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Monday, March 29, 1999, Ep. #3012

CJ is with Amber out at Casa Forrester in the guesthouse. She is still freaking out, but he thinks that he has come up with the answer to all the problems, so that Amber doesn't have the baby here; they have to get her out of town, he suggests. If she has the baby and it turns out to be Raymond's baby, all hell is going to break loose with the Forresters. He suggests that she go back to her hometown for a while. When he learns she is from Death Valley, he thinks that is the perfect place for her to hide out, but Amber doesn't want to see her mom in Furnace Creek. She tells her friend, "Some people just aren't meant to have kids." CJ thinks things could be different now with her mom, and maybe now that she is going to be a mother they could relate better.

Sally and Macy are at Cafe Insomnia looking for Kimberly. Macy tells her employee that she is closing the place for a business meeting between breakfast and lunch for a few hours. She is really doing it so if Kimberly does show up, then they can talk to her alone. Macy thinks that this might make up for last night, as it is all her fault that she told her half sister the truth about their father. Perhaps Rick will have some luck, Sally tells Macy, but Macy still blames herself. Just then, Adam shows up all upset because Kimberly did not go to school, and because he can't find her.

Rick found Kimberly on the telephone at her friend Alexis' house. He tells her that Myles is worried about her. Kimberly is worried that he will tell her father where she is, but Rick assures her not to worry. He says that he is coming over to find out that she is all right and to talk. Kimberly tells him not to come, as she won't be there when he gets there, and she throws down the phone. Alexis picks up the phone to tell Rick that Kimberly wants to go back to Nantucket. Rick tells the girl to keep her there, so Alexis takes Kim's keys when she is not looking.

Amber explains to CJ that people don't change, but he points out that Amber did just that. Amber tells him that she would wake up as a child every morning and her mother would look at her like she was wishing that her daughter had never been born. Amber fought hard to get out of that place and she is not going back. CJ says he is sorry, but it is not like Amber really has a choice in the matter.

Adam wants to continue searching, but Sally tells him to sit down and have a cup of coffee; he needs to relax, she says, and she assures him Kimberly will be all right. Kim simply needs time to digest all that she has just learned about her father, Sally points out. Sally is actually being friendly and sympathetic, as if she really truly cares about him and his daughter. Macy notices this and backs off so they can be together. Adam is still upset because he betrayed his daughter's trust.

Kimberly all of a sudden can't find her keys. She is panicking that Rick will come over; he is married and does not want to see him! Alexis tries to calm her, but Kim remains upset, because her dad is completely different than what she thought. She wants Rick to hold her and tell her everything is going to be okay, but then he will just go back to his family and she will only go back to being alone. Alexis questions if her pal Kimberly is still in love with Rick. Just then, Rick shows up. He is all concerned as he tells her that he is very sorry and gives her a hug. He admits that this whole story sounds a little something out of a talk show, but he assures her it will be all right. Kimberly explains that she is upset that her father is a criminal and a liar. She is glad that her mother is dead, as to never have found out the truth about her husband. Rick tells Kimberly that she is not alone and he is right there for her.

CJ tells Amber there is no other way. Time is the difference and is going to make or break her. Rick would never forgive her if she went out and had their child without him she tells CJ. Amber thinks that this is all crazy and it is never going to work. CJ urges her to call her mom. Amber picks up the phone to tell her mom that she is coming by soon to see her after a year of not speaking with her. Tawny agrees to see her as she ends the call. Once Amber hangs up, CJ tells her that this is the best thing for her and the baby...

Tuesday, March 30, 1999, Ep. #3013

CJ advises Amber to get a move on and pack, so she can get out of town fast. She doesn't want to go through with this though. CJ replies that she doesn't have a choice; what if this baby is black, he reminds her. Amber is sure that her mother doesn't want her there; she was only being polite on the telephone earlier. Amber wants to protect her baby, but she is not going home to Death Valley. Just then, there is a knock at the door and it is Eric.

