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Monday, March 22, 1999, Ep. #3007

Lauren is helping Amber with her makeover for the big dinner at Cafe Russe with her husband Rick. They are looking through clothes, which Amber thinks is so cool, but Lauren explains that the dress Amber wears is the least significant part of a woman. What really matters is inside the heart and how she projects it, Lauren explains. Lauren then brings out some food and Amber heads towards it, saying she is starved and grabs a sandwich like a piggy. Lauren explains that Amber needs to slow it down and observe more. They then have a mock tea party and Amber worries; after all, Café Russe is no tea party, Amber points out. Lauren advises Amber that they are really the same; the skills one uses in a tea party can be applied to a fancy dinner. She instructs Amber to stop look and listen to what people have to say. Just then there is a knock at the door. Lauren explains that this person at the door will make her beautiful and put the "stop, look and listen" part to a test. She opens the door and there is Gladys the hairdresser! As she and Lauren kibitz, Amber has a worried look on her face.

Rick gets out of the shower. He has to meet Amber at Cafe Russe in half an hour and then he questions why he is not looking forward to it. He tells himself to get used to it, he is married and Amber is his wife... his wife, he repeats.

Pierce calls Brooke on the phone to check up on their dinner date. Brooke tries to get out of it by saying she won't be good company, but it doesn't work. He's on his way to pick her up, he says as he hangs up. Just then, Ridge comes in with some projections for Brooke to look over. He states that she looks terrific and questions if she is going out tonight. Brooke avoids the question and, after looking through the reports, tells him to send the projections to marketing. Ridge reminds her that she did not answer yet, so she states that yes, she does indeed have a date tonight.

Macy confides in Thorne that Kimberly didn't come home last night and nobody has heard from her. Macy questions how she could have been so wrong about telling her half sister the truth. Thorne suggest that Macy give Kimberly some time to digest all of this and thinks that Rick might know where she is. Macy is afraid she might be awkward calling Rick, as he has enough problems of his own, but Thorne offers to coach her. Macy then calls Rick to find out some information and gives this lame excuse (suggested by Thorne) about trying to catch up with Kimberly for a lunch date they had. Rick says he has no idea where Kimberly is, so Macy hangs up.

Lauren tells Gladys to make Amber look lovely and natural. As Gladys works, the trio chats. Gladys thinks that Rick must be some kind of guy, so Amber tells her about how loving and sensitive her hubby is. Rick then tells Amber that after all is said and done, Rick is going to be the winner in all of this. She thinks that Rick will fall in love with Amber all over again tonight. Now it's time for them to unveil Gladys' handiwork, so she sends Amber off to get dressed.

Shortly after, it is the moment of truth: enter the new, stop-look-and-listen Amber. She looks pretty and demure in a dark blue navy dress, a little bit of makeup and her hair pulled back. Amber thanks Lauren for turning her into a lady and leaves for Cafe Russe. Lauren then goes out to the balcony and hopes that tonight will be everything that Amber wants it to be.

Ridge questions if Brooke has a date with Thorne again for dinner. He then brings up the talk that Brooke had with Taylor. He knows how difficult it was for her, he says. She asks what he is doing tonight; he says that he is spending a quiet night at home, which he admits is a change for him. But after all, he points out, change is part of life. Brooke replies that nobody knows that better than she. Ridge admires the way Logan is handling everything and how she accepted it all finally. Brooke confides that every time she walks into his mother's house, it reminds her of when she saw him for the very first time, the girl from the valley.

So cue their song, "Unforgettable" and we see the first time that Brooke and Ridge meet at the party she helped catered; when they first danced; when they slept together; and when she found her engagement ring in the bottom of her champagne glass. Ridge says, "It was one hell of a ride, wasn't it?" Brooke looks at him and says that it was never long enough for her. There is a knock at the door. Pierce is there for their dinner date. He asks if Brooke is ready, and she says she is. As Pierce escorts her out the door, Ridge can only look on as Brooke bids him goodnight.

At the Cafe Russe, Rick is surprised and impressed as the "new" Amber walks in and greets him.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999, Ep. #3008

Lauren and Eric embrace as he picks her up for dinner. He asks what she has in mind, so she tells him of her plans for the evening... something that will make him very happy, she guarantees, and will put his mind at ease. He's intrigued, but she says he will have to wait and see as they head off.

