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Monday, February 01, 1999

Taylor and Ridge are back at the beach house after their disaster evening at Cafe Russe. She tells Ridge to start acting like her husband and that she is fed up with Ridge's need to be Brooke's knight in shining armor Ridge tells Taylor that she is making too much of this. He was only protecting a friend, he explains, a friend who was being taken advantage of. He cannot understand Taylor going ballistic every time he brings up Brooke's name and cannot take it anymore. Ridge says his heart belongs to her, but she believes part of it still belongs to Brooke... and as long as it does, she cannot accept it. She doesn't know how much longer they can go on like this; it isn't fair to her, to Ridge, or to Thomas. "Is that an ultimatum?" Ridge asks. Before Taylor can answer, Thomas starts crying from the other room. Taylor is holding Thomas, trying to comfort her. Ridge offers to hold him while Taylor goes to fetch a diaper. Ridge is holding Thomas, telling him how much he loves him and his mother. "You and Taylor mean the world to me, and we will always be here for you," he says, as Taylor is listening.

Brooke has Stephanie at this late hour as her unexpected visitor. She tells Stephanie that she and Ridge were happy until Taylor's little guilt trip talked Ridge into marrying her because of Thomas. Steph calls her egotistical for thinking that and says Ridge was only doing the honorable thing. Stephanie accuses Brooke of taking advantage of Ridge's attempt to do the right thing and controlling him through that. "I am confident, and I know Ridge has feelings for me. Taylor is controlling him. Their marriage is over as we speak. Ridge belongs to me. He always has and always will." spouts out a confident Brooke. Stephanie tries to get it through Brooke's thick skull that it will not.

But Stephanie won't let it lie there. She says, "Listen to me. You stay the hell out of their lives. He loves Taylor and he isn't going to leave her." Brooke suggests letting Ridge decide, and Stephanie says he has already done that... and he chose Taylor! Stephanie argues, "I am not going to let you interfere in their marriage anymore." Stephanie pleads the case of the poor child needing a family. Brooke believes that divorce is a tragic thing especially when it does involve children, but the writing is on the wall. She asks Stephanie to leave. Once Stephanie is gone, Brooke needs to know if it is finally over between Ridge and Taylor for herself, so she leaves also.

Sally tells Macy that Adam is history and she doesn't want to see him again. Macy protests that Sally could not do that to him. "How can you say that?" she asks. Sally says she does not care, and she hasn't since Adam left them all those years ago. Macy may expect her to welcome Adam back with open arms, but it is not going to happen. So that's it, Macy asks? Will Sally simply bury her head in the sand and pretend that her father is dead? Yes, Sally replies; as far as she is concerned, he is dead. He died the day he abandoned them. Macy however says she cannot bury her feelings that way and she won't give up on her dad.

Macy wishes her mother could understand what a miracle this is. They can have their family back again and she wants Sally to promise to make an effort. She wants to have Myles over for dinner to give family another chance. "Imagine what a difference it could make if you could get rid of the hurt you have been carrying around all these years," Macy declares. She puts her mother on the spot right then and there and says she wants to invite her father to dinner with Sally.

Sally isn't too pleased about Macy's dinner idea, but she will try and be nice to Adam for Macy's sake. Macy calls her dad and asks for him come over to Mom's. First he declines, but then Macy tells her mother to tell him it is all right for him to come over. She hands the phone to Sally, who simply says, "Whatever Macy said is OK." She hands the phone back to Macy. Myles says that he is leaving now. This makes Macy very happy, but Sally really isn't too pleased about it.

