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Monday, January 18, 1999

Sally tells Myles that she has heard enough of his tall tales and she wants him to leave. Macy is quick to tell her mother that he isn't going anywhere. Sally tries to reason with Macy, saying that she knows how this man came to her in the hospital with all his stories. They are not stories, Myles protests; they are the truth! "You don't know the meaning of the truth!" Sally protests. Macy tries to explain that he had no choice, but Sally isn't buying. She would have done anything for Adam if he had told her what was going on, but he chose to just turn his back on them and walk out... which is what Sally wants him to do now!

Stephanie comes by the beach house; Taylor thanks her for coming so quickly. Steph notes that she hasn't seen Taylor since the night of Pierce's party for the infomercial. She is worried about that night, in fact; it's obvious to her from that night that Taylor's boss is in love with her. Taylor assures her mother in law that her involvement with Pierce starts when she walks into the office and stops when she walks out the door. Stephanie says that Pierce's song lyrics show he is on the make for Taylor and they read like an open book... and she wants to know what Taylor intends to do about it.

Ridge is in Brooke's office and he doesn't look too thrilled when he finds out about her little 'presentation' to Victor Newman, including a strip tease act. Brooke wonders why he is so concerned; is he jealous? Ridge tells Brooke that he isn't jealous. It is just that she cant be giving these 'presentations' whenever she wants. She is giving someone like Newman the wrong idea. "He got the right idea and ate it all up," Brooke counters. Ridge then tells Brooke that she is playing with fire and that Victor is the ultimate ladies' man. Brooke chirps back that sounds like the pot calling the kettle black.

Taylor denies all of Stephanie's accusations and finds it insane that Pierce is in love with her. Stephanie says that what **IS** insane is that right now, Brooke is plying her charms on Ridge; she wouldn't be surprised that Brooke and Pierce are in cahoots to break up Ridge and Taylor's marriage. Stephanie thinks that Taylor should romance Ridge to make it clear to her son how much she cares, since Brooke and Pierce are just waiting to pounce. This brings Taylor to the reason why she had asked Stephanie to come over tonight; she already as plans for Ridge along those lines. She wants Stephanie to watch Thomas while she has dinner with Ridge at the private dining room. She has something very important to say to her husband, Taylor explains.

Brooke still thinks that Ridge is jealous and reminds him that when she flirts with him, it is fine. But when she is flirting someone else... especially someone like Victor Newman... he gets up in arms. Ridge is about to reply, but before he can answer, the phone rings. Brooke answers in a seductive voice, "Brooke's Bedroom." "Isn't that supposed to be Forrester Creations?" Taylor asks on the other end of the line. "Same thing," Brooke says, "and if you are looking for Ridge, he's right here." She hands the phone to Ridge. Taylor asks Ridge to join her at the private dining room, and he says he will be right there. Ducking Brooke's questions about what Taylor wanted, he is off.

Macy begs her mother not to make Myles leave. Myles says that no matter how many days have gone by, there wasn't one where he didn't think of them. Sally replies to hell with his stories and to hell with him; was he thinking of them when he married his second wife? Macy cries for them to stop it because she doesn't want her father to leave again. Sally states that Adam betrayed every dream they ever had, but Myles says that he just wants to start over again. He was just protecting them, Macy again chimes in. Sally tells him that he wasn't protecting anyone when he left, just himself and in making a new life and a new identity. He took the coward's way out. Again protesting Sally calling him a coward, Myles speaks up. Sally tells him to be quiet and just walk on out on them again. Macy says he is not going anywhere; she won't let her mother's foolish pride and hurt ruin their reunion.

Lauren drops by Brooke's office to spread the word that Adam Alexander, Macy's father, the guy who has been missing for 25 years, just showed up. Realizing the implications, Brooke suggests calling 911. Lauren admits that she thought the same thing at first; but after talking to Macy, she is not so sure.

