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June, 1998

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Week of 06/01/98 - 06/05/98

Monday, June 01, 1998

Sheila is in the clinic telling James' partner that she will not allow him to get away with kicking James out of the practice and having the medical review board review James' license. Dr. Nunez questions if Sheila is threatening him. "No, of course not. I have come this far because of one man. If it were not for James, I should be in a mental institution," she replies. Carlos says that he had respected James, but he crossed the lines, and he now has to be held accountable for his actions.

James and Taylor are at his place having tea as he discusses the challenges they both face, Taylor with her family and him with his medical license being reviewed by the board. James doesn't want his friend to pity him, and he will beat this thing he promises her. He says he has talked enough about Sheila so Taylor says she wants to talk about him instead. James says he wants to talk about her and Ridge, instead. She says she is confident in her relationship with him. James then sends Taylor home to Ridge after she promises to make the time to see him during the week for lunch. She leaves. Now James is left all alone, pacing around the living room and wondering where Sheila is and why she is not home.

Eric is in his office at Forrester with Stephanie and Police Lt. Baker, paranoid that his 13-year-old daughter just spent the night out on the street. Stephanie suggests hiring a private detective to find Bridget, but Lt. Baker replies it is too early to do so. Rick then calls his dad to tell him that he spoke to Bridget on the telephone and that he thinks she is coming home. Stephanie thinks it is wonderful and hugs Eric. The police leave and Eric prepares to leave. Stephanie is about to leave with him, but Eric does not want Stephanie to come to the house with her. He feels that her being there will be disruptive because of how she feels about Brooke. He wants to be there for his daughter and leaves, again telling his ex-wife to stay behind.

Over at Spectra, CJ has moved the car around and Amber asks Bridget if she is ready to go home. Bridget is ready; but before she goes, she has to do something first; she then hugs her babysitter and brother's best friend. CJ tells her to give it a chance back at home, no matter what Ridge decides, and to remember running away isn't an answer. They leave.

Ridge and Brooke kiss while sitting in the car somewhere in LA. She is happy that the nightmare is finally over. Ridge wants to go home and give the little girl a hug.

Shortly after, Brooke and Ridge get home and wait for Bridget, as they feel the worst is absolutely behind them now. They hug and Ridge informs Brooke that he doesn't want to give "the little brat" the lecture of her life tonight. Looking back in hindsight, Ridge feels that he could have handled the whole situation differently. Rick comes in with flowers he picked for his sister. Brooke appreciates Ridge's support and tells him so. Ridge vows to always be there for her and the kids. Brooke goes upstairs to freshen up. Rick tells Ridge that for right now, all that matters is his sister is coming home, so he will put aside his differences with Ridge. Ridge agrees as Bridget enters, looking dirty; Ridge hugs her. Brooke watches the embrace from the stairs.

Sheila pleads with the doctor to at least think about what she has said on James' behalf. Carlos replies that he is angry at James and the clinic is in serious jeopardy because of him. If James had really cared about Sheila, then he would not have become personally involved with her, Carlos explains; but instead, James took advantage of Sheila and betrayed her trust. He wants to refer her to another doctor for counseling. Sheila becomes angry and tries to control herself. He tells her that it is healthy for her to be angry with what James did to her, because it is outrageous. Sheila says," If my husband loses his career because of you, so help me, you are going to pay for it!"

Taylor shows up at Forrester for information about Bridget. She finds Stephanie in Eric's office and finds out that Bridget is coming home. Taylor asks how the girl is and Steph says she does not know,, since she was not wanted at the house by Eric. Taylor is stunned.

Ridge tells Bridget that he has never been so worried in his life. Rick hugs his sister and then gives her the flowers, and he explains that she had really freaked him out. CJ and Amber enter and Bridget tells everyone that she was convinced to come home by them. CJ explains that he was lucky enough to find her outside the guitar shop and hid her out at Spectra. Rick is pissed that his friend never told him. Bridget then explains that she would not let CJ or Amber tell; but she now knows what she did was wrong and it was just that she was so angry. She felt alone and couldn't take it. She now realizes that running away does not solve anything and wishes that she knew what would. Ridge tells her that he knows what will. Bridget agrees and they hug again.....................

Tuesday, June 02, 1998

Over at Brooke's, we see the happy homecoming of Bridget. Bridget apologizes to everyone for scaring them. She admits to Ridge that when she was out on the street, she thought she would never see him again. Ridge promises to always be there for Bridget, but he makes her promise to never do anything crazy like that again.

Eric comes in to hug his princess and wants to make sure that nobody did anything bad to her while she was out on the street. Eric is happy that she is home. Lt. Baker from the LAPD has a few questions for Bridget, such as if anyone offered her drugs or did anyone touch her. Bridget replies that somebody did steal her bag but that was it, and Ridge does not want to press charges now. Lt. Baker leaves and CJ and Amber go outside so the family can be alone. Brooke thanks CJ and Amber for everything. Then Rick hugs his sister.

Over at Spectra, Sally wants to turn the company back into the moving, shaking, moneymaking machine it used to be. She is holding a meeting with Lauren, Macy, and Grant. Sally thanks her son in law for bringing some respect to her company, but the truth is that his designs are too expensive and they need to return to doing knock-offs. Lauren agrees with Sally because she has an extensive background in retail; and, as she reminds them, " not every woman an afford to dress like... well, like me!"

Sally insists that their profits are shrinking and the secondary line of ready to wear off the rack is what pays their way. They need to follow the trends. She pulls out the books to show Grant the numbers as Darla comes in to tell Sally that security saw CJ leave the building with Amber Moore and Bridget Forrester. Sally had wanted CJ to sit in on the meeting and is upset at the news, especially the part about Amber and Bridget. Darla then adds that CJ was making sure that Bridget got home. Macy replies that now it makes sense with what they saw in the old storage room the other day. Perhaps her little brother was helping Bridget stay off the streets, she guesses. Grant insists that Sally has a hell of a son and she should be proud of him.

Eric is hugging both of his kids. Amber and CJ are watching outside through the window. Amber insists that if Ridge does walk out of the house after all of this, then Brooke and Bridget will be crushed. CJ chimes in that their life was perfect until Ridge dropped a bomb on them.

Back inside, Eric wants his daughter to explain why she ran away. Bridge replies that she was scared and felt like she had to leave. Ridge has become a real dad to her. She felt so confused and she couldn't lose Ridge, she explains.

Taylor and Stephanie are in Eric's office at Forrester. Taylor questions Stephanie as to why Eric did not want her to come with him to Brooke's place for Bridget's homecoming. Steph explains the reasons Eric gave about her ruining the family moment. Taylor is just glad that Bridget is safe and now she can have her life with Thomas and Ridge. Stephanie chirps, "Let's just hope that it all ends here." Taylor says, "Bridget ran away when Ridge told her that he was leaving her mother. He is filled with guilt. That is going to be a very emotional situation over there and Ridge is going to be caught in the middle again."

Stephanie thinks that maybe if she could call James, he could help with the situation. Taylor tells her not to because James has his own personal problems to deal with right now. Taylor then states that as a mother, Brooke has to be straight with Bridget; the little girl needs help to learn the reality of the situation, Taylor stresses. But she realizes that they might be able to convince Ridge to stay and live there. Stephanie suggests that Taylor go over there to talk to Bridget. Taylor isn't sure, but Stephanie convinces her, so of course the two women walk out the door, with Taylor emphasizing that she is only going for Bridget's sake.

Bridget and Rick tell their father that this does not mean they do not love him, but they do not want to lose Ridge. Bridget adds that she has always dreamed about and always wanted a real family. Rick adds that Ridge and his mom are crazy about each other. Bridget pleads for Ridge to stay with them in the house and she will do anything to keep him from leaving them. Ridge is silent as he considers her plea.

Wednesday, June 03, 1998

Stephanie and Taylor head over to Brooke's in the car. As the drive, Stephanie says that she is sure Bridget is in trouble and that Brooke will take advantage of the situation. Taylor tries to hope for the best and believe that Brooke won't stoop to that, but Stephanie remains adamant. She tells Taylor she cannot sit by and let Brooke get away with this. Taylor tells her to hurry.

Back at Brooke's, Bridget asks Ridge how he can turn his back on his vows to her mom... and to all of them, to be with them always. She begs him not to let them down and pleads with him to stay. Brooke steps in and tries to explain to her daughter that Ridge may have a reason to leave, but Bridget says it doesn't have to be that way. Ridge can still live with them and be a father to Thomas - they will all do whatever they have to in order for that to happen. She and Rick will even help if necessary. Rick chimes in that he agrees - they will help with Thomas if Ridge will stay with them and hold the family together.

Ridge stops to make a comment to Bridget, sounding like he is about to make a decision, but his father interrupts. Eric says he wants to speak to Ridge upstairs to talk. The two mean go up, while Brooke hugs Bridget.

From outside on the veranda, Amber and CJ watch as Eric and Ridge go upstairs. They realize this is the moment of truth and wonder what will happen.

Brooke tells the kids everything will be OK, no matter where Ridge lives. Bridget says she is sure Ridge will not leave so there is nothing to worry about. Brooke thanks her daughter for her support and her confidence, but she says that Bridget cannot get her hopes up.

Upstairs, Eric tells Ridge there is only one decision Ridge can make, especially after hearing Bridget's pleas - Ridge can't let her down, he says. He cannot just walk out on them after seeing what has happened. "What about my son?" Ridge asks. Eric takes that to mean that *Ridge's* son is more important than *Eric's* kids and he accuses Ridge of putting Thomas first before Rick and Bridget.

Brooke hears the door and goes to answer; it's Taylor and Stephanie. Brooke tries to get rid of them but Taylor explains how Bridget needs professional help. Brooke says that may be true, but she will look elsewhere, and she encourages the two women to leave. Just then, Bridget hears Stephanie's voice, so Steph uses the situation to come in. "I'm glad you're back. We were all worried about you," she says as she hugs the girl.

Amber is stunned to see Stephanie and Taylor. CJ says that Ridge is stuck in an impossible decision; he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. He fears what might happen if Ridge decides to leave, but Amber will not believe Ridge will walk out on the kids.

As Stephanie and Taylor say they are glad to see Bridget, and Rick gives Taylor the brush-off and says they do not need her help. "I know why you are here," he states, and he asks her and Steph to leave. Bridget asks her to wait; she has something to say. She tells Taylor that she knows all about Thomas and how Taylor hopes for her and Ridge to be a family with their son. But it isn't going to happen, Bridget insists; Ridge will not leave her mom for Taylor.

Bridget continues, "I am sorry about you and Thomas, but we grew up without a father and we did fine." Bridget goes on to say that Ridge will be there for Thomas, and if Taylor ever needs a babysitter, she and her brother will babysit for her. She turns to Rick, who agrees. Bridget says, "This is Ridge's home; we are his family and he won't leave us." Stephanie says, "Where is he?" When Stephanie hears Eric and Ridge are upstairs, she goes up there.

Amber says, "Uh oh." CJ says, "What is it?" She says, "I don't see Stephanie; I bet she went upstairs." CJ says, "Watch out for the fireworks now."

Downstairs, Brooke walks up to Taylor. She says, "Ok, Taylor, let me have it... and where is all the compassion you had for me? Show it to me, let's deal with it ourselves." Taylor says she is there to help; Bridget needs counseling and she has unrealistic expectations. "Ridge has made a commitment to me and Thomas," Taylor says. Brooke says that maybe things are about to change.

Eric continues to ask Ridge to stay with Brooke and the kids. Eric says, "You can do this. How many more crises do they have to go through? You're my son, you have to honor the commitment. You've got to do this. There is no other way." Stephanie shows up at the door and asks, "Eric, what's going on?"

Eric asks what she is doing there. She answers, "I am concerned about what you're saying, making sure the issue isn't clouded." Eric says, "I knew you couldn't resist interfering." Stephanie says to Ridge, "I know Bridget has been pressuring you to come back." Eric says, "My daughter hasn't been pressuring; she has been honest. MY GOD, we almost lost her." Stephanie says, "You can't solve your daughter's emotional problems by giving into her demands."

She looks at Ridge and says, "You can't let this situation sway you; you can't abandon Taylor and Thomas. Honey, Bridget is going to be just fine. Your father will see to it. You've got to move on and be strong for Taylor and Thomas. They need you most" Eric asks what about Brooke and his kids? Stephanie says, "She will have you and Ridge; we will be there for the kids." Eric is angry at the way she just writes Brooke off, but Ridge breaks it up and says, "STOP IT! JUST STOP IT! THIS DOESN'T INVOLVE THE BOTH OF YOU. THIS IS MY DECISION!"

