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Monday, January 11, 1999

Rick asks, "Why are you doing to this to me, Amber?" Amber says all she is doing is asking her fiancee if he loves her. Rick says he could say the words, but what would that mean? Amber hopes it means that's how he feels. Rick tells Amber that his feelings haven't been crystal clear these days. He is about to take on the biggest responsibility of his life at age 17 and he questions how he is supposed to raise a child. The idea scares him to death, but he will do it to give this child what he never had growing up - two parents. He asks Amber not to ask any more of him, he just cant do any better.

Amber assures Rick to lean and depend on her. He does realize that, she asks... but then she realizes that he doesn't, or he would not be this bummed out. There is hope, she states, and nothing is more important to a mother than her child. She tells Rick to concentrate on school and getting into a good college. She loves him and wants what is best for him. She offers to do everything on her own if that is what he wants. Rick is surprised to hear these words for her and says he has been selfish. He hugs her, and all she asks is that Rick love the mother of his child.

Lauren is chatting with Sally, telling her a funny story. Sally pretends to be too busy to hear, but Lauren guesses that she is actually depressed. Lauren asks for Sally to open up and the talk turns to Adam Alexander and how Sally can't trust or have a relationship with any man; not to mention that her self esteem is extremely low. "So thank you, Adam... thank you very much for that!" Sally sarcastically says. Lauren advises Sally to pull herself up out of this slump. Sally continues to say that she has tried to no avail. Whenever she sees a man who reminds her of Adam, it brings all the memories back, and she often finds herself in a deep dark place, just like when her marriage had ended. Lauren promises to help her through this, but Sally is not optimistic. There isn't a day that goes by where she wouldn't dream that Adam would come back, as mysteriously as he had left, she tells Lauren; that is how much she had loved him.

Macy tells her dad at her apartment that seeing his ex-wife again won't be as bad as he thinks. Myles thinks that they are being very unrealistic. Just then, there is a knock at the door, seeing that it is Darla, Macy promises to prove her point to her puzzled father. Macy lets Darla in and introduces her to Myles. Darla says they have met but did not realize that Macy knew Myles. "We're close," Macy says, which Darla takes to mean romantically. It's not like that, Macy laughs, and she pretends that she is going to introduce Myles to her mother. Darla says no offense, but Macy's mom isn't interested in hooking up with new guys; but of course, Darla is volunteering to be up for new experiences. Myles questions as to why Sally wouldn't be interested in meeting him. Darla implies that Sally isn't open right now, since there is something that holds her back, somebody that she was in love with... and that was Macy's father. Darla continues to flirt with Myles, saying that all she needs is a few hours with him... and just then, Macy blurts out that this man is her father. Darla is stunned!

CJ drops by to see Kimberly. He asks her how she is doing, and she says she is fine. He sees her bummed out and guesses that she is still hooked on Rick. She admits that Rick was there, against her father's wishes, which has CJ thinking his friend is crazy. He then invites her to a monster pizza and some good conversation with him, but Kimberly declines the invitation. CJ tells her to get her head straight about Rick, because he is going to marry Amber. Kimberly tells CJ that Rick's heart is not with Amber, but it is with her.

CJ warns Kimberly that she will be hurt if she goes on like this. She says that she knows that Rick will never hurt her again. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Amber smiles and says that Rick is finally hers, now and forever more. All that is left is for her to tie up a few more loose ends, she says, as she picks up the phone. Just then, over at Kimberly's, CJ gets beeped; it is Amber calling him. She wants CJ to bring Kimberly over to the Forrester mansion for dinner tonight for a lesson in love, and she reminds him to make it look like it is his idea. CJ extends the invitation; but as soon as she hears that Amber will be there, Kimberly refuses to go. But Rick will be there, CJ says.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Amber gloats that tonight will be an evening that sweet Kimberly will never forget. 

