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March, 1998

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Week of 03/02/98 - 03/06/98

Monday, March 02, 1998

Sally is furious that after Thorne treated Macy so badly, he is now involving her in his problems with Taylor. She wonders why he doesn't talk to his family about his problems and leave Macy out of it. Macy tells her that Thorne and Stephanie never got along and Ridge is the last person Thorne would talk to now, as he is involved. Sally says that somehow, that doesn't surprise her, that the Forrester family is so weird; the next thing that you'll hear is that Ridge is the father of the baby, she guesses. Macy confirms that to a stunned Sally.

Macy insists that Thorne needs a friend and she is there for him. Sally says that is nonsense; if Macy is smart, she will stay away from the Forresters, who deserve to be restrained. Just then, there is a knock at the door. "Who could that be?" Sally asks. She opens the door and is stunned to see that it is Thorne.

Taylor tells Ridge that her father fell in love instantly with Thomas, just like Ridge will fall in love with him. Ridge says he can't imagine loving him any more than he already does. He said the minute he met Thomas, there was an instant connection that he can not explain. Taylor smiles, and Ridge asks what is on her mind.

Brooke and Stephanie are still going at it with each other. Brooke says that Taylor told her that she will not tell Ridge and it should remain at that - with Thorne as the father. Stephanie says, "Well guess what... she lied!" and Brooke is stunned. "Why would she do that?" Brooke asks. Stephanie delights in telling Brooke that Taylor wanted to see her get what's hers. Brooke tells Stephanie that she thought she would have learned not to interfere in their lives from the other day when Ridge took Brooke's side recently. Stephanie will be the one to lose Ridge, not her, Brooke notes.

Thorne arrives at Macy's and tells her that Stephanie found out about Thomas and is very angry with him. He says he still doesn't see how what he did was wrong. Macy empathizes with him. She says he was not wrong to do what he did in order to save Thomas' life. She adds that he is responsible for Thomas' life, as without him, the child probably would never have been born, and Taylor should be grateful for that.

Ridge encourages Taylor to marry Thorne, since the child needs his parents. Taylor said despite what Ridge is saying, she knows he does not want her to marry Thorne and she wants to know the reason. He tells her that he never knew he would say this, but Thorne loves her and she should him give a chance - and more importantly, she should give Thomas a home with 2 parents for stability. He knows she is strong, but he doesn't want her to have to "handle herself" alone. He can't explain it, but he is protective of Thomas, and so he asks Taylor to marry Thorne for her son's sake.

Taylor then tells Ridge that she named Thomas after St. Thomas, because it meant so much to them when Ridge proposed to her there. Ridge says that it is no wonder Thorne is so angry and bitter, but Taylor says he understands. "Understands that you named his child after a place that means so much to us? How could you do that?" Ridge asks. Ridge encourages Taylor to change the baby's name as Thorne is the father, and her choice of names is definitely not right. St. Thomas has special romantic significance to them, not Thorne, he reminds her. Taylor says, "No, Ridge, the name Thomas is perfect; it's not a mistake. Thorne is not your brother's baby; he's your baby, Ridge."

Brooke says she is going to see Ridge, but Stephanie stops her; she tells Brooke that she is finally going to pay for all the problems she has caused in her family. She says that she has prayed for this for a very long time; now Ridge has something he always wanted, a baby - not any baby, but one of his own. She comments that Brooke sees what she wants and goes for it without giving any thoughts to who she is stepping on; she went after Ridge, despite his love for Caroline. Then she went after Eric and pitted father against son. And now she has put son against mother. Brooke keeps destroying her family, she accuses. Brooke says that she tried to tell Ridge, but Stephanie accuses her of intentionally letting the cat get her tongue. She notes that before Brooke entered the picture, they had their problems, but they were always able to resolve them - and now, Brooke is going to pay, and Stephanie will savor every moment of it.

Ridge asks Taylor if this was a joke and she says, with tears in her eyes, "No, Ridge." Ridge is stunned and asks if she is sure. She says she is. "My god, I'm a father?" he asks. He hugs her and repeats, "I'm a father."

Thorne thanks Macy for being understanding and Macy says it is payback to him for all the things he had done for her - her sobriety, her singing, for instance. "You are a soulmate; why don't you go home and forget your mother?" she advises. Thorne prepares to leave and thanks her. "You're welcome," she says as she hugs him. He makes his exit.

Brooke tells Stephanie that the decision not to tell Ridge the truth initially was not hers; she stumbled into it accidentally when she over heard the telephone conversation with Thorne and Taylor in Italy. She said that the conspiracy was between Thorne and Taylor and she has made many attempts to tell Ridge about it. She adds that the reason Taylor did not tell Ridge the truth is that she knew that he loved her (Brooke). Steph tells her she is grasping at straws and her little game is now over. Brooke then says that she is calling Taylor and starts dialing. Stephanie hangs up the phone and says Taylor is not there; she is right here in the building talking to Ridge.

Taylor explains that she did not sleep with Thorne. She only told him that because of what she found out on the day of his parents' wedding, she adds. She was so thrilled, she says, and then she had heard he was by Brooke; so she hurried over and found him in bed with Brooke. He tells her he did not sleep with Brooke that night and she says she found that out afterwards. Taylor says she is sorry and she knows she made a terrible mistake when she kept the truth from him. She told him she just wants him to accept Thomas as his son and hopefully someday, accept her as well.

James enters the office with Thomas. Taylor takes him and asks Ridge if he wants to hold his son, and she comments on the resemblance. A very emotional Ridge says yes and keeps saying, "My son, my son; I have a son." He has Thomas in his arms while he relishes the fact that he is now a father, and he is clearly on cloud nine. Taylor is embracing them.

Tuesday, March 03, 1998

Stephanie is with Eric in his office explaining about their grandson and why Taylor lied about the paternity of his father. Of course, Stephanie brings up that it was all Thorne's idea to lie about the paternity of the baby and that she is furious with her younger son for taking advantage of the entire situation. Then she mentions that Brooke and Thorne were in on the whole thing together; it was their big secret. She continues to explain that Taylor is in with Ridge right now and all of the lies that Brooke told are finally going to come out and that marriage will be over soon. Eric tries to stand up for Brooke and how she has always loved Ridge. Stephanie is sure that Brooke has been lying to Ridge the whole time. The problem is that Brooke would do anything, hurt anyone, including Ridge, to get what she wanted. Stephanie is elated and wishes that she could be there to witness her son throwing his wife out.

Ridge is in his office holding his son. He says, "You are my son. Hey there. Hello. You are my boy. Do you know that? You have such perfect little fingers. How old is he now? Two months? Oh I know things have been kind of confusing for you now lately. But that is all done, because you've got me now." James comments that Ridge will enjoy being a daddy. Ridge states that the baby is beautiful. Taylor remarks about how wonderful their days were together on St. Thomas when Ridge proposed to her and now they created this wonderful child. Just then the door opens and it is Brooke; "You know," she says to her husband.

Ridge requests that James take his child out off his office. Brooke pleads with Ridge that she tried to tell him more than once. She explains that she knew the truth since Italy and she found out the same day that they got engaged. She reminds Ridge that he said he wanted her and not Taylor. She did this for everybody's sake and it wasn't her idea in the first place- it was Taylor's.

Ridge is furious. "You kept me from knowing I had a son. You call that love? What the hell is wrong with you??? How could you do that to me?" He reminds her how upset she was that she miscarried and could not give him a child. "You see, you could have given me a baby - this baby. But you were afraid it might not be in your best interest. You just didn't give a damn as long as you got what you wanted. You were lying to me the whole time." Taylor tries to excuse herself from the room to let them argue, but Ridge asks her not to leave.

Eric is upset and is worried about the effect this is all going to have on Rick and Bridget. He tells Stephanie to not jump to conclusions and reminds her that Ridge might not leave his wife. Stephanie is elated to see James with her grandchild. James explains that Taylor swore him to secrecy and he has known the truth for months. He tells the Forresters that Brooke arrived while he was in the office with them. Stephanie cant wait for Brooke to get what is coming to her.

Ridge now starts in on Taylor. He says that all of this is very confusing and he doesn't understand Taylor. He doesn't feel like a father and he wasn't there when he was born either. He feels like a total stranger to his own son. He tells Taylor that she should have been honest with him. He doesn't believe anything she is telling him about why she did all of this, since she has lied to him for months. He questions where the woman is who said all that matter is honesty. Taylor cries that she is sorry. Ridge begins, "I was holding my own son and you said NOTHING. My child, Taylor! Who the hell are you people???? How can the two of you just stand there and try to justify what you have done? You make me sick." Ridge slams the door to his office.

After he walks out, Brooke starts in on Taylor. She questions Taylor if she is happy now and says not to pin this on her. Taylor did it all to make Brooke look bad, she suggests. She tells Taylor not to count on her fantasy of the white house with the picket fence just yet, since Ridge is her husband - and no matter how furious he is right now, he isn't going to give up on their vows.

James explains how touching it was to watch Ridge with the baby and says he may have been a little sad. Stephanie says, "I can imagine; so he knows he made a mistake when he married Brooke. That was a mistake and I just hope it isn't too late to get out of it." James says, "Brooke arrived while I was there." Stephanie asks, "What happened?" James says, "I don't know; Ridge asked me to take Thomas out." Stephanie bets Brooke got it from Ridge, and Eric admonishes her for that comment. Stephanie replies, "Oh, let me have my fun; I've been waiting for this a long time now. Brooke is going to get what's coming to her, and you my little baby, your mommy and daddy are going to be back together again."

Stephanie sees a distressed Brooke leaving Ridge's office & she is thrilled. Then Taylor enters the office & is equally distressed; she takes Thomas. Steph asked her what happened & Taylor cries, saying she has made a terrible mistake, and that Ridge will never forgive her. Steph says no & hugs Taylor.

Wednesday, March 04, 1998

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, March 4 as written by Robyn. You know the old expression "killing's too good for her?" Well, nothing short of long, excruciatingly painful torture is good enough for Mad Maggie! Her evil plot is starting to work and Sheila is losing it. Who will save Mary's mommy?

THORNE'S OFFICE: It's nighttime and Thorne is in his office knocking back a stiff drink. "Oh God, what a mess," he moans. He tells himself he walked into it with his eyes wide open, so he has to accept the results. "Like hell I do!" Thorne says as he stands up to leave. Megan comes in and asks if he's alright (does this woman ever go home?) but Thorne isn't listening.

