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July, 1998

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Week of 07/06/98-07/10/98

Monday, July 06, 1998

This is Monday's Bold and Beautiful update by catchall updater, Rebecca.

Macy and Grant are waiting at the doctor's office for the result of his sperm test. The doctor comes out and tells them that there is a problem with his sperm count. Grant is shell-shocked but Macy tries to calm him; at least this way they can treat his problem, she explains, as she turns to Dr. Bennett for confirmation. The doctor tells them to have a seat for the news.

C.J. calls Amber to see how her and Rick's date went. But Amber was not at home, so he leaves a message, feeling like a dork asking about her and Rick. He then finds out why she wasn't home--because she was already on her way to see him at Spectra. C.J. asks her about the date and she tells him that it didn't go too well because they were caught on the date by Eric Forrester! She goes on to explain how Rick took her to Big Bear, which was the stupidest thing she could have done, since it got her fired. It's so unfair, she states. C.J. asks Amber what happened when they spent the night at Big Bear. Amber hesitates at first, and then she tells him that they had made love.

Brooke goes upstairs to Rick's room to talk to him about the entire situation between him and Amber; she wants him to understand why her and Eric don't want him to see Amber and why she was fired. Brooke begins by telling Rick that she understands how he feels, but it will pass. Rick disagrees - he says that after everything Amber has done for them, what happened is unfair. Brooke acknowledges that Amber has done a lot, but that does not give her the right to do anything she wants. Rick says it doesn't matter to him, and nothing his mom can say will change his mind.

Brooke tells him that he will meet a lot of other people, and have girlfriends when he goes to college, and by that time he will be sure of what he wants. Brooke explains that sex is more than physical gratification for people who are in love with each other. It's saying to a person that you have so many feelings, that you want to be committed to them throughout life's journey.

The doctor tells Macy and Grant that Grant not only has low sperm count, he has no sperm count at all! It's a disease that is genetic, and there is no cure for it. Macy begins crying and Grant consoles her in his arms. Grant then goes into a rage and tells the doctor he doesn't know what he's talking about. The doctor says he thinks they need time alone and prepares to leave, but not before he can recommend counseling and an exploration of alternatives (like adoption or sperm donation). Once Dr. Bennett leaves, Macy tries to soothe Grant by telling him it's not his fault, and they can always adopt, but Grant refuses to accept the news and is determined to have a baby of their own. "Other people have babies they don't want and throw away... it's not fair!" he cries.

When Amber tells C.J. about her and Rick sleeping together, he becomes raging mad! Amber asks him why is he so upset; after all, he use to talk about how Rick should try to get in her pants! She tells C.J. not to try to be so moral now, and he tells her that at least he's not the one sleeping with a different guy every week! Amber then punches him straight in the face with her fist!

Rick agrees with Brooke that sex is more than physical gratification. He then asks that if he promises not to have sex with Amber, can she come back and work for them again. Brooke is stunned and tells him no! Brooke tells Rick that it's more than just being worried about him and Amber sleeping together. The problem is that Amber went against them by taking advantage of their faith that they had in her, and Brooke can no longer trust her as a result. Rick compares Brooke coming down on Amber to Stephanie coming down on her for not being good enough, but Brooke reminds him that she was older, and she tells him to focus on his future instead of dwelling on Amber.

C.J. asks Amber if she feels better after punching him in the face. She says, "no". She tells C.J. that she needed to talk to a friend. C.J. explains to Amber that he is concerned about her, and asks what if she had slept with Raymond and then given Rick a disease! Amber lies and tells C.J. that she did not sleep with Raymond, so getting a disease wasn't possible! He told her that she should have used protection with Rick, because she could get pregnant and ruin her career in one night of not thinking. C.J. tells her that he believes in her, and she has too much talent to waste it on a little mistake. Amber then calls Rick and asks him if he's alone. When Rick tells her that everyone is gone, Amber tells him that she is coming over. C.J. warns her not to go over, but she does anyway.

Amber arrives in Rick's room and rushes in his arms! Rick tells her that she is the most important person in his life right now, and they began to kiss very romantically. Brooke walks by and overhears Amber giggling, and she peeks through the door and sees them kissing! Her eyes narrow and she is filled with anger!

Tuesday, July 07, 1998

Brooke is in the hallway as she overhears Rick and Amber from the doorway; she looks in and spots them in a passionate kiss and does not look happy. Amber finally pulls back from Rick and remarks that she has to get out of there before somebody sees her. They make plans to meet at the cabin tonight, even though he is grounded. Amber requests that he stop off at the drug store for protection. They are now back to kissing and making out on his bed as Brooke hears Amber giggle from the hallway about what she'll do for him at the cabin. Rick says that he wants her, but not just for tonight--he confesses that he wants her for always. He says, "I am not just some little kid with a crush." He continues to tell her that he knows what it is like to believe in someone and then have them let you down. He would never do that to her, he pledges. Amber then asks him for a favor--money. Brooke stands in the hall in shock.

CJ is playing some mellow chords on his guitar in the office at Spectra. Sally wants to know what is wrong, because he may as well be playing the funeral march. CJ confesses that he is worried about Amber, and he makes it clear that Sally does not have to worry about Amber--she is not interested in him. Sally knows that her ex-hubby Clarke warned their son to stay clear of this girl, because she is trouble. But CJ is upset that Amber was fired with no money and no place to live. "You were right about the Forresters. They are cold," CJ says.

Sally asks her son to think about it--that maybe this young lady is getting exactly what she deserves. Sally remarks that CJ's friend Rick has certain assets that would be very attractive to a girl like that. CJ continues to harp that Amber is special and it is just not fair that she is being treated like this. Sally believes that the sooner Brooke gets Amber out of Rick's life, the better. Rick has led a sheltered life--even less so than CJ, who is far from experienced, Sally points out--and he is heading for trouble with this girl, Sally says.

Ridge is exhausted in bed as Taylor kisses him. He teases that it wasn't just the jet lag that wore him out. Taylor is excited that they are home, the honeymoon is over and they are starting the beginning of their new life together. Ridge agrees that their life will be "incredible."

Ridge then goes to check on baby Thomas and returns with the mail. He then spots a cassette recording on the desk of a motivational speaker named Pierce Peterson. Taylor questions her husband on what he thought of the speaker. Ridge found that most of what he preached was just common sense. Taylor says that of course Ridge would feel that way, since he already has what he needs out of life--like her. But others aren't as lucky, and she believes in what Pierce says about finding a goal and reaching for it. Ridge questions if the speeches actually work and make the average person motivated. "You are here, aren't you?" chirps Taylor.

Ridge is taken aback by the comment until his blushing bride says she was only kidding. Taylor then starts to chat about how much she misses working, and she says that she hasn't found a practice that she would like to go back to work for, even though there have been some offers. Most of them seem like they are more into punching a clock than helping people, she says, even though they have good reputations, and she is afraid a job like that will keep her from Thomas. She then picks up a letter and says, "It's from him!!!"

Ridge asks, "Him who?" and Taylor explains that it is from Mr. Pierce Peterson, requesting a meeting with her. There's only one problem--he wanted to see her YESTERDAY! She quickly calls the number on the phone and speaks to Pierce's assistant. The diminutive gentleman says that she has to be there with in 25 minutes, before Pierce catches a flight out of LA. Taylor acts like a schoolgirl meeting her idol and rushes to get dressed as an amazed Ridge agrees to keep an eye on Thomas.

Rick gives Amber 25 dollars out of his wallet. She says it will get her gas for the car and something to eat. He then gives her another $140 that he has stashed in his room. Amber promises to pay him back as soon as she gets another job. He tells her not to worry about it, since it was his fault she lost this one anyway. She kisses him as a thank you and goes to leave, and she promises that Rick shouldn't worry, since everything will work out perfect.

As Amber gets downstairs, Brooke is waiting for her. Amber lies about coming into the house to get some stuff she left behind. Brooke begins, "You came to see my son. I saw you. I heard you. Now you are going to hear me." Amber says that there is nothing she can do to keep her from Rick. If Brooke sends him away, Amber vows that she will follow her son. He is her best friend; and that means everything to Amber, because he is always there for her. Brooke then hands her an envelope from the desk. It contains a check for ten thousand dollars for Amber, if she promises never to see Rick again...

Wednesday, July 08, 1998

As Taylor gets dressed for her appointment with Pierce, Ridge encourages her that Pierce must want to work with her. "You really think so?" Taylor asks her hubby. Ridge says he is convinced; holding up Pierce's letter, he says it's right there if you read between the lines. Taylor holds up a few outfits and asks her designer husband for his opinion; Ridge, however, pulls out a few more elegant pieces from Taylor's wardrobe.

Taylor asks Ridge if he's sure those are right, since this is a business meeting. Ridge reminds his wife that she should wow Pierce and flaunt her talent, and he bets that the motivational expert will offer her a job on the spot if she does. He is sure Pierce will find her as irresistible as he does.

Rick calls CJ and asks him to cover for him while he meets with Amber at Big Bear. Rick explains about the big night he has planned, and CJ urges him to be careful and to make sure he uses protection. Rick thinks his buddy is being paranoid. CJ reminds him of AIDS, of pregnancy - and of the other night with Amber up at the cabin. Rick promises to be careful.

Amber stares at the check for $10,000 that Brooke has given her. "You must really want to get rid of me pretty bad," Amber says. Amber chastises Brooke for getting the "white trash" out of her son's life, but thinks it isn't going to work. Brooke then explains that Amber has a choice; she can take the money and get out of town now, or she can be charged with statutory rape. After all, Rick is still a minor at sixteen, while Amber is eighteen.

Brooke says she will not let Amber take advantage of Rick, which is why Amber should end things with Rick now. "I tried!" Amber counters. She explains that she tried to get rid of Rick at first... but then Rick didn't want her to. "And neither did I," she adds. Brooke again threatens statutory rape, and says she can make it stick based on the hot and heavy conversation she overheard outside Rick's room. Amber reminds Brooke that she gave her life for Rick, yet she obviously isn't good enough.

Amber says she will get out of Rick's life for him, not for Brooke... but it will cost Brooke $50,000, not $10,000. "If not, then you can call the police... and I will get a lawyer," she states. Brooke calls Amber a tramp and Amber says it takes one to know one. Brooke then hands her the check for fifty grand and orders her to leave. Amber agrees, and as she makes her exit, says, "Goodbye, Mrs. Forrester... and you just got rid of the best thing in Rick's life!"

Ridge reassures Taylor one more time and tells her to give Pierce hell. Taylor gives him a kiss good-bye and heads out the door.

Rick comes downstairs and finds Brooke there. He tells his mom that he is going out with CJ and will crash at his place. As he gets ready to leave, Brooke tells him, "Be careful, and remember I love you, no matter what." Rick says he will and is off.

Amber arrives at Spectra in tears. CJ asks what she is doing here; isn't she supposed to be with Rick? She confides that she is not going to see Rick again and she asks him to deliver a letter to Rick. She can't see Rick again, so she is leaving, she explains - but she will be all right. "Where are you going to get money?" he asks. Amber says that will not be a problem and tells him about Brooke's payoff.

Taylor arrives at Pierce's and is asked to wait by his diminutive assistant, Bailey.

Rick prepares a romantic evening up the cabin.

As Taylor sits in the waiting room, she hears helicopter. She asks if that is Dr. Peterson, and Bailey says it is... and he explains that she should call him Pierce. Bailey tells the other employees to take their places. As a wide-eyed Taylor looks on, the employees line up. Dressed in a wet suit, Pierce comes into the room, and Bailey tells him Dr. Forrester is here. Pierce looks over in her direction and then greets each of his employees with a kind word or compliment. Taylor is impressed with his energy and enthusiasm.

