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Monday, February 15, 1999, Episode #2984

Raymond tells CJ that it's impossible for him to be the father of Amber's child. CJ says it's not impossible; he slept with Amber and didn't use protection, and now she's pregnant. Raymond states, "I saw her months ago, and she didn't say anything about a baby. I even asked her." CJ says, "She doesn't think it's yours." Raymond says that she should know. CJ says no, she's in love with Rick. Darla chimes in that Amber is guessing as she loves Rick so much. CJ says, "And whether you like it or not, you might be the father of this baby.

Ridge and Brooke talk about Rick. Ridge wants to talk to him, but Brooke doesn't think it will help. Brooke says that she always thought her son's wedding would be the happiest day of her life; but instead, he has Amber, a girl that doesn't care if she ruins his life as long as she gets what she wants. She laments, "Oh God, she played us perfectly. She waited for the right moment and made her move right under my nose, and I brought her into this house." Ridge says not to blame herself, but Brooke replies, "When we were breaking up, Rick was upset; he needed me and I wasn't there to protect him. How can I not feel responsible?"

Kimberly tells herself that she can't believe Rick is getting married tomorrow. She hears the doorbell and it's Amber. Kimberly says she thought Amber would be planning her wedding, but Amber says it's mostly done... and besides, she thought they still had some unfinished business.

Rick is at the church as he walks around, stopping by the altar. He takes a seat and asks, "How do I do this? I don't know what to do. I know what to do, I just don't know if I can. I have a little baby coming and it needs me. It's the whole rest of my life and the rest of his, too. You have to help me. I'm just not sure. My heart says I'm doing the right thing but I need to be stronger. Please help me be strong."

Kimberly asks Amber what does she mean "unfinished business?" Amber says that they haven't talked since the hospital. Kimberly says to forget it, but Amber says she can't. "You said a lot of things about how a girl like me could never make Rick happy." Kimberly apologizes, but Amber says, "It will not be easy, but we can do it. Rick and I are giving up a lot, but we're fighters, we are like yin and yang. He's so sweet to me; he didn't freak out on me or use me. He was just there, fighting for me. I know I'm not what his parents had in mind, but I love him... and that has to count for something. Rick came though for me and the baby, and I'm going to come through for him. I'm going to make him happy, and nobody has to worry about that." Kimberly asks, "Why are you telling me all this?"

Raymond asks how can she not know who the father is? Darla says when Amber went out with him, she had just had a huge fight with Rick. Raymond remembers. Darla says that the next night, they made up. Raymond asks, "The next night?" CJ says yeah, and they didn't use protected either, which means... Raymond says there's no way to tell. CJ says yes; there's a fifty-fifty chance. Darla says maybe it is Rick's child. CJ says and maybe it isn't. Raymond offers to give out his manager's number, so Amber can give him a call and tell me how it turns out. CJ says, "I didn't come here for your phone number; I need your help! You have to talk to Amber and make her face reality."

Brooke tells Ridge he's just a boy. He's only seventeen and he's already trapped. Ridge sits down next to Brooke. Brooke says, "This wasn't suppose to happen to him. My mother married a man she didn't love. I wanted it to be different for my kids, like what you and I had." Ridge puts his arm around Brooke to comfort her. And she could have done it, which makes this so much worse. "I have seen the way he talks to Kimberly and it's obvious what he feels about her and... I can see how Kimberly feels about Rick. When I think about this marriage with Amber and the fact that he doesn't love her... it's the worst thing that could happen. To love and be loved is what's life is about and Rick may never be able to experience it. And I can't do anything to change it." Ridge pulls Brooke into his arms and hugs her, as she lays her head on his shoulder.

Rick says, "So that's it. Tomorrow I start a new life and leave everything else behind... including Kimberly." Rick asks God why he sent Kimberly... was it a test? "I don't care why; I'm just glad I was with her, even if it was for just a little while." Rick has memories of Kimberly... sitting by her house, their date at Cafe Russe, their kiss. Rick has a tear in his eyes as the minister walks in. He tells Rick that he is early, as rehearsal is not for another half hour. Rick says he just needed time to think. Reverend Foster asks, "I know we have talked about this, Rick, but are you sure your ready for this?"

