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Monday, January 04, 1999

Brooke is at home, talking to herself about a marriage in business with Jabot and Forrester. She thought it had been a done deal and wonders why Jack Abbott wasn't ready to sign on the line; she needs Jabot, she reminds herself. She then wonders if Ridge is paying a price for missing Taylor's big celebration and the party on the night of the meeting with Jack. Of course, there is one way to find out, so Brooke picks up the phone and calls the beach house, only to get the answering machine. She makes some comment that Taylor is out past her bedtime... and she bets Taylor is still at Pierce's even now.

Just then, Bridget comes down the stairs. Brooke asks her about her brother and Bridget guesses he is with Amber; she sees her mom's face go sour at the sound of Amber's name. "You don't like her, do you?" Bridget asks. Brooke says it is not that; she is just concerned about Rick and what knowing Amber has done to him. While on the subject, Brooke starts talking to her daughter about sex. They discuss how sex complicates, a life especially if you are not a grownup. Bridget assures Brooke that she is not about to do anything stupid, and Brooke is pleased to hear that kind of attitude. However, she points out that everyone wants to feel sexy once in a while. Bridget says, "Doesn't everybody? I mean, isn't that what the new thing at Forrester is all about?" Since Bridget has brought up the subject of the new Brooke's Bedroom campaign for Forrester Creations, she asks what Bridget thinks. Bridget explains that she knows that it is only for adults. Brooke and Bridget hug at how proud they are for an open communication between mother and daughter. Now if only she could have the same kind of communication with Rick, Brooke laments.

Back at his house, Pierce is trying to convince Taylor to stay and not go home with Ridge. He reminds her of her sprained ankle and that Thomas is asleep in the other room already. Ridge is incensed that Pierce is butting in again and is about to hit him once more. Taylor asks Ridge what has gotten into him! Pierce comments that Ridge deals with everything through violence. Ridge then apologizes to Taylor for not being there tonight, but he says that they are getting Thomas and going home now. Pierce again starts in by asking how Ridge can do this, dragging Taylor out of here with her injury? Ridge says he sure would, since he is not going to allow Pierce to take advantage of Taylor. The men keep arguing and Taylor tries to break them up. She wants to go home, but Pierce asks how she can go if she cannot walk. In response, Ridge picks her up, throws her over his shoulder, says he is going to get Thomas and carries Taylor out the door!

Rick is outside Kimberly's house and they are kissing. She tells him that she is happy when they are together. Rick tells her that they need to move on. Myles is watching them from the window and he is upset that Rick is touching his daughter; he won't allow it! He comes out and tells Kimberly to go inside, but she wont listen. He then says she might as well stay so there is no misunderstanding, and he tells Rick that he is going to come after him hard if he looks at his daughter again. Myles calls Rick "a pathetic little brat" and goes on to say that he knows all about Rick. This has gone far enough, he says. Rick is a bad influence and he doesn't want him near his daughter.

Taylor is at home and in bed with an ice pack on her ankle. Ridge tries to explain that it was business that kept him away from her tonight; after all, Jack Abbott came all the way from Genoa City. "I don't care if he came from Timbuktu!" Taylor exclaims. She insists that Brooke is their problem, always has been and always will be... and it makes her wonder if they will ever really be happy. They go to bed angry and lie down back to back. Taylor then says how they promised never to go to bed angry with each other. She explains that tonight was important to her career and she asks Ridge to hold her. He turns over and gives her a kiss, and then a hug.

Holding some ice to his eye, Pierce can't get over that Ridge is a caveman. He is in bed all alone at his beautiful house and smiling that he knows Ridge is chipping away at his own marriage. Oh sure, Taylor might forgive him this time. But soon she wont, and Pierce will be there to pick up the pieces...

Kimberly tries to tell her father that Rick doesn't want to hurt her and that she cares about him. Rick says that Myles is right and the relationship has to end. Rick calls Kimberly amazing and says that he is bringing her down. Myles says he never wants to see Rick's face again or he will pay. He tries to console Kimberly, but she won't let her father come near her and runs into the house. Myles turns to Rick and says, "You see what you have done? You have turned my daughter against me!" He once again shouts that he never wants to see Rick again! Rick heads off into the bushes, looking towards Kimberly's window as he goes.