Darla is in shock to meet Adam Alexander, who is supposed to be dead. Myles asks how Sally will react, but she says that she has no clue how Sally is going to react to this. Macy is all excited to complete the circle and says it is time to leave. Although Darla is concerned and still has questions, it's off to Spectra Fashions they go. Once there, Darla gets off the elevator and rushes off, leaving Myles and Macy in the elevator car. Myles gets off the elevator and says how little the place has changed. Macy assures him that everything will be all right. Macy goes into the office and tells her mother that she has a surprise for her, someone to meet.

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Despite Macy's assurances that Sally will want to meet her visitor, Sally tells her that she is not in the mood to meet anyone. Lauren tells Macy how Sally has been depressed. Macy says she has something that will help, but Sally does not think so. Macy insists to Sally that this time, they will do things her way, and Sally will meet this person.

Darla talks to Myles outside in the hall, as Myles says that he has never gotten over Sally and Macy. Darla asks him about another woman, and he says there was one, but that was just a band aid. It was not Sally, he states; there is no one like Sally, he explains. "I just hope she understands," he states. Macy comes out and Myles asks if Sally is ready to see him. Macy says no, but he should go in... and when Macy calls him dad, Lauren hears. "Did you say dad?" she asks. Yes, Macy replies, because that is what he is!

Kimberly asks CJ if the invitation was from Rick and Amber, and he says it was just Amber. He doesn't even think Rick knows about it, he states. Kimberly wonders what Amber is up to, and CJ says she wants to prove something. Like what? Kimberly asks. Like how close she and Rick are, CJ explains.

Sally hears the door and calls out to Macy, again stating that she wants to be alone. She turns around and she sees Myles standing at the daughter. At the sight of her former husband, Sally is stunned, and she drops her glass to the floor, causing it to shatter!

At the Forrester Mansion, Amber has a series of caterers that she is giving instructions to for her dinner party. As she gives out her orders, Rick somes in, and she says she has a surprise for him. He asks what she means, and she explains that she wanted to try out the caterer's recipes, so they can choose what they want for their wedding reception. To make it easier, she has planned a dinner, and the caterers will supply samples of some dishes. Rick says if that is what Amber wants, he is behind her, and she eagerly gets back to her plans. By the way, she says to Rick as she gets back to work, CJ is coming... and he is bringing a date.

Kimberly wonders how threatened Amber is, and CJ says she is VERY threatened. Kimberly points out that it is not her that is the problem, but rather Amber's attempts to trap Rick. She has to learn that she cannot force someone to love her. CJ says it has nothing to do with love. "Amber is pregnant and **thinks** that it's Rick's baby; so they are getting married. It's that simple," CJ explains. Kimberly asks what he means by **thinks**; doesn't she know for sure? CJ covers that he just means that there is going to be a wedding. Kimberly disagrees, saying that Rick will not marry Amber... and to prove her point, she is going to the dinner party!

Sally fears she is hallucinating and that Adam is haunting her, but he assures her that he is real and that he is back.

Amber walks downstairs, dressed up for dinner and confident about how things will go. Rick joins her and tries to guess who CJ's date is. He starts naming some of the girls from school as the door rings. Amber answers it and invites their guests in... and Rick is shocked when CJ arrives, and he sees that Kimberly is his friend's date. As they come inside, Amber tells Rick to take Kimberly to the living room; she then quietly reminds CJ to keep mum that all this was her idea, including bringing Kimberly. Amber delights in playing lady of the manor. When one of the caterers tells "Miss Moore" that thinks are ready, Amber delights in pointing out how soon, it will be "Mrs. Forrester." She is all smiles as she compliments CJ on being such a stud. She would take him now if she didn't have Rick, she laughs. Amber wants to make a toast to her and Rick and the baby, and she points out that this is a trial for their reception. CJ says it is great, but Kimberly is unconvinced.

When Amber is out of the room, Kimberly asks Rick if he is okay, and he says he is fine. CJ then asks if Amber told him about the party, and Rick says yes. He asks why CJ wants to know, and CJ says he just wanted to know where things stand. Amber walks back in and she can tell him exactly where things stand; she says that Rick is committed to her and the baby, and they kiss as Amber smiles.

