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September, 1998

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Week of 08/31/98 - 09/04/98

Monday, August 31, 1998

Note from Rena: Thanks to Brenda for filling in for me and doing this update. Things around my house have been sort of hectic and I greatly appreciate all the help lately from Scott, Gladys, and all of my email pals...

Ridge is talking to his mother about ordering pizza for her grandchild and for little Mary. Steph says pepperoni and Ridge comments how the times, they are a changing. He says that he looks forward to it, too.

Brooke has walked in and wants to know what Ridge is so happy about. He says that he was just talking to his mother. He states that she is trying to organize a little pizza get together for the kids. "The kids?" she asks. Ridge answers, "Mine, yours, hers." "Did you say hers?" Brooke asks; Ridge says he is referring to Mary, and Brooke wants to know why Steph is spending time with James' daughter. Ridge says that obviously Brooke does not know; James and his mother are quite the item these days. Brooke says, "You're kidding." Ridge says that this whole situation has put quite a spring back in Stephanie's step.

Mike is telling to Sheila to relax; it is over. Mike says she is free to roam the streets and that no one will be looking for her. She says that if one of the Forresters sees her, she is dead. Mike explains how he sneaked into Sheila's house since no one is there, and he brought her some current pictures of Mary. He says that Dr. "Quack-Quack" is out beating the bushes for a job and that the wicked witch is watching Mary. Sheila is shocked that Stephanie is acting like Mary is her own baby! She tells Mike that he has to help her-she has got to get Mary back!

At Pierce's office, Bailey comes in; he wants the dirt on dinner with Brooke. Pierce, however, is thinking about Taylor (AGAIN!). Pierce explains that he made some interesting discoveries at dinner last night, and that it was as much as six months ago that Brooke and Ridge were together. Brooke told Pierce that out of loyalty to Taylor, Ridge divorced Brooke to marry Taylor, he explains. There's a deep connection there, and he has to wonder if Brooke is right about her being Ridge's soulmate -- which means that Taylor's marriage isn't everything she thinks it is. This brings it back to Taylor, Bailey comments. Bailey wants to know how Taylor's evening went with Ridge. Bailey tries to build up Pierce's hopes about Taylor. Pierce confides in his friend that he doesn't want Taylor to leave the project.

Ridge changes the subject of his conversation with Brooke to her own situation... he asks how his dad is doing and how things are going with Rick. She explains that she and Eric talked about it and there is only one possible conclusion. She tells Ridge about how she and Eric are meeting with Rick and Amber tonight to try and straighten things out. Ridge comes over to comfort her.

Taylor comes into Pierce's office and is still dressed like something out of the early seventies. He starts quizzing her if she's noticed anything unusual, but she doesn't think so. Is there something wrong, she asks? Pierce says there is nothing wrong, but he tells her what he did in hypnotizing her.

Sheila tells Mike that she has to get out of there to do something about Mary... she then tells him to call his old friend Sam. "Sam?" Mike asks. Yes, Sheila says... it's time for her to make a change.

Pierce tells Taylor that he wanted her to feel free as a sixteen-year-old. Taylor says that she did not realize that she was under hypnosis. Pierce says he needs to bring her back to reality--while she is fetching this way, she doesn't belong in the past. She chooses to sit on the floor, since the chairs are uncomfortable, and they begin.

Sam, a biker type with tattoos, shows up, and Sheila asks him if he can make her look different. "I can make you look like Frankenstein's Monster, if you want," Sam brags, "but it will cost you." Sheila is willing to pay, so he tells her to take one last look at herself, since she is never going to look the same again. Staring in the mirror, Sheila laments what she has to do... but she has to do it for Mary.

Ridge tells Brooke not to blame herself, but Brooke says she can't help it. She is still rambling on about how she wishes she NEVER had hired Amber.

Ridge wants to know how she is doing and if she is taking the time to relax. She mentions that she met someone. She peaks Ridge's curiosity and Brooke just says that anyone that spends any amount of time with this guy would find him hard to resist. Ridge has a puzzled look on his face.

Pierce puts Taylor back under and asks her if she still thinks hypnosis is a sham; she says she doesn't and she sees the potential. He asks if she wants to back out of the project, and she says she wants the project to work. "I need you on the project," Pierce tells her, and she again says she wants him to succeed. He says she mentioned that the other day; she wants him to succeed because he deserves it, she said. "Is there any other reason?" he asks. She says yes. He reaches over to touch her but pulls back, saying that he has all he needs to know for now.

Pierce tells Taylor that she will awake at the count of three; she will no longer be a teenager and she will remember how the hypnosis worked... and she will now be committed to the project. Right before he brings her back out, he gently rings a bell and instructs her that every time she hears this bell, she will go into a hypnotic state. He then wakes her up and asks how she feels. "Rested," she says, and ready to get back to work.

Sam admires his handiwork and hands Sheila a mirror. Her back turned to Mike and Sam, she is pleased with the results. Mike tells her to turn around and is stunned. "It's not you!" he exclaims. "It's me... just not Sheila Warwick," she proclaims as the camera moves up her body. Sam has put a blonde wig on her, put a ring in her nose and applied heavy purple eye makeup and purple lipstick. They say it makes her look totally different (I disagree). She looks in the mirror and says that they didn't want her to be a nice person after she turned around and began to trust people. She will vindicate herself for that, and people will be punished in a PAINFUL, PERMANENT MANNER. This time, she is taking no prisoners...

Tuesday, September 01, 1998

Amber tells CJ that she is ready to make some plans, leading him to ask, "What plans?" She tells him that she is meeting with the Forresters in Rick in a half-hour at Rick's house. CJ is worried that she is acting like she lives there and she says, "I'm not... yet. But I'm pregnant and Rick is the father... and what happens when two people start a family?" CJ doesn't think Eric will approve of her plans for a happy family and doubts there will be a wedding in the cards. "They're not calling you over to plan a wedding, so flush that idea down the toilet. If I were Eric Forrester, I would be making sure that baby was really my son's," CJ says. Amber protests vehemently that he is wrong.

Lauren sneaks into Eric's office and surprises him; when he's cool to her, she thinks something is wrong, but he says that it's not her. He explains how he has problems with Amber, who is back in the picture and is pregnant with Rick's child... something he and Brooke will take care of tonight.

As Taylor (still dressed like a refugee from Charlie's Angels) fusses with her big hair, Pierce brings in some papers that Miss Holiday got for her off the Internet. He welcomes her back aboard and asks if she now believes in the project. "Why do you ask?" she queries. Pierce points out that she is the protégé of James Warwick (as she pointed out while under hypnosis), someone who does not believe in hypnosis, so he wonders how she feels now that she has seen the effects herself. She still can't believe the change and can't wait to tell Ridge. "But you can't," Pierce regretfully informs her.

Lauren offers to go with Eric for support, since he sounds like he needs some. He says she is the best thing in his life, but laments that his plans for his son are falling apart. He was going to visit colleges with his son next week... and then in the future, there could have been law school or medical school. Now all that is over, since Rick is going to be a father, and he comments it is such a tragedy. Lauren agrees, but says the trip may still not be a bad idea... Brooke might need it to deal with what is going on, she reminds her lover.

Amber protests that the baby is not Raymond's, but CJ is not buying it. "How will you explain giving birth to a little black child?" he asks. He tells her to get a grip and she agrees that she does need that; she is a single unwed mother and she is terrified, she cries. The only thing that helps her face that is that this is Rick's child and that he and his family will love it... therefore, she will not be on the streets all alone. CJ puts his arm around her and hugs her as she cries.

Pierce tells Taylor that they can't risk having Ridge leak to someone at work, but she says that won't happen. Still, Pierce says she has to keep their work a secret; after all, she doesn't talk about patients with him, does she? She says no, but she worries that Ridge has a lot of questions, and that hiding things from her husband is becoming a problem. "I had no idea," he says.

CJ apologizes and tells Amber he would feel the same way in her shoes; he promises her that she can always turn to him if she needs help, so she will never be on the streets. She thanks him for the offer but assures her she will make it with Rick's help.

Taylor explains that Ridge wants to know more about her life... he is not angry, but married people like to share their work with their spouses. Pierce respects that but says there is a matter of professionalism. He points out that she doesn't know what Ridge is doing at work, with all those beautiful models... or more importantly, with a woman he once loved. Taylor sighs, saying she sometimes forgets how public her life is. She admits that she doesn't trust Brooke and fears that Brooke will be coming on to Ridge again soon, flaunting her chemistry and history with Ridge and throwing it in Taylor's face. She points out that passion and emotion drive Brooke, while she herself is more cerebral. "And Ridge?" Pierce asks. "Who is he more like?"

Amber arrives at Brooke's to find Rick looking out the window; she asks him what is on his mind. "I want to take care of you. I want the baby to be born healthy and beautiful. And then... and then I don't know what I want," he admits. "Do you want me?" she asks.

Taylor asks Pierce how they got on the subject of Brooke and he reminds her that she brought it up. She admits that Ridge is artistic and creative, like Brooke, and he goes by gut instinct... which makes him the perfect man for Taylor, since opposites attract. Pierce is skeptical and cites statistics that suggest that the concept of opposites attracting is a fallacy. Taylor doesn't take the comment well, so he apologizes. Pierce goes on to say, "Ridge adores you, and I for one can't imagine waking up next to you and not being grateful for my good fortune married to you." "Oh, thank you, Pierce; that was sweet of you," she says.

Pierce then points out that he is worried about Taylor's insecurities. "I'm not insecure," she claims, but he says she is... insecure that keeping her work from Ridge will hurt her marriage. Ridge will have to grow up and understand, he insists, and he asks her if she will keep the research a secret. She says she will and points out how persuasive he can be. "You haven't seen the half of it," he says.

Rick reminds Amber of the night at the cabin where he told her he wants her and no one else. "But I was your first," she says, to which he replies, "So what?" He points out that the moment she walked into the door of their home, his life was out of control; she had the power over him and he knew his whole life would change. "I didn't ask to fall in love with you, Amber, but I am," he confesses. "Will you tell your parents that?" she asks. He says they already know but she begs him to tell them again that he loves her. They draw close and kiss... just as Eric walks in the door!

Wednesday, September 02, 1998

Note from Rena: Yes it is me, finally writing an update! :-)

Ridge is outside the beach house on the porch to welcome home Taylor. It is dark outside already and Taylor had a pretty "incredible" day at work as she describes it. She explains the reason for her acting like a high school kid as part of the project... but when Ridge asks to know more, she says she can't tell him. Ridge states that he is her husband and friend, and he just wants to know what she and Pierce are working on.

Pierce is in his office looking at his crystal bell, and in comes Bailey. The motivator tells his friend that Taylor is no longer a teenager; he put her back under and brought her back to present. However, he adds, he is not proud of the new suggestion that he has put in Taylor's mind--whenever she hears this little bell, she would go into a hypnotic trance.

Eric comes over to Brooke's so that they can have a meeting with their son Rick and Amber. He interrupts their little kiss as Rick and Amber try to explain. Fortunately, Brooke makes her entrance at that moment, so Eric suggests they get started. They are all sitting in the living room, and Brooke begins that they didn't bring the teens there to condemn them. Eric and Brooke both respect that their son has strong feelings for Amber, she explains. As parents they have had time to reflect on the pregnancy and everything that has happened. Brooke explains that she had hired Amber to help her with her kids, and it didn't bother her when she and Rick became good friends. But that changed when they became more than friends. Brooke continues to say that she understands their feelings for each other, but they were not responsible. "Sex is not love. You have caused great harm to one another," Brooke points out. She wants them to both admit that fact.

Ridge wants his wife to open up and tell him about the project; she says it would be unprofessional for her to do so, but to hell with professionalism, he says. She reminds him that she has a lot of concerns about hypnosis in general, and especially with the way Pierce uses it. Ridge starts in with her that if she doesn't believe in hypnosis, then why is she involved in this in the first place? Taylor explains that she was skeptical, but later saw results. She points out the incidents with the wife beater and the smoker, both cured in one session.

"And you're falling for this hocus pocus, Doc? You're not being objective!" Ridge argues. Taylor says that's not true. She has asked for more data and she is not losing her objectivity, she tells him, and the results have all been positive. She has even experienced the treatment herself, she indicates, and this is why she had time warped back into the 70's. As he learns that Taylor was hypnotized, Ridge is angry! He thinks that this was not a harmless experience; it was manipulation. He is boggled that his wife does not see this. "We are scientists doing research!" Taylor shouts. The baby wakes up due to their loud voices while having this discussion. Taylor tends to the child and Ridge is annoyed. "Yeah, he is a scientist all right," Ridge says angrily. He picks up his keys and leaves.

Bailey tells his boss that he finds it amazing and questions what Pierce intends to do with this new suggestion he planted in Taylor. Pierce is ashamed and feels as if he has deceived Taylor. Pierce thinks the project is putting stress on Taylor at home. Surely Ridge knew there would be confidentiality, involved, Bailey says. "Maybe you can help her through hypnosis," Bailey suggests. Pierce is unsure and explains his hesitation. He tells Bailey, just between them, that he has never felt this way before. He is so attracted to Taylor and he has fallen for her. She just happens to be married, he laments... married to a man that is wrong for her, and who works closely with a former lover, he points out. Pierce thinks that Taylor deserves so much better. Bailey questions why he doesn't go after what he wants in life, just like he has lectured and taught other people. Pierce brings up Taylor's marital status again, but Bailey thinks that marriages fail and break up all the time. Pierce is faced with a rare opportunity, and if he doesn't go after it he will regret it, Bailey suggests.

Brooke wants Amber and Rick to realize that they were not making love up at the cabin, they were satisfying an appetite. Amber admits that they may have made a mistake, but she will not have an abortion. Brooke chimes in that isn't what she wants, either; "Adoption is the answer," she states. She pleads to the teens to hear her out. This would be the answer to make sure the baby has every chance in life. She is sure that Rick and Amber have good intentions where the baby is concerned, but "this formula spells disaster," says the chemist.

