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Week of 02/08/1999 - 02/12/1999

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Monday, February 08, 1999

The doctor asks Amber what her question is; is she in pain again? She says no, and then asks if anything they talk about is confidential. The doctor assures her that anything about her medical condition cannot be discussed without her permission, even with Rick. Amber then asks if he did another ultrasound and looked closely... could he, not that she is saying there would be...? The doctor asks for her to stop beating around the bush, and she asks, as CJ looks on, if he could tell the paternity of the child from another ultrasound.

In the hallway, Rick brings Kimberly some water. Kimberly says she didn't mean to scare him. Rick says she didn't scare him. "But you would rather I didn't say these words, that I love you?" she asks. He says he is glad she said them; if he could only tell her how he feels, he laments. Kimberly says that she wonders about herself sometimes; is she acting like a child and being naive? She would love to tell him not to marry Amber, as Amber could never make him happy the way she could. But doing that would be depriving his child of a family, which she could not do. It's hard to accept, she says. Rick says, "I know. I go through it every day." So where does that leave them, Kimberly asks. Rick says he has been thinking about adoption, but a baby deserves a mother and a father. It's his duty. He was raised in a single parent home and he cannot do that to his child. Kimberly says she understands, but she only has one question for him. "This family you want... can you really do this with Amber?"

Eric seeks out Stephanie's advice about the situation with Rick; he feels like Amber is blackmailing him and is playing on Rick's sense of responsibility. The biggest problem he has is that Rick does not love Amber; if he loved her, things would be different, but now Rick is being asked to pay for one irresponsible night, and he is in an impossible situation as a result.

The doctor asks Amber, "Rick Forrester is the father of your baby, isn't he?" Amber asks again if he can tell who the father is from the ultrasound. The doctor suspects she is not sure and says she has to confide in him; is there any doubt in her mind? There might be, she says.

Rick says he and Amber can give their baby a good life. Kimberly asks, "Don't you need more than that? Don't you need love and respect to give a baby a good home? Do you love Amber?" Rick says he does not feel that same way towards Amber as he does towards Kimberly. He will never forget these last few months since meeting her. Kimberly tries to laugh, with tears in her eyes, "No pain, no gain; that's what they say." Rick says there has been enough pain and not enough gain; he cannot do this to her. He hugs her, but she breaks off and says that he is not hurting her. She has no regrets, she says as they hug again.

The doctor tells Amber that he would need blood tests and DNA to determine paternity. CJ asks if it would be easier with a physical difference between the fathers, but the doctor recommends getting the two potential fathers in and finding out the truth for sure. Amber will not hear of it; Rick cannot hear of this! Besides, she is 99% sure that Rick is the father, since she was only with the other guy one time. The doctor protests as CJ reminds her that she was only with **RICK** once. As the doctor pleads with Amber to do the right thing, Rick walks in the door.

Eric tells Stephanie, "One night together and Amber is pregnant. That doesn't say for sure that Rick is the father." Stephanie thinks he is reaching, and Eric agrees he is sounding desperate. Still, he cannot allow his son to marry that girl. If only he could buy some time. Stephanie suggests, "Just don't give him permission to get married; just say no."

Rick asks Amber what's going on; are they talking about something? Amber says it is just about the baby. Amber then points out that the pain is all gone as Rick asks about the baby. The doctor says that the baby is fine, so Amber says he can leave now. As he leaves, the doctor tells Amber, "Remember what I told you; I meant what I said." Rick asks what in hell that is all about.

Eric says that he can draw the line right now with Rick. Of course, Stephanie points out, Rick could always wait until he turns 18 and get married on his own. Eric says that is true, but he thinks Rick would come to his senses by then. They can take care of the baby, he suggests, so he asks Stephanie why she is being so negative. Stephanie says she is not trying to be negative. She points out that all Rick can think about is this baby and Eric should be proud of that. Eric says he is proud of Rick; he is upset with himself for failing Rick. Stephanie reassures him that Rick got his principles from Eric. Still, Eric thinks, Rick will hate him when all this boils down; what in the hell is he going to do, he wonders.

