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Week of 01/25/1999 - 01/29/1999

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Monday, January 25, 1999

Victor Newman is airborne on his private jet on the way to meet with Forrester Creations. He tells his assistant that he will only need about two hours in Los. Angeles as he has come to a decision concerning Brooke's Bedroom -- a very ** difficult** decision.

Brooke buzzes Eric to notify him that Victor's plane has landed. He warns her not to get her hopes up as he goes to prepare. Brooke then hangs up and realizes that this is the biggest business meeting of her career, but all she can think of is Ridge and Taylor trying to have another baby and what a big mistake that would be. Brooke believes that Ridge has got to end that marriage before Taylor gets pregnant again. Then she questions how to get through to Ridge.

Ridge is in his office and receives a visit from Taylor. Ridge is wondering why Victor Newman is really flying out to LA, with his reputations he has his eye on Logan. He doesn't understand how Victor would say yes if his right hand man, Jack Abbott, turned it down. Ridge is worried about Brooke because she is an easy mark right now, especially since she has found about their decision to have another baby. Taylor wonders how she knew, and she learns that Pierce has told Brooke about their family decision. However, she says that it is not Brooke problem to 'deal' with it. This decision doesn't involve Brooke. She also reminds Ridge that Brooke isn't Victor's type, as he likes classy, upscale women... and any woman who would drop her dress in front of a total stranger is cheap. "Brooke has been like that for years, and don't try and tell me 'Logan is just being Logan.' So if she sent out the wrong signals, that is her problem... and don't make it yours!" Taylor tells him.

Kimberly is telling Amber to leave her house as she has changed her mind. Amber tries to protest, but Kimberly then thanks Amber for their little talk because she is seeing things much more clearly now. Kim thinks that Rick is going to need her... and married to Amber he is going to need her more than ever.

Megan shows Victor Newman into Brooke's office. Brooke offers him a seat as he looks around. Victor then gestures towards the bed and questions as to why it is in the office. Brooke jokes that she did not have the bed put in the office when she found out that he was coming to see her. Victor then wants to know what inspired the concept of Brooke's Bedroom and he points out that all of this was not on the pipeline six months ago; what got them to this point so fast, he asks? He wonders if they have done their market research. Brooke replies that she trusts her instincts here... and with this line, she is an expert. The line is all about "how to please your man" and she is using her own instincts for the product line and her expert ideas with men.

Victor questions if Ridge Forrester has anything to do with this concept of Brooke's Bedroom, as he understands that the two of them work very closely. He points out that, unlike Brooke, he uses his research department-- and he therefore knows about their history and that she hasn't gotten over Ridge still. Brooke replies that nonsense is all tabloid gossip, but Victor isn't buying it. Victor then blasts her for using company funds to underwrite an untested company product. The entrance of Eric and Thorne then interrupts them. Eric greets Victor and introduces Thorne to him while Brooke looks concerned.

Ridge confides in Taylor that he is afraid, because Victor has Brooke on the ropes now. He guarantees that Victor knows Logan's state of mind right now and he is going to use power to manipulate her like he has other women. Victor was alone with her in Genoa City, and **THAT**, Ridge believes, is the reason Victor is there. Taylor is skeptical, but they are interrupted by a call from Brooke, cummoning Ridge to the meeting. Ridge says he will be right there; and as he leaves, he vows that Victor Newman will not win this time.

Kimberly continues to say to Amber that friendship means a lot to her, and she wonders if Amber even knows what friendship is at all. She explains that friendship has nothing to do with sex or romance. Friendship is about doing what is best for the other person and Amber should try it sometime.

As Eric and Thorne chat with Victor, they are joined by Ridge for the meeting. Brooke introduces them so they can get down to business. Eric goes over their proposal briefly, including the fact that they pitched it to Jack Abbott several weeks ago. Victor says that he impressed with Forrester Creations and specifically, their CEO, Brooke. He says that Brooke is very creative, but he has some reservations about this product line, primarily with the lack of research and development done. Ridge then questions why Victor flew all the way out to LA when he could have just turned down the concept on the telephone. Victor pipes up to Ridge that perhaps he came out here not for business, but for personal reasons. Ridge then asks if the personal reasons have to do with anybody standing in that office. "Do you have a habit of asking questions that are none of your business?" Victor asks. Thorne then says that what Ridge and all of them really want to know is if Jabot is on board, or if they should look elsewhere for someone to develop the fragrance if they are not. Victor is ready to give his decision.

