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October, 1998

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Week of 10/05/98 - 10/09/98

Monday, October 05, 1998

In the hospital, the doctors work feverishly to save Stephanie's life as her vital signs drop. James tells Stephanie to fight, while the doctors find another bullet fragment. With her life at stake, the doctors remain intent on their work.

Out in the waiting room, Lt. Baker questions Amber about Sheila; what was she wearing, did she see her drive off, etc. Amber explains that she saw Sheila but did not witness the shooting, and she is having a hard time remembering what Sheila was wearing or any of the details. Ridge and Taylor arrive and ask the lieutenant what is going on, and he explains how Sheila switched places with another patient and was out 3 weeks, waiting for her chance... and now Stephanie is in surgery. Taylor leans on Ridge for comfort as Baker says Ridge should call the rest of his family.

Helping Bridget with her homework, Brooke apologizes for being occupied with Rick, and Bridget wonders if Brooke is mad at Rick... she should be, the girl states, after everything that has happened. Brooke reminds her they all make mistakes, but they work through it, which is what makes them a family... a family that is going to now be a little bigger, Bridget points out. Brooke isn't happy with her daughter's observation and still maintains that adoption is best, but Bridget says that won't happen, so Brooke may as well get used to it.

The phone rings and Brooke answers; it's Ridge. "Logan, please hurry," he tells her, "Mother has been shot!" Brooke is stunned as he tells her that they are at the hospital. Brooke says they will be right there.

Back in the operating room, the doctors continue to work to save Stephanie. As they check the monitors, they see her vital signs are improving. The lead surgeon says Stephanie will make it, prompting James to say, "thank you."

Back at Brooke's, Rick is having a little daydream. He imagines that he is with Amber and is feeling the baby kick inside her. He comments how real it feels, and she asks if it scares him. He says it does not, although Amber admits that to her, it is a little scary. Still, she is excited about being a parent. Rick reminds Amber that the baby will be born into a family full of love, and Amber thanks him for making that happen, and she admits that he changed her life and she loves him. Rick then tells Amber that this isn't the life he imagined, but it doesn't matter, since he is happy with her and their baby... but he is brought back to reality by Brooke, who tells him they have to get to the hospital.

Eric arrives at the hospital and asks Taylor how Stephanie is, and Ridge comes out and says they don't know anything yet. Lt. Baker explains how they have an APB out on Sheila... and the baby. Eric and Ridge wonder how they know what happened, and Lt. Baker points out Amber, who was there when the police arrived and saw Sheila flee, sitting in a corner. Ridge and Eric are about to go over to talk to the girl; but before they can go over, Thorne arrives and asks how Stephanie is. Dr. Bennett, the surgeon comes out and tells the family that Stephanie will be all right, and while they all take comfort in the good news, Amber looks on.

In the hospital room, James sits by Stephanie's bedside. He promises to keep Stephanie safe from now on, and he cries tears of joy and smiles as she starts to wake up. "Mary?" she asks, her voice still a little weak. James explains that Sheila has taken Mary, but her assures her they will get her back and they will not let Sheila get away with this. Stephanie then asks about Amber, who he says is all right, and he then explains how Sheila escaped custody. "I was terrified for you," he states as he kisses her on the forehead.

As Amber approaches the members of the family, the doctor says the Forresters can go see her. Taylor then asks if Amber is OK. Thorne adds that he is surprised that Amber was there; but before she can explain further, the family is taken to Stephanie's room, leaving Amber alone in the hall.

In a private room, an already improving Stephanie gets a visit from her loved ones. They are all grateful to see Stephanie awake as they thank god she is all right.

As Brooke and the kids arrive at the hospital, Rick spots Amber and asks why she is there. Amber directs them to Stephanie's room and says Steph will be all right. When Rick offers to bring her in with them, Amber declines, and she starts to feel faint as she walks towards the waiting area chairs.

As Brooke and the kids come in and Bridget says how scared they were, Ridge and Taylor point out how Stephanie is the cornerstone of the family and they couldn't get along without her. When Taylor tells James she is sorry about Mary, Brooke asks, "What about Mary?" James explains to Brooke how Sheila took the baby... but right now, he is grateful that Stephanie is OK. When they ask Stephanie what drove Sheila off, she explains that Amber saved her life, which has everyone, especially Brooke, stunned. When Stephanie asks to see Amber, Rick goes to get her.

Out in the hall, Amber gets up from the chair and walks to the door very unsteadily. The room seems to be spinning and her vision is blurry. Amber falls to the floor and faints just as Rick arrives and, finding blood on her head, calls out for a doctor.

Tuesday, October 06, 1998

Rick is in the hospital on the floor holding a fainted Amber. He notices that she has a wound and calls for a doctor. A nurse assists them and Bridget enters the hallway.

CJ enters Sally's office and confronts his mother that his brother in law Grant doesn't have much time left. Sally replies that all they can do is love and support Grant and Macy right now. CJ asks to help out in the family business of Spectra Fashions, since productivity for the spring show has been slow cause of Grant's illness. Sally accepts and says they have to start working quickly, because when word gets out about Grant Chambers being ill, then the vultures are going to start circling. They will not have enough for a full haute couture line, she says, so they will just have to make do with what they have.

Just then, Darla comes in and tells Sally that three employees, Xavier, Lily and Jim are there to see her. As Sally tells Darla to bring them in, she explains to CJ that you always have to take care of the employees in the business, because they are the backbone of Spectra. Darla brings the three employees into the office; they are all from the production department. After Sally asks how things are going, they complain that things are very slow in production. It will pick up, Sally says, but Lily then breaks the news to her; she has seen Grant in the hospital and he is not doing well. Sally confides that yes, Mr. Chambers is very ill, but things will improve. The employees state that they don't want to do this, but they have to quit to take care of their families. They know that Grant is not coming back and it is only a month from the spring showing. Sally asks that they give her a couple of weeks and she can fix it. They are afraid they cannot as Sally wishes them well. The trio leaves, and CJ offers to learn the business from the bottom up to help his mother. Darla then brings the news that Stephanie is in the hospital and so is a teenager. CJ realizes that it must be Amber and calls the hospital to find out more.

Stephanie tells everyone that Amber saved her life and she got into a fight with Sheila. Taylor explains that Amber might be under shock, which is understandable, since she might have gotten killed. Bridget comes to gather her mom; she whispers in Brooke's ear and the two of them head out into the hall, where Amber is still on the floor and has a nasty cut on the back of her head from the fight. Brooke asks Rick what happened as Amber is wheeled off, and Amber is admitted to the hospital. The doctor explains that she wants to do a CAT scan and run some tests on the baby. The doctor believes that the blackout has been caused by internal bleeding.

James seeks out Lt. Baker to find out about Sheila and his daughter Mary. On cue, the detective walks into the room and says that they have an APB out on Sheila. There is no news yet, but he is confident that they will find James' wife and child. . Eric wants to know why this is the first he is hearing that amber saved Stephanie's life, and Baker explains that this is the first he heard of it. While he knew that she was there after the shooting, he did not realize her role... in fact, when he tried to question her about it, Amber seemed kind of spacey. Taylor feels awful that James has lost his little baby. Brooke then comes to tell them that Amber was hurt and was admitted to the hospital. It is possible Amber could lose the baby, she states, which has everyone stunned... especially Stephanie!

Amber is told by Dr. Kelly that although she has a head trauma, there is no pressure, so she doesn't need an operation. The fetal heartbeat of the baby still has to be checked, however, the doctor points out.

Eric turns to Brooke and says that they should go to Amber's room; he wants to thank her. Taylor wants to see Amber also, since she is a professional that could help the 18 year old through this tough situation. Ridge and Thorne agree to wait with their mom while the others go. Just then, Dr. Kelly comes in to tell them all that Amber is fine and she is a scared young lady. They ask if they can see her, and the doctor encourages it, since Amber could use all the support she can get.

Amber talks to the fetus and asks if it is still in there. Rick is at the door and he comes to her bedside to hold her. She tells him that she didn't realize that she was hurt and was worried about Stephanie-everything had happened so fast. The rest of the Forrester clan is now by the door, eavesdropping on Rick and Amber. Amber says at first she didn't want the baby, but now it is all different. He can't die. She says the baby is not a mistake and he will make everybody fall in love with him just like she did. As Amber says the baby cannot die and everyone will love him, Rick embraces her, and she thanks him for being there as Brooke watches intently.

Wednesday, October 07, 1998

Amber tells Rick that her head hurts and she is worried about the baby as he hugs her. Meanwhile, Brooke, Eric, Taylor and Bridget stand in the doorway watching. Motioning for them to go outside, Taylor suggests to Rick's parents that it might be better for her to talk to Amber by herself, and Eric and Brooke agree. Taylor steps inside and closes the door behind her, and she explains that she knows how scared Amber must be. "I almost lost my son, Thomas," Taylor confides. She instructs Amber to stay calm, since it is important for the baby, and Amber says she will try.

A tearful Bridget discusses Amber's situation with her parents and tries to get them to see how much Rick loves Amber, and she hopes they will not lose the baby. This is more than a simple crush, she tells her father when he disagrees about the depth of their feelings. "I don't know what they'll do if they lose the baby," Bridget cries, and Eric says that if it comes to that, it is meant to happen. Brooke tells them to stop thinking about that, please.

In Stephanie's room, she is asleep, while Ridge waits by her side. As she starts to stir, Ridge informs her that Thorne is off calling Kristen and Felicia to let them know what is going on. She asks her number one son about Amber, and he tells her that they are doing an ultrasound on Amber. Stephanie talks about how torn up Amber must be, since she really loves this child, and Steph feels guilty about what happened.

CJ enters Sally's office and she asks if he has any news. CJ tells his mom that he spoke to Thorne and found out how Amber saved Stephanie. Stephanie is fine right now, but Amber was injured in the scuffle. He cannot imagine what will happen if she loses the baby.

Taylor comes out and tells Brooke and Eric that Amber is doing as well as expected, and Bridget says it is amazing how Rick is standing by Amber. Dr. Kelly then arrives and steps into the room, the family right behind her. The doctor tells Rick and Amber that she has scheduled an ultrasound to check for a heartbeat.

Ridge tells Stephanie not to blame herself, since Amber did what anyone would and owes Stephanie for taking her in. Still, Stephanie cannot forget that Amber saved her life from Sheila.

Sally talks about how losing the baby will solve the Forresters' "Amber problem," and suggests that fate has stepped in. "No way!" CJ states; there is no way Rick's parents would want a baby to die. He chides her for talking that way and will not believe this can be for the best, prompting Sally to hope he is right.

Brooke stares intently at Amber as she, Eric, Taylor and Bridget come in to support Amber, and Dr. Kelly then has the ultrasound machine brought in... as she puts the gel on the sensors, Dr. Kelly shows everyone the display and explains how they can see the baby and detect a heartbeat with it. Once they begin, they can see the baby, but the doctor cannot find a heartbeat. Amber freaks out when they do not hear the heartbeat as Dr. Kelly tells her to stay calm; it may take a few moments. When Brooke asks if there is anything else the doctor can do, Dr. Kelly says she will get a more sensitive machine.

The others wait outside as Rick stays with Amber, comforting her that the baby is not necessarily dead and they can make it through this. Amber berates herself for not putting her child first, even though she saved Stephanie, and all she can think about is how she screwed up for her child. Rick hugs Amber and tells her to believe that it will be OK.

While outside, Bridget asks Taylor what they can do, to which Taylor says they can all pray. Brooke turns to Eric and compares Amber's pain to her own when she lost Ridge's child, which left a hole she never really filled in her heart. Taylor tells them to stay positive for now... if not for Rick and Amber, then for the baby's sake. Brooke still can't believe her 16-year-old son is even fathering a child, a point Eric says may soon be moot.

Stephanie points out to Ridge how much the baby means to Amber, and she cannot get past the fact that she is alive because of Amber, despite Ridge's concerns.

As Dr. Kelly brings in the new machine, everyone gathers around the bed. Eric tells his son they are here for him, he asks, "What about Amber?" Brooke adds for Amber as well, as they begin the second ultrasound. At first they don't hear anything, as Taylor prays and Bridget wonders what is taking so long. The doctor keeps probing as everyone stays focused on the ultrasound. Just then, Brooke hears something, and then the doctor says they have found the heartbeat, which has everyone smiling and Amber crying tears of joy. Eric however is still a bit grim and concerned.

Thursday, October 08, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for the Thursday update.

James and Rick take Stephanie and Amber home from the hospital. Stephanie is wearing a left arm sling, and otherwise she seems to be doing just fine. James asks Connie if there have been any messages and she sadly tells him that there haven't been any. Amber hopes that Sheila doesn't hurt the baby, but James insists that the one thing he is sure of is that Sheila would never hurt Mary. Just then, Connie comes in after answering the door and tells James that the messenger has brought him a parcel. Opening the envelope, James finds that it is a letter from Sheila.