Macy tells her parents that they can still build a relationship now, all the anger in the world isn't going to bring back all the years they had lost. Sally says that Myles isn't her father anymore. He lost that on the day he left them. Her father is dead inside her heart and she pleads, "GOD, ADAM. PLEASE. JUST GET OUT OF HERE. GO AWAY!" Myles goes to leave, but he hugs Macy goodbye first. Then he walks out the door. Macy starts to cry. "How could you do that?" she yells at her mother, and she goes out of the office calling for her daddy to wait.

Over at the private dining room, Ridge is already there when Taylor arrives. He embraces her and they start to talk. "Do I know what this is about?" he asks, and she says not yet, but he will soon. It's about what they mean to each other and what life is all about. Taylor tells her husband that she thought they needed some time alone. She has had a lot of time to think while healing from her sprained ankle and has gotten her priorities straight. She knows what she wants, and frankly, Ridge is the one who gave it to her. Ridge takes these clues along, with the fact that his wife seems to be glowing, to ask, "Doc, are you pregnant?"

Tuesday, January 19, 1999

B&B was preempted for coverage of the Presidential Impeachment Trial.

Wednesday, January 20, 1999

Myles comes flying into his house, talking to himself. "What did you expect, Sally to greet you with open arms? YOU'RE A DAMNED FOOL," he says to himself. Macy comes in. He tells her she should be with her mother. She apologizes for forcing them together; it was her fault, and it was the wrong way of doing it. "Macy, your mother just came face to face with a man who abandoned her," he reminds her. He had no choice and it wasn't your fault, Macy reminds him. But Sally doesn't see it that way, Myles points out. Macy tells him she will make Sally see it. He says he made a decision; he came here to see how she was doing; that is now done, so he is leaving. But don't worry, he informs her, they will visit. Macy flips, "Visits? No! You can't leave." Myles explains that she doesn't know what it was like for him to see Sally face to face. All these years, he had envisioned that she had moved on and was a success; but now, he knows he was wrong. "She isn't happy and hasn't moved on. She hasn't healed and is consumed with anger with the very man who would see her happy. Do you know how it makes me feel?" Myles asks. "So you're just going to run away again," she says. "What else can I do? I have to. I'm sorry, but it is the best thing... the only thing for me to do." Macy tells her father, "You can't leave now... you can't!"

Stephanie is baby-sitting little Thomas when there is a knock at the door; she puts the baby down and looks out the window. After spotting who it is, she opens the door. It is Brooke, dropping off some papers for Ridge to look at for a meeting tomorrow. Stephanie says that she assumed Brooke is looking for Ridge, but he is not here. Taylor and Ridge are having a quiet, romantic evening out, she says. Brooke knows Steph is baiting her; she says that she hasn't got time to listen, so she is just leaving the papers. "Oh no," Stephanie says; she doesn't let her leave, as she wants to show her something. She goes over and picks up Thomas. She says, "I don't think you and Thomas have seen each other; does that make a difference to see how sweet and how happy he is?" Stephanie wants Brooke to back off and leave him and his family alone. "Oh, but why should you do that? You deprived your own children of their father, so why treat this one any different?" "Good-bye, Stephanie!" Brooke says. Stephanie responds, "So guilt doesn't work on you. Well, then I am going to be straight with you. You think this has to do with Eric and me, a bitter ex-wife out for revenge. The reason for coming after you is this little baby, my grandson, having a loving, happy home, and I am going to see that it happens! You are never going to have Ridge!"