Tuesday, January 05, 1999

YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: In connection with the story on B&B, Jack Abbott makes his decision about the Brooke's Bedroom line. Despite the feelings of Brad Carlton, who currently shares control of Newman Enterprises with Jack, Jack calls Brooke to let her know that Jabot is taking a pass on the project. It's not in their best interest now. Brooke says it's a multimillion-dollar project. Jack appreciates that, but he's concerned about market saturation. This is not the best time to introduce a new fragrance. If it's a bomb for Forrester, it's a bomb for Jabot. Brooke says it won't be a bomb. He has another reason, he explains, that the image is inconsistent with Jabot's image. It's a little out there, if she knows what he means. She's disappointed; she thought his sexual sensibilities were consistent with hers. Jack says it's not his sensibilities that matter; he has a stodgy old board of directors that he must deal with. She asks if there is anything that she can do to change his mind. His decision is final, Jack states, but he's flattered that they contacted him. The timing is wrong on this one, however. He thinks they have a unique, exciting product line and he's sure they won't have a problem finding a collaborating partner. Thanks, she says. He says it's from the heart. They part coolly. She thought she had it, Brooke says to herself after she hangs up. What is she going to do now? There has to be something, but what?

B&B: At Forrester Creations, Ridge works on a gown that Brooke is wearing. Brooke says that she has to call Jack Abbott back as he's making a mistake. Ridge says that won't help. Brooke says how much she needs them and how this will make the bedroom line the top of the line. Is this to impress Taylor, Ridge asks? Brooke says that while Taylor is their biggest critic and therefore professionally useful, she otherwise could care less what Taylor thinks. Brooke then asks how last night went when he got to Pierce's; did he have to grovel in front of Taylor? Ridge says it went fine and wants to end the subject, leading Brooke to guess that he had to beg for forgiveness with his wife.

Macy and Thorne talk about the love song Pierce sang to Taylor. She was surprised that Ridge was not there, especially since that song would have given him something to worry about. Thorne assures her Ridge has nothing to be concerned with from Pierce. He then asks about Macy's father. She says she has not been able to reach him on the phone and she has no idea where he is staying. So he could have left, Thorne points out.

Myles is at home waiting for Kimberly, who is dressed in her sweater tops. He asks if she is ready to go. Why? She asks. He thought he would drive her to school. She doesn't need a ride or a chaperone, she states. He differs after she disobeyed him. "Rick is my friend and he needs someone to talk to," she says. He again tells her not to see Rick again. Myles says, "Damn the Forresters! They are nothing but users. Well, they're not going to get to my daughters, not again!"

Macy tells Thorne that he father would not have left like that; after all, they just found each other. Thorne finds it odd that Myles has not contacted her. Macy says that he's got other things going on. Thorne asks, "Like what?" Macy wants to just enjoy that her father has come back into her life and asks Thorne to ease up. He may think she is desperate, but she is sure her father is not scamming her. Thorne asks, "Don't you want to know where he's been?" Macy says yes, but she trusts him. She knows Thorne is just being protective of her, but she is finally happy, and she hopes Thorne will be happy for her. He says that he is and hugs her while outside, Myles watches from the window. Thorne says he should leave before Sally notices he is missing; Macy makes him promise not to say a word about her dad as he leaves.

Ridge tells Brooke that last night was important to Taylor, and she guesses that Taylor was mad. Ridge cannot understand why Brooke has all these questions about what happened. She says she could always ask Pierce, but Ridge laughs, since no one can take Pierce seriously. He then tells her about Pierce's pathetic attempt to make it sound like Taylor was in bed with him when she had sprained her ankle. Brooke finds it odd, but Ridge does not.

Ridge hands Brooke a negligee and says, "Just put this on." He turns his back and she says OK; she takes off her nightgown and is standing there in the nude. He turns around, and says, "Logan, there is a screen you can change behind." "Come on, Ridge, we were once married," she tells him. That isn't the point, Ridge says. "What is the point? What Taylor would say?" Brooke answers. "I couldn't care less what Taylor would say. She obviously doesn't care what you think by spending a night with another man. So if I can care less what she thinks, and she can care less what you think, why do you care what anyone thinks?" Ridge says she lost him on that one. "OK, Logan, I will come back when you're feeling less crazy," he says. She tries to flirt, "Oh, come on, Ridge," but he leaves. She says to herself that he is being silly as she puts her robe back on.