Amber again protests. Eric then has his say by reminding Amber that she is not the only one involved here. He turns to his son and says that Rick must see the wisdom in this. He has to make the choice to put the baby up for adoption now, Eric implores him.

Ridge knocks on the door of Pierce's office. He tells him that he knows what is going on with him and his wife. "We are going to have it out right now." he states...

Thursday, September 03, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for her help today!

While looking for Ridge, Taylor is surprised to find Lauren at her door. Lauren says that she was surprised that Taylor works for Pierce Peterson (which she learned from Eric). She asks Taylor what Pierce is like, since she has been a fan of his for the longest time; he helped her with her life after her husband, Scott died and later, when Scotty went away to school. She remembers that she was in an audience of hundreds of people and yet she felt that he was talking directly to her. It wasn't so much that he told her anything new to her, it was that he reminded her of things that she already knew. Is that what it is like to work with him? Lauren asks.

Ridge tells Pierce that his little stunts stops now. Pierce wonders what he is talking about, and he replies that he is talking about hypnosis. "So Taylor told you about it?" Pierce observes. He says that he asked her to keep it confidential because the subject is so complex and so easy to misinterpret. "Are you calling me ignorant?" Ridge demands to know. Pierce tells him that he is only saying that Ridge is misinformed. "No," Ridge says. "You are using my wife as a guinea pig and it is over AS OF NOW!"

CJ calls Rick's private number; when he doesn't get an answer, he thinks that he is still with his folks. Sally says that it is unbelievable that he is going to be a father but CJ says that it isn't the end of the world. Sally says that it is going to be the end of the world as Rick knows it; it is the end of his youth and innocence. She also says that that young lady has a lot to answer for. CJ objects. He says that everyone is putting the blame on Amber but he was there; he knows better. It was Rick that came on to Amber; it was Rick that drove her up to the cabin. Sally says that he is being naïve; it was Amber's fault because she is older and more mature. She's just grateful it was Rick and not CJ that was taken in by Amber. CJ says that she sounds like the Forresters but Sally tells him that when it comes to their children, they are exactly alike. She tells CJ that he should be worried about his friend.

Brooke looks at her son and begs him to tell her that he understands what she is telling him. When he says that he does understand, Brooke breathes a sigh of relief. However, as they are telling him how proud of him they are, he tells them not to put words into his mouth. He understands what they are saying but he can see both sides of the situation. Amber says that she cannot believe that they think that adoption is a perfect solution. "How can you possibly want to hand your grandchild over to complete strangers?" Brooke points it will not be a stranger, but someone who can love the baby and will be capable of caring for it. "I can care for him and provide for him just like you can!" Amber argues. Eric asks her how she is going to provide the child with an education, with health, care for his well being, and instill moral values in him. That is what parenting is all about; it isn't just changing the diapers. "You are not ready no matter what you say!" Eric says. Amber says that is only his opinion; it is not hers or Rick's opinion. "Tell them, Rick!" she orders

Taylor admits that Pierce forces you to look at yourself but not as you see yourself; instead you see yourself as he sees you. "And how does he see you?" Lauren asks. Taylor hesitates; she then explains that they are working on a special project that she can't discuss, but that Pierce does look at her as a pioneer, a daring visionary and an adventurer. "Well, isn't that how everyone sees you?" Lauren asks. Taylor says that most, including herself, see her as a person who goes strictly by the book; one who demands a lot from herself. But she did something to change that, she points out... something that may have been a bit unconventional.

Pierce asks if Taylor knows that Ridge is here. He says that the hypnosis was her idea; if he doesn't believe him, go and ask her. Ridge says that Pierce is so manipulative that he could make anyone believe that his idea was his or her own. Besides what is Taylor going to do when her boss tells her to do it or else find another job? He goes on to accuse Pierce of taking over Taylor's mind. Pierce says that he isn't using mind control, and for Ridge to suggest such a thing is an insult. This is serious stuff and he looks at it from every angle and with a lot of scrutiny... just as Taylor does. He asks if Ridge sees that in his wife.

Ridge says that what he did to Taylor was not his wife. Pierce says that it was Taylor; it was just a side of Taylor that she suppresses. He reminds Ridge that a hypnotist cannot force a person to do something that he or she doesn't want to do. He thinks that Ridge is afraid for Taylor to be free and fun; maybe Ridge is the one who wants to control her, he suggests.

CJ is afraid that they will throw Amber out into the streets. Sally assures him that the Forresters will do what is best for the baby. "What about what is best for Amber?" CJ cries. Sally notices that he son cares for Amber, maybe more than he might want to admit. He admits to his mother that his solution to this problem would be adoption but that isn't what Amber wants. Sally accuses Amber of planning the pregnancy and using the pregnancy for her own advantage. "It isn't like that," CJ insists. "Amber has been there for Rick and Bridget. I was there when she talked Bridget into going home. I was there when Rick was in the hospital after the accident. She gave him her kidney! Rick better not forget all that stuff!"

Everyone looks at Rick and he looks like he has just been put under a spotlight. However he comes through for Amber and tells his parents that he promised Amber that she wouldn't have to give the baby up. "This is my responsibility," he tells them. "No," Eric objects. Brooke adds, "It is your responsibility to give this baby the best that life has to offer and that means the best parents. You are only 16 years old. Amber is 18. Do you really think that this is the best you can give your child?"

Rick says that if they give the baby away, they will never know what happens to it or how it is. Brooke assures him that they will choose very carefully who will adopt the baby. She is more frightened of this child being raised by children. Amber again protests that they have it all wrong, leading Eric to ask, "Why would you want to do this? Why would you want to transform yourself into the perfect woman? Why would you want to do this and give up your life? There is only one reason that I can think of."

"Money!" Amber spits out. "You think I want the money." Rick jumps in, but Amber interrupts, "Rick, they think you are a sap who got taken in by a money-grabbing bitch!" She starts to leave but Rick grabs her and tries to keep her from going. She tells him that she has nothing more to say. She says that she made her decision a long time ago and she isn't what they think she is. She isn't a person to run away from her mistakes. No, she compounds them, Eric accuses. "I love this baby," Amber counters. "But that never occurred to you, did it? No, I'd have to be a real person to care. You see me as only an obstacle in Rick's way. This may not be what you planned but it is reality. If I have to, I will do this on my own." She angrily turns to leave. As she leaves, Rick says that he wants to talk to her alone. He takes her arm and they walk out by the pool.

Taylor explains to Lauren that she has just participated in something impulsive; she took part in an experiment that consisted of something that she didn't believe in. It wasn't anything unethical or questionable, it was something that she had never experienced before and didn't believe could even happen to her. But it did work, and it worked very well. She says that nothing bad happened; in fact it was a lot of fun. "Then stop worrying," Lauren advises. "I'm sure that is what Ridge would say." Taylor looks worried.

Ridge tells Pierce to stop twisting his words, but Pierce points out that Ridge's denial just proves his point. His relationship with his wife at the moment is that Taylor is an adult while Ridge is the rebel of the family. Ridge is surprised that Pierce is going to turn this back on him and make it his fault. Pierce says that Ridge doesn't want to see Taylor grow and develop her potential. He has to stand in her way to keep her from passing him by. Ridge calls him an arrogant person. "Do you believe that Taylor would choose her work over her family?" he asks. "Absolutely!" Pierce gloats.

Sally tells CJ to be careful. If Amber isn't able to get what she wants from the Forresters, she might try to put plan B into action. CJ explodes at his mom's attitude and reminds his mother that she is usually on the side of the underdog. Sally says that she has learned to recognize the wolf in underdog's clothing. CJ is angry at his mother's attitude and slams out of the house. Sally calls out for him, but it's too late.

"Oh, Eric," Brooke says with a sigh. Eric reminds Brooke that they got through to Rick; now they have to hope that he can get through to her.

Outside, Amber is angry that his parents don't even care about this baby. "How can they hate me so much that they take it out on a baby... that they hate their own grandchild?" Rick empathizes but points out that his parents do have a point. "I thought I could count on you!" she says. She tells him that she loves this baby. "You can decide what you want to do and let me know." She begins to leave. Rick stops her. "I have already decided what I am going to do," Rick tells her.

Friday, September 04, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys for her help...

Ridge tells Pierce that he is nuts! Does he really think that Taylor would choose this project over her family? Pierce says that Taylor is dedicated to the project but the question is why would Ridge force her to have to make a choice? "Because you are a quack," answers Ridge, self-righteously. "Taylor doesn't think I'm a quack," Pierce answers. "Can't you understand that this therapy could eliminate crime, psychosis and all manners of psychiatric illnesses?" Or it could land you in jail, Ridge says. One thing he knows for sure and that is that his wife is off of this project as of now! "That isn't your decision to make," challenges Pierce. Ridge tells him that he is only manipulating Taylor and he is going to put a stop to it but Pierce tells him that he is the one trying to control Taylor. "I'm not about to let you and your stubbornness and ignorance stand in the way of this project," Pierce shouts at him. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS!"

"Oh, yes I can!" Ridge shouts back. "Just watch me! Stay away from my wife!" At that moment Bailey enters and shouts out for them to stop. Ridge walks out, leaving Bailey perplexed and Pierce in a foul temper. Bailey is worried because he has never seen Pierce like this. Pierce tells him that Ridge is trying to take Taylor off the project. Didn't you tell him how important she is to the project? Didn't you tell him how important this is for all the thousands of sick people out there? "Ridge doesn't care about healing the sick of the world. He is consumed with his own bias and superstition. How could a levelheaded woman like Taylor be married to a Neanderthal like that? Taylor will see right through him!" Bailey says that Taylor loves her husband and she just might see it as him protecting her. "I cannot lose her!" Pierce says. He walks behind the desk and calms himself down before reaching for the phone.

Lauren asks Taylor if Ridge is okay with her work. Thinking about it, Taylor says that he seems to be. He is good about taking care of the baby when she is late; he is understanding of all the overtime she has been putting in, but she doesn't think that he is happy with this experiment that she and Pierce are working on. She says that she has told him over and over about how exciting it is working on the project with Pierce. Lauren wonders if it is jealousy but Taylor thinks that Ridge only thinks that she is in over her head. She says that until tonight, Ridge liked Pierce. Lauren tells her that Ridge will get over it. "Look at Eric. He doesn't like that I am still working at Spectra but I'm still there." Taylor mentions that her marriage and family are her priority; they have gone through so much to be together and nothing and no one will come between them. Just then, the phone rings and Taylor goes to answer it. It is Pierce; he tells her that there is an emergency and she needs to come in right away. Taylor tells him that she can't leave; she is alone with the baby. Pierce says that the entire project depends on her coming. Taylor thinks that it is something with the Randolphs but he says he can't talk about it until she gets there. Lauren overhears and tells Taylor that she will stay with the baby until Ridge gets home.

Brooke says that she hates this situation. Rick was so responsible until Amber came into their lives. She can't understand why she didn't see the signs as they were happening. Eric tells her not to blame herself; none of them saw the signs and the situation isn't irreversible. Brooke understands what he is saying but she reminds him that if the adoption takes place, there will be a child out here---our grandchild---and they won't have any idea what happens to it. Every time she holds one of her grandchildren in the future, she will think and wonder about that first one. Eric says that the baby will go to good parents, people who will see the child as a gift from God. It is the only right decision that can be made.

As time passes, Brooke wonders if they should go out to where Rick and Amber are. Eric says that Rick knows that he messed up but he has a good head on his shoulders. He also knows that he isn't ready to be a father. Brooke says that the decision isn't really his to make, it is Amber's decision. Eric feels that the only person who can get through to Amber is Rick. But what if Rick agrees with Amber? "Then we won't let up," Eric declares. "We will do whatever it takes! I WON'T LET THAT WOMAN RUIN MY SON'S LIFE!"

Ridge arrives home and is surprised to see Lauren there. He asks where Taylor in and Lauren says that she had to go to work; there was an emergency there. "DAMN IT!" Ridge exclaims. Lauren is surprised by his reaction.

Taylor walks into the office and is surprised that it is so calm. Where is the emergency, she wants to know. Pierce tells her that Ridge was just there and he doesn't want Taylor to continue to work for him. Taylor had no idea that he would come here and says that she is sorry. Pierce says that he told Ridge just how important this project was and just how important she was to it, but he won't listen. "He wants you to leave and I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN!"

Rick tells Amber that he has made his decision. Amber looks at him in fear; she is afraid to hear what he has decided since he could be agreeing with his parents. He tells her that he didn't base his decision on what his parents had to say or what she had to say, but on what he wants. "What do you want?" Amber timidly asks. Rick says that he has been pretty confused but he isn't confused any longer; all of a sudden, he knows what they have to do. What my parents had to say made perfect sense about us and about the baby. They were right on with their advice. Amber is looking dejected as he tells her how a couple like them doesn't stand a chance to make it; the odds are against them. He says that he can't argue with a single thing that they said, but he doesn't care. "So what if statistics aren't on our side? So what if it isn't logical? We don't have all the answers but I know that you are the best thing to ever happen to me." Amber reminds him that his parents think that she sabotaged his life but he tells her that the only thing that matters is how much he loves her. "I want you!" he says as he kisses her. Pulling back from him, she asks, "What about the baby?"

Rick asks her if she has really thought about what it means to take care of a baby. It is a full time gig; you will have no more freedom. "You are so much fun, so spontaneous and wild; you aren't afraid of anything. I don't want to see you turn into this stressed out mother who resents having to give up her career. I'd hate myself for doing that to you." Amber tells him that no body believes that she can do this. Six months ago, she would never have believed that she could do it, but now she knows that she can and she wants to because she thinks that it will be worth it. "But you have to believe that too," she tells Rick. "I don't want you to feel trapped; you would end up hating me for that." Rick says this is what he wants; he could never feel trapped by her.