Shortly after, Taylor is invited into Pierce's office; he has changed into a suit. She thanks him for seeing her, but she knows he is headed abroad and would be willing to reschedule if necessary. He says he has time for her, even though he is leaving for Tokyo, and she is surprised when he knows all about her, including her age (close to 35), Thomas and her recent marriage.

Pierce explains how the "here and now," is important - and right now, he says, the order of the day is breakfast, something he understands Taylor usually foregoes. As he offers her fresh fruit to eat, she agrees that it is the most important meal and accepts. He then asks why she is ready to go back to work now and explains how he sees Taylor as someone who wants to help people. She is flattered by the compliment and says she has brought a list of her credentials for his perusal. However, he foregoes her credentials and asks her to describe herself in only three sentences. "Excuse me?" Taylor asks.

CJ is shocked at Brooke's offer, and that Amber would sell out Rick by taking it. He refuses to help break his best friend's heart and tells her to do it herself. Amber then tells him about the statutory rape threat and how there is no happy ending for her and Rick... and since the Forresters want what is best for Rick, she will leave, even if it means going nowhere herself.

Amber starts crying and CJ comforts her. Meanwhile, Rick waits anxiously for Amber to arrive, and he says he will make his parents accept her as the one he wants.

Thursday, July 09, 1998

Rick is at the cabin and still preparing for his date with Amber. He can't believe that Amber feels the same way about him that he feels about her.

CJ suggests that Amber drive up to Big Bear and talk to Rick. "If you wait out our parents, they usually give in. Rick thinks you are great---and you are," CJ says. Amber says that Rick will stand by her; he will fight with the mother that he adores. She can't allow Rick to hate his mother because of her. No, girls like her don't live in Beverly Hills, she laments, which is why CJ has to do deliver the letter for her and she must leave Rick behind.

Stephanie holds Thomas and remembers Sheila's threat. Ridge comes into the room and says he has to run an errand and he wants her to look after Thomas. He notices that she is distracted and asks what is wrong. She brushes it off as nothing to worry about. Ridge tells her about Taylor's job interview with Pierce Peterson.

"My life story in three sentences?" Taylor asks. Peterson says it is a way of finding out where you are located in the cosmic universe; he wants to find where she is at this point in time. "Why are you here?" he asks.

Taylor thinks about it a few seconds, then says "I'm here to learn; I'm here to grow, and I'm here to laugh." "What about Love?" Pierce asks. "That isn't why I am here," Taylor tells him. "Love is something that comes to you naturally." Pierce is pleased with the answer, and she then asks him why *HE* is there. He says he is here to teach, to heal and to inspire. Taylor says that she has listened to him and he does know how to inspire; however, inspiration is useless without the motivation to change. He accepts that and says that that is what he wants to change; he wants people to realize that anything they want is theirs. But, there is one requirement; you have to make a decision to change your life, he adds. Yet, he admits that many people can't make that decision. He wants to change that and hopefully, Taylor will help him.

Rick is getting ready for the best night of his life.

As Ridge tells Stephanie about Pierce Peterson, he notices that she has zoned out again. "I know what is wrong and I think we have to talk about it," Ridge says.

Rick opens the door and is surprised to find CJ there. He wants CJ to go back to L.A. and cover for him, and quickly, because Amber is coming. No, CJ says, sadly, she isn't coming. Rick is confused; he demands to know where Amber is. CJ hands him the letter and tells him to read it; it will answer all of his questions.

Ridge thinks that Lauren and Eric is the problem, but Stephanie says she has made a decision that she is going to move on with her life. He reminds her that she used to think Eric was the only man she would ever love, but Stephanie tells him that she doesn't think that way any longer. He wonders if she has fallen in love with someone else. She says that she thought she had but there were too many complications. He presses her for answers like "is he married?" but she tells him to drop the subject. Anyway, she tells him, she doesn't want to talk about that; all she wants to be is the best Grandma to his little boy that she can possibly be.

Taylor is shocked and thrilled when Pierce says that he has gone through thousands of candidates to be his associate and Taylor is at top of all his list. He tells her he has devised a method that he calls TIM: transcendental image motivation. It's an extension of his current methods, a method of total focus to achieve one's goals. He has practiced it with success, he states, but can't do it alone. He wants Taylor to help him. It virtually guarantees a change in behavior. A person can simply walk through the door and ask for help and he will get it!

Taylor is skeptical; she thinks it is a little too good to be true, but he tells her that so many things that are thought to be impossible are, in fact, possible. He quotes to her, "Faith is when you come to the end of all the light you know; and you are about to step off into the darkness of the unknown. Faith is knowing one of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or you will be taught how to fly." He adds, "I want to teach the world to fly! And I want you to help me. Together we can do it!"

Rick reads the letter. Amber tells him that this is the hardest letter she has ever had to write. She has never felt so close to anyone as she does to him. He has captured her heart and she is unable or unwilling to turn off the feelings that he has generated in her. He didn't break her heart as so often happens when you let down your guard and let someone into it; no, he took care of her heart and that makes what she has to say almost unbearable. He has touched her deeply, especially that night they shared in the cabin and she didn't take that lightly; she will remember it always. But, she says, they both have to try and forget that night and each other, because, as much as he wants to take her into his world, it isn't her world and it never will be. Rick has to go no without her; not because she wants it but he has to for his own sake. There is so much in the future for him; he doesn't need a girl like her dragging him down. As hard as she has tried, she has never been able to fit in with his family and friends. She asks him not to try and find her. She will have a good life. She wants him to be well, be well and happy and I will pray for you every night. She ends with "love always, Amber." Rick is devastated; tears stream down his face.

Somewhere in the city, Amber sits on the edge of the sidewalk and cries.

Stephanie reads a story to Thomas. As she looks over the sides of the crib, she tells him, "you are such an angel." "He will be an angel very soon," Sheila says from the doorway. As Stephanie tries to stop her, she pushes Stephanie to the floor and takes the baby. She runs out the door while Stephanie begs her to come back. Suddenly, Stephanie wakes up and realizes it was only a dream. She picks up the baby and tells him that he is okay; nothing is going to happen to him. "She will never have you as long as I am here," she promises.

Friday, July 10, 1998

Stephanie is talking to Lauren about Sheila. She is so worried about Thomas. Sheila is such a psychopath, she says; she wants to tell James, but she is afraid that if Sheila finds out, she will take it out on the baby.

James wants to talk to Sheila about the kiss, but she tells him that the conversation is over. When he persists, she slams down the book in her hands and asks him if he is trying to make her sick; the kiss meant nothing, right? When James doesn't answer, she tells him, "Don't you dare do this to me. I put all my faith in you; don't you dare bring me down."

Taylor tells Ridge all about the job interview. She says that this highly intelligent man named Bailey in this high tech ultra modern office greeted her. Then Pierce Peterson came in from his helicopter wearing a wet suit. "Some people know how to live," Ridge says.

On the plane, Pierce Peterson is relaxing with a drink. Bailey tells him that they will be landing in Tokyo in only 4 hours. He guesses that Pierce is thinking of Dr. Taylor Forrester and the new project.

Stephanie tells Lauren that she has to find a way to convince Sheila that she isn't a threat to her; that is the only way Thomas will be safe.

"Yes, I am upset," Sheila finally admits. "We are married and we have been happy when everyone said we couldn't do it. Now you tell me that we have problems? The only problem we have is Stephanie." James tells her that Stephanie is not a problem. Sheila continues, "You have been through so much lately; there is no way you couldn't help being disillusioned. And there was Stephanie standing there with her arms open. She has a vendetta against me."

James is shocked that Sheila would suggest that Stephanie has a vendetta against her. "Yes she does," insists Sheila. "She wants to destroy us and it is working. I finally have everything I want in my life and I am not going to let her take it all away from me." James puts on his coat and says he has to get some air. "No, you started this and we are going to finish it" Sheila shouts as she follows him out the door. Sheila returns to the room and sinks down into a chair. "What am I doing?" she asks herself. "What in the world am I doing?"

Ridge says that he wants to make steaks tonight on the barbecue. They can't help but talk about Pierce. Ridge says he sounds like a fascinating man and Taylor agrees. She says he has these magnetic eyes and it feels like he is looking right through you when he talks. Ridge says that he knows someone else who is fascinating. When Taylor thinks he is talking about her, he walks over to Thomas' crib and says it is Thomas. Ridge suggests that Taylor get out of her work clothes and get into something more comfortable; less is better, he tells her. "Nothing is best," Taylor says and Ridge tells Thomas that his mom is learning; she is a smart one too.

Stephanie is looking at a picture of Ridge and his family when there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to find James and immediately demands to know why he is there. What if Sheila saw his car parked out in front? James says that he parked around back; he has to talk to her about Sheila. He thinks that Sheila is regressing. He told her about the kiss and she became very angry and bitter. "I haven't seen her like this in a long time," James says. "She won't listen to me about the kiss or how I feel about you. All her anger is directed at you."

Back at Sheila's, she is walking down her stairs and talking out loud. "I don't care what you say James, it's all Stephanie's fault! She is coming between us and I have to show her that I mean business! THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY I CAN DO THAT!" She walks out of the house looking very determined.

Taylor comes out in a black bikini. How is this for someone who has just had a baby? Ridge tells her that he is the luckiest man in the world. "Are you just figuring that out?" Taylor asks. Everything is coming together, she says. She wants to go back to work and maybe she will work with Pierce. She has Ridge, Thomas and a good family; she has a career and she is going in a new direction. Ridge agrees that they are truly blessed. A day doesn't go by that he doesn't appreciate what they have. Going over to a sleeping Thomas, he looks down and tells him that his mommy and daddy will take care of him.

Behind the palms, Sheila is lurking and watching everything.

On his jet, Pierce is talking to Bailey about the new project; he won't go into detail until he has it all worked out, but he wants Dr. Forrester to work closely with him on it. Bailey says that he will get her an office ready right away, but Pierce stops him. He wants to work closely with her; he wants her in his office with him. This is critical! When one of the secretaries wants to talk about his meeting in Prague, he tells her to cancel it; he is making a lot of changes and concentrating totally on his new project. When he is alone, he picks up Taylor's file and looks at a picture of her. "You are in for quite an adventure, Dr. Taylor Forrester," he says. "If you only knew!"

"She is regressing?" asks a frightened Stephanie. "I don't want to discuss this with you, James. If you feel that you need to talk to someone, it can't be me!" James cries that he is asking for her help. Why is she pushing him away?

Suddenly Taylor realizes that she is famished and wants to eat. "Not yet," Ridge says. He wants to take a quick dip in the ocean. Taylor doesn't want to leave Thomas, but he assures her that Thomas will be fine; it will only take ten seconds. As they rush out across the beach to the water, hand in hand, Sheila leaves her hiding place and walks into the beach house.

Stephanie tries to convince James to go home and make his marriage to Sheila work. No, James tells her. He wants to know what is going on here. Running to the phone, Stephanie dials a number while telling James that he has to tell Sheila that he is on his way home. She hands the phone to a perplexed James. The answering machine answers and he tells this to Stephanie. "What about the baby, who is taking care of her?" Stephanie asks in a desperate voice. James tells her that Mary is with the babysitter. OH NO! Stephanie cries. She grabs the phone and quickly dials a number. "What is going on? What is wrong?" James asks. As the phone begins to ring at the other end of the line, Stephanie prays. "ANSWER THE PHONE, PLEASE! PLEASE, PLEASE ANSWER THE PHONE!" she frantically prays.

