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Monday, April 05, 1999, Ep. #3017

When Amber tells her mother that the baby may not be her husband's, Tawny wonders why Rick hasn't thrown her out. Amber tells her that she was drunk at the time, and Rick doesn't know that there is a possibility that it isn't his, because she has not told him. Tawny urges her strongly not to tell Rick; she says that his is something that he will never know about if she doesn't tell him. Amber says that she wishes that was true... but it isn't.

At Insomnia, Macy brings Thorne up to speed about Kimberly; it was a rocky road, but she thinks it will be OK. Thorne points out how amazing this whole thing is, and he sees how happy it makes Macy. She says Kimberly is not the only thing that makes her happy these days; a certain man does as well, she flirts. She asks if he is heading back to the office to work with Brooke again, but Thorne says that Brooke is on a double date... with Ridge and Taylor!

At dinner, Ridge, Taylor, Brooke and Pierce discuss the toast; Ridge thinks it is all a simple matter of rolling with the punches and moving on. He tries to talk to Pierce about his business, and Pierce admits he misses Taylor. "But you have to move on like me," Brooke notes. Ridge comments that Brooke has been putting in a lot of hours, and Taylor mentions that is probably because Ridge has been taking time off... to be with his pregnant wife! Brooke is obviously hurt by Taylor's statement, so Taylor apologizes. Brooke says there is nothing to apologize for. They all try to deflect the awkward moment by first talking about Pierce and Brooke, and then about the kids.

Thorne explains how Pierce is out with Brooke, Taylor and Ridge and bets that it is going to be quite an evening for them. It probably will be, Thorne says, but he thinks they have better things to worry about than Brooke Logan. Macy agrees and tells Thorne to wait while she prepares a surprise.

Amber says that doesn't have a choice but Tawny says that there is always a choice. She cannot understand why Amber does not see that. Amber explains that there is one reason that everyone might know: the baby might be black! Amber explains that the father could be Raymond and once the baby is born, there would be no hiding it. Tawny is stunned and says this is such a mess! What can she do, she asks? Amber answers that Tawny can let her have the baby here; if it is Raymond's, she will just disappear, and if it is Rick's, she will says she went into labor while in Death Valley, unable to get back to LA in time. She freaks at what the Forresters will say if this is Raymond's baby; it will kill her, and more importantly, it will kill Rick. She will not do that to him!

Macy steps out on stage, saying that she had not planned on singing tonight. However, after talking to a friend, she decided to unveil a special song she wrote just for him. She starts singing as the audience watches intently. She then walks up to Thorne's table and looks into his eyes as she sings. As the song finishes, the two kiss.

At the Café Russe, they are talking about Rick and Amber--what a strong boy he is and how he will come through this OK. Ridge remembers when Rick was younger and he got him a red bike, a banana seat and training wheels. Brooke asks him to tell the story. He recounts how they took Rick up to a little hill and off he went, without the training wheels. He would fall down but get up again and keep on trying, and he finally accomplished it. All this time he was telling the story, he is staring at Brooke as they share their fond memories. There are a few uncomfortable moments, with Taylor looking at the both of them. The story end, and Taylor suggests ordering dinner.

Tawny says, "Why not just go back and tell him the truth?" She can't, Amber says; they will never forgive her and she will lose Rick... and all the love and trust he has given her. She cannot even bear to think about that. "Mom, what am I going to do? Please, can I stay here? Please don't make me go back!" Tawny goes over to her and takes Amber in her arms. She hugs her and says, "Amber, don't worry about a thing, your mama will take care of everything."

Ridge says he is sorry if he made Brooke uncomfortable. She says, "You didn't, and I think it is about time I told you all how I feel about this evening."

Tuesday, April 06, 1999, Ep. #3018

Brooke, Ridge, Taylor and Pierce are still at dinner. Ridge tells Brooke that she does not have to say how she is feeling, but she insists that she does. She begins by saying that, as Ridge mentioned during his toast, tonight is about new beginnings, and about burying the hatchet. She appreciates the effort, but she knows that they have been walking on eggshells around her. She will get through this, she says, but on her own terms. She knows they are only trying to help, but she cannot just get over Ridge overnight. Still, she will not wallow in self-pity for her kids' sake; they need her, she says. Ridge tries to be comforting, and that is exactly what Brooke says she does not need; he cannot hold her hand anymore. She needs happiness, appreciation and fulfillment, she says. In closing, she admits that this feels awkward, so it is time for her to move forward... on her own. She bids Ridge and Taylor goodbye and asks Pierce to leave. As they leave, Ridge looks sad, and Taylor notices.