Rick asks Amber what she was talking to the doctor about. Amber says that the doctor thinks she's been under too much stress from this whole Kimberly thing, so she might go into full-blown labor. The doctor suggested settling down, she says. Rick agrees, and Amber says she can do that as soon as they are married. Amber thanks CJ and especially Kimberly for all their help and says they can leave. She hugs Kimberly good bye as Kimberly wishes her luck and exits. Rick is alone with Amber in the room, deep in thought.

As they wait for the elevator, Kimberly asks CJ if he is hiding something. CJ insists, "Look, Amber and Rick are getting married and there's nothing we can do about it." Kimberly tells CJ that she told Rick she loves him. CJ is stunned and says, "Unless you and I back off, everybody will be hurt. There's more going on here than anybody knows. You have got to get over Rick, and I'm going to help you do it!" They arrive at the parking level and Kimberly is thinking about what CJ has said.

Stephanie tells Eric that she will back him up no matter what he decides. Just as Eric says he will make his decision, Rick and Amber walk in. Stephanie asks where have then been, and Amber explains that she was in the hospital. After she tells him about the fall, Stephanie wants to get her upstairs, but Eric asks if there is more. Amber adds, "The doctor said I had to chill out because of stress." Rick then picks up the consent forms and says that his dad has still not signed this form. "This isn't helping me, Mr. Forrester," Amber states. Rick asks what is going on, and Eric points out that he never said he would sign this. Rick only assumed he would. Stephanie tells Rick not to pressure his father, but Rick asks, "Don't you understand? We are running out of time." Stephanie says she realizes that, but she does not want them rushing into anything. Amber says it's been six months, so who is rushing in?

Rick says Amber is right and demands an answers, so Eric says the answer is no. Amber tells Eric she is sorry to hear that, as there is something he should know. "You see, Rick and I are having a baby boy; the doctor told us today. And you know what else? We have picked a name. We are calling our son Eric Forrester III. Now are you going to let your namesake be born illegitimate? Is that what you want? Because that is what is going to happen. If you don't sign that form tonight, your namesake will be born a bastard!"

Tuesday, February 09, 1999

CJ takes Kimberly home and he wants to go with her to grab a bite to eat, and he says that he will not leave her alone. Kimberly wants to be left alone because she feels that she needs to wake up from her dream and find out that Amber isn't really carrying Rick's child. CJ advises her to forget about Rick, because it is tearing her up inside. He isn't going to let this pull her down. CJ promises to see her though this every step of the way; she can call or page him anytime, he explains. Kim hugs him and asks him to leave, but tells him that he is amazing as he heads out the door. CJ responds, "Yeah? I think you are, too." Once he is outside the house, CJ comes to the realization that based on her last comment, this could really happen for him and Kimberly. But then he tells himself that he is being a friend, and that is all that Kimberly wants or needs right now.

Rick and Amber are at home with Eric and Stephanie at Casa Forrester. They tell them that the sex of the baby is a boy and they plan to name him Eric Forrester III. Amber said that the doctor told her not to stress out which is why they have to get married and settle down. Eric and Stephanie have no idea what all of this is doing to her, she says. Stephanie points out that if the stress was so great, then she would still be in the hospital. Maybe so, Amber says, but it seems like they are not worried about her. Eric assures Amber that they are all concerned about her, but a teenage marriage will not solve her stress problems.

CJ is now over at Spectra Fashions in Grant's old office. He is talking to himself that Rick might not even be the father of this child. He doesn't know how he can let Rick get married thinking this baby is his. CJ can stop all of this right now by just telling him the truth that Raymond could be the father of Amber's baby. But if he did that, Amber would be mad at him, and she is his friend, he thinks. "Some friend," he says, "she made me into a liar." He then turns around to find Darla standing there. CJ chides her for not knocking first.