Thursday, June 04, 1998

Ridge has just announced that he has made a decision and Eric wants to know what it is. Stephanie says, "You cannot let a child make that decision for you." Eric accuses Stephanie of interfering only because she hates his children's mother. Ridge tells them to stop arguing. Ridge tells his parents that the family has to be stronger than ever now. He has made his decision; but he won't tell them what it is until they give him their word that no matter what it is, they will support him. He understands their feelings but it all comes back to him. No matter who he chooses, he will ruin someone's life. He cannot do that until the two of them agree to accept his decision.

Brooke accuses Taylor of not having a right to be there, but she knows the reason she is: she is insecure. If she really believed that Ridge would choose her, she wouldn't be here where she isn't wanted. Taylor says she really only wanted to help Bridget. However, Taylor agrees that it is possible that Ridge could agree to stay with Brooke and her family; if he does, she and Thomas will find a way to live with it. "But," she adds, "he could decide to stay with Thomas and me. Are you prepared for that? Have you prepared your children for that?" Brooke looks at her children who are talking together across the room.

Bridget tells Rick about all that happened on the streets. She was so frightened when those people stole her bag. She even tells him that she saw Brooke and Ridge looking for her. She didn't realize that everyone would be worried until she saw them in the alley. Rick guesses that she stayed away so long to get them back together. Brooke comes over and tells them that everything is going to be okay no matter what Ridge decides. Bridget knows he will decide to stay with them. If he doesn't, Brooke says, they will be okay.

Sally explains to Lauren what has been going on. Macy says that security has searched the storeroom and blankets were found in the corner, as if someone has been using them as a bed. CJ arrives just then and Sally tells him he has a lot of explaining to do. After telling them what happened, Sally says that she is glad that Bridget has him for a friend. She hopes that the Forresters don't hold it against him, but CJ tells them that they were grateful when they heard about it. He says that Bridget just wanted to stay away long enough for Ridge and Brooke to get back together.

"Can you support me, Dad?" Eric asks. "If I choose to stay with Taylor, will you support me?" Eric says that if he goes with Taylor, he is endorsing a situation that nearly caused his daughter to ruin her life. Ridge asks how it will help the situation if he goes with Taylor and Eric fights him on it. He has to know that he has his support. Reluctantly, Eric agrees to support whatever decision Ridge makes.

He turns to his mother and asks her if she will support him. She says it is a moot point, since Ridge has already made the right choice, but he does not let her off the hook. "If I remain with Brooke, will you be there for me?" he demands to know. Stephanie doesn't like it, but she finally gives in and says she will support his decision. Tell us, Eric says, but Ridge says that it is only right that he tell the people below first.

Sally asks what Ridge decided, but CJ says that even though Bridget begged him to stay, Eric arrived and took him upstairs. Sally says that Eric is probably pressuring Ridge to stay and take care of his children. Macy feels sorry for Ridge; he has to choose between two families that he loves. CJ can't see the problem; "you keep your promises," he says. Sally reminds him that when Ridge married Brooke, he had no idea that he had a son with Taylor, but CJ says that that doesn't make any difference. Thomas won't know the difference but Rick and Bridget will, he states. Sally puts her arms around him and reminds him of all the years he lived without a father. "Can you honestly say that it didn't matter?" she asks. After thinking about it, CJ only says that Ridge better not hurt Bridget. She has been through enough!

"Those poor kids," Taylor says while looking at Rick and Bridget. "They will have wounds that can take years to heal. That is, assuming Ridge says what I think he will say. He cannot back out on me now; we need him."

When Amber calls CJ, she tells him that Ridge has made his decision and is going downstairs right now to tell them. She is going to try to listen in and she will call him back when she knows something. She is so scared; what if Bridget leaves again? "Don't let her do that!" CJ tells her.

Eric and Stephanie come down the stairs. Brooke asks where Ridge is and Eric says that he needed a private moment to collect his thoughts. Did he tell you his decision? Brooke asks. Eric tells her that he didn't. Just then, Ridge walks slowly down the stairs. Everyone in the room stares at him with bated breath.

Ridge tells everyone that he knows what he is doing to them and he is sorry, but he never wanted to hurt anyone. Taylor speaks up and says that they all are responsible, but Rick tells her that he and Bridget didn't do anything. Taylor says that she wasn't speaking of them, she was talking about the grownups. Rick blames Taylor for all the trouble; he says that she thinks that just because she has Thomas that everyone can just forget about him and Bridget. He is angry and rude. Ridge goes to him and tells him that he understands how he feels, and he is sorry. He respects him for looking after his Mom and Bridget the way he did, but he doesn't have to go after Taylor here. Taylor isn't the enemy, and she isn't Brooke's enemy.

Again, Ridge says that this is the hardest decision he has ever had to make. There is one thing he is sure of, however, and he goes to Taylor and tells her that he has her to thank for that. When she came over here to help the other day, she showed that they were all in this together. "You showed me that wherever I end up living, we are all family and we can work this all out together. Because of you, I know that no one is going to slip through the cracks. You showed me that I could do this, Taylor, not out of fear or obligation, but for myself. That is an incredible gift you gave me and for that, I will always love you. You know I love you," he tells her, caressing her face, "and I always will love you."

Bridget speaks up. "You love Mom too," she says. "Tell him, Mom. Tell him that you want him to stay." Brooke walks to Ridge and tells Bridget that Ridge knows how she feels. "Yes, I do love your mother," Ridge says. Stephanie says that no matter what, Ridge will be here for them. Bridget doesn't want him to be there for them; she wants him to be a part of their family. Ridge turns to Brooke and tells her that he is so sorry that he had to put her through this, but he had to be absolutely sure. "I understand, Ridge," Brooke says as they embrace. She requests, "Tell me whom you have decided to be with."

Friday, June 05, 1998

Macy visits Thorne and is surprised he isn't at Ridge's house. She tells him that Bridget is back and she is okay. He is so happy that he hugs her. She tells him all that happened while Bridget was gone; she also tells him that Ridge might have changed his mind about leaving.

Back at Brooke's, everyone is waiting for the decision from Ridge. "Tell me you are going to stay with us," Brooke begs. Ridge tells Brooke that he made his decision and it wasn't easy. He addresses the entire room. "I didn't want to hurt anyone," he begins. You have all told me what you want me to do; I listened to all of you, but there is someone who is not here, whose voice hasn't been heard: my son. He needs me in a way that no one else does; no one can take my place in his life. I cannot ignore that voice. I'm sorry, Brooke, so sorry."

"You are leaving?" Bridget cries as she runs to her mother. "You are really leaving?"

Back at Thorne's, Macy says that Bridget begged Ridge not to leave them. He is torn, she says. He loves that family, but now he has a child of his own. If he does stay with Brooke, Thorne tells Macy, this won't be the first time Ridge has disappointed Taylor. He should do right by Taylor and her child, but he lets her down every time. If he is going to break her heart, it is best to do it now, not later when both Taylor and Thomas have grown to depend on him. Macy reminds him that Taylor could still be available; that could change things for Thorne, she notes.

"You are leaving us?" Bridget cries out. When Ridge tries to gather her up into his arms, she yells at him to go away; "Stay away from me!" she cries. Ridge tells her that she and Rick can see him anytime that they want; they can do things together. "We don't want to spend time with you," Bridget cries. "We want you to be part of our family." She rushes into his arms and begs him again not to go.

"Liar!" Rick shouts at Ridge. "Who the hell do you think you are to treat us like this?" Bridget runs out of the room in tears and Eric, after giving Ridge a look full of hate, runs after her. As Rick starts after them, Stephanie tells him that she will be all right. "Yes, she will." Rick says. "Dad will see to that. But what about Mom? Who is going to take care of her?"

Bridget flings herself onto her bed. "It's not fair," she tells Eric. "Why does he have to go? I hate Thomas!" Eric tells her that this isn't Thomas' fault, but she says that it is. They were fine before Thomas came. Well, if Ridge isn't staying, neither is she! Eric grabs her and tells her not to even think of leaving! He tells her that Ridge still loves her; he loves her as much as he loves Thomas. He just feels that it is his job to take care of Thomas. Bridget begs him to stay up there with her; she doesn't want to be alone. He promises that he will stay as long as she wants him; she doesn't have to be afraid.

Ridge goes to Brooke and tells her that he told her what he had to do, but Brooke says that she never believed he would actually leave them. This is wrong, she says. "You belong here with my family and me. How could one night with Taylor that produced a baby make you forget about all we had? I don't care if Thomas is your child---you belong here. We have worked so hard to overcome all the obstacles and we were almost there. If you do this, you will live to regret it, but it will be too late. We trusted you and loved you and you have done this to us. You will have to live with that and the pain you are causing us." She throws herself into Rick's arms and sobs.

At first, Thorne doesn't understand what Macy is getting at, so she reminds him that he once wanted to marry Taylor. Thorne tells Macy that Taylor's love for his brother wasn't the only thing that stood between him and Taylor. Macy reminds him how much in love with her he was, but he says that he didn't love her. He has been seeing James and James made him see that he was just playing the White Knight, rescuing the "damsel in distress." Caroline, Macy says, understanding. Yes, he says, James showed him that this was his way of competing with Ridge by playing the good son. He was making decisions on old feelings and old resentments. "Now I am paying the price," he says.

Macy reminds him that she never had a thing with Ridge and she wasn't a damsel in distress. What was his attraction to her? "James says that we were really in love," Thorne tells her.

After an awkward moment, he asks how the baby making is coming along. She says it is going very well. As a matter of fact, she is going to take another home test tomorrow. "Let me know how it turns out," he says as she leaves.

Taylor goes to Ridge and suggests that maybe they should go now. Okay, he says, but he walks over to Brooke. "I have to do this," he tells her. "I cannot abandon my child any more than you could abandon one of yours." Rick angrily tells him to leave them alone. "Do you think we are fools? You screwed us over!" Ridge tells him that he has every reason to be angry. "I'm so glad you approve," Rick sarcastically tells him. "I will never forgive you; neither will Bridget and neither will Mom. Don't come back here. If you do, I'll slam the door in your face. You are not family; you are just a jerk that threw away the best thing you ever had! And don't think that you won't regret it, because you will, but you don't need to think you can come back here and take up where you left off. It just won't happen!"

"Brooke?" Ridge says, but Brooke will not answer nor will she look at him. He and Taylor start to leave. Before he walks out the door, he turns around and Brooke is looking at him with hatred. He goes outside where Taylor is standing. He puts his hands on her shoulders and she tells him that she will wait in the car. He stands there just looking around.

Inside, Stephanie watches with pity while Brooke breaks down and sobs!

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Week of 06/08/98 - 06/12/98

Monday, June 08, 1998

Back at the beach house, Ridge plays with his son. Taylor is pleased to see the two of them together, but she senses he is still preoccupied. She tells him the worst is over. Ridge says maybe it is, but he still can't get over the look on Bridget's face after he told everyone he would not be living with Brooke anymore. He wonders if the kids will recover. Taylor assures him that Eric is there to take care of the kids so everything will be fine.

Back at Brooke's, Eric comforts his daughter. He tells her that Ridge still loves her and needs her, but he has to be there for his son now. Bridget is still scared that everything has changed. Eric says that yes, some things have changed... but at the same time, things will stay the same, too. Ridge will be there to visit her and help with her homework, he tells Bridget. "He loves you so much. We will see, OK?" he adds. She says, "Yeah, we'll see. Dad, can you stay up here with me tonight?" Eric answers, "Yes, in this very room." She thanks him as he hugs her.

Downstairs, Stephanie apologizes to Brooke; she is so sorry about how things turned out, especially for the children, she explains. She then goes on to tell Brooke about her promise to support Ridge, no matter what he decided - a bargain she intends to honor if Brooke will let her. "Can we please put everything aside for the children's sake?" she asks. A hurt Brooke, tears in her eyes, snarls, "Get out of my house!" Stephanie says she only wanted to help; Brooke answers in disbelief that Stephanie never wanted to help, and she accuses Steph of destroying her family. "You're a snob!" Brooke accuses, but Steph insists she wants to help the children.

"I see we will never see eye to eye on this," Stephanie says, so she agrees it is not worth the effort to even try. Still, she will be there for the kids, she informs Brooke. That will never happen, Brooke cries - she will not allow Stephanie to be near her children EVER!

An angry Rick comes into Bridget's room, reporting that Ridge is gone... and good riddance. Eric reminds him they are all still a family, so Rick has to control his anger and put this aside. Rick says Ridge has no respect for them, but Eric says he will understand some day.. but in the meantime, Eric intends to spend time with them. He continues to explain that he is not just talking about picnics and outings; he will spend time with them in their house, and he will have them over to his place. Rick asks about his mother, and Eric says that includes her. Everyone will support them, he says - including Brooke.