"What are you going to tell your parents?" Amber asks. Rick says that his parents will learn to accept his decision. Amber shakes her head and tells him that he is dreaming; his parents hate her. Rick says that they are only scared. His parents keep talking about all that he will miss but what is the point? Dating and proms are only for finding someone to love. He has already found that and they haven't. He bets that they would give up everything---all the dates and proms of their past to find someone they really love. Amber was by his side to see him through that ordeal when Ridge left them. "I feel like I have just made the most incredible deal! You have given me a family all of my own! You are a miracle!" Amber says that she has never been anyone's miracle and he tells her that she is now. "Everyone feels so sorry for me but I don't feel sorry for myself. I have the most incredible woman and I have never, NEVER, felt this way before. I never want it to stop. Amber, will you marry me?"

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Week of 09/07/98 - 09/11/98

Monday, September 07, 1998

B&B did not air today due to U.S. Open Tennis coverage on CBS.

Tuesday, September 08, 1998

Rick has just proposed marriage to Amber and she questions if Rick truly means it. Rick promises that he does and stresses that he would never break his vows; he is ready for this step in life and he asks if she is too. Amber replies that yes, she would love to marry him. She can't believe it, even when he insists he is doing this because it is right for all of them. She's still on cloud nine and says that his parents are wrong about them and this baby. They can do a good job bringing up this child, and if it weren't for the baby, they wouldn't have gotten back together again. Rick reminds her that if it weren't for the baby, they wouldn't be getting married at all; still, he is committed. He doesn't care what anyone else says; they are family and always will be. He asks her to believe that and she says she will.

Ridge comes home to the beach house and finds Lauren babysitting for his son. Taylor is with Pierce of course, and Ridge is furious. He says he wants Taylor away from Pierce, but Lauren reminds him that Pierce is Taylor's boss. Ridge tells Lauren that he had quit the job for his wife before because Pierce is a lunatic, and he doesn't want his wife anywhere near him. Ridge picks up the phone and dials. "Damn it, Pierce pick up the phone!" he says.

Taylor is in her boss' office and wants to know exactly what Ridge said to him. She can't believe that Ridge would do this and promises to explain it to Ridge--she will make him understand. Pierce is skeptical and wants to know that Taylor won't abandon her work if she cannot convince Ridge. "He doesn't understand... we may be the only ones who can! I can't do it without you!" Pierce pleads, and he asks her to tell him that she won't let Ridge pull her off the project. The phone rings and Pierce is told by Ridge to put his wife on the phone. "Taylor, I need you to come home now so we can talk," says Ridge. She says she will be right there. Of course, before she leaves, Taylor says she wants to continue working on the project with her boss and understands what is at stake. She leaves to talk to her husband and promises to let him know what is happening. Pierce says to himself that he can't lose Taylor. Shortly after, he is pacing through his office; he bets Taylor is home and says, "Be strong, Taylor. I need you!"

Ridge tells Lauren to go home and thanks her for watching the baby. He picks up a motivational video of Pierce and throws it into the trash. Taylor comes home and Ridge suggests they talk; she thinks that's a good idea, although it would have been a better idea if Ridge had talked to her first before going to Pierce. He thinks she only agreed to the hypnosis under pressure, but she points out that is age regression, a common technique. Ridge says that he is worried about her getting into something dangerous, and he doesn't trust Pierce because all her boss cares about is that bloody project. He doesn't want her working there... PERIOD!

Over at her penthouse suite, Lauren finds Eric waiting for her with many candles flickering in the room. She asks him how it went with Rick and Amber. He explains the adoption solution that Amber refused to accept. Lauren says she figured that would happen; she knows that Amber believes this baby is her only hold on his son. Still, Eric is worried. Lauren has an idea that Eric might not like; she suggests that Eric make a deal with Amber, but not a monetary one. Perhaps if they give the baby up for the adoption, Eric will agree that Rick and Amber can resume their relationship. Eric says absolutely not; he finds Amber to be poison and a user, and he wont have her in his son's life.

Amber and Rick are now poolside outside the house, and she tells Rick that he will never be sorry. Rick tells his fiancée that she has brains, beauty, and talent and is she sure that this is what she wants? Amber kisses Rick passionately to answer his question. She says "Let's get married," and he says how about tonight? She reminds him that they cant get married tonight, even though Rick wants it, because he needs his parents permission according to California law. His parents would sooner let him marry Sally Spectra than her, she reminds him. Still, he is determined, and he wants Amber to promise that his parents won't come between them. Amber says that is an easy promise, and she can't wait to be Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr.

Ridge apologizes; he can see how Taylor can totally get caught up in the fantasy of all this, but he is concerned that it can get her into serious trouble and jeopardize her reputation as a doctor. She says she has seen it and thinks the rewards are worth the cost. He is convinced that Pierce talks a good game, and she asks, "Do you think I'm brainless?" He says no, but there are other ways she can help people that are less dangerous, and that would leave her with time for him. He asks her to please give up her job. Taylor says that she is sorry, because the work is just too important to her. A disappointed Ridge walks out of the living room, and Taylor picks up the cordless phone and goes outside to call her boss. She tells Pierce that Ridge is just overprotective and he doesn't understand... but she is not quitting her job. Ridge will come around in time, she states, and she says she will see Pierce in the morning.

Pierce tells himself after the phone call that she has no idea now much this means to him... and how much Taylor means to him.

Wednesday, September 09, 1998

Welcome to the B&B update for Wednesday, September 9 written by Robyn from The Bold-L mailing list! (Thanks again) Yes, folks, Sheila's back in town. And she is not amused that Stephanie is taking care of her little girl. So sit back and watch the Queen of Darkness make a return engagement to L.A.

FORRESTER WORKROOM: Brooke is admiring several models wearing evening dresses while Ridge daydreams in a corner. The models think the dresses are great, and Brooke agrees. "No one knows his way around a woman's body like Ridge," she says admiringly. Ridge isn't paying attention. When Brooke speaks to him he gets snippy and sends the models out the door. Brooke wants to know what's the matter. "It's Taylor and Pierce," Ridge growls. He doesn't trust that guy and he's interfering in his marriage! "The project is a crock," Ridge says, adding he's not gonna allow his wife to be dragged down with Pierce. He is going to order Taylor to quit her job. Brooke is appalled at the idea. This project is a career opportunity of a lifetime for Taylor. Ridge doesn't care - Pierce is taking advantage of his wife (get the man a loincloth and club already!)

STEPHANIE'S OFFICE: James and Mary come in to see Steph. It's Mary's first day in the Forrester Day Care Center. Steph is happy about an article in that day's newspaper about James. James is happy that Sheila is out of their lives completely. The updater is happy that Sheila is gonna wreak havoc on Steph and James' perky little lives.

SHEILA'S HIDEOUT: Mike shows the newspaper article to Sheila and reads out loud about the good Dr. Warwick's new job at UCLA (he'll probably bore his students to death, Mike jokes). Sheila asks if the article mentions Mary, and Mike scans past the naughty stuff about Sheila to the end where it says James is taking care of Mary with the help of... he pauses, and then says the name, "Stephanie Forrester." Sheila starts to freak out and insists on seeing Mary - today!

FORRESTER WORKROOM: "You told Taylor to quit her job?" Brooke asks. "How does she feel about it?" Ridge says Taylor explained the job is important, then changes the subject by asking about Rick and Amber. Brooke says she and Eric thought about it for a long time and decided it'd be better to put the baby up for adoption. Ridge doubts Amber will want to go along with that solution. Brooke thinks Amber's an unscrupulous little.....(fill in the blank with your favorite expletive).

FORRESTER DAY CARE: The day care is a happy place with lots of babies and toddlers running amok. Amanda the Head Teacher welcomes James and Steph and says Mary will be quite safe there (famous last words).

SHEILA'S HIDEOUT: "If James is working then Stephanie is looking after Mary," Sheila tells Mike. She grabs the phone and dials Steph's number. No answer, so Sheila figures Mary's in that new day care at Forrester. "You have a plan, sweetheart," Mike says admiringly. "I always have a plan," Sheila replies, then puts on a baseball cap and heads out the door.

A little while later Mike is pacing in the living room waiting to see what Sheila bought. She comes out in a deliveryperson's uniform wearing her short white-blonde wig and blue eyeshadow. Mike guesses she's headed to Forrester and is worried. Sheila needs to see Mary and to shower her with love and affection. "She means everything to me and they took her away!" Sheila moans. "Why didn't they just kill me? Without Mary I'm nothing." Sheila is gonna get Mary because she's the only thing in the world she cares about. Mike is afraid Stephanie will run into her. "Well, I might just rip her throat out," Sheila hisses as she prepares to leave.

FORRESTER DAY CARE: Amanda tells Steph she thinks James loves his little girl a lot. Steph agrees, then adds that Mary misses her mother and she's gonna need a little extra care and attention. Steph tells Amanda that Mary's mother is incarcerated for the next five years, so they finally feel safe (that's what you think!). James is anxious about leaving, while Mary plays happily on the floor.

FORRESTER WORKROOM: Brooke tried so hard to teach her kids right from wrong and then something like this happens. But she and Eric are standing by Rick. Ridge says they all make mistakes. Brooke would like to spare Rick the pain of this mistake. Ridge hugs Brooke, then Brooke changes the subject back to Ridge and asks if Taylor is really making a mistake working on Pierce's project. "Absolutely," Ridge says. He cannot support her on this. After all, you can't agree with everything and "everyone needs a little guidance." "Like me with Rick?" Brooke asks. "Like me with Taylor," Ridge replies. Brooke is amazed. "Trouble in paradise - I can't believe it," she mutters with a gleam in her eye. Ridge has a look on his face like, "Oh, please!"

FORRESTER GUARD DESK: Sheila walks up to the guard wearing her disguise and says she has a pick-up in the nursery. He gives her a pass and she gets on the elevator.

STEPHANIE'S OFFICE: James is upset about leaving the baby. "I always assumed she'd be with her mother," James whines. But he realizes Sheila needs to be in a psychiatric hospital. Steph hugs him and says she's proud of him. James is so glad Steph is by his side. She's done so much for him and his daughter. They kiss, then James says he needs to leave. Stopping at the door, James turns and thanks Steph for everything.

FORRESTER DAY CARE: Sheila peers in through the open door (well isn't THAT safe with a bunch of toddlers loose in the room!). Amanda asks what she's doing there and Sheila says she was supposed to pick up a message. Amanda goes to the telephone and Sheila spots Mary. "Mary, honey, it's me, it's mommy," Sheila whispers. "I'm right here Mary."

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Thanks again to Gladys for her help!

Sally is in Grant's hospital room; she has sent Macy home for some rest because she has been there day and night. "Talk to me, Grant!" Sally tells Grant. "Tell me what you need or want and don't hold back. You can tell me anything." Grant says that seeing Macy and Thorne together is harder to take than he ever imagined it would be; it is harder than the cancer. Sally is amazed that he can stand it at all, especially when he doesn't have to. All Macy wants is to be by his side, to comfort him during his last days. She tells him that it takes a special man to push his wife into the arms of another woman so that she won't be alone. Grant says that knowing that Macy will have Thorne to help her is all that he wants; he just wants her to have a chance for a fulfilling life.

Macy is getting ready to return to the hospital. She tells Thorne that Grant has been feeling better and she thinks that he may be coming home today. She admits that no one told her that he would; she is just optimistic since he has been feeling so well. She tells Thorne that as much as it hurts her to do it, they have to keep up appearances in front of Grant. Thorne is angry; it isn't an act as far as he is concerned! Grant has asked them to do this and they owe him to take it seriously. Macy tells him that she can't take it seriously. Thorne says that he doesn't like to put her on a spot but this is not easy for him. He realizes that she is married so it is wrong to have these feelings, but he just cannot shut them down. He shut them down once before so that they could remain friends and it was the hardest thing he ever had to do! Now those feelings are resurfacing. "This is what Grant wanted," he tells her. "This is what I want!" Macy can't take any more of this and tells him that they have to leave for the hospital.

Eric is working with his back to the door when Stephanie comes in. Closing the door quietly and tiptoeing over to him, she puts her hands over his eyes and says, "BOO!" Eric pretends not to know who it is but gets up and greets Stephanie warmly. He says that he heard that she took in James and Mary; that was kind of her. Stephanie says that she didn't do it out of kindness; this isn't an act of charity! She tells Eric that James and Mary have become very important to her and her life. Eric knows that they have always been friends but he has heard a rumor that they are now more than friends. Stephanie smiles at the thought of her and James being a rumor item. She says that she has been spending a lot of time alone lately and she doesn't want her life to be spent like that. Now she has found someone who gives her life purpose and she just hopes James feels the same. Stephanie says that she is happy and excited about the future; she is also excited about having Mary. She is such a bundle of joy; it is hard to believe she is Sheila's child. Mary has given her life purpose. Eric says that it becomes her. Stephanie says that one never knows why life takes such twists and turns, but she believes that there is always a purpose. She now believes that there is a reason why she and Eric are no longer together and there is a reason God put James and Mary in her life. She firmly believes that God sent Mary to her to protect and she won't let that little girl down.

In the day care center, Sheila talks to Mary in a whisper. Mary doesn't look up but she continues to talk to her. She begs her to look up so she can see her beautiful blue eyes. Amanda the day care worker comes over and tells her that there was some kind of mix-up; there is no pickup from the nursery. Looking at her form and showing it to the worker, Sheila says that the Forrester put in this order themselves. She goes back to the phone, leaving Sheila to stoop down and stroke her little girl's hair. As Mary looks up at her and recognizes her, she can't help but pull the little girl into her arms. Mary hugs her; without thinking, Sheila stands with the child in her arms. What are you doing with that baby!" Demands the worker.