SALLY'S OFFICE: Sally and Grant are looking at some designs. Grant says Macy is coming by soon for their date. He's taking her to the Insomnia. Sally thinks he should take her someplace special. Grant knows it's not her birthday and wonders what's up. Sally tells him Thorne has been sniffing around Macy. He knows, and he's not concerned because Thorne destroyed the bond he had with Macy. Sally's not so sure. "Trust Macy, but do not take her for granted," Sally warns. "Make her feel special - so special she wouldn't dream of seeing another man." Macy bops in and she and Grant leave for their date.

MAD MAGS' LAIR: Lauren and Mags are talking about Lauren's date with Jonny. Lauren still thinks Eric is incredible, but she's moving on with her life. Mags thinks that Lauren and Jonny are great together because opposites attract - just like her and James (yeah, he's normal and she's a raving lunatic!). Lauren reassures her that James will come back to her - she bets Mags' diabolical plan has already started working.

SHEILA & JAMES' LOVE NEST: Sheila is having flashbacks, and picks up a paper on hallucinations. James comes down and asks about it. Sheila says she just wants to get acquainted with his life, but James thinks there's more to it than that and asks what happened that night she called him back from the gym. Sheila asks James to go into the new office with her. She got scared the last time she was in there. They enter together, and everything looks normal. Sheila asks if James has ever heard the neighborhood kids laughing because she's been hearing things like that. Sheila thinks she's just tired, but James suggests she talk to a psychiatrist. Sheila gets upset and tells James there's nothing wrong with her!

MAD MAGS' LAIR: "The goal of my plan is not just to win James back," Mags hisses. "I must teach Sheila a lesson. All her victims are still living with the consequences of her actions." Mags adds that this is her last chance to get Margaret away from Sheila (if this psycho ends up with that baby I'm gonna SLAP Bradley Bell!)

INSOMNIA CAFE: Macy asks Grant what he and her mother were talking about. Grant says they were discussing a design, and how insanely lucky he is to be marrying someone as brilliant and wonderful as Macy (is this guy smooth or what?). Macy says she loves him and she loves the Insomnia! She is so happy. Just then Thorne enters the cafe and takes a seat at the bar.

SALLY'S OFFICE: Darla leans in to say good night, but stops to talk when she sees how depressed Sally is. Sally asks her if she's being paranoid about the Thorne situation. Darla assures her that Grant and Macy are going to be happy because they love each other.

SHEILA & JAMES' LOVE NEST: Sheila apologizes for snapping at James. He is afraid she's doubting her recovery, and reminds her how hard she fought to get where she is. The old Sheila and the new Sheila are completely different people. James reluctantly leaves for the office. Sheila picks up a copy of "Heal Thyself" and starts reading. She tells herself there's a logical explanation for everything that's happened to her.

ADDITION TO SHEILA & JAMES' LOVE NEST: Nick the Nasty Contractor sneaks in and uncovers the monitoring equipment.

INSOMNIA CAFE: Grant asks Macy if she wants to go talk to Thorne. Macy says no, they're on a date and she doesn't want any interruptions. Grant starts telling her about this musician who brought in a tape of his music and Grant thinks he'd be good to use at their wedding. He reaches for the tape, but notices Macy is staring at Thorne and is off in another world.

ADDITION TO SHEILA & JAMES' LOVE NEST: Nick sees Sheila lay down on the sofa for a nap and starts fiddling with the air handling system. Sheila dreams that a dark hooded figure has grabbed Mary out of her crib. She chases the person, who turns around and reveals herself to be Evil Sheila. Good Sheila argues with her and begs her to give Mary back. As she calls for James, Evil Sheila disappears, but her voice lists all the horrible things Sheila has done in her life. Sheila cries, "that's over! You're not a part of me any longer!." Evil Sheila laughs and says she's got Mary now, and the baby is going to grow up just like her. Sheila wakes up screaming, "Mary!!"

That's all for this week. If Macy doesn't want Grant, can I have him? Just a thought :)

Thursday, March 05, 1998

Jane comes into the hold of the freighter to say goodbye to Rush. She is dressed up, ready to go ashore. He gives her a few compliments and thanks her for all of her help. He gallantly kisses her hand. As she is heading back above, he stops her and asks if he can borrow some money from her. Jane tells him that she will not lend nor give him any money and it is obvious that Rush doesn't like what he hears.

Macy and Grant watch as Thorne comes into Insomnia. Grant offers to let Macy go over to talk to him, but Macy assures him that tonight, her fiancee has her attention.

Maggie and Lauren are having tea. Maggie confides that the plan is working. Nick has informed her that Sheila is having trouble sleeping; she is also very jittery. Lauren remarks that at least they are giving her a conscience, but Maggie wouldn't go that far. At any rate, Nick will not let up on her.

Meanwhile Sheila is comforting the baby. "Mommy is sorry," she croons, "Mommy was just having a bad dream." She settles the baby down and places her in the crib. "When I saw Judy and Dr. Garvin, that was no dream," she tells herself. "I don't know about all the other noises, but that was real. I don't know what is happening to me. I just hope James doesn't find out. Everything was so perfect."

A baby's crying interrupts Sheila's reverie. She rushes to the crib, but her baby is happily sucking on her pacifier. Nick watches, satisfied, on his monitor.

Macy has a surprise for Grant. She leaves the table and in a moment, he hears the music begin. She is singing a song, When I Fall In Love, and she is looking directly at him all during the song. Thorne looks on and by the look on his face, he is being reminded of what he has lost.

Rush smiles at Jane. "I don't blame you for not trusting me," he says. "I am just thankful that you didn't turn me in as a stowaway." He wants to have dinner with her, but she reminds him that he has a woman in LA waiting for him. He tells her that she is irresistible. He draws her close and kisses her. At the end of the kiss, he pulls her roughly to him and puts the knife to her throat. He tells her to reach into her pocket and take out the wallet. Once he has the wallet, he forces her into one of the dog cages and locks the door.

As Jane screams on the East Coast, Lauren has a chill. "What is wrong," Maggie asks. Lauren admits that she has had several chills the last few days, but she is feeling fine. Maybe it is the excitement now that Sheila is on the run, she guesses. Maggie says that Sheila isn't on the run yet.

Sheila calls her mother and it is obvious to her that Sheila is upset. "Would you like some company?" Sheila asks. "You are welcome anytime," her mother responds, "but if you and James are having problems, it would be best to stay and work them out." Sheila assures her mother that she and James are fine; she is just tired and needs some rest. She will see her tonight.

James comes home and finds Sheila in a state. He is worried about her, especially when she says she is going to visit Molly for a few days. He begs her not to go; he even says he will get a housekeeper to stay with her and help her out. Sheila doesn't want more strangers around Mary; she just has to get away for a while. "Please, have faith in me," she pleads. "I don't mean to scare you, but I promise I won't let anything come between us. No matter what, I won't let you down. I promise."

Grant tells Macy that the song was great, but was it all for him? Or was she sending a message to Forrester that said he had his chance but blew it? Macy tells him that she does not play games. She has no interest in making Thorne feel worse than he already does. She sang the song to Grant as her way of saying thank you. Macy wants to ask him a question and she wants an honest answer. Does it bother him that she is spending time with Thorne?

He tells her that he wants to always be honest with her. It is okay with him that she spends time with Thorne. They kiss, but Thorne interrupts them. He tells Macy that he liked the song. He apologizes to Grant for interrupting them the other day and he offers his congratulations to Grant for being engaged to Macy. He shakes his hand, then turns to Macy. He shakes her hand and says goodbye. As he walks away, Grant gets a phone call. When Grant goes to answer the phone, Macy opens the note that Thorne has put in her hand during the handshake. It is a new phone number. From across the room, Thorne watches as Macy folds the note and puts it into her pocket.

Lauren asks Maggie how she wants this thing with Sheila to end up. Maggie sweetly tells her that she hopes Sheila ends up in a mental institution. I would be happy if she just left LA, Lauren says. Maggie tells her that as long as she is here in LA, no one is safe.

Rush walks aboard the plane and finds his seat. He says, "I am in the home stretch, now, Lauren. One more day and I will have you again."

Friday, March 06, 1998

Ridge is at Big Bear mulling over the bomb Taylor dropped on him. He says to himself, "A son . . . I have a son, a perfect little boy. He is already two months old and I just now found out about it. What were Brooke and Taylor thinking? Why did they do this to me?"

Taylor picks up a picture of herself and Thomas. "Well, Angel, your father finally knows about you . . . You finally know, Ridge. I donít blame you for being upset; I should have told you earlier. I had my reasons, but . . ."

Brooke is at Forrester Creations and she tells Megan that she needs to talk to Ridge, NOW! She needs to talk to him before Taylor gets to him. Finding where Ridge is TOP PRIORITY! Megan says she will get right on it.

Lauren has cooked a wonderful meal for Jonny, something he can hardly believe. He is impressed, but whatís for dessert? "Come to the couch and you will find out," she tells him, seductively.

Rush is in the LA airport. Picking up a phone book, he looks up the number for Forrester Creations and calls them. "Surprise, Lauren," he says as he waits for the phone to be answered.

There is a knock on the door. Thinking it might be Ridge, Taylor rushes to the door, but it is Brooke instead. "We need to talk," she tells Taylor. Taylor says she has nothing to say to her and she isnít interested in listening to anything she has to say. However, Brooke pushes her way in and tells her she will listen to her. Brooke is really annoyed and she starts in on Taylor, "Why? Why did you do it? You just had to tell your precious secret and it blew up in both our faces." "I have a baby to take care of," answers Taylor. "Ridge had a right to know that he has a son, and my son deserves to know who his father is."

Stephanie arrives at Big Bear. "I was sure you would be here," she tells her son. "Congratulations on being a father." They hug. "I know you are confused," she tells Ridge. "You are married to one woman and have a child by another. I thought you could use a little guidance. You have a right to be upset with both Taylor and Brooke, but remember that Taylor was desperate! I am not trying to defend what she has done, but maybe I see things more clearly." Ridge questions why Taylor would do this to him. He has a son and Taylor had no right to keep that information from him. Occasions and Brooke were always standing in her way, Stephanie explains.

Brooke tells Taylor that she can understand her concern about her son; she is a mother herself. But she canít accept her reason for telling Ridge. She led everyone on about herself and Thorne; she was going to marry him. They lived together for months. If it werenít for Thorne, the baby wouldnít have made it. Taylor reminds her that she was scared to death for her baby. When the danger was over, she tried to tell Ridge, but every time she tried, there was Brooke or Thorne standing in her way.

