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Monday, March 01, 1999, Episode #2994

Thanks to Shannon for filling in for Rena today!

Stephanie surprises Rick and Amber with their "first new home" and sparkling cider for a celebration in the Forrester guesthouse. Rick seems awkward about sharing a bed with Amber and Stephanie suggests a rollaway bed be brought in so "Amber" will be more comfortable. But Amber says she's not giving up the best part of being married; waking up in Rick's arms. She suggests some more pillows, which Stephanie goes to have Connie the maid get. Amber leaves a distant Rick, who says he's going to take a nap while she goes to the store for Ice Cream. Once she is gone, he is deep in thought.

Meanwhile, Kimberly is crying on Macy's shoulders; Macy heard about the wedding and figured Kim might need a shoulder to cry on. Kimberly says that she can't believe the wedding actually happened. She wanted Rick to love HER more than he loved his unborn baby. Still, it hurt to watch, she says, as Macy hugs her.

Pierce tells Taylor that he has feelings of love for her and she has to know and to reach out for something solid in her life. "Stop it, stop now!" Taylor says.

Sally is trying to reach C.J. and leaves a message about what they're going to do about Rick's wedding and "the new Mrs. Forrester" when Amber gets off the elevator, smiling her coy little smile. Sally says, "Well, speak of the devil," Sally says.

Amber says to Sally, "I'm not the devil," and asks Sally what she wants to keep her quiet. Amber continues telling Sally that she has no money and doesn't know what she wants... but that she KNOWS in her heart that the baby is not Raymond's. Sally tells Amber that by keeping the truth from Rick, she's lost any hope for every having a happy marriage, because she can't love him as much as she says after what she's done, not knowing the true identity of the father and everything. "It's over, Amber; it's finished!" Sally proclaims.

Back at the guesthouse, Rick is moping around when Stephanie comes in talking about the big changes in Rick's life. She asks if that was Kimberly at the chapel and why was she there? He tells Stephanie about the letter that Kimberly wrote. Stephanie asks if Rick cares for Kimberly and then tells him to keep his commitment and to obey his vows to Amber to make her first in his heart. Rick says that he wouldn't cheat on Amber. But by thinking about Kimberly, Stephanie asks, is he being fair to either one of them?

Kimberly explains that she had one moment that she thought the wedding would not take place; when Sally stood up and objected. Macy didn't know that her Mom stood up at the wedding and can't tell Kimberly why Sally did it, as she doesn't know. Kimberly tells Macy that Stephanie silenced Sally and threw her out of the wedding and it continued. Kimberly just can't understand and cries to Macy that she wants to know why she can't stop loving Rick?! Macy tells Kimberly to be patient, have faith and realize that everything will get better and that there are a lot of people that love her. The main thing and most importantly: STAY AWAY FROM RICK!

Taylor tells Pierce that she loves Ridge but Pierce tells her that she's lying to herself. He says that Ridge can't possibly give her what she needs. Taylor then tells Pierce that she and Ridge are committed to one another now more than ever before as they are expecting another baby. Pierce is outwardly crushed but says he doesn't care; he loves her and he wants to give her everything, pregnant with another man's baby or not. Pierce says, "What could Ridge possibly give you?" Taylor tearfully tells Pierce that she is sorry and just wishes that she had blurted out the baby news instead of holding back and letting Pierce let his feelings for her come out.

While Macy is comforting Kimberly, Rick calls on the phone and asks Kimberly to come over to the guesthouse. She, at first says, "No!" but Rick insists. He says that it is very important! Stephanie is standing behind Rick during the entire conversation and when Rick hangs up, Stephanie tells him that he is doing the right thing. Rick wonders, "Then why do I feel so awful?"

Pierce asks Taylor if she has feelings for him. Taylor says, "Of course. You're my closest friend." Taylor is watching him closely and says, "It's always been Ridge for me. It always will be." Pierce then slinks away from Taylor, obviously hurt by those words and tells her that he is taking a break from the office and she won't be able to find him there for a while. He says, "Under the circumstances, I'm sure you understand." He tells her to take a long weekend and celebrate her news with family. He'll see her on Monday. Then, Taylor tells Pierce that she can't ever come back to work for him or to his house or anything with Pierce ever again because of knowing his true feelings for her and she leaves him, while she is in tears, behind.

Rick ponders Kimberly's arrival at the new house and awkwardly looks at the bed. He closes the door to the bedroom but then re-opens the doors saying to himself, "Kimberly needs to see the truth. That's why you invited her over here." There's a knock at the door and it is Kimberly. They stand there, staring sadly at each other.

