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November, 1998

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Week of 11/02/98 - 11/06/98

Monday, November 02, 1998

Eric is in a photo shoot and is explaining all the spring classic designs to the reporter, Charlotte. She wants to see more, but he says that's it, and that they will wait for Ridge to go on. Megan comes in and explains that she can not find Ridge anywhere in the building, which has Eric wondering where his number one son could be.

Ridge and Brooke are still stuck in the freight elevator and he reminds her that the real world is just outside that door. Brooke explains that this is the perfect situation for the two of them and it may never happen again like this for them. He worries about the interview and says how hot it is, and Brooke suggests she cool him off... using the negligee she is wearing to wipe him down!

Taylor leaves a voice message for Ridge at work saying that she has an interesting work opportunity from Pierce that she wants to discuss with him. She hopes that he is in a good mood as she hangs up the phone.

Amber is with CJ, and she is pressing him for information about Rick's new lab partner. CJ tells her that Kimberly is a hottie and a transfer student from someplace back east. Amber points out that CJ is jealous of his pal Rick, because he always gets all the girls. But CJ is quick to answer that he is not jealous of his best friend being stuck with a kid. Amber wants to know where Rick is now. CJ says maybe they're at Insomnia. She questions what he would be doing at a coffeehouse to do his schoolwork; that is not like him. Still, she decides to go down there to check things out.

Kimberly and Rick are at Insomnia working on their science project. It turns out that Kimberly knows her way around the internet and got them started on the report. An impressed Rick finds her to be different from the other girls he knows. She wonders if that is a compliment, and he says yes. She is unique, and everybody thinks she is great, he says. Rick starts to get heavy about people taking him seriously and stuff, and Kimberly thinks there is plenty of time for that. He is a senior, she reminds him, and he has it made.

Taylor comes into the session in Eric's office, but Ridge and Brooke are still stuck in the elevator and nobody knows it.

Ridge tells Brooke that it is too hot to fight her off and he is too married to go all the way. Brooke tells him that Taylor will be thrilled as long as he comes home with a smile on his face. When she gets through with him today, he is going to be a new man. Ridge says his marriage does not need any favors. Brooke tells him to stop thinking of Taylor and start thinking of himself, or else life will become a big bore. She wants to help him, but he says a new job for his wife will help... something Brooke says probably won't happen. They are shut away from the whole world, she points out; they love each other in their own way and nobody would ever have to know what happened between them. It would remain their secret.

Megan still can't track down Ridge. The camera crew can't stay much longer. A security guard comes in with the news that the freight elevator is jammed. Eric laments that the elevator is an antique that keeps breaking down as they head for the elevator. The reporters want to tag along, and Eric agrees. Eric, Taylor, Megan and the entire camera and interview crew go into the hall. Just then the elevator opens, with Brooke wearing the red lingerie landing on Ridge in a compromising embrace. Camera bulbs are flashing all around as Taylor is stunned!

Kim finds a couple kissing in public to be a pretty graphic display of affection. Rick finds it amazing that she didn't have a boyfriend back home. Kim thinks that kissing is a very intimate act and she is saving herself for the right person. She also thinks that doing more than that in a relationship could lead to trouble; and after thinking about her comments, Rick agrees.

Amber comes in to the coffeehouse to find the lab partner and spies on them from a corner table. Kimberly finds herself to be a nerd, but Rick just finds her unique and fun. Amber then notices that her beloved Rick is not wearing his engagement ring! Rick then gets called away from Kimberly by his pal Dave. Amber is going to go and set the little cheerleader straight about her man...

Tuesday, November 03, 1998

Over at the Insomnia Café, Rick is going to check out a friend's new car while Amber, standing and watching from afar, says she will teach Ms. Cheerleader a lesson. When Rick leaves Kimberly alone at the table, Amber is ready to go over there to straighten her out about her man, because it just has to stop now. Kimberly is thinking to herself that after just a week in LA, she has these new exciting feelings and finds Rick to be amazing. She can't get over that Rick thinks that **SHE** is amazing. Enter Amber to inform Kimberly that she has been out of high school for years, and is not in any of her classes at school. She asks to join her at the table while Rick is still outside.

Pierce is getting ready to shoot a new infomercial. He is waiting to hear if Taylor will be working with him, he confides in his assistant, Miss Holiday. The assistant asks what the odds are, and Pierce thinks that it is a long shot at best, due to Ridge and his thoughts about him.

Ridge and Brooke are on the floor in a compromising position as they roll out of the elevator. Flashbulbs are still going and Taylor is shocked. The reporter, Charlotte, asks for a statement, but he says there is nothing to state. They were trapped in a freight elevator and it was extremely hot. Taylor says, "What the hell is going on here?" She is livid to find lipstick on Ridge's bare neck and asks, "How the hell did that get there, Brooke?"

Amber tells Kimberly that she is working on a project also, one with her boyfriend. Kim confides that she has never even had a boyfriend due to living a sheltered life. She says that she had just met this boy, but he is not her boyfriend yet. This guy made her feel right at home since she moved to LA. When they are together, there is definitely something going on between them; she can feel it.

Eric tells the photographers to stop shooting, as this is a personal matter and he wants it to stay that way. He tells Ridge to go to his office and Ridge agrees... he asks Taylor to come, but she is not budging. Brooke chirps, "Oh Taylor, it was just a little innocent fun, and you are acting like a child." She then says she is leaving to change, but Taylor yells at Brooke to stand there in her little nightie to be interviewed, because she (Taylor) is the one who is leaving! Ridge goes after Taylor. Eric turns to Brooke and she just smiles in return.

Pierce thinks that this won't just be another infomercial; it will be more of an educational piece, which is what he had always wanted to do. Having Taylor on board with this project would have brought more credibility to it, he states. He wants to see Taylor grow and expand, and to realize her full potential.

Taylor storms in Ridge's office and yells at her husband that he had degraded her once again with that woman. Ridge says it wasn't the way it appeared... although Brooke did come on to him, he won't deny it. It was just Brooke being Brooke though, and it has never been a problem for him, he states. "Oh, so you are in an elevator with a woman who loves you madly half naked, and it is nothing?" Taylor asks. Ridge tells his wife, "I am not married to Brooke anymore. I am married to you. I am totally committed to you. When are you going to realize that?"

Kimberly finds Rick dreamy. Amber thinks that she should find another guy because it is not going to work out. Kimberly is confused, so Amber then asks little miss innocent if she would like to hear about her boyfriend, Rick Forrester! "Oh, surprise, surprise. He is never going to fall for this little preppy act. You keep your little paws off him, you hear me?" Amber says. Both young ladies spot Rick coming back, so Amber leaves... and when Rick comes back inside, Kimberly is in a rush to get out of there.

With a robe on in her office, Brooke gets a call from Pierce about his infomercial. He wants to know if she had heard anything about Taylor working with him on it. But instead, he finds out about the freight elevator incident. Pierce points out Taylor's side of things to Brooke and worries, since Taylor needs to be focused on his offer!

Ridge thinks Taylor should trust him. He and Brooke have horsed around in the elevator, but he wasn't tempted to cheat on his wife, he explains. He expects too much out of her, Taylor exclaims. Ridge finds the same comparison with Pierce Peterson, because the guy has fallen in love with her. Pierce wants her and he is putting her in front of that camera to just show it in another way. Ridge will not let Taylor do the video because, just as he told Brooke in the elevator, it is not right. He pleads with Taylor not to do this, for their sakes.

Wednesday, November 04, 1998

Pierce calls Brooke and asks if Taylor was still in Ridge's office. She says yes, she is... they are talking about the elevator incident, and also about Pierce's job offer. Pierce worries at this news, because it might keep Taylor from accepting his offer to work on his video. "I need Taylor on board," he states, but Brooke says he needs her, period.

In Ridge's office, he and Taylor keep going at it. He tells her that she does not need to accept the offer from Pierce, who is nothing but a huckster who has a hold on her and wants to use her. She says he is one to talk seeing how he was cavorting with his half-naked ex- in an elevator--that being the case, how dare he tell her about someone she barely knows having a hold on HER. Ridge says that is different, because he is not vulnerable to Brooke... Taylor says he is being naïve.

Rick walks into Thorne's office, where CJ is, and they wonder about Amber. Rick says he has not seen her, but he brings up the subject of Kimberly. He tells CJ that the new girl has never even kissed a guy. "Maybe she's not into guys?" CJ asks, but Rick says she is... he can feel it. CJ says he would love to be the guy she kisses... but she sounds like something is wrong with her for never having kissed a boy. Rick wonders, however, if maybe something is wrong with THEM instead.

Amber asks Darla is she has seen Rick, and Darla offers to page him... but Amber declines, saying that she needs to cool down. She says to herself that if she wants to live in L.A., then little miss Kim better get ready to meet an earthquake! Amber says Rick is going to stop showing her around and calls Kimberly a slimy turd. Darla tells her she had to expect that, since Rick has five more years of school. Amber says this one's different; she goes off on how prim and proper Kimberly is, and Darla says it sounds like she's a little jealous. Amber says she is not not going to back away. Darla asks if Amber has talked to Kimberly about this. Amber replies she has and the girl will not be a problem anymore. When Darla asks if Rick knows, Amber says no... there is no reason to tell him. Feeling but off by all Darla's questions, Amber says that she and Rick will be together... and if Kimberly tries that again, Amber will be all over her again, and not just with words this time.

Taylor tells Ridge that she will quit if he stops dealing with Brooke. He reminds her that Brooke owns half of Forrester, and Taylor says that is a rationalization he always use. It does help her make a decision, though... she is going to take the job offer! She leaves, and Ridge is alone with his thoughts.

Shortly after, Brooke walks into Ridge's office and offers her help, but Ridge says she has helped enough. She guesses that Taylor has thrown Ridge out. Ridge says that no she hasn't, which leads Brooke to say Taylor went easy on him. Ridge reminds her that she would have jumped his bones given the chance. Brooke says no... she would have won if she really wanted, and she reminds Ridge that once on Thanksgiving, she wanted to make love and he did not... and she won! Ridge concedes that Brooke has won, and usually does, and he says his problem is that he always loses to the women in his life... like now with Taylor. Brooke asks what battle, and Ridge says Taylor is taking the job with Pierce.

Taylor arrives at Pierce's. He offers her a drink, but she just wants to get back to work... she is accepting his job offer, she tells him!

Rick admits that maybe he should have thought first before getting involved with Amber, and perhaps he should have waited like Kimberly to avoid his current predicament. CJ asks if he is having second thoughts, and Rick says it is more like **FIRST** thoughts. CJ says Kimberly has been filling his head with ideas; Rick admits that yes, she has and he is grateful for it. CJ asks if Rick had fallen for Kimberly just as Amber comes in, greeting "her" man and wondering if they were talking about the wedding, maybe asking CJ to be best man. Amber wants to get married by Thanksgiving, which is only 3 weeks away, a stunned Rick says... but Amber says she will be showing by then and does not want to be embarrassed. "You wouldn't want me to be embarrassed, would you?" she asks. Rick says no, and Amber says she didn't think so as she makes her exit.

Taylor says it's the same story but in a different setting, and Pierce suggests maybe Ridge is destroying her. He points out that she knows what she has to do.

Brooke asks Ridge if Taylor had took the job and Ridge says that she's over there right now. Brooke laments how she has tried to behave, but Taylor has always thought the worst of her, and she wonders if it is even worth it to try winning Taylor's acceptance. Leaving, Brooke points out how Taylor is like Pierce and she is like Ridge, and she asks what they are doing for themselves. After she is out the door, Ridge is alone in thought.