Amber is quick to point out to Kimberly that she gave up a kidney to Rick... and if she hadn't given him the kidney, then he would have died. She explains that part of her body is inside him, and for that reason and that reason alone, his heart is hers. Kim knows that Amber did not give a gesture of a kidney out of friendship, but so she could claim Rick. Rick is freaked out about getting married, but he is doing it because he feels like he owes it to the baby. Amber takes this to mean that Kimberly thinks Rick should not raise his child, but she says that is not true. She does think it is too much responsibility for a 17-year-old, however.

Kimberly calls Amber self-serving, and she shouldn't be able to raise a baby; it should be taken away from her. Amber accuses Kim of being jealous and wanting to have Rick's baby. "YOU'RE DISGUSTING," Kimberly says. "Just forget it, Kimberly; go find someone else. The baby is mine, I mean ours," Amber says. "YOU'RE DISGUSTING! GET OUT MY HOUSE BEFORE I..." Amber asks, "Before you what? Where are your manners? Where is that East Coast breeding? You're acting like a juvenile delinquent." "GET OUT, AMBER! GET OUT!" Kimberly orders, losing her temper. "DON'T YOU EVER COME BACK AGAIN," she says as she slams the door on her. About 5 seconds later, you hear a scream; Kimberly opens the door and Amber is withering on the ground. She tripped over the garden hose, and Amber is saying, "Oh my god, help me."

Victor walks behind Logan's desk and says he was going to side with Jack Abbott and turn down the proposal. He is looking at Brooke and continues, "However, one factor makes a difference: the lady behind this creation. Whoever had the idea of putting you behind the helm should be congratulated. With your drive, creativity and passion, you will make this product a success." He is happy to inform them that Jabot Cosmetics will develop their fragrance. They thank him. They will have the lawyers draw up the plans. As they shake hands and talk preliminary details, Victor asks to use the phone while Thorne checks with his limo driver.

Brooke leaves and Ridge stays. Victor wonders why. Ridge asks, "Why are you really taking on this project? Your right hand man turned us down and you overruled him." "I overrule my right hand anytime I WANT TO," Victor points out. "I have this feeling, Victor, that Brooke means more to you than this bedroom line," Ridge accuses. Brooke is eavesdropping at the door. "Is that so? And why would my business with Brooke Logan be of interest to you?" Victor asks. Ridge explains that she has been going through some things, so she is vulnerable and easily tempted. "You think I would take advantage of her? Is it Brooke's interest or your own that you are looking after?" Victor asks. Ridge wants to know what he means by that. "It is very obvious that you're still in love with the lady," Victor points out. Ridge says, "You will do well to take my advice; DON'T MESS WITH BROOKE!" Ridge went too far and Victor says, "I advise you-- don't mess with me."

Brooke scurries behind a rack of clothes as Ridge departs. She overhears Megan telling him about his reservations at Cafe Russe with Taylor. Brooke is thinking to herself, "RIDGE TOLD VICTOR NEWMAN TO STAY AWAY FROM ME. HE IS JEALOUS; THAT HAS TO BE IT." Brooke goes back to the office and asks Victor out to dinner at Cafe Russe; it would mean a lot to her, more than he knows, she states. Well, in that case, he will stay, so he has to get his pilot Wally on the phone to change flight plans. Brooke is all smiles.

Tuesday, January 26, 1999

Brooke is in her office at Forrester Creations; she has changed her wardrobe into a slinky navy blue cocktail dress. Victor notices her outfit and that she is ready to celebrate. He asks if the other Forresters will be joining them. She explains, as it turns out, that Ridge has prior plans, and Eric and Thorne have another meeting... which means that he has Brooke all to himself to celebrate their partnership at Cafe Russe tonight. He leaves to get ready for dinner.

Grandma Stephanie is babysitting two nights in a row, as Taylor and Ridge are also going for dinner at Cafe Russe. Taylor hopes she doesn't get pregnant too fast because she likes all of the attention of Ridge's "mating rituals"--and this dinner is one of them, she laughs. Stephanie of course is glad to help out. Taylor brings up the last time she was pregnant and Ridge was with Brooke back then. She is upset that Ridge is still very protective of Brooke, especially with Victor Newman. With a new attitude and with nights like tonight to look forward to, she tells her mother in law that even Brooke cant ruin that.