Macy and Thorne arrive in Grant's room and Macy goes to him. He is delighted to see her. He looks at Thorne and thanks him for helping Macy through this. "You have no idea what this means to me!"

Dr. Hughes comes in and checks on Grant. Grant asks him when he can go home. The doctor gives Macy a significant look and abruptly says, "You will go home when I say you can!" He walks out of the room abruptly. Macy follows him out of the room and talks to him in the hallway. She says that Grant is such a fighter; he is doing so much better. The doctor sadly tells her that despite what Grant says, he is in incredible pain. Macy realizes that it may take more time than she thought, but can the doctor give her some idea of when he can go home? "Possibly never!" The doctor says and walks off.

Macy goes back into the room. Grant asks what is with the tears; he wants to see her beautiful smile. Macy tries and finally succeeds. "That is the most beautiful face I have ever seen!" Grant says.

Sheila turns to Amanda and tells her that the baby was choking; that is why she picked her up. Sheila introduces herself as Cybil, the new messenger who will be around a lot; the worker says that she is Amanda, and the child is Mary. She acts like she doesn't believe or trust Sheila and calls for another worker to come and get Mary. As the worker pulls the baby forcefully out of Sheila's arms, the baby begins to cry uncontrollably. She continues to scream as the worker tries to soother her. Amanda wonders what on earth the child could have found here to put into her mouth and Sheila holds out a penny. "How on earth did that get in here?" Amanda gasps. Sheila assures her that it will be their little secret. She hears Stephanie's voice coming into the room. Looking at her form again, she says that it looks like she was wrong; the order was for Ridge Forrester. She leaves the room as Stephanie picks up Mary and begins to talk to her. From the outside, she listens as Stephanie talks and plays with Mary. Walking down the corridor, Sheila says that it isn't Stephanie that she wants; she wants her momma. "I've got to keep my calm!" she tells herself. "I'm gonna have my baby back one day; I'll have you forever. And as for you, Stephanie, there's nothing too severe that I could do for you. YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS AND YOU WILL PAY DEARLY!"

Friday, September 11, 1998

B&B did not air today due to U.S. Open Tennis coverage on CBS.

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Week of 09/14/98 - 09/18/98

Monday, September 14, 1998

Brooke has come to pay Grant a visit in the hospital. She tells him that she is sorry, especially for Macy. Grant confides in Brooke that he realized when he got married to Macy that he was supposed to make all her dreams come true. That is why he is putting her back together with Thorne- they had something special. Brooke comments that what he is doing for Macy is beautiful and that kind of devotion is extremely rare; she should know.

Grant apologizes for bringing it up, but is sorry that things did not work out with Ridge. He asks how her kids are handling the situation. Brooke tells him that Rick and his nanny are "carrying-on," and that Amber is pregnant. Grant tells her that she is a great mom and blaming others for what happened is a waste of time. She has to let go of her anger towards Amber and concentrate on being there for her son Rick, he says. Brooke comments how at peace Grant seems since being hospitalized. Grant says that he has no regrets about his life.

Thorne brings Macy a cup of coffee and wants to know what the doctor said about Grant's condition. He finds out that Grant's delayed release from the hospital is not due to the pneumonia, but rather because the cancer has gotten worse. Macy states that Grant might not come home from the hospital, and that Grant knew that he had not expected to recover. She however continued to deny it. Macy is upset that she doesn't have the strength to go through this. Thorne reveals that, "Strength is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to keep dealing with it, no matter what."

Macy reveals that she can't sleep nor eat, and she just puts on a happy face when she visits her husband on his sick bed. She just prays that this was some kind of mistake. She wants it to stop because this was not supposed to happen to them. Thorne tries to comfort her.

Over at CJ's, he wants to know what Amber's big news is. Amber tells him that Rick has proposed marriage and they are going to become man and wife. "Rick Forrester wants me to be his wife," she says. CJ knows that Rick's parents are never going to go along with this. Amber says that she is going to be Mrs. Eric Forrester, Junior. But Rick is only 16, CJ protests. Amber reveals that Rick is not going to support them, since he is indeed only 16, but his family will. CJ remarks that Amber is not being realistic about this and that the situation has gotten totally out of hand. CJ tells Amber that Rick needs to know that Raymond could be the baby's real father, and he hands her a copy of the latest music magazine with Raymond on the cover.

CJ confides that he doesnt want to see this whole thing blow up in her face. Amber cries, "Raymond was just some stupid crazy fling. He doesn't want a baby and doesn't even know I am pregnant. This baby was made out of love. I am this close to having the life that I always dreamed of, and I am not going to throw it away. This baby is a Forrester... and if I play my cards right, someday I will be one too!"

Macy says to Thorne that in a few weeks Grant will be gone, and what kind of life will she have without him, she asks? The pain is always going to be there, she says, day after day and week after week. How is she going to deal with that? She doesn't want to be alone. Thorne says that he will always be there for her and holds her...

Amber sits down and says to the fetus that daddy loves them very much. Amber then has this fantasy about the labor of the baby. She is pushing and the baby is going to come out, but Rick is not with her. Brooke is there, decked out in a blue gown and wearing lots of fancy jewelry. Amber begs her to get Rick, but Brooke refuses... Amber has already ruined the baby's life, Brooke says. The baby comes out and Brooke goes around to see her grandchild; she is disgusted because he is African American. She announces that it isn't her grandchild and she never wants to see Amber again. CJ brings Amber back to reality and says she lookd terrible. He asks for some water. Amber says to herself that this has to be Rick's baby... it HAS to be.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

It is nightfall at Forrester Creations and Eric is packing it in for the night. Enter his ex-wife Brooke, who tells Eric that she doesn't know what Rick had in mind for this family gathering tonight. She worries that he may not choose adoption, but tells Eric that their son is a smart boy and he knows what the stakes are. Why would Rick ask for their advice if he wasn't going to take it after all, she wonders?

Amber is too wound up as she paces the room and he asks why the case of jitters. She tells Rick that she is nervous about telling his folks the news that they are getting hitched. Rick says he loves her and assures her that nothing is going to come between them.

Ridge is in his office and his mom Stephanie comes in to find out why he is so stressed. Ridge confides that Taylor's boss is up to something and he doesn't like it one bit. The guy is playing with her head and he is after her, no doubt about it. He tells his mom that Taylor said that in no uncertain terms is she going to quit working with this guy. Ridge believes that his wife is risking her job, her reputation and their relationship for some crackpot new age therapy. There is something very wrong with this picture, and Pierce Peterson is behind it, he insists.

Taylor is also working late on the project as Pierce walks in the door. He asks her if she is still with him, and she says she is not bailing out. The project deserves further research, she says, but she is still excited about their work. Pierce thinks it is a pity that Ridge cant share Taylor's enthusiasm about her work. Pierce stresses that they are trying to solve other people's problems, and if Taylor has her own difficulties, they wont be as focused as they need to be. Pierce needs to know if Taylor's head is here with him or at home. Taylor says this is getting personal and they should stop, but Pierce says that the opportunity they have in front of them depends on her attitude. She explains that her husband has always supported her career and he will come around... but she will deal with that at home, where it belongs. She is committed to the project, she again assures him. Pierce says that she needs to have faith, and he is worried that Ridge might have shaken hers. She says no and turns to show him some crime statistics she has dug up. Pierce then thinks to himself that Taylor is with him and he can change her life.

Rick says that tonight is going to be bumpy with his parents, but Amber shouldn't let them get to her. She tells Rick that he is going to be a great dad. Rick promises that he isn't going to quit if things get tough, like some other people in his life have. His parents walk in on them hugging. Rick tells them to sit down; he then explains that he and Amber have given this a lot of thought, and he can see something. He appreciates their advice, but there will be no adoption! He continues to say that he plans to get married to Amber, and if his parents don't give their permission, he will be engaged when he turns the legal age of 18. Amber says that they are talking about their child and how they want it to grow up. "We are getting married and we are going to raise the baby by ourselves." says Amber.

Stephanie tells Ridge that all of this doesn't make any sense, because Taylor would never let herself get involved in a scam. No one could ever get Taylor to do anything that she didn't want to do. Ridge says Pierce is a control freak and he is trying to control his wife, and he wont Pierce let do that. He has to protect his wife, and the thing he is going to do first is get her off working on that project.

Rick says to his parents that he wants to get married and there is nothing that his parents can say to change his mind. Eric says that he will not consent to this. Amber puts her two cents in and says, "He proposed. It is already a done deal. I am not going anywhere, Mr. Forrester. If you have something to say, you say it to me; as your son's fiancée, I will not be ordered out of this house. This is not some stupid high school crush. We are engaged and we plan on spending the rest of our lives together. You can not force me to give away this baby and you can not keep me and Rick apart. It is the truth. You can not treat me like the hired help anymore. I am going to be your daughter in law...

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Ridge visits Lauren and laments that his wife has chosen her work over him. Lauren cannot believe Taylor's choice and Ridge expresses his fear that Pierce has a hold on his wife... the man is a controller and he doesn't like it one bit! Lauren then asks for Pierce's number, and Ridge asks why. She has an idea to help him, she explains as she picks up the phone.

On the way out to get a bite to eat, Pierce tells Bailey he feels guilty having abused Taylor's trust. He thinks the whole thing with the bell is a mistake and asks his friend to get rid of it. Bailey argues that Taylor needed the release Pierce gave her, and he laments that Pierce is passing up an opportunity to serve his own needs. "It's not our place to decide what is best for Taylor," Pierce states. Pierce orders Bailey to destroy the bell and heads out; but instead, Bailey takes it into the room where Taylor is working.

CJ tells Sally that Rick has proposed to Amber, but Sally reminds her son that Rick and Amber will never get Rick's parents' permission, so they had best wake up. CJ assures his mom that Rick and Amber will not hide their intentions from Brooke and Eric... in fact, they should be telling his parents right now.

Brooke and Eric are astonished at Rick's revelation that he wants to marry Amber. They tell Rick and Amber that they do not know what marriage means because they are too young. Amber again argues her point, and Eric insists that Amber will put the baby up for adoption. That child needs a life that they cannot offer, Eric insists, and he will make sure that the baby gets it. As Eric starts making plans for the care Amber will need until the baby is born, Rick tells his parents to stop. Amber chimes in that adoption is not a responsible decision. Brooke tells Rick that she hoped that he would make the right decision, but love is not enough to raise a child. Rick says he has what he needs to raise a baby... after all, he knows all about what it is like to grow up with broken hearts and dreams. That is something he will not allow to happen to his child!

Bailey asks Taylor if he can talk with her, since he applauds her decision to stay on. It means so much to Pierce, Bailey says; "He's such an extraordinary man that overlooks his own needs," Bailey adds. Taylor thinks this is getting personal, and suggests they stop right here. Bailey asks Taylor if she cares about Pierce, who has needs that are not met... just like the rest of the world, including herself, Taylor says.When Taylor thinks he may be overestimating Pierce's needs, Bailey says it is a shame that she does not see Pierce as he does... and looking at the bell, Bailey thinks that perhaps he can change that.

Lauren worms out of Miss Holiday, Pierce's secretary, where Pierce is, by saying that she is waiting for him at Spago; the secretary corrects Lauren that Pierce was going to Mannequins. Lauren heads over there with a plan in mind.

Eric says that Rick will finish school, and Amber agrees... which means his parents will have to support their family, she states. Brooke asks to speak to Amber alone, but Rick objects. Amber however agrees, so Brooke asks Eric to leave as well. Eric agrees and heads out, leaving Broke and Amber face to face.

Watching from a table at Mannequins, Lauren sizes up the "hot" Dr. Peterson, and she takes a drink meant for Pierce from a waiter and brings it over to the table. Lauren invites herself to join Pierce, and he guesses she is a reporter. But she says she is just a woman, and he is a man... need she say more?

Sally says how the royal Forresters have to deal with their crown prince marrying a pregnant girl friend, which is not pleasant, but CJ says they will have no choice, since Rick wants this. When Sally disagrees, CJ calls Rick to prove his point. CJ's buddy says that Amber is with his mom as they speak... and CJ tells his mom that the you-know-what is about to hit the fan.

Brooke tries to be blunt with Amber and says a marriage will not happen, but Amber says it will... not that she is enjoying this, she gloats. Amber points out that RICK seduced her, and she is now pregnant with Rick's child, and she will make the family accept that... and if Brooke cannot handle that, it is just too bad, since her grandson will hate his grandmother. Amber says she will not be a whipping girl anymore, since she knows how to look after herself and she is ready to go to war. And Brooke will come out the loser, Amber states. "So what's it going to be... Mrs. Forrester or Mom?" she asks.

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Thanks to Gladys for another Thursday update!

Brooke and Amber continue to spar. They are saying more of the same old things, however, once again, Brooke emphasizes that she will never allow her sixteen year old son to marry anyone, much less Amber. When Amber tells her that she can't talk to her like that, Brooke tells her that she can talk to her any way she wants to because this is her house. She tells Amber to leave but Amber says that Rick is upstairs waiting for her. Brooke tells her that this is not a democracy; this is her house and she wants Amber to GET OUT! Amber asks where she expects her to go but Brooke informs her that that is not Brooke's problem; that is Amber's problem. Amber leaves, but once outside, she looks like she just might have a plan.