Bridget joins her parents at the breakfast table, telling Eric that she is so happy that he is coming over for breakfast so often. He says that he enjoys it also. When she asks where Rick is, they tell her that Amber was being released from the hospital today and he was taking her to Stephanie's house. Bridget is happy that the baby is okay and says that she knows her parents are happy about that also. She mentions that she saw her mother's face yesterday when the doctor was searching for the heartbeat. She says that Amber is special; she has a certain charisma. Eric says that he wouldn't call what Amber has charisma. What she does have, however, has had a negative effect on Rick. Bridget says that the jury is still out on that. Anyway, it isn't the worse thing that could happen to Rick. Brooke tells her daughter that yes, it is the worse thing that could happen to her brother. Bridget says that she knows what her mother was thinking yesterday and she wanted that baby to be alive.

Macy tells Sally that she is going to Mexico City. She has been researching alternative medicines on the Internet and there is a drug down there that has been showing good results with cancer.

Grant is looking awful. He is barely there and he has several days growth of beard. His doctor, Dr. Hughes, comes in saying that the nurse told him that he wanted to see him. Grant looks up at the doctor and weakly tells him that it is time. What do you mean? The doctor asks Grant. Grant tells him that he knows what he means. He wants to be taken off the machines as they discussed earlier. Dr. Hughes is hesitant. He thinks it is too soon and he also thinks that they should talk to Macy about it. Grant says that he doesn't have much time left. "Will you help me go out the way I want?" he asks the doctor.

Stephanie sends Connie to make breakfast then asks James about the letter. He reads it to them. Sheila tells him that his daughter is safe and she will guard her with her life. She will raise Mary to be a responsible adult and she will never let harm come to her. She assures James that she is sane and focused. She has no regrets about anything that happened. She promises that she will tell Mary all about her father; she will make him as real to Mary as if he were there with them. She says that she could not abandon her daughter, especially to Stephanie, but neither could she abandon her to James. She pleads with him to stop trying to find her. The longer he searches for her, the more he will prevent Mary from having a stable life, since she will have to be constantly moving to keep away from him. Once again, she assures him that she will take good care of their daughter. She says that she continues to love James and she is sorry for the pain she has caused him. "In fairness," she tells him, "you brought it on yourself. I trust that Stephanie is with her maker. I am told that there is a merciful God; for Stephanie's sake, I hope so!"

Rick asks if James wants him to call the police but James stops him. "Why?" asks Stephanie. James says that he needs some time to think this out. He kisses Stephanie and leaves the house. "Poor James," Amber says. "No, poor Mary," Stephanie says.

Brooke tells Bridget that the baby should never have been conceived but she didn't wish it harm. It is more than that, Bridget insists. "That was not just any baby you were reacting to. Rick and Amber are having your first grandchild. That is why you were freaking out."

The doctor tells Grant that he will have to sign papers for the machines to be unhooked and Grant says that is fine with him. Bring them on, he says. Now it gets interesting. He tells the doctor that he has a suit and tie in the closet and he wants the doctor to help him into it. Then he needs him to order some flowers for his wife. The doctor agrees and goes to get the papers for Grant to sign.

Brooke tells Bridget that she is mistaken. This was just a baby in danger and she was only as concerned for it as she would be for any baby in that situation. She still thinks that the right thing is to put the baby up for adoption. Eric mentions that he thinks that is what her brother should do also; he says that Bridget is romanticizing the situation. Bridget says that Rick was there for Amber; anyone could see that they were in love. Eric tells her that being in love doesn't make Rick ready to be a father. Bridget thinks that since this is Rick's baby, they should have her living there with them. "Do you really want Stephanie raising your first grandchild, Mom?"

Sally tells Macy that if she believes in this new medicine that strongly, she will go with her to Mexico. Macy rushes into her mother's arms, crying. The phone rings and when she answers, Macy hears her husband's voice. He tells her to come right over to the hospital; come as quick as you can, he tells her. Macy says that she will be right there.

Rick kisses Amber good bye and leaves for school. Amber is going upstairs to lay down when Stephanie asks her to come and sit beside her on the couch. She tells Amber that she didn't sleep very well last night. Amber asks if she was in pain but Stephanie says that she was okay; she was just trying to figure out the best way to thank Amber for saving her life. Amber reminds her that she also saved Amber's life; she didn't have anywhere to go and Stephanie let her stay here with her. "I came to your door step---your worse nightmare---and ended up a blessing in disguise."

She tells Stephanie that everyone thinks that all she wants is the money, but that isn't so. Yes, the money is a part of it, but the most important thing is being a member of this family. She loves this family; she looks at them and sees the closeness---something that she has never had---and she wants it for herself and her baby. "If what I did makes you see that I'm not a bad person, then it was worth it." She says that her acceptance into the family begins with Stephanie; she is the engine that runs the family. She can make it possible. Stephanie only smiles as she gathers her in her arms.

CJ is leaving for school. Sally tells him to take a little time today and say some special prayers for his sister and her husband. She says that she has a feeling that today might make a big difference for them. "Also, ask God to help your sister find the strength to endure what she is going through."

Macy arrives at the hospital and finds Grant laying on the bed dressed in a nice suit and tie with a dressy striped shirt. He has a white rose in his lapel. When Macy looks at him in surprise, he reminds her that she bought this suit for him. He reaches to the side of the bed and hands her a large bouquet of flowers and tells her that she is the best part of him. Macy asks what is going on; are they releasing him today? "In a way, yes," answers Grant. Macy wonders if it is okay for him to come home so soon; he is still weak and sick. "I'm not going home," Grant tells her. "What is going on?" Macy demands. "Why did you need to see me?"

Friday, October 09, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

CJ returns to Sally's office and she asks him what he is doing there; why aren't you in class. CJ tells her that he is worried about Grant; Grant has been like a big brother to him. He thinks that they should be at the hospital with him but Sally tells him that Macy is there. "I want a chance to say goodbye," CJ tells her. Sally says that Grant could have another month, even six more months. That is what his sister believes. She tells him that she and Macy are flying to Mexico tonight for a medication that Macy believes will work wonders. CJ is afraid that Grant might die while they are gone but Sally tells him that Grant would never let that happen!

Grant reminds Macy of the first time he wore the suit that Macy had bought for him. It was the night when they opened the coffeehouse. "You told me I looked like Humphery Bogart, hopping for table to table; we were so happy and it has only gotten better after that." He tells her. Macy tells him that they will have it all back; he will go into remission and they will be at the coffeehouse together just like before. She tells him that there are so many treatments out there; they will go find the one that will work for him. Grant interrupts. He tells her that he has been so fortunate to find a woman like her and to be able to share the past year with her. We will have much longer, Macy says. "That is not for us to say," Grant tells her. "We've had each other as long as we needed one another and for that I am truly grateful." Macy jumps up and tells him that she needs to get the doctor; she wants him to hook the machines back up. "Come here, Sweetheart," Grant says. "I'm done with that; no more machines. Don't look at me like that, Macy." Macy says that she is going to get the doctor. "The doctor can't help me now," Grant says softly. He holds out his hand and Macy takes it. He pulls her close.

Ridge goes to Pierce Peterson's office and peeks in. He calls out for Taylor. When he doesn't get an answer, he slowly comes in and looks around. The office is empty. He looks at the bag of lunch he is holding and hopes that she isn't out to lunch. She walks over to the side table and sees the crystal. He picks it up and holds it while it swings and sways, reflecting the light in multicolor. Just then, Bailey comes in and orders him to put it down. "Well, hello, Bailey Boy," Ridge says in a cheerful but insolent voice. In a hard voice, Bailey orders him out of the office. Ridge tells him to take it easy and calls him "my man." Bailey takes umbrage at this and informs him that he is not his man. "If you call me that again, you will regret it!"

Sally says that Macy loves Grant so much. It is a miracle to find that kind of love. CJ says that he did what she asked; he said a prayer for Grant and Macy. Sally assures him that God will answer one way or the other. "You think that Grant is going to die today, don't you?" He asks.

Grant asks Macy to sit next to him but she wants to have the IV's hooked back up. She tells him that she has already told her mother not to include them in any holiday plans because they will be traveling. She has heard about a clinic in the Philippines that is doing miraculous work with cancer. "Today is all we have," Grant tells her. "The future doesn't matter; that is never more true than now. Now, no more talking about the future. Treat this moment as if it were the only one that will ever matter."

Macy sits beside him and holds his hand. He tells her that he had an amazing gift of consciousness; every breath was a celebration. But he had more than a gift of consciousness. Earlier he fell asleep and it was the deepest sleep that he has ever had; it was more than sleep, he was halfway there and it was beautiful. It was every bit as fulfilling and wonderful as being awake. He says that he learned something from the experience. Death is nothing to be afraid of. "We come in this world from who knows where and it is truly a miracle. When we are ready, we grow and move on and that is another miracle. Every stage of life is as important and joyful and wonderful as the last and when we are ready to move on to the next stage, we never want to go back. We want to move on... and I'm ready to move on."

"I'm here for you, Grant," Macy says with tears streaming down her face. Grant tells her that he hopes those are tears of joy for him and his new adventure. "Now, will you show me the best part of you? Will you show me one of your beautiful smiles?" Macy struggles through her tears to give Grant a smile and she finally succeeds. Grant is happy to see her smile. "Now, sing for me----Please!"

"You are an animal, Ridge!" Bailey says. "That is the only way I can describe you." Ridge feigns fright! "What are you going to do, Bailey, spit on me? If I am such an animal I wonder why Taylor married me." "As do I Ridge, as do I!" Bailey answers.

Ridge tells him that the reason he can't see that he and Taylor belong together is that he and his boss are so caught up with themselves and their self-importance. They are victims of their own runaway egos. Bailey laughs and says Taylor is able to see beyond those egos to see the wonderful man behind them. "Ah!" Ridge says as he sees the light. "I see now. Your black little heart hopes that Taylor will show an interest in Pierce." Ridge says that they get Taylor so wound up here at work that it takes him hours to get her relaxed once she gets at home... and yes, it bothers him. Bailey says that maybe it isn't easy for Taylor to go home every night to a husband who mocks the work that she believes in, but Ridge denies that he mocks Taylor's work. But he does worry that some dishonest people with no moral values will take advantage of her, since she is a loyal person. But he warns Bailey that if that ever happens, Taylor will be out of there... and it won't be his decision; it will be hers. "There is no chemistry between your boss and my wife," Ridge warns Bailey. "Your boss stands as much a chance of being with my wife as... as you do!" He slaps the lunch bag into Bailey's hands and tells him to tell Taylor that he stopped by. After Ridge leaves, Bailey flips the lunch into the trash. "It's time. Yes, it's time I made my move."

CJ thinks that if Grant is going to die today, then they should be there. Sally says that they will be there as soon as Macy calls. But if she doesn't call, then they don't belong there. She says that he may want to be alone with his wife; he may need time with her to prepare her for what is going to happen. She feels now that that is why he was so insistent in Macy rushing down there today. "Then we have to respect their privacy," CJ says, "but I am going to miss him, Mom." He starts crying and adds, "Whether he goes today or next week, I am really going to miss that guy." Sally hugs her son in comfort.

Macy tells Grant that she cannot sing today. "Today is all we have," Grant tells her. "If I had my choice, I would leave this world sitting on a mountain, watching the sunset, listening to the sound of your beautiful voice carrying me through." Macy nods her head and struggles to control herself. Slowly and falteringly she begins to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings." As her voice grows stronger, Grant closes his eyes and smiles. By the end of the song, he appears to be resting quietly with a tear in the corner of his eye. Macy calls out to him but he doesn't answer. Getting up, she lays her head beside his and strokes his face with her hand while she begins to weep. Grant is gone.

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Week of 10/12/98 - 10/16/98

Monday, October 12, 1998

Brooke answers the door at home to find Thorne there. He dropped by to find out if she had heard the news about Grant. Brooke remarks that Grant was a wonderful human being and questions how Macy is doing. He says she is getting by as well as can be expected. She then reminds him that Grant wanted Thorne and Macy to be together as his dying wish. Thorne says it's still too soon to think about that, so the talk then turns to Brooke's dinner date with Pierce at the beach house. She explains how it was not just her and Pierce as Ridge and Taylor's guests; Brooke confides that Pierce's manager, Bailey, was there, and in fact, Bailey came to see her yesterday.

