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Monday, February 22, 1999, Episode #2989

Eric ties Rick tie, saying he looks good. He asks Rick if he is ready. Rick asks if his dad will be next to him and Eric says yes. Rick says, then he is ready. They walk out and see Brooke sitting there. Brooke hugs Rick as Eric compliments her on her appearance. Brooke guesses that this is it. Rick asks about Amber, and Brooke looks over her shoulder to Stephanie. She asks Stephanie if Amber was dressed yet, since she's the big winner today. Stephanie goes to check on Amber.

Amber tells Sally to go home right now! Sally says she is here to deliver a lecture on truth and decency, as the truth has to come out. Amber says that Sally doesn't know that Raymond could be the father. Sally says, "Yes, I do. I know it from someone who knows the truth... CJ told me. His conscience bothered him, and despite his sense of loyalty, he could no longer hide the truth. The house of cards will come crashing down. Rick and his family will be told the truth, and they will be told right now."

Kimberly hands CJ a letter to give to Rick. CJ asks Kimberly why she is here at this wedding when she knows it will rip her apart. Kimberly says that maybe she needs to be ripped apart. "Before you can move on?" CJ asks. She tells CJ to just find Rick and she would be there when the wedding starts. As CJ goes off, Kimberly stands there with tears on her face.

Amber tells Sally, "I don't care what CJ told you, this the baby is Rick's." Sally will not let up, but Amber defends, "I'm not even sure if I slept with Raymond." Sally says Amber should be tested, and Amber states that there will be time for that after the wedding. Sally says Amber has to call off this wedding; call it what she likes -- nerves, fainting or second thoughts -- but call it off. Amber says she is just like Sally; this is her one chance to have what she wants. She will find out when this baby is born if it is Raymond's, but she is begging Sally not to do this. Sally says that may have worked at one time; after all, what are the Forresters to her? But recently, she has learned something about principles and cannot turn her back. She will not allow CJ to learn from Amber how to lie and cheat his way through life. "You can call off this wedding yourself or I will. So what's it going to be?" Sally asks. Stephanie walks in and sees Sally, and she asks what Sally is doing here.

At the church family and friends gather; Taylor, Ridge, Thorne, James, Lauren and Bridget all arrive. The reverend asks if Bridget wants to speak with her brother, but she spots him with Eric and declines, saying she will speak to him after the wedding. Thorne is puzzled. Ridge walks up to Rick and Eric and is surprised to see them taking this so well. Thorne joins them and asks how Rick is. He assures him that he is fine, especially with his dad's help, and he thanks them all for their support. Taylor comes over and they start to chat as Eric walks over to Lauren. He tells her that Rick asked him to be the best man, and Lauren assures him everything will go fine. With a dad like Eric, how could Rick go wrong, she asks?

CJ asks to talk to Rick right now. Kimberly watches as Rick asks CJ what's up. CJ says, "I need to give you something." Rick what is it, as he's about to get married. CJ says Kimberly asked him to give Rick this, and he hands Rick the letter. He leaves so Rick can have a few moments by himself.

Rick reads the letter. First, she makes him promise to destroy it when he is done. Next, she says she is writing because she cares for him deeply... he is her friend and soulmate, and she cannot push the thought of what Rick meant to her out of her mind. Their relationship was not meaningless, so she has a wish list for him on this day. She wants him to be happy and to be fulfilled with his son; she hoped that would happen with her, but it was not in the cards. She also asks him to give Amber a chance; in time, Amber will bring good things for him. She wishes him luck and love and tells him not to have any regrets; she cannot bear the thought of him suffering. In closing, she offers him advice... they all have needs and desires, and she needs to make sure that Rick is honoring his. By hearing his vows to Amber, she will be able to believe it. In the end, she wishes him luck and says that will never forget him. He is moved to tears as he reads the letter. Rick looks up with tears flowing down his face to see Kimberly standing there crying. He looks away for a moment, and then she is gone.

As Stephanie wonders what is going on, Amber yells to Sally. She promises to talk to Stephanie. Sally says okay and leaves. Stephanie asks what that was all about.

CJ walks up to Rick and asks if he's okay? Rick says Kimberly is outside; why? CJ says she wants to see this. Eric comes up to them. CJ wishes Rick good luck. Eric asks Rick what's the problem? Rick says, "I just want to get this over with."