Thursday, November 05, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

As Brooke selects ties for a suit on a mannequin, she relives the highlights of the elevator. Smiling a very self-satisfied smile, she says, "You never gave in entirely, Ridge, but you felt the chemistry and desire. It will always be there." She sighs. "You are the greatest love of my life. Through all that has happened, it has never changed. It will never be over for us, Ridge, never!"

Ridge is working at his drawing table when Stephanie comes in asking him to tell her that it isn't true. Ridge tells her that it isn't true, then tells her that he is too busy for her. She asks him again. "Did you and Brooke tumble out of the elevator half naked?" Ridge says that it was no big deal. Oh yes it is! Stephanie says. Ridge tells her that he told Brooke no, so what is the big deal? Stephanie is outraged and reminds him that he has a wife and child to consider. Ridge insists that he has done nothing wrong. Stephanie says that if he did nothing wrong, what about Brooke? She knows that he is a married man; does she think his marriage is a joke? She imagines that Taylor must have been devastated to see him tumble out of the elevator with a half naked Brooke. Ridge admits that she was devastated and she had every right to be.

Pierce tells a busy Taylor that Ridge has called for her three times; doesn't she want to stop for a while and call him? Taylor isn't interested in calling Ridge right now. As a matter of fact, she isn't sure she is up to this shoot. Pierce offers to reschedule it. She says that it might be a good thing; she must look awful. Pierce says that awful isn't the word that comes to mind for him. He thinks she looks enchanted, stunning, and beautiful. He tells her not to try so hard to be down on herself. Doesn't she realize that she has been a real inspiration for him? He suddenly becomes angry as he says that Ridge has no regard for her feelings as a woman or as his life partner. When is she going to see that?

Thorne knocks at Macy's door but there isn't an answer. He continues to knock but Macy, inside laying on the couch, ignores him. He tries the door handle and the door opens. He enters and calls out for her. She tells him to go away. Thorne walks in to the darkened house and looks around. On the coffee table there is evidence of fast food. He opens the curtains to let in the sunlight while telling he that it is a beautiful day outside. She screams at him not to open the curtains. When he opens them anyway, she wants him to close them. Walking back to the couch, he is surprised to find a flyer on the table from the Canyon Grove Spirits, who offer free delivery. "Have you been drinking?" He demands. "Answer me, Macy. Have you been drinking?" Macy tells him that she hasn't but she has been tempted. "You don't know what it is like!" She says. "Grant is gone. I'll be alone for the rest of my life. The pain is overwhelming. I cannot breathe sometimes."

Thorne goes to her and orders her to take his hand. When she does, he drags her out onto the deck; she has no choice but to follow him. He tells her to take a deep breath. He doesn't want to trivialize her pain and loss, and he cannot imagine her pain, but he can see the hole it is leaving in her heart. "Look out there!" He commands. "Look at that sky. See the seagulls and listen to the waves. Take it in, Macy; that is life. You cannot shut it out!" Why not? She asks. It means nothing to her. Thorne reminds her of what Grant said to her, what he begged her to do. He wanted her to keep on living. She cannot give up, he tells her. "For Grant's sake, you can't give up. If you can't live for yourself, then live for Grant." Gently, he tells her that she will never be alone. If there is anything that she ever needs, he is just next door. As she nods to him, he kisses the top of her head and leaves. Alone, Macy looks around at her world.

"So you admit that you humiliated your wife?" Stephanie asks her son. He replies that it was unfortunate but it is no reason to push the panic button. She says that she isn't in a panic, but she is concerned. "I didn't do anything wrong!" Ridge says. "I did not cross the line." Stephanie tells him not to tell it to her; tell it to his wife. Ridge says that he loves his wife but that isn't the problem right now. She is at Pierce's office at the moment. He has roped her into working for him. Stephanie says that Pierce is not the issue here. He has a lot of making up to do with his wife. He tells her that that is already in the works and she says that she hopes it is something spectacular. "Taylor and Thomas are my life. I will let nothing get in the way of that," Ridge tells his mother.

Pierce apologizes for his harsh words; he did not mean to attack her husband. Taylor says that she knows that he cares and he says he cares more than she can imagine. He asks her once again if she wants to try the photo shoot or call it off. She thinks they might as well try to get it done.

At Pierce's home, they are preparing for the shoot. Taylor is in make up; the make up artist says that his job is easy with a face like hers. As they get ready for their poses, he offers once again to call it off. Taylor says that she has made a commitment and she will stick to it. They are positioned on the couch. The photographer wants a refined picture that isn't stiff, but he also wants a glimpse into their personal relationship. He wants to see the spark that makes them work so well together. The shoot goes well; they get many different poses and it is called a wrap in no time. Pierce remarks that she appeared to enjoy herself and she agrees that she really did. He asks if she wants to talk a little about the project, but she says that she has to leave; there is someone she needs to see. He tells her that she will not regret signing on with him. He will see that her work is a safe haven for her.

Stephanie goes to Brooke's office and Brooke guesses that she is there to berate her. Stephanie says that that isn't why she is there. She is disappointed in her. Brooke looks surprised. Stephanie says that the two of them have her son's best interest at heart; she thought that they were finally getting to a better relationship than ever in the past. She thought that they were working together to do the best for Rick. But after this last stunt, she can see that Brooke is just as shallow and desperate as she has always been.

Macy walks back inside the house. She looks at a picture of herself and Grant. Suddenly she sees an envelope on the floor, as if someone has thrust it under the door. She picks it up and looks at it.

Stephanie says that she must have only been kidding herself to think that she had learned anything. She is a mother with a child in crisis but does she put her child's needs first? No, she has to flaunt herself half-naked in front of a married man trying to seduce him. "Can't you keep your hormones in check?" Brooke says that she was modeling the lingerie but Stephanie asks if she was modeling a new brand of lipstick also. She says that she is still an insecure little girl but she wants her to stay away from Ridge; stay out of his life! Brooke tells her that she is just like Taylor. "Both of you blame me because you can't fulfill your men. If you kept them happy, they wouldn't be running after me!" Stephanie gives her a hard slap across the face. "Don't you ever speak to me in that tone again," she threatens. She turns and leaves the office.

Macy opens the letter and begins to read. "Macy," it begins. "I know that you are in despair; I know you are in pain. But all loss is only uncertainty; it is another mystery of life. Wait! Your loss has left you empty but it also gives you a chance to begin anew. Look around you; you may not see us, but we are here all around you. We all love you and pray today for a new tomorrow for you." As Macy reads the note, someone watches her with binoculars. "Macy," he whispers. "Dear, sweet Macy."

Brooke has barely sat down from her encounter with Stephanie when Taylor walks in. I've been expecting you, she says. Taylor tells her that she has sunk to an all time low. Not according to Ridge, Brooke replies. "Oh, don' t try to make me jealous," Taylor says. Brooke says that she is shaking in her boots. It isn't her fault if she can't make her man happy. "My man," Taylor tells her. "That is the key word. Ridge is my man. Your cheap flirtation is over with today. I'm here to tell you to stop it now!"

Friday, November 06, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys:

Spectra is a beehive of activity as Sally tries to whip her business back into shape. Everyone has an assigned task when Thorne arrives. Sally sees his face and knows that he doesn't have good news. She excuses herself and goes to him, asking if he has been with Macy. Thorne tells Sally that Macy's depression is worse and he fears that she has been tempted to drink. "That is it then," Sally says. "Something has got to be done." She tells everyone to hold down the fort; she is going to get Macy and bring her back.

Ridge is carrying Thomas around and telling him all about his most recent escapade. "I've been a naughty boy," he says. "Your old dad messed up pretty bad and hurt your mommy. Do you know how much I love your mommy? I have to apologize, but just saying it isn't enough. Daddy has an idea but he needs your help. Together, we can put a smile back on Mommy's face."

Brooke tells Taylor that if she is there to vent or unload on her to save her breath; Stephanie has already done it. Brooke says that she doesn't intend to defend herself; there is nothing to defend. She and Ridge was just horsing around. She wasn't trying to seduce him. As she laughs, Taylor asks if she thinks it is funny, horsing around with another woman's husband in a trapped elevator. She says that Brooke's attempts to seduce Ridge are obvious but this tops the list. She tells Brooke that she has absolutely no impulse control and she tries to pass it off as being a free spirit---a flower child. Brooke is offended and tells her that Taylor doesn't know the first thing about her. Taylor says that she does know about her; she has convinced herself that Ridge has a secret longing or her. She puts him in an uncompromising position then deludes herself that it is sexual tension. Brooke stops her. "If you think he is uncomfortable, you are the one who is deluding herself." She says that Ridge was laughing and having fun, but that is what she and Stephanie can't understand. Ridge enjoys it. He is driven by passion and sensuality; that is what made their marriage so special. "Then why did he leave you if your marriage was so special?" Taylor wants to know. Brooke tells her that there is only one reason that they are no longer together---Thomas. "It isn't because of you that he left me; he left to take care of his son."

Sally arrives at Macy's and knocks at the door. Walking in, she tells her daughter that it is long past time for her to get up off the couch, take a shower, and change her wardrobe. She tells her that she has to do that and she is there to see that she does. She says that as soon as she gets cleaned up and dressed, she is taking her to Spectra. Macy looks at her and says that she isn't going to take no for an answer, is she? Sally says that she and all her other friends sympathize with her and her feelings, but they can't let her fall deeper into a pit of dark depression. If she won't pull herself out of it, then someone will have to do it for her. She tells her that life isn't in here in the dark with the blinds closed; it is waiting for her out there and all she has to do is reach out for it. Macy agrees to go to the office but when Sally sends her to get her shower, she tells her mother that she will drive herself. "Go on ahead," she says. "Tell everyone that I will be in soon." Sally says that it may not seem like much but she is taking an enormous step in the right direction. From a distance, Macy and Sally are being watched by someone with binoculars.

Taylor says that she should have seen that coming. She says that as usual, Brooke is rationalizing Ridge's decision and blaming Thomas. She says that Brooke is the Queen of Denial. She tells her that she and Ridge are happily married and Ridge has no intention of leaving her. Brooke insists that she and Ridge are friends. Taylor says that friends respect one another; they don't put them in embarrassing positions. She says that Brooke has no concept of right or wrong and her behavior borders on being sociopathic. Brooke is unmoved; she tells her that she doesn't need psychoanalyzing. Taylor tells her that she is serious. "You have serious problems," she says. "Stephanie knows it, Eric and Ridge can see it, as do all the other people who have had the misfortune of meeting you. You manipulate everyone. How many people have you hurt? Eric? Ridge? Grant? How many more are you going to hurt? This time, you have gone too far. You have embarrassed Ridge in front of his colleagues. It wasn't funny, Brooke, it is sad." She tells her that she has nothing left to stand on but her sexuality. She pushes Ridge further and further but he is never coming back to her---never! With that, Taylor walks out. Brooke stand there for a few minutes then she smiles. "Oh yes he is, Taylor. Ridge is coming back to me!"

Ridge calls Brooke's office; he knows that Taylor was headed there and he asks if she is still there. Brooke says that she just left. When Ridge asks if she was headed home, Brooke says that she could care less where she was heading. She proceeds to tell Ridge that Taylor came there to jump all over her after Stephanie had just finished doing the same thing. "You know Taylor," she says. "She has to kick me when I am down!" Ridge says that he will talk to her later. Right now, he has special plans for him and Taylor tonight and he has a few preparations to get to before she arrives. When Brooke continues, saying that Taylor was really angry, Ridge tells her that she had a right to be angry. He cuts her off and hangs up.