Thorne has left and who comes knocking at Macy's door but Myles. Macy is glad to see him. He says that he has been busy and needed to attend to some things. He loved the song she sang to him the other night. It was the first time since Grant died, she states, so he feels honored. She mentions that he told her that he went to one of her concerts. Thorne was just here, she adds. "Yes," Myles says; he knows and waited until Thorne left. Macy tells him that she told Thorne about him; she had to tell someone as she was so excited. Myles worries that someone will find out about him. "You can trust him; he won't say anything. He is a very good friend," she explains. Myles has his doubts. She says, "I spend half my time defending you two to each other." He asks what that means. She then points out that like Thorne, she has questions about him. "What do you want to know?" he asks.

Back at Forrester, there is a knock at Brooke's door; she thinks it is Ridge, so she opens up her robe and goes to the door. However, she is surprised to see that it is Lauren. "How is it going?" Lauren asks. Brooke says that she had disappointing morning; Jack Abbott decided against a joint venture, saying it was a little too risqué for Jabot's image. Lauren says, "Jack thought it was risqué? The Jack I know wouldn't pass up an opportunity like this." Brooke says it is something about PR problems related to their CEO, Victor Newman, the man with two wives. Lauren says that sounds worse than it really is. Victor and Nikki always belonged together, she explains to Brooke. Why they divorced, Lauren adds... it never should have happened, and it is a long story. "But when those two are in a room, you can feel the electric current," Lauren points out. Brooke says she can relate. As Brooke asks for more details, Lauren says that technically, Victor is still married to Diane Jenkins; she feels sorry for her, being over her head, but it's time to face reality. Victor is back with the love of his life, Lauren says, and Diane has to accept that. Brooke says, "The way you describe him... passionate, forceful, determined." That is Victor, Lauren says. Brooke smiles. "Oh, I see a glint in your eyes; what are you thinking?" Lauren asks.

Macy wants to know what Myles did after he left them. He went everywhere... Houston, Detroit, Miami and such. He was a big city boy, so he stuck to what he knew. However, his pursuers almost caught him twice, he explains, so he had to make some changes. "I had to change my name, become a completely different person. I moved to Nantucket, a quiet little fishing village. Not a place you would find a high roller like Adam Alexander... but I wasn't him anymore. I became Myles Fairchild, merchant seaman. The first few years were the worst; I had lost everything; my wife, child and myself. I worked long hours to escape the memories. I developed a reputation to sail in any storm, to take risks. They thought I was brave, but I didn't care if I lived or died." A few weeks back, when he saw her walking into the surf, he knew, he explains. Knew what? Macy asks. What she was doing, he says, because he has done the same things. "My wounds healed, and I couldn't forget. But I knew I could move on. I built a new life, left the docks, and took a job in a small bank. I made some wise investments, and I'm quite comfortable." "But you're alone," Macy states. "No, I married again. I never told her about my past, and she died several years ago." But he said he is still not alone, Macy points out. He replies, "I have a daughter, another daughter," he tells Macy. "I HAVE A SISTER?" Macy asks.

Brooke tells Lauren, "You solved my problem. If Jack Abbott is too chicken, I will go over his head. And who better, if he is everything you say he is, to understand than Victor. He'd be willing to crack a few eggs to make an omelet and is not afraid of public opinion; he sounds like the man for the job." "You could be right," Lauren says, "but it will take more than numbers or projections to impress Victor." Like what? Brooke asks. "You. You are what Brooke's Bedroom is all about. Everything you love... romance, desire, excitement, luxury," Lauren replies. Brooke says, "It's more than me; this is a celebration of a woman's sexuality." "Believe me, no one will believe that more than Victor Newman," Lauren says. "Really?" Brooke asks. Lauren guarantees it. Sounds like fun, Brooke notes. "Just be careful; you have never come up against anyone like Victor Newman," Lauren cautions. Brooke says she can hardly wait.