Tuesday, March 02, 1999, Episode #2995

Ridge is at the beach house, playing with Thomas, when the phone rings. It's Stephanie, who says that Taylor left Thomas' blanket there. She offers to bring it by, but Ridge says to wait, since they want to talk to Stephanie soon anyway. Just then, Taylor walks in. He asks how things went with Pierce, and she says it was awful.

Stephanie finds a furious Brooke at the door; Steph says that Ridge and Taylor are coming over, but Brooke wants to talk about Rick. She is stunned that Stephanie has allowed Rick and Amber to live with her. How could she give in to Amber's request? Stephanie corrects Brooke that she **OFFERED** the place to the newlyweds. Brooke wanted them to live with her, and Stephanie asks how Brooke could have expected that after the way she treated Amber. She says Brooke has to accept this marriage. Brooke says, "I want you to go over there and tell Amber you changed you mind and they can't live here," but Stephanie refuses.

Amber asks Sally, "You think I don't love Rick?" Sally says that after the way Amber deceived him, she is sure Amber does not. Amber points out how often she talks about her love for Rick, but Sally says she conveniently left out the part about Raymond. Amber says, "For the last time, I'm telling you that this is not Raymond's baby!" Just then, Raymond comes in with CJ, and CJ says, "You don't know that, Amber!"

Kimberly arrives, and Rick assures her Amber is not there. Rick tells Kimberly that Amber went to get something to eat. Kimberly asks so nothing has changed? She wants to leave. Rick asks her to wait, but she says she can't; it is too hard. Rick feels the same way and says he is sorry; he should have pushed Kimberly away a long time ago. Kimberly says I see the way you feel ever time you look at me, and I know you feel the same. I try to forget but I can't. So what now, Rick; what happens now?"

Taylor tells Ridge he was right about Pierce and his feelings for her--since Pierce told her! Ridge is shocked, so Taylor explains how Pierce started telling her before she could tell him about the baby. Taylor asks how she could have been so blind, but Ridge says he knew Pierce was a sneaky bastard. Ridge asks if she told him about the baby. Taylor says she did, but it was awful, as Pierce did not care. Ridge cannot believe this, but Taylor tells him to calm down. Ridge wants to have a word with Pierce, but Taylor stops him. Ridge apologizes, but Taylor says it is over now... she quit her job!

Amber tells Raymond to leave her alone. Raymond says that may be his kid, so they have to straighten things out. Amber feels harassed, but Raymond says that is not the case. Sally says she is more concerned about Rick, but Amber says the best thing is to leave them alone. She asks CJ to call off his mother and talk sense into her. CJ tells Amber to listen to his mother. Amber asks, "Who, the woman who's trying to ruin Rick's life?" Sally says that by telling him the truth, she is protecting him. Amber asks, "From what? If you tell him, he'll be hurt so badly he won't want anything to with me. And what if it is his baby? You will be protecting the baby right out of happy home and life." She tells CJ, Raymond and Sally that telling Rick means throwing her out. Raymond again says it might be his baby. Amber says, "If it's your baby, we'll find out soon enough." Sally says it's not only about Amber. Amber says that all she wants is a chance; she pleads with Sally not to do this as she leaves, as Rick is waiting for her.

Brooke tells Stephanie that Rick and Amber don't belong there. Stephanie says she is there to watch over the kids, but Brooke says that Steph is the last person Rick should talk too. She reminds Stephanie that she told her to stay out of her kids' lives. Stephanie says that it is Brooke's own fault, as Amber cannot trust her. "**SHE"" can't trust me?" Brooke says in disbelief. She cannot believe this and is about to go talk to Rick until Stephanie stops her. "Kimberly is there; I suggested that they talk," Stephanie explains.

Rick tells Kimberly that Amber is his wife. Kim says she knows and she tried to accept that, but then he called her and she had hope again. But now she knows nothing has changed. Still, she can't stop thinking of Rick. In tears, she pleads with him to help her.

Taylor puts Thomas in the playpen and says yes, she quit. Ridge is thrilled as Taylor admits she was going to cut back anyway with the pregnancy. Still, she feels sorry for Pierce. Ridge has no sympathy for the man who tried to steal his family, but Taylor points out that Pierce has lost everything. Ridge says she may be right, but he still can't feel too sorry for Pierce. Ridge then unveils a gift for Thomas; a t shirt that reads "I'm the Big Brother". Ridge says he wanted Thomas to get into this as much as we are. Taylor is in tears as Ridge says it is just a short. To Taylor, it is more; it is everything she has hoped for. Ridge says, "You're right, everything that matters is right here. Thank you, Doc." They kiss as Thomas cries.