Lauren is in Brooke's office checking in. She finds out that Victor has agreed to develop the fragrance for the Brooke's Bedroom line... and she is surprised to hear that Brooke is having dinner alone with him to celebrate tonight at Café Russe. Lauren realizes that Brooke is up to something; after all, isn't that where Ridge and Taylor are having dinner? Brooke feels that she needs to use drastic measures. She had overheard Ridge with Victor earlier in her office and she realizes that Ridge doesn't want another man in her life. Lauren admits that does not sound like a man who is in love with his wife. Taylor is trying to trap Ridge again, Brooke tells her friend, and she is going to save him. And in order to do it, she has to counter Taylor's weapons with one of her own--namely Victor! Brooke doesn't have much time, she states, and she has to come up with something to do tonight at that restaurant.

Lauren finds all of this to be very risky, because Brooke is using Victor... and if he sees through it, she wouldn't want to be anywhere near her friend. But Brooke is sure that Victor is the one man Ridge would hate to see her with, especially at a setting like Cafe Russe. Brooke is sure she can handle Victor. "He is a man, after all," she spouts out. Victor then comes to the door, ready to leave for dinner. But first he has a reunion with an old Genoa City pal Lauren. Lauren says she was sorry to hear that he has to leave so soon and hopes he comes back for more visits, and Victor says he will see. In the meantime, Brooke points out, it is time to think about tonight, so she and Victor are off. As they make their exit, Lauren has a concerned look on her face.

Amber is lying on the ground outside Kimberly's house, crying for help. She fell over the garden hose and freaks out about the baby. Kimberly wants to call an ambulance. Amber however doesn't want to wait while Kimberly calls for 911 and wants Kim to drive to the hospital instead. Amber thinks she is having contractions. Kim gets her to stand up and drives her to the hospital (and even leaves in such a rush that she leaves her front door wide open in California).

Taylor leaves Stephanie the number of Cafe Russe and Grandma will have the rare opportunity of watching the baby Thomas overnight. Taylor then questions if having another baby right away is the right thing to do right now. Is she being insecure, Stephanie wonders. Taylor reveals to Stephanie that Ridge thought the same thing, but insecurity is not why she wants to have another child. "Brooke is not a part of this unless you allow her to become part of this. You and Ridge are beginning the new millenium. That is the only thing you should think about," advises Stephanie. Taylor thanks her mother in law for always saying exactly what she needs to hear and heads off to meet her husband.

Ridge and Taylor meet at Cafe Russe and he thinks she looks absolutely radiant. Ridge and Taylor tell the maitre d' that they aren't having any liquor tonight, since they are in the middle of the most important project of their lives.

Enter Brooke and Victor across the room. Brooke introduces the famous millionaire to the maitre d', who is thrilled to have such an illustrious guest this evening. He takes them to their table, seated across the room from Ridge and Taylor in front of the fireplace.

Kimberly gets Amber to the hospital and tells the nurse that she took a fall and she is pregnant. The doctor thinks that Amber is in labor.

Taylor and Ridge decide to make it a very short dinner for a very long evening at home. She tells her husband that she feels sexy right now and is feeling very excited at the prospect of going home to start their project.

Victor and Brooke talk about the restaurant, which she says she comes to on special occasions. Victor again praises her ability as his reason for going ahead with their project, despite his reservations. He tells her that she's a woman of power because of her sexuality... and it is because of her ability to sell that sexuality that he thinks her line can succeed. He does not think it is a sure thing, but he has enough confidence in her ability to place his faith in her. As they talk, Brooke sees Taylor and Ridge... and Victor looks over and see them kissing.

Victor makes a toast to woman who doesn't like to lose as Brooke asks about his wife, who Victor says he would be with right now were it not for Brooke's invitation. Brooke says that their project is worth celebrating, but Victor thinks something more is going on. She wants to use him to make Ridge jealous, he guesses... and Victor Newman does not like being a pawn in a game like this!

Wednesday, January 27, 1999

Victor asks Brooke to tell him why she brought him here. "You knew Ridge would be here with his wife. This has nothing to do with business it has everything to do with that man and his wife over there." Brooke denies it, but Victor says, "I don't like to be used." Brooke says she is not using him, but Victor says that she is using him to play a childish game. He does not like playing games, and he has half a mind to break their new business agreement right now.