Back at the beach house, the camera is on the baby who is sleeping soundly. Beside the bed is Sheila. "I have to do this, Stephanie," she says.

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Week of 07/13/98-07/17/98

Monday, July 13, 1998

James is at Casa Forrester as he questions Stephanie as to why she, as his best friend (wasn't that Taylor?), is pushing him away. She tells him to concentrate on Sheila. He explains that he cannot do that; he realizes that Sheila has regressed and all of her anger is directed towards Stephanie now. Stephanie pleads with James to call his wife Sheila and tell her everything is going to be all right and that he is on his way home now. James picks up the telephone receiver but hears the answering machine and knows that the baby is with the sitter. Stephanie is livid, exclaiming, "Where the hell is she? " Stephanie picks up the phone again and dials another number, as James demands to know what is going on. "Please answer the phone!" Stephanie pleads.

The phone is ringing at the beach house in the background as Sheila watches over a sleeping baby Thomas.

Stephanie is frantic when there is no answer. James demands to know what is happening. Stephanie informs James that if he wants to help her then he has to go home to that woman and don't ever see her again. James wants to know what Sheila has to do with this and what his wife said to her.

Sheila tells the baby that his grandma is trying to destroy her family. The only way she can stop Stephanie is with him, she explains. Sheila picks up the baby out of the cradle in the living room.

Ridge and Taylor are freezing and dripping wet from their swim. They kiss. Taylor thought she heard the phone ring, but she figures she must have been too late, since there was no message on the machine. Ridge is about to get the steaks when she interrupts him and they start kissing.

James is pleading with Stephanie to know what Sheila has done to her. He knows something is wrong. Stephanie tells him to go back to his family and not to come back again. He says he will fix any problem with Sheila - and if Stephanie will not help, he will just ask Sheila. She begs, "Don't confront her. She'll do it. My grandson... She said if you leave her, she will kill him. If I don't stay away from you, Sheila said she will kill my grandson!"

Sheila is driving home from the beach house and is talking aloud to herself that she is going to show Stephanie that she means business. Sheila has a present from Thomas and is on her way over to Casa Forrester

Ridge suggests that they skip dinner altogether and just go to the bedroom. Taylor jokes that he should not talk that way in front of the baby. Taylor goes over to the cradle and finds it odd that Baby Thomas is awake and he usually sleeps at this time. She knows that something is just not right.

James is in disbelief at first and says, "Oh my God! I can't believe this. I married her, I lost my career. I believed she was better. How could she threaten an innocent baby?" Stephanie says she is more worried about him; he has to go home and never come back to see her again. James insists, "We can fight this. We have to, for Thomas. I will get out of our marriage. I have to do it for Thomas, for Mary. Everything is going to be okay. I will take care of everything," says James as he hugs Stephanie.

Taylor realizes that Thomas is missing a little patch of hair. She doesn't understand how it could have happened. She is concerned, but Ridge assures her, "Doc, if a bad hair day is the worst thing that happens to him, then we are all blessed. I think you are focusing all of your energy on our son, but you are allowed to cut yourself some slack. You will always have me here. That little boy means the world to the both of us." Taylor confesses that she used to dream about all three of them together like this as a family. Ridge says he always knew what a great mother Taylor would be, and he and Thomas are determined to make sure that she does not go crazy. They kiss again. Ridge then goes to make dinner and Taylor stares at her son.

James tells Stephanie that he won't let Sheila hurt anyone else. He will take the time and make sure that they get through this. Stephanie tells him to be careful; Sheila will know they are up to something. James says he will come up with a plan; Stephanie accepts this but says, for now, he must leave and be careful. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. James hides in the other room and it is Sheila.

Ridge and Taylor are having their steak dinner and he notices how preoccupied he is with Thomas's hair. She changes the subject to Stephanie. Ridge spurts out that she has an interest in a new man, but with a major complication--he is married.

Sheila demands to be let in, so Stephanie opens the door. Stephanie tells Sheila that James isn't there and she hasn't seen him. Sheila says, "How dare you think that you can come in and break up my family. You'll never change, you always think you can order everyone around. But I am in control." She unwraps a lock of Thomas' hair. She says, "He's fine… but you so much as look at my husband and I will cut a lot more than hair. Don't ever underestimate me, Stephanie. Stay away from James or your precious grandson will pay. I promise you that!" Sheila leaves and James comes out of hiding. Stephanie is in shock that she got to the baby. James holds his best friend, who is in tears...

Tuesday, July 14, 1998

Grant is looking out the window in his office at Spectra. He is very depressed and starts to daydream about the future. In his brain he comes up with the idea about designing an entire maternity line of sexy cocktail dresses, and Macy just so happens to be pregnant and modeling one of them. Macy tells him how much he loves him and how happy he has made her by giving her a family. Grant then snaps out of it and realizes that his dream is never going to happen.

Just then Darla knocks on the door and tells her friend and co-worker that she is so very sorry. She suggests that he should go home and take some time off. Grant goes off the deep end that the worst place for him is home right now. He feels like putting his fist through the wall of the room in the house that they were going to turn into the nursery when they bought the house, he angrily states. He laments that he and Macy had it all planned, and he questions why this is happening to him. He is the one blocking Macy's dream and standing in her way. Darla tries to assure him that Macy loves him, but he isn't hearing it. He asks Darla to please leave so he can be alone.

In Sally's office, Sally can't believe it is possible, but Macy informs her mother that it is true; Grant can not have children. Sally reminds her that they can still adopt, but Macy cries that they can't have their own children and it feels like someone has just ripped a child out of her arms. Sally tries to help by saying her daughter can still have a family, just not the way she had always planned. "Oh God, why is this happening!" cries Macy as she leans on her mom for support.

Grandma Stephanie arrives at the beach house. She notices the bald spot on the baby and questions how it happened. Taylor says that she was hoping that Stephanie would know why Thomas' hair fell out like that, all in one spot or clump. Stephanie tells her daughter in law not to worry, and Taylor informs her that Ridge thinks she is overprotective. Stephanie then urges Taylor to make sure the door is always locked and to keep the alarm on. She should also always take the baby with her in another room. Taylor tells Stephanie not to be nervous; after all she is the new mom. Taylor goes to take the baby down for a nap and needs to talk with her mother in law about the new job offer, but Stephanie informs her that she can not stay, as she has something she has to do. She reminds Taylor to set the alarm again and leaves.

At the Warwick home, Sheila comes downstairs in her robe. James coolly comments that he came in late last night because he had a lot to think about. Sheila goes to kiss her husband and asks him what is the matter. She guesses it is Stephanie. James begins, "Why is it so easy for you to blame Stephanie for OUR problems? Stephanie is a symptom of the problem, not the cause."

All of a sudden, James informs Sheila that he doesn't have time now to discuss or save their marriage, because he has to leave town. He has a possible interview for a job with a colleague. He goes upstairs to pack. Later, Sheila is getting Mary ready for her doctor's appointment. James tells his daughter goodbye. Sheila finds it strange that all of a sudden James has an interview out of town, but he says he kept it so as not to get her hopes up. She kisses him for luck and leaves. James then calls Stephanie and says that he needs to see her. She is afraid about Sheila, and he tells her how he has led Sheila to believe he is out of town with a friend who will cover for him. He requests that she meet him at the cabin and says that he needs for his friend to trust him. She agrees to meet him.

Sally asks Macy how Grant is handling this situation and finds out that they have not really talked about it. Sally insists that they cant let this come between them, and that they need to work through it together and comfort each other in this time of need. Darla comes in to inform them that Grant is in his office in a really bad way. Macy leaves to see him.

Macy enters Grant's office and wants to talk. Grant feels defective since he can't make any children with his wife. He tells her that as long as it is her dream and he is standing in her way, that he wants an annulment. At least this way, she can have a child with someone else. Macy confides that she is sorry if she made it seem that it was so important to have a baby, but without him, what would be the point. She loves him, and they were so happy that she wanted to share it with someone. Macy tells him that she loves him and that he is more important than any baby. They hug and Macy vows that they will get through this together...

Wednesday, July 15, 1998

Thorne is inside his house working those abs of his (doesn't he do anything but work out these days?). His workout is interrupted by the arrival of his ex-mother-in-law, the Grand Diva, Sally Spectra. Sally is worried about Macy going through a rough time, so she urges him to stay away from Macy. Thorne however tells her that is not what Macy wants, so he has no intention of staying out of her life.

James and Stephanie arrive at Big Bear, but she tells him she almost didn't come because of worry about Thomas.

Taylor has put Thomas down for a nap when Sheila stops by. Sheila asks where Thomas is. Taylor tells her she just got him to sleep and wonders, "Why are you here?" Sheila suggests that Taylor looks uncomfortable talking about Thomas with her. Taylor says no, but she would like to know why Sheila is there. Sheila asks if she knows anything about James and Stephanie. Taylor says, "No. You will have to be more clear," since she doesn't know what she is talking about. Sheila says, "That's all right, I got my answer." Taylor hears Thomas and goes to check on him. Alone, Sheila gloats, "SO STEPHANIE, YOU HAVE KEPT IT TO YOURSELF SO FAR."

Grant and Macy are discussing the repercussions of Grant's medical condition; they are both on the couch and he is holding her. She says that maybe they should move out of this house as it's filled with dreams. Then she says, "I don't know; maybe we should give ourselves time to get used to it." He say they'll never get used to it. He then decides to go for a walk; she declines to join him as she is tired, but he says he won't be long.

Back at the Beach House, Sheila is holding Thomas and feeding him. Sheila tells Taylor that Stephanie is giving James the cold shoulder; she doesn't return his calls and doesn't talk to him. Taylor says, "I talked to her this morning." "Did she say anything?" Sheila asks. "She was in a weird mood; she made a big deal about my security system and then blew out of here," Taylor replies.

Stephanie tells James that the only thing they can do is avoid contact with each other. They have to, she reminds him, or Thomas will pay the price!

Regarding Stephanie's concern about the alarms, Sheila says, "Well, you know," as she kisses Thomas' forehead, "you can't be too careful." Taylor says Steph did seem a little nervous. Sheila suggests that maybe the breakup with Eric affected Stephanie more than they thought. Sheila goes on to tell her about James' trip to meet with an old mentor. "Oh, Dr. Russell?" Taylor asks, and Sheila is happy that this is the name James told her of his colleague. The baby interrupts and starts crying. Sheila says, "The last couple of months haven't been easy, but things are turning around for us. You know, Thomas, you are a very lucky, lucky little boy. Thank you for letting me hold him." "Say hi to James," Taylor says, bidding her goodbye. Outside, Sheila says, "Very good, Stephanie; you just saved your grandson's life."

Wondering what made Sally stop in, Thorne goes by Macy's and finds her crying. She tells him they got some bad news, but she can't talk about it. Thorne surmises she isn't pregnant. "Can't talk about it," Macy again says. "Macy, it's only a matter of time," Thorne assures her. "No, it isn't; Grant and I can't have children," she says. Why Not, asks Thorne? She tells him about the tests; he hugs her.

She is crying and she says it is so wrong. "How is Grant taking it?" he asks. "Taking it hard," she says. "We got married to start a family; that's what we wanted. Now what do we do? It seems so unreal, children... imagine it, my whole life it feels like they died, like they were stolen from me. I can't hold them. I was scared, thought we have problems. I see women everywhere, pregnant women. Teenagers don't possibly know what they are doing. IT MAKES ME ANGRY; WHY CAN THEY BE PARENTS AND NOT ME?"