Ridge shows up at Casa Forrester to find out from James and his mom if they have heard from Sheila. He wants to know if the police have a lead on her yet. James says they have not yet. Ridge then asks James what he thinks of hypnosis. James believes that hypnosis is a fairly new idea in terms of treatment; it's something he personally does not use, but he knows of many who are using it as a therapy tool. He asks why and Ridge tells him about Taylor's work with Pierce, which involves hypnosis. James admits he knew that Taylor was working with the man, and he doesn't believe that Pierce Peterson would risk his reputation and career on something if it were not worthwhile. But what about Taylor, Ridge asks? James believes that Taylor would only be involved in a project if it had potential.

Of course, this is not what Ridge had wanted to hear. He explains that he is not having difficulty with the project, just the two men working with his wife on the project. He doesn't trust them. James states that Taylor has a mind of her own, and if she decided to work with Pierce there must be some merit to this project. Ridge then explains how Taylor allowed her to be hypnotized. James is sure she consented, and Ridge admits that she did... but he feels she only did under pressure from Pierce, to convince her to stay on the project. James says while they should have warned Ridge, it was still Taylor's decision, but Ridge points out that Taylor could have been in danger, something James doesn't think is the case. Steph asks if James is sure there is no danger, he says no, but he thinks Ridge is jealous of something else in Taylor's life besides him for the first time... her work.

Bailey is in the office and he tells Pierce that Ridge had come by. He says that he is a pig and a savage and he hates that man. Pierce believes that if Ridge feels more at home around the office, he wont be so negative about what they are doing. Bailey says that Ridge is threatened by Pierce, and he should be. Pierce says that's nonsense... Ridge was confident, almost cocky, at the party, and there is no way he would be threatened. Bailey then calls Ridge an insensitive, controlling brute. Bailey brings up the idea that what if Taylor was to show interest in Pierce. Pierce doesn't want to think of anything along those lines; he knows that Taylor is a one-woman man. He leaves to take a swim to cool off and tells Bailey that he does not want to resume this conversation when he returns. Once Pierce is out the door, Bailey says to himself that when Pierce comes back from his swim, his whole world will be different.

Brooke is still chatting with Thorne and tells him that Bailey had come by after the dinner party to say that she should stay away from Pierce. She explains that Bailey seemed to think of her as a threat to Pierce, because Pierce has a thing for someone else... and that someone seems to be Taylor. She points out that Bailey also made an observation that Ridge will never be happy with anyone but Brooke. Thorne wants to know that Brooke isn't buying into this and tells her not to let this guy get her going. Brooke says she knows that deep down... but still, he was convincing. Thorne suggests that he pay Bailey a visit. Brooke declines, assuring Thorne that this whole thing will blow over.

Ridge tells James that his marriage is strong. James apologizes for upsetting Ridge, and Ridge says James is just calling it as he sees it... he's just calling it wrong. James then leaves so Ridge and his mom can talk. When Stephanie asks him to be honest with her, Ridge says that he feels like his hands are tied, and there is more going on over there than research.

Taylor comes into the office and starts to chat with Bailey about the newest case she and Pierce have been working on. Bailey then rings the tiny bell and Taylor falls into a hypnotic trance. Bailey suggests, "Pierce Peterson is in love with you. The next time that you see him, you will find him irresistibly attractive. His lips will excite you... His voice will arouse you. You yearn to reach out and touch him. You will fall hopelessly in love with Pierce." Bailey instructs her to forget this conversation when she awakens; he counts to three and Taylor wakes up. She asks about Ridge and Bailey says there have been no messages from her husband; she is a little annoyed to find out that Ridge had not called her all day at work.

Just, then Pierce comes in all wet and in a skimpy little blue bathing suit from his swim. He starts to talk about their session with the new patient. But Taylor is not paying any attention to the work chat. She starts to think that he is a wonderful, caring and sensitive man. He has great energy... and to look at that body! Taylor is totally checking him out. Bailey is watching from the hallway and says to himself that this is the end of Ridge Forrester, since Taylor no longer belongs to him.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Bailey listens outside the door and hears nothing, wondering if his plan is working as it should... his gift to Pierce for saving him, he rationalizes. Meanwhile, inside the office, Pierce pours some juice and tells Taylor to take advantage of his fitness facility. She wonders what is wrong with her... perhaps she is hungry, she thinks as she gets back to work. However, she keeps giving Pierce the eye as she hears Bailey's instructions in her mind... "you will fall irresistibly in love with him. His lips... everything about him will make you fall in love with him," the voice echoes.

Outside the door, Bailey is interrupted by a visitor asking, "Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find Taylor Forrester?" He turns to see the visitor, someone he does not recognize... it's James. Bailey asks who he is and James introduces himself. "Oh, yes, the noted psychiatrist. You're at UCLA now, aren't you?" Bailey notes. James says yes, and he is also a friend of Taylor's. "Can I see her?" he asks. Bailey says it may be a while since they are in a session. "Hypnotherapy?" James asks. Bailey is astonished that James knows the nature of the project and points out that it is confidential information. "I'm sorry, Ridge did not tell me that," James says. "Ridge?" an angry Bailey asks.

James apologizes that he did not realize the project was confidential, and Bailey says Pierce knew there would be skeptics like James. James says he is not a skeptic, but Bailey says he has read James' work and he is an old fashioned scientist... a pragmatic person who believes in what has been established only. "Well, Dr. Warwick, Pierce may not have a position at UCLA, but he is a genius," Bailey states. He goes on about how Pierce is a revolutionary who is not taken seriously. James asks to end the debate so he can see Taylor, but Bailey will not allow it.

Over at Forrester, Ridge confides his concerns about Pierce in Brooke, and she says he may be taking it too seriously. He remains adamant that Taylor has gone against her entire scientific nature to follow Pierce's mumbo-jumbo, which will destroy her reputation. Brooke suggests that Ridge put the job concerns aside and ask himself one question... does he really fear that Taylor is vulnerable to Pierce?

In Pierce's office, Taylor listens as Pierce hums opera and thinks of great lovers like Don Juan, and she starts wondering what Pierce would be like in bed. Suddenly, she stops herself, asking herself why she is doing this! Taylor thinks that Pierce is attractive because he combines perfection of body with the mind, something not even Ridge has... but that makes her remember that Ridge is her husband, and she again feels torn. Thinking it is insane for someone as happy as she is to think this way, Taylor keeps getting drawn back to her fantasies about Pierce's body, and she tries to focus on Ridge and Thomas, or her work.

When Pierce notices she is on edge, Taylor says she has a headache, so he suggests that he massage her temples while she focuses... it's a technique he uses with patients often, he explains. He has Taylor sits down and begins massaging, speaking to her in a slow, gentle voice, and he tells her to breathe along with him. As her breathing gets heavier, she says she is getting hot! He asks her how she feels. Feeling more relaxed at his touch, Taylor says she feels wonderful, and he then stops and says it is her turn to do him!

Ridge admits to Brooke that Taylor is not vulnerable about Pierce, but that is not really what concerns him. He is actually worried about Bailey, and he tells Brooke about his post-party encounter with Bailey. Brooke tells Ridge about her own encounter with Bailey, where he apologized, and she suggests he may be acting as a defender of himself and Pierce based on his telling Brooke to back off Pierce because of someone else. Brooke changes the subject back to Ridge and Taylor and tells Ridge not to look for scapegoats, but Ridge says all he wants is to know what is going on... and when he finds that missing piece of the puzzle, things will be all right.

Pierce tells Taylor to talk to him gently as she massages his temples, so he can drift and let go... and he says she is doing well until she pauses, and he then tells her to focus on one point. Taylor feels herself being drawn to Pierce, and she then backs away, running out and saying she has to go home! Bailey sees Taylor leave and then checks on Pierce, who asks himself if the way Taylor was acting means she is falling for him, which has Bailey pleased.

James stops by to see Ridge and finds Brooke, who says Ridge went home. He asks her about Pierce and the project. Brooke admits she knows Pierce but knows little about the project... but she does know Bailey and finds him creepy, she admits. James tells her that he got the same impression. "I went over there and this Bailey person practically walked me out of the office. Something is amiss. Ridge and Taylor are dealing with a difficult situation, and something is definitely very wrong there."

Taylor comes home in a panic, trying to get a hold of herself, focusing that she is home with Ridge and Thomas, the people she loves, and repeating how her feelings for Pierce are wrong. Ridge walks in and asks his wife what is wrong, and she falls into her husband's arms as he begs her to tell him what is happening at that office!

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Ridge is at the beach house and he wants to know what got Taylor so worked up - she is a wreck, he notes. Taylor can't explain her feelings and she is very anxious. Ridge wants to know where this is coming from and says that they weathered worst storms than this. "This is different, Ridge... this is a situation that causes people to pull away from each other and to look for something uncomplicated," she explains. "Come on Doc!" he says. Taylor says, "That has never happened to you? You're telling me that has not happened, working around those beautiful models, not even once?" He answers, "No, it hasn't... Taylor, is it Pierce? Is he filling your head with nonsense. Is he coming on to you? I SWEAR..." Taylor cuts in and says no, he hasn't; "It is about us, you and me and Thomas." She can't lose Ridge, she states, because he and Thomas are her entire life.

Pierce is getting dressed, and Bailey catches a smile on his boss' face; he thinks that his plan for Taylor has worked. He comes in the office and asks Pierce what is going on. Pierce says that he and Taylor had a powerful connection and he thinks that she is attracted to him. Perhaps that is why she ran out, Bailey suggests. Pierce agrees; it had to be something strong for that kind of spontaneous reaction. "So what are you going to do?" Bailey asks.

At Spectra, the Grand Diva, Sally Spectra, is meeting with a representative from her bank. The banker says she has 48 hours to come up with the money to make her loan payments. Sally tells the bank rep that she can't possibly come up with the banks money in two days. If she doesn't, the banker explains, they are going to cancel and call in her loan. Darla shows loyalty to help and tries to stick up for her boss, but it's to no avail. The banker leaves. Sally vows to come up stronger than ever, no matter what this "inhuman" banker throws at them.

Macy shows up all in black and questions what they will pull out of. Sally and Darla wonder what she is doing there; it turns out that the minister dropped her off after the memorial service, because he didn't want her to be alone at home. Macy tells her mom and her friend that she had wanted some closure, but it didn't work. She put Grant's ashes at sea by herself, but she still can't believe that he is gone. She wanted to say goodbye in her own way, she adds. She now feels hollow and she can't fill that void. Sally wants her to come and stay with her and CJ for a while. Macy cries that she should have had more time and she needs to go home. Darla goes with her. and Sally tells herself that they need to be brave and things will get better. Somehow they will get back from this, because they have to.

Thorne comes into the office at Spectra. Sally says to have some respect for Macy and to leave her alone. She knows that he sees this as a golden opportunity to take advantage of her daughter for his own gain, but she will not allow that to happen. A livid Thorne says he would never do anything to hurt her daughter; he has always loved Macy. Sally that her daughter needs time to heal, but Thorne is too busy looking out for what he wants, and that it is selfish. Thorne states that he had only come to help. Sally yells at him to get out of Macy's life and stay out of it. Thorne leaves.

Ridge wants to know what this has to do with their marriage. He adds that they have never doubted their relationship before, and nothing is going to weaken his commitment to her. They have a strong connection and a bond. Ridge continues to say that love is being together, and he explains how you and me changes to US. Ridge says that they will work through this together, as they have always done in the past.

Pierce tells Bailey that it was a magical moment with Taylor and it was a touch of non-verbal communication. Taylor had lost control and it was an unusual occurrence for her, because she is such a strong willed person. Bailey says that he and Taylor are keeping the same secret and they need to get it out into the open. He suggests that Pierce go to see Taylor. Pierce then questions the moment and if it was real, because it felt like magic. He won't ever forget it, and he has a feeling that Taylor won't either.

Ridge goes to the bedroom and Taylor walks outside. She knows that Ridge is a wonderful man and husband. Still in tears, she questions what she was thinking at work today and why she had urges to risk everything in her life.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys...

Taylor is leaving a love note for Ridge in his office, sealed with a kiss. She is sitting in his chair behind the desk. She turns the chair until her back is to the door. "This will knock you on your butt!" Brooke says as she comes in wearing a robe. She opens the robe to show that she is wearing a bikini just as Taylor turns to face her and says that she already has. Brooke explains that she is modeling a design. Getting up, Taylor says that she thought that after Ridge's final rejection of her, Brooke would move on and stop playing these little games. Brooke says, "Like that ever stopped you?" She says that she isn't coming on to Ridge. We design clothes, she explains. "If I choose to show them in a fun and flirtatious manner, then..." "So you admit that you were flirting with my husband," Taylor accuses. Brooke says, "Like you haven't flirted with Pierce!" When she sees the truth in Taylor's eyes, she smiles and asks how far it has gone for the "uptight model of virtue."