It turns out that Darla brought CJ a copy of the newspaper with an ad saying that Raymond is playing in town. She thought CJ would want to see his friend. CJ says that Raymond is not his friend and he isn't interested; he just wants to be left alone and he cant talk about it or tell anyone, not even his best friend Rick. It must be something if he can't share this horny tale with his best friend, she says, but CJ still tries to change the subject. Darla tells him that he has to tell her, because she will drive him crazy until he does reveal his troubles. She tells him that he can trust her and points out how she never told Sally about his girly magazines as proof of her loyalty. CJ is stunned that she knew about that, but she says that is why he can tell her this. She has always been there for him, she reminds him, and he needs a friend right now, or he is going to go mental. CJ blurts out, "Amber's baby might not be Rick's." He holds up the ad with the picture of Raymond in the paper and continues, "This guy might be the father."

Amber starts to cry and asks how they can subject her to stress. Eric says she is doing it to herself as Amber starts to cry. Stephanie intercedes. Stephanie talks to Amber while Eric takes Rick into the next room to talk. She tells Amber that she doesn't have a clue as to how the birth of this baby will affect her life or Rick's. Stephanie advises Amber to stop seeing this baby as an opportunity and see it for what it is: a mistake. Amber is furious that Stephanie called the baby a mistake, but Stephanie insists that the baby isn't the mistake; he is just a victim of Amber's mistake. Stephanie points out that Amber has responsible options regarding this marriage and child, but one of them is not running away with an underage teenage boy. Amber then brings up that Stephanie had options in her past also when she had one crazy mistaken night with Eric and Stephanie found herself pregnant with Ridge. Stephanie tells her not to go there.

Eric tells Rick that he doesn't know what to say. He won't sign the papers to allow his son to marry a girl he doesn't love. "Did you love Mom?" Rick asks, and Eric says he did. Rick points out that love is no guarantee for a marriage, as Eric loved Brooke, but Rick still grew up in a broken home. Eric says that he is sorry that he wasn't a good father, but he had tried and wishes that he had been there more for his son. Rick vows to make his marriage work. Eric tells him, "I love you and that is the only thing that is motivating me here. Amber, the baby... none of that matters. You are a good person and I see you wanting to be responsible. But I am your father and I have to protect you. My instincts tell me not to let you get married. Now if I go against my instincts, how am I going to be able to live with myself?"

Stephanie tells Amber when she got pregnant, it was different times; she had to get married. But times have changed you don't have to get married now. Amber says the first baby was Ridge; she wonders how he would have turned out if he was given up for adoption. "I know things were hard, but you got married... " Eric was not underage and they were both in college, Stephanie points out. Amber says that Stephanie is so much like her; "You don't give up easily and neither do I. You did it on your own, just you and Eric... and that's what Rick and I want. I will have this baby and we will give it a good life, just like Mr. Forrester did. And if you turn your backs on us we will become stronger. But we don't want that. Just cut us a little slack. It won't be easy, but we can make it work. And someday, our son will turn out like Ridge and Thorne." Stephanie says, "I do respect you, Amber, and I wish there was a way to make yours and Rick's lives easier." Amber says there is... will Stephanie be her matron of honor at her wedding?

Rick questions his dad's need to protect him. He tells his dad he has a child on the way and he has to protect him. He has to do what's best for that child. "You know that feeling, don't you? I'm going to marry Amber next week and there's noting to talk about. I'm going to do it."

Darla says, "Raymond and Amber?" CJ says yes they spent a night together, just one night. And that is all it was, just like it was with Rick; just one night. And she has no idea who the father is. Darla is stunned and tells CJ that he has to tell Rick. "He has to be told!" she says.

Amber pleads with Stephanie, "Please be my matron of honor. I need you to be a part of my life, so please do this for me!"

Rick says, "I'm begging you, Dad; sign that paper and give my son a family. Please!"

Darla hands CJ the phone. "Take this phone and call Rick right now. You have to stop Rick from marrying Amber before it's to late. Tell him the truth... you have to!"

Wednesday, February 10, 1999

At Stephanie's, Rick asks his dad to sign the consent forms so he and Amber can get married; if he does, they can put this behind them. Eric says he's sorry but he can't; he and Brooke never intended to really go through with this, so he cannot in good conscience sign this. Rick is about to storm out but Eric asks him to wait. He says he is Rick's father and cannot allow him to close the door on his future. Marrying Amber will ruin the rest of his life, Eric tells his son.

