. He suggests the diamond ones. Brooke goes to the safe and takes them out. As she is putting them on, Ridge says that she looks better now, especially when she puts on this . . . he hands her a necklace with a huge pear shaped diamond.

Brooke asks Ridge what this is for; he tells her that he doesn't need an excuse to give his wife a gift. She has been down lately and, although this will not replace their lost child, it will remind them that they can have another one on the way. "You are going to have one sooner than you think." promises Brooke. If they don't leave now, they will be late, Ridge reminds Brooke. They rush out of the room leaving the wall safe open.

At Insomnia, Macy is looking harried. Grant shows her a positive review of her singing, which gets her even more worried. She complains to Grant that she needs to hire another singer to fill in for her so she can take a break; the running of the café is taking up all her time. Does she have anyone in mind, Grant asks? Macy admits that she is thinking of Amber. Grant says he doesn't trust Amber; and when he finds out she is working for Brooke again, he thinks that is a big mistake on Ridge and Brooke's part. "She is going to be a bad influence on those troubled children," he states.

Macy thinks it's kind of attractive how Grant still cares about those kids, and he says he hopes that if and when he has kids, they never need a dreamer like Amber. When Macy wonders why it is so bad to have dreams, Grant tells her that having dreams is okay, but you have to be willing to work to make the dream come true. As far as he can see, Amber is not willing to put forth the effort for success; she wants it given to her on a silver platter.

Amber is supposed to be helping Bridget with her algebra, but she can't get her head out of the clouds. When Rick comes into the room with the news that their parents have left, Bridget puts away her books wondering what they can do for fun. She suggests going to her Mom's walk-in closet. Rick thinks it is a dumb idea until Amber expresses a desire to look through Brooke's clothes and play dress-up. The kids rush out of the room. Amber hangs back long enough to tell herself that a few more nights like this one and Rick will be wrapped around her finger.

The girls come into the bedroom from the closet dressed in beautiful gowns. Amber slinks around the room singing "The Lady Is A Tramp" to Rick, who is entranced by her. Amber throws herself on the bed and says to the kids that their mother is the luckiest woman in the world. She would give anything for a room like this. And the clothes are wonderful. Rick tells her that someday she will have a wardrobe like his Mom's.

Once they are seated, Brooke refuses drinks and wants to talk seriously with Ridge. It is about something important she says when he notes her serious expression. Ridge agrees to talk; but first, he says they must toast their brand-new marriage with champagne. "May it never end," adds Brooke.

Brooke wonders if Ridge believe that two people in a marriage should share everything. Ridge thinks it is very important for them to share. "Do you think I am keeping a secret from you?" he asks.

Brooke says that she is talking about herself; she is the one with the secret. Does he really want her to tell him everything? She explains that if he wants a marriage where there are no secrets, then that is the way it will be. "Should I really tell you? I'll tell you if you say that that is what I should do. Is that what you want-no secrets?" Brooke asks again. She wants to be honest even if he ends up hating her. It really isn't her secret; it is someone else's secret, she informs him. Ridge says that if it is someone else's secret, then perhaps she should honor it.

"I love you," Brooke says. "I feel secure in your love. But if we are to grow together, that will involve sharing." Ridge tells her that she should fire away in that case. However, Brooke is having so much trouble getting to the point that Ridge suggests they take a stress-break first and dance. After the dance, he says, she can tell him what it is if it will make her feel better.

Everybody needs a friend in the business, Amber is telling Rick: a friend that will help them, someone who believes in them and their talent. It takes a lot of money to become a success. There is power in music, but only if you are allowed to be heard. As an example, she tells him about the girl at Insomnia who left her boyfriend after hearing her song. But there is even more than that, Amber explains; her big dream is to have an outdoor concert in front of 50,000 people under the moonlight, in front of the pyramids of Egypt. "It will happen!" Rick promises.

"It will take a lot of money to get discovered," Amber says. "It will take at least ten grand. That is just a drop in the bucket for some people. I'll just die if I end up waiting tables or cashiering in some café."

Rick gets a phone call from a schoolmate. He has to go to his room to check a homework assignment. While alone, Amber wanders around the room, touching all of Brooke's personal items. As she turns around she sees the open safe. Making sure that she is still alone, she goes to the safe and reaches inside. "Look at all this jewelry!" she gasps. "Diamonds, emeralds, gold! Just one of these would pay for my demo." She replaces the jewelry then sees a tennis bracelet. She holds it up and admires it. "She'll never miss it," she says.

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