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Monday, March 15, 1999, Ep. #3002

Over at Sally's, Myles and Macy wonder what is going on outside. Myles says he needs to know what Sally is saying to her. As Macy reassures a nervous Myles that Sally will handle things, Sally tells Kimberly that Macy has something to talk about. She will be there shortly, Sally explains. While they wait, Kimberly asks Sally what she was going to say at Rick's wedding. Sally reminds her that she was thrown out so, as the minister said, she will hold her peace. Sally says that she and Kimberly are alike in that they did not want that wedding, but she changes the subject to Myles and asks to know more about him.

Thorne drops some reports off with Brooke in her office. He sees she is distracted, and asks what is wrong. She says it is because of Rick, so Thorne reminds her she did the best she could with Rick, He then adds that he thinks she is bothered by one other thing... that fact that Ridge and Taylor are expecting another child.

In his office at Forrester, Ridge calls Megan in to reschedule an appointment for him; he's sitting in his chair with his back to the wall. He hears someone come in and he assumes it is Megan... so he is pleasantly surprised when the voice saying, "Is there anything else, Mr. Forrester?" is Taylor's. As she kisses him from behind, Ridge pulls her around and seats her on his lap. He then kisses her passionately. Taylor explains how Thomas woke early, so she took him over to Stephanie's. Ridge points out they have some free time so, even though the door is not locked, they can get down to the business of pleasure. Just as Ridge and Taylor get amorous, Megan walks in and is embarrassed to see the lovebirds going at it! Ridge and Taylor laugh as Megan heads out the door.

Kimberly explains to Sally how close she and her dad have been since her mother died when she was six, and Sally guesses that Kim was close to her mom. Kimberly talks about the love her mother had for her and Myles. Sally says she was a lucky girl. Kimberly then says that her mom was the love of his life, and Sally has a look of wondering and concern as she says that. "Is that what he said?" she asks. Kim explains how her dad never said that straight out about her mother, but she knew. She then goes on to say that her aunt called her "daddy's little shadow," since she was so attached to her dad. Kimberly then realizes that Macy was probably in a similar situation and asks about Macy losing her father, so Sally explains about Adam, As Sally finishes the story, Kimberly says she does not know how Adam could have done that to them.

Brooke does not want to talk about Ridge, but Thorne reminds her that he has been where she is and has gotten past it, and she will too. He then asks her to get a bite to eat to get her mind off things. Brooke is reluctant at first, but agrees to go with him, so they leave her office.

Sally explains how she and Macy got past Adam's leaving together. Kimberly realizes that she and Macy were the same age when they lost a parent, which must be why they relate to each other so well. She tells Sally that she is glad to have Macy to talk to in her mother's absence, and Sally says it is like having a sister. Kim says that must sound weird, but that is they way it is. Sally says no, it is not weird at all and excuses herself to fetch Macy.

Thorne takes Brooke to Mannequins, but she spots Ridge and Taylor coming in and panics. As Ridge and Taylor sit at a cozy table and stare into each other's eyes, Brooke tells Thorne she wants to leave, but he assures her she can handle this.

Sally leaves the room and says she now knows Adam was a good father, but Kimberly is sad and needs something more. Macy asks if Sally supports them now, but Sally is not sure. She tells Macy that something still bothers her about this, that Kim is so dependent on Myles, and she fears taking that from her by telling her the truth. Both Myles and Macy say they should do this, however... unless Sally is not ready. Sally agrees there have been too many lies, so she gives her permission to tell Kimberly. Myles is about to go tell her, but Macy asks that she do it instead, to cushion the blow for Kim.

Once Macy is gone, Sally notices Myles is troubled. He admits that he always kept Kimberly shielded from his "other" life, and he was always her hero... until now. Meanwhile, Macy goes outside and Kimberly asks what is going on; she senses a secret at work here. Macy admits there is one and sits her down to talk about it. Macy talks about all the changes Kim has been through since the move and about shocking experiences; she says that even though things sometimes seem shocking, they often work out if you learn to accept them. Kim thinks she knows where this is heading and asks if Macy is dating Myles. Macy says that's not it, which relieves Kimberly, but Macy says there is still something important to talk about... and Kimberly wants to know what it is...

Tuesday, March 16, 1999, Ep. #3003

Thanks to Erin Goldsby for today's update!