Megan answers when Rush calls. She tells him that Lauren Fenmore does not work at Forrester. Rush says he is a deliveryman and canít make out the address on his invoice; the numbers are all smudged. He rattles off some number and Megan corrects him. She tells him the street and house number; then she tells him that Lauren lives in the penthouse suite. Rush's eyes light up with excitement now that he knows where to find Lauren.

Sitting close together on the couch, Lauren and Jonny talk. He says that opposites attract, but she doesnít think they are all that opposite. He compares her penthouse to his Topanga Canyon bungalow. Lauren says that she feels so safe with him. She still thinks about Rush; if he were alive, he would come after her. But he isnít alive, Jonny reminds her. But, because of his brother, one good thing came about; he met her. Lauren says she gets chills every time she thinks about Rush. Jonny says that he wants to do things his way, and pulls Lauren up on his lap to kiss her.

In the front of the apartment building, Rush hides in the shrubbery. Yes, this is the right address. "Ready or not, Lauren, baby, here I come!"

"What Taylor did was wrong," Stephanie continues. "But what Brooke did was unforgivable. Taylor did ask her to keep the secret, but later she changed her mind. Every time she tried to tell you, something happened. At Christmas, I called you and Taylor over early so the two of you would have some time alone to talk. Before Taylor could tell you, in rushes Thorne and Brooke. Later, just as she was telling you, Brooke interrupted with her announcement that she was pregnant. Then there was the wedding. Brooke deliberately moved it up an hour. She called everyone but Taylor, because she knew that Taylor was coming to the wedding to tell you about the baby before you married Brooke. Yes, Taylor lied. She lied to protect the baby, but Brooke lied so that she could get you. Ridge, you have a baby. There is a woman who loves you with her whole heart and soul. All you have to do is reach out and pull her to you. There is nothing more important than that."

"You had to drop your little bomb no matter the consequences to everyone else," Brooke continues. "You accuse me of lying," Taylor answers. "How about you? You looked Ridge in the eye on your wedding day and told him that he could trust you. All the time, you knew about his son and didnít tell him. Well, I am going to remind him every chance I get."

"STAY AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND," Brooke demands. "I am sorry I stuck my neck out and helped you out!" Taylor questions Brooke if she was helping her out or helping herself out. She then states that they all need to take responsibility for their actions. "What you did could cost me my marriage and the well-being of my children." states Brooke. "What about my child? You knew I was carrying Ridgeís baby. I tried to tell him over and over and you know it." Thomas begins to cry. While Taylor is caring for him, Brookeís beeper sounds. Looking at the message, Brooke sees a 909 area code. "Big Bear!" she says. "Of course. That is where he would go to think. Iíll be there, Ridge. You will understand----you have to."

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Week of 03/09/98 - 03/13/98

Monday, March 09, 1998

It is nighttime in L.A and Brooke is on the car phone with Megan instructing her not to tell anyone where she or Ridge are located. Brooke is on her way to Big Bear to speak with Ridge.

Stephanie is at the cabin already and she tells her son that if she had known Taylor was pregnant with HIS child, she would have told him- because he deserved to know he was going to be a father. Ridge is skeptical cause he believes his mother just didn't want him to achieve marital bliss with Brooke. Stephanie insists that all she ever wanted for Ridge was for him to fall in love and that woman would make him happy- and she would accept that woman as her own daughter. Ridge states that Brooke has made him happy.

Stephanie replies, "I am sure she has. But Brooke's love only serves her purpose. She has driven a wedge between us, hasn't she? She has come between us. When was the last time we sat down and really talked with one another? We had something pretty special you know." But Ridge insists he isn't mad or arguing with mom and explains that Stephanie has taught him almost everything worth learning in his life. Stephanie says that they were so close until Brooke entered his life, and now they are distant. If Brooke really, really loved him, she wouldn't want problems between her husband and his mother. But the further apart Brooke keeps them, the more secure she feels, Steph states. Ridge says that he still loves his mother and nothing anyone ever says to him will ever change that. He promises to get everything back on track, including her. They hug and Stephanie leaves for him to think things out.

Rush is outside Lauren's apartment, hiding. He tells himself tat he is on his way and the end is near. He managed to sneak into the lobby just as his brother Jonny and Lauren embrace by the fireplace and start to kiss. Jonny has his shirt off and Lauren is clad in black lingerie, as he tells her all about the joys of tantric sex and Kierkegard. Lauren is intrigued and says she'll make Jonny forget all about Kierkegard. "Do you know how much I love you? You are going to hear it a lot more." Jonny tells Lauren. Rush is on the balcony now and finds out that Lauren is not alone.

Jonny and Lauren have great sex and Jonny tells her, "You are so right for me. You are what you are and I love every bit of it." Just then Rush sees them from the glass door. "My brother! She is lying there with my brother," he realizes.

Brooke shows up at the cabin to talk and Ridge says she shouldn't be there; she informs him that she isn't going anywhere. Ridge states that he can't even look at her without feeling deceived. At some point Brooke knew the truth and when she found out, she didn't tell him. Brooke pleads why is he laying all of this on her and what about Taylor?

Stephanie comes to see Taylor at the beach house. She wants to talk to her and feels that they are moving in the right direction with Ridge. "I want to tell you something. That marriage is over. He isn't going to allow her to continue to manipulate him," Steph states. Taylor questions what if Ridge really does still love her. Stephanie promises that her son will call Taylor.

Meanwhile, Ridge confesses to Brooke how close he felt to her the last month. All she had to do was explain the situation but, she didn't tell him that, because she felt threatened. Brooke insists that Taylor is the one who had the baby and she had to do what she asked of her. Ridge brings up Brooke's pregnancy and the Xmas dinner. He questions if she faked that too and wants the truth..................

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Stephanie is with Taylor at the beach house and she assures her that Ridge will call. She continues to bad-mouth Brooke and say that as long as she is in this family, Brooke is going to fight Stephanie the way she has done for all these years. "The trouble is, she uses weapons that I have no defense against: the people I love."

Taylor responds that now Stephanie has her own weapon; Thomas. His very existence is enough to put a kink in Brooke's neck no matter what Ridge decides to do. Taylor wishes that Ridge would call. She wonders what if Brooke went up to the cabin? Taylor decides to go to Big Bear and has Stephanie stay with the baby. Stephanie tells her to drive safely and Taylor remarks, "I will be fine until I find Brooke."

Ridge and Brooke are at Big Bear and he has asked her the ultimate question, if she faked the pregnancy. Brooke is shocked and near tears as she tells him that she didn't fake the pregnancy nor the miscarriage. She suspects this is Stephanie talking but Ridge assures his wife that his mother didn't get to him; it was logic and reason that did. He questions Brooke why she decided out of nowhere at Xmas to announce that she was pregnant. Could she have done that to keep Taylor from telling him her news? Ridge says, "You knew that was what Taylor was going to tell me, didn't you? You expect me to believe you picked that very moment to announce you are pregnant?"

Brooke tells him he already believes what his mother had told him; what she responds with won't matter. Ridge says that if Brooke mentions Stephanie one more time he is going to ask her to leave, this is not about her, he states, but "this is about you lying to me and playing me for a fool. Brooke, I can't even tell you the excitement I felt when you made that announcement. All I could think about was you and that child. When you miscarried in Italy it was like my heart was ripped out of me. I was devastated for you, Brooke It was nothing but a farce because it feels like you made the whole thing up." Brooke blurts out that she was pregnant. She had found out that afternoon of the Xmas dinner and had planned to tell him when they were alone. But she saw him and Taylor together and was frightened, she says.

She explains, "I saw my life just slip away from me, Ridge. So was I was wrong to stop her? Yes. But she was also wrong not to tell you the truth in the first place? Taylor, Thorne and me we were all wrong. You were the victim and nobody regrets that more than I do. But it is out now, Ridge. You know the truth and you are the one who is going to have to make your decision. I love you. And I don't want to lose you. Please, I want you to forgive me. We can get past this and move on. Only one thing has changed and you said so yourself. Don't you see? The day you proposed to me was the day I was going to tell you."

Rush is on the balcony at Lauren's place watching his brother and Lauren. He says, "My brother. My only dear brother, making it with my woman. I can't allow this. It has to be stopped. She is mine." Meanwhile Jonny and Lauren kiss passionately goodbye after their romantic night together. He can't stay the night and promises to call her tomorrow. Lauren picks up a glass of wine and sits by the fireplace as Rush watches her.

Jonny gets home and says aloud how lucky he is and what a woman Lauren is. There is a knock at the door and he is shocked to see his twin brother, who announces upon his arrival that tonight is "hell night" and big brother is back. Jonny is shocked to see that he is alive and asks how he survived. Rush is playing with him and says that maybe he is the devil. He wouldn't let some rich fat cat like Forrester put him under. Eric is a piece of the puzzle of why he is back, but not the most important piece, he says. It turns out that he has a lady in town and she goes by the name of Lauren. He asks Jonny if he ever heard of Lauren Fenmore. "You did it to me again, didn't you? First with Sharon and now this one. You happened to sweet talk Sharon out of my life. I suggest you pack up all of your crap and move on down the line while you are still alive." Jonny tells his brother that he isn't going anywhere and Rush is not to touch Lauren.

Taylor is driving to Big Bear because she has to talk to Ridge and straighten this thing out. She is almost there now.

Brooke pleads with Ridge that the things he told her the day he proposed, he will never forget. "The two of them were just going to raise my son as their own?" questions Ridge. But Brooke continues that for the first time since she has known him she felt that he truly loved her. She swears that if she has lied, may she burn in hell. She leaves to take care of the kids and tells Ridge that he knows where to find her. She asks him if he believes her about the pregnancy before she closes the door, but there is no answer.

Jonny says that he is walking out the door and coming back with cops. Rush beats him down to the ground and knocks him out with a vase when the phone rings. Lauren calls and seductively speaks to her lover while Rush pretends to be his brother and makes plans to see her tomorrow.

Stephanie is babysitting her grandson Thomas and tells him that everything will work out for the best and his parents will be back together.

Taylor shows up at Big Bear. Ridge doesn't look too happy to see her.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Ridge is at the cabin looking out the window and there is a knock at the door; he goes to the door and it is Taylor. Ridge says, "Hi." Taylor says, "At least you are speaking to me. I will take that as a positive." She asks if she can come in and he motions for her to do so, a concerned look on his face.

Macy is at Insomnia, looking at the telephone number Thorne slipped in her hand and the phone rings. She slips the number back in her purse and takes a reservation over the phone. Grant walks up from behind her and plants a kiss; Grant says, "I would like a reservation." Macy says, "You would? I'll do my best." They start smooching and CJ, walking past says, "Geez, get a room!"