Back at the beach house, Brooke is looking through the window of the dark living room and thinks that Ridge had left Taylor already. However, Ridge is lying shirtless in a seductive pose on the bed when Taylor comes in. Taylor says that to kiss and make up won't work. Ridge wants to kiss and make a baby, however, despite her insistence that it is not right. He says all in all, he is a smart guy, and he realizes how important Taylor and Thomas are. Sometimes, he screws up, he says, and this is one of those times. He admits that he was wrong for going to Brooke's dinner table and he is going to tune her out from now on. They have a family and that is what is really important and how blessed they are. They hug and Brooke sees them from the window as she peers through. This is the moment that Ridge declares he wants to bring another sweet innocent child into the world. Brooke looks away from the window and the tears start to roll...

Tuesday, February 02, 1999

Outside the beach house Brooke is trembling after realizing that Ridge and Taylor were making love, not breaking up. Meanwhile, inside in the bedroom with Taylor, Ridge is rubbing her leg. It turns out that there was a little secret about tonight, she explains; it could have been the night they made a baby. Earlier in the day, Taylor took a test telling her that this was the right time to conceive a baby. Ridge wants to have sex again to double their odds. Taylor however puts a bunch of pillows under her legs to accomplish the same thing. Ridge starts to laugh and goes to get some water to cool down from their exercise and baby workout. Taylor requests water, then a vitamin, some ice cream and pickles, because she is already starting to have cravings. Ridge leaves the bedroom and Taylor is so happy she is glowing.

Macy sets the table for dinner in the apartment. Her mom is stressed out ever since she agreed to have this little dinner party. Macy knows that having Adam over for dinner is upsetting, but she thanks her mother for making the effort. Sally wants Macy to call her father to cancel the dinner because she decides at the last minute she can't go through with this. Macy, however, won't cancel this dinner. Sally says she is not ready. "You don't understand how I feel about being with your father; he walked in that door the other day just like he left." Macy thought Sally would be happy like she is. She doesn't expect miracles, but she feels that this is a step in the right direction, and she knows that her mother can handle this. Sally says she cannot trust him again. "I have given this marriage everything I have and I can't again. I have learnt my lesson." Macy says that Sally hasn't trusted another man since; she knows it has been eating away at her all these years, but she has to come to terms with it. Sally asks "You want me to forgive your father; that is what this is all about, isn't it?" Macy says that Sally can at least try, not for Macy's sake, but for her own. Sally says she will not do it for her own sake, but she will for Macy's; that's the only reason she will do this. Macy says thank you as she hugs her mother.

Myles is caught without a shirt on when Lauren is at his front door. He realizes she is Sally's friend and guesses that Sally sent her to cancel their dinner plans. Lauren is surprised to hear that Sally agreed to have dinner with him tonight. Myles questions that if she did not already know about their dinner meeting, then what is she doing there? Lauren says she can ask him the same question. Lauren wants to know why he is in town after all these years. She explains that she is Sally's friend and worried about her. She thinks that Myles should back away for now and not leave town, but he should give Sally some room. She knows Sally better than anyone else and she is not ready for this. Myles says that he knows Sally has 25 years of rage inside of her. He thinks that **HE** knows her better than anyone else. Sally used to be so happy and so full of life, like every day was a party. She was an amazing woman... but now all he sees is the cynicism, the bitterness and the anger, and he is the reason for that. Myles says, "I can't change the past but I'm not going to run away and leave her alone to deal with what I did." Lauren says good luck and leaves.

Back at the beach house, Brooke is talking to herself, saying, "Ridge, I know that you love me; why cant you just admit it? It doesn't matter why he won't. I have go to accept it and move on. But I can't. I have tried over and over and I just can't seem to forget." We, the audience, get to hear the song "Unforgettable" as we see tons of images, and as Brooke looks back in the past of all the great moments she and Ridge have shared. Then she says to herself, "I will never forget... and neither will Ridge, no matter how he tries to deny it."

Ridge is now enjoying his glass of cold water after the romantic baby making session with Taylor. From the living room, he sees somebody outside on the porch. He picks up a fire poker and goes to the door. He yells out and realizes that the person walking away is Brooke. He asks, "Brooke, what is going on?" She says it is nothing and wants to leave. "You come all the way out here and you aren't even going to talk to me?" he asks. He then notices, "Hey, you have been crying." Ridge then realizes what Brooke has been up to, and he tells her that she has to stop all of this and move on.