Rick says Taylor and Stephanie will never support Brooke. Eric tells his son he doesn't think so and explains about Stephanie's promise to Ridge. He assures them neither they or their mom will be alone.

Taylor tells Ridge that the kids will learn to trust him again, but she senses he is still concerned about Brooke. Ridge admits he is worried about Brooke. Taylor reminds him of his speech that they will all pull together - which they will. Ridge says, "You made me realize it could happen; you reached out to Brooke." She says, "That was a relief, wasn't it? I want to help her, but I have to be honest, I don't trust her completely."

Ridge asks if she trusts him and she says he does, since she chose her and Thomas. Ridge says he did for their family-- "for us" -- and she apologizes for not having faith in him before. She will never doubt him again, she tells him.

Brooke reminds Stephanie how the children know her stand on Ridge and how she will keep Stephanie away. Stephanie is appalled that Brooke would intentionally keep the children away and calls Brooke a bad mother. "A good mother doesn't keep people away from those who care about them," Stephanie says.

Stephanie then reminds Brooke that she is marrying Eric and will be a part of the children's lives, so Brooke should just accept it. "Is that it? Are you trying to score brownie points with Eric? How could you use my children that way?" Brooke accuses. She continues, "It's not going to work; they are out of your life for good." "You would alienate your children to get back at me?" Steph asks. Brooke says, "I don't want them exposed to your stupid lies and stupid twisted morals."

Stephanie says, "My lies? You, you're such a liar! You lied to Ridge about being pregnant, about having a miscarriage. The marriage was nothing but a lie. That's normal for you; every day is a lie, isn't it? Your children aren't going to turn out that way. Their father is going to make sure, and I am going to make sure that your daughter doesn't turn out to be like you, a lying bitch, you slut!" Eric hears and yells, "STEPHANIE!" Steph holds her hand to her head.

Ridge puts Thomas to bed and Taylor asks if he wants some time alone, and he says there is nowhere he would rather be than with her... still, he keeps thinking of Brooke's pain. Taylor says Brooke can either move on or keep fighting... but either way, it is Brooke's choice, not Ridge's; he however is still concerned, even with Taylor talking about their future and his promise not to lose sight of that... and Taylor. He kisses her.

Eric asks, "What the Hell is the matter with you?" Steph says she is sorry, but Eric is not hearing it. "Brooke's life has fallen apart; the kids are devastated, she lost her husband... and you're attacking her?" "I didn't mean it, she got to me," Stephanie tries to explain. "This is what has been going on for years. You promised Ridge you would support his decision." Eric reminds her. She says, "That's exactly what I... oh, let's talk about this later." Eric asks, "Why, nothing changes? I can't handle this anymore, Stephanie. This hatred you have for Brooke."

Stephanie says he is overreacting a and it was a mistake. Eric says, "Mistake? I am upstairs trying to pull them together and you're trying to pull it apart. MY GOD! It's no use." Stephanie asks, "What? Us?" Eric says, "I can't spend the rest of my life defending this family from you." "ME?" Stephanie asks. "I want you to go," he tells her. She says she wants to explain. " No... go, just leave!" he tells her. Stephanie is looking at Eric in disbelief. She leaves. Brooke has tears in her eyes and Eric is holding her. He says, "It's all right, it's going to be OK."

Tuesday, June 09, 1998

Over at the Insomnia Café, Amber is informing CJ that Eric spent the night last night in Bridget's room. She informs her pal that to someone Bridget's age, there is nothing more special than her daddy is. He then asks about Rick; she says that she knows that Rick tries to be tough, but deep down inside he is hurting. Amber wishes there was something she could do to make it all better, like hold him and never let go, and she also thinks that Eric has had it with Stephanie and their relationship is over. Just then, a guy comes in, being sought out by girls wanting his autograph. Amber looks over for a second and then says, "Raymond?"

Eric has made breakfast for Bridget after letting her sleep in this morning. She thanks him for staying with her last night. She wonders why he isn't at work and Eric says, "There are more important things than work. Actually, there are more important things than school. What do you want to do today? I want to spend the day alone with my daughter. We are long over due. Every daughter should be able to spend quality time with her dad." Bridget says he does not have to do this, but Eric continues that they need to seize the moment to their advantage.

James is packing up his office into boxes when Stephanie comes in. She needs advice because she "blew it with Eric." She explains, "I really got into it last night. One thing led to another and Brooke threatened to never let me see the children again. I got angry, and at just that moment Eric walked in. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't want me out of his life completely." However, she points out that Brooke was probably looking for a fight and predicts that Eric will calm down and get over it. "What is up with you and Sheila?" she asks. James replies that they are coping. He informs her about what is happening but just then his partner, Dr. Nunez, interrupts.

Eric tells Bridget a story that his father once told about a man who had cattle - cattle were his entire life. Eric says he does not want to be like that. In the past, he put his design business first, but no longer. Bridget says she has a test in school and asks for a rain check with her dad. Eric agrees and gives her a hug.

Sheila is rocking the baby in the nursery. She plans on surprising James at his office because he needs a little lift and she knows exactly how to give it to him. She goes to put on something that James would love when the babysitter rings the doorbell.

Carlos says that he has come to give James his final papers. The partner also tells James that his wife came to see him and she was rather forceful. James is surprised that Sheila was there, but Carlos warns that she needs help and leaves. Just then, Stephanie demands to know what is going on here.

Raymond comes over and tells Amber that she has grown up and how she is really put all together now. It turns out that these two have gone to high school together in the past back in Atlanta. Raymond then adds that he is going to jam at the coffeehouse tonight to practice, since his band might be opening up for Janet Jackson. Amber introduces Raymond to CJ, who is quick to point out his sister owns Insomnia; Raymond is unimpressed, especially when he hears that big sister is married and therefore out of his reach. Amber remarks that he has filled out with his biceps. Raymond remarks that he used to be a lot of things that he isn't anymore and says goodbye to "PJ" (yes that is a letter p). "That's CJ!" CJ says sarcastically, to which Raymond says, "whatever."

Once Raymond leaves, CJ tells Amber she can stop drooling now that he is gone and Amber insists that he is just an old buddy and she is still crazy about Rick.

Stephanie demands to know what the hell is going on with James' practice. Sheila is now outside the office and can hear everything. James banters on about how he had a sexual relationship with a patient. Stephanie is livid, "How can this be possible? You are one of the top psychiatrists in LA. Let's be realistic, you need an attorney. You are too emotional to defend yourself." James is upset and knows that there must be a reason for this to be happening to him. He knows that there are people out there in the city who need his help, he states. Stephanie says she will help him get through all of this because he has always been there for her and her family. They hug and Sheila is watching from the doorway with a look of ice on her face.

At Penthouse 4, Lauren is surprised to find Eric at her door. He is in a good mood and confides that everything is all right for a change and that he did spend the evening with a lovely young woman--his daughter. He knows that everything is going to be fine now. In the past he has been a parent by proxy but that is going to change. Those kids are going to get to know their father, he says. Eric knows that he is lucky and blessed. Lauren is happy for him and offers to get him a cup of coffee "You are a very different man this morning, Mr. Forrester," she says. Eric says that he doesn't need a cup of coffee, but he needs "this"-- and he plants a long romantic kiss on Lauren............

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Eric and Lauren are in her penthouse sharing a long passionate kiss. Eric confesses that he has wanted to do that for a long time. He hasn't been hiding his feelings for Lauren, he has been burying them. Lauren wants to know what is going on, since she thought he was committed to Stephanie and he has not felt those feelings in a long time.

Eric confides that he cares about Stephanie, but their personalities are vastly different. Lauren replies that she has known that all along. Eric explains that he does not like Stephanie's hatred for Brooke, his kids' mother, and that he will not tolerate it anymore, as it is having an effect on his children. Eric continues to explain that Stephanie was attacking Brooke last night when he came downstairs and he lost it with her. He will not condone this anymore. Lauren questions that the only reason Eric is there with her right now is because he is on the rebound.

Sheila is observing Stephanie and James embracing from the doorway of his office. James thanks Stephanie for her support and remarks that she is a very special friend and he needs one of those right now. Stephanie replies that it might not have been a really good idea for Sheila to go and talk to his partner forcefully. Sheila can't go around intimidating his colleagues, she says. She says, "I know that you feel Sheila is well; and for your sake I hope she is. It is just a word of caution that is all." Stephanie plants a long kiss and promises to help James get through this. Sheila sees this all and says to herself that Stephanie is a bitch. Sheila leaves. Stephanie offers to be a character witness for James and then leaves herself.

Rick and Amber are having a chat. She suggests getting out of the house, but Rick doesn't want to do anything with Amber this afternoon. Amber realizes that he is bummed out about Ridge leaving. She wants to help him. Rick doesn't need her help, he says, because his mother is the one who is suffering. Amber says, "Let's take her to lunch," but he says that taking his mom out for lunch isn't going to make her feel better. "She just lost the one guy she ever really loved. Do you know what that is like? How could you? You never loved anyone like that," Rick states. Rick rips into amber. Amber looks like she is going to cry and says she does know. Rick apologizes and he doesn't want to be around anyone right now. His family was just blown apart and he just wants Amber to go and leave him alone.

Sheila is back home alone, thinking about Stephanie and the things that she said to her husband James. Oh, that woman is trying her patience, she thinks, and she tries to think calmly. James comes home and she questions him about his morning and if anyone comes by (to see if he mentions Stephanie). James mentions that as a matter of fact, Dr. Nunez came to mention that Sheila had come to see him last night. He tells her that Carlos claimed she had confronted him; and in doing so, she has made matters worse, James states. Sheila claims that she just wants to support him. He needs a confidant and someone to talk to. He says he already has his friends, like Taylor, Brooke, Eric or Stephanie. The mention of Steph's name gets Sheila all hot and bothered inside.

Back at Lauren's, Eric reveals that he has come to the realization that there are three sources of joy in his life: both of his kids, first of all. He adds that the third is someone who makes him smile always - Lauren, who is so important to him. Lauren confesses that she has poured out her heart so many times to him that she really doesn't want to do it again. Eric tells her that she has been such a wonderful friend and she stood by him, no matter how many times he pushed her away. He is so excited about his life now... and his relationship with Lauren. That is if she wants it still.

Amber is back at Insomnia. She goes over to Raymond. He is glad she could make it and asks where her boy toy is. He thinks she looks bothered by something, bug Amber says that he boyfriend isn't giving her any problems; it's just that she is little bit disappointed. He reminds her how they used to cut class and hang out together back in Atlanta in the 9th grade. Raymond says that the best times he ever had were back then with Amber. But now he is a rising star, Amber points out, and she wonders if there is anything he doesn't have. He replies that he is missing someone special to share his rock stardom with - someone like Amber.

Lauren answers, "Eric, I have wanted you for so long, I cringe at how long I have been so desperate in love with you. At night when I come home and close the door, my thoughts went to you and the time we shared. I tried so hard to move on and forget about you. Eric, you are my dream. You are what I always wanted." They kiss and hug.

Sheila reminds James that the hearing is in a couple of hours and she wants to be there for him. He tells her that she won't be at the hearing and he already has a character witness. He goes upstairs when the phone rings. It is Stephanie, who tells Sheila to give James the message that she has cleared her schedule and she will be there for James at the hearing as his witness. Sheila is pissed and gives James (standing on the stairs) a look as he she says, "Stephanie is the witness?" He heads up and Sheila is alone, saying, "That woman is out to get me. Well, she is just going to have to be stopped."

Thursday, June 11, 1998

Sally is conducting business as only she can (yelling at a supplier) when Lauren comes into the office and screams. Sally says, "You scared me out of my new hair dye!" Lauren says that she couldn't keep it in any longer; she adds that everything is fabulous, amazing, ideal. Eric has finally seen the light; "Steffers is out and yours truly is in!" she cries out.

Eric is in his office giving instructions to Megan when Stephanie walks in. She just saw Bridget and she seems better, but a little distant. Coldly, Eric tells her that she is still trying to deal with the situation. Stephanie says that she wants to explain what happened the other night with Brooke.

At Insomnia, Macy and Grant are watching the excitement of the crowd. Grant wonders who this guy is and Macy explains that he is a friend of Amber's and the hottest thing in town. He needed a place to rehearse in front of an audience and she went for it.

Amber tells CJ that she went to ninth grade with Raymond before her folks moved out west. When one of the waitresses wants Amber to introduce her to Raymond after the show, Amber isn't sure she can. "Oh, I get it," Kristi the waitress says, "you want to keep him all for yourself!" CJ isn't impressed.

Raymond is ready to sing another song and he dedicates it to a person very dear to his heart, Amber Moore. Amber is cheering enthusiastically.