Wednesday, January 06, 1999

On THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS: Victor Newman is working out when the phone rings. It is Brooke Logan calling from LA. She tells him that she spoke to Jack Abbott, because he and Brad Carlton have taken over for the time being. "Why call me? You're going over their heads," Victor points out. She says that Jack nixed a multi million deal between Forrester Creations and Jabot. He is on leave, he says, so he asks her to send a proposal and he will look at it. Victor hangs up. Brooke is looking at the phone, thinking of her next tactic; perhaps she should show Victor personally instead, she wonders.

On B&B: Brooke looks at a picture of Victor Newman and wonders if he is everything that everyone says that he is. Ridge sticks his head in the door and asks if she is decent. She tells him to come on in but she can't do any work right now because she is going to Genoa City. Ridge worries that she is going to make another failed pitch to Jack. However, she isn't going to beg Jack Abbott, as Ridge surmises; she is going to see Victor Newman.

Amber is at Spectra to see CJ but he is not there. She and Sally have a heart to heart conversation. It begins when she asks if Sally thinks that it would be okay if she wore white for her wedding. Sally says that she should wear whatever she wants to wear. Amber saw a picture of Sally when she married CJ's dad. She wonders if Sally is sorry for marrying Clarke. Sally says that she couldn't be sorry, because she has CJ. Amber is sorry that Sally never knew real love; it is so sad, she says. Sally sets her straight on that score. She tells her all about her first and only real love, Adam Alexander.

Macy has a lot of questions about her sister and Myles opens up and tells her all about her. He explains that she is seventeen, and that she doesn't even know the reason he came to L.A. In addition, she needs a mother figure at this period in life, with all the changes in her life. Macy still feels odd about this, but Myles assures her that Kimberly did not replace him in her heart. Still, it is so strange, Macy says. Myles then says he would like her to meet Kimberly. Macy is unsure; after all, she didn't even know about Kimberly until a few minutes ago. Myles understands, but he thought that there is so much in common between them. They both lost parents at early ages and were sent off to boarding school... and there is something else, he adds. He tells her that Kimberly has gotten involved with a young man who has not done right by her. He has tried to end it, but Kimberly is resisting. Macy asks what she can do when she doesn't even know Kimberly, and Myles points out that she knows the boy and his family: the boy is Rick Forrester!

Sally gives Amber the history of her meeting Adam and their falling in love. He was a dozen handsome men rolled into one, really cool and too hot to handle. He was even younger than her, she adds. "Like Rick and me!" Amber chirps. Not quite, Sally explains; she wasn't exactly jailbait at the time. Sally then tells her about the reception that the entire staff of Spectra threw for her, a sort of potluck delight with lots of energy and noise. Everything was perfect, she says. "Why can't it be like that for me and Rick?" Amber asks. Sally says that Amber doesn't want that. "It all went wrong, as wrong as it gets!" Sally warns.

Ridge points out that she will not win any points with Jack if she goes over his head to Victor, but she says that she isn't interested in points; she is interested in making money. Ridge wishes her good luck in a tone that says that she will need it. She wishes him good luck in return because "You are going with me!" Ridge's mouth drops open and he says that no, he is not going with her. He has too many things to do here. Besides, all she has to do is show him the designs, and he has responsibilities here. Brooke gives in because, "Something tells me that I'd do better alone anyway." She then explains how Lauren knows Victor and told her all about him. Ridge reminds her that Victor is a married man and worries that she has a plan up her sleeve, but she points out that Victor is getting a divorce from his wife. Anyway, she is just going there and she will go with the flow. Ridge says it is a bad idea. She says that she isn't worried... but if he feels he needs to come along as chaperone, fine. She isn't sure that she will have an affair with the man, but it has been a long time since she has felt wanted and attractive. Ridge says he is not going to play this game with her, so he asks her, as a friend, to be careful. She sends him away so that she can get ready.

Realizing that Rick is the boy involved, Macy says that she had heard a little about Kimberly from Thorne. She wonders if it is a coincidence that he is associated with the Forrester family. He points out that Dr. Warwick, who he bought the house from, arranged the meeting, although he admits he was curious given Macy's history with Thorne. She says that Rick isn't so bad, he is just confused. "What kind of boy lies like that?" he asks. Myles shouts that if he hears that word confused one more time, he is going to scream. That is why he needs Macy to meet Kimberly, he says. Macy is unsure, but he reminds Macy that they are family. He finally talks Macy into going to his house to meet Kimberly, even though Macy isn't sure that she is ready.