But Brooke tells him that she knows that Ridge wants her to make it easier on him... but she won't. She reminds him that every time she becomes interested in somebody else, Ridge can't stand it. He guesses that she is talking about tonight, and he reminds her that she was out cavorting with Victor, a married man. She tells Ridge that he finally let his true feelings show tonight and he is living a lie. "You say all the right words, but you want me, in your bed in your arms." Brooke leans over and kisses Ridge passionately and tenderly and asks him how he can keep pretending. But Ridge replies that this is his family now. He isn't going to break that commitment, and he tells Logan that what they had in the past is now gone.

Brooke is heartbroken. "Those aren't your words, Ridge. Those are Taylor's and Stephanie's. I know you. I understand you better than anyone else. You spend most of your time explaining and apologizing; how can you stand it? I know it is hard. I know you don't want to hurt Taylor or Thomas. But it is not too late. Just say that you love me. We can work all this out. Just say it." They look at each other and...

Sally gets ready for dinner. She looks in the mirror and she tells herself that she is strong enough to do this. She took what the world gave her while Adam is a weak coward, a man who ran away. "This time you can let him know exactly how you feels and how little he means to you," she tells herself. Macy then comes out in a beautiful blue cocktail dress. Grant had designed it for her and she had never worn it before, she was saving it for a special night. Sally compliments her on how wonderful she looks. Macy tells her mother that she looks perfect. They hear the doorbell. Macy says, "There he is. Go ahead." Sally walks over to the door and answers it. Myles is standing there, and he says hello to Sally. Sally has a concerned look on her face as Macy looks on for her parents' reaction.

Wednesday, February 03, 1999

Sally answers the door and greets Adam/Myles. Myles tells Sally it's nice to see her as Macy tells her mom to ask him in. As Sally ushers him in, Myles walks in and tells Macy that she looks beautiful. Looking over the place, it is just as he remembers it, but he reminisces about how much more modern the décor is. He compliments Sally on it, saying he knew she would do herself proud one day. Sally asks to be excused and walks out of the room. Macy tells her father not to leave, as Sally will be all right soon.

At the Forrester mansion, James and Stephanie work to baby proof the house for Thomas. Stephanie had forgotten how much work this was, but it will be worth it to protect Thomas, she says. James wonders from that comment if Ridge and Taylor are having problems. Stephanie says it's the same problems they always have: Brooke.

Brooke tells Ridge that he is denying his feelings and is living a lie. Ridge says that she is merely seeing what she wants to see. She tells him that he is being stubborn and that he is only acting out of duty. "Do you think I am just leading Taylor on?" he asks. No, Brooke replies, but he saw her kissing Victor Newman and his feelings came to the surface. "It was so obvious you still love me; I'm sure Taylor knew it. I bet she gave you hell, but you talked your way out of it," Brooke comments. Ridge tells Brooke she has to stop this. Brooke says no, **RIDGE** has to stop it. Ridge says, "All right, I will." Brooke is stunned as Ridge adds, "I don't want you coming around here any more or popping into restaurants when I am with my wife. And if I have to, I'll quit the new line." Brooke can't believe she is hearing this, but Ridge says this is the way it has to be. He orders Brooke to go home!

Myles looks around at Sally's place. Macy comes out with Sally and offers to pour drinks. Sally still acts cool towards Adam. As she goes to get the drinks, Macy says she found pictures of them. Myles sits down with Macy and starts looking at the photos. He remembers taking one particular picture of Macy at Paradise Cove; the three of them went there every weekend. He tells her about how she used to love the water and how she laughed. From that, Macy guesses she got her love of the ocean from her dad. Myles says no, it came from her mom. Macy finds that hard to believe, as Sally won't even put her foot in the sand. Myles says that things must have changed. Sally coldly agrees with her former husband.