As Macy leaves the house and gets into her car, she is unaware that she is still being watched. It is difficult but she finally is able to get into the car and start out for Spectra.

At Spectra, everyone is excited that Macy is coming in to work but Sally reminds them that it is still a struggle for her. Don't expect too much, Sally warns, but she would appreciate any thing that they can do to cheer her up. She says that it is going to take a lot of courage for her to walk through that door but she has to take that step and begin connecting with all the people who love her.

Taylor arrives home and there doesn't seem to be anyone home. She calls out but there is no answer. She sees Thomas lying in his playpen and she goes and starts talking to him. Using the baby monitor, Ridge speaks as if he were Thomas. "Daddy is hiding from you, Mommy," he says. "He made a silly mistake and he wants you to forgive him. He is really, really sorry." He continues to tell Taylor through Thomas that he has tried all day to find a way to show her just how sorry he is. He knows that he was inconsiderate and thoughtless. Taylor tells Thomas that his daddy makes her feel that she doesn't matter, that her feelings do not matter. He makes her feel like she isn't important. "What does that say about our relationship if he doesn't have any respect for me?" In the other room, Ridge closes his eyes in pain at her words. "You've got it all wrong; Daddy respects you a lot," Thomas says. "Give Daddy a chance to explain," Thomas continues. "He really loves you and this family is the most important part of Daddy's life." Coming into the room, Ridge says that the thought of losing his family, of damaging it, terrifies him. Me too, agrees Taylor. "Can you give me another chance? Please don't let this get in the way of the feelings we have for each other. I love you so much and I need for you to forgive me."

Macy tells herself to pull herself together; it is only a few miles; it isn't all that stressful. "They care about me," she tells herself. "They want me to get better; they want to see me happy again. I wish that it were that easy. I've got to snap out of this!" Suddenly she hears her mother's voice telling her that life is just outside that door. She hears Thorne telling her that he will be there for her. Darla's voice mingles with those of Sally and Thorne. The echoes of their voices bounce around in her head. She begins to writhe around in the car, trying to get the voices to stop. She lays her head down on the steering wheel. Suddenly she hears the sound of horns. Looking up, she sees headlights and suddenly, there is only the sound of a crash.

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Week of 11/09/98 - 11/13/98

Monday, November 09, 1998

Sally talks to Thorne about business, but all he can think about is how he is worried about Macy. He wonders where she is. Darla wonders as well. Sally says Macy promised to be there, and she knows Macy won't let them down.

A policeman arrives at the crash site, and he asks Macy if she is all right. Macy has blood running down her face as the policeman tries to talk to her. She doesn't answer back. The policeman calls for an ambulance.

Ridge asks Taylor to forgive him. Taylor says, "But you were laughing when you fell out of that elevator. I want to know what's going on." Ridge says she has to believe him... he did nothing wrong and wasn't playing the games Brooke was. They can either go back and forth playing "he said, she said," or they can get to the real root of the problem... his and Taylor's dealing with their marriage and their family. Ridge asks, "Can we do that Doc? From now on, let's just concentrate on us."

Brooke arrives at Piece's house, and she tells him about her visit from Taylor. Pierce asks if she was surprised after what happened and Brooke admits that yes, what she did was a lousy joke, but it didn't warrant the attack she got, with Taylor loaded for bear. Pierce says that doesn't sound like Taylor, and Brooke replies, "You've never seen her like this; her claws were out and let me tell you, it's not a pretty sight. We argued before, but this time she pushed it too far. I'm tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in her marriage and life. I won't take it anymore." Pierce asks for details, and Brooke tells him how Taylor called her a user and evil. "She doesn't realize what when down in that elevator wasn't all my doing. Taylor would like to believe that Ridge was a victim, but he felt something for me. He didn't respond, but he wanted to... there's no doubt in my mind of that." Brooke then tells Pierce why she is there to see him; she says, "I want to let you know that their marriage won't last; it will fall apart."

Back at Spectra, there is still no sign of or word from Macy. Thorne tells Sally that he wants to go to Macy's; he says something is wrong.

At the hospital, the doctor asks if the nurses had identified the victim, and the nurse says yes, it's Macy Chambers. The doctor, Dr. Madigan, brings Macy out of it, and she says her head and her chest hurt. The doctor tells her to lie still as he orders some tests from the lab, and he asks the nurse to find Macy's family. Shortly after, the nurse cleans the blood off Macy's face, and the doctor returns. As the nurse explains that it will only take a few stitches, the doctor asks if there is anyone they should call from her family. Macy calls out, "Grant." The nurse guesses Macy must mean her husband, but Macy then murmurs how they cannot call him. The doctor tells the nurse he wants to talk to her in the hall and they leave the room. The doctor and nurse look over Macy's test results; the doctor says it looks like she'll be ok. Unseen, the mystery figure that has been watching Macy says to himself, "Thank God she's ok," and he starts to walk over to Macy's room.

Taylor tells Ridge she is tired of this and wants to talk. Ridge says he is all for it; he has told her his explanation, and now it's Taylor's turn. Taylor says she doesn't know what to say. Ridge says that the last time they talked, she was at Pierce's place. Taylor says they are not going to get into that. Ridge suggests that their work affects their relationship, so they should put the cards on the table and see where it takes them. Taylor says she has decided to start her private practice again... and she thinks Pierce's video would be a good way to jump-start that. Ridge says, "All right. I'm tried of bickering. Let's forget about everybody else. If our answers are the same, then there's no question that we can get our marriage back on track. So what do you what to do, Doc? Do you what to start over fresh?"

Pierce disagrees with Brooke; Ridge and Taylor are committed, he states. "But they are not happy," Brooke points out. She asks Pierce what he would say if Ridge and Taylor were two opposites he met at a conference and not someone he knows. Pierce says he cannot be objective... no matter what he feels, Ridge and Taylor are married, and there is nothing either one of them can do about it.

Taylor asks if Ridge wants to wipe the slate clean, and he says yes. He continues, "I love you, but I am tired of the tension. We should recommit ourselves one hundred percent, to each other and to our family. I know there is nothing between you and Pierce, and there's nothing between me and Brooke." Taylor says there was something Brooke said something today, about how she and Ridge are total opposites. Ridge says that may be, but they understand each other... and based on that, they can get through this. Taylor says she is trying to do that. Ridge tells Taylor she is the expert and asks where do they begin. Taylor says, "We should start tonight," as she kisses Ridge, and she adds, "like this." Ridge hopes she doesn't use this kind of therapy on all her patients. Taylor says she loves him and is sorry. Ridge says that if they stick together, they can through anything. Taylor says she knows they can, and they kiss.

Brooke is stunned how Pierce is giving up... she thought "can't" was not in his vocabulary. She bets his next infomercial will be about giving up. He says that is unfair, but she says what is unfair is to watch that marriage fall apart on its own... which will happen. Brooke tells Pierce he should stay close to Taylor, and he should be there when her marriage comes crashing down. Pierce says, "You mean we should keep the pressure on?" Brooke says, "No, just give her support if she needs it. Ridge feels responsible for Taylor and Thomas, but in case she needs someone, she is drawn to you." She then points out that Bailey's experiment would not have worked if Taylor didn't have feelings for him. She asks if Pierce is with her, and he can't believe he is saying it, but he thinks he is. Brooke smiles.

At the hospital they still can't contact any of Macy's family, as Macy lies still in her bed.

Back at Spectra, Thorne and Sally are still worried about Macy as Darla calls the house, since there no answer at Macy's. Sally says, "She's not home or at the office. Where on earth can she be?"

The mystery man watches the doctor and nurse leave, and he walks into Macy's room. Macy is in bed, and she calls out for the doctor. The man says, "No, Macy, I'm not a doctor." Macy opens her eyes to see the man that's been watching her; in disbelief, she says, "Oh my God, it can't be... it's you!"

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

As she lies in bed, weakened, Macy asks the man if he is really who she thinks he is, but he tells her to rest as she closes her eyes and sleeps.

Brooke tells Pierce that she knew she met him for a reason, and he says it is that he is in Taylor's life for a reason. Brooke agrees and says the reason is to show Taylor her marriage is a mistake, although Pierce thinks he is just there to give her an option. Pierce says he will be there for Taylor if she chooses him, which Brooke thinks she will; however, he refuses to do anything underhanded. Brooke assures him that she in not like Bailey, so they won't have to worry about that, since Ridge and Taylor are just not compatible. Pierce mulls that over and thinks about how degrading it must have been for Taylor to see Brooke and Ridge in the elevator. He says this can't go on, and Brooke agrees.

Kissing and making up, Ridge and Taylor joke about how he can do this to her. "Do what? Make you feel like putty in my hands?" Ridge asks. Not quite, Taylor quips, remarking about all the poor innocent women who have to get fought off by her husband. Ridge laughs that people could get hurt that way. People did get hurt, she reminds him. "I'm sorry," he says, and she says that she accepts that. However, she thinks that there is someone else that he owes an apology to. "You mean Dad," Ridge says, but she corrects him that she is talking about someone else: BROOKE!

Thorne is about to head to Macy's to check on her, as Sally asks him to let her know what is happening. He is just heading out the door when the phone rings; Darla picks it up, and it is Dr. Madigan from Cedars Memorial Hospital. He asks if they have an employee named Macy Chambers. Hearing Macy's name and the mention of the hospital, Sally takes the phone and identifies herself as Macy's mother. She is upset to hear that Macy was in a car accident!

Back in the hospital room, we get a look at the man by Macy's bed... it's Myles Fairchild! Myles is by Macy's side and says her mother will be there soon... and as she looks at his face, as if through as fog, she says he is her father and has not changed. He says yes, it is her father.

Ridge asks what he can possibly have done to owe Brooke an apology. Taylor says that whether he realizes it or not, he encouraged Brooke. Ridge asks if he should have shoved her away. Taylor says, "Then she would at least have known you're serious about our marriage." Ridge says he knows that Taylor thinks that Brooke is a threat, but after the talk in the elevator, he thinks that she realizes all they can be is friends. Besides, he still can't help feel that he hurt Brooke with the way he left her. Taylor says it's good that does not want to hurt Brooke, but he is keeping her from going out and finding someone that will make her happy by continuing to encourage her fantasies. Ridge asks what should he do, and Taylor replies that she wants him to quit Forrester.

Brooke says she never expected Ridge's marriage to fade this fast, and Pierce agrees that Ridge did not seem embarrassed or guilty over his actions in the elevator. Brooke attributes that to her being the only one for Ridge... she can please him in ways no one else can, especially not Taylor. Pierce says that is one thing he still cannot understand; he wonders what kind of hold Ridge has on a beautiful looking woman like her. He guesses that there is no accounting for taste. "I could say the same thing about you going for a boring old stick in the mud like Taylor," Brooke remarks with a smile. They both start laughing, amused by the comments and their situation.

Macy asks her father not to go, and he says he will never do that again. She asks why he is there, and he says that she needed him; because of that, he has been watching over her. "From heaven?" Macy asks, but he says that he never quite made it near there. Macy cries out to her father, "Take me to him." To who? Myles asks. She says, "To Grant," but Myles points out that he cannot. It is not yet her time, he explains, and he begs his girl to be strong, and someday she will move on. Things will get better, he assures her. "I don't want to forget," she pleads, and Myles explains that she can no more do that than he could forget her over the years. If that is the case, then why did he leave, she asks. He says he did not want to, but he had no choice, and he tells her to remember that he loves her. He assures her he will back.