Sally still cannot believe this is possible; Adam is dead and left twenty five years ago, she says, and he's never coming back. Myles says, "Oh, this is real; as real as our love was. I've come back you, baby. He holds Sally's face in his hands. Sally backs away, so he tries to explain how tortured he has been. He was a broken man when he left them, and he felt all their pain. He was living in hell for deserting their family, he explains, and he has been living there ever since. Sally says, "Oh God, it is you." Myles walks over and grabs Sally, giving her a big hug. They embrace as Macy peeks in from the door. Seeing them in each other's arms, she smiles very happily.

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

As she watches from the door, Macy says to herself that she can't believe it; her parents are back together again. She watches Sally embracing her father.

At the Forrester mansion, CJ and Rick are out on the terrace. CJ asks Rick what he has to say. Rick confronts his friend, stating that he can't believe CJ would Kimberly there for dinner. Rick reminds his friend that he told him to stay away from her. CJ says that Rick is jealous, so Rick orders him to take her home now. CJ tells Rick, "Whatever it was between you and Kimberly is over; you're getting married, so you have to stop acting like this right now."

Kimberly tells Amber that Rick seemed upset. Amber says that she knows what it is about--Kimberly, of course--but she is not bothered by it. She gloats, "Rick and I are getting married in a couple months and everything that has happened in the last few months will soon be a distant memory." Kimberly asks Amber can be so sure Rick will go through with it. Amber boasts, "You can bet your penny loafers on it. Rick is committed to me and our baby. Just stick around; you'll see."

Macy shuts the door to the office and rejoins Darla and Lauren outside. Darla wants to know what's going on in there. Macy says she can't believe it; her parents are hugging and holding each other for the first time in years. Darla says she expected Sally to be mad after all Adam put them though. Macy points out that Sally didn't blow up, which is a good sign. Darla agrees, but Lauren is not convinced.

Sally cannot believe Adam/Myles is for real. Myles says yes it's real, and it's been a long time... too long. Sally does not know what to say, so Myles says, "Say nothing. Just let me look at you." Sally hugs Myles, who says he has missed her so much.

Macy says she can't believe that her family is back together again. Lauren expresses her concern; she wants a happy ending as much as anyone, but there are a lot of issues to discuss. Darla agrees that there was a lot of bad blood, but Macy thinks that after her dad explains, Sally will forgive him like she did. Lauren reminds Macy about how Adam left Sally with a small child and a business to run, which is not an easy thing to forgive. She hopes Macy won't be disappointed.

Sally is all befuddled as she asks her former husband what brought him back. Myles says it was Macy; when he heard about her husband's death, he had to reach out to her. He explains, "I never lost track of Macy after all these years. Her love for Grant was the answer to my prayers; she was happy. But when Grant died, she dropped out of sight. I tried to find out about a memorial service but found nothing. I know what that kind of loss could do to a person, so I came back to find out what's going on." Sally asks, "So it was you; you were in her hospital room. and sent her the flowers and the get well note, too." Myles says yes, that was him, he held back at first, but then he realized that Macy needed more than a guardian angel; she needed a miracle. She needed to see her father again!

Rick tells CJ that he knew better than to bring Kimberly here and make her uncomfortable. CJ says that Rick is the only one that's uncomfortable. He expects Rick to do the right thing; he can stop this stupid mess tonight by letting it go. This situation with Kimberly has gone on too far, he states, and Rick has been sending these girls mixed messages. He tells Rick to face reality and get on with his life. "So what are you going to do?" CJ asks. Rick says, "I'm going back inside."

Rick walks in and sees Kimberly. Amber walks over and says they should get this party started. Kimberly asks CJ what happened outside; he replies that it was just guy stuff. Rick sees the table is set. Amber says she ordered a little of everything for their first meal as husband and wife, and she wants everybody to enjoy it. She then brings on the first dish; Beef Wellington, just like they had at the Café Russe. Rick is impressed as Amber really lays it on thick, sitting on his lap and feeding him with her fingers. Kimberly is upset just watching them. Amber says, "I hope you like it. Our wedding is going to be perfect."