At Mannequins, Lauren is still trying to seduce Pierce. He tells her that he knows that she is coming on to him but there is something missing. There should be sparks but there aren't. From the tone of her voice, he has to wonder if she is holding out bait to him. "Yes, that is it," he says. "You are bait! Who sent you here to test me?" He thinks that it is Ridge so he gets up and tells her to go back and report that he passed the test---or failed the test---he doesn't know which it is. At that point, a waiter walks by and greets "Ms. Fenmore," and Pierce recognizes the name. He knows the name and knows that she is a good friend of the Forresters. Lauren asks him to sit back down so that she can explain. She tells him that Ridge has a right to be worried; his beautiful wife is working very closely with a very charismatic man. Surely he can see the potential? Pierce tells her that it doesn't necessarily follow that he would be after Taylor just because they are working closely. He is a very dedicated man; he only has one lifetime to accomplish all that he wants to accomplish. He doesn't have the time to stop and play. Sure, he is attracted to Taylor, who wouldn't be? But he has his mind on business and would never ever interfere with a marriage. Lauren says that she couldn't be more off the mark! She begs him to accept her apology. She leaves soberly chastised.

Taylor is trying to get her work completed so that she can leave. Since Bailey is still there, she tells him again that Pierce has chosen his own path. When Bailey insists that he needs more in his life Taylor says that he acts like she could do something about it. Bailey says that she could be his confidant; someone he could open his soul to. Taylor tells him that even if he did open his soul to her, she couldn't reciprocate. "Only one person has my soul," she tells him. Bailey looks at the bell again and is about to ring it when the phone rings. It is Ridge. He wonders when she will be home. She tells him that she is almost ready to leave; she will be home soon. "Yes, doc, do hurry," Ridge tells her. As she begins to leave, she tells Bailey that she is on her way home but she needs to assure him that she is happily married. The fight she and her husband had last night was the first in two months of marriage. Bailey hopes that the fight is over and Taylor says it will be as soon as she can get home. Any time Ridge calls her doc, it means something special is about to happen. Bailey's eyes light up. Taylor makes it to the door before Bailey rings the bell.

Taylor stands and blinks as she falls into a trance. Bailey takes her hand and leads her back to the chair and sits her down. He asks if she feels okay and she says that she does. He asks about the name that Ridge uses, and she replies it is doc. Bailey tells her that from now on, anytime anyone calls her doc, it will be an offense to her. She will be offended and irritated that anyone would use that word to her. It is a put down of her professional ability; it shows disrespect and she will not tolerate it. He then wakes her up and sends her on her way home.

Amber arrives at Stephanie's door and uses the knocker. "I know someone who might take me in," she says to herself. "Stephanie Forrester. Lets see how you feel about that, Brooke!"

Taylor arrives home to a house alight with candles. She asks if they forgot to pay the electric bill. Ridge tells her that he has something special planned but first he wants to set things right. Taylor tells him that she loves him and he asks if that is even if he is a stubborn, obstinate man. She says that she is the same thing so does he still love her. He tells her that he loves her very much and only wishes that they could have more time together. As they are kissing, Ridge whispers, "Make love to me, doc." Taylor stiffens and pulls away. What is wrong, Ridge asks. She doesn't know what happened. As they begin to kiss again, Ridge once again calls her doc and she pulls back and looks at him coldly and angrily.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Thanks for Gladys for another Friday update!

Taylor pulls back when Ridge calls her doc but she doesn't know why. She doesn't want to spoil the mood; she just wants to be with him. He wants to be with her also, so he tells her, "Anything you say, doc." Again, Taylor reacts. She thinks that it is the stress of work and home life and that is all that it is. They begin to make love and he pulls her jacket off. "I need you," Taylor whispers. As they kiss again, Ridge says that he needs her too. "I need you so much, doc!" She pulls back and tells him to STOP calling her that. Ridge is confused and frustrated, especially when she tells him not to call her doc. He says that he has called her that for years and she never complained. Taylor says that when he calls her that, it is very irritating. They begin again. As Taylor gets more and more aggressive, Ridge says, "Whoa! Doc!" Jerking back, violently, Taylor shouts, "Dammit, Ridge LOSE THE DOC!"

Taylor realizes what she has done and said and becomes very distraught. "What in Hell is wrong with you?" Ridge asks. "I don't know," Taylor says. "What is happening to me?" Ridge asks if she is still angry about last night but she says that that isn't it. She isn't angry or disappointed with him. What he asked of her was not unreasonable. She is tense and wound up and she doesn't know why. She doesn't feel any threats from him, Pierce or the job. She is rubbing her shoulders and asks if he could give her a massage. "I can do that. Where would you like me to start?" She tells him to start north and work his way south. He begins to massage her shoulders. "You really are tense," he says as he massages. "Is this helping, doc?" Taylor pulls away and flies off the handle. She grabs her purse and jacket and tells him she is headed for the office. She must have left something undone at the office that is bothering her. Ridge won't let her go; he says that they need to work out what is wrong with her. Taylor says that she has no answers but she wants to go to the office and search for some. Ridge asks if Pierce is still there. It is the damn job that is interfering with their lives. Again he uses the word doc and she tells him that it is that word that is grating on her nerves. She doesn't want to be called that. Ridge says that he doesn't believe that the word "doc" is their problem. With that, Taylor grabs her jacket and leaves the house.

Stephanie opens the door to Amber who tells her that she needs to talk to her. Stephanie says that she heard she was back in town and trying to hook up with Rick. Amber tells her the reason she left in the first place. Stephanie says that Brooke was only trying to protect her son; she was only trying to keep her underage son from becoming involved with a situation he wasn't ready for. "I am surprised at you, too, Amber," Stephanie says. "I can't believe that you would let yourself become involved either. You were hired as a babysitter! The best thing for you to do is go home to your parents before it is too late." It already is too late, Amber informs her. I am pregnant. Stephanie is horrified! How could you let this happen? Don't you know you could go to jail for this? She tries to be patient and kind with Amber but when Amber says that she was hoping that Stephanie would take her side, Stephanie stops her. Brooke is a good mother and I will not take sides against her in this! Amber says that she has no where to go and was hoping that she could stay with her.

Pierce asks Bailey if Taylor has gone home for the day. Bailey is daydreaming about the little bell and hopes that Pierce won't give up on Taylor yet. With the help of a little bell, Taylor should be back in the office before long. She will be totally disgusted with Ridge every time he uses the word, "doc." She will grow to despise him.

Pierce asks why he is smiling and Bailey says that he was thinking of the time when Pierce found him at the Santa Monica pier. He says that he had made a deal with himself that when the sun came up that morning, he was going to throw himself off the cliff. He doesn't know how he will ever be able to repay Pierce for turning his life around. Pierce tells him that by turning his life around, he has given him all the thanks he will ever need. Bailey says that he may be able to do more for him soon. When Pierce asks what he is talking about, Bailey begins talking about Taylor. Pierce becomes short with Bailey and tells him that Taylor is a happily married woman and he isn't going in that direction. Bailey says that he knows that there is a serious problem in Taylor's marriage; that marriage isn't what people think it is. Pierce says that he hopes Bailey is wrong. Just then, Taylor comes into the office very upset. Bailey leaves but listens at the door. Taylor tells Pierce what happened at the house. She can't understand what went wrong! Sometimes they have disagreements but they don't get in the way of their marriage. And what is it with her becoming angry just because he called her by an old nickname? Standing at the door, Bailey smiles proudly and tells himself that it worked!

Ridge is on the porch at his place drinking a beer when Lauren comes up. She tells him that her mission was accomplished. She just had dinner with Pierce and she has all the low-down. Ridge says that that is a name he would rather not hear right now!

After Ridge is alone, he is troubled. "What the Hell is going on? Am I doing something wrong? I feel like I am losing you, Taylor. I cannot lose you; I am not going to lose you. NO WAY!"

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Week of 09/21/98 - 09/25/98

Monday, September 21, 1998

B&B did not air today due to coverage of the President's Grand Jury testimony on CBS.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

Surprised at Amber's request to stay with her, Stephanie asks why; Amber explains that she has nowhere else to go and has no idea what to do since she is pregnant. Stephanie begins asking questions about Amber's health--is she taking care of herself, eating right, etc.--and the girl says she is no longer drinking or smoking, but she really has no proper source of food, since the place she is staying has no kitchen. Stephanie is glad to see that Amber is taking care of the child at least, since it is a Forrester baby... or is it, she asks?

Lauren arrives at the beach house to find a sullen Ridge out on the porch. She tells him she has good news... her mission was a complete success, she proudly annouces! Even though she has a smile on her face, Ridge is in a dour mood; she asks him what's wrong, since she thought he would be happy to hear her news. He says he doesn't know what she's talking about, and she explains that she just came from dinner with Dr. Pierce Peterson. "That's the last name I want to hear!" Ridge tells her angrily.

While Bailey looks on unseen, Taylor laments to Pierce how unusual she is acting with the way she fought with Ridge. She's in tears as she confides in her boss that she doesn't understand what happened. Pierce tries to remind her that all marriages have problems and surely Ridge will come around... but Taylor cries that it wasn't Ridge's fault! *SHE* was the one who was behaving strangely, and she doesn't know why. But she does think she knows what she has to do... she has to ask Pierce to replace her so she can save her marriage. Hearing that proclamation, Bailey is stunned and worried.

Rick arrives at Insomnia and sees CJ, and he tells his friend he is worried about Amber, who is not around and has not called... he checked the dump she is staying at and she is not there. CJ reminds him that this is Amber they're talking about... she knows how to take care of herself. Still, Rick points out, this would not have happened if his parents had allowed him and Amber to be together. "That's not going to happen," CJ reminds his buddy.

Ridge tells Lauren about his altercation with Taylor, which is all Pierce's fault; and as a result of the argument, Taylor stormed off, he explains. Lauren can't believe it. She explains, "I gave him every opportunity and he didn't budge... and believe me, it was not for lack of trying. He's no homewrecker." In fact, she points out, Pierce had nothing but good things to say about Taylor, and he respects her. Still, Ridge is skeptical and is sure that Pierce is the cause of the changes in his wife since she took her new job.

Amber assures Stephanie that the baby is Rick's and wonders if she made a mistake coming there, but Stephanie then apologizes, pointing out that Amber is not stupid enough to pass off another man's child as Rick's. Amber points out that she only came here because Stephanie is the one person who could stand up to Brooke--and she would enjoy it, too. Stephanie points out that even if she lets Amber stay, it will be for the child and not to spite Brooke. Stephanie relents and says Amber can stay, albeit with rules... and after Amber thanks her profusely, Steph heads upstairs, watching from the steps as Amber delights in her new surroundings.

After CJ assures him that Amber is OK and that he will call if he hears from her, Rick leaves Insomnia.

As Taylor tells Pierce she will not give up on her marriage for anything, not even her work, Bailey interrupts and says he needs a check from Pierce. "It's right on your desk," Pierce says, but Bailey insists that he cannot find it. As Pierce goes to find it, he tells Taylor to wait for him. Bailey and Taylor are alone in the office as Bailey carefully takes the bell from his pocket.

After ringing the bell, Bailey puts Taylor into a relaxing trance. He tells Taylor that she is under stress and needs help and advice... help and advice that Pierce can give her. "You will be most appreciative," he says, stressing the word "appreciative," by repeating it, so she will trust whatever Pierce tells her. As he is about to bring her out of the trance, he adds, "And one more thing... you LOVE when your husband calls you 'Doc.'"

Amber calls the coffeehouse looking for Rick, but Christy the waitress says he left. Upon hearing Amber's name, CJ takes the phone and asks where she is. Amber says she is at the Forrester home. "You're at Brooke's?" CJ asks in disbelief. Not Brooke's, she answers... STEPHANIE'S, where she is living the way she should. Confused, CJ tells her not to leave because he is coming over.

When Pierce returns, he finds a calm Taylor who is waiting for his advice... and when he urges her to stay with her husband but not to quit, she eagerly accepts the advice and agrees. At Pierce's suggestion, Taylor calls Ridge and says she is coming home and loves him. Ridge hangs up and tells Lauren what his wife said. "See? Everything is OK," Lauren points out as she gives Ridge a hug. Ridge is still skeptical, however, as he embraces his friend.

As Taylor leaves, Pierce bids Bailey goodbye. Bailey, now standing alone in the office, says how he can now repay his friend, who helps everyone but himself... and if Pierce wants Taylor, he states, then he shall have her!

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Taylor comes home to Ridge and he is happy to see her as she gives him a passionate kiss and apologizes for her behavior, which must have been because she was tired. When Taylor says she talked to Pierce, Ridge is surprised, but she assures him she needed someone to talk to about how she hurt Ridge, and he hugs her when he sees the tears in her eyes.

Brooke explains to Eric how she threw Amber out, which has not made Rick happy, but he agrees that they have to stay firm and make sure the baby is safe without Amber in the house. Eric says Rick will see through Amber eventually within the year and a half they have to wait to marry, and that they have to show Amber that the baby is not her meal ticket... they will support the baby but Amber's on her own.

Amber thinks about all the Forrester babies who grew up in Stephanie's house... and maybe hers will too. CJ arrives, and Amber "instructs" Connie the maid to show her friend in. Entering the living room, CJ gives Amber a disbelieving look at how she acts like she owns the place already. He warns her to wake up before it's too late!

Stephanie walks into Brooke's office. "If you want Eric, he just left," Brooke explains, but Steph states that she is here to see Brooke about Amber, who has moved in with her. "What?" Brooke asks. "I thought I told you I don't want you interfering in my children's lives!" Stephanie tries to remain calm and empathizes with Brooke, saying that there is no need to be hostile; she understands how Brooke feels! Brooke says it is because Stephanie is undermining her yet again, and she will not allow Stephanie to encourage Amber. Stephanie says she is only thinking about the baby, that needs all their help as a Forrester... isn't all that counts, she asks. Brooke then asks Stephanie, "Did she tell you they are engaged?"

Ridge admits he was scared as Taylor apologizes again... she still doesn't know what happened. Ridge asks if this means she now understands how he feels; she regretfully says that while she did consider it, she will not quit her job, since she believes she can have both her marriage and her job. Taylor promises to be careful and asks Ridge not to worry, and he asks to just forget about Pierce for tonight and not waste any time making up--which he does by laying a big kiss on her! As he lowers his wife to the couch, Ridge makes love to her in their living room and she removes his shirt.