Amber says she thought Kimberly wanted to hear this. Kimberly asks how she thought that. Amber says, "Because I know how you feel about him; you love him too, don't you?" Kimberly has tears flowing down her face and turns away from Amber. Amber tells Kimberly she is sorry, but Kimberly says she is not. Amber says she is. "I wish I thought of you like I did before, when I thought you were a witch. But you're not; you're a nice person and you love him too. It's obvious. That's why I thought it would help. He's going to be okay. I'm going to take good care of him; maybe knowing that, you won't be so crazy for him. You're beautiful and smart and you'll find somebody... anybody you want except Rick. Amber leaves, as Kimberly breaks into tears.

Raymond tells CJ this is up to Amber and he's staying out of it. CJ says he can't stay out of it, as she's marrying Rick tomorrow. He pleads with Raymond to stop this Russian Roulette game Amber has been playing with this kid and to stop her. Raymond says he is meeting his parents tomorrow to introduce his fiancee to them. "And Latisha, what am I supposed to tell her?" CJ is not sure, but he does now that Amber needs Raymond to talk some sense into her. He can't tell Rick himself as that would destroy their friendship and have Rick throwing Amber out. CJ cannot do that to her. Raymond agrees to come back with them. Darla tells CJ, "You did it!" and CJ says, "I just hope he can get though to her because this is Amber's last chance."

Rick says he made a commitment and will stick to it. Reverend Foster then says he cannot be at the rehearsal himself, but his assistant will help walk them though the whole thing. Rick says okay, and the Reverend says it is a tremendous responsibility Rick is taking on. "You have the support of your family and your faith, and my door is always open if you need to talk." Rick says thank you. Reverend Foster leaved. Rick says to himself, tomorrow.

Kimberly looks up at the star with tears in her eyes and says, "Rick, I can't believe it's finally over. One more day and you'll be her husband." There is a split screen, with Kimberly crying while Rick is miserable.

Tuesday, February 16, 1999, Episode #2985

Brooke stands by the fireplace in her home. Ridge walks over and tells her not to give up. Brooke asks what she is supposed to do. Ridge says, "I don't know, but your teenage son is getting married tomorrow to a woman he doesn't even love. Is he at the chapel right now?" Brooke says that yes he is, for the wedding rehearsal. Ridge wants to go there, to try to make Rick realize what a mistake this is. Brooke says it won't do any good; Eric and she have tried, but Rick is still determined to go through with this marriage!

CJ drives Darla and Raymond back to town, speeding along the highway. Darla tells CJ he was driving a little too fast. CJ bobs and weaves through traffic, and Raymond complains, "Are you trying to get me killed?" CJ says no, but he is trying to stop a wedding. Raymond tells CJ that he must be nuts listening to CJ. "Amber's pregnant, maybe with my kid, and she didn't even tell me... it just wouldn't happen." CJ says, well it did. Raymond hopes CJ is not lying as Darla assures him that it's true... and Amber is in big trouble as a result, so they have to get to her in time!

Amber looks at her wedding dress, saying it's perfect. She then tells the baby it's almost hard to believe; normally, she screws up and things do not go her way, but soon, she will be Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr. "I don't care what anybody says; your daddy will never be sorry, and we will make him so happy. We'll be his family in less then a day." She looks at her watch and realizes she is going to be late for the rehearsal, so she prepares to leave.

Rick is at the church; he tells God that the closer he gets, the more scared he feels. "Is this the way you're supposed to feel before you get married?" he asks. "I don't want to use scared as an excuse; I just want to know if I'm doing the right thing." He asks God to give him a sign. Unseen by Rick, Kimberly shows up at the church and stands in the back.

Ridge says there has to some way to get though to Rick. Brooke asks, "How? We have tried but he won't listen. He thinks he's doing the right thing. But he's really scared to death, I can see it in his eyes. He doesn't want to go though with it." Ridge says that should tell Rick how wrong this is. Brooke says that he's doing it for the baby, not for himself. She had so many dreams for him... but Amber will not let him go. Ridge says Amber does not have him yet and asks about the other girl. Brooke says that was Kimberly. Ridge says that maybe she can talk Rick out of this, get him to back out now? Brooke says that Kim is supporting this marriage. Ridge says somebody has to convince Rick, and he thinks Kimberly is the person to do it. That girl could be Rick's only hope!