Adam is at Insomnia and he is still upset that last night he blew Kimberly's whole world apart. Sally tries to reassure him that Kimberly is confused now, but she won't crumble and will eventually come around.

Kimberly and Rick hug in the bedroom of her friend's house. He is glad that she trusts him, even though she refuses to speak to her father. Nonetheless, he gives her a message from her father that he loves her and feels terrible. She cries that the man she loves isn't real to her and he is a total stranger now. Rick explains that Adam was protecting her, the way he always does. From his point of view, her father left a company, his wife and his daughter... even his name... behind to help them. He had to keep it all to himself and never let on to his past life. Kimberly talks about how she should have realized this after all those years of his father listening to Macy's CD's and following her career. One time, she remembers, he was crying while listening to one of the CD's, and he said that the music reminded him of someone. Beyond that, he never let on. That was because, like always, he was protecting Kimberly, Rick explains.

Eric had come by to apologize to Amber because he feels that he had misjudged her. It had seemed to him that Amber was only interested in his son for what Rick could give her. However, he explains that he talked to Brooke last night. He wants to assure Amber that they will all be there for her when the baby arrives, right there at the hospital. This son of hers will never feel anything but love and support from the Forrester family starting the very moment he is born. Eric also says that Brooke would like to be in the delivery room when the baby comes. The decision is entirely up to Amber he states before leaving for the office.

Amber is upset because she had wanted Rick to be there to see the baby for the first time when he is delivered. And having Brooke there as well... that was part of her dream, too, with Brooke finally accepting them as a family once she saw the baby. That is the way it should have been... if it weren't for one stupid night with Raymond, she announces to CJ. Amber says that she has no choice and will go to her mom's to have Rick's baby, and then she will come back. CJ leaves, and Amber goes to pack. They hug goodbye.

Rick calls Macy at Insomnia; she puts Myles on the phone and Rick tells him that he found Kimberly and she is all right. Myles asks to talk to her, but Kimberly doesn't want to talk on the phone to her father. Rick says that he will meet them there in a few minutes and hangs up the phone. He hugs Kimberly and they leave Alexis' house.

Amber writes a letter to leave for Rick, and it reads, "Dear Rick, I got a call from my mother. She wants to see me. We haven't been that close so I think it is best I go to visit before the baby is born. Please don't worry about me. I am fine. I will call you. All my love, Amber." In tears, she puts the note in an envelope and leaves it for Rick.

Rick and Kimberly walk in the door to Insomnia. Myles hugs Kimberly and explains how worried he was and how sorry he is. He had never meant to hurt her, he tells her. She says he didn't tell her the truth, but he says there is only one truth: that he is still her father and loves her. Sally, Macy and Rick all look on as Myles says there is one more thing she must now. Sally explains to Kimberly that her mom and dad were legally married because she had divorced him due to the abandonment. Kimberly thanks Sally... but there is one thing she has to say before she goes home with her father.

Amber packs her bags and leaves the letter by the telephone in the guesthouse. She picks up a wedding photo of her and Rick and kisses it goodbye. She closes the door behind her and says to herself, "Oh god. Am I doing the right thing? I swore I would never go back there, not like this pregnant and needing her." She pauses for a moment and then tells her baby that it is time for them to visit grandma.

Wednesday, March 31, 1999, Ep. #3014

At Insomnia, Macy and Myles apologize to Kimberly for assuming she would be happy to learn she had a sister. Sally interjects that she understands how Kimberly feels; she would likely feel the same way, she states. However, sometimes things tend to work out in the end through love and support, she adds. Rick thinks that Kimberly has something to say about that, and she says she does indeed.

Stephanie is in the guest house waiting for Amber and Rick when Thorne stops by to see Rick. He asks how the couple is doing and hints that he still, like Brooke, isn't happy with the marriage. Stephanie says that Brooke is just paranoid and that they should give the couple a chance. This is a delicate situation and they deserve to work on their marriage without interference even if Brooke does think that Amber is hiding something. In the meantime, she has something she wants to show Rick when he gets there... a note from Amber.