CJ joins Rick at a table and says, "Let's go shoot some hoops." Rick says, "I can't." CJ points out how obsessed his friend is. Rick explains, "I promised Amber I would be her agent. I have to know what I have to do." CJ says, "You need someone with talent; she can't even sing." Rick says, "She has talent; you never heard her sing, but I have." CJ says, "Oh man, she is from the sticks - if you are going to be an agent, you need someone with talent like me." Rick says, "Give me a break, man." CJ says, "Check this out." He picks up a guitar and starts to play. Macy calls out to her brother to stop but he keeps on playing.

Amber walks into Mannequins and asks for a drink. The bartender says, "I need to see ID." Amber says, "I guess that should make me feel flattered," and looks through her purse; she says, "I must have left it in my other purse." The bartender sarcastically replies, "Well, let me see; where did I leave that drink? I must have left it at my other bar." Amber spots Thorne; she walks up to his table and says "Hi!"

Taylor says, "I know you are still angry with me but I had to see you before Brooke got her spin in this." Ridge says, "You are too late; she has already been here."

Thorne doesn't seem to know who Amber is so she reminds him that she's the girl who cares for Bridget. Thorne gives her the brush-off but she stays and asks, "Why are you here? Don't you have a new baby at home?" Thorne says she is mistaken but she says, "No, that's all Bridget ever talks about. I think you're her favorite, but she's a little jealous of your wife."

Thorne says he doesn't have a wife and wants to end the discussion, but Amber says it's her experience that things like this work out. "Did your boyfriend ever sleep with your sister?" he asks. "What? But your brother's married!" Amber says. Thorne confides that she can never let Rick and Bridget find out about this, but that marriage may not be around for long. Amber is stunned as Thorne leaves. "Poor Rick," Amber says to herself. The bartender brings Thorne's drink; Amber says he will be right back, and then takes the drink for herself when the bartender is gone.

Taylor can't believe that Ridge asked Brooke to come and he says he didn't. He wants to be alone to think, he states. Taylor says that is good because he needs that. She explains that if she had taken the time to think about it, she would have made different choices, since the ones she made hurt Ridge. "That's what I can't understand, Taylor. You say you were so indoctrinated by Brooke and Thorne that you take no responsibility of your own?" Taylor says she didn't say it, but Ridge says that is how it sounds - how can the strong woman he knows have been so weak, he wonders.

Taylor explains she was scared - scared of losing what may be the last baby she ever has. She tells him how she came to Brooke's house looking for him when she found out and how Brooke tore into her, almost causing a miscarriage. "I started falling apart and she just left me there... and then I collapsed," she tells him. She then explains how Thorne found her and took her to the cabin, but Ridge is not impressed with his brother's nobility. "Thorne said I shouldn't see you again but I didn't listen... I knew I loved you," she states. She then tells him how she couldn't call because of the storm and how she came back as soon as she could. She fully intended to tell him... until she came to find him, which brings her to the part of the story *SHE* can't understand. "How could you sleep with Brooke?" she asks.

Back at Insomnia, the phone rings for another reservation. Macy says, "John Quincy? Yes, I can arrange that!" Grant says, "John Quincy? Macy you've got to sing tonight, the man has got to have connections." Macy says, "No, Grant, I don't want a record deal, and all he wants is a quiet evening." Grant says, "Maybe you are right." CJ and Rick overhear the conversation and Rick says, "Did you hear that? John Quincy is going to be here tonight. CJ, this is our shot!"

Ridge says, "Taylor, Brooke didn't know what happened; she didn't even know you collapsed on the floor. She figured you left and ran off with Thorne... and then a week went by and I didn't hear from you, so I started to wonder. It was the day of mother and dad's wedding." Taylor says, "Brooke took advantage..." Ridge says, "No, I got drunk, really drunk. I was upset, beyond upset." Taylor says, "At losing me? So out of hurt and betrayal, in the heat of the moment, you made a rash decision that you regretted instantly. Well I did the same thing." Ridge says, "I corrected my mistake instantly, but you kept a secret from me for almost a year. You could have told me, I had a right to know." Taylor says, "I know you did. I tried to tell you a thousand times, but you wouldn't answer my phone calls."

Ridge asks, "What calls?!" Taylor says, "I left messages for you." Ridge says, "I never got one message." Taylor thinks and says, "Thorne; his intentions were good." Ridge says, "Like hell they were." Taylor says, "I even tried to call you when you were in Italy." Ridge says, "I never got any messages in Italy." Taylor says, "Well, maybe it was after you had made your proposal to Brooke - and I tried to tell you, but Thorne and Brooke convinced me that you were committed to Brooke and my son would only have a part time father. I didn't want that for my baby, so I didn't tell you. Even James told me it was best for me not to tell you. We might have been a family, but there was a chance that my son could grow up without a father."

Taylor continues, "I was so confused... until the night Brooke lied that she was pregnant!" Ridge says, "Let's not go there again." Taylor says, "Oh yes, we are going there." Ridge says they don't know Brooke lied, but she insists she has always known, and that changed everything. "Why did you let that change everything?" he asks. She replies, "All along, she told me about how stable your relationship was and how you would never leave her for me. When she lied about being pregnant, that's when I knew she lied about everything else. She wasn't confident; she was terrified of losing you. That is when I realized that Brooke knew you still loved me."

Amber joins CJ and Rick. Rick says, "You know who is going to be here tonight? John Quincy, and you are going to sing." An excited Amber says, "Oh this is so cool, but I am not ready." Rick says, "You've got your backup music in the car." Amber says, "Yes, but that's not enough; there's no background vocals or a guitar." Rick says, "You need someone to play the music - well, CJ plays the guitar." CJ says, "Oh no, don't get me involved; they will kill me." Amber says, "CJ, if you are as good as Rick says you are it could be your big chance, too. You know how much I want to become a star." She is rubbing his hand with her fingers, sexy-like, and CJ says, "Ok what the Hell. I'll do it!" Amber says, "Oh thank you, thank you... I can feel it, tonight is my night."

Ridge asks why Taylor keeps making excuses. She admits she made mistakes. Taylor says, "If you are looking for someone perfect, I am not. I can't give you that, but I can give you what you always wanted: a family a son. " Ridge says, "Are you forgetting that I am married?" Taylor says, "No you're not; Brooke did not say her vows in good faith. You don't base marriage on lies and that is what she did."

She pleads, "If it weren't for all the misunderstandings, you and I would still be together. You remember how proud you were when we thought I was pregnant, how happy you were? Think of that, Ridge; now I can give it to you. Ridge, I know I was wrong. I wish I could go back and do things all over, but I can't. God, I wish I could. But we *can* start all over again and forget about your mistakes, mine, Brooke's, Thorne's, because we have it all. What we wanted a year ago. All we have to do is reach out and take it; here Ridge is what you wanted and what I wanted." Ridge says, "I just need time to think." Taylor says, "Ok, I understand - but while you are here, I want you to think about this." She takes her hand and runs down his face, tears running down her cheeks. She gives him a kiss, a long kiss. "I will always, always love you," she says. She goes out the door and Ridge stands there thinking.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

B&B did not air today due to NCAA Basketball coverage.

Friday, March 13, 1998

B&B did not air today due to NCAA Basketball coverage.

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Week of 03/16/98 - 03/20/98

Monday, March 16, 1998

The scene is Insomnia Café: Rick, Amber, and CJ are planning to get on stage singing, because a big time record producer named John Quincy is coming in that night. The only problem is, how do they convince Grant and Macy, since Rick heard them say that Quincy wants to be left alone. CJ has a soltuion and promises his pals it will all happen, because his big sister Macy is like putty in his hands.

CJ heads over to Macy and lays a guilt trip on her about their mother, Sally. Grant chimes in that Sally is fine. CJ insists that Sally is lonely and that he feels sorry for her, and he thinks a phone call from Macy would cheer her up. He reminds his sister that Macy has Grant, Lauren has Jonny and he himself is hardly home, so Sally feels left out. Now Macy feels terrible and she says that she, with Grant, will take Sally out for dinner and spend some time with her. It turns out, of course, that they will miss John Quincy, the big time record producer, but Grant says Quincy will be back. Katie is now in charge of the place while they are gone.

Amber needs to change into her stage outfit and warm-up. She needs CJ to play guitar and gets a reluctant Rick to sing back-up for her.

Thorne shows up looking for Macy at her mom's place and Sally (who was just about to get in the tub) invites him in. There are some things she has been waiting to say to him, she explains. "This farce ends right here." she warns. She wants Thorne to go and lie in the bed he has made for himself without her daughter in his life. Macy is finally happy and has a chance, she states. "You were the one who wanted out and we both know it," Sally accuses.

Thorne insists he is happy for Macy and Grant and he just needs her friendship because he is going through a tough time right now. "You spent all of your time grooming yourself to play white knight to Dr. Taylor Hayes. You let Macy think she destroyed the marriage while all the while you were driving her away. Macy did not want the divorce." Thorne is stunned at this revelation. Sally continues, "It broke her heart. And now Macy has a chance at real happiness. And you want to come crashing back into her life? What about Macy's tough time? Please just stay away from her, you hear me?" Thorne turns to leave.

Sally is a grouch when she answers the door again and it turns out to be Macy and Grant. She is never going to get dressed for this evening with the doorbell constantly ringing, she says.

Macy and Grant show up with dinner and to spend some quality time with Sally. Sally is puzzled and answers a telephone call in the other room. Grant and Macy meanwhile get dinner ready. When Sally returns, she says that she is very happy that they came by and would love to eat with them, but she has a date and she has to get ready for it. Now Macy is puzzled. Grant replies that either CJ was wrong about his mother, or he was setting them both up.

Amber is getting Rick ready to sing backup and tells him to focus. After tonight everything could change, says Amber. The record producer arrives. Amber thanks Rick with a special kiss for believing in her. Rick introduces "Miss Ambrosia Moore" and Katie knows that Grant will have a cow and not be happy that this is happening. CJ is playing guitar, Amber is singing lead vocals with a skirt that is barely there, and Rick is doing back up on "Baby, you can drive my car," an old Beatles song. After the song, she hugs Rick and then goes to get a drink. John the producer comes over to introduce himself and Amber is very pleased to see him...

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Macy and Grant are enjoying their dinner when Sally enters all dressed up for her date; or rather, as she puts it, a "first encounter." She makes her date out to be a mystery man who is an experienced person of the world and he has been around the bases. Grant wants to figure out who the guy is, but Macy wants him to let it go. She is worried that maybe Sally doesn't have a date and won't say that because she is proud.