At the Café Russe, Robert the maitre 'D brings menus to Rick and Amber. As they get settled in, Rick compliments her on how pretty she is as she returns the compliment with a smile. Just then, Eric and Lauren arrive and are shown to their table. Feigning surprise, Lauren points out Rick and Amber across the room. What a coincidence, Eric thinks... NOT!

Pierce shows Brooke to a table he has set up on the terrace of his house, and Brooke is surprised, as she thinks someone with such a lavish home would be inside a lot. Pierce admits that he has a lot of treasures, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the beauty of the outdoors... a beauty that she will only enhance by being there tonight.

Rick asks about Amber's day, and she says she would rather hear about his. As they talk, she lunges across the table for a roll; catching herself, she calms down and tries to mind her manners as Lauren taught her while Rick speaks. Rick admits he is worried about the weird call he got from Macy about Kimberly... he hasn't seen her but he still thinks something is wrong, he says. Seeing the sour look on Amber's face, he apologizes to her and promises to focus on them.

Eric tells Lauren her plan to cheer him up won't work, since this only reminds him of the pressure Rick is under. Lauren points out that the young man sitting across the room is hardly stressed out, and she tries to get Eric to admit that Amber and Rick look good together. Lauren explains to Eric how Amber only wants to make them proud and asks him to accept that Amber has changed.

Brooke is flattered by Pierce's comments; she admits that it would be difficult to not feel that way around Pierce. He says they should both feel that way and suggests celebrating with some wine. Pierce brings the wine and asks her to open up, asking if he interrupted a moment between her and Ridge earlier. She says no he didn't, because it is the end of an era; Pierce, however, says it is the BEGINNING of a new one as well. He tells Brooke that she does not have to pretend to be happy around him... they can either lament the wreckage of their respective loves or they can work together and move on, and he asks what it is going to be.

Amber thanks Rick for bringing her to Cafe Russe and then asks about his chemistry test, which he is worried about. When she suggests that his teachers should cut him slack because of his recent marriage, he says he won't do things that way. She suggests her helping him. No, she didn't take chemistry, but she did real well in reading and home economics, so she can do the things around the house while he studies, and then she can test him. "You would do that for me?" Rick asks. "Of course; I love you so much, Rick, and I want to be the kind of wife that entertains for business dinners and parties and wants to make his father proud of her."

Brooke points out to Pierce that working together did not work before, and he agrees... but maybe this time, working together can work for both of them. Brooke thinks Pierce is moving too fast for a first date, and he says he is not trying to come on to her... however, they are both in need of healing and rebirth, so he feels good about this... he feels good about them, he says.

Amber explains how Lauren helped her prepare for tonight, showing her how to be the kind of woman Rick will be proud of... and she points out that, because of Eric's relationship with Lauren, she thinks Eric will learn to like her, too. She wasn't brought up on the right ways, she says; he knows how to slice a filet and she was brought up on tuna casseroles and hamburgers. She also didn't know how to say please and thank you. He takes her hand and says that she is so different tonight. She did it for him, she says; she loves him so much and he took a chance on her, and she never ever wants to disappoint him.

Eric says he is willing to accept the marriage, but he cannot forget how Amber seduced Rick. Lauren asks him to consider that something good can come out of this. She points over across the room and says, "Look, he's going to kiss her." The camera shifts back to Rick and Amber's table, where Amber breaks into tears as Rick reaches over to her face and kisses her.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999, Ep. #3009

We are still at Cafe Russe and Amber is looking lovingly into her teenage hubby's eyes. He asks her if this is what she expected from her first week of marriage and she says that yes, it is. Being together with her husband is exactly what she wanted, she admits. Rick says that she probably wants to do more than just be with him; she probably wants to do things... like dancing, he suggests, as he whisks her on to the dance floor as a slow number is playing.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Eric are watching Rick and Amber, close to each other on the dance floor. She tells Eric that something is happening; "Take a hard look at them and you might change your mind," she tells him. He does see they are having a good time, but that little kiss doesn't prove anything. His son always behaves, he says, but he still has a hard time accepting Amber. "Look at them, they are enjoying themselves; they are committed to making this marriage work," Lauren tells him.

