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May, 1998

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Monday, May 04, 1998

Rick is in his room and there is a knock on the door; Eric comes in and wants to talk with his son. Eric explains how he has talked with Ridge and knows about Rick's discussion with him. Rick says, "It wasn't a discussion." Eric says, "Son, I know how hard this is for you." Rick says, "This isn't about me; it's about Mom and Bridget." Eric says, "You still have a lot to deal with." Rick says, "I already dealt with it. Look, I don't want you worrying about this. This is about my mom and my little sister. Bridget doesn't even know he is thinking about leaving; if I have my way she won't have to know."

Eric is amazed at how fast his youngest son is growing up and laments that he may not have been around as much as he should. Rick cuts him off and says that this isn't Eric's fault. He states, "You are around all the time. I hope you don't think any of this is your fault; it's Ridge's fault, he went and had another baby by another woman. If he felt that way about Taylor, why did he string my mother along?" Eric says, "He wasn't stringing your mother along; he loved her. That is why he married her." Rick says, "So he is leaving the wife he loves and Bridget who adores him... you tell me what is wrong with that picture?"

In the private dining room, Taylor asks Ridge what their night here is all about. Ridge says, "Taylor, it is about you and me." Taylor says, "I was under the impression you were here to celebrate something, but now you tell me Brooke hasn't even signed the annulment papers. To me that can only mean one thing." Ridge says, "What's that?" Taylor says, "I would rather hear you say it." Ridge says, "Taylor, I tried to get her to sign it but she wouldn't." Taylor asks if he told Brooke that he can do this without her cooperation; when Ridge says he did, she asks if he has spoken to Jonathan yet. Ridge says, "No." Taylor asks, "Why not?" Ridge says, "I have my reasons." Taylor says, "Ridge, don't try to protect me; if you're going to stay with Brooke just tell me?"

Thorne is out on the deck by his house; he says, "So Macy and Grant are already planing to have a baby. Well, she is ready for it. I've got my own life now; good luck, Macy, the best to you babe."

Over at Grant and Macy's, Grant suggests they look at the pregnancy test together. Macy says, "Wait, you look at it first; I am scared too." Grant says, "We need to; we might have a little guy in there." Macy says, "We don't even know if it's a baby yet." Grant says, "Well I've got my feelings about this." He takes the test out of her hand and looks at it. Grant says, "Hmm." Macy says, "It's negative." Grant says, "Well, let's get busy - we've got a lot of work ahead of us." Macy starts to cry.

Grant reminds Macy they have plenty of time to have children since they just got married and suggests they go spend a romantic time on the beach, looking at the moon. Macy says, "It sounds good, but it's not the right time; besides you've got a meeting and Mom is expecting you." Grant says, "I think she would understand." Macy says, "I will be all right, honey; I just need some time alone to get my head straight, I can't pressure myself. That is the last thing I need." Grant says, "It is just a little problem; things will work out." He hugs her and kisses her. Macy assures him she is OK and sends him off to his meeting. After Grant leaves, Macy is crying.

Ridge reassures Taylor, saying, "I have already told you that you and my son are going to be my future very soon." Taylor says, "Soon?" Ridge says yes and Taylor asks, "Why didn't you talk to Jonathan?" Ridge says, "I didn't want to do it that way." Taylor says, "Well if Brooke won't cooperate..." Ridge says, "Brooke will cooperate; I just don't want to turn this into a legal battle, because it could be very messy and be worse on Rick and Bridget." Taylor says, "Oh, Rick and Bridget!"

Ridge reminds her that he has to do what will be best for them. Taylor says, "You know they're kids, and they can be manipulative." Ridge says, "I realize that." Taylor wonders, "Do you? Because all I am hearing is how angry Rick is and how difficult it is going to be for her; I just have to wonder if you aren't giving them too much power over the situation." Ridge says, "What do you mean?" Taylor says, "They are the ones keeping us apart; they may not realize it, but they are, Ridge."

Ridge assures her that no one is pulling his strings and Taylor says Brooke is. She apologizes for bringing up Brooke, but it is clear that Brooke does not want to give up Ridge. And now with Rick on Brooke's side, Taylor feels Ridge has to take charge. Ridge says, "Believe it or not, I know exactly what I am doing." Taylor says, "Well if you know what you are doing, I have to wonder about your commitment to us."

Rick asks his dad, "Why is he trying to walk out on my mom? He proposed to her and married her." Eric says, "Rick, now he has a son." Rick says, "You have a son and a daughter and you don't live with us, Dad, and we see each other all the time. So will Thomas. He will see plenty of Ridge; by the time he is old enough he will probably be here most of the time." Eric says, "I know what you are saying; but Rick, that is not what Ridge wants."

Rick says, "Ridge wanted Mom. He made a promise to her, he made a commitment. Can I ask you something - do words mean anything? He said until death do us part - shouldn't he be held to that? Isn't marriage sacred anymore?" Eric answers, "Life is not always that simple; you are a very, very loyal son and I am proud of you for that. But there is something you're going to have to learn from this: things don't always turn out the way we want. But when you look back, you will see that it always is for the best how things turn out. Will you try to remember that for me?"

Rick says, "Yes, but if you will remember this; Mom has no one to fight for her, not you, Ridge or Stephanie. So I am all she has got and I am going to stand by her. Ridge has to come back; because if he doesn't I will never forgive him."

Taylor explains to Ridge, "I am trying so desperately to not be unreasonable, but I can see everything we ever dreamed of and the life we wanted. All we have to do is take this last step." Ridge replies, "We will!" He puts his arms around her, holding her close. Taylor says, "I didn't come here to argue tonight. I just wanted us to be together tonight, but we have had so many challenges and things get in our way. But we are still here after all these years, we are still in each other's arms." They smile at each other; he holds on to her tight, rubbing her hair.

Thorne is working out on the deck when he notices Macy. He sees she is upset and crying and he walks over to her. Macy tells him to leave, despite his concern, but then she apologizes and asks him to stay. She explains about the negative pregnancy test and how that has put her in a bad mood. Thorne sees her disappointment and touches her arm in a gentle way.

Rick is looking at the album of the wedding and says, "He has got to come back to us." He puts it down and says, "I hope I got through to you, Ridge."

Ridge and Taylor are slow dancing. Taylor says this is just what they need, and they can finally have this all the time if Ridge breaks off from Rick and Bridget. They are ready, she assures him. Ridge says they weren't ready the last time he told them, though. Taylor says, "You are right; they wouldn't have then." Ridge says, "So tell me I have done right so far." Taylor says, "You have done right so far." Ridge says, "Thank you, thank you, thank you - powerful medicine and reinforcement. I needed that."

Taylor says, "I love you so much, I need you so much. Not just now; I need you now, not next week, not next month. I don't want to wait, I don't want to wake up and see you miss seeing your son grow up. Babies don't stay babies that long; I want you to be a part of that. And every morning you wake up in Brooke's guestroom, you will have missed another day in your baby's life. You have missed enough mornings already, Ridge; so you go back there, deal with Rick, tell Bridget you love her. But you have a baby that needs you, and cut the marriage from Brooke, Ridge. Please don't let any more time slip away for us. I am counting on you, we are both counting on you." He is rubbing her face and still holding her in his arms.

Tuesday, May 05, 1998

Eric is at Lauren's place confiding in her about how his heart is breaking over the kids. Rick is so loyal to his mother. He guesses that he needed someone to talk it over with. Lauren says, "And you thought of me." Eric says, "It's just I know that Rick and Bridget will be upset when Ridge leaves; they are going to be devastated and I don't know what I am going to do." Lauren asks if there is anything else he can do about it personally tonight and then remarks that it is time he take care of himself. She picks up a crystal dinner bell and behold, there are two waiters clad in tuxedos with champagne and caviar. Lauren is back to her old self again!

Stephanie (with her new short haircut) seeks help from James. In James' office, Stephanie suggests that she talk to Rick and Bridget. James says that is a bad idea; for one thing, Bridget does not know yet and it is not Stephanie's place to tell her. For another thing, Rick sees Stephanie as the problem. Stephanie is stunned. She asks the resident shrink, "What is it with Brooke and men? Why don't they just get it about her? She is never going to let Ridge go!"

James cuts in and questions Stephanie about her relationship with Eric these days and if they are planning the wedding. He isn't surprised to find out they are having problems. He based that decision honestly on the deplorable way Stephanie is acting about Brooke and mentions it isn't very attractive. Brooke is the mother of Eric's children (Stephanie is quick to chirp in that so is she) and her children are very young. Stephanie feels that when Ridge and Taylor move in together, everything in the family will settle down. James tells her that things will probably only get worse; Eric resents her already and how could he not? Brooke and his own children are in agony and Stephanie is taking delight in it.

Sally is having a meeting with Darla and Grant about creating affordable clothing for the masses. Grant, however, is another planet; he tells them his mind is somewhere else because he is worried about Macy. Sally tells him that Macy has to realize that the sweetest fruit is at the top of the tree and she has to reach for it. Sally tells him to give it some time - a baby doesn't happen overnight. The talk turns back to business but Grant is worried that his wife is depressed and alone, so he leaves to be with her.

Macy is out by the pool telling Thorne that the pregnancy test was negative and how she wanted a baby so badly. Thorne is positive in attitude and tells her to try again next month, and he reminds her that it isn't the end of the world. They hug. Thorne tells her it is way too soon to hit the panic button on not conceiving a child - she and Grant have the rest of their lives to be together.

Back at Lauren's, Eric wonders what the deal is with the waiters. He is in the middle of a crisis, he reminds her, so he can't believe Lauren is doing this. She points out that they are both wealthy and successful - and like any wealthy woman, she entertains in style. She says he has to get his mind off Brooke and the kids for a while and take a break, and she is just the woman to get him doing that. She toasts to them.

Stephanie tells James that she doesn't hate Brooke, but he points out, "Brooke brings out the worst in you. She is also a sore spot in your relationship with Eric. She makes you mean-spirited, vindictive." Stephanie says, "Not without good reason." James says, "Ok, I will accept that; but if you want to rekindle your relationship with Eric, I suggest strongly you don't even bring up Brooke's name in his presence."

Grant arrives home; he pauses and does not see Macy, and then he says, "She must be in the bedroom; but let me close these doors for a little privacy." He goes outside and notices Thorne and Macy on Thorne's deck. Grant says, "You Bastard."

Still with Macy, Thorne remembers how in the past, they had talked about having children. He realizes how happy she is and it has nothing to do with Grant he states; it's because he wants to see her happy. Macy brings up the woman Kim who was by the pool the other day with her ex-hubby. Thorne mentions she was his massage therapist and there is only one girl for him. Macy appreciates Thorne for being a very good friend. She goes home feeling okay.

Stephanie asks James for suggestions as to what she should do if he thinks she needs to put aside her feelings about Brooke. James tells her to take a "time out" with breaking exercises and count to ten. Stephanie realizes that James is trying to help her find a way back to being the person Eric fell in love with. She decides to start tonight since he is coming over for dinner. James wishes her luck and she thanks him.

Eric is already relaxing in the hot tub. Lauren is wearing a two piece black bikini. Eric asks if she is going to join him, but Lauren remarks that she is a princess and she will do as she likes. Eric asks about her and Johnny to find out that he is still back east. Johnny was sweet, but he could never replace him, Lauren explains. She informs him, "You and I are a perfect fit. The secret of life is can you live with success." Eric agrees that they are pretty unique together.

Macy is on the sofa drinking something; she says, "Well Grant should be home soon; he will find me in a better mood then when he left, thanks to you, Thorne."

Thorne is walking in his door when someone knocks him in the back of his head. The assailant hits him in the mouth and blood is running out of his mouth. Thorne sees him; he is on the floor with Grant standing over him. Thorne says, "Chambers." Grant says, "I warned you to stay away from Macy; now you are a dead man." Grant is very angry...

Wednesday, May 06, 1998

Stephanie is at home when the doorbell rings, getting a romantic dinner ready; she is expecting Eric but it is Sally.

Lauren is in the hot tub with Eric, getting amorous and romantic.

Darla drops by with some flowers for Macy. Darla is surprised when Macy says she has spoken with Thorne.

Grant tells Thorne that he doesn't care what the circumstances are, he does not want Thorne anywhere near his wife. Thorne says Grant has nothing to worry about, since he was only consoling Macy - he knows he has lost Macy. Grant says good and hits Thorne again. "Hope you get my point," an angry Grant says.

Stephanie asks, "What are you doing here?" Sally says, "We need to talk about your son." Sally expresses her concerns about Thorne interfering with Macy's marriage and stuns Steph with the news that Thorne lives next door to Macy. Stephanie has to do something about that boy, Sally says. Stephanie says, "Thorne is a grown man and he can make his own decisions." Sally replies, "Excuse me; maybe I am not hearing you right, but you have made it a career of meddling in your children lives. And now that Thorne needs somebody and he is acting so strangely and he needs some help and guidance - now it is beneath you to meddle? Now that Thorne needs you - he is behaving like some pathological stalker, he is trying to destroy my daughter's marriage. Surely you know he has to stop and you are going to help me do it."

Lauren asks Eric, "Is the water too hot?" Eric says, "Yeah, but I can't resist being in here with you." Lauren says, "I know exactly what you need now. Admit it, you feel ten times better then you did when you walked in my door." Eric says, "Ok, I admit it." Lauren says, "So what is going on with you and Stephanie?" Eric says, "Oh, Lauren lets not go there." Lauren says, "So is there a problem; what is it?" Eric says, "We are just preoccupied." Lauren says, "With what?" Eric says, "With Ridge and the decision he has to make." Lauren says, "You're telling me that you and Stephanie are letting Ridge's problems interfere with your getting married. I don't get it." Eric says, "Neither do I."