Macy tells Sally about how being with Thorne seems like old times; despite Sally bringing up their old problems, Macy feels that she knows what she is doing. Sally changes the subject to Adam and Kimberly and how their family secrets are now coming out. There is only one person who does not know, Macy points out: CJ. Just then, CJ walks in and wonders what is going on. Macy tells him that something has happened and they need to talk about it, and Sally adds that it will probably be quite a shock to him. So what is it, he asks? Sally and Macy explain that someone from their past has come back: Adam. CJ cannot believe that this man would just waltz back into their lives out of the blue, and he refuses to hear Sally and Macy's explanations of Adam's dealings with the mob. He left them behind to protect them, Macy says, and now he is back. Sally then adds that there is one more part of the story CJ must know: that Adam changed his identity. "He is now using the name Myles Fairchild," Sally says as CJ is stunned.

Kimberly still cannot get over that her dad is Adam Alexander, and she tells him she feels like he is a stranger. She wonders how many more lies there will be, but Myles assures her they will be no more. She wonders how CJ will take the news. Myles says he knows it will not be easy, but he reminds her why he had to do this to protect Sally and Macy. Kimberly guesses that one good thing did come out of it; had he not left, she would never have been born. Still, she worries about CJ. Adam is hoping he can be a father figure for CJ. Kimberly doesn't think that will happen and warns her dad not to be surprised at CJ's reaction when he finds out about this.

CJ can't believe what his mother and sister are telling him. "Does that mean Kimberly and I are...?" he asks. Sally says there is no relationship there, and Macy tells him that Kimberly is HER half sister. CJ is in a snit; he refuses to her any rationalization for what Adam did. He knows his father hurt his mother, but Clarke doesn't even compare to what Adam, or whatever his name is, did. "I refuse to listen about that sorry excuse of a father!" he exclaims. Macy gets angry, defending her father. She says, "You're not being objective." "And you are?" he asks. "What about Kimberly?" She is going to be all right, Macy says. CJ says Macy does not know that, as if Kimberly hasn't had enough to deal with. He is yelling about Adam and asks what kind of a person does that to people he loves. If he catches him around there, he warns...

Back at Cafe Russe, Ridge and Taylor are alone. Ridge says how the dinner started off rocky but ended well. She wants to know how Ridge feels about Brooke having Pierce by her side. He says, "How do you feel?" She says that wasn't the question. "How do you feel about that?" she asks. He says how it is no secret that Peterson is not his favorite person. Taylor says if he can make Brooke happy, then where is the harm? She asks, "Did you see how he took her arm?" "Yeah, if that is all he takes," Ridge retorts. "Remember Ridge what Brooke said: she doesn't want you to be the knight in shining armor," Taylor reminds her husband.

Macy continues to defend Adam, but CJ will not hear it. He brings up all the men who have hurt his mother, and adds, "But I am the only one that has been there for her. I know he is your dad but I want the guy the hell out of here." Macy says it isn't CJ's place to decide. "He walked out of your lives," CJ says. Macy is sorry he can't understand, but he will just have to deal with it. "DAMNED RIGHT I WILL DEAL WITH IT!" he says. He heads out the door as Sally is yelling to him to stop.

At Pierce's, he invites Brooke in for a nightcap. He makes a toast to new beginnings. "You are the most courageous woman," he says. She says she has a long road ahead of her. He says she will make it, that is a promise. "You're a complex woman, and your love for Ridge..." She says that is history; she has her career and her children, but Ridge and her history go back a lot of years. Pierce wants her to focus on herself. He tells her, "You have been denying yourself, to the point where part of you is lost... but you will find it again." She says Ridge has always fulfilled her, even when they weren't together. He says, "You light up a room when you enter, something we all dream about. Maybe we are in the same boat, and it might be a fast rebound. But maybe this is the path we were supposed to take... and there is only one way to find out. Brooke, I want you to stay me tonight." They kiss each other.

At the Fairchild home, there is a knock at the door. Kimberly answers the door and finds CJ. "Where is he? Where's your father? Where is the bastard?" CJ demands to know. Myles walks out and wants to know what is wrong, and CJ replies, "I WILL TELL YOU WHAT... THIS!!" He hauls off and punches Adam in the face.