As the song finishes, Amber and Rick applaud with the rest of the crowd. As they start back to their table, they spot Eric and Lauren. They walk over and Amber greets them as hellos are exchanged. Eric mentions how they saw them here that last time; what a coincidence. Amber is really pouring on the charm, saying, "It's hard to miss an attractive couple like you." Eric remarks on Amber's dress. She borrowed it from a friend, she says. "We just came by to say hello and thank you for coming to our wedding... and Rick and I want to have you both over for dinner one day," Amber says. Eric says he would like that. She says, "We've got to get going before the waiter thinks we slipped out on our check." They smile and Eric says to his son, "You and your lady have a wonderful night." "Thank you so much, Mr. Forrester," Amber says. They go back to the table; Amber can't believe her ears, and Rick can't believe his dad was so cool. "He called me a lady; a lady, Rick! Nobody has said that to me before," Amber says. She feels like Cinderella "Thank you so much for an amazing night," she tells him. He suggests getting the valet to bring up their chariot before it turns into a pumpkin. Ha, ha, Amber laughs. He says, "The pleasure was all mine."

As they dine, Brooke tells Pierce that she is impressed with how well he is getting past his feelings for Taylor. He says it is not hard; after all, she is doing the same thing with her feelings about Amber. She had reservations, he notes, but she allowed Rick to marry Amber anyway. Brooke says that it is not quite that cut and dry. She wants to believe in Amber, and she won't forgive herself if she doesn't. Still, she feels guilty about bringing Amber into her home. "You hired her, but Rick married her; he has his own mind," Pierce reminds her. He doubts that she could have changed them, as Rick is a very courageous and passionate person, just like his mother. It dawns on her that he is following her example. "No situation is hopeless, no cause ever too lost... is that what I am teaching my children?" she asks. Chasing after Ridge, thinking he is coming back to her where she knows he won't. "MY GOD, WHAT WAS I THINKING?" she asks.

Rick asks the waiter for the check, but the waiter says that the man at table four took care of the bill. They look over as Eric raises his coffee cup. Lauren remarks how nice it was of Eric. He says he couldn't let her have all the fun. "You got her that dress, didn't you, Lauren?" She admits to it all; the dress she designed, and she explains how Amber came over to her place, hat in hand. She didn't believe her at first and she thought Amber was buttering her up to get on the good side of Eric. "But she wants to change. I polished out some of the rough edges, but she wants to fit in. She wants Rick to be proud of her." Lauren believes she can do it and Amber is completely devoted to Rick, no matter what Eric thinks about it. Lauren excuses herself.

Pierce tells Brooke she was only following her heart; instead of compromising, she fought for her dreams. "Most people don't have that chance to fight for their dreams. You fought and gave it your all. That is what makes you a special, incredible person, Brooke, and so very attractive to me." He places her chin in his hand. Brooke is leaving, and he says that they haven't had dessert yet. She says Bridget will be worried, so perhaps some other time. He will have his driver take her home. "Next time you will charge me for therapy," she jokes, and he says she doesn't need it; she is doing quite well on her own. She thanks him and says that is a nice thing to say. He means it. He brings up a story she once told him about how she compared being with Ridge to flying. "Your wings have been clipped; trust me, once you take that step into the unknown, you will fly again," he says, holding her hands. They look at each other and he kisses her. "Thank you for dinner," she says as she slowly pulls her hand out of his. Both are speechless and she leaves, and Pierce shuts the down with a little smile on his face.

Rick is off getting Amber's wrap while Amber goes over to thank Eric. She says what Ms Fenmore did to make this a special evening for them. "And about me being a lady... that was the greatest compliment I ever received. You don't know what that meant to me. I'm so fortunate to be related to a man like you. You're such a good person, and you raised a wonderful son. I love him sooooooooooo much," Amber says. "Thank you, and you're welcome, Amber," he says as he gets up and hugs his daughter in law. Lauren and Eric leave. Rick can't believe that his father hugged her. "Thank you, Rick; this was the most amazing night of my life," she tells him. It was his pleasure, and it is the least he could do for his beautiful wife, he says.