Taylor tells Ridge what she wants for dinner but Ridge is distracted. Taylor says he is not listening and asks what's the matter. Ridge says nothing, but Taylor sees Victor and Brooke and figures it out. Ridge says that Victor should be gone by now. Taylor says he's with Brooke, and she has that effect on men. Ridge says, "Damn it, I warned him!" He explains to his wife that Victor is a player... and he didn't come here for business. He came here for Brooke!

At Insomnia, CJ approaches Rick, who is drinking coffee. Rick is meeting Amber, but CJ points out that he does not seem happy. Rick says he has a lot on his mind - he is trying to figure out how to stop feeling like a fool. CJ says that maybe Rick should not marry Amber, since one night should not run an entire life. Rick tells him that you don't deal with it by backing out on the kid. They both have experienced not living with their dad. CJ says that this is too much responsibility at their age. He respects Rick for what he is trying to do. By the way, where is Amber, he asks?

Amber is on a gurney being rushed into an Emergency Room. "OH MY GOD," she is screaming. Kimberly is with her. "Who is your doctor?" Amber is asked. "Dr. Farrell, but she is out of town," she answers. The ER doctor says to call whoever is taking her cases, as Amber might be in labor. "Owwwwww," Amber moans. Kimberly tells Amber that she will be all right and this is not her fault. Amber says, "You're right. Look at me, holding your hand, I'm desperate... I should have been more careful. My baby is suffering and it's MY fault! Please help her!"

Taylor says that if Victor flew here to hit on Brooke, he has a strange way of showing it. Ridge says maybe Brooke is holding him back. Perhaps it is about business, Taylor suggests. If it is. Ridge points out, then **HE** should be over there... while Victor, on the other hand, should be be on a plane right now. Taylor says that she wouldn't be surprised if Brooke planned this whole thing.

Brooke asks Victor to sit back down. Victor says, "You just wanted that man to see me, and you lied to make it happen." Brooke says that she did not lie, and she admits he has reason to be upset. Victor points out, "If you weren't so beautiful, I wouldn't be here now." These games are beneath her, he believes. Brooke says she was wrong. Victor asks why she did it then. Brooke points out Ridge. She says she can't lose him, and she and Ridge belong together. Brooke asks Victor if he understands; after all, he and Nikki were that way, weren't they? And Nikki never gave up on Victor, she points out, even over all those years. If it weren't for a strange set of circumstances with a child, she and Ridge would be together the same way, she states. Victor asks, "So this is what you want, that man over there?" Brooke says yes; from the day she met him, and she will have him. "Whether you help me or not, Ridge will be mine someday," Brooke proclaims.

CJ asks Rick if he has seen Kimberly. Rick says that he had to put on a show; he had to get Kimberly to move on with her life. "And I have to move on with mine," he adds. CJ tells him that Amber is really a good person and hopes it works out for him. Rick is skeptical, so CJ assures him, "You're like a bull dog; you'll make it work." "You're a good friend, CJ. I hope you don't live to regret having me as a friend," Rick says. Tough times are ahead, CJ says, but he will be there for Rick. However, he has one little suggestion: no more dinner parties. They've got to keep Amber and Kim apart, knowing there is no love lost between them, CJ states.

Examining Amber, the doctor notes, "There are contractions, but you're not dilating." Still, a fall like that shouldn't cause this, he states. "Are there any other medical problems that you know of?" he asks. Kimberly tells Amber to explain about the kidney operation. Amber tells the doctor about giving a kidney to her fiance, but that was before she was pregnant. "Anything else?" the doctor asks. Amber reluctantly admits, "I was hospitalized this summer, and that was AFTER I was pregnant... and I had a concussion!"