Stephanie tells Amber that she is about to become part of the family and they don't have any secrets. Amber says that Sally wants more respect from Stephanie and she hoped that by allowing her to be at the wedding, that would happen. Steph asks Amber if she wants Sally there, and Amber says no; she just wants to marry Rick. Stephanie says Sally is gone, so Amber get ready.

Eric tells Rick it's not too late to call off this wedding. Rick says he can't do that. Eric says, "But you want to. If you want to leave, you just walk out and I'll handle all of it." The Reverend walks up and says they are ready to begin. Rick says no, he wants to marry Amber. He turns to the reverend and says, he is ready. The church is full of family and friends. Brooke sits with Thorne while Bridget joins Lauren; Ridge and Taylor sit together while James casts a glance their way; and Kimberly sits next to CJ. All eyes are on Rick as the music begins to play. Amber walks in with Stephanie as all eyes turn to her. Marilyn realizes that Amber is not the girl she saw Rick with at the rehearsal and stops playing music for a minute; however, the Reverend looks at her and she then continues.

Sally is still at the church as the music plays. Raymond walks into the church and stands outside the door to the inner chapel.

Tuesday, February 23, 1999, Episode #2990

At the church everybody is seated as the wedding of Amber and Rick begins. Amber says to herself, "It's show time, my baby boy; the moment we both have been waiting for." Amber walks down the aisle, about to take her place beside her groom. As she goes down the aisle, she sees the people sitting there; she sees Sally sitting there, which has her concerned. As she moves forward, she passes and looks at Brooke, and she then joins a smiling Rick. The Reverend Foster starts the service as Rick and Amber smile at each other.

Off to the side, Raymond has arrived, and he watches as the Reverend speaks. Sally spots him and heads outside the chapel to talk to him, which has CJ all nervous. In the anteroom outside, Sally asks, "So you're Raymond?" Raymond says yes, he is, and Sally says that the Forresters will be glad to hear his story. Raymond points out that he is not here to cause trouble; he wasn't even invited to the wedding. Sally, however, remains adamant that this is all about Amber's baby, which may not be Rick's; once the Forresters find out, they will ruin Amber, she explains. Sally implores him to do something to stop the wedding!

The Reverend talks about teenage marriages; he says that it is usually a hard road, but he believes that Amber and Rick's commitment to each other and the baby will get them through it. James then comes forward to say a few words; while he speaks, CJ goes outside to confront his mother and Raymond. Sally continues to insist that is not too late; the wedding is not complete, she says. CJ, however, tells both his mother and Raymond to butt out and go home; there is nothing that can be done. CJ returns to the chapel, having said his piece, and Sally is right behind.

Stephanie, CJ and Kimberly notice that Sally has walked back into the service, as CJ prays that his mom does not make trouble. Meanwhile, Reverend Foster continues with the ceremony and asks if anyone has any objections, let them speak now or hold their peace.

CJ is silent and Kimberly has tears in her eyes... but just then, Sally stands up. She says, "I have to say something." Stephanie says Sally, "What are you doing here?" Sally insists, "I have to talk to you," but Stephanie says, "You have nothing to say. I want you out of here." Sally says not to lay a hand on her, and Stephanie tells her to leave. Sally says, "OK Stephanie, but you remember one thing. You will be very, very sorry that you didn't listen to me." Sally leaves. CJ gives Amber a look as Kimberly asks CJ what that was all about. "Do you know something?" He answers, "No, it's just my mother being herself."

Stephanie says they are ready as Amber says how much she admires Rick and how strong he is and how he is doing this for her and the baby. "This baby son you have given me is the most precious thing, and I will love him and make him so very happy." It is then Rick's turn, as he looks over to Kimberly. Kimberly is looking at him as the tears are coming down her face, and he turns to Amber and says how he will be there for Amber and his son. Rings are exchanged and the Reverend pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss and hug, Amber is all smiles, saying how happy she is, and Rick has a small smile. As there is applause, Stephanie hugs Amber. They walk down the aisle and out of the chapel, while CJ sits next to Kimberly and watches as tears flow down her face.

Wednesday, February 24, 1999, Episode #2991

At Spectra, Sally tells Darla about how Stephanie threw her out of the wedding. She couldn't even tell them about the baby, she says, since Stephanie would not let her get a word in edgewise. Sally says it was her own fault for trying to help them, so this is the last time she will try. They can handle their new deceitful daughter in law by themselves, Sally proclaims.