Wednesday, April 07, 1999, Ep. #3019

Pierce and Brooke share a long kiss. He tells her that spending the night isn't just a proposition; she should consider it an invitation. It seems his driver is off for the evening and can't take her home. They could call a cab, or the guestroom is made up, but of course his bedroom is much more comfortable and available. Brooke remarks that she has never seen this side of Pierce and she thought he was more the choirboy type. She jokes about practicing what he preaches in his sexual responsibility video. There is nothing wrong with two people reaching out and taking what they need from each other, he says. Brooke confesses that it has been a while since she has been "taken," but she can't stay at his place tonight.

Rick is doing his own laundry and putting it away. Stephanie questions when Amber will be back home. Rick is not sure, and she believes that since Amber is having her first baby, this was the perfect opportunity for her to patch things up with her mother. Rick thinks that is a common topic these days and wonders about Kimberly; has she made up with her father? Stephanie says she did not know Kimberly was having a problem with her dad. Rick tells Stephanie that Myles Fairchild is Sally's ex-husband and Kimberly's father. He has been wondering how Kimberly has been handling all of this the past few days. Stephanie asks if they have told CJ yet about all of this.

Sally and Macy are running around all of LA looking for CJ. "You don't think he could have gone over to Dad's, do you?" is the brilliant question from Macy's lips? Then Sally realizes that CJ went over there to have some kind of confrontation with Myles. She says that her son was angry enough to take Adam's head off and they have to go there now.

CJ punches Myles/Adam. Myles understands that CJ is upset but remarks that punching isn't the answer. CJ tells him that he won't let Myles hurt his family! It is time for him to move on and get out of their lives. He warns, "If you know what is good for you, you will just keep on walking. You don't deserve to be part of my family. You are nothing but a loser, a selfish, home wrecking, coward." Myles says that calling him names will not help, and he explains that he is committed to making this work. CJ says that he does not know what commitment is. When Kimberly defends her dad, CJ says that he is sorry that she is caught up in the middle of all of this. She doesn't know the whole story, he explains. For as long as he can remember, his mom Sally has been hurt and upset. Every man in her life has let her down, except for him. He won't let Adam play games with his mother that way again. Myles says it is no game, and CJ replies, "So what is going on here, Myles, or whatever the hell your name is? What do you want from us?"

Stephanie feels bad for Kimberly after everything that she has been through. Rick explains that Macy was hoping to reunite their family, and he bets that Sally would do that for her daughter. He knows that CJ isn't going to like this news, as he is very protective of his mom Sally; he isn't going to welcome Myles with open arms. Rick comments that he wouldn't want to be around the Fairchild house right now.

Brooke says that it isn't that she doesn't want to stay, she just can't. Pierce says they both know that if she wants to, she can, because Bridget is away on a school trip and won't be back until tomorrow, and Brooke does not have a morning meeting to get to. Brooke bets that he has this all planned out. Pierce admits that he has been thinking about this and thinks that they have potential for adventure. It may be time to raise the mast and set sail for the sunrise. Brooke wants to know if the captain had in mind a one-night pleasure cruise. Pierce is quick to point out that this could work for Brooke as well; it could be her chance to raise the anchor that has been holding her down for so long. She will never know what is beyond the horizon unless she tries. He tries to get Brooke to respond that she will stay with him tonight and discover a whole new world. He kisses her again. Brooke says that her knees are wobbly from all this sea talk, or perhaps the wine. Then she has to stay, he says, as he cannot let her go home all tipsy. Brooke therefore accepts the offer to use the guestroom, so as to not ruin his reputation, and she kisses the "sailor" goodnight.

Myles tries to defend his actions, saying that Macy and Sally need him. CJ does not believe that, citing how Adam just walked out on them and started a new life in Nantucket. Kimberly states that her dad loved both her mother and Sally, but CJ isn't buying. As he asks Myles if he would have returned if Kimberly's mom was still alive, Sally and Macy arrive and demand to know what is going on.