The doorbell rings and the date is none other than L.A. Dodger baseball star Steve Garvey. He and Sally are off for an Italian dinner and Sally warns her daughter that the evening could go into extra innings and not to wait up for her. Grant is amused that tonight he and Macy missed meeting record producer John Quincy, but they get to see legendary Dodger Steve Garvey.

Macy says that's nothing - Sally once dated Jim Palmer, she explains. "Who told you - my mom, my sister?" he asks. Macy asks what he is talking about and Grant says, "Jim Palmer was my man... you're making this up because of that, right?" Macy pulls him into her old bedroom to prove her admiration of that player.

Grant feels upon entering her bedroom that he is in a time warp from the year 1979. He makes fun of her Holly Hobby doll (remember those?). Macy pulls out an old diary and reads aloud an entry about Jim Palmer. Grant and Macy sit on the bed and Grant wants to read the rest of her diary. He starts to kiss Macy to grab the diary away from her. Macy takes it back and tells him to just imagine the rest. She reads him a riot act that the diary was written about her dreams and fantasies for the future; she was dreaming one day about her future husband. He kisses her and asks if that was one part of the fantasy. Then he kisses her neck and Macy replies that was part of it. Grant says that Macy had quite an imagination.

Over at Insomnia, John Quincy introduces himself to Amber. He thinks she has a terrific voice and great rapport with her audience. She wants to hand him a demo tape, but he can't take it - his lawyers would not be too happy about it, he explains. Still, he offers her luck and says she is going to make it. Amber is very excited and wants to celebrate. She goes to distract Katie by thanking her for the job with Brooke while CJ and Rick take a bottle of wine and leave some money on the bar. They almost get busted when Katie sees them by the bar, but instead they ask Katie where the ketchup is for the french fries.

Thorne needs to talk, so he shows up at the shrink's office. He questions James as to what is wrong with him that he never learns from his mistakes. He confides that he was surprised to find out that Macy did not want the divorce but she signed the papers anyway. He, in the meantime, went chasing after Taylor. James questions if Thorne was happy with Macy and he says he was, until the incident with Claudia Cortez happened. Thorne assures James there was never anything romantic with Claudia. James asks why did he need to help Claudia and brings out that Thorne was falsely accused and unappreciated by his wife. "Did you ever feel that way?" he asks. Thorne replies that he has felt that way, "All of my damned life."

Back in Macy's room, she and Grant have done the dirty deed in her old bed. Grant says he loves her and will never take her for granted. He leaves to get a glass of water. Macy takes out a piece of paper from her purse lying on the nightstand and throws out Thorne's new telephone number.

Thorne explains to James, "You know how Mother feels about Ridge. How could I compete with that?" James states that Ridge was the bad boy and Thorne was the good son. Thorne always played by the rules and was the hero to win his mother's attention and love. Thorne wonders if this could be and James says it is human nature. The human species are problem solvers, he states, and Thorne took this element of his childhood and carried it over to his adult life. James believes that Thorne was drawn to Caroline and Taylor not out of spite, but as the ultimate triumph to win their love over Ridge - and of course to prove to his mother that she was wrong.

James points out that Thorne had rescued both Caroline after she had been raped and Taylor when she was pregnant. The women needed him for a while and then didn't. This is what comes naturally for Thorne- to be rejected by those he loves. He says that Thorne needs to be in a relationship with someone who needs him for what he is, and not the role he plays. Thorne replies, "I already had that, James and I threw it away..."

Once outside Insomnia, Amber gives Rick the keys to the car to drive. She has been drinking and even brings the open container into the vehicle. Rick only has a permit and says he should not be driving; he tells her he doesn't like this. She warns him to be careful and says nothing is going to go wrong.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, March 18, written by Robyn. Ol' horndog Rick is finally ready to make a move on his babysitter. Unfortunately, his "bestest" friend CJ is also interested in getting more intimate with Amber. Which underage teenage boy will she choose?

TAYLOR'S BEACH HOUSE: Taylor checks on the baby, who has survived an evening alone with Granny Stephanie. Steph pumps Taylor for information about how her meeting with Ridge went. Taylor says he seemed to understand about why she kept Thomas' paternity from him, but Brooke had already been working on him when she arrived. Steph thinks Ridge will see right through Brooke and she'll be history (isn't she a wonderful mother-in-law?).: Then Ridge and Thomas and Taylor can live happily ever after.

BROOKE & RIDGE'S LOVE NEST: James has come to visit Brooke. She needs to talk to somebody about Ridge. She is relieved the truth is finally out in the open. James says it's imperative for them to be honest with each other. Brooke feels she just got caught up in Taylor and Thorne's lie. But she can't turn back time and she's got to believe Ridge still has faith in their marriage.

INSOMNIA CAFE: Katie congratulates CJ on his performance. CJ thinks he and Amber make a great team (gosh, I thought there were THREE of them up on that stage!)

CAR: Amber is singing her little beep beep song, then orders Rick to pull over. She jumps out and gazes down from a cliff at the lights of L.A. "It's all out there waiting for me," Amber sighs. Rick has other things on his mind than scenery. "All I want to look at is standing right here before me," he says.

TAYLOR'S BEACHHOUSE: The baby is awake and Taylor immediately passes him to Steph, who shoves a bottle in his mouth. (This is hilarious. While Steph is lecturing Taylor on how to get her man the baby is trying to drink from the bottle, but milk is pouring out his mouth and down his front. Steph and Taylor don't even notice. So much for THEIR parenting skills!) Steph notices a smell emanating from Thomas' bottom and Taylor takes him off for a change.

BROOKE & RIDGE'S LOVE NEST: Brooke realizes Ridge and Taylor have a son together, but she has a marriage with him and they WILL survive! "We will get through this and be open and honest with each other," Brooke vows. James admires her strength and courage and believes she deserves to be happy. But Ridge does have a choice to make, he reminds her. Just then Bridget comes in from cheerleading practice. Brooke asks where Amber is but Bridget doesn't know. Amber never picked her up and Bridget bummed a ride off one of the other girls' mothers, the young girl explains.

HILLSIDE: Amber thinks Rick is so sweet (and SO horny!). Rick doesn't want the night to end - it's been so perfect. They start talking about ages and Rick reminds Amber he's only a year and a half younger than she. Amber is amazed at what he made happen for her as her manager. "You know what, kid, you're okay," Amber says as she flounces back to the car.

INSOMNIA CAFE: CJ is drinking at the coffee bar. Katie asks if he has a crush on Amber. No way, CJ says. Crushes are for kids - he and Amber have something special. Katie asks about Rick and if and Amber aren't a couple. "No way," CJ says. "I know Amber and she is too cool for Forrester. Besides, he's a kid." Katie points out that they're the same age, but CJ thinks he's much more mature. As a matter of fact, Rick is making his move on Amber tonight, but it won't work and then it's his turn. And he and Amber are gonna have to spend a LOT of time together composing music and rehearsing. All sorts of things could happen between them.

HILLTOP: Amber returns carrying a bottle of wine. Rick asks her to stop calling him kid because he's not one. "Prove it," Amber says. "Take a swig of wine." Rick says he's driving, but Amber replies that one mouthful won't make him drunk. She thinks he's never had booze, but Rick says he had a beer once. Amber decides to share her philosophy of life - "everywhere you go someone is telling you what to do. So you have to trust yourself and follow your instincts." Rick decides to follow his instincts and grabs her for a kiss.

TAYLOR'S BEACHHOUSE: Steph is cleaning up the teacups when Taylor brings a sweeter-smelling baby back into the room. Steph assures Taylor once again that Ridge will come back to her. Taylor thinks it's gonna take him some time to get used to the idea of fatherhood. After all, she had nine months to prepare! Just then Ridge's car pulls up outside and Steph starts barking and wagging her tail in excitement (sorry, I couldn't help it <g>).

BROOKE & RIDGE'S LOVE NEST: "Amber never showed up?" a puzzled Brooke asks. She wonders what happened to her. Bridget wants to go up and see Rick but Brooke says he hasn't come home yet.

HILLTOP: Rick and Amber are necking. Amber pulls away. "Maybe you're not such a little kid after all," Amber gasps. She tells him he lined up the biggest gig of her life and she really trusts him now. They make a great team. Rick leads her over to a rock to sit down. Amber vows to turn the town on its ear. Rick thinks she's amazing to have such great plans for the future. "Together we can do anything, Rick," Amber says. "I'm so happy I'm making something of my life - and it's all because of you."

Aw, puppy lust is so cute! Tune in tomorrow to see if Rick gets lucky :)


Thursday, March 19, 1998

Written by Gladys

Taylor opens the door for Ridge and he goes to Stephanie. He looks down at his son and Stephanie places him gently in Ridge's arms. "My son," he says in awe. "You are my son! A boy needs his father." He looks at Taylor and comments that Thomas has gained weight. She tells him that they do gain rather quickly and he is ten weeks old, after all. Ridge tells Taylor that since he is Thomas's dad, he should know more about him than his age. Stephanie leaves, giving Taylor the "thumbs up" sign.

Brooke is pacing the floor, worried about Rick and Amber. She tells James that she is going to have a talk with Amber. It was irresponsible of Amber not to pick up Bridget from cheerleading, she says when Bridget tries defending Amber. James says he wouldn't have recommended Amber if he had thought she would be this irresponsible. Katie comes into the house excited about the performance at Insomnia. She is surprised that everyone is worried about Rick and Amber. She doesn't know where they are, but she is sure they will be home any minute.

Meanwhile, Amber and Rick are still up on Mullholland Drive making out. Amber is really hyped; she drinks from the bottle then she kisses Rick. In between, she is planning her brilliant career. Suddenly, headlights from another car pull up behind them. Amber hurriedly stores the wine under the seat.

Ridge says it is hard to believe that this little fellow made it to maturity. Taylor says he wasn't supposed to make it past the first trimester. Thank God he made it, Ridge says. Now he wants to know the entire story about his son, starting with conception.

Brooke asks Bridget if she has any idea where Amber and Rick could be, but she has no idea. She answers a little hesitantly, so Brooke asks her if she knows something about Rick and Amber that she isn't telling. James also asks what their relationship is like. Bridget admits that Rick has a case for Amber, but no way is she interested in that dork. "If my son gets into trouble because of that girl, she is out the door!" Brooke declares.