Darla says, "It is just funny that Thorne would be the one to cheer you up." Macy says, "I think we are going to be friends after all." Darla says, "Just friends?" Macy says, "Yes, just friends." Darla says, "Good. You remember when we were talking about me maybe going out with Thorne? You never told me how you feel about it. So what would you think of me dating Thorne?" Macy answers, "I don't have anything to say about him - he is my ex-husband. But I didn't think he is your type." Darla says, "I don't know what you mean." Macy says, "You're used to other guys." Darla says, "You mean guys that were funny, sexy, smart, rich... god, I'd go for him." Macy says, "I mean you're used to other guys that were out there... party boys."

Darla says, "I know that's the way it was for awhile, but when you look at the real thing..." Macy says, "Real thing?" Darla says, "You have a problem with this, don't you?" Macy says, "No!" Darla says, "You do, I can tell. Macy, just tell me the truth." Macy says, "Fine!" Darla says, "You mean it?" Macy says, "Yes. He is part of my past, so you do whatever you feel is right." Darla thanks her and says, "Oh good, because you know what? I have a very good feeling about this." Grant walks in. Darla takes that as her cue to leave. Macy says, "Thanks for the flowers." Grant says, "Bye, Darla." They hug. Macy says, "I missed you. Where have you been?"

Stephanie says, "If Macy is having a problem with her marriage, that's her responsibility. I will never understand how you let her get involved with that opportunist, Grant Chambers, to begin with, except if the company needed him." Sally says, "Don't you dare say that.... I would never use my daughter to keep Grant in the business, you cold hearted..."

Stephanie says, "Well you have to admit you are a businesswoman." Sally says, "I would never sell my daughter or sacrifice her; she is my daughter, my family. I would never do that, but I guess you don't understand about sacrificing for your family; it's way beyond you. My god, you are a piece of work, Stephanie. No wonder Eric is with Lauren tonight!" Stephanie is stunned at that remark. Sally states, "Oh, you didn't know that, did you? You were expecting him here tonight, weren't you?" Stephanie says, "You said your piece, now leave."

Sally says, "Oh, I couldn't do that after just telling you what is going on at Lauren's apartment. I just couldn't do that." Stephanie says, "I am serious, Sally." Sally says, "You are pathetic, just sitting here waiting to pounce on a man who finds you irresistible. It must get to you that he is with Lauren Fenmore; she has more to offer him then you ever would. He is falling right into the arms of Lauren, if he isn't already in them now. He will never come back to you; and you know something else, you are going to be all alone for the rest of your unnatural life." Sally leaves and slams the door. Stephanie says, "Damn!

Eric says, "Look, I don't want to talk about Stephanie." Lauren says, "You mean you don't want to tarnish my image of her... more champagne?" Eric says, "Yes." Lauren says, "Isn't that what destroyed your marriage?" Eric says, "She has changed. I have been able to see her make the effort." Lauren says, "That was when she was trying to get you back; she is and always has been devoted to her family." Eric says, "I can handle that; but I just wish she wouldn't take it to extremes, especially this obsession she has with Brooke. She just wants Brooke out of her life; she just doesn't realize the pain she is inflicting on Brooke, Ridge, Thorne, and the kids. All the people she is trying to protect... I realize her heart is in the right place, but she just won't listen to me." Lauren says, "Good luck!" Eric says, "That's the problem isn't it? She argues, she only wants things her way, which she thinks is best. I can't get her to hear me. We are that close to having it all. My god, you don't know how frustrating it is to have it but not have it." Lauren says, "Oh yes I do!"

Darla goes to Thorne's and starts to knock on the door, but it's open. She walks in and sees the blood on his face. She asks, "Thorne, my god... what happened to you?" He is standing there with blood still running out of his mouth, his face bruised. Thorne says, "I am ok, Darla!" Darla says, "What happened?" Thorne says, "Grant did it; he saw me with Macy." Darla says, "Let me look at you... were you guys arguing, and you said something to make him mad or something?" Thorne says, "No, he jumped me from behind. I didn't even know he was here." Darla says, "My god, Macy is going to flip." Thorne says, "You can't tell Macy about this. I mean it, she doesn't need to know about this." Darla says, "We've got to tell her." Thorne says, "No." Darla says, "But your face, it's so bruised." Thorne says, "I am fine, I will be just fine."

Macy and Grant are hugging; he walks away. Macy says, "Honey, I asked you where you were all night." Grant says, "Just taking care of some business." Macy says, "For a while I thought you might be afraid to come home, because I wasn't in the best of moods when you left." Grant says, "It is perfectly understandable." Macy says, "I actually had a talk with Thorne; he was very sweet." Grant says, "We got anything to eat? I am starving." Macy says, "Yeah, we had some Chili left over." Grant says, "That's great." He walks toward the kitchen and leaves Macy just standing there; she looks shocked.

Stephanie calls Eric but reaches his answering machine... she hangs up and says, "He wouldn't go to Lauren's. Or maybe he would, because he might think all we would do is just argue about the children. How did I let it get this far?"

Lauren says, "She doesn't appreciate you, Eric." Eric says, "It is just this crisis with Ridge; once this is over..." Lauren says, "After this, there will be another crisis and another one; are you just going to spend the rest of your life waiting to get a scrap of her attention? You know you could have better."

Eric says, "I don't want you to get the wrong idea." Lauren says, "I have a good idea about what is going to happen." Eric says, "So you are a psychic now." Lauren says, "No, I just know Stephanie; she cannot change and is not going to be able to give you what you need. And so one day soon, you are going to be walking back in my door and telling me it is over, because she will never change and you won't settle for that." Eric says, "You can't count on that." Lauren says, "Oh but I do. You are going to come to this realization by yourself one of these days; she is going to do something so painful that you are just going to realize you just aren't meant to be together. And I am not going to pressure you, but you are going to come home to me." She is being very seductive and running her fingers around his face when the phone rings. Stephanie says, "Is Eric there?" Lauren says, "Stephanie? Yes, he is right here." She hands Eric the phone.

Stephanie says, "Didn't you get my message?" Eric says no. Stephanie says, "I had plans for us tonight." Eric says he didn't know. Stephanie says, "Do you think you could stop by later?" Eric says, "No, not tonight; it is a little late but we will see each other tomorrow" Stephanie says, "I want to say something to you." Eric says, "What is it?" Stephanie says, "I just wanted to say I am sorry." Eric says, "About what?" Stephanie says, "I haven't been very appreciative of you lately, but things are going to change. I just want to let you know you are my top priority and I... you know what? Why don't we just talk about this in the morning?" Eric says, "All right." Stephanie says, "Goodnight, Eric." Eric says, "Goodnight, Stephanie." She hangs up the phone, walks over and looks at the table she had set; she blows the candles out and says, "Please don't let it be too late."

Thursday, May 07, 1998

Thanks to Gladys for getting this to me; even though her computer is down...

Eric serves breakfast in bed to Stephanie and apologizes for last night. He decided to do this about 30 seconds after she called last night. She wishes he had come over then; it would have saved her from another sleepless night. Eric questions her that all of this has been affecting Stephanie so badly...

Remembering what Stephanie did to her in Italy, Sally hopes that Stephanie will get a very large serving of what she has been doing to Sally all these years and she, Sally, will relish every moment of it. Lauren knocks at Sally's door. Sally comments that she has that "cat-swallowed-the-canary" look. Pulling out a pair of trunks from her bag, Lauren says, "They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words!"

Alone in the guestroom, Ridge is thinking that this will be his last night in this house. He must tell Bridget, but hopes she doesn't react in the same way that Rick did. Bridget knocks at the door; she has the day off because of a teacher's conference. She wants to do something together on her day off. She rushes out of the room while Ridge tries unsuccessfully to stop her. Brooke is watching.

Stephanie and Eric have a heart to heart talk. She says that she spent a sleepless night and Eric realizes that she is really bothered. Stephanie tells him that he means more to her than anything else and she is going to prove it. Things are going to change around here. Eric wants to know what brought all of this on.

Rick is outside pacing. He will not let Ridge do this to them. Bridget comes out and Rick snaps at her. "What is wrong? Are you still worrying about Mom? I should have told you that I know what it is," Bridget says. Rick's mouth drops open as Bridget says these words.

Brooke comes into the bedroom and pleads with Ridge not to do this. He begs her for her help; if she would only help him, it would be easier on the children. "So for the sake of your son I have to lie to my children?" She asks. "I won't do that; anyway, they would see right through me."

Stephanie tells him that she went to see James. He showed her that she was being insensitive to Eric and his needs. He was the only one who would tell her the truth; he was totally honest with her---brutally honest. Now she wants to be honest with Eric. "I am happy that Ridge is going to be with Taylor, but for your children, this is a very painful situation. For that, I have been dismissive and I am really, really sorry. They are going to be my step children and I want them to know that I will be there for them and I will support them."

Eric reminds her that the children know how she feels about their mother and this is the last thing they need right now. Stephanie agrees and says it does have to stop Eric has to wonder if Stephanie can stop; she has so much anger toward Brooke. Stephanie says that the anger will never go away, but she promises to control it for his and his children's sake. Eric wonders how she will do it and Stephanie tells him about the trick that James taught her of counting to 10. "However," she laughs, "it may be difficult in Brooke's case; I may have to count to a thousand." Eric tells her that Brooke is not a threat to their relationship but her anger toward Brooke is a threat. They embrace and smile at each other.

Lauren describes her evening with Eric. Sally is shocked that they only talked; this was a golden opportunity and she didn't seize the day? Lauren says she would have but Stephanie tracked him down and called him at her place. Sally is chagrined; it was her fault that Stephanie knew where to find Eric. Lauren thinks someone should go over there and give that woman a clue to what she is losing. "Do you want me to drive?" Sally asks. "Yeahhhhh," Lauren says mischievously.

Brooke tells Ridge that she isn't ready for this and neither is Bridget. But it has to be done, Ridge tells her. Brooke wants a couple more days; she thinks Ridge will change his mind, but Ridge says that he is sure. "Please don't make me do this to her," Brooke pleads.

"You know what is going on?" asks a shocked Rick. Bridget thinks that it has to do with the miscarriage and her mom's inability to get pregnant again. What else could it be? She thinks she should talk to Ridge about it; he knows how to make Mom happy. Rick tries to discourage her from doing this and Bridget wonders what is wrong with him today. He tells her not to go see Ridge, but Bridget says he is still in the house. Rick realizes that he could only still be there because he wants to tell Bridget. Rick tells her to hang in there for a while; he has to see someone. As he goes back into the house, he says, "Damn you, Ridge." Bridget hears him and yells, "What are you talking about, Rick?"

Ridge says that if they wait any longer, Bridget will hear this from someone else just like Rick did. Brooke reminds Ridge that he is doing to Bridget what her own father did to her. She knows what kind of pain Bridget will be feeling. How can he to this to her baby? Ridge tries unsuccessfully to assure Brooke that it will be alright. They have to do this together for Bridget's sake; they have to be strong for her.

Sally and Lauren are at Stephanie's door. As they push their way into the house, they are unaware that Eric is at the top of the stairs watching and listening. Sally announces that Eric left something behind at Lauren's and she was anxious to return it to him. Stephanie suggests that they keep it as a souvenir. As she hands the trunks to Stephanie, Lauren asks if she will have him autograph them for her.

Standing outside Taylor's door, Rick says, "You had better be home, Taylor. I am not going to let this happen. If Ridge won't stop it, you will!" There is an angry determined look on his face.

When Ridge and Brooke come downstairs, Bridget tells them that she has a craving for waffles. Can they go out to Julians, she asks? They tell her that they can't do that today; there is something they need to talk to her about.

Friday, May 08, 1998

Gladys is unreal; still without her computer she managed to get this update done- THANKS!

Lauren and Sally have arrived at Stephanie's house and Lauren drops a bombshell; she shows Stephanie Eric's boxer shorts and intimates that she and Eric slept together last night. Stephanie laments how little class Lauren has and wonders how she could ever call her a friend. Sally says that it didn't show much class for Steph to call her ex-husband at another woman's apartment. Lauren said that Stephanie humiliated herself interrupted a private and special moment between her and Eric; don't do it again, she orders. "Control your temper, Stephanie," Eric thinks from his front row seat at the top of the stairs.

Taylor is planning a special dinner for Ridge's first night home when Rick comes to her door. "Surprised to see me?" Rick asks. Taylor admits that she wasn't expecting him, but isn't surprised that he is there. Rick really gives Taylor hell, telling her that he knows everything. Taylor says that she knows he is upset and confused, but he tells her that he is NOT confused. "You are in a lot of pain, I know," Taylor says. He tells her to quit telling him how he is feeling. "Then, will *you* tell me how you are feeling?" Taylor encourages.

"Why are you guys looking so serious," Bridget asks. Ridge says that they have something serious to talk to her about. There is going to be a lot of changes, but one thing will never change and that is the way he feels about her. Bridget is very worried; she thinks that someone is sick or dying. No one is sick, Brooke tells her, and she (Brooke) then gets tears in her eyes. Bridget wants to know what is going on, so Ridge tells her that something has happened and he is going to move out.

Lauren really blasts Stephanie for being so selfish and for treating Eric so badly. Stephanie is amused by Lauren's gall; Lauren tells her that Eric told her everything and he is through with her. Stephanie assures her that she and Eric have patched things up and now things are right on track, but Lauren just laughs at her. Stephanie asks Lauren how many times Eric walked away from her, yet she persists in chasing after him. She wants them to leave. "Get out now and take that red-headed witch with you," she says.