At the private dining room, Ridge anxiously asks his wife if she is pregnant, but he still only gets her smile in response. "Well, are we or aren't we?" he asks. Slowly, Taylor replies, "We... are... **NOT** pregnant." "Oh!" Ridge says in disappointment, but Taylor adds, "Yet!" Ridge wants to know what is going on. She wants to have another baby, she answers as they walk out on the balcony. She asks Ridge what he thinks and he is not sure. "What if I was already pregnant, with it growing inside of me?" she asks. He smiles and she hugs him; that is all she needs to know. He says, "Whoa, Doc, wait. We need to know a couple of things. Where is this all coming from?" She has been doing a lot of thinking and this is what she wants. Because? He asks. Because she loves him, Taylor explains. Family is her top priority, and they make beautiful babies together. He has doubts though, wondering about the timing. She thinks the timing is perfect. Ridge says that he knows she has been feeling insecure lately and so has he, but he wonders if having a baby now was a way to... to... She interrupts and says, "To hang on to my husband?" No, Ridge says, trying to cover. "You think this is about Brooke? Oh!" Taylor responds as she walks off in a huff.

Brooke comes back at Stephanie by asking isn't it for Ridge to decide who he wants. Yes, and he made his decision months ago, Steph says. Brooke says he will live to regret it. "You think that Ridge does care and obviously you see me as a threat," she guesses. Stephanie replies, "You have no respect for their marriage. Every marriage is like this, with tension and arguments. You really don't care about the baby's happiness." Steph is out to protect her older son from Brooke. Brooke asks, "If my child had lived and Taylor's died, would you have fought for me and Ridge?" "What are you talking about? You were never pregnant, that was a lie!" Stephanie insists. Brooke goes to slap her, but Stephanie grabs her and stops it in mid flight. Brooke states, "Listen to me, you're living in a fantasy world, blaming me for Ridge and Taylor's problems when they were doomed from the start. I warned you, warned all of you, but no one listened to me. Well, now you're going to listen. Ridge is coming back to me, I promise you that!"

"You heard what she said. She is in shock," Myles tries to explain to his older daughter. Still, Macy can't handle losing her father again. They hear a car door slam. "That is Kimberly. Don't say anything to her, as she doesn't know about my past," he says. Kimberly is outside; she heads for the door, turns around, sits down and talks to herself. She says, "You are going to marry her. Oh, Rick. I've got to put this out of my mind. It is over. But how can I?" Inside, Myles asks Macy to leave, but she will not, as she still has to talk to him about Sally. He reluctantly agrees, but again asks her not to say anything to Kimberly. As Kimberly walks in, Myles notices her in a bad mood, with tears in her eyes. She doesn't want to talk about it, as it is about Rick. "I told you not to see him. What do I have to do?" he asks in anger. He doesn't have to do anything, Kimberly informs him; it is over. "He is going to marry her," she laments. She knew that already, he reminds her. "But he cares about **ME**, father. You don't want to believe it, but it is true." She goes on to say that she thought if he saw her, he might change his mind and see what he was missing. "But it doesn't matter; he is totally committed to her. It is only out of guilt and she is going to ruin his life," Kimberly cries as she embraces her father.

Macy walks over and says, "I know you're hurting, but Rick's family is there for him." Myles says yes, and they want to drag Kimberly into it. Kimberly again tells her dad that it is not Rick's fault. "No, it is mine for bring you here in the first place and introducing you to them," he says. He tells her they are leaving. But she doesn't want to change schools again, she cries. "Go start packing, we are going home," he instructs Kimberly. No, he is not, Macy insists. He says his work here is finished. "No, it isn't," Macy says, and she asks Kimberly if she can talk to her father alone. Sure, Kimberly says; they need a few things at the store anyway, so she leaves to get them. Once they are alone, Macy again begs him to stay. "Enough. I'm sorry, Macy, but Kimberly and I are leaving," Myles sadly informs her.

Ridge tells his Doc, "Don't get upset." She says he basically accused her of using a child. He didn't mean that, he says; he just wants her to be sure and not to feel pressured. Taylor says if she thought he wanted Brooke, would she be thinking about having babies? She would be showing him the door. He says fair enough and he didn't mean to insult her. "I am a married woman, in love with my husband, and it is natural to want another baby. Why wouldn't I want to have that miracle with you?" she asks. He admits she has him there. She says there is another reason why. When she carried Thomas, she had difficulties, and Dr. Santana said she might have problems, especially the older she gets. So she thought, why should they wait? "You do want to try, don't you? You never said... do you want another baby with me?"