Stephanie and Eric are waiting for Rick and Amber to arrive for the reception. They look around and see everyone there except the newlyweds. Lauren and Bridget try to comfort Brooke while everyone else looks on. James wonders how Brooke is taking it; she almost seemed to be willing to hear Sally out, they note. Ridge asks what was Sally doing there anyway, and he notes how Rick was looking at Kimberly the whole time.

The newlyweds arrive in a limo. Rick tells Amber that they are here. Amber says that the newlyweds have arrived, and she is so proud of him.

Kimberly gets home. Myles asks where she's been. "Don't tell me you were with Rick?" he asks. Kimberly says that she went to Rick's wedding and asks him not to be angry with her. Myles is upset, but not angry: he is more frustrated, he says. Kimberly says she bets he is happy, but she lost the only boy she ever loved forever; does he know how that feels? Myles says yes, he does.

Amber and Rick are still in the limo, talking about the wedding. Rick says she was great and she says that he was, too. Amber says it must have thrown Rick to see Kimberly there. Rick admits that he was surprised, but Amber points out that Kim obviously didn't want to cause trouble. Rick says Kimberly wouldn't do that.. not like Sally would. Rick asks Amber why was Sally acting like that; Amber quickly changes the subject, as Rick says they should go in. Amber says she needs a little encouragement and asks for a kiss. He kisses her and she smiles.

Brooke tells Eric this has been hard; how does she congratulate her son on the worst day of his life? Bridget says the happy couple is here as Amber and Rick make their entrance. Everyone applauds and throws confetti as Bridget gives her brother a hug. Amber thanks Stephanie for everything, and Stephanie says she is welcome. Rick walks over to Brooke, who says he looks so handsome and grown up. "I love you so much," she says. Rick hugs her and says he loves her, too. Rick then thanks everyone for coming. He knows it has not been easy, but he just wants to get back to being a family, with all of them putting their differences aside for people who care about each other. Amber says how much it meant to have so many people pulling for them as Rick says, "Let's celebrate!" Amber walks away and sees CJ standing there, looking at her.

Sally says she will never involve herself with the Forresters again; she's had it! "Does that mean you will just give up? Someone has to tell Rick that Amber's baby might be Raymond's," Darla says.

Stephanie toasts Rick and Amber, saying how the Forrester family always pulls together, and she hopes that will inspire the newlyweds, not just today but for years to come. After the toast, Amber walks over to CJ and asks, "What are you doing here?" CJ says she invited him. Amber says this is for family and friends only, not back stabbers. CJ tries to apologize, but Amber points out, "Sally almost ruined the wedding and it's all your fault." CJ asks Amber how he was supposed to know his mother would crash the wedding. Amber points out that it a good thing that Stephanie stopped Sally before she could say anything. CJ says, "But it didn't happen, did it? And now you're married to Rick." Amber says yeah, as long as Sally keeps her big mouth shut. "Nobody is going to screw this up for me; not you, not Sally... nobody!" Amber turns around to see Raymond has arrived at the party as he stands in the doorway.

Kimberly tells Myles how awful she feels for Rick and how sad he was. He looked so lonely, she says. Myles tells her that she has to let go and move on. Kimberly admits she agreed with Rick's decision to marry Amber, although at one point in the service, she didn't think it would happen. Myles asks what happened and she explains, "When the Reverend asked if anybody had any objections, a lady stood up." Myles asks if it was a Forrester, but Kimberly says no; it was CJ's mother, Sally Spectra. She goes on to say that Stephanie kicked Sally out before she had a chance to say anything. Kimberly then says that Rick doesn't care about Amber. It is only because of the child that he is with her. Myles says, "But they are married and you have to get on with your life. You have to accept this is over. Rick Forrester is a married man." He hugs his daughter.

Rick stands in a room alone, again reading the letter Kimberly wrote. Ridge comes in and thinks it is a copy of the vows, and Rick lies that it is. Ridge then tells Rick he saw him looking at Kimberly; it is obvious he cares about her and it could not have been easy. Rick excuses himself to talk to CJ.

Amber asks Raymond what he's doing there. He says she needs to tell the truth, but Amber insists, "Rick and I are married. I'm a Forrester now." But what if it is not Rick's baby, Raymond asks? Amber insists it is Rick's and it is none of Raymond's business. Just then, Stephanie walks over and asks Amber what's going on Amber nervously points out that Raymond is there, but he can't stay. He has to leave; "You know how rock stars are," Amber states. Stephanie is sorry to hear that Amber will not have her friend there, but Amber says it is more a family thing anyway. Stephanie bids Raymond goodbye and leaves. Amber tells Raymond, "Trust me, everything will be okay... me, Rick and baby Eric will be just fine." Raymond hopes so as he leaves.