CJ is looking through a magazine, eyeing all the pretty girls, when he comes across Raymond's picture. He tosses the magazine aside and wonders why the guy is everywhere. However, seeing the picture, he is reminded that Raymond has a past with Amber. "What am I going to do?" he asks himself. "I can't let my best friend keep digging a hole for himself. If the kid is Raymond's and Rick finds out I knew, he will never forgive me. But if it is Rick's baby and I tell him about Raymond, then things would be worse. Maybe it is better if I don't tell." Just then, Rick pops into the room. He tells CJ that Amber is better; she's had no more dizzy spells. "We were lucky," he tells his friend, and in the long run, it was worth it. Because she saved Stephanie's life, CJ says. No, Rick tells him. It is because his parents look at Amber differently now. CJ can't picture Amber as a super-hero, and Rick laughs, "At least they don't think she is Satan's spawn anymore." He tells CJ that during the ultrasound, he looked at his mom's face and she was praying that the baby would be alive. His dad, he adds, hasn't gotten there yet, but he will. "Things are working out for Amber and me!"

Thorne is trying to call Macy but there is no answer. While the phone rings and rings, he says that he knows she is home; he saw her car parked outside! He worries that she is in that house all alone, with nothing but her memories. Hanging up the phone, he says that he has got to see if she is okay. Going to the door, when he opens it, he finds Macy standing there, looking a mess.

Thorne brings Macy inside. She looks bedraggled and mournful. She tells him that she hasn't answered the phone because she doesn't want to talk to anyone about it. If she talks about it, it will be too real. Thorne tells her that he is worried about her. As he is about to go on, she interrupts and tells him that she doesn't want to hear that she is letting Grant down! "Grant wanted me to be happy; everyone wants me to be happy... but my husband is gone and I can't act happy. I can't act happy, and I can't forget that I miss him!"

Thorne tells her that she can handle it any way that she wants. She tells him that she sang to him. "You sang to Grant?" Thorne asks, stunned. She says that he was dying and he knew it. She was fighting accepting it; she was looking for that miracle cure, but he knew there was no miracles. He had the doctor take him off the machines and the morphine; at his instruction, they dressed him in his best suit and got flowers for him to give to Macy. "When I got there, he wanted me to sing to him one more time before he left," she says. "How did you manage that?" Thorne asks. "I don't know," Macy says. "I knew he was leaving and I would never have another chance to sing to him, so I did. And then he just ..." She breaks down.

CJ demands to know what Rick means by "working out." Rick says that they are in love and engaged; there is only one more step and that is to get married. Rick hopes that his parents will cut him some slack and let them get married before the baby comes. "Are you nuts?" CJ exclaims.

Brooke is having a good time teasing Taylor about her relationship with Pierce. She says Taylor is blushing and wonders if it is just an innocent flirtation and how far it has gone. She says that with her and Ridge, there isn't anything more than what is between Taylor and Pierce. This doesn't make Taylor any happier. Angrily, she tells Brooke to go and put some clothes on. She is tired of this X-rated conversation.

"I think I have touched a nerve," murmurs Brooke. "You wish!" Taylor tells her. "You would love it something happened between Pierce and me... it's the kind of blunder you would like, but it isn't going to happen!" Brooke goes on and on about Taylor being so perfect; she would never step out of line. Taylor says that she isn't perfect, but she doesn't sleep around to get men. Brooke tells Taylor that she and Ridge are too different to be together; they are complete opposites. "Ridge is fun loving and spontaneous---just right for me," she says; but Taylor is studious. She says that Taylor needs someone more in tune with her, like Pierce. "You are a scientist," she says. "You and Pierce have so much more in common than you do with Ridge." She tells Taylor that someday she will meet her soul mate and then she will have true happiness. Taylor tells her to stop sniffing around her husband because she isn't going to break her vows just because . . . Brooke's eyes light up. So you have been tempted! She says. She tells Taylor to go with her feelings; that would be the best thing for all of them. Angrily, Taylor leaves the office. Alone, Brooke smiles. "It is happening. It's really happening!

Rick can't understand why CJ doesn't want him to marry Amber. CJ says that he knows they will be married---some day when they are old enough. What is he going to do, get a note from his parents saying that he can get married? Rick asks. Rick says that he doesn't need this and heads for the door. "Wait!" CJ calls out. His face is full of conflict.

Thorne tries to comfort Macy; he wants to be there for her. She pulls away and tells him that she can't think about that right now. She came here to tell him that she can't use his help. She says that she knows what Grant wanted of them, but it was wrong. She loves her husband; he may be gone, but that doesn't change the way she feels. Thorne begs her not to close the door on them, but she says that she doesn't have a choice. Her feelings didn't change when Grant died; all that happened is that her life got ripped out of her. He tells her that with time, the pain will go away. "When?" she asks. "In one year? In twenty years? All I see his a big black hole, and I am getting swallowed up by it." Thorne tells her that she will get through this; he wants to help her get through it. Macy tells him that she doesn't want him to wait of her; she has friends that she can lean on. When Thorne tries to hold her, she pushes him away and says that she means it. She runs out of the house while Thorne cries out her name over and over.

CJ tries to convince Rick to wait until after the baby is born to think about getting married; this could save him from making a huge mistake. "You sound just like my parents!" Rick shouts, and CJ says he is not Rick's parents. He wonders what would happen if he and Amber got married and then he found out something bad about her; he says that it would be too late to do anything about it then. Rick says that that is the lamest excuse he has ever heard to keep him from marrying the girl he loves. He isn't supposed to get married because some time down the road, he finds out something about her? CJ says that it could happen. Rick says that CJ is his best friend. Is there something that he needs to know?

Pierce is dictating in his office but it is hard to keep his mind on his work. The phone rings and it is Brooke. She tells him that she just had to call him and tell him about her interesting conversation with Taylor---about you, she adds. She then asks what is going on between the two of them. When Pierce tries to deny that anything is going on, Brooke tells him that his denial is as good as a confession, just as Taylor's was. She tells him that now is the time for him to take some action. She says that Taylor and Ridge do not belong together, but he shouldn't worry about Ridge; she will take care of him. She goes on to tell Pierce that he and Taylor are a perfect match, so he should stop playing games. Taylor is confused at the moment; now is the time to tell her how he feels. "Now is your chance," she encourages.

Just then, Taylor comes into the office and begins to work. She is reading some reports as Pierce says good bye to Brooke. Looking at Taylor, Pierce thinks that maybe Brooke is right. "Yes, it's time, Taylor; time to let my feelings be known."

Friday, October 16, 1998

An assistant is about to bring a report in to Pierce's office when she is intercepted by Bailey, who promises to deliver the report personally once Pierce comes out of his session... a very pivotal session!

Pierce stares at Taylor, wondering if Brooke can be right... more and more, he starts to think that Taylor DOES have feelings for him. Pierce wants to talk with Taylor but she doesn't want to talk. She can't even look at him and he can't understand why.

Sally is looking at some of Grant's work and says that he sure was a genius at designing. She says that she hopes he is happy and asks him to talk to his new boss about her. She really could use an angel about now---yes, an angel is what she needs. The door opens and Amber comes in looking for CJ. When Sally says that he isn't there, Amber starts to leave, but Sally calls her back into the room. She says that she has heard about her incredible act of heroism; "You are quite the media darling," she says with a smile. Amber says that Sally would have done the same thing in her place. "Risk my neck to save Queen Stephanie? I don't think so!" Sally mentions that Stephanie must be very grateful to Amber, but she had better be careful. The Forresters' gratitude has a short shelf life; she should know, she has had a lot of experience with them. Their gratitude never lasts; their theme song is "What have you done for me lately?" Amber reminds Sally that she is talking about her future family. Sally doesn't think so. "Yes, they are my future family; Stephanie is my side, Brooke and Eric are coming around, and nothing can stop me now!" Amber brags. Sally warns her that any little thing---one wrong step, one little mistake, or one error in judgement---and she will be Miss Untouchable again. Amber says that she doesn't intend to make any mistakes. She wishes Sally a good day and leaves. After she is gone, Sally thinks about her and says that she almost wishes that she wouldn't make any mistakes!

Rick wants to know what CJ knows! He tells CJ that he is a lousy liar and he knows that he is in on some secret about Amber, and Rick wants to know what it is. "Tell me what you know about Amber; if this is something that I should know, then tell me now!" CJ says that he knows that Amber really loves him and she really wants things to work out with him; that is the reason that he didn't say anything before. He shows Rick the picture of Raymond in the magazine and Rick recognizes him. He admits that he knew that he and Amber went to high school together. CJ says that Rick doesn't understand what he is talking about. He should have told him sooner but he was so afraid! "This guy and Amber?" asks Rick, suddenly understanding what CJ is talking about. "How far has it gone?" CJ says that he thinks that they slept together. Rick seems relieved. He tells CJ that he knew Amber wasn't a virgin and of course she had boyfriends before him. CJ is about to set him straight when the doorbell rings.

Amber is at the door and she is happy to see Rick. Rick tells her that CJ told him about her secret. He asks, "Why didn't you tell me about you and Raymond?"

Brooke and Ridge are looking at some pictures when the topic moves back to his marriage; Ridge is trying to convince Brooke that even though he doesn't know what the problem is with Taylor, they will work it out. When he begins to come down on Pierce Peterson again, she tells him that he can't blame it on Pierce. She tells him not to look on this as a marriage that is broke and needs fixing; instead, look on this as a sign. Ridge can't believe that she would say something like that, but she goes on to tell him that the two of them don't have anything in common. It is time he realized that this marriage is doomed; what is meant to be will be. She tells him that he deserves so much better. When Ridge won't listen, she says that she is shocked at Taylor's behavior lately. Ridge says that so is he; it isn't like Taylor at all and he is determined to find out what is behind it. After he leaves, Brooke says to herself that Ridge isn't going to like what he finds.

Pierce wants to talk about what happened yesterday but Taylor tells him that it is over and she just wants to forget it happened. He insists that he wants to talk; they can't just pretend it never happened. She tells him to drop it! She tries to walk away, but Pierce follows her. "What if I were to tell you that I feel the same way?" He asks. Taylor says she doesn't want to hear this; she wants to maintain a professional relationship. What happened yesterday means nothing to her. "It did to me," Pierce says. "When you touched my face, I felt the same way you did." He says that they just cannot ignore the effect they have on each other. Taylor insists that it is only normal transference but Pierce says that it is not. He says that they had one brilliant honest moment and it has set him free. Because he has been talking to her face to face and getting closer to her face as he speaks, Taylor begins to feel the effect of the hypnotic suggestions. She tries to pull away as he leans in to kiss her.

Brooke is busy when Bailey calls and asks to see her. She tells him that she has a very busy afternoon but he tells her to clear her desk; she will want to hear this!

Rick says that CJ told him about her and Raymond. Amber is shocked speechless. She begins to cry and tell him that she was hoping that he would never find out about this. She asks him to forgive her. He says that he isn't mad; why should he be mad because Raymond was her boyfriend in high school? He assures her that she can tell him anything and he will understand. He isn't jealous of her former boyfriends because he knows that she loves him now; she is carrying his baby and that is all that matters. They are together now and they will always be together. He has to leave for class and offers CJ a lift, but CJ says he will catch up with him later.

After Rick leaves, Amber gives CJ hell for trying to tell Rick about Raymond. She says that he has never understood how she felt. This was her chance to be part of a great family---her baby also. Her baby is so lucky to be born into this family; he will have a family that will take care of him forever. "You cannot let him lose that because of one stupid thing that I did," She pleads. Putting his arms around her, he promises that he won't tell Rick anything more.

When Bailey arrives, Brooke is short with him and asks what is so important. He says that he has some advice for her. "Why don't you give Ridge a call and make plans for dinner?" Bailey says with a smile. Brooke asks sarcastically if she should also invite his wife. Bailey says that won't be necessary, since Taylor will not be Ridge's wife much longer!

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Week of 10/19/98 - 10/23/98

Monday, October 19, 1998

James is with Ridge in his office; he tells Ridge that he went to see Taylor at work, but he was turned back at the gate by Bailey. Of course, Ridge explains, since Bailey worships Pierce as a god... which makes Bailey a high priest, James a heathen, Ridge an animal... and Taylor a sacrifice to Pierce! Ridge confides that Bailey knows his marriage is having trouble and he absolutely loves it. Ridge is sure that Bailey is behind what has Taylor troubled these days.

Bailey is in Brooke's office and says that Taylor won't be married to Ridge much longer. Brooke assures him that Taylor has been in love with Ridge for years and now that she has him, she isn't going to throw that all away. Bailey insists that even as they speak, it is happening, and Ridge's marriage could be over by tonight. All they need to do is work together... he needs Brooke to comfort Ridge through this. Brooke insists that they are not working together and questions why he is so interested in all of this. Bailey replies that Pierce is his best friend and his happiness is very important to him. He and Taylor are perfect for each other, just like she and Ridge. Brooke questions what Bailey has done to bring them closer together and wonders how Bailey is so sure. Bailey says he placed Taylor in a receptive frame of mind. Brooke suddenly realizes, "Oh my God! You hypnotized her!"