Macy tells Darla and Lauren that she knows her mom and dad have a lot to work out, but they are talking. It's a start, she says. Meanwhile, Sally tells Myles about Macy's car accident. She is so glad that he was there, since it saved Macy's life. Myles tells Sally that without her, Macy would not have made it. They made a great team over the years, he points out. Sally notes how much Macy loves this company. Myles says he was proud when he learned that Macy worked there. He reminds Sally, "We wanted to make something for our family... and you made the dream come true." He knows it couldn't have been easy. Sally admits it was hard making ends meet; she used the press and the media to make inroads while giving Forrester a hard time. All along, she explains, she kept hidden that it was really all about an abandoned woman with a child just trying to make a life for her girl. Whatever it took... sewing, janitor work... Sally would do it just to keep their doors open. Myles says, "But you never gave up." Sally says, "I used to be a dreamer; we both had such big dreams. Then I woke up one morning and the dreams were gone. I realized if you wanted to do something you had to do it yourself. You had to grab it or lose it. I learned that only the strong survive, and the dreamers get trampled on into the dust or left behind. Oh, I know all about being left behind!"

Amber keeps gloating and rambling about the wedding in front of Kimberly, comparing it to a surprise party. CJ agrees, and Amber says it will be the biggest moment of their lives. Amber thanks Rick for sticking by her and the baby, and for making her the happiest girl in the world. Kimberly has a sad look on her face, like she is holding back the tears.

Macy wonders what's going on in there. Lauren points out that it's probably stuff that should best be kept private. Macy agrees that it isn't a good idea for them to be standing outside that door when Sally opens it, so she suggests to Darla and Lauren that they leave. As Darla and Lauren head for the elevator, Macy looks back. Lauren asks what is wrong. Macy says, "I just hope they are getting along." Lauren still looks concerned.

Myles tells Sally that he knows Sally is upset. He let her down in the past, but he's here now. Sally says she can see that, but why **IS** her here now? Sally guesses that it is guilt, and it has been eating Adam alive. Myles says that yes, he feels guilty, but he came back to help their daughter. Sally says if he wants absolution, he is not getting it, but Myles says that is not it. He again mentions their daughter. "**MY** daughter... and my business," she corrects. "You gave up your rights when you left us." Myles asks Sally to listen, but Sally says, "No, you listen to me. I know it was easy for you to con Macy into forgiving you. She is a sweet girl, so all you had to do is show up. But that won't work with me. I don't care about pipe dreams. All I want to hear from you is the truth. I what to know where have you been all these years and how you could have been so cruel to us!"

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Preempted for coverage of the Presidential Impeachment Hearings.

Friday, January 15, 1999

Thanks to Gladys for the Friday update!

Sally calls Adam a coward for running off for all these years; this gets Adam angry as he shouts that his actions took every ounce of courage he had! Sally asks what that means, so Adam explains how he wound up laundering money for criminals in an effort to get money for Spectra; as they had no money or relatives, he felt he had no choice. Sally asks what price these people asked for their money and wonders what would have happened if they got caught. He explains how they **DID** get caught... the police showed up and Sally, as the president of the company, would have been named as a conspirator. To protect her, he turned state's evidence as their star witness and put the criminals away. He always wished there was another way, but there wasn't. He did it to protect Sally and Macy!

Lauren explains to Macy how right before Macy's arrival at the office, she was talking to Sally about Adam. She reminds him how Adam walked out on them, but Macy insists that he loved them and says she can prove it. Macy then reminisces about her father with Darla and Lauren, showing them the pictures that she has of her father. She tells them how she used to take them out at night after her mother fell asleep, and she would pray to God to bring him back. Darla thinks it is sweet as Macy says it must have worked; she feels that her prayers have been answered because after twenty-five years, her father is home. All the conflict and confusion is finally resolved for them. She is starting a whole new chapter in her life. She leaves to return to Spectra.