Amber impatiently waits for Eric and Rick with Stephanie. She wonders what can be happening in there. Stephanie reminds Amber that she is supposed to avoid stress and says that Rick will handle it. Amber asks what if Eric backs out on them. She tells Stephanie, "We do not want the baby to be illegitimate. But they will listen to you. Can you...?" Stephanie says no, this is between Rick and his father. Amber then returns to her earlier question; she needs Steph's support, so it would mean a lot if Stephanie would be her maid of honor.

Myles chides Kimberly for associating with Rick once again. Kimberly says there was no time and she had no choice but to drive Amber to the hospital, but Myles is not buying it. She says that CJ was there too. "He is Rick's friend," Myles points out, and Kimberly says so is she. No, she is not, Myles corrects her. Kimberly tells her dad, "Rick needs me, Father... and if I'm right and Rick needs me, then I'll be there for him!"

Darla tells CJ he has to stop this wedding. CJ says the Forresters have tried for months; if they couldn't do it, how can he? Besides, it is not his place, and Amber is his friend, too. He cannot break his promise to Amber. Darla says that this secret could ruin both of their lives... and if Amber and Rick get married and it turns out to be Raymond's, then... CJ says that it will be a disaster, one he has tried to avoid. He has talked to Amber about it, but she won't listen to him. Darla says, "Maybe she'll listen to me." CJ says Darla can't do that! Darla exclaims, "Well, we have to do something! Rick needs to know the truth!"

Stephanie says this is not the time to go into the question of a matron of honor. Amber tells Stephanie that she did not mean to push her, as she has done so much already and it means so much. She thanks Stephanie for all she has done, and Stephanie says she is welcome. However, as much as she has done, Stephanie reminds Amber that she won't take sides. Amber says, "You have always given me a chance; nobody has done before, not even my mother. It means so much to me that you care." Stephanie says that she **does** care for Amber and the baby. Amber asks if that means that Steph wants the baby to be born a Forrester. Stephanie says she wants what's best for the whole family. But she does not like Rick at odds with his parents, she adds. "I wish there was something I could do... but if I take a stand in this marriage, it will be a mistake. I told Eric I would accept what he decides, and I meant it."

Rick tells his dad that he knows Eric wants what's best for him, but what about his son? He hates to say it, but he wants to give his son what Eric did not give him. Eric says that he knows it was hard on Rick, as growing up in a broken home was not easy. Rick says that now it is his turn to make that decision, just as Brooke and Eric did. "I don't want my child growing up like that. As I grew up, I needed you, but you weren't there. I don't want my kid leaving me messages on a machine. I want to be there for him, and I don't want to miss a minute. That's why I want to marry Amber, so I can give my son a full time father. Can you understand that?"

Myles tells Kimberly that she will not help Rick and will not take his problems on herself. She has her own life to lead, he states. Kimberly says Rick is part of her life and she will not turn her back on him. "I love him!" she blurts out. Myles asks, "What did you say?" Kimberly says that she loves Rick; she knows he is getting married and is going to be a father, but she still cannot shut off her feelings. Rick has taken on a huge burden, she says, and it is worrying her. Myles says that she got caught up in a bad situation, but she must realize that none of Rick's problems involve her. She has to let go and forget Rick, so she can go on with her life, he says. "Rick is getting married and nothing is going to change that... nothing," he says as he embraces his daughter.

CJ says Amber will kill him if he talks, but Darla thinks Rick has a right to know. Amber is getting married, Darla points out, and she knows that Rick would not do that without the baby. Amber is risking everyone's lives... and god help her if the Forresters find out, since no one tricks the Forresters and gets away with it... nobody.

Rick apologizes to his dad, but he just wants him to understand how he and Amber are committed to their child. It won't be easy, but he and Amber will stick together and make this thing work. "Are you sure this is what you want?" Eric asks. Rick says he is, and he wishes he could convince his father of that. He just wants the fighting to end, he says. Eric agrees that he too is tired of fighting and hugs his son.