CJ tells Amber that she will not get on Brooke's good side by moving in with Stephanie, but Amber points out that Stephanie is the most influential member of the family. Everyone respects her, including Eric and Brooke. CJ says that makes perfect sense... unless Raymond is the father! CJ worries about how his best friend will be hurt if Raymond is the father, but Amber says things are going right for her for the first time, so she does not want to hear his nay saying and will not let him get in the way. CJ prays Amber is right... he really does, for all their sakes, as he leaves.

Stephanie is stunned to learn of the engagement, since she cannot fathom Rick doing that, but Brooke assures her that Amber wants to worm her way into their family. Stephanie reminds Brooke that the baby is still her grandchild, and Brooke says she knows that; still, she would appreciate it if Stephanie was to stay out of it, especially since Amber hid the engagement. Stephanie admits that she has seen Amber in a new light after that revelation and heads off. As Stephanie leaves, Brooke says, "Look out, Amber."

Amber says to herself that she knows it will not be easy, but it will be the happiest day of her life when she marries Rick. Amber then fantasizes about her wedding to Rick, with Bridget as maid of honor and CJ as best man... and with a pleased Eric, Brooke, Stephanie, Ridge and Taylor in attendance. After the ceremony, everyone comes over to congratulate the bride and groom. First Bridget tells Amber that she is the sister Budge always wished she had, and they hug. Next, Taylor comes over and says what a beautiful bride Amber was as Ridge congratulates his half-brother. Stephanie then hugs Amber, who she says is like a daughter to her. Finally, the moment of truth arrives... Brooke walks up to her daughter in law and welcomes her to the family. "Thank you, Mrs. Forrester," Amber says, to which Brooke says, "Call me Mom." Across the room, Eric admits to Rick that his fears were unfounded and he is proud of his son.

As she comes back to reality, Amber smiles and says, "Yeah, that's the way it will be!"

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Thanks to Gladys again for her help with this update!

It is the following morning and Ridge wakes up in Taylor's arms after their romantic night of making up. He kisses her awake and they enjoy their private intimate time together before the day begins. They talk about the things that bothered them the night before and Taylor once again says that she doesn't want to quit her job. She thinks that if only Ridge and Pierce could get to know each other, they would probably end up best friends. Ridge says he doesn't want to talk about Pierce and tells his wife that it will never happen. "Maybe it will... I have an idea," Taylor says.

Brooke tells Eric that she has bad news and he wonders what Amber has done now! She tells him about Stephanie taking her in to live with her and Eric is livid. "How can she do something like that?" he asks. Brooke tries to explain how Amber lied by omission and made herself come off as the victim. "How could she fall for that?" Eric asks about Stephanie, but Brooke reminds her that **they** fell for it. He says that they can handle this situation without help from his ex-wife. All she is doing is undermining their opposition to the marriage. He intends to confront Stephanie and find out what she thinks that she is up to. She should have talked to them before she did anything. Brooke reminds him how Amber has blinded Rick--how can they fight that, she asks? The one thing that both Brooke and Eric are sure of is that they have to stick together if they are going to protect their son!

Rick learns that Amber is staying with Stephanie and pays her a visit. He can't believe it and is upset that Amber told her about the baby; he thinks he should have been the one to do it, since he knows Stephanie so well. She says that Stephanie is OK with it, but he still worries that his parents will freak. Amber is confident that Stephanie can take it, but he warns Amber that his mother hates Stephanie. Amber says that she knows that; however, she knows that Brooke respects Stephanie and she believes that if anyone can help them, it will be Stephanie, and she bets that she and Stephanie will be close friends. At that moment, Stephanie returns home and says she wants to talk to them... and she wants to start with the truth.

Amber says she has told the truth, but Stephanie lets them know that she is aware of the engagement, and she doesn't approve of it at all. For one thing, it is illegal, as is Amber's sleeping with Rick. Moreover, she goes on to tell them that they are much to young to be thinking about marriage; both of them have their entire lives in front of them. She apologizes, but she cannot keep someone she cannot trust under her roof; so as much as it hurts her, she has to ask Amber to leave! Amber tries to protest, but Stephanie says they have no idea what love and commitment are about at their age. Amber says she does and insists they can make it work. She is about to leave though when Rick tells her to wait.

Taylor decides that they should have a small dinner party for Pierce and Bailey. Ridge isn't so sure that it is a good idea, since he hates Pierce... he has a better solution, he states. Taylor again says she will not quit her job, which has Ridge upset. She begs him to just go for one dinner, and she will be most grateful. Ridge agrees if Taylor will handle diaper duty for 6 months. She agrees to 3 months, with her birthday off... and Bailey must come. "That guy creeps me out more than Pierce," Ridge protests, but Taylor will not give in. Ridge reluctantly agrees.

Rick is surprised at Stephanie since, as he reminds her, she was once in this position. She was pregnant with Ridge when she married Eric! Stephanie is shocked that he knows that but he tells her that he knows when Ridge was born and he knows when she and Eric were married. Amber is surprised, but Stephanie admits it is true. However, she tells him that it was different, but Rick can't see any difference. Stephanie points out that Eric was in college when they got married; Rick is only in high school. Also, having a child out of wedlock is more accepted today; Rick does not have to marry Amber to be a father to his child. Rick has a very mature argument for Stephanie. He says that age has nothing to do with love and children. What is important is taking responsibility, which he fully intends to do. He loves Amber and they are going to have a child. He will not desert his child--that's what families are for!

When Taylor calls the office, she finds that Pierce is out, but she talks to Bailey. He pretends to be pleased when she explains that she has made up with Ridge. She then asks him about the party, while Ridge in the background is making faces and hoping Bailey says no. As she motions for her hubby to keep quiet, Taylor asks Bailey if they are free, especially Pierce; Bailey crosses off some of Pierce's appointments and tells her that Pierce is free as a bird for that block of time. Ridge grabs the phone and tells Bailey that he and Pierce should bring dates. Taylor asks him why he did that and he answers that the more people between him and "that guy" the better for him.

Rick explains that he could not stand it if his child grew up without a father and had to ask why he wasn't there for him. "But you have so much ahead of you!" Stephanie says. He asks if that will matter to his son or daughter. "Will it make it better if I explain that I was busy with college football games and frat parties when I should have been taking care of him or her?" Will this child understand and forgive when he tells him or her that he was too young for the responsibility of fatherhood? Stephanie again tries to protest, but Amber interjects that she has noticed how the Forresters stick together. She admires that, and she hopes Stephanie will do the same and intervene with Brooke and Eric. Stephanie says that she will not argue the point with Rick's parents, since she agrees with them that Rick and Amber are too young to have a baby. However, she admits that baby is still a Forrester, and so Amber can continue to stay at the house. However, she wants it clear that she doesn't approve of the relationship or the engagement. After she leaves, Rick and Amber are happy with their partial victory. They decide that if they will just stick to their plan, things will come around, and they profess their love to each other.

Friday, September 25, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

Ridge is finishing up with the model's fittings when Brooke comes in. She tells Ridge about Amber living with Stephanie now because she gave Stephanie her "poor little me" routine. Ridge is angry that his mother would do that. He tells Brooke that she is too involved in all this right now; she needs to talk a step back and give herself a break. She needs to go out and have some fun. "Then take me to dinner!" Brooke challenges. He says that any other night he would enjoy doing just that, but tonight he and Taylor are entertaining. He tells her that Taylor has asked Pierce and Bailey to dinner. Brooke supposes that this is going to be a very interesting night at the Forrester home. Ridge says that he isn't going to make it easy on Pierce, but Brooke tells him that Pierce is not his enemy and if he isn't careful, he is just asking for trouble... and she isn't talking about trouble with Pierce. She is talking about trouble with Taylor.

Bailey is looking at a picture of himself and Pierce taken back before Pierce changed him. "I've finally found a way to repay you," he says as he takes the little bell out of his pocket. "This little bell gives me the power to give you the one thing that you don't think you can have. But you can, and I am going to see that you get it." Pierce comes into the office and announces that he is going home for a little rest. Bailey tells him that he does have an appointment; it has all been arranged.

Taylor is getting the house ready for guests when Lauren stops by. Lauren is fascinated that Pierce and Bailey will be coming to dinner when Ridge has such strong feelings against the man--feelings Ridge will not attempt to hide. Lauren advises Taylor to call it off before it is too late. Taylor insists that once the two men loosen up they will realize that their differences will compliment each other. Lauren just rolls her eyes heavenward. Taylor says she has to do this, especially since she wants to bring her husband and boss together. Lauren asks who Pierce is bringing, but Taylor says she doesn't know... Pierce doesn't have a life outside the office, Taylor states, which is another reason to have the party. Lauren still predicts fireworks! If she didn't have other plans, she would take Taylor up on the invitation that she issues to her. But since she does have plans, she bids Taylor goodbye.

Bailey informs Pierce that he has been invited to the Forrester's for dinner. Pierce thinks that he is joking but Bailey finally convinces him that he is serious. Pierce says that he won't go over there. Why should he subject himself to an evening with a man who hates him and a woman who loves the other man? Bailey says that he should go and watch; then he will know that the marriage is in trouble. Pierce doesn't care; he isn't going to get in the middle of any marriage, especially Taylor's. He accuses Bailey of having the morals of an alley cat, but Bailey persists in pointing out that going to the party will help Pierce get perspective on his feelings for Taylor. Bailey continues until Pierce says that if he can invite someone, he will go.

Ridge explains his feeling about Pierce to Brooke; he will not allow Pierce to ruin his marriage, and he will not tiptoe around Pierce and Bailey. He tells Brooke to take care and again offers to be there is she needs anything, especially with Rick. He then bids her goodbye and leaves Brooke's office. Her phone rings; it is Pierce. He asks Brooke to join him for dinner.

Brooke tells him that she has plans for the night; she then remembers that he is invited to Ridge and Taylor's for dinner. She thinks that would be a bad idea anyway. Pierce says that the only reason he would go would be if someone went with him. He doesn't know anyone else to ask. Brooke reconsiders and agrees to meet him there, since she has a change of clothes there in the office. She hangs up and says, "I hope this isn't a mistake!"

After Pierce hangs up, Bailey congratulates him on using Brooke to make Taylor jealous. Pierce insists that he asked Brooke because he wanted to be with her and for no other reason. He thinks that spending time with Brooke will help him get over the feelings that he has been having about Taylor. Bailey is skeptical, since he does not think Brooke is the answer Pierce needs, but Pierce stands by his contentions and goes to get dressed.

Brooke is getting ready when Lauren arrives. It seems that the two had plans together which Brooke has completely forgotten. Brooke explains that Pierce has asked her out and Lauren understands. "Are you going to Taylor's?" she asks. Brooke says she is, and Lauren says it is no problem. When Lauren asks about being in the same room as Ridge, Brooke comments that she is getting by. Lauren, however, points out that from the sound of her voice, she is still in love with Ridge, and she has to wonder if Brooke will ever stop. Lauren then encourages Brooke's interest in Pierce, the most eligible bachelor in town! Brooke leaves, and Lauren says, "What I wouldn't give to be a fly on that wall!"

Ridge arrives home and finds Taylor just getting out of the bath. She is wearing nothing but a towel and Ridge doesn't have a dinner party on his mind! Taylor half-heartedly protests that she has to get dressed before their guests arrive, and tells him to get ready himself. He asks why he has to get dressed for "those two," but Taylor asks him to please cooperate. Ridge asks for an incentive to be a good boy and suggests that Taylor handle diaper duty for 6 months. She agrees to 3 with her birthday off as her towel drops to the floor. They begin making out in the living room.

Pierce and Bailey arrive at the cottage. Pierce is still hesitant about coming, but Bailey thinks that it will be an interesting night. As Pierce heads for the door, Bailey glances in through the window and is startled to see Ridge and Taylor making out. He stops Pierce, who also looks in. Pierce says that this was a mistake and is ready to leave. However, Bailey says that they will give them a few minutes and then knock on the door.

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Week of 09/28/98 - 10/02/98

Monday, September 28, 1998

It is night-time at the beach house while Taylor and Ridge have just finished making love. Taylor freaks out and grabs something to cover herself when she sees shadows on the front porch. She goes to get dressed for the dinner party. Ridge says, "What about me?" but she urges him to greet their guests while she rushes off. Outside, Pierce tells Bailey outside that this evening is going to be anything but fine, and he wishes they didn't accept the invitation. Ridge plays host and greets the boys at the door in a not-so-enthusiastic manner.

At Casa Forrester Amber, Stephanie, and James are having dinner together. James chats about the students in his class and how bright they are, prompting Amber to lay it on thick about what a genius they have for a teacher. Stephanie comments that Rick was interested in taking psychology, which Amber finds will be an advantage under his belt as a father. Stephanie requests to speak with James alone so Amber takes the dishes to the kitchen. James confides that he has invested too much of his time on Sheila not to check up on her from time to time in prison. He is driving up tonight and will visit her in the morning, and he will be home for dinner tomorrow. He asks how she feels with that, and she admits that as close as she has become to James' daughter, she knows she is not Mary's mother. James assures Stephanie that Mary will be a part of her life for as long as she wants her to be and questions where Stephanie's insecurities are coming from.

Sheila is staring at pictures of her baby as if it were a small shrine, with candles lit that Mike complains are stinking up the hall. He tells her she has to quit. She tells Mike that she needs to be with her daughter tonight. Mike says that can wait until tomorrow. Mary is with Stephanie, Sheila states, and she wants her daughter now. She doesn't just want to see her daughter either, she wants to be with her. Mike says, "Sheila, you can't do this. you are gonna land us both in the slammer. Please get a hold of yourself! You are losing control." But Sheila is livid that Stephanie took her husband and then her baby. She wants to go right now, and she knows exactly what she has to do.