Ridge is spending time with the baby. "I can tell that he loves you," Taylor says. Almost as much as his daddy loves him, Ridge agrees. After putting Thomas to bed, Ridge says it is amazing being with Thomas. He looks into his eyes and can see himself reflected right back at himself. Taylor says that she understands he has been through a difficult time and would still like to be there for Bridget, but Ridge says that what Bridget needs is to be with Brooke and Dad. Taylor assures him that she will come around in time.

The hard part is over, Taylor says. "I am looking forward to the future as a family. We will rediscover all that we had before things began happening to us. We'll get it all back again and it will be even better."

Lauren says that Stephanie decided to give Brooke one more for the road and Eric heard it all. She forgot to count to ten, says Sally with a laugh.

Stephanie says that she saw how hurt and devastated Brooke was and she tried to reach out to her. She told her that all that had gone on before was behind them and they could make a new start. Then something happened; things went haywire and that is when Eric walked in.

Raymond gets everyone to clap then he begins his song, "My Way." He even goes up to Amber and gives her a little twirl. CJ just stands there with his arms crossed and a scowl on his face.

"So the evil queen showed her true colors at last," Sally muses. She has lost Eric for good, Lauren says. "I have waited so long and put my heart on the line so many times for him and now it is finally paying off." Sally wonders how Stephanie will react when she finds out that Eric is finished with her. She warns Lauren not to get too complacent; never underestimate that woman's die-hard quality.

Stephanie says she wanted Brooke to know that she had her full support. Eric says that isn't what he saw. She agrees--he came in at the end when she lost control. She admits that she had lost it by then and she is sorry. "You snapped and it doesn't surprise me one bit!" Eric tells her, angrily.

Taylor thinks that now that everything is over, she and Ridge should get married as soon as they can.

When the song is over, Raymond winks at Amber. CJ suggests that she call Rick, but she says she talked to him earlier and he nearly bit her head off. "I tried to reach out," she says. "But he was so cold and angry. I can't deal with any more of that tonight." After CJ walks away, Kristi the waitress brings Amber a napkin from Raymond with his hotel and phone number on it.

"How many mea culpa do I have to do?" Stephanie asks. "What more can I do?" Eric tells her that she made it impossible for Brooke to be with her children when they needed her. He doesn't care how Brooke reacted; he told her not to come there in the first place. He says that her anger and bitterness is out of control. It is like a cancer and he will not take it anymore. The other night was the final straw. "It is over between us, Stephanie," Eric says and walks away.

Taylor says that parents raising a child together should be married and this time it will be better. Ridge says when he looks at her beautiful smile, he remembers why he fell in love with her in the first place. She makes him a better man. She has changed his life in so many incredible ways. She is an unusual, unbelievable woman. That is why he loves her and always will. "So, let's go for it!" he says. They can be married next week if she wants to. Taylor gets so excited that she is bumping into herself. She has to call the minister----no, she has to call her father---. Ridge says that what she needs to do first is this; he grabs her and they kiss.

Friday, June 12, 1998

Eric tells Stephanie that it is over between them; he will not live the rest of his life defending his family from her. "You can't change," he says, "and I can not live with that."

Brooke is at work when Rick comes by. He doesn't want her to bury herself in her work, but she tells him that work helps her focus on the things in her life that she has some control over. "How could Ridge do this?" Rick explodes. "It must be eating him up inside living with Taylor and still in love with you. We all know it is true--even Taylor."

Taylor tells Ridge that there is still a lot to work out before they can get on with their future. He has to get the annulment if there are going to get married. He says that he is a married man only in the eyes of the law, but she says that he is also married in Brooke's eyes. As long as he leaves that door open, it gives Brooke and the children hope that he will go back to them.

Stephanie says that she is sorry about what happened with Brooke; she just overreacted, but she can change. She is changing, she reminds Eric; she is seeing James. "Please don't give up on all that we have," she pleads. Eric says he doesn't want to hurt her, but he has to protect himself. They can still be friends.

Rick suggests setting Brooke up with a friend's dad. He is just her type, but Brooke says that there is only one man who is her type. The time that she and Ridge spend together was perfect; he brought her so much joy. She is thankful that she has Rick and his sister and all her memories. That is all she needs.

Ridge wants to wait to talk to Brooke. She and those kids have been through hell. Taylor says that there is never going to be a good time. The only way to get Brooke and the kids to move on is to show them that he is moving on and that means getting the annulment papers signed. Ridge goes to the phone and calls Brooke.

Brooke tells him that he can come over to see her. When she hangs up, she wonders what to make of it. She wonders if he realizes that he can't leave the family after all. Rick says that he hopes she is right; just in case, he is going to leave her alone for the meeting. As Rick leaves, Brooke has a hopeful look on her face.

Stephanie says that Eric can't just throw everything away; they can work through this. Again she tells him that she didn't go over there to argue with Brooke; she honestly wanted to help. She wants him to think about their family for a change. Things are finally going well. Ridge and Taylor are planning a wedding; she and Eric are planning a wedding. NO, Eric tells her. "There is no wedding. I told you the wedding is off. I don't have it in me any more to forgive. I don't want to hurt you, but our relationship has run its course. We may be friends, but we will not be husband and wife." Stephanie begins to cry. "Please don't do this," she begs through the tears. "You killed it!" Eric says and walks out of the room, leaving Stephanie crying bitterly.

Taylor is holding Thomas as she tells him that Daddy is out making everything all better for them. Then he will be free and they can get married. It will be painful, but he has to go through this.

Ridge arrives at the office and after a little small talk, Brooke asks what he wanted to see her about. He shows her the envelope and she knows that it contains the annulment papers. "I need you to sign these, Brooke," Ridge says. "I need you to help me end our marriage right now. This cannot wait." As she takes the papers and looks at them, a tear slowly slides its way down her cheek.

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Week of 06/15/98 - 06/19/98

Monday, June 15, 1998

Brooke is in her office as she picks up the annulment papers that Ridge has just handed to her. Brooke comments that as soon as she signs the paper, then he and Taylor can go on with their lives. Ridge tells her they have all been patient and have to move on; she believes that Taylor has been patient to the extent of a shark circling the waters. Brooke is upset that this did not have to be done today, as she is putting on an act for her children's sake. She feels empty inside and it took all her courage to get up this morning and come to the office. "I am just barely hanging on, Ridge, and you do this to me!" she accuses.

Amber is reading a cocktail napkin from her old chum Raymond that has his hotel and room number on it, with a message requesting to see her at night. Amber smiles as she remembers getting the note. She tosses it into the fireplace, and just then Rick enters. Amber mentions that her friend is in town singing and thinks it might be good for Rick to get out of the house. Rick explodes and makes a big stink about her not being more sensitive to him while his mother's life is falling apart. He wants to be left alone. Amber tries to get through to him that she cares, but she can't take much more of this. Rick doesn't care if she is there or not. She says she thought she had it great living with her best friend, but... Amber then confides that she has been there for Rick since this whole thing started. She even gave him her kidney; that ought to count for something. "Oh is that it? So I owe you?" Ridge shouts. Rick then goes off the deep end about how as soon as times get tough, she is going to walk out on them also. He tells her to bail out also and to get out of there. Rick storms out of the house, leaving Amber in tears.

At Insomnia, Raymond has girls gushing all around. CJ comes over and threatens that he better not go near Amber. He makes sure that Raymond knows Amber has a boyfriend and his name is Rick Forrester. "The fashion Forresters?" Raymond asks. He then comments that Amber must have a sweet deal going if she is seeing a member of that family. CJ tells him that if he thinks that Amber is with Rick for his money, he is wrong. Amber has something real with Rick, CJ explains, so he warns Raymond to leave her alone.

Brooke says that she won't sign the papers now. She knows that Taylor had sent Ridge to the office thinking it would be a safe haven. But there are just as many memories in Forrester Creations, she points out, going back to the BeLieF formula, the men's life and Forrester international. Everything she and Ridge have touched has turned into gold because they are such a good team together, she points out. They have passion for themselves, their work, and their lives. She has never felt that way about anyone else and she never will, she says.

Raymond is chatting with Grant about his popularity; he says that it isn't about the girls--it is about the music. Grant offers him a gig at the coffeehouse as long as he wants it, since Raymond is packing the customers in. Grant explains how he heard that Raymond knows Amber and tells him about Amber's job working for Brooke. Raymond wants to check out where Amber is staying at the famous fashion Forresters' place.

Ridge tells Brooke that it is all about reality and they have to face it. It is time for them to move on. All of the times in the past have made him what he is today, he says, and he will never forget that. He holds her and promises it isn't goodbye. He wants to be part of her life and to be thee for the kids, he says, but they can't hold on to something that has passed. Brooke confesses that she is never going to give up on him, never. She has tried in the past, but that was a mistake. Ridge tells her not to compare him and Taylor to her relationships with his dad or Grant; Taylor and he are committed, he says, and he doesn't want Brooke to live her life waiting for him. He begs her to take the first step and sign those papers.

CJ is at insomnia and pours himself a cup of coffee. He sees his pal Rick sitting there and goes over. After Rick explains what happened, CJ can't believe that he got into another fight with Amber. He questions if he wants to lose her. Rick says no, but he has bigger things to worry about, like his mom. CJ says to let go of that but Rick says he can't, especially since he knows that Ridge just went over to Forrester to rub his mother's face in it. This time it is going to hit her between the eyes, Rick worries.

Amber is crying and then hears the doorbell. It is Raymond. He looks around and says this place is her dream come true. She tells him that her dream has not been to live in Beverly Hills; it was always about the music and all of this stuff is gravy.

Brooke is sorrowful and knows that Ridge will be back. "You need me as much as I need you. You aren't going to realize it until I let you go," she says as she signs the papers. She starts to cry and Ridge holds her from behind. He kisses her head.

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

At the Warwick home, Sheila is again upset at the fact that James is shutting her out for his hearing while he is allowing Stephanie to help him. She cannot believe he would do this. James comes down, all dressed up in a suit, and she again begs him to let her accompany him to the hearing. Absolutely not, James insists. She says that she, more than anyone, can explain how he helped her, just like she told Dr. Nunez. James still says no; besides which, he tells her there are some things that will be said that she should not have to hear.

Sheila is not happy with his decision but leaves the room as the doorbell rings. It's Stephanie, ready to be his character witness. James however asks her if there is something wrong, since she seems distracted. Stephanie at first tries to hide it, but then breaks down and tells him that it's about Eric.

Over at Insomnia, CJ continues to try pounding some sense into his best bud Rick's head about Amber. He better start treating her right, CJ cautions, since there are other guys who notice Amber. "Other guys? What do you mean?" Rick asks.

Over at the Forrester home, Raymond is admiring Amber's new digs. This is some Beverly Hills spread, he points out, and he bets that she is really going places in realizing her dreams since coming here. She says it isn't like that; yes, she has her dream, but there are other reasons for her living there, including Rick. Raymond guesses that Rick is probably helping with her career, though - he is probably helping her make connections in the music world, Raymond guesses. Well, kind of, Amber replies...

Back at the Warwick home, Stephanie sobs to James about how she tried to explain to Eric that all she wanted was to console Brooke and that Brooke took it the wrong way. "And he didn't believe you?" James asks. "It didn't matter," Stephanie replies. She tells him how Eric told her that she would never change, and that he could not go on living in a relationship with her as a result. "I haven't seen him like this since... since the divorce," she explains. She then explains that Eric told her it is over and left her. James tries to comfort her; unbeknownst to them both, Sheila is watching them.

Raymond tells Amber that something doesn't seem right about her living there; she seems more like one of the help than someone Rick cares about, he comments, and he thinks she is losing sight of her dream. When's the last time she wrote a song or performed, he asks. Sadly, Amber explains that she has put her plans on hold for the moment; Raymond, of course, has an answer on how to change that.

Stephanie apologizes to James; she has been taking up his time with her problems when they should be thinking about his. James is grateful for the apology but says there is no need to apologize. She hugs him. Sheila is watching from the doorway. She comes out and Stephanie says hello. Sheila thanks her for being a character witness, saying it's all the medical board's fault. Stephanie says, "I don't think so; we know where the responsibility lies," as she looks right at Sheila. Sheila just gives her a look and kisses James a long kiss. Stephanie just gives Sheila of her looks in reply. She then says they should get going and they leave for the hearing.

CJ doesn't answer Rick's question about other guys. However, he does remind Rick of everything he has been through with Amber and how lucky he is to have her. That will change if Rick doesn't start respecting her, CJ points out. Rick realizes his friend is right and heads home to make amends with Amber.

At the hearing room, James greets the three members of the board. One member spots Stephanie behind the doctor and asks James if she is his lawyer. James replies no, she is his character witness. They advise that he can have a lawyer, but he responds, "I don't need one." One of the board members gets up and opens the door and says, "You don't mind? The air conditioner isn't working." James has no objection.