Amber paces the floor, waiting for Eric to come out. Stephanie says that Eric will do what is best for the child and for Rick. Amber points out that if Eric does not sign the papers, she and Rick will run off as soon as Rick turns eighteen, and they'll get married then. Stephanie assures Amber that whatever happens, everything will be all right. Rick walks out of the study with his father. Amber asks Eric if he signed the papers.

CJ tells Darla that Amber is not trying to trick anyone; she really believes this is Rick's baby. Darla is skeptical, but CJ says Amber is convinced she has a mother's intuition that Rick is that father, and she is betting all their lives on that. He laments that there is nothing he can do to stop this, and Darla suggests, "What about Raymond?" CJ says that they cannot just call up Raymond and leave a message for him; he knows nothing about it and is on tour, anyway. Darla points out that Raymond will be in town, so they can go see him. CJ is skeptical, but Darla says that Raymond may be the only one who can fix this mess. CJ says she is right. He'll do anything if he can get Amber to postpone this wedding.

Eric tells Amber he did not sign the papers; he still has major reservations about this. However, Rick will be able to do this on his own when he turns eighteen in a few months, and Eric knows that Rick is determined to go through with this. All Eric has done is to cause conflict in this family, and he does not want that. Eric asks Rick again, "Are you sure this is what you want?" Rick says yes, it is. Eric says he is signing this against all his better judgement. He signs the document and says, "Maybe we can put this behind us." As he hands the document to Rick, Amber cries with happiness. Rick thanks his dad. Amber says, "Thank you. I know I'm not the kind of girl you wanted for your son, but I'll make your son happy." Eric says she does not have to make him any promises. Amber says she will prove herself to the family if she has to. She then walks over to Stephanie, all excited, and asks Stephanie once more to be her matron of honor. Eric looks over at Stephanie as Amber smiles.

Thursday, February 11, 1999

Brooke arrives home, deep in thought, and she paces across her living room. She picks up a picture of herself and Ridge from the table. Brooke says to herself, "Oh Ridge, we were so happy and we had so many plans. You promised me you would never leave me. Now you're trying to push me out of your life to have another baby with Taylor. And why? Because you can't deal with your feelings. Accepting the truth would mean leaving Taylor to raise your own son. I keep telling you it doesn't have to be that way. And it doesn't with Rick, either; I keep telling him that he doesn't have to sacrifice his happiness just to raise his own child. The two most important men in my life are making the same mistake. Maybe I didn't get though to Ridge, but I definitely can save my son, I am not going to let him marry a woman he doesn't love."

Amber asks Stephanie if she will be her matron of honor. Stephanie is not sure. Eric says he has reservations about this marriage. Amber says, "But you signed the papers, and I want this wedding to be perfect." Rick tries to intercede, but Amber says, "We're getting married the day after tomorrow, Rick." She turns to Stephanie and says, "I can do this without you, Stephanie, but there is no one else I would want to be my matron of honor. Will you do it?" Reluctantly, Stephanie agrees to stand up for Amber. Amber hugs her and thanks her. Eric says he wouldn't rush out and buy a wedding dress just yet, as the consent form is not yet completed. It still needs another signature, he reminds the young couple. Rick says that his mom still has to sign it. Eric agrees to follow Rick over to Brooke's and Amber is ready to leave with them, but Rick and Stephanie both tell Amber that it is best that the men talk to Brooke alone. They leave as Amber thanks Eric again. Amber asks Stephanie, "She has to sign it, right? Nothing can stop this wedding now."

CJ and Darla drive to the concert that Raymond is performing at. CJ is worried that they won't make it, but Darla says they will. "Even if we do make it, how do I get Raymond to talk to me?" CJ asks. Darla says they will manage it somehow. CJ says, "I hope to God that Raymond can get though to her. If not, I don't know who can."