Macy accuses Myles of running away again. He says he is not; he is, however, thinking of Kimberly and Sally. She says Kimberly will have a broken heart, and her mother will still have the pain. Myles says that Sally won't have to face him. Macy says nothing will get resolved this way. She pleads, "You've got to stay. You're the only one that can help her. It won't be easy, because you're right. There is 25 years of pain and anger bottled up inside and aimed at you. But you can't leave her like this! Promise me you won't. Please, Daddy?" Myles thinks for a moment and replies, "All right, I will stay... for a little while." She says thank you as they hug, with tears in Macy's eyes.

Stephanie proudly states to Brooke, "You finally admit it, you want Ridge." Brooke tells her that she has never denied that. "You will do anything to get him," Steph says, and Brooke says that she does not need to do anything; their marriage will self-destruct on its own. "Then what is with all the sexy lingerie, the night visits, the bed in the office?" Steph asks. The new line has nothing to do with Ridge; it is business, pure and simple, Brooke answers. Stephanie, "There is nothing simple about you and your business. Like you dropping your drawers for Victor Newman... you didn't think I would hear about that? The whole town will." So what if they do? Brooke asks. "Oh, that doesn't matter to you, whether you sell your body in a boardroom or on a street," Steph accuses. Brooke has had enough and says she is through listening to her. She is going to follow her heart. "I love Ridge, and he loves me; and one day we will be together and nothing will stop that. Nothing."

"Well?" Taylor asks. Well, what? Ridge replies. He knows what she's talking about, she says. Ridge admits that he is teasing her, and he is happy she isn't pregnant... because it gives them all the time to get serious while having fun trying. "Really, you want to?" she asks. Yes, he would love to have another child. They kiss. She loves being a mommy and a wife. She thought it would never happen. Ridge says they're a real Ozzie and Harriet. Not exactly, Taylor says. Ridge agrees that they're a much better version and grins. Taylor states that they have been focusing too much on little insignificant things like their careers and jealousies. He wouldn't call a career insignificant. She says she loves her work, but no job means more to her, and he she thanks him for reminding her of that. Guess that what he is here for, he says. No, Taylor answers. "Then what I am I here for?" Ridge asks. She says, "This," and they kiss. "I love you," Taylor says as they fall into a passionate embrace.

Thursday, January 21, 1999

Stephanie is sitting in her bathrobe, having spent the night at Ridge and Taylor's beach house. She slept in Thomas's bedroom. Thomas is in his high chair munching on toast and jam, and Stephanie is having breakfast. Taylor comes out in a silk bathrobe. She is so happy as she had the most wonderful romantic night. Ridge comes out and hugs his wife, kissing each other as Steph has a big smile on her face. Stephanie says she went to bed, since she was tired; she never even heard them come in. They tell her they didn't get in until real late. Ridge then thanks her for watching their son and says that she does such a good job that they are going to double her responsibilities. Stephanie considers that remark and figures out what her son is trying to say; he and Taylor are going to have another child!

Meanwhile, Brooke goes to visit Pierce at his office. She tells him about her conversation with Stephanie last night, which Pierce admits sounds pretty harsh. Brooke is ready to get rid of Stephanie (she can, she reminds Pierce; she is CEO, after all), but Pierce tells her she will just make things worse that way, anyway. Brooke doesn't think anything can be worse where Stephanie is concerned, which leads him to ask her why she puts up with all this.

Amber shows up to see Rick; she comes in all bubbly, thanking him for his great display of commitment to her last night in front of Kimberly. She then hands Rick some papers; he looks at them and sees consent forms for his mother and father to sign. He looks surprised and asks Amber when he has to take care of this by. She tells him it has to be soon; after all, they are getting married in a month, right? Rick just stares at the papers.