Thursday, March 25, 1999, Ep. #3010

Ridge and Taylor are at home, acting all lovey-dovey; there is a mood of romance in the air as Ridge gets a fire going. Ridge is in boxer shorts and Taylor enters the room, dressed in a black slip. They sit on the floor, joking around as he talks about spending some quality time with his wife. He starts to massage her and she smiles.

Brooke comes home and is surprised to see Eric there; he says that he heard from Bridget that Brooke was out and he stopped by to spend some time with his daughter. He mentions her date with Pierce, and she says it went nicely; however, she's not ready to jump into dating just yet. He fears she is hung up on Ridge, but she explains that it is Rick she is thinking of. He explains that he too is thinking of their son after seeing him with Amber tonight... and, he points out, that Amber was not doing anything to draw attention to herself. Amber Forrester was a real lady tonight, he assures Brooke.

Amber and Rick arrive home, talking about their wonderful night. She thanks him again, and he admits that he too enjoyed himself. The best part, she says, is the way Rick treated her tonight. It reminds her of when they first started seeing each other, and for the first time in a while, she felt secure. Rick admits he felt it too, and she hugs him, crying tears of joy. She just wants to sing or scream, she says. Rick jokes that Stephanie will have a fit if she screams... but maybe she could sing to him.

Taylor says this romantic moment reminds her of something; Ridge jokes that it must be her days as a Moroccan Princess, but she says that it reminds her of the time they lived in the guest house. Ridge agrees as he says, "We are so lucky, Doc. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't stop to think about us." It feels like they are out of the minefield now, he says. They talk about Brooke, and Taylor says that she never realized how much humility Brooke has. Ridge says Brooke was always a gutsy lady. Taylor says it took a lot more guts than humility to put up the white flag. People change, Ridge points out. He mentions how his relationship with his father has gotten better, and Thorne and mother have improved; "We are just a thick-headed, stubborn family, but we stick together," Ridge says. Taylor is wondering if Brooke can bury the hatchet concerning Stephanie and Amber. Ridge says that might just take a miracle.

Brooke finds it hard to believe that Amber behaved, but Eric says it is true. Rick even kissed her. "So? It was just a kiss," Brooke says. Eric says that Rick kissed her because he was impressed by her. Brooke says, "We know Amber has a habit of snowing our son." She wants to believe that Amber is capable of changing, and brings up how she invited Amber to come live at the house with Rick. "She went ballistic on me and said she would turn my son against me; does that sound like a polite and respectful person?" Eric says, "You may have some issues to resolve, but she is your daughter in law, and Rick has a lot to worry about. He has school, exams and a baby on its way. You have to reach out to them... and for starters, you can offer to be there when the baby is born. That would go a long way to improve things between you two." Brooke says, "Amber is going to have my grandson and I am going to love that baby, Eric." Eric says, "But you don't want your grandson to choose between his mother or you, do you? Extend an olive branch and she will accept it. She doesn't want to fight with you." Amber only wants to bring the family together, Eric says... and he knows Brooke wants that, too.

Amber is surprised at Rick's request for her to sing. Rick admits that he is a little jealous; she's always singing to our son. "OK, Rick, if you want me to," she gives in. She sings, "I AM GOING TO LOVE YOU LIKE NO ONE HAS LOVED YOU, COME RAIN OR SHINE." The song talks about her being there for him always, no matter what. "I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, RAIN OR SHINE," the song concludes. He is enthralled by her mystical voice as she is sitting on the bed, and he puts his hands to her face. She gets up and says how she didn't sound too good because the baby is laying on her diaphragm. "You sounded wonderful, and you're so talented; if you didn't get pregnant, you could have been singing at the Hollywood Bowl," he tells her. She says, "Now I will be singing at the PTA talent awards." She has some regrets; it is tough being pregnant at her age, but her priorities have changed. She never expected to get pregnant, and sometimes it is scary; so much can go wrong, like that false labor. "I was terrified, but you came to me in the hospital and it was better." He says, "You guys are my family, and I am committed to make this marriage work. Our problems are behind us now." He promises things are going to get better and in fact, they all ready have. He gives his Princess Bride a sweet lingering kiss. They hug each other and she has a satisfied smile on her face.