Brooke stares at the picture of her and Ridge when she hears Rick walk in. Brooke says she was worried about him and then is surprised to see Eric behind Rick. She asks Eric what he is doing here. Rick says it is about the wedding, but Brooke doesn't want to talk about it unless it has been called off. Rick insists that she listen and explains what happened with Amber's fall. The doctor doesn't think she can carry the baby to full term, Rick explains. Brooke says that she thought he wanted to talk about the wedding. Rick says, "It's about this," as he hands his mother the papers for the consent to marry.

Amber waits by the phone, wondering what Brooke will do. Stephanie says Brooke will do whatever she wants to; that is the way she is. Amber hopes they don't tell Brooke about Steph being her maid of honor. Stephanie says that she thinks they will have enough to argue about without dragging her into it. Is that how she feels, Amber asks... dragged in? Steph says no, especially after all the things Amber has said. Amber tells Stephanie that she respected her and the other family members... even Brooke. Stephanie laughs, "Let's not get carried away here." Amber says that it's true. She thinks Brooke does not hate her, but is merely trying to protect her son. "My mom never tried to protect me from anything. Until I met you, I never had anyone to care about, to believe in. You all care about each other," Amber says. "That's why I want to be a part of this family. I know I don't fit in, but I think I can learn. I'll make you proud of me, Stephanie." Stephanie tells Amber to stay there; she will be right back with something.

Raymond has a mob of women jumping around, wanting his signature. Raymond goes back in the building. CJ and Darla show up and try to reach him, but a guard stops them. He says they will have to wait for Raymond to come back like everyone else. CJ is discouraged, and Darla asks CJ what they will do now. The guard then lets a woman in. CJ asks why the guard let her in, and he replies that the woman is Leticia, Raymond's fiancee. CJ and Darla are now worried.

Brooke accuses Rick of forging Eric's signature, but Eric admits he did in fact sign the forms. In a few months Rick will be eighteen and can get married on his own, Eric reminds her. Brooke says that is still months away and he might still change his mind. "This is crazy; he doesn't love Amber," Brooke states. Eric tells Brooke he feels the same way, but he also loves his son. Rick chimes in, "We found out today we were going to have a boy... Eric Forrester, III." Brooke cannot believe Eric would do this, but Rick says, "Dad signed those papers so my son can be born a Forrester... and I am asking you, Mom, to do the same."

Stephanie comes in with a garment bag for Amber. Amber excitedly opens it up and is stunned to see a wedding gown! She is going absolutely ga-ga over it and how beautiful it is. Stephanie says it is not even a Forrester original, but it is something special: it is the gown she wore when she married Eric. "Do you want to wear it when you marry Rick?" Stephanie asks. Amber doesn't know what to say; she can't possibly wear it. Stephanie says they can have the sewing crew at Forrester let it out to fit Amber's pregnant form, but Amber says that is not what she means. "Don't you want to give it to one of your daughters?" she asks. Stephanie says she did at one time, but the girls had other ideas, and she wants it to stay in the family. Amber cries tears of joy and says thanks as she hugs Stephanie.

Brooke tells Rick to think about what he's asking her to do. He says he has thought about it a lot, he tells her. Brooke says this marriage is a mistake and she just cannot forget that. Eric says for the sake of the family, she has to try. They have done everything they could to stop this wedding, but Rick and Amber are determined to go through with this. They can either support them on this or fight them... and by fighting, they will just create tension in the family. He points out that Brooke knows Rick cannot do this alone. He needs their help, and by signing the form, they are giving him that. Rick pleads with his mother to sign it. Brooke turns towards Eric and looks over the papers; she then signs them. Rick thanks her. Brooke and Rick hug. She says that she hates this... she hates what it has done to them and she is afraid of what it will do to Rick in the future. If only there was another way. Rick says, "Amber is carrying my baby and that won't change. I have to do what's best for my son."

Darla and CJ wait to talk to Raymond. CJ is starting to feel like this is crazy, but Darla says they will think of something. Raymond walks outside and the crowd goes crazy. CJ tries to call out to him, mentioning his name, Insomnia, Los Angeles and Amber, but to no avail. Raymond and his fiancee get in a car and drive off. CJ asks what they will do now, and Darla says that they have to tell him about Amber and the baby.