Stephanie feels that everything between them personally has happened so fast, and she loves having Mary in her life. Still, she has to let the reality in that Mary is not her child; she is James'. James states that his daughter gave him some good advice, and that was never to hurt Stephanie, because she means a great deal to Mary. Stephanie has become an important part of Mary's life. Amber has bad timing with desert and walks in.

Ridge is being quite smug as he offers Pierce and Bailey a drink. Pierce declines and says he will wait for his date. Ridge admits that he didn't think that Pierce would have a date tonight... and even though Pierce wants to wait, Ridge decides to make himself a martini. Pierce tries to be sociable but Ridge is still sarcastic; he says that even though the party tonight for dinner was not his idea, whatever Taylor wants is fine by him. Just then, in comes Taylor dressed for dinner and she wants a glass of wine. Ridge continues his smug attitude by pointing out that he doesn't think he needs to change clothes, and he asks Bailey his opinion. Pierce tells Ridge he will take that drink now, and Ridge says, "Oh, I thought you were waiting for your date. She just walked in?" Taylor tries to laugh as Bailey says to himself that he is going to destroy Ridge, because he is an arrogant bastard.

Sheila and Mike are now in a seedy neighborhood, because she has come to practice. It has been years and years, and this time she wants to get it right. For years Sheila has been trying to better herself, but it was a waste of time. Why did she think those people would ever look at her differently? Why did she trust them? "I am the nightmare that Stephanie created." Mike, concerned at her attitude, wants to get out of there, but Sheila replies, "Not yet." She pulls out a gun, and Mike starts to look nervous.

Back at the party, everyone has their drinks as Bailey suggests Ridge make a toast. Ridge goes to make a toast to his lovely wife, but then they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Ridge answers the door, and he is surprised to find out that Brooke is Peterson's date. Pierce comments that Brooke looks lovely, to which Ridge replies, "Lovely? She looks absolutely good enough to eat." Taylor points out that Ridge has a wife waiting there in the corner as Ridge points to Brooke's dress. "I designed this. I hated it on the desk, but Brooke said it would look great on... and she was right." Brooke is smiling like a cat that ate the fish as Ridge asks "Peterson" if he wants another drink. Bailey points out that his name is Pierce, to which Ridge says, "Whatever," and he goes to get Brooke a drink.

Ridge and Brooke toast over their martinis. Brooke confides that she would rather be at a movie than watching Ridge and Taylor together at home as the happy couple. Taylor calls them over to the group and notes that Pierce says she is a different person at home. "She's normal here, but she is different at work," Ridge says, indocating that work is full of new age mysticism, crystals and hypnosis. Taylor tries to shush her husband and he says, "Oh, yeah, Logan doesn't know... well, she does now!" Brooke is surprised as Pierce explains that his technique is still experimental. Ridge then suggests that they have some fun; since he is a skeptic, he proposes that Pierce should hypnotize him tonight!

Sheila tells Mike that she needs to practice... she asks Mike to set up a photo of Stephanie as a target and takes aim. The bullet sends the picture and the crate it was resting on flying into tiny pieces! Picking up the picture, Mike says she has been practicing, and Sheila says yes, she has! Stephanie tore a knife into her heart by taking away her little girl, and now she has this coming to her. Sheila is going to repay the favor. As Sheila smiles, an evil gleam in her eye, Mike grows more and more concerned...

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Mike worries about Sheila's target practice and how she shot that picture of Stephanie up in pieces. He then notices that she has a duffel bag packed and asks what it is for. She tells her buddy that she is leaving town. Mike begs Sheila not to go through with this, but she says she has to get back at Stephanie for taking Mary... she can't let Stephanie get away with it, because you just can't take someone else's child. She prepares to leave and she tells Mike she will miss him when she is gone. Mike looks sad, as if really realizing that this is the end for his friendship with Sheila. She embraces him and kisses him goodbye before taking her leave. The door closes, and Mike simply stands there with a sad look on his face.

At the Forrester mansion, James and Amber debate the merits of a teenage marriage; she reminds him that she is pregnant with Rick's child while he reminds her that cannot be the only basis for a marriage. He looks to Stephanie for support, but she says she is staying out of it. He then asks Amber if he can talk to Stephanie; of course, he brings up the subject of Sheila and his trip to prison to see her. James assures Stephanie that he will be all right and promises to be careful as Amber goes to check on Mary, and Stephanie thanks him for being part of her life as she bids him goodbye.

Outside the beach house, Taylor chides Ridge for breaking her confidence about the project in front of Brooke. Ridge tells her not to get so wound up about it and thinks it is no big deal. Taylor disagrees, and he reminds her that he is at the party unwillingly... he hates those two men, he points out, and if Taylor doesn't like his behavior, it's too bad. "One more thing, Doc... I don't like secrets," he says as he angrily turns to the door. Once he is inside, however, he is all smiles as he says he is ready to be hypnotized. "After all, I don't have any secrets," he proclaims, as Brooke challenges that remark. Pierce wonders if that is true as well, and Ridge says there is only one way to find out. Taylor can't believe this as Ridge assures her that she is the best part of his psyche, while Bailey simply looks on. At Pierce's direction, Ridge takes a seat.

Pierce puts Ridge in a trance and Ridge says he feels like a mountain lake, reflective... and when Pierce asks if he has anything to say in front of Taylor, Brooke, Bailey and himself, Ridge says Taylor knows how he feels. "What about Brooke?" Pierce asks. Brooke looks disturbed when Ridge says she will always be his friend. "And what about me, Ridge?" Bailey asks, and Ridge answers that he feels nothing about Bailey. Pierce then adds, "And me, Ridge? What do you feel about me?" Ridge says that Pierce is misguided, because the project will fail. Upon prodding from Pierce, Ridge admits he is a skeptic and that he does not believe in hypnosis... and when reminded that he is under hypnosis now, Ridge admits that he's not and says, "Gotcha!" Pierce, Bailey and Taylor look surprised when Ridge ends his charade and says it's time for dinner.

Stephanie plays with Mary, pretending a toy phone is a call from James, as she marvels at how much she has come to care for Mary, and she promises to protect her and her future.

At dinner, Ridge tries to apologize for his joke, but everyone is grim. "Do you all think that?" Ridge asks, and Bailey tells Ridge he thinks his joke was cruel, even though Pierce takes it in stride. Taylor then asks if Ridge would think it is funny if someone made a crack about one of his dresses. Ridge answers that it would have been funny if he was wearing it himself, a sly grin on his face. Brooke immediately breaks into laughter at the thought of her former lover in a dress, but everyone else remains silent. Ridge says he meant nothing by the joke, but Pierce says he did... and Ridge points out that all it means is that it didn't work on him, and it might not work on others. When Ridge says that he is just providing data for them as scientists, Pierce says you cannot hypnotize someone against their will... and Ridge didn't want to be. "How do you know?" Ridge asks, and Taylor chides Ridge for being so argumentative. Ridge feels he has nothing to apologize for, prompting Bailey to stand up and storm out of the room in a huff.

Amber comes downstairs and tells Stephanie that she is going out for a while. "To see Rick?" Stephanie asks. "No, I haven't talked to him tonight," Amber states. Stephanie reminds her of the rules: no smoking, no drinking and in early. Amber thanks her for the concern says, "I want to be the kind of mother that you are, and this baby will be the most important thing in my life. I will be back early."

Brooke thanks Taylor for the evening and tells Pierce she will call him... and he then thanks Taylor as well, and she apologizes for Ridge's behavior. Taylor is still worried about Ridge, but Pierce says he can take a joke and gets ready to take his leave. He says he will see Taylor in the morning, and he hugs her and laughs as he thanks her one more time before leaving.

Ridge is on the porch, having come back from a walk, and Bailey comes up to him. "Bailey? I thought you left," Ridge says. Bailey answers, "I did, but I had to come back and say a few things to you." Bailey gives Ridge hell for the way he made a fool out of his boss. "He is wonderful, he helps a lot of people; he has helped me, and I won't let you get away with it. I don't know how someone as beautiful as Taylor can tolerate an animal like you!" Ridge says, "I think you should go." Bailey says, "You made a colossal mistake. Pierce is a hero and you're a dressmaker." Ridge again says that the hypnosis is a joke. Bailey says he will show Ridge what kind of joke it is, with a threat in his voice, and he leaves as Ridge is looking at him.

At the prison, James is brought into a room with his wife... except he tells the guard upon seeing the woman's face that it isn't Sheila!

Back at the mansion, Amber leaves, as a determined Sheila watches from behind the bushes, in wait. After Amber leaves, Sheila says, "The final chapter, Stephanie, for everything you have done to me!" There is a knock at the door and Stephanie is wondering who that is.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

At Sally's apartment, Amber is alone waiting for CJ; as she does, she thinks about how out loud to herself that it wont be long now, and she is already starting to show. She tells the fetus that the family isn't ready to accept them yet; but they will; everyone will be doting over her baby in time. "Daddy, Auntie Bridget... and especially Grandma and Grandpa," she says to herself, a smile on her face. The door opens and Sally walks in, calling out for CJ... and she is stunned to see Amber standing there. "How did you get in here? The doormen are very good about who they let in," Sally states, but Amber points out that CJ had given her a key. Sally's none too thrilled... and sensing that, Amber thinks it's time to leave. As she gathers her things, Sally tells her to stay... she wants to have a little chat with Ms. Moore.

Steph hears the knock at door and wonders who it could be; since she still has Mary in her arms, she decides to put the baby down first. She takes her out to the terrace where the wind chimes are blowing and a crib is set up, and she puts Mary down. Meanwhile, a grim and determined Sheila waits outside. Stephanie then answers the door and is shocked when she sees who is there. "Oh my god... Sheila!" she gasps. "How did you get out of that hospital? You know I have to call the police," exclaims Stephanie. Sheila remarks that she isn't calling anyone--and if she tries to, Stephanie will be sorry. Stephanie assures her that Mary is fine and she doesn't have to worry about her. Stephanie then lies to tell her that the child isn't home but out for a stroll with James. Sheila hears her daughter and smiles. She calls Stephanie a lying bitch and goes to her daughter

At the prison hospital, James asks Cybil who she is, but she remains silent. The guard points out that she has barely said two words since her arrival. "Well, this isn't my wife," James again says, and he asks if there could be a mistake. Maybe the guard brought the wrong prisoner, he suggests. The guard says there is no mistake, so James asks to see the warden. Within minutes, they are in the warden's office, and the man in charge of the prison is accessing Sheila's file to check the records.

Sally gives some motherly advice to Amber about the stir she has caused at "Camp Forrester;" however, she knows from experience that the Forresters will not sign a treaty with someone they think of as an enemy, so Amber should forget dreams of marriage to Rick. Amber says Sally doesn't know anything about what is going on, but Sal says she does... she WAS Amber, trying to break into the Forrester inner circle for many years. But she failed to get in, and so will Amber, she guesses. After Amber notes that things have changed, Sally admits she is OK with Eric now, but it took years and a lot of game plan changes, since, "You can't trick your way in. You have to earn it, one Forrester at a time." Amber reveals she has one ally, and Sally says that no amount of outside help will be enough. Amber explains, "It's someone on the inside... the one person who they all listen to, the one even YOU couldn't win over. I'm living with Stephanie!"

Sally questions Amber's motives for getting in good with the Queen of Forrester... maybe she looked to Steph because Brooke tossed her out. "I didn't live with Brooke," Amber defensively says. Sally says that may be true, but Brooke wouldn't welcome her either, which Sally finds understandable. However while she is impressed by Amber's game plan at "going to the top," she's skeptical. Amber says it is not a game, but Sally knows better, since Amber went to Brooke's sworn enemy... but Amber claims she did it for the baby's sake and insists she does not want money. Sally guesses that Amber dreams about the "good life" with the Forresters but reminds her of one thing... Stephanie is NOT Rick's mother, and she warns that going over Brooke's head will not work. Amber is in over her head, Sally concludes.

The warden pulls up Sheila's records and confirms that the cell the woman came from belongs to Sheila, and he pulls up Sheila's photo... and when he shows it to the guard, the guard doesn't recognize her. The warden quizzes "Sheila," who answers why she would do this with one word" money! She then confesses that she took money to give Sheila her freedom. James asks, "Who are you?" and the woman again replies, "Sheila Warwick." James presses her further and she admits she is Cybil Weller, who the warden finds was released the same day Sheila was transferred. James figures out what must have happened. He is horrified to know that Sheila was released instead of Cybil... she has escaped!

Saying "Mary is mine," Sheila runs to her baby as Stephanie looks on. Hanging over the crib, Sheila promises never to let Mary out of her sight. Stephanie takes advantage of the distraction and sneaks off into the living room. She picks up the phone and calls 911, but and Sheila grabs the phone. "I told you not to do that, Stephanie!" she says.

Amber admits that she is not a perfect person, but she is a good person. All the baby needs is a family and love, she says. She wants the Forrester to love her baby as much as she does. She won't give up this fight for the sake of the child. Sally says that she can understand that and Amber requests to leave. Sally allows her to go; afterwards however, Sally says to herself that she while she understands what Amber has said, she isn't just quite sure if she believes her.

Sheila says she wants two things... Mary, and retribution on Stephanie. She explains that the retribution is not only for taking James and Mary, but everything. She cries she was getting better since finding James, but Stephanie ruined it! Sheila says that Steph never allowed her to be happy, not with Eric or James, so it is all Stephanie's fault. Steph argues that it is not her fault, but Sheila insists it is... and there is nothing Stephanie can do to stop her. Yes there is, Stephanie states, and she lunges at Sheila!