Brooke tells Pierce that Stephanie is the one putting herself through this. He then explains that he is wondering why Brooke would keep working for that company and putting herself through all this heartache; even is she ever did get Ridge, Stephanie would always oppose her. Brooke says that she has tries other men, but none make her feel like Ridge does. He makes her feel alive and fulfilled, and it only happens when she is with him. Pierce thinks she is not giving herself enough credit, but she offers an analogy. "Imagine that you can fly, and it was the most exciting thing in your life. Then one day, you couldn't; would you be happy walking, or would you look up there and remember how it was?" Brooke tells Pierce that he wants this as badly as she does, And Ridge and Taylor's marriage will not last forever.

Stephanie is thrilled at the news and wonders if Taylor is already carrying her next child. No, but they are working on it and having fun doing it, Ridge and Taylor state. Stephanie is pleased. Ridge and Taylor get dressed, as he has to get to work. Taylor is hoping that they might have a baby by Christmas. Ridge notices papers and Stephanie says that Brooke stopped by last night and dropped them off for him, for their meeting today. He will look at them, he says, as Taylor looks at Stephanie.

Brooke tells Pierce, "Ridge loves me and always has. If she didn't get pregnant, he would still be with me." Taylor destroyed her family, she goes on, and someday Ridge will realize what he is missing without her. The phone rings and it is Taylor, calling to tell Pierce that she won't be in until the afternoon. She gets around to telling him that her priorities have changed, that she is going to spend much more time with her husband and their children. CHILDREN?? Pierce asks. "Yes, Ridge and I have decided we are going to have another baby," she says. She will see him later.

"So you will get them to sign the papers?" Amber asks Rick. He answers that he will talk to his father later and get him to sign it. "That is great! In less than a month, we will be married," she says. She is going on about how happy and in love they will be and how the baby will make three. Rick leaves and says he will see her later. She is thinking to herself that she knows how in time, things will be good; she just knows it, as long as Kimberly is out of the picture. She is thinking, "Yes, I will make sure of that," and off Amber goes in search of Kimberly.

Ridge wants to know if he should take Thomas to the Forester daycare center. Taylor says no, and picks up her baby boy. She says, "I want to be with him as much as possible." What about work? Ridge asks. She tells him that she called Pierce and told him that she wouldn't be in until later. Ridge is happy about it and she says, "Tonight I will show you how much my priorities have changed." He can't wait. He even considers staying home himself but remembers his meeting in the office, so he kisses his wife and son goodbye and heads for the office.

Brooke asks, "What is it Pierce? Has something happened to Ridge?" He answers, "No, Brooke, but Taylor just told me that she and Ridge have decided to have another baby." Brooke is in shock. Pierce asks doesn't that prove something about how much they love each other? Brooke says it is a ploy, and Taylor is running scared; that is how she got Ridge in the first place, by getting pregnant, and now she is afraid he will come back to Brooke. She is using the babies to keep Ridge. Brooke says she won't let it happen again; he belongs to her and they belong together, and she is going to make him see the truth.

Friday, January 22, 1999

Brooke is in her office wondering how to get through to Ridge that his marriage to Taylor is a big mistake. "Can't they see it?" she asks herself as she wracks her brain. Ridge comes in to go over the notes that Logan had left for him last night, and she tells him that Victor Newman will be there tomorrow. While he didn't commit to the project over the phone, Brooke states, why else would he travel all this way? Ridge notices Brooke doesn't look happy and can't figure out why; after all, this visit from Victor is what she wanted. Is there something wrong, he asks. Brooke tells Ridge that she has something else on her mind right now.