Brooke fights back the tears as Thorne makes her watch Taylor and Ridge intently. He points out that this is the way they behave when they are alone together; they don't even know that she's there so it's not like they are putting on a show for her. Brooke cries to him to stop, and wonders why he's doing this to her. Thorne tells her that it's time to face facts. He reminds her that he has been in this position, and hiding will not accomplish anything.

Meanwhile, Taylor tells Ridge that it's time to celebrate. She went to the doctor's earlier and the pregnancy was confirmed, and everything is looking good. Ridge couldn't be happier and continues to snuggle up with her until they decide to just leave and go home to continue celebrating. However, before they go, she has a craving... one big enough that they might be having twins, she jokes? "Twins?" Ridge asks as he merrily goes to fetch his wife's dessert before they leave.

At Sally's, Macy tries to explain to Kimberly that she knows how much she needs someone in her life to talk to, and knows how much she misses her mother. She says she knows that Kimberly needs a big sister. Kimberly agrees, but just wants her to get to the point of what she wanted to tell her. Finally Macy blurts out that they are sisters. "In spirit, you mean," Kim says, and Macy says no; they are actually sisters.

Kimberly wants an explanation so Macy gleefully tries to tell her how Myles and Sally were once married, and how she is his daughter as well. Instantly in denial, Kimberly loses it. She cries, getting more and more upset at the very thought of Myles having a different life than the one she's known, let alone another family. She grabs the phone to try and call him, but Macy says it will not do any good. As Kimberly asks why not, Myles walks up behind her. "What are you doing here?!" she gasps. Myles tries to explain everything - how he and Sally were once married and had Macy, how their business struggled and he borrowed money from criminals, became an informant, then was abandoned by police protection and had to take off for the safety of Macy and Sally, and himself of course. Kimberly starts to shake as she screams, "No! No! You're not a runaway! You're not a criminal! They are making you say these things, stop it!" Myles tries to calm her down as Macy shows her a picture of Myles and Sally together 25 years ago to prove what they're saying is true. Kimberly passes out in Myles arms. Moments later, she revives on the couch as Myles tries to get her to understand why he kept it a secret and how much he wants her to understand. "No-o-o-o-o, no-o-o-o-o," Kimberly sobs to herself.

Back at the restaurant, Taylor is startled when she's alone at the table and Brooke walks up. "You've been crying," Taylor states as she invites Brooke to sit down. Brooke assures her that she isn't there to cause trouble. She explains that she was watching them and that really understands the truth for the first time... that Ridge is truly happy with Taylor. Taylor nods and smiles in agreement. Brooke tells her that she "gets it" and won't be a problem for them ever again, stressing the "ever again" part. Taylor realizes how serious Brooke is, and how hard it must be for her to say this. They both stand, and stare at each other for an awkward moment, then Brooke turns to leave. Taylor tells her to wait and hugs Brooke as she cries...

Wednesday, March 17, 1999, Ep. #3004

Thorne runs into Ridge at the bar in Mannequins while they are paying their bills, and they begin to talk. When Ridge learns that Thorne had dinner with Brooke there, he is worried. Thorne says that he wanted to cheer Brooke up and it was working... until they saw Ridge and Taylor. Ridge immediately wants to jump to the rescue, but Thorne says it is not his responsibility. However, about that time, Thorne looks across the room. "Oh my god," he says, "look." They notice the two women embracing and now they are really worried.

Darla visits Lauren, thanking her for loaning her some "sexy" garment that "did the trick." Darla is about to go down to see Sally, but Lauren tells her that would not be a good idea. Darla asks why not, so Lauren explains Macy and Sally are helping Myles tell Kimberly about his past.

Kimberly is hostile with her father, Sally and Macy as she learns more and more about her father. She asks if he was ever divorced and when Myles looks away. She worries about his marriage to her mother and realizes that he was never really married to her, at least not legally. Quickly, Sally jumps in and informs Myles, "I took care of the legal aspects years ago, Adam." Kimberly is shocked when she hears the name Adam. "Why did she call you that?" she demands to know. "Because my name is Adam Alexander," Myles states.

Ridge watches while Thorne is ready to run over to the table. This is Brooke Logan, the woman who wants to break up Ridge's marriage, Thorne reminds his brother, so they better get over there and break those two up. No, Ridge says... he tells Thorne to wait as this may turn out better than Thorne expects. Thorne is reluctant but holds back.