A fight ensues, and Stephanie and Sheila struggle. Steph gets the upper hand by reaching over to the table for a vase. She hits Sheila with the vase and tries to flee, but suddenly hears a clicking noise. Slowly she turns around to Sheila pulls with a gun in her hand, pointed right at Stephanie. Sheila warns, "Don't do it, Stephanie!"

Thursday, October 01, 1998

Sheila is holding the gun on Stephanie while Stephanie begs her not to shoot. She says that it would be murder if she shoots and kills her; how would her daughter feel knowing that her mother was a cold-bloodied murderer? Sheila says that Mary is going away with her. "No," Stephanie says. "She will be the child of a monster. She will hate you for that." Sheila says that her daughter loves her and needs her. But, Stephanie insists that this is premeditated murder.

James is yelling at poor Cybil. He wants to know what Sheila promised her to make her go through with this charade. When Cybil mumbles, "money," James is disgusted. He tells the warden to call the Beverly Hills Police Department; Stephanie has to be warned.

Eric arrives at Lauren's and she quickly hides something. When Eric tries to see what it is, she tells him that it is a surprise. She will show him later but right now, she is going to take care of some of that stress that he is under. She says that she has techniques for relieving stress that yoga masters only dream about! Eric says that no master yoga ever had to deal with an Ambrosia Moore!

Amber stands outside and tosses gravel at Bridget's window. Bridget comes down and assumes Amber wants to see Rick, but Amber says she wants to see Bridget, not Rick. Bridget asks her how she could make such a stupid mistake. She knows that Amber is pregnant and that she and Rick are engaged. Amber tells her that she and Rick love each other but they never meant to make a baby. And she really is sorry it is causing so much trouble, she insists! Bridget says that her folks don't believe her. Amber says that she wants Bridget on her side; they have been friends for so long and she would hate to have her turn against her. Bridget says that she is just a kid; what does it matter what she believes? "I need you and your support," Amber tells her.

Lauren says that she knows it is hard for Eric; she knows how she would feel if it was her son. But Eric tells her that he had life Rick's all arranged. He had prepared for anything... but then life turned around and threw him a curve. Lauren says that something good can come out of any adversity. She reminds him of how happy Stephanie is with James when only recently, that relationship put Thomas in danger. She says that the problems they are having with Rick and Amber could actually bring his family together and make it stronger. Eric thinks that she may be right. He never would have believed that Stephanie would be raising Sheila's baby! Lauren says that she still has nightmares about how Sheila ruined her life, as well as Scott's and Scotty's... and she almost destroyed Eric's life, too. Sheila is poison; she destroys everything close to her, and she is so glad that Sheila is finally locked up where she won't hurt anyone else.

Sheila tells Stephanie that this isn't murder; it is self-defense. "You started this war, Stephanie, a long time ago. I would have settled for a truce, but no, not you! You had to ruin my life. I came to LA to start my life all over again, to put the ugliness of my past behind me. I wanted a family and a child of my own and it was finally happening. Everything I couldn't have with Scott and Scotty, I had with James. He was mine, but you had to interfere. You kept on and on at him, telling him that I was unfit to raise my own daughter. That was going too far. After all my efforts to get better, to better myself, and it was working. But that didn't matter to you. No, you didn't care! Well, it stops right here. I will not be tormented any more! Do you hear me? You are finished!"

Amber tells Bridget that she doesn't need help anymore, since she is living with Stephanie now. "Not everyone thinks I am the evil person that your parents think I am." Bridget says that she knows she isn't evil. Amber reminds her that even though she has support from Rick and Stephanie, this baby will be Bridget's little niece or nephew. "Are you going to turn your back on him?" she asks. No, Bridget tells her. I am with you guys. Amber tells her that that means so much to her as they embrace.

The warden tries to tell the Beverly Hills police that Sheila has escaped and could be there in LA. James is in a panic and keeps telling the warden what to say, which makes having a conversation on the phone very difficult. Finally, James takes the phone and tells the lieutenant that they know how dangerous Sheila can be. After hanging up, he says that he has to warn Stephanie. If Sheila has been free for weeks, she could have been watching and waiting for her chance.

"Good-bye, Stephanie," Sheila says as she begins to pull the trigger. The phone begins to ring and breaks Sheila's concentration. Stephanie jumps on her and pushes her down. As she is trying to run away, Sheila pulls the trigger. Bullets spray through Stephanie and exit just above the heart. Slowly, she sinks face down on the stairs while the phone continues to ring and ring, and Sheila looks down at her fallen foe.

Eric says that for a while, he thought that James had turned Sheila's life around, but Lauren says that Sheila is pure evil. She is like a cancer that pops up here, then recedes and waits to pop up somewhere else. Eric is sorry he ever brought her into their lives; he cannot believe that he hired her, and that he even married her! Lauren tells him that she did try to warn him about her, but Eric says that he just couldn't believe that anyone could be pure evil the way Sheila was. Lauren says that is the worst part about Sheila; she lulls you into a false sense of security. Lauren admits that she has spent years looking over her shoulder, never letting her guard down. She still cannot believe that she is finally safe. Eric assures her that she is safe now. He also agrees that after living with Sheila, the problems with Rick are a cakewalk.

James tells the warden that there is no answer. Sheila has had weeks to watch and make plans. She could be there now!

Stephanie gains consciousness and turns over. She looks at her chest and tells Sheila that she shot her! "You have to call for help!" She says. "Call for the paramedics!" No, Sheila tells her. "I bet it hurts, huh? But it is nothing compared to the pain you caused me. I was going to kill you quickly but that would be too good for you. I'd rather watch you bleed to death; I'd rather watch as life slowly slips away from you. I want you to suffer like you made me suffer. You took everything from me... Eric, James, Mary... until I had nothing. Well how does it feel to watch everything slip away? All your plans and dreams are just drifting away. Tell me when it starts to get dark, because I WANT TO WATCH YOU GO TO HELL!"

The phone begins to ring again and once again, it breaks Sheila's concentration. With her last bit of strength, Stephanie pushes Sheila over. As she falls against the table, the phone falls on the floor. Weakly, Stephanie calls for help, saying that she has been shot. Sheila grabs the phone and hears James calling for Stephanie. "It's me," she tells him. What have you done? James asks. Sheila says she only did what should have been done a long time ago. "What about Mary?" James shouts. "Dear God, tell me you haven't hurt her!" Sheila says that she thought he knew her better than that. She loves Mary; she loved him and they had a good life. If only he hadn't let Stephanie come between them. "But don't worry," she tells James, "I will take good care of Mary. Goodbye, James." She hangs up the phone and then pokes the gun into Stephanie's wound. Stephanie flinches. "The police are on the way," she says. "But it won't matter. I'll be gone and so will you. I'll always remember you like this... always, just this way." She brings up the gun to Stephanie's head and pulls back the hammer.

Friday, October 02, 1998

Thanks once again to Gladys!

As the blood oozes down Stephanie's clothing and she writhes in pain, Sheila is pointing the gun at Stephanie's head and telling her that she finally won. Now she is going to get her reward. Stephanie looks away and closes her eyes in dread.

Ridge is laying up in bed waiting for Taylor when she comes in dressed for bed. However, she sits down at the dressing table and puts on her reading glasses and begins to peruse a magazine. Ridge tells her that she can't dress that provocatively and still give him the silent treatment. Coldly, she tells him that she certainly can, seeing how he behaved at their dinner party. He reminds her that he didn't like her guests but Taylor says that is no excuse for bad manners. She could have been just as rude to Brooke---his ex-wife, who was guzzling champagne and giggling at Ridge all night---but she restrained herself. Ridge says that that is different; it had nothing to do with his feeling that Pierce is unscrupulous. Taylor laughs at him and says that has nothing to do with it; he is just jealous.

Brooke is home and she recalls the moment that Ridge served her the martini and was flirting with her. "It's still there, Ridge. No matter how many times you deny it, it is still there... not that it matters." The doorbell rings and she admits Bailey to her house. He has come to apologize for any discomfort he might have caused her at the dinner party. Brooke admits that she had a good time at the party. Bailey mentions that he knows that she was once involved with Ridge, and it seems that they are still close. Brooke thinks that Pierce has sent him over to scope her out to see if she is toying with his affections.

James is driving as fast as he can while he talks with the police on the car phone. He tells Lt. Baker that Stephanie has been shot and Sheila says that she is going to take the baby. Baker tells him to hurry but don't do anything foolish. In case there is a hostage situation, he will need James' help.

Sheila stands, holding the gun. She tells Stephanie goodbye just as Amber comes in and tackles her. The gun goes sliding across the floor. As Sheila and Amber wrestle on the floor, a weakened Stephanie tells Amber to get the gun. It is only when Amber winds up on top of Sheila and sees who it is that she realizes who she is fighting with. As she hesitates for an instant, Sheila hits her in the nose with a fist. As Sheila gets up and starts out to the patio, Amber jumps up and rides her back. Stephanie is still telling her to get the gun!

Sheila shakes Amber off of her back; Amber grabs a vase and hits Sheila over the head with it. Sheila just turns and gives Amber an evil look. "Oh no," Amber cries when Sheila gives her that look! Once again, the ladies tangle and Amber is knocked out. When she comes to, she crawls over to Stephanie. She says that Sheila is gone; Stephanie again tells her to get the gun. As she looks for the gun, Sheila walks in with the baby. As she walks by Stephanie on the way to the door, she turns and says, "See, Mary. That is what happens to people who try to take you away from Mommy. Say bye-bye, Mary. You will never have to see her again." As she turns and leaves the house, her laughter echoing through the house, Stephanie's vision goes blurry, and she passes out.

Amber hurries to her, side and tells her to hold on. She puts pressure to the wound and looks around wondering what she can do. Just then, two policemen come into the house. She tells them to get an ambulance at once. They want her to tell them what happened; she says that it was Sheila and she has gone. She doesn't know what kind of car she was driving but she describes Sheila to them.

Ridge denies that he is jealous but Taylor insists that he is. She describes Pierce as brilliant and good looking, having the bluest eyes and broadest shoulders, along with a sexy voice. Stop! Ridge says. He admits that he may be jealous just a little bit! Does that earn him a little reassurance that she loves him and would never leave him? Taylor says that she won't reward him for bad behavior but he grabs her book, pulls off her glasses and begins to kiss her. All the time, she is laughing while she protests that he has to stop this!

Everything happens at once when the paramedics and Lt. Baker arrive. While Baker questions Amber, the paramedics give Stephanie emergency treatment. Baker is given the gun and he leaves, telling one of the uniformed cops to call James on his cell phone and have him meet them at the hospital. The paramedics then wheel Stephanie out of the house, leaving Amber alone in the house with a bloody nose.

Bailey assures Brooke that Pierce doesn't know that he is there. She notes that he is very protective of his boss and Bailey says that they share a special relationship. He isn't worried about Brooke breaking Pierce's heart; on the contrary, he doesn't think that would be possible. Brooke is intrigued and Bailey says that it wouldn't be possible because Pierce is already in love with someone else. This is nothing against Brooke; she is a very beautiful woman and could break any man's heart--except Pierce's. Brooke wants to know who Pierce loves, but Bailey won't tell her.

After getting comfortable under the covers, Ridge and Taylor begin to talk. Ridge admits that Pierce handled his abuse pretty well, but Bailey sure didn't. As a matter of fact, Bailey returned later and made some threats to him, Ridge tells his wife. He asks her what she makes of it, but Taylor remains silent.

James arrives at the hospital and Baker tells him that Stephanie is in surgery and is still alive for the moment. However, Sheila is gone with Mary. You've got to find them! James tells him. You've got to find her. Do whatever you have to do, but find her!

Brooke tells Bailey not to clam up on her; it isn't fair to hold out that little tidbit and not tell her any more. Bailey says that he has already said too much and it is not his place... but he also knows after that dinner tonight that it isn't Pierce that Brooke wants. She admits that she isn't over Ridge, but she has to get on with her life. "Don't give up hope," Bailey says. "Have you read any of Pierce's writings?" When she says that she has read some, he tells her that Pierce would tell her to fight for what she wants. "Your dream can be a reality," he says. As he heads to the door, Brooke realizes that Bailey is talking about Pierce and Taylor. She says that even Pierce wouldn't want her to break up a marriage. "Maybe not," admits Bailey with a smile. "Remember, miracles can happen!" Bailey lets himself out while Brooke watches open-mouthed. Outside, Bailey comments that in fact, miracles are his specialty.

Taylor tells Ridge that Bailey is very loyal and protective of Pierce. She thinks that it is sweet the way he has appointed himself Pierce's guardian. "He wasn't sweet to me," Ridge says. Taylor says that is because he was the one out of line. The phone interrupts before they can say any more the phone rings. Ridge answers it and identifies himself as Ridge Forrester, son of Stephanie. Suddenly he is sitting straight up and asking who this is and how is her condition. When he hangs up, he tells Taylor that his mother has been shot! They have to get to the hospital right away. Taylor makes a call to the sitter.

James is scrubbed and masked as he enters the operating room. He goes to her side where the OR team is working to save her life. I'm here, Stephanie, he says. The surgeon tells James that the bullet went in at the shoulder and then it fragmented behind the heart. There are little pieces of the bullet all over the place. Suddenly there is an alarm from her monitors. "The airway pressure is increasing," someone shouts. "Her pressure is dropping!" Hang on, Stephanie James shouts.

In the car, Sheila is humming the tune to "Hush Little Baby," as she drives down the highway. She glances back and tells Mary to sleep. When she wakes up, they will be somewhere else; somewhere where no one will be able to find them. Looking back at the road, she slams her fist on the steering wheel and says, "Dammit Stephanie! You stole my life! This was my home; this was where I planned to have a family and live my life. Well, a life for a life! Stephanie Forrester, MAY YOU ROT IN HELL!" She once again begins to hum the tune to "Hush Little Baby."

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