CJ tells Macy that her dad is a con artist. CJ says Macy should not be apologizing for him; MYLES is the one who should be apologizing, he thinks. Myles in fact apologizes for all the pain he caused. He explains that everything he did was to protect the ones he loved. He continues to say that Sally was his first love and they had a connection; they did wild and crazy things, but they all worked. Then one day it all fell apart and he was forced to leave. They all have an opportunity to cure the emptiness inside of them, he says. The five of them have to talk and listen to each other. Myles points out that both he and CJ love Sally and neither wants to see her get hurt again... and maybe together, they can work together to make sure that does not happen.

Thursday, April 08, 1999, Ep. #3020

At the Fairchild house, CJ says that Myles is wrong and they don't have anything in common; Myles' entire life is a lie and there is no reason CJ should believe him. For the past twenty-five years, it has been one scam after another for Myles/Adam. He pleads with Sally not to listen to him and not to get sucked into this again.

Rick is doing some schoolwork but he is distracted. He then gets out a telephone address book and calls Tawny Moore. Even though she is there, Amber does not pick up, so Rick leaves a message for her on the answering machine. When her mom asks why she did not talk to Rick, Amber explains that she didn't pick up the telephone in the trailer because she doesn't know what to say. She doesn't even know when she will see Rick again. Just then, a friend named Sara comes over. She is a midwife and is doing Tawny a favor.

Eric shows up to see Rick; he wants to know what made Amber take off at a time like this. He questions his son if it strikes him as a little bit odd. Rick doesn't think that there is anything wrong and says that Amber is just trying to make amends with her mom. They have never been close... in fact, Mrs. Moore wasn't even at the wedding... which means this is a big step. Rick thinks that this took a lot of guts from Amber, and he is proud of his wife. He thinks that this was a big step for Amber and she could use the extra support from a third grandparent.

Sara the midwife tells Amber that she has been delivering babies for years in three states. Tawny tells Amber not to ask so many questions, but Sara says it is all right; after all, Amber will be placing her life in Sara's hands soon. She needs to know Amber's history and starts with her sexual history. Amber freaks out that her mom told Sara about her secret and now Rick could be dragged into a high profile paternity scandal. Sara explains that there is a test they can take tomorrow to find out the paternity, but Amber tells Sara that there is no way she is going to the hospital, and the test cant be done in the trailer. She will just wait until the baby is born, she pronounces. Sara then tells Amber to get comfortable while she checks her out.

Sally says this is about the future of their entire family, but CJ is not buying it. Myles replies that Kimberly needs them to come together right now. Macy joins in and explains that she believes that reconciliation will help everyone if they can only get beyond the past. CJ asks Sally if she agrees with this. Sally says she is not sure, but she knows that her personal feelings are not the issue here. CJ says her feelings DO matter, but Sally insists that she has to do the right thing for their family. She knows that the reality is that Macy and Kimberly are half sisters. Moreover, they are all five very different people with one common problem. They won't have an answer unless they give it a try, she states.

Sara says Amber looks fine but wants to know everything about her medical history. Amber then tells her about the fall and her concussion, and about the kidney transplant. Tawny is stunned and asks Amber how she could put herself at risk that way. Amber explains that now that she is looking back on all of it, it could have been fate that she gave her kidney to Rick. And now he is giving her a piece of him. Tawny is quick to point out that maybe the baby isn't Rick's. Well it turns out that Amber could deliver the baby anytime now, Sara states. It seems she is dilating, so the baby will be there within a week.

CJ doesn't want to understand why Sally is ready to forgive Adam. Macy knows it will take a while for all of them to adjust. CJ asks Kimberly how SHE feels. She admits that at first, she felt angry and betrayed. But now, she sees things differently. This is just an unbelieveable situation, but she is willing to give it a shot, and she hopes that CJ will also. "Having a family again would mean so much to me. Please don't take that opportunity away from me," she pleads. CJ agrees not to stand in the way. But he tells Myles that if he hurts his family again, he will make him pay. Myles promises not to let any of them down.

Sara leaves. Amber can't believe any of this, that the baby can be there any day now. Tawny suggests that she come up with a plan in case things don't work out the way she hopes. Rick calls again and Amber picks up this time, not realizing who it is. Rick explains that he called earlier because he misses Amber and the baby, and he figured he would try again. Eric then gets on the telephone to find out if everything is all right, because she left town abruptly. She apologizes for scaring them. Eric tells her to take care of herself and he will see her when she returns. After hanging up, Amber questions what she is doing. The Forresters actually care about her and she feels awful. She wishes that there were some other way to go about this. She tells her mom to pray for her and the baby, and they hug.