Myles leaves just before Sally, Thorne and Darla arrive. They are led in by the doctor as Myles watches from outside, seeing Sally for the first time in years. He cries as he watches them through the tiny window in the hospital door.

Taylor suggests Ridge start his own design house, but he points out she would not quit her job for him... besides, neither Pierce nor Brooke is a threat to them, he states. He suggests tabling the conversation and hitting the sheets. Taylor agrees with her fingers crossed behind her back as Ridge leads her off to the bedroom.

Pierce says how he would make things easier for Taylor by taking her all over the world, so she will never want anything. This makes Brooke say that Taylor is lucky, and Pierce says Ridge is equally lucky. Pierce asks Brooke if it is worth it and she says it is.

Sally tries to talk to Macy and Macy says don't let him go. When they ask who she is talking about, Macy moans the word "daddy," leaving Sally wondering. Meanwhile, Myles is still outside Macy's room with tears in his eyes.

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Macy lies in bed, calling for her daddy, and Sally, Thorne and Darla suspect she's dreaming and tell her to wake up. Macy asks if Sally saw her daddy. Sally says that he has been gone since Macy was a little girl, but Macy insists he was there though. Sally asks if Macy knows where she is, and Macy weakly replies, "in the hospital." Sally tells her that is correct; she was in an accident and has received a lot of medication, which is the cause of Macy's delirium. Outside, Myles watches his family, now total strangers, through the glass door and wonders if it was worth it.

Kimberly wonders where her father is as the answering machine picks up a call from Rick. She hears his voice as he asks for her to give him a call and hangs up. She wonders if Amber has told Rick everything she said and asks herself why Rick did not mention having a girlfriend.

CJ and Amber watch a movie and he asks if Rick is joining them. "No, he's working on his project," Amber states smugly. CJ comments that she doesn't seem upset that Rick is working on his project... and Amber says that is because she has met Kimberly. CJ suggests that he should never have told her about Kimberly and Amber says not to worry about. While she met Kimberly, she took care of everything, she proudly explains.

Bridget asks Rick to borrow some money before going to the mall, and he says sure. As he turns to give her the money, his eyes pop out of his head... his little thirteen-year-old sister is dressed just like Amber! Her hairstyle is done up in one of Amber's funky styles, and she is wearing a midriff revealing cropped top. He asks what the heck she is doing, and she says that he likes when Amber dresses that way. "But you're not Amber," he says. Bridget says she looks sexy, but Rick says you don't have to dress trashy to look good... like Kimberly, who has it together and has earned his respect by not trying to be something she isn't. Bridget says it's good that he respects Kimberly... but he isn't going to marry her, is he?

Lauren opens her penthouse door and greets an old dear friend... singer Dionne Warwick is standing there with a bright smile on her face! Lauren invites her in as the two hug and quickly get caught up. Lauren asks about a song she sent to Dionne which Dionne says is great... so why isn't Lauren singing it herself? Lauren says she thinks she might get too nervous singing it in front of Eric... and besides, he is a huge fan of Dionne's and will go crazy when she sings. She escorts Dionne down to Cafe Russe to get set up and meet the band so they can put Lauren's plan into action.

Amber says she introduced herself to Kimberly, and CJ worries that she mentioned the baby. What would be wrong with that, she wonders, and CJ reminds him that Rick is still in high school... having something like that come out could ruin him. Amber tells him to calm down and assures him she did not mention the baby. All she said was for Kimberly to give up her act. CJ says it is not an act, and Kimberly has never kissed a guy, leading Amber to call her a loser. When CJ says she is not a loser, especially in Rick's eyes, Amber brags that Kimberly is not Rick's type like she is. CJ asks if this is the way it will always be every time a girl looks at Rick, and she says it will only be that way until the wedding, which she hopes will be soon as possible. CJ cautions her not to push Rick. She says she will not as they start watching the movie.

Macy tells Sally that Daddy WAS there... and as Sally asks if he said anything else, Myles listens outside. Macy explains how her father was watching over her and called her his brown-eyed girl like he used to, and he told her to be strong until things get better. Thorne agrees things will get better for Macy, which is why they are all pulling for her. Outside, the doctor spots Myles by the door and asks if he can help him with something. Myles quickly replies that he is at the wrong room and leaves.

The doctor says Macy needs her rest, so Sally, Thorne and Darla prepare to leave. Macy stops her mother and asks, "You know what else he said? He said he never wanted to leave us." Sally kisses her daughter goodbye and joins the others. By the elevator, Sally and Darla talk about Macy's dreams of her father. Sally notes how it is probably a result of losing Grant; it is making her think of someone else who left her alone suddenly, her father. Thorne asks if Macy could be right but Sally does not think so. He says he will drop Darla at Insomnia as they board the elevator.

Bridget points out that Rick seems to be pretty caught up in Kimberly... maybe he wants to go out with her. Rick says he would if her could. He then points out that he and Amber are not role models, and a marriage like he is going to have is not what his sister wants, so he tells her to go change. "Will you still give me the money if I don't?" she asks, and Rick says no. As she is almost out the door, Bridget turns back asks Rick what sex was like. He says for him, it was good at the time... but the stress he felt after was not worth it, he says as his sister apologizes.

At Café Russe, Lauren checks in with Dionne to make sure she is ready as Eric makes his entrance. Dionne heads backstage as Eric and Lauren get a table. When he wants to talk about Rick and Amber, Lauren suggests they table that for tonight, and she winks a signal to Dionne.

Bridget realizes that Rick likes Kimberly and would date her if not for the baby, but Rick makes her promise not to tell as he reminds her to go change. The phone rings and it is Kimberly, who has a piece of their project to fax him, and Rick asks why she seems to be avoiding him. "I barely know you," she points out, "we just met." But doesn't she like him, he asks. She says she likes him, but... As she pauses, Rick says he is coming right over.

Darla is telling Christy the waitress about Macy when the waitress is called away to a table, and Myles comes over and asks to join Darla.

Rick arrives at the Fairchild house and Kimberly says he cannot stay, since her father is not there... but he will not leave until she tells him what is going on!

Thursday, November 12, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

Sally arrives at her apartment and invites Thorne in for a nightcap, something that she can really use right now. She tells him that she has just had a wakeup call. Macy came too close to dying tonight. She underestimated her daughter's ability to deal with Grant's death; Macy is in deeper than she ever imagined and she has to get her some help. Thorne says that he will help her all that he can. She says that he is doing enough just helping to keep the business afloat. Thorne tells her that he just realized something; every time Sally looks at him, she sees the husband who deserted her.

Myles joins Darla at Insomnia and says that he overheard her talking about her friend. He recently had someone he loved involved in the same kind of accident, he explains. Darla says that this person didn't deserve this to happen to her on top of everything else. She had just lost her husband to cancer after only a few months of marriage and now this... she is such a good person! Myles says that Macy is lucky to have a friend like her. "How did you know her name?" Darla asks, surprised.

Rick is standing at the front door and Kimberly tells him that he can't just barge in to other people's house any time he wants to. He says that he isn't leaving until he knows what is going on. "Why have you been blowing me off?" he asks. He says that they were getting along so well and he wants to know what happened to her. "Me?" Kimberly asks. "All right, I will tell you. I met your girlfriend."

At Café Russe, Lauren gives the high sign to her friend, Dionne Warwick, to start with the song. She and Eric are drinking champagne when the Café manager introduces Dionne. When Eric hears her name, he perks up, since she is his favorite singer. Dionne takes the microphone and before she starts singing, she tells the audience that she is singing a song that was written by one of her best friends for her man. Eric looks at Lauren, and she nods that what he is thinking is true. Taking her hand, they listen as Dionne sings a song called "High Upon This Love" (actually the theme from "The Bold and The Beautiful" with lyrics).

Myles tells Darla that he must have heard her mention the name to the waitress and she accepts this explanation. Myles asks her about Macy's family, and she answers that Macy has a mom and a younger brother. "There is no father?" Myles wants to know. Darla makes a face and says that her father deserted the family a long time ago, the big jerk! He just took off one day and it nearly killed Sally. She was left all alone with a struggling company and a child to raise.

"What?" Sally asks. Thorne repeats that she considers him to have deserted Macy, just as Adam Alexander deserted her all those years ago. Sally says she wants nothing to do with his amateur psychology, but Thorne will not let up. She goes on to describe Mr. Alexander as leaving her with a tiny little girl, a girl who adored her father. She didn't tell Macy much about her father as she was growing up; she didn't want her to know that she had been deserted. She was afraid that if she remembered him, she would think that it was her fault that he left. "Why did he leave?" Thorne asks. "That is the million dollar question," Sally says, bitterly. "And it is a question that I never got the chance to ask."

Rick is surprised and dumbfounded. "Amber? What did she tell you?" Kimberly says that Amber told her that she was his girl friend and told her to back off. She says that if she had known that he already had a girlfriend, she would never have . . . "What?" Rick asks. She answers that Amber accused her of running after him or something. Rick says that Amber is a little insecure at times. Kimberly asks if she has a reason to be insecure and Rick says that she doesn't. She asks if he is close with Amber and he reluctantly answers that he is. Kimberly says that all she wants to do now is to focus on getting the science project off the ground and go from there. He says that he is glad that Amber told her; now they can get back to the way things were. Kimberly only answers that her father will be home soon and Rick leaves.

When Dionne finishes the song, she is given a standing ovation. As she is leaving the floor, Lauren invites her to join her and Eric; she tells her that they loved the song. Dionne says that she can't sit with them; anyway, they will want to be alone. Lauren asks Eric what he thought, and he admits that, as promised, Lauren provided an evening that knocked his socks off. As Dionne leaves the Café, she looks back, and Lauren and Eric are kissing.

When Darla tells Myles that Adam Alexander dumped his wife and child, leaving without a trace, it was devastating for the family. Myles surmises that maybe he had a good reason for leaving. Darla can think of no good reason that he would have left his family like that and hopes that wherever he is, he is getting what he deserves. Sadly, Myles says that he knows that he regrets it and is probably devastated. As Darla is leaving, he asks her name. She tells him that she is Darla and he introduces himself as Myles.

Sally tells Thorne that Adam and she were so much in love with each other; he was her whole world, her passion. They were struggling to get the business going, but they knew that they would make it. Adam was a rocket on fire; they were going to be at the top of the heap. "Oh, yes, Adam knew where he was going! Oh, he knew where he was going alright; he just forgot to take Macy and me with him." Thorne wonders if she ever had any inkling that he was going to leave her. She answers that she should have; the signs were all there. There were the late meetings, the "wrong numbers." Then one day he was gone. He just vanished without a trace. "One day you think that you have everything; the next day you wake up with nothing but a pile of debts, a family business on the brink of bankruptcy and a little girl with a broken heart. DAMN YOU, ADAM ALEXANDER! DAMN YOU TO HELL!"

Myles comes out of Insomnia and stands on the street alone looking unhappy. "Sally," he whispers. "How do I make you understand?"

Friday, November 13, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

Brooke and Megan are making plans for the new showing of their "fabulous" collection but Brooke is worried. She says that they used to be the leaders of fashion; they had all the new ideas long before the other fashion houses. But now, everyone has caught up with them and everyone else has a fabulous collection; they are just cruising on their reputation. Just then, Lauren stops by with a sly smile and Brooke tells Megan that she needs to think on this some more. When they are alone, Lauren congratulates Brooke and says she is impressed. When Brooke asks what she means, Lauren shows Brooke the magazine with THE picture in it; the picture of Brooke and Ridge falling out of the elevator has been blown up and is shown in full color!