Someone comes up to the car door and asks to see a driver's license, but it is only C.J. Rick rags him for scaring them and then tries to get rid of him, but C.J. wants to talk about their performance at the Insomnia. Amber tells him that he has a cool car. He answers that it is really cool when he has the right person as a passenger. Amber announces that she will ride with the winner and declares that they should have a race! C.J. thinks it is a great idea, but Rick isn't so sure.

Ridge and Taylor take a walk down memory lane. They remember the night Thomas was conceived. It was when Ridge was hiding out in that seedy skid row hotel room. Taylor will never forget the night. She didn't find out she was pregnant until after he had been convicted of the shooting; and by then she was so confused. Ridge wishes he could have been there to support her and to share with her. She tells him about being bedridden for months. She wishes she had told him early in her pregnancy about the baby.

Ridge says that Thorne had a significant role in her not telling him. She tries to take the blame onto herself, but Ridge knows that Thorne was always encouraging her not to tell. He tells her that at some time, they are going to have to talk to Thorne about his part in keeping her away from him. Taylor wants the brothers to get back to their prior relationship. She also prays that all the things that have happened won't affect his feelings for the baby. "Nothing could ever keep me from loving my son, my precious little son," Ridge assures her.

C.J. wants a drag race, but Rick wants none of it. C.J. accuses him of not having the stones for it and tells Amber to come with him. Amber stands there pleading with Rick, but when he will not relent, so she turns to go with C.J. "Wait" calls Rick. "Okay, fire it up, C.J." he says. Amber excitedly jumps into the car with Rick.

After the baby is put to bed, Ridge wants to know how he sleeps. Taylor tells him that he sleeps just like his dad. "Doesn't he wake up to be fed?" Ridge asks. "Of course," Taylor laughs, "I told you he was just like his dad." Ridge says that it has been a crazy year for the two of them; they were almost married in January, but he systematically pushed Taylor away. "I can see why you wouldn't want to tell me about the baby." Ridge said. Taylor confides that she should not have pushed Ridge away and should have taken into consideration that he had always wanted to have a child.

Ridge tells her that he gets angry every time he thinks about all that he missed, but tonight for the first time he is looking at things differently. "I have an incredible boy! All I did was spend one night with you in a ramshackle motel room; that was my only contribution. But you went through it all in pain and confusion. And despite everything, we have a son."

Brooke has been calling everyone she know looking for Rick. James tries to assure her that everything is okay. They will be walking in the door any minute now and will wonder what all the fuss is about, he predicts. But Brooke tells him that she has a strange feeling that will not happen.

The two cars are revved up and ready. Amber says she will call it. She counts out; one, two, three, GO! The two take off. Amber is screaming with excitement because they are winning. Rick takes a look back to see how far ahead he is. In that short moment, he comes upon a curve too fast. Amber tells him to slow down. He turns back and loses control of the car. "We are crashing!" Amber screams. "NO-------!" she screams.

Friday, March 20, 1998

Thanks to Gladys for helping out as usual this Friday.............

Stephanie arrives at Ericís office, and after their kisses hello, he excitedly shows her the sales figures for every department. They have something to celebrate, he tells her, since they are up everywhere - even Asia. Stephanie tells him that they may have more than that to celebrate and explains that she had just left Taylorís. She left Ridge there bonding with the baby, she explains. Stephanie is sure that the baby will bring the two parents together. This doesnít seem to make Eric very happy.

Taylor is breast feeding the baby while Ridge watches with wonder on his face. "This must be rough on you," he says. "I am going to get you a nanny." Taylor tells him that she enjoys caring for her baby herself and it isnít time for a nanny yet. Ridge tells her that it isnít safe here alone and she needs someone to stay with her. Taylor reminds him that she has a security system, but she agrees that she would like someone staying with her - just not a nanny. Ridge gets the honors of burping his son after he is full from his feeding.

Brooke is calling all of Rickís friends---again, but none of them have heard from Rick or CJ. James and Katie remind her that Rick isnít alone. "I know, he is with Amber and I could just strangle her," Brooke responds. James reminds her that CJ is also with them. There could be any number of reasons why they arenít home. Brooke hopes to God that her son is safe.

At the crash scene, the car is shown demolished and smoking. CJ rushes up to the site in a state of near panic. He hears moaning and finds Amber has been thrown out of the car. He helps her up, checking for any broken bones. She wonders what happened, and CJ tells her that she was in an accident. Amber remembers the race and cries out for Rick. They rush around to the driverís side of the car and find Rick behind the wheel, his face a bloody mess. "Is he dead?" cries Amber. CJ pulls out his cell phone and calls 911.

Together, Amber and CJ pull Rick out of the car. CJ protests that they shouldnít have moved him, but Amber was afraid the car would catch fire. CJ questions if Rick is breathing and is excited when he finds out that he is. "Where is that ambulance?" he asks. "This was so stupid! Why did I do this? It is my fault." Amber tells him that it isnít his fault, but hers. As they hear the first strains of the siren from the ambulance, CJ tells Amber that she has to leave. When Amber refuses to leave, he tells her that she will be thrown in jail if she stays. She wonít believe that until he reminds her that she had been drinking. She has to get out of here and right now! "Hurry!" he orders, "The ambulance is almost here." Finally, Amber realizes her danger and runs away. Hurriedly, CJ goes into the car and finds the wine bottle. He throws it off the hill just before the ambulance arrives.

Stephanie tells Eric that if he could have seen Ridge and Taylor together, he would agree with her. Eric reminds her that Ridge is married, but Stephanie just knows that there wouldnít have been a marriage if Ridge had only known about the baby. Regardless, Eric says, Ridge is still married and their son is going to have to make a decision about whether to stay married or not. Wouldnít it be wonderful, Stephanie asks dreamily, if Thomas could be raised under the same roof with both of his parents? Eric is still not enjoying this conversation.

Ridge thinks Thomas is ready for bed. Taylor agrees - that is, until the next feeding. Ridge says that he is a growing boy, and considering his food source, he wouldnít blame Thomas if he wanted to eat four or five times a night. Before she puts Thomas down, Taylor asks Ridge if he ever thinks about St. Thomas.

Brooke asks Katie to try CJís car phone again. She decides that she is going to go check the schoolyard. As she gets ready to leave, taking James with her, Katie tells her that the car phone has been shut off. "Where is she with my son?" Brooke wonders.

At the scene, the paramedics are preparing Rick for transport. Talking to the hospital, one of the paramedics says that the boy appears to have internal injuries with kidney trauma. There is CSF---cerebral spinal fluid---in the nose and ears. There has been a lot of blood loss and he is now in hypovolemic shock. He tells the hospital that their ETA is 8 minutes. Another paramedic approaches CJ and asks if he saw this happen and does he know this boy. He admits that he did; this is his friend, he says. The medic tells him that his friend is in bad shape. He should call the boyís parents and tell them to get to Memorial Hospital quickly. As CJ just stands there staring at his friend, the paramedic announces that the blood pressure is dropping. "Call the parents NOW and follow us to the hospital," the paramedic orders CJ.

As Brooke and James open the door to leave, the phone rings. She rushes to answer it. "Itís me, CJ," she hears. She wants to know if Rick is there with him. When he says he is, she demands that he put him on the phone. "I canít," CJ whispers into the phone. "There has been an accident. Rick is being taken to Memorial Hospital. It is real bad. You need to get over there real quick." Brooke appears in shock when she hangs up. She tells them where Rick has been taken and James tells her that he will take her there. Katie should stay with Bridget. As she leaves the room, Brooke calls out, "Oh, my God, NO! Hold on buddy; Iím coming!"

Ridge tells Taylor that he often thinks of St. Thomas. As a matter of fact, when Taylor followed him up to the cabin, it reminded him of when he followed her to St. Thomas. They reminisce about the times they had on the island. They had some vigorous battles there, Ridge remembers, and he wonders why Taylor would name their child after the site of such wars. Taylor tells him that she was only testing him. Ridge remembers that when he proposed, she had to hear it over and over and over and over. Taylor says that it was the greatest treasure of her entire life. Ridge says he knew what he wanted and went after it. Taylor remembers the trip back on the plane. It was the only time in her life when she felt absolutely certain about something. She knew that she was more than just a diversion for him; she knew that he loved her and would always love her. "And now we have a child," she says, "and it means I was right."

Brooke and James rush into the hospital and find CJ. He tells them that Rick is with the doctor. He says that the car ran off the road. He doesnít know what condition Rick is in, but it is bad. A nurse comes by and Brooke stops her. She asks if she knows where the Forrester boy is. She answers that he has been taken to the operating room. She tells her to come along and she will take her to see the doctor.

A nurse is demanding that OR 3 be cleared for immediate surgery. Another nurse tells her that the surgery going on now is almost completed; it is a gunshot wound in there now, and it has gone over time already. The first nurse says that she has a boy here who is about to code. Just then, Brooke rushes up. "Oh, my God!" she cries. "My boy! You have to save him!" The nurse informs Brooke that her son has to have an operation and Dr. Sloan will do everything possible for him.

Brooke kneels by her son and says, "Itís Mommy, Rick. You will be okay. Just hang in there and donít give up. You are going to live; you are not going to die. I love you so much." She looks up at the nurse and says, "You cannot let him die! He has to be okay!"

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Week of 03/23/98 - 03/27/98

Monday, March 23, 1998

Brooke is standing over Rick, begging him to please be strong and make it. He can't leave her, she says. She approaches a nurse and wants to know why they aren't doing anything to save her son.

Amber locks the door to her room. She is hysterical and starts to take off her bloody clothes from the accident. She goes in the shower to wash it all off. She drops the soap and is crying from the whole episode with the car crash and she can't wipe it from her mind.

Sally gets in from shopping and CJ is on the phone, crying to his mother about the car crash. He is afraid that Rick is going to die. Sally tells him to stay calm and asks if Rick's parents know about what happened. Of course, Sally thinks immediately of Eric and thinks that somebody ought to get in touch with him. She manages to reach Eric at home to relay the news and offer him a ride to Memorial Hospital. Eric declines and hangs up in shock.

Ridge shows up at home after trekking back from his visit to Big Bear. There is no Brooke, and Amber meets him as she comes down the stairs. She tries to explain why nobody is home - but lucky for Amber, the phone rings. Eric is on the phone and tells Ridge what has happened. Ridge tells his father that he will meet him at the hospital. Amber asks to come along.

Brooke is crying as she watches her son through the window in the emergency room. She is standing alone in horror as they prep him for surgery.