Grant comes home and realizes Thorne knows--and he even admits that it is his fault, which surprises Thorne. Thorne is about to leave, but Grant stops him; he explains that once he would have been insecure about Thorne. But knowing that Macy would stay with him at a time like this has gotten Grant over his insecurities.

Grant then gets a call to come see Dr. Heinz, the specialist. Grant hopes his doctor is calling to say that there has been a mistake about the tests, but the doctor, on the other end of the phone, has a grim look on his face.

James and Stephanie are at the cabin. Steph is telling James they can't see each other. He can't accept it. She tells him that she is frightened; she doesn't want to be responsible for anything happening to Thomas. "There is no way to protect him if she is unstable; she will find a way to get to him." He wants to call the police. She says for how long? "No, she always finds a way to talk her way out of it with the police. We don't have any evidence. She will get out on bail and then what? She will go after Thomas; she already has."

James says she is on probation; she isn't invincible, so they will contact the authorities and they will put her back in the hospital. Steph says again there is no evidence; "She is a master, she will deny everything. She will convince them we are sandbagging her, especially when she finds out how we feel about each other." Oops, that was a slip of the tongue, but James insists on knowing how she feels. She doesn't want to think about anything else, just Thomas.

James says, "I thought about it. I want you." She says it is an overreaction on his part after finding out about his wife. No, he has had feelings since that night she kissed him, he says. She says that's the reason why Sheila is doing this, on account of that kiss. He won't let her hurt Steph, Thomas or Mary. "We have a right to be, if that's what we want. Is it? Is that what you want, Stephanie?" he asks. She turns towards James and says yes. They kiss.

Thursday, July 16, 1998

Rick is just lying around in his room when Brooke comes in. He asks her what all the noise downstairs is all about and she says it is a surprise for him; it is something he will like, she assures him. She tries to get him to come downstairs, but he is too worried about Amber to be with people.

CJ is with Macy and he is down because he hasn't heard from Amber; he thinks he will probably never see her again. Macy says that she will miss her also, she has a marvelous voice. As CJ begins to count her many good qualities, Macy sees that he has a thing for Amber. CJ can't see where the Forrester's were coming from when they sent her away; they should have thanked her for making Rick so happy and for bringing Bridget home. But Macy tries to show him the Forresters' side; they trusted her and she let them down. Changing the subject, Macy tells CJ that the fertility specialist has told her that there is nothing she or Grant can do to have children.

Grant shows up at Dr. Heinz's office, but the doctor is in with another patient at the time. He tries to find out from the office nurse why the doctor wanted to see him. Since she doesn't know, she leaves him alone in the office. He still believes that there was a mistake and he will be able to father a child.

Rick wonders if Amber is downstairs but Brooke say that she isn't. She called some of his friends and invited them for a pool party. He can't go to a party when he is so worried about Amber, he states! He says that she thinks that Amber was just a favorite toy; all they have to do is provide him with another one and things will be okay. She says that she would never make light of his feelings for Amber, but she doesn't want him to miss out on all the fun that being a teenager brings.

"No kids?" CJ is blown away, but Macy says that they will be okay. CJ wonders whose problem it is, but Macy says that it is both their problems. He insists on knowing who is specifically to blame and she admits that it is Grant's problem; he is taking it bad so she doesn't want CJ to say anything to him. He says that they can adopt, but she isn't ready to think about that. He says that she will make a wonderful mother; anyone that can handle him as a brother can handle a kid of her own. Macy says that for right now she just wants to focus on what she has. If it is just she and Grant for the rest of their lives, she will still be the luckiest woman alive.

Dr. Heinz walks in and wonders where Macy is. Grant says he left her home as he didn't want to get her hopes up before he got the good news. "Good news?" Dr. Heinz is puzzled. "That is why you called me, right? To tell me that there was a mistake and Macy and I can have children after all?" Grant asks.

That is not why he called Grant. He says that his second test confirmed the first test results. Grant is puzzled. "Then why did you ask me to come here?" The doctor says that he called Grant there for another reason. "Why don't you sit down?" Dr. Heinz says.

The party is in full swing and Eric is looking on. The server brings him a margarita as Brooke joins him. He asks about Rick, and Brooke tells him that Rick is really hurting; this was a bad idea, she claims. No, Eric says, this party is a good idea. He only wishes he had been on to Amber sooner, before Rick became so involved with her.

Upstairs, CJ joins Rick. He wants Rick to come downstairs and join the party. Rick can't sit up here and wait for the babes to find him, CJ points out. He asks if Rick has heard from Amber. He begins to rattle off all the names of all the girls that are downstairs just waiting for Rick---the entire pep squad. Rick says that it wasn't just one night with Amber; she was special. He wonders why no one can understand how he feels. CJ says that she was his friend also; but she wasn't the last chance for Rick. He bets that she isn't out there crying her eyes out for Rick; she is tough, and if things don't work out the way she wants them to, she goes on with her life. That is what Rick has to do now.

Eric and Brooke talk about Rick; Brooke says that CJ is there now putting a little peer pressure on him. Eric asks about Bridget and Brooke says that their relationship is coming along okay; Bridget is opening up to her slowly. He asks if she has seen Ridge and she says that she hasn't seen Ridge since before his marriage. She is interested in moving on. Thank God she has her children to keep her going. Brooke says that when she cleaned Amber's room, she found a lot of empty beer bottles and cigarette butts. Just as Eric is on his way to talk to Rick, Brooke stops him; Rick has joined the party.

Rick and CJ begin talking to the girls and reminiscing about past parties (including one CJ threw where they had to call the cops--which landed Sally a date!). CJ and one of the girls go off to the hot tub while Rick talks with the other. She asks if he is going to play soccer this year and he begins to talk about soccer in an animated way. Brooke and Eric look on, pleased.

Grant finally sits down, but he is very uncomfortable. Dr Heinz tells Grant that they discovered another problem; one that is unrelated to the other problem that he has. As the doctor begins to try and get to the point, Grant tells him to just spit it out. "You have cancer," Dr. Heinz tells him. "It is testicular cancer and it is spreading!"

Friday, July 17, 1998

Grant can't believe what the doctor has told him and demands that he say it again. "I'm sorry Grant, you have cancer."

Rick is beginning to enjoy himself at the party. Looking on from above, Eric thinks that the girl he is with is very cute. Brooke says her name is Alexis and she has always had a secret crush on Rick. Eric says that a month from now, Amber will be just a distant memory.

Bridget and a friend decide to get into the hot tub; she asks Rick if he would like to join them. Alexis allows Bridget to taste her drink and it is so good that she orders one for herself. Rick doesn't want to go into the hot tub, so Alexis doesn't go either.

Sally stops by to see Macy. When Macy objects to her driving so far to hold her hand, Sally tells her, "I'm not here to play policeman, but you don't have to put on an act for me, okay?" Macy tells her about the wonderful life she and Grant have; that is what she is going to focus on from now on.

"Cancer?" Grant gasps. "How bad?" The doctor says that it is stage 3 cancer, which means that it has already spread to other parts of his body. They should begin treatment right away.

Brooke hopes this is the beginning of a new phase for Rick. Eric hopes that Amber will stay away. Brooke says that she will; she gave her money to go away. "How much?" Eric wants to know. She finally admits how much she gave her and this disturbs Eric. Brooke says that she did it because her children are more important than anything; they need to be guarded like treasures.

Alexis can see that Rick is hurting from the breakup of his relationship with Amber. He tells her that it is all over, but it does hurt. CJ calls them to come join the rest of the gang. As they go into the pool area, CJ grabs Alexis' arm and asks her if she has made any points. She tells him that the party isn't over yet. CJ says, "You go, girl!"

Grant tries to absorb the news the doctor has just given him. "What do we do?" He asks. The doctor wants to talk about his options, but Grant only wants to know if he is going to die.

The doctor says that he is going to remove the tumors, then they can begin chemo and radiation. He wants to schedule the surgery for right away. "What are my chances of beating this thing?" Grant asks. The doctor says that if they begin right away, Grant could live for six months, maybe longer. This takes the wind out of Grant's sails and he says he will need to think about it. He wants to keep this between the two of them. He especially doesn't want his wife to know about this, he emphasizes with tears streaming down his face.

Sally is glad that Macy is going to concentrate on what they have instead of what they can't have. Macy tells Sally that Grant offered her a way out of the marriage, but she turned him down; she married him for love, not for a baby. She only hopes she didn't make a mistake by making too big of a deal about having a baby. She hurts so much for her husband. She realizes now that having a baby was all she used to talk about; Grant wanted to make her dreams come true but now he can't. Sally says that she knows that they have suffered a great loss, but they have gained something too. They have learned how much they mean to each other. They have the rest of their life to share with each other. That is what they have each learned throughout this terrible ordeal. Some dreams just aren't meant to come true. Macy says that her dreams did come true because a child is about love and she has never loved Grant the way she does right now.

CJ enters the room to find Amber standing there.

When Grant returns home, Macy is alone. He tells her that he was out at an appointment. She says he looks preoccupied and he answers that he has a lot on his mind. "I have a lot on mine too," Macy says. "It isn't the baby problems, it is the fact that my heart is overflowing with gratitude and blessings just being married to you. I see how far we have come and how close we are, so close that nothing else is important. Not having a baby was only a minor disappointment. We have so much to be excited about; we have our lives and our future ahead of us. We can do anything we want, go anywhere we want and we can do it together. There are all kinds of limitations if that is what you want to focus on---I can't have a kitten because I am allergic, I can't have a cocktail because I am an alcoholic. The list goes on and on. What we do have is a deep abiding commitment and that will get us through any problems we will ever have to face. Not having a baby is only a minor sacrifice compared to your love and your presence in my life." As she puts her arms around him, Grant begins to sob.

Hand in hand, Eric and Brooke watch the party. He believes that the worst is over. Amber was just a tragedy waiting to happen; she won't be back and Rick will be okay.

Amber has to see Rick, but CJ tries to get her to leave. She tells him that she needs to see Rick and tell him something. CJ offers to give him the message, but she says that she has to talk to him in person. Nothing will make any difference, CJ says. "Oh yes, this will change everything," Amber tells CJ. As CJ looks at her, the truth begins to dawn on him. "No!" CJ says, shocked. "It can't be that! Don't tell me you are pregnant. God, please don't tell me that!"

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Week of 07/20/98 - 07/24/98

Monday, July 20, 1998

Rick is sitting on a lounge chair at his pool party as if he is king of the throne. Bridget comes over to ask where CJ is. Next, we see CJ inside the house questioning Amber about the reason she came back to the Forrester house. He wants to know if she is pregnant. She says she is. CJ can't believe this and it blows his mind. He wants her to leave the Forrester house before Rick's parents find her there. As he whisks her out the door, Eric and Brooke are coming downstairs; all they see is CJ rushing out and they don't catch a glimpse of Amber. Brooke wonders where he was in such a rush to get to.

Meanwhile back outside, Rick is getting a washable dragon tattoo from Alexis on his arm. She is definitely flirting with him in her little bikini and he is enjoying the attention.

At his office, Pierce Peterson is planning to work on his new project for a few months-maybe even a year, he tells his assistant Bailey. And he intends for Taylor to be part of that project, he explains, and she is the only one he will give the details to. Bailey points out that Taylor is married and suggests that his boss should maybe just take a sabbatical and go on a romantic adventure aboard his boat.