A tearful Amber stops her car somewhere in the desert and wonders why she is doing this. How could she just walk out on her husband this way? She reminds herself that she is afraid to have her baby in front of her husband and his family, since it may turn out not to be Rick's. That is why she is going to see her mother now... the woman who she hasn't spoken to in over in a year. She asks God to help her.

As she stands there alone, she flashes back to painful memories from her childhood. First of all, she remembers that her mother had a lot of boyfriends; her mother would come to her and tell her to go back to bed while she "entertained," despite Amber's pleas to send the man away. "How can I go back there?" she asks.

Kimberly makes a heartfelt apology to her father and to Macy for the way she has been acting. She says that thanks to Rick, she has thought long and hard about what has happened. She now understands how difficult it was for her dad and understands the pain and loss he was feeling over the years. She asks how he found the strength to protect everyone... not just her, but also his "other" family. In tears, she falls into her father's arms. Sally walks over to Rick and whispers in his ear. Rick then quietly leaves Insomnia.

Rick arrives home, surprised to find Stephanie and Thorne there. Thorne says that he only stopped by to invite Rick to lunch someday next week. He will pick Rick up at school one day. Rick agrees and says that he is looking forward to it. Thorne leaves, leaving Rick puzzled by the strange look on Stephanie's face. Stephanie points to the note that Amber has left and suggests that he read it.

Amber next remembers a time when her mother lost her job and said that they had to move. The young Amber did not understand why they had to to move so many times; she didn't want to lose her friends. Her mother became angry and calls her ungrateful. She then exclaimed, "One stupid mistake and I have to pay for it the rest of my life!" Later she realized how it hurt Amber and she tries to apologize. Amber said it is OK and went to her room in tears, and then packed for the move. "You never wanted me... and now I'm going back, pregnant," Amber laments as she starts the car and drives off.

Kimberly embraces Macy, saying that she is glad to have Macy for a sister. She then goes to Sally and thanks her; still, she admits that she doesn't know what to say to her. Sally advises her not to say anything, as she herself really doesn't know what to say. There is no need for promises or talk at the moment; they can take it one day at a time. But one thing Sally is sure of and that is she wants to know Kimberly better. She tells Kimberly that her door is always open to her any time she wants to talk about anything under the sun. Finally, Kimberly says that she is especially appreciative to her father for all that he has endured while making her life as close to perfect as possible. As Adam/Myles embraces his two girls he says that he has all that he could want...almost.

Stephanie asks about the note. Rick says that he doesn't think they will be seeing Amber for a while. He gives the note to Stephanie, which she reads. In the note, Amber says that her mother called and since they haven't been close, she feels that she should go to see her before the baby is born rather than after.

When Amber finally arrives at her mother's home, she nervously approaches the door. But instead of knocking, she turns and tries to leave, saying that this is a big mistake. However when she realizes that there is no where else to go, and that she cannot have this baby with Rick and his family, she tells herself, "I have to stay." She goes back and knocks at the door. When Tawny comes to the door, she seems genuinely happy to see Amber. She then sees Amber is pregnant and is stunned!

Thursday, April 01, 1999, Ep. #3015

Taylor asks Ridge if he's up for dinner, but he isn't sure he can; he's got a lot of things he has to take care of in the office for Brooke, he explains. Taylor guesses that Brooke is trying to make up for the loss of Ridge in her life, so she suggests that Ridge and she have dinner with Brooke. Taylor goes to see Brooke in her office and asks her to dinner, but Brooke turns it down.

Taylor tells Ridge in his office about Brooke turning her down. She is disappointed, as she is hoping that she and Brooke can be friends one day. He hopes so too, but he will try and entertain her tonight the best he can. They kiss, but Ridge has to end their embrace to go somewhere.

Rick can't understand why Amber has suddenly gone off to see her mother this way. He wants to go and see Amber, as he knows where the mother lives. He puts on his coat, as Stephanie stops him. "Wait, think about it. You know Amber wouldn't do anything to harm the baby. She must have a good reason to go and visit her mother," she says, as she talks Rick out of going. Rick says Stephanie is right, but when Amber comes back, she better have a good reason why she left.