Ridge is in his father's office with his parents and is also looking at the picture, but he doesn't seem concerned. As he throws the paper down, Stephanie tells him that he should be concerned. If not for his wife, then he should be concerned for the business. The business is down and publicity like this will not help any. Ridge says that this isn't serious; it is just Brooke being Brooke. She reminds him that "Brooke being Brooke" could cost him his marriage. He tells her that he doesn't need her telling him how to run his personal life.

Pierce and Miss Holiday are making plans for the press conference announcing his new video. She brings up the magazine with Brooke and Ridge's picture and he tells her to get rid of it. He doesn't want Taylor to have to see it; it would devastate her. Taylor comes into the house at that moment and asks what would devastate her. Pierce tells her that it is nothing, but Taylor demands to see the magazine.

Rick goes to CJ and says that he is looking for Amber. CJ says he doesn't know where she is, but just wait and he will be seeing her---he always does. Rick doesn't want to wait. He is angry; he tells CJ that Amber actually went to Kimberly and told her that she was his girl friend. CJ knows so Rick blasts him for not telling him. CJ says he isn't getting in the middle of this.

Taylor looks at the picture in disgust! She says that she was afraid it would be published. Now she can't go to the office because there will surely be reporters waiting for her. He tells her that they can do their work from the house; he wants to work on the video anyway. She reminds him that the reporters at the press conference will be asking questions also if she is there. They will be full of embarrassing questions, all because some people cannot control their sexual impulses. He tells her that that is what this video is about, about how sex can destroy so much human potential.

When Stephanie tries to get Ridge to consider the effect of scandal on business, he jeers at her. "You think the women of America will stop buying Forrester Fashions because of one picture that gets in the paper?" he asks. Stephanie says that he should consider the effect that Brooke has on everything, including the company image. Eric finally speaks up and says that they shouldn't get into that now; they have a company business to save. Ridge agrees and says that they should be concerned... it may not be a short-term concern, he says, but Forrester is not being innovative. Their competitors are coming up with new ideas, though... and Ridge fears that if they do not follow suit, then they will lag behind and will lose their market share because of that.

Taylor reminds Pierce that sex can be a beautiful thing; it is the most powerful of human drives. Pierce agrees that it is powerful and that it is normal until it is taken to extremes; then it is the most destructive drive there can be. He tells her that it is everywhere; there is pornography, cybersex, HIV, and dysfunctional relationships. But with this new video, they are going to change the world by making a definitive statement about sex. Taylor agrees that when sex is used as an expression of love, it is a positive thing. But a lot of people are too preoccupied with it, like Brooke.

While CJ and Rick are talking, Amber comes up to the door. She is just in time to hear CJ ask if Kimberly thought that Rick was free for her. Rick says that Kimberly is so pure and sweet; he has never met anyone like her before. Amber stops at the door and listens. Rick continues to talk about Kimberly... how smart she is, how wholesome, how moral. He admires the fact that she has saved herself for that special person; the girl has never been kissed and he thinks that is so special. He wishes he had waited. He feels like a real loser who is unworthy of someone like Kimberly. CJ reminds him that he loves Amber and she loves him. "What do you feel for Amber now?" CJ asks. Rick says that his life sucks. He is only a high school senior and he has a baby on the way. Life sucks! Why didn't he just stop on the way and buy a condom? None of this would have happened if he had only done that. But no, he thought he was so cool. A girl like Kimberly would have known better. "Right now," he says, "when I look at Kimberly, I see everything that I have missed out on." "What do you see when you look at Amber?" CJ asks. Outside the door, a devastated Amber holds her breath for the answer. "When I look at Amber, I see the biggest mistake of my life," Rick admits. Amber sinks to the floor, crying her heart out and trying to quiet the sobs that try to slip out.

Taylor realizes that they have too much pornography, but she can't see what they can do about it. There are ministers talking about it from their pulpits and they aren't having any effect on it. Pierce thinks that they will have an effect where the ministers and politicians can't. He feels that they will listen to her; she is a beautiful charismatic woman standing up for the people. This isn't a moralistic stand that they are taking; they are talking about the problem that they have out there in the world where sex seems to rule, and destroy, every aspect of people's lives. Look at Brooke, agrees Taylor, and that picture. "There is an example of what you are talking about. When do we start?"

At Forrester, Brooke and Lauren are talking about the picture. Brooke is a little upset because it will prove what Stephanie is always saying about her, that she is a tramp. Lauren tells her not to feel bad; that is just the way Stephanie is. Stephanie even has been known to use the same terms about Lauren, she reminds Brooke. Brooke tells her that it isn't just Stephanie; the company has been in a slump and profits are down. This doesn't look good coming from the CEO of the company. Lauren says that instead of worrying about the picture in the paper, she should be using her best advantage. "What advantage?" Brooke asks. Lauren forces Brooke to look at the picture and tell her what is going on. Brooke finally figures it out; she is having fun! She is fun and sexy! "Now," Lauren says, "you should figure out a way for Forrester Creations to focus on your strength." Thinking about it, Brooke realizes that Lauren is right. To get Forrester back on top, all she has to do is create a new line. She will show the world that sex in the bedroom can be sexy and fun. She will design a whole new line for fun and sex. She is thinking lingerie, but also other things, like linens and comforters... anything that will help you to have fun in the bedroom. Lauren tells her that she is going to need some help. When Brooke looks at her questioningly, she tells her to look at the picture again; there is someone in the picture that will help you. Looking at the picture, Brooke understands. Yes, she says, the company is going to need Ridge!

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Week of 11/16/98 - 11/20/98

Monday, November 16, 1998

Pierce and Taylor are getting ready for their press conference and they are having a serious discussion about the overpopulation in the world--a condition that is compounded by rampant sexual activity in the world. As a result, we cannot even support the billions of people we have on the planet now, Pierce states... and eventually, that large number of people in the world will grow exponentially. They continue to chat about how here in the United States, there are too many teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Pierce feels that this is a moral issue to bring children into a world that cannot feed them. He wants to change the attitudes of the public... it is essential to the planet's survival, as is this video.

Brooke is in her office telling Lauren that she is going to capitalize on being a sensual woman. She is planning on teaching women of this world not to be afraid of their sexuality, but rather to celebrate it... and at the same time, she can create profits from Forrester, since the products will carry the Forrester name. Brooke wants to lead a bedroom revolution into the 21st century. She is planning a full line of Forrester lingerie, sheets and blankets, sex toys, etc.

Amber is outside Thorne's office at Spectra and is listening to Rick tell CJ that he regrets having sex with Amber. He has a horrible cloud hanging over him and he wishes he had met Kimberly a long time ago, Rick tells his best friend. All she has to worry about is the senior prom and homework, and she is so innocent, having never even kissed a boy. Amber then comes into the office. She needs Rick, she tells him... but she has a feeling that she doesn't have him anymore. She admits that she over heard everything. Rick says that he is starting to see things differently now. But Amber is upset and says, "You talk about Kimberly the way you used to talk about me. You are falling for that girl... you know it, CJ knows it, and now so do I. You talk about her like she is some kind of goddess." CJ offers to leave the office, which Rick agrees with... but Amber chirps in that perhaps she is the one who shouldn't be around anymore.

Lauren questions the bedroom revolution idea of Brooke's but admits that she does like it. But what about Stephanie and Taylor, she wonders. Brooke explains that she is going to instruct the world on the finer sexual pleasures and not just sell some lingerie... and if Stephanie and Taylor don't approve, that is THEIR problem. Lauren asks how she plans to present the idea to Eric and Ridge. Brooke replies that she plans on introducing her idea at the board meeting tonight. With her knowledge of sex, and Forrester as the designer, it cannot fail... and she will not let anyone, not even Stephanie, deter her. The key to her idea is Ridge, and she is off to see him at the beach house before the meeting.

Ridge is at the beach house and Taylor comes home. He says she is home early in mock surprise... and after he says Bridget is watching over Thomas, he tells her that he has a board meeting tonight while she has her press gig. Taylor has a problem thinking about his being with Brooke again. Ridge wants to get over all of their recent problems and once again apologizes for the picture and for the scene with Brooke on the elevator. He then promises to limit his contact at work with Brooke. But he doesn't want to think about that now... for the moment, he is excited that they have the house all to themselves right now and seizes the rare opportunity to fool around with his wife. Taylor reminds him that she has to be in front of the cameras in less than an hour, but he says he will help give her a healthy glow. They start to go at it in the living room anyway. Just then, there is a knock at the door; Brooke shows up to talk to Ridge about her new project. Taylor chimes in that now is not a good time as she zips up the front of her sweater, which Ridge had opened. Brooke says she did not realize, and Taylor says there is no reason she SHOULD know... this is their home and not some filthy elevator trapped between floors, Taylor states. After the door is closed in Brooke's face, she tells herself that it is okay because she is starting a whole new chapter in her life today.

Rick tells Amber that Kimberly doesn't even want to see him. Amber doesn't care and brings up the little baby and their challenges ahead... but now, she feels like Rick isn't ready and she is leaving in a dream world. Maybe she was being naïve, she guesses. She can't force him to marry her, she states, but she is going to ask this one more time, if he is with her or not. She is giving him this one opportunity to reconsider everything. If Rick wants out she will walk out of the door... he will be free and she will leave town, so he doesn't have to know where she is. But she needs to know where she stands before she makes that choice, and she needs to know NOW!

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

Amber is telling Rick that if he doesn't love her or want to be with her, she wont force him to stay. If he wants out of the relationship, he should tell her now, even though she knows that this is a big decision. He asks what she would do if she left. She answers that she is ready to make the kind of plans needed when she is all alone and questions him if that is how it is going to be. She explains that this baby is her life and the music career is out of the picture now. She will manage to get by on her own if she has to. Rick says that she probably will if he lets her... which he will not.

At her board meeting, Brooke presents data to Ridge, Eric and Stephanie about 3 small companies making a fortune off of bedroom products... and if these homegrown companies can make money, surely Forrester can, too. Brooke has a new product line that she is excited about, she states. She believes that women these days would like to come home and slip into something a little more comfortable, sexy and fun. She explains that the smaller companies are getting all the benefits and shows a graph of their profits for the past year. Those profits could be just what they need, she explains. This new line would be known worldwide as "Brooke's Bedroom," she says, and will allow them to use Forrester's name and resources to tap into the lucrative market she has just shown them.

In his mansion, Pierce greets the reporters that have arrived for his press conference and tells them that this project is different than anything he has ever done before. Upstairs, Taylor feels like she is going to fall apart because she is nervous about the presentation. Pierce assures her things will be fine as they begin the conference. Pierce begins by telling the press that this is the tenth video in his series and the subject is human sexuality, with the goal of irresponsible attitudes about sex. It has to be addressed, he states with urgency... and he then introduces his partner, the 'talented' Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester.

Taylor then says to the audience that she is nervous, and by nature she is a private person. She explains her history and talks about Pierce, and how he is a genius and honored to be part of his project. She tells them how she sent Pierce a letter, thanking him for his work and how she used it in treating her patients... and that invitation, she explains, led to an invitation to meet Pierce. That first meeting is what has led to her being before them today at Pierce's side, she continues. They have respect for one another and she looks forward to working with him. They unveil the title for the new video, "Sexual Responsibility for the New Millenium," complete with a poster with the title below a photo of Taylor and Pierce.

Ridge comments at the board meeting that this is quite a marketing campaign and asks where did Brooke come up with it? Brooke finds this concept to be as natural and healthy as anything else Forrester Creations has every done, she says. The message she is sending out is fulfillment in the bedroom, regardless of size, she adds, and she points out, "This campaign is a winner because it is me doing what I do best."