Stephanie tells James that Brooke thinks Ridge and Taylor will break up, and she is worried that Brooke will wreak havoc on the family with her delusions. She also fears that Taylor and Ridge underestimate Brooke. James says that Taylor knows what Brooke is capable of and has faith in her marriage... but apparently, Stephanie does not.

Brooke says she is not going anywhere without Ridge. Ridge reminds Brooke that he is a married man. Brooke says, "You call this a marriage? You're fooling yourself! Everybody knows you and Taylor are wrong for each other." Ridge asks Brooke what she saw when she looked into that window. Brooke doesn't answer, but Ridge will not let up. He again asks, "What did you see?!" She says she saw two people who would not admit that their marriage was over before it began. Ridge asks Brooke why can't she let it go, as he has moved on. Brooke says, "When you got married, I didn't want to interfere. I wanted you to realize it on your own. But you and Taylor don't belong together; you are growing farther and farther apart. She got attached to Pierce... and now there is the baby. She is trying to trap you, and I can't let that happen."

Ridge finds it ironic: Brooke is trying to protect him from Taylor while he tries to protect Brooke from Victor. Brooke points out that they have a connection, a pull that is stronger than his marriage. He cannot have both, she insists, and Ridge agrees. Brooke promises to love Thomas, and they will make Taylor understand. She hugs Ridge. Ridge then faces Brooke and tells her that it is over. Brooke says it will never be over. Ridge insists, "Brooke, it's over. I just made love to my wife." Brooke says it doesn't matter. Ridge says, "Yes, it does matter! The timing was right." Brooke asks what he means by that, and Ridge explains that Taylor may already be pregnant!

Stephanie tells James that Ridge has the life he has always wanted; the problem is that he is drawn to Brooke, and she doesn't understand why. He keeps forgiving Brooke for her lies and letting her back in every time. Each time Ridge forgives Brooke, Stephanie worries that Brooke will destroy Ridge and his family, and she refuses to let that happen. However, she doesn't know how to stop it!

Macy asks Myles to tell her more about when she was little. Myles doesn't know where to begin, so Macy suggests he start at the beginning, when she was born. Myles suggests that Sally would be better to tell that, but Sally says she does not remember. "You don't?" Myles asks, and Sally says that is what she said. Sally pours herself another drink as Macy suggests her father tell the story. Myles explains that it was their poker night, and Sally was two weeks overdue. He wanted her to rest but she was being stubborn, so off they went to the poker game. Halfway through the game, Sally's water broke; however, she still had to play her winning hand before she would go to the hospital. After she won, they raced to the hospital, and Macy was born two minutes later. At that point, Myles understood for the first time what it was to be a father; when he held Macy, it was the single most important night of his life. Macy hugs her father as Sally looks away and shakes her head. Sally then says she should check on dinner. Macy tries to stop her, but Myles says to give her some time. She hugs her father as she tells him that she is glad he is there. Sally walks back into the room to see Myles and Macy embracing, and she has tears in her eyes.

Brooke says, "Taylor might be pregnant?" Ridge explains that he doesn't want to hurt Brooke; he has **NEVER** wanted that. Brooke asks what she is doing; Ridge was in there making love to Taylor, and making a baby, while she stood outside like a peeping tom, believing Ridge was coming back. She feels like a fool! Ridge asks what he can do to help. Brooke says he can stop loving her; the problem is that she sees that feeling in his eyes every time he looks at her. "But I do not have you, and I'm not happy with anybody else. Am I supposed to feel this way forever?" Brooke asks. Ridge says he is sorry. He goes over to her, takes her hand and kisses it. Brooke breaks into tears as she grabs her hands away and runs off, leaving Ridge behind, watching.