Eric makes a toast to Rick, Amber and the baby. He says how proud he was of Rick, and how he finally knows he was keeping Rick from fulfilling his dream by opposing the marriage. He commends them both for their devotion to the baby and raises his glass. Amber asks to say something as well. Amber thanks Stephanie, and she also thanks Eric and Brooke for giving their consent. She knows she's not the kind of girl they wanted Rick to marry. She had big dreams, she admits, but now she knows something. "People respect you, and you're an amazing family. I'm so proud my son will know you; that's all I ever wanted, and I am glad you'll accept him as one of your own," Amber states. She tells them she will prove just how much she respects all of them and kisses Rick. Rick has a faraway look as he embraces his bride.

Kimberly stands by the fireplace looking at the picture of her and Rick from Cafe Russe. She says, "Rick I, still love you so much," as she cries.

Thursday, February 25, 1999, Episode #2992

At Forrester, Ridge works while Brooke holds a cup of coffee. Ridge turns to Megan and goes over some details for the first show of the new line. Megan says that she knows that they are good products, as she tried them out on her boyfriend. Ridge laughs and notices Brooke seems distracted; he asks her if she is all right. Brooke says, "My son is seventeen, and now he's married and expecting a baby." Ridge says that they all wished it would have turned out different; they hoped it wasn't Rick's child, but that's not the case. In the meantime, Amber is trying, Ridge states. He says they will get through this. Brooke replies, "We?" Ridge says, "I'm always here for you." Brooke says that she needs more then friendship; maybe she should call Victor. Ridge says she is a strong woman and will survive this as he hugs her. Just then, Taylor walks into Ridge's office and says, "Ridge, you'll never guess..." As she looks up, she sees Ridge and Brooke embracing each other.

Thorne works out while Macy watches in her bathing suit. They note how good the other looks and that it is, of course, nothing they have not seen before. Thorne says it has been a while. Macy says that they will need to go into the office a little later, so they should enjoy this time alone. Thorne asks how are things with her mother and father, and Macy says that they had dad over for dinner. "I was not expecting a miracle, but... Mom threw him out," she says. Thorne is sorry as Macy says she can't give up; this is her family, and there is nothing more important to her than to see her parents back together again.

At her apartment, Sally rushes to answer the doorbell and see that it's Adam. He says he needs a friend and wonders if she could be one for ten minutes. Sally lets Myles in and asks, "When did we become friends?" Myles says they used to be... but he's not here to talk about that. He says that the Forresters are driving him crazy, and he cannot allow it to happen again. Kimberly is already involved with Rick. Sally says that's over, as Rick is married. Myles says that is meaningless to the Forresters, so it's not over for Kimberly. She said she's still loves Rick... and what about Macy? Sally says Macy can take care of herself. Myles says Thorne is back in the picture now with Macy; he destroyed her once before and they can't stand by and let that happen again.

Ridge apologizes to his wife for the position she has found him in; Taylor tells him that she understands. Taylor asks how is Rick doing? Brooke tells Taylor how Rick is trying to be responsible, while he should be out there having fun, dating and going to parties. Ridge says, "...and now he's married." Brooke says that they wanted so much more for Rick. If he was older, it would be one thing, but he is so young. Taylor says but there is a baby on the way. Still, Brooke is afraid for him. Taylor says that if anybody can get through this, Rick can. Brooke changes the subject, realizing that Taylor did not come to talk to her. Taylor says, "You're right, I want to talk to Ridge alone." Brooke doesn't want to leave as she is busy working there. If that's the case, Taylor thinks, then she will proceed; Taylor tells Ridge, "I have the most wonderful news, Ridge sweetheart; we are pregnant."

Thorne and Macy are sunning themselves on the veranda, talking about her mom and dad. She hopes things turn out for them. Thorne says it sounds like her dad has his work cut out for him and wants to meet him. Macy says she would like that. "Hey, what about the wedding yesterday?" Macy asks. Thorne says that it was quite a happy affair. Thorne reminds her that Rick is only 17, but Macy says that maybe they will beat the odds. Thorne says how he and Macy couldn't do it, so how can they expect Rick and Amber to. "No, we couldn't, could we?" Macy laments. He says that was the single biggest mistake of his life. She asks Thorne to put some sunscreen on her.