Brooke tells Taylor that she knows she does not have to say this, but she wants to. They sit down and Brooke explains that she has always loved Ridge. He is the ONE for her and that is how she has always felt. She knows that Stephanie wouldn't believe that but it is true. This is not an obsession and it is not about money, she explains; she knew from the moment that she met Ridge that this is what she wanted.

Taylor tries to assure her there will be someone else, but Brooke isn't as sure. Brooke breaks into tears as she says that she never wanted to hurt anybody. She just thought that Ridge was in an empty marriage, like she had with Grant, and she could not bear to think about that. But now she knows that is not true, and she vows not to interfere in Taylor and Ridge's lives again.

Lauren explains about what Macy intended to do; she was going to check on them herself, but she stopped when she saw Kimberly going into Sally's apartment. She wonders how Kim will handle it but thinks that she will take it okay. Darla then mentions the "jealousy" factor. Lauren is confused until Darla tells her that for 17 years, Kimberly has been the only girl in Myles' life. Now she has a sister that she must share him with. "You are so right!" Lauren says. "I didn't even think of that." She hopes Macy is prepared to handle that.

Kimberly is upset because the father she has always known has a different name. She tells him that she always looked up to him; he was the man she wanted to please by her behavior. He was the one who taught her right from wrong. Now she doubts everything he has taught her because of the lies he has told her. Myles tries to explain that he hoped this would help her... but if she does not want this, then everything will go back to the way it was. Kimberly says that cannot happen. She doesn't even know him now; they are all total strangers to her, especially her father. She is unwilling to hear his explanations that he has always made her feel safe, and he always will. He walked out on his family, she reminds him, and she is unwilling to listen when Macy tries to explain. She runs from the house with Myles calling out for her not to leave. As he starts to go after her, Sally tells him that she needs to be alone to think about all that she has learned.

Thorne and Ridge are shocked to watch Taylor and Brooke together. Thorne wonders if it is real and Ridge says it is; it's the end of an era, Thorne says, and Ridge agrees. Meanwhile, Taylor asks when Brooke finally accepted Ridge's love for her. Brooke says it has always been right in front of her, but she denied it... until now. Taylor wants to help, but Brooke says how can she, with the way Taylor must hate her. "I don't hate you; I know just how you feel!" Taylor tells her. Brooke says she is ashamed of the way that she has been behaving and asks for Taylor's forgiveness. Taylor understands and tells Brooke so. Thorne comes up for Brooke and she starts to leave. "Ridge is waiting for you; take care of him," Brooke says. Taylor embraces Brooke again as she heads away from the table.

Thorne hugs Brooke and tells her what an amazing woman she is. Taylor goes over to Ridge and he hands her the three desserts as they walk out of Mannequins. Taylor goes first and Ridge stops, turns around and looks at Brooke. Brooke breaks from Thorne's friendly embrace and turns to Ridge... they are staring at each other. There is a moment of silence, of realization... and then Ridge turns away and leaves.

Thursday, March 18, 1999, Ep. #3005

Ridge awakens a satisfied man and he is ready to talk about what happened last night. Taylor says that it sounds a little "kinky" to her, but he says that he is talking about what happened between her and Brooke at the restaurant. Taylor says that she never believed that it would happen. Brooke finally admitted that she was wrong about her and Ridge. She now sees that Ridge belongs with Taylor. Ridge is surprised and asks for more information. She says that Brooke promised never to interfere in their marriage again and oddly enough, she believes her.

Eric stops by to see Stephanie and complain about his son and his marriage. He wants the couple to move in with Brooke but Stephanie doesn't think that that would be the best thing for the young people. Rick is committed to his son, Stephanie says, and she is impressed by this show of maturity on Rick's part. Eric agrees, but he still fears that Rick and Amber don't stand a chance.

Amber awakens Rick and surprises him with breakfast in bed. As the two of them eat from the same tray, he tells her that it is really good. She tells him that there is cheese in the eggs. "Where did you find the cheese?" Rick wants to know. Amber proudly tells him that she picked up a jar at the store the other day. Rick is completely taken aback; he has never heard of cheese in a jar. Amber says that that is how they ate cheese when she was growing up. Noticing the look that he is giving her, she says that maybe she should ask Stephanie for cooking lessons.

Raymond arrives at Insomnia and finds CJ alone. He joins him at his table and begins telling CJ that he is going to have it out with Rick today once and for all. CJ tries to talk him out of it; he reminds Raymond that he's engaged, and if he confronts Rick, he may as well kiss Latisha goodbye. Raymond remains adamant.