Thursday, February 04, 1999

At the hospital, Kimberly watches Amber as she lays in bed. Amber sings to herself, "Everything is going to be all right." She rolls over and tells Kimberly that this song always calms him down. Kimberly asks, "Really, he can hear it?" Amber thinks so. "I just hope I get to sing to him in person," she says. Kimberly says everything will be all right as the labor has stopped and the baby has a strong heart beat. Amber hopes that she didn't hurt him when she fell, but they won't know until the ultrasound. Kimberly tells Amber she's doing so great. Amber says if this baby does make it, it's because of Kimberly. Kimberly says that she didn't do anything, but Amber says, "You bought me here and held my hand... and you don't even like me." Kimberly says that Amber would have done the same thing. Amber says, "I don't know. But you really want the baby to be okay." Kimberly says this is not the baby's fault. Amber says CJ was right; Kimberly is not putting on an act and is really nice. "I can see why Rick ..." She pauses and asks, "He should be here soon, right?" Kimberly says yes. Rick arrives at the hospital with CJ. He rushes up to Amber and asks what happened and is she okay? Kimberly watches as Rick and Amber embrace each other.

Eric has the "Consent to Marry" papers. He says, "Brooke and I sign this and my son can get married at seventeen. Good God. There must be something I can do about this." Lauren walks in and tells Eric to stop working, as it is late. She has been looking everywhere for him, she says. Eric says it's not work that is the problem. Lauren sees that it's the "Consent to Marry" form and asks if he is going to sign this. Eric says, "I don't know what in the hell I'm going to do. My gut feeling says no, but when he turns eighteen he can do it anyway." Lauren and Eric hug. He asks what she has been up to, and she says she's been helping a friend. She explains how her friend just had her ex-husband come back out of the blue, and she is starting to believe the ex-; however, her friend isn't, and that is what worries her.

Myles sits while Macy paces the floor, wondering what Sally is doing. Myles says to give her time. Macy says, "If I gave her time, you would not be here." Myles explains to his older daughter, "When I left, I clung to my memories; it was all I had. But your mother has buried hers and she has shut down the part of herself that loves and hopes. But all that is alive, and I'm going to give that back to her. I owe her that." Sally walks in with dinner rolls and coldly says that dinner is served. Sally sits down at the table, and Adam follows suit. Macy brings in the plates with Adam's favorite dishes. Myles looks at Sally and asks, "You didn't?" Sally replies no, she didn't. Macy says **SHE** did it from her mom's recipes. Myles talks about how much he has missed Sally's corned beef and cabbage and is practically salivating as Macy serves him. He takes a bite and says it's heaven. Macy says she should teach Kimberly how to make it. Sally has a look on her face at the name Kimberly. Macy explains that Kimberly is her dad's other daughter. Sally says, "So you two are friends? That means that Kimberly knows all about us then?" Myles says no, not yet. Sally says, "So you have been lying to her, too?"

Amber tells Rick how she fell outside of Kimberly's house. Rick is confused and Kimberly explains how she bought Amber there. "Is the baby all right?" he asks. Amber says that they still have to do another ultrasound. Kimberly stresses that it's important that Amber stays calm. Kimberly tells Rick everything the doctor said about the baby and how Amber could go into premature labor, including details on the damage to Amber's uterine wall. Amber is in tears, worried about the baby, as Rick assures her that she'll be all right. The doctor walks in and meets Rick; he then tells them that he is ready to do the ultrasound. "Are you ready?" he asks Amber.

Myles tells Sally he hasn't told Kimberly about his past as he thought he would never come back here. He was always worried that he would put Sally and Macy in danger if he did. Sally remains skeptical. Adam says, "Sally, I didn't want you two to know I was back; but then I saw our daughter needed me." Sally says he decided to jump in, and she goes on about how she obviously was a failure as a parent, since Adam had to step in. Macy says, "Yes Mother, I needed him, and you had your own problems. Grant was dead and the business was falling apart... and thank God for that check." Macy explains about the five hundred thousand dollar check they received... just the amount they needed to save the company. And while that was going on, she was dealing with the death of her husband. Myles says that's amazing, and he asks if the company is doing all right. Macy says yes, although they still need to find a designer. Sally tells Myles, "It's strange that you didn't ask about who gave us the money... and you never told me what you do for a living. What do you do, Adam?" He says he is semi-retired, and Sally asks from what. Macy says he's an investment banker. "Can you make money at that?" Sally asks. Myles says he does all right. Sally asks, "Can you make enough to write a half a million dollar check? You did it, didn't you? You sent that check, didn't you, Adam?"