Stephanie explains to Amber that her grandmother made her the dress, and she had a saying for each bead. One bead meant happiness, another love and still another fidelity, she points out. "I had all those things in my marriage, and I hope this dress brings the same to you." Amber is floating on air, happily looking at herself in the mirror. Amber tells Stephanie this is the best present anyone has every given her. Everything will work out for her, Rick and their son, she proclaims. "This is going to be the happiest day of our lives."

Friday, February 12, 1999

Standing on the balcony at the mansion, Amber talks to her baby and says they're pretty lucky; she is marrying Rick with Stephanie as matron of honor and even giving her a wedding dress. It is a dream come true, and the best part is that the baby is Rick's son, Eric Forrester III. She sits down and hears someone come in... she thinks it Stephanie, but it turns out to be James. Amber asks where Stephanie is, and James says she's at Brooke's for a family meeting.

Brooke tells Eric she can't believe Rick is getting married, but Eric reminds her that they have done everything they could. Rick is determined to do this, so they cannot fight him. "Or he'll run away with Amber," Brooke says. Eric says they have to support him, as Brooke wishes there was something they could do. Eric says not to sell Rick short; he thinks that Rick's sense of responsibility will get him through this. They then wait for the rest of the family to arrive. Stephanie comes in and says she saw Thorne outside; she says hello to Brooke and asks how she is. "I'm going to my son's wedding, how do you think I am?" Brooke sarcastically remarks. Ridge and Thorne come in and Ridge asks what's going on here. Eric announces that he and Brooke have consented to allow Rick to marry Amber. Thorne and Ridge are stunned, but Eric says the kids are getting married tomorrow, and there's no way out of it.

CJ and Darla are at the hotel that Raymond is staying at, wondering how they can get past the guard. Darla says he will find a way, and CJ hopes so: his best friend's life is at stake. CJ walks up to Raymond's room, and the guard again refuses to let them in, even after CJ says they have a mutual friend and it is important. CJ insists that he is not leaving until Raymond comes out.

Rick stares at the picture of him and Kimberly at Cafe Russe. Rick asks himself, "What am I doing? Making myself crazy. I have to forget about you, Kimberly... I have to move on as my wedding day is tomorrow. But no matter what happens, I will always wonder what could have been." With tears in his eyes, he tears the picture in half and throws it in the trash.

CJ argues with the guard, who pulls CJ away and tells him to leave right now! As the guard drags him and Darla off, Darla sees someone walking out of Raymond's room. Suddenly, she yelps out in pain and grabs the guard's arm. She says, "My ankle! Oh my god, I hurt it!" As the guard looks towards the "injured" Darla, CJ takes off and runs into Raymond's room. He calls out, "Raymond, it's me... CJ from the Insomnia, Amber Moore's friend!" Raymond remembers "PJ" (as he used to call CJ when last they met) as the guard runs in. He apologizes to Raymond for letting this weasel get in, but Raymond says it is okay and he can handle it. Darla comes in and the guard leaves, and Raymond says, "That's quite an entrance. Now will you tell me what's going on?"

Amber asks James, "The Forrester's are having a family meeting?" James says yes. Amber says it is probably wedding plans. "So Brooke signed the papers?" James asks. "She will... she has to. We are getting married tomorrow," Amber says, with a look on her face that shows a small amount of doubt. Amber tells James that she knows she is not the kind of person Brooke wanted for her son, but she is learning. James thinks she may be to optimistic, but she tells James not to bring her down. She loves Rick and this baby so much, and that is all that matters. She had a rough time growing up, as her folks were not exactly happily married, so she does not know how to trust; but she can learn and will be the kind of person Rick and his family will be proud of. James says he thinks she can as he leaves for his office. He wishes Amber good luck as she thanks him. As he opens the door, Rick walks in, and James tells them both to call him if they need someone to talk to. James leaves and Amber greets her sweetheart. She is about to tell him where Stephanie is, but he says he saw her at the house already before he left. Amber asks if Brooke signed the papers. Rick says yes she did, and Amber is ecstatic. Amber says this will really happen; they will get married tomorrow, she exclaims, as she hugs Rick.