James approaches CJ in the waiting room at the hospital to find out how he is holding up. CJ is crying that Rick is his best friend. Brooke comes out and informs them that Rick is in surgery and that he was unconscious. Brooke finds out from CJ that Rick was driving a car without a license and is annoyed with the fact that Amber wasn't there looking out for him. Eric now shows up, followed by Ridge with Amber. Brooke tries to explain what happened.

CJ and Amber are alone together in a different hallway in the hospital. "CJ, tell me he is going to be okay," says Amber. CJ questions how she got home (she hitchhiked, she tells him) and explains how everyone in Rick's family is all freaked out. CJ is glad that Amber kept her mouth shut - because if they find out she was involved in any of this, she is history. Amber replies that she doesn't care about herself right now, while Rick is in there maybe fighting for his life. But CJ insists that this wasn't Amber's fault. Amber is upset and cries, "They trusted me. And look what I did."

Ridge is holding Brooke. Sally comes over to them and asks Eric if they know where CJ is and if he is all right. CJ comes over to them and they want to know what happened. Before he can answer, a detective from the police department wants to know if they were having a race. CJ tells them all that they were celebrating after singing the song with Amber at Insomnia. It was all his idea to race, he explains. He says they ditched Amber at the club and thought they would be right back. Brooke replies that is not like her son and Ridge wants to know from Amber if that is what really happened. Amber says she is sorry and she ended up taking a bus home from the club. CJ apologizes for screwing around. James comes out from the ER to tell them about Rick's serious condition because he did not wear a seatbelt (a lesson for all of us). The main concern right now is for his blocked kidneys. It is too soon to tell if Rick will be okay, and James wishes that he had better news.

Amber pulls CJ aside in the hallway to ask why he bothered to cover for her in this whole mess.

Brooke goes into the chapel to pray for her son. She says that he is too young and it is too soon. "I know that this world is unfair. But not this, not him. I just don't know what I would do. You sent him to us, why would you take him now? There are so many lives he could touch. If this is a test... I believe that you will protect him because I know that you love him too." Ridge enters the chapel to see Brooke kneeling there and crying.

In the operating room, Rick's blood pressure is holding it's own...

Tuesday, March 24, 1998

Rick is in surgery and his vital signs start to drop according to all of the machines he is hooked up to. Amber is upset that Rick may be in there dying because of her. CJ agrees that their behavior was stupid, but Rick would have wanted him to take care of Amber. Amber finds out from a nurse that Rick is still in surgery and his injuries are very severe.

Brooke is in the chapel praying and she hugs Ridge. "I can't believe this. When I think we might lose him. He is my little boy. There has to be more. I want to see him grow up and share those special mom things," cries Brooke. Ridge tries to be her backbone and assures his wife that he will be okay.

Rush wants all the details from his brother Jonny about how he and Lauren met and hooked up. Jonny won't help him. Rush thanks him for being his biggest ally, because he can get as close as he wants to Lauren. "If you aren't useful to me anymore, then why would I keep you around?" questions Rush. Jonny realizes that no matter what Rush says, he will die and if he doesn't help his brother then maybe Lauren will realize who he really is.

Lauren gets home from shopping. She opens up a leopard print sexy nightgown, thinking that Jonny will love it. "Talk about wild life," she comments to herself.

Amber and CJ are pacing the waiting room. Amber is crying on and on about being so mean to Rick when all he wanted was to be her friend. "I don't think I can handle this. The Forresters have been nicer to me than my own family. I never wanted to hurt them, especially Rick. I should have looked out for him. I'd give anything to make it up," she laments.

Brooke states that she needs to have more faith, but she doesn't understand why this happened in the first place. It doesn't sound like her son to drag race. Ridge finds it unusual that Amber had nothing much to say out there. He thought she was going to say something when he got home, but then they got the news and rushed over. Brooke and Ridge embrace and a nurse calls the to come and talk to the doctor. Eric informs them that Rick is alive, but the impact of the crash has cut off the blood supply to the arteries, and his kidneys have failed. Rick needs to have a kidney transplant right away, the doctor explains.

Jonny begs his brother Rush to take his feelings out on him and not Lauren. Rush can't do to Lauren what he did to Sharon, he begs. "I didn't steal Sharon. You are the one who killed her. Lauren isn't yours, Tony. No, she would never be drawn to a man like you," he says. Rush insists that in Greenland, he and Lauren connected on a spiritual level, but Eric Forrester turned her against him. He tells his brother that he and Lauren are going to be together very soon and in every way. He later comes out from the other room looking exactly the way Jonny dresses and says, "Here's Jonny! I am you and you are... well, maybe not yet. I still have some use for you." He puts tape on his brother's mouth and calls Lauren on the phone to announce that he is on his way and cant wait to be with her. He tells Jonny not to wait up for him.

In the intensive care unit in the hospital, Brooke wants to see Rick. She, Ridge and Eric go in and she tells her son, "I am here, sweetie. I am right here with you." Eric tells the doctor that he wants to donate a kidney, but the doctor explains that just because he is related doesn't mean that his will match. Ridge says to test all of them. Ridge and Eric leave to be tested, but Brooke doesn't want to leave her son just yet and remains behind for now. Amber sits down in the back of the room. Brooke tells her son to be strong just like she has asked him to. She needs him to hang in there for just a little while longer. We see Amber in shock and crying in the ICU room...

Wednesday, March 25, 1998

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, March 25, written by Robyn from Bold-L. Rick was after Amber's body, but I really don't think this is what he had in mind! Speaking of bodies, Rush is after Lauren's. Will she serve dinner or BE dinner?

HOSPITAL LOBBY: CJ brings Amber a cold drink. She sobs that Rick needs a kidney transplant and it's all her fault. CJ assures her that everything will be okay. The whole Forrester family is standing in line to donate a kidney. Amber says the Forresters are just such great people, then starts crying again.

JONNY'S PLACE: Jonny is struggling with his bonds and thinks to himself that Rush will kill Lauren if she notices a difference (so who else besides the updater really likes the thought of Anthony Addabbo bound and helpless? <g>).

LAUREN'S PENTHOUSE: Rush is at the door. Lauren lets him in and tells him dinner is ready. Rush grabs her and rams his tongue down her throat. Lauren wants to eat first. Rush wants to leave instead. To a restaurant, Lauren asks? No. He wants to leave L.A. for good. "Why?" Lauren asks. "To be alone, to be together," Rush replies. Lauren is confused. He just told her he was ready to settle down here. Rush starts ranting about what a trap L.A, is and how he needs to be free (oh yeah, no one will ever suspect he's not his twin brother, will they!). "Come away with me tonight," he says, grabbing Lauren for another kiss. "Say you'll leave with me. Say it!"

HOSPITAL CONFERENCE ROOM: Eric tells Brooke that a transplant is not possible because Rick has B-negative blood and he and Ridge are a different type. Brooke is B-negative! She'll give her kidney. The doctor takes her away for a compatibility test. Meanwhile, Ridge heads for the pay phone to call every Logan and Forrester to see what blood type they are. Brooke assures Eric this will work. She can feel it.

HOSPITAL LOBBY: Amber watches Ridge on the phone. CJ reports back that Ridge is calling the family to see who has B-negative blood. Amber starts crying again. Rick told her how special she was and she didn't deserve it or appreciate him and now it might be too late! "He had it all worked out," Amber sobs. "We were gonna be a team. He was gonna give me a future and now I might have taken his away!" CJ feels bad, too, but there's nothing they can do. CJ and Amber hug. Meanwhile, Ridge hangs up the phone, sits down and puts his head in his hands. Amber pulls away from CJ and runs off.

LAUREN'S PENTHOUSE: The doorbell rings. It's Macy and Grant. They're having a party next week and want Lauren and Jonny to come. Lauren says there's a chance they'll be out of town, but when Macy tells her it's a surprise wedding Lauren says they'll definitely be there. Rush looks disgusted as Lauren hugs Macy and Grant.

HOSPITAL LOBBY: Amber returns to the lobby. Ridge slams the phone down and goes into the conference room. Amber and CJ follow him and eavesdrop outside the door. Ridge says Felicia, Kristen and Thorne are all the wrong blood type, and none of the Logans are a match. Brooke knows she'll be a match. Rick will have her kidney. "I gave him life once," Brooke says. "I'll do it again." Amber starts bawling again as the doctor enters the room. He's afraid Brooke's HLA typing wasn't a match. "What are we going to do?" Brooke gasps. The doctor is putting Rick on the kidney donor list, but it may be three to four years before a kidney is found. There are 38,000 other people already waiting, and five of them die every day. "Did you hear that?" CJ whispers, but Amber has disappeared again.

RICK'S HOSPITAL ROOM: Amber sneaks in to see Rick. "Hi Rick, honey, it's Amber," she says as she draws nearer to his bed. "You probably don't want to hear from me right now but I have to tell you I'm so sorry." Amber tells him she's been out with a lot of guys who are older than him, but he's more of a man than any of them will ever be. "It should be me in this mess, not you," Amber cries. "It's my fault! I took advantage of you and I've been a fool. But not any more. I'm gonna be here for you." Amber takes Rick's hand and holds it. "Don't die on me, okay? Because I really couldn't handle that. I'm so sorry!" Amber gently kisses his face.

HOSPITAL CONFERENCE ROOM: The doctor says that all they can do now is wait and hope. Brooke starts crying as Amber walks in. Eric and Ridge try to get her to leave but she tells them she wants to donate her kidney. She had the nurse test her and she has B-negative blood. Ridge tries to tell her how serious this is while Brooke wonders why she wants to do this. "It's the right thing to do. Rick is a good person and doesn't deserve this. Please let me do this for him. Please!" Amber begs as she begins to cry. "Yes, thank you honey, yes!" Brooke cries. Then Brooke and Amber hug each other and sob some more.

Is everyone damp enough now? Who wants to bet that Rick and Amber are up and running around hours after the surgery? Remember to dress your best for next Wednesday's episode because there's gonna be a wedding. And this updater wants to be first in line to kiss the groom :)


Thursday, March 26, 1998

Today's update was written by Gladys:

RIDGE pays a visit to Taylor, looking rather haggard after his night at the hospital. It seems to make him feel better to go to Thomas' bassinet and gaze down on his son. Ridge gives Taylor the bad news about Rick who has lost the use of both kidneys. Unfortunately, there are no compatible matches within the family, he explains. Taylor thinks Brooke must be going through Hell! She does her best to reassure him that with a kidney transplant, Rick should be able to live a normal life. Ridge tells her that if things work out, Rick could be getting the transplant later today. Amber Moore, the 17-year-old babysitter, is giving it. Unbelievable, Taylor says. It takes an incredible person to make a sacrifice like this, Taylor supposes, but Ridge says that Amber was adamant about being a donor if she is found to be compatible.