Kimberly kneels and prays to God, feeling confused about her feelings for Rick. She now knows that Amber's not a bad person, but what if Rick's making the biggest mistake of his life? "Every time I see him it makes it so much harder," she says. Rick walks in and sees her praying, and they each call out the other's name.

Amber yells out for Stephanie but gets no answer, so she leaves a note. She opens the door and starts to leave when Raymond pops up in her face. She asks him what he is doing here, and CJ says he brought him. Raymond says it looks like they have some catching up to do, but Amber says she has to get to her wedding rehearsal. CJ says she can wait, but Amber is determined to leave. Raymond then asks her, "Is that my baby, Amber?"

Amber says, "No, definitely not. Where did you get that idea?" CJ admits he told Raymond. Amber can't handle this now, but Raymond says she has to. Amber is adamant on getting to the man she loves, the father of her child and her soon-to-be husband. CJ tells her to stay as she orders him to butt out. CJ says, "You're not going anywhere until you listen to Raymond." Raymond says he would love to stay out of this, but this child could be his baby. Amber wants to leave as CJ tells her to do the math on the length of her pregnancy. Raymond says that they will talk about this, even if it's in front of her boyfriend. CJ hands Amber a cell phone and tells her to call Rick and tell him she can't make it. Amber says no. Raymond tells Amber, "Tell him, or I will."

Rick asks Kimberly how she knew he was here. She says she didn't even know he was there and is surprised when he says he is there for his wedding rehearsal. She tries to go, but he tells her not to; he has something to tell her. Kimberly says no, she doesn't belong here and might say things to Rick. Rick says he's glad she told him how she felt. Kimberly says it does not change anything; she wants to leave, but Rick says she needs him. She asks if he is thinking about backing out, but he is unsure. Kimberly says Rick does not have to go though this. He asks what she would do in his place.

Rick's cell phone rings; it's Amber. Amber says she can't make it as she has things to do. She asks Rick to fill her in later, says she loves him and hangs up. Amber asks Raymond and CJ, "Are you happy now?"

Kimberly asks Rick was that Amber? Rick says yes. When he says she is not coming to her own rehearsal, Kimberly is shocked. Rick is glad she's not there, as this gives him and Kimberly a chance to talk. He asks her again what she would do in his place, but she does not know. Rick asks, "Do you know what I was doing before you came here? I was praying. I didn't know where else to go; I turned around and there you were, just like always. With you here, it makes things easier, it makes me strong." Kimberly cries, "I don't want to lose you." Rick knows but he can't turn his back on his son... and he knows that she would not want him to. Rick and Kimberly both have tears flowing down their faces as they embrace each other.

Ridge wants to call Kimberly to talk to her. Brooke says it's over. The fact is that Amber is pregnant with Rick's baby and that's all he cares about now. Unless Ridge can turn back time, there's nothing anybody can do; it's too late. Ridge walks over to Brooke and kisses her from behind as he holds her shoulders.

Amber asks Raymond why he would listen to CJ; this is not his baby, she claims. Raymond asks Amber to give him a good reason not to listen. Amber says this is insane, and this is not his baby. She insists it is Rick's, even after Raymond says he knows she was with Rick the next day. Amber says this is Rick's baby and they are in love... so if Raymond doesn't stop it, he'll screw this up for everybody. She says to forget it, but Raymond says he can't do that if there's a chance it's his baby. He has to know. "So please tell me... is this my baby?" he asks. Amber says it could be. Raymond asks what in hell they are going to do about this now.

Wednesday, February 17, 1999, Episode #2986

Raymond asks Amber what they are we going to do about this. Amber says they are not going to do anything about this; it's not his child. Raymond asks how she could say that. "You're supposed to be getting married tomorrow." Amber says, "No, no; I **AM** getting married tomorrow!" Raymond shakes his head.

Eric talks to Jonathan about the wedding when Stephanie walks in. He explains that he has told Jonathan about Amber. Jonathan asks how much they know about this girl. Eric says just enough to know she is dishonest and unethical. Stephanie tells Eric, "Come on now, she has her good points. I think her feelings for Rick are genuine." Eric says that is fine, but Rick is in love with somebody else.