Ridge and Eric want to move on the project and have it ready for the spring line. Stephanie, however, objects; she asks who is going to run this line. When Brooke explains that she will run it herself, with Ridge doing the designing, Steph feels that Brooke is damage controlled goods, due to the fact that nobody is going to buy lingerie from the woman in the tabloids and papers. She doesn't want to put resources of the company into Brooke's silly idea, which is to be used in her opinion to seduce Ridge. Brooke tells Stephanie to get a life and disagrees with Steph's assessment of both her and the project. Eric intercedes at this point; he agrees that the elevator incident was not a good one, but as long as there are no repeats of this, he has no problem with proceeding. He says that Brooke has an image of a smart sexy CEO, and they can sell it in their spring line if she stops playing games. He then calls the meeting over, and Stephanie is left in the office rolling her eyes.

Taylor calls Ridge on the phone, all excited about her press conference. Ridge says it must have been a success with her talking about sex; while he's talking, he's holding the logo for Brooke's new venture and mulling it over.

Elsewhere, Brooke calls Pierce with her new project and says that Ridge is going to be very busy working the next few weeks. Guess what, Pierce says? Taylor will be busy with *HIM*, working on their project. Brooke comments that they have their work cut out for them and then they shall meet their destiny.

Rick tells Amber that he would stand by her and this baby. He won't let this child go through what he went through in life. Amber then questions, but does Rick actually love her. He replies yes and she says that he has to tell Kimberly. He has to tell her everything... about the engagement and the baby. Rick reluctantly agrees.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998, #2927

At her and Ridge's beach house home, Taylor is in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Ridge walks in and says she's up early; she says she has a million things to do. He kisses her and tells her that Thomas is still asleep--so maybe they can... Taylor says she can't, since she has to make his breakfast, but Ridge points out he would rather have her. Taylor says she really has a lot of work to do, pointing to all the books she has around her. Ridge asks what is all this stuff, and she answers it is for research. Ridge looks though the books; they are about sex, he notices, and he says this is right up his alley. He wants to do a little research of his own. Taylor says those are for the video, and she asks if he wants to hear about it. Ridge says absolutely. Taylor says it's about sexual responsibility and how it affects their lives. Ridge is skeptical, but she tells him that she is serious; people trivialize sex, she states, but she and Pierce will try and change that.

Brooke answers her door and it's Eric; on his way to work, he decided he had to talk about her new project. It is a great idea, he contends, but it may put them up against the wall with their other work. Brooke says she will do what she has to and Eric does not doubt that; however, he is concerned about Ridge, particularly with regard to his marriage. The product, the name, the elevator incident... they all spell trouble where Taylor is concerned, Eric points out. He says that Taylor and Ridge have been though a lot and he doesn't want to add more stress to their relationship, especially after the elevator incident. Brooke says not to worry about Taylor; they have other things to worry about, like Rick. Brooke is hopeful that Rick went to see Kimberly, something Eric hopes will be positive. Bridget is at the top of the stairs listening to Brooke and Eric talk. Brooke says that Kimberly is a great girl; if only Rick could get involved with Kimberly, maybe he'll forget about marrying Amber, she guesses.

At Insomnia, Rick walks in; he sees Kimberly with another girl. Rick tells himself that there she is, so sweet and beautiful. How could anyone not fall in love with her? He asks. Rick tells himself that she likes him, but he has to do it; he has to tell Kimberly about Amber and that's she's pregnant with his child. "It would never work for Kimberly and me," he adds. Rick walks up to Kimberly and her friend, Jane, who has invited Kimberly to her parents' beach house. Rick thinks that is cool. Jane senses that Rick wants to talk to Kimberly and makes herself scarce, and Rick sits down at the table. Rick tells Kimberly that he has something to talk to her about. Kimberly asks, "Really? What?" Rick says it's about the science project. Kimberly says, "Oh... well, we're almost finished." Rick tells Kimberly he was glad she was not mad, since he didn't want any misunderstandings between them. Kimberly says, "Rick, I understand you're with Amber... if that's what you want." Rick says he didn't mean that, but there's something he needs to tell her. Another of Kimberly's friend stops by and interrupts them... after a quick hello, Kimberly asks Rick what was it about Amber? Rick asks Kimberly if she would like to go out to dinner with him tonight. Kimberly says she would love to, but what about Amber? Rick replies, "What I have to say is about Amber."

Bridget is still listening to Brooke and Eric talk. Eric tells Brooke that they should not get ahead of themselves here. Brooke says Kimberly could help Rick get over Amber. Eric says, "We have no idea how he feels about this girl." Bridget interrupts and says they do... after Eric chastises her for eavesdropping, she states, "If you want to know about Kimberly and Rick, I've got the scoop." First off, Bridget tells them she knows how they feel about Amber; she says, "I wish she wasn't pregnant either, but she's not out to ruin Rick's life." Bridget tells them that Rick has fallen for Kimberly. Brooke asks how she knows. Bridget says all you have to do is look at him when they're talking; it's obvious. Brooke hopes that Bridget is right; Kimberly could change Rick's entire future. Bridget reminds her parents that Rick is still having a kid. Eric says that's right, and he will fulfill his obligation to that child... but Eric doesn't want Rick to get married at eighteen years old, and to Amber Moore, yet. Brooke points out how tragic this is and says this world is tragic enough as is. Eric then leaves with her for the office, leaving Bridget behind by herself.

Ridge and Taylor talk about sex; she points out an example of irresposible sexual behavior in his own family, with Rick and Amber. "Need I say more?" she asks. Ridge then asks her to elaborate on her plans; are she and Pierce trying to put a leash on sex? Taylor explains that no, they do not want to repress sex; however, she and Pierce believe in a new kind of sexual revolution, one where people take responsibility for their actions. Ridge is still skeptical. Taylor gets a little hostile and Ridge says he is just asking questions. Taylor talks a little more about the topic of the video; it may not be a popular one, she admits, but she and Pierce believe in their statement. If they can stop just one irresponsible act, it could make a world of difference. Ridge asks her where is this going to take her in her private practice; he thought she was going to start that up again? Taylor says she is going to start it up again... but she also plans to work on this part time. Ridge says it doesn't seem like that. Taylor says to trust her, it is... this needs to be done, and Pierce is the one to do it, she points out. Taylor then asks what's going on over at Forrester. Ridge says they're starting a new project as well. Taylor says, "You seem excited about it." Ridge says, "I am, but I can't take credit for it though... it's Brooke's idea."

Rick wants Kimberly to go to dinner with him in private so they could talk about Amber. He invites her to dine with him at Cafe Russe. She accepts, and he says he will pick her up at eight. She then remembers that she has to ask her father, but she does not think that will be a problem. Kimberly leaves, saying she will see him later. Rick watches her and smiles. Once she is gone, he asks himself, "What am I doing? Asking her out on a date?! One night... I have to see what it would be like to go out with Kimberly... our one and only night. Too bad it has to be our last."

Taylor asks Ridge about his new project. Ridge explains Brooke wanted to branch out in a new direction with linen, lotions and lingerie. Taylor asks, "Lingerie?" Ridge says it's a hell of a good idea that will improve their consumer base and spice up the old company image. Taylor asks what exactly does he mean? The company image is fine. Ridge says they are aiming for glamour, romance and passion... sex sells, and they plan to capitalize on it. Taylor asks the name of this new product line. Ridge says it is Brooke's Bedroom. Taylor says he must be kidding... this is so tacky, and she can't believe she is hearing this. Will Brooke be the head model, too? She asks. Ridge laughs that she might be and senses his wife's hesitancy. He asks what is wrong; does she not like the idea? Taylor says, "No, I don't like the concept, and I don't like you working with her!" Ridge says he'll have to work with her. Taylor says, "That's great, just great. I don't like this. I don't like it one bit!"

Rick gets home; Bridget tells him that their parents are off to work, but she heard them talking about him and Kimberly. Rick is upset that she was spying, but she asks him what is going on with Kimberly. He explains that he is going to tell her about Amber; he tried this morning, but the timing was not right, so he has asked Kimberly on a date to tell her. "Our first date and our last," he adds.

Kimberly waits for her dad to get home. Myles walks in and Kimberly quickly tells him that Rick Forrester asked her to dinner at the Cafe Russe! Myles says it sounds fancy and she is so excited... this will be the best time of her life, she states, so he has to say yes. She hugs him.

Rick is walking around the house with a worried look on his face. He says to himself, "I'm so sorry, Kimberly... I wish I didn't have to tell you about Amber, me and the baby." He sighs, "Bridget is right. She's going to be so hurt, but I have to do it. I've got to!"

Thursday, November 19, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

Lauren is shocked to hear that Macy has been in an accident; but when Sally begins to take the blame, Lauren tells her not to pick on herself. She offers whatever help she can give Sally with the business. Sally says that she is afraid that she will have to ask for that very, very generous favor. She is struggling with the business, but she has to find more time to spend with Macy. Something is happening to her girl; she is behaving strangely and it frightens her. Lauren is curious and Sally tells her that Macy is convinced that her father visited her in the hospital and talked to her. But it had to be a dream, Sally states. Why? Asks Lauren. Sally says that Macy's father vanished without a trace over 25 years ago.

In her hospital bed, Macy is saying that it was not a dream. Her mother is wrong. "He was here; my father has come back to take care of me," she tells herself.

Sally tells Lauren that Adam Alexander walked out without warning and without a clue; one moment he was with them and the next he was gone. She tried her best to make Macy forget the man. For years they didn't talk about him and now she is dreaming of him. She has just lost Grant and now she is remembering another man she lost. Lauren suggests that it was the loss of Grant that reminded her of the other man she lost. Sally says that if that is true, then it is worse than she thought. She says that Adam's leaving had a terrible impact on Macy. For the longest time she was withdrawn and Sally couldn't reach her. She tried to make her realize that it wasn't her fault. Now she is afraid that the ghost of her father will take over her mind and push her over the edge.

Myles tells Kimberly that she can't go out with Rick. "I thought you liked him!" Kimberly exclaims. Myles says that he has learned a few things that have made him question his values and how he was raised. He tells her that she should have talked to him before accepting the invitation. Kimberly is crushed; she tells her father that she thought he would agree, since he let her go out with the boys from back home. Myles tells her that she should take some time and get to know Rick, but she says that that is so unfair. Rick has been coming over for weeks working on the science project, she reminds him; he even stayed late at times to speak to him. Myles says that he isn't going to argue with her about this. She agrees that she will not argue with him either, but she reminds him that he is the one who wanted her to meet new friends and fit in. Rick is the nicest person in LA! She is lucky that he has asked her out. Myles thinks it over and gives his permission, but says that she has to be home by 10 and not one minute later. He also says that he won't be able to be there when Rick picks her up, but he will be waiting for her when she gets home. She hugs her dad and thanks him profusely.

Rick tells Bridget that Kimberly will hate him after tonight, but Bridget cannot believe that. He is a nice guy no matter what, and Kimberly will know that. He says that he made the biggest mistake of his life; he was wrong big time! Bridget tells him not to be so hard on himself, but Rick says that he did something really stupid and he is definitely not cool. He would like to just go out with Kimberly to have a good time, but he can't. He can never forget for one minute about Amber and the baby. He tells her that having sex is a big commitment and she should only do it if she is ready to spend the rest of her live with that person. Bridget thinks that that is a little old fashioned; no one thinks like that these days. "Kimberly does," Rick tells her. "Kimberly hasn't even been kissed. She is saving herself for the right person."