Taylor arrives off the elevator to be greeted warmly by the receptionist. Miss Holliday. Taylor finds it so inviting that this woman feels that she owes her life to her job and enjoys working for Pierce. Taylor asks Pierce to tell her more about the project and his own life. Pierce confesses that he has never been married or had children; his mistress is his business, but he will give that up for the new project. She asks why he needs her help with that, and he explains that he wants to hire Taylor to give him her ideas of the truth. She is an outsider and she is committed, he points out, and that is what he needs to get an honest opinion of his work.

CJ has taken Amber back to his mom's apartment. He tells her that they have to come up with a plan. He insists that he won't just let her dump this on his best friend Rick. Amber is upset and reminds him, "I didn't exactly do this to myself. You are treating me like I am the bad person. I am sorry that I ever thought you were a friend." CJ says he is a friend and wonders how she found out that she was pregnant. "I was late and I took one of those pregnancy tests. I repeated it twice. Rick needs to know about this. He is the baby's father."

CJ asks her if she is sure of that and asks couldn't somebody else be the father--like maybe her rock star buddy Raymond. She says no, but he reminds her, "Well, you did sleep with him, isn't that what you told me? You said you didn't know." Amber tells him that she and Raymond were partying that night with champagne to celebrate his tour, and they did kiss, but she told him to back off because she had too much to drink. She woke up in his bed and felt used. But she swears that she didn't sleep with him; if she did she would remember it.

Pierce tells Taylor about his plans for imagery modification; pain becomes pleasure, through hypnotic suggestion, he explains. But Taylor won't be part of that, because it is by hypnosis. She isn't questioning his motives; it is just that his methods and mind control go against everything she believes in. Pierce wants to help the country rescue itself, he states, and he thinks Taylor should be with him on an adventure that she would not regret. He asks her to trust them.

Rick comes in from his pool party after bidding his guests goodbye. He gets a goodbye kiss from Alexis, who confirms a date with him for next week as he heads out the door. He and Bridget notice that CJ isn't around anymore. Rick then thanks his parents. He tells them that on Wednesday night, he won't be home for dinner because he has plans with Alexis--but she is just a friend, he points out, so he tells them not to read anything into it. Eric turns to Brooke and thinks that their son is out of the woods.

Amber thinks that Rick would want to know about the baby and he loves her. CJ, however, believes that his friend is going on with his life and this information would ruin it. He wants to give Amber proof that Rick has moved on and picks up the phone to dial him. He puts the phone on speaker so that Amber can hear all about Alexis and how Rick had a good time with her at the party. Amber is devastated when CJ hangs up the phone. kJ pleads with her that if she tells Rick about the pregnancy, it would ruin his life. But Amber questions, "But what if I don't? What happens to mine?"

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Brooke is in her office at Forrester Creations, looking over some sketches, when Ridge closes the door. He questions her as to why she showed up at the chapel on his wedding day. Brooke confides that in some strange way she needed to watch him exchange vows with Taylor, and it was good for her to do so. Ridge has been the center of her life for too long and she thinks that their working together will be strange now professionally, since they share a deep chemistry and she can feel it right now. She states, "I am not going to sit around and wait for you forever. I am moving on. " Ridge replies that he is glad.

Brooke admits she really hasn't had time to cry over him anyway; she then fills Ridge in with the facts at home about Amber seducing Rick, and that she believes that they did not have sex, although they almost did. She adds that she offered Amber ten thousand dollars to walk out of their lives and paid her fifty thousand. Ridge claims that Amber extorted the money and that it's criminal, but Brooke feels the end result was worth it.

In his office, Pierce Peterson wants to know that Taylor will be working with him on this project. Taylor still remains skeptical about his methods. They are then interrupted by his secretary Ms. Holiday, and Pierce says that he needs a few minutes before he signs the papers she brought him. Taylor comments how lovely his secretary is. Pierce then gets back to convincing Taylor to join him and hands her a file. It contains information about a woman who was out on the streets from being abused sexually, into drugs, and had a lack of self worth.

Rick is in his room listening to his walk-man when Bridget comes in. He tells her that he is sick of hearing from everyone, including her, that he has to let Amber go. She meant a lot to him. Rick doesn't get why Amber has not called or come to see him. He wonders if his mom and dad had something to do with it. Bridget tries to reassure her brother and reminds him that she is there if she wants to talk. She then leaves. Rick thinks back to Amber giving him his kidney and telling him how important it is to be a part of his family and to be with people who care about it for the first time in her life. He then laments her not being there with him.

CJ is stunned at Amber's asking what about her life in this mess. He reminds her that Rick is only 16 years old and explains that there are other options besides running to tell him that he is the father of this baby--and she knows it. He brings up the option of adoption. He tells her that it would be her fault that Rick's life is screwed up from being a father, and if she really loves him, she would do this without it hanging on his head. Amber cries, "My life is already messed up. No matter what I, do it will never be the same emotionally. I will feel this for the rest of my life!"

Ridge can't believe that Amber took fifty thousand dollars to stay out of Rick's life. Brooke comments that it tells them a lot about her character. Ridge believes that Brooke did the right thing and offers to chat with Rick about getting on with his life. Brooke appreciates the offer but tells Ridge to go home to his wife and son.

Pierce tells Taylor that he had made a remarkable success story with this case file. He asks Taylor if she wants to meet this woman, and he then calls in his secretary again. Taylor is stunned to realize that the woman in the file is Ms. Holiday--you would never know that she is the woman in the pictures contained in the case file, she comments. Pierce agrees--and that is the proof that his methods work. He thinks that the results are profound, by working with someone in small doses on an unconscious level. Taylor is extremely impressed. Pierce believes that suggestion creates awareness, and he needs a colleague to help him reshape and redefine psycho-therapy. Taylor accepts and is now on board...

At a clinic, Amber arrives... she says that she wants to know about having an abortion...

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Over at Forrester, Clarke is going over some designs with Brooke. Clarke asks about her love life after Ridge--after all, it is all over since the wedding, he supposes. She's probably over Ridge and doesn't even miss him, he guesses. "No, Clarke... I do miss Ridge," Brooke tells him, and she supposes she always will. However, she still intends to move on with her life without Ridge and will not wait around for him.

Clarke prepares to make his exit. Just as Clarke leaves, Brooke sees Rick in her doorway. He asks if he can talk with her... about Amber.

Macy comes home and is surprised to find CJ there - he let himself in with a key, he states. He apologizes for just coming in like this, but he needed someplace to get over a problem a friend is having. Macy asks what's going on, so CJ says he doesn't think Macy knows this friend. However, these are two people he knows pretty well... kids around his age who almost faced a major turning point when the girl turned up pregnant. Fortunately, he says, it probably won't be a problem anymore, since he suggested his friend have an abortion. "CJ, you didn't?" Macy gasps!

At the clinic, a girl named Susan comes over to get some information from Amber. She asks all sorts of questions about the sexual history of Amber and the father of her unborn child... have they been sleeping with other people, etc. Amber is uncomfortable giving the answers, but the woman says it is necessary. She also reminds Amber that an abortion is a major decision--is Amber sure this is what she wants?

Rick tries to explain to his mother how he really cares about Amber--he knows Brooke doesn't approve of or understand his feelings for her, but he really cares about her. He is surprised that she hasn't called and wishes he could find her... but he doesn't even know where she is. He asks Brooke if she knows anything of Amber's whereabouts.

Macy asks CJ, "How could you? Don't you know there is adoption, or doctors and counselors who can help her make the right decision? It's a baby!" CJ says he is aware of that, but he can't stand to see his friends throw their lives away when they are so young. Macy reminds him how she wishes she and Grant could have a child. "It's wrong, CJ," she explains. "Does the father know?" CJ says no. She yells at him that it's the father's right to know about this baby.

Back at the clinic, the young woman comes back to Amber. She tells Amber that the results of the tests they ordered came back and yes, she is pregnant. She tells Amber that they have a cancellation; they can do the procedure now if Amber wants it done. Amber asks, "Can I have 20 minutes to think on it?" The nurse says yes.

Brooke answers that she doesn't know where Amber is. She says she has to go to the cutting room; when she is gone, Rick starts snooping around in his mother's desk. "I know she knows where she is," he guesses. He finds an address book with Amber's name in it, with an address; of course, the address is their address. Looking around, he opens a drawer, reaches in and pulls out Brooke's pocketbook. Searching through it, he finds Brooke's checkbook--and he sees the carbon copy of the check made out to Amber Moore for the amount of 50,000. Rick is stunned.

Amber heads for the chapel seeking guidance. She says she has to do this for Rick. She loves him so much; he is the nicest, kindest guy she ever came across. She can't ruin his life; he is in school and he won't be able to go to college. His parents will have fits.

Brooke comes back and she says, "Oh, I am glad you're still here." Rick says, "I thought you didn't know where Amber was; so what's this? A check made out for 50,000? What did you do, Mother?!"

CJ now understands that he acted hastily; he is putting his hands through his hair and saying, "What have I done? You're right, Macy. I've got to get out of here. He rushes off, hoping it's not too late.

Amber returns to the clinic and tells the nurse that she has made up her mind--she wants the abortion!

Thursday, July 23, 1998

At the clinic, Amber waits and paces. Her cell phone rings. Answering, she hears CJ on the line. He tells her that he gave her some bad advice. He came on really strong, but he thinks that she should give it some more thought. She wonders if he knows what he is doing to her. She has spent the whole day talking herself into this. She can't deal with this. She tells him not to call her again; she is turning her phone off.

"What is this, Mom?" Rick demands. "You wrote a check for fifty thousand dollars? You lied to me; you knew why she left and you lied to me." Brooke admits that she did write the check for Amber to get out of their lives but she had no choice. "That girl is trouble" she warns her son. If they didn't get her out of his life and out of their house, there would have been disaster!

Bridget is practicing ballet when CJ knocks. Opening the door, CJ rushes into the house looking for Rick. When Bridget tells him that Rick isn't home, he yells that he needs to know where he is at and he needs to know it now!

The nurse brings Amber some papers to read and sign. The papers explain the procedure as well as the risks; her signature will give them permission to go ahead with the abortion. The nurse tells her that it isn't a dangerous procedure but if she is scared, she has time to wait and do it at another time.

Brooke says that she did the best thing she could for Rick. Rick reminds her that he wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Amber. "Why couldn't you just show her some gratitude instead of showing the door? She cares about me, Mom, and she thinks that I can make my own decisions." Brooke says that those decisions, that Amber thinks he is old enough to make, were the wrong ones. "I knew you were going to Big Bear and you were going to have sex," Brooke continues. "I was trying to prevent Amber from dragging you into some kind of trouble."

Rick realizes that his mother was the reason that Amber never showed up at the cabin. "No wonder she took the money and ran," he says. "You fired her and she had no money, no job and no where to live. I don't blame her for taking it; what else could she do?" Brooke tells him that she offered a lot less money but she wasn't satisfied; she demanded her own price. "That is extortion, Rick," she says. "That is a criminal offense. She saw an opportunity when she met you and she used it to her own advantage." Rick will not believe her. He accuses his mother of doing the one thing she has taught him never to do---use your checkbook to get what you want. "We could have had a happy life together," Rick shouts at his mother. "Amber didn't ruin my future, Mom, you did."

Amber reads and signs the papers. Just then another patient joins her, a girl named Judy. Judy tells her that she is there with her mom who is talking to the nurse. She is so glad that everything will be over today. Her pregnancy is the result of being raped. She wants that all behind her so that she can get on with her life. She asks about Amber. Amber tells her that the father of her baby was a wonderful guy, but it was his first time and he is too young to be a father. However, she says, he would be a great father---he is generous, romantic and loving---but it wouldn't work out. Their time together was like a fairy tale---he was the Prince Charming who sweeps the girl away and makes her a Princess. He takes her to his palace and they live happily ever after. When she comes out of her dream, she says that Rick is the only person who has ever seen right through her past to see the girl beneath. "He really loved me."