Rick says he will help Kimberly by doing what he should have done before" he is going to stay away from her. He can't take how he is hurting her, and it not fair to Amber. Kimberly asks if this is what he wants and he says it is; he cannot stand in her way any longer. Kimberly says they have classes together, but Rick says that will only be for a few more months. This is the only way, he insists. Kimberly says she will never forget him, even if they never speak again, and she will always know in her heart that she is the one he is supposed to be with. Rick embraces Kimberly as she cries. Meanwhile, Amber walks up and sees the embrace though the window.

Wednesday, March 03, 1999, Episode #2996

Thanks to Erin Goldsby for filling in on today's update!

Brooke continues to accuse Stephanie of trying complicate matters in Rick's life and decides to go to the guesthouse and tell him to just come home with her. She stops in her tracks when she spots Amber looking in the window of the guest house.

Meanwhile, Amber thinks about how to handle the situation before going inside. While she's thinking, Rick and Kimberly detach from their embrace, and tearfully bemoan their relationship. When Amber walks in the door, Kimberly decides it's time to go, but Amber says no. She surprises them by saying that Kimberly's in no shape to drive yet, and says it's time to lay everything out on the table.

Steph tells Brooke that Amber has gone in, which is good; now they can talk things out about a major problem in the marriage: a problem named Kimberly. Brooke says that Amber is not the type to talk and fears that her son and Kim cannot handle Amber. Stephanie reminds Brooke that Amber is the mother of Brooke's first grandchild; Brooke says she is well aware of that, and it is her worst nightmare. It is not a done deal, though--Kimberly can still change it, Brooke points out.

Gaining sudden confidence by realizing she's talking about her "husband", Amber proceeds to tell Kimberly to back off, that Rick's made his choice and she's just going to have to learn to accept it. She acknowledges it won't be easy, but says that she's just going to have to try. Not getting angry, Amber adds that she knows she can't keep them apart, that they have classes together, etc, but to quit sneaking around about it. To Kimberly's horror, the baby kicks and Amber makes her feel it. She says that the baby is real, as is the marriage, and that she's just going to have to come to terms with it. Trying to show sympathy, she finishes by telling Kimberly that she's a good person and must continue to be, and to not try and tear apart this baby's family. Rick finally gets his voice back, and blurts out, "Amber!" Kimberly interrupts him to say that Amber is right, and that she'll stay out of their lives and move on now. She runs out the door and Rick looks as though he'd like to follow her, but Amber brushes it off, saying that Kimberly will be just fine and to let her go. Rick is overwhelmed by confusion. Meanwhile on the other side of the door, Kimberly sobs.

Thorne and Macy discuss their kiss just long enough to agree that it was one their best ever. Then Macy changes the topic to talk about her, her father, her mother, her sister, her family and her feelings about all of them. She talks about how Kimberly is in so much pain after finally meeting the boy of her dreams, only to realize that they can never be together. She wants to feel her pain with her and get her through this, helping her the way only a sister can. She tells Thorne how she wants to tell Kimberly the truth, confident that it will help her get over Rick to be given such great news. She adds that Myles wants to wait, but tells Thorne that she's more sure than ever that she wants to do this for Kimberly-- she wants to reunite her family...

Thursday, March 04, 1999, Episode #2997

Thanks once again to Erin Goldsby for filling in on today's update!

Once alone, Amber tries to lighten up Rick by reminding him of all the reasons that she loves him so much and how she knows that their future together is meant to be. She tries to empathize with him about losing Kimberly and says that she can see why he was attracted to Kim, but now's the time for happy thoughts. On that note, she suggests they get down to doing what husbands and wives do. Rick is hesitant; he reminds her that she just recently came close to a miscarriage. She says all that means is that he has to be gentle--and she is confident he can do that because of his love for her. After showering him with compliments, she goes to the bedroom to prepare for their big night together. She tells Rick to give her a moment to prepare, then to come join her in bed.

Rick pulls out Kimberly's letter, bursts into tears and sobs "Oh, Kimberly!" as he reads her words. Just as he gets to the end of the letter, he's jolted back to reality as Amber calls out, "Rick, honey - come and get it!" Rick gulps loudly and freezes in place.

Over at CJ's, Kimberly tearfully pours her heart out about her angst of losing Rick, and how she hasn't felt so ripped apart since she lost her mother. Amber making her feel the baby move made her realize that she really HAS lost Rick, Kimberly explains. The worst part is that she would be with Rick if Amber was not pregnant. CJ comforts her, and tries to convince her not to give up on him but Kimberly thinks that's an effort in futility. She wonders why he is encouraging her to go after a married man that is about to become a father. Sometimes, miracles can happen, CJ points out.