Rick tells Kimberly he is sorry, but she says he should not be, as he is doing the right thing. He keeps wondering what might have been... they could have had a normal life, and maybe it would be them in this church. Kimberly cries, "No, please no." Rick tells Kimberly not to be upset, as it can still be like this for her. Someday, she will meet the right person who will treat her like she should be, he states. There could be another way, Kimberly suggests. Rick says no, there is not. He made his choices, and if he were to turn his back on his baby, he could not forgive himself. Kimberly tells Rick she will not let im go through this alone; she says goodbye and draws closer to Rick, tears in her eyes. They kiss when the reverend's assistant shows up. "You're not supposed to do that until after the ceremony," she says, introducing herself as Marilyn to Rick... and to the girl she guesses is the bride.

Amber continues to insist that this is Rick's child; she does not even remember sleeping with Raymond. She will not cancel her wedding for that? CJ says she just has to postpone it until they find out who the father is. Amber asks how she will explain that. CJ asks, "How will you explain that Eric Forrester III is Raymond's son?" Amber says yells at CJ to get out, but CJ tells her to wake up and get real. Amber screams to get away; it's none of his business! Raymond says it is **HIS** business as this could be his child. Amber talks about the life growing inside her; she communicates with the baby, she explains. Raymond asks, "So he 'communicated' that he's Rick's?" Amber says she knows this baby; they are connected, and she knows it is Rick's, created on the most beautiful night of her life, the only night she felt loved. CJ says it's just a hunch. Amber says it is not a hunch: it has to be Rick's. Raymond asks so if it was his baby, then she wouldn't care? Amber says she would care... but the problem is that there is no part of her that believes Raymond is the father. Raymond says, "I believe that you believe... but what if you're wrong?"

Stephanie tells Jonathan that the family was going to support this marriage. Eric says it is best for everyone if the kids can make this work; but in case it doesn't, he wants to make sure Rick's interests are protected. He wants to transfer all of Rick's assets, including his interest in Forrester Creations, into a trust. Jonathan says this will help for a while, but the state has community property laws for married couples. Eric says he knows but he thanks Jonathan for his efforts as he leaves. Stephanie says she sees he is upset. Eric tells Stephanie, "My son is marrying a blatant opportunist, and all I can do is this." Stephanie says he told Rick he would stand by his decisions. He is a wonderful father, Stephanie reminds him as she leaves him, until tomorrow.

Marilyn tells Rick he is young, but he is definitely in love. She asks if anyone else is coming and suggests that they get started. Rick tries to tell Marilyn that Kimberly is not his fiancee, but can't. Kimberly tells Rick, "Why don't you do what the nice lady says, honey?" Rick is shocked. Marilyn gives them a quick run though as Rick asks Kimberly what she thinks she is doing. Kimberly says, "She saw us kissing, so we can't tell her I'm not Amber." Marilyn continues to tell them how the service will be held. Rick stares at Kimberly as she holds the flowers and walks to the back of the chapel. With Marilyn demonstrating the proper way to walk first, Kimberly starts to walk down the aisle, and Rick smiles as Kimberly walks towards him.

Amber tells Raymond that she is not wrong. Raymond says they have to face facts; they had sex and there's a baby on the way... and it might be his! "What happens when that baby is born and it turns out to be mine?" he asks. CJ says the Forresters will come after Amber with everything they got. Amber says they don't have to worry about that. Raymond tells Amber she has gone too far this time and to just call off the wedding. Amber cries no, she won't. "I have never gotten a break, not once. But things are different, because of Rick. We love each other, and this is my one chance! I'm going to marry Rick and we will be happy. I will not give that up. I won't."

Stephanie walks in and greets CJ and Amber. She then looks around and asks, "Am I interrupting something?" Amber tells Stephanie that she wasn't interrupting and introduces Raymond as a high school friend. Amber tells CJ and Raymond she is tired and asks them to leave. Stephanie tells them Amber has a big day ahead of her tomorrow, so CJ and Raymond agree to leave. Raymond gives Amber a look as he heads out the door. Stephanie than asks Amber how the rehearsal was. Amber says she didn't go as Raymond stopped by, and she had so much to do. Amber says good night and goes upstairs; Stephanie wonders what is going on as Amber looks down from the top of the stairs, a concerned look on her face.