RUSH is fantasizing over Lauren. He wants her real bad---he wants her, he needs her, but most of all he needs her to want him just as badly. He thinks about his brother; he has taken advantage of his Lauren, but he intends to be better than Jonny was. Grant sees him all alone across the room not joining in with the conversation and asks if they came at a bad time. Rush asks if he wants the polite answer or the honest truth. Lauren laughs and says that Rush was just kidding. He is caught off guard when Lauren suggests he make some of his special smoothies---the wheat grass and papaya health drink that is so good.

RIDGE is talking about all Brooke is going through, but ends up talking about Thomas. How are they going to keep him from making the same mistake? Taylor does her best to comfort and assure him. All they can do is raise him with the right values and hope they take. Ridge reminds her that Brooke raised Rick with the right values, but look what happened. He tells her that Brooke is going through a nightmare and needs lots of support. Taylor tells him not to give up hope; as she puts her arms around his neck. Then she questions him if he has notified everyone in the family including his brother.

GRANT suggests that they forget the smoothies and jump into the hot tub. My scar---they will see my scar! Rush thinks. While everyone goes to change into bathing suits, Rush panics. "I can not go into the hot tub! They will see my scar! They will know who I am! Lauren will never accept me if she finds out!" Coming back into the room in a bathing suit, Lauren tells him to go change so he can hop into the tub with them. He tells her that he doesn't have a bathing suit. She tells him that his boxers will do, but he says he isn't wearing boxers. "Right!" She laughs. "I have never known you when you weren't wearing boxers." She begins to unbutton his shirt, but Rush grabs her and begins kissing her. "I want you! I want you right now! Let's forget about the hot tub. I want you now and I know you want me just as bad." Lauren reminds him that they have company. "Come on," she invites as she follows Grant and Macy out to the hot tub.

RIDGE admits that he hasn't called Thorne about Rick and he has no intention of doing so. Taylor tells him that Thorne needs to be told; he has a right to know about his nephew. Ridge has to put aside differences and be a family at a time like this. Ridge confides that he hasn't talked to Thorne in weeks and doesn't want to talk to him now. "This has nothing to do with my brother," he insists. "Even just seeing his face will make me lose it! I want nothing to do with my brother---nothing!"

TAYLOR tries to defend Thorne's right to know about Rick. She also tries to make Ridge understand why Thorne did the things he did. If he blames Thorne, then he should blame Brooke and her. She was just as responsible as Thorne. Ridge says that she wasn't; she was under stress and taking drugs. She would have told him in time; after all, she tried. How many messages from her did Thorne intercept? As Ridge raises his voice in anger, the baby begins to stir in it's sleep. Ridge suggests Taylor take the baby to the nursery because he wants to talk with her some more.

EVERYONE but Rush is in the hot tub. Grant wonders if Jonny is going to join them. He is getting the feeling that they came at the wrong time. Lauren admits that there is one little problem; Jonny is finding her irresistible tonight. Macy observes that from the looks of it, Lauren is finding it hard to resist. Her advice is not to fight it. Rush agrees as he comes out on the deck fully dressed. He tells everyone that he would prefer to look at the view. Lauren asks what he is drinking and he tells her it is just a little Scotch. She is surprised to see him drinking Scotch, but he says that he likes a little every once in a while. Lauren says that he is more of a mystery guy than she imagined. "But not as much of a mystery as his brother, right Lauren?" Grant asks.

"Mystery isn't a word I would use when talking about Rush," Lauren says. He was more of an animal, Macy responds, but Lauren says she doesn't know any animal that was so cruel and sadistic as Rush. Rush is looking a little uncomfortable, but he laughs it off. Grant wonders how two brothers, twins no less, could be raised in the same house by the same parents and turn out so differently. Noticing how uncomfortable Rush looks, Grant apologizes and mentions that it must be uncomfortable talking about his brother like this. Lauren says that Johnny has talked about his brother often and it hasn't bothered him. He understands what she went through in Greenland. "But you were drawn to him, weren't you?" Rush asks. Lauren admits that for a while, she was drawn to him, but she saw his dark side and it repulsed her. It was like the moth that is drawn magnetically to the warm bright flame. But when it reaches the flame, it is burned to death. That almost happened to her and she doesn't want to be near anyone like that ever again. Rush says that his brother was tough, but he was talented. "Yeah," Grant says. "He may have gotten the talent, but you got the brains." "My brother was a lot of things, but he wasn't a fool," Rush says as he stomps back into the apartment. Lauren comments that she has never seen Johnny act like that. Grant believes that maybe he is more sensitive about the subject than they thought.

THORNE lets himself in with his key while Taylor is putting Thomas in the nursery. He is surprised to see Ridge. They stare across the room at each other. He is here to pick up his things then he will be gone, he explains. "How could you just waltz in here like one of the family?" Ridge asks. As Thorne begins to leave, Ridge says, "You aren't going anywhere. I have a hell of a lot to say to you. You and Brooke conspired to keep me from knowing my son. I have already talked to Brooke; now it is time to deal with the guiltiest person of all, my own dear brother!"

Friday, March 27, 1998

ERIC AND BROOKE sit by Rick's bed keeping vigil when Rick opens his eyes and whispers, "Mama." He asks what happened, but when told he was drag racing and had an accident, he said he wasn't. Just then, Dr. Sloane comes in and tells the parents that Rick needs his rest for the operation. "What?" Brooke asks. Dr. Sloane tells her that Amber is a match. He has just examined her and she is in perfect health. He is going to talk to talk to her one more time and if she still wants to go through with the transplant, then they will do the operation this evening. By tomorrow, Rick will have a working kidney. "Did you hear that, Rick? You are going to be okay. Amber is going to give you a new life!" Brooke exclaims.

CJ enters the exam room where Amber is waiting and she tells him she is a keeper and won't be home for supper tonight. CJ asks if she is all right with this. Rick is his best friend, and he wouldn't expect her to do this. Amber admits that she is scared to death, but if she doesn't do it, Rick might die.

THORNE tells Ridge that if he wants to talk to him, he can just email him; he is leaving. No, you are not, Ridge tells him. You are going to hear what I have to say. How dare you do the things you did to me? I could kill you for what you did. You tried to keep my child from me, your own brother." "I never lied," Thorne insists. "I never lied to you or to Taylor."

"Then what do you call it?" Ridge asks. "How many times did you intercept messages that Taylor had sent to me? And how many times did you lie to her about where I was?" Thorne tells him that he was married; what was he supposed to do? But Ridge reminds him that in the beginning of the pregnancy, he wasn't married. He was going through hell and Thorne kept the truth from him. "How many lives have you messed up with this little game of yours? What you did messed up other people's lives, like Thomas, for one, and Taylor, Brooke, and even another child if Brooke hadn't miscarried. And now you act like none of this matters."

THORNE retorts, "I have a question for you, Ridge. Now you know that you have a child. And there stands the mother of your child. What are you going to do? Are you going to marry Taylor and be a family for that little boy? Are you? Well, I would have given him a home. I would have taken care of both Taylor and Thomas. Isn't that what every child needs and deserves? That is all that matters to a child, not whose blood is running through his veins."

BROOKE comes in to talk to Amber. She tells Amber that it is okay to be scared; she is scared also. Brooke admits that at first she had her reservations about Amber as a babysitter, but now all she can say is thank you for saving her boy. They cry in each other's arms.

DR. SLOANE talks to Amber about the operation explaining that there could be complications. Yes, she could even die, but that is unlikely. She will be able to survive and live a normal life with only one kidney. "This is an enormous sacrifice you are making. Think it over and I will be back for your answer."

"YOU WERE GOING TO GIVE MY BABY A HOME?" Ridge asks, incredulous. Taylor asks the brother not to do this in her house. There is a baby in the house, she tells them just as Thomas begins to cry. After she goes into the nursery, Ridge and Thorne go at each other again. Ridge asks how Thorne could live with himself, but Thorne has wondered the same thing about Ridge for years. He then reminds Ridge that he wasn't alone in this scheme. Taylor and Brooke were in it with him. Ridge tells him that Taylor and Brooke were wrong too, but he could understand why they did it. But for Thorne to do this to his own brother is just sick! All he wanted was a woman and he was willing to go to any lengths to get her. "So this isn't about the baby," Thorne says. "It is about Taylor." Thorne brags that he and Taylor almost put it together. If she had had the courage to take that next step, he would have made her very happy. Ridge tells him he needs to talk to someone because he is living in a massive dream world.

"Why is that? Because Taylor could never love anyone but you? Like Brooke and Caroline? You treated them as if they couldn't live without you. Well, I wish I had your ego. Maybe if Mother had given me half the attention she gave you I would have. But she didn't and I don't. But when I look at Taylor, I see a person of quality and I respect her and she knows it." Ridge looks toward the doorway of the nursery. Thorne looks and Taylor is standing there.

AMBER goes to Rick's room. She sits beside his bed, holding his hand, and talks to him. "After today you will always have a part of me inside you, always." As she is about to leave, Rick turns his head toward her. He lifts his hand, which is now free, and reaches for her. She takes his hand once again and kisses it over and over as she cries.

"YOU TREATED ME WITH RESPECT?" Taylor asks. "Is it showing respect when you intercepted my messages to Ridge? Even when Ridge was in Italy and I was desperate to reach him? Yes, you were there when I needed someone, but it wasn't for me. It was for yourself." Thorne replies, "I don't give a damn what you think, Taylor, not any more. And I don't care what you think, Ridge, or Mother, or any of the family. I won't be back at work. If I never see the inside of that building again it will be too soon." He slams out the door.

RIDGE apologizes for this happening in her home. He has to get back to the hospital. "I'll see you later," he says as he hugs her to him.

BROOKE, ERIC, CJ AND DR. SLOANE go to the exam room and find it empty. They are looking perplexed when Amber returns and tells them she is ready when they are. She looks at Brooke and tells her that Rick will be okay. So will you, Eric tells her. The doctor tells them they can watch the surgery from the sub-sterile room and leaves taking Amber with him.

RIDGE rushes in and they tell him that the surgery is about to begin. "This is the answer to our prayers," he says as he takes Brooke in his arms.

IN THE OR, Rick and then Amber are wheeled in. Amber looks at the doctor and tells him that she is ready for a miracle. She reaches out and touches Rick. "This is for you, my love." As the family gathers in the observation room, Amber keeps her eyes on Rick's face until the anesthesia blurs her vision. "Ready to begin, Doctor," the anesthesiologist says.

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