Sally tells of her happiness with Adam as they worked to begin the company and later, became parents of Macy. Amber wonders why they broke up and Sally says that she doesn't know. One day he was there and the next day he had disappeared. She admits that she still loves Adam Alexander. She turns on Amber and tells her that she doesn't want to see that happen to her, but Amber is sure that Rick would never do anything like that to her. "Are you sure, Amber?" she asks. She says that she doesn't want to scare Amber, but sometimes love isn't enough. She does not want Amber to wind up like her. You have to be able to count on your partner to stand by you through the bad times as well as the good times, she says, and she asks Amber if she can really, really count on Rick for that. Suddenly, Amber decides that she isn't feeling very well. She tells Sally to tell CJ that she couldn't stay and leaves.

Brooke is on the plane. She opens a folder, which holds various pictures and newspaper articles on Victor Newman. "Are you really all that they say?" she asks. "Well, I am about to find out."

At Myles home, Kimberly isn't home from school yet. Macy looks around and finds a picture of Myles and Kimberly on the mantle. He tells her that is his other daughter; she is like her mother. Macy puts the picture away and says that this was a mistake. She needs more time for this, she says. Before Myles can talk her into staying, Kimberly comes home. As she enters the door, she is very cool to her father. When she sees Macy, she loses her composure altogether. She is a fan of Macy's and says that she knows her brother. "What are you doing here?" she asks. Myles says that he met her at Insomnia and Macy says that she owns it. Kimberly says that CJ told him that his sister owned Insomnia, but she is so stunned. She compliments Macy on her music and sits down to chat with her at Myles' invitation.

They talk, haltingly, and Kim remarks that life in California is much different than life in Nantucket. Her father lived here years ago, but it is so strange to her. Macy says if she thinks that things right there are strange, she should go to Venice Beach. She then invites Kimberly to go with her when the weather warms up a little, and Kimberly eagerly accepts.

Sally goes to a drawer and takes out a box. She sits there going through some old pictures of her and Adam. "How could you, Adam?" she asks. "How could you do that? How could you leave us like that?"

Thursday, January 07, 1999

Thanks to Gladys for the Thursday update for B&B!

Y&R: Victor Newman is checking in at his office and who is standing there but Brooke Logan from Forrester Creations. He doesn't know who she is and wants to know how she got in. "I told the secretary you were expecting me," she confesses. The voice sounds familiar, Victor notes. "Yes, I am Brooke Logan; we talked on the phone about a Forrester/Jabot proposal. I came here to deliver it to you in person," Brooke explains. He offers her a drink, and she accepts, but only if he is having one. He never lets a lady drink alone, he states. He makes her a drink and they get into a discussion of her Brooke's Bedroom line; she wants a fragrance to be developed by Jabot. She tells him how she went to Jack but he turned her down. It was something to do with an image war, she tells Victor. She says Forrester will succeed with or without Jabot. "Then you don't need me," Victor says. Brooke explains that she **WANTS** Jabot, as the company is the best in its field. What reason will he have to overturn Jack's decision, Victor asks? She says that there are possibilities that Jack couldn't picture, but she thinks that Victor could visualize them. Why did she go to Jack in the first place, he asks? She explains that Eric Forrester and John Abbott were old friends, but she still doesn't know why Jack turned it down. Both companies have reputations second to none, she reminds Victor, and Jack's image excuse was an insult to her and the company. Victor says that he will give her proposal some serious consideration. She just wanted to Victor to hear her, she states, and not to give her an answer right away. This will be the perfect union for our companies, she says, and she is willing to do whatever it takes to convince him of that. Brooke smiles at Victor.

B&B: At Forrester, Ridge gets a visit from little brother Thorne, who wants to talk to Brooke about another company for the perfume. Ridge says that she's not here and she still wants Jabot. Thorne thought they said no, but Ridge asks when something like that has stopped Brooke before. Thorne worries, "Oh, no; she's not going to go after...?" Ridge says yes... she's after Victor Newman.