Lauren continues to listen as Sally tells her about the most painful time in her life. She says that Adam Alexander was the only real love of her life; and even though he was younger than she was, they meant everything to each other and did everything together. Adam was her lover, her husband and her partner; they shared their dreams with each other. She couldn't believe it when he disappeared, but eventually she had to wake up and realize that he was a liar and a coward. "It sounds like you are still angry with him," Lauren observes. Sally says that she is. When he left, her whole world crashed down without any warning. Now she finds that Macy is still haunted by it and she has to put a stop to that.

Macy is dozing when Myles walks into her room and looks down at her. When she begins to stir, he walks over behind the screen and sits in the shadows. Macy thinks that she got a roommate while she slept. Myles answers in a whisper. She asks if he saw a man in her room; he would have been tall and dark with a moustache. When the whisper says that he hasn't seen anyone, she says that her mother was probably right; it was only a dream.

Rick is ready to go and is thinking about how hard it is going to be to tell Kimberly. He tells Bridget that that isn't the only reason he is going out with her. He wants to see what it would have been like if he could have been like all the other kids. He wants to see what he is missing out on but he guesses it is just a stupid idea. Bridget says that she knows that he is committed to Amber but if this is his last chance to see what a normal teen life would have been, then she hopes he doesn't waste it.

"Tell me about your dream," Myles whispers. Macy says that she never gave up hope that he would come back. She asks if he has any children and he tells her that he has two girls. "Then you know about that special bond between a daddy and his little girl, don't you?" she asks. To a little girl, their daddy can't do anything wrong. She goes on to say that she always blamed her mother for his going away. Every time she would mention her father, her mother would lose it, so finally she just stopped talking about him. She took his picture off of her dresser and threw away all of his presents.

"Were you never angry at him?" he asks. Macy says that when she was about nine, she realized he was never coming back and she was angry. It happened at camp. They were having a cotillion on parent's day. She was sitting with Susan Cushman when her father came up and asked her to dance. She watched them dancing and wished that she had a father who could ask her to dance. When she looked at her mother, she saw tears in her eyes. "I hated him then," Macy says. "I hated him for making my mother cry; I hated him for leaving us and not being there to ask me to dance. He never even said good bye. How could anyone do that to a child?" Macy is crying. Myles is also crying as he whispers that he is so sorry.

Kimberly is dressed and ready to leave. She is so nervous; she feels like she is jumping out of her skin. She hears a car outside and when she looks she sees that it is Rick. "Father should have been here for this," she says. "Where is he running off to these days?" The doorbell rings and she goes to open the door. Rick's eyes nearly pop out of his head when he sees her. All he can say is "Wow! You look wonderful." She tells him that so does he. She goes to the bedroom for her purse. Watching her go, Rick says that she is so sweet; she is an angel. This should be the greatest night of his life. If only . . . "No, I have to tell her, even if it tears her apart." Kimberly comes back into the room and says that she is ready, and off they go.

Friday, November 20, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for her help!

Myles stands at the foot of Macy's bed and looks down on his sleeping daughter. He says that he missed her and thought of her often during the years. He says that he wasn't there for her as a child but he is here now, and he will make it up to her. When he hears the doctor at the door, he goes back behind the screen that is separating the two beds. The doctor comes in and speaks to Macy, waking her up. He tells her that he is going to release her today. Just then, Sally and the crew come in, all excited to be taking their girl home. The doctor leaves after telling them that she will need a few days of bed rest. They tell Macy that CJ is preparing a surprise for her back at the apartment. Macy wonders if it is her father; will CJ have her father there when she comes home?

CJ is working on a "Welcome Home" sign and a room full of balloons when Amber stops by to ask if he has heard from Rick. CJ tells her that he doesn't want to get caught in the middle of this. Amber says there won't be a problem much longer; Rick is going to tell Kimberly tonight about the baby. That should blow Little Miss Muffett off of her Tuffett, she tells CJ.

At Café Russe, the maitre d' tells Rick that they have many of his favorites on special tonight. When he walks away, Kimberly asks if he comes here often. He says that he only comes on special occasions. As he tells her about the last time he was there, Kimberly turns into Amber in his mind, and he sees her as excited as she was on that night. He shakes his head and says, "Never mind, that was a long time ago." Kimberly tells him to order for her but she also adds that she loves French food. She says that it is her dream to go to France someday, to rent a place on the Mediterranean and just sunbathe and write post cards. She says that the movie with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly---her mother's favorite actors---really made the French Rivera seem like the most romantic place on earth. Rick shares with her that as a kid he wanted to be John Wayne. He once begged his parents to let him go to a dude ranch, but they sent him to a soccer camp instead. Using his best John Wayne voice, he asks her if she would like to dance.

Macy insists that she saw her father there in the hospital just as clearly as she sees them now. She says that he reached over and touched her and she felt his hand in hers. She says that he was recently there talking to her; if they don't believe her, ask the man in the next bed. Going over to the curtain, Darla and Thorne both tell her that there is no one in that bed. Myles listens as Sally tells her daughter that Adam Alexander has been gone for years. They decide to drop the subject for now, since Macy is only getting upset. They are more interested in getting Macy home anyway. Myles says that Adam Alexander doesn't exist any longer, but Macy is still her father's daughter and he is still her father.

Macy, however, doesn't want to change the subject. She wonders why Sally isn't interested in hearing what her father had to say. Sally says that they will talk about it some other time. She is ill right now; she has been depressed and trying to deal with Grant's death. She doesn't think that now is the time to bring up other painful memories. Macy says that her father has helped her to deal with her grief. He has shown her that Grant's death isn't the first trauma she has had in her life; if she is strong enough to get over losing her father, then she can handle this latest loss. She says that her father has made her see that she needs to look ahead. She says that Sally should stop pretending that he didn't exist; they need to talk about her father. Sally promises that they will talk about it later, but right now, they need to get out of here before they are thrown out.

While Macy is in the bathroom getting dressed and Sally and Company are out at the nursing station, handling the discharge papers, Myles slips out of the room. He stands in the hallway and watches Sally with a longing look. Darla comes up and speaks to him, surprised to find him at the hospital. She is looking for the coffee shop and he tells her that it isn't on this floor. She leaves without any suspicion of him... although she hopes to run into him again sometime soon.

CJ tells Amber that things haven't been easy for Rick. It has been bad enough where his parents and their attitude are concerned, but now he has met someone that is really messing with his head. He sees the kind of life that he has never had... and never WILL have... because he is going to be a father. Amber thinks he should be thrilled to have the little geek out of his hair.

Kimberly asks if Rick doesn't want to talk to her about Amber, but Rick says he would rather dance. He says that he has been nervous about this all day; this isn't just another date for him. He doesn't want to rush into anything, but rather to enjoy it all as it happens. He just wants to relax and dance with her and make a real night of it. They go out on to the dance floor and begin dancing. As they get closer and closer, they find that they can't take their eyes off of each other. They smile into each other's eyes and dance.

When Rick escorts Kimberly back to the table, she thanks him for the dance. As he seats her at the table she calls him Eric and says that this was the most wonderful, amazing dance she has ever had. She tells him that calling him Eric is more sophisticated and mature than Rick. When Rick has seated himself, she says that this is the most wonderful night she has ever had and they haven't even ordered dinner yet. She thanks him for making her first date so special and Rick tells her that it is special for him also.

Amber calls the house and Stephanie's house, but Rick still isn't home. She can't figure out what is taking him so long. Probably Kimberly is having a real hissy fit because of Rick's news and she is crying and dragging the night out, Amber guesses. CJ hints that maybe Rick is having a good time but she tells CJ that she has total trust in Rick. He will not let her and their baby down. He will never turn his back on them, never again.

Week of 11/23/98 - 11/27/98

Monday, November 23, 1998

At the Forrester home, Bridget answers the door; it's Amber, looking for Rick. Brooke hears Amber from the top of the steps and listens in as her daughter talks to the would-be fiancee of her son. Bridget offers to take a message, urging Amber to leave before Brooke finds her there. Amber says she will leave as soon as Bridget tells her where Rick is. Bridget is reluctant and says, "I thought you knew." Knew what? Amber asks. "He's with Kimberly," Bridget admits.

At Café Russe, Rick and Kimberly talk as Rick stares and watches Kimberly's every move. Kimberly notices, so he explains that being with her, he sees everything in a whole new way. Kimberly says that's because she is an outsider. Rick asks if she feels like a outsider, and she says no... at least, not when she is with him.

At Sally's house, she tucks Macy in on the couch. Sally and Thorne offer to get her anything she needs, but she tells them to stop fussing, or she will go home. Sally explains that they just want to take care of her, but Macy says there is nothing to worry about, as she is only a little sore. She realizes that her mother is worried about something... the "visions" as she calls them of her father that seemed so real. Sally says it is just the loss of Grant that has made her remember the unresolved issues of her father leaving them. Thinking about the flowers she received, Macy goes to her room to rest. Once in her room, Macy goes walks over and looks out her open window. Myles is standing below looking up at Macy.

Amber tells Bridget that she thought Rick would call Kimberly with the news, not take her out. Bridget explains that he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Brooke is still at the top of the stairs listening. Amber says, "Right, poor little Miss Kimberly. I saw right through it, the spoiled brat routine. People like that think they can have anything they want. They don't even care who it belongs to." Amber asks how long he has been gone and Bridget says he left at 7:30; Amber wonders what could be taking so long and is about to head over to the old Warwick house, but Bridget says they went out. Bridget tells Amber to just wait until Rick gets home, but Amber worms out of her where they went... and she is furious when she realizes it is Café Russe!

Rick and Kimberly are having dessert, saying how they have never had a night like this before. She reminds him that he has been here before, and he says the last time he did was... he pauses and looks at Kimberly, seeing Amber instead. Kimberly thanks him and then asks him what he was going to say about Amber tonight. He starts to explain but is interrupted by the waiter, Robert, who brings over a bottle of sparkling cider. Robert explains that it's from a couple celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary who said that Rick and Kimberly remind them of themselves fifty years ago. Kimberly says that's so sweet and asks what is the couple's favorite song. Robert tells her and arranges to have it played. As the couple dances to their song, Rick and Kimberly toast them.

Thorne thinks that Macy should talk to someone about this, and Sally says that she has already called James Warwick. CJ asks if there is a chance Macy was right that her father was really there. Sally says Adam disappeared over twenty five years ago and hasn't been heard from or seen from since; there's no chance on this earth her father was in that hospital room. Sally cries and hugs CJ and says she is sorry. Thorne says it looks like Macy is not the only with unresolved issues, since Adam obviously really hurt Sally. Sally says yes, but she will not let him do that again; Adam will never be part of their family, she vows, not now or ever.

Myles stands outside Macy's room looking up through the window. Macy walks around as she looks at things in a box; she finds some old slide pictures of her and her father. As she views them, Myles watches from outside and starts to cry. As the tears roll from his eyes, he says that he has to let Macy know he is there for her and that he loves her. Macy lays down in bed and cries.

Amber is furious that Rick would take Kimberly to THEIR special place to blow her off; it makes no sense. Brooke is at the top of the stairs and says it does make sense to her. Descending, she says it does not surprise her in the least that Rick would be spending a romantic evening with Kimberly. Amber brags that Rick is only ending things with Kimberly, but Brooke doesn't buy it. Amber says, "If you would have started to eavesdrop a little sooner, you would have known that." Bridget tries to intercede between her mom and Amber, but Brooke tells her not to worry; Amber is only upset at the loss she will face. She sends Bridget upstairs and asks Amber, "You feel Rick slipping away, don't you?" Amber remains confident, denying Brooke's claim that she has no self respect. Brooke calls Amber insecure, so much so that she had to trap Rick. Amber says it wasn't a trap, since she didn't force Rick to ask her to marry him. Brooke says that Rick is not ready for marriage and Amber knows it... that is why she is so worried and threatened about the date! Amber denies it but Brooke will not relent. Amber says Rick would be ashamed of his family for acting this way, but Brooke says, "He's not ashamed of us... but he is ashamed of you." Amber says Brooke is wrong, and she will prove it once Rick returns from breaking off with Kimberly.