Marilyn tells Rick and Kimberly that they look like little figures on top a wedding cake. Marilyn then goes over the vows and realizes she does not have a copy with her, so she asks Rick and Kimberly to make up their own vows to each other. Rick asks what he should say. Marilyn says to just tell her how much he loves her. Kimberly says he doesn't have to do this, but Rick says he does. "I love you and I wish I deserved you. You are beautiful and smart and you understand me like no one else does. I just wish I had not made so many mistakes."

Kimberly says everybody makes mistakes, but most don't live up to them like he has. "You're strong and brave, and I'm so proud of you. I have never met anyone as special as you." Marilyn says, "You two will be just fine, so my job is done." she leaves. Rick looks after her, but Kimberly says to let it go. Kimberly then wishes Rick good luck. She starts to leave when she turns around and cries out, "Rick, I am going to miss you so much!" Me, too, he says, and then he calls out to her, "Wait, not yet!" He rushes to her side and grabs her, and he kisses her as they both cry uncontrollably in each other's arms. Kimberly says that she has to go; she runs off with tears flowing down her face. Rick breaks out in tears as well.

Thursday, February 18, 1999, Episode #2987

Amber wakes up... it's her big day, her wedding day! She can't believe that it's here as she tells the baby that this is the day that she and his daddy will get married. All of a sudden, she has flashes of Raymond confronting her! "No, it can't be..." she tells herself. "Please, let it be Rick's. No, it **IS** Rick's... it has to be!" She smiles as she hopes Rick is as happy as she is right now.

Rick sits shirtless on his bed as he thinks that the day has arrived; here he is, only 17 years old and about to become a husband... and a father. He is only doing this for his child, he thinks, as he laments, "Oh, Kimberly... what we might have had. I always will wonder."

Kimberly rehashes what is and what could be with Rick on the morning of the wedding, thinking about the only boy she has ever loved. If only... Myles enters the living room and pauses as he sees her deep in thought on the couch, and he offers to take her for breakfast. She says she has homework but he reminds her that there is no school today. Rick is getting married today, she tells her father. "Well, good, Kimberly, good for Rick," Myles sighs, "Now maybe this whole thing can be over."

Meanwhile, CJ is beating himself up over the whole wedding/paternity dilemma. He wonders how he can ever look his best friend in the eye again after letting him marry Amber for the sake of a baby that might not even be his. "How can I do that?" he asks himself as Sally comes in the room, on the way out for a meeting. She asks if the coffee is ready and when it's not, knows something is wrong. He has been up since 4 in the morning, she notes; in fact, CJ has had trouble sleeping all week, and Sally wants to know what's bothering him.

Stephanie brings Amber breakfast, who is just giddy with delight about her big day. She thanks Stephanie for believing in her, even though she knows Steph is concerned that Rick is marrying so young, but she is determined to make it work, and says that she truly loves him. Stephanie believes she will make Rick happy and will be a good mother, but it will take more than that to meet this challenge. "Bring it on!" Amber says proudly, so Steph tells her to eat her breakfast and then she'll drive her to the church.

Brooke brings some coffee for Rick as he gets ready for the big event. Brooke looks concerned, but Rick assures her he will be all right. He wishes he could live his life over again, especially that one night, since he feels like he is letting Brooke and the family down. He says he is sorry for doing this to her. Brooke blames herself, but Rick says she is a good mother... he is the one who screwed up, and now he will do his best to make her and Eric proud of him. Tears in her eyes, Brooke embraces her son.

Sally guesses that CJ is having troubles because Rick is getting married today; he must be worried that his good friend is not ready for such a big step. Sally tells him to learn from Rick to wait until he is ready. CJ says he gets that message and snaps at Sally, and she asks him to confide in her. They can handle anything as long as he opens up to her, she states. CJ then admits that there is more going on at this wedding than anyone knows. Sally asks him to be less vague, so he admits, "Amber's baby... it might not be Rick's!" Sally is stunned.