Victor talks to Brooke about his wife and him reconciling. Nikki was single, as her husband had died tragically. If that had not happened, they would not have gotten back together, he explains. Brooke thinks he is just saying that in an attempt to discourage her. He admits, "Yes, and you ought to be discouraged. You're a very sensuous and desirable woman."She tells him that she loves Ridge and she doesn't like to lose--she doesn't know how to, and she is not about to learn. Victor wonders if Ridge deserves her. He does, she states. Victor suggests her letting go of her passion for Ridge. She says that he didn't let go of his passion. The Black Knight replies, "No. But there were complications." Brooke says she can handle complications. "But you could be happy with so many men," Victor says. Brooke says that she tried. "Everyone has this image of me as a sexy, new millennium woman who is up to anything... but that is not me. I want a family. Ridge and I had a family, and I had never been happier... and neither had he. You don't lose something like that. I WANT RIDGE." But he is married to Taylor, and his wife must want him, Victor surmises. Taylor happens to be the other woman, Brooke explains. She goes on to tell him that she didn't bring him there on account of Ridge. She wanted to have dinner. "You brought me here to get a rise out of Ridge Forrester," Victor says. Brooke seems surprised. "You didn't think I noticed? You must think that I know little of matters of the heart," Victor comments. Oh, she is an expert at that, Brooke proclaims, as she has had her heart broken so many times. "Let's do something about this," he suggests.

"Concussion? How long were you out for?" the doctor asks. Amber answers, "Not very long. They checked the baby and did an ultra sound. They couldn't hear the heartbeat and had some trouble finding it, but the baby was all right." Concerned, the doctor states that they need to find out more about the concussion and need to see her records. Amber panics, wondering what difference that could make, but the doctor assures her it is necessary. He leaves and Kimberly is telling Amber to stay calm. "Please stay with me, please! My baby--if I pass out, don't let them take my baby. If it comes down to saving me or the baby, save the baby. TELL THEM TO SAVE MY BABY! PLEASE, TELL THEM! PLEASE!" Amber pleads, as Kimberly grabs Amber's hand. "I won't let them take your baby," Kimberly says. "Thank you so much. Thank you," Amber says as she grasps Kimberly's hand harder.

Taylor and Ridge are discussing Brooke and Victor, with Taylor maintaining that Brooke maneuvered this. "She showed up here, knowing you were going to be here," Taylor reminds her husband. Ridge says Victor should be back in Genoa City and not anywhere near here. "Brooke knows how you feel about Victor; she is doing this to get your attention," Taylor points out. Ridge thinks that is absurd. He then says that if Taylor is right, then why are Brooke and Victor arguing? Ridge is facing their table and Taylor says, "It doesn't look like they are arguing now."

Back at Brooke's table, Victor says to her that Ridge means a great deal to her. Victor points out that she means a great deal to him as a business partner, so he cannot see her like this. "What do you mean?" she asks. Holding her hand, Victor says, "Very few people can get away with what you did to me tonight. Only one other person can," Victor states. She says, "Your wife, Nikki." "Yes, she could probably get me to walk on water," Victor states.

As they look on, Ridge says to Taylor, "I DON'T BELIEVE THIS, HE IS HOLDING HER HAND, MAKING HIS MOVE RIGHT HERE IN THE DAMNED RESTAURANT." Victor says, "Is he watching us?" "Yes; help me capture this man," Brooke requests. "You're damned bent on having him. What do you want me to do?" Victor asks. "KISS ME; KISS ME RIGHT NOW," Brooke suggests. Ridge is watching.

Thursday, January 28, 1999

At Cafe Russe, Taylor senses that Ridge is distracted and asks for his attention. "Sorry Doc, I am listening," he claims. Taylor says, "You're practically sitting at their table." "Look at him pawing her. WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS ANYWAY?" Ridge states angrily. "Please, Ridge, ignore them, don't let them spoil our evening," Taylor pleads.

Meanwhile, Brooke and Victor are deep in conversation. Victor is telling Brooke how alluring she is, and he bets that she is the same way with that gentlemen over there. She says, "Every chance I get." "Still, he ignores your advances," Victor questions. "Yes, for now he does... but one day we will be together. You can help me out a little bit there, if you grant me one little favor. Kiss me," Brooke says. " I have been asked favors, but this one I am certainly willing to grant," Victor laughs. He gets up, standing over her. "Are you sure about this?" he asks. "Yes, I am ready," Brooke says. He bends down and kisses her.

"Believe me, Doc, I don't want to spoil it," Ridge states. Then pretend they are not there, Taylor recommends. "I am trying to, I'm really trying to," Ridge says. They pick up their menus. Taylor looks over at Ridge and Ridge is looking at Brooke--and it is at that moment that Victor kisses Brooke, and Ridge certainly notices!

CJ and Rick are chatting at Insomnia, but Rick wonders what is keeping Amber. He is getting worried about her, he tells his friend. "Where is she? Maybe she is at the Fairchild's or with Kimberly?" they guess.