"This is the best thing for you and your future," Brooke tells her son. "There will be other girls. I know that you are hurting now, but that is normal. Eighteen year old girls don't take advantage of sixteen year old boys." Rick says that isn't what happened. "I have told you over and over again that it was my idea. I love Amber and she loves me. Is that what Ridge did to you?" Brooke angrily tells him not to bring Ridge into this; it is not the same thing. When Rick repeats that he and Amber love each other, Brooke tells him once and for all that he and Amber are finished; that is it! "Until you are old enough to make sensible decisions, you will live by my rules!" Rick storms out of the office.

CJ is waiting for Rick and he only hopes it won't be too late. Bridget wants to know what is going on. He tells her that she wouldn't understand; she is too young. Besides it is none of her business. Bridget is offended and runs upstairs. "Where are you Rick? Time is running out man. We have gotta find Amber soon!"

As Amber hands in the signed papers, Judy says that her boyfriend sounds like a good catch. "What happened? Did he dump you when he heard about the baby?" she asks. Amber tells her that she didn't tell him about the baby; she didn't want to ruin his life. "Besides," she says. "His parents hate me. I am not allowed to contact him. His mother even threatened to have me arrested. When they found out about us, they fired me on the spot. They don't think that I am good enough for their son." The nurse tells Amber that they are ready for her.

Rick comes bursting through the door and immediately, CJ tells him that there is something he needs to tell him about; it is about Amber.

Amber gets undressed and into a hospital gown. Dr Larson comes in and talks to her, giving her a chance to ask questions. She says that she is ready. "All right then," he says. "Let's get started."

CJ tries to tell Rick about Amber but Rick won't let CJ say anything. Rick just HAS to tell CJ about the check his mother wrote. CJ says that he knows about it; Amber told him. He assures Rick that she didn't want to take the money. "I'm not angry with Amber," Rick is quick to tell his friend. CJ says that he knows that Rick is pissed off, but what he has to talk about is serious and he can't wait for him to calm down; "and I don't have time to lay on you easy," he adds, "Amber is pregnant!" he blurts out. "She found out about the pregnancy after she got the check."

It only happened just once, Rick says in shock. "Why didn't she tell me?" CJ admits that he talked her out of telling him. He was so blown away by the news and he knew that Rick would be too. "I was only trying to protect you," he goes on. "I knew you would go into Superman mode and fly off to save the day. I was wrong then, but now I need you to do just that now. You have to talk to her, man. She is at an abortion clinic; she doesn't know which end is up. She could be having it done right now." "Let's get out of here!" Rick says as they head for the door.

The doctor explains that he is going to anesthetize her cervix before the procedure. If the general anesthesia hasn't taken effect yet, all she will feel is a little pinch. He tells the nurse that he is ready to begin. Amber is uncomfortable and the nurse tells her to relax; it will be over before she knows it.

The two guys are in the car driving fast through the streets of LA. CJ thinks that Amber is using the clinic that is near his mom's offices. That is all the way across town, Rick says. Rick urges CJ to go faster but CJ says he is doing the limit; you don't want to get pulled over, do you? "Let's go, man," Rick says. "Punch it."

In the clinic, Amber is laying on the examination table, crying.

Friday, July 24, 1998

Amber flinches in pain and asks what they are doing. The nurse explains that the doctor is inserting an instrument to open her cervix.

Rick calls the clinic but they won't give him any information. CJ tells him not to worry; they will make it in time.

Grant is sitting in his office in the dark when Darla brings in some papers. She is surprised when she sees him and she tells him that Macy is looking for him. Grant doesn't want Macy to know that he is here. When she sees his condition, Darla knows that something is wrong. She wants to get Macy, but he tells her that she can't go to Macy; he is dying with cancer. He doesn't know what to do and he isn't ready to tell Macy. Darla says that Macy has to know, but he says that he can't tell her yet. "Is there no chance?" she asks. When he doesn't answer, she gets her answer and puts her arms around him as he begins to cry.

Sally doesn't believe that CJ would advise a friend to get an abortion. Macy says that she read him the riot act; he went looking for his friend, but she is afraid that he might be too late.

The doctor says that he is ready. He turns on the suction machine, but when he inserts the instrument, Amber sits up. "No!" she says. "Wait!" Irritated, the doctor turns off the suction machine but he kindly tells her that this is a big decision; if she isn't absolutely sure, they should wait. "Is that what you want to do?" Amber says that she doesn't know what she wants.

Grant says that he only has about 6 months to live. They only just got started with their life; he doesn't know if he can do this to Macy. He made her so many promises that he won't be able to keep. "She would want to know," Darla insists. "She would be there for you."

"No," Grant tells her. "I cannot stand to see that look on her face. Promise that you won't tell her; I will tell her soon, I promise. We just need some time to be happy. Promise me, Darla, you have to promise me!" Reluctantly, Darla promises.

"How could CJ do that?" Sally wonders. "What was he thinking?" Sally says he is just a foolish young boy who doesn't realize the importance of something like this. And what was this young girl doing coming to him; didn't she have some other adult she could have gone to? "She could have come to me," Macy says. "I would have told her not to kill her baby. I could have told her what a precious gift a baby is."

Sally wishes that CJ had come to her or to his father, but Macy is glad that he did come to her. Sally hopes that the girl does more thinking, but she is more concerned for Macy. She can see that Macy has not fully accepted her situation. Macy agrees, but says that she will find a way to deal with it. She has been considering donor insemination from a carefully screened donor. "How do you think that Grant will take this?" Sally asks, shocked. "How will he feel if he finds out that you want to have a baby with some other man?"

"It would be his," Macy says. It would be his in every way that counts. We'd just be using the genetic material from some other source. We could copy his height, his weight, his coloring; people would never know it isn't Grant's child. Grant wants a child that he can guide through its life; he isn't just eager to pass on the family genes. But Mother, if we decide to do this, I would really like to have your approval." "Of course you have it," Sally says as she gathers her daughter into her arms. "I trust whatever you decide to do."

Rick and CJ arrive at the clinic and Rick asks for Amber. However, Susan says she cannot give out any information about their patients. "But I am her boyfriend---the father of the baby!" Rick objects. "That makes no difference," Susan says. CJ pulls Rick over to the side; they are feeling badly about not arriving in time. Just then Amber comes out of the procedure room carrying her chart. When she sees Rick she begins to cry and she calls out his name. He rushes to her and they embrace. Rick wishes she had come to him when she first found out that she was pregnant, but she says that she couldn't; she didn't want to do anything that would have ruined his life. "Oh Rick," she cries. "You are going to be so mad at me when I tell you what I did!"

Sally says that Macy has to talk to Grant as soon as possible, but Macy says that she doesn't know where he is. Just then, Grant comes in. Sally goes to look for CJ and give that young man a talk; she tells Grant and Macy to take care of each other.

"Where were you all afternoon," Macy asks. Without a word, he goes to her and holds her closely. Macy says that she thought he was getting through this, but it appears that he is still upset. She tells him that she has an idea she wants to talk to him about. She wants to go to see Dr. Heinz and talk about donor insemination. Grant tells her to stop; he needs to talk to her about something.

Macy continues trying to talk to him but he walks out on the balcony. Macy follows him and she continues to talk about having a baby. "Isn't that what we both want?" She asks. "Just picture it; me swollen out to here. You could go along for the sonograms and the Lamaze; you wouldn't miss out on anything. It would be your baby and this is our one way of having a family. Isn't this what you want?"

"Yes," Grant answers in a tortured voice. He says that is what he wants more than anything. He holds her while they both shed tears---hers of joy; his of pain and longing.

"You had an abortion?" Rick guesses, but Amber tells him that she couldn't go through with it. Rick grabs her and hugs her tightly. "Why are you so happy?" Amber asks. "I thought CJ said . . ." Rick says, "I don't care what CJ said, I love you. The life inside you is my responsibility as much as it is yours. I won't let you go through with this alone, no matter what anybody says."

"I can't believe you are here saying this to me", Amber says. "And to think that I came so close." What stopped her, Rick wants to know. She tells him that she was telling someone how this happened. She could remember the night so vividly. This child was conceived on the most special moment of her life and here she was about to put an end to it. "I couldn't do it," she cries. "This baby is already the most precious thing in my life because it is your baby. You are the most precious thing in my life---you taught me how to open up and to trust. This child is a blessing because it is our child. I was not about to let it die. Tell me I did the right thing today."

"You did!" Rick answers.

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Week of 07/27/98 - 07/31/98

Monday, July 27, 1998

Ridge and Taylor are smooching at home as she prepares to head for work. Ridge of course wants to play some more, but she says she doesn't want to be late for her new job and has to get ready.

At the Warwick home, Sheila is looking at a picture of herself and James with Mary. "Those were simpler times," she says. She wishes things could be like that again--and she says to herself that once James gets home, they will be.

Up at the Forrester cabin at Big Bear, James and Stephanie continue to discuss Sheila. James feels that yes, she has regressed--yet he seems unsure that he can go through with trying to punish her for it. Stephanie agrees with James that Sheila has regressed--that is exactly the reason that they have to put Sheila away, she stresses. Stephanie reminds him that an innocent child has been threatened--her grandson. James admits that's true, but there is another innocent baby at risk here--his daughter. He cannot forget about Mary, who is about to lose her mother; how is he supposed to deal with that, he asks.

Bailey takes Pierce to Insomnia to go over something important. Pierce, who isn't much for going out, thinks he knows what it is about--it's about Taylor and their new project, he surmises.

Dressed in a suit and wearing a pair of glasses, Taylor frets about her appearance. Does she look too studious, too much like a librarian, she asks her husband. Ridge tells Taylor it doesn't matter what she wears, since her commitment to work shines. She then packs her things and gets ready to leave, and wants to go say goodbye to Thomas. "This is the first time I'm leaving him," Taylor worries, but Ridge tells her, "You have to do this, Doc." She admits her husband has a point, especially after he points out he's got Thomas' day planned; and after one last goodbye to their son, Taylor heads off to work.

Stephanie assures James that he will be able to help Mary through losing Sheila; in fact, the girl will be better off, since Sheila might threaten Mary some day. She says she is sorry Sheila is putting him through this, but he says he is the one who betrayed Sheila with the kiss by the pool. Stephanie says that Sheila would be unstable even without the kiss, but James remains reluctant... and Stephanie says she needs to know where he stands for Thomas' sake.

Sheila tries to leave a message for James with Dr. Russell, the colleague who James is supposed to be visiting. The doctor says he will deliver the message. As she hangs up, Sheila wonders why James hasn't called as she awaits her husband's homecoming soon.

Back at Insomnia, Bailey says the it is Taylor he wants to talk about, but indirectly; he hopes that by having Taylor on board, Pierce will have more free time to spend away from work. Pierce says he already has what he wants, so what does he need free time for. As they debate the issue, two pretty young girls come up to the table; they recognize Pierce and explain that his tapes helped their father get his life together. "I'd like to speak with him some time," Pierce says as he hands them his card. The girls leave. "Pierce!" Bailey exclaims, shocked at how his friend could have had those women eating out of the palm of his hand, but he let them walk off. Pierce says there was no challenge--he needs a special woman to compete with his work.

Sheila keeps telling herself she has to trust James and that he is not with Stephanie--and to prove it, she dials Stephanie's number. After getting Stephanie's machine, she keeps saying how neither James nor Stephanie would dare be with the other--especially not Stephanie, who knows what she will do.