Lauren refuses to leave, saying how Stephanie knows she is making Eric miserable, and Sally eggs her on. Stephanie holds her temper. When things get really bad, she begins counting. "What is she doing?" Lauren asks Sally. When Stephanie reaches a slow count of "eight," Lauren says to Sally, "Do something!" Sally tosses a glass of water in Stephanie's face and the two troublemakers quickly run out of the house, laughing. Eric continues to watch.

"Oh yes, there is that concerned, caring psychiatrist," Rick sneers at Taylor. "I used to believe that but not any more. You are a selfish person, tearing my family apart." "I am selfish for wanting my son to know his own father?" Taylor asks. "Yes, when you want him to leave his other family for you; yes I call that selfish." Taylor says it is not that black and white but bluntly points out Ridge would not have married Brooke had he known about Thomas. "And why didn't he know? Because you didn't tell him!" Rick exclaims.

Yes, admits Taylor, "I made mistakes and..." Rick interrupts. "And you want us to pay for them. Don't you know what you have done? Ridge is telling Bridget right now. She has waited all her life for Ridge to live with us, for us to be a real family. Now you are taking all that away. This is going to kill her, and it is all your fault!"

Bridget can't believe it! Do something, she begs her mother, but Ridge says there is nothing she can do and apologies. "I thought we were happy," she says to Ridge. "I thought we loved each other. Is it Rick's fault? Is it me?" Ridge assures her that it isn't anyone's fault. She and her brother mean the world to him. "Then why are you leaving me?" Bridget asks. Ridge says it is the hardest thing he has ever done, so Bridget says, "Then don't!" She pleads with Brooke to help her and is shocked when Brooke says it has to be this way.

Ridge sits Bridget down and says that when he married Brooke, he honestly believed that he would be able to keep the promises he made. He would not have married her if he didn't. But then, something happened, he explains, and it had to do with Taylor's son. "What does he have to do with it?" Bridget asks.

Stephanie continues her count until she reaches eighteen and a half then she begins to wipe herself dry. When Eric comes down Stephanie says, "You could have stepped in at any time, you know. Or were you waiting to see if I could handle the situation? Well, I held my temper, like I promised."

Eric says he is more concerned how she handles it with Brooke and Stephanie is confident that this "practice run" will help take care of that. "Now about those shorts..." Stephanie begins. He says, "I left them at Lauren's to dry after I went in the hot tub. I will go over there and talk to her." Stephanie says, "No, you know what happens when you go over there; you just encourage her more. See, I have changed; it's a beginning." As he holds her (still wet), he tells her he appreciates her effort. She admits that the real test will be if she can hold her temper with Brooke.

Taylor reasons that she regrets doing this to Rick and Bridget - in fact, she held back telling Ridge for their sake. But Ridge has a right to know about his child, she states. Rick counters that Ridge didn't have to give up his family because of that child; he made that decision out of guilt, not love. He tells her that Ridge really loves his mom and he has said this a million times. She says that the decision was Ridge's alone. He made the decision because he loves Thomas, not out of any sense of guilt.

Going into the other room, Taylor brings out Thomas and introduces him to his "Uncle Rick." Taylor talks about what a wonder it is to bring a child into the world, and she supposes every parent - including Ridge - should feel that. "Cute kid," Rick rudely tells her. "But you could have a million babies with Ridge and it wouldn't matter. He would never love you as much as he does my mom. If you really love Ridge, you will not let him go through with this." An angry Ridge leaves.

It has taken forever but Ridge finally tells Bridget that he is Thomas' father, and not Thorne, as they believed. Bridget does not understand, and is confused when she hears how Thorne and Taylor lied originally. But Taylor changed her mind, and now that he knows, Ridge wants to be with him, so he is going to marry Taylor. Angrily, Bridget asks how he could do that to mom; "Mom didn't know!" As Ridge and Brooke exchange looks, Brooke admits she did know. Bridget asks when she found out. Brooke verifies that she knew even before marrying Ridge. "I should have told Ridge right away. I was wrong."

Bridget is devastated. "You knew?" she screams. "You promised that we would be a family forever. How could you do this to us? How could you get our hopes up again? I hate you! You are a terrible mother!" Bridget slaps Brooke. Both Brooke and Ridge are stunned!

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Week of 05/11/98 - 05/15/98

Monday, May 11, 1998

At Brooke's, Bridget is devastated at the news that Ridge is Thomas' father. "You knew?" she screams. "You promised that we would be a family forever. How could you do this to us? How could you get our hopes up again? I hate you! You are a terrible mother!" Bridget slaps Brooke. Both Brooke and Ridge are stunned!

Thorne gets a knock at his door and is surprised to see his mother. He asks, "Is Dad OK? What are you doing here?" and Steph replies that all is fine. He invites her in and she admits she has come to a realization about her close relationships. "You know my family means everything to me, but now I am alienating everyone I love... I don't know why, but I have been outspoken and it has gotten me into trouble." She goes on to say she hadn't thought about though... until her talk with James, where he advised her to count to 10.

Taylor goes to see James (who is engrossed in an article) in his office. Taylor says, "You busy?" James says, "Never too busy for you." He points out that he is on the cover of the journal he is reading because of his marriage to Sheila - but for now, he wants to talk about her. Taylor then explains how Ridge has not moved in yet. "I got a visit from Rick this morning," she says.

At Brooke's, Ridge says to Bridget, who has just slapped her mother, "I think you owe your mom an apology." Bridget points out that Ridge would never have married Brooke if he knew about the baby. "Isn't that true?" she angrily asks.

Back at James' office, Taylor says, "I tried to get through to him, but he was like a block of ice; there is only one answer as far as he is concerned." James says, "That Brooke and Ridge stay together." Taylor says that Rick believes this it the only alternative. James suggests, "Give him some time; he will come around." Taylor says, "I don't know, he has that Forester determination." James says, "As bad as it may seem, at least he is focused so that proves he wants to do something about it. Bridget I am concerned about."

Taylor says, "Me too. Once she finds out, she will blame me too, for Ridge leaving." James says, "Taylor, it's not necessary that she would." Taylor says, "James, I am the one that gave Ridge the baby, I am the one he is choosing over Brooke." James says, "It was his choice. She may just blame Ridge for it." Taylor says, "She would never blame him, she idolizes him. She will find some way to forgive him." James says, "What is her relationship with her mom?" Taylor says, "I don't know." James says, "Well, if that is the case, she may end up blaming Brooke for it all."

Ridge says, "Bridget you have to listen me." Bridget asks, "Why won't you answer my question?" Ridge explains, "It is not that simple." "She trapped you," Bridget surmises about her mother. Ridge says, "Bridget, your mother did not trap me." Bridget says, "All this... this marriage, none of it was real." Ridge says, "What are you talking about, it was real?" Bridget says, "How could you say that? This thing we had wasn't real. But Taylor had your baby growing inside her - that was what was real. The family I thought we had, all the good feelings; all this was just a lie." Brooke says, "That is not true; the love and good feelings we had were real, and don't you think otherwise."

Bridget says, "You told me we would be together forever and you knew it wasn't true! You knew sooner or later he would find out, he would leave us - what other choice did he have?" Brooke says, "It wasn't supposed to happen that way." Bridget says, "How was it going to happen? You weren't going to ever tell him the truth, not ever? Was that your plan?" Ridge says, "It was complicated." Bridget replies, "No, Ridge, it is very simple. I finally had something I had wanted all my life. I even dreamed about it, I prayed for you, me and Rick being a family; she knows how bad I wanted that. Even when she told me, I had a hard time believing it, right, Mom?" She turns to Brooke and continues, "But she convinced me, so I put away my fears and I trusted you. And all this time you knew it would all blow up in my face; how could you do that, Mom? I will hate you for that the rest of my life." Ridge says, "Bridget, come here!" but she runs up the stairs.

Back at Thorne's home on the beach. Thorne says, "James taught you to count to ten." Stephanie says, "I know it sounds kind of silly, but it works, because Sally and Lauren came to the house today. I was really starting to get angry and I thought and stopped; even when Sally threw a glass of cold water in my face I didn't lose it." Thorne says, "What? Where was dad when all this was going on?" Stephanie says, "He was at the top of the stairs watching." Thorne says, "Why didn't he come down?" Stephanie answers, "I told him he could have stepped in any moment. But he said he was proud of me." Thorne says, "I bet he was." Stephanie says, "Well, those two are one thing, but Brooke is another." Thorne says, "I would stay away from Brooke if I were you." Stephanie says, "I intend to, but I wonder if she will stay away from me." Thorne says, "Just don't let her drag you into anything." Stephanie says, "Easier said than done."

Thorne says, "Mother, you have to realize she's not just Brooke the woman you despise; she is the mother of Dad's kids, so she is important to him, especially since Ridge might be out of the picture." Stephanie says, "I know; me and your father have come a long way. I can't let Brooke tear down what we have. That is exactly what she would like to do, I am sure." Thorne says, "Well, Dad has forgiven you, right?" Stephanie says, "Yes he has, but there is someone else who needs to forgive me." Thorne says, "Who?" Stephanie says, "You... will you forgive me?"

Back at James' office, Taylor asks, "Bridget blaming her mother?" James says, "It is a possibility since she loves him, yet he is breaking up the family she idolizes. So she is not going to want to blame him. She has to blame somebody, but not Ridge." Taylor says, "Well, she does have the ammunition; her mother did know I was carrying his child when she married him." James says, "If that comes out, she will be very bitter." Taylor says, "I feel so bad about those children." James says, "It's a tragedy."

Taylor says, "I know. When I look at those kids I see my part in it. But I shouldn't feel that way. I didn't do this to those children. Ridge has a baby. Ridge needed to know he had a son and Thomas needs his father. I am sorry, I am starting to get worked up over this." James says, "You are starting to feel guilty; but you are right, you shouldn't." Taylor says, "Yes, I know, especially when he is about to move in with us. I know what we had before; we were happy, we had everything except a baby. We have a baby now."

James says, "You want some advice? Forget all that; just focus on you and Ridge and Thomas. Think about your being a family, a family reunited." Taylor says, "I can do that. I can definitely do that." James says, "I am sure you can." Taylor says, "Ok I will go home and get ready for the big night; thank you." James says, "I will send you my bill; but better yet, I will trade. I might need a few session's from you if I have any more articles coming out about my life." Taylor kisses him on the cheek and says, "Try not to let it get to you."

Carlos Nunez, one of James' partners, comes to see him as Taylor leaves. Carlos says, "I have some news." James says, "No, don't tell me something has happened to my child or my wife." Carlos says, "Nothing like that, but you need to sit down!"

Taylor is at home, nailing up a welcome home sign to Daddy to the wall; the door opens and Ridge walks in. Taylor says, "I had to acknowledge it." Ridge says, "Very creative." Taylor says, "But a little tacky." Ridge says, "Tacky, yes, but I love you. It is all behind us, Doc, everything begins tonight." They are smiling now, kissing. She is smiling, looking so happy... Taylor then awakens from her daydream. She walks over to the table and smiles.

Back at Brooke's, she is coming down the stairs and says to Ridge, "She locked herself in her room." Ridge says, "I am sorry, Logan, you didn't deserve that." Brooke says, "Yes I did!" Ridge says, "Will you stop? You are not all at fault." Brooke says, "Yes I am. I kept it the baby a secret. I shouldn't have. If it hadn't been for the baby, it could have worked out for us." Ridge says, "Ok, you made a mistake; that is over and you paid for that. You've got to stop blaming yourself." Brooke says, "Why, Ridge? You still blame me."

Ridge says, "No I don't. I have gotten past that." Brooke says, "Deep down you do; you don't feel the same about me. You changed after you found out about Thomas. Our love, everything... Bridget knows it and I know it." Ridge says, "The only thing that has changed is my commitment to Thomas and his mother." Brooke says, "See, that is it right there; you shifted your feelings to them from us. I did something unthinkable. I did it. You will never have feelings for me ever again." Ridge says, "Brooke, you are wrong." Brooke says, "All I ever wanted was security, a good home for my children; but I blew it. I have made them more distrustful and they are scared."

Ridge says, "We will work with that." Brooke says, "How can you say that? The truth is, once you move in with Taylor and Thomas, you will forget about us. And why wouldn't you? They aren't your children and you hold animosity toward their mother." Ridge says, "That is not true." Brooke says, "Yes, it is." Ridge says, "I feel the same as I always did. I love you, damn it! I just can't turn that off." Brooke says, "Well, if you really feel that way, why would you ever leave me?" They just look at each other...

Tuesday, May 12, 1998

Stephanie is at Thorne's beach bachelor pad and she asks him for forgiveness, stating that she wants to start over. Thorne brings up that she loves all of her children; but Ridge is her favorite child. Stephanie says that she does not love one of them over another and Thorne is just used to living in his brother's shadow. Stephanie mentions how he likes living there and questions him about his new neighbors. Thorne remarks that if he had known Macy lived next door he would never have signed the lease, but he is not tossing away fifty grand to break the lease. He feels this is a good lesson in going on with his life, even if he does have feelings for Macy. Stephanie says, "I was hoping we could come to some understanding, but I guess not." She walks out.

James is annoyed at his partner Carlos. Carlos is defending this medical journal because it is their professional job to report unethical behavior such as what James has done by having sex with a patient. Carlos explains that James has broken the cardinal rule of the profession. He continues to state that the clinic has gotten calls from his patients and the clinic has a reputation to uphold. It has gotten so bad that he had to call the medical board. James can not believe what he is hearing because he personally formed the organization and he was even the one who hired Carlos. He will not voluntarily resign, he insists. Carlos says that the handwriting is on the wall and James should not make it worse by fighting the clinic. James sits down and says to himself," I am fired from my own clinic. How could this day get any worse?" Well, guess who is standing at the door at that very moment, announcing that she is back: Sheila!