While eating, Amber asks Rick what he wants to do today. Rick announces that he wants Amber to do him a favor. He wants to see her friend Raymond and asks where he is staying. Amber nervously asks why, and Rick says it is because Raymond was about to tell him something the other day but they were interrupted. Amber looks worried and asks if he knows what Raymond was going to tell him. Rick says that whatever it was, it was about her, from when they were dating. Now she is really worried. She tries to tell him that Raymond is a busy person. She also tells him that she and Raymond were only very good friends. Rick tells her that he thinks Raymond thinks it was more, and probably still does. Amber poo-poos that thought, saying Raymond is in her past, while Rick is her present. "So let's just forget Raymond," she proclaims, saying she will change from the wrong-side-of-the-tracks girl Brooke looks at in disdain.

Amber asks Rick to take her to Café Russe tonight. It was the place where they went on their first date, she states, and she remembers how unsophisticated she was at that time. But now she knows that she can act better. Rick tells her that she doesn't have to prove anything to him. She continues to ask him to do this for her; she needs to feel more self-esteem. After he agrees, she leaves on an "errand." She says she loves him and leaves the bedroom; standing in the main room of the house, she stands for a moment as whispers the name, "Raymond."

Stephanie says Rick is no ordinary boy and Amber is no ordinary girl; she thinks Amber will come through for him. Eric still doubts it. "Let's talk about another subject," she suggests, and he says, "You mean Taylor and Ridge." Stephanie is ecstatic that she is going to be a grandma again and talks about how happy Taylor and Ridge are to have a new little baby... but she only wishes that Brooke would acknowledge it. She just might, Eric suggests.

Ridge is saying that Brooke laid down the sword. "I saw you both were crying; it was very touching. Do you believe her? That is what that matters the most." Yes, Taylor says; she believes Brooke was being sincere. "I hate to say this, but I always thought she was a selfish woman, always wanting to break us up. But last night was different; she was utterly honest. She is sorry and realizes she can't have you. You know, Ridge, now I know it wasn't an obsession or vendetta against me; she really believed you loved her and not me. But over the last few weeks, seeing us together has changed her." "What do you think brought that about?" Ridge asks. Taylor says her being at the office that day and seeing them out together last night. "She chose to tell me... she didn't have to, and she was being completely honest. That took a lot of pride." Taylor goes on to say that she doesn't think she could have done that.

"I can't believe I am going to say this, but Brooke has integrity and is a very nice person. She just had a dream and couldn't let go... but now she let go, she released you and me," Taylor says. Ridge says it makes him feel good to hear Taylor say this. Taylor says that she hasn't felt this compassion for anyone than she felt for Brooke last night. She wished she could do something, as Brooke must be really hurting.

After Eric leaves, Stephanie heads over to check up on Rick. Rick tells her that Amber went out. She asks how he is feeling, and he says all right. Stephanie is fishing and says, "You know that person who loves you and lives across in that house; she's not passing judgment and can keep a secret. HOW ARE YOU REALLY FEELING?" Rick says his emotions are all over the place, but he thinks things will work out... but it's not what he wanted. "Amber is a good person... but if only there wasn't a baby and I would wake up one morning and I would have one more chance. GOD, I would live my life so differently next time." Stephanie says, "In life, we make mistakes the biggest mistakes. You learn lessons, and the harder the lesson..." Yeah, he says, he has learned a lesson. She says that for the time being that is how maybe he can look at it.

CJ and Raymond continue to argue as Amber joins them at the table. She asks to speak to Raymond alone and CJ leaves. Raymond says that baby could be his, if she would just take a blood test. No, she says. "That baby could be mine, and if you don't talk to him, I will make up your mind for you," Raymond warns. He goes on to say, "Spare me the lecture; I know you believe Rick is the father. But it's time you get out of SPACELAND and talk to him today... OR I WILL!"

Ridge says that what happened last night doesn't surprise him one damned bit. "She opened up to you," he says. "You give me too much credit, Ridge," she says. "No, you're the one who gave her the strength; whoever wanders into you feels safe. You make people feel safe. I feel so INCREDIBLY blessed to have you for my wife," Ridge says. He feels like the chosen one and is lucky, he says. "I love you, my wife," he states and he thanks god everyday that he has her. They kiss as they roll over in the bed.