In the hospital, Amber is lamenting that she may have hurt her baby. The doctor tells her that they have to do a new ultra sound. The doctor says that the contractions have stopped, which is a good sign, but there is a distinct possibility that she won't carry this baby to term.

Brooke says, "Wow! That was some kiss." Victor hopes that it gets the effect that Brooke wanted. Brooke jokes, "If that is what Nikki comes home to everyy night, then she is a lucky woman." Victor tells Brooke that if she thought this kiss would make Ridge jealous, then she might be right. Brooke asks him if Ridge and Taylor are watching? Victor says that Ridge noticed. "They both don't look any too pleased," he states. Brooke says, "Poor Taylor; I told her this would happen. Ridge's feelings were undeniable and they were ready to be exposed sooner or later. I have a feeling they are starting to show."

"ALL RIGHT, THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR!" Ridge says. "Stop it, Ridge, stop it," Taylor asks. "She is enjoying it. This has completely gotten out of hand. Somebody has to tell that guy off," Ridge says. "YOU'RE NOT GOING OVER THERE," Taylor says. "A shark like Newman? Taylor, come on. He is a pro. He knows she is vulnerable and he is going to use her to get what he wants," Ridge says. Taylor says that it sounds like they are made for each other. "Come on, Doc," Ridge says. She tells him that Brooke is a grown up and doesn't need a chaperone... and she doesn't need anyone to bail her out, either. She got herself in this because of her promiscuous actions, Taylor states. Ridge says he won't let this go on and gets up, as Taylor calls after him.

"What do you mean? I might not be able to carry my baby to term? Is it that bad?" Amber asks. The doctor thinks that it could be. He goes over her medical history. "You have one kidney and had a concussion, which puts you as a high risk pregnancy." "But they took an ultra sound; my baby was fine," Amber says. The doctor thinks that when she passed out, even though it was only for a short time, the baby might have been deprived of some oxygen, and that might have weakened the uterine wall. That may have combined with her current stress to place the baby in jeopardy. "Your fetus is in a critical development, and we will know more when we do the ultra sound. Meanwhile, just relax and rest as much as possible," the doctor suggests.

Ridge comes over and says, "All right, you two, that is enough." Victor and Brooke are smiling. "Hi, what are you doing here?" Brooke asks, as she tells him that Victor and she are celebrating. Ridge looks at Victor and says that he had more in mind than just dinner. Victor admits he is enjoying himself. "You two are making a spectacle of yourselves. You're well known and a married man, and everyone is looking at you," Ridge criticizes. Brooke says, "Victor is well known and we are just enjoying ourselves." Victor says that he doesn't appreciate being interrupted. Ridge won't back down and says that he warned Victor about not taking advantage. "I know Brooke doesn't want to insult you, with your doing the perfume for us," Ridge states, "but I warned you." Victor says, "And I warned **YOU**."

Ridge tries to tell Brooke that Victor is just using her. Victor doesn't appreciate Ridge causing a disturbance and asks, "If you have nothing else to say, kindly leave." Victor is standing up now. Ridge and Victor are head to head and Ridge says, "No, you're the one that is leaving, getting on that plane and going home to your lovely wife, who I am sure is waiting for you. Come on, Logan." Victor says she isn't going anywhere. Victor sits down and holds Brooke's hand and Ridge says, "OH FOR GOD'S SAKE, STOP TOUCHING HER." Taylor comes over and tells him that the valet has the car and she already paid the bill. "Come on, Ridge," she tells him. "Not until I teach him a lesson," Ridge says. "Come on, Ridge, we are leaving right now! The valet is waiting!" Taylor says. He leaves as Taylor looks at Brooke. Victor tells Brooke that he thinks it worked; Ridge was very upset. Brooke smiles at him.

Amber is talking with Kimberly and says, "My baby is in trouble." Kim tells her that she has to relax. "I can't. If I lose my baby, I lose everything," Amber says. "What do you mean you lose everything?" Kimberly wonders. Amber explains how she had given up her entire life. "What about Rick?" Kimberly asks. "He was going to go to college and I was going to be a singer in a band. I was going to tour Europe and the States, a big star. But I was 18 and I got pregnant, and I wasn't ready to give up my dreams or make Rick give up his; I was going to get rid of it. But I couldn't. No matter how I love to sing, I love this baby more. Having this little baby inside of me, growing... it changes you. Nothing could fulfill me the way this baby has. We created a miracle, bringing something so special into this world. This baby is going to have a good life that Rick and I never had." Kimberly is hugging Amber and they are crying.