Brooke tells her sister Katie that Bridget is still locked in her room. She tells Katie that Ridge told her that he loves her and that would never change. Katie brings up the fact that the Logan girls grew up without a father and they turned out just fine. Thomas could still have a father, but he would live across town, Katie suggests. She questions how Ridge could say he loves her and walk out of her life altogether; it sounds like he is very confused. Brooke asks Katie to go and get her the master keys to unlock the door to Bridget's bedroom.

Ridge enters the beach house to find a "Welcome home, Daddy" sign hanging above the fireplace. He finds out from Taylor that Thomas just went in for a nap. Ridge tells Taylor that he told Bridget and she took it worse than he had expected. Taylor guesses that Bridget took it out on him, but he explains that she had taken it all out on her mother instead. Taylor questions how he left things with Brooke. Taylor then explains how an angry Rick stopped by, and how he sees her as the wicked witch standing in the way. Needless to say, her visit with Rick was not very pleasant. Ridge meanwhile feels sorry for the way Brooke's daughter treated her. Ridge's thoughts wander off to his goodbye to Brooke and how he told her he can never stop loving her.

Taylor wants to put the day behind them and celebrate their first night together as a family. After all, what could be more important than that? "It has been a hell of a day, Doc," says Ridge. Taylor insists that the worst is behind them and the kids will recover with all of the love around them. He has a new life ahead of him and he needs to focus on that. Things will get better and turn around, she insists.

Taylor kisses Ridge and wants to help him think of something more relaxing. She takes his hand to bring him into the bedroom. The phone rings and Taylor picks it up. It is Brooke; she needs to talk to Ridge. It is an emergency, she pleads. Taylor says that it is always an emergency with Brooke. Ridge picks up the phone and hears that Bridget is missing. She climbed out of her bedroom window and she is gone, Brooke tearfully explains.

Wednesday, May 13, 1998

"Bridget is missing," Brooke tells Ridge over the phone. She is crying about how her daughter is out there on the streets of L.A., alone and upset. Ridge tells Brooke to call his father; maybe she went to see him. He then tries to explain it to Taylor who tells him not to panic until they know more. It may be something as simple as Bridget being in the mall, she assures him.

Stephanie interrupts Eric while he is creating. She tells him about her visit with Thorne; she is determined to put this family back together, she stresses. Still, she reminds him, Thorne was wrong to lie to his brother about Thomas. Eric says that is in the past; and besides, he is still concerned about his daughter. He wishes he were there to comfort Bridget when she learns the truth from Ridge, but he stresses that it is more important that Brooke and Ridge work this out. She assures him the kids will adjust and states that things are finally turning around. Just then, the phone rings; it is Brooke, who calls with the news that Bridget is missing.

James is in his office and throws the psychiatric journal down on his desk; he says, "I cannot believe they fired me from my own clinic. How could this day get any worse?" Suddenly, he hears Sheila from his doorway; she says, "Hey, guess who is back!" James is caught off guard but he is thrilled to see his wife again. He chides her for not calling to tell him she was coming but forgives her when she tells him that she is feeling so much better. When James asks where his daughter is, James' nurse brings her in, and James rushes to her.

Brooke tells Eric that Bridget didn't take the news too well and that she lashed out at her. She first locked herself in her bedroom, the when she checked on her later, she found an open window and an empty room. She then tells him she has spoken to Ridge, who has no idea where Bridget is either. "I'll be right over," Eric says. He hangs up the phone. Stephanie asks, "What's the matter?" Eric says, "Bridget is missing." He rushes out of his office.

Brooke and Katie begin calling Bridget's classmates to see if they have seen her.

Over at Taylor's, Ridge is worried as he stands on her porch, staring out at the beach. He feels that after what he put Bridget through today, she could do anything! Maybe she is just walking it off, Taylor suggests. She probably just wants to be alone. Taylor tries to assure Ridge that it isn't his fault. "I put them through hell," Ridge states. Taylor replies, "No, you have given them a lot of love; that is why they are going to survive." She reminds him that his home is here with her and his son, that is something that is wonderful and positive. She wants to share everything with him, even this hell he is going through, and pleads for him not to shut her out.

Back at James' office, he plays with his daughter. Sheila realizes that something is wrong, but James tries to cover up his distraction. She then says she should leave since he is busy, but he says that he has the afternoon off. Sheila coos to Mary about how rare it is for someone as important as Daddy to get time off, and James takes his daughter. While James is talking to Mary, Sheila sees the article in the Psychiatric Journal about his "fall from grace."

No one has seen Bridget, Katie reports. Eric arrives and Brooke is shutting the door when she realizes Stephanie is there. "What are you doing here?" Brooke rudely asks. Stephanie says she is worried about Bridget and wants to help; she loves that little girl as much as anyone does.

Brooke reminds Stephanie of why Bridget is missing and hopes Stephanie is happy that Bridget blames her for everything. Stephanie wants to take all this energy into finding Bridget rather than arguing. Brooke wants to call the police; Stephanie says that is a little premature, but Brooke calls anyway.

Ridge agrees that Taylor has a point; he apologizes for shutting her out and says that she has his attention. He allows her to take off his shirt and give him a massage. "A massage? Is that all?" Ridge asks. She gets him to focus on breathing techniques while she massages him by the window. They talk about what they will be doing as a family and he says he is feeling much better. Then the telephone rings again.

Ridge starts to get up, but Taylor urges him not to. It might be Bridget, he states, so Taylor answers; it is Brooke. She insists on talking to her husband. Taylor reluctantly hands over the phone. She tells Ridge that she is getting really scared. He leaves after giving Taylor a kiss. "You took him away from me again, Brooke," she says after he is gone. "But it is only temporarily. This is his home now; this is where he belongs. Once Bridget is back, we are going to be a family. Nothing will stop that."

Thursday, May 14, 1998

Taylor is thinking about Brooke and Ridge; "That woman drives me crazy," she says. No, she corrects herself, it is about Bridget. She will be home soon.

Rick is doing weights when Amber comes in. He says he has already run 5 miles today. She asks if all of this---the exercise and the running---helps get rid of his stress and he answers that it beats drinking and driving. She doesn't blame him for being mad at Ridge, but Ridge isn't trying to hurt anybody, she reminds him. She tells him that Ridge does have a son to think about, so it's not fair to blame all of this on him. "At least your mom and your sister have one thing going for them---you. You are more of a man than anyone I know," she tells him. "Don't worry about me," he says. "Budge is the one I am concerned about."

Over at Brooke's, she and Katie have tried all of Bridget's usual hangouts but there is no sign of her. Stephanie tries to reassure Eric that everything will be all right. Brooke tells Stephanie that she called Ridge; naturally, Stephanie thinks that isn't wise. When Ridge walks in, Brooke rushes to him and puts her arms around him. "Thank God you are here," she says. Ridge says that he is as worried as Logan is; he only wishes that he had handled it differently.

Ridge gets an update; he says that this isn't like Bridget. Stephanie says she will be home. He tells Brooke not to worry; Bridget is a levelheaded child. He feels it was his fault. Stephanie is sure that he did the very best he could; he told the truth and that is the most important thing. She will be back, Steph is sure. Brooke asks Stephanie if she has a crystal ball, but Stephanie says she knows how well Brooke raised her. Bridget has turned out to be a mature and well-adjusted young girl and she isn't going to be doing anything foolish, she explains. Brooke wants Stephanie to realize that her little girl is hurting an awful lot, but Stephanie tells her that that is all a part of growing up. "I am the reason she is doing this," Ridge says. Stephanie tells him he has been nothing but honest and there is nothing wrong with that. "My family is breaking up," Brooke objects. "And there is definitely something wrong with that!"

Amber is sure that Bridget will understand. Rick says that even he doesn't understand. "Can I ask you a question?" Amber wants to know. "How was it growing up in a killer house with everything---furs and all kind of stuff?" He says that it was okay; he just took it all for granted. Not that he didn't appreciate it, but, he says, it isn't money that is important. "It is your family that counts," he says. His mom loves them more than anything in the world; she did a great job raising them and she did it all by herself. She is the best, but the one thing that she has always wanted is Ridge. They finally get it together and now he wants to leave; how could he do that?

Rick says, "Budge and my mom have wanted this for as long as I can remember. Mom is sad and tries to hide it, but she is in a lot of pain. As soon as my sister finds out, she will be crushed." He then confides that there is one more thing that bothers him; he explains, "Stephanie and Taylor are cool ladies, but when it comes to my Mom, they have this blind spot big enough to run a Mac truck through. Why can't they back off and leave her alone?" Amber says she will always be there for him. She has to be; he is part of her and she is part of him. He says that they saved each other's lives, so now they are even. "So we are," Amber says, "but you can still count on me always." They kiss.

Eric is worried about both of the kids--not just Bridget, but also Rick. Rick is vulnerable now, he reminds Ridge. Ridge says that they should get Bridget back safe and sound first, then they can worry about Rick and Bridget together.

"You can leave now Stephanie," Brooke says as she walks up to Stephanie. "I'll have Ridge contact you as soon as she gets home." Stephanie says she isn't going anywhere. Brooke says she is only staying to see that Ridge doesn't stay here once Bridget is found, but Stephanie tells her that she loves those children. She isn't worried about where Ridge will go because he has already made his decision. Brooke says she is sorry her family crisis got in the way of the big homecoming. Stephanie tells her to stop manipulating the situation. She doesn't want her to be giving the children false hopes. Brooke says that Ridge has been a father to her children, but Stephanie reminds her that Eric is the children's father. "You have to quit fighting it," Stephanie tells her. Ridge comes up and puts his arms around Brooke and begins to comfort her.

Taylor is looking at her wedding picture. She remembers the ceremony with Ridge looking at her with eyes full of love. "We will have it all again," Ridge, she says. The phone rings and it is Stephanie calling from Brooke's house. She tells Taylor that they still haven't found Bridget, but it is only a matter of time, she is sure of it. She says that Brooke is playing her usual games and manipulating the situation. However, she really is concerned, as are all of them, but she doesn't want Taylor to worry. Ridge will be there with her and his son. Everything will be all right.

Stephanie approaches Ridge and tells him not to blame himself; he replies that it is kind of hard not to. She reminds him that this was to be a special day for him and Taylor, but he can't think of that right now. "I can't just walk away," he tells her. She reminds him that he has his own family now, but since he let Bridget down, he is going to be there for her when she comes home. When Stephanie says that isn't necessary, Brooke comes up and says that it *is* necessary. She is really worried. "It is getting dark outside. I have tried not to panic," she says, "but I keep thinking about all that could happen to her out there. You are a mother, you should know how I feel. I am scared; I am scared to death that my little girl isn't coming home---that I will never see her again." Ridge walks over to her and pulls her into his arms as Eric and Stephanie look on.

Friday, May 15, 1998

Bridget's family continues to wait and worry. When Eric learns that she only took a backpack, he says that is a good sign that she didn't intend to be gone long. Brooke objects. She just found out that her family is breaking up, she says. She just learned that the man she loves like a father was leaving. She didn't have time to make plans. Ridge repeats that it is all his fault. "You shouldn't feel guilty, Ridge," Stephanie begins. "Enough, Stephanie," Eric commands.

Sheila is walking around her home and remembering the last time she was there. "All the noises, the hallucinations, I thought I was going crazy again," she thinks. "Oh, Maggie, if I find out you had anything to do with it . . ." James comes down and says he bored Mary to sleep by telling her what he did while she was gone. "I really missed you," Sheila says, "I missed you more than you will ever know." He worries that he might have been the reason she left, but she assures him he was not. Looking through the mail, James finds a letter from Maggie.

The "Welcome Home, Daddy" sign still on the wall behind her, Taylor in thinking that this was supposed to be their first night as a family and where is Ridge? With Brooke! Don't think that way! she tells herself. "This is not an omen. You can wait a little longer," she thinks.

Speaking alone with Stephanie, Eric asks if she calls this a truce. She replies that Brooke is using this situation to her advantage. He reminds her that Brooke and Ridge are out of their minds with worry about their children, but Stephanie reminds him that they are HIS children. Ridge is supposed to be with *HIS* child tonight. Eric says that Brooke is terrified and he for one is glad that she has Ridge's support. "God knows, I could use some support myself," he says. Stephanie looks shocked.

Eric says that he is going to the police station. "Do you feel the need to chaperone, Stephanie?" Brooke demands. Stephanie says that she doesn't. She wants them to call her on her cell phone the minute they hear anything and leaves. "It is getting dark, Ridge," Brooke says. "I am so scared for Bridget." Ridge hugs her in comfort.

James opens and reads the letter. Maggie tells him that she is leaving for London to be with her daughter - and after that, she doesn't know where she will go. She cannot stay in Los Angeles because she is so worried for James' future. His choices will only lead to tragedy and she cannot bear to see it happen. She has tried to make him see the truth; if she has gone too far, it was because she loved him too much. It just breaks her heart seeing him make all the wrong choices - she then stops before she says anything bad, wishes him luck with his daughter and signs "All my love, Maggie." Sheila can't believe that woman!