As they get down to business, James hands the members a file with affidavits from patients, as well as from other doctors. They say this isn't necessary since they know his character; they state, "We have seen your seminars and meetings, but this is a ethical matter." He's told that his decision to marry a patient he was treating is what has caused this hearing about a breach of ethics. James is outraged; how can his reputation not be important? He says he will not let then railroad him and accuses the board members of already having made up their minds.

Raymond tells Amber he is disappointed; here she is, in a place where her dreams can come true, and she is letting it pass her by. "Look at me. We can go places," he says. He invites her along with him see Seattle, Las Vegas and maybe end up in Atlanta. He tells her he has to meet with John Quincy. She says, "I know John Quincy! He heard me sing at Insomnia. You are really going places, aren't you?" He says, "Maybe you can sing with me at Insomnia," and she says, "I don't think Grant will let me." Raymond says, "He will. I am his bread-and-money man, and he will listen to me." At first she says she has to ask Rick, and Raymond says, "What do you have to ask him anything? Come on, come with me tonight." She says, "Ok, I will." They hug each other and she is so happy, and Raymond has a look on his face like he has scored.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Sheila is at home upset, and she is telling herself that she should be at the hearing. Her husband needs her a lot more then he could ever need Stephanie Forrester, she states. She questions why Stephanie would volunteer to be his character witness and what could she ever be after. Sheila comes to the conclusion that Stephanie is after her; by helping James, he will finally listen to Stephanie. But Sheila knows that James is devoted to Mary and her.

Rick tells his sister Bridget that he is going to make it all up to Amber tonight with a limo and dinner at Cafe Russe. Rick feels that by the end of the night they will be cool again; "as a matter of fact, we will be better than ever." Later Rick is all dressed in a dark blue suit and Bridget comes to his room. She brought some of Amber's favorite CD's to listen to in the limo and she sees her brother is worried that Amber isn't around. He delays the limo, saying that they are running a bit late. Bridget then questions what if Amber does not show up tonight.

Over at Insomnia, Macy and Grant are thrilled that Raymond is packing in the customers. Macy approaches her brother CJ about what is bugging him, and he tells her he's wondering about Amber and Rick. Grant interrupts and says that CJ must be wrong; he's sure Amber has plans with Raymond, not Rick. CJ is puzzled and worried. As if in cue, Amber and Raymond enter together - and of course, CJ notices. Grant and Macy go to check the lighting. CJ pulls Amber aside; he wants to know what the hell she is doing there with Raymond.

The hearing begins as Sheila approaches the hallway where she can listen from the doorway. James informs the board members that he did not have a sexual relationship with Sheila; it was a one-time encounter. He admits that he did treat Sheila, and he did sleep with her that one time, but there is nothing wrong with that. He made a mistake and no harm has come of it, certainly not worth ending his career over. The board then wants him to explain why his wife jumped from a roof of a hotel and was hospitalized. He says she thought he didn't love her but the board members offer another explanation; the board believes that Sheila is completely dependent on James for any sense of self worth and she is not cured. With that, they feel they have heard enough. Stephanie stands up at that moment and wants to be heard.

CJ reminds Amber that she has a boyfriend. Amber freaks out when Raymond's manager, John Quincy, shows up. She tries to head off but CJ says he needs to talk to her. She wants to be left alone to have some fun.

Stephanie assures the board that it is more than loyalty as to why she is there to speak on James' behalf. She understands the true nature of Sheila Carter, she states. "Sheila is mentally ill and extremely manipulative. She has exploited this fine and decent man. Who could cure her?" Stephanie states. She adds that Sheila does not want to be cured; what she wants is a sense of power. She doesn't think that they can blame Dr. Warwick for that. Sheila took complete advantage of James' personal crisis. She says, the reality is that HE is the victim, and if they continue down this course, everyone will be victims in this community, because they will allow Sheila's actions to deprive them all of a brilliant psychiatrist.

One board member then comments that there is one other victim - the psychiatric profession. They can't allow James' to be representative of them since it cripples them all. As much as it pains them, since they have all known James for years, they suspend him immediately and indefinitely. Sheila hides and watches from the hallway as the board leaves the hearing room. Stephanie and James hug. Sheila then comes back to the door; she is livid and says to herself that Stephanie could have helped and saved his career, but instead she made him look like a fool. "Stephanie, you have no idea what I do to my victims," she snides.

Grant introduces Raymond to the audience. Raymond dedicates the next song to Amber and says that she is a very close friend. She is all smiles and he brings her up to sing back up with him. They hug and CJ is checking his watch, frowning for Amber to leave and go to his pal Rick. When she finishes, she heads off stage with Raymond. "What is she doing? She should be with Rick!" he says aloud.

John Quincy comes up to compliment Raymond, who introduces Amber. Amber says she already knows Quincy, but he seems to not remember her. Quincy then gets a call on his cell phone; he tells Raymond to pack his bags, since he is going on tour to open for Janet Jackson. An excited Amber and Raymond leave to party as CJ calls out for Amber to wait.

At home on the balcony, Rick is wondering just where, oh where can Amber be? Well guess what? The champagne is following back in Raymond's hotel room in a very private celebration without the band, as Raymond proposes a toast to them. He's got a look like the cat who swallowed the canary in his eyes...

Thursday, June 18, 1998

Ridge finally returns home and tells Taylor that Brooke signed the annulment papers. She knows that this was hard on him but she has a surprise. The minister and the chapel are free tomorrow. "How does that sound?" she asks.

Rick is in his room but he is still planning on going out with Amber. Brooke knocks and enters. When she hears his plans, she isn't happy. "Why are you going out with Amber? She is only the babysitter and she is older than you," she states. After Rick says that it isn't that big a deal, Brooke relents, but only if he keeps it friendly and doesn't stay out late. He asks what Ridge wanted.

CJ returns to Insomnia and asks Christie the waitress where Amber is; he finds the place empty. He isn't happy to see that Amber hasn't returned.

At the hotel, Raymond is plying Amber with champagne and pretty words. He is about to be a star and he wants her along for the whole ride.

Brooke doesn't want to talk about Ridge, but Rick insists. She tells him that Ridge wanted her to sign the annulment papers ending their marriage.

"Tomorrow?" Ridge asks. "Don't I have a say in this? Have you planned the reception and honeymoon too?" Taylor becomes worried that she is moving too fast, but she did leave the reception and honeymoon for him to plan. She tells him that she loves him and only wants to get back to what they had, but if he doesn't feel the same way, she needs to know right now. Ridge says that there is only one reason to get married and it isn't because you had an unplanned pregnancy.

Ridge picks up the baby and begins to talk to Taylor through him. He asks if Thomas has ever heard of a shotgun wedding where instead of the father holding the gun, it is the bride to be. He then tells Taylor that Thomas has something for her; come here and hold out your hand. Nervously, Taylor does and Thomas puts a diamond engagement ring in her hand. "Will you marry me, Taylor? Will you marry you tomorrow?"

Rick doesn't understand Ridge! Brooke tells him not to start in on Ridge; the marriage is over and she just wants to get on with her life. Rick promises that he will always be there for her and they hug.

Amber is getting a little tipsy, but Raymond continues to fill her glass with champagne. He wants to make her a star and they are half way there. Be with me tonight, he asks. Amber says that she is getting woozy from the champagne; he replies that she may be high, but it isn't because of the champagne. They got high together on the stage and they are still up there, he says; they need to come down together. Amber says that she isn't into one-night stands but he asks who is talking about just one night. They will be together all over Europe and Asia, raking in the money and living on love. When Amber says that she belongs to someone else, he doubts that she does. Otherwise, she would be with that other person. As Amber stumbles around the room, Raymond convinces her that he is the man for her. As they kiss, he gently pushes her down on the bed.

Taylor is so happy she doesn't know whether to kill Ridge or smother him with kisses. He prefers the latter. He takes the ring and slips it on her finger. This is why he was so late returning tonight. He tells her that on his way home, he had a memory of two people who lived in a small guesthouse building a dream. They had everything until, through no fault of their own, they were ripped apart. But they are lucky; they got a second chance. He would be a fool to turn his back on that. "I love you, Taylor, and I want that life that we had---I want it all back, and it looks like I am going to get it starting tomorrow."

"No, starting tonight," Taylor says as they kiss.

Friday, June 19, 1998

Rick knocks at Amber's door, but he is confused when there is no answer.

Amber wakes up alone in the hotel room with a hangover and in a state of undress. Getting up and stumbling around the room, she finds a note from Raymond. He tells her that he had to split, but "thanks for the goodies." He talked to his manager and he said no to them touring together, so he is flying alone. "Maybe I'll call you sometime," he ends the note. Feeling ashamed, she grabs her clothes and stumbles out of the hotel suite.

Taylor is gazing out over the ocean when Ridge comes out and kisses her. "Was it a dream or did something extraordinary happen last night?" She tells him that she has been up since before dawn; she doesn't want to miss a moment of her wedding day.

Amber sneaks back into the house and barely misses running into Brooke and Bridget.

Brooke is sending Bridget to school and an exciting field trip. As Bridget leaves, Stephanie is at the door. She wants to have a few minutes of Brooke's time. Inside, Stephanie tells her that Eric has called off the wedding because of the scene he witnessed the other night. She reminds Brooke that Eric didn't see the entire thing; she was trying to be sympathetic to her. Brooke says that Stephanie was thrilled; she was blasting her. Stephanie says that she came here to ask Brooke to do the honorable thing and call Eric to tell him the truth about what really happened, but how could she expect her, of all people, to do the honorable thing? Brooke says that Stephanie brought it all on herself; she will not call Eric and straighten anything out, since Stephanie was only putting on a front for Eric.

Rick walks into Amber's room just as she comes out of the shower wrapped only in a towel. He begins by blasting her; he waited up until after one this morning for her. "Where were you?" he asks. Amber gets dressed, but says that it makes no difference where she was because he didn't care. He explains that he was a jerk and wanted to make it up to her. He was going to apologize and take her out to dinner. She says that he was a total bastard to her; he really hurt her and she was a wreck when she left the house last night. She is really crushed when she finds out that Rick had hired a limo and was going to take her to Café Russe.

Taylor says that they have a lot to do before the wedding tonight. They haven't even invited anyone to the ceremony. Ridge tells her that the only important people he wants at the wedding is her and Thomas, but since he knows that she would like guests there, let's fill up the chapel!

Ridge tells Taylor that from now on, they are going to slow things down a bit. They have been running at a fast and furious pace for too long; now they are going to slow down and learn to enjoy life. His only interest is his life from now on will be seeing that his wife and his son are as happy as they can be.

Stephanie says that Eric didn't see everything; he didn't see Brooke threaten her and say that she couldn't see the kids. She accuses Brooke of ripping Eric out of her life once before; now she is doing it again. Brooke smiles at her with a look of satisfaction.

Brooke accuses Stephanie of tearing her family apart; of course she would offer an olive branch. She wanted Eric to come down and witness her being such a comfort. Only, Eric didn't come downstairs soon enough. When he did come down, he saw Stephanie in all her glory! She then tells Stephanie that she pressured Ridge into leaving her. Stephanie says that she could not have talked Ridge into leaving her if he had wanted to stay. "You are angry but your anger is misdirected!" Steph states. Brooke says that Ridge will be back to her just as soon as he realizes just how precious their time together was. Stephanie is aghast that Brooke is still deluding herself.

Taylor is making a list of all the things they need to do for the wedding. She asks if Ridge is absolutely certain about this. He tells her that he wouldn't be there if he weren't absolutely certain. He realizes that he needs a best man. When Taylor suggests his dad, he says he has someone else in mind.

Amber is crushed! She thought Rick hated her. He tells her that he is just having a difficult time with his family, but that has nothing to do with them. He takes her face in his hands and tells her that he likes her----he really, really likes her. He suggests that they forget about last night; he will make the same plans for tonight. They will go out and celebrate. Yes, she says, we will celebrate something new and beautiful.

Stephanie says that Brooke cannot see what is honest and true when it is staring her in the face. She cannot see how destructive she has been to the family. Just then, Stephanie's cell phone rings. When she answers it and Taylor tells her that she has wonderful news, Stephanie says that her batteries are running low. She will call her right back.

When she dials Taylor's number, she puts it on speakerphone. "Now, tell me your wonderful news," she says. Taylor tells her that she and Ridge will be married tonight. Why wait when they both want it more than anything? Ridge tells her that he is thrilled and can't wait to see her tonight. Hanging up, Stephanie asks what was it Brooke was just saying about being convinced that Ridge would be back. GET OUT! Brooke tells her.

As she leaves, Stephanie wishes her a good day. Ridge is going to marry Taylor tonight, so the Forresters will have a glorious one.