At the beach house, Taylor is spending time off playing with Thomas. She tells her son that maybe soon he will have a brother or sister to play with. Enter Grandma Stephanie who wants to know if Taylor will stop working for Pierce Peterson once she has the new baby. Taylor comments that is still a long way off and she is concerned about another difficult pregnancy. Stephanie reminds her that was another time, a much more stressful one. This time, things will be different. Speaking of stressful things, Taylor asks, why did Brooke come by the house last night?

Rick stops by his father's office at Forrester Creations, but he cant stay very long because he has to meet Amber. He thanks Eric for the consent to get married and explains that it means a lot to him to be married before the baby is born. Eric is upset and says that Rick should not take this as a personal thing against him, but no 17 year old boy should have to make that lifetime commitment. He has already been through enough and it is nothing compared to what he will have to go through in the future. Eric then questions where things stand between his son and Kimberly. Rick doesn't want to talk about Kimberly and hands his dad the consent form. Rick wants the license by the end of the day, he says. Eric says he won't sign it, because he knows that his son has feelings for Kimberly but is denying them. He admires Rick's commitment to this baby, but he wishes to God that he could learn from his mistakes. Rick states the breaking up with Kimberly hurt him so much; it was the hardest thing he ever did. But if he could do that, he feels like he can do anything.

Kimberly is on the phone with her aunt, telling her that she is packing and pretty glad that they are moving back home. Amber then drops by to chat and Kim doesn't want to let her in, but Amber always gets what she wants and just walks in anyhow. Amber gives Kimberly advice that one day she will look back on all of this and laugh. She spots the boxes and asks what's going on. "I'm going back to Nantucket; are you happy?!" Kimberly responds. Amber says she is; happy for Kimberly, that is, as she will be better off back where she fits in. She then spots Rick's picture and takes it, saying that Kimberly won't need it anymore. Kimberly protests, and Amber mocks, "What are you going to do, kiss it goodnight before you go top bed every day?" She says that Rick isn't her type so Kimberly should just get over him. In response, Kimberly stands up for herself; she says she actually feels better all of a sudden and she has Amber to thank. She spouts out that she is not going anywhere, because Rick is going to need her and she intends to be there for him. She tells Amber to get out of her house.

Stephanie tells Taylor about Brooke's claims that Ridge and Taylor's marriage is doomed. She laments to her daughter in law that she is tired of Brooke trying to seduce Ridge, and she again states how this entire lingerie line is just an opportunity for Brooke to take her clothes off. Taylor says that she won't give Brooke the chance to interfere. Stephanie thinks that if Brooke finds out about the impending pregnancy it will just jump start her into over drive to get to Ridge. The less Brooke knows the better. She advises Taylor to just keep quiet about her plans to anybody else, especially Brooke, until she is already pregnant. However, Taylor points out, there is one problem... she already told Pierce!

Ridge asks Brooke to tell him what is going on. Brooke tells Ridge that she doesn't want to discuss her problems now, as they need to concentrate on Victor Newman. Ridge remarks that there is nothing left for Brooke to do unless she wants to take off ALL her clothes, and comments to her that she has never dealt with a guy like Victor Newman before. "Logan, the guy is a player," he states. Brooke wants to know why Ridge is so interested in her love life. He wants to drop the subject, but she insists that he hides behind his marriage... and now he is having another baby! Ridge wants to know how she found out, and she says that she heard about the impending pregnancy from Pierce already. Brooke is in tears, but Ridge insists that now is the right time for him and his wife.

Brooke tells Ridge that she has been holding on. She has been waiting for Ridge to come to his senses. He knows how unhappy he is. Everybody else knows that he had never been happier in his life than when he was with her. They belong together, she insists, and he loves her body and soul. But Ridge says that it is over; he is a married man and he loves his wife. He takes her hand and says, "Oh, Logan. What is the point?" He leaves. In tears, Brooke is thinking when Megan calls her. She thanks Megan for the update and says that it is good news; Mr. Victor Newman is on his way, and that is exactly what Brooke needs right now.

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