Myles asks Sally what are you doing to help Macy against the threat of Thorne. Sally says that she has learned to trust Macy, and besides, she thinks that Adam is a little late for parental concern. Myles says, "I know you have had your run in with the Forrester's. You should know that they should not be trusted." She says that when Grant died, it devastated Macy. Thorne has been a strong friend and has supported Macy and the company, she explains. "He is putting the moves on Macy," Myles accuses! Sally responds, "He is there helping our company by being there for us. And what do you think you're doing? You're an overprotective father and you have no right, so stay out of it." Myles doesn't want to hear it and leaves. As he walks out, Sally calls after him, but it is too late.

Ridge asks Taylor, "You're pregnant? We are going to have another child?" Taylor says it shouldn't be a surprise; she was going to tell him over dinner but she couldn't wait. Taylor and Ridge embrace as Brooke looks on with tears in her eyes.

Thorne rubs sunscreen into Macy's shoulders. Macy says that feels nice. Thorne is rubbing Macy's back and they are both flirting with each other, getting along well. Myles is peeking in the bushes, with a sour look on his face. She says that she has to get to work and Thorne says that he will be there later... it will be another chance for him to see her, he laughs. With a smile on her face, Macy heads off. Myles comes out and says hello to Thorne. "You're Macy's father... well, she just left," Thorne asks. Thorne then asks, "Is something wrong?" Myles notes that they live next door to each other. "Yes, we spend a lot of time together and work together. Do you have a problem with me, Adam?" Thorne asks. Myles says that he knows their history, but he has no desire to get to know Thorne or to see that history come to life again. "You have come back after 25 years to tell me that?" Thorne wonders. "I am not asking... I am telling you," Myles says.

Ridge realizes that Brooke is still in the room and tapers his enthusiasm a little. Brooke says congratulations. Taylor looks at Brooke and says, "I am sorry. I wanted to tell him in private over dinner, but I couldn't wait." Brooke says that is OK, she understands, now more than ever. "You and Ridge are a family, and now you have another wondrous gift. You have a purpose, to love and to protect your child. You both have done a wonderful job with Thomas, and now he might have a brother or sister who will be equally blessed." Taylor says, "Brooke, what a nice thing to say." "You are blessed with a baby," Brooke says as Ridge says it is pretty incredible. Brooke says, "More than I can say." as Ridge looks at her and realizes what that talk was doing to her. Brooke says, "I will let you two be alone," and Ridge thanks her. Taylor says, "Do you think she will be all right?" "She's been through a lot lately, but she is a fighter and will be OK," Ridge says. Taylor says, "Feel our baby right here. Very soon, there will be a new precious baby in the house." They hug each other. Outside, Brooke has tears in her eyes as she puts her hand to her face and stops in the hallway.

Friday, February 26, 1999, Episode #2993

Ridge kisses Taylor passionately as she sits in his lap. Ridge asks if she's absolutely certain about this? Taylor says she has taken a home pregnancy test and is going to see the doctor today, so she is. "But I think I already knew... I think it happened after that night at the Cafe Russe," she admits. She kisses him as she says that night was when the baby was made. Ridge wants to play hooky today, to just take Thomas to the beach. "And how about Thomas' mommy?" he asks. Taylor says she is happy anywhere as long as Ridge is there. Ridge is all set to go, but Taylor says, "I'll meet you at home, I have to stop by and see Pierce."

Pierce is at home working out, as he awaits Taylor's arrival. He has no idea what he should say to her; should he tell her she is in a dead end marriage? Pierce tells himself that he is just standing on the side lines, and that's just not his way, so today he will tell Taylor how he feels about her and it will be a new beginning... for both of them.

Sally stops by to see Macy. Sally tells her about her recent visit with Adam, and Macy is surprised when Sally says that they got into a fight. Macy asks, "What did you fight about?" Sally says that Adam wants to keep Macy away from Thorne.

Myles asks Thorne if he finds what Myles is saying amusing. Thorne says in a way he does and is concerned by the way he is just charging in with orders after all these years way. Myles says somebody has to look after Macy. She has me, Thorne says. Myles thinks that is ridiculous. Thorne says, "You just got to town and you don't even know me. So why don't you take the time to get to know your daughter and we'll forget about this conversation." Myles says he will not forget it... and neither will Thorne!