Ridge thinks that Bridget only wanted to go somewhere to be alone---like the library or the mall. As soon as they close down, she will come home, he suspects. Brooke tells him that she has all these images going through her head that she can't help. Bridget has led a sheltered life; she has no ideas of the dangers out there. She is young and pretty and there are people out there just looking for someone like her. Ridge tells her to stop; she cannot fall apart now. Bridget is going to need her when she comes home. "No," Brooke cries. "I can't do it. It is too much for me. I am losing you, Rick's accident, Bridget running away---it's all too much for me. I'm just not strong enough." Ridge assures her, "You're not going to lose her! And you're not alone. I'm here, right here." He hugs her.

Taylor is thinking that Ridge is worried about Rick and Bridget; that doesn't change how he feels for her. She must not give up hope like she did before. She remembers the time when she was expecting Ridge, but he went to Brooke's instead. When he came over, she had given up, but he explained that he had only gone to Brooke's for the children and to tell Brooke that he had made the decision that his life is with her and Thomas. "We will be together," she says, "it just won't be tonight."

There is a knock at the door. Thinking it is Ridge, she rushes to open it, but it is Stephanie. Stephanie tells her that there still isn't any news. She also says that Brooke is using the moment to cling to Ridge. Taylor reminds her that Brooke must be a nervous wreck worrying about Bridget. As frustrated as she is by the situation, Taylor knows that she is nothing compared to what Brooke and Bridget are going through. She surmises that Bridget was in a state of shock when she left from feelings of betrayal; and if she was, then she is in no position to be taking care of herself. She only hopes the girl is somewhere safe.

Sheila knows that the letter is all about her; despite James' feeling that he could have talked to Maggie, she thinks it is best that Maggie move on so that they can also move on. She is so excited to be home and have James all to herself. It is going to be perfect! She kisses him. James breaks away and says that he needs to talk to her about something; it is about work. Before he can say anything, there is a knock at the door. It is a messenger with a letter. Coming back into the room, James is stunned. It is a letter from the medical board! "Damn!" He says. "It is a request for an interview. They are trying to take away my license!"

Stephanie tries to convince Taylor to go over to Brooke's, but Taylor doesn't think it is a good idea. Stephanie reminds her that Ridge needs her by his side while he is so worried. Taylor can't ignore that; that was the mistake she made with Eric, and Taylor doing this would play into Brooke's hands. "You can not turn your back on him, not now!" Stephanie argues.

Ridge offers to drive around to Bridget's favorite places, but Brooke thinks he should be there in case she calls. She may not want to talk to Brooke, and Brooke is to blame for that. Ridge says that she was only a handy target; Bridget didn't mean the things she said. Brooke admits that there was a lot of truth in what Bridget had to say. Ridge says that they will be there for Bridget; right now, all they can do is wait. Brooke walks out onto the balcony. Tears in her eyes, she cries, "Bridget, where are you?"

The scene changes to a dirty alleyway. A homeless man is going through all the garbage cans. You can hear sirens and laughter and shouting in the background. Bridget is huddled up, sitting against the wall and looking frightened. A young man with a bottle in a brown paper bag approaches her. "Hey, looking good! What's up?" he asks. Bridget just looks away and he moves on, saying, "Forget you, then."

Back on the balcony, Ridge comforts Brooke.

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Week of 05/18/98 - 05/22/98

Monday, May 18, 1998

Thorne is at home and he gets a call from Brooke. She is searching for her daughter Bridget who has run away. Thorne then spots CJ coming to visit with his sister Macy. Thorne realizes that CJ hangs out with Rick and Bridget, so he thinks that maybe CJ knows something. Macy gives CJ the grand tour of her new home. Thorne knocks on the door and enters to tell them both about Bridget being missing.

Grant is trying to get some work done with Darla, but she won't crack a smile. She wants to know what Grant was thinking when he attacked Thorne like that the other night. Grant states that if he catches Thorne near Macy again it is going to get a lot worse. Darla wants to know what Grant is so afraid of. Macy loves him, not Thorne, she reminds the designer. Thorne is part of her past. If Grant feels insecure he should talk to his wife, not act like a big dumb jerk, Darla states.

At the Warwick home, James is upset that the interview requested by the medical board is the beginning of his career being thrown in the toilet. He tells Sheila that he isn't going to take this. He worked hard and helped hundreds and thousands of people, he states. Sheila questions why this is happening and wants to know what is going on. James tells her that the other partners asked him to resign this afternoon. This is all about the article in the journal about a doctor who has a relationship with a patient, he tells her. James continues to say that he broke the cardinal rule, and now his patients are running. Sheila says that she will do whatever she has to do to stop all of this. Sheila does not want to be the reason that this happens to James.

James insists that all of his dedication and hard work must count for something. They have no right to take everything away from him because he has a healthy relationship with someone who was a patient. He is going to challenge the board and win. Sheila tells him that she loves him and will stand by him and help.

Macy wants to know why Bridget would run away from home. Thorne wants to know if Bridget contacted CJ at all. CJ says no but comments about what a raw deal this is. Macy berates her brother for that insensitive comment, but Thorne says it is all right, since CJ is just upset about his friends. CJ then leaves to make some phone calls after promising to call the Forresters if he hears anything.

Macy explains that she knows what it is like to find out your family is falling apart and how painful it was for her when her dad left. She tells thorne that she ran away to find her daddy years ago. Since her dad always talked about Paris, she tried to take a bus to find him there - but the only thing she found was laughter from the patrons in the bus terminal. She knew then that her dad wasn't coming back and was brought home, where she expected to be chewed out by Sally. But Sally was understanding, she notes. She just hopes that Brooke and Eric are patient with Bridget the same way when she finally does come home. Thorne comments that Macy will make one hell of a mother someday.

Macy then notices the bruise by Thorne's eye. She wants to know how he got it. Thorne explains that Grant was upset and hit him. Macy hears the car door close and realizes that Grant is home; she realizes he can't see Thorne here and rushes him outside. When Grant enters, she gives him the cold shoulder and flat out tells him that she is upset with him. She has something she wants to say to him. Thorne is outside listening by the opened patio door.

CJ is at home trying to locate Bridget. He tells himself that she is a kid and wherever she is, it is not safe, so they have got to find her fast.

Tuesday, May 19, 1998

Brooke is outside worrying about her daughter. Ridge is on the telephone talking to his mother in law, Beth, informing her that Brooke is scared. It is getting dark and they were hoping Bridget would be home by now. Brooke doesn't want to talk to her mother and Ridge hangs up. Brooke is hysterical and cries, "Are you scared to death knowing that Bridget is out there in some kind of danger? Don't tell me to think positive, because I just cant deal with that right now. Ridge, if something happens to her, I don't think I will be able to live with myself."

Ridge says that they have to deal with this situation one step at a time. Rick comes home with Amber. Ridge tells them that Bridget is missing. Rick tells Ridge to go home, since they don't need him. He isn't part of the family anymore and he is the one who made Bridget take off in the first place. Brooke explains that she needs Ridge there, because Bridget took off blaming her. Ridge will be the only who most likely could talk or get through to Bridget - if and when she returns home.

Somewhere out on the streets of LA, Bridget is huddled up in front of a music store. She doesn't even know where she is. She doesn't want to be found either. Bridget wonders why things cant ever work out for her family, and why something always goes wrong. She says, "I am never going back there, never. I can't stay here. It is getting cold. Nobody cares what I want. It is my family too. So fine, if that is how they feel, who needs them!" Just then, the guy who owns the store opens the door. He asks Bridget if she wants something. Bridget says she is waiting for a friend. They guys states that he will wait with her. He offers for her to come inside and use the telephone to call her folks. He advises her that she is in a bad neighborhood.

Macy confides in her husband that she thought he was okay with the fact that Thorne is living next door, but things are getting out of control. Grant cuts her off and says that the other day he saw her and Thorne together and he slapped Thorne around a little bit. He apologizes and knows it wasn't rational, and he explains that thinking that made him act that way. It is just that he doesn't want to lose her. He has never had anything like this before until Macy. Macy found him and in a way she gave him himself. He has lived his whole life alone and doesn't want to go back there again. Macy tells him that he never will. Meanwhile, Thorne is listening to this entire thing from outside on the patio. Grant tells Macy that tomorrow he will apologize to Thorne for beating him up and he feels sorry for Thorne now, because he lost Macy. He then suggests that they go and practice babymaking. Macy has to lock up and goes to the patio. She tells Thorne that it was pretty incredible what Grant confided in her. Thorne states that it was intense and leaves.

Brooke tells her son that Bridget left because of her, and it was because his sister found out that their mother knew about Thomas. Bridget feels that all of this could have been prevented. Amber pipes in that Bridget most likely needs to get her head together and will be back. The doorbell rings and it is Eric with Lt. Baker, to get a recent photograph of the missing runaway. The police detective tells Brooke that it is a tough city and they need to find Bridget soon. Eric tells Brooke that they will find her. Rick and Amber leave to chat with friends to see if they heard from his sister.

Bridget is thinking of using her mom's bankcard to get cash and then sleep in a motel. A man comes over to her and hands her a card about a place called Covenant House that helps the homeless or runaways. He tries to get some information about her and Bridget lies to say her name is Annie. The man wants to help her make some smart choices that will affect her life one day, and tells her to hold onto his card; he may need it when she winds up with nothing because she has been robbed on the streets.

Brooke and Ridge are looking outside from the door and Brooke says, "Oh, Bridget, where are you?"

At the end of this episode, there is a phone number for Covenant House (offered by Agnes Bruckner, who plays Bridget); the number is 1-800-999-9999.

Wednesday, May 20, 1998

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, May 20 that was written by Robyn from the Bold-L mailing list. Thanks, Robyn :-)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Poor little Bridget. Out on the street all alone in big bad Hollywood while her mama's at home picking a catfight with Taylor. Will a knight in shining armor come to rescue her, or will the bad guys make her a porn queen?

SALLY'S APARTMENT: CJ is playing the guitar while Sally and Clarke look through college brochures. CJ breaks a string and grumbles that now he'll need to go to Hollywood to get another one (Hollywood, eh? What a coincidence!) Sally wants to know why he's in such a bad mood. CJ says his friend Rick is getting screwed again. This time his little sister has run away from home and she's not coming back and it's all Ridge's fault!

COP CAR: Eric and Lt. Baker are driving around. They've already hit all the malls and Bridget's school, and the detective thinks Bridget is gonna spend the night on the street. There is one more place they need to check, and it's not gonna be a pretty sight, he warns Eric.

STOREFRONT: Bridget is huddled in a corner outside the music store, covered in old newspapers. Two bad guys come by to harass her. As they finger her belongings, one leers at her and says, "Me and Slash are gonna take care of you tonight."

BROOKE'S HOUSE: Brooke is staring out the front door. Ridge brings her a drink and starts to close the door, but Brooke insists it stay open just in case Bridget comes home (she can't turn a doorknob all of a sudden?). Ridge reassures her that everything is gonna be all right, but Brooke is scared. Ridge hugs her tight as Taylor bops up to the door and stares at them. Ridge decides to go upstairs and search Bridget's room again.

After he leaves, Brooke spots Taylor in the doorway and the claws come out. Taylor says she is there to help, but Brooke thinks she's just checking up on Ridge and tries to throw her out of the house. Taylor has been analyzing the situation and feels she can give professional advice on where Bridget is. Brooke tells her to blow it out her backside. Taylor tells Brooke to think of her daughter first and not turn the situation to her advantage in trying to hang onto Ridge.

SALLY'S APARTMENT: Sally thinks Bridget has gone to stay with her father and everything is back to normal by now. CJ is still worried about Rick. Sally tells him there is nothing he can do about his friend and suggests that he go buy his guitar string before the store closes. He leaves. Sally says to Clarke that it's ironic. "I thought for years that the Forresters had a lock on the good life, but now I wouldn't trade my life for any one of theirs."

COP CAR: Eric is appalled at how nasty life on the street is at night. "This is hell you're looking at, Eric," the detective warns.

STOREFRONT: Bridget tells the punks to leave her alone. Slash says they're gonna have some fun with her tonight, and tries to drag her away. She fights back, and they grab her bag. While Slash searches for her wallet, his cohort informs Bridget she's gonna be a star in a private movie. Slash finds $80, and they take off after shoving Bridget back in the corner.

COP CAR: Eric asks where all these kids came from. Lt. Baker explains they come from all over the world, lured to L.A. by the dream of a movie career, the fine weather, and the beaches. Then they get a hold of drugs and become prostitutes and addicts. And Bridget, confused as she is right now, is a perfect target for scum he points out. Eric yells out to stop the car - he's spotted Bridget!

BROOKE'S HOUSE: "How DARE you suggest I'm thinking of anything other than my daughter!" Brooke hisses. Brooke orders Taylor to go home in case Bridget tries to call her there. Taylor agrees, but says Ridge should come with her so Bridget can speak with him if she calls. Brooke says Ridge is NOT going home with her! "What are your priorities, Brooke, finding Bridget or hanging onto Ridge?" Taylor meows. "I could slap you," Brooke snarls (aw go ahead, it'll make you feel better). "You're using this horrible tragedy for your benefit. You're shameless!" Taylor says she wants to see Bridget walk through that door as much as she does, but doesn't want Brooke using this to her advantage. "Get out of my house or I'll shove you out!" Brooke yells. Ridge hears the catfight and comes down the stairs. Brooke says Taylor came over to accuse her of using the situation to hang onto Ridge. Ridge looks at Taylor and demands to know if that's true. Taylor's mouth gapes open in shock.

COP CAR: Baker yells for the girl to come over to the car. Instead, her pimp sidles over and talks tough. The detective grabs his head and almost pulls it off his neck, then tells him again that he wants to talk to the girl. The girl comes over at the pimp's call, but it's a drugged-out, underage Bridget lookalike. Appalled, the detective yells for the pimp to come over and orders him to take the girl to Covenant House - or else! The pimp agrees and they drive on.