Kimberly offers to leave as they do the tests, but Amber begs Kimberly to stay while she has her tests done, Rick is surprised. The doctor then tells her that it is time to begin the tests.

Myles admits he sent the check. Macy says, "My God." Myles tells Sally they started that company together and Sally had saved it long enough; now it was his turn to help. Macy can't believe and thanks him as she rushes to her father's side. "Come on, Mom, this is amazing," she states, notices Sally's skepticism. Sally asks, "What did you hope to buy, Adam?" Myles says that he was repaying a debt. Sally asks, "You were repaying a debt? Do you think it was as easy as writing a check? You can't buy forgiveness and you can't buy me for any price." Macy says he didn't want to buy forgiveness; he just didn't want Sally to know the money was from him. Sally says, "If I knew it was from him, I would have sent the check back." She knows that Macy is glad to have her father back, but Adam is dangerous. She tells Macy not to fall for his lies. Myles tries to step in, but Sally says it is too late for that. She's not buying his story, she says. "So what do you want? I don't know, so why don't you tell me what in the hell you want from me!" Sally angrily states.

Rick, Amber, Kimberly and CJ watch the ultrasound and can see the baby moving around. Everybody smiles. Amber asks does this mean the baby is okay? The doctor says it is a good sign and continues to study the ultrasound. He thinks Amber and the baby are in good shape, and Amber is ecstatic. The doctor points out the parts of the baby's body and how there is no evidence of damage. The child is perfectly healthy, he proclaims. Amber is thrilled, and he then says there is one more thing. He asks if they want to know the sex of their child. Amber says yes and asks if it is a boy or girl. Rick doesn't look as happy as Amber, however.

Friday, February 05, 1999

Amber asks if the baby is a boy or girl. The doctor asks Rick if he wants to know. He seems reluctant, so Amber pleads, "It would mean so much to me. Please let the doctor tell us." Rick hesitates and then asks, "So what is it, a boy or a girl?" The doctor says it's a boy. Amber giggles with glee and says, "That's what I was hoping for!" She turns to hug Rick. Kimberly can't take it so she leaves the room as Amber goes on, "It's a boy! We're going to have a boy!" The doctor takes his leave as Rick tells Amber, "I'll be back. I need a drink of water."

Sally tells Macy she is sorry to spoil this, but she has to. Macy says Sally hasn't given it a chance. Sally says, "How many chances can I give him? I never gave up on him, for my little girl's sake." She blamed herself even, just to give Macy someone to blame for all this. Macy says, "Come on, Mother! I have dealt with it. You're not being fair." Sally asks what fair has to do with it and tells Macy to wait until he leaves her again. Myles gets angry and says, "That's enough! You would have died if I stayed. Do you think I wanted to leave the best part of me behind? And that's what I did! I don't expect you to embrace me, to forgive me. But that part of my life that I left behind was real, it was important to me! And to get that back, I will fight for it... and if we can't, then I'll never set foot in this house again. So what is it going to be, Sally - will you give me my chance or do we end it right here?"