Taylor is in Pierce's arms at the office, and she tells him that she can't do this because she is married. This isn't her and it can't be real, she tries to explain. But Pierce tells her that if this is true, she should be able to look him in the eye and deny any love for him. Taylor confesses that she can't look him in the eyes to say that she does not love him. Pierce and Taylor are in an embrace, staring each other in the eyes, when Taylor states that they are not slaves to their feelings and they can control themselves. Pierce questions why they are so drawn to each other and tells Taylor that she should not deny herself of feeling this way. Taylor just flat out announces that she can not stay there anymore.

Ridge is still chatting with James, and they believe that it is Bailey behind all of this. They discuss the threats Bailey made, and Ridge claims that Bailey will be sorry for that. Ridge wonders if Bailey could be drugging Taylor, which James says is a possibility... and as Ridge talks about her sudden mood swings, he says he knows something is wrong. He explains that Taylor's behavior has been completely unreal, and that isn't how his wife usually is. It is killing him trying to figure out what is going on, and he just wants to put an end to it and stop blaming himself for her hurting. James questions what if Taylor has these mood swings and they continue-will his marriage survive? Ridge says that he is not giving up and he wants to have his wife back. He will not lose his marriage!

Bailey confesses that Brooke has found out his little secret. Brooke lectures him that it is wrong; it is mind control, and brainwashing. He couldn't have actually thought that she wouldn't tell Ridge, she states, and she is annoyed that he programmed a person's life like a robot. She wants Ridge, but not this way! Bailey insists that he just brought out Taylor's hidden feelings and freed her inhibitions. Brooke says this is all insane, but Bailey continues to discuss that this is destiny. He can give Brooke back her old life that she loved so much with Ridge, he states.

Pierce tells Taylor that she cant hide from her feelings. Taylor admits that she is attracted to him and cares for him. She pleads for help and can't believe that she is saying these things. She reminds Pierce that she is married. Pierce replies that they are going to have the most wonderful life together, and she has touched him like no one has ever... they have a whole new life ahead for both of them. IF she takes the first step, she will never look back, he assures her. Brooke then gets off the elevator to speak with Pierce personally. She tells Miss Holiday that Bailey has sent her. The secretary then calls Pierce and explains that, even though he said not to be disturbed, Brooke is there at Bailey's request. Pierce comes right out. He thanks Brooke for encouraging him to go after Taylor, and he is all excited, because it turns out that she has feelings for him. But he has to go back inside, he says, so he asks Brooke if she can excuse him. Brooke asks him to wait, and he asks if there is something that Brooke wants to tell him first...

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Pierce asks Brooke if she has something important to say, since if not, he has to return to Taylor, which he owes her so much for. "I don't owe you anything," Brooke states, but Pierce insists she is wrong. "Don't you see the beauty in this? Everything works out the way it was supposed to. You were right... Taylor is in love with me, and I'm indebted to you," he says. "Will you stop saying that?" Brooke shouts, which he sees as her feeling guilty. Pierce says they are doing the right thing, but Brooke says it is the WRONG thing!

Still in Brooke's office, Bailey wonders where Brooke could have gone. "Could she have...?" he asks, as he reaches for the phone and calls the office. Taylor answers and the diminutive business manager asks Taylor where Pierce is. When Taylor says he is away from the desk, he predicts Brooke must be there. As Bailey prepares to race out, he runs into Ridge on his way out, who stops him. "What the hell are you doing here?" Ridge demands to know.

Rick greets Amber with a kiss as she marvels in her great life, living at Stephanie's... but in the end, she remembers how she is alone, in someone else's house, and she is not part of the family. Rick reminds her that she IS part of the family; after all, she is carrying his child. Amber says that is true, but it does not mean that she is a part of the family. There is only one thing that will make her a Forrester, she explains... a wedding ring.

Thorne and Stephanie discuss Amber and Rick's situation. "We can't possibly let Rick and Amber marry," Thorne says, "no matter what she has done for us." Stephanie has a worried look as she listens to her son.

Ridge asks what Bailey is doing in Brooke's office, and Bailey says he was waiting for Brooke. When Bailey tries to get away from Ridge, saying he has no right to ask him anything, Ridge picks him up, slams him against the wall, and demands answers about his wife!

Taylor talks to herself about why she would say those things to Pierce and asks herself what is happening to her. She cannot believe she would let Pierce talk to her that way and continues to ask herself why she is acting this way!

Pierce tells Brooke to go back to the office since Taylor is waiting and Ridge now needs Brooke, so she should trust him. "Pierce, wait," she says, "we have to talk about this." Pierce says he is about to have the most important conversation in my life in there with a woman he loves. Brooke tells Pierce that Taylor didn't love him. Pierce says she does. Brooke says, "Bailey." He asks what Bailey has to do with this. Brooke explains that Bailey had hypnotized Taylor, so she couldn't resist him! Pierce is stunned. Brooke asks, "You didn't know about this?" Pierce mumbles Bailey's name and says, "I was in there with her, and she was touching me and telling me how she felt." Brooke says that Taylor doesn't love him; it was all induced. Brooke explains that Taylor and Pierce were both manipulated. As he digests what she says, Taylor comes looking for Pierce and wonders what Brooke is doing there.

Thorne wonders how Rick and Amber expect a marriage to be accepted, and Stephanie says that Amber, while an opportunist, has a good heart, and Rick believes he is doing the right thing. Thorne reminds his mom that Amber is not the only one involved and things he should talk to his younger brother, and he tells Steph that he will need her help.

Rick tells Amber he is going to marry her, but she worries about the changes to her body, which have her scared. He assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Despite his assurances, she reminds him this will be an illegitimate child, and nothing he can do will change that, because of his parents. Amber says she wants a happy family for her baby, and she does not want wars in his family... nor does she want to hear that the baby is a bastard. Rick says that will never happen! Amber thanks Rick for his loyalty, but she reminds him that his parents will keep fighting them to keep them apart... if only they can get married right away... Rick says he will make that happen somehow, for her and their child. Stephanie and Thorne walk in as Rick and Amber embrace, and Stephanie asks if Amber can come help her in the kitchen. Amber leaves with Stephanie so Rick can talk with Thorne, and the two half-brothers stare at each other.

Ridge lets Bailey go and says that Bailey was doing Pierce's dirty work, but Bailey praises Pierce as a god who gets nothing for his work, while scum like Ridge gets Taylor. Ridge realizes that the goal is to give Taylor up to Pierce... but there is nothing Pierce can due to break up his marriage. Bailey admires Ridge's confidence... he says it so sexy, he sneers, as he makes a quick exit.

Pierce tells Taylor to go back in the office, so she leaves, and he asks Brooke if she is sure about what she has said. She says she is. Pierce laments how this is not real and how he is sorry, since he finally found a woman who loved him the way he always dreamed, only to find out it is a lie. He explains that even though he always had these feelings, he stayed away at first, unwilling to break up the marriage. But then Taylor sent him signals, overt ones... but despite the strength of those feelings. it was induced by Bailey!

Brooke guesses that Bailey thought he was doing them both a favor, but Pierce can only think how for the first time, he found someone to share his life and success with... but it was all a fabrication.

Brooke says she was tempted not to say anything, and Pierce says that maybe she shouldn't have. She then asks what he is going to say to Taylor.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Brooke asks Pierce what he is going to say to Taylor, and he laments that they have both lost a lot. A lot that wasn't real, Brooke points out, so Pierce has to make a decision. She has already made hers by telling him, and now it is time for Pierce to do the same. Pierce talks about Bailey and everything he did, still in shock. Brooke tells Pierce that Bailey was a dangerous man and he shouldn't have him around, and she says she is sorry... she has been through this before, but Pierce hasn't. Pierce says, "But this is so unnecessary; of course I wanted her, but I resisted. I wouldn't have ever touched her if she didn't encourage me... but she didn't encourage me. She was acting on programmed impulses." Just then, Bailey arrives and sees that Brooke and Pierce have been talking.

Taylor calls James in a panic, so he tells her to get out. She asks why... is it something with Pierce? No, James, states--it is with Bailey. When he asks if Bailey is there, the panic-stricken shrink says she would feel more comfortable talking to James in person, and she hangs up. James continues to call out her name, but is too late.

Thorne stops by to talk with Rick, telling him he is making a big mistake. Rick says Thorne is wrong; after all, he and Amber really love each other, and he has no intention of letting his child be born illegitimate. Besides, he points out, he learned in school about people in history who married at an even younger age than he and Amber. Thorne can't believe Rick's attempts at rationalization and asks, "Let me get this straight... you're using your history class to justify marrying this girl?!"

CJ and Amber hang out at Insomnia, and she still worries that he might tell Rick about Raymond. He says he will not... and besides, it won't make a bit of difference what he says once the baby is born. He suggests Amber see a doctor and find out who the father of the baby is.

Bailey asks Brooke what she was doing there, and she takes that as her cue to leave. Alone with his friend and assistant, Pierce confronts Bailey. Bailey asks where Taylor is, and Pierce says she's in his office. Bailey says he won't keep them and starts to leave, but Pierce tells him to wait. "Why?" Bailey asks. Pierce says he knows why; "She's waiting for me, and we were going to have a talk about our future." Bailey says that's what Pierce always wanted, what he's been hoping for. Pierce says, "And now I finally got it, but there's only one problem... Brooke says that Taylor has been programmed to find me irresistible. Brooke said you hypnotized Taylor with a triggering device. Did you know about this Bailey?" Bailey is silent as Pierce continues, "I told you to get rid of that bell... did you?"

Bailey admits it but rationalizes that Taylor and Pierce were meant for each other, and all he did was break down some barriers. He and Taylor are meant for each other... she would have married him anyway had she not met Ridge first. And she only married Ridge out of obligation, he continues... by hypnotizing her, he spared her a war of her emotions. Pierce will hear none of it and, after demanding that Bailey return the bell, orders Bailey out! Bailey pauses, trying to explain, but Pierce yells, "I said get out!!!"

Rick tells Thorne he loves Amber, but Thorne says that is not a reason to get married. He points out his own tendency to play the hero and the pain it caused him... a mistake he wants Rick to avoid. Thorne points out that a wedding vow will only make things worse and that Rick will meet other girls, so he does not need to be tied down. Rick however insists all he needs is Amber and he is ready for this commitment. The phone rings and it is Eric, demanding that Rick come over for dinner at Brooke's, something Rick is reluctant about. After he gets off, he tells Thorne that he has one more thing to add... he knows what he want, and that is Amber, so everyone better get used to not pushing him around anymore!

Taylor waits in Pierce's office as he walks in, so she acts like she reading, and he apologizes for leaving while she asks what Brooke wanted. Pierce says she needed to tell him something. Taylor explains that she didn't want to come between him and Brooke since Brooke is beautiful, and she knows Brooke has dated him before. He guesses she is jealous, which she thinks she shouldn't be. Taylor asks if he wants her to not be jealous, and they draw close as he looks into her eyes.

Amber brags to CJ that she and Rick are making plans and will be married soon, but CJ remains skeptical, even when she brags how Rick listens to her and not her parents.

Bridget helps Eric and Brooke prepare for dinner as an angry Rick storms in, and he is not happy to learn that he is expected at dinner with a new family from Nantucket moving into James' and Maggie's old house. Eric tells Rick to get his attitude in line, but Rick protests. He obnoxiously says he will stay, but he will not say a single word!

Taylor asks Pierce if he wanted to reassure her of everything, and he asks her to look him in the eye and say she loves him. However, she can't, since it feels wrong. That's because she does not love him, he explains. Pierce then tells Taylor that he has realized the dangers of hypnosis, and he admits she was right about needing more research, so he is ending the project. Taylor wonders if someone was hurt by the project, and he says that yes, two people were. "Oh, no... was it the Randolphs?" she asks. He says no, it is two others who were hurt... one permanently, and the other he will help. Taylor asks who he means and insists he cannot stop the project! Something is going on, and she needs to know who those two people are, she exclaims.

CJ tells Amber she needs to be careful and that it is too soon for her to be like this, but she says he is not in love like she is. As CJ gets a refill on his coffee, Amber spots a white mother with a black man and a black baby, and she repeats to herself that this must be Rick's baby.

Rick argues with Eric and Brooke about the guests that are coming to dinner and gets into a fight with Bridget as he makes comments that the girl coming to dinner is probably a teeny-bopper with a training bra and beanie babies. Eric says that's enough as he and Brooke answer the door and meet Myles Fairchild and his daughter Kimberly. Brooke introduces Bridget and then asks for Rick to come over... and Rick seems quite taken with Kimberly!