Back at Pierce's office, Pierce, Bailey and his employees are redoing his office; there is new furniture, new decor, new paint--the whole works. In walks Taylor, asking what's going on? He says, "Everything is new; we're increasing the comfort with soothing colors. Are we ready?" Noticing her mode of dress, he says she looks serious minded but studious. She sits down in one of the chairs as Bailey makes it comfortable for her and takes off her glasses.

As Pierce changes the lighting in the room and puts on some music, Taylor says, "Well, if your project doesn't work, you can be a interior decorator." "You're still skeptical, Taylor," Pierce points out. She says that's what he hired her for. "You're a hard sell," he states. She says, "I am a challenge. I get the feeling I am going to be the challenge of your life." Bailey gives Pierce a look and Pierce is looking at Bailey.

James finds out that Sheila spoke to Dr. Russell, but he covered for James, and Stephanie asks if he is really ready to recommit Sheila. James says he is ready but it will not be easy, but Stephanie reminds him how much he has lost for Sheila, only to be repaid by lies.

He calls Sheila on the phone and tells her he is on his way home. "Great. How did the interview go?" she asks, and he says he will tell her later. She says, "I know you're busy but I have to say something." She says she is sorry; she made a lot of mistakes, but things are going to change.

There is silence on the other end of the phone. "James, do you still believe in me?" she asks. Yes, he answers. "Oh, thank you, honey; you have no idea what it means to me. See you when you get home. Love you," Sheila says. James hangs up the phone and says to Steph, "Tonight is going to be the most devastating night of her life. I am tearing her family apart, and I don't know how she will react. But it has to be done, it has to be done." Steph and James then comfort one another.

Tuesday, July 28, 1998

Taylor admits to Pierce her remaining skepticism over his new hypnotherapy project; she's has studied the subject and has read all the studies, and she knows that there are problems associated with it. Pierce seems amused by her continued skepticism.

At the Warwick home, Sheila awaits James' homecoming, wondering if he got the job.

Lieutenant Baker arrives at the cabin at Big Bear with Dr. Jones from the parole board. James reminds Stephanie that the doctor was one of those at Sheila's parole hearing, and he sadly explains to the doctor that Sheila has regressed. The doctor asks how so, so James and Stephanie explain Sheila's threats to harm baby Thomas.

Dr. Jones worries that they may be making too much of Sheila's actions; Sheila may just be reacting to a threat to her marriage, he guesses, and may not mean anything by the threats. James then tells him how he overheard Sheila threaten Thomas when Sheila did not know he was there; he is convinced that the threat is real. Dr. Jones considers another possibility; what if James and Stephanie are making this up to clear the way for their own romance and get rid of Sheila?

James says that he will find a way to prove the truth of his statement--he will wear a wire, so they can get a confession from Sheila that she threatened Thomas on tape. Stephanie then steps forward and says that it should be her who wears the wire, since she is the one who Sheila has threatened. "No, it has to be me," James insists. He then turns to Dr. Jones and asks, "Will that convince you?" The doctor says that will be enough, so Lt. Baker agrees to set up the wire.

"What about Thomas?" Stephanie asks. She will not allow her grandson to be placed in jeopardy. Lt. Baker says that he can protect Thomas, but Stephanie is skeptical. James says they will make sure Thomas is out of danger tonight, by dealing with Sheila.

Taylor worries that Pierce will use her professional reputation to add some legitimacy to his ideas, but he assures her that he will not use her name without her permission. Taylor again asks Pierce why he chose her, especially with her skepticism... and he says that is exactly the reason why he wants her, since if he can convince her, convincing others will be easy.

As James returns home and prepares to go in, Lt. Baker, Stephanie and the doctor wait outside, with a team ready to contain Sheila. Baker tries to get Stephanie to go home with a wire, in case Sheila comes there and admits to threatening Thomas there, but Stephanie refuses, saying she cannot go while James is risking his life.

When Taylor is skeptical that Pierce is providing a quick fix that may not work, he asks her to have faith in him and to consider how they have the potential to end self-esteem problems.

James checks the wire and walks in the door; "Daddy's home," he announces, and he kisses Mary. Sheila says Mary is Daddy's little girl. James says, "No she isn't; she depends on you." "Well, that's because right now I spend more time with her," Sheila says. "Did you get the job?" she asks. He says no. She says not to worry, since there are a lot of colleges out there where James will be needed; they can move and get away form LA and the pressure.

"Are you feeling pressure?" he asks. She says, "I wished I handled it differently." What about you the stress, he asks. She says, "Mostly in ways I am not too proud of, like arguing with you." James asks if there is anything else. "Why all the questions? I don't want to rehash this; we are moving on. I have to go feed Mary," she says, changing the subject. "I have to tell you something... There was no job interview," James informs her. Sheila replies, "No! You lied to me. Where were you?" He says he was with Stephanie.

A furious Sheila says she knows James would not have had an affair with Stephanie and he asks what if he did -- would she have done something about it, like hurting Thomas? Sheila is stunned that James thinks she would hurt a child, but he continues to press the issue.

Under pressure from James, Sheila blurts out that she did threaten Thomas, but she only did it to scare Stephanie. As Sheila protests that she would never hurt the child, Baker and the others rush in and Sheila is placed under arrest. As Sheila is read her rights, Stephanie looks on and Sheila glares at her.

Wednesday, July 29, 1998

At Pierce Peterson's office, Taylor expresses her concerns about Pierce to Bailey; she still is unsure about his methods, she explains. Bailey tells her that he has faith in Pierce because of a man Pierce turned around 12 years ago -himself. Because Pierce pulled him out of the gutter, he believes Pierce can walk on water.

Lauren comes in to Eric's office and is relieved to see Thomas there, playing with his grandpa. Why the concern, Eric asks. Lauren explains that she is waiting to hear from Stephanie. About what, Eric asks. "About Sheila," she answers, explaining how Stephanie is over with James and the police right now, ready to catch Sheila and put her away for threatening Thomas. Eric is stunned and asks why he wasn't told!

Sheila orders James to tell the police and attendants to leave as she pleads that she would never have hurt Thomas. She then she asks how they knew, and he tells her about the wire. Stephanie said she had to protect Thomas, but Sheila pleads it was a mistake... she is sorry, but she would never hurt Thomas. As far as Lt. Baker is concerned, her apology which isn't good enough; he intends to place Sheila back in the prison mental hospital to finish her 5 year sentence.

Bailey explains how his 20-year long addiction to alcohol caused him to lose his family and his job. He used to promise himself that he would quit time and again, but they were just empty promises. He never followed up on those promises to quit--and one night, he just walked away from it all. He woke up on a beach in Santa Monica one night, not knowing where he was, and he became a thief in to feed his addiction... but that changed one day. This was the day he was spotted in the park by Pierce; he still does not know what made Pierce notice, but he did. Pierce then cleaned him up and changed his life by showing him that change is possible.

Ever since, Bailey has worried about Pierce needing more than his work--specifically a woman, since he hasn't dated in 5 years, a brilliant woman like Taylor. Taylor says she is one of a kind and Bailey agrees as Pierce comes in. "Is Bailey chewing your ear off?" he asks. Taylor attempts humor by saying she still has both ears intact. Pierce then asks to be alone with Taylor for a while, so Bailey and Miss Holiday take their leave of their boss.

Lauren explains to Eric the "sting" to trick Sheila into confessing. She apologizes for the secrecy, but it had to be kept quiet, lest Sheila find out and retaliate against Thomas. Eric agrees that it is for the best, since he may have done something he would regret.

Sheila pleads with James to not let them take her and says she didn't mean it, but Stephanie reminds her it did, despite Sheila's denial and begging James to tell them what she is like.

Pierce tells Taylor about a meeting they have with a patient, Mr. McCormick. She is still skeptical. There are some things beyond science that you have to take on faith, he points out. Se asks Taylor to put aside her prejudices and watch... and then decide if his methods work.

As Taylor watches, Pierce tells Graham McCormick how he intends to cure his smoking habit. He puts the man into a trance as Taylor looks on. Pierce says how nice the air smells and tells the man to breathe in the fresh air. Then he says now the air smells like smoke. The man coughs. Pierce then tells him to smell the fresh air again. "Ah, yes, I want the fresh air, please," McCormick says. Pierce instructs, "Now when you awake, you will never light a cigarette again."

Pierce brings Graham out of the trance and the man thinks the treatment did not work...yet when Pierce offers him a cigarette, the man says it is terrible. Pierce tells the man the session is on the house, leaving Taylor impressed.

James is about to intervene with Sheila when Stephanie tells him not to... and he apologizes to Sheila, because there is nothing he can do for her. James tells Sheila he cannot believe her lies again after hearing them before... and when he tells the cops to take her away, she grabs Mary.

Sheila says, "I can't leave Mary, my baby. I won't be able to see her." Lt. Baker says she will be able to see her she is on her best behavior. James says, "Please Sheila, give Mary to me. Please." She hands the baby over to James and as if right on cue, Mary starts to cry. The Men in White take her out as James watches. Sheila is crying, the baby is crying and Steph is standing in the background, watching.

Thursday, July 30, 1998

Rick, Amber and CJ are talking when Brooke comes home suddenly. Rick sends Amber and CJ to his room saying he will get rid of his mom and come up later. Rick asks Brooke what happened; she was supposed to go out to dinner. Brooke explains that she wasn't in the mood to go out; she is still upset about all that went down between the two of them. Rick says she should go out and enjoy herself, but she won't go---unless he would like to go with her. She wants to talk about their problems and what better place than over a nice meal. Rick says he isn't as angry as he was; he has given it a lot of thought. He just wants to hang out here, but why don't she go to her dinner? It would do her good to get out.

"Shut the door!" CJ warns Amber. "What if Rick's mom hears you?" Amber wonders what Brooke would do if Brooke knew she was back and pregnant. CJ tells her that Brooke would have her arrested, but not before she had told Rick's dad. CJ is worried about Eric finding out that he is involved in all of this. Amber says that she is sorry for bringing all this down on him, but CJ says that he would do anything for her. "You have already done that CJ," Amber tells him. "You are very important to me." As they hug, Rick comes into the room and asks what is going on.

Ridge and Taylor are out to dinner at Café Russe. Ridge asks about her first day at work. Was it exciting to be working for a guru? "It was amazing!" Taylor answers. She says that most of the day was spent learning all about this new approach Pierce is going to use. "The big Project X," Ridge says. Taylor continues to explain that it is something that hasn't been tried before. If it works, it will be a big breakthrough. She tells him that she saw it tested on a real patient today and it seemed to work instantly. "If this is true," Ridge says, "why are you so troubled? Does his new technique bother you?" Taylor says that it is something that she doesn't believe in---it is just so out there! As she begins to tell him what it is all about, she sees Pierce and Bailey come into the restaurant. Who is that with him? Ridge asks. Taylor says that it is Bailey, Pierce's manager-slash-confidant-slash-friend. She wonders what they are doing there.

Pierce says that he would rather be in the office; he has work to do. But Bailey thinks that Café Russe is just what Pierce needs; it is the best place to relax that he knows about. However, as they are looking at the menu, Pierce insists on leaving. As they get up, they see Taylor and Ridge. Suddenly, to Bailey's amusement, Pierce suddenly has his appetite back.

"What's going on in here?" Rick repeats. "We got stuff to discuss. What are we going to do about the baby? Are you ready for it, Amber, because I certainly am not?" This is a disaster! Rick adds. Amber is confused and hurt by his attitude, but CJ thinks he has a way out---adoption. "My sister has been wanting a baby for a long time," he begins. Amber knows his sister is married so she wonders why she just doesn't have one. "There is a problem and she can't have a baby," CJ answers. "But it is a way out."

