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Monday, March 08, 1999, Episode #2999


Stephanie goes to Brooke's house to "comfort" her regarding Taylor's pregnancy. She questions Brooke as to where things stand with her and Ridge. Brooke says that they are still friends and co-workers. Stephanie replies that her son Ridge will raise his children with their mother; she will see to it, and doesn't want Brooke pulling any of her stunts to try and steal him away from his family. She doesn't want to rub salt in the wound, she says (Brooke doesn't believe that one), but she demands to know. When Brooke violently objects, Stephanie says that she thought they could finally talk civilly to one another after recent events. Brooke tells Stephanie she has her own family to worry about--something Stephanie should know full well after those recent events she mentioned. And if she wants to have a civilized, adult conversation, Brooke states, then they need to discuss Rick and Amber... or Stephanie can leave.

Macy tells Sally that she wants Kimberly to know that they are sisters and she has a family to love her and support her with Rick's wedding. She insists that Sally and Myles must re-kindle their feelings or at least a friendship in order to give their family a chance.

Kimberly (still crying) is telling her father that she wants to know why her mother had to die, as she needs her now so much. Myles tries to comfort her, saying he is there for her and he tried to warn her about this. Kimberly says that she used to feel special with only her father, but now she needs more. Just then, Macy calls Myles and asks him to come to Sally's. It's very important, she says!

Brooke doesn't want Rick and Amber living at the guesthouse at Stephanie's. She wants them at her home. Stephanie says she'll help if Brooke does something for her. Brooke says she knows what Steph wants and tells her that she's not about to make any deals regarding her paranoid delusions (about Brooke stealing Ridge from his family, I'm assuming). Stephanie then says that she will speak to Rick, but she thinks that they should be where they are comfortable, and not with Brooke interfering in their new life together. Amber interrupts their conversation, coming into Brooke's home, saying that she came by to pick up some of her husband's things. Stephanie leaves Brooke and Amber alone.

Macy tells Myles that Sally wants to talk to him. Macy says, "He's coming." Myles leaves Kimberly crying behind, promising that he is going to find a way to help her through this crisis.

Brooke asks Amber how things are going. Amber says they are going great and getting settled with their new home over at Stephanie's. Stephanie has been a big help. Amber says that after the baby is born, Stephanie will help her since Rick will be at school and she won't have that much help. Brooke tells Amber that she wants Rick and Amber to move in with her and that SHE will help with the baby, as she just wants her son back where he belongs--in HER home. Amber looks horrified and is kind of shaking her head as the scene goes to commercial.

Myles shows up to see Sally. She opens the door and he says hello. Macy leaves the room, allowing her parents to be alone, and they assure her that everything will be okay.

From Macy's old bedroom, Macy calls Kimberly, who answers the phone, you guessed it, crying on the other end. Macy tells Kimberly to just hang in there, as everything is going to be okay. Macy then watches from a cracked door to see her parents toasting each other over drinks. Macy is counting on her mom to forgive Myles and bring their family back together--for Kimberly, and for all of their sakes'.

Tuesday, March 09, 1999, Episode #3000

Thanks to Erin Goldsby for her help with this update!

Macy silently wills her mother to succumb to Myles' charms as she spies on her parents from her bedroom door. In the living room, Myles tells Sally how she's the only woman that's he actually ever truly loved. Sure, he married someone else and had a child with her, and yes, he did love her, but they didn't share the passion that he had with his first love, Sally. He says he needs her now more than ever. Sally says it's sounds romantic and all, but she's not buying into it. She can't forget how he dumped them, even though he came back. Myles says that he may have come back for Macy, but the only reason he's hung around is for Sally. As Macy continues to watch and hopes for the best, Myles tells Sally that she can bring their family together... if she wants to!

Amber can't believe her ears when Brooke explains that she's not requesting that she and Rick move home, she's insisting on it. Immediately defensive, Amber tells Brooke to get over the fact that she's not the Queen Bee in Rick's life any more and says that she has no desire to move in with Brooke, despite whatever good intentions she claims to have. Brooke tells her not to be so confident of her new role, and to quit threatening to damage her relationship with her son. She tells Amber that she saw Rick and Kimberly together the night they moved into Stephanie's. Amber says they were just saying good-bye. "Again?" Brooke smirks. Yes, Amber says; Rick is committed to her now, Amber brags, and if Brooke cannot accept that, she should just leave them alone!

At Insomnia's, Rick notices Kimberly across the room and joins her. She's very distraught and tells him how alone she feels, and how much she misses being able to talk to her mother. She cries that she should be ashamed of herself, pining away for a married man. Rick tries to give her words of encouragement but she doesn't want to hear it, and asks him to just hold her, so he does.