Stephanie is on the phone when Amber walks in; Steph says it was Rick. Amber says and asks if Stephanie knew Sally's first husband. Stephanie says no, as he disappeared years ago. Stephanie then asks where she was talking about Sally's first husband. Amber says she was talking about weddings with Sally and the story came up; it is kind of sad, she thinks, how Sally and Adam fell in love and had a child, only to have Adam walk out on her. Stephanie notes that this upsets Amber. Amber says no, she just feels bad about how he takes off with some hottie, leaving his wife and child. Stephanie asks, "Are we still talking about Sally?"

Macy talks with Kimberly while Myles puts on his coat. Looking at them, he smiles and thinks, "Both my girls, together for the first time." Myles starts to leave so the girls can chat. Once they are alone, Kimberly becomes suspicious about why Macy is here. "I know what you are doing here. It's about Rick Forrester. My dad knows you were married to Thorne and asked you to lecture me, didn't he?" Macy tells her that that isn't true but Kimberly says that she is wasting her time. Macy says that her father felt that she needed someone to talk with and that maybe a female, not to mention one who knows the Forresters, could do better than a father. Kimberly says that everyone keeps telling her that the Forresters are bad but she knows that Rick is a good person. "So do I," Macy tells her. Kimberly is astonished; she thought for sure that with Macy's history with Thorne and the Forresters that she would be on her dad's side. Macy explains that she and Thorne are now friends who have gotten past their former difficulties. Also she adds that she never blamed the Forresters for the problems in her marriage.

Macy assures Kimberly that she told this to Myles before he brought her over, and Kimberly wonders why he asked her anyway. Macy explains that Myles is very worried about her. He can see that she is going through something but going through it alone. Kimberly says that he isn't helping matters by constantly trying to control her and telling her who she can and cannot see. Macy says, "He is trying to help by bringing me here. But if you aren't comfortable talking to me..." As Macy starts to go, Kimberly calls her back and says that she does want to talk about Rick. She asks if he is really as dishonest and irresponsible as her father says. Macy says that he isn't, but he is confused; she even tried to tell her father that. She tells Kimberly that she can see that her father loves her; it is evident in his eyes when he talks about her. He just wants what is best for her. "You don't understand what it is like to have a father like him!" Kimberly says.

Amber is going on and on about what Sally told her and she says that it really stinks that her husband would treat her like that. Stephanie says that she has only heard Sally's side of it, so she shouldn't judge. She then says that she heard about the swimming pool incident and would like to hear Amber's side. Amber tells her what happened, saying that Kimberly is trying to steal her man. Stephanie tells Amber to stop and points out that Amber must see Kimberly as a threat to go that far. Amber asks why Stephanie is coming down on her, but Steph says that is not her intention. She suggests, however, that Amber and Rick need to slow down and reevaluate the situation, since things seem to have changed. Amber says that Rick hasn't changed his mind about her---he is just confused. She says that the appeal of Kimberly is that she is not pregnant; and if it weren't for the baby, Rick would never have looked at Kimberly at all. Once she has the baby and gets her shape back, he will look at her like that again. You don't know that, Steph says. Amber disagrees, "Rick loves me and he always will!" There is a knock at the door. When Amber opens the door, a stern-faced Rick stands there. "WE NEED TO TALK!"

Ridge tells Thorne that Brooke flew to Genoa City to meet with Victor Newman. Thorne says that at least Brooke is persistent and she usually gets what she wants. Ridge feels that that is the problem, because so does Victor Newman. Thorne realizes that Victor can be ruthless, but Brooke can handle herself. Ridge is sure Brooke can handle business but can she handle the player? Victor is a player and if he wants someone, nothing will stop him. He has a sixth sense and know when a woman is vulnerable. So what? Thorne wants to know. After all, Victor is back with his ex-wife. Except for the fact that he is still married to his current one, Ridge points out. Ridge says that he doesn't want to see Brooke get hurt. "Who says she is going to get hurt? Who knows, maybe this will be good for her," Thorne says. He tells Ridge that it isn't his decision to make and reminds him of the last time he tried to "save" Brooke from herself---the time at the marina when she married Grant. He says that he gave up the right to "save" Brooke when he married Taylor. Ridge says he only is concerned for a friend, and Thorne says that maybe he should save his concern for his wife.