Ridge asks Taylor, "Are you going to tell Pierce about the baby?" Taylor asks if she should and Ridge says that is up to her, but he warns that Pierce won't like it and she might even lose her job. Taylor says that is nuts. Pierce would not fire someone just for being pregnant and she bets he'll be happy for them. Ridge asks how she can be such a brilliant psychiatrist and be so clueless. "He doesn't just see you as a co worker," Ridge points out. Taylor says that is just Pierce being Pierce. Ridge asks what about the song... "I need a woman to be my wife?" Taylor says that he sang that in front of hundreds of people. Ridge says that's right. Taylor says he just needs someone to relate to, to talk to. And why settle for an imitation when he thinks Taylor can be just that, Ridge asks? "I'll go over and tell him we're having a baby and I bet he'll be happy for us." Ridge is willing to bet--with the prize being Taylor getting ravaged by her husband. Taylor says yes and says she will see him later.

Macy asks Sally, "My father came to see you to talk about Thorne?" Sally says that's right; actually, he criticized Sally for letting Thorne near Macy. Macy is shocked, since Thorne is only a friend. But when Sally assures her that's what happened, she is surprised that Sally stood up for Thorne. Sally says that yes she did, although she saw it more as standing up for Macy's good sense. She hopes Macy has enough sense not to fall for the Forrester charm. She looks at Macy and says, "No, Macy -- don't tell me you're falling in love with Thorne all over again?"

Thorne asks Myles "Does Macy even know you're here?" She doesn't, Thorne guesses, and he suggests that Myles learn that Macy doesn't like knights in shining armor. "Like you," Myles guesses. Thorne says that is different; yes, their marriage fell apart, but Thorne is not going back to the way things were. Myles asks people don't change, leading Thorne to ask what makes Myles so different. "Tell me, Adam; you expect her to forgive you for what you did, so why shouldn't she give me another chance?"

As Pierce ties his tie, he says to himself that he has a good feeling about this, as he and Taylor have always had something special between them from the first moment. Pierce thinks back over the good times with Taylor... flirting with her while she tried on outfits, working with her, the dinner at his home. Pierce says to himself that he's not the only one that feels that way; he's sure of it. Pierce hears the door and answers it; it's Taylor, and Pierce has a big smile on his face. As Taylor walks in, Pierce says good morning and tells her that he been looking forward to seeing her. He says there is something important to talk to her about, and it has nothing to do with work; it has to do with her!

Sally tells Macy, "I can tell by that look your falling for Thorne again." Macy says that is silly, but Sally asks Macy to look her in the eye and tell her that she has now feelings for Thorne. "How could you let this happen, you do feel something for Thorne?" Sally asks. Macy says yes. Sally says she cannot understand, as Thorne broke her heart before. Macy says things change, and she is not going to let fear rule her life. Besides, who says anything will happen between her and Thorne. Grant died months ago, so maybe Thorne has changed his mind about her. And even if her hasn't, Sally was right the first time; she can take care of herself. Sally says to tell Adam that. Macy says that her dad is being a little overprotective and she's sure Thorne and he will hit it off fine.

Myles talks to Thorne, incensed that Thorne could compare himself to Myles. He orders Thorne to stay out of Macy's life! Thorne says, "If you think you're getting rid of me, think again." They argue; Myles comes down on Thorne for being just like his family, while Thorne holds back from tossing Myles out on his ear. For Macy's sake, Thorne says they should reach an understanding, but Myles refuses as he walks out.

Thorne stands there, looking up as Macy comes back bye. She says that she came to see if he needs a lift to the office, but he laughs that he should get dressed first. Macy quips that the look works for Thorne, to which he asks, "Does it work for you?" She is teasing with him as she puts her hand on Thorne's chest. "Macy, do you know what you're doing?" he asks. They look at each other, lust in their eyes as he kisses her hand. All of sudden, Macy and Thorne passionately kiss one another. Watching from the bushes, Myles is upset as Macy and Thorne hug each other and Thorne holds her in his arms.

Pierce asks Taylor to sit and says she seems nervous. She reminds him of how close a friend he is, and she hopes whatever happens will not change that. He says that he has to tell her how he feels; he cannot watch her settle for Ridge, and he admits how she is the person he has been waiting for all his life. They fit together, he says, like they are two halves of the same whole, and she has changed his world so much. He is grateful and wants to show her just how much he cares. "You have my heart in your hands; I can make you so happy if you just give me the word," he says, as Taylor stares into his eyes.

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