STOREFRONT: Footsteps approach the corner where Bridget is huddled. It's CJ (what a surprise!). "Bridget?" CJ asks. Bridget stares at him with tears running down her face.

That's all, folks. When will Ridge learn to just stand back and let Taylor and Brooke beat each other up? It'd be a lot safer for him - and more fun for us. :)

Thursday, May 21, 1998

Thanks again to Gladys for lending a hand!

Brooke and Taylor are fighting when Ridge comes downstairs and asks what is going on. Brooke immediately accuses Taylor of using Bridget's disappearance as an excuse to get him back. "Is this true?" he asks Taylor. Taylor says that the issue is not he, Brooke, or herself; she is trying to help. "If you don't want my help, Brooke, just say so and I will leave you to deal with this alone," Taylor says. Okay, Brooke says, "You say that we are looking in all the wrong places and calling all the wrong people; so if you want to help, why don't you say something positive?" Taylor tells her that in Bridget's frame of mind, she isn't going to contact her usual friends or go to her usual hangouts. She is too broken up for that.

Ridge asks how Taylor thinks they should go about looking for Bridget. Taylor says they have to look at this through Bridget's eyes. Only then can they figure out where she went.

CJ finds Bridget, dirty and hiding under a pile of newspapers. He insists that he has to take her home, but she refuses; she wants him to leave her alone. "Your family is going nuts," CJ tells her. "This place is dangerous; I have to get you away from here. You don't know what kinds of people hang out on these streets," he states. "Oh, Yeah! Do I ever know!" Bridget answers.

Rick continues to call everyone he knows to see if they have seen Bridget. Amber comes in and tells him that she has spent hours looking for her at all the beaches. He warns her about going to the beach at night; she should know how dangerous those places are at night! Amber says that she has to find Bridget before something happens to her! "It is all Ridge's fault," Rick says. "None of this would have happened if Ridge hadn't walked out on my Mom!" Amber says she knows he is angry at Ridge, but this isn't helping. She has been at this for hours; she even went to the end of the bus line and questioned the drivers. She didn't realize until tonight while driving around just how easy it is to get lost in this city; it is endless!

"What has happened to your family is more like what would happen in my family," Amber says. "You guys are solid; you love one another and care what happens. Why did this happen to people like you?" Amber thinks about everything that has happened in the two months since she has been here. Rick's accident, Ridge leaving, and now Bridget running away; maybe she is a jinx! Don't think like that, Rick tells her, but she reminds him that things like this didn't happen before she came along.

Bridget tells CJ about the two guys who stole her purse. That settles it; he has to get her away from here. She will be dead meat if he leaves her in this part of town. Bridget says there is nothing to go home to; she can handle herself. "No you can't," CJ insists. "I know you have big problems, but this isn't the way to deal with them. Living on the streets is pure Hell. I know you can't talk to your family right now, but you need to talk to someone. Talk to a friend. Believe me, as bad as things are at home, they are a thousand times worse out here." When she continues to refuse to leave with him, he throws her over her shoulder and takes her to his car.

Brooke remains hostile to Taylor, saying that Taylor only wants to point out how she is to blame for Bridget's running away. But Taylor tells her that she doesn't blame her; this is not about blame, it is about understanding Bridget, what she is going through, and what drove her to do this. "And you can help us do this?" Ridge asks. "I know I can," Taylor answers, "but it is up to you, Brooke. I am offering my help. You can accept it and I will do my best, or you can refuse and I will leave." "Of course I want your help," Brooke tells her.

Taylor explains how Bridget is just a young adolescent learning to deal with a lot of new feelings, especially about boys. The teen years are challenging enough, but Bridget is also dealing with a lot of repressed trauma, trauma she hasn't learned how to work through. "This is not easy to hear, I know," admits Taylor upon seeing the looks of shock on their faces.

Bridget was born without a father living with her, Taylor reminds them. "For years we thought Ridge was her father. Bridget has had two major upheavals in her life; the first was when she learned that the man she loved and looked up to was not her father. Although everyone tried to give her as much love as possible to see her through that time, it was still too much for a little girl to live through without there being some trauma. To learn that you were not her father was too much for a little girl who had put so much love and trust into the relationship---just to have it taken away. To make it worse, there was no explanation that she could understand---it was all because of a lab test. It was an unbelievable thing to accept; she developed a lot of rage and it was all generated toward you, Ridge, for abandoning her."

Bridget fights to get out of the car, but CJ holds on to her tightly with one hand while driving with the other. She says that the first red light they come to she is out of there. He finally promises not to take her home; he will take her somewhere where she will be safe.

CJ takes Bridget to an old storage room in Spectra's basement. No one has been there for years; she will be safe and unnoticed there. She promises to stay there if he promises not to tell anyone.

Taylor explains that since Bridget loved and trusted Ridge, she could not vent her rage; instead she pushed it down. "When you married Brooke again, she learned to love and trust you again." "You mentioned a second trauma, Doc," Ridge says. "Was that when I told her that I was leaving?" Yes, Taylor answers. Now she feels betrayed by both Ridge and Brooke, and all her old rage resurfaced.

"Are you saying that all these years, I put too much focus on Ridge?" Brooke asks.

Taylor admits that that is one of the problems. But she assures Brooke that she did the best that she could at the time. Also, she adds, Bridget witnessed her breakdown a few years ago; she saw the loneliness and suffering and her dependence on Ridge whenever he was around. Brooke is devastated to realize that she has been weak when her daughter needed her to be strong, but Taylor reminds her that she was trying to cope. Anyway, what kind of role model does she want to project for Bridget. Someone who is human with human weaknesses or someone who never needs any help coping with their problems? Brooke says that if anything happens now, it will be her fault. "I could have been there for her more," she says. I" was too involved with myself, with my own misery to take proper care of my little girl." You were coping, Taylor reminds her. Tell that to Bridget, Brooke answers. "She should not be out there living the greatest nightmare of her life. My innocent little girl doesn't have the safety net of a family now when she needs it the most. Taylor, I need her back. Please help me find my baby!" Brooke cries as she and Taylor embrace.

Friday, May 22, 1998

Once again, from the keyboard of Gladys...

Brooke walks outside. "It's morning, she says. "A new day, and my daughter still isn't back. Come home, baby! Please come home." Ridge walks up beside her. He tells her, "I feel as helpless as you do, Logan. All we can do is wait." After they go back inside, Lt. Baker stops by with someone. "Have you found her?" Brooke asks.

Bridget is asleep on the floor in the Spectra storage room. She wakes up and looks around. She pulls a picture out of her backpack and looks at it; it is Brooke and Ridge. CJ comes in with breakfast. "No coffee?" she asks. He tells her that she is too young for coffee and too young to mess up her life like this. When she threatens to leave, he promises to do it her way for now.

Stephanie tells Taylor that she believes that Bridget will be found soon; her every instinct tells her that the young girl is hiding out at a friend's house. "It is a critical moment for that little girl," Stephanie goes on to say, "but, it is also a critical time for you and Ridge. What time did he get in last night? Late?" When she finds out that Ridge didn't come home last night, she gets very upset. "Before you say anything," Taylor says, "they are in the middle of a crisis over there." Nevertheless, Stephanie says, the annulment isn't final yet and Brooke is still his wife and she is going to do everything she can to hold on to that marriage. Taylor says that the state of her marriage isn't what is uppermost in Brooke's mind. Maybe not, Stephanie agrees, but she has Ridge back in the house where she wants him to be; she is going to take every moment that they are together to solidify that marriage. "You can count on that!"

Lt. Baker introduces Brian, a man from Covenant House, a shelter for runaways. "Have you found my daughter?" Brooke wants to know. Lt. Baker tells her that they haven't found Bridget yet, but there is a missing person's team on the case. Brian speaks up. "Lt. Baker wants me to tell you about our shelter. It is a safe house for kids on the street. We try to keep the kids safe. He tells them that they have a van that goes through the streets offering whatever help they can to kids on the street." He likens themselves to lifeguards at the beach. But that is for runaways, Ridge and Brooke protest. Brian reminds them that their daughter didn't come home last night. He doesn't want to frighten them, but there is everything out there: drugs, gangs, and prostitution. "These are the realities that your daughter is facing; we have to find your little girl before it is too late," he explains. Lt. Baker wants to put a tap on the phone so that they can trace it when/if Bridget calls. They tell him where the phone connections are and they leave.

Bridget tells CJ that he can never make her go back so get off her back or she is gone; "I'm not kidding," she shouts. "Calm down," CJ tells her, "you got it; I won't say anything for now, but you have to do this one thing for me. You have to get this running away business out of your head. That is heavy stuff. That place where I found you was just the beginning; it is all downhill after that. I know how scared and upset your are; I know what you are going through."

"You don't know what I am feeling!" she declares. CJ tells her that he does know. "Divorce sucks! My family wasn't exactly the Cleavers, you know. I know that you love Ridge and it probably feels like losing your first boyfriend, but you need help and I am here to keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life". But, he continues, he is also there for her mother. She is going crazy with worry and he wants Bridget to call her. "She is the last person I want to speak to," Bridget tells him. CJ tells her that she has to let her mother know that she is all right. "Call her now!" he says as he hands her the phone.

Stephanie warns Taylor that Brooke will do everything she can to hold on to her marriage. "You can't let her get away with this. She will do anything to keep him in that home," she advises. Taylor tells Stephanie that she knows where she is coming from, but she isn't going to push. She reminds Stephanie that she is a mother; surely she knows what Brooke is going through! "Of course!" Stephanie says. "If it were I, I would be terrified. But that doesn't mean that Brooke will let the advantage slip away. But, Ridge is the father of your child; you can't let Brooke get away with this." Taylor admits that Brooke could be pulling a guilt trip on Ridge, but she can't do anything about that. She tells her that since Thomas, she has changed; her priorities are different. She questioned Ridge once and was wrong; she won't make that mistake again. Taylor assures Stephanie that as soon as Bridget comes home, Ridge will come home to her and Thomas. He will not turn his back on his baby. He loves Thomas and he loves her; she is sure of that.

"You may be able to ignore her manipulations, but I can't," Stephanie says and leaves.

Brooke says that Brian painted a pretty grim picture. "God only knows what has happened to Bridget. To know that she is out there roaming the streets where anything can happen to her is more than I can bear," Brooke says. Ridge tells her that they cannot think the worst. They will find her; they have a lot of people looking for her. Brooke reminds him that LA is a very big place; she could be anywhere. All she knows is that Bridget isn't at home where she belongs. "My daughter is a runaway and she doesn't want anything to do with me. What kind of mother am I?" she asks. Ridge tells her to quit beating herself up. Bridget is confused now but she will come around.

No, Bridget says, she won't call home. She doesn't care what they are going through---not after what they did to her. CJ just wants her to tell them that she is okay. "You don't have to tell them where you are," he says. He hands her the phone. Call, he insists.

Ridge is comforting Brooke when the phone rings. Answering, Brooke doesn't get an answer at first. Finally, she says, "Bridget is that you? Answer me, please honey." When Bridget finally answers, Brooke is overjoyed. "I am so happy you called," she gasps.

Taylor is looking at a picture of Thomas and Ridge. "We will have a long and wonderful life together. I promise you, Thomas, we will be a family." Taylor has a daydream that takes place in 2040. She and Ridge are discussing how happy they have been and how wonderfully their gifted son is doing in the business, trying to outdo his old man. "You told me it would all work out, didn't you, Ridge?" she asks. Returning to the present, she tells the picture that it will all work out.

Brooke asks where Bridget is so that she can come and pick her up, but Bridget says she isn't coming home. Brooke tells her that they have all been so worried about her; she has got to come home. Bridget wants to talk to Ridge if he is there; if Brooke won't let her talk to Ridge, she will hang up.

Ridge takes the phone and tells her that they are all waiting for her to come home. She says that she thought he would be with Taylor. He tells her that he understands that she is upset and angry and he would like to talk to her about it. She tells Ridge that she needs him so much; she doesn't want him to leave. When he said his marriage vows, it felt just like he was speaking to her. "I know Mom lied to you and you hate her for that, but . . ." Ridge interrupts and assures her that he doesn't hate her mom, but Bridget says that she hates her. She is making him leave them. "Please don't go away; please don't go, Ridge. You haven't left yet, does that mean you are going to stay?" Ridge begs her to come home so that they can talk about it. "You are leaving us, aren't you?" Bridget asks. "If you aren't going to be there, then neither am I." Even though Ridge begs her not to hang up, she does. After hanging up, she runs out of the room with CJ rushing after her.

"She hung up on me," Ridge says. "Why would she do that?" Brooke asks. "Don't worry, Logan, we will find her," Ridge says as he puts his arms around her.

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Week of 05/25/98 - 05/29/98

Monday, May 25, 1998

Bridget is on the phone with Ridge. "You are leaving aren't you? ARENT YOU? As soon as I get back, you will be gone. Well if you are not staying, then neither am I. I never want to speak to you again!" states Bridget into the telephone. She hangs up and to CJ's dismay runs out of the Spectra warehouse. CJ is pissed that Bridget took off like that. Macy and Sally are walking by in the hallway and question CJ about what is going on. CJ wants to know if they saw a little blonde girl and runs out looking for her.

Ridge turns to Brooke and tells her that Bridget hung the phone up on him. Brooke is crying. Ridge promises to find her daughter. They tell Lt. Baker that Bridget has called, but they find out from him that the trace wasn't even hooked up yet. Brooke is angry and asks what will happen if Bridget doesn't call back again.