Annoyed, Ridge changes the subject and they talk about Rick's problems. Thorne hopes that this new girl, Kimberly, can help him to change his mind. Ridge says that obviously he hasn't heard; Kimberly's father came over like a crazy man and had to be thrown out of the office by security. He has forbidden his daughter from seeing Rick again. Poor Rick, Thorne thinks; the kid can't get a break. Ridge thinks, however, that maybe Kimberly has planted a seed that sooner or later will grow and he will see through Amber.

Rick is shouting at Amber that he found out what happened. "How could you do that?" he asks. Amber laughs and says that she just pushed Kim in the pool, hoping that she would melt. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Rick yells. She turns and tells him to stop yelling at her. He sees Stephanie. Stephanie says that she is going to leave and give them some privacy, but as she passes Rick, she tells him not to be raising his voice. Rick demands an explanation and Amber gives it to him. "You've already made up your mind though; she's Princess Leia and I'm Darth Vader," Amber offers as an analogy. When she says that she wants an explanation of why he was inviting Kimberly to his room and holding her in his arms, he says that she is just a friend. He says that he didn't invite her; it was his father who wanted her to come and talk to him. Amber points out that his parents are doing everything that they can to break them up and he is just their puppet. Rick says that they only want what is best for the two of them. Amber corrects him; they only want what is best for him and if he can't see that, then he must be the kid she thought he was in the beginning.

Macy looks hurt but admits that it wasn't that way for her and her father. Kimberly says that he has always been strict with her but he always listened to her. They have been close since her mother died, spending a lot of time together. It was the best, Kimberly says, and Macy says, "I know... I mean, I know what it's like." Kimberly says that she felt lucky until recently; now he acts like she hasn't a brain in her head. He even asked her if she was having sex with Rick. "And you aren't?" Macy says. Kimberly says of course not, and her father should know that she would not do anything so foolish. She isn't ready to take that step, no matter how much she was pressured or no matter how much the feeling was there. She apologizes to Macy for rambling on with a total stranger, but Macy says it is no problem. Macy says that she thinks that her father has raised a mature, levelheaded young woman. Do you really think so? Kimberly asks. When Macy says that she really does mean it, Kimberly thanks her and says that she needed to hear that.

"So now I'm a kid?" Rick asks. Amber says that he knows that she didn't mean that... but she did mean it when she said that his folks were turning him against her. She asks him to deny that she is right. He says that he has just been confused. "Confused?" Amber says. "Just wait until someone swears to you that they will love you forever; that they will love you and marry you and take care of you. Then wait until he stops paying attention to you, he stops kissing you and will hardly listen to you. THEN WE CAN TALK ABOUT CONFUSED!" He tries to comfort her, but she backs off. She tells him that he is the only person who has ever paid any attention to her---that treated her like a real person, the only person in her whole life that ever gave a damn. She reminds him of the time when they first met and he thought she was so smart and sexy and he said that it would be forever. "Where did it go?" she asks. She says that she believed him. She could have taken the money from his mother and raised the baby on her own; that would have been so much easier, but she believed him when he said he would fight for them. But what did she get? Everyone hates her and calls her names. Everybody thinks that she is just white trash with no feelings. Rick comes up behind her and says that he is sorry. Turning, she asks if he has given up on them. "You have, haven't you?" she asks desperately.

Friday, January 08, 1999

Y&R: Brooke and Victor are still at Newman, talking about her proposal for a venture between Jabot and Forrester. Victor says that she will do anything to get Jabot to accept her proposal. Yes, she is very sincere about it, Brooke replies. "Well, do you have any samples that I can look at?" the Black Knight asks. "Yes, as a matter of fact I do," she replies, and she opens up her dress: she has on a pale blue teddy. Victor's eyes almost pop out of his head as he checks out the sample (and the model wearing it). Just at that moment, in walk Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton, without knocking. Jack says, "Victor, I have something to show you," and he notices Brooke. A disgruntled Jack asks Brooke, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Brooke looks at Victor and says, "I don't think you need me around. Jack, nice to see you again... and you must be Brad Carlton. Do you mind helping me put on my dress?" Victor walks her to the door and she says that she will be expecting to hear from him. Victor says that he will get back to her. He goes over and sits in his chair; he then asks his seconds-in-command, "HOW DARE YOU BARGE IN HERE?" Jack doesn't take it lying down and asks, "What was she doing here? I already looked at her proposal and I didn't think it was a good idea and didn't go with it. YOU'RE CUTTING ME OFF AT THE KNEES! IF YOU DIDN'T WAN'T ME RUNNING YOUR COMPANY, WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR PROBLEM?" Victor has steam coming out of his nose and ears as he looks at Jack and slowly gets up from his chair. You can see Bradley in the background, waiting for the fists to fly.