Myles tells Kimberly that despite whatever reasons Rick is going through with the wedding, the fact is that is he is doing it... and now the rest of them need to move on, including Kimberly. Kimberly cries that it's just so hard, but she knows she has to get over him, too. Myles says it will get easier, although nothing in life is simple. He admits Rick is doing the responsible thing, and now it is Kimberly's turn to do the same by staying away from Rick. Myles tries again to take her out for breakfast, but she doesn't want to eat anything, so he goes by himself. He tells her to remember he loves her and exits. Once alone, Kimberly cries to herself that this is the worst day of her life, and she doesn't know how she's going to get through it.

Brooke is talking to Rick and saying yes, she wishes he wasn't getting married, and wishes it never happened, but it did. "I have come to a conclusion. We have two choices: we can live to regret it or just go on." She opts for the second. He says he doesn't have a choice and feels bad for her and his dad, especially her. Brooke says he should not talk that way, as she is totally inspired by her son's behavior, his integrity and loyalty. Rick laughs in amusement, as Brooke confesses that she feels like she has done something right. She loves him very much and says he can talk to her about anything. She wants him to promise her that, if he needs to talk about the baby or Amber, or needs to talk about Kimberly, that he will share it with her. "Don't shut me out, keep the lines of communication open," she says. He says he is so afraid. "Honey, I know; it is not too late," she says, but he has made up his mind. He promises to stay in touch. She says they will get through this together and hugs him.

Sally asks CJ to tell her the whole story; why is Rick marrying Amber if Raymond might be the father. Rick doesn't know, CJ tells his mom. Sally says that they have to do something; if this is true, they cannot let Rick get married! She asks if Rick's parents know, and CJ says no; only he, Darla and Amber know. "And Raymond," Sally points out, aghast at what her son is telling her. CJ suddenly balks at Sally to calm down, as it's none of their business and they should really respect Amber's wishes to keep it quiet.

Stephanie and Amber arrive at the chapel and greet the minister, Reverend Foster. Amber turns to Stephanie and says that she knows nothing is going to go wrong on her perfect day, but she still needs to lean on Stephanie to make sure everything goes smoothly. She skips off to the dressing room to get ready, as Stephanie has a puzzled look on her face.

Sally disagrees with CJ and asks when the wedding is, and he says it's in 45 minutes. Then there is still time, Sally desperately points out. "We have to save your friend Rick from making the biggest mistake of his life. This has got to be stopped; it's got to be!" Sally says.

Friday, February 19, 1999, Episode #2988

At the church, Amber tells herself that in less then a hour she will be Mrs. Rick Forrester, She thanks God for giving her the greatest gift she ever had: Rick. She asks him not to let anything screw this up, especially Raymond.

Sally tells CJ to get going, but CJ tells his mother that they can't do this. What if the baby is Rick's, he asks? If that's the case, then he and Amber can be married when they are sure, Sally says. CJ says that there is no way in hell that Rick will marry Amber if he hears about this... and if Rick and Amber break up, then who suffers? The baby, CJ tells his mom.

Rick stops by to see his dad before the wedding to set things straight. He apologizes to Eric for the things he has said, admitting he made a mistake blaming Eric for what has happened. Eric says that maybe they have all learned something here. Rick than admits that Eric has been a good parent... he however has been a spoiled and ungrateful son.

Amber continues to pray. "Please, let me get though this and I will be a perfect mother and wife. Please help me just this one last time!" she cries. Stephanie walks in and tells Amber it is time to get ready; Rev. Foster is with her. Amber asks the Reverend if prayers always get answered, and he says yes. Stephanie wonders where this is coming from, and the Reverend assures Amber that with prayer, you usually get more than what you ask for. He takes her off to the dressing room, where she starts putting on her makeup. Messing things up, she is nervous as she sees a phantom Raymond in the mirror. "Raymond" says she cannot go through with this; after all, that baby might be his. Amber tells the apparition that it isn't. "Raymond" asks how she knows. Amber says that she can feel and orders "him" out. "Raymond" says she is desperate right now and is barely hanging on. "And what happens when the baby's day comes, and you can't hide it if it's mine?" he asks. "It will show. Amber you're living a lie. Do you hear me? It's a lie! A lie... a lie... a lie!"