With his job done, Victor says it is time to return to Genoa City. Brooke asks him to stay, but he thinks she needs time to deal with what has happened tonight. Brooke says that she can't thank Victor enough. They both are standing and she says, "Thank you, Victor. What you did to have Ridge see the truth... it's what I have been telling him all along. I have tried a long time to get Ridge to admit to his feelings for me... and thanks to you he has." "Good luck with the man you want. I hope one day our paths will again cross," Victor says. It takes a very rare person to make a great impression in his life, he explains. She hugs him good-bye as he takes his leave.

Friday, January 29, 1999

Sitting by the fireplace at home, Brooke tells herself what a night she had; she caught Ridge, who finally let his feelings for her show, she says to herself with a smile. He couldn't stand to see her with Victor and showed how he really cares, she thinks.

As Ridge and Taylor come by to get Thomas, Stephanie asks what happened; she thought the baby was going to stay the night. Ridge doesn't want to talk about it, but Taylor says Stephanie will hear anyway when Brooke trumpets her triumph. Ridge then admits what happened. "Victor Newman happened," he states. Taylor says that it has nothing to do with Victor and **EVERYTHING** to do with Brooke, who was having dinner in the restaurant with Victor. Ridge defends himself, saying that Victor is a married man and was hitting on Brooke. He then says he doesn't want to discuss it and leaves the room to get Thomas. Taylor tells Stephanie that her son feels like he has to protect Brooke but he made a federal case out of it. Stephanie asks out of what, so Taylor explains that Victor kissed Brooke and Ridge went ballistic. "He would have taken off Victor's head if I wouldn't have dragged him out." Stephanie can't believe this. Taylor asks, "Why not? Come on, it's the same thing; Brooke gets into trouble and Ridge comes to her rescue. I can't take this anymore." Ridge has Thomas and tells Taylor it's time to go home. Stephanie wants to talk, but Ridge cuts off his mother and leaves with his wife and son.

Macy shows up at Sally's; Sally has been worried, as Macy has not been to the office or Insomnia lately. Macy says she was at home and Sally could have called her there, and Sally says she was worried with Adam's decision to leave. He didn't leave, Macy says, as she talked him out of it. Sally asks why she did that. Macy says she can't lose him; she needs her father in her life and thinks Sally does, too. Sally says "No, I don't, and you're not going to change my mind. I never want to see your father again." Macy says Adam wants to see Sally again, but Sally does not care. After what he did, she thinks they are better off without him in their lives. Macy asks for Sally to just give him a chance and Sally says she did; then she heard his story and nothing seemed real enough to make a difference. All she could think of is him walking out without warning, leaving them without hope while she and Macy had to fight. Meanwhile, he was free to start a new life, as if Sally and Macy never existed. Macy tries to empathize, pointing out that they need to work through all those emotions and bring their family back together. Sally would like to do that, but it is impossible, as she now knows she has no unresolved feelings for Macy's father. Those feelings died a long time ago, she now realizes.

As they come home, Ridge tells Taylor to let him have it. Taylor says that first he must be honest with himself and realize that Victor is not the issue. Ridge says that he didn't intend to spoil their evening and cause a ruckus. Taylor says no, he was just protecting Brooke, and the guy was taking advantage of her. Taylor says, "So you played the hero and rushed to her rescue once again." He thinks she is making too much of it, so she asks what if it was reversed: how would he feel if Taylor left him sitting at a table to go over to confront a woman kissing Pierce. Ridge says that is different; Pierce is her business partner, but Brooke is his **FRIEND**. He reminds her that he is married to her and that his relationship with Brooke is a platonic one, so she has nothing to be threatened by.