Friday, April 09, 1999, Ep. #3021

In Brooke's office, Eric and Stephanie mention that Amber has gone to see her mother. Brooke can't believe it, as she doesn't know of any reason for Amber to leave town this close to delivery. Did they have a fight? Stephanie confirms how Rick found the note and that there was no fight, but Brooke still finds it odd. Amber has never even mentioned her mother, so why visit her now? Eric and Stephanie think that Amber may really want to mend fences, but Brooke is still skeptical. Rick walks in and overhears, and he insists that his mother is wrong!

Amber reads a book on "How to Be a Good Mom." Tawny wishes she had a book like that in the past... it could have helped her own mother, she says, not to mention helping her with Amber. She predicts that Amber will be a much better mother than she was.

Sally compliments CJ on the mature things he said to Myles, and CJ says that he meant every one of them. Just then, Raymond walks in, demanding to know where Amber is. "You already know she is in Furnace Creek," CJ reminds him, and Sally is stunned to learn that Amber has left town. Raymond is afraid that he is already a father and doesn't know it, but CJ is quick to remind him that it may be Rick's. Still, Raymond says, if it **IS** his, he has a right to know. Sally agrees and cannot believe that Amber would pull a stunt like this... and when Raymond says it was not her idea, but CJ's, Sally looks at her son.

Brooke asks to speak with her son alone. Eric and Stephanie leave, and Rick assures his mom that there is nothing wrong between Amber and him. Brooke still finds it strange and asks Rick, what if Amber really is up to something? Rick thinks she is making way too much of this; yes, he wishes Amber would have talked to him first, but still... He says there is nothing he can do until Amber returns anyway, but Brooke suggests that he go find Amber now.

Amber says that she will do what every mother does... the best that she can. Tawny states that SHE didn't do the best she could with Amber. Amber defends her mom, saying she did what she could, but Tawny thinks those are just words... and she can't blame Amber for feeling that way. She didn't even call her to say that she was getting married! Amber says that Tawny never wanted her around when she left, what with all the men in her life. Tawny says she was scared that Amber, having dropped out, taken the job in the diner and hanging out with low-life Eb, would turn out like her! But now Amber has changed, she says.

Brooke points out that Amber didn't even mention her mother until she left, so she finds Amber's absence strange. The only way Rick will know is if he goes there, she says. When Rick says he does not know where Amber's mom lives, Brooke has Megan find the address for Tawny Moore. Before leaving, Rick reminds his mother that he is only doing this because he is concerned about Amber. She assures him he is doing the right thing. Rick leaves and Brooke says to herself, "Well, Amber, let's see what you are hiding."

Amber says she just wants Rick to be proud of her. Rick does not expect it of her, but she sees the way other girls Rick knows, like Kimberly, act, and she wants to be that way. Then her child will never be told that her mom is not good enough. "What I wouldn't do to live one day of my life like that," Tawny laments, saying that it is too late for her. But it is not too late for Amber, she says. "That is, if it is Rick's baby," Amber remarks.

Sally tells CJ that things have to come out in the open, as all of these lies are getting bigger and bigger. CJ is defending his actions; if the baby is Rick's, that means Amber will be back. Raymond says, "And if the baby is mine, CJ? What about that? You tell me what Amber will do. She never told me she was pregnant in the first place, so what makes you think she will tell me what she will be doing if the baby is mine?" He wants to know where she is and is tired of being out of the loop. CJ does not want to tell, but Sally insists, "He has a right to know, CJ!"

Meanwhile, Rick is in his car, looking for Amber. He says to himself that he hopes Amber isn't mad at him for showing up like this, but he'll soon know.

Tawny is on the phone with Amber's aunt, telling her that Amber is back, but she is too tired for a visit. Amber thanks her for running interference and wants to focus on the fact that this **IS** Rick's child. She can't wait until she has this baby and knows for sure, so she does not have to be scared all the time. She says she dreams about it all the time; she is holding Rick's baby on Brooke's front porch, with Brooke greeting them with open arms and Eric and Rick all excited as she walks in the room. She envisions it in her mind and says, "That's the way it's gonna be," with tears in her eyes. In just a few more days, there will be no more secrets. "That's all I want," she cries, "and to get it, I will have to stay away." She hugs her mom as the tears flow down her cheeks.

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