"I'm going to be a father!" Rick declares. "I can't believe she would get pregnant after just one time." Sitting on the bed, Amber is hurt by the tone of the discussion. "You make it sound like a disease," she protests. Talking as if she weren't even in the room, Rick continues, "And when they find out it is with Amber, they will really freak; they hate her!" Amber wonders about her feelings; doesn't she count? She isn't some kind of slut. She is in this as much as Rick. Rick reminds her that he is still in high school while she is eighteen years old. "Why don't I throw myself off the Santa Monica Pier and all your problems will be over?" Amber asks.

Bailey suggests that they go over to the table and introduce themselves, but Pierce is hesitant. He is sure that they wouldn't want to talk shop with the boss. Looking across the room, Bailey describes Taylor as exquisite but Pierce doesn't see where that is relevant; he is interested in her work, not her body. Bailey thinks that Pierce needs a woman. Just then, Brooke comes into the room and looks around. "What about that one?" Bailey asks.

As dinner is served for Ridge and Taylor, she wonders what is wrong with Eric. She noticed that he was a little reserved when they left him. Ridge says that his dad is okay; it is his mother that he is worried about. Eric is just worrying about Brooke he says--and so is he, he admits. Taylor is taken aback by that, but Ridge assures him that Brooke is NOT chasing after him these days. Getting back to Stephanie, Taylor says that she can't picture his mom just sitting around. Ridge says that that isn't what is worrying him.

Brooke goes to the bar and looks around. After sitting, she sees Taylor and Ridge having dinner. "Great!" She says to herself. "This is just what I needed." When the waiter arrives, she orders a martini. As she sips on the drink, she remembers breakfast in bed with Ridge. They talked about how perfect life was and how only a baby could make it more perfect. "That is the only thing that could make me any happier than I am right now," she remembers saying. "What am I doing to myself?" she asks.

Pierce and Bailey stop by Taylor and Ridge's table just as the dinner dishes are taken away. After Taylor introduces Pierce to Ridge, Pierce introduces Bailey. Taylor asks if he comes here often. When he answers that they come here once in a while, Bailey says that they have been here once in the last three years. "Don't start on me," Pierce laughs at Bailey. "My friend thinks I am too much a recluse," He explains. He then tells Ridge that he is a fan of the Forresters. Ridge wonders what neurosis the Forresters have that could be of interest to Pierce. Pierce explains that he uses them as case study in success. He knows of the way Eric started in a back room and has now grown to be an International force in business. He believes that anyone can do that if they have talent and will just make the decision to do so. "We are talking about the mysterious Project X," Ridge says. After he admits that he doesn't know what Taylor and Pierce are doing, Pierce says good night and they go back to their table. Ridge excuses himself and goes to the men's room. As Pierce returns to his table, he notices that Brooke is hiding her face from Ridge.

CJ has to leave so he says goodbye and kisses Amber on the forehead. After he has gone, Rick apologizes for the way he was talking. He didn't mean it the way it sounded. "Yes, you did," Amber accuses him. "You hate me just like your mom and dad do."

Pierce can't help but notice Brooke. He wonders why she is crying and why she is hiding from Taylor's husband. "This woman fascinates you," Bailey observes. When Pierce says he was only curious, Bailey says he doesn't have to deny all human response. He isn't a machine; he is a man. Suddenly Pierce gets up and walks straight to the bar where Brooke is sitting. In the kindest voice imaginable, Pierce asks, "Why are you crying?" "What?" asks Brooke. "Why are you crying?" Pierce repeats. "Will you tell me why?"

"I don't hate you!" Rick answers. "You are acting like it," Amber accuses. Rick says that he is just all messed up trying to deal with this situation. Amber reminds him that she is in the same position he is. She is worried about it also. She reminds him that it isn't all her fault; "You begged me to teach you," she reminds Rick. She won't have an abortion, she tells him, but she can still go away if that is what he wants her to do. Or she can put it up for adoption. "NO!" Rick says. "I made this kid and I won't push off on anyone else. I've just got to figure how to deal with this." The first thing you have to do is tell your mother and father, Amber tells him.

Friday, July 31, 1998

Pierce introduces himself to Brooke; Brooke recognizes Pierce's name as the motivational speaker. Pierce tells her that he couldn't help but notice the tears. Brooke misunderstands and thinks that he wants her to open up to him, a stranger. He says that he wouldn't recommend anyone as vulnerable as she to open up to a stranger. She tells him that she is okay; there was no need for him to bother himself. He admits that he is being intrusive and apologizes. He says that he only meant to help the same way a doctor would want to help if someone was hit by a car. "Well, there is no emergency here, doctor," Brooke tells him. He apologizes again and goes back to his table.

Over dessert, Ridge wonders where Bailey went. Since Pierce is now alone, maybe they should invite him to join them. Taylor says that Pierce is a very private man; as far as she knows, he has never been married. Work is all that he has. Ridge says that Pierce envies him because he is married to Taylor. "In fact, every guy in here is envious of me because of you," he adds. Taylor says that she is the lucky one. They agree that they are both lucky. They kiss. From the other side of the room, Brooke watches them kiss, then he watches Brooke watching them.

Rick tells Amber that he can't tell his parents but Amber reminds him that they will find out sooner or later. "When do people start showing?" Rick wonders. "Six months? Seven months?" Amber tells him that they show sooner than that, especially if they are built like her. "It sounds like you have been through this," Rick accuses. "Why didn't we use protection?" Amber tells him that they can't keep ripping into each other about this. She urges him to tell his parents; maybe it won't be as bad as he thinks. They will shout and yell and scream for a while, then they would do the right thing. "I don't even know what the right thing is!" Rick shouts. "All I know is that soon there will be a new person in the world and I am responsible. I won't ignore that." Okay, she says. "Let's get this show on the road and tell your parents."

Brooke and Pierce continue to watch as Ridge and Taylor continue to kiss at their table. Taylor says that she has the perfect husband, the perfect child and now the perfect job. What comes next? Ridge says that a "happily ever after is all that is left. "Sounds pretty boring," Taylor observes. But Ridge tells her that living with her will never be boring.

Brooke gets up from the bar and walks over to Pierce's table. "You were wrong," she says as she sits down at his table. "It wasn't a car, it was a bus that hit me."

Rick begins to tell Amber about the road that has been laid out for him to follow since the day he was born. The schools he will attend, the colleges, his entire future have been planned. "Dad is already talking to me about visiting Princeton and Yale." He has to think about this and what it will do to his life's plan. He tells her that she needs to leave before his mom comes back home. Before she leaves, she hesitantly tells him that pregnant women need a lot of emotional support. He promises that he will be there for her; they are in this together. She leaves and starts down the stairs.

Brooke remarks that she isn't the kind to let herself be picked up by a strange man, even in a place as classy as Café Russe. Pierce says that he wasn't trying to pick her up, just lend a hand. "You say you were hit by a bus," he goes on. "I presume it was driven by someone at that table?" Looking toward Taylor and Ridge, Brooke admits that the bus was driven by both of them. She says that she saw him earlier at the table speaking to them; how does he know them? When he says that Taylor works for him, Brooke gets up. "Then, in that case, you are not the person I should be talking to." Pierce looks up at her and says, "Please, don't leave."

Taylor tells Ridge that she has something for him when they get home. Ridge can hardly wait, but he asks if they should say goodbye to the boss. Taylor doesn't even want to look at the boss on their way out; she only has eyes for Ridge. Ridge wonders if she expects him to drive home under these circumstances and Taylor is sure he can make it. "I may not be able to make it that far," he warns. Taylor says, "Let's just see how far we get, shall we?"

Amber walks down stairs looking around. "I do miss it here," she says softly. "I had it made when I lived here." Just then, Eric walks into the house and sees her. "Amber!" He says. "What the hell are you doing here? I thought you were gone. Where is Rick? He is upstairs, isn't he and you were with him. What did you do? Come back for more money?" Amber tells him that this has nothing to do with money; it has to do with Rick. "No," Eric tells her. "He is finished with you. He is getting on with his life and I will not have you coming here and stirring things back up."

Amber stands up to him and tells him that Rick isn't over her---not by a long shot. She says that isn't about money; she cares for Rick. Eric says that she has an emotional hold over Rick, but he won't let her get away with hurting his son. I'm not trying to control his emotions, Amber insists. "What the hell do you call it when you, an adult, messes with a sixteen year old boy; my son isn't prepared to deal with a relationship with a girl like you." "Believe me, your son is more than equipped to deal with a girl my age," Amber tells him. Eric shouts angrily that that is enough. "Get out of here. You are nothing but trouble. A girl like you is just a bad influence on my son." He tells her that since she doesn't work here any longer, she has no right to be in the house. She can go of her own free will or the police can carry her out.

Amber tells him that this has nothing to do with her age; it is all about status. She isn't good enough for their precious son. "But let me tell you something, Mr. Forrester. I've got something that no other girl has to give Rick; it is something that Rick can't resist even if he wanted to." Eric can't help but wonder what she is talking about, but he thinks she is talking about sex. He tells her that what she has said only proves his point. "If you had an ounce of class or integrity, you wouldn't be hanging around here where you don't belong. NOW, GET OUT OF HERE AND GET OUT OF RICK'S LIFE BEFORE YOU DESTROY HIM. I WILL FIGHT FOR MY SON'S LIFE; I WON'T LET YOU DESTROY HIM." By now, he has the door open and Amber stands there calmly with her hands on her tummy. "You are going to be so sorry you treated me like the scum of the earth," Amber tells him. "You can treat me like that now, but believe me, it won't be for long." She turns and walks away.

Pierce guesses that Brooke was in love with Ridge. She says that she was and is in love with Ridge and always will be in love with him. But he is gone. She says that it usually doesn't bother her except on nights like this. "Did you know they would be here when you came?" Pierce asked. When she tells him that if she had known, she wouldn't have come, he tells her then she should go home and congratulate herself for passing the critical test. He tells her that there are better days ahead for her and better men. No one is better than Ridge, Brooke insists. "Different, then," Pierce concedes.

"He was my first love and will always be the love of my life," Brooke tells him again. She says that she wanted him since she was a teenager and a couple of times she almost had him. She tells him of a time when she was a young child. Since her father wasn't around very much, her brother would take her to the carnival. She loved to ride the carousel; she would ride it over and over. There was a golden ring that she always reached for but it was always out of her reach. But every time she went around was another chance to reach for the golden ring. There was always another time until the ride stopped. That is how it is for me; the ride is definitely over. "But there will be other rides," Pierce tells her. "That is what my brother always said," Brooke answers with a smile. "But not for me. It is only the carousel and there is only one Ridge."

Pierce tells her that it is sad, but it is not hopeless. She still has a chance with someone else. All she has to do is change her attitude. Brooke doesn't understand; she says that Ridge isn't a habit. However, he begins to tell her that loving and wanting Ridge is only a habit---just like drugs or biting your nails. "Feeding the body is no different from feeding the emotions. It is all about control. You control what you eat by only eating healthy things. You can control your feelings by only having only healthy feelings. Quit obsessing and start thinking about something else. You make a decision at the very moment that you do something. You are a special person; you need to go out and meet the world and let the world meet you. Let the world see what it has been missing all this time."

Brooke sits enthralled by all Pierce is telling her. As she rises, she has a smile on her face. "Thank you," she says. "I think I really needed this. You are an incredible person."

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