B&B: Sally answers her door and finds Stephanie there. Sally asks if there is a problem and Stephanie says, yes, there is: the problem is that she wants Sally staying away from Amber. Sally says that she understands Amber, having been on the Forrester black list herself... and if Amber needs her help and asks for it, then Sally is going to help her.

Amber asks Rick how he can abandon her and their child. Rick says it's all in her mind and reminds her that he is wearing her engagement ring. Amber asks if he really expects her not to see Kimberly as a threat. Rick has a choice... he could either protect them or destroy them, she says, and she asks him which it will be.

Macy is talking to Myles about how she still cannot believe she has a sister. She wishes she could have told Kimberly who she was, but Myles says the time is not right. Macy comments on all there secrets, keeping the truth about him not only from Kimberly, but also from her own mother. She explains to her dad how Sally hardly gets out anymore. Myles asks, "So she's not dating anyone?" and Macy says no. She then says she needs to ask HIM for a favor now that she has done one for him... she wants him to talk to Sally.

Stephanie tells Sally that the Amber situation is a family problem that doesn't involve Sally. Sally tells Stephanie that she is missing the point; she can help Amber because she is **NOT** family. Stephanie then goes off on Sally for telling Amber about Adam, thereby putting worries about Rick into Amber's head. She is the last person to be giving out advice about love and marriage, Stephanie states! Sally asks, "Just who in the hell do you think you are?"

Rick reminds Amber that he promised not to bail on her and their child. Amber reminds him of the past and how much he loved her... he has not said those words in a long time. He thinks she is overreacting, but she accuses him of getting over her now... and as a result, nothing is the same between them. Rick asks why she is doing this and she points to the reason his feelings have changed. "It's not me anymore; it's Kimberly," she says. Rick doesn't say anything.

Myles thinks seeing Sally is too risky, but Macy remains adamant that he do this. He owes it to Sally for walking out on her, she reminds him. Myles tells Macy not to get involved, and she says she is involved; after all, her parents have been apart for 25 years! Myles thinks that Sally will likely beat him for what he has done, and Macy takes his excuses to mean that he doesn't want to see Sally! Myles says, "You don't know how many times I sat around and thought about her." Macy says that if this is the case, then they will do this; they are going over to Sally's now!

Stephanie guesses she hit a nerve with Sally. Sally explains that Stephanie, living up on the hill, doesn't know what it is like to wake up with nothing. The only reason Sally is not up there with her is because of the betrayal of her first husband, Adam Alexander. Stephanie asks, "You really loved that man?" Sally says, "Yes... and I still do."

Rick swears not to abandon Amber. Amber points out that she has tried to be what he wants her to be. She knows she is not Kimberly and will never be, but she is the same girl Rick fell for last summer. So to hear him talking about Kimberly the way he did about her hurts. It makes her feel cold and alone, just like Brooke must have felt when Ridge left her. She doesn't know how long she can go on like this and says she cannot marry someone who does not love her. "Tell me that you love me, Rick. Tell me, or I can't marry you."

Stephanie apologizes to Sally, who says that all she wanted was for Amber to realize that crazy things happen. Things went bad for her, and she would hate to see Amber and Rick wind up the same way. To this day, she still has no idea why Adam left, which drives her crazy. She then asks Stephanie to leave; once her rival leaves, Sally is alone and upset.

Sally gets out the old pictures of herself and Adam in their younger days. Looking at them, she throws the picture back in the box, sits down at the desk and cries, "Why am I doing this to myself? Why can't I forget? But I have to know why you left us. WHY DID YOU LEAVE US?" Sally is in tears.

Myles suggests waiting a few more days, but Macy will not hear of it. He is looking at a picture of Sally from the present day. He says how much he is looking forward to seeing her after all these years and is wondering what her reaction will be. Macy comes back and asks if he is ready. "Yes, lets go and see your mother," he answers, "and make it a day she will never forget."

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