Brooke hears the doorbell, and then there is banging on the door. "OK, OK, I am coming," Brooke says. She is surprised to see Stephanie standing there. "What are you doing here?" Brooke asks. "Oh, don't act surprised; you know exactly why I am here," Stephanie says. Brooke tells her that she was heading up to bed, but that doesn't stop Steph. She is there to protect her older son, she says, as she makes her way into the living room. Brooke again says she is tired, and Steph says, "I bet you are after the show tonight. I know about you and Victor at the restaurant." "Really?" Brooke asks. "Yes, Ridge and Taylor told me," she states. Brooke assures her that Ridge's blowup didn't harm the deal with Jabot, but he does owe Victor an apology. Steph says the only apology he owes is to his wife. Taylor was upset, Brooke asks. "Of course she was; that is why you did it," Stephanie accuses. "Did what? Victor and I were celebrating our deal, and I didn't cause a scene," Brooke states. Stephanie tells Brooke that she planned it, hoping to get a reaction out of Ridge. "As it turned out, I did get a reaction; he was jealous. Sooooooooo jealous," Brooke replies, smiling at Stephanie.

"You're getting upset over nothing," Ridge states. This doesn't set too well with Taylor, who says in disbelief, "My husband loses it because he thinks his ex-wife is getting hit on... and I am not to get upset?" Ridge admits that perhaps he shouldn't have gotten it on with Victor with his doing business with Forrester, but he was hitting on her... and Ridge thought it wasn't right. "No Ridge, the problem is that you did it again; you let Brooke come between us. I told you to ignore them and just leave, but you couldn't do it. You had to make a scene, and that must have pleased Brooke to no end. You validated every one of her delusions and acted jealous," Taylor states. Ridge denies it. "I screwed up and am sorry. We can't keep going around in circles. We made a pact; I was going to lay off of Pierce and you weren't going to let Brooke bother you anymore," Ridge reminds her. "No, Ridge, we agreed to focus on our relationship and not to let Pierce or Brooke distract us from out live together. That was our deal, and you broke it," Taylor states.

Macy tells her mother that she knows she still loves dad. What feelings Sally had towards her father are of anger, Macy thinks, and what he did to them. Macy tells her how she saw her embrace dad. "When you realized he was alive, your first instinct was to embrace him, not to throw him out." Sally explains, "I was in shock; your father walked in and he was alive, and I had to make sure he was for real. Then reality set in; it wasn't anything he did or said. It was how I felt. Twenty-five years ago, your father deserted us; I don't think you know what it was like for me. I had to make sure you were protected, shielding you from the pain. I didn't want you to know how scared I was and it almost killed me. You don't understand that everything that I believed in was shattered, my dreams, my hopes, my faith. Any feelings of love and trust were taken from me. And now he comes back and I was that same vulnerable and insecure girl again. I can't go through it again. Your father comes waltzing back in, but I will never forget it... and the only way I can get over it is to never see your father again."

Staring at each other, Taylor goes on to tell Ridge how fixated he was on Brooke, and he again denies it. "Whatever you call it, you were distracted," she says. He finally admits she is right. Taylor brings up the wrap up party again, how it was the most important thing to her and her career, but he was with Brooke. "It couldn't be helped. It was a business meeting," Ridge defends. "And you promised it wouldn't happen again when you flew into a jealous rage and attacked Pierce. I have tried to focus on us, but you give all your attention to Brooke," Taylor states. She sometimes wonders if he is serious about their marriage, since she doesn't know what he wants. "We are going through a rough time, but you can't doubt me now, Doc. I love you," Ridge proclaims. Taylor says she loves him too, but she is tired of all the uncertainty and distraction, as she feels like she is always in competition with Brooke, his work, his attitude with Pierce and her job. "You tell me your top priority is with me and Thomas, but you don't show it." What are you saying? Ridge asks. Taylor answers, "Something has got to change!" She doesn't know how much more she can take, Taylor says.

"Ridge was not jealous!" Stephanie insists. "He didn't come over to say hello, and he jumped down Victor's throat. I knew what his feelings were, and he finally let it show in front of Taylor, Victor and Cafe Russe," Brooke says. "Taylor will not put up with this," Stephanie says. "Oh my god, I know. It must have been humiliating, being left alone at a table like that. No woman should ever be treated like that way. At least she knows where she stands... she is not Ridge's #1 concern," Brooke says, feeling very confidant. "You don't think these theatrics will break them up?" Stephanie asks. "Come on, Stephanie. Taylor is not stupid. She saw Ridge's behavior for what it was. The cat is out of the bag. They are finished, it's over. Their marriage has been teetering on the brink for months, and Ridge's actions tonight might be the thing to push it over the edge," Brooke believes.

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