Brooke asks Amber, "Are you threatening me about Rick?" "Well, Mrs. Forrester, are you threatening **ME** with Rick?" Amber asks. "I can stop him from seeing you. He needs me and I can help him. We are married now and he will listen to me," Amber points out. Brooke says, "Do you think just because you said wedding vows that is going to help you? Take it from me, Amber, it takes more than wedding vows to make a marriage work. I want to help my son, and with you and him staying, it would be a best for the both of you. Or is it something more? Amber, is there something else you're worried about?" Brooke asks as Amber looks away.

Across the room from Rick and Kimberly at Insomnia, CJ tries to explain to Raymond to respect Amber's wishes and leave her alone. They spot Rick with Kimberly, and so CJ lamely explains how the two are in love, and how everyone knows about it. Then why let him get married? Raymond asks. Because of the baby, CJ responds. "But that baby could be mine!" Raymond gasps. He feels awful as he sees how miserable Kimberly and Rick are, and knows that Rick should be told the truth. CJ tries to talk him out of it, but to no avail. After Kimberly leaves, Raymond joins Rick at his table and tells him that there's something he needs to know, something he should've been told a long time ago...

Wednesday, March 10, 1999, Episode #3001

Thanks to Erin Goldsby for her help with this update!

As CJ silently freaks out and watches, Raymond talks to Rick. "I think I know what you are going to say," Rick says. "You do?" Raymond asks, and Rick says yes; it's about Amber.

Amber and Brooke continue to battle it out; Amber says she knows Brooke thinks of her as a sewer rat, but she loves Rick and her baby and wants to give them a good life. Is that so much to ask. Brooke is afraid so, since she does not think Amber can make Rick happy.

At Sally's, Myles continues to explain his desire to "reunite" his family, by joining Sally, Macy, CJ, Kimberly and himself into one big happy family. For the sake of their three combined children, he pleads, they have to make up. He wants Kimberly to know the truth, that she is not alone. "What do you say, Red?" he asks Sally. Macy walks in and tells her mother, "You can do this; I know you can."

Brooke says that Amber will pay for what she has done, since the past will catch up to her eventually. Meanwhile, in Insomnia, CJ pages Amber.

Sally argues that Kimberly has been living a lie, so the truth may overwhelm her and make her even more insecure. Myles argues that Kimberly needs a woman in her life, and her mom has been gone for years. Sally says she cannot take Kim's mom's place, but Macy says she does not have to. With Macy's help, Myles begs Sally to give Kimberly a chance, but she's afraid that at her age this big family secret will do more harm than good. Macy insists that Kimberly needs them, and she needs her, and asks her mommy to make her lifelong wish come true. Finally, Sally gives in. Macy calls Kimberly, who's over the top with depression at home, and asks her to come over right away. Kimberly agrees, stating that she knows how to get there from CJ.

Amber tells Brooke there is nothing in her past; "Time will tell," Brooke confidently replies. Amber then gets a page from on her beeper, so she calls the number and finds that it is CJ. He tells her to come handle an emergency at Insomnia's... Rick is with Raymond! She bolts out the door, leaving a surprised Brooke behind.

Rick tells Raymond he knows about Amber's past involvement with Raymond... but that is all it is, the past. "We were close," Raymond says, and Rick guesses that Raymond still feels that way. It's not going to happen, Rick insists, as they are married and expecting a child. Raymond notes Rick's commitment and says they are a lot alike.

Amber arrives and stops in her tracks when she sees Raymond talking to Rick. Glancing around the place, she spots CJ sweating it out across the room. About to join her husband, she's intercepted by Christie the waitress, who wants a full recap of her wedding. Amber tells her that she'd love to tell her about it, but she has to do something first.

Meanwhile at the table, Rick and Raymond are on the verge of discussing the parentage of the baby. Raymond does the big, long, drawn out build-up - he's got something to tell Rick. Just as he's about to spill the beans, Raymond's fiance Latisha marches up and demands his attention, giving Amber just enough time to show up and thouroughly ruin the conversation. Oh, it's a tense 2 seconds when Rick says, "Wait - Raymond, you wanted to tell me something." They all hold baited breath until Raymond finally says, "Maybe some other time." After Raymond and his girlfriend leave, Amber distracts Rick by asking him to fetch her a glass of orange juice. She asks CJ what happened. He tells her that this was a close call, but she can't hold the secret forever, and when it comes out, her whole world is going to fall apart.

After Macy ends her conversation with Kim, she and Myles thank Sally. Kimberly arrives shortly after; Sally wants to speak to her alone, so Myles and Macy leave the room. Sally answers the door and invites Kimberly in. She asks Kimberly to make herself comfortable. As she watches the young girl, Sally thinks to herself, "Am I doing the right thing, opening these wounds and dragging her into a family with a man I have hated for years?" Kimberly then says she does not want to seem rude, but she wonders what Sally wants to talk about.

Thursday, March 11, 1999

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Friday, March 12, 1999

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