Seeing her pregnant daughter, Amber and her mother are having a bitter discussion. Tawny tries to light up a cigarette and Amber says, "If you do that, I won't stay." Tawny agrees, saying that old hurts are coming out. Tawny is berating her for getting pregnant; she didn't want to see this for her daughter, like what happened to her. She wanted better things for her. "So when did you get married?" A couple of weeks ago, Amber says... and she states that despite her mother's suspicions, her husband loves her. Tawny is shocked when Amber says that her hubby is only 17. "Where did you elope to get married, Vegas or Reno?" she asks. "No, we got married in a church, and his parents signed the papers," Amber explains. Tawny can't believe Amber is so calm; this was always her worst nightmare for her daughter, she stated. She bets that Amber wants her to raise that baby, but it is not going to happen! However, Amber can stay, she says, and she tells her to unpack her things.

Thorne drops by to see Brooke and asks, "Did Taylor just ask you out to dinner with her and Ridge?" Thorne thinks that is a great idea. Brooke disagrees, but he says she is just being self-indulgent. He tells her that she has finally accepted that her life with Ridge is over, so what could be better to prove that than by going out with Ridge and Taylor? Brooke can't do it yet; maybe a month down the road, but it is still new to her. He tells her now is the best time. He suggests that she bring a date along. She asks if he wants to go, but he doesn't think he is the right one for the job and suggests Pierce. Pierce is her friend, she says. Thorne says Pierce is whatever she wants him to be, but he is in a better position and understands what is going on. She calls Ridge's office, Ridge is out and Taylor answers the phone. Brooke says that yes, she can make dinner tonight. Taylor is surprised, but delighted that Brooke has accepted her offer. They agree to meet at Cafe Russe at 7:30. Brooke hopes she can do this as Thorne hugs her from behind in comfort.

Amber is furious that her mother could even think that she wants someone to raise her baby! She tells her mother that she does not need that, since her husband loves her. And where is the dropout now, Tawny asks? Amber says he is not a dropout and is not the love 'em and leave 'em type that Tawny expects. Tawny is still skeptical and says how she this is exactly the kind of life she didn't want for Amber when Amber's father deserted them. Amber says, "You shouldn't have had me in the first place." No, that wasn't the case, Tawny says. Amber says, "Oh yeah; you always told me it was my fault and how we moved from place to place. And then you threw up to me how I was a mistake and wished I was never born." Tawny says she didn't mean that, as she was under a lot of stress. Amber says that when people are under a lot of pressure, the truth comes out. She trusted her mother, but Tawny blamed her for everything, she exclaims! "Do you remember when I was younger and I used to play on the railroad tracks? I wasn't playing. I was hoping a train would come by and run me over," Amber admits. "That's what YOU did to ME, and now I've turned out to be just like you, pregnant! But I'm not like you and I will love this child, like I never was!"

Friday, April 02, 1999, Ep. #3016

Ridge stops by Brooke's office and she thanks him for a report; she says she's happy that he did it so fast and she will get her revisions back to him immediately; in fact, she will have them tomorrow, as she is doing the changes tonight. Ridge asks if she is doing them after their dinner, but Brooke says she is not going; she's not trying to duck out, but she feels the revisions should get done tonight. OK, Ridge says, he will leave her alone... and maybe he should leave her alone at work, as well. Brooke says that is not necessary, but he feels like he is the cause of everything. Taylor wants her... and maybe even needs her... as a friend, he says, and if that can't happen, then maybe he should just back off.

Brooke reminds him of all their memories at Café Russe, and Ridge says that is true... but if they are both really going to move on, then they will have to get past that. It's not going to be easy for any of them, but he knows Brooke has the determination to do this. He wants her in his life, but to do that, he needs her to look at him differently. But if she can't, then he will just tell Taylor that tonight is off. In walks Taylor with a suit, shirt and tie for Ridge. Ridge is about to tell her Brooke is not coming, but Brooke interrupts and confirms their plans. Brooke goes to get ready. Ridge looks shocked and smiles at Taylor, who wonders if he missed something.