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Week of 06/22/98-06/26/98

Monday, June 22, 1998

Thanks to Rebecca for lending a hand...............

At a production meeting at Forrester, Brooke, Eric, Clarke and Megan are in attendance; Clarke is showing off some designs. Despite positive reactions, he laments delays caused by Thorne's sabbatical; and moreover, Ridge's absence from the meeting puzzles him, too. Eric then reveals that Ridge is out for the day, but he says they should not worry. Brooke however does worry about how nothing is getting done and is upset.

Eric then adjourns the meeting and offers to come by Brooke's after the wedding; he can spend some time with her and the kids because he knows how hard it is for them. Brooke says she appreciates the offer but he belongs at the wedding, so she declines. Eric assures her they will get through this.

Ridge stops by Thorne's place - Thorne is surprised to see him but invites his big brother in. Ridge then gets down to why he is here - he wants Thorne to be his best man.

Amber looks through Brooke's closet for a dress for her date with Rick while CJ pushes her to answer about what happened with Raymond. Amber tells CJ she spent the night with Raymond, but it was no big deal; they are just friends so he should forget about it... and she says she will do the same. Amber then breaks down and cries about how Raymond is on the road and left her behind, and she says she is an idiot since Raymond used her, leading CJ to ask how far things went.

At first; Thorne seems a little confused about Ridge's suggestion. He is reluctant to accept Ridge's offer because they haven't been on the best of terms. He then asks Ridge how Brooke is handling the wedding. Ridge says he can't expect Brooke to just accept it but he has to move on... they all do, which is why he wants Thorne as his best man so they can put the past behind them and get the family together.

Clarke overhears Brooke's conversation with Eric from outside the office door. He comes in after Eric is gone and finds Brooke crying. He then tells her to stop; she doesn't have to and he has something to say to her, he states. Clarke says he is amazed at how well Brooke is coping with being dumped on and wants her to know he cares.

Thorne reminds Ridge of the history with Taylor, but says he has gotten over it. Ridge tells him to prove it by accepting his offer, so Thorne agrees to be the best man.

Amber tells CJ to drop it and goes back to finding a dress to impress Rick, but CJ says he has to know what happened. She refuses to tell him anything, so CJ assumes the worst, that she went all the way. "Oh god... tell me you used protection!" he declares. Amber then admits she has no idea, since she passed out--but she is confident nothing happened. CJ is angry and asks how she can be sure she didn't sleep with Raymond. She insists she didn't and demands that CJ never tell Rick about this. Reluctantly he promises.

Amber then gets back to finding a dress. Holding a dress from Brooke's closet in the mirror, Amber has a worried look on her face.

Out at the beach house, Taylor and her wedding consultant work on plans as Ridge comes in.

Clarke tells Brooke that he is committed to Forrester, like her, and he knows what it is like to be unappreciated, which is why he hopes she will trust him and let him help by proving he can be indispensable.

Ridge tells Taylor about his choice of best man, which makes her happy that things are working out - and in the meantime, she has been working on the guest list. When Taylor says Kristen and Felicia can't make it, but the list includes Lauren as well as Grant and Macy, Ridge laments how there may be tension in the room - after all, having Lauren there with his mom could explode, and Thorne isn't completely over Macy.

Taylor then realizes she forgot James, and rushes to call him; but Ridge interrupts and asks her not to include Sheila. She agrees, and she then broaches the subject of Brooke and the kids. She doesn't want to leave them out, but it may be too soon. Ridge agrees.

Taylor worries that Brooke may disrupt things but Ridge assures her Brooke would not, and she is happy that she will soon be Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Brooke asks Clarke to prove his claim that he will do anything for her by taking her to the wedding as his date. Clarke is stunned.

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

Ridge and Taylor are at the beach house kissing. She tells him they have to stop and get ready for their wedding tonight. She finds all of this very unreal. Ridge goes to his son Thomas in the crib and comments that the next time he sees Taylor it better be walking down the aisle. He leaves; Megan is coming over to take care of the baby, and Taylor picks up the telephone to call James. She knows that it is last minute but really wants him to be there. She also explains, "You know how the Forresters feel about Sheila. Can I ask you not to bring her? Thank you."

James is at home and totally understands. Sheila is excited at hearing about Taylor and Ridge getting married and wonders what to wear. She goes to the stairs to try on a black silk dress James bought her for her birthday. But James stops her and says, "You are not going with me. Taylor is a very good friend of mine. It is only going to be for one evening." But Sheila thinks that she should be there with her husband by his side. She feels that it would be good for people to see them as a happy couple and in love. James doesn't blame her for being hurt and disappointed for not being invited, but pleads for her to understand. He explains to her that Taylor asked for her not to come, so James goes alone.

Clarke is in Brooke's office at Forrester and questions her as to why she would want to torture herself by attending the wedding as his date. He suggests that they go out and have a few drinks to forget about it all. But Brooke says that she will handle all of the details and tells him to leave and come back when he is dressed in a tuxedo.

Taylor enters the chapel, sighs how beautiful it is, and thinks about how tonight it really begins for her and Ridge. Stephanie comes in and is asked to be the maid of honor; of course, she agrees and hugs Taylor. They go to the bridal room and start with her nails before getting down to (of course) a Forrester original wedding gown. Taylor turns to chat about Brooke. They believe she is a survivor who fights for what she wants. She wonders if she should be worried. Stephanie advises Taylor that nothing is going to happen and she should treasure every moment of this day.

Brooke enters Ridge's office to find him in his silk boxer shorts as he is getting ready for his wedding. She tells him not to bother covering up; she knows every inch of that body. Brooke knows that Taylor has been pushing this along in record time. Ridge assures Brooke that both he and Taylor want this. He asks why she is there; to say goodbye? Brooke says that she has come to ask him a question; "Are you really sure about this? A marriage should not be just obligations and responsibilities. Don't you see, Ridge? You are doing this for Thomas. We have this bond that just won't disappear." Brooke wonders how he will be able to take Taylor as his wife and foresake all others. He wipes a tear from her face and says goodbye. Brooke leans in and they share a long passionate kiss goodbye. Brooke runs her fingers across his lips and then leaves the office.

Brooke is now in her office wearing this bright light blue suit and matching hat that is huge with a veil covering her face. Clarke comes in to her office and almost doesn't recognize her in the veiled outfit. He wants to know exactly what she is up to. Brooke states that she will handle the Forresters, and all he has to do is get her into the church.

Thorne is in Ridge's office with Eric and is helping with his tie. The Forrester men are bonding as Eric smiles, pleased with how his sons are together again. This wedding will be the start of a new beginning for the family, Eric states, as Thorne and Ridge agree. Brooke peeks in for a second and ducks away as the men prepare to leave for the chapel.

Meanwhile in the chapel, Macy, Grant, Lauren and James have arrived for the wedding. Lauren is surprised to find out that Grant knows Taylor from his days in college. Lauren questions James as to where his wife Sheila is and is glad to find out she is not coming. She says, "The last thing this wedding needs is a surprise visitor."

Brooke is standing out in the hallway of the chapel with Clarke. He tells her to leave; "This is nuts," he says as he suggests they leave. Brooke refuses to go and tells him to watch what she is going to do.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Ridge is wearing his tuxedo as he looks out at the chapel from the groom's room and notices that the guests are all there. Thorne asks if he has any second thoughts. He says Ridge not to take this the wrong way; he isn't starting up with his big brother and is there for him, he states, but he does know how Ridge feels about Brooke.

Stephanie brings word to Taylor in her dressing room that her father's plane landed late and he is on his way. She suggests that Taylor get dressed in her gown and she will wait for Jack out front. Stephanie promises that nothing is going to go wrong tonight.

Out in the lobby, Stephanie notices Eric with Lauren. Lauren is clinging Eric's arm and congratulates Stephanie on her son's marriage. Eric then leads Lauren over to meet his grandson, Thomas. Stephanie then asks Clarke if he has seen Jack Hamilton, Taylor's dad; Brooke is still undercover as Clarke's date with the veil covering her face. Just as Stephanie is about to introduce herself, Jack enters the chapel and Brooke is saved from Stephanie.

Jack and his daughter share a reunion in her bridal room and he knows that she and Ridge belong together. He brought with him a pair of white long gloves that her mother wore when they got married. Taylor now feels that her mother is with her in spirit.

Amber tells Rick the she still wants to go out with him, even after everything that has happened. She then tells him that Ridge and Taylor are getting married tonight. Rick thinks about his mother, but he still agrees to go out with her.

Clarke and Brooke sit down in the chapel in the last row. He wants to know what she is planning to do and if it will get him fired from Forrester Creations. Megan has Thomas waving to daddy Ridge. Stephanie walks down the aisle as matron of honor. She looks sad as she sees Eric and Lauren together. She smiles at James, and at her two sons standing together as she approaches the altar. Jack walks his daughter Taylor down the aisle as "Here Comes the Bride" plays. Brooke says to herself that Ridge won't be able to do it. Jack hands Taylor to Ridge and tells him to be good to her.

The wedding ceremony begins. The minister speaks of Ridge and Taylor's unique special love and how their hearts were always connected. When it comes to the part of the service for someone to speak now or forever hold their peace, baby Thomas lets out some gurgles. Ridge spots Brooke as she lifts the veil on her huge Easter-blue bonnet hat; however, he turns away and the vows are taken before God. They exchange rings and are now husband and wife. The groom and bridge kiss and sort of glow back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Forrester are introduced. Applause fills the room. Clarke reminds Brooke to put her veil back down.

Everyone goes outside to meet the receiving line in the lobby. Clarke leaves Brooke alone for a few minutes. Brooke starts to have a good cry while they are already cleaning up the chapel. Now the lights in the church go out and Brooke begins to speak out loud to herself. She says, "He has made a mistake, the worst mistake of his life. The worst mistake of mine. But my life is not over. For my children, for myself, I will keep going. I will not lay down and die; no matter how hard Ridge tries to forget it, I will always be apart of him. And someday we will be together, but until then, life is too precious and short. This is not the end. This is the beginning. With or without Ridge, I have to make the most of it... "

Thursday, June 25, 1998

Rick and Amber arrive at Café Russe and are seated. Amber is impressed that Rick knows the waiters by name. He reminds her that he has been coming here all of his life.

Eric and Lauren arrive without reservations, but Simpson is sure he can find them a table.

Ridge tells Taylor that he is taking her aboard a private jet and taking her away on a honeymoon, but he won't tell her where. She says she doesn't have any clothes, but he explains that she doesn't need to know what kinds of clothes to pack and tells her not to worry about that. Taylor says, "If you think you can just whisk me away from my family and my work to someplace I know nothing about... well, you sure can!"

Lauren and Eric recall the wedding. Lauren got chills when Taylor's father announced that he and Taylor's mother gave her away. Lauren catches sight of Rick and Amber and says that they aren't the only Forresters there. Eric is sure it isn't Ridge and Taylor, so who could it be? He is shocked when he turns in his seat and sees Rick and Amber holding hands across the table. "What the hell is going on over there?" Eric says.

Sheila calls the church and finds out that the wedding has been over for an hour. She just knows that he is with Stephanie!

Stephanie, who is drinking champagne and getting a little tipsy and giddy, tells James that he has no idea what tonight means to her. It has never been about getting back at Brooke. It is about taking care of her family, she explains. Looking at James, she tells him that she has never been happier. He asks if she is sure about that. Wouldn't she be happier if Eric was sitting across from her?

She tries to convince him that she hasn't given Eric a single thought tonight, but finally admits that she has given him one or two thoughts. However, she wouldn't be happier; because if Eric were here, he would be lecturing her. He doesn't understand her the way James does. She tells James that she has only wanted three things in her whole life: her marriage to last, her children to be happy, and the business to go on as a legacy for the children. But what happened? Brooke ruined her marriage, she took the business and almost---ALMOST--- got her hooks into Ridge. But, tonight, Ridge married Taylor and now they are off on a wonderful honeymoon.

She then tells him that she is disappointed that Eric would bring "that" woman to the wedding, but she isn't surprised. She isn't surprised at anything Eric does anymore. He has changed; he accuses her of being the one who has changed---and she knows that she has---but he isn't the same man she used to know. The man she lived with for 30 years would never have done that to her. But it made her realize that it is over; it is finally over. Tonight is a night for champagne, starry skies, honeymoons and wonderful friends.

"I can't believe that we are in our own flying love nest and off to paradise," Taylor says. "It can't get any better than this!" He tells her that he can improve on this; he has another surprise for her. He gives her a gift box with a lace teddy inside. He says that he has been picturing her in this for a couple of days. "No wonder you were sweating at the altar," she says. She goes to change.