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

Drinks are passed around and the Forresters and the Fairchilds exchange small talk. Mr. Fairchild says that they have lived in Nantucket all their lives but now this is home. Eric says that Nantucket is beautiful, but so is California. Eric asks how he likes the Warwick house, and Myles says that it is very nice and homey. When Brooke says that it is a Cape Cod house, he says that that is why they like it so much. He compliments Eric on his home, but Eric tells him that this is Brooke's home; Mr. Fairchild appears uncomfortable as Eric goes on to explain that he doesn't live here. Rick speaks up and says that he and his sister do live here; they have a swimming pool and everything. In a rude manner, Myles asks if he has a lot of those "California" parties around the pool. Rick answers that he has had a few. "How many girlfriends does a boy like you have, Rick?" Myles asks.

At Insomnia, Amber cannot take her eyes off the interracial couple and their child. CJ tries to get her attention; and when he can't, he looks in the direction that she is staring and mentions that it is hitting close to home. He says that the happy bride-to-be planning her wedding has disappeared, leaving a sad person in her place. He says that if Raymond is the baby's father, they will have a kid that looks like that one over there, and if it is Rick's baby, he won't; but everyone will know in the end. Amber changes the subject by asking him if she should have her wedding in the Beverly Hills Hotel or the Ocean Club.

Taylor tells Pierce that her feelings for him have changed but Pierce sadly tells her that nothing has changed. Yes, they have, Taylor insists. "I have to stop denying my feelings. I think I'm becoming involved with you. But how can I do that to Ridge!" She begins to weep and Pierce takes her into his arms and comforts her. What are we going to do? Taylor asks. "I know what I would like to do," Pierce says. He leads her to the lounge chair and sits her down. Picking up the bell, he looks at it for a few seconds. Then he rings it. Taylor falls into a trance. How do you feel? He asks. Taylor answers that she feels peaceful. Getting close, Pierce tells her that when he next rings the bell, she will wake up and all that they have had between them for the past few days---the feelings, the attraction---will all be forgotten and she will remember none of it. She will look upon him only as a colleague and a friend; someone that she can work with and trust. All the passion that she thought that she felt was just the power of suggestion and nothing more. He also tells her that the ringing of the bell will no longer have the power to put her in a hypnotic trance, "Someday," he says, "we may come together again in love, but if we do, it will be a true expression of how you feel from your heart." As he gently kisses her on the lips, he whispers, "Goodbye, my love." He rings the bell.

There is an embarrassed pause before Mr. Fairchild apologizes for putting Rick on the spot. Brooke goes to check on dinner. Eric asks about Fairchild's business and he says that he is an investment banker. He wasn't transferred out here, he answers when Eric asks; he just saw an opportunity and took it. Eric says that he will be pleased with the Meadow Woods; it is a good school. He asks Kimberly if she is into sports and she answers that in Nantucket, she was into crewing. Eric looks puzzled and Bridget explains that it is rowing. Kimberly corrects her and explains that it is a team sport with 8 rowers who have to work as a team. She supposes that she will have to find another sport to get involved in and Bridget says that the big thing now is volleyball or soccer. By this time everyone has wandered out onto the terrace. Eric and Myles go back to refresh their drinks, leaving the young people alone on the terrace. Mr. Fairchild asks about Eric's family; he has heard that he has a couple of grown sons. Eric says that besides Rick and Bridget, he has two grown daughters and two grown sons. Ridge is married and has a son; he is also his head designer. "Our head designer," Brooke corrects him. Myles asks about Thorne and Eric says that he isn't with the company any longer. Fairchild asks if Thorne is married and when Eric says that he isn't, he asks if he has anyone. Brooke answers that he hasn't a girlfriend at the moment but there is someone that he would like to be close to. Just then, the maid comes into the room and tells them that dinner is served. Brooke tells her to alert the children.

Back at Insomnia, CJ observes that Amber is really rushing this wedding. Amber says that she can't let Rick's firstborn come into this world without a name. "You are so confident," sneers CJ. Yes I am! Amber says. "I've got the world on a string. I feel great." Getting up, she walks over to the counter and picks up the microphone. She begins to sing "I've got the world on a string," and everyone stops talking and pays attention. When the song is over, everyone applauds, even the interracial couple in the corner.

As Pierce rings the bell, Taylor opens her eyes and it becomes business as usual. "So you are really ending the project?" She asks. She asks if he will need her any longer and Pierce tells her that he will. "How can you?" She asks. "You hired me specifically for the hypnosis project. That was all that you were working on." Pierce says that there will be other things to work on; but for now, why doesn't she go home and they will talk in the morning. Taylor thinks that is a good idea. She wants to do something special for her husband tonight. They haven't been able to spend a lot of time together recently. She tells him good night and she will see him in the morning.

After Taylor leaves, the door slowly opens and Bailey comes in. "Before you say anything...," he begins but Pierce interrupts. "Don't try to justify yourself and what you have done!" Pierce tells him. "I deprogrammed Taylor. All the damage you caused, all the hell you put her through, is gone. All that is left is me, a man fighting to hold it together, a man who doesn't want to live." Bailey asks why he did it; Taylor loves him, he is sure of it. "Stop it!" Pierce cries out. "Stop trying to feed my hopes. You have cut my heart out already! Don't do me any more damage." He tells Bailey that he has ruined his entire project. He took something positive and turned it into something wrong. It could have been a valuable tool that could have changed the lives of millions of sick people. Bailey begs him not to stop the project. "It is over!" Pierce says. "The project is over! My life is over! Now, get your things together and get out of the building. I don't ever want you near this building again." Bailey is sick! "You are all that I have got!" he cries. Pierce tells him that he is a sick man and he only wishes he had seen it coming. Go home! He orders. "But this is my home," Bailey pleads. "I cannot associate with you any longer," Pierce tells him. "Now GO!" With tears streaming down his face and sobs racking his breast, Bailey turns and walks out of the office, head bowed, and into the elevator, a beaten man. Pierce is also shedding tears. Alone, he looks at the crystal bell and using all his strength, he throws it again the far wall, shattering it into a million pieces.

At Insomnia, as the applause dies down, CJ tells Amber that she thinks that she is the coolest thing in the world. I am, she agrees. Nothing can go wrong now.

Everyone gathers around the table and Brooke suggests the seating arrangement. Looking around, Rick notices that everyone is present except for Kimberly. He returns to the terrace where Kimberly is gazing out over the city. He tells her that they are ready for dinner but she isn't hungry. He guesses, rightly, that she is suffering from homesickness. He tells her that he will be happy to show her around and this seems to please her. Smiling, they go into the dining room. Rick seats her at the table and goes to his seat. They look at each other and smile. Brooke observes this exchange with pleasure.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

Stephanie looks at Mary's baby picture and wonders where she is now. Amber comes into the room with a bowl of ice cream; she is giving her baby a "calcium boost" and offers to get some for Stephanie. Stephanie observes that Amber is very confident. "Why shouldn't I be confident?" Amber answers. "Rick loves me and as long as that doesn't change, I've got nothing to worry about."

At dinner, The Forresters and Fairchilds are having sushi, but Kimberly is having trouble mastering the chopsticks. Rick gives her a lesson that almost works until the fish falls back into the bowl. Eric tells her that it took Rick ages to master the art; she will learn it. Brooke asks Myles what he misses most about Nantucket and he replies, "My Lady." There is an uncomfortable silence until he explains that "My Lady" is a 65-foot sloop that he owns back in Nantucket. He explains how every year, he and Kimberly explore the north Atlantic up around Nova Scotia. It gives them time to spend alone together---just him and his precious angel.

Sally has her office fixed up as if it is seeing a lot of design activity. The models are there, wearing some of the designs that she has put together. She tells Darla and CJ that they have to look really busy if they are going to pull this rabbit out of the hat. More models come in just as she is saying that this will be Spectra's last stand. The banker is coming soon and they have to give him the show of a lifetime, otherwise, it is curtains for all of them. When the secretary tells her that someone is coming up in the elevator now, she says that everyone has to be busy. When the elevator doors open, it is only Thorne.

Thorne says that he has to talk to her about Macy. Macy is sitting in that house grieving and she isn't doing very well. Sally says that she knows that; it is only to be expected since she just lost her husband. She feels guilty that she has to be here worrying about business when her daughter needs her so much. Thorne says that Macy knows what is going on over here and she feels badly that she can't help. He says that he wants to help out. He has a lot of contacts all over the world; just a few phone calls and he could have distributors buying up everything that she has. Sally is shocked! Spectra and Forrester Creations are enemies. Thorne says that that doesn't matter; this is family and he wants to help Macy. Sally says that it is too late, anyway. The good ship Spectra is headed for an iceberg named Charles Brady. Everyone is looking behind Sally; when she turns, she sees Charles Brady, the banker, standing there.

Eric says that a sloop of that size must have a large crew aboard but Myles says proudly that he is looking at the entire crew. Eric is impressed that Myles and Kimberly is the only crew aboard. He asks Myles to recount some of their adventures. Myles says that this past July they were anchored and Kimberly was swimming quite a ways from the ship when he suddenly saw a school of fish swim by. Suddenly he saw the dorsal fin of a great white shark. He used a hook to fend the shark off, but just before Kimberly got to the ship safely, the shark broke loose. In the nick of time, he was able to spear the shark. He will never forget the pool of blood around that shark's body. Rick says that that must have been frightening. Myles says that Rick may not understand now, but when he is a father he will realize just what lengths a man would go to to protect his child.

Stephanie observes that Amber is very confident of Rick's feelings. "Why shouldn't I be?" Amber asks. "Rick loves me and he loves our baby. Pretty soon, this baby will pop out and we'll all be one big happy family." Stephanie tells her that giving birth doesn't guarantee you will be a good mother. Amber is shocked that Stephanie doesn't believe she would be a good mother. Stephanie says that she wasn't referring to that; she only meant that keeping the baby might be the worse thing for the baby. She still has time to consider adoption. Amber says that she can't do that. "Can't or won't?" Stephanie asks. Amber becomes upset and tells her not to lay a guilt trip on her about this. Stephanie tells her that if she truly loved the baby, she would think of what was best for it. Amber says that she may not be the most ideal person to be a mother, but she knows that there are a lot of sickos out there and she is not going to take a chance with her own child!

Stephanie doesn't understand how why she would want to take on this responsibility at her age. Then there is Rick who isn't even out of high school. She is sure that his fondest dream wasn't to be a husband even before he was out of high school. There is only one reason that he is marrying Amber and that is the baby. Amber says that she can't believe that Stephanie is doing this to her after she saved her life. Stephanie says that she will always be grateful to Amber for that, but she isn't trying to hurt her. Amber tells her to stop with the adoption talk and telling her that Rick doesn't love her, because she knows it isn't true.

Rick carries some of the dishes back into the kitchen and Kimberly helps him. He tells her that the story about the shark was "gnarly." She doesn't understand "gnarly," so Rick explains it to her. He likes that she and her dad are so close and she says that they spend a lot of time together, especially now. They are interrupted when the maid tells Rick that he has a phone call. Rick explains that it is probably his friend, CJ.

Sally tells the banker that they have arranged a fashion show especially for him, but he says that he knows nothing about fashion; banking is what he understands. Sally begins her pitch and is helped out by CJ but the banker isn't impressed. When Thorne comes in and introduces himself, the banker is impressed. Thorne tells him what he could do for the business but the banker says that it is too late. He has no alternative but to tell them to vacate the premises immediately.

Amber is on the phone with Rick crying about Stephanie giving her a hard time. She is insecure but Rick says that he can't talk right now. After he tells her several times that he can't talk, they hang up.

The Fairchilds are saying goodnight to the Forresters. Eric wonders where Rick is and Kimberly says that he got a phone call earlier. Bridget offers to go find him, but Kimberly says that she will see him in school tomorrow. After they leave, Rick comes into the room and Eric chides him for his lack of manners. He says he was talking to Amber. They find Kimberly's purse on the couch. Eric says he will drop it off on his way home, but Rick insists on walking it over himself.

After he leaves, Brooke mentions the way he practically pushed them aside to deliver the purse. She talks about how Kimberly is a nice young woman, especially compared to Amber. Maybe she will open Rick's eyes and he will realize his mistake. "What a Godsend that would be!"