Friday, March 26, 1999, Ep. #3011

C.J. stops by Amber and Rick's place for the first time and compliments Amber on it... and on the new look, which he notices. Amber then gets down to the reason she asked him to stop by; she wants to thank him for helping her stop Raymond. She knows it was rough for a while, but now she can relax. "Relax? Are you kidding?" CJ asks. He reminds her that she is a ticking time bomb waiting to go off as long as she keeps this deception up.

Myles keeps looking out the window, hoping that Kimberly will come home. He is worried about her and laments his decision to hide his "other" life from her. He prays to God that she will come home and he hears the door. He hopes it is his daughter, but he finds Rick there. Rick tries to explain why he is there, even though he knows Myles does not want him around; but Myles does not care and asks if he has seen Kimberly. When Rick says he has not, Myles tells him Kimberly did not come home last night. As Rick asks for details, Macy walks in with Sally, and Macy asks, "Any word, Dad?" "Dad?" Rick asks.

Kimberly, meanwhile, is staying with a friend, Alexis. She thanks Alexis for letting her stay the night as Alexis explains that she covered with her folks, so Kimberly does not have to worry about them calling Myles. As Alexis offers Kim some outfits for school, Kimberly says she is not going. Alexis asks what is going on; this is so unlike Kimberly. Kimberly says that she cannot let her dad find her, and Alexis guesses it is about Rick. Kimberly says it isn't; in fact, she wishes she could talk to Rick, but he is married now. The two men who she could talk to are now unavailable to her when she needs them most. Her father lied to her about something major, she continues, but she cannot say any more. Alexis tries to comfort her as Kimberly thanks her again.

Amber again insists that the baby is Rick's and shuts CJ out. He says that at least Raymond seems to care, even if she does not. "How dare you accuse me of not caring?" Amber shouts, pointing out that she is the one to carry this burden all this time. CJ apologizes, but he asks what she will do if she is wrong. How will she explain to the Forresters, and to Rick? What does he want her to do, Amber asks.

Myles and Macy explain to Rick that yes, he is Adam Alexander. Myles says that he only came back to help Macy after Grant died, and Kimberly never knew the truth... until last night. Macy then explains how they told Kimberly the truth and it backfired, and she blames herself for what has happened. Sally reminds her daughter that Kimberly is going through a lot after such a major revelation and tells Macy not to blame herself. "She must be so alone," Rick laments as Myles pleads with Rick. He knows they have had their differences, but all he can think about is his little girl, alone and upset... he needs Rick to help him, he states, as Macy asks, "Will you help us, Rick?"

Alexis tells Kimberly that her parents are off to work and asks Kim what she is going to do, Kimberly says that she may go back to Nantucket, to live with her Aunt Carol. She can finish school in summer school she explains. Alexis pleads with her to think about this and to talk to her father, but Kimberly refuses.

Amber is freaking out, saying that CJ is not her friend. He **IS** her friend, he reminds her, which is why he wants to help her. He just wants her to be prepared that this child could be Raymond's, so she can protect it.

Rick agrees to help, and Myles thanks him. As Sally, Macy and Myles go off to look, they leave the class directory with Rick, so he can try calling Kimberly's friends. Sally and Macy leave, but Myles stays behind for a moment. After asking Rick if he can stay there for a while in case Kimberly calls, he also leaves. Rick starts calling, and the first one he calls is Alexis. He asks if Kimberly is there... Alexis doesn't answer at first, but Rick guesses that she is there, so Alexis tells him to wait a minute and then hands the phone to Kimberly. Kimberly is afraid, thinking it is her father, but Alexis says it is not. She is in tears as she realizes it is Rick. Rick asks Kimberly if she is all right and says that he has to see her.

Amber explains to CJ how Eric called her a lady at the Cafe Russe; she and her baby have a chance for a real life now, and she will not lose that! She may have to lose it, CJ says, and she has to prepare for that. Amber asks how, and CJ is not sure. He thinks for a moment; what if there is some way she can have the baby without Rick there? Maybe she can get Rick out of town and have the doctor induce labor while Rick is gone, so she will know if it is Raymond's or Rick's. Amber says that is a stupid idea that will never work. "You have to help me!" she pleads. CJ thinks, and then all of a sudden, he says, "That's it!" He tells Amber to do exactly what he is about to say if she wants to avoid the most horrifying moment of her life!

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