CJ is telling Raymond about the plot him and Amber hatched, about her having the baby at her mother's house. Raymond isn't too pleased about the whole thing and wants to go down there. If that baby is his, it is his responsibility, so he is not going to sit down and wait for Amber to call with an update. Raymond gets up from his chair, and CJ gets up after him.

Tawny is apologizing to Amber, saying that she didn't mean what she said. She was the one under stress, and she never wanted to take it out on Amber. She never wanted Amber to grow up like her, so she kept moving, hoping things would improve. But they never do at the bottom of the food chain... and to prove her point, she points out how Amber is pregnant at 19! She never wanted this, but somehow, she always knew it would come to this. "And your life is not going to be fun!" Tawny tells her.

Taylor tries to pump Ridge for information, but he explains how Brooke was ready to back out... until Taylor walked in, he says. He thinks Brooke doesn't want to disappoint Taylor, so she is ready to meet the challenge... and that is what this will be.

CJ assures Raymond that if the baby is his, he will be the first to know. Raymond reminds CJ that he has a life and career to worry about. All the more reason to keep a lid on it, CJ points out... unless Raymond wants to let the cat out of the bag, that is.

Amber remains adamant that Rick is not like her mother thinks he is. They are living in the guesthouse at a member of his family's mansion, and his father even called her a lady the other night. Suddenly interested, Tawny asks if this family has a name, and Amber proudly proclaims that she is Mrs. Eric Forrester Jr. "And this is Eric Forrester III," she says as she places her mother's hand on her belly. "Do you know who they are, Mom? They design clothes for the rich and famous, even Hillary." "They do? Wow." Amber goes on to talk about her wedding, including the gown from Stephanie. His family still had trouble accepting her, especially Rick's mom, but she thinks they will accept her.

Tawny is so proud of her daughter, marrying into a wonderful family. She is just sorry she was not there. She probably wouldn't fit in, but that is not important. All that is important is that Amber is happy with her new family. And she can see the change, as Amber looks so different. She is beaming with pride, but Amber interrupts her. She says, "I need to tell you something about this birth. This baby might not be Rick's. It might be someone else's." The look on Tawny's face is priceless, a look of total disbelief.

Raymond tells CJ that he can't believe she went back to see her mother. "You don't know her mother; when and if she finds out that baby might not be Rick's, she will go wild. I remember her telling me one day if I ever hurt her daughter, she would cut off my fingers and I wouldn't be able to play a guitar anymore," Raymond worries. When Amber tells her mother what is going on, Raymond predicts, this will blow up in her face! CJ has a worried look on his face.

At Cafe Russe, Pierce and Brooke come in and sit down. He asks if she is all right, and she says she is looking forward to this. However, she pauses as she sees Ridge and Taylor walk in, talking with the maitre D'. Pierce notices the reaction, and Brooke worries that she may not be ready. "I thought I was, but just look at them... they make such a dynamic couple." Brooke gets up to leave with Pierce just as Ridge and Taylor come over. Ridge says they are sorry they are late. Pierce says they were just about to leave, but Taylor explains that they had to get gas. She sits, Ridge sits and Pierce sits. Brooke is still standing and Taylor says, "Please, Brooke." Brooke sits down.

Brooke is a little uncomfortable as the waiter brings over the menus, and Ridge says he ordered champagne for them, and sparkling water for Taylor. Taylor and Pierce exchange some small talk as Ridge interrupts; he wants to make a toast to the four of them and everything they have shared. He says to Pierce that they have had their problems, but that is now in the past. He adds, "Brooke, we have a history together, and I don't ever want to forget that. But I do want to build from that. So let's toast to new beginnings for all of us. " Taylor, Pierce and Ridge are holding their glasses and Brooke is hesitating; she then raises her glasses and they all clink them together, but Brooke still has a sad look on her face.

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