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Week of 10/26/98 - 10/30/98

Monday, October 26, 1998

Sally pleads in front of Thorne, Darla and her son CJ to the bank official, Mr. Macready, that Spectra just needs a little more time to regroup, so he can't close them down. The banker says there is nothing else to be said; the bank is going to foreclose right then and there. They have time to take their personal belongings, but the factory and plant now belong to the bank, he explains. As CJ laments what has happened, Sally says to her son that this time she couldn't pull the rabbit out of the hat. Just then, a messenger comes in and Darla signs for it. CJ says that they will deal with this and move on together. Sally tells Darla to stick the envelope with all the bills... but it isn't a bill that was sent: it was a big check for a half a million dollars to Spectra Fashions, with no name attached who it was from. However, it covers the repayment of their current loan. Sally is excited and tells them that nobody is going to put a lock on Spectra Fashions, and she tells Macready to call off the dogs. Miracles can happen and they have been saved, she says... but by whom?

Eric finds out from Stephanie over the phone that she had a little argument with Amber over the topic of adoption. Of course, Amber then called Rick, but he didn't run out to comfort her. At least he didn't lie about the call, Brooke and Eric admit. Brooke comments that this isn't fair - for one night, their son was at ease. It is so frustrating to Brooke, but Eric feels that maybe Kimberly is just what Rick needs right now. Brooke feels it is good to see him with someone his own age, and to have him chat about school and summer vacations. They think that maybe a night away from all of his responsibilities could have felt good to Rick and put things in a new light.

Brooke tells Eric that she doesn't expect miracles to happen, but it was good for Rick to be away from Amber for a while. The change in Rick worries her, and she hates to see him plowed under like this.

James hands over the keys to his old home to Myles. After the good doctor leaves, Myles assures his daughter that all will be okay, and he comments that Rick seems like a very polite young man. Just then, Rick shows up with Kimberly's purse that she left behind. Myles leaves them to answer the phone in the other room. Rick offers to drive Kimberly to school, but she explains that her father is bringing her, so she can get set up with the registrar. Rick then offers to meet her after and show her to her locker tomorrow morning, and he tells her it will all go well. Kimberly tells him that if anyone is half as nice as he is, she doesn't have anything to worry about.

Amber shows up at a jewelry store in the mall looking for a ring for a gift, just before closing time. She reminds the clerk they still have some time, so she asks him to show her something... a cheap thing, but nice, she explains. The first set of rings the salesman takes out look cool, but not too funky to her. She notes that she is looking for something simple, but symbolic of true everlasting love. She is looking for something like a wedding ring, but it needs to be hip and fresh, sort of a "you and me against the world" type of thing. The salesman pulls out these silver wedding bands that Amber finds to be cool, and she says it is so great, because Rick is going to love this and it will make their engagement official.

Myles finds out that Rick went home, and he assures his daughter that she will make friends of her own at school that she has things in common with. He doesn't want her rushing into any friendships, especially with the first person she meets. Kimberly leaves and goes to bed.

Eric takes his leave of Brooke. Just as he exits, Rick comes in through the other door. Brooke asks her son to wait a moment, and they have a chat. She brings up Kimberly. Rick says that he knows where she is headed, but he is engaged to Amber. She worries that he is taking on too much responsibility, but she knows that he hasn't been himself lately. He needs to go let go and have some fun, as a person his age should. She tells her son that life is an adventure and she wants him to have a responsibility to himself. Brooke leaves, and Amber then calls on the phone. She wants Rick to meet her after school at Insomnia tomorrow. She then puts the phone to her stomach so her can hear the baby say "good night" to his daddy. Rick hangs up the phone and sighs...

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Stephanie and Brooke are in her office, talking about Stephanie's recent conversation with Amber. Stephanie explains that she thought Amber would be willing to have a frank chat about the topic of adoption... but unfortunately, Amber remained firm on her convictions and has shut Stephanie out. Brooke announces that Amber has to stop getting her way all the time, and she isn't going to let that girl dictate her son's future. Amber is crushing the life out of Rick, Brooke laments.

Amber is holding the silver rings in her hand and finds them to be so very cool. She feels that they are a symbol of her and Rick's love and commitment together, forever and ever.

Rick and CJ are at Insomnia while CJ tells his best pal all about the big fat check from New York for the half a million dollars to save Spectra. CJ then asks about Kimberly... and of course, just then she walks in. CJ thinks she is H-O-T and wants to be introduced to her. Kimberly thanks Rick for showing her around today in school, and it turns out they will be working on a science project together. CJ is annoyed because he had wanted to work with Rick, but Rick says he guesses it will be OK. As the two start to compare notes on the project, CJ rolls his eyes and leaves the table, feeling like a third wheel.

Sally comes to see Macy at her house and finds her undressed in the dark, lying on the living room couch. Sally tells her daughter about how the company has been saved. Macy is glad that everything is working out, but it is not quite the miracle she has been praying for. Macy comments that Spectra can always get a new designer, but she cannot replace Grant. Sally tells Macy that it isn't healthy for her to stay in the house all by herself and wants to have dinner with her tonight. But Macy doesn't want to see anyone else in Grant's old office at Spectra, and it hurts too much for her to go to the coffeehouse, Insomnia, that was theirs. She has no energy to jump back into her life, because she is so very tired and depressed. Just then, there is a knock on the door, and flowers are delivered with a card.

Of course the card is not signed. Macy reads it and it says, "Life is a variable sea, always dynamic, ever changing. It can be both an adventure and a lonely expanse of uncertainty. It's easy to become lost in its fogs and tossed off course by its storms. But the storms, they will pass. Until that happens, take comfort in knowing that you are never truly alone." It is truly a beautiful sentiment, Sally says... could it have come from Thorne? Macy is sure that Thorne did not write that card, but just who did?

Brooke tells Stephanie that Rick is under a great deal of pressure. Stephanie says that Brooke saw how badly Amber wants this baby in the hospital. She feels that Brooke's big mistake is trying to separate a mother from her baby... what would Brooke do if someone asked HER to give up ones of her kids? Brooke however doesn't believe that this baby is Amber's number one priority. That would be Rick, because without the baby she wouldn't have anything to hold on to him with. Brooke says this is difficult, but she asks for Stephanie to help with the situation and try again to talk with Amber into adoption... not for herself, but for Rick. Stephanie agrees to try, but tells Brooke not to get her hopes up, since she is not guaranteeing results.

Kimberly tells Rick that he has been such a big help and asks about his reputation in school. She thinks he is cool. Drinking her herb tea instead of the fancy California coffee, she feels plain in California, while everyone else is friendly. As she makes a comment about her tea with a mock British accent, she tells Rick she has to meet her father. She leaves, and in comes Amber. Amber starts passionately kissing Rick, and he is embarrassed and blushes. She pulls out the silver rings from her bag and declares them officially engaged, and she is so happy. He is the best thing that has ever happened to her in her entire life, she proclaims...

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

There's a crowd gathered in Pierce's office at his tower. As Pierce briefs his staff on new developments, everyone has questions. One person asks where Bailey is, while another wants to know if Taylor will be back. Pierce confidently allays their concerns and explains that Bailey is no longer with them and the project is over. That said, they are going back to what they do best... making success, for both themselves and others. The staff disperses, leaving a sullen Pierce alone in the office where Brooke finds him, saying she knows how he feels.

At their home, Ridge is with Taylor, a concerned look on his face. He asks where she is going and she replies that she is going to see Pierce. Ridge wonders why she wants to go back to work, so she explains that she needs answers for the sudden loss of interest in the project. Ridge tells her not to look a gift horse in the mouth. When Taylor reminds him that she cares about the project too, he apologizes, and she goes on to tell him that she still wishes she knew what was going on, and what Brooke was doing there. "Brooke was there?" Ridge asks, his curiosity piqued.

Over at the Fairchild home, Myles is hunched over his PC. Kimberly comes up and asks if the company he is reviewing is the one that resulted in their move to Los Angeles. "No, this is a company in Florida," he explains, as she again questions why they had to move. Myles says she has been very brave about that, and she laughs that he makes her sound like some kind of warrior. She admits that perhaps, the ease in which she is adjusting has something to do with Rick Forrester.

Over at Insomnia, Amber kisses Rick, hoping he is as excited about the rings as she is. He says he is, but his heart doesn't seem into it, and he then reaches over to his ring finger to remove his ring. "You're not taking it off?" Amber asks. "Did you want me to wear it all the time?" a surprised Rick asks. She says yes, but he asks, "What about my parents?" He fears they will see it as a sign that they are bring pressured into accepting a wedding. Amber however thinks the ring is perfect symbol of their love and commitment... and it will keep those cheerleaders away from her man, she laughs.

Ridge guesses that Brooke being there must be a coincidence, but Taylor needs to know for sure, so she is going over to the office now... but before she leaves, Ridge gives her embrace. "What was that for?" she asks, and he says, "That's to welcome you back." He goes on to ask her to take some time off with him and Thomas. Taylor asks Ridge not to make plans until she talks to Pierce. "What's to talk about?" he wonders. Although she admits she **may** be quitting, it's not a done deal just yet. Ridge admits he does not trust Pierce, so he doesn't want Taylor around him. Taylor asks to go over to Pierce's and see what the situation is as she kisses Ridge goodbye.

Pierce tells Brooke how he has given up the project and going back to his old business, and she notes Bailey is gone... and then she asks about Taylor. Pierce explains how he removed the suggestions from Taylor, which Brooke says was the right thing, and she asks what happens now. He says that depends on Taylor, who may still have some memory. "How can that be?" Brooke asks, and he reminds her that hypnosis is not an exact science, so he has now way to know in advance what Taylor remembers. If she remembers too much, she may not come back, he fears.

Brooke wonders about Bailey's suggestion that Taylor was acting on feelings she already had, but Pierce says it is wrong... if there is one thing this incident should have taught them, it is that anything Bailey says is not to be trusted. And besides, he points, out, Taylor is loyal to Ridge, so she will not act on them anyway... so it's best not to think about it. Brooke tells Pierce she knows he DOES think about it as she bids him goodbye.

Kimberly explains how Rick showed her around school and is her lab partner, which has Myles asking to know more. She talks about how nice Rick is. Myles warns her that there is a lot of illusion in L.A., so things are not always what they seem. She should be careful, he tells his daughter. Kimberly assures him that she will be as she heads off to bed.

Rick promises Amber that he won't take the ring off, but he still wonders about his parents, despite Amber's guess that Brooke does not want to give the baby away since seeing Amber almost lose it. Sensing Rick is distracted, Amber takes him in back of Insomnia and is all over him, saying how she misses him, but when someone sees them, Rick pulls back and says he has to meet his lab partner. Amber reluctantly agrees but says they will get back to this soon, as she leaves to take a cold shower.

Taylor arrives at Pierce's, and he admits he was not sure she would come back... and he then asks if she remembers anything they talked about, which she says does not matter. Taylor still cannot understand his dropping the project and his refusal to tell her who was hurt, but Pierce asks to drop it... it isn't a matter of trust, but it is just over. In that case, Taylor says, there's no reason for her to stay around. Taylor starts clearing her desk, saying Pierce's point is made, but he asks her not to go.

Brooke stops by Ridge's office, and he tells her Pierce's project is off... "or did you know that?" he asks. She answers, "maybe," so he asks her to remind him to talk to her about Pierce soon. Ridge confides that he hopes Taylor will quit her job now... and if she doesn't, he doesn't know what to do.

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

Ridge works with his models on some lingerie; one of the pieces doesn't look right, so he instructs the model to take it off and bring it right back. Brooke pops in to remind him of an interview he's doing, and they start to talk about Pierce. Ridge says that he thought Pierce was bad news. Brooke says that he always give her a hard time when she's seeing someone else. Ridge asks if she **IS** seeing him... Brooke says, "If I am, it's my business." Ridge says whatever; he is just concerned because he really doesn't trust Pierce. Brooke says Pierce is a decent honorable man and Ridge asks how she knows. Brooke says that maybe she'll share that with him. The model brings back the nightie and gives it to Ridge. Ridge asks Brooke if she was going to continue seeing Pierce. Brooke says she likes Pierce. Ridge asks, "What if I told you Pierce was just using you?" Brooke says, "typical". Ridge tells Brooke that he thought that Pierce had a thing for Taylor.

Taylor asks Pierce what happened to the project and what made him lose faith in it? Pierce tells her to trust him... he still needs Taylor's help and asks her not to give up on him.

Stephanie comes to help Eric prepare for the interview; the crew wants to talk to him and Ridge. Eric wishes Thorne was around, and she tells him that Thorne has been coming around lately; he's even spoken to Rick about his situation with Amber. Eric is happy that Thorne has been coming around to talk to Rick. Just then, Thorne arrives. Eric asks his number 2 son if he is coming back to work. Thorne says yes, he wants to start to work again... but not there at Forrester.