Kimberly and Rick sit outside on the patio. Kimberly says she wants to give him a special thank you gift and asks him to close his eyes; she then leans over and starts to kiss him. He opens his eyes as they kiss on the lips. Kimberly says good night and goes in, as Rick touches his lips where she has just kissed him.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Rick laughs as he touches his lips, amazed at the incredible kiss he got from Kimberly. He gets a call on his cell phone from CJ, who asks where he has been. Rick says that he took Kimberly to the Cafe Russe. CJ asks what that means about Amber, who will not be too happy? Rick says he has to go and hangs up.

Ridge and Taylor lay in bed and she seems distracted. She explains that she is worried about Rick. Ridge points out that Brooke has been trying to talk Rick out of marrying Amber, but Taylor says she will fail; Rick has a strong sense of responsibility, she reminds Ridge, and that will make him do the right thing. Ridge says that Rick could be protective of his child without marrying Amber. Taylor agrees, but she also remembers how she took on a lot of responsibility when her mother died, so much that it almost killed her. She does not want to see that happen to Rick.

Brooke and Amber wait for Rick to get home, each feeling confident that they will be proven right once he arrives. Amber arrogantly tells Brooke not to get her hopes up; Kimberly is probably throwing herself on Rick, begging him not to marry Amber, which is what is taking so long, she predicts. Brooke says Kimberly is not the kind of girl that throws herself at men. Amber says there is no point in arguing with Brooke, and they go on again about whether or not Rick is ready for marriage yet. Just then, Rick walks in the house... after saying hello, Amber tells him to settle this right now by telling his mother that he went to break up with Kimberly.

Ridge is in bed with Taylor and says they both have big days tomorrow. They kiss, and Ridge goes to shower. Taylor goes to pour some wine when there is someone at the door; wrapping herself in a sheet, she answers it and find Pierce there. He has some papers he wanted to give her. She tells him to but the papers on her desk as she holds up the sheet to cover her nightie, but the sheet falls. She apologizes to Pierce as her nightie shows, but Pierce says there is nothing to apologize for.

Pierce then gets ready to excuse himself, saying she should stop by tomorrow with Thomas to try on some outfits for the video. Taylor says that she will consider it. Pierce says it sounds like Ridge is out of the shower and decides to say hi, but Taylor shoos him out. Ridge steps away so they don't see him. Taylor turns and doesn't see Ridge, and she thinks that she got away with it.

Rick admits that he asked Kimberly out to tell her he is engaged to Amber, and Amber is pleased with herself as he tells him mother it is true. However, Amber's mood turns sour when Rick explains that he could not tell Kimberly. Brooke tells him that is what life is about, dating and having a crush on a pretty young girl. Rick insists that he does not have a crush on Kimberly. Amber tells Brooke she is pushing Rick, but Brooke says Amber is the one doing the pushing, and she begs Rick to tell Amber he has changed his mind about marriage.

Ridge walks outside the house and calls out Pierce; he points out that Pierce could have sent the papers by fax, even if he was just passing through the neighborhood. Ridge tells him to next time let his fingers do the walking and stop invading Taylor's and his privacy. In response, Pierce brings up the elevator incident, saying Ridge wasn't big on privacy then. Ridge says, "Is this the kind of trash you feed Taylor?" Pierce says, "Your picture is all over the place... I think you're threatened by me." Ridge says no, he is not... but he is sickened by Pierce! YOU'RE A FAKE, A FAKE OF THE WORST KIND! YOU PREY ON THE LONELY AND DEPRESSED. YOU OFFER THEM HAPPINESS, ALL FOR $19.95, SHIPPING AND HANDLING. YOU MAKE ME SICK! I DON'T WANT TO THINK ABOUT YOU! I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOUR FACE AROUND HERE! GET THE HELL OFF OF MY BEACH!"

Pierce leaves. Ridge goes back to the bedroom and Taylor figures out he had a run in with Pierce. "Please don't tell me that. Doc, he has no right coming here," Ridge says. Taylor says Brooke does it. "And the last time she was here, you slammed the door in her face." She says this is impossible. He says no it isn't. "We haven't started our project and you're tense," she points out. He doesn't trust the guy. "Do you trust me?" Taylor asks. "Well, yes, of course I do," Ridge answers. They make a pact; they promise to trust and have faith in each other. Taylor admits it hasn't been her strong suit, but she will try if Ridge will. He says it is a deal and she suggests they shake on it. He says OK, and he takes her arm and leads her to the bed. They kiss on the bed and she says, "OH YEAH, BABY."

Amber asks, "What is going on? You said you were going to tell her. She must feels like it was a date; is that fair to either of us?" "Don't pressure him, Amber," says Brooke. "I am not. But I am not standing here like an idiot telling your mom this is what you want. You tell me now," Amber orders Rick. Brooke says, "You don't have to commit; it is a big decision." "NO, No," says Amber, "I can't handle this. I don't want to be with someone who doesn't want me. If you want out, I can handle it. What I can't handle is this indecision. Be honest... do you want to really marry me?" Yes, he says. Brooke says it is a mistake. Rick says he is going to do right by Amber, as she is part of this family. She isn't, Brooke states. "She is the mother of my child," Rick reminds his mom. "She is a girl you took to bed," Brooke points out. Rick says, "I am 17 years old and I am not running away from this. I'm not going to put him through what I went through by not having a dad." Brooke is hugging Rick as Amber is looking on with a very smug look on her face, as Brooke and Amber stare at each other.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

A restless Brooke is wandering around her desk when she decides to go home. As she opens her office door to leave, Ridge bumps into her and asks where she is headed; he thought they had work to do on "Brooke's Bedroom." She explains how distraught she has been with Rick, especially after the fight she had with him last night, so she has not been able to sleep. She is therefore going home. Ridge says that being home alone will not solve anything for her, so she might as well stay. Brooke agrees that he is probably right, since the distraction of work will do her good. They begin talking about themes and variety in their design when there is a knock at the door. Brooke opens it and there is a deliveryman asking where she wants the bed. Ridge is stunned!

At Pierce's house the place is full of people; a group of girls greet each other with a kiss on the cheek as other people prepare for work on the video. Taylor arrives with Thomas and greets Pierce and Miss Holiday (aka Holly). Holly offers to take Thomas so they can get down to work. Pierce then takes Taylor aside, and she apologizes for the way Ridge treated him. Pierce says not worry; he's dealt with jealous husbands before. He then realizes Taylor hasn't eaten and hands her an apple.

In Stephanie's office, she is ranting at James about Brooke and her new line... and more importantly, she is worried that it will interfere with Ridge's marriage. He asks what Eric thought, and Stephanie points out that he loved it, especially after the presentation she made; she really did her homework, Stephanie admits. James says that the new line must have promise and suggests that Brooke, as CEO of the company, might have financial, rather than romantic motives. It sounds like a profitable product line which could certainly make money with the Forrester name on it, he predicts. Stephanie agrees, but she says that isn't Brooke's main purpose. James says that it sounds like she doesn't trust Ridge. Stephanie says that she's worried that Ridge is too trusting, and that the snake in the grass, Brooke, will attempt to seduce him; that's what everything Brooke has done at Forrester has been for, Stephanie adds. Brooke is just waiting for the chance to pounce, Stephanie says.

Brooke tells the men where to set up the bed. After they leave, Henry from the sewing room comes in with a stack of sheets and bedding. Brooke instructs Henry to leave it; once he is gone, she tells Ridge to help her to make the bed up. Ridge realizes that the bed is for business purposes, not for taking naps on the job, as Brooke explains that they need to see and feel their new line in action in order to judge it. Looking at the items, Ridge thinks the fabric choice is wrong, but Brooke says it will work and starts making up the bed. Brooke is happy with the way it looks and begins to take off her clothes. As she climbs in, she asks, "Care to join me?"

Taylor is feeling insecure; she says that Pierce is the real star, not her. Pierce assures her that he does need her; he tells her that she is going to be a star! He adds that the reason she is going to sell his video is because when the people look into her eyes, they will see someone that they can trust. She has compassion and caring and the people will see that and trust her to help them. As Holly tells them that Thomas will be safe in her care, Pierce directs Taylor to Piper (one of the girls who greeted each other when Taylor came in). He says that Piper and the other ladies will help her get ready for the video, and off Taylor goes.

James says that there is nothing Stephanie can do about it; Ridge is a grown man, and Brooke is still CEO of the company. Stephanie says that there is something she can do; she says that Brooke works like a thief who steals under the cloak of darkness, and she is going to shed a little light on the matter. James just smiles as she marches out the door.

Ridge warns Brooke that she is starting up again, but she only smiles and begins to roll around on the bed beneath the covers, moaning with pleasure. She says that the material, which was used for making blouses before, feels so good on these new products. She again seductively asks Ridge to join her between the sheets. He declines and she asks if he is afraid. Ridge fears that there will be another photographer like the last time, so Brooke assures her that they are all alone. She then suggests getting naked, to get the full effect of the sheets... Ridge takes that as his cue to leave. Besides, he says on his way out, Brooke looks like she could use the rest. He turns off the light and leaves her behind.

In Pierce's bedroom, Piper and the other girls have Taylor in front of a mirror, doing her make-up. One of the girls, Susan said she would do anything for Pierce... which is why she gave up a part in a James Bond movie to be here. Piper agrees that Pierce is remarkable; the first time she worked with him, she had a miscarriage on the set. Pierce picked her up in his arms and took her to the hospital. Since her husband was out of town, he sat with her the rest of the day and held her hand. And he had never met her before that day!

When Taylor is finished with hair and makeup, Pierce is stunned with her beauty. He wheels in a large rack filled with clothes and tells Taylor to look through them and choose an outfit. The next scenes have Taylor going through various outfits as "The Way You Do The Things You Do," plays in the background. At first, Taylor seems hesitant, as Pierce looks over the outfits with either an approving smile or a shake of his head to say no. Taylor gets more into it as time passes; she's dancing around the room and modeling the outfits for Pierce in a flirtatious outfit. As she puts on the last one, a sexy black number, he hands her a rose, which she places in her mouth. He then gestures for her to join him for a dance as they do a few tango steps. Pierce and Taylor laugh as she tries on the various outfits, and he is happy with what he sees.

Brooke is sleeping in the bed when Stephanie walks in and looks down at her. Arousing herself but keeping her eyes closed, Brooke calls out for Ridge. "You came back!" she whispers. "I was just dreaming about you." Seeing her chance, Stephanie sits on the side of the bed and blows in Brooke's ear. Brooke giggles and squirms in the bed. Stephanie keeps gently blowing on her face and Brooke continues to respond with little moans and sighs. "You are a bad boy!" she giggles. She turns over and throws out her arms encircling Stephanie's body. She opens her eyes and screams while Stephanie smiles.

While Taylor is changing in another room, Pierce entertains Thomas. He says, "I have always wanted a perfect partner. I knew what she would act and look like . . . and when you find her, you can't walk away from that." Taylor walks out in a lavender business suit, as Pierce tells her she's a vision. Taylor plays with Thomas as Pierce stands there smiling.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

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Friday, November 27, 1998

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