Rick walks over to Kimberly. She turns to congratulate him and he embraces her. Kimberly pulls away from the hug and says, "It's good news, a little boy. Rick asks if she is okay. Kimberly asks why wouldn't she be. Kimberly then admits she has learned a lot about Amber today; she has seen a maternal side of Amber and now knows she will be a good mother. That concern explains why Amber is so territorial about Rick... she cares about that baby so much, and that means having Rick and a marriage and a family. And that, Kimberly says, is why Rick and Amber belong together. Everything happens for a reason, she says, and it appears that Rick and Amber are meant to be together as part of some plane. Rick asks her, "If everything happens for a reason, Kimberly, then what's the reason for you and me? "

Sally tells Myles that he is asking her to trust him again. Myles says yes, he wants them to get past their problems. Sally says, "The past means more to me than you; if it meant so much to you, why would you leave us?" Macy says he had to leave, and he had no choice. Myles agrees, saying there was no time to discuss it. Sally says there is always time and always a choice... and Adam made the wrong one. Sally asks if he would have contacted them if his second wife was still alive. He says he would have, but Sally does not believe him. Macy says, "That's not true. He never quit watching over me." Sally says I hope that's true for your sake. But we are talking about me now, and about **MY** feelings. For this man to think I would reconcile with him... why would I do it, why?" Myles says if they don't work this out, Sally is in for more suffering. They have to work this out together, he states. Sally says, "How dare you use that word, together? And how dare you come into my house and manipulate my daughter? I want you out of my house!" They argue as Macy tells Myles not to go. Sally yells out for Macy not to stop him. Myles tells Macy he is sorry, since it **DID** seem like a good idea. He leaves, and Sally throws a bottle of wine against the door as Myles shuts it. Macy is in tears.

CJ asks Amber if she knows what Rick is doing out there. Amber says he is talking to Kimberly, but it does not bother her now, since she is giving Rick a son. CJ reminds her that it is a son that could be somebody else's. Amber doesn't want to hear it, but CJ will not let up. He then gets an idea... what if the ultrasound can tell them the paternity of the baby?

Rick wonders why Kimberly has to suffer this way; there are thousands of other guys out there who could make her happy, but she got stuck meeting him. He tells Kimberly that he couldn't be there for her. Kimberly tells him how special he is; he thinks of others before himself and she feels so blessed and lucky to have met him. And that little boy is the luckiest, as he has one terrific life ahead of him with a father like Rick. Rick says he wants Kimberly in his life. Kimberly says that she is not going anywhere. Rick says, "But I can't offer you anything. I can't even say I can call. Still, I think about you all the time, so much that it hurts." Kimberly says he will forget when he is living with his wife and child. Rick hugs Kimberly and says, "I will never forget. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Sally tells Macy that they have to talk about this. She is sorry about the hatred, but she could not control herself. She tries to empathize, but Macy says Sally cannot begin to know how she feels. Sally says she does, and that is what they need to talk about... their feelings. Adam left them and left a void which filled her with anger and resentment, and she asks Macy to understand that. Macy says, "I know how much he hurt you, and your resentment is getting worse. It will keep getting worse until you're old and gray and nobody wants you around. The sad part is that it doesn't have to be that way. You don't have to become a bitter old woman. But to keep that from happening, you have to see that dad is here for both of us... and if you don't let him back in your life, you'll suffer the consequences." Macy says good night and leaves, as Sally thinks about her daughter's words.

Rick says it could have been so different for both of them and he thinks about what might have been. Kimberly says that she can't stop the dreams of them having a life together... if only Amber's baby was not his. Rick says that he was the only one that Amber was with then, so he is sorry, but that's the way it is. Kimberly says, "You have taught me about feelings and I have to tell you something. I never meant to say this, but... I love you, Rick! You are the first boy I have ever loved and I can't see myself ever loving anybody but you." Rick and Kimberly embrace, as Rick is hurt by what he must do to Kimberly.

CJ looks at the ultrasound machine. Amber says no, they cannot do this. It's crazy. CJ says, "What do you want to do, to wait until the baby is born? You can't hide it. If this machine can tell us if Rick is the father or Raymond, don't you want to find out?" Just then, the doctor walks in to take the machine for another patient. Amber tells him to wait; she would like him to leave the machine for a moment as there is something she needs to ask him.

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