Thorne asks, "Rick and Amber are getting married? Brooke says yes tomorrow. Ridge is upset about it but Eric tells him they had no choice. Brooke and Eric both explain how determined Rick was. "So you just caved in?" Ridge defensively asks. Eric explains how the more they pushed, the more likely it was that Rick would run away with Amber. Eric says, "I won't lose my boy. I won't let that happen!" Ridge says, "What do you think will happen if he marries Amber? You will lose him anyway!" Eric says Rick wants to give this child a good life; maybe Rick has more integrity than he does, Eric suggests, since he was not there for his youngest son. Thorne and Ridge tell him not to talk that way. Ridge asks what happened to the other girl Rick was involved with. Brooke says that is over, as Rick thought that he hurt Kimberly. "So he doesn't love Amber? This is unbelievable!" Ridge proclaims. Stephanie says she thought they were going to support each other, leading Thorne and Ridge to realize she already knew about this. Of course she does; Amber lives with her, Stephanie reminds them. Ridge asks what she thinks of all this and Stephanie says there is nothing to think; they are getting married tomorrow and that is that. Ridge says he doesn't know if he'll go, but Eric says they want the whole family there. Ridge cannot believe that Stephanie is going along with this. Steph says it doesn't matter what she thinks, or what Rick's parents think for that matter. It is done and that's it. Stephanie then tells Brooke she has something Brooke should know, that Amber has asked her to be the matron of honor.

CJ tells Raymond they have to talk, but Raymond says he is too busy. "Want an autograph for your girlfriend here?" he asks, but Darla says she is not his girlfriend. As Raymond tells "PJ" that it looked like he was doing pretty good for himself before Darla said that, CJ says he wants to talk about Amber. Raymond asks how "that crazy chick" is doing. Is she still singing? Darla says no, and Raymond asks if she is still hooked up with that guy, Rick. CJ says yes, but there is more. Raymond gets the feeling there is more going on; is she sick or something? CJ says no, she's not sick... but she is pregnant. Raymond says that's great news, but Darla says not really, as Rick may not be the father. Raymond is stunned as CJ says she's seven months pregnant. "You're a bright guy; you do the math," CJ tells him. Raymond's fiancee, Latisha, walks in, and she asks to be introduced to Raymond's friends. Darla and CJ introduce themselves. CJ congratulates her on their engagement as Latisha talks about how they are getting ready to start a life together. "Isn't that right, baby?" she asks.

Brooke is stunned that Amber asked Stephanie to be her maid of honor. Stephanie says they have all tried to stop this wedding, but it is now clear they cannot. Brooke surmises that Stephanie agreed and cannot believe it; what's next, a bridal shower? Stephanie says she plans on being there for both those kids. Eric agrees that they have to give them their love and pull together. Ridge thinks there must be another way to deal with this, but Eric can only wish there was... but there isn't.

Amber is going on about how happy she is. She reminds Rick about their rehearsal tonight. Rehearsal, he asks? Yes, at the church tonight, and tomorrow they will be married. They did it, she proclaims. They had a few obstacles, but they love each other and love their son. Tomorrow, she will be Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr. and nothing can stop them now. She hugs him.

Raymond asks his fiancee to leave so he can talk to his friends. She leaves, saying it was nice to meet them and that she will be waiting in the limo. Once she is gone, Raymond asks CJ, "What are you trying to pull?" CJ says he is not trying to pull anything. Amber is pregnant. "So what? If you're trying to... no, no. There's no way you can tell me that baby is mine!" Raymond proclaims.

Amber asks Rick, "Did you feel that?" Rick isn't sure. Amber says "That is our son kicking. He's happy! Hi baby, this is your daddy. And we love you so much." And tomorrow they will be a family, forever and ever, she says again. She hugs him as a tear comes down her cheek, and Rick has a confused look on his face.

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