Amber looks at her food and starts to cry. Rick says that if something is wrong with the food, they can send it back. She says it is because it is so beautiful. It is just steak, Rick says. She says that she has often had to eat ugly food and pretend it was something special. She never thought she would be eating fancy food in a fancy restaurant, especially when she was working in a Death Valley diner, she tells him. "You are some kind of flaky lady, you know that?" Rick says. She leans across the table and tells him to shut up and kiss her.

Watching from across the room, Eric is furious. Lauren says that they are only kids out on a date playing grown up, but Eric says that she is older than Rick is and she is taking advantage of him. "What is the harm?" Lauren asks. Then Eric says that it even looks like she is wearing one of Brooke dresses. Maybe Brooke loaned it to her, Lauren suggests, but Eric is convinced that Brooke wouldn't do that. He doesn't believe Brooke would approve of them being here together. Lauren reminds him that this is the first night out they have had in a long time. "Can't you forget it for tonight? You could have a little father-son talk with him tomorrow, but let tonight be about us, okay?" Smiling at her, he opens his menu to order, but with a sign he glances back at the kids.

Sheila opens the door for her neighbor who is going to look after Mary. Sheila leaves. She has a determined look on her face.

James says that he is impressed that Stephanie is handling things with grace , dignity and optimism. It shows on her beautiful face. She thanks him for the compliment. As he starts to leave, she asks him to stay.

Ridge, in his robe, dims the lights and puts on soft music. Taylor comes into the bedroom dressed in a robe, but slowly pulls it off. "Do I live up to your imagination?" she asks seductively. "If my imagination had lived up to this, I wouldn't have made it through the ceremony," Ridge assures her. She always remembered him as being creative, she says. He says that if it is creative she wants he will give her creative. He says that this is the way life will be for them from now own, but she tells him that she doesn't count on the future anymore. She just lives each day as it comes and enjoys what she gets; she doesn't count on any more than that. She promises that she will make sure Ridge never regrets choosing to be with her. He says he doesn't know what he did to deserve her. He wishes that everyone in the world would get the opportunity to feel what he feels---to have what they have. He thinks their future is going to be incredible---especially the day their daughter is born---Ridgina, he says. She laughs and says that she loves him. "This is only the beginning, Doc, only the beginning," he says.

Friday, June 26, 1998

Sheila is driving toward Stephanie's house. She tells herself to relax; she doesn't know for sure that he is there. But since both of them were at the wedding, it is a good bet. She says to herself, "If Stephanie thinks she is going to get my husband, she has another think coming!"

Seeing a plane fly over, Stephanie giggles that that could be Ridge and Taylor's plane. Although she doesn't know where they have gone on their honeymoon, she is going to have a wonderful time with Thomas. James begins to talk about his daughter. She is going to be a real charmer one-day, he proudly says. She doesn't get that from her mother, Stephanie says. James requests, "Sheila is a very good mother. Can we please stay away from that topic?"

Rick thinks he scored big time by picking this place for dinner. Next time, Amber says, it will be her treat. "I'll be wearing my own dress and celebrating my first album," she claims. Rick says that maybe she will even be singing here. She looks around and says she doubts it; this place is too high class for her. "The way you look tonight, you could be at home in Buckingham Palace," Rick tells her.

Lauren is trying to talk with Eric, but he can't keep his mind on what she is saying---or his eyes away from Rick's table. "She is just a teenager," Lauren tells him. "I am sure it is harmless." Eric looks at her and asks, "Just how harmless were you when you were a teenager?" Lauren thinks about it and she has nothing to say.

Sheila arrives at Stephanie's place and sees James' car there. "Damn it!" she says, pounding on the steering wheel. Sheila begins to pound on the door. "James, I know you are in there," she says.

Meanwhile in the back by the pool, a pretty drunk Stephanie is chanting, "No more talk of Sheila, no more talk of Sheila." Becoming serious, she wonders what he is going to do now that he can't practice. He thinks he might write a book or just sit there and lick his wounds. Stephanie isn't going to just sit around waiting for Eric. Maybe she will join the circus. She begins to play the part of a lion tamer, as well as other circus parts. She is so funny that James laughs and Sheila hears him.

"Regardless of what I was like as a teenager," Lauren begins, Amber is the reason your son is alive." Eric agrees that Amber made a brave sacrifice but that doesn't give her the right to take advantage of his son. "This hasn't just started," he says. "You can tell that just by looking at them. She has been doing all of this behind our backs." Eric declares that he is going to put a stop to this. As he gets up to go to Rick's table, he sees them on the dance floor. Lauren begs him not to make a scene. He sits back down and watches as Amber and Rick does a very close, intimate slow dance.

Amber wonders why Rick isn't a spoiled brat with all that he has. He acts like he doesn't know how special his life is. She is so glad she found him and so is he, he tells her.

Lauren notices that they are sensually caressing each other on the dance floor. When Eric sees, he throws his napkin on the table and says that is all he can take. As Amber walks toward the Ladies Room, Eric catches up with her and grabs her arm. "Hold it right here!" Eric says to a surprised Amber.

"What the Hell is going on?" Eric demands. "I have been watching you all night. Brooke hired you to watch the kids, not to seduce my son. You are responsible for my son; you were hired to protect to protect him. Now I see I have to protect him from you! How far has this gone?" She tells him that she is only on a date with Rick; they have done nothing wrong. She tries to explain that she is helping him through a rough time, but Eric says that Rick is very vulnerable right now; she is taking advantage of that. She says she would never hurt Rick; she reminds Eric that she gave Rick a kidney. Eric says that he is grateful for that, but one thing has nothing to do with the other. When Amber tries to leave, he roughly grabs her and tells her that this whole thing is over right now!

Rick sees Lauren and stops by the table to speak with her. She mentions that she has been watching him with his date. He asks her to do him a favor and not mention it to his dad.

Sheila walks quietly around to the pool area and watches as James and Stephanie talk. It is all foolish banter, especially considering Stephanie's condition, until suddenly Stephanie becomes serious; she wants to warn him of something. He asks her not to talk about Sheila but she insists. She remembers when he was brutally honest with her a few weeks ago; now she has to be brutally honest with him for his own good. She honestly thinks that he can't stay with that woman!

Lauren says that she can't keep it a secret from Eric. Not understanding, Rick says that so far he doesn't know, but he is going to tell his father soon. She points to Eric and Amber and he sees Amber in tears.

Eric says to Amber that what he just saw on the dance floor was more than just being a friend. Rick rushes up and asks what is going on. Eric tells him to go sit down, but he won't. "What have you been saying to her?" Rick asks. Amber answers; she says that Eric says that they can't see each other again, that she isn't good enough for him. Eric tells Rick that they will talk about this at home, but Rick reminds him that he isn't a child any longer. He tells Eric to keep out of his business where Amber is concerned. He grabs Amber by the arm and says, "Come on, Amber, let's get out of here." The two of them leave with Eric standing alone and angry.

James patiently explains to Stephanie that he lost his license because of his own mistake; it had nothing to do with Sheila. He was the one who had sex with his patient, but Stephanie argues with him, saying that Sheila took advantage of HIM. She was the one who was sober; she seduced him. She reminds James that he is a father; he has to protect that little girl. James says that Sheila is a wonderful mother. James assures her that he wouldn't let his daughter stay in that houses if she were in any danger.

Stephanie insists that Sheila is only living a charade; soon she will explode. She grabs his face and kisses him lightly on the mouth as she tells him that he is very important to her; she doesn't know what she would do if she ever lost him. They kiss again, this time deeply with both participating. James pulls back and looks horrified; he tells her goodnight. He leaves Stephanie alone wondering what she has just done. She hears a splash and turns to see Sheila there; she has thrown something into the pool. "HOW DARE YOU? This time you have gone too far!"

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Week of 06/29/98 - 07/03/98

Monday, June 29, 1998

After the wedding, Stephanie and James are poolside at Casa Forrester. James insists that she has no reason to worry about him. Stephanie says she can't help it - she is worried about what could happen to Mary. James believes that his wife is cured and explains that he would not let his daughter Mary stay in that house if he thought she was in any danger. Stephanie insists that she is frightened for him and that Sheila is living a charade and going to explode. Stephanie confides, "You mean a great deal to me, James." The truth leads to a passionate kiss under the sky with Sheila watching from behind a bush. James says goodnight and Stephanie seems confused as she looks up at the sky.

Just then, Sheila lets herself be known and startles Stephanie. Sheila exclaims, "How dare you? This time you have gone too far! How dare you make a move on my husband? I caught you kissing my husband and you damn well know that I am not going to let you get away with that!" Stephanie tells her to turn around and go home, since she is not going to argue with her. James is her friend and he needs all the support he can get right now, so Stephanie intends to be there for him. She tells Sheila, "You are a master at masking this darkness that is inside of you. You are hanging by a thread, Sheila."

Eric and Lauren have come over to Brooke's after finishing their dinner at Cafe Russe; he wants to see Rick. Brooke explains that she thought that Rick and Amber were just going out for a pizza and not to a five star restaurant. Eric informs Brooke that Amber was wearing one of her dresses and had her hands all over their son. He states that their dancing in the restaurant was like a mating ritual and he confronted them. Brooke is annoyed that he made a scene at the restaurant and didn't handle the situation well. She is impressed with Amber bringing Bridget home after she had run away and giving a kidney to their son. Brooke also feels that at age 16, Rick has the Forrester charm and he may be coming onto Amber. It's possible that this was his doing as much as Amber's, she reminds Eric.

Rick tells Amber to cool it as he unlocks the cabin door in Big Bear. She knows that they are in serious trouble and wants to go back home until she sees the inside of the cabin. He explains that he brought her there not to ski or hike, but for privacy. Amber knows that his dad hates her and she is nothing but trailer trash to him. Rick says that she is the best thing that ever happened to him and wonders why can't anyone take him seriously, since he is not a kid anymore. He pleads with her, "Stay with me. Teach me. I love you Amber. I want to learn and I want you to be the one. We are not going anywhere. I want you." They start to kiss and sit down in front of the fireplace. She takes off his tie and unbuttons his shirt.

James comes home after his poolside chat with Stephanie and finds a babysitter. He questions as to why his wife left so all of a sudden. The sitter is not sure. He checks on his sleeping angel as he wonders where Sheila might have gone.

Sheila isn't leaving Casa Forrester until Stephanie promises to stay away from her husband, she tells Stephanie. Stephanie tells her she can camp outside then and tries to leave, but Sheila throws her down on the cement ground by the pool. Then next thing you know, Stephanie is thrown into the pool and Sheila is right beside her, dunking her head under the water. She keeps repeating over and over, "Stay away from my husband!" as she shoves Stephanie's head under the water again and again. Sheila gets out of the pool and Stephanie is clinging to the edge of the pool gasping for air.


Tuesday, June 30, 1998

It's morning at Brooke's place, and Bridget comes down for breakfast. She's surprised to find her dad there with her mom... and then Eric explains he is there because Rick did not come home last night. Bridget sees how worried her parents are.

Up at the cabin, Amber and Rick wake up in each other's arms, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. Rick of course is on cloud 9, but Amber can't help but be concerned about what happened between them.

At Stephanie's, Taylor's dad, Jack Hamilton, stops by for a visit. Jack and Stephanie are the typical doting grandparents, going ga-ga over Thomas. He mentions to Stephanie that he didn't see her after the wedding. He asks where she went after the wedding and says he was worried that Lauren being at the wedding might have scared Stephanie off. Stephanie explains to Jack that it's the opposite; she has a new romance, in fact. As they talk, Sheila waltzes in the front door of the house, unseen, and stands in the alcove listening.

Despite Rick's enthusiasm, Amber is worried that Rick's father will kill them; after all, they were out all night. She is also worried that they had unprotected sex. Amber wonders if she will be fired and thinks about what will happen on their return, but Rick says he loves her and everything will be all right. He even left the gardener's ladder outside the window to his room, so they are all set to sneak back in.

Bridget is surprised that Rick was out all night, but she tries to assure her parents that he is OK. Eric is ready to call the police but Brooke asks him to hold off, since she wants to have a good talk with Amber and with Rick first.

When Thomas cries, Jack fetches him, and Stephanie holds the baby. Again doting over their grandchild, Steph tells Jack that the baby means the world to her and she would give her life for him. Sheila overhears Stephanie's comment and has a gleam in her eyes.

Back at Brooke's, Amber and Rick climb in the window. They think that they are safe - until lo and behold, as they open the door, who should be standing there but an angry Eric and Brooke!

Jack leaves Stephanie's, leaving Thomas in her care. After he leaves, Sheila walks into the room and surprises Stephanie. Stephanie says she is calling the police and Sheila asks why - she didn't do anything, she says. Stephanie reminds her that Sheila tried to drown her, but Sheila says she doesn't have it in her to kill anyone, not even Stephanie. She urges Stephanie to forget about what happened and not to call the police, since it won't do any good. Stephanie says she has a better idea - instead of calling the cops, she will call James!