Eric and Stephanie ask, if not at Forrester, then where? Thorne explains that he has taken a job and he doesn't want any misunderstandings; he is going to help Sally save Spectra. Both Stephanie and Eric are outraged. Thorne says that he wants to help Macy. Her mother has worked herself ragged for the past 30 years to leave some kind of legacy for Macy and CJ. Thorne says that Sally was about to go under until she got a last minute reprieve... Stephanie says, "Let her go under! Send her to the bottom with all the other bottom suckers!" Eric reminds him that Sally has stolen from them since she has been in business; just a couple of years ago, she tried to steal their entire showing---all of Grant's designs which belonged to Forrester. Thorne reminds him that they turned around and stole Spectra's head designer. Stephanie says that that doesn't compare with the lifetime that Sally stole from them. No, she says, they will not accept this.

Ridge is working on the bright red negligee the model brought him when Brooke mentions that he looks pretty confident for a man who thinks that Pierce Peterson has designs on his wife. Why does he believe that, anyway? Ridge says that all you have to do is watch him as he looks at her or talks about her; his eyes light up. "Oh yes, the man has a major case on my wife," he says. "Then that is too bad for me," Brooke says, but Ridge isn't amused. Brooke says that Taylor is with Pierce right now. How can he bear having his wife alone with a sexy, handsome and charismatic guy like Pierce? Ridge is sure that Taylor won't be with that job much longer now that the hocus pocus project has been cancelled. He would be surprised if Taylor hasn't cleaned out her office already. "How much you want to bet?" Brooke challenges.

Taylor tells Pierce that she will think about staying on. She mentions that Ridge would like for her to take some time off and possibly go on a vacation. This seems like a good time to do that. Pierce is worried that if she leaves now, she will never come back. Taylor wonders why he wants to keep her anyway since he no longer needs her. Pierce tells her that he needs her more than ever now. There are so many people out there that needs their help and he can't do it alone. When Taylor objects, he tells her that he can teach her what she doesn't already know; she is completely trustworthy; she has a brilliant mind, and she has a caring, compassionate heart. Taylor tells him that she has Bailey to help him but he sadly tells her that Bailey is no longer with him. "I had to let Bailey go," he explains. "He was becoming too dependent on me and that was crippling him." Taylor is surprised; she never saw any signs of that in Bailey. Pierce explains that he didn't either until it was almost too late. He says that Bailey is getting the help that he needs, but their association is over. It is a painful subject for Pierce but now he says, she knows why he has so much more to do. Taylor says that she still needs to think about it but she wonders what he will be doing and what he will need her for should she stay with him. He says that he will go back to helping people the way he used to. Better yet, he says, let me show you. Taking her hand, he pulls her out of the office.

Thorne tells his parents that he wants and needs their support, not their permission. He will not stand by and watch Macy and Sally lose their family business. Stephanie says that Sally is a survivor; she will be fine. "That isn't the point," Thorne says. "I have watched for months while Macy has been going through pain and there was nothing I could do to help her. I love our company and I would never do anything to hurt it, but if it comes to a choice between Forrester and Macy, Macy will win every time. I hope that at least you can respect that."

"You are willing to bet money that Taylor will not quit her job?" Ridge asks, surprised. She walks seductively up to him and says that it doesn't have to be money. Then what is your bet? Ridge asks. She tells him to call it and he says that if he wins, she has to give up Pierce Peterson. Okay, she agrees. If I win, you have to give up Taylor. "Then its for $100?" Ridge asks. Let's make it $500, Brooke says, she knows Pierce's power of persuasion. Ridge says that he can be pretty persuasive himself and Brooke agrees.

Getting back to business, Ridge asks her to take the negligee to Vanessa and have her put it on while he calls Taylor. Brooke goes into the changing room and calls out to Vanessa. When she doesn't get an answer with her first call, she decides to put the negligee on herself.

The camera pans a beautiful mansion with a large pool and fountains. As she and Pierce walk up to the door, Taylor says that it is an amazing place and asks to whom it belongs. Pierce tells her that it is **his** home. They go inside and Taylor is overwhelmed with the insides also. Pierce asks if she likes it and she answers that she likes it very much. She sees some people with cameras and asks what is going on. He tells her that they are there to get a light reading; they will be shooting a new video here next week. One of his helpers comes up and gives Pierce a fax that just came in. Pierce looks it over and shows it to Taylor, telling her that it is a list of interviewees. She says that it is quite impressive, but he doesn't believe he will use any of them. Even though all of them believe in what he does, none of them are the best that he can get. None of them understand his work like she does. "You want me to host this video?" Taylor asks. "Who better?" he asks.

Ridge knocks on the door and says that he is ready for the model. Brooke tells him to wait for just a minute. Ridge walks across the room and when he turns around, there is Brooke in the hot red negligee. He wants to know what she is doing; where is Vanessa? Brooke tells him that Vanessa wasn't available; she must have been busy with Clarke. He wants her to go back and get dressed but she tells him not to be afraid; this is just business. Just then, the phone rings and when Ridge answers, it is Taylor returning his call. He asks where she is and she says that she is at Pierce's house. She explains excitedly that Pierce is doing a new video and wants her to be the host. She asks what Ridge thinks about that. Ridge wonders what there is to think about. "You haven't given him an answer yet, have you?" He asks. Just then, someone comes up and needs to use the phone, so Taylor says a hasty goodbye. Ridge turns back to an elated Brooke and tells her that Pierce has offered Taylor a job making an infomercial!

Ridge checks the negligee on Brooke and says it still is not right; he wants to go to the sewing room now to fix it, but Brooke doesn't want to go anywhere dressed in the negligee. Ridge is insistent but she is equally insistent that she will not leave the office. He grabs her hand and pulls her out of the office, protesting all the way down the hall. He tells her to stop protesting; he has that interview and he doesn't want to be late. He reminds her that this is strictly business. Two men get off the freight elevator, and as Ridge and Brooke rush by, they stare, openmouthed. They continue to stare as the couple waits for the elevator, and Brooke is completely aware that they are staring. Once they get into the elevator, Ridge punches a button; Brooke reaches over and punches a different button, all the time protesting that she will not go anywhere dressed like this. He punches; she punches. Suddenly the elevator shudders and jerks to a stop, and the lights go out. Screaming, Brooke throws herself into Ridge's arms as everything goes dark.

Friday, October 30, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

The elevator stops then makes a rapid plunge downward. Brooke and Ridge are thrown around in the elevator, ending up on the floor when it suddenly slams to a stop. Brooke is panicked and tells Ridge to do something. Ridge tells her that they are stuck and the elevator doesn't have an alarm. He begins to bang on the doors and yell for someone to help. He stops when he remembers that the walls to the service elevator are thick and no one will be able to hear them. "What are we going to do?" Brooke asks. She says that it is awful hot in here and wonders if they will run out of air. Ridge assures her that they will not run out of air. He then says that he can probably remove the service panel in the roof and climb out. Brooke is worried that he will hurt himself if he tries that. "Okay, then," he tells her, "we are stuck. Make yourself comfortable." She demands that he take his shirt off. When he hesitates, she tells him that she needs to put it on the floor to sit upon; she doesn't want to get the negligee dirty.

Amber is trying on some of Spectra's fashions and asking Darla if it is okay that she takes the clothes. Darla wonders what they will be able to do with them; they weren't even able to have a fashion show this season. Amber says that once she is married, she will probably only wear clothes from Forrester Creations. "Oh you poor baby!" Darla says. "So you are getting married?" Amber shows her the Celtic rings.

Rick arrives at Kimberly's home to study. She mentions that it isn't so bad here in LA after all; she was afraid of things she had heard of Los Angeles. Rick kids her about thinking the worse of their city before they get down to studying. When Rick begins to open his notebook, she notices his ring and tells him that it is different than anything she has ever seen. He simply tells her that it is new. He then says that they will have to gather a lot of leaves for their project. When he begins to name all the trees they will need leaves from, she tells him that they have all of those trees back in Nantucket. He observes that she is homesick. She says that she spent all of her life there. She tells him about the tree beside the house outside her bedroom and how she used to feed the birds and squirrels from her windowsill. She even has a picture and Rick would like to see it. She goes to find the picture.

Left alone, Rick looks around the living room; he picks up a picture of Kimberly and her father. He is studying the photo and other things when Myles walks in. "What are you doing?" he asks, gruffly.

As Brooke sits on the floor watching, Ridge struggles with the doors to the elevator. When he is giving up, she tells him not to stop; she likes to watch his muscles ripple. Giving up completely, Ridge goes back into the middle part of the elevator. "What shall we do now?" Brooke asks, getting up and coming close to him. "Twenty questions, truth or dare, or maybe some strip poker without the cards?" Ridge tells her that she never stops trying. She asks what she is supposed to do. She is trapped alone with the man that she loves who is practically naked. As she caresses him, he says that they should just talk. She tells him to pick a topic, but when he doesn't, she decides to start. "How's your sex life?" she blurts out. Ridge is caught off guard but tells he to change the subject. "Not too good, huh?" Brooke says. "I agree, how could it be? Well, if it is any consolation, mine isn't too good either, but I do have my fantasies." Coming closer to him she begins to describe her favorite fantasy. They are trapped in an elevator. She is dressed only in a short nightgown and he is shirtless. "It is hot and dark," she goes on. Now she is stroking his chest and neck as she describes the fantasy further. "Knock it off!" Ridge tells her. "Does this bother you?" Brooke asks. "Yes!---No!" Ridge says, walking away from her. She laughs and asks him which it is, yes or no. "Brooke, go back to your side, please!" Ridge pleads.

CJ comes into the room as Amber is trying on another dress, and he tells Darla that his mother is looking for her. When Amber comes out dressed in a nice little black dress, he tells her that she looks good. She asks where Rick is and CJ says that he is studying with his new lab partner, the new girl in class and she really wants Rick.

Myles apologizes for speaking so sharply; he was just taken off guard. He asks where Kimberly is and then he thanks Rick for showing Kimberly around the school and introducing her to the kids. Rick says that it was no trouble and that all the kids like her. Myles says that he isn't surprised; Kimberly has always been popular---though not in the usual way. Rick is confused. Myles tells him that his daughter would never sacrifice or compromise her morals for approval. She would never shave a few points off of her grades at school in order to impress some boy. Rick says that he knows that; he can see that Kimberly is real. Myles says that the word he is searching for is integrity and it is nice to see such perception in a young man. Rick says that if he is worried about turning his daughter loose in LA, then he doesn't have anything to worry about; she will have at least one person looking out for her. Myles says that he would never turn his daughter loose anywhere and he knows that he isn't worried. As Kimberly comes into the room, he tells Rick that it was nice talking to him; they shake hands and then Myles leaves the two to their studying.

Brooke sits on Ridge's shirt and hums a tune while moving her legs seductively, up and down, back and forth. "BROOKE!" Ridge shouts. "I'm just teasing, Ridge," Brooke tells him. "You know I would never go through with it. You are a married man---not happily, I know, but I have my standards. I only act this way because I know you would never go for it... and if you did, I'd shut you down!" Ridge just smiles his "I don't believe you" smile. Getting up and going over to him, Brooke says, "You don't believe me? I'll prove it. Kiss me. I'll show you that nothing is going to happen." As they draw closer to each other and as their lips almost meet, Ridge turns his head to her ear. "Nice try, Brooke," he laughs as he goes to the other side and sits down on the floor.

Amber is disturbed. She wants Rick? "As a lab partner," CJ hastens to tell her. Amber supposes that this new girl is one of those charity cases or a nerd; just one of those sweet little things. CJ says that she isn't that sweet; she is HOT! "If you have something to tell me about this girl, then tell me now!" Amber demands.

Kimberly is surprised at her father; he isn't usually like that. Rick wonders what she is talking about; he was just being friendly. He then proceeds to tell her about their conversation, especially the part about her integrity.

Brooke sits on the floor of the elevator opposite Ridge. "The timing has always been off, hasn't it?" she asks. So much has changed, she says. But it isn't what has changed so much that bothers her; it is the things that haven't changed. She tells him that she still feels the same way about him; she still feels married to him. She feels cheated because they never have any time to themselves; she looks at him and she sees her husband. Ridge says that he had hoped that things had gotten better; "you will just have to give it time," he says. "I do need time," she agrees. "But, not the kind you are talking about." She reminds him of an old movie in which a man owns a magic watch, one that would stop the world from going around. She begins to scoot closer to him. "That is what I want," she goes on. "People are all around us all the time. All I want is to be alone with you---really alone. I want to share those precious moments with you where we communicate like we used to." She is right up next to him now, between his knees. "I want to feel with you what I am feeling right now. It is happening; we are frozen in time, stuck in this elevator." She pulls his face down to hers. She begins to kiss him; she kisses his chest and on down to his abdomen. "Relax, baby," she whispers. "No one will have to know." Suddenly, Ridge reaches down and grabs her wrists. He pushes her away and they stare at each other.

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