James walks downstairs looking quite casual in his home, and he is reading the article, "Dr. James Warwick: Fallen From Grace." He puts down the journal to answer the door; he finds Thorne at the front door, because he really needs to talk. Thorne is worried about Bridget missing and it is driving him crazy. James replies that Bridget is going through puberty and Ridge was her first real male rejection. His leaving her and his being a father figure makes the pain more intense for the young girl. He adds that Bridget is not herself and he explains and she is lashing out due to the unusual circumstances.

Thorne explains that his big brother isn't the only one with unusual circumstances right now in his life; he tells James he is going to explode and needs to talk to someone also about his own circumstances. James stops him and explains that he should find another therapist, because he is being reviewed by the ethics committee for marrying a patient. Thorne insists that James is the best; and if he is willing to listen, then he (Thorne) is ready to talk. Of course, the subject is his former wife and how he is still in love with Macy and needs her back in his life. Thorne explains that Macy is committed to her marriage and is trying for a child. James advises him to go and see Macy and tells him just what to say.

Macy lectures her little brother about how they warned him not to mess around with any of the young models and not to fool around at Spectra. CJ storms out to find his blonde girl, and Sally announces that she intends to find out what her son is involved in. CJ asks around for Bridget with some of the models, but he cannot find her.

Thorne finds Macy at the coffeehouse and explains that he really needs to talk to her. She says this may not be the right time, but he explains that he wouldn't be there if it wasn't important. Macy at first refuses but looks interested.

Brian, the young volunteer from Covenant House tells Brooke and Ridge that he saw Bridget at a storefront on Hollywood Blvd, and that she answered to the name 'Annie.' They head off to look for her.

Sure enough, Bridget is back on the street crying, and is huddled by a phone booth. She thinks back on the events that led to Ridge leaving them. She says to herself, "I hate him. We used to be a family. Now Rick and me don't count. It is all your fault, Mom. You are the reason Ridge is leaving us. If only he could forgive you." The sounds of police sirens are heard. It is Brooke and Ridge with Lt. Baker, looking for Bridget. Bridget hides but watches from the shadows. Ridge asks the storeowner is he has seen Bridget. The owner comes out and says he saw Bridget, but explains that she turned his offer of help or to use the telephone down.

Brooke is crying. Ridge holds her and blames himself, asking how he could be so insensitive to her needs. Bridget is only a child no matter how mature or strong she is for her age, he says, and he let her down. Bridget is watching all of this and believes that her being away is bringing them back together. She could save her family, she thinks. Brooke is crying for her daughter and claims that they cant lose her.

Tuesday, May 26, 1998

Ridge is sitting on the sofa at Taylor's, holding Thomas, while Taylor is watching. Ridge says she is staring. Taylor says, "I can't help myself; the whole time I was pregnant I imagined you like that--what am I talking about? The whole time I have known you I have pictured you like that, and there you are." Taylor walks over and sits down beside him. Ridge says, "Here I am." Ridge notices a folder on the table and asks, "What is that?" Taylor says, "It's some information on that firm I told you about." Ridge says, "The one that offered you the partnership? How does it look?" Taylor says, " I don't know, loud mouth; there hasn't been time for me to look at it yet."

Ridge tells her, "Doc, you must be exhausted trying to take care of this little guy all by yourself." Taylor says, "You've been helping." Ridge says, "I have hardly been here at all." Taylor says, "You've been out looking for Bridget like you should be doing." Ridge states, "I am telling you, I am really scared to death for that little girl right now." Taylor says, "You don't have to explain to me, Ridge; I am scared too. I do think it is a good sign that she called."

Ridge says, "If you could have heard the anger coming out of that little girl..." Taylor says, "You knew she was angry; you didn't know she was all right, not until she phoned." Ridge says, "I keep telling Brooke not to think the worst, but when I get out there in the street and I see what kids are dealing with..." Taylor says, "I know. I have worked with some of them." Ridge says, "I have got to find her, Doc." Taylor says, "You will." Ridge says Thomas needs a diaper change and offers to handle the chore, but Taylor says she will do it. It sounds like she might be angry by the tone of her voice. Ridge watches her leave the room.

Darla walks into Insomnia. The waitress says, "Hey Darla, how was your date?" Darla says, "Don't even ask; but it's cool because I am interested in someone else." The waitress asks, "Yeah, Who?" Darla says, "Let's just say a friend of a friend; hey, have you seen Macy?" The waitress says, "Yes, right over there." Darla notices that Thorne is with Macy.

Macy says to Thorne, "Ok, what is it that is so important?" Thorne says, "Us; our friendship." Macy says, "OH!" Thorne says, "We are still friends, aren't we?" Macy says, "Yeah, in a weird kind of way." Thorne says, "Exactly; we are but we aren't, and I hate that. Here you are, the person I feel closest to in all the world, and I am supposed to keep my distance. It doesn't make any sense." Macy says, "I thought that is what you wanted, Thorne." Thorne says, "It's not what I wanted; it is what I thought I needed, but I was wrong. You have no idea how valuable you are to me. I could never replace you in my life, Macy."

Macy thinks he is exaggerating but he explains, "It is true. Yeah, I could walk out that door and meet someone else, and she may be everything I dreamed of in a woman. But there is one thing you have she can never have; the knowledge of who I was and what I have become, and the history we shared." Macy says, "What are you saying?" Thorne says, "What I am saying is I want you in my life, Macy." Macy says, "As a friend." Thorne says, "As a friend--but a real friend, not just an acquaintance or a neighbor. We both have so much to offer each other that no one else can. You feel that way, too, don't you? Am I wrong?"

Taylor says she is taking care of Thomas so Ridge can tend to Bridget - she feels like she is helping that way. Ridge says, " I know it is not easy." Taylor says, "No, but we can't go on like this much longer." Ridge replies, "Hopefully she will come home soon." Taylor says, "What if she doesn't? I don't want to think about that, either." Ridge says, "Well then, let's not think about it." Taylor says, "Ridge, I am really worried about you. When is the last time you ate?" Ridge says, "I am not hungry these days." Taylor says, "You are running on adrenaline and it isn't going to last. You're completely exhausted. I can see it and your defenses are going down."

Ridge asks, "My defenses against what? Against Brooke?" Taylor says, "No." Ridge says, "That's my mother talking, isn't it?" Taylor says, "I didn't even think it." Ridge says, "You know, she thinks that Brooke is using this to her advantage. You know how sick and twisted that is? My God, her child is missing, she may be somewhere out there defenseless, or she may be dead--but does my mother offer to help? Hell no! She just throws all these stupid accusations at her. She probably thinks Brooke deserves this." Taylor says, "That's not true." Ridge says, "Will you please stop taking my mothers side?!" Angrily, Taylor says, "I am going for a walk." Almost in tears, Ridge says, "Taylor! Taylor, I am sorry. What is wrong with me?" He holds Taylor close to him.

Thorne says, "I'm way out here, aren't I?" Macy says, "No, I do want us to be friends, but not at the expense of my marriage." Thorne says, "Understood." Macy says, "I am serious about this, Thorne, because Grant feels threatened by you. We have to be sensitive about that or it won't work." Thorne says, "But you do want it to work." Macy says, "Yeah, I've been thinking about it a lot actually." Thorne says, "You have?" Macy says, "Yeah; when I found out I wasn't pregnant, you said all the right things, and when we talked about Bridget, I think I helped you, too." Thorne says, "You did."

Macy says, "I never would have expected this, that you and I would be so close after everything that happened." Thorne says, "I wish you knew how I regret what happened." Macy says, "Thorne, if we are going to be friends, we have to set down some ground rules here. We can't rehash old mistakes, yours or mine. What is done is done. We survived and I think we both are better people for it, so we got a deal." Thorne says, "Deal." They shake hands and Macy goes to take a call.

Grant walks in as she is on the phone and she greets him. They hug. Macy looks over where Thorne was but he is gone. Grant says, "I got your message." Macy says, "That was fast. Why don't we sit down?" She explains that she has done something Grant may not be happy about - she knows it is only a few months, but she has made an appointment with her gynecologist today, and she wants Grant to come. Grant is reluctant at first, but he agrees when Macy says how important it is to her.

Thorne is working out with Scout at his house; Darla arrives and says, "Hey, how is my baby boy?" to the dog. Darla then says to Thorne, "I just came from the Insomnia; I saw you talking to Macy. You are still in love with her, aren't you?"

Ridge laments, "Oh, Doc, what are we doing here? We spend so little time together, and I am taking it out on you." Taylor says, "You are just stretched too thin." Ridge says, "I hope it won't be too long until Bridget will be found. Then we can start our new life together." Taylor says, "I am sorry Ridge, but that is not good enough." She needs something besides just a promise that everything will be ok eventually, she states.

Ridge says, "I can't be everything to everybody." Taylor says, "But that is what you are trying to do, isn't it? It isn't working. You are worn out. Stephanie is wrong; Brooke is not manipulating you, she is just being honest. She needs you and she is letting you know she needs you. Maybe I should take lessons from her." Ridge says, "Does that mean you not being honest?" Taylor says, "No, I haven't been. I've been too busy protecting you, pretending I could manage everything all by myself. But I can't. I do need you. I shouldn't have to feel guilty about that either. Brooke, Rick, Bridget, me -- we all need you." Ridge says, "What am I supposed to do about all that?"

Taylor says he answered that himself - he cannot be everything to everybody and has to choose. She feels sorry for Brooke since she is going through hell, but there are others who Brooke can turn to. Ridge us not her family anymore, she reminds him. Ridge says, "So you think I should just turn my back on Brooke?" Taylor says no - but if he is giving Brooke so much, it leaves nothing for her and Thomas. Ridge says, "Is that what you think I am saying?" Taylor "Isn't it? Because if it is, I can't accept that." Ridge puts his arms around her and asks, "What do you need?" Taylor says she just needs a little understanding. "Do you know how long I have wanted for us to be a family? I have waited years for this. It is right there, so close, but it seems I can't reach it," she says. Ridge says, "I do understand and I want it too, just as badly. I am here for you, Doc, and I always will be." He is holding her and kissing her.

Thorne asks, "Where did you get that?" Darla says, "Thorne, all I have to do is look at you and it is so obvious to see you still love Macy. I don't know why I didn't see it before. Macy wants to have a baby--what are you going to do about that?"

Macy and Grant are waiting for the doctor. They meet Dr. Hines and Macy explains, "We want to start a family. I wanted to have a checkup to see if everything is ok." Grant says, "Macy is a little worried." Macy says, "I was married before and we did try to have a baby." Dr Hines says, "And you weren't successful?" Macy answers, "No, so where do we begin?" Dr Hines says, "I would start by having you fill out a medical history, pelvic exam, some cervical cultures and ultrasounds--all safe, nothing to worry about. We could start today, but if you want to talk this over before you decide, we can do it another day." Macy says, "No, I am ready now. If I seem anxious, it's because I am; my life is so wonderful now. I have my husband, my friends, my career; all that is missing in my life is a child." Dr. Hines says, "Then we will see about getting you started." The doctor leaves. Macy gets up and Grant assures her, "Don't worry, sweetheart; we are going to have our baby." He puts his arms around her and holds her close.

Wednesday, May 27, 1998

Grant tries to calm Macy as she fidgets in the doctor's office; she is nervous, so he gets her thinking about having babies. Maybe they will have twins and she will be sooo huge, he quips. Dr. Hines then comes in with the results.

Thorne refuses to talk to Darla about Macy, and Darla guesses that it is because Macy already knows how he feels. Thorne asks why she is concerned and guesses, "You think I am going to hurt her, just like Grant, Sally, even CJ. Well I would not do that! I would never hurt her, no matter how much I..." Darla finishes, "No matter how much you love her?"

CJ finds Bridget and brings her back to Spectra, reminding her that it is not safe for her out on the streets. He asks her to promise she will not run off but she will not. He then picks up the phone to call her folks and she agrees to stay. "You can't stay here forever," he says, "because they are all worried about you." Bridget says, "I know - I saw them. They were looking for me" CJ asks, "And you didn't go to them? What is the matter with you?"

Ridge comes home and Amber is by the phone; she says she stayed in so Rick could head out for a run to relax. Amber asks Ridge, "Are you sure you know what you are doing? I feel really bad for Rick, for all of you, and I keep thinking there must be another way." Ridge appreciates her concern but tells her there is more that she doesn't know. "True. I don't know Taylor. But I have seen you here and I know you love this family. Why would you give that up?" she asks. Ridge says it is not that simple and he is not throwing anything away. He will still be a part of their lives, he insists, but Amber says it won't happen. Rick will never trust him, she states, and she knows how Bridget is feeling, because she has been a 13-year-old girl herself. "Yes, someone is going to get hurt, so why don't you just tell me what to do, Amber?" Ridge angrily asks. Amber says she does not know, but she is worried, and Ridge says he is too.

Bridget tells CJ that she stayed back because she is trying to get her family back together, but CJ is skeptical. She defends Ridge by saying how cool things are when he is around. "He can't leave," she insists. CJ says the idea of using this to get her family back together is crazy and she cries, "Leave me alone."

The doctor tells Macy and Grant that the test results will be ready in just a few minutes, and he says they have a staff of counselors if there is a problem. He tells a skeptical Grant that 1 in 6 couples have infertility problems, but the odds are in their favor. The test results then come in. Macy is in good health, he reads, and the ultrasound shows no abnormalities - even her hormone levels are normal. Everything is fine, he says, so his best advice to the Chambers is to keep trying. Macy thanks the doctor for the wonderful news.