Eric criticizes his son and Amber for their actions. Rick tries to take the blame and says that they simply lost track of time up at Big Bear. Eric isn't buying it and lights into Amber, and Rick is quick to defend her by saying they are in love. But does Amber feel the same way about him, Eric wonders. He turns to Amber, expecting her to tell Rick that he is wrong - but surprisingly, Amber agrees. Eric is outraged at Amber's claims and, despite Rick's objections, fires Amber, ordering her out of the house by tonight.

Sheila tries her best to reason with Stephanie and convince her that she is not a killer or a danger to Mary, but Stephanie will hear nothing of it. She is going to tell James immediately, she states. Sheila tells her no... and then she spots Thomas in the crib. Suddenly, Sheila has an inspiration and threatens to the baby if Stephanie tells anyone about the incident in the pool - and she reminds Stephanie she means business!

Wednesday, July 01, 1998

Over at Brooke's, Eric and she are discussing what happened with Amber. Eric tells Brooke how Amber seduced Rick, which is the reason he is so worried; he thinks the girl took advantage of their son based on what he saw in that restaurant. Brooke doesn't disagree, but she doesn't want to come down on Rick too hard.

Upstairs, Amber packs while Rick looks on. She tells Rick she understands how his parents feel and attempts to get him to understand. Rick says he doesn't care, because he can't see something beautiful like they had as wrong; he won't let her leave, he proclaims.

Sheila comes home, upset that she felt forced to threaten Thomas. However, she has to do it to keep Stephanie from James... and if she doesn't listen, then Stephanie will regret it.

Back at the Forrester mansion, Stephanie worries that Sheila is ill - possibly ill enough to hurt Thomas. That being the case, Stephanie has no choice but to stay away from James. As if on cue, there is someone at the door - it's James, and he wants to talk to her. Stephanie tells James she is busy and cannot see him, and she begs him not to say something that will hurt. James however will not drop the subject, and he wants to remind her about what happened last night by the pool.

Brooke is afraid of hurting Rick, but Eric is more concerned about her; she's falling apart from all the burden of taking care of the kids, he says. He remembers what she used to be like and feels that she should move on with her life - but she can't do that while she is spending all her time with the children. That is why Eric wants to take some of the burden of the kids off her, so she will find the time to pull herself together.

Brooke reminds Eric of what Amber has done for the kids. Eric admits Amber has done good for the family, but he feels she is unchecked and will cause trouble in Rick's life, and the proof is that she spent the night with him. Brooke agrees that Amber should leave. Eric asks if she wants him to stay until she has a chance to get rid of Amber, but Brooke declines.

Amber says she has to go and the decision is out of their hands, but he doesn't want to let her leave, and she promises not to let her feelings for him change, even after she is gone. Rick blames himself for ruining Amber's life, since it was his idea to go to the cabin. Amber tells him she has no regrets about what happened; she only wishes that they had used protection, since doing without it was stupid. Amber prepares to leave, but Rick stops her and tells her he loves her, and they embrace as she thanks him for the happiest times in her life living with his family. Rick asks Amber to call him but she just leaves.

Stephanie says she is flattered by James' feelings, but she thinks he is misinterpreting things. After all he has been through, it is natural for him to reach out for support, she explains, and that is what he is doing with these feelings. James says she is wrong and insists they have something real. Stephanie tells James such thoughts are dangerous, and he asks how. She reminds him they both have families - James is married and has a child, for instance. And to protect their families, they have to forget about what happened, she urges. She asks him to leave. James he apologizes for embarrassing her and departs.

Depressed, James returns home and tells Sheila he was with Stephanie. "Oh really?" Sheila says, "She must be very happy now that Ridge and Taylor are married." He replies, "She was excited but something has changed. She is not quite herself. I've got to go upstairs for awhile and read some things," James says. Sheila is just looking at him, secretly pleased with his reaction.

As Amber starts to leave, she thanks Brooke for everything and apologizes for what happened with Rick, and she asks if Brooke can find it in her heart to give her another chance. The plea is not enough to move Brooke, who sees Amber as like herself but without restraint. Brooke says she has to draw the line at Amber's irresponsibility to protect her children, and she asks Amber to help Rick get over her by never looking back. Amber leaves with a determined look in her eyes.

Looking at a picture of Thomas, Ridge and Taylor, Stephanie gets a delivery - it's a doll. She picks it up and the head comes off. There is red stuff in the neck. There is a note and as she reads it, Stephanie can hear Sheila's voice saying, "VERY GOOD; YOU KEPT YOUR MOUTH SHUT. STAY AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND OR ELSE." Steph is fearful as she picks up the picture of Ridge, Taylor and Thomas.

Thursday, July 02, 1998

Stephanie is talking to Taylor; Taylor notices that something is wrong by Stephanie's voice. Stephanie assures her that everything is fine with Thomas; she wouldn't let anything happen to this baby. After hanging up, she remembers Sheila's threat. Then she wonders if after all these years of being friends she and James could actually be falling in love. She hears the sound of the door slamming; when she turns, there is Sheila. She congratulates her on being cold to James and hopes that she keeps it up. As she walks forward, Stephanie steps between her and the baby's crib. Sheila says that she doesn't enjoy making a threat against a baby's life. Stephanie challenges her to prove whether she has really changed or not.

With an avocado mask applied to her face, Lauren hesitates to answer the doorbell. It is James and he doesn't want to talk through the door. He is startled when she opens the door! He makes her swear before he tells her his good news. He has discovered feelings for someone, feelings he has never felt before. He is talking about Stephanie.

Macy, wearing an apron, sits on Grant's lap. Thinking about Ridge and Taylor's wedding brings out the romantic in her. She wonders whom the baby will look like because she thinks that this could be the month! He wonders if she brought home another pregnancy test. She sure did and she goes to try it out. She is feeling lucky.

When she returns, she is disappointed; the verdict was negative again. Grant tries to console her, but she is tired of being patient; she just wants a baby of her own. She wants Grant to get tested, but he thinks she is jumping the gun. Macy protests that if they are infertile, she wants to know it now, not somewhere down the road.

Sheila assures Stephanie that she is healthy and normal; she feels like she is only protecting her family. Stephanie tries to convince Sheila that she isn't a threat, but she has to admit that James thinks he has feelings for her. She promises that she will stay away from James but she can't control his feelings for her.

Lauren can't believe it! Even James is a little stunned at the prospect of having feelings for Stephanie. Lauren wants to know how this happened. James doesn't know, but he explains that she moves him; he felt it the first time he kissed her. KISSED HER, Lauren asks! She reminds James of what he is getting into by reminding him of how much trouble Eric has with her. Lauren thinks this is great; he will be better off with Stephanie than Sheila. Stephanie should be doing cartwheels; no matter what Stephanie says she must be very happy. "Then why is she building a wall between us?" James aks.

Sheila accuses Stephanie of making moves against her husband. She reiterates her threat. As she leaves, Sheila looks down and says, "Goodbye, Thomas. He really is so beautiful. You take care of him, Stephanie."

Macy wants to eliminate any possible problems, but Grant knows that he is all right. "We need to be sure," Macy insists. Grant isn't fond of all these trips to the doctor. They are supposed to be making a baby, not doing a science project. Macy didn't enjoy all the poking and prodding either, but if it gets them the baby that they want, it will be worth it. Grant has to do this for that little soul out there just waiting to come into their lives. Grant finally gives in.

Lauren just thinks that Stephanie is only having a hard time dealing with the change in the relationship. It was unexpected but exciting; she has to adjust. It is exciting, James says; when he woke up this morning, she was the first person he thought of. When Lauren goes to wipe the mask off her face, James looks at the phone.

"What are we going to do, Thomas?" Stephanie asks as she cradles Thomas in her arms. "Sheila has really lost it. She has threatened to do something to you and I can't let that happen. The only thing to do is to stay away from James." She answers the phone and finds James at the other end. He wants to apologize for kissing her this morning and he'd like to make it up to her. "No," Stephanie says. "You and Sheila are married and have a child. I am not interested, period." She hangs up.

James tells Lauren that Stephanie hung up on him but she tells him not to give up. He won't; life has been difficult recently but he is going to turn things around. There is only one person that can do that for him. He will not let her just walk out of his life.

Stephanie gazes out over the city from her terrace. "If only I could tell you how much I care for you, but I can't do that now. There you are all alone and I'll never be able to tell you---never."

Friday, July 03, 1998

Taylor and Ridge are on their way home from the honeymoon. They are talking about how it would be nice to live in the plane for the rest of their lives. Ridge, however, decides to be pragmatic and reminds her that raising their son will be tough that way - while they can live on strawberries and love, he says as he feeds his bride a berry, Thomas can't. Taylor says she'll just have to settle for living on the ground with everyone else - which is fine as long as she has Ridge. Since they were in St. Barts, Ridge asks if they will be naming their next child Bart.

Stephanie is again thinking about Sheila's threats and looking in on Thomas when there is someone at the door. It's Lauren, who has come to see Stephanie about James. She encourages her to go for it! Stephanie tells her that she isn't interested in James, regardless of what James has told her. When Lauren continues, Stephanie says that James is a married man and she cannot get involved with him. Lauren says that this is the perfect opportunity for everyone to get what they want. She gets James, Lauren gets Eric and Looney Sheila is out of their lives. She declares that she is going to see Sheila herself and tell her what James is feeling for Stephanie.

Sheila has been shopping for dinner; she arrives home with some fish that she intends to make with some pasta, or maybe those garlic potatoes James likes. James is reading when she gets home and wants to speak to her; he says it is about his recent visit with Stephanie. However, Sheila tells him that it will have to wait, as she has to get the food prepared before it spoils.

Grant and Macy are in the doctor's office; Dr. Heinz is out, but there is another doctor filling in who is more than willing to assist the Chambers with their request to have Grant tested. Grant is still not convinced that there is anything wrong and wants to leave, but Macy asks him to stay. "If you are right, Mr. Chambers, then this will just prove it," the doctor says in an attempt to convince Grant. He then discusses some things that could contribute to their "problem" and hands Grant a cup to get started. Grant says he already gave a urine sample, but the doctor points out that the cup *isn't* for urine. A pretty, young nurse then leads an embarrassed Grant to a room where he can make his "donation."

Stephanie warns Lauren not to tell - she cannot go to Sheila with this, she pleads. Lauren suddenly realizes something is going on and asks Stephanie if Sheila threatened her. "Not exactly," Stephanie says. Lauren wonders then what... and Stephanie casts a glance at her grandson's crib. "Oh my god... she threatened the baby?" a stunned Lauren asks.

At the Warwick home, Sheila comes rushing out of the kitchen; she tells James that she is going out for something she forgot, James insists on talking to her now. He tells her that last night Stephanie kissed him. Sheila acts a little upset but she doesn't blame him; instead, she thanks him for being honest with her. He then tells her that this morning he kissed Stephanie. Sheila tries to say that James isn't responsible; it was Stephanie's fault all the way. She also reminds him of his promise to always be with her and asks if he is going to keep his promise.

Stephanie confirms Lauren's suspicions and she tells her about the threats against Thomas. She also shows her the doll that Sheila sent. Before a shocked Lauren can respond, Ridge and Taylor arrive home. Stephanie tells Lauren to hide the doll as Ridge and Taylor enter the room. Immediately they go to the baby; they are overjoyed to see him again. However, they sense something in the air; Lauren and Stephanie exchange knowing glances.

Stephanie tells Ridge and Taylor that Thomas was an angel! As they thank her for taking care of him, they say that they knew she would be safe here. Stephanie and Lauren exchange another look. Lauren takes this opportunity to leave; she tells Stephanie to call if she needs anything. Ridge wonders what Lauren was doing there, but Stephanie says that it was nothing for him to worry about. After they are gone, Stephanie tries to convince herself that she is doing the right thing.

The phone rings; Stephanie answers the phone; it is Sheila. Sheila tells her that she lied about James. Stephanie says that she didn't lie, but Sheila says that James told her about today's kiss. Stephanie says that she pushed James away and told him to leave her alone. "Don't you realize how serious I am?" Sheila asks. "If you do, then you stay the hell away from him!" Stephanie promises to stay away; it won't happen again. Stephanie is frantic with worry.

Back at the fertility doctor's office, Grant is not happy; he is humiliated by all the testing that has been done, because he doesn't think that all this is necessary. Macy, meanwhile, is looking over some brochures about in-vitro fertilization and methods of treatment for infertility. Grant again assures her there is nothing wrong, but she is not convinced. Finally, the doctor enters the room and tells them that all of their tests are finished and the results are in. There is a problem, he says.

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