Amber's dinner party continues with Amber playing the perfect host. Kimberly looks on with confusion, especially as she sees Rick responding to Amber. Amber suggests a toast, and Rick looks a little reluctant. When he makes a toast to their upcoming marriage and the responsibilities he and Amber will be sharing, he talks about the confusion he has felt these months. He's only 17 and about to be a father, which is scary to think about; however, he will have Amber by his side and he knows they will raise their child in a happy home with parents it can rely on. As Rick talks, tears stream down Kimberly's face. As Amber tells him how beautiful his words were, Kimberly jumps up and runs out of the room and onto the front terrace.

Rick blames himself for what happened as CJ is about to go out and find Kimberly. Rick says no, it is his fault, so he will do it. CJ tells Amber to go after them and bring Rick back but Amber calmly tells him that it is okay; they are saying goodbye. "It's over. Rick and Kimberly are through!" Amber proudly proclaims.

Out on the terrace Kimberly tells Rick to stay away from her. She doesn't want anything to get stared again. She can't believe anything that he says. Rick says that he is sorry that she had to hear that but that is the way his life is going to be. His commitment has to be to Amber and the baby. When he says that she was brave to come here tonight with CJ, she says that it wasn't brave at all; it was stupid and she shouldn't have come. She was so sure that there was a chance for them but she was wrong because he never changed his mind. He says that he couldn't change his mind; he has learned to accept the situation and make the best of it. He loves her and cares for her, and he wants to stay friends... however, his life is with Amber, he says. They have to go on with their lives and she needs to forget about him, Rick stresses.

Sally becomes defensive and angry with Adam, wondering why he couldn't trust her; he could have told her that he was in trouble and she would have stood by him. He explains that it wasn't that kind of trouble. She tells him that she searched for him for the longest time, all the time thinking that it was her fault. All these years she has blamed herself. And of course, Macy thought she had did something to make him go away. Does he have any idea how Macy suffered when he left? He shouts that he understands and he was miserable himself but he left to keep her and Macy safe. Then why didn't he warn her? Adam says that the only way he could keep them safe was not to warn her at all. He could not have warned her; he had to act fast and warning her would have put her in harms way. He wanted to call her or write her a million times. Sally asks why didn't he. He says that she was only safe as long as it was impossible that she could lead them to him. Once they traced a call or found a return address on a letter, they would have him and there would be no need to let Sally and Macy live. Sally is skeptical but Adam insists that he is telling the truth. She reminds him that he put her and Macy through hell. He tells her that he also went through hell. No matter where he was, he was alone with no one to share with. He had no one to talk to; when he left them, he was completely and totally alone.

Kimberly tells Rick that before she goes, she wants to tell him something. She says that this thing that he is doing is the most beautiful thing that she has ever witnessed. She hopes that it works out for him and she will never forget the few months that they had together. "I won't forget either," Rick says as they embrace.

Sally looks at Adam as if she finally believes him; it is as though she can sense his torment of the past years. She asks where he has been all this time. He tells her that he was constantly on the move, changing his name and habits. He became a totally different person. Sally guesses that once he became this "new person," that he finally settled down. He admits that he did and reluctantly tells her that he settled in Nantucket. She asks if he settled down alone. As he hesitates, she panics. "Oh, God, Adam. You are married, aren't you?" she asks. Adam admits that he was married until a few years ago. She asks about children and he admits that he has one daughter. Sally becomes angry again. She accuses him of hurting her. She says that he almost had her believing him; believing that he was a lonely man protecting his family. But all the time, he was busy making a new life and a new home with a new family. She tells him that she is sick of him and sick of his face. She orders him to get out of her office. Adam tries to reason with her but she will not listen. "GET OUT OF HERE, ADAM, BEFORE I KILL YOU!" Sally shouts just as Macy opens the door. What is going on? Macy asks. Sally tries to shrug it off but she tells Adam once again to leave before she has to call security to throw him out. On the other hand, she will do it herself. Macy says that he can't leave but when Adam and Sally only stare at each other, she looks at them with worry.

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