Friday, March 19, 1999, Ep. #3006

Amber continues to argue with Raymond. He says that Rick has a right to know about this child and that he can't just sit by and let her continue to lie. Amber says that she knows the baby is not Raymond's. He asks how, and she says that she just knows the baby is Rick's, as a mother; the baby has grown and she can tell that it is Rick's. Besides, she points out, if Rick finds out the truth, he will walk out on her, whether or not it is his baby... which is just what Brooke, who thinks of Amber as white trash, is waiting for. "Don't ruin this for me, Raymond; don't ruin this for my son," she says. Amber gets up and walks out.

Brooke goes to see Rick; they're having a mother and son talk. Brooke wants to know if Rick has been avoiding her. No, he says. She mentions she would like him to live at the house and he says Amber wouldn't like that. Rick says how he can't think about me anymore--he has to think about Amber. "Does Amber think about you?" Brooke asks. Of course she does, Rick states. Brooke tries to change the subject to Kimberly, but he didn't walk to talk about it. She says Kim is a symptom of young innocent love... and while legally yes, he is married, emotionally, he isn't. "You didn't feel that when you said those words," Brooke tells her son. He says he has to. A mature person has to face the truth. He won't let his son down, and he can learn to feel that way, Rick claims. "You don't marry someone and learn to love them; it is the opposite," Brooke explains. Brooke doesn't want Rick to feel trapped and asks him to think about it. He insists that it isn't going to change. "You know, Mom; you have been there and you survived it. I CAN DO IT. I HAVE TO. Amber and I are going out. I will call you sometime," Rick informs his mother. Brooke says all right with tears in her eyes and leaves.

Thorne is at Pierce's office; he tells Pierce that he has a problem that he needs to discuss, and it involves a woman. Pierce sits him down as Thorne starts to describe the beautiful blonde who he thinks is in trouble. "You're not talking about Macy?" Pierce asks. No, Thorne answers, he is talking about Brooke. Pierce is confused; is Thorne interested in Brooke? No, it isn't like that, Thorne says. They are just friends, and he wants to help her, as she is an incredible and dynamic person. Pierce asks what can he do for her. Thorne suggests his asking Brooke out to dinner, tonight, as she needs someone... and Pierce knows what she is going through, Thorne points out. "She has been through a lot and you're her friend; it is your business to motivate people. You can relate to her," Thorne says. Yes, he can, Pierce says, with Ridge and Taylor. "You can help each other," Thorne suggests. Pierce gets Brooke on her cell phone outside the guesthouse. First she refuses to go out, as she's not in the mood, but he won't take no for an answer. "Thanks, Pierce; maybe you're right. I do need this," Brooke accepts. She will meet him at his place. Brooke walks over to the window and sees a miserable Rick running his hands through his hair and sitting on the bed, and she has tears in her eyes.

Lauren is surprised to find Amber on her doorstep. As Lauren invites her in, Amber explains that she has something she wants to talk about. She says she has the Forrester name, the wedding ring and a baby inside of her. "Would you think I was Rick's wife? I don't feel like a Forrester. Rick has class and breeding, and I don't have that," Amber says. "Do you feel insecure?" Lauren asks. "No, he is my husband, and the father of my baby. I AM SURE OF IT," Amber says. She wants to be a classy lady like Lauren and asks Lauren to help her with a makeover. She wants to change her hair, her makeup and even the way she acts, so she can make Rick proud when they go to the Cafe Russe to show it off. "I am Mrs. Eric Forrester, Jr. I want to deserve that name. I am a street kid who wants to change, to be a wife he can cherish and love. I don't want to let him down," Amber claims. "Well, thanks for listening," Amber says as she goes to leave. "Where are you going?" Lauren asks. Amber says she is going to pick up some makeup and do her hair. Lauren says she has more makeup then Neiman Marcus, but she knows someone who can do the hair and all.

Rick is thinking to himself, "Cafe Russe... the last time I was there was with Kimberly. No, I can't think of Kimberly anymore, only AMBER... NOW IT'S ONLY AMBER."

Amber is on Lauren's patio overlooking LA, and she is talking to herself. "I know this hasn't been easy for you, Rick, getting married so young and having me as a wife. I swore I was going to make you happy and to love me. I will. It all begins tonight, my dear husband. Tonight we begin the rest of our lives... together."

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