Darla asks Thorne what he is going to do, especially since he lives next door to Macy. He says he will be friends with Macy - just friends, and he will handle things as long as Macy is happy. "I tried to forget about her, but I couldn't," he explains. "Macy is so much a part of me, so we are going to be friends. At least then I can talk to her." "Are you happy with that?" Darla asks. "No, but what choice do I have?" he replies.

Ridge tells Amber she does not understand, but she says she does. "This is so rare... those kids in the streets would kill for what you have here, Mr. Forrester. You have what everyone is searching for and you can just give it up? Can you do that?" she asks. Without answering, Ridge silently heads upstairs while Amber is in tears.

The phone rings - it is CJ; Amber thinks he wants Rick, but he says he needs to talk to her. "It is important," he says. She says she is waiting for Bridget to call but he assures her Bridget won't and urges her to come over. "I have something to show you... you have to see this, so get over here now!" he orders. Amber says she would ask Ridge to watch the phones, but he is ticked at her. CJ says that is not important and again orders her to come over ASAP.

Thorne tells Darla not to feel sorry for him; this is not torture for him, since he at least has Macy in his life now. It is not perfect, but it is better than what he had. Suddenly, they see Grant and Macy return home; he is carrying her and they are laughing about how Grant was right and how they can try for a baby. She thanks him for his patience; she was only so intense because a baby would mean so much to her. She remembers how Thorne always wanted a baby and she didn't - and then when she was ready, it didn't happen. "Did you think you were being punished?" Grant asks. He says that she did nothing wrong as he strokes her hair. "You are so beautiful," he says as he kisses her. Darla frowns and Thorne just stands there, silently, with a concerned look on his face.

Amber arrives at Spectra and CJ takes her into the storeroom. He leads her in and she is stunned to see Bridget lying there. "Oh my god, you found her!" Amber cries out. Bridget awakens as Amber is stunned.

Thursday, May 28, 1998

Edging her way around boxes and racks of clothing, Amber is surprised to see Bridget asleep on the storeroom floor; CJ tells her that she has been here since the first night she ran away. Bridget wakes up and is angry that CJ broke his promise. "I didn't break my word," CJ explains. "Amber is the only one I told." Bridget tells Amber that she can't tell, or she will run away again. "Bridget, you've got to go home," Amber tells her. "Your family is going nuts over this." What family, a surly Bridget asks. "I know how you feel," Amber tells her, but Bridget says that she doesn't. "I know you are furious and hurt," Amber says, "and you feel like everyone has been lying to you all along. But running away isn't going to help; it is hell for your family!"

Ridge and Brooke are driving around looking for Bridget, while Eric and Lt. Baker check the shelters. Seeing a child no older than twelve, Brooke says that they have to find Bridget; they can't leave her out here one more night.

James calls his partners---Carlos, Alex and Sally---into his office for a conference. This is awkward, he tells them. He tells them that he got a letter from the medical board that his license is under review. He says that Carlos has told him that they all want him to step down; is this how all of them feel, he asks? Sally tells him that it wasn't an easy decision for them to come to. He tells them that they are friends as well as colleagues. He needs their help in fighting the medical ethics board. If he leaves, it will be the end for him; the medical board will look on it as a loss of faith on their parts. If he stays, it will tell the board that they still have confidence in him. However, Carlos tells him that given the circumstances, they have no other alternative. "You were once a brilliant doctor and a good friend and you will be sorely missed," Carlos adds. James says he won't be missed because he has no intention of leaving. If they can't understand, he is sorry, but this is HIS firm. If it wasn't for him, they would have no jobs.

The partners are adamant; they have no intention of helping James; if he won't leave, they will. James accuses them of saving themselves and letting him hang. It has already come to that, Alex says. James reminds them of all the good work he has done and how he has helped them all; he helped Alex with his research on a rare syndrome and, he asks Sally, where would the Dawson children be if not for him? She admits that they would all be institutionalized, but that isn't the point. What about Sheila, they ask? James is stunned. "What about Sheila? Sheila was one of my patients; I cured Sheila." "My God, James," Alex says, "because of you, Sheila tried to kill herself!"

Ridge sees a girl that he thinks is Bridget, but is disappointed when it isn't her. He tries to convince Brooke to let him take her home to get some rest, but she refuses. "You are exhausted," he tells her. "I could get Rick or someone else to come out here with me." Brooke insists that she wouldn't get any rest at home. She would rather be out here. As she looks around she comments that the number of young kids here on the street overwhelms her; their families are going through the same thing that they are going through. Ridge tells her that that isn't so; these are "throwaway kids." Their families aren't concerned about them. Brooke imagines that is how Bridget feels; what have we done to our baby?

"This is how you all feel?" James asks the group. "Yes," answers Sally, "I am afraid so, James." James accuses his partners of sitting in judgement over him; he cured Sheila, surely they will see that! But Alex tells him that he is in denial. They wonder how he can help others take control of their lives when he can't do that himself. As he is ready to go on, Carlos stops him; "That is enough," he tells Alex, "you have proven your point." Everyone gets up and leaves the room except for Carlos. He tells James that he is sorry it came to this. You were the best, he tells James. When he is alone, James drops down in his chair, shocked that they have all turned against him.

CJ tells Amber that Bridget saw her parents on the streets looking for her. Is this true, she asks Bridget? Bridget explains that she hid in the alley while the police questioned the storeowner. She saw her mother crying and Ridge giving her comfort. Amber wonders how she could watch her mother crying and not say anything. Is this some kind of payback? "This is killing your parents and your dad and Rick are devastated. They are afraid you are dead or have been raped. This is making them crazy. Is this what you want?" she asks.

When Bridget cries that it isn't what she wants, Amber tells her that she should come home now and end this. "I can't! Not yet!" Bridget says.

CJ explains that Bridget has it in her head that if she stays away long enough, Ridge and Brooke will get back together, but CJ tells her it ain't gonna happen. How do you know? Bridget challenges him. CJ tells her that he's been there; "don't you think I tried every crazy thing to keep my parents together?" he asks. Amber tells her that if that is what she is after, it won't work. She would like to see them get back together too, but this isn't the way to go about it. "Your mom has only had a couple of hours of sleep since you have been gone; same with Ridge. They spend all their time either driving the streets looking for you or sitting by the phone hoping you will call. Believe me, driving these streets isn't exactly romantic. It just isn't worth it!"

"There is nothing as important to me as my family," Bridget says. Amber points out that her future is also important. What kind of future will she have living on the streets. She has a very important decision to make and she had better give it a lot of thought, because what she decides will affect the rest of her life. "Don't screw up, Bridget," she warns.

Arriving at the guitar shop, Ridge is pleased that it is still open. As they are about to get out of the car, Brooke stops him because there is a group of street kids walking by. The kids stop and begin making comments about the fancy car. Ridge says that he will go ask them if they have seen Bridget. Just then, Brooke notices that one of the girls has Bridget's handbag.

When James arrives home, Sheila is disappointed that the partners didn't listen to him. He explains that the partners are having a problem accepting his marriage to her as ethical. "How dare they?" she says, "I'm not going to let them do this to you!"

Ridge gets out of the car and demands to know where the girl got the bag. The guys take offense and begin to push him around. Brooke comes up, explaining that they are looking for their daughter; she has a bag just like that one. Ridge takes out a picture and asks if they have seen her. The two guys tell him no, but he doesn't believe them. The gang wants to leave, but Ridge tells them they aren't going anywhere until they tell him the truth. "Did you hear that?" one of the guys says. "Rich boy thinks he can take us! As the boys jump Ridge, Brooke tries to make a call on her cell phone. Seeing what she is doing, one of the girls rushes Brooke and knocks her down. When Ridge tries to come to her aid, the boys' catch Ridge off guard and knock him to the ground. They begin to kick him over and over; as they kick him mercilessly, Brooke begins to crawl toward him. The kids run off, leaving Ridge down and in pain. Where are they? Ridge asks as Brooke lifts his head from the ground. "They ran off," Brooke tells him. "They ran off with Bridget's bag."

Bridget says she doesn't have to make her decision today, but Amber says, "If you don't call home now, I will call and tell your folks where you are." Bridget runs for the door, but Amber is quicker than she is. Catching her, Amber tells Bridget that she is smarter than that. She has been on the streets and she has seen how those kids live. "Is that what you want? So many people love you and want to help you. You can go home or you can return to the streets and take your chances. It is up to you. What is it going to be?"

Friday, May 29, 1998

James paces the floor while Sheila gets more and more upset. "We have to take action," she says. "We will sue them." But James tells her that they can't sue, even though his partners are ruining his reputation. According to his partners, he is the one ruining his reputation by sleeping with a patient. James admits to Sheila that according to the contract he has with his partners, any party can be asked to leave if there is a breech of ethics. Sheila can't understand how having a wonderful marriage and a beautiful daughter can be a breech of ethics. It isn't the marriage, James says. Before they can talk further, the doorbell rings and Taylor is there. "Sheila called me," Taylor explains, "She thought you might need someone to talk to." Sheila tells Taylor what James' partners are doing to him. They became successful by riding James' coat tails and now they just want to toss him out. "They can't do this!" Sheila insists. Taylor looks at her worriedly while James tells her that they will talk about it. No, Sheila says. She has some errands; talk to Taylor, she tells her husband.

Rick continues to pace the floor and man the phones.

Brooke helps Ridge get to his feet. "We have to call the police," she tells him. What for? Ridge asks, disgusted. To make out more police reports? But Brooke thinks the street kids must have attacked Bridget to get her bag; she only hopes that Bridget lost it, but she is afraid for her daughter. "Let's get back to the car," Ridge says. "We'll go home and make that report."

Amber and CJ finally convince Bridget not to run again. Back in the storage room, they try to convince her to call home. Bridget looks at the phone longingly. Don't even think about it, CJ advises. Just do it. Amber grabs the phone and says she will dial. Bridget is afraid her mother will answer, but Amber says that if she does, just talk to her. Bridget takes the receiver while Amber hurriedly punches in the number.

At home, Rick is pacing when the phone rings. He races for it and says, "Hello," but there is no one there. Again he says hello. Just as he is about to hang up, a tiny voice says, "Rick?" Rick is excited to hear his sister's voice. He tells his sister that he needs her and wants her home. He knows she blames Mom, but it isn't her fault. "We can't agree on that," Bridget tells him. Rick tells him that their parents are completely out of their minds. Bridget asks about Ridge. Rick tells Bridget that so far Ridge hasn't moved out; right now he is driving the streets with their mom. He begs her to call Ridge and Brooke on the cell phone, but Bridget tells him that she has to hang up. He wants to know where she is, but she refuses to tell him. She will only tell him that she is safe before she hangs up.

Taylor wonders if James wants to talk about the meeting with his partners, but James is very sarcastic. "I have become a liability to them. I need them to support me at the medical board, but instead I am sure that each of them will be there to talk against me." "You are living in a pressure cooker," Taylor warns, "and so is your wife." He tells her that his wife is fine, but Taylor reminds him that the woman she just saw leave was very upset. She has a history, Taylor says. "Oh, I forgot," James says sarcastically. "She could go off any minute! My wife is cured! I thought the trick was to put the past behind us." Taylor says that Sheila is facing pressures now that she has never had to face before. She says that James is the man who cured her; he is the only man who has cared for her and now he is being attacked because of her. How can anyone say for certain how she is going to respond to this?

Carlos asks Selena the secretary about a report, but she tells him that she hasn't sent it off yet. He tells her good night; he will find it himself. She leaves the office. Unknown to the good doctor, Sheila is standing outside the office, looking through glass.

Ridge has no idea what to do now, except they just have to find Bridget! Brooke is next to losing it and Ridge isn't far behind. His little girl has never had to deal with men like that before, he says. He just hopes they found the bag instead of physically taking it from her. "The way the kids live down here," Brooke exclaims, near hysteria. "They are bought and sold every day. I never had any idea there were so many kids. I just pray that God is looking our for her right now!" As she reaches near hysteria, Ridge commands that she stop thinking like that right now. She tells him that she can't go through another night like this. Ridge wants to take her home and come back alone, but she refuses. She can't be home resting while her daughter is sleeping in gutters and doorways. Beating the steering wheel, Ridge can't bear to hear any more. He pulls her to him and she cries on his shoulder.

Amber asks Bridget if it felt good talking to her brother. It will feel even better to talk to her mom, she promises. If she will just talk to her mom, everything will work out! Ridge will care about her no matter where he lives; he will always be there for her. CJ tells her that all three of them have lost the most important men in their lives; he and Amber got through it and so will Bridget, but not by running away and not by living on the streets.

Carlos is frightened when Sheila appears. Sheila pleads with him to talk to the other partners and tell them to help James. This is destroying her husband. Please give him a chance to plead his case to the medical board; don't just fire him, she begs. Carlos shouts at her to get out! Sheila says, "How dare you tell me to get out of my husband's office. How dare you speak to me in that tone! You are talking to the wife of James Warwick. Do you think I am going to let you get away with this? If so, you are wrong, dead wrong!"

James assures Taylor that Sheila is not going to do anything rash. Taylor wants to talk about James, but he says he would rather talk about Taylor, Ridge and Brooke. He asks if she is all right with Ridge spending so much time with Brooke. She tells him that as soon as they find Bridget, Ridge will come home to her. He is committed to her.

Ridge says he is taking Brooke home, then he is going to call the police. The car phone rings and Ridge answers, putting it on speaker. When no one answers, he is about to turn it off when Bridget speaks. Bridget tells him that she wants to come home. She tells them that she is fine and she will be home tonight. "It is over," Brooke says to Ridge. "Bridget is coming home." She grabs Ridge and kisses him.

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