Macy tries to convince Myles to tell Kimberly the truth but he's not ready for it. He wonders if this is more for Macy than for Kimberly, since he realizes that Macy wants to reunite her family. Macy says all it will take is telling Kimberly that she has a sister, but Myles feels it's hopeless given Sally's state of mind about him. Macy tells him to leave everything to her, she'll handle her mother, and soon they can all be one big happy family, just like she's always dreamed about. Myles doesn't share her enthusiasm; while he believes Macy can do anything she sets her mind to, this may be an impossible task.

CJ offers to drive Kimberly home. Kimberly says she has a car and wishes this was all a bad dream. CJ says it could be, but Kimberly says this is not a dream: it's a nightmare. CJ tries to comfort her again, but she says there is nothing more to say. CJ tells her not to give up. She starts to cry as he stands behind her to comfort her.

In the bedroom, Amber tries setting the mood with candles and lingerie, and turns on some music for an added touch. She balks when she realizes it's Raymond singing on the radio. Quickly turning it off, she clasps her hands over her ears and tells herself to get a grip - this isn't some kind of sign, she says. Her baby's father is Rick... it has to be!

Friday, March 05, 1999, Episode #2998

Macy invites her mom to breakfast, and she has all of Sally's favorites ready. Sally smells a trap, and Macy admits she wants to talk to her about reuniting their family. Sally tells Macy that all Adam does is remind her of the emptiness that she felt when he was gone; she cannot go through that again, and any effort that Adam makes is too little, too late. Maybe he should not be around so much and go back to the life he created for himself in his absence, Sally suggests. If Sally will not do this for herself, Macy pleads, then maybe she can do it for her (Macy) instead.

Pierce stops by Brooke's to find her in tears and learns she has not slept... and when he guesses that it is because of Taylor's pregnancy, he tells her that he too has been affected. He wants to help... that is, if Brooke will let him.

Taylor and Ridge stop by to see Stephanie, and they tell her that Thomas is over with Eric. When Stephanie asks why, since she loves having Thomas around, Ridge and Taylor joke that they thought Steph needs a break. After all, she does such a good job taking care of Thomas... and soon, that job will be twice as hard! Stephanie wonders what that means, so Ridge and Taylor tell her the news; they are expecting another child! Stephanie is thrilled.

Sally goes on about how she cannot get past the fact that Adam started another life while he was away, with another wife and daughter. Macy reminds Sally that she has a sister from that period, a sister who needs them. "Mother, Dad needs you. Every time he talks about you, his eyes light up," Macy says. "Really, they do?" Sally asks. "Yes, give him a chance," Macy pleads. Sally won't give into the pressure, as she can't get beyond the hurt at the moment. She mentions how he lived on that nice little island, got married and had another daughter; Sally can't get beyond that. At the moment Sally is sticking to her guns, as Macy continues to make her case.

Pierce reveals that even before his earlier conversations with Brooke, he had feelings for Taylor... feelings that will not be returned now, just as Brooke's for Ridge will not. However, he reminds her that she had a life before Ridge and he will help her to get back to that. She says, "You don't understand. I have loved Ridge all my life, and I have tried. I can't get over him, and he is the only man for me." Pierce insists, "You have to." "What do you want me to do, to have another nervous breakdown?" Brooke asks. "Yes, if it has to be that way. I will be with you every step of the way. You have to tear it apart in little pieces and I will sweep it up. Together we can help each other, Brooke. You have to do this," Pierce says. She is crying and tells Pierce not to expect any miracles, but she will try to help him while he helps her, and they embrace.

"Did you tell you father?" Stephanie asks, still overjoyed at the news. "Of course... and also, there is someone else that knows," Ridge says. Who? Stephanie asks. "Brooke. She was in the office with Ridge and she wouldn't leave, so I told him in front of her," Taylor states. "Brooke knows?" says Stephanie, with a big smile on her face. "What do you know? That is great. It's wonderful," Stephanie says. She is jumping for joy that Brooke knows that Ridge and Taylor are having another baby; that means Brooke's games are finally over. "Mom, please," Ridge tries to say. "I can't help it; now she will leave you two alone," Stephanie says.

They leave and Stephanie is looking at a picture of her number one son and his wife and Thomas. She says, "I have to call her to make sure she really understands that she can't come between them again." Brooke is at her desk looking at a picture of her and Ridge when the phone rings. "What do you want, Stephanie?" she asks upon answering the call. "Did you hear the news about Ridge and Taylor having another baby?" Stephanie asks. "Stephanie, I don't want to get into it with you," Brooke tries to say. "Well, now you can't try anymore tricks to get Ridge back. No more seductions, no more flimsy underwear," Stephanie says as she hears the click of the phone. "She hung up on me," Stephanie says. She picks up her keys and says she is going over there to make sure Brooke understands once and for all.

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