Amber cries out for him to get out. Stephanie walks in and asks what's the matter. Amber says it is nothing. Stephanie reminds Amber that they always thought this wedding would not happen, but it has. And now that it has, one thing Amber can count on is that the Forresters know how to handle a crisis, Stephanie assures. Amber tells Stephanie that she has made a lot mistakes, but the best thing so far is having Steph stand by her. Stephanie hugs her and, looking over Amber's shoulder, she sees Brooke opening the door.

Eric tells Rick that he is not spoiled or ungrateful; after all, he himself should have been there more for Rick while growing up. Rick says Eric saw them on the weekends. Eric wonders why his son is letting dad off the hook. Is there something he needs? Rick says that Eric taught him to be a straight shooter, and now he has a favor to ask: will Eric be his best man?

Sally asks CJ what will happen if the baby is Raymond's... wouldn't everyone, especially the Forresters, want to see the truth come out? CJ asks since when she cares about the Forresters. Sally says, "I don't care what the Forresters think, but I can't forget one of them is your best friend... and I couldn't have raised you right if this is how you treat your best friend."

Stephanie helps Amber as Brooke walks in. Brooke notes the wedding gown, which Amber says that Stephanie gave her. Brooke gives her a look of disbelief as she asks Amber how she's doing? Amber says, "It might not be my place, but can we put everything aside today?" Brooke says Amber is right--it's not her place. Stephanie reminds Brooke, "This is Amber's and Rick's wedding day. she will be your daughter in law." Brooke asks Stephanie, "Why do I get the feeling you're getting some morbid pleasure out of this?" Brooke tells Amber she was there to tell her guests are arriving. Amber panics... she has to get ready. Stephanie calms her down; it is her day, so she should enjoy it. "Right, Brooke?" Stephanie adds. Brooke wishes she could say that, but she can't be happy; her boy is seventeen, so what kind of mother would she be if that didn't bother her. Amber admits she sees Brooke's point and prays that she will never see her own son in the same position. But she promises to make Brooke proud, since she loves Rick and will make him the happiest man alive. She excuses herself to get ready as Stephanie and Brooke leave.

CJ admits that he should have told Rick, but it's to late. Sally says it's not if they get there in time. CJ says the Forresters will kill Sally for crashing the wedding, but Sally thinks that they will probably make her a saint instead. CJ says, "Okay, but Amber will kill me." Suddenly, the phone rings; CJ answers and it's Kimberly, who wants to be at the wedding. CJ tries to talk her out of it, but she says, "I need to talk to Rick. Now are you coming by or do I take a cab?" CJ says he will be there. He says to himself that this wedding is getting totally out of hand. CJ turns around and says, "Look, mom," but Sally is not there. Fearing the worst, CJ runs out the door.

Eric tells Rick he does not have to feel guilty about what has gone on between them, so he does not have to ask him to be the best man. Rick says guilt has nothing to do with it; he is giving his son a family, despite his family and friends calling him nuts. Maybe he is different, but he is proud of it, something he learned from Eric. He wants to thank Eric for that by making him a part of his son's life, and to help him teach his son. "Please, will you be my best man?" Rick asks. Eric says, "You're a remarkable young man, Eric Forrester Jr. You're right, it won't be easy, but we all make mistakes. And you have reacted to this mistake in a way that makes me very, very proud." Eric agrees to be his best man, and to stand up for Rick every day for the rest of his life. They will meet this challenge because of Rick, Eric says, so he is honored to be his best man. Rick has tears flowing down his face he hugs his father.

Stephanie tells Brooke that Amber is dressed. Brooke says Ridge, Thorne and Bridget are outside. Brooke laments what is happening, and Stephanie reminds her that Rick has chosen this. He has turned out to be a fine young man and will handle whatever life throws him, Steph states. "He's like his mother that way," Stephanie says. Brooke says that sounds like a compliment and thanks Stephanie. Stephanie tells her not to count on any more any time soon.

Amber starts to open the dress bag when she hears the door opening; she thinks it is Stephanie, but she turns around to see Sally standing there. Sally says, "I know I'm not on the guest list..." Amber apologizes, saying that she thought that with the way Sally and Stephanie feel about each other, it is for the best. Sally says "What I am here to tell you is there is not going to be a wedding today." Amber laughs and asks what she is talking about. Sally says, "I'm talking about the baby you are carrying. I know the whole truth about that and before too long everybody will know about it, even the groom, Rick Forrester.

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